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Name / Title Added Expires Hits Syntax  
Giant Alien QT On Patrol Dec 17th, 18 Never 235 None -
Tracer's Teeny Tiny Tanned Tank Toe Trouble (Overfag) Oct 27th, 18 Never 208 None -
The Incredible Shrinking Pam (F/F, size play, tiny... Aug 22nd, 18 Never 405 None -
Where To Find The Rest Of My Stuff Jul 21st, 18 Never 189 None -
Queen Carla (F/tinies, vore, insertion) Jul 21st, 18 Never 141 None -
Staying At Home (MILF/daughter, imprisonment, happ... Jul 21st, 18 Never 217 None -
Out On The Town (MILF giantess, non vore) Jul 21st, 18 Never 132 None -
Politeness (MILF / F tiny vore) Jul 21st, 18 Never 146 None -
Bonsai Planet (F Galacta licks / takes planet) Jul 21st, 18 Never 147 None -
Watch Her Dance (Mini Giantess Dancer Of The Borea... Jul 21st, 18 Never 85 None -
Tribal Stage (tribes on Cosmic Cortana) Jul 21st, 18 Never 57 None -
Little Green Man (Extra To "The End Of The In... Jul 21st, 18 Never 75 None -
Consumer Of Worlds (Cosmic Cortana planet vore) Jul 21st, 18 Never 102 None -
The End Of The Infinity (Tera Cortana vore) Jul 21st, 18 Never 144 None -
Monster Vore Story List Jul 28th, 17 Never 1,103 None -
Prehistoric Prey Jul 15th, 17 Never 199 None -
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