Shalltear's love for Aiz. Quotes from Side Stories

Mar 7th, 2018
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---------------------------------SIDE STORIES--------------------------------

Main document dealing with how much Shalltear loves Ainz: https://pastebin.com/6XCWndr5


(Ainz sends one of his servants, a death knight, to ask the floor masters what it is they desire.)

“Then… Is the reason you came to me first because I am the furthest away from Ainz-sama? Was it purely a matter of distance?”

It wasn’t like that.

The Death Knight told her what his master had said, that “Shalltear is a very important person.”

The mood changed in an instant.

Something that felt like hot air roiled in front of him.

There was no change in Shalltear — no. Her crimson pupils glowed like lava.

“—Forgive me. I must have gone deaf for a moment, so I didn’t hear what you said just now. Do forgive me. Could you please tell me what Ainz-sama said, one more time?”

It was hard to believe that undead, with their immunity to biological status effects, could go deaf. But he had no reason to deny Shalltear’s request.

So, he repeated himself.

The corner of Shalltear’s mouth turned up.

“—Ha! Hahaha! Ahhh, if only Albedo was here to listen to this! Hahaha!”

After having a good laugh, Shalltear continued asking the Death Knight other questions.

“Did Ainz-sama say anything about Albedo?”

After hearing that Ainz hadn’t mentioned anything, Shalltear was all smiles.


Conversations were like passing in basketball. If the exchange ended after only a couple of rounds, something was wrong.

Seeing Shalltear’s discomfort, the Death Knight asked the final question, “What do you want?”

Shalltear’s smile was bewitchingly beautiful as she made her reply.

“I want Ainz-sama’s love. I don’t mean to say it only has to be me. After all, it’s normal for a great man to claim many women for himself. It would be surprising if any woman could resist an absolutely amazing man like Ainz-sama. However, I want to be the first in his heart.”

(Later, Ainz-sama’s servant goes back to Ainz and tells him what had happened and what she desires.)

“Very well. Then let me hear the answer to the last question.”

As he heard Shalltear’s answer, Ainz sagged like a puppet whose strings had been cut.

“…Besides Ainz. Append that to the last question the next time you ask it. Understood?”

(Later, the death knight servant goes to Cocytus and asks:)

“What do you want… besides Ainz-sama.”

Cocytus seemed to grin at the addition.

“…I. See. Someone. Asked. For. That. It. Must. Have been. Albedo. Or. Shalltear.”

(Aura wants magical beasts, Mare wants plants…)


(Aura seeks counsel from Shalltear and Albedo about armor because they’re very powerful, but somewhere along the line their discussion goes to Ainz-sama. Aura, Albedo and Shalltear are eating together, and Aura can’t bear seeing them lose their common sense for him that way.)

Albedo took a deep breath and Aura gulped. What could the problem be?

“— My skin exposure level doesn’t increase when my armour breaks!!”

Aura wondered if she misheard something.

Ignoring Shalltear who was commenting “I see”, Aura leaned forward to be sure of what she was hearing.

“You understand, right? Skin exposure should go up after the armour breaks! I don’t want to show my skin off to those bugs, but as someone who works closely with Ainz-sama, there are plenty of opportunities to defend him as a vanguard. In that case, armour that increases skin exposure is necessary to entice Ainz-sama!”

Albedo revealed the foolish side of her.

Shalltear then said“Magnificent ~arinsu! Albedo, you are absolutely right ~arinsu!”

The number of idiots increased.

Aura pitied her earlier self.

Why did I take them so seriously just before? Idiots.

She looked at the stupid duo with narrowed eyes, as if she was watching them from afar.

“This is the only armour I have. I don’t have things like bikini armour or skin-tight armour.”

“Well, I have something like that from the clothing Peroroncino-sama gave me… However, I don’t expect much from them in terms of defence ~arinsu.”

Albedo inhaled sharply, and a strange expression that blended passion and professionalism appeared on her face.

“That won’t do. While we are ‘servicing’ Ainz-sama, we also have to act as his shields. It won’t do unless both objectives are met.”

Her idiocy returned in no time.

“Do you understand, Shalltear? Your armour lacks skin exposure, too. What we should strive for is sexiness and performance, an armour that serves these two purposes at the same time!” It did not matter, but it would give her a headache in the future if Aura ignored this now. She should get these irritating matters out of the way as soon as possible.

“That kind of armour… No matter what kind of armour, attacking the exposed part of the body will deal more damage.”

“But! If there are armour pieces that look like string bikinis, it would increase the chance of making babies with Ainz-sama!”

Albedo erected her fingers into a V sign.

“That isn’t armour… Just something that looks like it.”

“How about thinking about the problem from another angle ~arinsu! An invisible armour will do nicely ~arinsu, just covering the important parts would be enough ~arinsu.”

“It will walk!” <TL: Jap pun>

Where do you want to walk to, you two. No, it won’t be good no matter where they walk.

Aura thought as she shook her head and sighed softly. She just wanted to wash her hands of this topic.

“Can someone inject some common sense into the brains of these two? Ahhh, it can’t be helped, and asking Ainz-sama would be rude too.”

After finishing off a slice of cake in three bites, Aura reached for the next piece.

(Note: Shalltear sometimes speaks in the old-fashioned Japanese style of speech... and ~Arisu it's just a prefix, like ~Desu.)


