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Mar 7th, 2020
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  1. 2019_Ann_Sale_Day1=Expo-hall Day 01
  2. 2019_Ann_Sale_Day2=Expo-hall Day 02
  3. 2019_Ann_Sale_Day3=Expo-hall Day 03
  4. 2019_Ann_Sale_Day4=Expo-hall Day 04
  5. 2019_Ann_Sale_Day5=Expo-hall Day 05
  6. 2019_Ann_Sale_Day6_01=Expo-hall Day 06_01
  7. 2019_Ann_Sale_Day6_02=Expo-hall Day 06_02
  8. 2019_Ann_Sale_Day7=Expo-hall Day 07
  9. 2019_Ann_Sale_Day8=Expo-hall Day 08
  10. 2019_Ann_Sale_Day9=Expo-hall Day 09 - Best of Show
  11. 890_J_Mission_Obj_VIP_Long=WIP - Protect the VIP
  12. 890_J_Mission_Obj_VIP_Short=WIP - Protect the VIP
  13. 890_J_Mission_WaypointVIP=WIP - Defend VIP
  14. 890_J_MissionTest=WIP Disable the hack before it is complete %ls
  15. 890_J_Mobi_Desc=WIP - Go to Hijacked 890 and stop hijacking / hack
  16. 890_J_Mobi_Title=WIP - 890 Jump in danger
  17. 890_J_Screen=
  18. AaronHalo=Aaron Halo
  19. AbandonedOutpost_001=Abandoned Outpost
  20. AbandonedOutpost_001_desc=KEEP OUT. This structure is no longer in active service. Do not use, occupy or enter.
  22. ac_ui_test2=wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
  23. Aciedo_CommArray_desc_shared=Owned and operated by Aciedo, this communication array provides comm coverage and ECN services to this sector of space.
  24. acquirepart_prevent_desc=Stop someone uploading ~mission(Item).
  25. acquirepart_prevent_dest_timer=~mission(Item) self destructs in %Is.
  26. acquirepart_prevent_destroy=Destroy ~mission(Item).
  27. acquirepart_prevent_marker_lastknown=Last Known Location
  28. acquirepart_prevent_marker_prototype=~mission(Item).
  29. acquirepart_prevent_marker_ugf=Facility
  30. acquirepart_prevent_obj1_long=Prevent ~mission(Item) Upload.
  31. acquirepart_prevent_obj1_short=Prevent Upload.
  32. acquirepart_prevent_obj2_long=~mission(Item) will self destruct.
  33. acquirepart_prevent_obj2_short=~mission(Item) Self Destructs In.
  34. acquirepart_prevent_subobj1_long=Visit the site of crash and investigate.
  35. acquirepart_prevent_subobj1_short=Visit Last Known Location.
  36. acquirepart_prevent_subobj2_long=Reboot Relay to locate ~mission(Item).
  37. acquirepart_prevent_subobj2_short=Reboot Relay.
  38. acquirepart_prevent_title=Prevent ~mission(Item) Upload.
  39. Activation_Off=Revive
  40. Activation_Offline=- Offline -
  41. Activation_On=Reviving
  42. ad_welcome_to=Welcome To
  43. ad_when_duty_calls=WHEN DUTY CALLS
  44. ad_will_you_answer=WILL YOU ANSWER?
  45. ad_your_adventure_start_here=Your Adventure Starts Here
  46. Admin_Ask_Work=Have any work?
  47. Admin_Blackbox_Dropoff_Request=Drop off black box.
  48. Admin_Counter_Marker_01=Delivery Drop Off
  49. Admin_Deliver_Marker_01=Deliver
  50. Admin_Delivery_Dropoff_Request=Make a delivery.
  51. Admin_Delivery_Pickup_Request=Make a pickup.
  52. Admin_Goodbye=Goodbye.
  53. Admin_Help_Cargo=Sell some cargo.
  54. Admin_Pickup_Marker_01=Pickup
  55. Admin_Repair_Pickup_Request=Pick up a power core.
  56. Admin_Small_Talk=How's it going?
  57. airlock_CLOSE=CLOSE
  58. airlock_CYCLE=CYCLE
  59. airlock_CYCLING=CYCLING
  61. airlock_LOCKED=LOCKED
  62. airlock_OPEN=OPEN
  63. airlock_PRESS=PRESS
  65. ALB_HATS=DO NOT USE ------ (ALB) MALE HATS (add new hat items below here)
  67. Alerts_BeingScanned=Remain Stationary, Scan In Progress
  71. annun_PWRHEAT=PWR HEAT
  72. annun_PWRLOW=PWR LOW
  73. annun_QTMFAIL=QTM FAIL
  74. annun_RDRLOCK=RDR LOCK
  76. annun_THRHEAT=THR HEAT
  77. annun_WPNHEAT=WPN HEAT
  78. ArcCorp_desc_shared=A mining facility owned and operated by ArcCorp.
  80. assassin_danger_0001=If even half the rumors about them are true, you're going to want to take them out long before they see you coming. 
  81. assassin_danger_0002=Apparently, this is supposed to be one of the more dangerous hitters in the sector. Do not make the mistake of underestimating them. 
  82. assassin_danger_0003=Make sure to bring your full arsenal when you go hunting. Something tells me you might need it to take them down. 
  83. assassin_danger_0004=Word of warning, no way someone like ~mission(TargetName|Last) is going down easy. You want to take them out? Do it hard and fast. 
  84. assassin_danger_0005=While you should be careful, cause you never know - my guess is that ~mission(TargetName|Last) is gonna drop easy. Poor sod chooses to fly solo and hardly ever bothers with anything more than a few escorts. 
  85. assassin_danger_0006=As for gearing up for this little job, you shouldn't need anything out of the ordinary. ~mission(TargetName|Last) prefers to fly alone. I mean, for a real special occasion they might travel with a friend or two, but I'd be surprised.  
  86. assassin_danger_0007=Apparently, there's a good chance this scav's not gonna be traveling alone either. Seems that their little multicrew ship hardly ever flies without at least one or two friends along for the trip.  
  87. assassin_danger_0008=Word is that the small multicrew ship ~mission(TargetName|Last) captains is being guarded by a few hired escorts. Can't say for sure if it's true, but good to be careful just in case.  
  88. assassin_danger_0009=Rumor has it that ~mission(TargetName|Last) typically travels with a full escort so be ready to hit hard. Even if you do get lucky and catch them alone, you'll still have their ship to deal with and supposedly they captain a bit of a beast. 
  89. assassin_danger_0010=Make sure to bring your full arsenal when you go hunting. Since ~mission(TargetName|Last) usually captains a bigger multicrew ship and springs the extra credits for escort, something tells me you might need the extra firepower. 
  90. assassin_desc=~mission(Contractor|AssassinationDescription)
  91. assassin_desc_0001=Looking for someone who doesn't mind getting their hands dirty. Not talking guild work or anything, just someone who's good enough to aim and squeeze. Got some good creds available to see ~mission(TargetName) permanently gone. \n\nStart looking at ~mission(Location). ~mission(MultiPlayer)~mission(Contractor|AssassinationTimed) ~mission(Danger)
  92. assassin_desc_0002=Got a mess that needs cleaning up. Paying solid credits for it too. The mess goes by the name of ~mission(TargetName). ~mission(Danger) \n\nBuddy of mine saw them around ~mission(Location), but the rest is up to you. ~mission(MultiPlayer) ~mission(Contractor|AssassinationTimed)
  93. assassin_desc_0003=There's a price on ~mission(TargetName)'s head. ~mission(MultiPlayer)Credits go to whoever bags the bastard first. ~mission(Contractor|AssassinationTimed) I'd recommend starting at ~mission(Location) but hey, don't let me tell you how to do your job. ~mission(Danger)
  94. assassin_desc_0004=Guess who just got themselves placed onto the 'no-breathe-list'? Some dragger named ~mission(TargetName). Yeah, I never heard of them either, but better them than us, right? \n\n~mission(Danger) ~mission(MultiPlayer)Word is they've been haunting ~mission(Location) lately, so you'll probably want to start there. ~mission(Contractor|AssassinationTimed)Good luck.
  95. assassin_desc_0005=I don't know what ~mission(TargetName) did, but they sure pissed off the wrong people. Credits go to whoever can give them a last lesson in manners straight through the head. ~mission(Danger) \n\nThere isn't much to go on, just some scattered sightings around ~mission(Location), so maybe start there. ~mission(Contractor|AssassinationTimed)~mission(MultiPlayer)One last thing, the client wants you to say '~mission(Phrase).' when the trigger's pulled. Don't ask. Just do it.
  96. assassin_desc_0006=~mission(TargetName) is breathing borrowed air. Time's come to punch their ticket for good. ~mission(Contractor|AssassinationTimed) I can give you ~mission(Location) but you have to provide your own transport and clean weapons. ~mission(Danger) ~mission(MultiPlayer)
  97. assassin_desc_0007=You know how they say the good die young? It's definitely true in this case. A hit's been put out on ~mission(TargetName), a local security thug that's hellbent on being a hero. ~mission(Contractor|AssassinationTimed) ~mission(Danger) ~mission(MultiPlayer)
  98. assassin_desc_0008=Why don't these security assholes ever learn to mind their own damn business? It's like they want to get murdered. Especially this one. Name's ~mission(TargetName). Been stirring up huge trouble lately, but you're gonna put a permanent end to that.\n\n~mission(Contractor|AssassinationTimed) ~mission(MultiPlayer) ~mission(Contractor|AssassinationDanger) Knowing these security types, don't be surprised if they call for back up.
  99. assassin_desc_0009=About time someone put ~mission(TargetName) in their place. This security hackjob's been taking bribes to look the other way, but the greedy little idiot decided to raise the rates. Big mistake! \n\nNow instead of those credits going to pay the smug bastard off, they're being used to pay you to murder their ass. That's some poetic justice right there. ~mission(Danger) ~mission(MultiPlayer) ~mission(Contractor|AssassinationTimed)
  100. assassin_desc_0010=This bounty hunter by the name of ~mission(TargetName) made the mistake of messing with the wrong crew. They're looking to even the score and are offering pretty decent creds to whoever does the deed. ~mission(Danger) ~mission(MultiPlayer) ~mission(Contractor|AssassinationTimed)
  101. assassin_desc_0011=I love it. This is one of those classic 'the hunter has become the hunted' scenarios you always see on the spec. \n\nA big bounty's been placed on the head of bounty hunter ~mission(TargetName). ~mission(Danger) It'll be interesting to see how they like it when they tables are turned. ~mission(MultiPlayer) ~mission(Contractor|AssassinationTimed)
  102. assassin_desc_easy=~mission(Contractor|AssassinationEasyDescription)
  103. assassin_desc_first=Listen, I know you don't know me, but that's kinda the point of this little experiment. We're just two complete strangers helping each other out. \n\nHere's how this works - I give you a name. ~mission(TargetName), for example. Then I'll tell you a place: ~mission(Location). Now, if by some complete and utter coincidence, they wind up shot to death a little while later, a bunch of credits will mystically appear in your account. Long story short, ~mission(TargetName|NickOrFirst) has some bad luck, you have some good luck. Everybody's happy.\n\nOf course, there are plenty of other people eager for the help of a dependable stranger and if you do a good job here, I'll make sure they know you're the stranger to talk to.\n\nGood luck out there.
  104. assassin_desc_hard=~mission(Contractor|AssassinationHardDescription)
  105. assassin_desc_medium=~mission(Contractor|AssassinationMediumDescription)
  106. assassin_from=~mission(Contractor)
  107. assassin_from_first=< / CONTACT BLOCKED / >
  108. assassin_location_0001=the coordinates where they were last spotted
  109. assassin_location_0002=their last known location
  110. assassin_location_0003=where they like to hang out
  111. assassin_location_0004=one of the spots they're known to frequent
  112. assassin_multiplayer_0001=Probably worth it to mention you might run in to some competition out there since this isn't an exclusive contract. 
  113. assassin_multiplayer_0002=This contract is non-exclusive. First-come, first-serve. 
  114. assassin_multiplayer_0003=And just so you know, you most likely won't be the only one on the hunt since the ~mission(Client) made this an open contract. 
  115. assassin_multiplayer_0004=You should expect there to be some stiff competition on this. A lot of people out there are eager to see this scum dead once and for all. 
  116. assassin_obj_long_01=Search for ~mission(TargetName) at ~mission(Location).
  117. assassin_obj_long_02=Eliminate ~mission(TargetName).
  118. assassin_obj_marker_01=~mission(TargetName)
  119. assassin_obj_marker_02=Target
  120. assassin_obj_short_01=Locate the Target
  121. assassin_obj_short_02=Eliminate the Target
  122. assassin_phrase_0001=The blue dancer says hello
  123. assassin_phrase_0002=Return to sender
  124. assassin_phrase_0003=Tio sends his regards
  125. assassin_phrase_0004=See you in hell
  126. assassin_phrase_0005=This is for Martha
  127. assassin_phrase_0006=Looks like your birthday came early this year
  128. assassin_phrase_0007=Surprise
  129. assassin_sync_desc=~mission(Contractor|AssassinSyncDescription)
  130. assassin_sync_from=~mission(Contractor|AssassinSyncFrom)
  131. assassin_sync_marker_01=~mission(TargetName)
  132. assassin_sync_marker_02=~mission(TargetName2)
  133. assassin_sync_marker_03=Eliminate
  134. assassin_sync_obj_display_01=Time Remaining: %ls
  135. assassin_sync_obj_long_01=Simultaneously eliminate ~mission(TargetName) and ~mission(TargetName2). As soon as one target is attacked you will have until time runs out to eliminate both targets.
  136. assassin_sync_obj_short_01=Eliminate All Targets
  137. assassin_sync_subobj_long_01a=Eliminate ~mission(TargetName).
  138. assassin_sync_subobj_long_01b=Eliminate ~mission(TargetName2).
  139. assassin_sync_title=~mission(Contractor|AssassinSyncTitle)
  140. assassin_timed_0001=You drag your feet on this, don't be surprised if they vanish.
  141. assassin_timed_0002=With a slippery bastard like this, you might only have a limited window of opportunity to hit them before they go to ground. 
  142. assassin_timed_0003=Need this taken care of yesterday. Drop everything and get it done now. 
  143. assassin_timed_0004=Urgent's an understatement on this one. Client's already comm'd me three times to ask if it's done yet. 
  144. assassin_title=~mission(Contractor|AssassinationTitle)
  145. assassin_title_0001=Neutralize Threat
  146. assassin_title_0002=Cleaning House
  147. assassin_title_0003=Hunting Party
  148. assassin_title_0004=Wet Work
  149. assassin_title_0005=Eliminate a Problem
  150. assassin_title_0006=Funeral Arrangements
  151. assassin_title_0007=Special Delivery for ~mission(TargetName)
  152. assassin_title_0008=Eliminate ~mission(TargetName)
  153. assassin_title_easy=~mission(Contractor|AssassinationEasyTitle)
  154. assassin_title_first=Helpful Stranger
  155. assassin_title_hard=~mission(Contractor|AssassinationHardTitle)
  156. assassin_title_medium=~mission(Contractor|AssassinationMediumTitle)
  157. assassination_desc=~mission(Contractor|AssassinationDescription)
  158. assassination_from=~mission(Contractor|AssassinationFrom)
  159. assassination_obj_long_01=Search for ~mission(TargetName) at the coordinates provided.
  160. assassination_obj_long_02=Eliminate ~mission(TargetName).
  161. assassination_obj_marker_01=~mission(TargetName)
  162. assassination_obj_marker_01a=Target's Last Location
  163. assassination_obj_marker_02=Target
  164. assassination_obj_short_01=Locate Target
  165. assassination_obj_short_02=Eliminate Target
  166. assassination_title=~mission(Contractor|AssassinationTitle)
  167. asteroidfield_desc_Shared=A registered asteroid cluster. All rights reserved. Unless otherwise indicated, all mined materials found here are the property of the claim holder.
  168. ATC_Area18=Area18 Landing Services
  169. ATC_Automated=Automated Landing Services
  170. ATC_CryAstro=Cry-Astro Vehicle Services
  171. ATC_GrimHEX=Green Imperial Landing Services
  172. ATC_Levski=Levski Landing Control
  173. ATC_Lorville=Lorville Landing Services
  174. ATC_Lorville_Gate01=Lorville Gate 01
  175. ATC_Lorville_Gate02=Lorville Gate 02
  176. ATC_Lorville_Gate03=Lorville Gate 03
  177. ATC_Lorville_Gate04=Lorville Gate 04
  178. ATC_Lorville_Gate05=Lorville Gate 05
  179. ATC_Lorville_Gate06=Lorville Gate 06
  180. ATC_OutpostArcCorp=ArcCorp Outpost Landing Service
  181. ATC_OutpostGeneric=Outpost Landing Control
  182. ATC_OutpostRayari=Rayari Outpost Landing Service
  183. ATC_OutpostShubin=Shubin Outpost Landing Control
  184. ATC_OutpostTerraMills=Terra Mills Outpost Landing Control
  185. ATC_PlatinumBay=Platinum Bay Landing Services
  186. ATC_PortOlisar=Port Olisar Landing Services
  187. ATC_RandR=R&R Landing Services
  188. Bacchus=Bacchus System
  189. Bacchus_AsteroidBelt1=Bacchus Belt Alpha
  190. Bacchus_AsteroidBelt1_Desc=Heavily mined by generations of Banu, this asteroid belt has become a junkyard over time.
  191. Bacchus_Desc=Many in the UEE believe that Bacchus, a binary star system, contains the Banu's homeworld, though, to date, the Banu themselves have not been able to or have chosen not to confirm one way or another. Like with most Banu systems, the trade lanes are always packed with travellers from Banu, Human and Xi'an space. A large permanent flotilla in the system's outer reaches is a popular destination for haulers and traders.\n
  192. Bacchus_Flotilla=Bacchus Flotilla
  193. Bacchus_Flotilla_Desc=A large cluster of ships that has become a permanent floating marketplace. Conveniently located near a jump point, it attracts a wide variety of travelers and traders entering and leaving the system.
  194. Bacchus_JumpPoint_Garron=Bacchus - Garron Jump Point
  195. Bacchus_JumpPoint_Garron_Desc=This jump point connects Bachhus to the UEE controlled Garron system.
  196. Bacchus_JumpPoint_Geddon=Bacchus - Geddon Jump Point
  197. Bacchus_JumpPoint_Geddon_Desc=This jump point connects Bachhus to the Geddon system.
  198. Bacchus_Star1=Bacchus A
  199. Bacchus_Star1_Desc=A class-G main sequence star that is part of a binary pairing with Bacchus B.
  200. Bacchus_Star2=Bacchus B
  201. Bacchus_Star2_Desc=A class-K main sequence star that is part of a binary pairing with Bacchus B.
  202. Bacchus1=Bacchus I
  203. Bacchus1_Desc=A Super-Earth located close to the system's binary stars resulting in its rocky surface boiling away and the formation of an incredibly hot and smoggy atmosphere.
  204. Bacchus2=Bacchus II
  205. Bacchus2_Desc=An ocean planet dotted by many populated islands and archipelagos featuring a wide variety of climates and biodiversity. Though the Banu have so far not confirmed if Bacchus II is their home-world like some in the UEE theorize, it is known that the planet hosts the 'Gathering'; a special event where Banu congregate to make species-wide decisions.
  206. Bacchus3=Bacchus III
  207. Bacchus3_Desc=A gas giant featuring dynamic swirling clouds and frequent electrical storms.
  208. BarMenu_beer_draft_01=Draft Beer 1
  209. BarMenu_beer_draft_02=Draft Beer 2
  210. BarMenu_beer_draft_03=Draft Beer 3
  211. BarMenu_beer_draft_04=Draft Beer 4
  212. BarMenu_beer_draft_05=Draft Beer 5
  213. BarMenu_beer_draft_06=Draft Beer 6
  214. BarMenu_beer_smoltz=Smoltz Beer
  215. BarMenu_Cognac=Cognac
  216. BarMenu_Gin=Gin
  217. BarMenu_Rum=Rum
  218. BarMenu_SubMenu_Beer=Beer
  219. BarMenu_SubMenu_Liquor=Liquor
  220. BarMenu_Tequila=Tequila
  221. BarMenu_Vodka=Vodka
  222. BarMenu_Whiskey=Whiskey
  223. Bartender_Convo_OrderBeer=Beer
  224. Bartender_Convo_OrderNothing=Nothing
  225. Bartender_Convo_OrderWhiskey=Whiskey
  226. Bartender_Greet=Hey, can I get a drink?
  227. basesweep_desc=~mission(Contractor|BaseSweepDescription)
  228. basesweep_from=~mission(Contractor|BaseSweepFrom)
  229. basesweep_obj_long_01=Clear the site of all hostiles.
  230. basesweep_obj_long_02=Go to ~mission(Location|Name).
  231. basesweep_obj_marker_01=Eliminate Hostiles
  232. basesweep_obj_short_01=Clear All Hostiles
  233. basesweep_obj_short_02=Go To ~mission(Location|Name)
  234. basesweep_obj_short_02a=Hostiles Remaining: ~mission(AI_Remaining)
  235. basesweep_obj_target=Target
  236. basesweep_title=~mission(Contractor|BaseSweepTitle)
  237. Battaglia_convo_followup_more_work=Got anything else for me?
  238. Battaglia_convo_shopping=Shopping.
  239. Battaglia_convo_visiting=Just visiting.
  240. Battaglia_convo_wanted_to_see_who_you_are=Just wanted to swing by and say hi.
  241. Battaglia_convo_will_come_back_later=Never mind, I'll come back later
  242. Battaglia_convo_work=Looking for work.
  243. BeaconDropoff_ObjectiveMarker=Beacon
  244. blacJac_bounty_desc_001=ATTN: Bounty Hunters\n\nGot a bounty that needs to be collected on ~mission(TargetName). \n~mission(Contractor|BountyTimed)~mission(Danger)\n\nGet out there, find the bastard, and lets make sure they can't cause any more trouble for ArcCorp.\n\nThanks,\nGloria Mesa\n\nPrivate Contract Supervisor\nBlacJac Security, "Protection Provided"
  245. blacJac_bounty_desc_002=ATTN: Bounty Hunters\n\nSeems ~mission(TargetName) has been up to no good and got a nasty ol' bounty placed on their head. Think you can find them and collect? \n~mission(Contractor|BountyTimed)~mission(Danger)\n\nThanks,\nGloria Mesa\n\nPrivate Contract Supervisor\nBlacJac Security, "Protection Provided"
  246. blacJac_bounty_desc_003=ATTN: Bounty Hunters\n\nNew bounty just came in for one ~mission(TargetName). Need them located and apprehended.\n~mission(Contractor|BountyTimed)~mission(Danger)\n\nGood luck with this one,\nGloria Mesa\n\nPrivate Contract Supervisor\nBlacJac Security, "Protection Provided"
  247. blacJac_bounty_desc_intro=ATTN: Bounty Hunters\n\nAn individual know as ~mission(TargetName) has been causing trouble for the good people of ArcCorp. \n\nAll our regular staff is busy taking care of more serious issues, so BlacJac is looking to audition some new bounty talent.\n \nIf you're interested, go ahead and track down and apprehend ~mission(TargetName|Last). ~mission(Contractor|BountyTimed)~mission(Danger)\n\nPull this off and BlacJac will be very greatful.\n\nThanks,\nGloria Mesa\n\nPrivate Contract Supervisor\nBlacJac Security, "Protection Provided"
  248. blacJac_bounty_title_001=Wanted by ArcCorp: ~mission(TargetName)
  249. blacJac_bounty_title_E=Wanted by ArcCorp: ~mission(TargetName) (CS2)
  250. blacJac_bounty_title_H=Wanted by ArcCorp: ~mission(TargetName) (CS4)
  251. blacJac_bounty_title_M=Wanted by ArcCorp: ~mission(TargetName) (CS3)
  252. blacJac_bounty_title_VE=Wanted by ArcCorp: ~mission(TargetName) (CS1)
  253. blacJac_bounty_title_VH=Wanted by ArcCorp: ~mission(TargetName) (CS5)
  254. blacjac_danger_001=Be prepared to meet heavy resistance on this one. If they get wind of what you're doing, they're not going to take it sitting down. 
  255. blacjac_danger_002=Knowing this area and the kind of people we're dealing with, my gut says head in expecting a fight. 
  256. blacjac_danger_003=You'll be kicking a bit of a hornet's nest on this one, so be ready for heavy resistance. 
  257. blacjac_danger_004=This perp is a bit of lightweight. Only a few known associates and they typically fly solo crafts. Shouldn't be to hard to catch them. 
  258. blacjac_danger_005=The files on ~mission(TargetName|Last) show that they typically captain a mid-sized multicrew vessel and have been known to employ extra muscle on jobs. Might want to approach with a bit of caution. 
  259. blacjac_danger_006=Be sure that you're ready to face heavy resistance. ~mission(TargetName|Last) is known to captain larger ships and with their connections you can almost guarantee that they're not traveling alone. 
  260. blacjac_destroyprobe_desc_0001=ATTN: Mercenaries with Demo Experience\n\nWe have a problem over at ~mission(Location). Apparently someone set up PDC Monitors to illegally skim data. \n\nYou are being tasked with locating the ~mission(Contractor|DestroyProbeAmount) and destroying them. \n\nThere are a few possible complications:\n- These things are designed to operate passively with as low of an EM sig as possible. Finding them might take some effort and thorough scanning. \n- Monitors like these often have automatic security protocols so that if they are attacked, they begin to transmit any stored dated. It's vital you destroy them before the upload can finish.\n- ~mission(Contractor|DestroyProbeTimed)\n- ~mission(Contractor|DestroyProbeDanger)\n\nI'm hopeful you'll be able to resolve the issue before any more data is stolen.\n\nThanks,\nGloria Mesa\n\nPrivate Contract Supervisor\nBlacJac Security, "Protection Provided"
  261. blacjac_destroyprobe_desc_0002=ATTN: Mercenaries with Demo Experience\n\nReceived a report that some enterprising criminal has been skimming data from ~mission(Location) using PDC Monitors. \n\nYou are being tasked to locate the ~mission(Contractor|DestroyProbeAmount) and destroy them. I suspect it might take a bit of scanning to locate the monitors as they're designed to operate passively. Plus, as soon as you start attacking, their security countermeasures are going to kick in and attempt to upload their data-drives. You'll need to be fast enough to prevent the transfer. \n\n~mission(Contractor|DestroyProbeTimed)~mission(Contractor|DestroyProbeDanger)\n\nThanks for taking care of this,\nGloria Mesa\n\nPrivate Contract Supervisor\nBlacJac Security, "Protection Provided"
  262. blacjac_destroyprobe_desc_0003=ATTN: Mercenaries with Demo Experience\n\nI need a merc who can handle locating and destroying PDC monitors that have been illegally skimming data from ~mission(Location). This will take some doing as the ~mission(Contractor|DestroyProbeAmount) will be operating passively and difficult to find without performing a thorough scan of the area. Plus, you'll have to destroy the monitors before their emergency defense system uploads any more of the data they've stolen.\n\n~mission(Contractor|DestroyProbeTimed)~mission(Contractor|DestroyProbeDanger)\n\nThanks,\nGloria Mesa\n\nPrivate Contract Supervisor\nBlacJac Security, "Protection Provided"
  263. blacjac_destroyprobe_title_0001=Data Theft
  264. blacjac_destroystash_desc_001=ATTN: Verified Mercenary Operators\n\nWe're looking for experienced professionals to participate in a raid on a suspected narcotics stash known as ~mission(UGFDestination). We need to clear them out before they have a chance to move the product to another site.\n\nWe need you to secure and destroy any and all narcotics found at the stash using whatever means necessary, so go nuts. ~mission(Contractor|Danger)\n\nYou'll be paid out for however much of the contraband you personally destroy. Basically, feel free to engage with any lowlifes you come across, but that's not what you're getting paid for - BlacJac's focus for this op is the drugs. \n\nGood luck,\nGloria Mesa\n\nPrivate Contract Supervisor\nBlacJac Security, "Protection Provided"
  265. blacjac_destroystash_desc_002=ATTN: Verified Mercenary Operators\n\nAn informant provided us with info on a narcotics stash known as ~mission(UGFDestination). We're organizing a raid to go in and destroy every last bit of contraband being stored there before they have a chance to move it.\n\nYou're tasked with destroying all narcotics found at the site using whatever means necessary... within reason. Basically, do what you can to keep most of the surrounding area intact. ~mission(Contractor|Danger)\n\nYou'll be paid based on how much of the drug stash you personally clear out. Getting this product off the streets is a huge win for BlacJac, and of course the people of ArcCorp.\n\nGood hunting,\nGloria Mesa\n\nPrivate Contract Supervisor\nBlacJac Security, "Protection Provided"
  266. blacjac_destroystash_desc_003=ATTN: Verified Mercenary Operators\n\nThe location of long suspected narcotics stash known as ~mission(UGFDestination) has finally been confirmed and we need to raid the site before they have a chance to migrate again. \n\nDestroy any and all drugs found at the site using whatever means you have. ~mission(Contractor|Danger)\n\nAnd remember, you'll be reimbursed based on how much of the narcotics you personally eliminate, not how many drug dealers you wipe out. Leadership's focus right now is the drugs, not the pushers because bodies are cheap. If we disrupt the supply chain enough, we can put the whole syndicate out of business. \n\nGood hunting,\nGloria Mesa\n\nPrivate Contract Supervisor\nBlacJac Security, "Protection Provided"
  267. blacjac_destroystash_title_001=Seize and Destroy Narcotics
  268. blacjac_from=BlacJac Security
  269. blacjac_hackprevent_desc_001=ATTN: Mercs Experienced in CompSec \n\nWe just got alerted of an illegal network infiltration attempt at ~mission(Location). We need you to rush over there and secure the system before they perpetrators are able to gain access.\n\nI would hate to think what damage they could do if not stopped in time.\n\nThanks,\nGloria Mesa\n\nPrivate Contract Supervisor\nBlacJac Security, "Protection Provided"
  270. blacjac_hackprevent_desc_002=ATTN: Mercs Experienced in CompSec \n\nThere's been an attempted data breach at ~mission(Location), but they haven't bypassed all the security protocols yet. If you hurry, there should be time to prevent them from gaining access to the system. \n\nRemember, don't get distracted by trying to chase down the cryptos, we can deal with them later. The important thing is not letting them into the network.\n\nAppreciate you taking care of this,\nGloria Mesa\n\nPrivate Contract Supervisor\nBlacJac Security, "Protection Provided"
  271. blacjac_hackprevent_desc_003=ATTN: Mercs Experienced in CompSec \n\nThe data network at ~mission(Location) is under attack, but so far the system's security measures have managed to fend off the infiltration. They won't last forever, though. We need you onsite ASAP to physically halt the network intrusion before they can crack through. \n\nThink you can handle that?\n\nCounting on you,\nGloria Mesa\n\nPrivate Contract Supervisor\nBlacJac Security, "Protection Provided"
  272. blacjac_hackprevent_title_001=Data Breach In Progress
  273. blacjac_recoverspace_desc_0001=ATTN: Mercs / Bounty Hunters with Cargo Handling Experience\n\nWe've managed to track down some stolen ~mission(Item) to cargo ship of one ~mission(TargetName). \n\nThis is another recovery op. Find ~mission(TargetName|Last) and retrieve the ~mission(Item) from them. ~mission(Contractor|RecoverSpaceTimed)~mission(Danger)\n\nOnce safely in your possession, you can drop the recovered stuff off at ~mission(Destination).\n\nThanks for your help on this,\nGloria Mesa\n\nPrivate Contract Supervisor\nBlacJac Security, "Protection Provided"
  274. blacjac_recoverspace_desc_0002=ATTN: Mercs / Bounty Hunters with Cargo Handling Experience\n\n36 hours ago, a location under BlacJac's protection was hit. We've managed to apprehend the people responsible, but they sold off the stolen goods before we got to them. Thankfully, we've learned that a perp named ~mission(TargetName) is possession of the ~mission(Item). \n\nI would like you to recover the stolen property from ~mission(TargetName|Last) and deliver it to ~mission(Destination). ~mission(Contractor|RecoverSpaceTimed)~mission(Danger)\n\n\nBest,\nGloria Mesa\n\nPrivate Contract Supervisor\nBlacJac Security, "Protection Provided"
  275. blacjac_recoverspace_desc_0003=ATTN: Mercs / Bounty Hunters with Cargo Handling Experience\n\nAn investigation into a string of robberies has led us to a suspect by the name of ~mission(TargetName). We have every reason to believe that they may still have the ~mission(Item) they recently stole in their possession. \n\nIf we strike quickly enough, we should be able to catch them before they fence it to the black market. That's where you come in - track down ~mission(TargetName|Last), reclaim the stolen property and fly it back to ~mission(Destination). ~mission(Contractor|RecoverSpaceTimed)~mission(Danger)\n\n\nThanks,\nGloria Mesa\n\nPrivate Contract Supervisor\nBlacJac Security, "Protection Provided"
  276. blacjac_recoverspace_desc_intro=ATTN: Mercs / Bounty Hunters with Cargo Handling Experience\n\nWe just got word that a thief by the name of ~mission(TargetName) is flying around with their most recent score aboard their ship.\n\nNormally, we'd have someone arrest the bastard and be done with it, but right now the most important thing is that the stolen goods are recovered. \n\nIf this sounds like your kind of thing, you will be authorized to track down ~mission(TargetName|Last), secure the stolen ~mission(Item) however you can, and deliver it to ~mission(Destination). ~mission(Contractor|RecoverSpaceTimed)~mission(Danger)\n\n\nThanks,\nGloria Mesa\n\nPrivate Contract Supervisor\nBlacJac Security, "Protection Provided"
  277. blacjac_recoverspace_title_0001=Recover Stolen Items
  278. blacjac_timed_001=Make sure to pay attention to the clock. This contract has a strict deadline. 
  279. blacjac_timed_002=I expect you to finish the job before the deadline. No exceptions. 
  280. blacjac_timed_003=Note the contract's deadline. I expect you to wrap everything up beforehand. 
  281. blackboxillegal_danger_0001=On a job like this, I wouldn't be surprised if you met some competition out there. Be ready. 
  282. blackboxillegal_danger_0002=Keep your eye's open when you're out there. There could be some unfriendly types around. 
  283. blackboxillegal_danger_0003=Might still be some trouble in the area, too. Make sure you stay sharp. 
  284. blackboxillegal_danger_0004=Probably wouldn't hurt if you brought some extra protection along. Nothing for sure, but you might run into some company out there. 
  285. blackboxillegal_desc=~mission(Description)
  286. blackboxillegal_desc_0001=A ~mission(Ship) got blasted and the word is that ~mission(Client) may have had something to do with it. They're shelling out some credits to have a cutter go to ~mission(Location), snag the ~mission(Item), and bring it to ~mission(Destination) to get wiped. ~mission(Timed)~mission(Danger)
  287. blackboxillegal_desc_0002=So here's the rub. Need someone to go to~mission(Location) and pull a ~mission(Item). ~mission(Client) is paying good credits to make this 'accident' disappear. All you gotta do is drop it off at ~mission(Destination) and get your money. Easy. ~mission(Timed)~mission(Danger)
  288. blackboxillegal_desc_0003=There's a ~mission(Ship) that went and got itself dead. Trouble is, the~mission(Item) recorded who did the deed. Now, ~mission(Client) need someone to go to ~mission(Location) and take the ~mission(Item) to ~mission(Destination). ~mission(Timed)~mission(Danger)
  289. blackboxillegal_desc_0004=People are starting to snoop around and try to figure out what happened to this ~mission(Ship). That's a problem for the ~mission(Client). They'd prefer it if the past stays buried. Which means they'd be super happy if someone were to grab the ~mission(Item), and take it to ~mission(Destination). The kind of happy that pays good credits. ~mission(Timed)~mission(Danger)
  290. blackboxillegal_desc_0005=Lookin' for a morally flexible type to go and pull a~mission(Item) from a ~mission(Ship) that got itself rumbled. We'll send ~mission(Location), so all you gotta do is go there, snag it and drop it off at ~mission(Destination). Easy. ~mission(Danger)~mission(Timed)
  291. blackboxillegal_desc_0006=We all do things we kinda regret, right? It seems that the ~mission(Client) went a little overboard and dropped a ~mission(Ship). Now, they want someone to go to ~mission(Location) and boost the ~mission(Item) before anyone finds it. Then, all you gotta do is take it to ~mission(Destination) and get paid. ~mission(Timed)~mission(Danger)
  292. blackboxillegal_desc_0007=a ~mission(Item) full of lies\nbetter for everyone if it dies\nit's at the wreck, waiting its turn \ntake it to ~mission(Destination) and let it burn\ncredits earned, favors made\n~mission(Client) will see you're paid
  293. blackboxillegal_from=~mission(Contractor)
  294. blackboxillegal_obj_long_01=Go to the ~mission(Location) to grab the ~mission(Item).
  295. blackboxillegal_obj_long_02=Grab the ~mission(Item) from the wreck.
  296. blackboxillegal_obj_long_03=Deliver the ~mission(Item) to ~mission(Destination).
  297. blackboxillegal_obj_long_03a=Black Box
  298. blackboxillegal_obj_marker_01=Wreck Site
  299. blackboxillegal_obj_marker_03=Delivery Site
  300. blackboxillegal_obj_short_01=Go To Wreck Site
  301. blackboxillegal_obj_short_02=Grab the Black Box
  302. blackboxillegal_obj_short_03=Deliver the Black Box
  303. blackboxillegal_timed_0001=Word is that there are legal types closing in, so you gotta move quick. 
  304. blackboxillegal_timed_0002=They're already starting to get some heat, so need you to move fast on this. 
  305. blackboxillegal_timed_0003=Oh, and the sooner the better, okay? 
  306. blackboxillegal_timed_0004=Gonna need this done on the quick, alright? 
  307. blackboxillegal_title=~mission(Title)
  308. blackboxillegal_title_0001=Black Box Recovery
  309. blackboxillegal_title_0002=~mission(Item) snag
  310. blackboxillegal_title_0003=Erase a Problem
  311. blackboxillegal_title_0004=Bye Bye Black Box
  312. blackboxlegal_danger_0001=Whatever happened to the ~mission(Ship) might still be lurking in the area. Be careful. 
  313. blackboxlegal_danger_0002=We don't know what or who caused this incident, so keep an eye out. 
  314. blackboxlegal_danger_0003=You will be entering a known hazardous area, and are expected to keep your wits about you. 
  315. blackboxlegal_danger_0004=Due to possible security concerns in the sector, caution during the retrieval process is advised. 
  316. blackboxlegal_desc=~mission(Description)
  317. blackboxlegal_desc_0001=A ~mission(Ship) has gone missing. As the insurer, ~mission(Contractor) needs a contractor to check out ~mission(Location) and locate the ~mission(Item). ~mission(Timed)~mission(Danger)Once recovered, the ~mission(Item) will need to be returned to ~mission(Destination).
  318. blackboxlegal_desc_0002=~mission(Contractor) is seeking a contractor to locate a crashed ~mission(Ship) and retrieve its ~mission(Item). ~mission(Timed)You will need to go to ~mission(Location), extract the ~mission(Item) and deliver it to ~mission(Destination). ~mission(Danger)
  319. blackboxlegal_desc_0003=Looking to hire an independent operator to recover a ~mission(Item) from a ~mission(Ship). ~mission(Timed)You will need to locate ~mission(Location) and extract the ~mission(Item) from the vessel in question. ~mission(Contractor) will pay upon delivery to ~mission(Destination). ~mission(Danger)
  320. blackboxlegal_desc_0004=~mission(Contractor) is looking for an independent contractor to retrieve a ~mission(Item) from a ~mission(Ship). Insurer will provide location details for ~mission(Location). ~mission(Timed)Payment will be issued once the black box is delivered to ~mission(Destination). ~mission(Danger)
  321. blackboxlegal_desc_0005=CONTRACT OPPORTUNITY: Retrieve ~mission(Item)\nINSURER: ~mission(Contractor) \nADDITIONAL INSTRUCTIONS: Location of ~mission(Location) will be provided. ~mission(Timed)~mission(Danger)Client requires contractor to deliver to ~mission(Destination).
  322. blackboxlegal_desc_0006=An unfortunate incident has rendered a ~mission(Ship) inoperable. We at ~mission(Contractor) need the ~mission(Item) recovered from ~mission(Location) and delivered to ~mission(Destination) for processing. ~mission(Timed)~mission(Danger)Capable applicants only, please. Payment is comparable to similar contracts.
  323. blackboxlegal_from=~mission(Contractor)
  324. blackboxlegal_location_0001=the remains
  325. blackboxlegal_location_0002=the last point of contact
  326. blackboxlegal_location_0003=the ~mission(Ship)'s last known position
  327. blackboxlegal_location_0004=the debris
  328. blackboxlegal_location_0005=the wreckage
  329. blackboxlegal_location_0006=the wreck site
  330. blackboxlegal_location_0007=the ~mission(Ship)'s debris
  331. blackboxlegal_location_0008=the ~mission(Ship)'s remains
  332. blackboxlegal_obj_long_01=Go to the ~mission(Ship) wreck to recover the ~mission(Item).
  333. blackboxlegal_obj_long_02=Recover the ~mission(Item) from the wreckage.
  334. blackboxlegal_obj_long_03=Deliver the ~mission(Item) to ~mission(Destination).
  335. blackboxlegal_obj_long_03a=Black Box
  336. blackboxlegal_obj_marker_01=Recovery Site
  337. blackboxlegal_obj_marker_03=Delivery Site
  338. blackboxlegal_obj_short_01=Go To Recovery Site
  339. blackboxlegal_obj_short_02=Recover the Black Box
  340. blackboxlegal_obj_short_03=Deliver the Black Box
  341. blackboxlegal_timed_0001=This was a very important client, and the company wants it handled quickly. 
  342. blackboxlegal_timed_0002=Apparently, this is part of a larger investigation. ~mission(Contractor) need the flight data retrieved quickly. 
  343. blackboxlegal_timed_0003=The client has paid for expedited service. 
  344. blackboxlegal_timed_0004=~mission(Contractor) is eager to settle this matter as soon as possible and is requesting an expedited retrieval. 
  345. blackboxlegal_title=~mission(Title)
  346. blackboxlegal_title_0001=Black Box Recovery
  347. blackboxlegal_title_0002=Recover ~mission(Item)
  348. blackboxlegal_title_0003=Retrieval Request (~mission(Item))
  349. blackboxlegal_title_0004=Retrieve Black Box
  350. boarders_890J_description=~mission(Contractor|Boarders890JDescription)
  351. boarders_890J_from=~mission(Contractor|Boarders890JFrom)
  352. boarders_890J_marker_02a=Hacking Terminal
  353. boarders_890J_obj_long_01=Travel to ~mission(Location) and locate the infiltrated 890 Jump. 
  354. boarders_890J_obj_long_02=Clear all hostiles near and aboard the ship.
  355. boarders_890J_obj_marker_01=Boarded Vessel
  356. boarders_890J_obj_security1=Avoid inflicting friendly fire casualties to the Security Personnel. 
  357. boarders_890J_obj_short_01=Travel to 890 Jump
  358. boarders_890J_obj_short_02=Clear All Hostiles: %ls
  359. boarders_890J_obj_short_security1=No Security Friendly Fire
  360. boarders_890J_subobj_long_02a=Bonus: Access the outlaw's hacking terminals to stop them from decrypting the data cores and transmitting the data. 
  361. boarders_890J_subobj_short_02a=Halt Data Transmission: %ls
  362. boarders_890J_subobj_short_02b=Halt Data Transmission
  363. boarders_890J_title=~mission(Contractor|Boarders890JTitle)
  364. Boarding_Gate__Access_Denied=Access Denied
  365. Boarding_Gate_Access_Granted=Access Granted
  366. Boarding_Gate_Automatic_door=Automatic Door
  367. Boarding_Gate_Caution=Caution
  368. Boarding_Gate_Check_ID=please check your ID
  369. Boarding_Gate_Confidential=Confidential
  370. Boarding_Gate_Press_ID=Press ID To Screen
  371. Boarding_Gate_Proceed=Proceed through gate
  372. Boarding_Gate_Thank=Thank you
  373. Boarding_Gate_Title=Gate Screen
  374. Boarding_Gate_Try_Again=Try Again
  375. Boarding_Gate_Wait=wait for confirmation screen
  376. Boarding_Gate_Welcome=Welcome
  377. BoardingGate_Verifying=Verifying
  378. bounty_danger_0001=This is a high-class hitter, so expect a fight. 
  379. bounty_danger_0002=Suspect has a history of violence. Use caution when approaching. 
  380. bounty_danger_0003=This bounty has been flagged ultra, so exercise extreme caution. 
  381. bounty_danger_0004=This is a high-risk contract. 
  382. bounty_desc=~mission(Contractor|BountyDescription)
  383. bounty_desc_0001=Bounty Issued: ~mission(TargetName). Warning, a bounty has been issued by ~mission(Contractor) for the above named for violating Imperial law. Use of force has been authorized.
  384. bounty_desc_0002=~mission(Contractor) is looking for an independent operator to find and neutralize ~mission(TargetName). ~mission(Timed) ~mission(BountyDanger)
  385. bounty_desc_0003=WANTED: ~mission(TargetName). After multiple and unrepentant violations of Imperial law, a bounty has been certified and bonded by ~mission(Contractor) to neutralize the suspect by whatever means necessary.
  386. bounty_desc_0004=FOR IMMEDIATE CIRCULATION: Bounty issued for ~mission(TargetName). Warning, the target has been flagged as extremely dangerous, so operators should exercise extreme caution when engaging. This bounty has been certified and bonded by ~mission(Contractor). ~mission(Timed)
  387. bounty_desc_0005=~mission(Contractor) has issued a bounty for ~mission(TargetName). ~mission(Timed) ~mission(BountyDanger)
  388. bounty_desc_0006=Looks like someone's been getting a bit too rambunctious. Got a fresh bounty from ~mission(Contractor) to take down ~mission(TargetName). Feel free to pull out all the stops on this one. ~mission(Timed) ~mission(BountyDanger)
  389. bounty_desc_0007=Looking for an independent contractor to execute a bounty. Target's name is ~mission(TargetName). The bond is certified by ~mission(Contractor). ~mission(Timed) ~mission(BountyDanger)
  390. bounty_desc_Easy=~mission(Contractor|BountyEasyDescription)
  391. bounty_desc_first=In an effort to increase the safety of Crusader and its environs, Crusader Security is seeking qualified individuals to assist with the collection of bounties in the area. We have evaluated that you possess the skill set needed and as such, we would like to offer you a bounty contract. Upon the successful completion of this contract, you will be placed on Crusader's Authorized Operators list and be actively referred to the numerous security contractors in the area for any future bounty collection work as it becomes available.
  392. bounty_desc_first_Hurston=*DELETE THIS* In an effort to increase the safety of Crusader and its environs, Crusader Security is seeking qualified individuals to assist with the collection of bounties in the area. We have evaluated that you possess the skill set needed and as such, we would like to offer you a bounty contract. Upon the successful completion of this contract, you will be placed on Crusader's Authorized Operators list and be actively referred to the numerous security contractors in the area for any future bounty collection work as it becomes available.
  393. bounty_desc_Hard=~mission(Contractor|BountyHardDescription)
  394. bounty_desc_Medium=~mission(Contractor|BountyMediumDescription)
  395. bounty_from=~mission(Contractor|BountyFrom)
  396. bounty_from_first=Crusader Security
  397. bounty_from_first_Hurston=*DELETE THIS* Hurston Dynamics
  398. bounty_location_0001=Client will provide target's last known location.
  399. bounty_location_0002=If accepted, ~mission(Contractor) will provide relevant location data for ~mission(TargetName|Last).
  400. bounty_location_0003=Target was last seen at ~mission(Location).
  401. bounty_location_0004=All relevant location data will be provided upon acceptance of bounty.
  402. bounty_obj_long_01=Search for bounty’s current location. Targets hiding in unmonitored areas will need to be tracked down via scanning or reactivating comm arrays.
  403. bounty_obj_long_02=Find and neutralize ~mission(TargetName).
  404. bounty_obj_marker_01=~mission(TargetName)
  405. bounty_obj_marker_02=Neutralize
  406. bounty_obj_short_01=Locate Bounty
  407. bounty_obj_short_02=Neutralize the Bounty
  408. bounty_timed_0001=You will have a very specific window of opportunity. Take them down before they disappear again. 
  409. bounty_timed_0002=Target will be aware of bounty, so you'll have to move fast. 
  410. bounty_timed_0003=This contract comes with a timer clause. 
  411. bounty_title=~mission(Contractor|BountyTitle)
  412. bounty_title_0001=Bounty Target
  413. bounty_title_0002=Wanted: ~mission(TargetName)
  414. bounty_title_0003=Bounty: ~mission(TargetName)
  415. bounty_title_0004=Bounty Issued: ~mission(TargetName)
  416. bounty_title_E=CS2 Bounty: ~mission(TargetName)
  417. bounty_title_Easy=~mission(Contractor|BountyEasyTitle)
  418. bounty_title_first=Bounty Collection Authorization Assessment
  419. bounty_title_H=CS4 Bounty: ~mission(TargetName)
  420. bounty_title_Hard=~mission(Contractor|BountyHardTitle)
  421. bounty_title_M=CS3 Bounty: ~mission(TargetName)
  422. bounty_title_Medium=~mission(Contractor|BountyMediumTitle)
  423. bounty_title_VE=CS1 Bounty: ~mission(TargetName)
  424. bounty_title_VH=CS5 Bounty: ~mission(TargetName)
  425. Cano=Cano System
  426. Cano_AsteroidBelt1=Cano Belt Alpha
  427. Cano_AsteroidBelt1_Desc=An asteroid belt that saw a significant amount of mining activity while terraforming companies were active on Carteyna. \n
  428. Cano_Desc=Cano is a four-planet UEE star system discovered in 2463. The largest population in the system is located on the the planet Carteyna (Cano II), an ocean world that geoengineers were attempting to terraform until developing life was discovered in the deep oceans. Since then, protective laws have been put into place and the current inhabitants are restricted to living in arcologies under the northern ice cap.
  429. Cano_JumpPoint_Davien=Cano - Davien Jump Point
  430. Cano_JumpPoint_Davien_Desc=This jump point connects Cano to the Davien system.
  431. Cano_JumpPoint_Pyro=Cano - Pyro Jump Point
  432. Cano_JumpPoint_Pyro_Desc=This jump point connects Cano to the unclaimed Pyro system.
  433. Cano_Star=Cano
  434. Cano_Star_Desc=A class-G main sequence star.
  435. Cano1=Cano I
  436. Cano1_Desc=This tidally locked mesoplanet rapidly orbits the central star.\n
  437. Cano2=Carteyna
  438. Cano2_Desc=For centuries, geoengineers had tried to terraform this ocean planet with little success due to the difficulty in converting its relatively thick atmosphere, however all attempts were halted when microscopic organism were discovered deep in the water and Carteyna was placed under protective restrictions. Seeking to guard the developing indigenous life form, planetary settlements are strictly regulated.
  439. Cano3=Cano III
  440. Cano3_Desc=Home to a small research station looking into terraforming smog planets.\n
  441. Cano4=Cano IV
  442. Cano4_Desc=A large gas giant comprised of multiple bands of reds and browns. Surveys indicate that the planet suffers from massive storms, some as large as a thousand kilometers in diameter.
