Overlord, Shalltear loves Ainz (quotes volumes 1-4)

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---------------------------------Volumes 1-4---------------------------------

Main document dealing with how much Shalltear loves Ainz:


“Speaking of which… it is fairly quiet around here. Shalltear, is something the matter?”

After Demiurge’s question, everyone’s eyes went to Shalltear. She was still on her knees.

“What. Is.Wrong. Shalltear?”

She lifted her head after she was called on again. The dazed look on her face would make people think that she had just been woken up.

“...What. Happened?”

“Ah, after being exposed to Momonga-sama’s awesome presence, I could not help but get excited… I fear my underwear has gone through a bit of a crisis…”


No, one of the Guardians was not content to simply shake her head and sigh.

That was Albedo.

The jealousy surging in her made Albedo come out and say:

“You slut.”

Shalltear sensed Albedo’s hostility as she heard those scornful words. Her lips curled in hostility, and she responded with a bewitching smile.

“What? Having Momonga-sama, the most beautiful of the Supreme Beings, bless us with his energy is a reward! Anyone who doesn’t get wet from that must have something wrong in their head!

The two of them glared at each other. The Guardians did not know if they would fight as a result of this, but the way they were looking at each other was very unsettling.

“My appearance was created by the Supreme Beings, do you have a problem with it?”

“Shouldn’t I be saying that?”

Shalltear slowly raised herself, and the two of them closed in on each other. Even so, their eyes remained locked. Eventually, the two of them came so close that they collided into each other.

“Don’t think you’ve won just because you’re the Guardian Overseer and can stay next to Momonga-sama. If you really think that way, I’ll laugh my ass off.”

“Hmph. That’s correct. While you’re stationed in a faraway place, I’ll swoop in and achieve a complete victory.”

“...What do you mean by ‘a complete victory’? Teach me, Guardian Overseersama.”

“As a slut, you should be fully aware of what that means.”

Throughout their trade of verbal barbs, neither of them had turned their gaze from each other. They simply looked into each other’s eyes with a blank expression on their faces.

With a pacha, Albedo unfurled her wings in a threat display. Black mist wreathed Shalltear as she responded in kind, unwilling to admit weakness.

“Ah — Aura, matters between women should be settled by a fellow woman. If anything happens I’ll come to help, let me know when the time comes, all right?”

“Hey, wait, Demiurge! Are you planning to dump all of this on me?” Demiurge simply waved lazily as he walked away from the feuding pair. Cocytus and Mare took a step back as well. Nobody wanted to get drawn in by them.


“Is that so… well then, that’s good.... Are Albedo and Shalltear still fighting?”

The feuding pair’s eyes were slightly averted. However, the one that answered Demiurge was the tired-looking Aura, standing by the side.

“They’re… done. Right now, they’re arguing about…”

“The problem of who should be the first wife.”

“It would be strange for the ruler of the Great Tomb of Nazarick to only have one wife. The question now is who is worthy of being Momonga-sama’s first wife…”

“...While that is quite an interesting question, we should probably discuss that later. All right, Albedo, won’t you give us our orders? There will be many things to do later on.”

“Indeed, you’re right. I need to issue orders soon. Shalltear, I’ll discuss this matter with you at length soon enough. We’ll need to spend some time on it.”

“I have no objections, Albedo. No other matter is more worthy of our time.”


A quiet knocking came from the door. Albedo glanced at Ainz’s expression, then bowed deeply and headed to the door. After verifying the identity of the visitor, Albedo replied:

“Shalltear seeks an audience.”

“Shalltear? That’s fine, let her in.”

After receiving Ainz’s permission to enter, a girl of around 14 years of age elegantly entered the office. She wore a black ballroom gown with a bell-like skirt. Her skin was as pale as wax, and her perfectly-proportioned face was that of a world-class beauty. Her long silver hair swayed as she walked, and her ample bosom — which did not match her age — wobbled mightily with every step that she took.