Shalltear, who had been invited to Albedo’s room, blinked as she saw a petite Dark Elf standing at the side, and then she looked to the owner of the room in surprise. She heard a laugh, and then an answer:

“Ara, what’s wrong? I think it’s good to deepen our relationships as women. Do you mind?”

“I don’t mind, how about you?”

“I… we are all right with this.”

“You can refer to yourself in the singular now.”

“Then I shall. I suppose I can be forgiven for only doing this once a day.”

Shalltear was led into the room and to the indicated table, and her eyes took in what was laid upon the pure white tablecloth.

The preparations for afternoon tea had already been laid out.

“Kuh… A-anyway, Albedo, did you just call us here for a tea party?” “Indeed. I wanted to have a nice chat with my fellow Guardians.” “Mm~”

Shalltear quirked an eyebrow, but did not rebuke her. The fact was, they were all beings created by the Supreme Beings. Though they showed their loyalty in different ways, their aims were one all the same. That being the case, deepening their understanding of each other was a good idea.

As she watched Albedo smile and Shalltear bite her lip, Aura posed a question.

“Then, hm. Albedo, how about your clothes? If you were given furniture, does that mean you don’t have clothes?”

“Those too were granted to me by Ainz-sama.”

“Why does Ainz-sama have women’s clothes?”

The suddenly immobile Albedo looked uneasily to Shalltear, as though begging for help. However, Shalltear could not spare the energy to help her. That was because she was desperately trying to deny the answer which loomed in her mind.

“That, that sort of thing happens too.”

“Isn’t that usually because he has a woman he wants to give them to?”

Thanks to Aura’s words, the suddenly-frozen Albedo raised her teacup and saucer to her mouth, savoring the fragrant tea as she smiled and replied:

“Indeed, Ainz-sama is such an outstanding individual. He must have courted more women than there are stars in a galaxy.”

The saucer and teacup clattered as they struck each other. The amazing thing was that all the tea that spilled out was somehow retained within the saucer, without staining the white tablecloth.

Neither did Shalltear have the energy to calmly praise Albedo.

“He must change his women one after the other.”

“That, that’s right. After all, he is Ainz-sama, the one who rules all the 41 Supreme Beings. He must be very popular. The, the most important thing is who gets to remain by his side in the end. His history with women is not the problem… Of course, if any of those women from before dares to shamelessly show her face before him again, I will definitely kill her.”

“Y-yes.” Albedo and Shalltear smiled to each other. In the corner of their eyes, Aura shrugged, as if to say, “Well, it’s fine”.

“Then, how about something else… but, what should we talk about?”

“Mmm~ It should be something to do with Ainz-sama, right, Aura?”

“Sure we could. As for Ainz-sama -- he’s very charming, and very gentle.”

Shalltear noticed Albedo’s face twitch a little. If one did not know what lurked within those depths, one might have assumed those gentle eyes were simply looking at them. She deliberately fondled the ring on her left ring finger, bathing in the light it radiated.

You bitch -- Shalltear swallowed those words before they could be spoken, and smiled. This was not entirely an act, because her face naturally relaxed every time she thought of her master.

“Ainz-sama… is truly an outstanding master.”

“Which part of him do you think is the most beautiful, Shalltear Bloodfallen?”

“If there’s too much custard, it’ll spill out of the puffs.”

“That would be his pure white body, of course. Its proportions are ideal. How I wish I could touch his body.”

“Indeed, his body -- against which even ivory pales in comparison -- is quite beautiful… although, don’t you think the most beautiful parts of Ainz-sama are his eyes? Those mesmerizing, deep eyes, like gateways into the abyss… I can feel his dignity and iron will through their jewel-like glow.”

Not bad.

Still, Shalltear did not feel they could surpass Ainz’s pure white body.

“Really? Then wouldn’t his alabaster body be better? Do you not wish to be embraced by that body? Do you not want to touch it with your hands?”

A crack appeared in Albedo’s smile. Sensing that this was the moment to advance, Shalltear pressed the attack.

“That’s not all. Consider his hands placed upon our waists, and drawing us close to him.”


“More, please.”

“And how about then being brought before his broad and sturdy chest, to hear him whisper, in low tones, his -- lo -- ving -- words to us?”


Albedo seemed to be pinching her nose. Her fingers were flecked with something red.

“Ah, this cheesecake is great.”

“How about it, Albedo? Tell me your answer. Is his body not better?”

“That, that’s far too impure! How, how could you talk about that sort of thing? Tempting me with his body is unfair! I was talking about pure beauty!”

“Is that so? Yet the way you’re acting is declaring my victory.”

“Come, Albedo, admit it! Admit that the most beautiful part of Ainz is his bony body!”


A smile of victory dawned on Shalltear’s face as she watched how Albedo was gritting her teeth.

(In the end, they agree that everything about Ainz-sama is beautiful)

Shalltear nodded to Albedo.

“Indeed, Ainz-sama is the physical incarnation of beauty. We can’t say which part of him is best.”

“Yes, Albedo. It would be disrespectful to do something like assigning ranks to the body parts of Ainz-sama, the Supreme One.”

“So we have our answer.” “All parts of Ainz-sama are beautiful! “

(Aura, on the other hand, doesn’t feel too comfortable while the other two talk)

“Is it really all right to have these people as my fellow Guardians?”

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