Shalltear loves Ainz. Quotes from Drama CDs

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---------------------------------DRAMA CDS---------------------------------

Main document dealing with how much Shalltear loves Ainz:


(Shalltear feels terrible about having attacked Ainz-sama when she was mind-controlled.)

Aura: Hey Shalltear, let’s give that subject a rest. Ainz-sama even told us that he was at fault. Then, obeying his words would be being loyal, right? Do you intend to let Ainz-sama’s kindness be in vain?

Shalltear: No, it’s not like that, but… Still…


Shalltear: Aura, what are you…

Aura: Mumble Mumble, it’s pathetic! One more slap while I’m at it! Would you like me to inject some pepper into that butt of yours?

Shalltear: Furthermore, it is unforgivable that I can’t even remember

Aura: Still, it is unforgivable that you’re just hanging your head! You man-chest!

Shalltear: Kiiiiiiiiek! Haven’t you heard from the Supreme beings that you shouldn’t talk about physical characteristics!


(When Albedo saves Shalltear as she gets attacked. Cute moment between love rivals.)

Shalltear: Thanks… Albedo…

Albedo: … It should take precedence over our dispute over who gets to be his first wife.

Shalltear: Nevertheless, thank you, Albedo


(In the light novels, there’s a moment when Shalltear is feeling down after having been mind-controlled as she had defied her beloved. This scene explains what had happened and why; in the light novels, Shalltear suddenly shouts his name while she’s drinking. Her voice is amazingly cute while she cries for Ainz-sama.)

(While sobbing and drinking alcohol.)

Shalltear: To think… To think I could make such a mistake…

Ainz: Shalltear

(Note: Ainz is not there, but his voice is being spoken in her mind.)

Shalltear: I can hear the voice of my beloved Supreme Being in my ears, calling my name… To think I’m actually imagining things, I’m already finished.

Shalltear: Give me another! (Note: alcohol)

Ainz: Shalltear, what’s the matter with you?

Shalltear: Eh? Ainz-sama?

Ainz: Indeed, it is me.

Shalltear: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


(Shalltear is supposed to do a search party with Ainz, but Albedo quickly meddles so that she doesn’t get to be alone with him.)

Shalltear: Understood (to do a search mission.)

Ainz: Shalltear, that… if there’s anything, you can come and discuss it with me.

Shalltear: Ainz-sama… this is my greatest desire, please do not ask any questions about it. (Note: She says it while sobbing and in super great anticipation. Albedo quickly stops her mid-sentence, so she was probably going to tell Ainz about her wish of becoming her wife or something like that.)

Albedo: Ainz-sama, pay no heed to this mindless creature, let us search for Hamsuke together.

(After this, they verbally fight and Albedo says that Narberal should accompany Shalltear. The conclusion is very funny.)

Ainz: That’s far enough. Albedo and Shalltear, the two of you shall look for her together.

Albedo and Shalltear: Ehhhhh

Ainz: Narberal, let’s go.

Albedo: Ah… Ainz-sama!

Shalltear: Why did it… That stern order…

Someone: Really, they just keep fighting!

(They then run to be the first one to find her, as if it were a competition. Later, they call a “truce” in their rivalry for Ainz-sama to get the task at hand done, though it doesn’t last long.)

Albedo: Your surface area is so small, so it’s easy to wash up, I’m envious.

Shalltear: It can’t be helped if a gorilla envies my surface area.

Albedo: Indeed. Having the curves of an eel can’t be helped.

Someone: They’re starting it again…


(Ainz-sama wants to repay Aura for her good work. It’s funny that even floor masters like her fear the possible revenge from the girls that are completely in love with him, who are Albedo and Shalltear.)

Ainz: Aura. I know you work very hard for me every day. However, I have not repaid you in any way. I was thinking if I could do anything for you.

Aura: What are you saying, Ainz-sama? All this talk about repayment… and so on… Exactly, there is no greater joy for us that to serve you, Ainz-sama.