  443. Castra=Castra System
  444. Castra_Desc=Zoned as a staging area for Naval bombers, Castra was a key military position along the Perry Line during the Xi'an/Human tensions of 2530-2789. Once the Akari Treaty was recognized by Imperator Toi, the UEE military largely demilitarized the system and opened it for public habitation. Castra experienced a boom in population thanks to the inexpensive real estate that opened up in the wake of the military's departure.\n
  445. Castra_JumpPoint_Hadrian=Castra - Hadrian Jump Point
  446. Castra_JumpPoint_Hadrian_Desc=This jump point connects Castra to the Hadrian system.
  447. Castra_JumpPoint_Nyx=Castra - Nyx Jump Point
  448. Castra_JumpPoint_Nyx_Desc=This jump point connects Castra to the unclaimed Nyx system.
  449. Castra_JumpPoint_Oso=Castra - Oso Jump Point
  450. Castra_JumpPoint_Oso_Desc=This jump point connects Castra to the Oso system which is protected by the Fair Chance Act.
  451. Castra_JumpPoint_Oya=Castra - Oya Jump Point
  452. Castra_JumpPoint_Oya_Desc=This jump point connects Castra to the Oya system.
  453. Castra_JumpPoint_Pyro=Castra - Pyro Jump Point
  454. Castra_JumpPoint_Pyro_Desc=This jump point connects Castra to the unclaimed Pyro system.
  455. Castra_Star=Castra
  456. Castra_Star_Desc=Castra
  457. Castra1=Castra I
  458. Castra1_Desc=Castra's first planet lacks an atmosphere or any raw materials worth large-scale mining. The UEE Navy stationed in the system used the dead world for bombing runs, earning the nickname 'Bullseye.'
  459. Castra2=Cascom
  460. Castra2_Desc=Originally settled as a forward military base and training facility, Castra II was cleared for civilian habitation after the collapse of the Messer Era.
  461. CBD_HATS=DO NOT USE ------ (CBD) MALE HATS (Add new lines for hats below here)
  463. CBD_JACKETS=DO NOT USE ------ (CBD) MALE JACKETS (Add new lines for jackets below here)
  464. CBD_SHIRTS=DO NOT USE ------ (CBD) MALE SHIRTS (Add new lines for shirts below here)
  465. cc_apostrophe=Apostrophe
  466. cc_backslash=Backslash
  467. cc_colon=Colon
  468. cc_comma=Comma
  469. cc_ConfirmMessage=A character will not be saved, to enter the universe the character must first be created.
  470. cc_equals=Equals
  471. cc_lbracket=Left Bracket
  472. cc_LeaveMessage=Changes will not be saved. Exit character customization?
  473. cc_minus=Minus
  474. cc_period=Period
  475. cc_rbracket=Right Bracket
  476. cc_RevertMessage=Are you sure you want to discard any changes and revert your character back to default settings?
  477. cc_SaveMessage=Are you sure you want to save these changes to your character?
  478. cc_semicolon=Semicolon
  479. cc_slash=Slash
  480. cc_underline=Underscore
  481. ccdemo19_desc=Helluva job on that last gig. So good that when I was talking to a client of mine who works for some corp and was looking for a solid team. I instantly thought of you.\n\nTheir company heard that microTech is developing a cutting edge compression algorithm that could potentially put them out of business, so needless to say, they're very motivated in getting their hands on it and they're willing to pay handsomely. \n\nThe problem is that the program is being developed in one of microTech's off-site research facilities. Traffic into the base is heavily regulated, so you will need to steal an ID to make them think you are one of the workers. Security will be heavy, but I trust you will have ways to evade them.\n\nOnce you steal the code, I will provide you with a location for the drop away from prying eyes.
  482. ccdemo19_from=Tecia "Twitch" Pacheco
  483. ccdemo19_obj_long_01=To gain access to the base, you will need to obtain a worker ID badge and uniform in order to blend in with the microTech employees
  484. ccdemo19_obj_long_02=Use fake microTech ID to gain access to the supply shuttle headed for the research facility.
  485. ccdemo19_obj_long_03=Access the secure server to make a copy of the program code.
  486. ccdemo19_obj_long_04=The weather has become too severe to continue on without proper equipment. Fortunately, there's a stash with some environmental wear down the mountain.
  487. ccdemo19_obj_long_05=Lose any security forces that may be following you.
  488. ccdemo19_obj_long_06=Deliver the code to Ruin Station.
  489. ccdemo19_obj_long_07=Get uniform.
  490. ccdemo19_obj_marker_01=Fake ID
  491. ccdemo19_obj_marker_02=Shuttle
  492. ccdemo19_obj_marker_03=Secure Server
  493. ccdemo19_obj_marker_04=Stash
  494. ccdemo19_obj_marker_05=Escape
  495. ccdemo19_obj_marker_06=Ruin Station
  496. ccdemo19_obj_short_01=Obtain Fake ID
  497. ccdemo19_obj_short_02=Board Shuttle
  498. ccdemo19_obj_short_03=Download Information
  499. ccdemo19_obj_short_04=Acquire Suit
  500. ccdemo19_obj_short_05=Escape Security
  501. ccdemo19_obj_short_06=Deliver to Ruin Station
  502. ccdemo19_obj_short_07=Obtain Uniform
  503. ccdemo19_title=A Little Job
  504. cdf_from=Civilian Defense Force
  505. cdf_openbounty_desc_001=The Civilian Defense Force needs you!\n\nEveryday, the Stanton system sees more and more innocent civilians mercilessly attacked and preyed upon by vicious outlaws and heartless criminals.\n\nNO MORE.\n\nNow is your chance to help bring about a positive change for yourself and all other Stanton travelers.\n\nUnder the authority of the UEE and the Militia Mobilization Initiative, the CDF is deputizing all combat minded individuals in good legal standing* to engage and neutralize any individuals or vehicles that they verify to have an active CrimeStat.\n\nIn exchange for these selfless contributions to the general populaces safety, the CDF will financially compensate** those who successfully bring these criminals to justice. \n\nThe higher the CrimeStat, the higher the reward -\n* CrimeStat 1: ~mission(RewardValue_Wanted1) UEC\n* CrimeStat 2: ~mission(RewardValue_Wanted2) UEC\n* CrimeStat 3: ~mission(RewardValue_Wanted3) UEC\n* CrimeStat 4: ~mission(RewardValue_Wanted4) UEC\n* CrimeStat 5: ~mission(RewardValue_Wanted5) UEC\n\nSign up today and do your part!\n\n\n\n\n* Be aware, acquiring a CrimeStat will revoke CDF membership and cancel any outstanding contracts.\n** Criminals neutralized as a term of an active contract (such as often is the case with security or bounty hunting work) are not eligible for CDF compensation.
  506. cdf_openbounty_title_001=A Call to Arms
  507. ChainedDeliveryModule_Display_001=Deliveries Made %ls
  508. ChainedDeliveryModule_Drop_Long_001=Deliver ~mission(Item1) to ~mission(Location2|Address).
  509. ChainedDeliveryModule_Drop_Long_002=Deliver ~mission(Item2) to ~mission(Location3|Address).
  510. ChainedDeliveryModule_Drop_Long_003=Deliver ~mission(Item3) to ~mission(Location1|Address).
  511. ChainedDeliveryModule_Drop_Short_001=Deliver To ~mission(Location2).
  512. ChainedDeliveryModule_Drop_Short_002=Deliver To ~mission(Location3).
  513. ChainedDeliveryModule_Drop_Short_003=Deliver To ~mission(Location1).
  514. ChainedDeliveryModule_Long_001=Pick up ~mission(Item1) from ~mission(Location1|Address).
  515. ChainedDeliveryModule_Long_002=Pick up ~mission(Item2) from ~mission(Location2|Address).
  516. ChainedDeliveryModule_Long_003=Pick up ~mission(Item3) from ~mission(Location3|Address).
  517. ChainedDeliveryModule_Main_Long_001=Deliver all packages along the multi-stop route.
  518. ChainedDeliveryModule_Main_Short_001=Deliver All Packages
  519. ChainedDeliveryModule_Short_001=Pick Up ~mission(Item1)
  520. ChainedDeliveryModule_Short_002=Pick Up ~mission(Item2)
  521. ChainedDeliveryModule_Short_003=Pick Up ~mission(Item3)
  522. chat_channel_not_found=The channel is currently unavailable.
  523. chat_channel_rename_channel=Rename
  524. chat_close_fail_command=You cannot close this tab.
  525. chat_comm_request_accepted=Request Accepted
  526. chat_comm_request_declined=Request Denied
  527. chat_command_action_invite=invite
  528. chat_command_action_kick=kick
  529. chat_command_action_leave=leave
  530. chat_command_action_me=me
  531. chat_command_contact_add=addcontact
  532. chat_command_contact_add_error=Error.
  533. chat_command_contact_add_not_found=Player not found.
  534. chat_command_contact_add_success=Player added to the contact list.
  535. chat_command_contact_add_usage=Usage: /addcontact (playername)
  536. chat_command_contact_remove=removecontact
  537. chat_command_contact_remove_error=Error.
  538. chat_command_contact_remove_not_found=Player not found.
  539. chat_command_contact_remove_success=Player removed from the contact list.
  540. chat_command_contact_remove_usage=Usage: /removecontact (playername)
  541. chat_command_help=help
  542. chat_command_help_emote_list=Emote List
  543. chat_command_ignore_add=addignore
  544. chat_command_ignore_add_error=Error.
  545. chat_command_ignore_add_not_found=Player not found.
  546. chat_command_ignore_add_success=Player added to the ignore list.
  547. chat_command_ignore_add_usage=Usage: /addignore (playername)
  548. chat_command_ignore_remove=removeignore
  549. chat_command_ignore_remove_error=Error.
  550. chat_command_ignore_remove_not_found=Player not found.
  551. chat_command_ignore_remove_success=Player removed from the ignore list.
  552. chat_command_ignore_remove_usage=Usage: /removeignore (playername)
  553. chat_command_ignore_show=showignore
  554. chat_command_ignore_show_output=Ignored players: 
  555. chat_command_lobby=lobby
  556. chat_command_local=local
  557. chat_command_org=%S
  558. chat_command_party=party
  559. chat_command_party_disband=partydisband
  560. chat_command_party_invite=partyinvite
  561. chat_command_party_invite_error=Error.
  562. chat_command_party_invite_not_found=Player not found.
  563. chat_command_party_invite_sent=Party Invite sent to
  564. chat_command_party_invite_usage=Usage: /partyinvite (playername)
  565. chat_command_party_launch=partylaunch
  566. chat_command_party_leave=partyleave
  567. chat_command_party_set_leader=partysetleader
  568. chat_command_private_message=msg
  569. chat_command_tell=tell
  570. chat_command_tell_error=Error.
  571. chat_command_tell_not_found=Player not found.
  572. chat_command_tell_usage=Usage: /tell (playername)
  573. chat_command_unknown_command=Unknown command
  574. chat_contact_search_bar=SEARCH CONTACTS
  575. chat_context_menu_channel_close_tab=Close Tab
  576. chat_context_menu_channel_hide_message_indicator=Hide Unread Message Indicator
  577. chat_context_menu_channel_leave_tab=Leave Channel
  578. chat_context_menu_contact_add=Add Contact
  579. chat_context_menu_contact_block=Block Contact
  580. chat_context_menu_contact_remove=Remove Contact
  581. chat_context_menu_contact_unblock=Unblock Contact
  582. chat_context_menu_member_invite=Invite to Channel
  583. chat_context_menu_member_kick=Kick
  584. chat_context_menu_member_suggest_invite=Suggest Channel Invite
  585. chat_conversation_contextual_channel_title=Channel Members
  586. chat_conversation_contextual_invite_title=Contacts
  587. chat_conversation_non_owner_invite_button=Suggest Invitation
  588. chat_conversation_owner_invite_button=Invite
  589. chat_conversation_owner_kick_button=Remove from Channel
  590. chat_create_conversation_tab_tooltip=Create Conversation
  591. chat_create_filtered_tab_tooltip=Create Filtered
  592. chat_cycle_visor_channels=Press [TAB] to cycle input through available channels.
  593. chat_default_conversation_channel_name=
  594. chat_default_filtered_channel_name=DEFAULT
  595. chat_emote_acknowledge=acknowledge
  596. chat_emote_acknowledge_text=You nod.
  597. chat_emote_acknowledge_text_viewer=[PH] Hey, what's up?
  598. chat_emote_acknowledge1=acknowledge1
  599. chat_emote_acknowledge2=acknowledge2
  600. chat_emote_acknowledge3=acknowledge3
  601. chat_emote_agree=agree
  602. chat_emote_agree_text=You agree.
  603. chat_emote_agree1=agree1
  604. chat_emote_agree2=agree2
  605. chat_emote_agree3=agree3
  606. chat_emote_angry=angry
  607. chat_emote_angry_text=You've had enough.
  608. chat_emote_angry1=angry1
  609. chat_emote_angry2=angry2
  610. chat_emote_angry3=angry3
  611. chat_emote_asl_angry=asl_angry
  612. chat_emote_asl_angry_text=I'm so angry!
  613. chat_emote_asl_angry1=asl_angry1
  614. chat_emote_asl_blah=asl_blah
  615. chat_emote_asl_blah_text=Blah, blah, blah.
  616. chat_emote_asl_blah_text2=Blah, blah, blah.
  617. chat_emote_asl_blah1=asl_blah1
  618. chat_emote_asl_blah2=asl_blah2
  619. chat_emote_asl_bored=asl_bored
  620. chat_emote_asl_bored_text=I'm bored.
  621. chat_emote_asl_bored1=asl_bored1
  622. chat_emote_asl_bullshit=asl_bullshit
  623. chat_emote_asl_bullshit_text=Bullshit!
  624. chat_emote_asl_bullshit1=asl_bullshit1
  625. chat_emote_asl_canthear=asl_canthear
  626. chat_emote_asl_canthear_text=I can't hear you.
  627. chat_emote_asl_canthear1=asl_canthear1
  628. chat_emote_asl_exhausted=asl_exhausted
  629. chat_emote_asl_exhausted_text=I'm so exhausted.
  630. chat_emote_asl_exhausted1=asl_exhausted1
  631. chat_emote_asl_goodbye=asl_goodbye
  632. chat_emote_asl_goodbye_text=Goodbye!
  633. chat_emote_asl_goodbye1=asl_goodbye1
  634. chat_emote_asl_hello=asl_hello
  635. chat_emote_asl_hello_text=Hello.
  636. chat_emote_asl_hello1=asl_hello1
  637. chat_emote_asl_loveyou=asl_loveyou
  638. chat_emote_asl_loveyou_text=I love you.
  639. chat_emote_asl_loveyou1=asl_loveyou1
  640. chat_emote_asl_meetyou=asl_meetyou
  641. chat_emote_asl_meetyou_text=Nice to meet you.
  642. chat_emote_asl_meetyou1=asl_meetyou1
  643. chat_emote_asl_no=asl_no
  644. chat_emote_asl_no_text=No.
  645. chat_emote_asl_no_text2=NO!
  646. chat_emote_asl_no1=asl_no1
  647. chat_emote_asl_no2=asl_no2
  648. chat_emote_asl_sad=asl_sad
  649. chat_emote_asl_sad_text=I'm sad.
  650. chat_emote_asl_sad1=asl_sad1
  651. chat_emote_asl_sit_down=asl_sitdown
  652. chat_emote_asl_sit_down_text=Have a seat.
  653. chat_emote_asl_sit_down_text2=Sit down right now!
  654. chat_emote_asl_sit_down1=asl_sitdown1
  655. chat_emote_asl_sit_down2=asl_sitdown2
  656. chat_emote_asl_thanks=asl_thanks
  657. chat_emote_asl_thanks_text=Thank you!
  658. chat_emote_asl_thanks_text2=Thanks.
  659. chat_emote_asl_thanks1=asl_thanks1
  660. chat_emote_asl_thanks2=asl_thanks2
  661. chat_emote_asl_upset=asl_upset
  662. chat_emote_asl_upset_text=I'm so upset that I lost!
  663. chat_emote_asl_upset1=asl_upset1
  664. chat_emote_asl_yes=asl_yes
  665. chat_emote_asl_yes_text=Yes.
  666. chat_emote_asl_yes_text2=Yes, please.
  667. chat_emote_asl_yes1=asl_yes1
  668. chat_emote_asl_yes2=asl_yes2
  669. chat_emote_atease=atease
  670. chat_emote_atease_text=You settle in place.
  671. chat_emote_atease1=atease1
  672. chat_emote_atease2=atease2
  673. chat_emote_atease3=atease3
  674. chat_emote_attention=attention
  675. chat_emote_attention_text=Officer on deck!
  676. chat_emote_attention1=attention1
  677. chat_emote_blah=blah
  678. chat_emote_blah_text=You know exactly where this is heading.
  679. chat_emote_blah1=blah1
  680. chat_emote_blah2=blah2
  681. chat_emote_blah3=blah3
  682. chat_emote_bored=bored
  683. chat_emote_bored_text=You're bored.
  684. chat_emote_bored1=bored1
  685. chat_emote_bored2=bored2
  686. chat_emote_bow=bow
  687. chat_emote_bow_text=You bow deeply.
  688. chat_emote_bow1=bow1
  689. chat_emote_bow2=bow2
  690. chat_emote_bow3=bow3
  691. chat_emote_bow4=bow4
  692. chat_emote_bow5=bow5
  693. chat_emote_bow6=bow6
  694. chat_emote_burp=burp
  695. chat_emote_burp_text=You burp.
  696. chat_emote_burp1=burp1
  697. chat_emote_cheer=cheer
  698. chat_emote_cheer_text=You are very excited.
  699. chat_emote_cheer1=cheer1
  700. chat_emote_cheer2=cheer2
  701. chat_emote_cheer3=cheer3
  702. chat_emote_cheer4=cheer4
  703. chat_emote_cheer5=cheer5
  704. chat_emote_cheer6=cheer6
  705. chat_emote_cheer7=cheer7
  706. chat_emote_cheer8=cheer8
  707. chat_emote_chicken=chicken
  708. chat_emote_chicken_text=You cluck like a chicken.
  709. chat_emote_chicken1=chicken1
  710. chat_emote_clap=clap
  711. chat_emote_clap_text=You clap.
  712. chat_emote_clap1=clap1
  713. chat_emote_clap2=clap2
  714. chat_emote_clap3=clap3
  715. chat_emote_clap4=clap4
  716. chat_emote_clap5=clap5
  717. chat_emote_clap6=clap6
  718. chat_emote_clap7=clap7
  719. chat_emote_come=come
  720. chat_emote_come_text=You wave them over.
  721. chat_emote_come1=come1
  722. chat_emote_come2=come2
  723. chat_emote_come3=come3
  724. chat_emote_come4=come4
  725. chat_emote_comm=comm
  726. chat_emote_comm_text=Your comms are down.
  727. chat_emote_comm1=comm1
  728. chat_emote_cry=cry
  729. chat_emote_cry_text=You break down in tears.
  730. chat_emote_cry1=cry1
  731. chat_emote_cs_forward=forward
  732. chat_emote_cs_forward_text=Move up.
  733. chat_emote_cs_left=left
  734. chat_emote_cs_left_text=Go left.
  735. chat_emote_cs_no=no
  736. chat_emote_cs_no_text=No.
  737. chat_emote_cs_right=right
  738. chat_emote_cs_right_text=Go right.
  739. chat_emote_cs_stop=stop
  740. chat_emote_cs_stop_text=Stop.
  741. chat_emote_cs_stoptest=stoptest
  742. chat_emote_cs_yes=yes
  743. chat_emote_cs_yes_text=Yes.
  744. chat_emote_dance=dance
  745. chat_emote_dance_text=You feel the music.
  746. chat_emote_dance1=dance1
  747. chat_emote_dance2=dance2
  748. chat_emote_dance3=dance3
  749. chat_emote_dance4=dance4
  750. chat_emote_dance5=dance5
  751. chat_emote_dance6=dance6
  752. chat_emote_dance7=dance7
  753. chat_emote_dance8=dance8
  754. chat_emote_direct=direct
  755. chat_emote_direct_text=<span style="background-color: rgb(255, 204, 51);">[PH] Hey, come over here!</span>
  756. chat_emote_direct1=direct1
  757. chat_emote_direct2=direct2
  758. chat_emote_direct3=direct3
  759. chat_emote_disagree=disagree
  760. chat_emote_disagree_text=You disagree.
  761. chat_emote_disagree1=disagree1
  762. chat_emote_disagree2=disagree2
  763. chat_emote_disagree3=disagree3
  764. chat_emote_disappoint=facepalm
  765. chat_emote_disappoint_text=You are disappointed.
  766. chat_emote_disappoint1=facepalm1
  767. chat_emote_disappoint2=facepalm2
  768. chat_emote_disappoint3=facepalm3
  769. chat_emote_disbelief=disbelief
  770. chat_emote_disbelief_text=You can't believe it.
  771. chat_emote_disbelief1=disbelief1
  772. chat_emote_disbelief2=disbelief2
  773. chat_emote_disbelief3=disbelief3
  774. chat_emote_exercise=shadowbox
  775. chat_emote_exercise_text=You show off your moves.
  776. chat_emote_exercise1=shadowbox1
  777. chat_emote_exercise2=shadowbox2
  778. chat_emote_failure=failure
  779. chat_emote_failure_text=You lose your temper.
  780. chat_emote_failure1=failure1
  781. chat_emote_failure2=failure2
  782. chat_emote_failure3=failure3
  783. chat_emote_flex=flex
  784. chat_emote_flex_text=You show off your physique.
  785. chat_emote_flex1=flex1
  786. chat_emote_flex2=flex2
  787. chat_emote_flex3=flex3
  788. chat_emote_flirt=flirt
  789. chat_emote_flirt_text=You blow a kiss.
  790. chat_emote_flirt1=flirt1
  791. chat_emote_friendly=friendly
  792. chat_emote_friendly_text=<span style="background-color: rgb(255, 204, 51);">[PH] Don't you look sexy...</span>
  793. chat_emote_friendly1=friendly1
  794. chat_emote_friendly2=friendly2
  795. chat_emote_friendly3=friendly3
  796. chat_emote_gasp=gasp
  797. chat_emote_gasp_text=You stare in disbelief.
  798. chat_emote_gasp1=gasp1
  799. chat_emote_gasp2=gasp2
  800. chat_emote_gasp3=gasp3
  801. chat_emote_gasp4=gasp4
  802. chat_emote_gasp5=gasp5
  803. chat_emote_gloat=gloat
  804. chat_emote_gloat_text=You soak in the attention.
  805. chat_emote_gloat1=gloat1
  806. chat_emote_gloat2=gloat2
  807. chat_emote_gloat3=gloat3
  808. chat_emote_gloat4=gloat4
  809. chat_emote_greet=greet
  810. chat_emote_greet_text=You greet everyone.
  811. chat_emote_greet1=greet1
  812. chat_emote_greet2=greet2
  813. chat_emote_impatient=impatient
  814. chat_emote_impatient_text=You're getting impatient.
  815. chat_emote_impatient1=impatient1
  816. chat_emote_impatient2=impatient2
  817. chat_emote_impatient3=impatient3
  818. chat_emote_indifferent=indifferent
  819. chat_emote_indifferent_text=You don't really care.
  820. chat_emote_indifferent1=indifferent1
  821. chat_emote_indifferent2=indifferent2
  822. chat_emote_indifferent3=indifferent3
  823. chat_emote_laugh=laugh
  824. chat_emote_laugh_text=You think it's hysterical.
  825. chat_emote_laugh1=laugh1
  826. chat_emote_laugh2=laugh2
  827. chat_emote_laugh3=laugh3
  828. chat_emote_launch=launch
  829. chat_emote_launch_text=You confirm the launch.
  830. chat_emote_money=payme
  831. chat_emote_money_text=You demand payment.
  832. chat_emote_money1=payme1
  833. chat_emote_money2=payme2
  834. chat_emote_playful=quickdraw
  835. chat_emote_playful_text=You show your dueling skills.
  836. chat_emote_playful1=quickdraw1
  837. chat_emote_playful2=quickdraw2
  838. chat_emote_point=point
  839. chat_emote_point_text=You point something out.
  840. chat_emote_point1=point1
  841. chat_emote_point2=point2
  842. chat_emote_point3=point3
  843. chat_emote_point4=point4
  844. chat_emote_react=shieldeyes
  845. chat_emote_react_text=You shield your eyes.
  846. chat_emote_react1=shieldeyes1
  847. chat_emote_ready=ready
  848. chat_emote_ready_text=Ready for takeoff.
  849. chat_emote_relief=phew
  850. chat_emote_relief_text=You are relieved.
  851. chat_emote_relief1=phew1
  852. chat_emote_rude=rude
  853. chat_emote_rude_text=You aren't making friends.
  854. chat_emote_rude1=rude1
  855. chat_emote_rude2=rude2
  856. chat_emote_rude3=rude3
  857. chat_emote_rude4=rude4
  858. chat_emote_rude5=rude5
  859. chat_emote_rude6=rude6
  860. chat_emote_salute=salute
  861. chat_emote_salute_text=You salute.
  862. chat_emote_salute1=salute1
  863. chat_emote_salute2=salute2
  864. chat_emote_salute3=salute3
  865. chat_emote_salute4=salute4
  866. chat_emote_sit=sit
  867. chat_emote_sit_text=You sit down.
  868. chat_emote_sit1=sit1
  869. chat_emote_sit2=sit2
  870. chat_emote_sleep=sleep
  871. chat_emote_sleep_text=You settle in and get comfortable.
  872. chat_emote_sleep1=sleep1
  873. chat_emote_smell=smell
  874. chat_emote_smell_text=You smell something foul in the air.
  875. chat_emote_smell1=smell1
  876. chat_emote_smell2=smell2
  877. chat_emote_smell3=smell3
  878. chat_emote_suicide=suicide
  879. chat_emote_suicide_text=You've given up all hope.
  880. chat_emote_suicide1=suicide1
  881. chat_emote_surrender=surrender
  882. chat_emote_surrender_text=You surrender.
  883. chat_emote_surrender1=surrender1
  884. chat_emote_surrender2=surrender2
  885. chat_emote_surrender3=surrender3
  886. chat_emote_surrender4=surrender4
  887. chat_emote_taunt=taunt
  888. chat_emote_taunt_text=You dare them to attack.
  889. chat_emote_taunt1=taunt1
  890. chat_emote_taunt2=taunt2
  891. chat_emote_taunt3=taunt3
  892. chat_emote_threaten=threaten
  893. chat_emote_threaten_text=You're ready to throw down.
  894. chat_emote_threaten1=threaten1
  895. chat_emote_threaten2=threaten2
  896. chat_emote_threaten3=threaten3
  897. chat_emote_wait=wait
  898. chat_emote_wait_text=You wait patiently.
  899. chat_emote_wait1=wait1
  900. chat_emote_wait2=wait2
  901. chat_emote_wave=wave
  902. chat_emote_wave_text=You wave.
  903. chat_emote_wave1=wave1
  904. chat_emote_wave2=wave2
  905. chat_emote_whistle=whistle
  906. chat_emote_whistle_text=You whistle a tune.
  907. chat_emote_whistle1=whistle1
  908. chat_emote_whistle2=whistle2
  909. chat_filter_display_combat_info=Combat info
  910. chat_filter_display_emotes=Emotes
  911. chat_filter_display_game_messages=Game messages
  912. chat_filter_display_local=/Local
  913. chat_filter_display_looking_for_group=Looking for Group
  914. chat_filter_display_msg=/Msg
  915. chat_filter_display_npcs=NPCs
  916. chat_filter_display_org=/ORG
  917. chat_filter_display_party=/Party
  918. chat_global_server=Global Chat
  919. chat_handle_not_found=%S does not exist.
  920. chat_handle_not_in_convo=You are not in this conversation anymore.
  921. chat_help_btn_tooltip=Help
  922. chat_incoming_declined=%S declined the conversation invite.
  923. chat_incoming_invite=** %S has invited you to a private conversation. %ls %ls
  924. chat_incoming_invite_accepted=%S have accept the conversation invite.
  925. chat_incoming_invite_declined=%S have decline the conversation invite.
  926. chat_incoming_invite_notification=%S has been invite to the conversation.
  927. chat_incoming_invite_token_accept=ACCEPT
  928. chat_incoming_invite_token_decline=DECLINE
  929. chat_incoming_joined=%S joined the conversation.
  930. chat_incoming_kick=%S has been kicked by %S.
  931. chat_incoming_leave=%S left the conversation.
  932. chat_info_slash_commands=EMOTES:\n/agree, /angry(1-3), /atease, /attention, /blah(1-2), /bored(1-2), /bow(1-6), /burp,  /cheer(1-8), /chicken, /clap(1-7), /come(1-4), /cry, /dance(1-6), /disagree(1-3), /failure, /flex(1-3), /flirt, /gasp(1-5), /gloat(1-4), /greet, /laugh(1-3), /point(1-4), /rude(1-3),/salute(1-2), /sit, /sleep, /smell(1-2), /threaten(1-2), /wait(1-2), /wave(1-2), /whistle(1-2)\n::Example: /clap5\nCHAT COMMANDS:\n/partyinvite (PlayerName)<player's name="">, /partyleave, /addignore (PlayerName)<player's name="">, /removeignore (PlayerName)<player's name="">, /showignore, /tell (PlayerName) (Message)\n::Example: /tell JohnSmith Hello, this is a private message.\n</player's></player's></player's>
  933. chat_label_commands=Commands
  934. chat_main_channel_name=MAIN
  935. chat_member_search_bar=SEARCH CHANNEL MEMBERS
  936. chat_message=%S
  937. chat_notification_btn_tooltip=Pending Invitations
  938. chat_option_btn_tooltip=Settings
  939. chat_option_display_unread_notification=Unread Messages Indicator
  940. chat_private_comm_list_empty=No Private Comm Request At The Moment
  941. chat_self_kick=You have been kicked from %ls by %S.
  942. chat_send=SEND
  943. chat_sender_handle=%S
  944. chat_settings_title=Settings
  945. chat_settings_title_filtered=Filtered Tab Settings
  946. chat_settings_title_general=Chat Settings
  947. chat_tab_new_convo_name=New Tab
  948. chat_unknown_command=The command (%S) is unknown.
  949. chat_unread_message_indicator=Display Unread Notification
  950. chat_user_from=From %S
  951. chat_user_offline=%S is offline.
  952. chat_user_to=To %S
  953. chat_yourself=You
  954. CitCon17_Lorville_QT=Lorville Gateway
  955. CitCon17_Lorville_QT_Desc=WIP
  956. citizencon16_homestead_stormwarning_constellation=ATMOSPHERIC CONDITIONS: UNSAFE
  957. CITY_LIGHTS_ITEMS=DO NOT USE ------ (CTL) CITY LIGHTS CLOTHING ITEMS -- MALE<font color="#660099"><i><b>\n</b></i></font>
  959. claimsweep_desc=~mission(Contractor|ClaimSweepDescription)
  960. claimsweep_from=~mission(Contractor|ClaimSweepFrom)
  961. claimsweep_obj_display_002=Sentries Destroyed: %ls
  962. claimsweep_obj_long_001=Go to ~mission(Location) and search the site.
  963. claimsweep_obj_long_002=Locate and destroy orbital sentries protecting ~mission(Location).
  964. claimsweep_obj_marker_001=~mission(Location)
  965. claimsweep_obj_marker_002=Orbital Sentry
  966. claimsweep_obj_marker_002a=Search Area
  967. claimsweep_obj_short_001=Go To ~mission(Location)
  968. claimsweep_obj_short_002=Locate & Destroy Sentries
  969. claimsweep_title=~mission(Contractor|ClaimSweepTitle)
  970. Clovis_Safe_WIP_Journal_Sub_Heading_Clue_01=Unable to open to safe door please send code
  971. Clovis_Safe_WIP_Journal_Sub_Heading_Clue_02=-FAILED TO SEND MESSAGE-\nThe code to open the safe is 459256
  972. Clovis_Safe_WIP_Journal_Title_Clue_01=Unable to Open Safe
  973. Clovis_Safe_WIP_Journal_Title_Clue_02=RE: Unable to Open Safe
  974. Clovis_Safe_WIP_Mission_Title_Text=Investigate Safe
  975. Clovis_Safe_WIP_Objective_001_Text_Short=Go to Safe Location
  976. Clovis_Safe_WIP_Objective_001a_Text_Short=Find Safe
  977. Clovis_Safe_WIP_Objective_002_Text_Short=Return Safe
  978. Clovis_Safe_WIP_Objective_003_Text_Long=Investigate the clues that could provide a code for unlocking the safe
  979. Clovis_Safe_WIP_Objective_003_Text_Short=Investigate Clues
  980. Clovis_Safe_WIP_Objective_003a_Text_Long=Find the second datapad for the safe's code
  981. Clovis_Safe_WIP_Objective_003a_Text_Short=Find the next datapad
  982. Clovis_Safe_WIP_Objective_004_Text_Long=Return to the safe and unlock the chest
  983. Clovis_Safe_WIP_Objective_004_Text_Short=Return to safe
  984. Clovis_Safe_WIP_Objective_005_Text_Long=Return the mission item to the admin
  985. Clovis_Safe_WIP_Objective_005_Text_Short=Return Mission Item
  986. Clovis_Safe_WIP_Objective-001_Text_Long=Go to the location of the missing safe
  987. Clovis_Safe_WIP_Objective-001a_Text_Long=Find and collect the safe
  988. Clovis_Safe_WIP_Objective-002_Text_Long=Return the safe to the admin
  989. Color_References=DO NOT USE ------ Adding Color Refs.  (Although should probably be in Separate Category by itself so it can be reused.)
  990. combatassist_desc=ATTENTION: An ECN relay in your sector has received an emergency signal broadcast from a ship in distress. Any available ships in the area capable of rendering assistance are requested to do so immediately.
  991. combatassist_from=Emergency Communication Network
  992. combatassist_obj_long_01=Travel to the emergency distress beacon and provide assistance.
  993. combatassist_obj_long_02=Protect civilian from hostiles.
  994. combatassist_obj_marker_01=ECN Alert
  995. combatassist_obj_marker_02=Protect
  996. combatassist_obj_short_01=Respond To ECN Alert
  997. combatassist_obj_short_02=Protect Civilian
  998. combatassist_obj_short_02a=Distress Beacon
  999. combatassist_title=ECN ALERT: Assistance Needed
  1000. comm_ActivatingArray=Activating Array
  1001. comm_ActivationBroadcast=Beginning ECN Broadcast
  1002. comm_ActivationConnecting=Connecting Array to Hub
  1003. comm_ActivationStatus=:: Activation Status ::
  1004. comm_ActivationUplink=Establishing Uplink
  1005. comm_array_array_window_title=Aciedo Comm Array
  1006. comm_Array_ConnectionOffline=Uplink Offline
  1007. comm_Array_ConnectionOnline=Uplink Online 
  1008. comm_Array_Deactivate=Disconnect Uplink
  1009. comm_array_DeactivateConfirmation_001=Disconnecting the Uplink will disrupt communication
  1010. comm_array_DeactivateConfirmation_002=and ECN services in the area.
  1011. comm_array_DeactivateConfirmation_No=Cancel
  1012. comm_array_DeactivateConfirmation_title=Warning:
  1013. comm_array_DeactivateConfirmation_Yes=Proceed
  1014. comm_Array_Loading=Authenticating Passkey...
  1015. comm_Array_Login=Passkey Authorization
  1016. comm_Array_LoginFailed=No Authorized Passkey Detected
  1017. comm_Array_LoginSuccessful=Welcome Authorized Technician
  1018. comm_Array_Logout=Logout
  1019. comm_array_Reconnect=Reconnect Uplink
  1020. comm_array_ReconnectingUplink=Reconnecting...
  1021. comm_array_ReconnectSuccess=Uplink successfully reconnected. Services have been restored.
  1022. comm_array_Status=Current Status:
  1023. comm_array_status_window_title=Current Diagnostic Data
  1024. comm_array_Title=Maintenance Control Panel
  1025. comm_Array_Transition=Checking Comm Array Status...
  1026. comm_array_uplink_offline=Network Uplink Offline
  1027. comm_array_uplink_online=Network Uplink Online
  1028. comm_ArrayDeactivated=Array Deactivated
  1029. comm_ArrayNowOnline=Comm Array Is Now Online
  1030. comm_ArrayOnline=Comm Array Online
  1031. comm_ArrayStatus=:: Comm Array Status ::
  1032. comm_BtnActivate=Activate Array
  1033. comm_BtnCalibrate=Calibrate Array
  1034. comm_BtnDeactivate=Deactivate Array
  1035. comm_BtnDiagnostics=Diagnostics Report
  1036. comm_BtnLogIn=- Log In -
  1037. comm_BtnLogOff=Log Off
  1038. comm_BtnSecurity=Security Protocols
  1039. comm_BypassingPasskey=Bypassing Passkey
  1040. comm_channel_Global=Open Comm Channel: Global
  1041. comm_DeactivatingArray=Deactivating Array
  1042. comm_DeactivationComplete=Deactivation Complete
  1043. comm_DeactivationStatus=:: Deactivation Status ::
  1044. comm_HackedBroadcast=eCN Br04Dk4Zt
  1045. comm_HackedConnection=4RR4Y ]-[Ub c0nnekT|()]\[
  1046. comm_HackedPower=4RR4Y P()w3r LEVe1
  1047. comm_HackedStatus=:: Upl|nc ZT47us ::
  1048. comm_HackProgress=H4cC Ign pr()gR3Ss
  1049. comm_LabelBroadcast=ECN Broadcast
  1050. comm_LabelConnection=Array Hub Connection
  1051. comm_LabelDisconnecting=Disconnecting Array From Hub
  1052. comm_LabelPower=Array Power Level
  1053. comm_LabelPoweringDown=Powering Down Array
  1054. comm_LabelTerminating=Terminating ECN Broadcast
  1055. comm_MaintenanceTerminal=Maintenance Terminal
  1056. comm_NoPasskey=No Passkey Detected
  1057. comm_PasskeyAccepted=Passkey Accepted
  1058. comm_PasskeyAccess=/// Authorized Passkey Access Only ///
  1059. comm_PasskeyBypassed=Passkey Bypassed
  1060. comm_PasskeyRequired=An authorized Passkey is required to access this terminal
  1061. comm_UplinkHack=>\ vp11nk h4ck \<
  1062. comm_UplinkHacked=//\ uplYNC ]-[4ck \\/
  1063. comm_UplinkOffline=UPLINK OFFLINE
  1064. comm_UplinkOnline=UPLINK ONLINE
  1065. comm_UplinkStatus=:: Uplink Status ::
  1066. comm_WelcomeTechnician=Welcome Aciedo Technician!
  1067. CommArray_Activate=Activate
  1068. CommArray_Deactivate=Deactivate
  1069. CommArray_desc_001=Wip prevent the hack at ~mission(Location)
  1070. CommArray_Hack=Hack
  1071. commarray_hack_danger_0001=I wouldn't be surprised if some trouble showed up when all is said and done. 
  1072. commarray_hack_danger_0002=There are regular patrols of the area, so be ready just in case some unwanted visitors show up. 
  1073. commarray_hack_danger_0003=I'm not expecting touble, but knowing what security is like in that sector, it's not out of the question. 
  1074. commarray_hack_danger_0004=If I'm being honest, these ~mission(Client) had one of their own try to handle the array, and they got taken out. Just don't let the same thing happen to you. Go in prepared, you should come out fine. 
  1075. commarray_hack_desc=~mission(Description)
  1076. commarray_hack_desc_0001=A couple of ~mission(Client) are working on a big score and they need ~mission(MissionLocation|Address) shut down to make sure they get some privacy. Once it's offline, we'll need you to hang out there to make sure the commlink stays down long enough. ~mission(Danger)\n\nAnd DON'T forget, you'll need a CRYPTOKEY to access the array's controls. \nBring your own if you want, but you can head to ~mission(Location) and grab one there.\nHate for you to head all the way out to the array and not be able to do the damn job.
  1077. commarray_hack_desc_0002=~mission(MissionLocation|Address) being online's going to be a problem for some ~mission(Client) working the area. \nShut it down, keep it offline 'til the job's complete, and we'll make it worth your while. ~mission(Danger)\n\nOf course, you won't be able to access the array's controls unless you have a CRYPTOKEY with you. \nWe arranged for one to be waiting for you at ~mission(Location) if you don't already have one. 
  1078. commarray_hack_desc_0003=I don't want to get too specific, but let's just say it would be better for everyone if someone could make sure that ~mission(MissionLocation|Address) was taken out of commission and that it stayed that way for a while. ~mission(Danger)\n\nAnd I shouldn't have to mention this, but for the love of everything, bring a CRYPTOKEY with you. Last thing we need is you showing up unprepared. \nActually, you know what, if you don't already have one, there's a cryptokey at ~mission(Location) that you can use.
  1079. commarray_hack_desc_0004=Certain ~mission(Client) have a job in the works, but they can't do it as long as the ~mission(MissionLocation|Address) is still online. Need a systems-grok to disable the comm uplink, and stay onsite long enough to make sure there aren't any issues. ~mission(Danger) Credits on completion. No up-front. \n\n---> REMINDER: Bring a CRYPTOKEY with you to hack the array's controls. Either grab one from ~mission(Location) or bring your own.
  1080. commarray_hack_desc_0005=Here's the breakdown -  ~mission(MissionLocation|Address) needs to be taken offline, and ~mission(Client) are looking to hire a hacker to do it and guarantee the uplink's down for as long as needed. ~mission(Danger)That's about all you need to know.\n\n*** P.S. You'll need a CRYPTOKEY to access the control panel. We arranged one to be waiting for you at ~mission(Location), but if you prefer to use your own, that's fine too.
  1081. commarray_hack_from=~mission(Contractor)
  1082. commarray_hack_obj_display_02=Disable ~mission(MissionLocation)
  1083. commarray_hack_obj_display_03=Monitor Cryptokey's Progress
  1084. commarray_hack_obj_display_04=Ensure ~mission(MissionLocation) Stays Offline: %ls
  1085. commarray_hack_obj_long_01=If you don't already have one, acquire a Cryptokey by visiting ~mission(Location) or purchasing one elsewhere.
  1086. commarray_hack_obj_long_02=Disable uplink at ~mission(MissionLocation).
  1087. commarray_hack_obj_long_03=Monitor cryptokey's progress to ensure the hack is successful.
  1088. commarray_hack_obj_long_04=Ensure ~mission(MissionLocation) stays offline for the designated period.
  1089. commarray_hack_obj_marker_01=Hack Site
  1090. commarray_hack_obj_marker_02=Disable Uplink
  1091. commarray_hack_obj_marker_03=Disable Uplink
  1092. commarray_hack_obj_marker_04=Keep Array Offline
  1093. commarray_hack_obj_short_01=Acquire Cryptokey
  1094. commarray_hack_obj_short_02=Disable Comm Array Uplink
  1095. commarray_hack_obj_short_03=Ensure Hack's Success
  1096. commarray_hack_obj_short_04=Ensure ~mission(MissionLocation) Stays Offline
  1097. commarray_hack_title=~mission(Title)
  1098. commarray_hack_title_0001=Privacy Screen
  1099. commarray_hack_title_0002=Array Hack Job
  1100. commarray_hack_title_0003=Dis-Array
  1101. commarray_hack_title_0004=Cover Needed
  1102. commarray_hack_title_0005=Array Hack
  1103. commarray_hack_title_0006=~mission(MissionLocation) Problem
  1104. commarray_hack_title_0007=Lights Out
  1105. CommArray_Login=Login
  1106. CommArray_Logout=Logout
  1107. CommArray_Repair=Repair
  1108. commarray_repair_danger_0001=We've been getting reports that outlaws have been taking advantage of the outage, so be careful. 
  1109. commarray_repair_danger_0002=Proceed with caution as the sector will not have ECN until the connection is back online. 
  1110. commarray_repair_danger_0003=Take precautions when you head over to the site. With the array down we can't be sure what or who might be lurking out there. 
  1111. commarray_repair_danger_0004=Shouldn't have to say this, but use some common sense when you're out there and be ready just in case you run in to some trouble. 
  1112. commarray_repair_danger_0005=One thing to keep in mind is that you should probably make sure your security measures are up to snuff before going. We're not positive yet what caused the Array to go down, but we have had reported incidents in the past of outlaws purposefully taking them offline, and more importantly, trying to keep them offline. 
  1113. commarray_repair_desc=~mission(Description)
  1114. commarray_repair_desc_0001=There's an outage at ~mission(Location|Address) and we need a technician to repair any possible damage and re-establish the uplink. We will provide authorization  to access the maintenance terminal. ~mission(Danger)
  1115. commarray_repair_desc_0002=~mission(Client) lost it's connection to ~mission(Location|Address). We are looking for a qualified comm tech to do an on-site evaluation and ensure that the uplink is re-activated. The proper authorization will be provided to access the control panel.  ~mission(Danger)
  1116. commarray_repair_desc_0003=A technician is needed onsite to repair ~mission(Location|Address) and reconnect it to the comm network. Once contracted, we will transfer authorization to access the maintenance controls. ~mission(Danger)
  1117. commarray_repair_desc_0004=~mission(Location) is in urgent need of repair. Authorization to access the Comm Array's systems will be provided.  ~mission(Danger)
  1118. commarray_repair_desc_0005=~mission(Client) has been reporting issues with ~mission(Location|Address) and we're looking for a contractor to authorize to complete any necessary repairs. ~mission(Danger)
  1119. commarray_repair_desc_0006=Attention qualified comm technicians: ~mission(Location|Address) has lost its connection with ~mission(Client) and requires maintenance. ~mission(Danger)If you're interested, please let us know and we will provide you with the proper authorization needed.
  1120. commarray_repair_from=~mission(Contractor)
  1121. commarray_repair_obj_display_02=Restore Uplink at ~mission(Location)
  1122. commarray_repair_obj_display_03=%ls to Leave Restricted Area
  1123. commarray_repair_obj_long_01=Go to ~mission(Location) to repair uplink.
  1124. commarray_repair_obj_long_02=Restore uplink at ~mission(Location).
  1125. commarray_repair_obj_long_03=Once repairs are initiated, leave the Restricted Area or risk trespassing charges and forfeiting payment.
  1126. commarray_repair_obj_marker_01=Repair Site
  1127. commarray_repair_obj_marker_02=Restore Uplink
  1128. commarray_repair_obj_short_01=Go To Repair Site
  1129. commarray_repair_obj_short_02=Restore Comm Array Uplink
  1130. commarray_repair_obj_short_03=Leave Restricted Area
  1131. commarray_repair_title=~mission(Title)
  1132. commarray_repair_title_0001=Repair ~mission(Location)
  1133. commarray_repair_title_0002=Repair Technician Opportunity
  1134. commarray_repair_title_0003=Skilled Technician Wanted
  1135. commarray_repair_title_0004=Comm Repair
  1136. commarray_repair_title_0005=Qualified Comm Tech Needed
  1137. commarray_repair_title_0006=Comm Uplink Offline
  1138. commarray_repair_title_0007=Disconnected Comm Array
  1139. CommArray_title_001=Prevent hack at ~mission(Location)
  1140. Commissary_Collect_001=wip collect your item
  1141. Commissary_Dispense_001=wip dispense
  1142. Commissary_Dispensing_001=wip dispensing
  1143. Commissary_restocking_001=wip restocking
  1144. comms_channel_disconnected=Comms Channel Disconnected: %S
  1145. comms_channel_invited=Invited to Comms Channel: %S
  1146. comms_channel_joined=Comms Channel Joined: %S
  1147. comms_group_created=Created %s.
  1148. comms_group_disbanded=The %s has been disbanded.
  1149. comms_invite_accepted=%S has joined the %s.
  1150. comms_invite_declined=%S has declined invitation to %s.
  1151. comms_invite_received=%S has invited you to their %s.
  1152. comms_invite_sent=%S invited to %s.
  1153. comms_invite_sent_target=Target player invited to %s.
  1154. comms_invite_timeout=The invitation you sent to %S has timed out.
  1155. comms_leader_changed=%S is now %s leader.
  1156. comms_local_player_joined=You have joined %S's %s.
  1157. comms_local_player_joined_auto=You have joined %s.
  1158. comms_local_player_kicked=You have been kicked from the %s.
  1159. comms_local_player_left=You have left the %s.
  1160. comms_member_kicked=%S has been kicked from the %s.
  1161. comms_member_left=%S has left the %s.
  1162. comms_suffix_group=group '%S'
  1163. comms_suffix_party=party
  1164. comms_suffix_ship_channel=channel '%S'
  1165. comms_target_contact=Hail Target: %S
  1166. Community_Service_Desc=Remove all the trash from the area
  1167. Community_Service_Desc_Long=Trash removed %Is
  1168. Community_Service_Title=Clean up the streets
  1169. confirmkill_danger_0001=Of course, if the bastard is still alive then ... well, let's just say you should go in ready for anything. 
  1170. confirmkill_danger_0002=Watch your back when you're digging around. They say violence makes more violence. 
  1171. confirmkill_danger_0003=Make sure to keep an eye out for trouble while you're searching. Hate to hear that you joined ~mission(TargetName|NickOrFirst) cause you weren't careful. 
  1172. confirmkill_danger_0004=One piece of advice, there's likely to be vultures circling the area. Make sure you're prepared for anything. 
  1173. confirmkill_desc=~mission(Description)
  1174. confirmkill_desc_0001=There's a rumor floating around that this hatjob by the name of ~mission(TargetName) is finally kissing stardust. Talk about overdue. Problem is that it's just a rumor for now. The ~mission(Client) are willing to cough up some credits to find out if it's true. ~mission(Timed)If you head to ~mission(Location) and confirm, you'll get a nice little payout for your troubles. ~mission(Danger)
  1175. confirmkill_desc_0002=I keep telling people you gotta vet before you hire, but do they listen? Course not. Take the ~mission(Client) for example. They paid some alleyscag to off ~mission(TargetName), but now they're worried the job might not actually be done and they want someone to go out to ~mission(Location) and verify the hit. ~mission(Timed)~mission(Danger)Interested?
  1176. confirmkill_desc_0003=Another job of mine was supposed to be all wrapped up, but now the ~mission(Client) are worried that ~mission(TargetName) might still be upright. To ease their minds, I told them I'd send someone out to ~mission(Location) and make sure that people who are supposed to be dead stayed that way. ~mission(Timed)~mission(Danger)
  1177. confirmkill_desc_0004=Not sure if you heard yet, apparently ~mission(TargetName) is dead. Like dead, dead. Everyone is scrambling to find out if it's true or not, but I got a lead on where the body might be. ~mission(Timed)Head to ~mission(Location) and confirm for me, I'll make sure it's worth your while. ~mission(Danger)
  1178. confirmkill_desc_0005=The ~mission(Client) paid big credits to have this problem of theirs permanently solved, but I guess the proof of death didn't come through. Sucks for them, but works out for me and you. I can't go myself, but I can give you the location of ~mission(Location). Go and confirm that ~mission(TargetName) is toe up. ~mission(Danger)Simple enough job, don't even have to kill anyone yourself, and the credits are right. ~mission(Timed)
  1179. confirmkill_desc_0006=Hope you don't mind corpses, cause I need you to get up close and personal with one. Used to go by the name ~mission(TargetName). You should find what's left of them at ~mission(Location) and hopefully confirm that the bastard's really dead. ~mission(Timed)~mission(Danger)Anything else you find when you're out there is fair game.
  1180. confirmkill_desc_0007=Got word that ~mission(TargetName) might be dead. 'Might' ain't gonna cut it with me, so I want you to go to ~mission(Location) and make sure of it.~mission(Timed)~mission(Danger)If you have any other questions, just figure it out yourself. That's what I pay you for.
  1181. confirmkill_from=~mission(Contractor)
  1182. confirmkill_location_0001=the ship's remains
  1183. confirmkill_location_0002=the last point of contact
  1184. confirmkill_location_0003=~mission(TargetName|NickOrFirst)'s last known position
  1185. confirmkill_location_0004=the wreckage
  1186. confirmkill_location_0005=the wreck site
  1187. confirmkill_location_0006=the derelict
  1188. confirmkill_obj_long_01=Visit ~mission(Location) to locate ~mission(TargetName).
  1189. confirmkill_obj_long_02=Locate ~mission(Role) ~mission(TargetName|Last) and confirm they're dead.
