Overlord. Volume 11 quotes

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---------------------------------Volume 11---------------------------------

Main document dealing with how much Shalltear loves Ainz:

Though it says volume 11, numbers 11 and 12 don’t belong to volume 11 from the light novels. The instructions from the main document explain that in more detail.


(Shalltear boasts about having her tears wiped away by Ainz.)

This reminds me; Solution just recently used ‘Message’ and had a long conversation with Shalltear... It seems she was boasting about how Ainz-sama wiped away her tears.

He wondered just what sort of situation would end up with Ainz-sama doing such a thing. He was unable to even picture the image of Shalltear crying.


After receiving acknowledgement from all those present, the wrath in Ainz’ heart vanished completely.

“Alright, let’s take a bath and change the mood. The men’s group will follow me. Aura, you are now the supervisor of the women’s group. Do not let those two behind you do anything stupid.”

“By your will!”

A fire burned brightly in Aura’s eyes. At first, Albedo and Shalltear thought it was a good chance to sneak into the men’s side, but their resolve was shaken after they saw how hyped up Aura was.

Ainz opened the curtains with the character ‘men’ on it, ignoring the ruckus behind him. He took off his clothes in the changing room. Usually, it was bothersome to remove his equipment, but he had already made preparations in advance and stripped in no time and walked forth briskly.

I’m naked right now, but how should I move…

His body was a skeleton without any meat or skin. It was unthinkable for Suzuki Satoru, but this was natural in this world. Ainz had wondered on multiple occasions how he should reconcile this difference in his actions.

“I will go ahead first.”

“Albedo is so bushy down there.”

The first thing he heard made Ainz frown.

“—Don’t put it so lewdly, Aura. Ah— Ainz-sama is probably beyond this wall. Are there any holes I can peek through?”

Ainz looked closely at the wall, wondering whether someone had built any strange mechanisms into it. There was a period of time when such devices were all the rage among the guild members, and some of them might have been installed here.

“—Shouldn’t it be the opposite? Boys should be the ones doing that.”

“—That is impossible. Ainz-sama just needs to command me to ‘show me the goods’, he doesn’t need to peek.”

“—Oh, Shalltear is actually making sense.”

“—How rude. Is that a toothbrush? Brushing your teeth in the pool… Could you not do that right now?”


(Ainz had been pondering about Shalltear’s situation and feels guilty about the fact that he just uses her as a lance to exterminate enemies, so he decides to call her. Shalltear’s very aware that, unlike Albedo, she barely gets called by Ainz, so she’s very eager and extremely happy whenever she gets the chance to prove her qualities to him. Much more so if she even gets to spend time with him like now.)

“No. This time, I shall entrust a weighty duty to you.”

『A, a weighty duty?』

“Umu. You shall accompany me on my travels, and ensure my safety.”

The silence lasted several seconds.

Don’t tell me she didn’t hear that. What’s going on? Just as Ainz began to wonder if something was wrong, Shalltear’s voice — off-key, probably from over-excitement — rang through his head.

『Your servant shall fulfil this task, even if she must grind herself to dust in the process!!!』

“U-umu. Then I shall explain in greater detail. Come to my quarters in ERantel.”

If he did not specify that, it was quite likely that she would teleport to Ainz’s room in Nazarick. However, that had only happened once. He had sent a [Message] to Narberal telling her to come to his room, and after waiting and waiting for ages she had not arrived. It was only after he sent another [Message] to her that he discovered she had been waiting at his room in Nazarick.

Ainz reflected on it, and realized that the fault lay with the order which he had given. Thus, he resolved never to make that mistake again.

『Understood! Your servant shall come immediately!!!』

“Also, give Mare your task of maintaining surveillance on the Great Underground Tomb of Nazarick. Inform him of whatever he needs to know when you hand your duties over to him. Considering the time needed for that… Come over when you’ve settled your affairs over there. I don’t have any appointments which will take me away from my chambers, so I will wait until you arrive.”

『Yes!! I, Shalltear Bloodfallen, shall carry out your orders faithfully and without delay!』

“The handing and taking over of duties is very important. Don’t rush and make a mess of it just because I’m waiting, got that? I shall order Mare to proceed to your room, the Adipocere Chamber.”