She was the Guardian of the 1st to 3rd Floors, the “True Ancestor”, Shalltear Bloodfallen.

“Greetings, Ainz-sama.”

“The same to you, Shalltear. Why have you come to my room today?”

“Naturally, it was to admire your handsome features, Ainz-sama.”

While there was obviously no expression on Ainz’s skeletal face, the crimson points of light in his eyesockets flared brightly.

At first, he wanted to tell her to dispense with the pleasantries, but Ainz swallowed those words. However, he could see the smile on Albedo’s face twisting as she looked upon Shalltear’s crimson eyes, whose pupils were slowly filling with arousal.

It was still a smile, and her beauty was not diminished in the slightest, but it was no longer a pleasant expression.

Rather, it resembled the grinning of a demon.

Still, Ainz quietly breathed a sigh of relief, because Albedo was staring at Shalltear, and not himself.

“Then, seeing as you have looked your fill, you may leave, Shalltear. Ainz-sama and I are currently deciding the future of the Great Underground Tomb of Nazarick. Would you mind not interfering with our important work?”

“…It is basic courtesy to greet someone politely before launching into the main issue… Aged old hags are so annoying. Could it be they’re desperate because they’re past their expiry date?”
“…Don’t you think that food without an expiry date because it’s stuffed full of preservatives is the same as poison? Expired food would be safer compared to that, don’t you think?”

“…I’d advise you not to look down on food poisoning. You might get an infection.”

“…The important thing is whether it can be eaten, right? Compared to what looks like a large display of food, but the truth is… well, you know what I mean, right?”

“…A food display? You’ll die for that, bitch.”

“…Now who’s the expired goods, hmph.”

The looks on the feuding belles before Ainz could chill a 100 million year-old love.

Ainz decided to speak up before the two of them could no longer hold their impulses back and started ripping into each other.

“That’s enough playing around, you two.”
Their faces blossomed into beaming smiles as they heard his command. Their previous expressions were gone, and now they were but two innocent, adorable girls.

Women are really scary… no, it’s just these two who are especially scary…

After becoming undead, any strong emotions Ainz experienced were immediately suppressed. Even so, he felt that the speed at which they had changed their expression was quite frightening.

The two of them were at each other’s throats because they were rivals in love.


『I’ll slowly decrease the distance between myself and Ainz-sama while Shalltear is out on business! Although the objective is hard to breach, as long as I keep up the pressure and gain a beachhead, I’ll be able to bring it down one day! On that glorious day, Shalltear will weep bitter tears of regret!』

Albedo’s cry of delight made Narberal furrow her brows. That excited voice was starting to annoy her.
With a voice that suggested she might burst into dance at any moment, Albedo continued babbling about what she would do next, and how things had to be, and then suddenly, she asked in a calm voice:

『Still, why are you helping me? Why did you choose me and not Shalltear? Could it be that you want something from me?』

“The answer is simple. If someone asked me whether Albedo-sama or Shalltear-sama was more suitable to sit beside Ainz-sama, I would definitely answer with your name, Albedo-sama.”

『Kufu—! Wonderful. I didn’t think you’d be able to see the future of Nazarick. I’m impressed.』

“Also, Yuri-neesama has a hard time dealing with Shalltear-sama.”

『Oh, Yuri Alpha. I see, so that’s how it is. Are the others on my side as well?』

The faces of the assistant leader Yuri Alpha as well as her other comrades appeared in Narberal’s mind.

“That is hard to tell. Lupusregina is with you, Albedo-sama, but Solution is on Shalltear-sama’s side. As for Entoma and Shizu, their allegiances are not yet known.”


“That’s right, so there’s no need to say more. I will accomplish the mission Ainz-sama gave me without fail, so he will praise me with ‘Well done, Shalltear, you are my most important slave’, and then say, ‘You are the one most worthy of standing by my side.’”

“Please forgive my shallow comments.”

Sebas’ apology was sincere and came from the heart. It was not just directed to Shalltear, but to someone else.