  1190. confirmkill_obj_long_02a=Confirm
  1191. confirmkill_obj_marker_01=Wreck Site
  1192. confirmkill_obj_short_01=Go To Wreck Site
  1193. confirmkill_obj_short_02=Locate Corpse
  1194. confirmkill_timed_0001=Need you to hurry and get there fast. No telling what can happen to a corpse when it's just left sitting out there. 
  1195. confirmkill_timed_0002=And just cause they're dead doesn't mean you can take you're sweet time. The longer ~mission(TargetName|NickOrFirst) sits out there, the harder this job's gonna get. 
  1196. confirmkill_timed_0003=Everyone's real eager to have this settled as fast as possible, so see what you can do. 
  1197. confirmkill_timed_0004=Even the thought of ~mission(TargetName|Last) still breathing has everyone on edge. Take care of this ASAP. 
  1198. confirmkill_title=~mission(Title)
  1199. confirmkill_title_0001=Ghost Hunter
  1200. confirmkill_title_0002=Obituary
  1201. confirmkill_title_0003=True or False
  1202. confirmkill_title_0004=You See Dead People?
  1203. confirmkill_title_0005=Confirmation Needed
  1204. confirmkill_title_0006=Final Goodbye
  1205. confirmkill_title_0007=Last Steps
  1206. constantine_recoverysafe_desc_001=HURSTON DYNAMICS\nOUTSOURCING DEPARTMENT\n\nCONTRACT: Safe Recovery\nCONTRACTOR AFFILIATION: Independent\nOUTSOURCE MANAGER: C. Hurston\nRISK ASSESSMENT: ~mission(Contractor|Danger)\nRUSH CONTRACT: ~mission(Contractor|Timed)\n\nThieves and deviants have broken into one of our facilities, ~mission(Location), and have been committing random acts of vandalism. Although Hurston Security has been tasked with eliminating them, Corporate needs a dedicated operator to retrieve one of our data vaults that was being stored there. Make sure it's safely delivered to ~mission(Destination).\n\n\n\n** The information transmitted may contain confidential and/or privileged material. Any review, retransmission, dissemination or other use of or taking action in reliance upon this information by persons or entities other than the intended recipient is prohibited. **
  1207. constantine_recoverysafe_desc_002=HURSTON DYNAMICS\nOUTSOURCING DEPARTMENT\n\nCONTRACT: Safe Recovery\nCONTRACTOR AFFILIATION: Independent\nOUTSOURCE MANAGER: C. Hurston\nRISK ASSESSMENT: ~mission(Contractor|Danger)\nRUSH CONTRACT: ~mission(Contractor|Timed)\n\nOperator needed to travel to Hurston facility ~mission(Location) and retrieve a data safe before criminals destroy it. Once inside the facility, you are cleared to use whatever force is necessary in the execution of your mission. Once secured, deliver the safe to ~mission(Destination) for payment.\n\n\n\n** The information transmitted may contain confidential and/or privileged material. Any review, retransmission, dissemination or other use of or taking action in reliance upon this information by persons or entities other than the intended recipient is prohibited. **
  1208. constantine_recoverysafe_desc_003=HURSTON DYNAMICS\nOUTSOURCING DEPARTMENT\n\nCONTRACT: Safe Recovery\nCONTRACTOR AFFILIATION: Independent\nOUTSOURCE MANAGER: C. Hurston\nRISK ASSESSMENT: ~mission(Contractor|Danger)\nRUSH CONTRACT: ~mission(Contractor|Timed)\n\nA Hurston facility, ~mission(Location), has been compromised and overrun by unauthorized elements bent on vandalism and thievery. Hurston Dynamics needs a contractor to access the facility and retrieve proprietary Hurston documents and data currently housed in a secure safe and deliver it to ~mission(Destination). Use force if necessary but the safe return of Hurston property is paramount.\n\n\n\n** The information transmitted may contain confidential and/or privileged material. Any review, retransmission, dissemination or other use of or taking action in reliance upon this information by persons or entities other than the intended recipient is prohibited. **
  1209. constantine_recoverysafe_desc_004=HURSTON DYNAMICS\nOUTSOURCING DEPARTMENT\n\nCONTRACT: Safe Recovery\nCONTRACTOR AFFILIATION: Independent\nOUTSOURCE MANAGER: C. Hurston\nRISK ASSESSMENT: ~mission(Contractor|Danger)\nRUSH CONTRACT: ~mission(Contractor|Timed)\n\nCentral has recently been notified that ~mission(Location) has been overtaken by scavengers and thieves. Before Hurston Security can retake the facility, we want to make sure that a safe containing archives of the facility's data is safely removed and delivered to ~mission(Destination). You are cleared to use whatever force is necessary to secure the safe, but understand that the secure delivery is your primary objective. Payment will be issued upon successful completion of your task.\n\n\n\n** The information transmitted may contain confidential and/or privileged material. Any review, retransmission, dissemination or other use of or taking action in reliance upon this information by persons or entities other than the intended recipient is prohibited. **
  1210. constantine_recoverysafe_title_001=Recovery Contract
  1211. constantine_recoverysafe_title_002=Secure Retrieval
  1212. constantine_recoverysafe_title_003=Vault Extraction
  1213. constantine_recoverysafe_title_004=Safe Retrieval
  1214. contract_desc=~mission(Description)
  1215. contract_from=~mission(Contractor)
  1216. contract_timed=~mission(Contractor|Timed)
  1217. contract_title=~mission(Title)
  1218. covalex_chaindelivery_desc_001=\nGreetings,\n\n~mission(Contractor|Reaction)\n\nFor this next contract, to help expedite shipping, our super-smart data technicians coordinated the following multi-stop route:\n1. Pick up ~mission(Item1) from ~mission(Location1|Address) and deliver it to ~mission(Location2|Address). \n2. Pick up ~mission(Item2) from ~mission(Location2|Address) and deliver it to ~mission(Location3|Address). \n3. Pick up ~mission(Item3) from ~mission(Location3|Address) and deliver it to ~mission(Location1|Address). \n\nThis should really make the most out of your travel time! \n\nPayment will be issued for each successful delivery, with a bonus paid with the completion of the entire route.\n\n~mission(Contractor|Timed)~mission(Contractor|Danger)\n\n~mission(Contractor|SignOff)\n\nChase Hewitt\nJr. Logistics Coordinator\nCovalex Shipping \n'Anything you need, anywhere you need it.'\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\nCovalex Shipping is a limited liability corporation. By accepting this contract, you are agreeing to all terms and conditions as outlined in our extended 'Independent Workers Supplemental Information Guide v.2948.01.29.' Covalex Shipping is not responsible for any damages that occur while operating as an independent contractor.
  1219. covalex_chaindelivery_title_001=Multi-Stop Delivery Route
  1220. Covalex_Danger_001=One more thing, I'm seeing here that you'll be working in a heightened safety area. I'm sure you always follow best practices, but a little extra caution probably wouldn't be a bad idea. Better safe than sorry, right! 
  1221. Covalex_Danger_002=One last thing, it looks like some of our previous operators have reported outlaw activity in the area. Might be a good idea to plan for some extra security precautions. But if you do get into a situation (though you probably won't!), remember Covalex's policy of 'Flight, not fight.' 
  1222. Covalex_Danger_003=Also, unfortunately, it seems a security flag has been placed on this contract. Nothing to worry about too much... but that said, you should probably at least be extra careful during this job. Be ready for anything and you'll never be surprised! 
  1223. Covalex_Danger_004=One more little wrinkle. The system has flagged this contract as potentially hazardous. It might not mean anything, but don't be too surprised if you run into a bump or two or three while completing this one. 
  1224. Covalex_Danger_005=Last thing. This contract has been given a security flag. They add those when there is a higher risk involved. Sometimes it's hazardous routes, sometimes outlaw sightings, but you're going to want to be extra sharp on this one. 
  1225. covalex_delivery_desc_0001=Hi there!\n\n~mission(Contractor|Reaction)\n\nWe've got another shipment waiting to be picked up at ~mission(Location|Address) and delivered to ~mission(Destination|Address). ~mission(Contractor|Timed)~mission(Contractor|Danger)\n\n~mission(Contractor|SignOff)\n\nChase Hewitt\nJr. Logistics Coordinator\nCovalex Shipping \n'Anything you need, anywhere you need it.'\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\nCovalex Shipping is a limited liability corporation. By accepting this contract, you are agreeing to all terms and conditions as outlined in our extended 'Independent Workers Supplemental Information Guide v.2948.01.29.' Covalex Shipping is not responsible for any damages that occur while operating as an independent contractor.
  1226. covalex_delivery_desc_0002=Hey!\n\nHope everything's going all right with you. ~mission(Contractor|Reaction) \n\nThere is a shipment at ~mission(Location|Address) that we need you to take over to ~mission(Destination|Address). ~mission(Contractor|Timed)~mission(Contractor|Danger)\n\n~mission(Contractor|SignOff)\n\nChase Hewitt\nJr. Logistics Coordinator\nCovalex Shipping \n'Anything you need, anywhere you need it.'\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\nCovalex Shipping is a limited liability corporation. By accepting this contract, you are agreeing to all terms and conditions as outlined in our extended 'Independent Workers Supplemental Information Guide v.2948.01.29.' Covalex Shipping is not responsible for any damages that occur while operating as an independent contractor.
  1227. covalex_delivery_desc_0003=Hi again,\n\n~mission(Contractor|Reaction)\n\nHoping you're free, because I have a job to send your way. Got a pick up request at ~mission(Location|Address) for a shipment that is headed to ~mission(Destination|Address). That could wind up being an interesting route. ~mission(Contractor|Timed)~mission(Contractor|Danger)\n\n~mission(Contractor|SignOff)\n\nChase Hewitt\nJr. Logistics Coordinator\nCovalex Shipping \n'Anything you need, anywhere you need it.'\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\nCovalex Shipping is a limited liability corporation. By accepting this contract, you are agreeing to all terms and conditions as outlined in our extended 'Independent Workers Supplemental Information Guide v.2948.01.29.' Covalex Shipping is not responsible for any damages that occur while operating as an independent contractor.
  1228. covalex_delivery_desc_0004=Hi!\n\nDon't know about you, but today has been a busy one over here. Barely been able to stop and catch my breath. ~mission(Contractor|Reaction)\n\nSo, the run we need taken care of will have you grabbing a shipment from ~mission(Location|Address) and bringing it to ~mission(Destination|Address). Should hopefully be pretty painless. ~mission(Contractor|Timed)~mission(Contractor|Danger)\n\n~mission(Contractor|SignOff) \n\nChase Hewitt\nJr. Logistics Coordinator\nCovalex Shipping \n'Anything you need, anywhere you need it.'\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\nCovalex Shipping is a limited liability corporation. By accepting this contract, you are agreeing to all terms and conditions as outlined in our extended 'Independent Workers Supplemental Information Guide v.2948.01.29.' Covalex Shipping is not responsible for any damages that occur while operating as an independent contractor.
  1229. covalex_delivery_desc_0005=Hello,\n\nChase is off today, so I am temporarily handling your contracts. \n\nThis current one is for a shipment pick up at ~mission(Location|Address) to be delivered to ~mission(Destination|Address). ~mission(Contractor|Timed)\n\nThanks,\n\nArleen Dokgo\nSr. Logistics Coordinator\nCovalex Shipping \n'Anything you need, anywhere you need it.'\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\nCovalex Shipping is a limited liability corporation. By accepting this contract, you are agreeing to all terms and conditions as outlined in our extended 'Independent Workers Supplemental Information Guide v.2948.01.29.' Covalex Shipping is not responsible for any damages that occur while operating as an independent contractor.
  1230. covalex_delivery_desc_0006=Hey there,\n\n~mission(Contractor|Reaction)\n\nFound the perfect shipment contract for you to tackle. There's a shipment waiting at ~mission(Location|Address) to be taken to ~mission(Destination|Address). Sounds good, right? ~mission(Contractor|Timed)~mission(Contractor|Danger)\n\n~mission(Contractor|SignOff)\n\nChase Hewitt\nJr. Logistics Coordinator\nCovalex Shipping \n'Anything you need, anywhere you need it.'\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\nCovalex Shipping is a limited liability corporation. By accepting this contract, you are agreeing to all terms and conditions as outlined in our extended 'Independent Workers Supplemental Information Guide v.2948.01.29.' Covalex Shipping is not responsible for any damages that occur while operating as an independent contractor.
  1231. covalex_delivery_desc_intro=Hi!\n\nI've got some exciting news to share - Covalex Shipping is seeking to contract with additional independent operators in your area! \n\nEarning such accolades as 'Imperial Finances' Top 10 Shipping Companies' and 'Delivery Digest's 2945's Most Trusted Transport,' Covalex is busier than ever. And that means more cargo going to more places. That's where you come in! \n\nWe're looking for dependable and industrious pilots to join our expanding family. Do you have access to a ship that can hold cargo? Can you pass an Advocacy background check if required? Then a universe of opportunity is waiting for you. All you have to do is complete a simple 'Evaluation Trial' and pick up a shipment from ~mission(Location|Address) and take it safely to ~mission(Destination|Address). \n\nUpon satisfactory completion, you'll be eligible to become part of Covalex Shipping's vast network of independent transport specialists*.\n\nWe look forward to hearing from you,\n\nChase Hewitt\nJr. Logistics Coordinator\nCovalex Shipping \n'Anything you need, anywhere you need it.'\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n*Covalex Shipping is a limited liability corporation. By accepting this contract, you are agreeing to all terms and conditions as outlined in our extended 'Independent Workers Supplemental Information Guide v.2948.01.29.' Covalex Shipping is not responsible for any damages that occur while operating as an independent contractor.
  1232. covalex_delivery_title_001=Delivery Pilot for Covalex
  1233. covalex_delivery_title_intro=Independent Cargo Pilot Needed
  1234. covalex_holiday_001=To tell the truth, we've got so many packages coming in that I haven't even had any time to do my own shopping! 
  1235. covalex_holiday_002=With all the stress at this time of year, I just try to remember how much happiness we're bringing to people with what we do. 
  1236. covalex_holiday_003=I think that if we all work together, we can help make this holiday one of the best! 
  1237. covalex_holiday_004=I don't know about you, but I can't wait for the rush to be over so I can get some quality time with loved ones. 
  1238. covalex_holiday_005=You know, even with how busy it gets, this is still my favorite time of the year! 
  1239. covalex_holidaydelivery_desc_0001=Happy Holidays!\n\nThe gift giving season has been crazier than ever for us at Covalex, and we need all the help we can get to make sure everything gets delivered on time. \n\nI'm hoping you can grab a special delivery from ~mission(Location) and deliver it to ~mission(Destination). \n\n~mission(Contractor|DeliveryHoliday) \n\nGood cheer to you and yours,\n\nChase Hewitt\nJr. Logistics Coordinator\nCovalex Shipping \n'Anything you need, anywhere you need it.'\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\nCovalex Shipping is a limited liability corporation. By accepting this contract, you are agreeing to all terms and conditions as outlined in our extended 'Independent Workers Supplemental Information Guide v.2948.01.29.' Covalex Shipping is not responsible for any damages that occur while operating as an independent contractor. 
  1240. covalex_holidaydelivery_title_001=Holiday Delivery
  1241. Covalex_LogIn=LOG_IN\nREQUIRED
  1243. Covalex_Messages=NEW\nMESSAGES\nPENDING
  1244. Covalex_Reaction_Bad_001=Hate to do this, but wanted to check in about that last contract. Seems like you had some problems. Now, while we all run into unavoidable obstacles from time to time, I'm going to encourage you to take a moment to think about what went wrong and three things that you can improve upon for your next contract. It's a little exercise that always helps me improve my performance, and isn't that what life is about? Self improvement? All right, back to the exciting new business at hand! 
  1245. Covalex_Reaction_Bad_002=To get a bit of business out of the way, I briefly wanted to mention your performance on the last contract. I have in my notes that it was less than satisfactory. Probably just an off day, and I sure know about those, but I would like to strongly encourage you to use this contract as an opportunity to show us just how good you really are. 
  1246. Covalex_Reaction_BadStreak_001=You haven't been having much luck out there have you? I don't want to get too overly dramatic, but your performance stats over the last few contracts have been falling well below average. However, your luck hasn't completely run out! Covalex believes firmly in cultivating talent and allowing people to learn from our mistakes ( Thankfully! I probably wouldn't be here otherwise :p ). So, let's put all that behind us as a learning experience and meet the future head on! 
  1247. Covalex_Reaction_BadStreak_002=This is part of my job that I do not look forward to. We have to talk about your recent string of contracts. Things have just not been going your way have they? I'm not gonna sugar coat it, your performance stats are not look so hot. But you know what they say, nothing makes up for the past like the present. Let's get you back out there, and see what you can really do. 
  1248. Covalex_Reaction_BadToGood_001=Got to say, you really turned it around with that last job! Awesome work! Now, let's just keep it up! 
  1249. Covalex_Reaction_BadToGood_002=Congrats on the flipping your performance status around! I was rooting for you, and sure enough, you really proved on that last job that when push comes to shove, you can get it done. Now we just got to keep that momentum going! 
  1250. Covalex_Reaction_Good_001=My records show that you did a great job with that last contract! I personally wanted to say well done. It's that kind of performance that Covalex really loves to see. 
  1251. Covalex_Reaction_Good_002=Wanted to take a second to say that you did a stellar job with that last contract and that your hard work is not going unnoticed! 
  1252. Covalex_Reaction_GoodStreak_001=I was looking back through my records and wow! You've been doing a fantastic job recently. I've talked about you to some of the other Jr. Logistics Operators, and you didn't hear it from me, but they're pretty jealous I'm working with such a stellar contractor. Keep this up and we'll both be Covalex stars! 
  1253. Covalex_Reaction_GoodStreak_002=First off, I want to let you know how much I, and everyone here at Covalex Shipping, really appreciate the hard work you've been putting in. You've consistently have been completing contracts above and beyond my expectations. Alright, that's probably enough stroking your ego! 
  1254. Covalex_Reaction_GoodToBad_001=I'm going to confess, I was a little surprised seeing that report come in from your last contract. You had been doing so well! For now, let's just call it a fluke and focus on the next job, okay? 
  1255. Covalex_Reaction_GoodToBad_002=I have to ask - were you as disappointed about that last contract as I was? You had such a good record going! But don't worry. Everyone makes mistakes. It's what we do with those mistakes that matter. It's like that saying - "I'd rather try and fail, than fail to try." 
  1256. Covalex_Reaction_LastWarning_001=So, with your recent performance issues, I'm afraid that if you don't turn things around, Covalex will be putting you on a probationary disciplinary period and remove you from active contractor status. But don't worry, this contract is you're chance show us how dedicated you are to meeting Covalex Shipping's high standards. I'm sure you'll do great. 
  1257. Covalex_Reaction_LastWarning_002=There's a bit of bad news. I've received notice that your time with Covalex may be transitioning to a less 'active' role. Seems that your track record hasn't been all that satisfactory. Good news is that it's not too late for you to change people's minds! You knock this next contract into the goal, and it'll show you still have some tricks up your sleeves. 
  1258. Covalex_Reaction_Renew_001=I know it's been a little while since we last spoke, but I'm happy to report that my manager has agreed to allow you to do another 'Evaluation Trial' to regain active status as a Covalex Independent Contractor. I'm a firm believer in giving people another chance to prove themselves, and this is yours! 
  1259. Covalex_Reaction_Renew_002=I've got some good news. We were directed to go through our probationary contractors list and see if there were candidates who we felt deserved to be reconsidered. You immediately came to mind! What do you say? You ready to wipe the slate clean and give it another try? 
  1260. Covalex_SignOff_001=Thanks in advance for ensuring prompt service,
  1261. Covalex_SignOff_002=Good luck out there!
  1262. Covalex_SignOff_003=Talk to you soon,
  1263. Covalex_SignOff_004=And as the poster on my wall says, 'Bee Safe, Honey!'
  1264. Covalex_SignOff_005=Can't wait to hear how everything goes,
  1265. Covalex_SignOff_006=Have a good one,
  1266. Covalex_SignOff_007=Happy travels and fly safe!
  1267. Covalex_SignOff_008=I'm rooting for you. Make me proud!
  1268. Covalex_Timed_001=The order has been flagged as a 'Rush Priority' job, so you will be expected to complete the contract within the designated window. Hope that won't be a problem. 
  1269. Covalex_Timed_002=There is a tight deadline on this contract, so be sure to keep an eye on the clock. 
  1270. Covalex_Timed_003=Plus, we need everything wrapped up by a specific deadline. Got to keep the customers happy! 
  1271. Covalex_Timed_004=This will be a 'Rush Priority' job. That means that we can't afford any delays. 
  1272. Covalex_Timed_005=The customer requested 'Rush Priority' so you will have to keep a close eye on the time while you're working. 
  1273. CovalexIC_Courier=[COURIER] Covalex Independent Contractors
  1274. CovalexIC_Data=[DATA] Covalex Independent Contractors
  1275. CovalexIC_Haulage=[HAULAGE] Covalex Independent Contractors
  1276. CovalexIC_LightGoods=[LIGHT GOODS] Covalex Independent Contractors
  1277. covalexrand_desc=~mission(Description)
  1278. covalexrand_desc_0001=Been waiting forever for Covalex to get their act together after the accident they had, but I just don't think it's going to happen at this point. Hoping you could go out to Gundo and grab my order for me. ~mission(Reference)~mission(Timed)I don't need you to take it all the way to me either. I arranged for shipment from ~mission(Destination) so all you'd have to do is leave it there at the front desk for me.\n\nThanks,\n~mission(Owner)
  1279. covalexrand_desc_0002=I had an important shipment with Covalex and apparently it was waiting at Gundo when they had that big accident there. They said the delivery was going to be delayed, but it's been months now and they're still telling me the same exact thing. No new information or anything. I'm losing a ton of money on this and the best they can offer me is an apology. Not good enough. Figure if they can't finish the delivery, I'll find someone who can. ~mission(Reference)Need it delivered to ~mission(Destination). ~mission(Timed)
  1280. covalexrand_desc_0003=Hey, a gift I ordered is stuck out on that Covalex station that exploded or whatever and now they say they can't deliver it. I'm really sorry about what happened there, but I already missed our anniversary and if I miss their birthday too, I'm gonna be dead. Basically, I need that box to be at ~mission(Destination) by any means necessary. ~mission(Reference)~mission(Timed)
  1281. covalexrand_desc_0004=Look, we can all agree it was a real tragedy what happened out there at Gundo, and I'm sorry people lost their lives, but that doesn't mean I don't need my package delivered, right? And if Covalex isn't willing or able to do it, then I have every right to go and get delivered on my own. That only seems fair. ~mission(Reference)If you're interested, I'll need it taken to ~mission(Destination). ~mission(Timed)\n\nGood luck,\n~mission(Owner)
  1282. covalexrand_desc_0005=I'm in a bit of a bind. A delivery I've been expecting was rerouted through Covalex's Gundo station out near Crusader, but an accident there stopped all shipments. I tried getting a refund, but the company I ordered from says it's Covalex's fault, and Covalex says that their terms of service covers a delay like this. ~mission(Timed)I guess at this point I just want my package and I don't really care how I get it. Even to the point where I'm willing to pay the extra shipping to have someone just take it to ~mission(Destination) for me. ~mission(Reference)
  1283. covalexrand_desc_0006=I need someone with access to a ship to fly out to Covalex's Gundo station and take a box there to ~mission(Destination). ~mission(Reference)And before you get the wrong idea or anything, I'm not talking about stealing or anything, because it's my package. Covelex is just dragging their feet delivering it because of the investigation or safety or whatever excuse they're using. ~mission(Timed)
  1284. covalexrand_desc_0007=A package I ordered is stuck because of the accident that happened at Gundo. I paid good creds for this and now it's just sitting there gathering dust. Seems to me that if Covalex isn't gonna do anything about it, then I might as well pay someone to find it and take it to ~mission(Destination) for me. ~mission(Reference)~mission(Timed)
  1285. covalexrand_desc_0008=I am going crazy. Covalex keeps telling me that they delivered my package, but I didn't get it. The last routing information I have places it at their Gundo center, so I'm thinking that it got misplaced when they had the big accident there. ~mission(Reference)If you could go check it out, I bet you anything that it's just sitting there. ~mission(Timed)If it is there, I'll pay to have you bring it to ~mission(Destination).
  1286. covalexrand_from=~mission(Owner)
  1287. covalexrand_MissionUI_LocateCrate=Locate ~mission(Owner)'s Package
  1288. covalexrand_obj_long_01=Go to Covalex Station Gundo.
  1289. covalexrand_obj_long_02=Find and pick up package.
  1290. covalexrand_obj_long_03=Deliver package to ~mission(Destination).
  1291. covalexrand_obj_short_01=Go To Covalex
  1292. covalexrand_obj_short_02=Collect Package
  1293. covalexrand_obj_short_03=Deliver Package
  1294. covalexrand_obj_short_03a=Package
  1295. covalexrand_reference_0001=A friend of a friend said you'd be up to doing something like this, so figured it couldn't hurt to ask. 
  1296. covalexrand_reference_0002=I heard that you may have been out to the station once already, so you'd be perfect to help me with this. 
  1297. covalexrand_reference_0003=Elaine Ward mentioned that you might be a good person to help with this. 
  1298. covalexrand_reference_0004=I heard about the investigation work you did at the station, and figured since you know the lay of the land already you'd be the perfect person to hit up. 
  1299. covalexrand_reference_0005=You've been to Gundo before, right? Makes sense that going back shouldn't be that big of an issue for you. 
  1300. covalexrand_timed_0001=This whole thing has been taking so long, it'd be great to get this wrapped up as fast as possible. 
  1301. covalexrand_timed_0002=I've pretty much run out of patience at this point. Anything you can do to get the package to me as quickly as possible would be great. 
  1302. covalexrand_timed_0003=This delivery was urgent before the delay and now it's more so. Need it delivered yesterday. 
  1303. covalexrand_timed_0004=Not sure if there is anything you can do to save some time, but the faster you get the package to me the better. 
  1304. covalexrand_title=~mission(Title)
  1305. covalexrand_title_0001=Frustrated with Covalex
  1306. covalexrand_title_0002=Complete Delivery Order
  1307. covalexrand_title_0003=Finish Covalex Delivery
  1308. covalexrand_title_0004=Need My Package Found
  1309. covalexrand_title_0005=Waiting On My Package
  1310. covalexspec_015=
  1311. covalexspec_contractor_0001=Anya Sugari
  1312. covalexspec_contractor_0002=Ed Biollo
  1313. covalexspec_contractor_0003=Thrace Pinter
  1314. covalexspec_contractor_0004=Gloria Theolone
  1315. covalexspec_contractor_0005=Sam Besser
  1316. covalexspec_contractor_0006=Baylor Ward
  1317. covalexspec_desc=~mission(Description)
  1318. covalexspec_description_0001=Hi,\n\nI'll totally understand if you don't want to help with this, but if you can it would be amazing.\n\nSee, my boyfriend passed away during the Covalex Gundo tragedy. They said I would get all of Scott's stuff back once the investigation was complete, but as far as I know, it's been done for a while now and they still haven't given any indication of when I can get his property. It's been hard enough dealing with all this, and knowing that a package is going to show up in a month or two and rip open all these wounds, it's just too much. I would prefer to deal with it now and get it over with. If you could find a way to get his personal effects (Employee ID# 104) and drop them off at ~mission(Destination), I'd be very grateful.\n\nThanks for your help,\nAnya
  1319. covalexspec_description_0002=My brother was one of those people who died when that Covalex station near Crusader blew. Even worse, he was borrowing something of mine when it happened. Now some red tape asshole is trying to tell me that I have to wait to get my stuff back. Yeah right. First you kill my brother and now you want me to be patient? The nerve of these corporate jillos. Forget that. Instead, I figured I'd hire someone to go to Gundo to get my stuff and take it to ~mission(Destination) for me. I mean, what the hell are they gonna do about it? Anyway, it's what my brother would have wanted. It's gonna be the box marked 156.\n\n- Ed
  1320. covalexspec_description_0003=Hey,\n\nSo this is a little awkward for me to talk about, but it turns out that one of the people who passed away on that Covalex station disaster, Kyomi Santos, actually bequeathed me something in her will. I was surprised to hear it, but apparantly I'm now the proud owner of everything stored in box #173. The people at Covalex say I'll be able to get it when the station opens back up but ... this is the awkward part ... I kind of really need it right now. Normally I'd just wait, but I'm trying to start my own business (I make cakes in the shape of people's homeworlds) and the credits I get from selling it will really be a huge help. I've got a little bit stashed away now that I can use to pay for someone to deliver it from Gundo to ~mission(Destination) for me. I know the whole things a little bit irregular, but if there was any other way I wouldn't be asking.\n\nThanks for the help,\nThrace
  1321. covalexspec_description_0004=My son Nico was sadly among the victims of the tragic accident at Covelex's Gundo station and they still haven't returned all of his personal possessions to me. I understand that they have to do things according to regulations, but it seems unconscionable that they wouldn't make some allowances for the grieving family members. To that end, I'm seeking someone who will be able to go to the station for me. To be clear, Gundo is currently considered off limits, meaning that this would not be above board, but I feel my situation warrants special consideration. My sister says that the rate I am offering is the correct amount for retrieving the crate with Nico's belongings (#964) and bringing them to ~mission(Destination), so hopefully I can find a competent individual to settle this matter quickly.\n\nSincerely,\nGloria Theolone
  1322. covalexspec_description_0005=They said that I could find someone here to go to Gundo for me and grab a crate that belonged to my wife. If the name didn't ring a bell, that's the station where they had that big accident. My wife worked for Covalex and I know it's not really going to make losing her any easier, but I really just want Claudia's stuff back. I think about her photo collection or the necklace I gave her just sitting there in that cold dead station in some box marked 249 and it's not right. She deserves better. So how about it? You willing to go to Gundo and haul her crate back to ~mission(Destination)?
  1323. covalexspec_description_0006=Hi,\n\nI'm looking for someone to head to the Covalex Gundo station near Crusader and grab some items. I know this may sound like stealing, but it's my dad's stuff. You see, he was on Gundo station when it had its accident. My mom says that we need to wait until Covalex says so, but I don't think that's fair because I miss him so much. I would like something to remember him by and I don't want to wait any longer because I might start forgetting things. I'll pay you to get box 510 for me and take to ~mission(Destination) so I can have it.\n\nThank you very much,\nBaylor Ward
  1324. covalexspec_from=~mission(Contractor)
  1325. covalexspec_MissionUI_BoxNumber_104=Box #104
  1326. covalexspec_MissionUI_BoxNumber_156=Box #156
  1327. covalexspec_MissionUI_BoxNumber_173=Box #173
  1328. covalexspec_MissionUI_BoxNumber_249=Box #249
  1329. covalexspec_MissionUI_BoxNumber_510=Box #510
  1330. covalexspec_MissionUI_BoxNumber_964=Box #964
  1331. covalexspec_MissionUI_LocateCrate=Locate ~mission(Owner)'s Personal Effects (~mission(BoxNumber))
  1332. covalexspec_MissionUI_TravelTo=Travel to Covalex
  1333. covalexspec_obj_long_01=Locate ~mission(Owner)'s personal effects at Covalex Station Gundo.
  1334. covalexspec_obj_long_02=Deliver personal effects to ~mission(Destination).
  1335. covalexspec_obj_short_01=Locate Personal Effects
  1336. covalexspec_obj_short_02=Deliver Personal Effects
  1337. covalexspec_obj_short_02a=Personal Effects
  1338. covalexspec_owner_0001=Scott Hammell
  1339. covalexspec_owner_0002=Ross Biollo
  1340. covalexspec_owner_0003=Kyomi Santos
  1341. covalexspec_owner_0004=Nico Theolone
  1342. covalexspec_owner_0005=Claudia Besser
  1343. covalexspec_owner_0006=Darnell Ward
  1344. covalexspec_title=~mission(Title)
  1345. covalexspec_title_0001=Personal Effects
  1346. covalexspec_title_0002=Help Me Get My Stuff Back
  1347. covalexspec_title_0003=Unexpected Inheritance
  1348. covalexspec_title_0004=A Mother's Plea
  1349. covalexspec_title_0005=Looking for Closure
  1350. covalexspec_title_0006=My Dad's Stuff
  1351. criminal_assassination_Danger_Hard_001=Criminal Danger Hard placeholder text
  1352. criminal_assassination_desc_Hard_001=Criminal Title Intro Description placeholder ~mission(Danger) (Contractor|AssassinationHardTimed)
  1353. criminal_assassination_Timed_Hard_001=Criminal Timed Hard placeholder text
  1354. criminal_assassination_title_Hard_001=Criminal Title Intro placeholder
  1355. criminal_database_accessrecords=Access Records
  1356. criminal_database_Confim=Are you sure you want to dismiss all current criminal charges? 
  1357. criminal_database_crime=Temp Infraction
  1358. criminal_database_Expunging=Processing Request...
  1359. criminal_database_expungment=Reason for Charge Dismissal
  1360. criminal_database_filesadjusted=Updating CrimeStat...
  1361. criminal_database_infraction_date_001=Received
  1362. criminal_database_infraction_jurisdiction=Jurisdiction
  1363. criminal_database_infraction_name_001=Charge
  1364. criminal_database_loading=Authenticating Passkey...
  1365. criminal_database_locatingfiles=Locating Requested Records...
  1366. criminal_database_login=Passkey Authorization
  1367. criminal_database_loginFailed=No Authorized Passkey Detected
  1368. criminal_database_loginsuccessful=Welcome Security Personnel
  1369. criminal_database_logout=Logout
  1370. criminal_database_playername=temp player name
  1371. criminal_database_purgeall=Dismiss All Charges
  1372. criminal_database_purgerecord=Dismiss
  1373. criminal_database_reason_001=Diplomatic Immunity
  1374. criminal_database_reason_002=Extenuating Circumstances
  1375. criminal_database_reason_003=Mental Incompetence / Medical Exemption
  1376. criminal_database_reason_004=Procedural Issues / Wrongful Arrest
  1377. criminal_database_reason_005=Prosecutorial Discretion
  1378. criminal_database_reason_006=Settlement Reached / Plea Bargain
  1379. criminal_database_Record_001=Record Holder ID:
  1380. criminal_database_record_002=View Record
  1381. criminal_database_revoked_desc=An unusually high volume of database changes has been detected. For security reasons, your passkey has been locked. \nTo regain access, please reauthorize your passkey again or contact technology services.
  1382. criminal_database_revoked_name=Attention: Access Revoked
  1383. criminal_database_Title=Imperial Criminal Database
  1384. criminal_database_updatesuccess=Database Update Complete
  1385. Criminal_Steal_Danger_Easy_001=Criminal Easy Danger Placeholder text
  1386. Criminal_Steal_Danger_Medium_001=Criminal Medium Danger Placeholder text
  1387. Criminal_Steal_Easy_Desc_001=Criminal Easy Description Placeholder text ~mission(Danger) (Contractor|StealEasyTimed)
  1388. Criminal_Steal_Easy_Title_001=Criminal Easy Title Placeholder text
  1389. Criminal_Steal_Medium_Desc_001=Criminal Medium Description Placeholder text ~mission(Danger) (Contractor|StealMediumTimed)
  1390. Criminal_Steal_Medium_Title_001=Criminal Medium Title Placeholder text
  1391. Criminal_Steal_Timed_Easy_001=Criminal Easy Timed Placeholder text
  1392. Criminal_Steal_Timed_Medium_001=Criminal Medium Timed Placeholder text
  1393. cruind_bounty_danger_0001=*DELETE THIS* This is a high-class hitter, so expect a fight. 
  1394. cruind_bounty_danger_0002=*DELETE THIS* Suspect has a history of violence. Use caution when approaching. 
  1395. cruind_bounty_danger_0003=*DELETE THIS* This bounty has been flagged ultra, so exercise extreme caution. 
  1396. cruind_bounty_danger_0004=*DELETE THIS* This is a high-risk contract. 
  1397. cruind_bounty_desc=*DELETE THIS* ~mission(Description)
  1398. cruind_bounty_desc_0001=*DELETE THIS* Bounty Issued: ~mission(TargetName). Warning, a bounty has been issued by ~mission(Contractor) for the above named for violating Imperial law. Use of force has been authorized.
  1399. cruind_bounty_desc_0003=*DELETE THIS* WANTED: ~mission(TargetName). After multiple and unrepentant violations of Imperial law, a bounty has been certified and bonded by ~mission(Contractor) to neutralize the suspect by whatever means necessary.
  1400. cruind_bounty_from=*DELETE THIS* ~mission(Contractor)
  1401. cruind_bounty_from_first=*DELETE THIS* Crusader Security
  1402. cruind_bounty_location_0001=*DELETE THIS* Client will provide target's last known location.
  1403. cruind_bounty_location_0002=*DELETE THIS* If accepted, ~mission(Contractor) will provide relevant location data for ~mission(TargetName|Last).
  1404. cruind_bounty_location_0003=*DELETE THIS* Target was last seen at Grim HEX.
  1405. cruind_bounty_location_0004=*DELETE THIS* All relevant location data will be provided upon acceptance of bounty.
  1406. cruind_bounty_timed_0001=*DELETE THIS* You will have a very specific window of opportunity. Take them down before they disappear again. 
  1407. cruind_bounty_timed_0002=*DELETE THIS* Target will be aware of bounty, so you'll have to move fast. 
  1408. cruind_bounty_timed_0003=*DELETE THIS* This contract comes with a timer clause. 
  1409. cruind_bounty_title=*DELETE THIS* ~mission(Title)
  1410. cruind_bounty_title_0001=*DELETE THIS* Bounty Target
  1411. cruind_bounty_title_0002=*DELETE THIS* Wanted: ~mission(TargetName)
  1412. cruind_bounty_title_0003=*DELETE THIS* Bounty: ~mission(TargetName)
  1413. cruind_bounty_title_0004=*DELETE THIS* Bounty Issued: ~mission(TargetName)
  1414. Crus_HistMarker_From=Crusader Historical Society
  1415. Crus_HistMarker_Text_01=Famed musician Carolyn 'Vortex' Thorson was born here on January 8, 2915. Her family's ship was en route to a nearby outpost when it set down to facilitate her birth. As a teenager, Thorson earned the nickname 'Vortex' for the impressive speed and dexterity she displayed behind the drums. As a founding member of Firmament, she helped redefine popular music, making her the most famous and mimicked drummer in the UEE for over a decade.
  1416. Crus_HistMarker_Text_02=Rayari scientists working here at the Hickes Research Outpost created a revolutionary nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory (NSAID) in 2938. The drug, known commonly as Ceprozin, has become widely used during cybernetic replacement surgeries, providing pain relief and curbing inflammation without any of the side effects common with other NSAIDs.
  1417. Crus_HistMarker_Text_03=Here, in 2941, Terra Mills researchers combined Cellin's unique soil composition with genetic augmentation to create a new fruit hybrid named the Terraberry. This uniquely tart, purple berry stays ripe longer than most other berries, making it ideal for interstellar shipping.
  1418. Crus_HistMarker_Text_04=Here sits the shelter that saved Bastien Nemitz. In 2930, Crusader Industries hired the noted adventurer to promote the beauty and diversity of their moons by hiking around each one and providing daily updates. Following successful journeys around Cellin and Yela, Nemitz failed to upload a daily diary from Yela on June 24th. A search party was organized but failed to find him. Days later, Nemitz contacted Crusader authorities from this shelter. He'd limped here on a shattered ankle suffering during a terrible fall that also destroyed his mobi. After he was rescued, Nemitz recovered and returned to the Talarine Divide shelter to complete his journey around Yela.
  1419. Crus_HistMarker_Text_05=This shelter was erected in part due to the generous contributions of Ethan Halton's friends and families. The large boulders and rocks that dot the Nakamura Valley have made it a popular destination for unregulated open canopy racers. Sadly, in 2917, amateur racer Ethan Halton, unable to handle the track's successive tight turns, died from injuries sustained during a racing crash. To help ensure that other racers would not share Ethan's fate, in 2918, this emergency shelter was erected.
  1420. Crus_HistMarker_Text_06=Mario Kosso was the first head of Crusader's emergency response unit. Established to provide support and rescue services to those who found themselves in need on Crusader's moons, Kosso lead the response to the team's first distress beacon, which came from this basin. It was named in his honor upon his retirement in 2938.
  1421. Crus_HistMarker_Text_07=The famous picture of Yela's ring illuminated against the darkened sky was taken here by noted photographer Juliana Aston in 2918. The vista became so connected to her artwork that in 2928 it was officially named 'Aston Ridge' in her honor.
  1422. Crus_HistMarker_Text_08=Situated above a junction of multiple canyons, Wolf Point earned its name thanks to Crusader surveyor Cally Stroble who had noted excitedly in her initial report that "Against all odds, it seems a family of wolf-like creatures somehow has found a way to settle the area. Their cries can be heard for kilometers around." However, when further investigation proved that the wolves were merely a prank by a fellow surveyor, the name stuck.
  1423. Crus_HistMarker_Text_09=This ridge was named for Crusader's former CEO August Dunlow. Many credit Dunlow's vision as instrumental into transforming Crusader Industries into the company it is today. With that in mind, Dunlow Ridge, with its expansive view of the Daymar landscape, was named in his honor.
  1424. Crus_HistMarker_Text_10=This section of Daymar became known as Eager Flats after an eccentric artist who called it home. Norman Eager gained notoriety in the 2920s for constructing a series of art installations so massive they could be seen by ships flying above the flats. Deemed 'ephemeral art' by Eager, the pieces were not meant to be permanent. Instead, they were slowly degraded and buried by the moon's constantly swirling sands.
  1425. Crus_HistMarker_Text_11=The Tamdon Plains were named in honor of Advocacy agent Crista Tamdon, who in 2912 was killed in the line of duty after being ambushed while crossing these plains in pursuit of a suspect.
  1426. Crus_HistMarker_Text_12=From 2923 to 2927, a mysterious benefactor took it upon themselves to see that this emergency shelter was stocked with jars of homemade marmalade. First reported by a stranded pilot, as word spread many other travelers would visit the shelter to try the jam for themselves. In 2927, when a reporter attempted to learn who was leaving the sweet treat, the marmalade supply stopped as mysteriously as it began. However, the tradition has been kept alive to this day by the many visitors who continue to leave preserves at the site.
  1427. Crus_HistMarker_Text_13=Crusader's former lead ship designer, Shelly Ashburn, became enamored with this location for its picturesque angle of Crusader on the horizon. She often visited the spot to channel her creative energy, earning it the nickname, Ashburn Channel, among her team. Following her retirement in 2940, the site officially adopted the title.
  1428. Crus_HistMarker_Text_14=In 2936, Crusader Industries sponsored a competition to find the best travelogue focused on one of their moons. Donnell Flanagan's account of his exciting experiences took top prize and this location, which featured heavily in his adventures, was named in his honor.
  1429. Crus_HistMarker_Text_15=Crusader CEO Kelly Caplan loved the landscape on this part of Cellin and requested that this ravine be named for her dog, Julep.
  1430. Crus_HistMarker_Text_16=Here on August 25th, 2912, Lakedra Walsh organized and won the first ground vehicle race on Yela. The track became famous among ground vehicle racing enthusiasts and subsequently the site of the first official race track on the moon.
  1431. Crus_HistMarker_Text_17=On this site in 2906, Darnell Ajay built the first permanent homestead on Daymar.
  1432. Crus_HistMarker_Text_18=On this site in 2906, Phillip Xu built the first permanent homestead on Cellin.
  1433. Crus_HistMarker_Text_19=On this site in 2907, Wilma Ivery built the first permanent homestead on Yela.
  1434. Crus_HistMarker_Text_20=Advocacy agents, alongside Hurston and Crusader Security forces, pursued Amir Tremaine after he crash-landed into this canyon on Oct. 23, 2929. The wanted fugitive used pieces of his ship to hastily construct a makeshift fortification. Thus began a dramatic, three-day standoff against law enforcement officers which garnered non-stop spectrum coverage up until the final, bloody moments when the Advocacy tried but failed, to take Tremaine alive.
  1435. Crus_HistMarker_Text_21=Here on October 2nd, 2904, Chad Fawley ended the first successful solo, circumnavigation of Cellin in a ground vehicle.
  1436. Crus_HistMarker_Text_22=In 2934, Esther Hurston was kidnapped and put into a stasis pod by outlaws looking to extract a hefty ransom from her family. The ship holding the twelve-year-old's cryo-pod hid here after its reg-tags were compromised. While one outlaw attempted to procure clean reg-tags, salvager Mac Petrosky discovered the ship. He reported its location and even hid nearby to keep an eye on the ship until authorities arrived on the scene. Petrosky was awarded a Commendation from Crusader Security upon the reunion of Esther and her family.
  1437. Crus_HistMarker_Text_23=The infamous Beringer Brothers nicknamed this the "Goodbye Geyser" after repeatedly using it to dispose of those opposed to their criminal enterprises during the early 2920s. It's believed to be the final resting place for at least 14 individuals including famed bounty hunter, Bree Kuznetsov. Attempts to recover remains from the site have proven unsuccessful.
  1438. Crus_HistMarker_Text_24=Here in 2909, famed botanist Bryan Shakir began his work cataloguing the diverse flora of Daymar. Published as "Daymar in Bloom: A Flora Field Guide to Stanton 2b," it is still considered by many to be the definitive source on the subject.
  1439. Crus_HistMarker_Text_25=Erma Triolo was born on this site in 2909, making her the first person to be born on Yela. Her parents, Albert and Nora Triolo, had traveled to the moon to participate in a race when Nora went into labor. Unable to fly to the nearest medical facilitate for the birth, Albert landed their Constellation at this location and successfully served as midwife.
  1440. Crus_HistMarker_Text_26=Prior to Crusader's purchase of the gas giant and its moons, the UEE Navy controlled this part of the system. Here, in 2904, the UEE Navy established a military installation to support and watch over the shipyards perched in Crusader's upper atmosphere. The facilities were retired and relocated in 2908.
  1441. Crus_HistMarker_Text_27=Strained relations between Hurston and their workforce in late 2927-2929 resulted in a series of riots. In response, Hurston severely limited traffic to and from the planet for nearly 15 standard months. Many workers wished to escape the dangerous situation, but few had the means. One bright spot was the Hurston Hotline, a comm channel that constantly shifted frequency. Those looking to flee the unrest, and lucky enough to know the current channel frequency, could request help leaving the planet. Specific instructions were delivered in person to volunteer pilots and had to be followed exactly. The network of labor activists responsible for the Hurston Hotline during this tumultuous time used this location to shelter fleeing workers prior to moving them out of the system.
  1442. Crus_HistMarker_Text_28=Cellin was named after the youngest sibling in the classic children's story A Gift for Baba,the moon's many dormant volcanoes embodying the character's simmering anger. This dormant volcano, named Cellin's Peak by volcanologists, is carefully watched and monitored as it is believed to have a high chance of one day becoming active.
  1443. Crus_HistMarker_Text_29=Daymar was named after the middle brother in A Gift for Baba. Known for his tendency to get lost, the character's name was also given to this twisting canyon by early explorers.
  1444. Crus_HistMarker_Text_30=Yela was named after the eldest sibling in A Gift for Baba, who is known for her cool and calculated demeanor. This expansive plain produced the coldest temperature recorded by the first scientific expedition to the moon, earning it the name Yela's Plain.
  1445. Crus_HistMarker_Text_31=The study of Cellin's geysers began with an observation station constructed on this location in 2908. Geologist Randell Engler spent nearly a decade investigating these natural wonders. He was first to hypothesize that the moon's geyser played an important role in dispersing vital nutrients and minerals into the soil.
  1446. Crus_HistMarker_Text_32=During Imperator Costigan's 2944 trip to the Stanton System, he shared a meal here at Gallete Family Farms. Imperator Costigan hoped his visit would draw attention to the hardworking, independent farmers across the Empire that would benefit from the agricultural subsidies legislation being debated by the Senate at the time.
  1447. Crus_HistMarker_Text_33=In 2927, Fakih Borisov introduced a herd of large, genetically modified land crabs to Daymar. Breed to withstand the moon's dry conditions, the crabs roamed this part of Daymar for nearly a decade, but Borisov's dream of turning the moon into a rancher's paradise never came to fruition. A key component to Borisov's plan was for the crab to graze on the moon's limited natural vegetation, yet doing so imbued the animals with an off-putting odor that clung to any products derived from them.
  1448. Crus_HistMarker_Text_34=On August 22, 2924, amateur archaeologist Sonny Pak revealed a fossil that he claimed belonged to a new sentient species that inhabited this moon. News of the discovery spread across the spectrum and excited the scientific community. However, instead of allowing scientists to examine the specimen, Sonny took the remains on a publicity tour and even sold tickets to those who wished to view them. His actions were condemned by the scientific community and, after the intervention of the UEE government, the fossil was proven to be a fake.
  1449. Crus_HistMarker_Text_35=Romantics believe that lovers who profess their affection for each other on this ledge will be together forever. This legend has its origin in the macabre tale of notorious outlaw couple Akiko 'Jackal' Bazin and Rick 'Shady' Milligan. In 2913, mere moments away from capture, the pair decided to avoid imprisonment and instead leapt to their death while holding hands.
  1450. Crus_HistMarker_Text_36=On December 31, 2940, the Stanton Knights sataball team landed here so their ship could undergo emergency repairs. While waiting, the team strategized for their championship match against the Kiel Guardians scheduled for the following day. According to team members, it was here that the Knights conceived of the now famous 'Franklin Flip' play that would propel the team to victory and the first SBPL championship in the club's history.
  1451. Crus_HistMarker_Text_37=On March 17, 2904, Meiko Norwood collapsed here while loading soil samples into her ship. She passed away later that day due to complications with an artificial heart valve, making her the first person to die on Daymar.
  1452. Crus_HistMarker_Text_38=In 2939, Crusader Security apprehended a fugitive here who was wanted in connection with a massive theft of credit chits. The money wasn't recovered during the arrest, but rumors swirled that the outlaw was in possession of digging implements. Ever since, treasure hunters have flocked here in search of the lost fortune, even though repeated scans have failed to show any sign of it. \n\nCrusader Industries discourages people from digging up the area and asks that any displaced ground be placed back where it came from to preserve the moon's natural beauty.
  1453. Crus_HistMarker_Text_39=The long lost Greg Caldwell painting "The Starman's Farewell" was discovered buried underneath a stone cairn on this site in 2908. Stolen from the Terra Museum of Contemporary Art in 2731, it remains a mystery as to how the work of art ended up here. The painting was returned to Terra.
  1454. Crus_HistMarker_Text_40=In 2945, independent miner Bruce Amodeo discovered a large serendibite gemstone near this outpost. Its sale at auction to an anonymous buyer broke records for the most credits per carat spent on a serendibite. Ever since, miners have flocked to the region in search of further serendibite deposits.
  1455. Crus_HistMarker_Text_41=Tragedy struck the Cuadrado outpost on May 15, 2941, due to a malfunctioning life support system. An excess of oxygen leaking into the outpost was sparked, resulting in an explosion that took nine lives. The catastrophe drove Crusader Industries to tighten regulations on outposts and mandate more frequent maintenance checks on all facilities.
  1456. Crus_HistMarker_Text_42=Crusader Industries commends Bountiful Harvest Hydroponics for their extraordinary response to those in need on Vega. Following the horrific Vanduul attacks on October 5, 2945, Bountiful Harvest produced and donated more emergency food supplies for the Vega relief effort than any other outpost on Crusader's moons. This outpost's extraordinary sacrifice serves as a reminder that the UEE will always stand behind those who come face-to-face with the Vanduul threat.
  1457. Crus_HistMarker_Text_43=Famed actress and noted naturist, Millicent Silverton, would often come to this remote area to camp in the wilderness. She was so fond of the site that she petitioned for its inclusion in the 2941 film "Onto the Break."
