How much does Shalltear love Ainz? Full quotes

Mar 1st, 2018
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So as not to make the document extremely long, the main content can be found in these pastebins:

Everything can also be read in my google docs: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1RkUhqncZhr6SMu8mKPKQ4REro45-poUAAPso9KaUH-U/edit

The purpose of this document is to answer the question posted by Williams and show how Shalltear’s love for Ainz is demonstrated. For that purpose, I’ve included quotes from the light novels, Drama CDs and side stories. The Drama CDs and side stories are part of the document because they’re canon and complement what is told in the light novels. Furthermore, the author mentions in the light novels many of the events that take place in the Drama CDs/side stories, so they also serve to further reinforce some of the points that occasionally arise in the light novels. These Drama CDs/side stories written by Maruyama also provide very interesting information regarding the power levels of many characters and some additional miscellaneous information. I haven’t though included any of these as they don’t relate to Shalltear’s love for Ainz. But, to make certain I provided all the correct information, I checked - one by one - all the side stories/Drama CDs I’ve taken quotes from to see if they’re confirmed as canon, because otherwise it would be pointless to include them. They are all canon. Although I had some doubts about one, Maruyama confirmed its canonical value as well, and the different events depicted in the side stories/Drama CDS take place in between the light novels, or in between chapters of the light novels.

I have not included, however, any quotes from the drafts of the light novels posted on the website or from the Twitter side story. This is because they are officially not canon, they don’t affect the light novels. The twitter side story doesn’t even mention Shalltear, so nothing is missed there. The drafts, however, have some new love moments between Shalltear and Ainz, but I haven’t quoted any of those for the reason mentioned above.

The storyline of the drafts is more or less the same as the light novels up to volume 7. In the drafts, many important characters don’t exist (Albedo, Victim, Mare, Hamsuke, Nigredo, Rubredo, Succulent…), the amount of details given is shortened considerably and, in general, they lack many final touches which make the text rather difficult to swallow. If we focus on Shalltear, unlike the light novels, there are floor guardians that are more powerful than her, and she no longer belongs to the lancer group. That said, the storyline is more or less the same up to volume 7, where a minor change appears compared to the light novels.

Without giving away any spoilers, in the light novels there is a minor character that Shalltear directly kills and who is literally cut into pieces. In the drafts, however, this character becomes her mind-controlled servant thanks to blood sucking. The reason for this change is that the author made a poll asking readers about the fate of this character. The author kept his word and turned the character into Shalltear’s toy servant in the drafts. Apparently, he didn’t though like the results and, despite the countless words of approval and admiration he received from fans, he eventually decided to change everything for the light novels. Here, Shalltear tortures that character, causing a relatively quick death (which obviously opposes what the readers had voted for.) It is also very possible that he regretted having asked the readers from the get-go, and that’s why it was written as a parody for the fans, sometimes inconsistently, because he knew full well he would change everything for the actual release. It’s been close to 4 years since this happened, but since then the author has never again asked readers what he should write and he simply writes what he wants.

Now, about the actual structure of the document, here are some possible questions you may have:

---------------------------------Question 1---------------------------------

  • Is it a complete guide of all the sentences where Shalltear shows how much she loves Ainz?

Nope. I haven’t read all the side stories/Drama CDs, and neither have I read volume 12 from the light novels. I had a strong start regarding the light novels and particularly with volumes 1-4, mainly because Williams was most interested in that part. However, the list is not necessarily complete even there, and it was a very demanding task, so I stopped once I was done with volume 4. After that, I included a funny moment from volume 8 that made me laugh when I read it, but I didn’t cover the rest of that volume. I did, however, did a pretty good job covering volume 11 since it was fresh in my mind as it is the last volume I read.

So, basically, volumes 5, 6, 7, 9, 10 and 12 are untouched, I didn’t check them. I don’t actually remember anything very significant in respect of the relationship between Shalltear and Ainz from when I read them. This likely means that she isn’t involved in the plot line sometimes and what she does say has more or less already been quoted from the light novels/side stories/Drama CDs. The effort I would have to make searching for specifics relating to their relationship would be excessive, and more so considering much of it will be the same or similar. I don’t mind looking for something if I recall more or less where it is, but blindly searching for something results in my having to read a lot.

