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Jul 9th, 2019 (edited)
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          /hmofa/ General's Pastebin of Goodies

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Introduction 1
Writing tips and Guides 2
Art Links 3
Doujins 4
MISC: Alternative Media \ Games 6


Introduction (@1)

The Golden RULE: "HUMAN MALE on FEMALE ANTHRO" only. That is all that there is to it, take this quote as verbatim reference when
deciding what pics, fics, etc to post.
REMEMBER: Even if you're not the best writer or if this is your first time writing, post your story anyways and don't be
disheartened if your story doesn’t get replies or discussed.

Writing tips and Guides (@2)

Art Links (@3) 

Need Sauce? Reverse Search Basics and Image Saving by WANGKERR: link

Imigur Links

Artist Links

Doujins (@4)

Avoiding Sad Panda: on your phone it is impossible to not get a sad panda, the best way to get your Doujin is by using a PC and making yourself an E-Hentai Forum account and you are already ready to never going to get a sad panda ever again

Doujin Masterdump by ITALIANON (Tagged Doujins, Search Links, and More!)
MEGA Folder of PDFs of some of the Doujins
Search Links:


If the current stories in the /hmofa/ pastebin don't satisfy you, you can trudge through the links below to see if you can find more /HMOFA/ fics.

StoryBins from other Generals


MISC: Alternative Media / Games (@6)

Bin of /hmofa/ Games by ITALIANON
Wild Life (unreal engine p*rn game)

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