『Understood!! Then I shall commit the tasks which I will be handing over onto paper』

“Also, I trust I don’t need to say this, but you are to give your ring to Mare.”

『Of course!! I understand that it will only be in his safekeeping for a while!!』

“Very well. Begin your preparations, then.”

『Yes!! Then, is there anything I should bring to your room, Ainz-sama?』

“A reasonable question, but there is nothing you need to bring. I will explain my plan to you when the time comes, and then I will give you time to ready yourself.”

『Understood!!』 Shalltear’s passionate response vanished as the spell terminated.


(She’s very pleasantly surprised she has the chance to be called by Ainz more often if she can properly do things unrelated to fighting. This way, she could spend more time with him. She can also prove herself after having accidentally betrayed him in volume 3 when being mind-controlled.)

Just as Ainz said so, knocking came from the door, followed by Decrement going over to check on the visitor.

“It is Shalltear-sama.”

The person he was waiting for had arrived. Ainz indicated that Decrement should let her in.

As the door opened, he saw someone in the doorway.

“Shalltear Bloodfallen is ready to go!!”

Ainz — who was prepared to thank her for her coming all this way — froze up for a moment, and it took him a while before he could gather his wits and speak.

“Why… why are you in your full battle gear?”

Not only was she in her full plate, but she was even holding her Spuit Lance.

“Yes!!! I am fully prepared to protect you, Ainz-sama!!!! I shall exterminate anyone who dares to oppose you, Ainz-sama!!!!!”

Ainz glanced at the panting Shalltear, her eyes wide open. Then, he glanced to Aura, as if to say, what should I do about this? It was not as though he could say Shalltear had gotten the wrong idea.

“Haaa~ you’re being too hasty. How about taking action after Ainz-sama finishes speaking?”

Shalltear pouted as Aura took a jab at her. Before the two of them could start quarrelling, Ainz raised his hand to get their attention.

“Shalltear. You might have the right idea, but things are different this time. Forgive me for not explaining things to you.”

Ainz hurriedly explained the objectives of this operation to Shalltear — and his plans to forge friendly relations with the Dwarven Kingdom.

A baffled look appeared on Shalltear’s face after she took it all in.

“If, if that’s what you want, is it really alright to bring me along?”
“...I have many reasons for choosing you. Having you protect me is one of them. But the greatest reason is so that you can gain experience. It is my selfish opinion that you consider yourself unsuitable for this task due to your Blood Frenzy. Perhaps after you give it a try, you might discover that you are surprisingly suited for this sort of thing.”

Shalltear’s eyes went wide. “I understand, Ainz-sama!! I shall make sure you do not regret your decision!!”

“...Umu. Then, Shalltear, I will be placing you under Aura’s command for this journey. Since Aura is in charge of you, I hope you will obey her.”


Shalltear bowed to him.

Ainz wondered if her response was too high-strung, but it was better than a dispirited answer. Still, it would be troublesome if it all turned out to be for nothing.

“I appreciate your eagerness, but you should calm yourself down, Shalltear. ...Then, let us consider the matter of followers. Who else should we bring along?”

“Then, do you have any suggestions on who the other followers should be?”

“My magical beasts—”

“My undead—”

The two of them spoke up at the same time, and then glared at each other. Just as he thought they would start arguing, Shalltear looked away first.

“After you.”

“...What? Did you eat something weird?”

“It’s just that I was ordered to listen to you.”

“...It just feels gross.”
Shalltear’s eyebrow twitched, but she said nothing.

… (In the end, 25 vampires from Shalltear and 25 beasts from Aura are chosen)

At the same time, he made a mental note to contact Albedo about this with a [Message].

“At last, the time has come!”

After she was sufficiently far away from the supreme being’s room that her voice would not reach it, Shalltear clenched her fists and shouted in joy.


(Aura tries to ease Shalltear’s mind by telling her that being responsible for the protection of Nazarick is very important. Of course, the main problem was that it’s not a task that allows her to see Ainz or even prove herself as there are no actual enemies that would invade Nazarick.)