“I did not realize that my statements were a slight on Ainz-sama, who chose you for this task, and I apologize for that as well. I hope you will forgive me for displeasing you.”
Then, he bowed to Solution and the Vampire Brides in apology — Just then, the coach shuddered, and they heard neighing from the horses which drew the vehicle.

“...It seems we have stopped.”


Shalltear — lost as she was in fantasies of the praise her master would lavish on her once she succeeded in her task — returned to her senses. She smiled, like a girl who had just thought up a wonderful prank to play. Sebas too was stroking his moustache as he smiled.


(Shalltear is resurrected and she’s no longer mind-controlled.)

The freshly resurrected Shalltear was naked (of course), so he had no idea where he should be looking. Ainz was so panicked that he forgot that all he had to do was look elsewhere.

His vision had sharpened greatly from when he was a human being, so he could see certain places very clearly.

Shalltear’s body was carelessly displayed, and her thighs were slightly parted.

As Ainz stood before her, Shalltear’s crimson eyes opened, as though sensing the presence of someone nearby. She blinked sleepily and looked around, finally resting her gaze on Ainz.


She sounded like she was groggy from having just woken up. However, he could hear the loyalty in her voice. Although Albedo and Nazarick’s administration system had already verified her allegiance, Ainz was delighted to confirm it with his own ears, and he knelt down to embrace Shalltear
“Uh, ueeh?”

It was hard to believe that such a slender body possessed such startling physical abilities.

Ainz paid no heed to Shalltear, who was babbling in a thoroughly baffled way, and tightened his grip on her.

“Wonderful… no, I’m sorry. This was all my fault…”

“Eh? Ah, I’m not sure what happened, but I’m certain that you couldn’t have made a mistake, Ainz-sama.”

Shalltear’s ice-cold hands returned the embrace. They were vaguely uncomfortable, given that she seemed to be trying to grope him, but Ainz did not stop her, because she was probably trying to verify her sense of touch after her resurrection. He pretended that he did not hear her saying, “Ah, shall have my first time here…”

However, Albedo immediately made her displeasure known.

“...Ainz-sama, I believe Shalltear is tired, so we should leave her be for now.”


Perhaps there was a penalty for resurrecting NPCs, just as there was for players. After all, this was the first resurrection ever since coming to this world.

“Tell me the details later. Before that, I have some questions.”

After Ainz let go of Shalltear, a look of disappointment crossed Shalltear’s face and she glared sharply at Albedo. Albedo responded with her usual smile. He thought they would continue staring at each other as usual, but Shalltear averted her eyes instead.

“Yes, do ask me whatever you desire… right, Ainz-sama, why am I in the Throne Room? Then, there’s the matter of my body, and your treatment of me, Ainz-sama.


(Shalltear feels incredibly guilty after having fought with Ainz-sama while being mind-controlled, even though she doesn’t remember doing it. Albedo suggests he punishes her to ease her mind a little.)

“How is Shalltear’s condition?"

"Regarding the resurrection, physically there is no problem, except..."

"Your speech is hesitant. Is it something that will make me upset?"

"Ah! Extremely sorry for this. Actually, mentally she is a little disturbed.”

"... Do the effects of mental dominance still remain? Even a resurrection after death is unable to dispel the effect of the World-Class item?

"No, not like that… due to showing hostility and battling with Ainz-sama, deep down she considered this to be an unforgivable sin."

Ainz was momentarily confused.

That was entirely Ainz’ mistake, Shalltear committed no wrong. She was already told this several times.

"Please forgive my rudeness of objecting to Ainz-sama’s decision."

Ainz nodded towards Albedo who had a sincere expression.

“I think it would be best for her to receive some punishment.”

The fire in Ainz’s eye sockets darkened, he opened his mouth, but closed it immediately because the person in front of him still had words to say.

"...... [Carrot and stick] is a well-known idiom. If Ainz-sama were to mete out punishment, then the guilt in Shalltear’s heart will disappear. On the other hand, without punishment the negative feelings in her heart won’t disappear."
It is true that there can be no rewards without punishment. Both must exist to have meaning.