  1458. Crus_HistMarker_Text_44=The geysers here feature a unique set of small fissures, that when the pressure builds up to a specific amount, make a sound similar to moaning. It is this phenomenon that has lead to the erroneous rumors that the site is haunted.
  1459. Crus_HistMarker_Text_45=In 2932, this site hosted the infamous Slim Chance Rally. This gathering of Greycat buggy enthusiasts come together once a year in a remote location to compete in an illicit destruction derby.
  1460. Crus_HistMarker_Text_46=Crusader Industries often uses this location and its irregular terrain to field test their new ship designs' landing systems. It was here on March 25th, 2934, that the first and only landing of the failed Juno ship design occurred.
  1461. Crus_HistMarker_Title_01=Birthplace of Vortex Thorson
  1462. Crus_HistMarker_Title_02=Creation of Ceprozin
  1463. Crus_HistMarker_Title_03=The First Terraberry
  1464. Crus_HistMarker_Title_04=The Rescue of Bastien Nemitz
  1465. Crus_HistMarker_Title_05=Nakamura Valley Shelter
  1466. Crus_HistMarker_Title_06=Kosso Basin
  1467. Crus_HistMarker_Title_07=Aston Ridge
  1468. Crus_HistMarker_Title_08=Wolf Point
  1469. Crus_HistMarker_Title_09=Dunlow Ridge
  1470. Crus_HistMarker_Title_10=Eager Flats
  1471. Crus_HistMarker_Title_11=Tamdon Plains
  1472. Crus_HistMarker_Title_12=Mogote Marmalade
  1473. Crus_HistMarker_Title_13=Ashburn Channel
  1474. Crus_HistMarker_Title_14=Flanagan's Pass
  1475. Crus_HistMarker_Title_15=Julep Ravine
  1476. Crus_HistMarker_Title_16=Lakedra's Lap
  1477. Crus_HistMarker_Title_17=Darnell Ajay Homestead
  1478. Crus_HistMarker_Title_18=Phillip Xu Homestead
  1479. Crus_HistMarker_Title_19=Wilma Ivery Homestead
  1480. Crus_HistMarker_Title_20=Tremaine's Last Stand
  1481. Crus_HistMarker_Title_21=Fawley's Journey
  1482. Crus_HistMarker_Title_22=Rescue of Esther Hurston
  1483. Crus_HistMarker_Title_23=Goodbye Geyser
  1484. Crus_HistMarker_Title_24=Daymar in Bloom
  1485. Crus_HistMarker_Title_25=Erma Triolo Birthplace
  1486. Crus_HistMarker_Title_26=Alatorres Forward Operating Base
  1487. Crus_HistMarker_Title_27=Hurston Hotline
  1488. Crus_HistMarker_Title_28=Cellin's Peak
  1489. Crus_HistMarker_Title_29=Daymar's Run
  1490. Crus_HistMarker_Title_30=Yela's Plain
  1491. Crus_HistMarker_Title_31=Engler Observation Station
  1492. Crus_HistMarker_Title_32=Imperator Costigan on Cellin
  1493. Crus_HistMarker_Title_33=Borisov's Herd
  1494. Crus_HistMarker_Title_34=Sonny's Sham
  1495. Crus_HistMarker_Title_35=Lover's Ledge
  1496. Crus_HistMarker_Title_36=The Franklin Flip
  1497. Crus_HistMarker_Title_37=Meiko Norwood Memorial
  1498. Crus_HistMarker_Title_38=Looking for Lost Treasure
  1499. Crus_HistMarker_Title_39=The Starman's Farewell
  1500. Crus_HistMarker_Title_40=Bruce's Bounty
  1501. Crus_HistMarker_Title_41=Cuadrado Tragedy
  1502. Crus_HistMarker_Title_42=Bountiful Harvest
  1503. Crus_HistMarker_Title_43=Silverton Campsite
  1504. Crus_HistMarker_Title_44=Ghost Rocks
  1505. Crus_HistMarker_Title_45=Slim Chance Rally
  1506. Crus_HistMarker_Title_46=Crusader Landing Test Site
  1507. crus_markerhunt_desc=Did you know that famed drummer Carolyn 'Vortex' Thorson was born on Daymar? Or that scientists on Cellin created a life saving medicine that is used across the Empire? Or that one of the most valuable gemstones ever found was unearthed on Yela? And that's just scratching the surface. The moons of Crusader are the home of dozens of incredible, memorable and unique locations. To celebrate, the Crusader Historical Society, in conjunction with Crusader Industries, is hosting a "Vistas Worth Visiting" contest. To participate, simply visit all three moons' officially designated scenic landmarks and interact with the information kiosk. Explorers who are lucky enough to discover all forty-seven locations will be rewarded with a special prize!
  1508. crus_markerhunt_from=Crusader Historical Society
  1509. crus_markerhunt_obj_long_01=Find all the Historical Markers on Cellin. ~mission(Cellin)
  1510. crus_markerhunt_obj_long_02=Find all the Historical Markers on Daymar. ~mission(Daymar)
  1511. crus_markerhunt_obj_long_03=Find all the Historical Markers on Yela. ~mission(Yela)
  1512. crus_markerhunt_obj_short_01=Historical Marker Found
  1513. crus_markerhunt_title=Vistas Worth Visiting Contest!
  1514. crus_scavhunt_desc=The team at Incredifun Adventures is excited to announce their all new interactive scavenger hunt challenge! Using a series of clues sent directly to your journal, follow along on an adventure to some of Crusader's moons most notable and historical locations! \n\nFinish the challenge before time runs out and you'll be awarded an exclusive prize.
  1515. crus_scavhunt_from=Incredifun Adventures
  1516. crus_scavhunt_obj_long_01=Solve all ten scavenger hunt clues and visit the appropriate Crusader Historical Society markers before time runs out.
  1517. crus_scavhunt_obj_short_01=Scavenger Hunt Clue Solved
  1518. crus_scavhunt_title=Crusader Moons Scavenger Hunt
  1519. crusader_bounty_desc_001=Crusader is continuing its effort to make our little sector of Stanton as safe possible and we need your help.\n\nA suspect by the name of ~mission(TargetName) has been a real thorn in our side and it'd be great if you could settle the outstanding bounty on them once and for all. \n\n~mission(Danger) ~mission(Contractor|BountyTimed)\n\n\nCONTRACT AUTHORIZED BY:\nLiaison Officer Bautista\nID# 948J030K
  1520. crusader_bounty_desc_002=Got a bounty that we need found and apprehended - ~mission(TargetName). Pretty decent price on them too which never hurts.\n\n~mission(Danger) ~mission(Contractor|BountyTimed)\n\n\nCONTRACT AUTHORIZED BY:\nLiaison Officer Bautista\nID# 948J030K
  1521. crusader_bounty_desc_003=Crusader, in accordance with UEE Law, has issued a bounty for ~mission(TargetName). You are charged with locating and apprehending this criminal in exchange for the stated payment.\n\n~mission(Danger) ~mission(Contractor|BountyTimed)\n\n\nCONTRACT AUTHORIZED BY:\nLiaison Officer Bautista\nID# 948J030K
  1522. crusader_bounty_desc_004=Some low level skav who goes by the name ~mission(TargetName) has been making a real nuisance of themselves. Finally got the authorization to put a bounty on their head. Find them and take care of it. We get ~mission(TargetName|Last) off the streets and you get a nice little payday. Win-win. \n\n~mission(Danger) ~mission(Contractor|BountyTimed)\n\n\nCONTRACT AUTHORIZED BY:\nLiaison Officer Gibbs\nID# 91G66BW0
  1523. crusader_bounty_desc_005=This might end up being a bit like sending a sheep after a wolf, but I'm hoping you can collect the bounty on ~mission(TargetName) for me. Tracking them down shouldn't be that hard since they've been making quite a name for themselves lately. \n\n~mission(Danger) ~mission(Contractor|BountyTimed)\n\n\nCONTRACT AUTHORIZED BY:\nLiaison Officer Gibbs\nID# 91G66BW0
  1524. crusader_bounty_desc_006=Crusader, in accordance with UEE Law, has issued a bounty for ~mission(TargetName). You are charged with locating and apprehending this criminal in exchange for the stated payment.\n\n~mission(Danger) ~mission(Contractor|BountyTimed)\n\n\nCONTRACT AUTHORIZED BY:\nLiaison Officer Gibbs\nID# 91G66BW0
  1525. crusader_bounty_desc_first=In an effort to increase the safety of Crusader and its environs, Crusader Security is seeking qualified individuals to assist with the collection of bounties in the area. \n\nWe have evaluated that you possess the skill set needed and as such, we would like to offer you an initial trial bounty contract for ~mission(TargetName). \n\nUpon the successful completion of this contract, you will be placed on Crusader's Authorized Operators list as well as be actively referred to the numerous security contractors in the area for any future bounty collection work as it becomes available.\n\n\nCONTRACT AUTHORIZED BY:\nLiaison Officer Bautista\nID# 948J030K
  1526. crusader_bounty_title_001=Bounty Issued For ~mission(TargetName)
  1527. crusader_bounty_title_E=Bounty Issued For ~mission(TargetName) (CS2)
  1528. crusader_bounty_title_first=Bounty Collection Authorization Assessment
  1529. crusader_bounty_title_H=Bounty Issued For ~mission(TargetName) (CS4)
  1530. crusader_bounty_title_M=Bounty Issued For ~mission(TargetName) (CS3)
  1531. crusader_bounty_title_VE=Bounty Issued For ~mission(TargetName) (CS1)
  1532. crusader_bounty_title_VH=Bounty Issued For ~mission(TargetName) (CS5)
  1533. crusader_danger_001=Our best intel indicates that you should expect to encounter extreme hostilities while completing this contract. Plan accordingly. 
  1534. crusader_danger_002=Having dealt with similar contracts in the past, I would advise bringing along as much firepower as you can muster. Hopefully you won't need it, but it never hurts to be prepared. 
  1535. crusader_danger_003=I should warn you that it is very likely that you will face armed resistance. Be ready. 
  1536. crusader_danger_004=Having dealt with similar contracts in the past, I'm suspecting that you'll meet only light resistance. A solo pilot at best, a single-seater with maybe an escort or two at worst. 
  1537. crusader_danger_005=Our best intel indicates that you should expect to encounter moderate hostile forces on this one. We're looking at possibly a small multicrew craft supported by a light to moderate escort wing. Plan accordingly. 
  1538. crusader_danger_006=I should warn you that it is very likely you will face heavy resistance - a large multicrew ship with heavy escort support. Be ready.
  1539. crusader_danger_high_001=We're expecting them to put up significant resistance and do not recommend attempting this contract alone. \n\nCREW NOTE: You are expected to staff your own combat team before embarking on this contract.\n\n
  1540. crusader_danger_high_002=Be mindful that these aren't some low tier operators you're going to be facing. They have considerable offensive capabilities at their disposal and a willingness to use them. \n\nCREW NOTE: You will likely need additional manpower if you're going to be successful.\n\n 
  1541. crusader_danger_high_003=Know that this won't be an easy assignment. Intel shows that ~mission(Client) have been greatly expanding their arsenal and they will throw just about all of it at you once they get wind of why you're there. \n\nCREW NOTE: I recommend bringing whatever backup you can muster.\n\n  
  1542. crusader_destroyprobe_desc_0001=Recent intel reports indicate that local criminal elements are operating the ~mission(Contractor|DestroyProbeAmount) around ~mission(Location) to case potential targets. \n\nSince monitors like this are designed to be unobtrusive, it makes finding them a real pain. You're going to have to sweep the area to identify the exact location of the ~mission(Contractor|DestroyProbeAmount). Once they are located, destroy them.\n\n~mission(Contractor|DestroyProbeDanger)~mission(Contractor|DestroyProbeTimed)\n\nBe aware that, outlaws tend to rig these PDC Monitors with defensive protocols to automatically back-up the data when attacked, so once you start shooting, you'll need to finish the job quickly before the transfer's completed.\n\n\nCONTRACT AUTHORIZED BY:\nLiaison Officer Gibbs\nID# 91G66BW0
  1543. crusader_destroyprobe_desc_0002=A recent routine maintenance around ~mission(Location) revealed the presence of unauthorized surveillance monitors, so you are being contracted to destroy them before any more sensitive information can be gathered. The exact placement of the ~mission(Contractor|DestroyProbeAmount) will needed to be figured out on site, as tracking them is difficult with their low EM signatures. ~mission(Contractor|DestroyProbeTimed)\n\nThese 'skimmers' are outfitted with security protocols that will trigger data transfers if they are directly attacked. Make sure that you destroy them before the upload can complete. \n\n~mission(Contractor|DestroyProbeDanger)\n\n\nCONTRACT AUTHORIZED BY:\nLiaison Officer Gibbs\nID# 91G66BW0
  1544. crusader_destroyprobe_desc_0003=After seizing some stolen data obtained during a raid, our tech team was able to track the source down to unauthorized surveillance monitors illegally installed around ~mission(Location). \n\nYou will need to find the ~mission(Contractor|DestroyProbeAmount) location and destroy them before any more data can be illicitly gathered. Passive 'Skimmers' like these typically are hard to find so be thorough. ~mission(Contractor|DestroyProbeTimed) \n\nOnce engaged, their security protocols will cause them to begin transmitting the contents of their drives. Make sure you stop the upload before it can complete. ~mission(Contractor|DestroyProbeDanger)\n\n\nCONTRACT AUTHORIZED BY:\nLiaison Officer Gibbs\nID# 91G66BW0
  1545. crusader_destroyprobe_desc_0004=I shouldn't be surprised, but it seems like these criminals keep showing more ingenuity every day. Makes you wonder what they could do if they put their mind to something worthwhile, right? \n\nThis time we caught them setting up illegal 'data skimmers' over at ~mission(Location). Who knows what kind of sensitive info they could be accessing? You will need to scan the area to locate the ~mission(Contractor|DestroyProbeAmount) which will be tricky because of their low EM and destroy them before their security override kicks in and uploads their datastores. \n\n~mission(Contractor|DestroyProbeDanger)~mission(Contractor|DestroyProbeTimed)\n\nCONTRACT AUTHORIZED BY:\nLiaison Officer Bautista\nID# 948J030K
  1546. crusader_destroyprobe_desc_0005=Bad news. We got reports of illegal 'skimmers' over by ~mission(Location). With the data collected on those things, it could lead to all sorts of trouble, so we need the ~mission(Contractor|DestroyProbeAmount) located and destroyed. \n\nEasier said than done, though.\n\nPDC monitors like this are designed to be unobtrusive, so spotting them won't be straightforward. But once you scan the area and locate them, as soon as you start attacking, it will trigger an emergency data transfer. It's important that you take them out before the upload can finish. \n\n~mission(Contractor|DestroyProbeDanger)~mission(Contractor|DestroyProbeTimed)\n\n\nCONTRACT AUTHORIZED BY:\nLiaison Officer Bautista\nID# 948J030K
  1547. crusader_destroyprobe_desc_0006=An intel report came in that some outlaws have placed 'data skimmers' around ~mission(Location) hoping to steal sensitive data. We need you to search the area locate the ~mission(Contractor|DestroyProbeAmount) and destroy them. They use a passive form of data collection so they're going to be pretty hard to spot. Make sure that you scan the area carefully to find them. On the bright side though, once you attack one, they'll light up into emergency data transfer mode. Should be real easy to see once they start transmitting. \n\nOf course, it's pretty vital that you destroy them before any data can successfully transfer. ~mission(Contractor|DestroyProbeDanger)~mission(Contractor|DestroyProbeTimed)\n\n\nCONTRACT AUTHORIZED BY:\nLiaison Officer Bautista\nID# 948J030K
  1548. crusader_destroyprobe_title_0001=Unauthorized Surveillance Detected
  1549. Crusader_from=Crusader Security
  1550. crusader_hackprevent_desc_001=Crusader Security has detected an intrusion on the data network at ~mission(Location) and we need at operative onsite to manually prevent the computer's protection software from being bypassed. \n\nThere is a strong chance that the hacker(s) will still be there. Do not get distracted with "shooting up the bad guys" or whatever other so-called heroics you contractors get tangled in. \n\nSecuring the network is your prime focus.\n\n\n\n\nCONTRACT AUTHORIZED BY:\nLiaison Officer Gibbs\nID# 91G66BW0
  1551. crusader_hackprevent_desc_002=The data network at ~mission(Location) is the active target of malicious hackers who are attempting to bypass the system's security protocols right now. \n\nThat can't happen. Get there as soon as you can and find a way to stop the network incursion.\n\n\n\n\nCONTRACT AUTHORIZED BY:\nLiaison Officer Gibbs\nID# 91G66BW0
  1552. crusader_hackprevent_desc_003=Well, this is not good. The data network over at ~mission(Location) just fired off a big ol' call for help thanks to some cryptos trying to gain access to a secure terminal.\n\nWe're going to need you to head there and put a stop to the hack before they can successfully access the system. \n\n\nCONTRACT AUTHORIZED BY:\nLiaison Officer Bautista\nID# 948J030K
  1553. crusader_hackprevent_desc_004=Crusader Security needs someone who's good with computers to hurry over to ~mission(Location) to deal with an attempted data network incursion.\n\nYou get there in time and hopefully we can stop what ever awful criminal thing they're hoping to do once the access the system.\n\nCONTRACT AUTHORIZED BY:\nLiaison Officer Bautista\nID# 948J030K
  1554. crusader_hackprevent_title_001=Secure Data Network
  1555. crusader_recover_Danger_Easy_001=Crusader Security Danger Recover Easy placeholder
  1556. crusader_recover_Danger_Hard_001=Crusader Security Danger Recover Hard placeholder
  1557. crusader_recover_Danger_Intro_001=Crusader Security Danger Recover Intro placeholder
  1558. crusader_recover_Danger_Medium_001=Crusader Security Danger Recover Medium placeholder
  1559. crusader_recover_desc_Easy_001=Crusader Security Steal Easy Description placeholder ~mission(Danger) ~mission(Contractor|RecoverIntroTimed)
  1560. crusader_recover_desc_Hard_001=Crusader Security Steal Hard Description placeholder ~mission(Danger) ~mission(Contractor|RecoverIntroTimed)
  1561. crusader_recover_desc_intro_001=Crusader Security Steal Intro Description placeholder ~mission(Danger) ~mission(Contractor|RecoverIntroTimed)
  1562. crusader_recover_desc_Medium_001=Crusader Security Steal Medium Description placeholder ~mission(Danger) ~mission(Contractor|RecoverIntroTimed)
  1563. crusader_recover_Timed_Easy_001=Crusader Security Timed Recover Easy placeholder
  1564. crusader_recover_Timed_Hard_001=Crusader Security Timed Recover Hard placeholder
  1565. crusader_recover_Timed_Intro_001=Crusader Security Timed Recover Intro placeholder
  1566. crusader_recover_Timed_Medium_001=Crusader Security Timed Recover Medium placeholder
  1567. crusader_recover_title_Easy_001=Crusader Security Danger Recover Easy placeholder
  1568. crusader_recover_title_Hard_001=Crusader Security Danger Recover Hard placeholder
  1569. crusader_recover_title_intro_001=Crusader Security Danger Recover Intro placeholder
  1570. crusader_recover_title_Medium_001=Crusader Security Danger Recover Medium placeholder
  1571. crusader_recoverspace_desc_0001=Recently, a ~mission(Item) that had been reported stolen turned up in a routine checkpoint scan aboard the ship of a suspected thief, ~mission(TargetName).\n\nWe are contracting you to hunt down ~mission(TargetName|Last), recover the lost property, and deliver it safely to ~mission(Destination) so it can be returned to its rightful owners.\n\n~mission(Contractor|RecoverSpaceTimed)~mission(Danger)\n\n\nCONTRACT AUTHORIZED BY:\nLiaison Officer Gibbs\nID# 91G66BW0
  1572. crusader_recoverspace_desc_0002=Crusader Security is in need of a security operative to locate one ~mission(TargetName). They are in possession of a stolen ~mission(Item) that we need recovered and delivered to ~mission(Destination).\n\n~mission(Contractor|RecoverSpaceTimed)~mission(Danger)\n\n\n\nCONTRACT AUTHORIZED BY:\nLiaison Officer Gibbs\nID# 91G66BW0
  1573. crusader_recoverspace_desc_0003=Great news. We got word on a stolen ~mission(Item) that everyone assumed was gone forever. Can you believe the luck?\n\nIf we act fast enough, Crusader Security is hoping to recover the property and return it. The stolen goods in question are aboard the ship of ~mission(TargetName). I'm sure with a little "persuasion" you can get the ~mission(Item) back and deliver it to ~mission(Destination).\n\n~mission(Contractor|RecoverSpaceTimed)~mission(Danger)\n\n\nCONTRACT AUTHORIZED BY:\nLiaison Officer Bautista\nID# 948J030K
  1574. crusader_recoverspace_desc_0004=I wish this happened more often, but we've actually been able to track down a stolen ~mission(Item)! Now we can return it to the good people who lost it in the first place. \n\nTurns out this real piece of work that goes by ~mission(TargetName) has the ~mission(Item) aboard their ship right now. A skilled operator should be able to hunt their ship down and return the property to ~mission(Destination).\n\n~mission(Contractor|RecoverSpaceTimed)~mission(Danger)\n\n\nCONTRACT AUTHORIZED BY:\nLiaison Officer Bautista\nID# 948J030K
  1575. crusader_recoverspace_title_0001=Larceny Restitution
  1576. crusader_sectorsweep_desc_001=The ~mission(Client) have been aggressively operating in ~mission(Location) and after their most recent attack, management authorized us to contract extra operators to head out and clear any hostiles they come across in the sector. \n\n~mission(Danger)~mission(Timed)\n\n\nCONTRACT AUTHORIZED BY:\nLiaison Officer Bautista\nID# 948J030K
  1577. crusader_sectorsweep_desc_002=The incident list for ~mission(Location) has been growing as the ~mission(Client) have increased hostile activity in the sector. \n\nIn order to stem this unfortunate trend, Crusader is seeking operators to launch an immediate counter action ASAP. Hopefully we can remove any and all threats from the area before there's any further loss of life. \n\n~mission(Danger)~mission(Timed)\n\n\nCONTRACT AUTHORIZED BY:\nLiaison Officer Bautista\nID# 948J030K
  1578. crusader_sectorsweep_desc_003=Crusader is seeking contractors to eliminate a hostile group that have been attacking ships near ~mission(Location). \n\nInitial intelligence reports indicate that the group's comprised of ~mission(Client). Wouldn't be the first time we've had problems with them either. It'll be good to have them finally cleared out from the sector.\n\n~mission(Danger)~mission(Timed)\n\n\nCONTRACT AUTHORIZED BY:\nLiaison Officer Bautista\nID# 948J030K
  1579. crusader_sectorsweep_desc_004=Trouble in ~mission(Location) has been escalating and we want it stopped before it boils over. Operators are needed to assist in clearing the ~mission(Client) out of the designated sectors. Be ready to roll out as soon as you can. \n\n~mission(Danger)~mission(Timed)\n\n\nCONTRACT AUTHORIZED BY:\nLiaison Officer Gibbs\nID# 91G66BW0
  1580. crusader_sectorsweep_desc_005=We've been having problems with the ~mission(Client) out near ~mission(Location). They've been acting like they own the place. You're gonna show them that they don't. \n\nHead over and clear them from the sector. \n\n~mission(Danger)~mission(Timed)\n\n\nCONTRACT AUTHORIZED BY:\nLiaison Officer Gibbs\nID# 91G66BW0
  1581. crusader_sectorsweep_desc_006=One of our patrol sectors at ~mission(Location) is crawling with ~mission(Client). No idea where they keep coming from, but it will be your job to shut them down. \n\nSweep through the area and neutralize any hostile threats you encounter. \n\n~mission(Danger)~mission(Timed)\n\n\nCONTRACT AUTHORIZED BY:\nLiaison Officer Gibbs\nID# 91G66BW0
  1582. crusader_sectorsweep_title_001=Eliminate ~mission(Client) Nest
  1583. crusader_sectorsweep_title_danger_high_001=Mercenary Force To Retake Territory 
  1584. crusader_timed_001=Please note as well that there is a strict deadline for completing your work. 
  1585. crusader_timed_002=Also, be mindful of the given deadline. We need everything wrapped up by then. 
  1586. crusader_timed_003=There is a strict deadline on this one. Try and see that you get the job done before then, okay? 
  1587. CThing_LocateObject=Find the pad
  1588. CThing_logofstuff=This is the log of stuff
  1589. CThing_Mission_Desc=Release ~mission(NameSave1)\nRelease ~mission(NameSave2)
  1590. CThing_Mission_Obj_1=WIP - Go to location
  1591. CThing_Mission_Obj_2_Long=WIP - Eliminate Security Forces
  1592. CThing_Mission_Obj_2_Short=Security: %Is
  1593. CThing_Mission_Obj_3_Long=Take care of them...
  1594. CThing_Mission_Obj_3_Short=Tubes: %Is
  1595. CThing_Mission_Title=WIP leak no no
  1596. CTL_GLOVES=DO NOT USE ------ (CTL) GLOVES (Add new lines for gloves below here)
  1597. CTL_HATS=DO NOT USE ------ (CTL) HATS (Add new lines for hats below here)
  1598. CTL_JACKETS=DO NOT USE ------ (CTL) JACKETS (Add new lines for jackets below here)
  1599. CTL_PANTS=DO NOT USE ------ (CTL) PANTS (Add new lines for pants below here)
  1600. CTL_SHIRTS=DO NOT USE ------  (CTL) SHIRTS (Add new lines for shirts below here)
  1601. CTL_SHOES=DO NOT USE ------ (CTL) SHOES (Add new lines for shoes below here)
  1602. CuriousMonument=Curious Monument
  1603. CurrentLoadout=Current Loadout
  1604. Darneely_Convo_Mission=I'm looking for work.
  1605. Darneely_Convo_Scrap=I've got some scrap to sell.
  1606. DataDownload_From=~mission(Contractor)
  1607. DataDownload_Mission_Waypoint=WIP Counterfeit Stations.
  1608. DataDownload_Mobi_Description=WIP I have heard you are the right person for this job, so I will cut to the chase. We have located a UEC counterfeiting station at an old wreck site. If you get to the counterfeiting station quickly, you will be able to download the UEC for yourself. They have got some guards defending the wreck site, but I'm sure you'll be able to handle it. Oh and a final heads up. I am not the only person with this information, so expect a fight.
  1609. DataDownload_Mobi_Title=WIP Counterfeit Stations.
  1610. DataDownload_Obj_LongDescription=Defeat the guards and steal from the counterfeit stations.
  1611. DataDownload_Obj_Pool=29900 / 29900
  1612. DataDownload_Obj_ShortDescription=Steal from the counterfeit stations.
  1613. DataDownload_Screen_Shutdown=Shutdown
  1614. DataDownload_Screen_Status_01=Generating
  1615. DataDownload_Screen_Status_02=Downloading 
  1616. DataDownload_Screen_Withdraw=Withdraw
  1617. Datapad_TextTest=Dont...\nLeak...\nThis...\nMission...\nPlz...
  1618. Debug_Text_Bounty_Intro_Desc=*WIP* Bounty Intro Description
  1619. Debug_Text_Bounty_Intro_Title=*WIP* Bounty Intro Title
  1620. Debug_Text_Collect=*WIP* Collect
  1621. Debug_Text_Destroy=*WIP* Destroy
  1622. Debug_Text_DestroyCargo_Description=*WIP* Destroy Cargo Description
  1623. Debug_Text_DestroyCargo_Objective_01_Long=*WIP* Go to the location where the communication device was spotted
  1624. Debug_Text_DestroyCargo_Objective_01_Short=*WIP* Go to Location
  1625. Debug_Text_DestroyCargo_Objective_02_Long=*WIP* Destroy the communication device to prevent any more encoded messages to pass through
  1626. Debug_Text_DestroyCargo_Objective_02_Marker=*WIP* Communication Device
  1627. Debug_Text_DestroyCargo_Objective_02_Short=*WIP* Destroy the device
  1628. Debug_Text_DestroyCargo_Title=*WIP* Destroy Cargo Title
  1629. Debug_Text_DropOff=*WIP* Drop off
  1630. Debug_Text_EnterVehicle=*WIP* Enter Vehicle
  1631. Debug_Text_GoTo=*WIP* Go to
  1632. Debug_Text_Interact=*WIP* Interact
  1633. Debug_Text_Investigate=*WIP* Investigate
  1634. Debug_Text_Mission_Title_001=*WIP* Retrieve Stolen Cargo
  1635. Debug_Text_Mission_Title_002=*WIP* Find Missing Rover
  1636. Debug_Text_PickUp=*WIP* Pick up
  1637. Debug_Text_PlantExplosives_Desc=*WIP* Plant Explosives Description
  1638. Debug_Text_PlantExplosives_Obj_01_Long=*WIP* Head over to the outpost and collect the explosive devices
  1639. Debug_Text_PlantExplosives_Obj_01_Marker=*WIP* Collect Explosive
  1640. Debug_Text_PlantExplosives_Obj_01_Short=*WIP* Head to Outpost
  1641. Debug_Text_PlantExplosives_Obj_02_Long=*WIP* Take the explosives to Covalex Shipping Hub to plant them inside.
  1642. Debug_Text_PlantExplosives_Obj_02_Short=*WIP* Go To Covalex
  1643. Debug_Text_PlantExplosives_Obj_03_Long=*WIP* Place the explosive at the location marked in the station
  1644. Debug_Text_PlantExplosives_Obj_03_Short=*WIP* Place Explosive
  1645. Debug_Text_PlantExplosives_Title=*WIP* Plant Explosives Title
  1646. Debug_Text_Protect=*WIP* Protect
  1647. Debug_Text_RemoveExplosives_Desc=*WIP* Remove Explosives Description
  1648. Debug_Text_RemoveExplosives_Obj_01_Long=*WIP* Head over to Covalex where there has been reports of explosives planted within the cargo
  1649. Debug_Text_RemoveExplosives_Obj_01_Short=*WIP* Head to Covalex
  1650. Debug_Text_RemoveExplosives_Obj_02_Long=*WIP* Locate and remove all cargo that appears to be explosive. Listen out for anything different when inspecting the cargo
  1651. Debug_Text_RemoveExplosives_Obj_02_Short=*WIP* Locate and remove explosive cargo
  1652. Debug_Text_RemoveExplosives_Title=*WIP* Remove Explosives Title
  1653. Debug_Text_Talk=*WIP* Talk
  1654. Delamar=Delamar
  1655. Delamar_Desc=A moon-sized asteroid hidden deep within a thick cluster. Anti-UEE activists, political radicals and criminals now occupy Levski, a deserted mining facility built inside this asteroid.
  1656. Delamar_Levski=Levski
  1657. Delamar_Levski_Desc=This mining facility was abandoned for years before UEE refugees took up residence. Dedicated to creating an egalitarian society, this group of activists wanted to build the kind of community that the Messers had taken away. Levski has evolved into a self-sustaining port of political activists and those wishing to escape the eye of the Empire.
  1658. DelantyWIP_024=~mission(TitleDescription|Title)
  1659. DelantyWIP_025=~mission(TitleDescription|Description)
  1660. Delivery_DeepSpace=Deep Space Delivery
  1661. delivery_description=~mission(Contractor|DeliveryDescription)
  1662. delivery_from=~mission(Contractor|DeliveryFrom)
  1663. delivery_generic_dropoff_obj_display_01=Deliver ~mission(Item) to ~mission(Destination)
  1664. delivery_generic_dropoff_obj_long_01=Deliver ~mission(Item) to ~mission(Destination).
  1665. delivery_generic_dropoff_obj_marker_01=Delivery Drop Off
  1666. delivery_generic_dropoff_obj_short_01=Deliver To ~mission(Destination).
  1667. delivery_generic_pickup_obj_display_01=Pick Up ~mission(Item) From ~mission(Location)
  1668. delivery_generic_pickup_obj_long_01=Pick up the ~mission(Item) from ~mission(Location).
  1669. delivery_generic_pickup_obj_marker_01=Pick Up
  1670. delivery_generic_pickup_obj_marker_03=~mission(Item)
  1671. delivery_generic_pickup_obj_short_01=Pick Up ~mission(Item)
  1672. delivery_holiday_description=~mission(Contractor|DeliveryHolidayDescription)
  1673. delivery_holiday_title=~mission(Contractor|DeliveryHolidayTitle)
  1674. Delivery_Interplanetary=Interplanetary Delivery
  1675. Delivery_Interstellar=Interstellar Delivery
  1676. Delivery_Local=Local Delivery
  1677. delivery_obj_long_01=Go to ~mission(Location) to pick up shipment.
  1678. delivery_obj_long_02=Pick up the shipment.
  1679. delivery_obj_long_03=Deliver shipment to ~mission(Destination).
  1680. delivery_obj_marker_01=Pickup Site
  1681. delivery_obj_marker_02=Shipment
  1682. delivery_obj_marker_03=Delivery Drop Off
  1683. delivery_obj_short_01=Go To Pickup Site
  1684. delivery_obj_short_02=Pick Up Shipment
  1685. delivery_obj_short_03=Deliver Shipment
  1686. Delivery_Tag_Courier=Courier
  1687. Delivery_Tag_Data=Data
  1688. Delivery_Tag_Haulage=Haulage
  1689. Delivery_Tag_LightGoods=Light Goods
  1690. delivery_title=~mission(Contractor|DeliveryTitle)
  1691. deploypiggyback_danger_0001=There's a lot of people who won't be happy if they found out about this. Some of them might even try to stop you. Don't let them. 
  1692. deploypiggyback_danger_0002=And, if I'm gonna be honest, wouldn't be surprised at all if you caught some heat on this. Be ready for it. 
  1693. deploypiggyback_danger_0003=Make sure you stay sharpish. People might be gunning for you if they figure out what you are up to. 
  1694. deploypiggyback_danger_0004=Now I don't know if it's true, but word is there might be some trouble on the gig. Take that for what it's worth. 
  1695. deploypiggyback_danger_0005=Definitely bring some guns too. 
  1696. deploypiggyback_desc=~mission(Description)
  1697. deploypiggyback_desc_0001=Need to get ears up over at ~mission(Destination). If you grab the ~mission(Item) from ~mission(Location), ~mission(Client) will pay you to set it up nearby the target. ~mission(Danger)
  1698. deploypiggyback_desc_0002=Been hearing some rumblings from ~mission(Destination) that the ~mission(Client) aren't too happy about. They're looking to confirm with a ~mission(Item). Luckily, there's one ready to be dropped at ~mission(Location). Grab the ~mission(Item), set it up in range, and the credits are yours. ~mission(Danger)
  1699. deploypiggyback_desc_0003=Gonna need a ~mission(Item) dropped by ~mission(Destination) if someone's got the time. This is a ~mission(Client) gig, so no messing about, okay? Oh, one more thing. ~mission(Danger)Have fun.
  1700. deploypiggyback_desc_0004=Here's the job. Pick up a ~mission(Item) from ~mission(Location). Drop it off at ~mission(Destination). Pay on completion. No questions.
  1701. deploypiggyback_desc_0005=So, here's the deal. ~mission(Client) need a bit of work done and are willing to pay for it to get done right. Regs are simple. Go to ~mission(Location) and snag a ~mission(Item). Take it over to ~mission(Destination) and drop it off. The ~mission(Item)'ll do the rest and you get paid. Simple, right? ~mission(Danger)
  1702. deploypiggyback_desc_0006=The ~mission(Client) are cookin' up something juicy, but need a little extra intel, i.e. they need a ~mission(Item) placed at ~mission(Destination). As far as supplies go, the ~mission(Item) will be waiting for you to grab at ~mission(Location). You just need to provide transport. ~mission(Danger)
  1703. deploypiggyback_from=~mission(Contractor)
  1704. deploypiggyback_obj_long_01=Go to ~mission(Location) to pick up ~mission(Item).
  1705. deploypiggyback_obj_long_02=Pick up the ~mission(Item).
  1706. deploypiggyback_obj_long_03=Go to ~mission(Destination) to deploy the ~mission(Item).
  1707. deploypiggyback_obj_long_04=Deploy and active the ~mission(Item).
  1708. deploypiggyback_obj_marker_01=Pickup Site
  1709. deploypiggyback_obj_marker_03=Deploy Site
  1710. deploypiggyback_obj_short_01=Go to Pickup Site
  1711. deploypiggyback_obj_short_02=Pick Up the Piggyback
  1712. deploypiggyback_obj_short_03=Go To Deploy Site
  1713. deploypiggyback_obj_short_04=Deploy the Piggyback
  1714. deploypiggyback_obj_short_04a=Piggyback
  1715. deploypiggyback_title=~mission(Title)
  1716. deploypiggyback_title_0001=Lend Me An Ear
  1717. deploypiggyback_title_0002=Intel Gathering
  1718. deploypiggyback_title_0003=Piggyback Ride
  1719. deploypiggyback_title_0004=Dropping Some Eaves
  1720. deploypiggyback_title_0005=Whispers
  1721. deploypiggyback_title_0006=Deploy Piggyback
  1722. deployprobe_danger_0001=Please note, the ~mission(Contractor) is not liable for any hostile contacts you may encounter during the duration of this contract. 
  1723. deployprobe_danger_0002=Unfortunately, the deployment area has been known to be frequented by hostiles. Extreme caution is advised. 
  1724. deployprobe_danger_0003=In the interest of full disclosure, some of our past contractors have run into outlaws and the like during similar operations, but there's no reason to expect such difficulties here. 
  1725. deployprobe_danger_0004=We have been advised by local security that outlaws have been known to operate in the vicinity. Please use caution. 
  1726. deployprobe_desc=~mission(Contractor|DeployProbeDescription)
  1727. deployprobe_desc_0001=The ~mission(Contractor) is looking to gather more data from ~mission(Destination). To assist in this endeavor, we are seeking a contractor to deploy a ~mission(Item) there. ~mission(Contractor|DeployProbeDanger)
  1728. deployprobe_desc_0002=To further the ~mission(Contractor)'s understanding of the system, we are hoping to have a ~mission(Item) deployed to help gather information. After picking the ~mission(Item) up from ~mission(Location), you will be responsible for transporting it to ~mission(Destination|Address) and activating it. ~mission(Contractor|DeployProbeDanger)
  1729. deployprobe_desc_0003=We have a ~mission(Item) waiting at ~mission(Location) to be collected. You will then transport and deploy the ~mission(Item) at ~mission(Destination|Address). ~mission(Contractor|DeployProbeDanger) Any contractors interested in assisting us with this task should let the ~mission(Contractor) know at your earliest convenience.
  1730. deployprobe_desc_0004=Recently, our long-range sensors picked up some anomalous readings from ~mission(Destination|Address). To better understand them, the ~mission(Contractor) is hiring a contractor to deploy a ~mission(Item) on site. ~mission(Contractor|DeployProbeDanger)
  1731. deployprobe_from=~mission(Contractor)
  1732. deployprobe_obj_long_01=Go to ~mission(Location) to pick up ~mission(Item).
  1733. deployprobe_obj_long_02=Pick up the ~mission(Item).
  1734. deployprobe_obj_long_03=Go to ~mission(Destination) to deploy the ~mission(Item).
  1735. deployprobe_obj_long_04=Deploy and activate the ~mission(Item).
  1736. deployprobe_obj_long_05=Defend the ~mission(Item) and prevent the enemies from destroying it - WIP
  1737. deployprobe_obj_marker_01=Pickup Site
  1738. deployprobe_obj_marker_01a=Speak to Admin Clerk - WIP
  1739. deployprobe_obj_marker_01b=Collect - WIP
  1740. deployprobe_obj_marker_03=Deploy Site
  1741. deployprobe_obj_short_01=Go To Pick Up Site
  1742. deployprobe_obj_short_02=Pick Up the Probe
  1743. deployprobe_obj_short_03=Go To Deploy Site
  1744. deployprobe_obj_short_04=Deploy the Probe
  1745. deployprobe_obj_short_04a=Probe
  1746. deployprobe_obj_short_05=Defend the ~mission(Item)
  1747. deployprobe_title=~mission(Contractor|DeployProbeTitle)
  1748. deployprobe_title_0001=Research Assistance
  1749. deployprobe_title_0002=Probe Deployment
  1750. deployprobe_title_0003=Research Scan Help
  1751. deployprobe_title_0004=Collect and Deploy Probe
  1752. Derelict_CleanUp_desc=Our company offers authentic scavenger experiences for the whole family to feel like a genuine scavenger. \nHowever, one of our derelicts seems to have been taken over by _actual_ scavengers and needs to be cleaned up before our next tour. \nCare to have a look at it? 
  1753. Derelict_CleanUp_from=Stanton Experience Tours, Ltd.
  1754. Derelict_CleanUp_Marker=Derelict
  1755. Derelict_CleanUp_Objective_01=Get to the derelict
  1756. Derelict_CleanUp_Objective_02=Neutralize threats
  1757. Derelict_CleanUp_title=Derelict "preparation" required
  1758. destroyblade_desc=~mission(Contractor|DestroyBladeDescription)
  1759. destroyblade_from=~mission(Contractor|DestroyBladeFrom)
  1760. destroyblade_marker_01=~mission(Item)
  1761. destroyblade_marker_obj_01=Potential Decryption Site
  1762. destroyblade_marker_subobj_01=Last Known Location
  1763. destroyblade_obj_long_01=Destroy the ~mission(Item) to prevent it from being decrypted.
  1764. destroyblade_obj_short_01=Destroy Prototype
  1765. destroyblade_obj_time=Upload Time Remaining: %ls
  1766. destroyblade_obj_time_dest=Self Destruct Time Remaining: %ls
  1767. destroyblade_subobj_long_01=Travel to ~mission(Location) and attempt to locate the Prototype.
  1768. destroyblade_subobj_long_02=Restart the satellite's internal control system to track the ~mission(Item).
  1769. destroyblade_subobj_long_03=Stop the ~mission(Item) from being decrypted.
  1770. destroyblade_subobj_marker_01=~mission(Location)
  1771. destroyblade_subobj_marker_02=Restart Satellite
  1772. destroyblade_subobj_marker_03=Destroy Prototype
  1773. destroyblade_subobj_short_01=Travel to ~mission(Location)
  1774. destroyblade_subobj_short_02=Restart Satellite's Internal System
  1775. destroyblade_subobj_short_03=Stop Decryption
  1776. destroyblade_title=~mission(Contractor|DestroyBladeTitle)
  1777. DestroyDebris_Desc_001=Reports of a satellite are falling to the planet's surface! We need you to break this satellite up into smaller debris pieces to lower the amount of damage
  1778. DestroyDebris_From_001=Some Guy
  1779. DestroyDebris_Objective_Long_001=Go to the known location of the satellite falling to the planet
  1780. DestroyDebris_Objective_Long_002=Destroy the satellite before it hits the surface
  1781. DestroyDebris_Objective_Short_001=Go to Satellite location
  1782. DestroyDebris_Objective_Short_002=Destroy Satellite
  1783. DestroyDebris_Title_001=Destroy Satellite Debris
  1784. DestroyObj_Text_Long=Go and Rendevous at Port Olisar Station
  1785. DestroyObj_Text_Marker=Rendevouz
  1786. DestroyObj_Text_Short=Rendezvous At Olisar
  1787. destroyprobe_desc=~mission(Contractor|DestroyProbeDescription)
  1788. destroyprobe_from=~mission(Contractor|DestroyProbeFrom)
  1789. destroyprobe_illegal_UI=Skimmers Destroyed %ls
  1790. destroyprobe_illegal_UI_Timer=Upload in %ls
  1791. destroyprobe_legal_UI=Monitors Destroyed %ls
  1792. destroyprobe_obj_long_01=Go to where the ~mission(Contractor|DestroyProbeAmount) gather data at ~mission(Location).
  1793. destroyprobe_obj_long_02=Scan the area and destroy the ~mission(Contractor|DestroyProbeAmount) before any data finishes transferring.
  1794. destroyprobe_obj_marker_01=Monitor
  1795. destroyprobe_obj_marker_01a=Destroy
  1796. destroyprobe_obj_marker_02=Uploading Data
  1797. destroyprobe_obj_short_01=Go To ~mission(Location)
  1798. destroyprobe_obj_short_02=Destroy All Monitors Before Upload
  1799. destroyprobe_probe_0001=PDC Monitor
  1800. destroyprobe_probe_0002=two monitors
  1801. destroyprobe_probe_0003=three monitors
  1802. destroyprobe_probe_0004=four monitors
  1803. destroyprobe_probe_0005=five monitors
  1804. destroyprobe_probe_0006=six monitors
  1805. destroyprobe_probe_0007=seven monitors
  1806. destroyprobe_probe_0008=eight monitors
  1807. destroyprobe_probe_0009=nine monitors
  1808. destroyprobe_probe_0010=ten monitors
  1809. destroyprobe_title=~mission(Contractor|DestroyProbeTitle)
  1810. destroyprobeillegal_danger_0001=You might run into resistance on this. Security really don't like these things taken offline. 
  1811. destroyprobeillegal_danger_0002=If I were you, I'd approach cautiously. You never know who else might be out there. 
  1812. destroyprobeillegal_danger_0003=Just a head's up, sometimes they post up some security to guard these things. So bring a gun... or five. 
  1813. destroyprobeillegal_danger_0004=There's a chance you'll run into trouble, but that's part of the fun, right? 
  1814. destroyprobeillegal_danger_0005=Watch your back, though. Security gets all worked up when these things get messed with. 
  1815. destroyprobeillegal_desc=~mission(Contractor|DestroyProbeDescription)
  1816. destroyprobeillegal_desc_0001=The ~mission(Contractor|Name) are fed up with their ops getting busted near ~mission(Location|Address). Turns out, there's ~mission(Contractor|DestroyProbeAmount) in the area listening in on everything we do. No wonder they keep getting busted. Take care of the problem for them and there's a nice little payday waiting. \n\nJust know that you'll need to scan the area since PDC Monitors like this are a pain in the ass to find and they're programmed to package up their data once they're hit, so knock 'em out quick. ~mission(Contractor|DestroyProbeTimed)~mission(Contractor|DestroyProbeDanger)
  1817. destroyprobeillegal_desc_0002=The area around ~mission(Location|Address) has become a huge headache for some associates of mine since security's listening in on anything said or done out there. The ~mission(Contractor|Name) found ~mission(Contractor|DestroyProbeAmount) nearby and need someone special to go hunt down these sneaky little PDC Monitors. They're a real pain in the ass to find, but having to scan the area for them's only half the problem. \n\nOnce you take a shot, boom, they're programmed to shut down and upload their data back to Cru-Sec Central. You gotta blast them to bits before they finish. ~mission(Contractor|DestroyProbeTimed)~mission(Contractor|DestroyProbeDanger)
  1818. destroyprobeillegal_desc_0003=Interested in a little target practice? Head over to ~mission(Location|Address) and turn security's bloody annoying spy monitors into scrap. There's ~mission(Contractor|DestroyProbeAmount) out there and nobody's been able to find the stupid things either since they barely put out a sig while they're collecting data. \n\nAnyway, the entire situation has been particularly frustrating for the ~mission(Contractor|Name), which is why they're paying for someone to scan the area and eliminate the threat. ~mission(Contractor|DestroyProbeTimed)~mission(Contractor|DestroyProbeDanger)One last thing, they're rigged to dump their data when they're shot, so kill 'em quick.
  1819. destroyprobeillegal_desc_0004=Not sure if you've heard the rumors but arrests have spiked around ~mission(Location|Address). security's showing up at jobs and sweeping everybody to the clink. Weren't dumb luck either. Cru-Sec was waiting for them. So, I did a little recon and discovered ~mission(Contractor|DestroyProbeAmount) surveilling the area. Plenty of people, including the ~mission(Contractor|Name), want this inconvenience eliminated. ~mission(Contractor|DestroyProbeTimed)\n\nI can guarantee good creds and my eternal gratitude if you do it. Hunt down the PDC Monitors by scanning for wherever they're hiding, and attack hard and fast before they get a chance to upload any data they've collected. Once they're gone, we can all get back to good, ol' fashioned criminalizing. ~mission(Contractor|DestroyProbeDanger)
  1820. destroyprobeillegal_desc_0005=You been by ~mission(Location|Address) recently? ~mission(Contractor|Name) told me that security set up ~mission(Contractor|DestroyProbeAmount) to spy on anyone passing by. I'm not against a little law and order, that's what makes the game the game, but this goes too far. Let's just say that I'm not the only one who shares this sentiment. ~mission(Contractor|Name) are even paying to restore the balance. \n\nThese PDC Monitors are a pain to find so you'll need to scan the area. Plus, when you engage, you'll need to destroy them before they finish uploading all the dirt they've scraped up. ~mission(Contractor|DestroyProbeDanger)~mission(Contractor|DestroyProbeTimed)
  1821. destroyprobeillegal_desc_0006=Security thinks they're so smart. They set up ~mission(Contractor|DestroyProbeAmount) near ~mission(Location|Address) to gather intel on the ~mission(Contractor|Name). Didn't take long before someone figured it out. So, feel like getting paid to literally blow up their stupid scheme? All you got to do is be the one to actually scan the area to find where the PDC Monitors are hiding and take 'em out. \n\n~mission(Contractor|DestroyProbeTimed)~mission(Contractor|DestroyProbeDanger)Another thing to keep in mind, these things are wired to protect the info they're pulling, so once you shoot, you gotta destroy them all before they can dump all their data back to Crusader.
  1822. destroyprobeillegal_from=~mission(Contractor)
  1823. destroyprobeillegal_marker_02a=Skimmer
  1824. destroyprobeillegal_obj_long_01=Go to ~mission(Location) where ~mission(Contractor|DestroyProbeAmount) are gathering data.
  1825. destroyprobeillegal_obj_long_02=Scan the area to locate and destroy the ~mission(Contractor|DestroyProbeAmount) before they can transfer their data.
  1826. destroyprobeillegal_obj_long_02a=Destroy the data skimmer.
  1827. destroyprobeillegal_obj_marker_01=Destroy Skimmers
  1828. destroyprobeillegal_obj_short_01=Go To ~mission(Location)
  1829. destroyprobeillegal_obj_short_02=Scan To Locate & Destroy Skimmers
  1830. destroyprobeillegal_obj_short_02a=Destroy Skimmer
  1831. destroyprobeillegal_probe_0001=a data skimmer
  1832. destroyprobeillegal_probe_0002=two data skimmers
  1833. destroyprobeillegal_probe_0003=three data skimmers
  1834. destroyprobeillegal_probe_0004=four data skimmers
  1835. destroyprobeillegal_probe_0005=five data skimmers
  1836. destroyprobeillegal_probe_0006=six data skimmers
  1837. destroyprobeillegal_probe_0007=seven data skimmers
  1838. destroyprobeillegal_probe_0008=eight data skimmers
  1839. destroyprobeillegal_probe_0009=nine data skimmers
  1840. destroyprobeillegal_probe_0010=ten data skimmers
  1841. destroyprobeillegal_timed_0001=No one's pulling any other jobs until you complete this gig, so get it done as soon as possible. 
  1842. destroyprobeillegal_timed_0002=The clock's ticking on this one. 
  1843. destroyprobeillegal_timed_0003=Finish this fast, but don't be dumb about it. Got it? 
  1844. destroyprobeillegal_timed_0004=Really need someone to do this. Like now. 
  1845. destroyprobeillegal_timed_0005=This one can't wait. Bump it to the top of your list. 
  1846. destroyprobeillegal_title=~mission(Contractor|DestroyProbeTitle)
  1847. destroyprobeillegal_title_0001=Sound of Silence
  1848. destroyprobeillegal_title_0002=Wire Cutter
  1849. destroyprobeillegal_title_0003=Peeping Toms
  1850. destroyprobeillegal_title_0004=Deaf & Dumb
  1851. destroyprobeillegal_title_0005=Blackout
  1852. destroyprobelegal_danger_0001=There's a good chance that whoever's responsible might be in the area, so be careful. 