Ainz: I am very pleased by your answer, but this is a heartfelt wish of mine.

Aura: Ainz-sama, your…

Ainz: Rewarding subordinates who have discharged their duties diligently is the responsibility of their superior.

Ainz: At the same time, it is also a source of joy. That being the case, is there anything you want, aura?

Aura: Well, this is rather sudden.

Ainz: There is no need to stand in ceremony, given the efforts you have made in building the fake Nazarick.

Aura: Ainz-sama, I’m very glad to hear that from you, but I can’t accept this by myself

Aura: It would be strange if I was the only one who received a reward.

Mare: That, that’s right, if Albedo-san or Shalltear-san learned that Onee-chan was the only one who got a reward, then… (said with a voice trembling with fear.)

Ainz: Indeed… that would be very bad.

Ainz: I understand. Then, I shall bring this matter at our next meeting.

Aura: I think that would be a great idea, Ainz-sama!


(An Albedo-Shalltear fight. I just have transcribed a couple of their fights, but they’re countless in the light novels and side stories, showing the rivalry of these 2 girls in love.)

Ainz: I wish to express my sincere gratitude to all of you for your daily efforts

Albedo: Ainz-sama! Those words of yours fill us with awe and delight! However, for us service to you is…

Ainz-sama: Albedo, I’m not done talking yet.

(Shalltear laughs)

Shalltear: It looks like you failed at scoring points.

Albedo: Ara, and may I know what you mean by that?

Shalltear: Sucking up too hard has the opposite effect, you know.

(This is actually not the first time I’ve heard her say stuff like this, to the point of even believing that showing too much love for him would lower the chances of him loving her back.)

Albedo: Are you prepared for the consequences of your actions (what she had said).

Shalltear: Ara ara your face is covered in wrinkles

Albedo: That’s it! Let’s go, right now!

Cocytus: Contain. Yourselves. We. Are. In. The. Presence. Of. A. Supreme. Being.

Albedo: My deepest apologies!

Shalltear: I’m very sorry!


(Ainz-sama wants to satisfy the needs of his servants. He will construct facilities inside Nazarick, so they can ask him whatever it is that they desire the most. Shalltear and Albedo wish to have a romantic room to be with Ainz-sama and for the children they’ll make when they get married.)

Ainz: I will grant any wishes you have

Mare: Then, I want the sea!

Mare: Yes! I could grow more plants and raise more animals if there were a sea in the 6th Floor’s jungle!

Demiurge: Speaking of which, if I had to ask for something, I would have to request a torture room.

Cocytus: Is there not already a torture room in the 5th floor?

Demiurge: I would like a little more variety in the torments which could be inflicted.

Aura: Me? Well, if I could pick, I’d want a taming room! A place where I could whip to my heart’s content.

Albedo: If it pleases you, may we have a children’s room? With pink walls, a mobile hanging from the ceiling, and a crib in the middle with a baby in it…

Shalltear: The walls should be black, the hanging toys should be bats, and the crib should be a rocking cradle

Albedo: Why are you butting in?

Shalltear: Isn’t that obvious? I’ll be the one using that room in the end.

Albedo: Shalltear, it seems we will need to settle this with a duel.

Shalltear: Ara, but why do we need to do so when the outcome is so plainly obvious?

Albedo: Indeed. Settling matters aside, I’m the one who will bear the Supreme One’s
Child… (Shalltear doesn’t even let her finish the sentence and gets closer to Ainz.)

Shalltear: Come, Ainz-sama! Let’s discuss the room’s décor! (said with a very happy voice.)

Albedo: Get away from Ainz-sama, you Vixen!

Ainz-sama: Silence!

Albedo: My deepest apologies!

Shalltear: I’m very sorry!

Mare: I feel like I’m experiencing Déjà vu…

Ainz: We’ll leave that matter for next time. Dismissed!

