Upgrading to a PRO account unlocks many cool features!
AD Free Experience
Captcha Free Experience *
Inactivity Protection
Direct File Uploads
Autosaving Drafts
Multiple Logins
Max Paste Size
500 KB
10 MB
# Unlisted Pastes
# Private Pastes
# New Pastes Per 24h
# Alert Keywords
# Email Alerts
# Archive Results
Markdown Support
Site Scraping API *
Prioritized Support
Username Changes
Private Messages
CORS Headers
Pastebin Development Support

1. AD Free Experience
PRO members will never see ads on Pastebin. Surfing the site will be a more pleasant experience.
2. Captcha Free Experience
PRO users will not be asked to enter a captcha code when they paste something. Note: Certain banned keywords will still spawn captcha requests for PRO users.
3. Inactivity Protection
PRO users never get their pastes automatically deleted due to inactivity. FREE users & guests can get their pastes deleted if those pastes do not receive any traffic after a certain period of time. PRO users never get their pastes automatically removed due to inactivity.
4. Direct File Uploads
PRO members have the option to directly upload files instead of having to paste the raw text into the textarea. This is especially handy when working with larger files.
5. Autosaving Drafts
While creating new pastes we automatically save your drafts, so if you close your browser by accident, or your computer crashes, you don't lose your work.
6. Multiple Logins
With multiple simultaneous logins per account, you can share 1 pastebin PRO account with various members of your team. Sharing private pastes with the people you work with has never been easier, you and others can work on the same account at the same time from different computers.
7. Create Larger Pastes
Free members can create pastes up to 500 kilobytes in size, PRO members can create pastes up to 10 megabytes. That is 20 times more storage space per paste.
8. Unlimited Unlisted Pastes
PRO members can store unlimited unlisted pastes. Free users can only own 10 unlisted pastes.
9. Unlimited Private Pastes
PRO members can store unlimited Private pastes. Free users can only own 10 private pastes.
10. Paste Allowance Per 24h
PRO members are allowed to create up to 250 pastes per 24 hours. Free members can only create 20 pastes per 24 hours. If you need more than 250 pastes per 24 hours, please contact us. We can increase the limit at no additional cost.
11. More Alert Keywords
As a PRO member we allow you to add up to 15 keywords in the 'My Alerts' service. Free members can only submit 3 keywords to be monitored.
12. Receive more Email Alerts
As a PRO member we allow you to receive unlimited email alerts without having to re-submit keywords to the 'My Alerts' service. Free members have to re-enter keywords after 10 email alerts to prevent misuse of this service.
13. Archive Pages Results
PRO members get up 250 results per archive page instead of the limited 25 for normal members & non-members.
14. Rich Pastes with Markdown
PRO users are allowed to create Markdown pastes. With Markdown you can make text bold, italic, add images, clickable links & much more. See what is possible.
15. Site Scraping API
Got blocked scraping our site? PRO users can access our custom scraping API & get their IP whitelisted.
16. Prioritized Support
PRO members get access to our prioritized support form on the contact page. Also, abuse reports from PRO members get boosted to the front of the queue, resulting in faster removal times.
17. Username Changes
PRO users can request changes to their username. If the username is free, it can be yours. If it's taken, it can sometimes become yours, but only if that user is "inactive". Inactive users are users who haven't logged-in in the last 6 months.
18. Private Message Any Pastebin User
PRO users are able to send a private message to any Pastebin user. Only PRO users are able to initiate a message conversations, but all members are able to reply to incoming messages. Users will be notified via email when they have received a new private message.
19. CORS Headers
PRO users are able to reach their content externally as CORS headers are added on their RAW pastes.
20. Supporting Current And Future Development
By getting a PRO membership you support us keeping Pastebin online. Hosting tens of millions of pastes is no cheap & easy task. Your membership fee will go towards development, server & bandwidth bills.
21. Awesome PRO Badge
PRO members get an awesome
badge next to anything that has their name on it. It shows others that you support Pastebin!
21 great reasons to go PRO!
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