“It’s been a long time coming… All the work I’ve been given until now had been so easy that anyone could do it. However… However…”

“Ah~ I feel that the work Ainz-sama gave you was very important, Shalltear.”

“Well, it is as you say, to some extent. Still, was that work really important?”

“Protecting Nazarick is pretty important, no? After all, being the first line of defense against any invader is a task you’d give to reliable Guardians, right?”


Shalltear could not deny that. Then, she nervously pressed her fingertips together and pulled them apart again.

“Does Ainz-sama really think that way?”

“Mm~ probably. Ainz-sama said that you were very strong, Shalltear.”
Shalltear smiled broadly. That response let Aura sigh in relief. If she had let her go on like that, Shalltear would surely have gone to a lot of trouble for nothing and that would only inconvenience Ainz-sama. If that happened, she had no idea how she would apologize to him for it. In addition, she felt pity for Shalltear.

“But when I was in the human city, Demiurge singled me out. He must have felt I was useless. If that was what Demiurge — the greatest mind of Nazarick — thought about me, then wouldn’t the others, especially Ainz-sama — whose wisdom surpasses that of Demiurge — feel the same way?”

“Hm, you can’t really say that. Perhaps it’s because Ainz-sama is smarter than Demiurge that he felt that way about you.”

In that moment, Shalltear moaned wetly with a “Ho…”

“As expected of Ainz-sama…”


Aura was starting to feel a little tired. However, she had the feeling that being direct with Shalltear would not work, so perhaps an indirect method would be effective.

“So I should study up before that?”

“That’s right. Think about it, you’re travelling with the greatest person in all of Nazarick, right? Doesn’t that mean you can learn something from Ainz-sama?”

“I see! ...But, what should I do?”

“Shalltear, that’s where the learning starts.”

“That - that’s right!”

At a loss for words, Aura had simply thrown that question back to her.

That ought to be okay… right?
A flicker of unease passed through Aura’s heart. Still, the ball was in Shalltear’s court now, and there was nothing else she could do.

Will she behave herself…

Aura offered up a prayer to Bukubukuchagama, the Supreme Being who was also her god


(They start travelling.)

Ainz-sama?” The thoughts that had begun floating up in his head were suddenly scattered.

“What is it, Shalltear?”

“F-forgive me for interrupting your contemplation, Ainz-sama.”

“Ahh, no, it’s fine. I wasn’t thinking of anything important.”

“Really? All right, then…”

“Then, what’s the matter? Ah, you’re talking about camping here, right?”

“Yes. Please accept my sincerest apologies for not preparing a suitable tent despite knowing that you might wish to stay here, Ainz-sama. I wish to retrieve one from Nazarick. Might I be allowed to use [Gate]?”

“There’s no need for that. It wasn’t that you forgot the tent, but rather, I didn’t write it down on the list because it wasn’t required. Did you know that Mare can make a shelter with magic?”

Shalltear nodded.

“Well, I guess that’s right… Say, what are you doing?”

Aura looked over to Shalltear after hearing her distracted response. This was when she realized Shalltear was writing something in a memo pad.

“Hm, Ainz-sama said that, check. I’m taking notes, of course. I don’t want to forget Ainz-sama’s words.”

“Hmmm~ that’s pretty hardworking of you. Lemme see.”

Aura paused to peek, and saw that the memo pad was covered in denselypacked script, with hardly any blank space left in between the letters.

After a quick glance, she discovered that Shalltear had essentially recorded her master’s words down in exacting detail, as well as the actions he took.

This… how shall I say this? Of course, it makes sense to preserve Ainz-sama’s words for posterity, but I doubt Shalltear is writing them down for that purpose...

Shalltear should have recorded the key points of her master’s wisdom, and then learned from them. However, this situation was beginning to make her feel uneasy.

He slowly floated up.

This would be a dangerous course of action if anyone was waiting in ambush, but for some reason, Ainz had a feeling that there was nobody around.


Shalltear flew over in a panic.

“It’s dangerous! Please descend!” “Come to think of it, you’re right. It seems I got careless.”