Ainz: The word “benefits” seems so simple, but everybody wants different things.

(Funny what Demiurge tells him next: that he’s a mastermind and that by laying bait before them, offering what they desire, he can assess their reaction and loyalty, and therefore discover potential traitors.)


(Shalltear’s plan to get Ainz didn’t work out.)

Shalltear: Ainz-sama scolded me twice today. The plan was to use Albedo as a stepping stone to get near him… But it’s not working out.


(Albedo prepares a play, Romeo and Juliet. Of course, Albedo wants to be Juliet given that Romeo is Ainz, but Shalltear wants to be Juliet as well.)

Ainz: Shalltear, what is it?

Shalltear: This is the cast list Albedo made. To think, Albedo would write her own name beside Juliet’s! Ainz-sama, if you were to play Romeo, then Albedo would end up kissing you! She’s already the Guardian overseer (so she gets to spend more time with Ainz), but she’s still plotting to steal your… your lips, Ainz-sama (said with an extremely tragic voice.)

(Albedo then says she had no such intentions.)

Albedo: I had no impure thoughts in mind! All I wanted was to help the play succeed!

Shalltear: If that’s the case, why wasn’t I informed about it, hm?

Albedo: That’s because…

Shalltear: Because you knew your plans would be ruined if I found out, so you decided to steal a march on me and get Ainz-sama’s approval, am I wrong?

Albedo: Your mind’s moving pretty fast for a change, Shalltear

(In the end, there’s an audition to decide who plays Juliet.)

Shalltear: Ara, Albedo, afraid of losing?

Albedo: What are you saying, Shalltear? I won’t lose to the likes of you.

Shalltear: Then, if you’re so confident, you don’t have any reason to refuse the audition, do you?

Albedo: Prepare yourself, Shalltear

Shalltear: fine by me (groans from both girls)

(Mare and Aura find a notice board to choose Nazarick’s female lead. Mare asks Aura if she wants to participate, but she rejects the idea.)

Aura: Besides, look. The fields for the names of the participants. After Albedo wrote her name in such big letters, Shalltear went and signed her name in bright red ink. That’s a declaration on war. I’ll pass on fighting with those two.

Aura: Women will do anything to win when they get serious. Especially those two.

Aura: While they say the Audition results will be decided by voting, I’ll bet most of them will abstain.

Mare: But that means it won’t be a fair trial, then?

Aura: That’s true, but what do you think will happen if word gets out that you voted for one of them? Who knows what kind of revenge the other side will take.

Mare: I don’t think even those two would lay a hand on people from Nazarick.

Aura: Under normal circumstances, that would be true. But this time, it concerns their feminine pride. Who knows what will happen?

Mare: You seem different from how you normally are…

Aura: Ma—re… What did you mean by that?

Mare: Ahhh I didn’t mean anything special…

(Later, Albedo asks Ainz to “practice” for the play, but Shalltear discovers it.)

Ainz: If this keeps up, she’ll take my first kiss! Is it really alright to lose it like this?

Shalltear: Albedo!!

Albedo: Shalltear, that’s -!

Ainz: It’s a purifying javelin!

Albedo: Get away from the Supreme Being now! Or else…!

Albedo: Walls of Jericho

Shalltear: You think that feeble defensive wall of yours can block the Purifying Javelin?

Albedo: My skill build is specialized for defense. Blocking that pathetic lance of yours is child’s play.

Shalltear: Then try it!

Albedo: Bring it on!

Ainz: Stop that right now! To think the two of you would use your skills in Nazarick, and on your fellow comrades! What is wrong with you?

Albedo: My sincerest apologies!

Shalltear: I’m very sorry…

Ainz: I’m tired of hearing you apologize! Cool your heads, both of you!

Albedo: Ah… Ainz-sama!

Shalltear: I was scolded by Ainz-sama again…

Albedo: And whose fault do you think it was?