The details of what degree to punish and forgive would all be decided by Ainz. Usually, everything would simply be forgiven by Ainz.

On the other hand, even though it’d be slightly hard on Shalltear, but this is a good educative opportunity.

".....I understand, let’s give Shalltear some punishment."

"That’s right, this way will be best. Also, please forgive my impudence."

"What are you saying? Proposing your viewpoint like you did earlier is what I need.


(Shalltear gets drunk because of her mistake.)

Piki felt it was odd that Shalltear didn’t make any greeting. He turned to face her, and found her with her head facing downwards as she was mumbling something. Listening carefully, it seemed that she was making an apology to the Supreme Being.

“What’s the problem? Why are you acting like this?”

“It’s no big deal… No... I’ve committed a grave mistake, which is why I’m finding comfort in alcohol, just like a failure would.”

Shalltear puffed up her cheeks and vented her dissatisfaction at Eckleya.
“I detest this. For this place created by the Supreme Beings… Why should those filthy things be allowed to roam these grounds?”

“We have to endure this. It is Ainz-sama’s decision after all.”

The highest Supreme Being, Ainz Ooal Gown’s decision was absolute. If he said something white was black, then it must be black.

Shalltear: “I did not mean to question Ainz-sama’s decisions!”

Towards the panicking Shalltear, the two others also nodded in agreement.

“That is true. Speaking of which, how is it Shalltear? If you join me now, I will grant you an even higher status in the future—”

Eckleya’s started his usual recruitment talk— which would never succeed, but was interrupted by a strange scream.

“Hyaaaaa~~” (Shalltear suddenly screams without reason.)

Both men’s stares were directed at Shalltear who was covering her head and ceaselessly professing her loyalty.

“...What happened? Her tone is different from normal too.” In response to the astounded Eckleya, Piki shook his head and shrugged.

“Who knows?”


(Ainz calls Shalltear to punish her.)

“Next is Shalltear.”
Not expecting to be called upon, Shalltear’s shoulders gave a startled jump, and her response was in an abnormally high pitched voice.


“... Come over here.”

Because unlike the other Guardians, only she was called to the master’s side, Shalltear was surprised and stood up in a flurry of panic. From her back, one could see that she was evidently unsettled, similar to someone who was about to be sent up to the chopping block. However, she still stood up attentively, as if the glory she desired was over there.

After Shalltear climbed up the stairs, she immediately got down on one knee at a short distance from the throne.

“Shalltear, I wish to talk about the matter which has been disturbing you.”

Just by hearing these words, Shalltear immediately understood what the master was referring to, and her face turned into a look of shame.

“Ah! Ainz-sama! About that matter, please give me my punishment! Even though I am a Guardian, I still carried out such a grave sin so stupidly. Please give me the most severe punishment!”

Shalltear’s pained voice echoed around the Throne Hall

Seeing the master’s hand beckoning towards her, Shalltear slowly crawled towards the throne.

To Shalltear who had hung her head upon arriving before the throne, Ainz reached out with his bony hand and warmly stroked her head.


Almost frightened to pieces, Shalltear cautiously raised her head and let out a small voice.
“... The failure that time was my miscalculation, even more so because the opposition possessed a World Class item, therefore things were looking south from the very outset. Shalltear… I love all of you who are loyal to Nazarick, all of you who were created from scratch. Of course, this also includes you. You who wishes for me to impose a severe punishment for something you are not guilty of, how could I do such a thing?”

“Oh, Ainz-sama! You actually said that you love me!” (Funny how everything else suddenly becomes unimportant.)

Shalltear’s emotion-filled voice resounded across the entire room.

Because he was behind Shalltear, Cocytus could not see her face. However, everything was evident from her reaction. Her voice was choked with tears and her shoulders were shaking.

It was possible to see the master’s other hand warmly caressing Shalltear’s face, and his hand even held a white handkerchief.