  1853. destroyprobelegal_danger_0002=Intel suggests that the outlaws will come after anyone who messes with their property, so be prepared. 
  1854. destroyprobelegal_danger_0003=This contract has a high risk of combat, so plan accordingly. 
  1855. destroyprobelegal_danger_0004=Chance of hostile contact is very high. 
  1856. destroyprobelegal_danger_0005=You should expect hostile resistance when you're out there. 
  1857. destroyprobelegal_desc=~mission(Contractor|DestroyProbeDescription)
  1858. destroyprobelegal_desc_0001=We've received intel from ~mission(Contractor|DestroyProbeInformant) that local criminal elements are operating ~mission(Contractor|DestroyProbeAmount) around ~mission(Location|Address) to eavesdrop on security forces. As such, authorization has been given to enlist private contractors to help eliminate these devices.  You'll need to carefully scan the area once you arrive to identify the exact location of the ~mission(Contractor|DestroyProbeAmount). Since they passively skim information, they can be tricky to find.\n\n~mission(Contractor|DestroyProbeTimed)~mission(Contractor|DestroyProbeDanger)\n\nWord of warning, outlaws tend to rig these PDC Monitors with defensive protocols to automatically back up the data when attacked, so once you start shooting, you'll need to destroy them all quickly before the transfer can finish.
  1859. destroyprobelegal_desc_0002=Independent combat operators are needed to eliminate unauthorized surveillance monitors placed around ~mission(Location|Address). According to the initial report, ~mission(Contractor|DestroyProbeInformant) has identified ~mission(Contractor|DestroyProbeAmount) intercepting data. Scanning the area for their location might be difficult since they have such low EM signatures, but they must be found and destroyed before sensitive intel is leaked. \n\n~mission(Contractor|DestroyProbeTimed)These 'skimmers' are outfitted with data security protocols. They will begin transferring the data they've gathered when threatened, so operators will need to destroy them before the upload is allowed to complete. ~mission(Contractor|DestroyProbeDanger)
  1860. destroyprobelegal_desc_0003=We've received reports that criminal elements have installed ~mission(Contractor|DestroyProbeAmount) around ~mission(Location|Address) to spy on the area. Thankfully, we've finally been given the green light to hire combat operators to attack and destroy these systems. That's where you come in. \n\nYou will need to scan the area to find the PDC Monitors' location before the data illicitly gathered can be uploaded. The 'skimmers' will be in their passive data collection mode when you arrive making the search for them difficult, but know that once attacked, they will begin transmitting the contents of their drives. ~mission(Contractor|DestroyProbeDanger)~mission(Contractor|DestroyProbeTimed)
  1861. destroyprobelegal_desc_0004=We are looking for experienced combat pilots to assist in the destruction of illegal surveillance systems that have been appearing in the sector. ~mission(Contractor|DestroyProbeTimed)These outlaw 'skimmers' have contributed to the deaths of security personnel as well as civilians by providing local criminals with intel about security movements and deployments. \n\nYou will be tasked with scanning the area around ~mission(Location|Address) where ~mission(Contractor|DestroyProbeInformant) has indicated that you'll find ~mission(Contractor|DestroyProbeAmount) in operation. They will be well hidden thanks to their minimal power output. However, once engaged, these monitors will cease being covert and begin to upload their contents. You must destroy them before they complete the transfer otherwise highly sensitive data may be lost. ~mission(Contractor|DestroyProbeDanger)
  1862. destroyprobelegal_desc_0005=Outlaw groups have been using ~mission(Contractor|DestroyProbeAmount) to spy on security forces by skimming data transmitted to and from ~mission(Location|Address). We are now actively seeking combat pilots to find and destroy these unauthorized 'skimmers.' ~mission(Contractor|DestroyProbeTimed)Know that it'll be difficult to hunt for their exact location since the monitors are design to only emit the barest of signatures and you may need to preform a thorough scan of the area. \n\nYou are to travel to the area, locate and then destroy all outlaw devices before any more innocent lives are lost. These PDC Monitors are outfitted with a failsafe program that will upload all data when attacked, so you will need to act before this process can complete. ~mission(Contractor|DestroyProbeDanger)
  1863. destroyprobelegal_desc_0006=Combat pilots wanted to track and destroy unauthorized surveillance monitors. ~mission(Contractor|DestroyProbeTimed)These outlaw PDC monitors are a threat to public safety and must be eliminated. You will find ~mission(Contractor|DestroyProbeAmount) near ~mission(Location|Address), but the exact placement remains unknown at this time. Only a careful on-site scan will be able to reveal exactly where these monitors are gathering intel. \n\nOur Security Officers have noted that the devices will start uploading their contents when attacked. We cannot let this data fall into criminal hands, so make sure you destroy them quickly. ~mission(Contractor|DestroyProbeDanger)
  1864. destroyprobelegal_from=~mission(Contractor)
  1865. destroyprobelegal_informant_0001=a good citizen
  1866. destroyprobelegal_informant_0002=an anonymous source
  1867. destroyprobelegal_informant_0003=a local informant
  1868. destroyprobelegal_informant_0004=one of our CI's
  1869. destroyprobelegal_marker_02a=Monitor
  1870. destroyprobelegal_obj_long_01=Go to ~mission(Location) where outlaws are gathering data with ~mission(Contractor|DestroyProbeAmount).
  1871. destroyprobelegal_obj_long_02=Scan the area to locate and destroy ~mission(Contractor|DestroyProbeAmount) before they can transfer their data.
  1872. destroyprobelegal_obj_long_02_Timer=Destroy before data upload %ls
  1873. destroyprobelegal_obj_long_02a=Destroy the PDC Monitor.
  1874. destroyprobelegal_obj_marker_01=Destroy Monitors
  1875. destroyprobelegal_obj_short_01=Go To ~mission(Location)
  1876. destroyprobelegal_obj_short_02=Destroy All Monitors Before Upload
  1877. destroyprobelegal_obj_short_02a=Destroy Monitor
  1878. destroyprobelegal_probe_0001=a PDC Monitor
  1879. destroyprobelegal_probe_0002=two monitors
  1880. destroyprobelegal_probe_0003=three monitors
  1881. destroyprobelegal_probe_0004=four monitors
  1882. destroyprobelegal_probe_0005=five monitors
  1883. destroyprobelegal_probe_0006=six monitors
  1884. destroyprobelegal_probe_0007=seven monitors
  1885. destroyprobelegal_probe_0008=eight monitors
  1886. destroyprobelegal_probe_0009=nine monitors
  1887. destroyprobelegal_probe_0010=ten monitors
  1888. destroyprobelegal_timed_0001=This is priority contract so you'll need to resolve this quickly. 
  1889. destroyprobelegal_timed_0002=The higher-ups are desperate to get this problem resolved. You'll need to move quickly on this. 
  1890. destroyprobelegal_timed_0003=Every second these things are active it puts people in danger, so if accepted, you'll be working on a clock. 
  1891. destroyprobelegal_timed_0004=Make sure you're schedule's free. This has to be handled now. 
  1892. destroyprobelegal_timed_0005=Time is of the essence, so move quickly. 
  1893. destroyprobelegal_title=~mission(Contractor|DestroyProbeTitle)
  1894. destroyprobelegal_title_0001=Security Threat
  1895. destroyprobelegal_title_0002=Unauthorized Surveillance
  1896. destroyprobelegal_title_0003=Combat Pilots Needed
  1897. destroyprobelegal_title_0004=Search and Destroy
  1898. destroyprobelegal_title_0005=Local Security Threat
  1899. destroystash_desc=~mission(Contractor|DestroyStashDescription)
  1900. destroystash_from=~mission(Contractor|DestroyStashFrom)
  1901. destroystash_obj_long_01=Destroy entirity of the llegal narcotics stash stored at ~mission(UGFDestination).
  1902. destroystash_obj_marker_01=Narcotics
  1903. destroystash_obj_short_01=Destroy Narcotics
  1904. destroystash_remaining_objective=Remaining Narcotics: %ls
  1905. destroystash_subobj_long_01=Travel to ~mission(UGFDestination) and locate narcotics stash.
  1906. destroystash_subobj_marker_01=Stash
  1907. destroystash_subobj_short_01=Go To Stash
  1908. destroystash_title=~mission(Contractor|DestroyStashTitle)
  1909. dfm_ac_ctc_EnemyBase=Enemy Base
  1910. dfm_ac_ctc_EnemyCore=Enemy Core
  1911. dfm_ac_ctc_HomeBase=Home Base
  1912. dfm_ac_ctc_HomeCore=Home Core
  1913. dfm_ac_tut_button00=[DEBUG] When on foot push [~action(player|xi_movey)] in the direction you wish to walk.<b></b>
  1914. dfm_ac_tut_message00=[DEBUG] Hello [~action(spaceship_hud|v_hud_confirm,?)]  capers ~image(Joypad_A.png|64|64)] world [~action(spaceship_hud|v_hud_confirm)]
  1915. dfm_ac_ui_AutoJoinWarning_param_param=Automatically joining the match in %i %s
  1916. dfm_ac_ui_BusyButton=NOT READY
  1917. dfm_ac_ui_BusyTooltip=You are READY
  1918. dfm_ac_ui_ButtonBack=RETURN
  1919. dfm_ac_ui_ButtonQuit=EXIT MENU
  1920. dfm_ac_ui_canceled_by_host_message=Match canceled by host
  1921. dfm_ac_ui_canceled_by_service_message=Match canceled by service
  1922. dfm_ac_ui_ChatMessageHost= is now the host
  1923. dfm_ac_ui_ChatMessageJoin= has joined the lobby.
  1924. dfm_ac_ui_ChatMessageKick= has been kicked from the lobby.
  1925. dfm_ac_ui_ChatMessageLeft= has left the lobby.
  1926. dfm_ac_ui_ConnectionPopUpButtonBackward=CANCEL
  1927. dfm_ac_ui_ConnectionPopUpButtonForward=JOIN
  1928. dfm_ac_ui_DomainMatchTypeButtonBack=RETURN
  1929. dfm_ac_ui_DomainMatchTypeButtonDesc1=Fly a custom mission with your friends or with thousands of potential friends and foes connected via Aciedo CommRelay.
  1930. dfm_ac_ui_DomainMatchTypeButtonDesc2=Hone your skills versus cutting-edge drone programs.
  1931. dfm_ac_ui_DomainMatchTypeButtonDesc3=Report for Flight Training in this Original Systems training module
  1932. dfm_ac_ui_DomainMatchTypeButtonExit=EXIT SIM
  1933. dfm_ac_ui_DomainMatchTypeButtonText1=SPECTRUM MATCH
  1934. dfm_ac_ui_DomainMatchTypeButtonText2=DRONE SIM
  1935. dfm_ac_ui_DomainMatchTypeButtonText3=BASIC FLIGHT TRAINING
  1936. dfm_ac_ui_DomainMatchTypeScreenDesc=Welcome to Arena Commander. Choose below to connect with other pilots or battle drone opponents.
  1937. dfm_ac_ui_DomainMatchTypescreenDescription=Choose below to connect with other pilots or battle drone opponents.
  1938. dfm_ac_ui_DomainMatchTypeScreenName=ARENA COMMANDER
  1939. dfm_ac_ui_DroneSimMatchSetupButtonBack=RETURN
  1940. dfm_ac_ui_DroneSimMatchSetupButtonStart=LAUNCH
  1941. dfm_ac_ui_DroneSimMatchSetupScreenDesc=Set your mission parameters and get fighting, pilot.
  1942. dfm_ac_ui_DroneSimMatchSetupScreenName=DRONE SIM MAIN MENU
  1943. dfm_ac_ui_DroneSimMatchSetupSettingsLabel=Game Settings
  1944. dfm_ac_ui_EALoadingAnimName=_ARENACMDR.EAP
  1945. dfm_ac_ui_ExitPopUpButtonBack=CANCEL
  1946. dfm_ac_ui_ExitPopUpButtonForward=YES
  1947. dfm_ac_ui_ExitPopUpDesc=ARE YOU SURE YOU WANT TO EXIT?
  1948. dfm_ac_ui_GameModeDesc_Multiplayer=Various online game modes with up to 16 pilots.
  1949. dfm_ac_ui_GameModeDesc_Private=Custom and private unranked matches.
  1950. dfm_ac_ui_GameModeDesc_Singleplayer=Offline play to practice your dogfighting and racing skills.
  1951. dfm_ac_ui_GameSelectionButtonDesc1=Play Arena Commander
  1952. dfm_ac_ui_GameSelectionButtonDesc2=Play Star Marine
  1953. dfm_ac_ui_GameSelectionButtonText1=ARENA COMMANDER
  1954. dfm_ac_ui_GameSelectionButtonText2=STAR MARINE
  1955. dfm_ac_ui_GameSelectionScreenDesc=Select a game
  1956. dfm_ac_ui_GameSelectionScreenName=GAME SELECTION
  1957. dfm_ac_ui_JoinPopUpButtonBack=CANCEL
  1958. dfm_ac_ui_JoinPopUpButtonForward=JOIN
  1959. dfm_ac_ui_JoinPopUpDesc0=Enter match ID
  1960. dfm_ac_ui_JoinPopUpDesc1=Enter lobby ID
  1961. dfm_ac_ui_JoinPopUpStatusInvalid=Lobby ID invalid, try again
  1962. dfm_ac_ui_JoinPopUpStatusValid=Lobby ID valid
  1963. dfm_ac_ui_JoinPopUpStatusValidating=Validating the entered lobby ID
  1964. dfm_ac_ui_JoinPopUpText0=MATCH ID
  1965. dfm_ac_ui_JoinPopUpText1=LOBBY ID
  1966. dfm_ac_ui_LoadingScreenMatchId=MATCH ID
  1967. dfm_ac_ui_loadoutButtonText=Customize
  1968. dfm_ac_ui_loadoutWarningPopUpText=A dogfighting mission type is selected and a loadout is no longer required. The match cannot begin until you exit this screen. Do you wish to exit this screen?
  1969. dfm_ac_ui_lobby_error_ClientInvalidShip=You do not have a valid ship selected
  1970. dfm_ac_ui_lobby_error_FailedPartyAuthorization=Party token was not recognized
  1971. dfm_ac_ui_lobby_error_FailedPartyCreate=Failed to create a party
  1972. dfm_ac_ui_lobby_error_FailedPlayerCreate=Failed to create the client player
  1973. dfm_ac_ui_lobby_error_FailedToCreateParty=Failed to create a party
  1974. dfm_ac_ui_lobby_error_FailedToJoinParty=Failed to join party
  1975. dfm_ac_ui_lobby_error_format=LOBBY ERROR - %s (CODE %i)\n%s
  1976. dfm_ac_ui_lobby_error_InvalidGameServerSettings=Invalid game server settings
  1977. dfm_ac_ui_lobby_error_InvalidPlayerHandle=Invalid player handle
  1978. dfm_ac_ui_lobby_error_NoShipAvailable=No flyable ship is available
  1979. dfm_ac_ui_lobby_error_PartyDoesNotExist=The party does not exist
  1980. dfm_ac_ui_lobby_error_PlayerCountTooHigh=Your lobby contains too many players to enter a ranked match. Reduce to 4 or fewer.
  1981. dfm_ac_ui_lobby_error_PlayerCountTooLow=There are not enough players in the lobby
  1982. dfm_ac_ui_lobby_error_PlayerInvalidShip=Player %S does not have a valid ship selected
  1983. dfm_ac_ui_lobby_error_PlayerInvalidShips=Some players do not have a valid ship selected
  1984. dfm_ac_ui_lobby_error_PlayerLacksMapPermission=Player %S does not have the required map permission
  1985. dfm_ac_ui_lobby_error_PlayerLacksMissionTypePermission=Player %S does not have the required mission type permission
  1986. dfm_ac_ui_lobby_error_PlayerLacksPermission=Player %S does not have the permissions to participate in this mode & map combination
  1987. dfm_ac_ui_lobby_error_PlayerMissingShip=Player %S does not have a ship selected
  1988. dfm_ac_ui_lobby_error_PlayerMissingShips=Some players do not have a ship selected
  1989. dfm_ac_ui_lobby_error_PlayerNotReady=Player %S is not ready
  1990. dfm_ac_ui_lobby_error_PlayersLackMapPermission=Some players do not have the required map permission
  1991. dfm_ac_ui_lobby_error_PlayersLackMissionTypePermission=Some players do not have the required mission type permission
  1992. dfm_ac_ui_lobby_error_PlayersLackPermission=Some players do not have the permissions to participate in this mode & map combination
  1993. dfm_ac_ui_lobby_error_PlayersNotReady=Some players are not ready
  1994. dfm_ac_ui_lobby_error_sub_type=Service Response
  1995. dfm_ac_ui_lobby_error_TeamEmpty=Team %i is empty
  1996. dfm_ac_ui_lobby_error_timeout=A response was never received from the host
  1997. dfm_ac_ui_lobby_error_UnknownRequest=Unknown request received
  1998. dfm_ac_ui_LobbyInvite=INVITE
  1999. dfm_ac_ui_LobbyKickPlayer=KICK PLAYER
  2000. dfm_ac_ui_LobbyTeamChange=SWITCH TEAM
  2001. dfm_ac_ui_MapDescBrokenMoon=Formerly part of Kellar's Run, Taranis system is one of the more notorious and dangerous places in the known systems. The vast fields of asteroids offer plenty of hiding places for assassins and bushwhackers.
  2002. dfm_ac_ui_MapDescCrusader=Crusader
  2003. dfm_ac_ui_MapDescDogfightTest=Special map for Dogfight Testing
  2004. dfm_ac_ui_MapDescDyingStar=Pyro system didn't get its name by accident. The central star is in the middle of the prolonged nova phase, burning out the planets in the system. While dangerous, it's a morbid kind of beauty.
  2005. dfm_ac_ui_MapDescDyingStar1=Learn how to perform a fully-manual vertical take-off in hangar, the most challenging type there is.
  2006. dfm_ac_ui_MapDescDyingStar2=Learn how to perform some basic maneuvers.
  2007. dfm_ac_ui_MapDescDyingStar3=Gain the basic knowledge needed to survive a dogfight.
  2008. dfm_ac_ui_MapDescDyingStar4=Learn how to land your ship manually as well as how to interact with your ship's systems.
  2009. dfm_ac_ui_MapDescDyingStar5=Learn more advanced flight maneuvers in this high speed race through an asteroid field.
  2010. dfm_ac_ui_MapDescDyingStar6=You'll need to use all your training to survive this surprise encounter.
  2011. dfm_ac_ui_MapDescNewHorizonSpeedway=Built on the planet Green in Ellis system, New Horizon is home to the Empire's most expensive hotels and extravagant casinos and has just recently been cleared to host both Classic and Blitz races.
  2012. dfm_ac_ui_MapDescNewHorizonSpeedway0=One of the oldest active courses in racing. It's no longer considered an eligible race track, so any race here is considered Clean (a term which can encapsulate any amateur, non-pro or underground race). Most pilots have cut their teeth on Old Van so it's one of the more beloved tracks in the Empire.
  2013. dfm_ac_ui_MapDescNewHorizonSpeedway1=A standard fixture in Murray Cup qualifiers, Rikkord Memorial has always been a great separator between the amateurs and the professionals.
  2014. dfm_ac_ui_MapDescNewHorizonSpeedway2=A dangerous course that has claimed many aspiring pilots' ships. The Crucible isn't always in the Murray Cup's rotation of tracks. Many feel that it's too difficult and unnecessarily risks pilots for better spec broadcasting.
  2015. dfm_ac_ui_MapNameBrokenMoon=Broken Moon
  2016. dfm_ac_ui_MapNameCrusader=Crusader
  2017. dfm_ac_ui_MapNameDeffordLink=Defford Link
  2018. dfm_ac_ui_MapNameDogfightTest=Dogfight Test
  2019. dfm_ac_ui_MapNameDyingStar=Dying Star
  2020. dfm_ac_ui_MapNameDyingStar0=First-Person Movement
  2021. dfm_ac_ui_MapNameDyingStar1=Take-Off
  2022. dfm_ac_ui_MapNameDyingStar2=Basic Maneuvers
  2023. dfm_ac_ui_MapNameDyingStar3=Basic Combat
  2024. dfm_ac_ui_MapNameDyingStar4=Landing
  2025. dfm_ac_ui_MapNameDyingStar5=Advanced Maneuvers
  2026. dfm_ac_ui_MapNameDyingStar6=Advanced Combat
  2027. dfm_ac_ui_MapNameNewHorizonSpeedway=New Horizon Speedway
  2028. dfm_ac_ui_MapNameNewHorizonSpeedway0=Old Vanderval (New Horizon Speedway)
  2029. dfm_ac_ui_MapNameNewHorizonSpeedway1=Rikkord Memorial Raceway (New Horizon Speedway)
  2030. dfm_ac_ui_MapNameNewHorizonSpeedway2=Defford Link (New Horizon Speedway)
  2031. dfm_ac_ui_MapNameOldVanderval=Old Vanderval
  2032. dfm_ac_ui_MapNameRikkordMemorial=Rikkord Memorial Raceway
  2033. dfm_ac_ui_match_not_found_message=No match found
  2034. dfm_ac_ui_MatchId_param=: Match ID %S
  2035. dfm_ac_ui_MessageConnecting=Trying to connect to the game host
  2036. dfm_ac_ui_MessageConnectionFail=Could not connect to the game host
  2037. dfm_ac_ui_MessageInvalid=Invalid
  2038. dfm_ac_ui_MessageJoinFail=Private join failed, check match ID
  2039. dfm_ac_ui_MessageMatchFound=Match found
  2040. dfm_ac_ui_MessageMatchJoin=Attempting to find match
  2041. dfm_ac_ui_MessageNoMatchFound=No match found
  2042. dfm_ac_ui_MessageNoServer=No host found
  2043. dfm_ac_ui_MessagePrivateCreate=Requesting private host
  2044. dfm_ac_ui_MessagePublic=Searching for match
  2045. dfm_ac_ui_MessageTimeout=Host timed out, try again
  2046. dfm_ac_ui_MessageWaiting=Waiting for available game host. Your position in the queue is
  2047. dfm_ac_ui_MissionTypeDescDFM_BattleRoyale=Pilots must reach the target score before they can win with a final kill.
  2048. dfm_ac_ui_MissionTypeDescDFM_CaptureTheCore=Teams must steal the opposition's core whilst defending their own in order to combine the two and score.
  2049. dfm_ac_ui_MissionTypeDescDFM_Conquest=<todo>&lt;TODO&gt;</todo>
  2050. dfm_ac_ui_MissionTypeDescDFM_DeathRace=Combining speed and combat, Blitz races contain hot zones which activate your weapons for fleeting, but furious battles. Winners are the first to cross the finish line. Champions are the ONLY ones to cross the finish line.
  2051. dfm_ac_ui_MissionTypeDescDFM_FreeFlight=Explore without the need to kill.
  2052. dfm_ac_ui_MissionTypeDescDFM_FreeFlight_MP=Explore without the need to kill. Meet with fellow pilots on landing pads. Inspect and even exchange ships. But beware: not all pilots are certain to be friendly.
  2053. dfm_ac_ui_MissionTypeDescDFM_IterativeTesting_MP=Special mode for testers and devs to try out highly experimental builds
  2054. dfm_ac_ui_MissionTypeDescDFM_Pirate_Swarm=Hold off an onslaught by the infamous NovaRider gang and some of their most notorious members. Your ships are limited, so excessive casualties will result in defeat. 1-4 players.
  2055. dfm_ac_ui_MissionTypeDescDFM_Race=Pure racing. Push your ship to its limit and be the first to cross the finish line.
  2056. dfm_ac_ui_MissionTypeDescDFM_SquadronBattle=Teams must reduce the opposition's tickets to zero before scoring a final kill to win.
  2057. dfm_ac_ui_MissionTypeDescDFM_Survival=Hold off an overwhelming Vanduul onslaught led by several infamous ace pilots. UEE ships are in limited supply so excessive casualties will result in defeat. 1-4 players.
  2058. dfm_ac_ui_MissionTypeDescDFM_Survival_Coop=Hold off an overwhelming Vanduul onslaught led by several infamous ace pilots. UEE ships are in limited supply so excessive casualties will result in defeat. 1-4 players.
  2059. dfm_ac_ui_MissionTypeDescDFM_Tutorial=Report to veteran flight instructor Lieutenant Lucas “Gilly” Baramsco for Basic Flight Training in this Original Systems training module.
  2060. dfm_ac_ui_MissionTypeDescFPS_Control=Battle for dominance as you and your team fight to hold the Control Points before time runs out.
  2061. dfm_ac_ui_MissionTypeDescFPS_Elimination=Fight for your life in this free-for-all, where every kill brings you one point closer to victory.
  2062. dfm_ac_ui_MissionTypeDescFPS_Practice=Training
  2063. dfm_ac_ui_MissionTypeDescFPS_TeamDeathmatch=Fight for your life in this free-for-all, where every kill brings you one point closer to victory.
  2064. dfm_ac_ui_MissionTypeNameDFM_BattleRoyale=Battle Royale
  2065. dfm_ac_ui_MissionTypeNameDFM_CaptureTheCore=Capture the Core
  2066. dfm_ac_ui_MissionTypeNameDFM_Conquest=Conquest
  2067. dfm_ac_ui_MissionTypeNameDFM_DeathRace=Blitz Race
  2068. dfm_ac_ui_MissionTypeNameDFM_FreeFlight=Free Flight
  2069. dfm_ac_ui_MissionTypeNameDFM_IterativeTesting=Iterative Testing
  2070. dfm_ac_ui_MissionTypeNameDFM_Pirate_Swarm=Pirate Swarm
  2071. dfm_ac_ui_MissionTypeNameDFM_Race=Classic Race
  2072. dfm_ac_ui_MissionTypeNameDFM_SquadronBattle=Squadron Battle
  2073. dfm_ac_ui_MissionTypeNameDFM_Survival=Vanduul Swarm
  2074. dfm_ac_ui_MissionTypeNameDFM_Survival_Coop=Vanduul Swarm
  2075. dfm_ac_ui_MissionTypeNameDFM_Tutorial=Basic Flight Training
  2076. dfm_ac_ui_MissionTypeNameEA_Conquest=Last Stand
  2077. dfm_ac_ui_MissionTypeNameEA_Rush=Theatres of War
  2078. dfm_ac_ui_MissionTypeNameFPS_Control=Last Stand
  2079. dfm_ac_ui_MissionTypeNameFPS_Elimination=Elimination
  2080. dfm_ac_ui_MissionTypeNameFPS_Practice=Familiarize yourself with map layouts, practice maneuvers and hone your combat skills in this live fire exercise.
  2081. dfm_ac_ui_MissionTypeNameFPS_TeamDeathmatch=Team Elimination
  2082. dfm_ac_ui_MurrayCup=Murray Cup
  2083. dfm_ac_ui_MurrayCupDescription=Murray Cup Description
  2084. dfm_ac_ui_NotificationPartyInvite=Party Invite
  2085. dfm_ac_ui_NotificationPartyInviteDirect=Invite from %S
  2086. dfm_ac_ui_NotificationPartyInviteMessage=%S has invited you to join a game. Press ~action(ui_notification|ui_notification_accept) to join or ~action(ui_notification|ui_notification_decline) to decline.
  2087. dfm_ac_ui_param_Of_param=%i of %i
  2088. dfm_ac_ui_PlayerAlreadyInGroup= is already in a game
  2089. dfm_ac_ui_PrivateMatchSetupButtonBack=RETURN
  2090. dfm_ac_ui_PrivateMatchSetupButtonStart=LAUNCH
  2091. dfm_ac_ui_PrivateMatchSetupScreenDesc=Choose your mission type and map name to launch your battle experience.
  2092. dfm_ac_ui_PrivateMatchSetupScreenName=SPECTRUM / PRIVATE MATCH
  2093. dfm_ac_ui_PrivateMatchTypeButtonBack=BACK
  2094. dfm_ac_ui_PrivateMatchTypeButtonDesc1=Set your parameters and location for you and your friends.
  2095. dfm_ac_ui_PrivateMatchTypeButtonDesc2=Enter a match ID to find your friend's match.
  2096. dfm_ac_ui_PrivateMatchTypeButtonText1=CREATE
  2097. dfm_ac_ui_PrivateMatchTypeButtonText2=JOIN
  2098. dfm_ac_ui_PrivateMatchTypeScreenDesc=Join your friends in their own personal battlefield or create your own.
  2099. dfm_ac_ui_PrivateMatchTypeScreenName=PRIVATE MATCH
  2100. dfm_ac_ui_PublicMatchSetupButtonBack=RETURN
  2101. dfm_ac_ui_PublicMatchSetupButtonStart=LAUNCH
  2102. dfm_ac_ui_PublicMatchSetupScreenDesc= Choose your mission type and map name to launch your battle experience.
  2103. dfm_ac_ui_PublicMatchSetupScreenName=SPECTRUM / PUBLIC MATCH
  2104. dfm_ac_ui_ReadyButton=READY
  2105. dfm_ac_ui_ReadyButtonRobust=I'M READY
  2106. dfm_ac_ui_ReadyTooltip=You are NOT READY
  2107. dfm_ac_ui_RulesCockpitView=Cockpit View Enabled
  2108. dfm_ac_ui_RulesFriendlyFire=Friendly Fire Enabled
  2109. dfm_ac_ui_RulesLapCount=Lap Count
  2110. dfm_ac_ui_RulesMaxPlayers=Maximum Number of Players
  2111. dfm_ac_ui_RulesStartingTickets=Starting Tickets
  2112. dfm_ac_ui_RulesTargetScore=Target Score
  2113. dfm_ac_ui_RulesTimeLimit=Time Limit
  2114. dfm_ac_ui_Second=second
  2115. dfm_ac_ui_Seconds=seconds
  2116. dfm_ac_ui_SelectedLoadout=Selected Loadout
  2117. dfm_ac_ui_ServerMessagePopUpButtonBack=RETURN
  2118. dfm_ac_ui_ServiceError_Generic=Lobby service error (%S)
  2119. dfm_ac_ui_ShipSelectionButtonBack=EXIT MENU
  2120. dfm_ac_ui_ShipSelectionScreenDesc=Choose your ship
  2121. dfm_ac_ui_ShipSelectionScreenName=SHIP SELECTION
  2122. dfm_ac_ui_SpectrumMatchButtonBack=BACK
  2123. dfm_ac_ui_SpectrumMatchButtonDesc1=Test your skills against other Civilians and Citizens.
  2124. dfm_ac_ui_SpectrumMatchButtonDesc2=Create your own match and invite your friends.
  2125. dfm_ac_ui_SpectrumMatchButtonDesc3=Enter a match ID to find your friend's match.
  2126. dfm_ac_ui_SpectrumMatchButtonText1=PUBLIC MATCH
  2127. dfm_ac_ui_SpectrumMatchButtonText2=PRIVATE MATCH
  2128. dfm_ac_ui_SpectrumMatchButtonText3=ENTER FRIEND CODE
  2129. dfm_ac_ui_SpectrumMatchScreenDesc=Choose whether you'd like to find fellow combatants over the Spectrum or join a private game.
  2130. dfm_ac_ui_SpectrumMatchScreenName=SPECTRUM MATCH
  2131. dfm_ac_ui_StarMarineMatchTypeButtonDesc1=Test your skills in a ranked Spectrum match
  2132. dfm_ac_ui_StarMarineMatchTypeButtonDesc2=Battle in a Private match with your friends
  2133. dfm_ac_ui_StarMarineMatchTypeButtonText1=RANKED MATCH
  2134. dfm_ac_ui_StarMarineMatchTypeButtonText2=PRIVATE MATCH
  2135. dfm_ac_ui_StarMarineMatchTypeScreenDesc=Test your skills in a ranked Spectrum match or battle in a Private match with your friends.
  2136. dfm_ac_ui_StarMarineMatchTypeScreenName=STAR MARINE
  2137. dfm_ac_ui_Team1=TEAM 1
  2138. dfm_ac_ui_Team2=TEAM 2
  2139. dfm_ac_ui_ToolTipNextGameMode=Next Mission Type
  2140. dfm_ac_ui_ToolTipNextMap=Next Map
  2141. dfm_ac_ui_ToolTipPrevGameMode=Previous Mission Type
  2142. dfm_ac_ui_ToolTipPrevMap=Previous Map
  2143. dfm_ac_ui_TutorialMatchSetupScreenDesc=Report to veteran flight instructor Lieutenant Lucas “Gilly” Baramsco for Basic Flight Training in this Original Systems training module.
  2144. dfm_ac_ui_TutorialMatchSetupScreenName=BASIC FLIGHT TRAINING
  2145. dfm_ac_ui_VictoryTimeLimitDesc=Time limit for the match in minutes
  2146. dfm_ac_ui_VictoryTimeLimitToolTip=Match duration
  2147. dfm_crusader_AlphaStation=Port Olisar
  2148. dfm_crusader_cellin=Cellin
  2149. dfm_crusader_CharlieStation=Covalex Shipping Hub
  2150. dfm_crusader_CharlieStation_smuggler_base=The Stash
  2151. dfm_crusader_CharlieStation_smuggler_drop=Dead Drop
  2152. dfm_crusader_covalex_shipping_hub=Covalex Shipping Hub
  2153. dfm_crusader_crusader=Stanton System
  2154. dfm_crusader_daymar=Daymar
  2155. dfm_crusader_gainey=Gainey Asteroid
  2156. dfm_crusader_port_olisar=Port Olisar
  2157. dfm_crusader_yela=Yela
  2158. dfm_RaceNewBestLap=New best lap
  2159. dfm_sm_ui_Begin=BEGIN
  2160. dfm_sm_ui_ChangeLoadout=(L) CHANGE LOADOUT
  2161. dfm_sm_ui_EALoadingAnimName=_STARMRN.EAP
  2162. dfm_sm_ui_GameModeDesc_Multiplayer=Join up to 24 players for unique and immersive multiplayer battles.
  2163. dfm_sm_ui_GameModeDesc_Private=Custom and private unranked matches.
  2164. dfm_sm_ui_LoadoutSaveMessage=Loadout Saved
  2165. dfm_sm_ui_MapDescFPS_Demien=Originally built by the Hathor Group for the workers attempting to terraform Nexus II, OP Station Demien has earned a much darker reputation as the site of the infamous Walzer Massacre of 2935.
  2166. dfm_sm_ui_MapDescFPS_Echo11=A former extraction facility, Echo Eleven was abandoned when the Hathor Group left the Nexus system and has since become a vile den of squatters and outlaws.
  2167. dfm_sm_ui_MapNameFPS_Demien=OP Station Demien
  2168. dfm_sm_ui_MapNameFPS_Echo11=Echo Eleven
  2169. dfm_sm_ui_StarMarineLobbyPrivateScreenDesc=Play a private match with friends.
  2170. dfm_sm_ui_StarMarineLobbyPrivateScreenName=PRIVATE MATCH
  2171. dfm_sm_ui_StarMarineLobbyRankedScreenDesc=Choose your mission type and map to launch your ranked battle experience.
  2172. dfm_sm_ui_StarMarineLobbyRankedScreenName=RANKED MATCH
  2173. dfm_ui_AceAward=Ace Award
  2174. dfm_ui_AceKill=Ace Kill
  2175. dfm_ui_AceKillStreak=Ace Spree
  2176. dfm_ui_Active=Tracked
  2177. dfm_ui_AdvMissileLocking=Dumb-fire missiles need no lock and fire instantly but have no tracking capability.\nHeat-seeking missiles require the target to remain in front of the ship for an amount of time dictated by several factors including your distance from the target and their infra-red emissions. Cross-section missiles (like the type your ship is armed with) focuses its tracking on the ships size and geometry. So the further away you are from the enemy, the harder it is for the missile to track.
  2178. dfm_ui_AdvMissileLocking_Title=Missile Locking (2/2)
  2179. dfm_ui_Afterburner=Afterburner increases the output of your main thrusters at the cost of boost fuel. Use it to rapidly close the distance to your target.\nBoost and Afterburner are not available in Precision mode.\n[~action(spaceship_movement|v_afterburner)] and hold to activate afterburner.<boost key=""></boost>
  2180. dfm_ui_Afterburner_Title=Afterburner
  2181. dfm_ui_AlertShieldsDown=ALERT: SHIELDS DOWN
  2182. dfm_ui_AssistedKillOn_param=Assisted kill on %S
  2183. dfm_ui_Attack=Attack
  2184. dfm_ui_Ballistic=ballistic
  2185. dfm_ui_Boosting=To overpower your ship's maneuvering thrusters hold [~action(spaceship_movement|v_boost)]. This will increase your acceleration, but once your ship reaches its top speed the effect of Boost will be negligible.\nBoosting also helps you perform sharp turns by overpowering your maneuvering thrusters to help you achieve a tighter turn.\nYour ship can store a limited amount of the fuel which is used up while Boosting though this does replenish as gases are collected during normal flight.\nIt is important that you bear this in mind and use Boost only in the situations it will make most difference.
  2186. dfm_ui_Boosting_Title=Boosting
  2187. dfm_ui_BountyHunter=Bounty Hunter
  2188. dfm_ui_CarrierDefender=Carrier Defender
  2189. dfm_ui_CheapShot=Cheap Shot
  2190. dfm_ui_Civilian=Civilian
  2191. dfm_ui_Collectible_NoReward=%s %s
  2192. dfm_ui_Collectible_Reward=%s %s, reward %i
  2193. dfm_ui_CombatHealButtonPrompt=Tap [~action(player|combatheal)] to heal!
  2194. dfm_ui_CombatHealTeamMateButtonPrompt=Hold [~action(player|combatheal)] to heal teammate
  2195. dfm_ui_Completed=Completed
  2196. dfm_ui_Comstab=COMSTAB is a system which manages your ship’s inertia in turns, tightening your turning circle and keeping your nose pointed where you expect it by use of maneuvering thrusters.\nWithout COMSTAB enabled during a turn your ship would continue to drift along its previous trajectory carrying you wide of your intended destination and requiring the use of other advanced maneuvers such as decoupling and Boost to maintain a good line.\nThe downside of COMSTAB is that your ship will be slowed during turns more than others using these advanced maneuvers.\nYou can cycle the various safeties on and off by pressing [~action(spaceship_movement|v_ifcs_toggle_safeties)].
  2197. dfm_ui_Comstab_Pad=COMSTAB is a system which manages your ship’s inertia in turns, tightening your turning circle and keeping your nose pointed where you expect it by use of maneuvering thrusters.\nWithout COMSTAB enabled during a turn your ship would continue to drift along its previous trajectory carrying you wide of your intended destination and requiring the use of other advanced maneuvers such as decoupling and Boost to maintain a good line.\nThe downside of COMSTAB is that your ship will be slowed during turns more than others using these advanced maneuvers.\nYou can toggle COMSTAB by pressing [~action(spaceship_movement|v_ifcs_toggle_comstab)].
  2198. dfm_ui_Comstab_Title=Comstab
  2199. dfm_ui_Control_Frame=The control frame reticle (CFR) shows the goal attitude that your ship is trying to attain. When torque/thruster error or other outside forces prevent the ship from attaining the goal the control frame reticle will deviate from the nose reticle. In these circumstances you should rely on the control frame reticle to pilot the ship as the forward velocity vector will always be in that direction. IFCS will then drive the nose reticle toward the CFR as it corrects the error.
  2200. dfm_ui_Control_Frame_Title=Control Frame Title
  2201. dfm_ui_ControlTerminalDefended=Terminal Defender
  2202. dfm_ui_ControlTerminalHackerKilled=Hacker Kill
  2203. dfm_ui_CoreDefender=Core Defender
  2204. dfm_ui_Countermeasures=When a missile is locked on your ship or an enemy is trying to achieve missile lock, you can attempt to break lock by using a countermeasure.\nTo fire a countermeasure hold [~action(spaceship_defensive|v_weapon_launch_countermeasure)].
  2205. dfm_ui_Countermeasures_Cont=\nCountermeasures are designed to disrupt specific types of missiles lock.\n~icon(Flare|22|22) The flare produces an intense burst of heat in an attempt to lure any pursuing heat-seeking missiles away from your ship. Flares burn out quickly so missiles may reacquire lock-on if you fire on too early.\n~icon(Chaff|22|22) The chaff explodes into an expanding cloud of tiny filaments designed to confuse radar systems and break the lock of missiles with an electromagnetic lock-on system.\nYou can cycle the type of countermeasure armed by pressing [~action(spaceship_defensive|v_weapon_cycle_countermeasure_fwd)].
  2206. dfm_ui_Countermeasures_Reminder=To fire a countermeasure hold [~action(spaceship_defensive|v_weapon_launch_countermeasure)].
  2207. dfm_ui_Countermeasures_Title=Countermeasures (1/2)
  2208. dfm_ui_Countermeasures_Title_Cont=Countermeasures (2/2)
  2209. dfm_ui_Critical_AmmoFull=BALLISTICS FULL
  2210. dfm_ui_Critical_AmmoReplenished=%dx BALLISTICS REPLENISHED
  2211. dfm_ui_Critical_BecameAce=BECAME AN ACE
  2212. dfm_ui_Critical_ClaimedFirstBlood=CLAIMED FIRST BLOOD
  2213. dfm_ui_Critical_EnemyTeam_OnFinalKill=ENEMY TEAM ON FINAL KILL
  2214. dfm_ui_Critical_FriendlyTeam_OnFinalKill=YOUR TEAM REQUIRES A FINAL KILL
  2215. dfm_ui_Critical_FuelFull=FUEL FULL
  2216. dfm_ui_Critical_FuelReplenished=%d%% FUEL REPLENISHED
  2217. dfm_ui_Critical_HealthFull=HEALTH FULL
  2218. dfm_ui_Critical_Local_Ace=YOU BECAME AN ACE
  2219. dfm_ui_Critical_Local_FirstBlood=YOU CLAIMED FIRST BLOOD
  2220. dfm_ui_Critical_Local_KillingSpree=YOU ARE ON A KILLING SPREE
  2221. dfm_ui_Critical_Local_OnFinalKill=YOU REQUIRE A FINAL KILL
  2222. dfm_ui_Critical_Local_TeamDamage_Caution=FRIENDLY FIRE IS UNACCEPTABLE
  2223. dfm_ui_Critical_Local_TeamDamage_Dismissal=FRIENDLY FIRE IS NOT TOLERATED
  2224. dfm_ui_Critical_Local_TeamDamage_Warning=FRIENDLY FIRE IS UNACCEPTABLE
  2225. dfm_ui_Critical_MissilesFull=MISSILES FULL
  2226. dfm_ui_Critical_MissilesReplenished=%dx MISSILES REPLENISHED
  2227. dfm_ui_Critical_OnFinalKill=ON FINAL KILL
  2228. dfm_ui_Critical_OnKillingSpree=IS ON A KILLING SPREE
  2229. dfm_ui_Critical_RespawnsReplenished=%dx RESPAWNS REPLENISHED
  2230. dfm_ui_Critical_VehicleRepaired=REPAIRED BY %d%%
  2231. dfm_ui_Crusader_Security=Crusader Security
  2232. dfm_ui_CryAstro_FuelShip=Cry-Astro Fuel Tanker
  2233. dfm_ui_CryAstroDelivery=Cry-Astro Delivery
  2234. dfm_ui_Current_Wanted_Level=%i
  2235. dfm_ui_CutterVillas=Cutter Villas
  2236. dfm_ui_Deactive=Untracked
  2237. dfm_ui_DecoupledMode=Pressing [~action(spaceship_movement|v_ifcs_toggle_vector_decoupling)] will disable your main thruster allowing your ship to rotate freely with maneuvering thrusters whilst maintaining its current momentum and trajectory.\nYou can employ this technique if you have an enemy on your tail and wish to engage them without having to outmaneuver them first, but be aware that travelling through space facing the opposite direction is a dangerous tactic.
  2238. dfm_ui_DecoupledMode_Title=Decoupled Mode
  2239. dfm_ui_Defend=Defend
  2240. dfm_ui_Delivery=Delivery
  2241. dfm_ui_Drone=Training Drone
  2242. dfm_ui_Eject=EJECT
  2243. dfm_ui_Ejection=In the event of your ship taking critical damage it may be necessary to eject in order to save your life. You can do this by pressing [~action(spaceship_general|v_eject)].\nAlthough you may have cheated death in the short term, you will be left to contend with the dangers of space itself.
  2244. dfm_ui_ejection_penalty_msg=Premature ejection respawn penalty +%1.f seconds
  2245. dfm_ui_Ejection_Title=Ejection
  2246. dfm_ui_EMP_CHARGE=EMP Charge:
  2247. dfm_ui_EMPOffline=EMP System Offline
  2248. dfm_ui_EmpWarning=WARNING: EMP DETECTED
  2249. dfm_ui_EnemyTeamRequiresAFinalKillForVictory=Enemy team requires a final kill for victory!
  2250. dfm_ui_Event_param_param_ReadyGameStartsIn_param_Seconds=%i / %i ready, game starts in %i seconds
  2251. dfm_ui_EventCheckpoint_param_param=Checkpoint %i/%i
  2252. dfm_ui_EventEnemyCoreReturned=Enemy core returned
  2253. dfm_ui_EventEveryoneIsReadyGameStarting=Everyone is ready, game starting...
  2254. dfm_ui_EventGameIsFull=Game is full, game starts in %i seconds
  2255. dfm_ui_EventWeaponsOffline=Weapons offline
  2256. dfm_ui_EventWeaponsOnline=Weapons online
  2257. dfm_ui_EventYourCoreReturned=Your core returned
  2258. dfm_ui_Failed=Failed
  2259. dfm_ui_FiringWeapons=To fire weapon group 1 hold [~action(spaceship_weapons|v_attack1_group1)], to fire weapon group 2 hold [~action(spaceship_weapons|v_attack1_group2)].\nOn your training ship group 1 is a ballistic weapon and group 2 is a pair of energy weapons.
  2260. dfm_ui_FiringWeapons_Title=Firing Weapons
  2261. dfm_ui_FirstBlood=First Blood
  2262. dfm_ui_FlightInstructor=Gilly
  2263. dfm_ui_FlightMode=Your ship is capable of various flight modes. It is currently operating in Precision mode which is used for take-off and landing and flying in situations where fine control is required. \nIn precision your velocity is limited to 50 m/s.
  2264. dfm_ui_FlightMode_Advanced=Changing flight modes is context sensitive.\nWhen in Precision pressing [~action(spaceship_movement|v_ifcs_mode_shift)] will change the mode up to SCM.\nIn SCM pressing [~action(spaceship_movement|v_ifcs_mode_shift)] while travelling less than 50 m/s will change the mode down to Precision, while pressing when over 50m/s will change the mode up to Cruise.\nFinally, while in Cruise pressing [~action(spaceship_movement|v_ifcs_mode_shift)] will change the mode down to SCM.\n<flight mode="" button=""></flight>
  2265. dfm_ui_FlightMode_Advanced_Reminder=Change your flight mode up from Precision to SCM by pressing [~action(spaceship_movement|v_ifcs_mode_shift)].
  2266. dfm_ui_FlightMode_Advanced_Title=Flight Modes (4/4)
  2267. dfm_ui_FlightMode_Advanced_Title_Reminder=Flight Modes Reminder
  2268. dfm_ui_FlightMode_Cruise_Mode=The mode above SCM is Cruise.\nThis is a high velocity mode that sacrifices control for speed. Use it to travel more quickly through the local area. It can take some time to reach maximum cruise velocity and even longer to stop with your retro thrusters so be sure to plan your decelerations accordingly.\nCruise is disabled during Basic Training.
  2269. dfm_ui_FlightMode_Cruise_Mode_Title=Flight Modes (3/4)
  2270. dfm_ui_FlightMode_Precision=The mode above Precision is Space Combat Maneuvering (SCM).\nThis is the typical mode used in combat and non-combat flight. Most of your flight time will be spent in this mode. Select this mode any time you wish to have the optimal balance of velocity and drift control.
  2271. dfm_ui_FlightMode_Precision_Title=Flight Modes (2/4)
  2272. dfm_ui_FlightMode_Title=Flight Modes (1/4)
  2273. dfm_ui_FlightMode_Title_Reminder=Changing Flight Modes Reminder
  2274. dfm_ui_FreeLook_Mouse=When using a mouse your view will be locked as this controls the steering of your ship. You can toggle Freelook by holding [~action(spaceship_view|v_view_freelook_mode)] to look around your cockpit.\nBe aware, whilst Freelook is active you will be unable to steer your ship.
  2275. dfm_ui_FreeLook_Mouse_Reminder=Freelook can be toggled by holding [~action(spaceship_view|v_view_freelook_mode)]. While Freelook is enabled you will not be able to steer your ship.
  2276. dfm_ui_FreeLook_Other=To look around your cockpit, push [~action(spaceship_targeting|v_aim_yaw)] in the direction you want to look. After a short time without input, your view will be reset to the center.
  2277. dfm_ui_FreeLook_Pad=When using the Game Pad's right stick your view will be locked as the right stick primarily controls the steering of your ship. You can toggle Freelook by holding [~action(spaceship_view|v_view_freelook_mode)] to allow the right stick to look around your cockpit.\nBe aware, whilst Freelook is active you will be unable to steer your ship.
  2278. dfm_ui_FreeLook_Pad_Reminder=Freelook can be toggled by holding [~action(spaceship_view|v_view_freelook_mode)]. While Freelook is enabled you will not be able to steer your ship.
  2279. dfm_ui_FreeLook_Title=Free Look
  2280. dfm_ui_GoodNight=Good Night
  2281. dfm_ui_G-safe=G-safe is a safety feature which prevents you from performing maneuvers which would put your body through dangerous amounts of g-force by limiting the turn rate of your ship at high velocities.\nCaution, Boosting will override G-safe for the duration.\nWith G-safe disabled you will be able to pull off much tighter turns, but these put more stress on your body and possibly lead to loss of consciousness.\nYou can cycle the various safeties on and off by pressing [~action(spaceship_movement|v_ifcs_toggle_safeties)].
  2282. dfm_ui_G-safe_Pad=G-safe is a safety feature which prevents you from performing maneuvers which would put your body through dangerous amounts of g-force by limiting the turn rate of your ship at high velocities.\nCaution, Boosting will override G-safe for the duration.\nWith G-safe disabled you will be able to pull off much tighter turns, but these put more stress on your body and possibly lead to loss of consciousness.\nYou can toggle G-safe by pressing [~action(spaceship_movement|v_ifcs_toggle_gforce_safety)].
  2283. dfm_ui_G-safe_Title=G-safe
  2284. dfm_ui_Headshot=Headshot
  2285. dfm_ui_ifcsCruise=Cruise
  2286. dfm_ui_ifcsPrecision=Precision
  2287. dfm_ui_ifcsQuantum=Quantum
  2288. dfm_ui_ifcsSCM=SCM
  2289. dfm_ui_Info=Info
  2290. dfm_ui_Interaction=When you are within range and looking in the direction of an interactable object a prompt will appear on screen.\nTo interact with the object press [~action(player|use)] while the prompt is on screen.
  2291. dfm_ui_Interaction_Title=Interaction
  2292. dfm_ui_ItemFieldDivider=/
  2293. dfm_ui_ItemFieldMultipleParam= x%d
  2294. dfm_ui_ITTS=With a target focused, your ship's targeting system will try to predict where you need to fire to hit the target with each of your weapons.\nIt does so by extending PIPs (Predicted Impact Point) from your Line of Sight reticule. Each PIP corresponds to a weapon and indicates where its projectiles will intercept given the distance and velocity of the target.\nPIPs are only predicted so if your target is far away it may alter its velocity and avoid the projectile. As a general rule, ballistic projectiles will take longer to reach a target than an energy projectile, therefore their PIPs will be projected further ahead.