Shalltear: That’s really sneaky of you, Albedo…

Albedo: I… I was just having Ainz-sama help me rehearse.

Shalltear: I can see that lewd look in your eyes and that wicked expression plastered all over your face.

Shalltear: well, if you’re willing to abandon your image for that, then I won’t hold back either.

Albedo: And what is that supposed to mean?

Shalltear: I will use any means to claim the Supreme Being’s lips.

Albedo: Wait, Shalltear!

Shalltear: Good luck

Albedo: What does Shalltear have in mind…

(Later, she finds a scared Aura.)

Albedo: What did she ask of you?

Aura: She wanted me… to vote for her…

Albedo: So Shalltear was trying to form a voting bloc… Who else did she approach, besides you?

Aura: I don’t think she spoke to anyone besides the Floor Guardians

Albedo: Ara, why is that?

Aura: That’s because the others don’t want to get involved with something annoying like this. The Pleiades have all washed their hands off this. Anyone’s who’s not on your or Shalltear’s level might end up losing their lives if anything happens.

(Albedo then tries to form a voting bloc herself by giving out treasures. Shalltear later approaches Cocytus)

Shalltear: Training as always, I’d expect nothing less of Cocytus the warrior.

Cocytus: Shalltear, why have you come all this way?

Shalltear: It’s about tomorrow’s Audition.

Cocytus: I refuse!

Shalltear: But I haven’t said anything yet.

Shalltear: Of course, I don’t expect you to help me for nothing.

Cocytus: Bribery is a stain on the proud name of Nazarick!

(Shalltear then offers him to cross blades with Ainz on stage. The temptation makes him tremble, but he doesn’t succumb.)

(The day of the Audition comes, and Ainz wishes Shalltear and Albedo good luck as they are the only participants.)

Ainz: As for the rest of you… well, the fact is that you’ve all forfeited. I hope you will judge their acting with impartial eyes.

(In order to choose the winner, Albedo and Shalltear will play the final kissing scene with Albedo’s pillow of Ainz-sama. Shalltear wants to make sure the pillow has been washed before.)

Shalltear: Calm down! I have to calm down! I need to make Ainz-sama notice my good points!

(She starts crying for the play, to everyone’s awe.)

Mare: Shaltear’s crying!

Cocytus: A rare sight

(She then plays as Juliet, saying loving words to Romeo.)

Ainz: What a thrilling performance

Shalltear: Ainz-sama’s noticing me! I’ve got a good feeling about this!

(Before kissing the pillow, she notices there’s poison there.)

Shalltear: Even if I point it out, there’s no way I can link this poison to Albedo. And besides, poison has no effect on the undead like myself! That being the case…

Mare: She’s kissing it!

Aura: kids shouldn’t watch this (and blocks his view.)

Shalltear: Romeo-sama! Thus do I hasten to your side! (And stabs herself painfully, risking her life.)

Aura: She stabbed herself with a knife!

Cocytus: She deliberately suppressed her regeneration to allow the blood to flow. What Admirable determination.

(Albedo’s turn. It turns out the poison was for herself. She wanted to drink it and show her determination even though it might kill her.)

Ainz: That’s enough! Cure-poison.

Albedo: Ainz-sama…

Ainz: Shalltear, you come here too.

Shalltear: Yes

Ainz: I’ll heal you as well.

Shalltear: Thank you very much, Ainz-sama!

Ainz: The two of you went too overboard.

(The voting comes. It’s a draw, and Aura votes for Shalltear, betraying Albedo.)

Albedo: After I promised her the Kal Kan High Grade, the deal should have been sealed! Could it be that she betrayed me?

Aura: I was hesitating until the end.

Albedo: That item in Aura’s pocket is… Kal Kan premium! That divine item before which even divine beasts must kneel! It’s so hard to obtain, but who…! Shalltear! How dare you give her something better than the item I promised her!

