Giant Alien QT On Patrol

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  1. Giant Alien QT On Patrol
  2. By Vivid Lucidity
  4. First contact with alien species happened sooner than the people of Earth expected. Ever since the alien mania of the 50's, they'd almost forgotten about it, leaving the all the more shocked when giant spaceships just turned up one day. The world quickly braced itself for war from the stars ... but got something a lot more shocking instead. The alien species wanted peace, being a race of vaguely humanoid beings with smooth, reptilian purple skin not too different from humans after all. But the most shocking part of this species ... was that they were over fifty feet (15 metres) tall.
  6. And that most of the other intelligent species in the Universe were much the same.
  8. The species loved the planet Earth, thinking humans to be cute and tiny, so they pledged to protect it from any meanies out there. They dispatched police officers to help patrol the planet on the lookout for hostile alien species, and any lawbreakers that needed punishment. Granted, no humans ASKED for their help, but they wouldn't take no for an answer, and besides, they didn't do THAT much damage anyway. So, before long, the humans learnt to live with giant police officers roaming around, babying them much to their discontent.
  10. And thus was the scene of Christchurch, New Zealand, of which our story will take place today...
  12. "I'm sorry citizen, but you've parked illegally. I'll need you to move your car."
  14. Officer Glimbek (aka Bekky) intoned. The day had barely started and already it was becoming difficult. Clad in a black and white police officer’s uniform, Bekky stared down at the small car beneath her, hands on her hips as she tried to look intimidating as possible. Her feet were planted on the busy city street, cars tooting and honking as they swerved around her boots. Bekky didn't pay them any mind, giving them only a cursory glance to make sure they weren't speeding.
  16. "What?! But I've got the parking permit right here!" the (relatively) tiny man shouted as he stood on the street, standing next to his car parked on the side of the road. Bekky squinted, not sure whether to believe him. Her eyes tracked him as he fumbled through his glovebox. She tensed up slightly.
  18. "Perp might make a break for it ... gotta be on the lookout..." she thought, even trying to think like the part of an Earth police-officer. Granted, her knowledge of the matter mostly came from television signals her ship intercepted, but at least she tried.
  20. "You see? I've got it right here!" he shouted, pointing and waving it.
  22. The street rumbled with her low hum as she considered the piece of paper.
  24. "Hmmm ... this perp at least got paperwork..." she thought, before suddenly looming down to peer at it. The man shrieked and recoiled as a towering being just loomed down, her body descending upon him like an avalanche. Most of the street stopped and stared at the sight, while they might've gotten used to giant aliens, they hadn't gotten used to a giant alien poking her ass out as she bent over. While they were covered beneath her pants, they left little to the imagination. But they only got a brief glimpse before the butt was pressed against the window panes of an office block across the street. While the workers gasped at the jeans pressed tight against the groaning glass, Bekky didn't even feel it.
  26. She ummed and ahhed as she squinted at the tiny writing, trying to make it all out.
  28. "As you see here, I have all the permissions I need officer..." he stammered, slightly nervous from having a giant alien face looming right in front of him.
  30. "Aha!" Bekky shouted. The man clasped his ears, every car alarm on the street started blaring while a few windows shattered. She was completely oblivious. "While you might've made a convincing forgery, you CRIMINAL, you made a trivial mistake with the dates! The current date is the 17th of December, but your 'permit' says it's valid for the 12th of the 17th month! And there are only 13 months in the year, you forgerer!"
  32. "Wait but no what we put the day before the month here..."
  34. "Silence criminal! You're under arrest for illegal parking, forgery, and insulting an officer of the law! It's time for the prison box for you!"
  36. The man didn't have time to run before her fingers swooped in from the side and plucked him off the ground. He screamed and wriggled as she pulled herself to full height, eyes trained on the dirty criminal.
  38. "What, no! You can't do this to me, I'm innocent!" he roared indignantly at Bekky, but she just rolled her eyes.