---------------------------------Question 2---------------------------------

  • How were the quotes obtained? Might there be mistakes in the quotes provided?

Because I have read the light novels and other associated stories, I could remember many of the important and distinctive segments relating to the moments between Ainz and Shalltear, although there were some repetitions that I have omitted. What I did then was download the Skywood fan translations for the light novels/side stories and literally copy and paste them to ensure there could be no misunderstandings. Clearly there is no point in translating them when translations are already in existence and, if there hadn’t been, the job would have been too large an undertaking for me to even consider doing it. Regarding the Drama CDs, I went to the stories that struck me when I read them in the past and manually copied the cute sentences from the fan translation (this was the most demanding job as I actually had to type what I saw on screen instead of copy and pasting it.) Since I transcribed it directly then there aren’t any mistakes in that regard either.

As I said, I used the fan translations for everything. An official translation by Yen Press is actually being made, but I didn’t use it because only the first few volumes have been translated to date. None of the Drama CDs/side stories have a translation either, which means I would have to change translations, each with its own style, and most of it would still be fan translation anyway. Also, some people comment that the tone of the fan translation is more faithful to the Japanese version. This would not be uncommon, though, as editorials sometimes want to use a tone that reaches a broader audience. In fact, if you Google ‘Overlord Yen Press translation’ you’ll find that people say the fan translation is better than the official one. After thoroughly examining it (Japanese original version and Yen Press Translation) I must say, however, that the Yen Press translation (by a girl assigned to translate the whole Overlord series) is good. So my advice is that you buy the Yen Press translation if you haven’t read Overlord yet as it serves to support the author.

Anyway, for the matter at hand, you may want to know if the fan translation (the one I used) over-emphasizes the love between Shalltear and Ainz compared to the Japanese original version. Nope, it doesn’t. In fact, taking all volumes and side content into consideration, the opposite might actually apply, though it does to such a small degree that it’s barely noticeable, so I can’t really say it negatively affects the romantic mood either.

No matter which translation is used, when it comes to answering the question as to how much Shalltear loves Ainz, we basically end up with the same result and ultimate meaning even where the translation differs, like here, where Shalltear and Albedo have one of their usual discussions:

Official translation: “You must think you’ve won because you’re convinced you get to be close to Lord Momonga just because you’re captain of the floor guardians, but isn’t that a bit far-fetched?”
“Ha! Well, I do intend to achieve absolute victory while you’re busy guarding the most remote areas of the Tomb.”

Fan translation: “Don’t think you’ve won just because you’re the Guardian Overseer and can stay next to Momonga-sama. If you really think that way, I’ll laugh my ass off.”
“Hmph. That’s correct. While you’re stationed in a faraway place, I’ll swoop in and achieve a complete victory.”

Note: I added an appendix that shows the fan translation and official translation for the first 5 numbers of the light novels (all the light novel numbers are in chronological order.) Read that if you want to know how each translation goes and the difference in tone, but as I said, the differences don’t mean much for the matter at hand.
I also went through the trouble of translating myself the very first 2 pages from Volume 1 so that you get to know how each translation goes. As far as I am aware there are no Overlord light novel Japanese pdfs, just scans, which means I had to type the Japanese text myself from my physical copy. I made a super literal translation of that page (literal, not machine translated; the difference is that machine translations are literal and wrong, mine is literal and correct) so it can serve as a reference.
Also, in the “thoughts” section there are a few sentences translated by me either because, as far as I know, they have yet to be translated by someone else, or simply because the topic I am discussing makes it reasonable that I do so. I included the Japanese version of all the sentences I’ve translated to differentiate them from the rest. If there is no Japanese sentence, I’m simply copy-pasting the already existing translation.

For further reference, I’m going to fully analyze a couple of sentences related to the topic at hand from the volumes you were most interested in. Actually, I had already explained the long one because the sentence was mentioned by another person, but now I’ve added another quote:

  1. 「ああ、わたしはここで初めてを……」などと声が聞こえたが、無視しておく。

This one takes place at the end of volume 3. After Shalltear is resurrected, Ainz holds her naked body and she starts groping him. Shalltear then says that sentence, and Albedo obviously meddles in their conversation trying to separate them.