(In the end, both Shalltear and Albedo are disqualified for bribery.)


(Albedo summons everyone as Ainz wants to give out rewards.)

Shalltear: hmm… or rather, allowing us to serve is the reward itself. We can’t ask for more on top of that.

(But then, Albedo says that Ainz-sama wants to comply with their wishes. Each one of them asks for something different: Aura wants beasts, Cocytus wants weapons… Shalltear wants something different, though.)

Shalltear: Coupon to sleep together with Ainz-sama…

(Everyone is awed. Though just Albedo and Shalltear want to have sex with Ainz, the rest of the servants want to have the honor of being close to the Supreme Being. They decide to make an auction and everyone is astounded when Mare makes an outrageous bid.)

Albedo: One… hundred million… Erm, just to confirm, Mare. Is that the correct amount, don’t you mean 10 million?

Mare: Erm… I mean 100 million. This sleep together with Ainz-sama, this price should be reasonable.

(He had offered everything he had and would accrue a high debt just to sleep with him. Everyone is awed, especially Shalltear and Albedo, who are scared because they believe a new love rival has appeared.)

Albedo: No way…

Shalltear: What an unexpected strong rival

(But then, he gets asked what he plans to do with Ainz, and once they realize it’s nothing sexual or romantic, Albedo and Shalltear relax as he just wanted to be close to him.)

Shalltear: So that’s how it is (said while sighing.)

Albedo: What a relief… I was afraid that Mare might say he prefers men, and wants to sleep with him even if it costs one hundred million dollars, what would I do then…

(However, everybody realizes that Albedo and Shalltear don’t intend to lose and will make even much higher bids than Mare to win.)

Demiurge: This means for the next sudden death auction, the two of them won’t care about anything and make incredible high bids.

(Demiurge decides to make a system where there is a limit per bid, that way Albedo and Shalltear won’t make outrageous bids. An overseer is elected, Yuri.)

Albedo: I understand, then Shalltear, come along with me. To witness that I didn’t make any deal with Yuri privately.

Shalltear: Considering Yuri’s personality, she won’t make any deals and can be trusted… but fine, I will go.

Mare: Have… have a safe trip.

Albedo: Nah, Shalltear want to work together?...

Shalltear: work together? It’s true that it isn’t against the rules, but after you pulled that dirty trick? Work together?

Albedo: This is an official deal.

(Albedo wants to make sure she gets the sleep with Ainz-sama prize, and if she joins arms with Shalltear, the only one who wants the same as her, they’ll become unstoppable.)

Shalltear: Why pick me to make this deal?

Albedo: Simple, I know what we want, or rather, we have similar interest… Listen, Shalltear, do you know? Ainz-sama’s bed… is very big…

Shalltear: !... You have been summoned to Ainz-sama’s bed… are you showing that off?!

Albedo: No… calm down and listen. I might have a sleeping coupon in hand, but I still need to discuss with Ainz-sama on how to use it. But if I want to sleep on Ainz-sama’s right side… wouldn’t the left side be empty… In other words, the things we are proposing, why not share them together? That’s what I want to discuss. That way, it will be more effective! How about it?
We have a deal then!

(Later, their proposals are seen by everyone.)

Yuri: Erm, Albedo-sama. What is written here should be request to be performed by Ainz-sama correct?

Albedo: Yes, that’s right. Ainz-sama wants to know what we want as the payout of our salary. This is the answer to that question.

Shizu: What’s it, Yuri-nee?

Yuri: The first item is this

Shizu: Uwah…

Yuri: My deep apologies, Demiurge-sama, there are several items I think are inappropriate mixed inside… There are… four of them. Can they really be allowed for the auction?

Demiurge: Which ones, may I take a look…

Demiurge: What is the meaning of this? Albedo! Shalltear!

Yuri: these items that involve Ainz-sama, isn’t that demeaning to Ainz-sama?

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