  2295. dfm_ui_ITTS_Title=Intelligent Target Tracking System
  2296. dfm_ui_KillAssist=Kill Assist
  2297. dfm_ui_KilledCoreCarrier=Carrier Kill
  2298. dfm_ui_KillingSpreeAward=Killing Spree Award
  2299. dfm_ui_KillingSpreeKill=Killing Spree Killer
  2300. dfm_ui_KillingSpreeKillStreak=Kill Streak
  2301. dfm_ui_Label_CriminalLevel=CRIMESTAT RATING
  2302. dfm_ui_Label_KilledBy=KILLED BY:
  2303. dfm_ui_Label_RespawnPenalty=RESPAWN PENALTY
  2304. dfm_ui_Label_Ship=SHIP:
  2305. dfm_ui_Label_Weapon=WEAPON
  2306. dfm_ui_Landing=To toggle your ship's Landing System on and off press [~action(spaceship_movement|v_toggle_landing_system)]. Once engaged, any available landing zones within radar range will display as radar contacts with the nearest automatically becoming focused.\nBe aware that engaging the Landing System disables your combat targeting systems meaning you will lose the ability to lock and fire missiles.
  2307. dfm_ui_Landing_Cont=To cycle through the available landing zones press [~action(spaceship_targeting|v_target_cycle_friendly_fwd)] or to focus on the nearest press [~action(spaceship_targeting|v_target_nearest_hostile)].
  2308. dfm_ui_Landing_Title=Landing (1/4)
  2309. dfm_ui_Landing_Title_Cont=Landing (2/4)
  2310. dfm_ui_LandingModes=With the Landing System enabled there are two modes in which you can land.\nYou will begin in Manual Mode. To automate the landing procedure, engage the Automated Mode with [~action(spaceship_movement|v_cycle_landing_mode)] and fly over the landing zone. This will catch you and set you down safely, though not as quickly as if you were to master a manual landing.
  2311. dfm_ui_LandingModes_Title=Landing (4/4)
  2312. dfm_ui_LightsOut=Lights Out
  2313. dfm_ui_LoadoutCustomizationClassSelectionDesc=Customize loadouts based on the game modes they will be used in.
  2314. dfm_ui_MartyrKill=Martyr Kill
  2315. dfm_ui_MatchSpeed=When behind a target you can match their speed by pressing [~action(spaceship_movement|v_target_match_vel)].\nThis allows you to pursue a target without worrying about overshooting or collision if it decelerates suddenly.
  2316. dfm_ui_MatchSpeed_Title=Match Speed
  2317. dfm_ui_Message=Message
  2318. dfm_ui_Minutes_Seconds_To_Respawn=%i:%i
  2319. dfm_ui_Minutes_unit_Seconds_To_Respawn=%i:0%i
  2320. dfm_ui_MissileEmpty=EMPTY
  2321. dfm_ui_MissileFiring=Once you have achieved missile lock, hold [~action(spaceship_missiles|v_weapon_launch_missile)] to fire all of the missiles locked.
  2322. dfm_ui_MissileFiring_Reminder=To lock a missile press [~action(spaceship_targeting|v_target_missile_lock_focused)].\n To fire locked missiles hold [~action(spaceship_missiles|v_weapon_launch_missile)].
  2323. dfm_ui_MissileFiring_Title=Launching Missiles
  2324. dfm_ui_MissileLocking=You can only lock missiles on the focus of your targeting system. Different missiles have different lock-on times and requirements, but as a general rule with the target in front of your ship press [~action(spaceship_targeting|v_target_missile_lock_focused)] to begin acquiring lock-on. The enemy ship will receive a warning tone to signal that a ship is attempting to lock on.\nIt is possible to lock multiple missiles onto a single target. You can do this by pressing [~action(spaceship_targeting|v_target_missile_lock_focused)] multiple times. The type and amount of missiles stacked will be shown beside the targeted ship.
  2325. dfm_ui_MissileLocking_Title=Missile Locking (1/2)
  2326. dfm_ui_MissileUnarmed=UNARMED
  2327. dfm_ui_Movement_Mouse=When on foot hold [~action(player|moveforward)] to walk forward, [~action(player|moveback)] to walk backward, [~action(player|moveleft)] to walk left and [~action(player|moveright)] to walk right.
  2328. dfm_ui_Movement_Pad=When on foot push [~action(player|xi_movey)] in the direction you want to walk.
  2329. dfm_ui_Movement_Title=Movement
  2330. dfm_ui_NearRestrictedArea=WARNING: Near Restricted Area
  2331. dfm_ui_NemesisAward=Nemesis Award
  2332. dfm_ui_NotificationCapturedTheCore=captured the core
  2333. dfm_ui_NotificationDroppedTheCore=dropped the core
  2334. dfm_ui_NotificationHasDrawnFirstBlood=has drawn first blood
  2335. dfm_ui_NotificationIsOnAnAceKillStreak=is on an Ace Spree
  2336. dfm_ui_NotificationPickedUpTheCore=picked up the core
  2337. dfm_ui_NotificationReturnedTheCore=returned the core
  2338. dfm_ui_ObstructingLandingArea=WARNING: Obstructing Landing Area
  2339. dfm_ui_Off=OFF
  2340. dfm_ui_On=ON
  2341. dfm_ui_Out=out
  2342. dfm_ui_OverviewPane=The OVR pane gives you a general overview of the status of the items attached to your ship's hardpoints. You can quickly toggle items on and off in this view.\nThis is the default information pane displayed, but can be accessed by pressing [~action(spaceship_hud|v_hud_open_tab1)].
  2343. dfm_ui_OverviewPane_Pad=The OVR pane gives you a general overview of the status of the items attached to your ship's hardpoints. You can quickly toggle items on and off in this view.\nThis is the default information pane displayed.
  2344. dfm_ui_OverviewPane_Title=Overview Pane
  2345. dfm_ui_OwnerReclaimedShip=Self-destruct initiated by ship owner
  2346. dfm_ui_param_alpha_uec=%d aUEC
  2347. dfm_ui_param_aUEC=aUEC
  2348. dfm_ui_param_award_rec=%d REC
  2349. dfm_ui_param_FracKilometres=%.*f  km
  2350. dfm_ui_param_FracMetre=%.*f m
  2351. dfm_ui_param_Kilometres=%s km
  2352. dfm_ui_param_Metre=%i m
  2353. dfm_ui_param_Mps=%0.0f m/s
  2354. dfm_ui_param_PointOneKilometres=%0.1f km
  2355. dfm_ui_param_RequiresAFinalKillForVictory=%S requires a final kill for victory!
  2356. dfm_ui_param_UEC=UEC
  2357. dfm_ui_Pirate=Pirate
  2358. dfm_ui_Pirate350R=NovaRider 350R
  2359. dfm_ui_PirateAuroraLN=NovaRider Aurora
  2360. dfm_ui_PirateBuccaneer=NovaRider Buccaneer
  2361. dfm_ui_PirateCaptain01=A-Burn
  2362. dfm_ui_PirateCaptain02=Singer
  2363. dfm_ui_PirateCaptain03=Ringo
  2364. dfm_ui_PirateCaptain04=Boom Boom
  2365. dfm_ui_PirateCaptain05=Fluster
  2366. dfm_ui_PirateCaptain06=Headcase
  2367. dfm_ui_PirateConstellation=NovaRider Connie
  2368. dfm_ui_PirateCutlass=NovaRider Cutlass
  2369. dfm_ui_PirateGladiator=NovaRider Gladiator
  2370. dfm_ui_PirateGladius=NovaRider Gladius
  2371. dfm_ui_PirateM50=NovaRider M50
  2372. dfm_ui_PirateRaider=Pirate Raider
  2373. dfm_ui_PirateRaiderCaptain=Pirate Raider Captain
  2374. dfm_ui_PirateSabre=NovaRider Sabre
  2375. dfm_ui_PirateVanguard=NovaRider Vanguard
  2376. dfm_ui_PlanetProximityWarning=WARNING: Approaching planet gravitational field!
  2377. dfm_ui_PlayerCommittedSuicide= committed suicide!
  2378. dfm_ui_PlayersIdleEndingGameIn=Players idle. Ending game in...
  2379. dfm_ui_PlayerUnknown=Unknown
  2380. dfm_ui_PowerPane=The PWR pane gives you the ability to alter your ship's total power distribution as well as distribution to individual components and groups.\nReducing your Power Throttle will reduce power to all components at the same time, shutting them down as their power allocation falls below the minimum necessary to function. Reducing overall power usage will drastically reduce your electromagnetic signature, but leave you vulnerable.\nThe power allocation triangle allows you to quickly distribute power to specific groups on your ship (generally these are set to G1 for weapons, G2 for shields and G3 for engines, but can be user-defined). To reset the power allocation triangle you will need to hold down [~action(spaceship_power|v_power_reset_focus)].\nThis pane can be accessed by pressing [~action(spaceship_hud|v_hud_open_tab3)].
  2381. dfm_ui_PowerPane_Pad=The PWR pane gives you the ability to alter your ship's total power distribution as well as distribution to individual components and groups.\nReducing your Power Throttle will reduce power to all components at the same time, shutting them down as their power allocation falls below the minimum necessary to function. Reducing overall power usage will drastically reduce your electromagnetic signature, but leave you vulnerable.\nThe power allocation triangle allows you to quickly distribute power to specific groups on your ship (generally these are set to G1 for weapons, G2 for shields and G3 for engines, but can be user-defined).
  2382. dfm_ui_PowerPane_Title=Power Pane
  2383. dfm_ui_PreGameTimingOutEndingGameIn=
  2384. dfm_ui_Press_X_ToReclaim=Press X to remote self-destruct
  2385. dfm_ui_Press_X_ToRespawn=Press X to respawn
  2386. dfm_ui_Press_x_ToRetry=Press X to retry
  2387. dfm_ui_PrimaryScoreMsg_Accident=Accident
  2388. dfm_ui_PrimaryScoreMsg_CaptureAssist=Capture Assist
  2389. dfm_ui_PrimaryScoreMsg_CapturedEnemyCore=Captured enemy core
  2390. dfm_ui_PrimaryScoreMsg_ControlTerminalCaptureAssist=Terminal Hack Assist
  2391. dfm_ui_PrimaryScoreMsg_ControlTerminalCaptured=Terminal Captured
  2392. dfm_ui_PrimaryScoreMsg_CrashRoberts=Crash Roberts
  2393. dfm_ui_PrimaryScoreMsg_ForcedEject=Forced Ejection
  2394. dfm_ui_PrimaryScoreMsg_ForcedError=Forced Error
  2395. dfm_ui_PrimaryScoreMsg_Haemorrhage=Hemorrhage
  2396. dfm_ui_PrimaryScoreMsg_Kill=Kill
  2397. dfm_ui_PrimaryScoreMsg_PickedUpEnemyCore=Picked up enemy core
  2398. dfm_ui_PrimaryScoreMsg_PlayerBledOut=Bleed Out Kill
  2399. dfm_ui_PrimaryScoreMsg_ReturnedCore=Returned core
  2400. dfm_ui_PrimaryScoreMsg_StealAssist=Steal Assist
  2401. dfm_ui_PrimaryScoreMsg_Suicide=Suicide
  2402. dfm_ui_PrimaryScoreMsg_TeamKill=Team Kill
  2403. dfm_ui_PrimaryScoreMsg_TeamVehicleDamage=Team Vehicle Damage
  2404. dfm_ui_PrimaryScoreMsg_TeamVehicleDestruction=Team Vehicle Destruction
  2405. dfm_ui_PrimaryScoreMsg_VehicleDamage=Damage
  2406. dfm_ui_PrimaryScoreMsg_VehicleDestruction=Vehicle Destruction
  2407. dfm_ui_QtAlignNotification=WARNING: Quantum Travel Align Notification
  2408. dfm_ui_QuantumInterdictionAlert=WARNING: Quantum Interdiction Alert
  2409. dfm_ui_RaceNoLapCount=-
  2410. dfm_ui_RaceResettingLap=Resetting Lap
  2411. dfm_ui_RearViewCamera=To access your ship's rear view camera hold [~action(spaceship_view|v_view_look_behind)].
  2412. dfm_ui_RearViewCamera_Title=Rear View Camera
  2413. dfm_ui_REC_Earned=REC EARNED
  2414. dfm_ui_RedemptionAward=Nemesis Kill
  2415. dfm_ui_ReloadButtonPrompt=Tap [~action(player|reload)] to reload your weapon
  2416. dfm_ui_Reminder_Title=Reminder
  2417. dfm_ui_RequestingPermission=Some landing zones require you to request permission to land. To request permission on the selected zone, press [~action(spaceship_movement|v_landing_target_lock)]. If permission is granted, that zone will be assigned to you, preventing other ships requesting the same landing zone and your radar will be replaced with the landing helper which will guide you to the zone and provide feedback on your progress.
  2418. dfm_ui_RequestingPermission_Title=Landing (3/4)
  2419. dfm_ui_Rescue=Rescue
  2420. dfm_ui_Respawning=Respawning...
  2421. dfm_ui_Respawns=RESPAWNS
  2422. dfm_ui_RestrictedAreaAbove=WARNING: Restricted Area Above
  2423. dfm_ui_RestrictedAreaAhead=WARNING: Restricted Area Ahead
  2424. dfm_ui_RestrictedAreaAutopilot=WARNING: Autopilot Override Engaged
  2425. dfm_ui_RestrictedAreaBehind=WARNING: Restricted Area Behind
  2426. dfm_ui_RestrictedAreaBelow=WARNING: Restricted Area Below
  2427. dfm_ui_RestrictedAreaLeft=WARNING: Restricted Area Left
  2428. dfm_ui_RestrictedAreaRight=WARNING: Restricted Area Right
  2429. dfm_ui_Result_param_ndPlace=%ind PLACE
  2430. dfm_ui_Result_param_rdPlace=%ird PLACE
  2431. dfm_ui_Result_param_stPlace=%ist PLACE
  2432. dfm_ui_Result_param_thPlace=%ith PLACE
  2433. dfm_ui_Result_Race=%S HAS WON THE RACE
  2434. dfm_ui_Result_SingleTeam_Match=%S IS THE WINNER
  2435. dfm_ui_ResultDefeat=DEFEAT
  2436. dfm_ui_ResultDidNotFinish=DID NOT FINISH
  2437. dfm_ui_ResultDraw=DRAW
  2438. dfm_ui_ResultVictory=VICTORY
  2439. dfm_ui_ResultWinners=WINNERS
  2440. dfm_ui_ResurgenceAward=Resurgence
  2441. dfm_ui_RevengeKill=Revenge Kill
  2442. dfm_ui_Rolling_Mouse=You are able to roll your ship left by holding [~action(spaceship_movement|v_roll_left)] and right by holding [~action(spaceship_movement|v_roll_right)].
  2443. dfm_ui_Rolling_Mouse_Reminder=To perform an axial roll hold [~action(spaceship_movement|v_roll_left)] or [~action(spaceship_movement|v_roll_right)] until you have rotated your ship through 360 degrees.
  2444. dfm_ui_Rolling_Other=You are able to roll your ship by holding [~action(spaceship_movement|v_roll)].
  2445. dfm_ui_Rolling_Other_Reminder=To perform an axial roll hold [~action(spaceship_movement|v_roll)] until you have rotated your ship through 360 degrees.
  2446. dfm_ui_Rolling_Title=Rolling
  2447. dfm_ui_RoundCounter=%d/%d
  2448. dfm_ui_RoundCounterVerbose=Round %d of %d
  2449. dfm_ui_RoundDuration=ROUND DURATION
  2450. dfm_ui_RoundStandings=ROUND STANDINGS
  2451. dfm_ui_RoundWinner=%S Win Round
  2452. dfm_ui_Salvager=Salvager
  2453. dfm_ui_Savior=Savior
  2454. dfm_ui_SCM_Mode=Space Combat Maneuvering mode is the normal mode for combat and non-combat flight. Most of your flight time will be spent in this mode. Select this mode any time you wish to have the optimal balance of velocity and drift control.
  2455. dfm_ui_SCM_Mode_Title=SCM Mode
  2456. dfm_ui_self_destruct_penalty_msg=Suicide respawn penalty +%1.f seconds
  2457. dfm_ui_Self-destruct=Initiating your ship's Self-destruct sequence should be a final resort. Once this has been activated you will have a short time to exit the ship before its power plant overloads causing a devastating explosion.\nThe sequence can be toggled on and off by pressing [~action(spaceship_general|v_self_destruct)].
  2458. dfm_ui_SelfDestruct=SELF DESTRUCT INITIALISED
  2459. dfm_ui_Self-destruct_Reminder=Initiate the Self-destruct sequence by pressing [~action(spaceship_general|v_self_destruct)].
  2460. dfm_ui_Self-destruct_Title=Self-destruct
  2461. dfm_ui_SharpTurns=There are several techniques for improving cornering.\nThe easiest method is to hold down Boost and overpower your maneuvering thrusters to tighten your turn.\nAnother method is to hold down Space Brake to reduce the throttle then release when your ship is turning in the right direction at which point your previous throttle will quickly and automatically be reapplied.\nThe most difficult technique to perform well is to engage Decoupled Mode, turn your ship sharply in the direction you want to go, before disabling Decoupled Mode to engage your main thrusters once more.
  2462. dfm_ui_SharpTurns_Title=Performing Sharp Turns
  2463. dfm_ui_ShieldFace_Back=Back
  2464. dfm_ui_ShieldFace_Bottom=Bottom
  2465. dfm_ui_ShieldFace_Front=Front
  2466. dfm_ui_ShieldFace_Left=Left
  2467. dfm_ui_ShieldFace_Right=Right
  2468. dfm_ui_ShieldFace_Top=Top
  2469. dfm_ui_ShieldPane=The SHLD pane gives you the ability to allocate more power to specific shields (your training ship has 4 shields: fore, aft, port and starboard) at the expense of the other shields.\nThis pane can be accessed by pressing [~action(spaceship_hud|v_hud_open_tab4)].
  2470. dfm_ui_ShieldPane_Pad=The SHLD pane gives you the ability to allocate more power to specific shields (your training ship has 4 shields: fore, aft, port and starboard) at the expense of the other shields.
  2471. dfm_ui_ShieldPane_Title=Shield Pane
  2472. dfm_ui_Shields=Your shields will protect the hull of your ship from damage from energy projectiles and absorb some of the energy from ballistic projectiles.\nIf they absorb more energy than they can dissipate they will overload and go down for a short time leaving your ship exposed.\nIt is important you monitor the status of your shields (your training ship has 4 shields: fore, aft, port and starboard) and if certain shields are taking more hits than others consider rotating your ship so that a different shield takes the hits.
  2473. dfm_ui_Shields_Title=Shields
  2474. dfm_ui_ShipPane=Pressing [~action(spaceship_hud|v_hud_interact_toggle)] will allow you to interact with the HUD by bringing up a cursor allowing you to select specific components, you can navigate the HUD using [~action(spaceship_hud|v_hud_left_panel_up)] and select with [~action(spaceship_hud|v_hud_confirm)].\nThere are 4 different information panes available to access: OVR (overview) [~action(spaceship_hud|v_hud_open_tab1)], WEAP (weapons) [~action(spaceship_hud|v_hud_open_tab2)], PWR (power) [~action(spaceship_hud|v_hud_open_tab3)] and SHLD (shields)[~action(spaceship_hud|v_hud_open_tab4)]. \nEach pane can be cycled using forward using [~action(spaceship_hud|v_hud_focused_cycle_mode_fwd)] and back using [~action(spaceship_hud|v_hud_focused_cycle_mode_back)]. \nPress [~action(spaceship_hud|v_hud_interact_toggle)] when you want to exit the HUD interaction mode.
  2475. dfm_ui_ShipPane_Pad=Pressing [~action(spaceship_hud|v_hud_interact_toggle)] will allow you to interact with the HUD by bringing up a cursor allowing you to select specific components, you can navigate the HUD using [~action(spaceship_hud|v_hud_left_panel_up)] and select with [~action(spaceship_hud|v_hud_confirm)].\nThere are 4 different information panes available to access: OVR (overview), WEAP (weapons), PWR (power) and SHLD (shields). \nEach pane can be cycled using forward using [~action(spaceship_hud|v_hud_focused_cycle_mode_fwd)] and back using [~action(spaceship_hud|v_hud_focused_cycle_mode_back)]. \nPress [~action(spaceship_hud|v_hud_interact_toggle)] when you want to exit the HUD interaction mode.
  2476. dfm_ui_ShipPane_Title=Ship Pane
  2477. dfm_ui_SpaceBrake=Space Brake is used to slow your ship without the need to decrease the ship's throttle or counter its momentum. The moment Space Brake is released, the ship will throttle quickly back to the speed it was previously set.\nTo use the Space Brake hold [~action(spaceship_movement|v_brake)].
  2478. dfm_ui_SpaceBrake_Title=Space Brake
  2479. dfm_ui_Sprint=When on foot you must hold [~action(player|sprint)] to sprint whilst moving forward.
  2480. dfm_ui_Sprint_Title=Sprint
  2481. dfm_ui_SquadronRevengeKill=Team Revenge Kill
  2482. dfm_ui_StateGameStartsIn=Game starts in...
  2483. dfm_ui_StatePlayersNotReady=Players not ready
  2484. dfm_ui_StateRaceEndingIn=Race ending in...
  2485. dfm_ui_StateSkipIntro=Press X to skip intro
  2486. dfm_ui_StateTooFewPlayers=Too few players
  2487. dfm_ui_StateWaitingForPlayers=Waiting for players
  2488. dfm_ui_Strafing_Other=Strafing is moving your ship using only your maneuvering thrusters. To strafe up hold [~action(spaceship_movement|v_strafe_up)], down [~action(spaceship_movement|v_strafe_down)], left [~action(spaceship_movement|v_strafe_left)] and right [~action(spaceship_movement|v_strafe_right)].\nTo strafe forward hold [~action(spaceship_movement|v_strafe_forward)] and backward [~action(spaceship_movement|v_strafe_back)].\nStrafing is used mainly at slow speeds to make the precise adjustments necessary when moving in the tight confines of hangars or landing zones, but expert pilots can also use it to avoid incoming fire or dodge oncoming obstacles.
  2489. dfm_ui_Strafing_Other_Reminder=To strafe up hold [~action(spaceship_movement|v_strafe_up)], down [~action(spaceship_movement|v_strafe_down)], left [~action(spaceship_movement|v_strafe_left)] and right [~action(spaceship_movement|v_strafe_right)].\nTo strafe forward hold [~action(spaceship_movement|v_strafe_forward)] and backward [~action(spaceship_movement|v_strafe_back)].
  2490. dfm_ui_Strafing_Pad=Strafing is moving your ship using only your maneuvering thrusters. There are six directions in which all ships can strafe. \nTo strafe up or down use [~action(spaceship_movement|v_strafe_vertical)]. \nTo strafe forward or back use [~action(spaceship_movement|v_strafe_longitudinal)]. \nAnd to strafe left or right use [~action(spaceship_movement|v_strafe_lateral)].\nStrafing is used mainly at slow speeds to make the precise adjustments necessary when moving in the tight confines of hangars or landing zones, but expert pilots can also use it to avoid incoming fire or dodge oncoming obstacles.
  2491. dfm_ui_Strafing_Pad_Reminder=To strafe up or down use [~action(spaceship_movement|v_strafe_vertical)]. \nTo strafe forward or back use [~action(spaceship_movement|v_strafe_longitudinal)]. \nAnd to strafe left or right use [~action(spaceship_movement|v_strafe_lateral)].
  2492. dfm_ui_Strafing_Title=Strafing
  2493. dfm_ui_SymbolPercentage=%
  2494. dfm_ui_TakeOff=When taking off from a governed landing zone you should request permission by pressing [~action(spaceship_movement|v_landing_target_lock)].\nYou can take-off without permission by simply strafing up, but you may incur penalties.\n
  2495. dfm_ui_TakeOff_Cont=There are two take-off modes. You will begin in Manual Mode. To automate the entire take-off procedure, engage the Automated Mode with [~action(spaceship_movement|v_cycle_landing_mode)] (this is disabled for Basic Training).\nOnce clear of the landing zone and hangar, the Landing System will disengage and you will regain full control of your ship.
  2496. dfm_ui_TakeOff_Cont_Title=Take-off (2/2)
  2497. dfm_ui_TakeOff_Title=Take-off (1/2)
  2498. dfm_ui_target=Target
  2499. dfm_ui_TargetCycling=Pressing [~action(spaceship_targeting|v_target_cycle_hostile_fwd)] will allow you to cycle the focus of your targeting system through all enemy radar contacts. To cycle through all contacts, enemy or otherwise, press [~action(spaceship_targeting|v_target_cycle_all_fwd)].
  2500. dfm_ui_TargetCycling_Pad=Pressing [~action(spaceship_targeting|v_target_cycle_hostile_fwd)] will allow you to cycle the focus of your targeting system through all enemy radar contacts.
  2501. dfm_ui_TargetCycling_Title=Target Cycling
  2502. dfm_ui_TargetFriendly=To cycle the focus of your targeting system through friendly radar contacts press [~action(spaceship_targeting|v_target_cycle_friendly_fwd)].\nTargeted ships appear in the top right of your combat HUD and display the name, distance from and a holographic projection of the ship displaying shield status and damage state.
  2503. dfm_ui_TargetFriendly_Title=Target Friendly
  2504. dfm_ui_TargetNearestEnemy=To focus your targeting system on the nearest enemy radar contact press [~action(spaceship_targeting|v_target_nearest_hostile)].
  2505. dfm_ui_TargetNearestEnemy_Pad=To focus your targeting system on the nearest enemy radar contact double tap [~action(spaceship_targeting|v_target_nearest_hostile)].
  2506. dfm_ui_TargetNearestEnemy_Title=Target Nearest Enemy
  2507. dfm_ui_Throttle_Mouse=To increase the power to the main thrusters you can throttle up by holding [~action(spaceship_movement|v_throttle_up)].\nThrottling down [~action(spaceship_movement|v_throttle_down)] will reduce the power to the main thrusters and your maneuvering thrusters will fight the momentum of the ship to slow it down.\nYou can also quickly toggle between 0 and 100% throttle by pressing [~action(spaceship_movement|v_throttle_toggle_minmax)] or with [~action(spaceship_movement|v_throttle_zero)] and [~action(spaceship_movement|v_throttle_100)].
  2508. dfm_ui_Throttle_Other=To increase the power to the main thrusters you can throttle up by holding [~action(spaceship_movement|v_throttle_abs)].\nThrottling down [~action(spaceship_movement|v_throttle_abs)] will reduce the power to the main thrusters and your maneuvering thrusters will fight the momentum of the ship to slow it down.
  2509. dfm_ui_Throttle_Pad=To increase the power to the main thrusters you can throttle up by pushing up on [~action(spaceship_movement|v_throttle_rel)].\nPushing down on [~action(spaceship_movement|v_throttle_rel)] will reduce the power to the main thrusters and your maneuvering thrusters will fight the momentum of the ship to slow it down. \nYou can also quickly toggle between 0 and 100% throttle by double tapping up or down on [~action(spaceship_movement|v_throttle_rel)].
  2510. dfm_ui_Throttle_Title=Throttle
  2511. dfm_ui_Time_To_Respawn_msg=Respawn allowed in %i seconds
  2512. dfm_ui_TimeRemainingInMatch=TIME REMAINING IN MATCH
  2513. dfm_ui_TimeToCruiseMax=Time to Cruise Max:
  2514. dfm_ui_TookTheEasyWay= took the easy way out!
  2515. dfm_ui_Trader=Trader
  2516. dfm_ui_TutorialBoss=Tank
  2517. dfm_ui_TutorialHintContinue=[~action(default|ui_hide_hint)] to continue
  2518. dfm_ui_TutorialLeaving=Return to training area
  2519. dfm_ui_TutorialPlayerTooFar=Reduce distance from Instructor
  2520. dfm_ui_UEEPatrol=UEE Patrol
  2521. dfm_ui_UnaidedKill=Unaided Kill
  2522. dfm_ui_UnderdogKill=Underdog Award
  2523. dfm_ui_UnknownWeapon=Unknown Weapon
  2524. dfm_ui_UntouchableKill=Untouchable
  2525. dfm_ui_Up=up
  2526. dfm_ui_Vanduul=Vanduul
  2527. dfm_ui_VanduulAlpha=Vanduul Alpha
  2528. dfm_ui_VanduulHunter=Vanduul Hunter
  2529. dfm_ui_VanduulPrime01=Little King
  2530. dfm_ui_VanduulPrime02=The Priest
  2531. dfm_ui_VanduulPrime03=Bloodhound
  2532. dfm_ui_VanduulPrime04=Payday
  2533. dfm_ui_VanduulPrime05=Reaper
  2534. dfm_ui_VanduulPrime06=Voodoo
  2535. dfm_ui_VanduulPrime07=Deathwish
  2536. dfm_ui_VanduulPrime08=Leech
  2537. dfm_ui_VanduulPrime09=Double E
  2538. dfm_ui_VanduulPrime10=Wraith
  2539. dfm_ui_VanduulPrime11=Blindside
  2540. dfm_ui_VanduulPrime12=Rook
  2541. dfm_ui_VanduulPrime13=Baron Von Duul
  2542. dfm_ui_VanduulScavenger=Vanduul Scavenger
  2543. dfm_ui_wanted_level_respawn=You are being processed by Crusader Security for criminal activity
  2544. dfm_ui_WarningAlertShieldsCritical=WARNING: Shields Critical
  2545. dfm_ui_WarningApproachingSimulationBoundary=WARNING: Approaching Simulation Boundary
  2546. dfm_ui_WarningCollisionAlert=WARNING: Collision alert
  2547. dfm_ui_WarningFuel0=WARNING: Hydrogen Fuel Depleted
  2548. dfm_ui_WarningFuel25=WARNING: Hydrogen Fuel 25%
  2549. dfm_ui_WarningFuel50=WARNING: Hydrogen Fuel 50%
  2550. dfm_ui_WarningFuel75=WARNING: Hydrogen Fuel 75%
  2551. dfm_ui_WarningFuelLow=WARNING: Hydrogen Fuel Low
  2552. dfm_ui_WarningLowPowerGeneric=WARNING: Systems Low Power
  2553. dfm_ui_WarningLowPowerPowerPlant=WARNING: Power Plant Low Power
  2554. dfm_ui_WarningLowPowerShields=WARNING: Shields Low Power
  2555. dfm_ui_WarningLowPowerThrusters=WARNING: Flight Systems Low Power
  2556. dfm_ui_WarningLowPowerWeapons=WARNING: Weapons Low Power
  2557. dfm_ui_WarningMissilesSCM=WARNING: Missiles Unavailable Above SCM
  2558. dfm_ui_WarningOfflinePowerPlant=WARNING: Power Plant Offline
  2559. dfm_ui_WarningOfflineShields=WARNING: Shields Offline
  2560. dfm_ui_WarningOfflineThrusters=WARNING: Flight Systems Offline 
  2561. dfm_ui_WarningOfflineWeapons=WARNING: Weapons Offline 
  2562. dfm_ui_WarningOverheatedGeneric=WARNING: System Overheated
  2563. dfm_ui_WarningOverheatedPowerPlant=WARNING: Power Plant Overheated
  2564. dfm_ui_WarningOverheatedQDrive=WARNING: Quantum Drive Overheated
  2565. dfm_ui_WarningOverheatedShields=WARNING: Shields Overheated
  2566. dfm_ui_WarningOverheatedThrusters=WARNING: Flight Systems Overheated
  2567. dfm_ui_WarningOverheatedWeapons=WARNING: Weapons Overheated
  2568. dfm_ui_WarningOverheatingGeneric=WARNING: System Overheating
  2569. dfm_ui_WarningOverheatingPowerPlant=WARNING: Power Plant Overheating
  2570. dfm_ui_WarningOverheatingQDrive=WARNING: Quantum Drive Overheating
  2571. dfm_ui_WarningOverheatingShields=WARNING: Shields Overheating
  2572. dfm_ui_WarningOverheatingThrusters=WARNING: Flight Systems Overheating
  2573. dfm_ui_WarningOverheatingWeapons=WARNING: Weapons Overheating
  2574. dfm_ui_WarningWrongCheckpoint=WARNING: Wrong Checkpoint.
  2575. dfm_ui_Wave=WAVE
  2576. dfm_ui_Wave_param_Incoming=Wave %d incoming...
  2577. dfm_ui_WeaponsPane=The WEAP pane gives you the ability to assign weapons in to groups.\nTo do this select the group you want (1,2 or 3) and select the weapons you wish to add/remove from the group.\nThis pane can be accessed by pressing [~action(spaceship_hud|v_hud_open_tab2)].
  2578. dfm_ui_WeaponsPane_Pad=The WEAP pane gives you the ability to assign weapons in to groups.\nTo do this select the group you want (1,2 or 3) and select the weapons you wish to add/remove from the group.
  2579. dfm_ui_WeaponsPane_Title=Weapons Pane
  2580. dfm_ui_WingmanAward=Savior
  2581. dfm_ui_WingmanVixen=Vixen
  2582. dfm_ui_WingmanWarlord=Warlord
  2583. dfm_ui_WorldBoundaryWarning=WARNING: Approaching edge of the known universe!
  2584. dfm_ui_YouRequireAFinalKillForVictory=You require a final kill for victory!
  2585. dfm_ui_YourShipWillBeReclaimed=You initiated remote self-destruct
  2586. dfm_ui_YourTeamRequiresAFinalKillForVictory=Your team requires a final kill for victory!
  2587. dfmcrusader_playerbounty_mission=Bounty
  2588. dfmcrusader_playerbounty_mission_desc=[Criminal Activity Reported] Eliminate the Outlaw 
  2589. dfmcrusader_playerbounty_objective01=Locate the Outlaw
  2590. dfmcrusader_playerbounty_objective01_desc=Scan ships to locate the criminal
  2591. dfmcrusader_playerbounty_objective02=Eliminate the Outlaw
  2592. dfmcrusader_playerbounty_objective02_desc=Eliminate the Outlaw
  2593. dfmcrusader_playerbounty_objective03=Claim Bounty
  2594. dfmcrusader_playerbounty_objective03_desc=Return to Alpha Station to claim Bounty
  2595. dfmcrusader_playerlosebounty_mission=Lose Bounty
  2596. dfmcrusader_playerlosebounty_mission_desc=Control Bravo Station to wipe Criminal Record
  2597. dfmcrusader_playerlosebounty_objective01=Remove Criminal Record
  2598. dfmcrusader_playerlosebounty_objective01_desc=Control Bravo Station to wipe Criminal Record
  2599. diff_notification_ui_msg_sample=Refuel stranded ship? Press [ to accept or ] to decline.
  2600. diff_notification_ui_title_sample=Contract
  2601. distraction_desc=~mission(Description)
  2602. distraction_desc_0001=Put down whatever you're doing and pay attention. This is a big one.\n\nThe ~mission(Client) got a massive score cooking, but in order to pull it off, they need an equally massive distraction. \n\nThat's you.\n \nYou're gonna head over to a ~mission(Location) and start nuking everything and everyone you can. ~mission(Wanted)You'll be making so much noise, no one will even care what the ~mission(Client) are up to.
  2603. distraction_desc_0002=You ever dream about flying out to some remote ~mission(Location) and shooting everything that moves? Well, guess what? I'm here to make your dreams come true. And not only that, I'm gonna pay you for it.\n\nI can't tell you all the specifics, but the upshot is that the ~mission(Client) are eager to make sure all the security in sector are kept as busy as possible.\n\nNow, it seemed to me that sending someone to rampage at the ~mission(Location) would be a damn good start. ~mission(Wanted)Shouldn't be too hard to keep everyone's attention after that.
  2604. distraction_desc_0003=The ~mission(Client) are looking to pay good credits for someone to create a distraction for them. And since I can't figure out how to lure a Vanduul fleet to the sector, a cutthroat like you flying to a ~mission(Location) and unleashing hell might be the next best thing. ~mission(Wanted)\n\nCan you believe some people choose to work in an office for a living?
  2605. distraction_desc_0004=Hey. Did you ever hear about the system-wide hunt in Ellis for that slicer a little while back? Advocacy were running in circles for days trying to take them down. Got me thinking. The ~mission(Client) are going after a huge score soon and then I thought, why not just arrange for something similar to happen here? Get all the security in the area chasing after a target so that they're blind to whatever else is going on. It would make the ~mission(Client) job a billion times easier. \n\nHere's how it'll work. You fly to a ~mission(Location) and unleash some major chaos and destruction. They already patrol places like that pretty heavily so you should have company in no time flat. ~mission(Wanted)To be honest, I'm starting to wonder if that thing in Ellis wasn't just a distraction, too.
  2606. distraction_from=~mission(Contractor)
  2607. distraction_obj_long_01=Achieve a level five crimestat.
  2608. distraction_obj_long_01a=Maintain your level five crimestat.
  2609. distraction_obj_long_02=Go to this local ~mission(Location) and wait for security to show up.
  2610. distraction_obj_long_03=Do everything you can to keep security forces distracted.
  2611. distraction_obj_marker_02=~mission(Location)
  2612. distraction_obj_marker_03=Distract
  2613. distraction_obj_short_01=Raise Crimestat to 5
  2614. distraction_obj_short_01a=Maintain Crimestat
  2615. distraction_obj_short_02=Go To ~mission(Location)
  2616. distraction_obj_short_03=Create Distraction
  2617. distraction_title=~mission(Title)
  2618. distraction_title_0001=moths to a flame
  2619. distraction_title_0002=running wild
  2620. distraction_title_0003=organized chaos
  2621. distraction_title_0004=bring the heat
  2622. distraction_wanted_0001=And to be clear, the only way this is going to work is if you can keep a level 5 crimestat on your head the whole time. Anything less and it won't draw the kind of heat we need. 
  2623. distraction_wanted_0002=There's a caveat to this whole thing, though. With the amount of attention I want on you, your crimestat needs to stay at a level 5 minimum. It's the only way to guarantee that all eyes are on you. 
  2624. distraction_wanted_0003=Of course, an ordinary two-bit criminal won't be enough to get the whole sector engaged. No, you gonna need to rock a level 5 crimestat to create the chaos I'm after. 
  2625. distraction_wanted_0004=But the way I figure it, just showing up won't be enough. We need you to maintain a level 5 crimestat the whole time. That way we make sure every do-gooder in the sector will be racing to take you down. 
  2626. distractionkill_amountreq_001=eight
  2627. distractionkill_desc=~mission(Contractor|DistractionKillDescription)
  2628. distractionkill_desc_0001=I heard that you're big time now with your level 5. Normally, I'd be telling you to keep your head down and till the heat blows over, but it just so happens that I got a better use for you.\n\nI've been working on something big that's ready to go down, but in order to make it happen I need someone to create a distraction that's even bigger. That's where you come in. \n\nThe way I figure it, if you take out ~mission(KillCount) Navy humps, just about every screw in the entire Empire will be focused on dragging your ass down. \n\nCan't be lower sec either. Needs to be Navy to really pull this off. That's fine though, any security gets wind of a level 5 and they'll comm the Navy to come deal with you.\n\nAnd you have to do it fast enough so that the timing works out. As soon as you open fire on the first one, the clock starts.\n\nThink you can handle that?
  2629. distractionkill_desc_0002=I'll be honest with you, I usually don't like to deal with your kind of crazy, but a mad dog is exactly what I need right now. \n\nMy crew and I need all the security in the system kept busy for a while and the only way I see that happening is if you bring down enough Navy that they don't have a choice but to stop everything and focus on you. I think about ~mission(KillCount) starmen should do it. \n\nLucky thing is, with your level 5, they should be chasing you anyway. Security stops to scan you and the Navy's gonna come straight to you. Just make sure that once you start shooting that you finish the job. As soon as you engage with the first one, the clock starts and if you don't raise the stakes high enough, me and my crew are gonna be left hanging.\n\nOf course, feel free to kill even more of the bastards if the mood takes you.
  2630. distractionkill_desc_0003=Word on the wire is that every flattop with a badge is out there scanning the system for your level 5 wanted ass. What do you say to making some credits off all that hassle?\n\nI can't tell you exactly what's going down, but it's enough for you to know that I need a cataclysmic level distraction. The kind that can only be created by a dangerous and deranged criminal going on a shooting spree and taking out ~mission(KillCount) Navy starmen. \n\nOnce you start shooting, my crew will move into place, so you'll have to finish the job quick. And Navy only. Popping off some Advos or local security won't cut it. Fortunately, with your crimestat anytime you run into security, Navy shouldn't be far behind.\n\nGet this done for me, and I'll see that you get your fair cut.
  2631. distractionkill_desc_004=~mission(DistractionTitleDescription|Description)
  2632. distractionkill_from=~mission(DistractionKillFrom)
  2633. distractionkill_obj_display_01=Navy Starmen Killed: %ls
  2634. distractionkill_obj_display_02=Time Remaining: %ls
  2635. distractionkill_obj_long_01=Eliminate ~mission(KillCount) Navy starmen in the alloted time.
  2636. distractionkill_obj_short_01=Eliminate ~mission(KillCount) Navy Starmen
  2637. distractionkill_title=~mission(Contractor|DistractionKillTitle)
  2638. distractionkill_title_0001=Art of Distraction
  2639. distractionkill_title_0002=Make Yourself Useful
  2640. distractionkill_title_0003=Take It To The Next Level
  2641. distractionkill_title_004=~mission(DistractionTitleDescription|Title)
  2642. Dlg_SC_ac_bludgeon_conquest_in_contested_zone_call_for_assistance_0550=My zone is contested
  2643. Dlg_SC_ac_bludgeon_conquest_in_contested_zone_call_for_assistance_0551=I need help over here
  2644. Dlg_SC_ac_bludgeon_conquest_in_contested_zone_call_for_assistanceConquest_Contested_Zone_Call_For_Assist_01=My zone is contested
  2645. Dlg_SC_ac_bludgeon_conquest_in_contested_zone_call_for_assistanceConquest_Contested_Zone_Call_For_Assist_02=I need help over here
  2646. Dlg_SC_ac_bludgeon_conquest_lost_control_of_a_zone_0570=Lost the zone
  2647. Dlg_SC_ac_bludgeon_conquest_lost_control_of_a_zoneConquest_Lost_Control_Of_A_Zone=Lost the zone
  2648. Dlg_SC_ac_bludgeon_conquest_taken_control_of_a_zone_0560=Zone taken
  2649. Dlg_SC_ac_bludgeon_conquest_taken_control_of_a_zoneConquest_Taken_Control_Of_A_Zone=Zone taken
  2650. Dlg_SC_ac_bludgeon_ctc_allies_score_point_0540=Point to us
  2651. Dlg_SC_ac_bludgeon_ctc_allies_score_point_0541=Good job everyone.
  2652. Dlg_SC_ac_bludgeon_ctc_allies_score_pointCTC_Allies_Score_Point_01=Point to us
  2653. Dlg_SC_ac_bludgeon_ctc_allies_score_pointCTC_Allies_Score_Point_02=Good job everyone.
  2654. Dlg_SC_ac_bludgeon_ctc_enemy_has_core_0510=They have the core
  2655. Dlg_SC_ac_bludgeon_ctc_enemy_has_coreCTC_Enemy_Has_Core=They have the core
  2656. Dlg_SC_ac_bludgeon_ctc_enemy_scores_point_0530=Point to them
  2657. Dlg_SC_ac_bludgeon_ctc_enemy_scores_point_0531=I can do better.
  2658. Dlg_SC_ac_bludgeon_ctc_enemy_scores_pointCTC_Enemy_Scores_Point_01=Point to them
  2659. Dlg_SC_ac_bludgeon_ctc_enemy_scores_pointCTC_Enemy_Scores_Point_02=I can do better.
  2660. Dlg_SC_ac_bludgeon_ctc_player_has_core_0500=Nice one. Get the core back
  2661. Dlg_SC_ac_bludgeon_ctc_player_has_coreCTC_Player_Has_Core=Nice one. Get the core back
  2662. Dlg_SC_ac_bludgeon_ctc_this_ai_has_core_0520=I have the core
  2663. Dlg_SC_ac_bludgeon_ctc_this_ai_has_coreCTC_This_Ai_Has_Core=I have the core
  2664. Dlg_SC_ac_bludgeon_generic_response_no_0310=No, sir.
  2665. Dlg_SC_ac_bludgeon_generic_response_no_0311=Negative.
  2666. Dlg_SC_ac_bludgeon_generic_response_noGeneric_Response_No_01=No, sir.
  2667. Dlg_SC_ac_bludgeon_generic_response_noGeneric_Response_No_02=Negative.
  2668. Dlg_SC_ac_bludgeon_generic_response_yes_0300=Copy
  2669. Dlg_SC_ac_bludgeon_generic_response_yes_0301=Roger that
  2670. Dlg_SC_ac_bludgeon_generic_response_yesGeneric_Response_Yes_01=Copy
  2671. Dlg_SC_ac_bludgeon_generic_response_yesGeneric_Response_Yes_02=Roger that
  2672. Dlg_SC_ac_bludgeon_player_order_assistance_required_0120=I'll cover you
  2673. Dlg_SC_ac_bludgeon_player_order_assistance_required_0121=Stand by. Flying in.
  2674. Dlg_SC_ac_bludgeon_player_order_assistance_requiredPlayer_Order_Assistance_Required_01=I'll cover you
  2675. Dlg_SC_ac_bludgeon_player_order_assistance_requiredPlayer_Order_Assistance_Required_02=Standby, Flying in.
  2676. Dlg_SC_ac_bludgeon_player_order_attack_my_target_0100=Target confirmed
  2677. Dlg_SC_ac_bludgeon_player_order_attack_my_targetPlayer_Order_Attack_My_Target_01=Target confirmed
  2678. Dlg_SC_ac_bludgeon_player_order_bomb_my_target_0230=Bombing run initiated
  2679. Dlg_SC_ac_bludgeon_player_order_bomb_my_targetPlayer_Order_Bomb_My_Target_01=Bombing run initiated
  2680. Dlg_SC_ac_bludgeon_player_order_break_and_engage_0210=Breaking and engaging
  2681. Dlg_SC_ac_bludgeon_player_order_break_and_engagePlayer_Order_Break_And_Engage_01=Breaking and engaging
  2682. Dlg_SC_ac_bludgeon_player_order_defend_my_target_0110=Understood, Defending target
  2683. Dlg_SC_ac_bludgeon_player_order_defend_my_targetPlayer_Order_Defend_My_Target_01=Understood, Defending target
  2684. Dlg_SC_ac_bludgeon_player_order_escort_my_target_0220=Escorting your target
  2685. Dlg_SC_ac_bludgeon_player_order_escort_my_target_0221=Copy. Moving to escort.
  2686. Dlg_SC_ac_bludgeon_player_order_escort_my_targetPlayer_Order_Escort_My_Target_01=Escorting your target
  2687. Dlg_SC_ac_bludgeon_player_order_escort_my_targetPlayer_Order_Escort_My_Target_02=Copy. Moving to escort.
  2688. Dlg_SC_ac_bludgeon_player_order_evasive_manoeuvers_0200=Copy. Instituting 'don't get shot' parameters.
  2689. Dlg_SC_ac_bludgeon_player_order_evasive_manoeuversPlayer_Order_Evasive_Manoeuvers_01=Copy. Instituting 'don't get shot' parameters.
  2690. Dlg_SC_ac_bludgeon_player_order_form_up_on_me_0130=Falling in on your position.
  2691. Dlg_SC_ac_bludgeon_player_order_form_up_on_mePlayer_Order_Form_Up_On_Me_01=Falling in on your position.
  2692. Dlg_SC_ac_bludgeon_player_order_return_to_base_0240=Heading home
  2693. Dlg_SC_ac_bludgeon_player_order_return_to_base_0241=Heading back
  2694. Dlg_SC_ac_bludgeon_player_order_return_to_basePlayer_Order_Return_To_Base_01=Heading home
  2695. Dlg_SC_ac_bludgeon_player_order_return_to_basePlayer_Order_Return_To_Base_02=Heading back
  2696. Dlg_SC_ac_bludgeon_player_order_witch_to_formation_0251=Formation 1 confirmed
  2697. Dlg_SC_ac_bludgeon_player_order_witch_to_formation_0252=Formation 2 confirmed
  2698. Dlg_SC_ac_bludgeon_player_order_witch_to_formation_0253=Formation 3 confirmed
  2699. Dlg_SC_ac_bludgeon_player_order_witch_to_formation_0254=Formation 4 confirmed
  2700. Dlg_SC_ac_bludgeon_player_order_witch_to_formationPlayer_Order_Witch_To_Formation_01=Formation 1 confirmed
  2701. Dlg_SC_ac_bludgeon_player_order_witch_to_formationPlayer_Order_Witch_To_Formation_02=Formation 2 confirmed
  2702. Dlg_SC_ac_bludgeon_player_order_witch_to_formationPlayer_Order_Witch_To_Formation_03=Formation 3 confirmed
  2703. Dlg_SC_ac_bludgeon_player_order_witch_to_formationPlayer_Order_Witch_To_Formation_04=Formation 4 confirmed
  2704. Dlg_SC_ac_bludgeon_reaction_being_hit_by_friendly_fire_0480=Check your targets
  2705. Dlg_SC_ac_bludgeon_reaction_being_hit_by_friendly_fireReaction_Being_Hit_By_Friendly_Fire=Check your targets
  2706. Dlg_SC_ac_bludgeon_reaction_commiting_friendly_fire_0490=My fault. Rookie mistake.
  2707. Dlg_SC_ac_bludgeon_reaction_commiting_friendly_fireReaction_Commiting_Friendly_Fire=My fault. Rookie mistake.
  2708. Dlg_SC_ac_bludgeon_reaction_eject_0470=I'm sorry, it won't happen again.
  2709. Dlg_SC_ac_bludgeon_reaction_ejectReaction_Eject=I'm sorry, it won't happen again.
  2710. Dlg_SC_ac_bludgeon_reaction_friendly_gets_killed_0450=Friendly unit lost
  2711. Dlg_SC_ac_bludgeon_reaction_friendly_gets_killedReaction_Friendly_Gets_Killed=Friendly unit lost
  2712. Dlg_SC_ac_bludgeon_reaction_Gets_a_kill_0400=Bogey's down
  2713. Dlg_SC_ac_bludgeon_reaction_Gets_a_kill_0401=Hostile destroyed
  2714. Dlg_SC_ac_bludgeon_reaction_Gets_a_killReaction_Gets_A_Kill_01=Bogey's down
  2715. Dlg_SC_ac_bludgeon_reaction_Gets_a_killReaction_Gets_A_Kill_02=Hostile destroyed
  2716. Dlg_SC_ac_bludgeon_reaction_incoming_enemies_0420=Hostiles inbound
  2717. Dlg_SC_ac_bludgeon_reaction_incoming_enemies_0421=Hostiles approaching
  2718. Dlg_SC_ac_bludgeon_reaction_incoming_enemiesReaction_Incoming_Enemies_01=Hostiles inbound
  2719. Dlg_SC_ac_bludgeon_reaction_incoming_enemiesReaction_Incoming_Enemies_02=Hostiles approaching
  2720. Dlg_SC_ac_bludgeon_reaction_leaving_battle_retreating_0440=Falling back. I'm sorry.
  2721. Dlg_SC_ac_bludgeon_reaction_leaving_battle_retreating_0441=Sorry, I'm too damaged.
  2722. Dlg_SC_ac_bludgeon_reaction_leaving_battle_retreatingReaction_Leaving_Battle_Retreating_01=Falling back. I'm sorry.