Official Translation: not a very good translation, mainly because it adds words that aren’t present in the Japanese sentence, which may change its meaning.

“Ah, so my first time with Lord Ainz will be here…?”

Fan Translation: Good translation.

“Ah, shall have my first time here…”

Explanation of the sentence:

わたし  I
grammar marker
ここ here
初めて first time
grammar marker

When referring to sex, Hajimete (first time) is used to reference one’s virginity.

In the anime, the sentence is the exact same except that it uses the kanji 私 (me) vs わたし (I)



私  Me
grammar marker
ここ here
初めて first time
grammar marker

Surprisingly, the best translation is probably the one the anime fansub provided in episode 13 of season 1.

“So this is where my first time will be”

  1. A long sentence from volume 2 where the author explains the love that Shalltear and Albedo have for Ainz.

アインズはアルべドとシャルティア、両者から惚れられていた。絶世の美女二人に愛される。これ を喜ばない男はいないだろう。

Official translation: Good translation.

“The reason for their conflict was that they were rivals in love. Both Albedo and Shalltear had fallen for Ainz—i.e., he was loved by two incomparable beauties. What guy wouldn’t be happy about that?”

Fan translation: Not a very good translation.

“The two of them were at each other’s throats because they were rivals in love. Albedo and Shalltear were both infatuated with Ainz. Any man who was unhappy with receiving the affections of two such gorgeous women was no man at all.”

The Japanese sentence is incredibly beautiful, and it’s very difficult to convey how good it is, though the official translation did a decent job.

この These
二人 two people
possessive marker
対立 opposition
subject marker
恋敵 rivals in love
であること the fact that
起因している originates

All together...

  • These two's opposition originates from the fact that they are rivals in love.
アインズ Ainz
subject marker
アルべド albedo
シャルティア shalltear
両者 both
から from/by
惚れられていた to be in love with

All together,

  • About Ainz, to be loved by both shalltear and albedo
絶世の美女 peerless beauty
二人 2 people
愛される loved
これ this
grammar marker
喜ばない not be happy
subject marker
いない doesn’t exist
だろう most likely

All together,

  • Loved by two peerless beauties, to not be happy of this, most likely there doesn't exist a man.

As a side note, my translation is a SUPER LITERAL translation. It means that there are no mistakes, but also that it may sound somewhat weird to English Speakers.

The reason the sentence is so beautiful is because the author used a different kind of love each time, showing that their love for him is perfect and exists on every field.

恋敵 (koigataki.) It uses koi, which can only mean romantic love. They fell in love with Ainz in a romantic way, the way that you would feel for your boyfriend /girlfriend... It is always 100% romantic.

惚れる (horeru) = To be in love with/to be infatuated with or consumed by (romantic). The romantic feeling is very strong on all occasions. The usual translation would be to “fall in love with” but context should be taken into consideration. The next love word used makes it clear it means “to fall in love with” with a very strong feeling of infatuation as well.

愛される (aisareru) which means a very deep type of love (to be loved by.) The word “愛” is the standard word for love in Japanese. However, Japanese VERY rarely say this word, and some people go their whole life without saying it. So it has come to have quite a deep meaning, you will almost always see suki used in the place of ai. Unlike the other 2, this type of love doesn’t necessarily have to be just romantic when referring to another person, though it’s even rarer to use it for family or a friend.

So far, Albedo and Shalltear are the only floor masters that have shown the first 2 kinds of love. The third type of love should also include romantic love in their case.

---------------------------------Question 3---------------------------------

  • What does each number indicate? What does … mean?

Different numbers usually mean there is a gap in time, but several numbers may belong to the same light novel/side story/Drama CD.
For example, regarding the light novels, numbers 13-18 all belong to volume eleven, number 12 belongs to volume eight and numbers 1-10 belong to volumes one-four.

If you see “…” alone and no text before or after it, it usually means I’m skipping a paragraph/s either because it’s spoilerish or simply because it’s not necessary to understand the context, and the document is already very long as it is. The drama CDs have more “…” because, for some reason, the amount of information I deem unnecessary increases when instead of copy pasting it, I have to type it myself. Go figure.