It was only natural that Shalltear would be angry. After all, he had flown up — where anyone could draw a clear line of fire to him — purely because he was acting on a baseless instinct.
“Still, the fact that I was not attacked is further proof that there’s nobody here. Also, there’s a chance that anyone who spotted me might want to come closer to learn more, so I’ll leave perimeter security to you.”

“Please do not use yourself to lure the enemy into a trap.”

Punitto-san had a point; depending on the circumstances, a leader might have to use themselves as bait. ...Still, I guess it’s hard for someone like Shalltear to understand that, given that she isn’t one of my friends, but my protector.

“Forgive me,” Ainz said to Shalltear before looking downwards. (It’s very funny that when Aura, Shalltear and Ainz are travelling, Shalltear gets so overprotective that even Ainz has to apologize)


(Shalltear does a good job.)

Beyond it was Shalltear’s Master. His arms were crossed and he seemed to be waiting for her.

“Your collection of information was very thorough, Shalltear.”

The first thing he said was to praise her! Shalltear’s flat chest surged with heat.


Shalltear reflexively got to her knees. That was the only appropriate position to take in response to her Master’s praise.

“—Mm, umu. I look forward to your loyal service in the future.”

“I understand, Ainz-sama!!”

“Don’t stay like that. Stand up. We’ll need to discuss things with Gondo. ...This is a chance to have them owe us a big favor.”

“How fortunate. Ainz-sama, your actions seem to be blessed.”

Their gazes met, and they smiled.

Granted, her Master’s face did not move, but Shalltear was absolutely certain that he was smiling.

“Then, let’s go.”


Mmmm~ This is great! The two of us, walking side by side… Haaa, I’m so happy.

Shalltear left the building as she savored the taste of happiness.

… (after a while)

There were only four enemy corpses here, which meant that the Death Knights had been defeated in this place.

“Shalltear, there are a few things I need to tell you now.”

“Hang on a bit, Ainz-sama!”

Shalltear took out a notebook and flipped it open.

“Please, go on.”

“Oh. Umu. A notebook, huh… Very attentive of you. Ahem!


(Aura reveals to Shalltear that one of the objectives of the mission was to help Shalltear grow, and Ainz had acted accordingly to that purpose.)

“I understand, Ainz-sama. Your words were intended to make me learn. To think that you had to disgrace yourself on account of my inexperience… I, Shalltear Bloodfallen, tender my utmost gratitude to your exalted self for your merciful considerations!”


Much to Ainz’s surprise, they were looking at him with respect in their eyes. In particular, Shalltear’s face was flushed red, her eyes were moist, her lips were pressed flat and her mouth was quivering as though she was on the verge of tears.

What part of that deserved respect? It baffled Ainz. Had he touched their hearts in some way?

Also, I should deny what Shalltear said, right? No, Shalltear learned a lot from this journey. Then I’ll put my faith in you, Shalltear!

“It seems you realized it, Shalltear.”


Shalltear seemed to have reached the limits of her endurance. She sank to her knees and began sobbing. As she clenched her teeth and wept copiously, Aura put her hand on Shalltear’s shoulders, her own eyes brimming with tears. While it was a touching scene which illustrated their friendship, Ainz had no idea what was going on, and all he could think about was where Shalltear ─ as an undead creature ─ was secreting her tears, saliva and other bodily fluids from. Thus, he took refuge from reality by thinking about biology.

After kneeling down in front of Shalltear, he wiped her tears away, like a parent would for their child.

And then, in that moment, even more tears coursed down her cheeks.

“Alright, alright. Don’t cry, Shalltear. I told you the same thing back then, didn’t I? You can’t waste your beautiful face on tears.”

“Wash I usheful to you?”

“Yes. You did very well. You were everything I expected of one of my Guardians.”


Shalltear clutched the material of Ainz’s robes.

“Er, erm. Alright, it’s about time you stopped crying.”


Shalltear looked up at Ainz as she breathed in through her nose and tried to wipe her tears away.

“Thank you so much for all the kindness you have shown me!”

“Mm, hm. Alright, then we ought to move on now.

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