  2723. Dlg_SC_ac_bludgeon_reaction_leaving_battle_retreatingReaction_Leaving_Battle_Retreating_02=Sorry, I'm too damaged.
  2724. Dlg_SC_ac_bludgeon_reaction_player_gets_a_kill_0410=Nice kill
  2725. Dlg_SC_ac_bludgeon_reaction_player_gets_a_kill_0411=Good shot
  2726. Dlg_SC_ac_bludgeon_reaction_player_gets_a_killReaction_Player_Gets_A_Kill_01=Nice kill
  2727. Dlg_SC_ac_bludgeon_reaction_player_gets_a_killReaction_Player_Gets_A_Kill_02=Good shot
  2728. Dlg_SC_ac_bludgeon_reaction_rejoining_battle_0430=Back on the line.
  2729. Dlg_SC_ac_bludgeon_reaction_rejoining_battleReaction_Rejoining_Battle=Back on the line.
  2730. Dlg_SC_ac_bludgeon_reaction_taking_damage_0460=Need support.
  2731. Dlg_SC_ac_bludgeon_reaction_taking_damage_0461=Maybe my callsign should be Bullet Sponge.
  2732. Dlg_SC_ac_bludgeon_reaction_taking_damageReaction_Taking_Damage_01=Need support.
  2733. Dlg_SC_ac_bludgeon_reaction_taking_damageReaction_Taking_Damage_02=Maybe my callsign should be Bullet Sponge.
  2734. Dlg_SC_ac_bullseye_conquest_in_contested_zone_call_for_assistance_0550=Ral chawin, bring alls. (People are messing with us. Bring everybody)
  2735. Dlg_SC_ac_bullseye_conquest_in_contested_zone_call_for_assistance_0551=Come ons, alls, where bein (Come on, people, where are you?)
  2736. Dlg_SC_ac_bullseye_conquest_in_contested_zone_call_for_assistanceConquest_Contested_Zone_Call_For_Assist_01=Ral chawin, bring alls. (People are messing with us. Bring everybody)
  2737. Dlg_SC_ac_bullseye_conquest_in_contested_zone_call_for_assistanceConquest_Contested_Zone_Call_For_Assist_02=Come ons, alls, where bein (Come on, people, where are you?)
  2738. Dlg_SC_ac_bullseye_conquest_lost_control_of_a_zone_0570=All slick, is loss (Nice job, [we] lost it)
  2739. Dlg_SC_ac_bullseye_conquest_lost_control_of_a_zoneConquest_Lost_Control_Of_A_Zone=All slick, is loss (Nice job, [we] lost it)
  2740. Dlg_SC_ac_bullseye_conquest_taken_control_of_a_zone_0560=Gras it. (Grabbed it)
  2741. Dlg_SC_ac_bullseye_conquest_taken_control_of_a_zoneConquest_Taken_Control_Of_A_Zone=Gras it. (Grabbed it)
  2742. Dlg_SC_ac_bullseye_ctc_allies_score_point_0540=Shan, peeps. (Shiny, people)
  2743. Dlg_SC_ac_bullseye_ctc_allies_score_pointCTC_Allies_Score_Point=Shan, peeps. (Shiny, people)
  2744. Dlg_SC_ac_bullseye_ctc_enemy_has_core_0510=Skrum bassad willin billaball (Scum bastards took the core)
  2745. Dlg_SC_ac_bullseye_ctc_enemy_has_coreCTC_Enemy_Has_Core=Skrum bassad willin billaball (Scum bastards took the core)
  2746. Dlg_SC_ac_bullseye_ctc_enemy_scores_point_0530=Kuiza, man. Dez winn. (%$*&, man. They're winning)
  2747. Dlg_SC_ac_bullseye_ctc_enemy_scores_pointCTC_Enemy_Scores_Point=Kuiza, man. Dez winn. (%$*&, man. They're winning)
  2748. Dlg_SC_ac_bullseye_ctc_player_has_core_0500=You wit billaball (You have the core)
  2749. Dlg_SC_ac_bullseye_ctc_player_has_coreCTC_Player_Has_Core=You wit billaball (You have the core)
  2750. Dlg_SC_ac_bullseye_ctc_this_ai_has_core_0520=I wit billaball (I have the core)
  2751. Dlg_SC_ac_bullseye_ctc_this_ai_has_coreCTC_This_Ai_Has_Core=I wit billaball (I have the core)
  2752. Dlg_SC_ac_bullseye_generic_response_no_0310=Nah
  2753. Dlg_SC_ac_bullseye_generic_response_noGeneric_Response_No_01=Nah
  2754. Dlg_SC_ac_bullseye_generic_response_yes_0300=Yeah
  2755. Dlg_SC_ac_bullseye_generic_response_yes_0301=Keen
  2756. Dlg_SC_ac_bullseye_generic_response_yesGeneric_Response_Yes_01=Yeah
  2757. Dlg_SC_ac_bullseye_generic_response_yesGeneric_Response_Yes_02=Keen
  2758. Dlg_SC_ac_bullseye_player_order_assistance_required_0120=On 'em.
  2759. Dlg_SC_ac_bullseye_player_order_assistance_required_0121=Yeah.
  2760. Dlg_SC_ac_bullseye_player_order_assistance_requiredPlayer_Order_Assistance_Required_01=On 'em.
  2761. Dlg_SC_ac_bullseye_player_order_assistance_requiredPlayer_Order_Assistance_Required_02=Yeah.
  2762. Dlg_SC_ac_bullseye_player_order_attack_my_target_0100=I's on 'em (I'm on them)
  2763. Dlg_SC_ac_bullseye_player_order_attack_my_target_0101=Skrum's mah. (Scum's mine)
  2764. Dlg_SC_ac_bullseye_player_order_attack_my_targetPlayer_Order_Attack_My_Target_01=I's on 'em (I'm on them)
  2765. Dlg_SC_ac_bullseye_player_order_attack_my_targetPlayer_Order_Attack_My_Target_02=Skrum's mah. (Scum's mine)
  2766. Dlg_SC_ac_bullseye_player_order_bomb_my_target_0230=Leverin' the bi kill. (Delivering the big kill)
  2767. Dlg_SC_ac_bullseye_player_order_bomb_my_targetPlayer_Order_Bomb_My_Target_01=Leverin' the bi kill. (Delivering the big kill)
  2768. Dlg_SC_ac_bullseye_player_order_break_and_engage_0210=Lesen all dem to beddewan. (Leave them to us)
  2769. Dlg_SC_ac_bullseye_player_order_break_and_engagePlayer_Order_Break_And_Engage_01=Lesen all dem to beddewan. (Leave them to us)
  2770. Dlg_SC_ac_bullseye_player_order_escort_my_target_0220=Em laz is mah laz. (Their lasers are my lasers)
  2771. Dlg_SC_ac_bullseye_player_order_escort_my_target_0221=Scoddi don' wa. (Covering them)
  2772. Dlg_SC_ac_bullseye_player_order_escort_my_targetPlayer_Order_Escort_My_Target_01=Em laz is mah laz. (Their lasers are my lasers)
  2773. Dlg_SC_ac_bullseye_player_order_escort_my_targetPlayer_Order_Escort_My_Target_02=Scoddi don' wa. (Covering them)
  2774. Dlg_SC_ac_bullseye_player_order_evasive_manoeuvers_0200=Tazen on them waggle. (Taking them on a ride)
  2775. Dlg_SC_ac_bullseye_player_order_evasive_manoeuversPlayer_Order_Evasive_Manoeuvers_01=Tazen on them waggle. (Taking them on a ride)
  2776. Dlg_SC_ac_bullseye_player_order_form_up_on_me_0130=Flyin on.
  2777. Dlg_SC_ac_bullseye_player_order_form_up_on_mePlayer_Order_Form_Up_On_Me_01=Flyin on.
  2778. Dlg_SC_ac_bullseye_player_order_return_to_base_0240=Seatin' offa the collapsin (Heading back to crash)
  2779. Dlg_SC_ac_bullseye_player_order_return_to_base_0241=Hearin' an' backin (Copy. Heading back)
  2780. Dlg_SC_ac_bullseye_player_order_return_to_basePlayer_Order_Return_To_Base_01=Seatin' offa the collapsin (Heading back to crash)
  2781. Dlg_SC_ac_bullseye_player_order_return_to_basePlayer_Order_Return_To_Base_02=Hearin' an' backin (Copy. Heading back)
  2782. Dlg_SC_ac_bullseye_player_order_witch_to_formation_0251=<Formation 1> confirmed
  2783. Dlg_SC_ac_bullseye_player_order_witch_to_formation_0252=<Formation 2> confirmed
  2784. Dlg_SC_ac_bullseye_player_order_witch_to_formation_0253=<Formation 3> confirmed
  2785. Dlg_SC_ac_bullseye_player_order_witch_to_formation_0254=<Formation 4> confirmed
  2786. Dlg_SC_ac_bullseye_player_order_witch_to_formationPlayer_Order_Witch_To_Formation_01=<Formation 1> confirmed
  2787. Dlg_SC_ac_bullseye_player_order_witch_to_formationPlayer_Order_Witch_To_Formation_02=<Formation 2> confirmed
  2788. Dlg_SC_ac_bullseye_player_order_witch_to_formationPlayer_Order_Witch_To_Formation_03=<Formation 3> confirmed
  2789. Dlg_SC_ac_bullseye_player_order_witch_to_formationPlayer_Order_Witch_To_Formation_04=<Formation 4> confirmed
  2790. Dlg_SC_ac_bullseye_reaction_being_hit_by_friendly_fire_0480=Ay! Seem wan keesher (Hey! Watch yourself)
  2791. Dlg_SC_ac_bullseye_reaction_being_hit_by_friendly_fireReaction_Being_Hit_By_Friendly_Fire=Ay! Seem wan keesher (Hey! Watch yourself)
  2792. Dlg_SC_ac_bullseye_reaction_commiting_friendly_fire_0490=Haha. Don ge agro (Don't get mad)
  2793. Dlg_SC_ac_bullseye_reaction_commiting_friendly_fireReaction_Commiting_Friendly_Fire=Haha. Don ge agro (Don't get mad)
  2794. Dlg_SC_ac_bullseye_reaction_eject_0470=Fallin ou' (Bailing out)
  2795. Dlg_SC_ac_bullseye_reaction_ejectReaction_Eject=Fallin ou' (Bailing out)
  2796. Dlg_SC_ac_bullseye_reaction_friendly_gets_killed_0450=Loss em (Lost one)
  2797. Dlg_SC_ac_bullseye_reaction_friendly_gets_killedReaction_Friendly_Gets_Killed=Loss em (Lost one)
  2798. Dlg_SC_ac_bullseye_reaction_Gets_a_kill_0400=Got yas! (Got you)
  2799. Dlg_SC_ac_bullseye_reaction_Gets_a_kill_0401=Spattered 'em.
  2800. Dlg_SC_ac_bullseye_reaction_Gets_a_killReaction_Gets_A_Kill_01=Got yas! (Got you)
  2801. Dlg_SC_ac_bullseye_reaction_Gets_a_killReaction_Gets_A_Kill_02=Spattered 'em.
  2802. Dlg_SC_ac_bullseye_reaction_incoming_enemies_0420=Blots on scren (Contacts on my screen)
  2803. Dlg_SC_ac_bullseye_reaction_incoming_enemies_0421=Whole buncha comin nah (Whole lot [of people] coming in.)
  2804. Dlg_SC_ac_bullseye_reaction_incoming_enemiesReaction_Incoming_Enemies_01=Blots on scren (Contacts on my screen)
  2805. Dlg_SC_ac_bullseye_reaction_incoming_enemiesReaction_Incoming_Enemies_02=Whole buncha comin nah (Whole lot [of people] coming in.
  2806. Dlg_SC_ac_bullseye_reaction_leaving_battle_retreating_0440=Outta (I'm out of here)
  2807. Dlg_SC_ac_bullseye_reaction_leaving_battle_retreatingReaction_Leaving_Battle_Retreating=Outta (I'm out of here)
  2808. Dlg_SC_ac_bullseye_reaction_player_gets_a_kill_0410=Real devil. (A phrase of endearment)
  2809. Dlg_SC_ac_bullseye_reaction_player_gets_a_kill_0411=Frizza nice (Exploded real nice)
  2810. Dlg_SC_ac_bullseye_reaction_player_gets_a_killReaction_Player_Gets_A_Kill_01=Real devil. (A phrase of endearment)
  2811. Dlg_SC_ac_bullseye_reaction_player_gets_a_killReaction_Player_Gets_A_Kill_02=Frizza nice (Exploded real nice)
  2812. Dlg_SC_ac_bullseye_reaction_rejoining_battle_0430=YAAAAAAA. (Battle Charge)
  2813. Dlg_SC_ac_bullseye_reaction_rejoining_battleReaction_Rejoining_Battle=YAAAAAAA. (Battle Charge)
  2814. Dlg_SC_ac_bullseye_reaction_taking_damage_0460=Skrums follin' mah dingo. (Scumbags right on my ass)
  2815. Dlg_SC_ac_bullseye_reaction_taking_damage_0461=Bucho mat (Son of a bitch)
  2816. Dlg_SC_ac_bullseye_reaction_taking_damageReaction_Taking_Damage_01=Skrums follin' mah dingo. (Scumbags right on my ass)
  2817. Dlg_SC_ac_bullseye_reaction_taking_damageReaction_Taking_Damage_02=Bucho mat (Son of a bitch)
  2818. Dlg_SC_ac_deadeye_conquest_in_contested_zone_call_for_assistance_0550=Zone critical.
  2819. Dlg_SC_ac_deadeye_conquest_in_contested_zone_call_for_assistance_0551=Need help
  2820. Dlg_SC_ac_deadeye_conquest_in_contested_zone_call_for_assistanceConquest_Contested_Zone_Call_For_Assist_01=Zone critical.
  2821. Dlg_SC_ac_deadeye_conquest_in_contested_zone_call_for_assistanceConquest_Contested_Zone_Call_For_Assist_02=Need help
  2822. Dlg_SC_ac_deadeye_conquest_lost_control_of_a_zone_0570=Zone lost
  2823. Dlg_SC_ac_deadeye_conquest_lost_control_of_a_zoneConquest_Lost_Control_Of_A_Zone=Zone lost
  2824. Dlg_SC_ac_deadeye_conquest_taken_control_of_a_zone_0560=Zone is ours
  2825. Dlg_SC_ac_deadeye_conquest_taken_control_of_a_zoneConquest_Taken_Control_Of_A_Zone=Zone is ours
  2826. Dlg_SC_ac_deadeye_ctc_allies_score_point_0540=Point to us
  2827. Dlg_SC_ac_deadeye_ctc_allies_score_pointCTC_Allies_Score_Point=Point to us
  2828. Dlg_SC_ac_deadeye_ctc_enemy_has_core_0510=They got the core
  2829. Dlg_SC_ac_deadeye_ctc_enemy_has_coreCTC_Enemy_Has_Core=They got the core
  2830. Dlg_SC_ac_deadeye_ctc_enemy_scores_point_0530=They score
  2831. Dlg_SC_ac_deadeye_ctc_enemy_scores_point_0531=Point to them
  2832. Dlg_SC_ac_deadeye_ctc_enemy_scores_pointCTC_Enemy_Scores_Point_01=They score
  2833. Dlg_SC_ac_deadeye_ctc_enemy_scores_pointCTC_Enemy_Scores_Point_02=Point to them
  2834. Dlg_SC_ac_deadeye_ctc_player_has_core_0500=You have the core
  2835. Dlg_SC_ac_deadeye_ctc_player_has_coreCTC_Player_Has_Core=You have the core
  2836. Dlg_SC_ac_deadeye_ctc_this_ai_has_core_0520=Core acquired, on me.
  2837. Dlg_SC_ac_deadeye_ctc_this_ai_has_coreCTC_This_Ai_Has_Core=Core acquired, on me.
  2838. Dlg_SC_ac_deadeye_generic_response_no_0310=No
  2839. Dlg_SC_ac_deadeye_generic_response_no_0311=Nyet
  2840. Dlg_SC_ac_deadeye_generic_response_noGeneric_Response_No_01=No
  2841. Dlg_SC_ac_deadeye_generic_response_noGeneric_Response_No_02=Nyet
  2842. Dlg_SC_ac_deadeye_generic_response_yes_0300=Yes….sir
  2843. Dlg_SC_ac_deadeye_generic_response_yes_0301=Da
  2844. Dlg_SC_ac_deadeye_generic_response_yesGeneric_Response_Yes_01=Yes….sir
  2845. Dlg_SC_ac_deadeye_generic_response_yesGeneric_Response_Yes_02=Da
  2846. Dlg_SC_ac_deadeye_player_order_assistance_required_0120=On my way.
  2847. Dlg_SC_ac_deadeye_player_order_assistance_required_0121=I will help you
  2848. Dlg_SC_ac_deadeye_player_order_assistance_requiredPlayer_Order_Assistance_Required_01=On my way.
  2849. Dlg_SC_ac_deadeye_player_order_assistance_requiredPlayer_Order_Assistance_Required_02=I will help you
  2850. Dlg_SC_ac_deadeye_player_order_attack_my_target_0100=With pleasure.
  2851. Dlg_SC_ac_deadeye_player_order_attack_my_target_0101=I have them in sight
  2852. Dlg_SC_ac_deadeye_player_order_attack_my_targetPlayer_Order_Attack_My_Target_01=With pleasure.
  2853. Dlg_SC_ac_deadeye_player_order_attack_my_targetPlayer_Order_Attack_My_Target_02=I have them in sight
  2854. Dlg_SC_ac_deadeye_player_order_bomb_my_target_0230=Heavy weapons cleared.
  2855. Dlg_SC_ac_deadeye_player_order_bomb_my_targetPlayer_Order_Bomb_My_Target_01=Heavy weapons cleared.
  2856. Dlg_SC_ac_deadeye_player_order_break_and_engage_0210=Heavy weapons cleared.
  2857. Dlg_SC_ac_deadeye_player_order_break_and_engagePlayer_Order_Break_And_Engage_01=Heavy weapons cleared.
  2858. Dlg_SC_ac_deadeye_player_order_defend_my_target_0110=I'll think about it.
  2859. Dlg_SC_ac_deadeye_player_order_defend_my_targetPlayer_Order_Defend_My_Target_01=I'll think about it.
  2860. Dlg_SC_ac_deadeye_player_order_escort_my_target_0220=…copy that.
  2861. Dlg_SC_ac_deadeye_player_order_escort_my_target_0221=Escorting target now
  2862. Dlg_SC_ac_deadeye_player_order_escort_my_targetPlayer_Order_Escort_My_Target_01=…copy that.
  2863. Dlg_SC_ac_deadeye_player_order_escort_my_targetPlayer_Order_Escort_My_Target_02=Escorting target now
  2864. Dlg_SC_ac_deadeye_player_order_evasive_manoeuvers_0200=Evading now
  2865. Dlg_SC_ac_deadeye_player_order_evasive_manoeuvers_0201=Evasive action
  2866. Dlg_SC_ac_deadeye_player_order_evasive_manoeuversPlayer_Order_Evasive_Manoeuvers_01=Evading now
  2867. Dlg_SC_ac_deadeye_player_order_evasive_manoeuversPlayer_Order_Evasive_Manoeuvers_02=Evasive action
  2868. Dlg_SC_ac_deadeye_player_order_form_up_on_me_0130=Moving to formation now
  2869. Dlg_SC_ac_deadeye_player_order_form_up_on_mePlayer_Order_Form_Up_On_Me_01=Moving to formation now
  2870. Dlg_SC_ac_deadeye_player_order_return_to_base_0240=Scope's clear. Return to base
  2871. Dlg_SC_ac_deadeye_player_order_return_to_base_0241=Heading back
  2872. Dlg_SC_ac_deadeye_player_order_return_to_basePlayer_Order_Return_To_Base_01=Scope's clear. Return to base
  2873. Dlg_SC_ac_deadeye_player_order_return_to_basePlayer_Order_Return_To_Base_02=Heading back
  2874. Dlg_SC_ac_deadeye_player_order_witch_to_formation_0251=<Formation 1> confirmed
  2875. Dlg_SC_ac_deadeye_player_order_witch_to_formation_0252=<Formation 2> confirmed
  2876. Dlg_SC_ac_deadeye_player_order_witch_to_formation_0253=<Formation 3> confirmed
  2877. Dlg_SC_ac_deadeye_player_order_witch_to_formation_0254=<Formation 4> confirmed
  2878. Dlg_SC_ac_deadeye_player_order_witch_to_formationPlayer_Order_Witch_To_Formation_01=<Formation 1> confirmed
  2879. Dlg_SC_ac_deadeye_player_order_witch_to_formationPlayer_Order_Witch_To_Formation_02=<Formation 2> confirmed
  2880. Dlg_SC_ac_deadeye_player_order_witch_to_formationPlayer_Order_Witch_To_Formation_03=<Formation 3> confirmed
  2881. Dlg_SC_ac_deadeye_player_order_witch_to_formationPlayer_Order_Witch_To_Formation_04=<Formation 4> confirmed
  2882. Dlg_SC_ac_deadeye_reaction_being_hit_by_friendly_fire_0480=I am a friendly! Idiots
  2883. Dlg_SC_ac_deadeye_reaction_being_hit_by_friendly_fireReaction_Being_Hit_By_Friendly_Fire=I am a friendly! Idiots
  2884. Dlg_SC_ac_deadeye_reaction_commiting_friendly_fire_0490=I apologise
  2885. Dlg_SC_ac_deadeye_reaction_commiting_friendly_fireReaction_Commiting_Friendly_Fire=I apologise
  2886. Dlg_SC_ac_deadeye_reaction_eject_0470=Going down.
  2887. Dlg_SC_ac_deadeye_reaction_ejectReaction_Eject=Going down.
  2888. Dlg_SC_ac_deadeye_reaction_friendly_gets_killed_0450=Ally destroyed
  2889. Dlg_SC_ac_deadeye_reaction_friendly_gets_killedReaction_Friendly_Gets_Killed=Ally destroyed
  2890. Dlg_SC_ac_deadeye_reaction_Gets_a_kill_0400=Dead.
  2891. Dlg_SC_ac_deadeye_reaction_Gets_a_kill_0401=Ghosted
  2892. Dlg_SC_ac_deadeye_reaction_Gets_a_killReaction_Gets_A_Kill_01=Dead.
  2893. Dlg_SC_ac_deadeye_reaction_Gets_a_killReaction_Gets_A_Kill_02=Ghosted
  2894. Dlg_SC_ac_deadeye_reaction_incoming_enemies_0420=Target inbound
  2895. Dlg_SC_ac_deadeye_reaction_incoming_enemies_0421=Hostile approaching
  2896. Dlg_SC_ac_deadeye_reaction_incoming_enemiesReaction_Incoming_Enemies_01=Target inbound
  2897. Dlg_SC_ac_deadeye_reaction_incoming_enemiesReaction_Incoming_Enemies_02=Hostile approaching
  2898. Dlg_SC_ac_deadeye_reaction_leaving_battle_retreating_0440=Regrouping.
  2899. Dlg_SC_ac_deadeye_reaction_leaving_battle_retreating_0441=Sustained too much damage.
  2900. Dlg_SC_ac_deadeye_reaction_leaving_battle_retreatingReaction_Leaving_Battle_Retreating_01=Regrouping.
  2901. Dlg_SC_ac_deadeye_reaction_leaving_battle_retreatingReaction_Leaving_Battle_Retreating_02=Sustained too much damage.
  2902. Dlg_SC_ac_deadeye_reaction_player_gets_a_kill_0410=Good kill
  2903. Dlg_SC_ac_deadeye_reaction_player_gets_a_kill_0411=Nice killing
  2904. Dlg_SC_ac_deadeye_reaction_player_gets_a_killReaction_Player_Gets_A_Kill_01=Good kill
  2905. Dlg_SC_ac_deadeye_reaction_player_gets_a_killReaction_Player_Gets_A_Kill_02=Nice killing
  2906. Dlg_SC_ac_deadeye_reaction_rejoining_battle_0430=I'm back
  2907. Dlg_SC_ac_deadeye_reaction_rejoining_battleReaction_Rejoining_Battle=I'm back
  2908. Dlg_SC_ac_deadeye_reaction_taking_damage_0460=Taking fire.
  2909. Dlg_SC_ac_deadeye_reaction_taking_damage_0461=Getting chewed up.
  2910. Dlg_SC_ac_deadeye_reaction_taking_damageReaction_Taking_Damage_01=Taking fire.
  2911. Dlg_SC_ac_deadeye_reaction_taking_damageReaction_Taking_Damage_02=Getting chewed up.
  2912. Dlg_SC_ac_dodger_conquest_in_contested_zone_call_for_assistance_0550=You gonna help me take this zone or what?
  2913. Dlg_SC_ac_dodger_conquest_in_contested_zone_call_for_assistance_0551=Pull your finger out you lot, help me!
  2914. Dlg_SC_ac_dodger_conquest_in_contested_zone_call_for_assistanceConquest_Contested_Zone_Call_For_Assist_01=You gonna help me take this zone or what?
  2915. Dlg_SC_ac_dodger_conquest_in_contested_zone_call_for_assistanceConquest_Contested_Zone_Call_For_Assist_02=Pull your finger out you lot, help me!
  2916. Dlg_SC_ac_dodger_conquest_lost_control_of_a_zone_0570=Lost the zone
  2917. Dlg_SC_ac_dodger_conquest_lost_control_of_a_zoneConquest_Lost_Control_Of_A_Zone=Lost the zone
  2918. Dlg_SC_ac_dodger_conquest_taken_control_of_a_zone_0560=Got the zone
  2919. Dlg_SC_ac_dodger_conquest_taken_control_of_a_zoneConquest_Taken_Control_Of_A_Zone=Got the zone
  2920. Dlg_SC_ac_dodger_ctc_allies_score_point_0540=Up yours! We scored!
  2921. Dlg_SC_ac_dodger_ctc_allies_score_pointCTC_Allies_Score_Point=Up yours! We scored!
  2922. Dlg_SC_ac_dodger_ctc_enemy_has_core_0510=They got our sodding core!
  2923. Dlg_SC_ac_dodger_ctc_enemy_has_coreCTC_Enemy_Has_Core=They got our sodding core!
  2924. Dlg_SC_ac_dodger_ctc_enemy_scores_point_0530=Bugger. They scored
  2925. Dlg_SC_ac_dodger_ctc_enemy_scores_point_0531=Point to them
  2926. Dlg_SC_ac_dodger_ctc_enemy_scores_pointCTC_Enemy_Scores_Point_01=Bugger. They scored
  2927. Dlg_SC_ac_dodger_ctc_enemy_scores_pointCTC_Enemy_Scores_Point_02=Point to them
  2928. Dlg_SC_ac_dodger_ctc_player_has_core_0500=Core is yours, take her home
  2929. Dlg_SC_ac_dodger_ctc_player_has_coreCTC_Player_Has_Core=Core is yours, take her home
  2930. Dlg_SC_ac_dodger_ctc_this_ai_has_core_0520=I got the core. Watch me back fellas
  2931. Dlg_SC_ac_dodger_ctc_this_ai_has_coreCTC_This_Ai_Has_Core=I got the core. Watch me back fellas
  2932. Dlg_SC_ac_dodger_generic_response_no_0310=No
  2933. Dlg_SC_ac_dodger_generic_response_no_0311=Are you kidding? Nah
  2934. Dlg_SC_ac_dodger_generic_response_noGeneric_Response_No_01=No
  2935. Dlg_SC_ac_dodger_generic_response_noGeneric_Response_No_02=Are you kidding? Nah
  2936. Dlg_SC_ac_dodger_generic_response_yes_0300=Roger
  2937. Dlg_SC_ac_dodger_generic_response_yes_0301=Yeah, Yeah
  2938. Dlg_SC_ac_dodger_generic_response_yesGeneric_Response_Yes_01=Roger
  2939. Dlg_SC_ac_dodger_generic_response_yesGeneric_Response_Yes_02=Yeah, Yeah
  2940. Dlg_SC_ac_dodger_player_order_assistance_required_0120=Here to save your arse
  2941. Dlg_SC_ac_dodger_player_order_assistance_required_0121=I'll help ya
  2942. Dlg_SC_ac_dodger_player_order_assistance_requiredPlayer_Order_Assistance_Required_01=Here to save your arse
  2943. Dlg_SC_ac_dodger_player_order_assistance_requiredPlayer_Order_Assistance_Required_02=I'll help ya
  2944. Dlg_SC_ac_dodger_player_order_attack_my_target_0100=He's mine.
  2945. Dlg_SC_ac_dodger_player_order_attack_my_target_0101=Coming in loud and proud
  2946. Dlg_SC_ac_dodger_player_order_attack_my_target_0102=Target locked in,
  2947. Dlg_SC_ac_dodger_player_order_attack_my_targetPlayer_Order_Attack_My_Target_01=He's mine.
  2948. Dlg_SC_ac_dodger_player_order_attack_my_targetPlayer_Order_Attack_My_Target_02=Coming in loud and proud
  2949. Dlg_SC_ac_dodger_player_order_attack_my_targetPlayer_Order_Attack_My_Target_03=Target locked in,
  2950. Dlg_SC_ac_dodger_player_order_bomb_my_target_0230=Bombing run
  2951. Dlg_SC_ac_dodger_player_order_bomb_my_targetPlayer_Order_Bomb_My_Target_01=Bombing run
  2952. Dlg_SC_ac_dodger_player_order_break_and_engage_0210=Breaking formation to engage
  2953. Dlg_SC_ac_dodger_player_order_break_and_engagePlayer_Order_Break_And_Engage_01=Breaking formation to engage
  2954. Dlg_SC_ac_dodger_player_order_defend_my_target_0110=I'm a nanny, good job mate
  2955. Dlg_SC_ac_dodger_player_order_defend_my_targetPlayer_Order_Defend_My_Target_01=I'm a nanny, good job mate
  2956. Dlg_SC_ac_dodger_player_order_escort_my_target_0220=Escorting
  2957. Dlg_SC_ac_dodger_player_order_escort_my_target_0221=I'll get them where they're going.
  2958. Dlg_SC_ac_dodger_player_order_escort_my_targetPlayer_Order_Escort_My_Target_01=Escorting
  2959. Dlg_SC_ac_dodger_player_order_escort_my_targetPlayer_Order_Escort_My_Target_02=I'll get them where they're going.
  2960. Dlg_SC_ac_dodger_player_order_evasive_manoeuvers_0200=Consider 'em lost.
  2961. Dlg_SC_ac_dodger_player_order_evasive_manoeuvers_0201=Evasive maneouvers
  2962. Dlg_SC_ac_dodger_player_order_evasive_manoeuversPlayer_Order_Evasive_Manoeuvers_01=Consider 'em lost.
  2963. Dlg_SC_ac_dodger_player_order_evasive_manoeuversPlayer_Order_Evasive_Manoeuvers_02=Evasive maneouvers
  2964. Dlg_SC_ac_dodger_player_order_form_up_on_me_0130=On my way.
  2965. Dlg_SC_ac_dodger_player_order_form_up_on_mePlayer_Order_Form_Up_On_Me_01=On my way.
  2966. Dlg_SC_ac_dodger_player_order_return_to_base_0240=I'll head back and repair
  2967. Dlg_SC_ac_dodger_player_order_return_to_base_0241=Going back to base
  2968. Dlg_SC_ac_dodger_player_order_return_to_basePlayer_Order_Return_To_Base_01=I'll head back and repair
  2969. Dlg_SC_ac_dodger_player_order_return_to_basePlayer_Order_Return_To_Base_02=Going back to base
  2970. Dlg_SC_ac_dodger_player_order_witch_to_formation_0251=<Formation 1> confirmed
  2971. Dlg_SC_ac_dodger_player_order_witch_to_formation_0252=<Formation 2> confirmed
  2972. Dlg_SC_ac_dodger_player_order_witch_to_formation_0253=<Formation 3> confirmed
  2973. Dlg_SC_ac_dodger_player_order_witch_to_formation_0254=<Formation 4> confirmed
  2974. Dlg_SC_ac_dodger_player_order_witch_to_formationPlayer_Order_Witch_To_Formation_01=<Formation 1> confirmed
  2975. Dlg_SC_ac_dodger_player_order_witch_to_formationPlayer_Order_Witch_To_Formation_02=<Formation 2> confirmed
  2976. Dlg_SC_ac_dodger_player_order_witch_to_formationPlayer_Order_Witch_To_Formation_03=<Formation 3> confirmed
  2977. Dlg_SC_ac_dodger_player_order_witch_to_formationPlayer_Order_Witch_To_Formation_04=<Formation 4> confirmed
  2978. Dlg_SC_ac_dodger_reaction_being_hit_by_friendly_fire_0480=Bloody hell, you muppet.
  2979. Dlg_SC_ac_dodger_reaction_being_hit_by_friendly_fireReaction_Being_Hit_By_Friendly_Fire=Bloody hell, you muppet.
  2980. Dlg_SC_ac_dodger_reaction_commiting_friendly_fire_0490=Damn it, sorry
  2981. Dlg_SC_ac_dodger_reaction_commiting_friendly_fireReaction_Commiting_Friendly_Fire=Damn it, sorry
  2982. Dlg_SC_ac_dodger_reaction_eject_0470=Spent up. Ejecting.
  2983. Dlg_SC_ac_dodger_reaction_ejectReaction_Eject=Spent up. Ejecting.
  2984. Dlg_SC_ac_dodger_reaction_friendly_gets_killed_0450=Friendly in smoke
  2985. Dlg_SC_ac_dodger_reaction_friendly_gets_killedReaction_Friendly_Gets_Killed=Friendly in smoke
  2986. Dlg_SC_ac_dodger_reaction_Gets_a_kill_0400=Ghosted.
  2987. Dlg_SC_ac_dodger_reaction_Gets_a_kill_0401=Merked 'em, boss.
  2988. Dlg_SC_ac_dodger_reaction_Gets_a_killReaction_Gets_A_Kill_01=Ghosted.
  2989. Dlg_SC_ac_dodger_reaction_Gets_a_killReaction_Gets_A_Kill_02=Merked 'em, boss.
  2990. Dlg_SC_ac_dodger_reaction_incoming_enemies_0420=Multiple contacts, coming in fast
  2991. Dlg_SC_ac_dodger_reaction_incoming_enemies_0421=Bogeys inbound
  2992. Dlg_SC_ac_dodger_reaction_incoming_enemiesReaction_Incoming_Enemies_01=Multiple contacts, coming in fast
  2993. Dlg_SC_ac_dodger_reaction_incoming_enemiesReaction_Incoming_Enemies_02=Bogeys inbound
  2994. Dlg_SC_ac_dodger_reaction_leaving_battle_retreating_0440=Gotta bug out a minute
  2995. Dlg_SC_ac_dodger_reaction_leaving_battle_retreating_0441=Keep the fight warm. I'll be back.
  2996. Dlg_SC_ac_dodger_reaction_leaving_battle_retreatingReaction_Leaving_Battle_Retreating_01=Gotta bug out a minute
  2997. Dlg_SC_ac_dodger_reaction_leaving_battle_retreatingReaction_Leaving_Battle_Retreating_02=Keep the fight warm. I'll be back.
  2998. Dlg_SC_ac_dodger_reaction_player_gets_a_kill_0410=Good shooting.
  2999. Dlg_SC_ac_dodger_reaction_player_gets_a_kill_0411=Nice one.
  3000. Dlg_SC_ac_dodger_reaction_player_gets_a_killReaction_Player_Gets_A_Kill_01=Good shooting.
  3001. Dlg_SC_ac_dodger_reaction_player_gets_a_killReaction_Player_Gets_A_Kill_02=Nice one.
  3002. Dlg_SC_ac_dodger_reaction_rejoining_battle_0430=Dodger's here, don't worry
  3003. Dlg_SC_ac_dodger_reaction_rejoining_battleReaction_Rejoining_Battle=Dodger's here, don't worry
  3004. Dlg_SC_ac_dodger_reaction_taking_damage_0460=They're smacking the shit outta me here!
  3005. Dlg_SC_ac_dodger_reaction_taking_damage_0461=How 'bout lending a hand?!
  3006. Dlg_SC_ac_dodger_reaction_taking_damageReaction_Taking_Damage_01=They're smacking the shit outta me here!
  3007. Dlg_SC_ac_dodger_reaction_taking_damageReaction_Taking_Damage_02=How 'bout lending a hand?!
  3008. Dlg_SC_ac_grudge_conquest_in_contested_zone_call_for_assistance_0550=Enemies in my zone, need immediate assistance
  3009. Dlg_SC_ac_grudge_conquest_in_contested_zone_call_for_assistance_0551=Zone contested, help please.
  3010. Dlg_SC_ac_grudge_conquest_in_contested_zone_call_for_assistanceConquest_Contested_Zone_Call_For_Assist_01=Enemies in my zone, need immediate assistance
  3011. Dlg_SC_ac_grudge_conquest_in_contested_zone_call_for_assistanceConquest_Contested_Zone_Call_For_Assist_02=Zone contested, help please.
  3012. Dlg_SC_ac_grudge_conquest_lost_control_of_a_zone_0570=We lost the zone.
  3013. Dlg_SC_ac_grudge_conquest_lost_control_of_a_zoneConquest_Lost_Control_Of_A_Zone=We lost the zone.
  3014. Dlg_SC_ac_grudge_conquest_taken_control_of_a_zone_0560=We took the zone
  3015. Dlg_SC_ac_grudge_conquest_taken_control_of_a_zoneConquest_Taken_Control_Of_A_Zone=We took the zone
  3016. Dlg_SC_ac_grudge_ctc_allies_score_point_0540=Scored!
  3017. Dlg_SC_ac_grudge_ctc_allies_score_pointCTC_Allies_Score_Point=Scored!
  3018. Dlg_SC_ac_grudge_ctc_enemy_has_core_0510=They got our core
  3019. Dlg_SC_ac_grudge_ctc_enemy_has_coreCTC_Enemy_Has_Core=They got our core
  3020. Dlg_SC_ac_grudge_ctc_enemy_scores_point_0530=Surprise, surprise.
  3021. Dlg_SC_ac_grudge_ctc_enemy_scores_point_0531=Whatever, they got a point
  3022. Dlg_SC_ac_grudge_ctc_enemy_scores_pointCTC_Enemy_Scores_Point_01=Surprise, surprise.
  3023. Dlg_SC_ac_grudge_ctc_enemy_scores_pointCTC_Enemy_Scores_Point_02=Whatever, they got a point
  3024. Dlg_SC_ac_grudge_ctc_player_has_core_0500=Nice snag, sir, get the core back
  3025. Dlg_SC_ac_grudge_ctc_player_has_coreCTC_Player_Has_Core=Nice snag, sir, get the core back
  3026. Dlg_SC_ac_grudge_ctc_this_ai_has_core_0520=Help! Help! I got the core!
  3027. Dlg_SC_ac_grudge_ctc_this_ai_has_coreCTC_This_Ai_Has_Core=Help! Help! I got the core!
  3028. Dlg_SC_ac_grudge_generic_response_no_0310=Nah, sorry
  3029. Dlg_SC_ac_grudge_generic_response_no_0311=There's no point doing that
  3030. Dlg_SC_ac_grudge_generic_response_noGeneric_Response_No_01=Nah, sorry
  3031. Dlg_SC_ac_grudge_generic_response_noGeneric_Response_No_02=There's no point doing that
  3032. Dlg_SC_ac_grudge_generic_response_yes_0300=Copy
  3033. Dlg_SC_ac_grudge_generic_response_yes_0301=I guess.
  3034. Dlg_SC_ac_grudge_generic_response_yesGeneric_Response_Yes_01=Copy
  3035. Dlg_SC_ac_grudge_generic_response_yesGeneric_Response_Yes_02=I guess.
  3036. Dlg_SC_ac_grudge_player_order_assistance_required_0120=I'm coming
  3037. Dlg_SC_ac_grudge_player_order_assistance_required_0121=Moving to assist you
  3038. Dlg_SC_ac_grudge_player_order_assistance_requiredPlayer_Order_Assistance_Required_01=I'm coming
  3039. Dlg_SC_ac_grudge_player_order_assistance_requiredPlayer_Order_Assistance_Required_02=Moving to assist you
  3040. Dlg_SC_ac_grudge_player_order_attack_my_target_0100=I see them.
  3041. Dlg_SC_ac_grudge_player_order_attack_my_target_0101=Engaging.
  3042. Dlg_SC_ac_grudge_player_order_attack_my_targetPlayer_Order_Attack_My_Target_01=I see them.
  3043. Dlg_SC_ac_grudge_player_order_attack_my_targetPlayer_Order_Attack_My_Target_02=Engaging.
  3044. Dlg_SC_ac_grudge_player_order_bomb_my_target_0230=Stand by. Bomb run initialised
  3045. Dlg_SC_ac_grudge_player_order_bomb_my_targetPlayer_Order_Bomb_My_Target_01=Stand by. Bomb run initialised
  3046. Dlg_SC_ac_grudge_player_order_break_and_engage_0210=Breaking to engage
  3047. Dlg_SC_ac_grudge_player_order_break_and_engagePlayer_Order_Break_And_Engage_01=Breaking to engage
  3048. Dlg_SC_ac_grudge_player_order_defend_my_target_0110=Sure.
  3049. Dlg_SC_ac_grudge_player_order_defend_my_targetPlayer_Order_Defend_My_Target_01=Sure.
  3050. Dlg_SC_ac_grudge_player_order_escort_my_target_0220=Escort confirmed
  3051. Dlg_SC_ac_grudge_player_order_escort_my_target_0221=Escorting target now
  3052. Dlg_SC_ac_grudge_player_order_escort_my_targetPlayer_Order_Escort_My_Target_01=Escort confirmed
  3053. Dlg_SC_ac_grudge_player_order_escort_my_targetPlayer_Order_Escort_My_Target_02=Escorting target now
  3054. Dlg_SC_ac_grudge_player_order_evasive_manoeuvers_0200=I can't shake them.
  3055. Dlg_SC_ac_grudge_player_order_evasive_manoeuvers_0201=Evading now
  3056. Dlg_SC_ac_grudge_player_order_evasive_manoeuversPlayer_Order_Evasive_Manoeuvers_01=I can't shake them.
  3057. Dlg_SC_ac_grudge_player_order_evasive_manoeuversPlayer_Order_Evasive_Manoeuvers_02=Evading now
  3058. Dlg_SC_ac_grudge_player_order_form_up_on_me_0130=Falling in line.
  3059. Dlg_SC_ac_grudge_player_order_form_up_on_mePlayer_Order_Form_Up_On_Me_01_01=Falling in line.
  3060. Dlg_SC_ac_grudge_player_order_return_to_base_0240=Heading back to base
  3061. Dlg_SC_ac_grudge_player_order_return_to_base_0241=I'm out.
  3062. Dlg_SC_ac_grudge_player_order_return_to_basePlayer_Order_Return_To_Base_01=Heading back to base
  3063. Dlg_SC_ac_grudge_player_order_return_to_basePlayer_Order_Return_To_Base_02=I'm out.
  3064. Dlg_SC_ac_grudge_player_order_witch_to_formation_0251=<Formation 1> confirmed
  3065. Dlg_SC_ac_grudge_player_order_witch_to_formation_0252=<Formation 2> confirmed
  3066. Dlg_SC_ac_grudge_player_order_witch_to_formation_0253=<Formation 3> confirmed
  3067. Dlg_SC_ac_grudge_player_order_witch_to_formation_0254=<Formation 4> confirmed
  3068. Dlg_SC_ac_grudge_player_order_witch_to_formationPlayer_Order_Witch_To_Formation_01=<Formation 1> confirmed
  3069. Dlg_SC_ac_grudge_player_order_witch_to_formationPlayer_Order_Witch_To_Formation_02=<Formation 2> confirmed
  3070. Dlg_SC_ac_grudge_player_order_witch_to_formationPlayer_Order_Witch_To_Formation_03=<Formation 3> confirmed
  3071. Dlg_SC_ac_grudge_player_order_witch_to_formationPlayer_Order_Witch_To_Formation_04=<Formation 4> confirmed
  3072. Dlg_SC_ac_grudge_reaction_being_hit_by_friendly_fire_0480=Alright, which one of you idiots hit me?
  3073. Dlg_SC_ac_grudge_reaction_being_hit_by_friendly_fireReaction_Being_Hit_By_Friendly_Fire=Alright, which one of you idiots hit me?
  3074. Dlg_SC_ac_grudge_reaction_commiting_friendly_fire_0490=Whoops, sorry.
  3075. Dlg_SC_ac_grudge_reaction_commiting_friendly_fireReaction_Commiting_Friendly_Fire=Whoops, sorry.
  3076. Dlg_SC_ac_grudge_reaction_eject_0470=Ejecting
  3077. Dlg_SC_ac_grudge_reaction_eject_0471=Bailing out.
  3078. Dlg_SC_ac_grudge_reaction_ejectReaction_Eject_01=Ejecting
  3079. Dlg_SC_ac_grudge_reaction_ejectReaction_Eject_02=Bailing out.
  3080. Dlg_SC_ac_grudge_reaction_friendly_gets_killed_0450=Friendly down
  3081. Dlg_SC_ac_grudge_reaction_friendly_gets_killedReaction_Friendly_Gets_Killed=Friendly down
  3082. Dlg_SC_ac_grudge_reaction_Gets_a_kill_0400=Splash one bogey
  3083. Dlg_SC_ac_grudge_reaction_Gets_a_kill_0401=Got one.
  3084. Dlg_SC_ac_grudge_reaction_Gets_a_killReaction_Gets_A_Kill_01=Splash one bogey
  3085. Dlg_SC_ac_grudge_reaction_Gets_a_killReaction_Gets_A_Kill_02=Got one.
  3086. Dlg_SC_ac_grudge_reaction_incoming_enemies_0420=We got company
  3087. Dlg_SC_ac_grudge_reaction_incoming_enemies_0421=Scope's full.
  3088. Dlg_SC_ac_grudge_reaction_incoming_enemiesReaction_Incoming_Enemies_01=We got company
  3089. Dlg_SC_ac_grudge_reaction_incoming_enemiesReaction_Incoming_Enemies_02=Scope's full.
  3090. Dlg_SC_ac_grudge_reaction_leaving_battle_retreating_0440=Retreating
  3091. Dlg_SC_ac_grudge_reaction_leaving_battle_retreating_0441=Copy that. Falling back.
  3092. Dlg_SC_ac_grudge_reaction_leaving_battle_retreatingReaction_Leaving_Battle_Retreating_01=Retreating
  3093. Dlg_SC_ac_grudge_reaction_leaving_battle_retreatingReaction_Leaving_Battle_Retreating_02=Copy that. Falling back.
  3094. Dlg_SC_ac_grudge_reaction_player_gets_a_kill_0410=Not a bad kill
  3095. Dlg_SC_ac_grudge_reaction_player_gets_a_kill_0411=Nice
  3096. Dlg_SC_ac_grudge_reaction_player_gets_a_killReaction_Player_Gets_A_Kill_01=Not a bad kill
  3097. Dlg_SC_ac_grudge_reaction_player_gets_a_killReaction_Player_Gets_A_Kill_02=Nice
  3098. Dlg_SC_ac_grudge_reaction_rejoining_battle_0430=I'm back
  3099. Dlg_SC_ac_grudge_reaction_rejoining_battleReaction_Rejoining_Battle=I'm back
  3100. Dlg_SC_ac_grudge_reaction_taking_damage_0460=Where's my back-up?
  3101. Dlg_SC_ac_grudge_reaction_taking_damage_0461=Shields holding, but I'm taking fire
  3102. Dlg_SC_ac_grudge_reaction_taking_damageReaction_Taking_Damage_01=Where's my back-up?
  3103. Dlg_SC_ac_grudge_reaction_taking_damageReaction_Taking_Damage_02=Shields holding, but I'm taking fire
  3104. Dlg_SC_ac_hitman_conquest_in_contested_zone_call_for_assistance_0550=Zone contested. All ships converge.
  3105. Dlg_SC_ac_hitman_conquest_in_contested_zone_call_for_assistanceConquest_Contested_Zone_Call_For_Assist=Zone contested. All ships converge.