There’s probably no need to make any examples, but if you see stuff like “Thanks… Albedo…”; “I feel like I’m experiencing Déjà vu…”; “Yes, that’s right. What is it? You seem worried… Something wrong?”; “Huh?... Ah, okay!…,” I’m not skipping anything, the spaces are simply meant to indicate a pause in a sentence and are part of the original writing. However, if you see only 3 full stops standing alone, then this usually means I’m skipping something:

Ainz: If this keeps up, she’ll take my first kiss! Is it really alright to lose it like this?

Shalltear: Albedo!!

What I skipped there was a monologue from Ainz that doesn’t add anything to the focus of the question as he’s simply remarking that Albedo’s panting quite hard and yet again asking himself if it would be fine to kiss her. We all know that Albedo gets turned on very easily when being too close to Ainz, and sometimes she wants to rape him, but that’s not the focus of this document.

---------------------------------Question 4---------------------------------

  • What are quotes and what aren’t?

Once I’m done explaining all this stuff, literally everything will be quotes except the parenthesis notes. So if you see something in parenthesis, it means I’m explaining something, if it isn’t in parenthesis, it’s a quote. Almost everything (+95%) is quotes.

---------------------------------Question 5---------------------------------

  • There are too many numbers; can you tell me a few good ones to read?

From the Drama CDs, I would say numbers 7 and 9 are cute. I also like numbers 1-3 from the light novels and even numbers 13-18 where Shalltear shows how dedicated she is to him. From the side stories, I also like numbers 1, 2 and 4.

IMPORTANT: I haven’t mentioned this before, but the Drama CDs/side stories don’t necessarily take place when the author writes them. For example; my favorite side story numbers are 1, 2 and 4. Number 4, “Girl’s Talk,” was written by the author Maruyama at the same time that he wrote volume 10 and it takes place during chapter 1 of the same volume. In order to obtain it, you have to buy the special edition of volume 10, which includes the side story. It’s like a perk, the author doesn’t just write volume 10, but also something else, but in order to get it you have to pay a bit more and buy the special edition of the volume.

However, it may also happen that the author writes something that took place some time ago. For example, side story numbers 1 and 2 belong to the same side story, “Emissary of the King.” It takes place somewhere in between the first 3 volumes, and yet it was published a while after the others. Why is that? The reason is that the author Maruyama wrote that side story and decided to make it a perk if you buy the Blu-ray. I’ve just mentioned the side stories, but what I’ve said in the last two paragraphs also applies to the Drama CDs.

It is also important to note that the quotes can come from any part of the light novels/Drama CDs/side story, and not just the beginning. For example, from the drama CDs, number 1 belongs to drama CD 1 track 8, and number 2 to drama CD 1 track 9. Also, as I mentioned before, several numbers may belong to the same work, such as numbers 3 and 4 from the drama CDs, because both of them belong to Blu-ray special 3. And please remember that because I include something from a particular side story/Drama CD/light novel, it doesn’t necessarily mean I’ve covered the entire file. Many times I remember I had read something cute before and go back to it, but I don’t necessarily check the rest of the file to see if there are more cute sentences.

In case you want to know, all the numbers go like this:

Light novels numbers: 1-2 (volume 1); 3-4 (volume 2); 5-6 (volume 3); 7-10 (volume 4); 11 (volume 5); 12 (volume 8); 13-18 (volume 11)
Note: I didn’t check volume 5 at all, I just happened to find a relatively nice quote from there by chance. The same goes for volumes 6, 7, 9, 10 and 12, I didn’t check them. Please read the very first question I posted, where it’s explained in more detail.

Drama CDs numbers: 1-2 (drama cd 1); 3-4 (Blu-ray special 3); 5-9 (drama cd manga specials); 10 (drama cd 2)

Side stories numbers: 1-2 (Blu-ray special 1); 3 (supplementary story); 4 (girl’s talk)

Note: I haven’t read all the Drama CDs/side stories up-to-date.
And, as mentioned before, all of them are canon. My only doubt was about the last manga special drama CD, but Maruyama confirmed the canonical value of that one as well.

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