  40. "That's enough! I'm taking you down to the station!" and with that, she shoved him forwards straight into her generous cleavage. As the darkness between her breasts approached, he didn't know whether to feel fear or arousal before the soft flesh consumed him entirely. His feet kicked and wiggled, almost comedically from outside his 'prison', before Bekky pushed the last of him in.
  42. "Ahh, another lawbreaker dealt with. You're welcome New York City!" she shouted, while the rest of the town scratched their head in confusion, before shrugging and going on with the rest of their day. Bekky turned to leave and take him down to the station, but quickly stopped.
  44. "Wait. I can't just leave that car parked there ... what if some law-abiding citizen needs that parking space?!" she said, thinking she was quietly monologuing to herself, but the rest of the city could hear her just fine. They didn't have the heart to tell her though.
  46. After umming and ahhing for a few seconds, she reached down and grabbed the vehicle before pulling it up. In comparison to her, it was like a toy car.
  48. "Now where do I put you..." she muttered as she turned around, looking for a space to put it. Her feet turned, rising and falling against the street as the circled, forming huge cracks in the ground while blissfully unaware.
  50. "There? Hmm, no ... what about there? Uhhh, no ... no ... uhhh ... darn .. I just can't think of where to put it ... wait where did it go?" she asked as she looked at her now empty hand. Turning around a few more seconds she looked to see where the car went, only to find it lodged in the roof of a nearby mechanic, having slipped from her fingers as she went. People streamed out of the doors, understandably afraid of having a car slam through their ceiling.
  52. "Ah, yes, that's a good place to put it! The mechanic! They'll be able to fix it! Another good deed by Officer Bekky!" she shouted. After patting herself on the back, she then began walking down the street, heading towards the police station. She walked slowly, carefully, watching her feet with every step. She didn't want the chief yelling at her again for destroying city property!
  54. But what she wasn't watching however ... was her bottom. With every step her hips swung from side to side, smacking her ass against the tall buildings that ringed the street. SMACK ... SMACK ... SMACK ... SMACK ... her bountiful ass slammed into buildings left and right like a wrecking ball pendulum. While they weren't destroyed, window fronts were shattered, and buildings were dented by her rear. People screamed and scattered but she was blissfully unaware.
  56. Eventually, several city streets later, she came up to the police station.
  58. "Ahh, here we are, and not a single thing damaged!" she proudly said. She turned around and gasped as she saw the line of damaged buildings stretched out in front of her.
  60. "Shucks, not again! Why do those humans always try and knock their buildings down when I go past them? Gah, I'll never make sense of them... now ... why was I here again?"
  62. "TO LET ME OUT YOU INCOMPETENT FOOL!!!" the tiny wiggling lump in her cleavage screamed.
  64. "Let the iguanas out to the pool? I don't think that's it mysterious person ... wait ... who said that?!" she yelled, turning around suddenly to see who was behind her. Her feet slammed down into the ground, flattening several parked cars. But she didn't see anyone. She looked around and around, trying to find the stranger, stomping and stamping the ground as she went.
  66. "Who's there?! Identify yourself!" she yelled as she flattened a fruit stand, staining the surrounding pavement kiwifruit green.
  70. "Oh right, you! Hah, I forgot about you! Let's get you down to the prison cells!"
  74. Fumbling in her breasts, she brushed past her wallet and phone before gripping the tiny person. Pulling him out, she looked at him, making sure it was still the same person. He gasped for air, trying to wipe the sweat clinging to his body. She then tossed him away towards the station, sailing through the air before landing on a special air cushion. The cushion was a bright red target, with “BEKKY’S CRIMINALS” written on it. Two waiting officers grabbed him by the arms and led him away.
  76. "Good work Officer Bekky!" one of the officers yelled from the station's rooftop with a megaphone. Her voice was a bit shaken, considering that her grandmother's fruit stand just got splattered, but she thought better than to bring it up with her.
  78. "Ah, no problem citizens of London! I'm just here to help the community! See you!"
  80. She yelled, before starting off down the street again, looking for more crime.
  81. Leaving a path of destruction in her wake.
  82. The End
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