“All right, all right, Shalltear, stop crying. This will ruin your pretty face.”

Shalltear stayed silent, merely placing her face… probably her lips… upon the back of the hand that was just now stroking her hair.

The thing that Shalltear was the most terrified about was probably the case where the last remaining and kind Supreme Being had given up on the useless, troublesome and disloyal her.

However, the master had shattered this source of concern.

Shattering it by using the word ‘Love’.

How much joy did Shalltear feel inside?

(Now Albedo quickly reminds Ainz that he’s supposed to punish her.)


(The time to punish Shalltear arrives.)

“... Shalltear. I will give you the punishment for what you did right now. That’s right… I will punish you with shame.”


Shalltear who was suddenly named was a bit surprised.

“Kneel with your head bowed over there, and put your hands on the floor.”


Shalltear walked to the place Ainz pointed at— which was the middle of the room and did as she was told with a baffled face.

Ainz walked up to Shalltear and sat on her back.

“... Ainz, Ainz-sama!”

The surprised Shalltear could only made exhale while whispering ‘Hanssama’. She was shaken and stiff from fear when Ainz sat on her back.

“You are now a chair, understand?”


Ainz shifted his gaze from Shalltear whose voice was getting shrilled, onto Demiurge.

“— Sorry Demiurge, that’s how it is.”

“I see! Marvellous! To use a Guardian as a chair! This is a chair customized specifically for the Supreme Master! As expected of Ainz-sama. I would never have thought of that!”

“Is, is that so…” In the face of the glittering respect shown on Demiurge was expressing, Ainz averted his face, not understanding why he was smiling so brilliantly. After this, a beautiful woman said to Ainz with a wonderful smile.

“My apologies Ainz-sama. Please allow me to excuse myself. I will return shortly.”

“You need something Albedo? Permission granted, carry on.”

After thanking him, Albedo left the room. Immediately afterwards, a woman screaming ‘Hyaaahhhhhhh!’ and the sound of a wall being smashed violently could be heard, and the whole fort seemed to be shaking. (Someone wanted that punishment for herself…)

After a minute or so, Albedo returned to the room dominated by silence with her usual smile.

“I have returned, Ainz-sama. Oh right, Aura. I accidentally ran into the wall when I left the room. It seemed to be damaged, could you repair it later? I am very sorry.”

“Ah, ermm... Okay, I will get it fixed.”

Ainz swallowed the words he wanted to say and sighed. He focused his wandering gaze and fixated on the staff emitting an aura of terror.

As he was thinking about that, Shalltear suddenly fidgeted, adjusting herself for Ainz to sit more comfortably. This made Ainz look down at the back of Shalltear’s head with a strange sense of unease.

Her breathing was ragged. It must be heavy for her. Under Ainz was the slim back of Shalltear, who looked to be fourteen. A grown man was sitting on the back of this young girl. Realizing how perverted, shameful and cruel that was, Ainz felt he might have gone too far.

Shalltear was a NPC created by his companion in the past. Even Peroronchino wouldn’t abuse her like this. This action was akin to soiling the memories of his past comrades. It was foolish to think of this as a self-punishment.

To torture Shalltear like this… unforgivable.
“Shalltear, does it hurt?”

Ainz was planning to say ‘if that is so, let’s end this’. Shalltear looked up with a face blushing with passion, her expression full of pleasure.

“It’s not painful at all! This is like a reward!”

She kept exhaling the heat stored within her body, reflecting Ainz’ face in her dazed eyes. Her wet tongue brushed against her lips, reflecting light lecherously. She squirmed her body like a snake.

“... Hnngh!”

Ainz felt the urge to get away immediately. He almost gave in to this urge. No, I can’t do that.

(After that, he spends a lot of time talking to his servants. During all that time Shalltear continues being his chair, but she remains calm now. It’s cute that when he mentions his enemies at one point, Ainz hears Shalltear groan in displeasure and notices her hate towards them, though he can’t see her angry face as she’s still his chair.)

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