  3106. Dlg_SC_ac_hitman_conquest_lost_control_of_a_zone_0570=Zone lost
  3107. Dlg_SC_ac_hitman_conquest_lost_control_of_a_zoneConquest_Lost_Control_Of_A_Zone=Zone lost
  3108. Dlg_SC_ac_hitman_conquest_taken_control_of_a_zone_0560=Zone taken
  3109. Dlg_SC_ac_hitman_conquest_taken_control_of_a_zoneConquest_Taken_Control_Of_A_Zone=Zone taken
  3110. Dlg_SC_ac_hitman_ctc_allies_score_point_0540=Point to us
  3111. Dlg_SC_ac_hitman_ctc_allies_score_pointCTC_Allies_Score_Point=Point to us
  3112. Dlg_SC_ac_hitman_ctc_enemy_has_core_0510=They got our core. Get it back
  3113. Dlg_SC_ac_hitman_ctc_enemy_has_coreCTC_Enemy_Has_Core=They got our core. Get it back
  3114. Dlg_SC_ac_hitman_ctc_enemy_scores_point_0530=Point to them
  3115. Dlg_SC_ac_hitman_ctc_enemy_scores_pointCTC_Enemy_Scores_Point=Point to them
  3116. Dlg_SC_ac_hitman_ctc_player_has_core_0500=Get the core back to base
  3117. Dlg_SC_ac_hitman_ctc_player_has_coreCTC_Player_Has_Core=Get the core back to base
  3118. Dlg_SC_ac_hitman_ctc_this_ai_has_core_0520=I have the core. Assist me
  3119. Dlg_SC_ac_hitman_ctc_this_ai_has_coreCTC_This_Ai_Has_Core=I have the core. Assist me
  3120. Dlg_SC_ac_hitman_generic_response_no_0310=Negative
  3121. Dlg_SC_ac_hitman_generic_response_noGeneric_Response_No_01=Negative
  3122. Dlg_SC_ac_hitman_generic_response_yes_0300=Copy
  3123. Dlg_SC_ac_hitman_generic_response_yesGeneric_Response_Yes_01=Copy
  3124. Dlg_SC_ac_hitman_player_order_assistance_required_0120=Hang tight
  3125. Dlg_SC_ac_hitman_player_order_assistance_required_0121=Incoming.
  3126. Dlg_SC_ac_hitman_player_order_assistance_requiredPlayer_Order_Assistance_Required_01=Hang tight
  3127. Dlg_SC_ac_hitman_player_order_assistance_requiredPlayer_Order_Assistance_Required_02=Incoming.
  3128. Dlg_SC_ac_hitman_player_order_attack_my_target_0100=Attack. Right
  3129. Dlg_SC_ac_hitman_player_order_attack_my_target_0101=You got it.
  3130. Dlg_SC_ac_hitman_player_order_attack_my_targetPlayer_Order_Attack_My_Target_01=Attack. Right
  3131. Dlg_SC_ac_hitman_player_order_attack_my_targetPlayer_Order_Attack_My_Target_02=You got it.
  3132. Dlg_SC_ac_hitman_player_order_bomb_my_target_0230=Bomb run locked in
  3133. Dlg_SC_ac_hitman_player_order_bomb_my_targetPlayer_Order_Bomb_My_Target_01=Bomb run locked in
  3134. Dlg_SC_ac_hitman_player_order_break_and_engage_0210=Breaking now.
  3135. Dlg_SC_ac_hitman_player_order_break_and_engagePlayer_Order_Break_And_Engage_01=Breaking now.
  3136. Dlg_SC_ac_hitman_player_order_defend_my_target_0110=Defending
  3137. Dlg_SC_ac_hitman_player_order_defend_my_targetPlayer_Order_Defend_My_Target_01=Defending
  3138. Dlg_SC_ac_hitman_player_order_escort_my_target_0220=Escorting
  3139. Dlg_SC_ac_hitman_player_order_escort_my_target_0221=Escorting target
  3140. Dlg_SC_ac_hitman_player_order_escort_my_targetPlayer_Order_Escort_My_Target_01=Escorting
  3141. Dlg_SC_ac_hitman_player_order_escort_my_targetPlayer_Order_Escort_My_Target_02=Escorting target
  3142. Dlg_SC_ac_hitman_player_order_evasive_manoeuvers_0200=Evading
  3143. Dlg_SC_ac_hitman_player_order_evasive_manoeuvers_0201=Evasive maneouvers
  3144. Dlg_SC_ac_hitman_player_order_evasive_manoeuversPlayer_Order_Evasive_Manoeuvers_01=Evading
  3145. Dlg_SC_ac_hitman_player_order_evasive_manoeuversPlayer_Order_Evasive_Manoeuvers_02=Evasive maneouvers
  3146. Dlg_SC_ac_hitman_player_order_form_up_on_me_0130=Copy that. En route to you.
  3147. Dlg_SC_ac_hitman_player_order_form_up_on_mePlayer_Order_Form_Up_On_Me_01=Copy that. En route to you.
  3148. Dlg_SC_ac_hitman_player_order_return_to_base_0240=Going back
  3149. Dlg_SC_ac_hitman_player_order_return_to_base_0241=Heading back
  3150. Dlg_SC_ac_hitman_player_order_return_to_basePlayer_Order_Return_To_Base_01=Going back
  3151. Dlg_SC_ac_hitman_player_order_return_to_basePlayer_Order_Return_To_Base_02=Heading back
  3152. Dlg_SC_ac_hitman_player_order_witch_to_formation_0251=<Formation 1> confirmed
  3153. Dlg_SC_ac_hitman_player_order_witch_to_formation_0252=<Formation 2> confirmed
  3154. Dlg_SC_ac_hitman_player_order_witch_to_formation_0253=<Formation 3> confirmed
  3155. Dlg_SC_ac_hitman_player_order_witch_to_formation_0254=<Formation 4> confirmed
  3156. Dlg_SC_ac_hitman_player_order_witch_to_formationPlayer_Order_Witch_To_Formation_01=<Formation 1> confirmed
  3157. Dlg_SC_ac_hitman_player_order_witch_to_formationPlayer_Order_Witch_To_Formation_02=<Formation 2> confirmed
  3158. Dlg_SC_ac_hitman_player_order_witch_to_formationPlayer_Order_Witch_To_Formation_03=<Formation 3> confirmed
  3159. Dlg_SC_ac_hitman_player_order_witch_to_formationPlayer_Order_Witch_To_Formation_04=<Formation 4> confirmed
  3160. Dlg_SC_ac_hitman_reaction_being_hit_by_friendly_fire_0480=Check your fire. Friendly.
  3161. Dlg_SC_ac_hitman_reaction_being_hit_by_friendly_fireReaction_Being_Hit_By_Friendly_Fire=Check your fire. Friendly.
  3162. Dlg_SC_ac_hitman_reaction_commiting_friendly_fire_0490=Sorry. My fault.
  3163. Dlg_SC_ac_hitman_reaction_commiting_friendly_fireReaction_Commiting_Friendly_Fire=Sorry. My fault.
  3164. Dlg_SC_ac_hitman_reaction_eject_0470=Ejecting, good luck
  3165. Dlg_SC_ac_hitman_reaction_ejectReaction_Eject=Ejecting, good luck
  3166. Dlg_SC_ac_hitman_reaction_friendly_gets_killed_0450=Friendly down
  3167. Dlg_SC_ac_hitman_reaction_friendly_gets_killedReaction_Friendly_Gets_Killed=Friendly down
  3168. Dlg_SC_ac_hitman_reaction_Gets_a_kill_0400=Hostile destroyed
  3169. Dlg_SC_ac_hitman_reaction_Gets_a_killReaction_Gets_A_Kill=Hostile destroyed
  3170. Dlg_SC_ac_hitman_reaction_incoming_enemies_0420=Hostiles inbound
  3171. Dlg_SC_ac_hitman_reaction_incoming_enemiesReaction_Incoming_Enemies=Hostiles inbound
  3172. Dlg_SC_ac_hitman_reaction_leaving_battle_retreating_0440=Retreating
  3173. Dlg_SC_ac_hitman_reaction_leaving_battle_retreatingReaction_Leaving_Battle_Retreating=Retreating
  3174. Dlg_SC_ac_hitman_reaction_player_gets_a_kill_0410=Good kill
  3175. Dlg_SC_ac_hitman_reaction_player_gets_a_killReaction_Player_Gets_A_Kill=Good kill
  3176. Dlg_SC_ac_hitman_reaction_rejoining_battle_0430=Hitman, back in the battle
  3177. Dlg_SC_ac_hitman_reaction_rejoining_battleReaction_Rejoining_Battle=Hitman, back in the battle
  3178. Dlg_SC_ac_hitman_reaction_taking_damage_0460=Under fire. Repeat. Under fire.
  3179. Dlg_SC_ac_hitman_reaction_taking_damageReaction_Taking_Damage=Under fire. Repeat. Under fire.
  3180. Dlg_SC_ac_outback_conquest_in_contested_zone_call_for_assistance_0550=We're getting swarmed here.
  3181. Dlg_SC_ac_outback_conquest_in_contested_zone_call_for_assistance_0551=Converge on zone. Now!
  3182. Dlg_SC_ac_outback_conquest_in_contested_zone_call_for_assistanceConquest_Contested_Zone_Call_For_Assist_01=We're getting swarmed here.
  3183. Dlg_SC_ac_outback_conquest_in_contested_zone_call_for_assistanceConquest_Contested_Zone_Call_For_Assist_02=Converge on zone. Now!
  3184. Dlg_SC_ac_outback_conquest_lost_control_of_a_zone_0570=We lost the zone
  3185. Dlg_SC_ac_outback_conquest_lost_control_of_a_zoneConquest_Lost_Control_Of_A_Zone=We lost the zone
  3186. Dlg_SC_ac_outback_conquest_taken_control_of_a_zone_0560=We took the zone
  3187. Dlg_SC_ac_outback_conquest_taken_control_of_a_zoneConquest_Taken_Control_Of_A_Zone=We took the zone
  3188. Dlg_SC_ac_outback_ctc_allies_score_point_0540=Hell yeah, people.
  3189. Dlg_SC_ac_outback_ctc_allies_score_pointCTC_Allies_Score_Point=Hell yeah, people.
  3190. Dlg_SC_ac_outback_ctc_enemy_has_core_0510=Enemy has the core!
  3191. Dlg_SC_ac_outback_ctc_enemy_has_coreCTC_Enemy_Has_Core=Enemy has the core!
  3192. Dlg_SC_ac_outback_ctc_enemy_scores_point_0510=Enemy have a point.
  3193. Dlg_SC_ac_outback_ctc_enemy_scores_point_0511=Come on, people, they scored.
  3194. Dlg_SC_ac_outback_ctc_enemy_scores_pointCTC_Enemy_Scores_Point_01=Come on, people, they scored.
  3195. Dlg_SC_ac_outback_ctc_enemy_scores_pointCTC_Enemy_Scores_Point_02=Enemy have a point.
  3196. Dlg_SC_ac_outback_ctc_player_has_core_0500=Take the core back to base
  3197. Dlg_SC_ac_outback_ctc_player_has_coreCTC_Player_Has_Core=Take the core back to base
  3198. Dlg_SC_ac_outback_ctc_this_ai_has_core_0520=I've got the core, sir
  3199. Dlg_SC_ac_outback_ctc_this_ai_has_coreCTC_This_Ai_Has_Core=I've got the core, sir
  3200. Dlg_SC_ac_outback_generic_response_no_0310=No
  3201. Dlg_SC_ac_outback_generic_response_no_0311=Think I'll pass.
  3202. Dlg_SC_ac_outback_generic_response_noGeneric_Response_No_01=No
  3203. Dlg_SC_ac_outback_generic_response_noGeneric_Response_No_02=Think I'll pass.
  3204. Dlg_SC_ac_outback_generic_response_yes_0300=Yeah. No problem.
  3205. Dlg_SC_ac_outback_generic_response_yes_0301=All right
  3206. Dlg_SC_ac_outback_generic_response_yesGeneric_Response_Yes_01=Yeah. No problem.
  3207. Dlg_SC_ac_outback_generic_response_yesGeneric_Response_Yes_02=All right
  3208. Dlg_SC_ac_outback_player_order_assistance_required_0120=Since you asked so nice...
  3209. Dlg_SC_ac_outback_player_order_assistance_required_0121=Alright. Stop whining.
  3210. Dlg_SC_ac_outback_player_order_assistance_requiredPlayer_Order_Assistance_Required_01=Since you asked so nice...
  3211. Dlg_SC_ac_outback_player_order_assistance_requiredPlayer_Order_Assistance_Required_02=Alright. Stop whining.
  3212. Dlg_SC_ac_outback_player_order_attack_my_target_0100=Not yet.
  3213. Dlg_SC_ac_outback_player_order_attack_my_target_0101=Target acquired.
  3214. Dlg_SC_ac_outback_player_order_attack_my_targetPlayer_Order_Attack_My_Target_01=Not yet.
  3215. Dlg_SC_ac_outback_player_order_attack_my_targetPlayer_Order_Attack_My_Target_02=Target acquired.
  3216. Dlg_SC_ac_outback_player_order_bomb_my_target_0230=Crunching firing solution, sir
  3217. Dlg_SC_ac_outback_player_order_bomb_my_targetPlayer_Order_Bomb_My_Target_01=Crunching firing solution, sir
  3218. Dlg_SC_ac_outback_player_order_break_and_engage_0210=I got this.
  3219. Dlg_SC_ac_outback_player_order_break_and_engagePlayer_Order_Break_And_Engage_01=I got this.
  3220. Dlg_SC_ac_outback_player_order_defend_my_target_0110=Defending your target
  3221. Dlg_SC_ac_outback_player_order_defend_my_target_0111=I got 'em covered.
  3222. Dlg_SC_ac_outback_player_order_defend_my_targetPlayer_Order_Defend_My_Target_01=Defending your target
  3223. Dlg_SC_ac_outback_player_order_defend_my_targetPlayer_Order_Defend_My_Target_02=I got 'em covered.
  3224. Dlg_SC_ac_outback_player_order_escort_my_target_0220=Escorting
  3225. Dlg_SC_ac_outback_player_order_escort_my_targetPlayer_Order_Escort_My_Target_01=Escorting
  3226. Dlg_SC_ac_outback_player_order_evasive_manoeuvers_0200=Evading now
  3227. Dlg_SC_ac_outback_player_order_evasive_manoeuvers_0201=I'll dump 'em easy.
  3228. Dlg_SC_ac_outback_player_order_evasive_manoeuversPlayer_Order_Evasive_Manoeuvers_01=Evading now
  3229. Dlg_SC_ac_outback_player_order_evasive_manoeuversPlayer_Order_Evasive_Manoeuvers_02=I'll dump 'em easy.
  3230. Dlg_SC_ac_outback_player_order_form_up_on_me_0130=Usually I'm in the lead.
  3231. Dlg_SC_ac_outback_player_order_form_up_on_me_0131=Moving into formation.
  3232. Dlg_SC_ac_outback_player_order_form_up_on_mePlayer_Order_Form_Up_On_Me_01=Usually I'm in the lead.
  3233. Dlg_SC_ac_outback_player_order_form_up_on_mePlayer_Order_Form_Up_On_Me_02=Moving into formation.
  3234. Dlg_SC_ac_outback_player_order_return_to_base_0240=Copy. Zeroing home.
  3235. Dlg_SC_ac_outback_player_order_return_to_base_0241=I'm out.
  3236. Dlg_SC_ac_outback_player_order_return_to_basePlayer_Order_Return_To_Base_01=Copy. Zeroing home.
  3237. Dlg_SC_ac_outback_player_order_return_to_basePlayer_Order_Return_To_Base_02=I'm out.
  3238. Dlg_SC_ac_outback_player_order_witch_to_formation_0251=<Formation 1> confirmed
  3239. Dlg_SC_ac_outback_player_order_witch_to_formation_0252=<Formation 2> confirmed
  3240. Dlg_SC_ac_outback_player_order_witch_to_formation_0253=<Formation 3> confirmed
  3241. Dlg_SC_ac_outback_player_order_witch_to_formation_0254=<Formation 4> confirmed
  3242. Dlg_SC_ac_outback_player_order_witch_to_formationPlayer_Order_Witch_To_Formation_01=<Formation 1> confirmed
  3243. Dlg_SC_ac_outback_player_order_witch_to_formationPlayer_Order_Witch_To_Formation_02=<Formation 2> confirmed
  3244. Dlg_SC_ac_outback_player_order_witch_to_formationPlayer_Order_Witch_To_Formation_03=<Formation 3> confirmed
  3245. Dlg_SC_ac_outback_player_order_witch_to_formationPlayer_Order_Witch_To_Formation_04=<Formation 4> confirmed
  3246. Dlg_SC_ac_outback_reaction_being_hit_by_friendly_fire_0480=Hey, ya bloody idiot, watch your aim
  3247. Dlg_SC_ac_outback_reaction_being_hit_by_friendly_fireReaction_Being_Hit_By_Friendly_Fire=Hey, ya bloody idiot, watch your aim
  3248. Dlg_SC_ac_outback_reaction_commiting_friendly_fire_0490=Clear my line of fire.
  3249. Dlg_SC_ac_outback_reaction_commiting_friendly_fireReaction_Commiting_Friendly_Fire=Clear my line of fire.
  3250. Dlg_SC_ac_outback_reaction_eject_0470=I gotta bail
  3251. Dlg_SC_ac_outback_reaction_eject_0471=Ejecting!
  3252. Dlg_SC_ac_outback_reaction_ejectReaction_Eject_01=I gotta bail
  3253. Dlg_SC_ac_outback_reaction_ejectReaction_Eject_02=Ejecting!
  3254. Dlg_SC_ac_outback_reaction_friendly_gets_killed_0450=We're down one.
  3255. Dlg_SC_ac_outback_reaction_friendly_gets_killed_0451=That's on you.
  3256. Dlg_SC_ac_outback_reaction_friendly_gets_killedReaction_Friendly_Gets_Killed_01=We're down one.
  3257. Dlg_SC_ac_outback_reaction_friendly_gets_killedReaction_Friendly_Gets_Killed_02=That's on you.
  3258. Dlg_SC_ac_outback_reaction_Gets_a_kill_0400=Target eliminated.
  3259. Dlg_SC_ac_outback_reaction_Gets_a_kill_0401=I got one.
  3260. Dlg_SC_ac_outback_reaction_Gets_a_killReaction_Gets_A_Kill_01=Target eliminated.
  3261. Dlg_SC_ac_outback_reaction_Gets_a_killReaction_Gets_A_Kill_02=I got one.
  3262. Dlg_SC_ac_outback_reaction_incoming_enemies_0420=We got company!
  3263. Dlg_SC_ac_outback_reaction_incoming_enemies_0421=Incoming!
  3264. Dlg_SC_ac_outback_reaction_incoming_enemiesReaction_Incoming_Enemies_01=We got company!
  3265. Dlg_SC_ac_outback_reaction_incoming_enemiesReaction_Incoming_Enemies_02=Incoming!
  3266. Dlg_SC_ac_outback_reaction_leaving_battle_retreating_0440=I'm pulling out
  3267. Dlg_SC_ac_outback_reaction_leaving_battle_retreating_0441=Bugging out.
  3268. Dlg_SC_ac_outback_reaction_leaving_battle_retreatingReaction_Leaving_Battle_Retreating_01=I'm pulling out
  3269. Dlg_SC_ac_outback_reaction_leaving_battle_retreatingReaction_Leaving_Battle_Retreating_02=Bugging out.
  3270. Dlg_SC_ac_outback_reaction_player_gets_a_kill_0410=Beaut. Good kill
  3271. Dlg_SC_ac_outback_reaction_player_gets_a_kill_0411=Nice one mate.
  3272. Dlg_SC_ac_outback_reaction_player_gets_a_killReaction_Player_Gets_A_Kill_01=Beaut. Good kill
  3273. Dlg_SC_ac_outback_reaction_player_gets_a_killReaction_Player_Gets_A_Kill_02=Nice one mate.
  3274. Dlg_SC_ac_outback_reaction_rejoining_battle_0430=Re-engaging,
  3275. Dlg_SC_ac_outback_reaction_rejoining_battleReaction_Rejoining_Battle=Re-engaging,
  3276. Dlg_SC_ac_outback_reaction_taking_damage_0460=Taking fire
  3277. Dlg_SC_ac_outback_reaction_taking_damage_0461=Shit, I'm taking damage.
  3278. Dlg_SC_ac_outback_reaction_taking_damageReaction_Taking_Damage_01=Taking fire
  3279. Dlg_SC_ac_outback_reaction_taking_damageReaction_Taking_Damage_02=Shit, I'm taking damage.
  3280. Dlg_SC_ac_powpow_conquest_in_contested_zone_call_for_assistance_0550=I need help over here!
  3281. Dlg_SC_ac_powpow_conquest_in_contested_zone_call_for_assistance_0551=Assistance required in this zone!
  3282. Dlg_SC_ac_powpow_conquest_in_contested_zone_call_for_assistanceConquest_Contested_Zone_Call_For_Assist_01=I need help over here!
  3283. Dlg_SC_ac_powpow_conquest_in_contested_zone_call_for_assistanceConquest_Contested_Zone_Call_For_Assist_02=Assistance required in this zone!
  3284. Dlg_SC_ac_powpow_conquest_lost_control_of_a_zone_0570=We lost the zone, sir!
  3285. Dlg_SC_ac_powpow_conquest_lost_control_of_a_zoneConquest_Lost_Control_Of_A_Zone=We lost the zone, sir!
  3286. Dlg_SC_ac_powpow_conquest_taken_control_of_a_zone_0560=Zone secured, sir
  3287. Dlg_SC_ac_powpow_conquest_taken_control_of_a_zoneConquest_Taken_Control_Of_A_Zone=Zone secured, sir
  3288. Dlg_SC_ac_powpow_ctc_allies_score_point_0540=Yeah! Way to go guys. One point to us!
  3289. Dlg_SC_ac_powpow_ctc_allies_score_point_0541=Score one for us…
  3290. Dlg_SC_ac_powpow_ctc_allies_score_pointCTC_Allies_Score_Point_01=Yeah! Way to go guys. One point to us!
  3291. Dlg_SC_ac_powpow_ctc_allies_score_pointCTC_Allies_Score_Point_02=Score one for us…
  3292. Dlg_SC_ac_powpow_ctc_enemy_has_core_0510=Enemy have the core, sir!
  3293. Dlg_SC_ac_powpow_ctc_enemy_has_coreCTC_Enemy_Has_Core=Enemy have the core, sir!
  3294. Dlg_SC_ac_powpow_ctc_enemy_scores_point_0530=Damn, they got the core home
  3295. Dlg_SC_ac_powpow_ctc_enemy_scores_pointCTC_Enemy_Scores_Point=Damn, they got the core home
  3296. Dlg_SC_ac_powpow_ctc_player_has_core_0500=Take her home, sir
  3297. Dlg_SC_ac_powpow_ctc_player_has_core_0501=You got it. Go!
  3298. Dlg_SC_ac_powpow_ctc_player_has_coreCTC_Player_Has_Core_01=Take her home, sir
  3299. Dlg_SC_ac_powpow_ctc_player_has_coreCTC_Player_Has_Core_02=You got it. Go!
  3300. Dlg_SC_ac_powpow_ctc_this_ai_has_core_0520=I…I…got the core, protect me!
  3301. Dlg_SC_ac_powpow_ctc_this_ai_has_core_0521=Core retreived, help me
  3302. Dlg_SC_ac_powpow_ctc_this_ai_has_coreCTC_This_Ai_Has_Core_01=I…I…got the core, protect me!
  3303. Dlg_SC_ac_powpow_ctc_this_ai_has_coreCTC_This_Ai_Has_Core_02=Core retreived, help me
  3304. Dlg_SC_ac_powpow_generic_response_no_0310=Sorry sir, I can't
  3305. Dlg_SC_ac_powpow_generic_response_no_0311=I can't do that right now, sir
  3306. Dlg_SC_ac_powpow_generic_response_no_0312=Really sorry sir, no can do!
  3307. Dlg_SC_ac_powpow_generic_response_noGeneric_Response_No_01=Sorry sir, I can't
  3308. Dlg_SC_ac_powpow_generic_response_noGeneric_Response_No_02=I can't do that right now, sir
  3309. Dlg_SC_ac_powpow_generic_response_noGeneric_Response_No_03=Really sorry sir, no can do!
  3310. Dlg_SC_ac_powpow_generic_response_yes_0300=Yes, sir!
  3311. Dlg_SC_ac_powpow_generic_response_yes_0301=Will do.
  3312. Dlg_SC_ac_powpow_generic_response_yesGeneric_Response_Yes_01=Yes, sir!
  3313. Dlg_SC_ac_powpow_generic_response_yesGeneric_Response_Yes_02=Will do.
  3314. Dlg_SC_ac_powpow_generic_response_yesGeneric_Response_Yes_03=All copy.
  3315. Dlg_SC_ac_powpow_player_order_assistance_required_0120=I’ll try and help out, sir
  3316. Dlg_SC_ac_powpow_player_order_assistance_required_0121=Hang in there sir, I’m coming!
  3317. Dlg_SC_ac_powpow_player_order_assistance_required_0122=Copy. Copy! On my way!
  3318. Dlg_SC_ac_powpow_player_order_assistance_requiredPlayer_Order_Assistance_Required_01=I’ll try and help out, sir
  3319. Dlg_SC_ac_powpow_player_order_assistance_requiredPlayer_Order_Assistance_Required_02=Hang in there sir, I’m coming!
  3320. Dlg_SC_ac_powpow_player_order_assistance_requiredPlayer_Order_Assistance_Required_03=Copy. Copy! On my way!
  3321. Dlg_SC_ac_powpow_player_order_attack_my_target_0100=Copy. Acquiring target, sir...
  3322. Dlg_SC_ac_powpow_player_order_attack_my_target_0101=Yes, sir
  3323. Dlg_SC_ac_powpow_player_order_attack_my_target_0102=I'll…I'll engage, sir
  3324. Dlg_SC_ac_powpow_player_order_attack_my_targetPlayer_Order_Attack_My_Target_01=Copy. Acquiring target, sir...
  3325. Dlg_SC_ac_powpow_player_order_attack_my_targetPlayer_Order_Attack_My_Target_02=Yes, sir
  3326. Dlg_SC_ac_powpow_player_order_attack_my_targetPlayer_Order_Attack_My_Target_03=I'll…I'll engage, sir
  3327. Dlg_SC_ac_powpow_player_order_bomb_my_target_0230=Prepping bomb run on your target, sir
  3328. Dlg_SC_ac_powpow_player_order_bomb_my_target_0231=Bombing run engaged on your target, sir
  3329. Dlg_SC_ac_powpow_player_order_bomb_my_targetPlayer_Order_Bomb_My_Target_01=Prepping bomb run on your target, sir
  3330. Dlg_SC_ac_powpow_player_order_bomb_my_targetPlayer_Order_Bomb_My_Target_02=Bombing run engaged on your target, sir
  3331. Dlg_SC_ac_powpow_player_order_break_and_engage_0210=Breaking now, sir
  3332. Dlg_SC_ac_powpow_player_order_break_and_engagePlayer_Order_Break_And_Engage_01=Breaking now, sir
  3333. Dlg_SC_ac_powpow_player_order_defend_my_target_0110=Defending your target, sir
  3334. Dlg_SC_ac_powpow_player_order_defend_my_target_0111=Course locked for defend, sir
  3335. Dlg_SC_ac_powpow_player_order_defend_my_targetPlayer_Order_Defend_My_Target_01=Defending your target, sir
  3336. Dlg_SC_ac_powpow_player_order_defend_my_targetPlayer_Order_Defend_My_Target_02=Course locked for defend, sir
  3337. Dlg_SC_ac_powpow_player_order_escort_my_target_0220=Moving to escort your target, sir
  3338. Dlg_SC_ac_powpow_player_order_escort_my_target_0221=Confirmed escort to your target, sir
  3339. Dlg_SC_ac_powpow_player_order_escort_my_targetPlayer_Order_Escort_My_Target_01=Moving to escort your target, sir
  3340. Dlg_SC_ac_powpow_player_order_escort_my_targetPlayer_Order_Escort_My_Target_02=Confirmed escort to your target, sir
  3341. Dlg_SC_ac_powpow_player_order_evasive_manoeuvers_0200=Copy that. Evasive manoeuvres, sir
  3342. Dlg_SC_ac_powpow_player_order_evasive_manoeuvers_0201=Evasive manoeuvres confirmed, sir
  3343. Dlg_SC_ac_powpow_player_order_evasive_manoeuversPlayer_Order_Evasive_Manoeuvers_01=Copy that. Evasive manoeuvres, sir
  3344. Dlg_SC_ac_powpow_player_order_evasive_manoeuversPlayer_Order_Evasive_Manoeuvers_02=Evasion pattern... Delta... initialised, sir
  3345. Dlg_SC_ac_powpow_player_order_evasive_manoeuversPlayer_Order_Evasive_Manoeuvers_03=Evasive manoeuvres confirmed, sir
  3346. Dlg_SC_ac_powpow_player_order_form_up_on_me_0130=Forming up on you, sir
  3347. Dlg_SC_ac_powpow_player_order_form_up_on_me_0131=Moving into formation, sir
  3348. Dlg_SC_ac_powpow_player_order_form_up_on_mePlayer_Order_Form_Up_On_Me_01=Forming up on you, sir
  3349. Dlg_SC_ac_powpow_player_order_form_up_on_mePlayer_Order_Form_Up_On_Me_02=Moving into formation, sir
  3350. Dlg_SC_ac_powpow_player_order_return_to_base_0240=Return and Repair confirmed, sir
  3351. Dlg_SC_ac_powpow_player_order_return_to_base_0241=Heading back for Repair, sir
  3352. Dlg_SC_ac_powpow_player_order_return_to_basePlayer_Order_Return_To_Base_01=Return and Repair confirmed, sir
  3353. Dlg_SC_ac_powpow_player_order_return_to_basePlayer_Order_Return_To_Base_02=Heading back for Repair, sir
  3354. Dlg_SC_ac_powpow_player_order_witch_to_formation_0251=<Formation 1> confirmed
  3355. Dlg_SC_ac_powpow_player_order_witch_to_formation_0252=<Formation 2> confirmed
  3356. Dlg_SC_ac_powpow_player_order_witch_to_formation_0253=<Formation 3> confirmed
  3357. Dlg_SC_ac_powpow_player_order_witch_to_formation_0254=<Formation 4> confirmed
  3358. Dlg_SC_ac_powpow_player_order_witch_to_formationPlayer_Order_Witch_To_Formation_01=<Formation 1> confirmed
  3359. Dlg_SC_ac_powpow_player_order_witch_to_formationPlayer_Order_Witch_To_Formation_02=<Formation 2> confirmed
  3360. Dlg_SC_ac_powpow_player_order_witch_to_formationPlayer_Order_Witch_To_Formation_03=<Formation 3> confirmed
  3361. Dlg_SC_ac_powpow_player_order_witch_to_formationPlayer_Order_Witch_To_Formation_04=<Formation 4> confirmed
  3362. Dlg_SC_ac_powpow_reaction_being_hit_by_friendly_fire_0480=Hey! Watch your aim
  3363. Dlg_SC_ac_powpow_reaction_being_hit_by_friendly_fireReaction_Being_Hit_By_Friendly_Fire=Hey! Watch your aim
  3364. Dlg_SC_ac_powpow_reaction_commiting_friendly_fire_0490=Shit. Sorry. It won't happen again.
  3365. Dlg_SC_ac_powpow_reaction_commiting_friendly_fireReaction_Commiting_Friendly_Fire=Shit. Sorry. It won't happen again.
  3366. Dlg_SC_ac_powpow_reaction_eject_0470=Help!
  3367. Dlg_SC_ac_powpow_reaction_eject_0471=I'm bailing out, sir!
  3368. Dlg_SC_ac_powpow_reaction_ejectReaction_Eject_01=Help!
  3369. Dlg_SC_ac_powpow_reaction_ejectReaction_Eject_02=I'm bailing out, sir!
  3370. Dlg_SC_ac_powpow_reaction_friendly_gets_killed_0450=NO!
  3371. Dlg_SC_ac_powpow_reaction_friendly_gets_killed_0451=Damn it, we're losing people
  3372. Dlg_SC_ac_powpow_reaction_friendly_gets_killedReaction_Friendly_Gets_Killed_01=NO!
  3373. Dlg_SC_ac_powpow_reaction_friendly_gets_killedReaction_Friendly_Gets_Killed_02=Damn it, we're losing people
  3374. Dlg_SC_ac_powpow_reaction_Gets_a_kill_0400=Got one!
  3375. Dlg_SC_ac_powpow_reaction_Gets_a_kill_0401=Yeah!
  3376. Dlg_SC_ac_powpow_reaction_Gets_a_kill_0402=Scratch one bogie!
  3377. Dlg_SC_ac_powpow_reaction_Gets_a_killReaction_Gets_A_Kill_01=Got one!
  3378. Dlg_SC_ac_powpow_reaction_Gets_a_killReaction_Gets_A_Kill_02=Yeah!
  3379. Dlg_SC_ac_powpow_reaction_Gets_a_killReaction_Gets_A_Kill_03=Scratch one bogie!
  3380. Dlg_SC_ac_powpow_reaction_incoming_enemies_0420=Enemies inbound, sir
  3381. Dlg_SC_ac_powpow_reaction_incoming_enemies_0421=Multiple contacts!
  3382. Dlg_SC_ac_powpow_reaction_incoming_enemiesReaction_Incoming_Enemies_01=Enemies inbound, sir
  3383. Dlg_SC_ac_powpow_reaction_incoming_enemiesReaction_Incoming_Enemies_02=Multiple contacts!
  3384. Dlg_SC_ac_powpow_reaction_leaving_battle_retreating_0440=Combat ineffective, sir.
  3385. Dlg_SC_ac_powpow_reaction_leaving_battle_retreating_0441=Retreating, sir
  3386. Dlg_SC_ac_powpow_reaction_leaving_battle_retreatingReaction_Leaving_Battle_Retreating_01=Combat ineffective, sir.
  3387. Dlg_SC_ac_powpow_reaction_leaving_battle_retreatingReaction_Leaving_Battle_Retreating_02=Retreating, sir
  3388. Dlg_SC_ac_powpow_reaction_player_gets_a_kill_0410=Nice shooting, sir
  3389. Dlg_SC_ac_powpow_reaction_player_gets_a_kill_0411=Wooh! You got him, sir
  3390. Dlg_SC_ac_powpow_reaction_player_gets_a_killReaction_Player_Gets_A_Kill_01=Nice shooting, sir
  3391. Dlg_SC_ac_powpow_reaction_player_gets_a_killReaction_Player_Gets_A_Kill_02=Wooh! You got him, sir
  3392. Dlg_SC_ac_powpow_reaction_rejoining_battle_0430=Re-engaging, sir
  3393. Dlg_SC_ac_powpow_reaction_rejoining_battleReaction_Rejoining_Battle=Re-engaging, sir
  3394. Dlg_SC_ac_powpow_reaction_taking_damage_0460=I'm under fire, sir!
  3395. Dlg_SC_ac_powpow_reaction_taking_damage_0461=Getting hit, sir
  3396. Dlg_SC_ac_powpow_reaction_taking_damageReaction_Taking_Damage_01=I'm under fire, sir!
  3397. Dlg_SC_ac_powpow_reaction_taking_damageReaction_Taking_Damage_02=Getting hit, sir
  3398. Dlg_SC_ac_pro_conquest_in_contested_zone_call_for_assistance_0550=Requesting help securing zone
  3399. Dlg_SC_ac_pro_conquest_in_contested_zone_call_for_assistance_0551=Assistance needed over here
  3400. Dlg_SC_ac_pro_conquest_lost_control_of_a_zone_0570=Zone lost, sir.!
  3401. Dlg_SC_ac_pro_conquest_taken_control_of_a_zone_0560=Zone taken, sir
  3402. Dlg_SC_ac_pro_ctc_allies_score_point_0540=Well done people, we scored.
  3403. Dlg_SC_ac_pro_ctc_allies_score_point_0541=One point to us.
  3404. Dlg_SC_ac_pro_ctc_enemy_has_core_0510=Hostile has the mark.
  3405. Dlg_SC_ac_pro_ctc_enemy_scores_point_0530=Damn it, they got it back
  3406. Dlg_SC_ac_pro_ctc_player_has_core_0500=Get it back safely, sir
  3407. Dlg_SC_ac_pro_ctc_this_ai_has_core_0520=I have the mark, sir
  3408. Dlg_SC_ac_pro_ctc_this_ai_has_core_0521=Mark retrieved. On me.
  3409. Dlg_SC_ac_pro_generic_response_no_0310=Cannot comply, sir.
  3410. Dlg_SC_ac_pro_generic_response_no_0311=No, sir.
  3411. Dlg_SC_ac_pro_generic_response_yes_0300=Roger that
  3412. Dlg_SC_ac_pro_generic_response_yes_0301=Copy
  3413. Dlg_SC_ac_pro_generic_response_yes_0302=Copy that.
  3414. Dlg_SC_ac_pro_player_order_assistance_required_0120=On my way.
  3415. Dlg_SC_ac_pro_player_order_assistance_required_0121=Hold tight, I'll help out.
  3416. Dlg_SC_ac_pro_player_order_attack_my_target_0100=Yeah, on it.
  3417. Dlg_SC_ac_pro_player_order_attack_my_target_0101=Target engaged.
  3418. Dlg_SC_ac_pro_player_order_bomb_my_target_0230=Bombing run locked in.
  3419. Dlg_SC_ac_pro_player_order_break_and_engage_0210=Breaking formation.
  3420. Dlg_SC_ac_pro_player_order_break_and_engage_0211=Break, break.
  3421. Dlg_SC_ac_pro_player_order_defend_my_target_0110=Defending the target
  3422. Dlg_SC_ac_pro_player_order_defend_my_target_0111=I'll keep him safe
  3423. Dlg_SC_ac_pro_player_order_escort_my_target_0220=Escorting, sir
  3424. Dlg_SC_ac_pro_player_order_escort_my_target_0221=I'll protect it
  3425. Dlg_SC_ac_pro_player_order_evasive_manoeuvers_0200=Evasive manoeuvres...
  3426. Dlg_SC_ac_pro_player_order_evasive_manoeuvers_0201=Confirm evasive action, sir
  3427. Dlg_SC_ac_pro_player_order_form_up_on_me_0130=Moving to formation.
  3428. Dlg_SC_ac_pro_player_order_form_up_on_me_0131=Moving to your wing.
  3429. Dlg_SC_ac_pro_player_order_return_to_base_0240=Returning to base
  3430. Dlg_SC_ac_pro_player_order_return_to_base_0241=Heading back to base
  3431. Dlg_SC_ac_pro_player_order_witch_to_formation_0251=<Formation 1> confirmed
  3432. Dlg_SC_ac_pro_player_order_witch_to_formation_0252=<Formation 2> confirmed
  3433. Dlg_SC_ac_pro_player_order_witch_to_formation_0253=<Formation 3> confirmed
  3434. Dlg_SC_ac_pro_player_order_witch_to_formation_0254=<Formation 4> confirmed
  3435. Dlg_SC_ac_pro_reaction_being_hit_by_friendly_fire_0480=Oy. Watch your fire
  3436. Dlg_SC_ac_pro_reaction_commiting_friendly_fire_0490=Damn it. Sorry.
  3437. Dlg_SC_ac_pro_reaction_eject_0470=What the hell?!.
  3438. Dlg_SC_ac_pro_reaction_eject_0471=Ejecting!
  3439. Dlg_SC_ac_pro_reaction_friendly_gets_killed_0450=Damn it.
  3440. Dlg_SC_ac_pro_reaction_friendly_gets_killed_0451=Friendly down, sir!
  3441. Dlg_SC_ac_pro_reaction_Gets_a_kill_0400=Contact eliminated.
  3442. Dlg_SC_ac_pro_reaction_Gets_a_kill_0401=Enemy down
  3443. Dlg_SC_ac_pro_reaction_Gets_a_kill_0402=Threat neutralised.
  3444. Dlg_SC_ac_pro_reaction_incoming_enemies_0420=Threat sighted, sir
  3445. Dlg_SC_ac_pro_reaction_incoming_enemies_0421=Enemies incoming
  3446. Dlg_SC_ac_pro_reaction_leaving_battle_retreating_0440=Moving to safe distance, sir
  3447. Dlg_SC_ac_pro_reaction_leaving_battle_retreating_0441=Retreating, sir
  3448. Dlg_SC_ac_pro_reaction_player_gets_a_kill_0410=Nice move, sir
  3449. Dlg_SC_ac_pro_reaction_player_gets_a_kill_0411=Good shooting, sir
  3450. Dlg_SC_ac_pro_reaction_rejoining_battle_0430=Back in it, sir.
  3451. Dlg_SC_ac_pro_reaction_taking_damage_0460=Help! Help!
  3452. Dlg_SC_ac_pro_reaction_taking_damage_0461=Hostile on my six.
  3453. Dlg_SC_ac_rocksteady_conquest_in_contested_zone_call_for_assistance_0550=I need help over here guys
  3454. Dlg_SC_ac_rocksteady_conquest_in_contested_zone_call_for_assistance_0551=Help. Zone contested
  3455. Dlg_SC_ac_rocksteady_conquest_in_contested_zone_call_for_assistanceConquest_Contested_Zone_Call_For_Assist_01=I need help over here guys
  3456. Dlg_SC_ac_rocksteady_conquest_in_contested_zone_call_for_assistanceConquest_Contested_Zone_Call_For_Assist_02=Help. Zone contested
  3457. Dlg_SC_ac_rocksteady_conquest_lost_control_of_a_zone_0570=Zone lost
  3458. Dlg_SC_ac_rocksteady_conquest_lost_control_of_a_zoneConquest_Lost_Control_Of_A_Zone=Zone lost
  3459. Dlg_SC_ac_rocksteady_conquest_taken_control_of_a_zone_0560=We took this zone
  3460. Dlg_SC_ac_rocksteady_conquest_taken_control_of_a_zoneConquest_Taken_Control_Of_A_Zone=We took this zone
  3461. Dlg_SC_ac_rocksteady_ctc_allies_score_point_0540=Yeah! We got a point!
  3462. Dlg_SC_ac_rocksteady_ctc_allies_score_pointCTC_Allies_Score_Point=Yeah! We got a point!
  3463. Dlg_SC_ac_rocksteady_ctc_enemy_has_core_0510=They have the core
  3464. Dlg_SC_ac_rocksteady_ctc_enemy_has_coreCTC_Enemy_Has_Core=They have the core
  3465. Dlg_SC_ac_rocksteady_ctc_enemy_scores_point_0530=They scored
  3466. Dlg_SC_ac_rocksteady_ctc_enemy_scores_point_0531=Point to them
  3467. Dlg_SC_ac_rocksteady_ctc_enemy_scores_pointCTC_Enemy_Scores_Point_01=They scored
  3468. Dlg_SC_ac_rocksteady_ctc_enemy_scores_pointCTC_Enemy_Scores_Point_02=Point to them
  3469. Dlg_SC_ac_rocksteady_ctc_player_has_core_0500=You have the core
  3470. Dlg_SC_ac_rocksteady_ctc_player_has_coreCTC_Player_Has_Core=You have the core
  3471. Dlg_SC_ac_rocksteady_ctc_this_ai_has_core_0520=Core retreived
  3472. Dlg_SC_ac_rocksteady_ctc_this_ai_has_coreCTC_This_Ai_Has_Core=Core retreived
  3473. Dlg_SC_ac_rocksteady_generic_response_no_0310=No, sir.
  3474. Dlg_SC_ac_rocksteady_generic_response_no_0311=I can't do that, sir.
  3475. Dlg_SC_ac_rocksteady_generic_response_noGeneric_Response_No_01=No, sir.
  3476. Dlg_SC_ac_rocksteady_generic_response_noGeneric_Response_No_02=I can't do that, sir.
  3477. Dlg_SC_ac_rocksteady_generic_response_yes_0300=Copy that
  3478. Dlg_SC_ac_rocksteady_generic_response_yes_0301=You got it.
  3479. Dlg_SC_ac_rocksteady_generic_response_yesGeneric_Response_Yes_01=Copy that
  3480. Dlg_SC_ac_rocksteady_generic_response_yesGeneric_Response_Yes_02=You got it.
  3481. Dlg_SC_ac_rocksteady_player_order_assistance_required_0120=Keep twisting. I'm on my way.
  3482. Dlg_SC_ac_rocksteady_player_order_assistance_required_0121=I'll help you out
  3483. Dlg_SC_ac_rocksteady_player_order_assistance_requiredPlayer_Order_Assistance_Required_01=Keep twisting. I'm on my way.
  3484. Dlg_SC_ac_rocksteady_player_order_assistance_requiredPlayer_Order_Assistance_Required_02=I'll help you out
  3485. Dlg_SC_ac_rocksteady_player_order_attack_my_target_0100=Stand by. Confirming attack.
  3486. Dlg_SC_ac_rocksteady_player_order_attack_my_target_0101=Engaging your mark
  3487. Dlg_SC_ac_rocksteady_player_order_attack_my_targetPlayer_Order_Attack_My_Target_01=Stand by. Confirming attack.
  3488. Dlg_SC_ac_rocksteady_player_order_attack_my_targetPlayer_Order_Attack_My_Target_02=Engaging your mark
  3489. Dlg_SC_ac_rocksteady_player_order_bomb_my_target_0230=Bombing run initiated
  3490. Dlg_SC_ac_rocksteady_player_order_bomb_my_targetPlayer_Order_Bomb_My_Target_01=Bombing run initiated
  3491. Dlg_SC_ac_rocksteady_player_order_break_and_engage_0210=B&E, confirm.
  3492. Dlg_SC_ac_rocksteady_player_order_break_and_engagePlayer_Order_Break_And_Engage_01=B&E, confirm.
  3493. Dlg_SC_ac_rocksteady_player_order_defend_my_target_0110=Defending your target
  3494. Dlg_SC_ac_rocksteady_player_order_defend_my_targetPlayer_Order_Defend_My_Target_01=Defending your target
  3495. Dlg_SC_ac_rocksteady_player_order_escort_my_target_0220=I got 'em, sir.
  3496. Dlg_SC_ac_rocksteady_player_order_escort_my_target_0221=Copy, moving to escort.
  3497. Dlg_SC_ac_rocksteady_player_order_escort_my_targetPlayer_Order_Escort_My_Target_01=I got 'em, sir.
  3498. Dlg_SC_ac_rocksteady_player_order_escort_my_targetPlayer_Order_Escort_My_Target_02=Copy, moving to escort.
  3499. Dlg_SC_ac_rocksteady_player_order_evasive_manoeuvers_0200=Evading
  3500. Dlg_SC_ac_rocksteady_player_order_evasive_manoeuversPlayer_Order_Evasive_Manoeuvers_01=Evading
  3501. Dlg_SC_ac_rocksteady_player_order_form_up_on_me_0130=Moving into formation
  3502. Dlg_SC_ac_rocksteady_player_order_form_up_on_mePlayer_Order_Form_Up_On_Me_01=Moving into formation
  3503. Dlg_SC_ac_rocksteady_player_order_return_to_base_0240=Copy, RTB.
  3504. Dlg_SC_ac_rocksteady_player_order_return_to_base_0241=Heading back, sir.
  3505. Dlg_SC_ac_rocksteady_player_order_return_to_basePlayer_Order_Return_To_Base_01=Copy, RTB.
  3506. Dlg_SC_ac_rocksteady_player_order_return_to_basePlayer_Order_Return_To_Base_02=Heading back, sir.
  3507. Dlg_SC_ac_rocksteady_player_order_witch_to_formation_0251=<Formation 1> confirmed
  3508. Dlg_SC_ac_rocksteady_player_order_witch_to_formation_0252=<Formation 2> confirmed
  3509. Dlg_SC_ac_rocksteady_player_order_witch_to_formation_0253=<Formation 3> confirmed
  3510. Dlg_SC_ac_rocksteady_player_order_witch_to_formation_0254=<Formation 4> confirmed
  3511. Dlg_SC_ac_rocksteady_player_order_witch_to_formationPlayer_Order_Witch_To_Formation_01=<Formation 1> confirmed
  3512. Dlg_SC_ac_rocksteady_player_order_witch_to_formationPlayer_Order_Witch_To_Formation_02=<Formation 2> confirmed
  3513. Dlg_SC_ac_rocksteady_player_order_witch_to_formationPlayer_Order_Witch_To_Formation_03=<Formation 3> confirmed
  3514. Dlg_SC_ac_rocksteady_player_order_witch_to_formationPlayer_Order_Witch_To_Formation_04=<Formation 4> confirmed
  3515. Dlg_SC_ac_rocksteady_pro_conquest_in_contested_zone_call_for_assistanceConquest_Contested_Zone_Call_For_Assist_01=Requesting help securing zone
  3516. Dlg_SC_ac_rocksteady_pro_conquest_in_contested_zone_call_for_assistanceConquest_Contested_Zone_Call_For_Assist_02=Assistance needed over here
  3517. Dlg_SC_ac_rocksteady_pro_conquest_lost_control_of_a_zoneConquest_Lost_Control_Of_A_Zone=Zone lost, sir.!
  3518. Dlg_SC_ac_rocksteady_pro_conquest_taken_control_of_a_zoneConquest_Taken_Control_Of_A_Zone=Zone taken, sir
  3519. Dlg_SC_ac_rocksteady_pro_ctc_allies_score_pointCTC_Allies_Score_Point_01=Well done people, we scored.
  3520. Dlg_SC_ac_rocksteady_pro_ctc_allies_score_pointCTC_Allies_Score_Point_02=One point to us.
  3521. Dlg_SC_ac_rocksteady_pro_ctc_enemy_has_coreCTC_Enemy_Has_Core=Hostile has the mark.
  3522. Dlg_SC_ac_rocksteady_pro_ctc_enemy_scores_pointCTC_Enemy_Scores_Point=Damn it, they got it back
  3523. Dlg_SC_ac_rocksteady_pro_ctc_player_has_coreCTC_Player_Has_Core=Get it back safely, sir
  3524. Dlg_SC_ac_rocksteady_pro_ctc_this_ai_has_coreCTC_This_Ai_Has_Core_01=I have the mark, sir
  3525. Dlg_SC_ac_rocksteady_pro_ctc_this_ai_has_coreCTC_This_Ai_Has_Core_02=Mark retrieved. On me.
  3526. Dlg_SC_ac_rocksteady_pro_generic_response_noGeneric_Response_No_01=Cannot comply, sir.
  3527. Dlg_SC_ac_rocksteady_pro_generic_response_noGeneric_Response_No_02=No, sir.
  3528. Dlg_SC_ac_rocksteady_pro_generic_response_yesGeneric_Response_Yes_01=Roger that
  3529. Dlg_SC_ac_rocksteady_pro_generic_response_yesGeneric_Response_Yes_02=Copy
  3530. Dlg_SC_ac_rocksteady_pro_generic_response_yesGeneric_Response_Yes_03=Copy that.
  3531. Dlg_SC_ac_rocksteady_pro_player_order_assistance_requiredPlayer_Order_Assistance_Required_01=On my way.
  3532. Dlg_SC_ac_rocksteady_pro_player_order_assistance_requiredPlayer_Order_Assistance_Required_02=Hold tight, I'll help out.
  3533. Dlg_SC_ac_rocksteady_pro_player_order_attack_my_targetPlayer_Order_Attack_My_Target_01=Yeah, on it.
  3534. Dlg_SC_ac_rocksteady_pro_player_order_attack_my_targetPlayer_Order_Attack_My_Target_02=Target engaged.
  3535. Dlg_SC_ac_rocksteady_pro_player_order_bomb_my_targetPlayer_Order_Bomb_My_Target_01=Bombing run locked in.
  3536. Dlg_SC_ac_rocksteady_pro_player_order_break_and_engagePlayer_Order_Break_And_Engage_01=Breaking formation.
  3537. Dlg_SC_ac_rocksteady_pro_player_order_break_and_engagePlayer_Order_Break_And_Engage_02=Break, break.
  3538. Dlg_SC_ac_rocksteady_pro_player_order_defend_my_targetPlayer_Order_Defend_My_Target_01=Defending the target
  3539. Dlg_SC_ac_rocksteady_pro_player_order_defend_my_targetPlayer_Order_Defend_My_Target_02=I'll keep him safe
  3540. Dlg_SC_ac_rocksteady_pro_player_order_escort_my_targetPlayer_Order_Escort_My_Target_01=Escorting, sir
  3541. Dlg_SC_ac_rocksteady_pro_player_order_escort_my_targetPlayer_Order_Escort_My_Target_02=I'll protect it
  3542. Dlg_SC_ac_rocksteady_pro_player_order_evasive_manoeuversPlayer_Order_Evasive_Manoeuvers_01=Evasive manoeuvres...
  3543. Dlg_SC_ac_rocksteady_pro_player_order_evasive_manoeuversPlayer_Order_Evasive_Manoeuvers_02=Confirm evasive action, sir
  3544. Dlg_SC_ac_rocksteady_pro_player_order_form_up_on_mePlayer_Order_Form_Up_On_Me_01=Moving to formation.
  3545. Dlg_SC_ac_rocksteady_pro_player_order_form_up_on_mePlayer_Order_Form_Up_On_Me_02=Moving to your wing.
  3546. Dlg_SC_ac_rocksteady_pro_player_order_return_to_basePlayer_Order_Return_To_Base_01=Returning to base
  3547. Dlg_SC_ac_rocksteady_pro_player_order_return_to_basePlayer_Order_Return_To_Base_02=Heading back to base
  3548. Dlg_SC_ac_rocksteady_pro_player_order_witch_to_formationPlayer_Order_Witch_To_Formation_01=<Formation 1> confirmed
  3549. Dlg_SC_ac_rocksteady_pro_player_order_witch_to_formationPlayer_Order_Witch_To_Formation_02=<Formation 2> confirmed
  3550. Dlg_SC_ac_rocksteady_pro_player_order_witch_to_formationPlayer_Order_Witch_To_Formation_03=<Formation 3> confirmed
  3551. Dlg_SC_ac_rocksteady_pro_player_order_witch_to_formationPlayer_Order_Witch_To_Formation_04=<Formation 4> confirmed
  3552. Dlg_SC_ac_rocksteady_pro_reaction_being_hit_by_friendly_fireReaction_Being_Hit_By_Friendly_Fire=Oy. Watch your fire
  3553. Dlg_SC_ac_rocksteady_pro_reaction_commiting_friendly_fireReaction_Commiting_Friendly_Fire=Damn it. Sorry.
  3554. Dlg_SC_ac_rocksteady_pro_reaction_ejectReaction_Eject_01=What the hell?!.
  3555. Dlg_SC_ac_rocksteady_pro_reaction_ejectReaction_Eject_02=Ejecting!
  3556. Dlg_SC_ac_rocksteady_pro_reaction_friendly_gets_killedReaction_Friendly_Gets_Killed_01=Damn it.
  3557. Dlg_SC_ac_rocksteady_pro_reaction_friendly_gets_killedReaction_Friendly_Gets_Killed_02=Friendly down, sir!
  3558. Dlg_SC_ac_rocksteady_pro_reaction_Gets_a_killReaction_Gets_A_Kill_01=Contact eliminated.
  3559. Dlg_SC_ac_rocksteady_pro_reaction_Gets_a_killReaction_Gets_A_Kill_02=Enemy down
  3560. Dlg_SC_ac_rocksteady_pro_reaction_Gets_a_killReaction_Gets_A_Kill_03=Threat neutralised.
  3561. Dlg_SC_ac_rocksteady_pro_reaction_incoming_enemiesReaction_Incoming_Enemies_01=Threat sighted, sir
  3562. Dlg_SC_ac_rocksteady_pro_reaction_incoming_enemiesReaction_Incoming_Enemies_02=Enemies incoming
  3563. Dlg_SC_ac_rocksteady_pro_reaction_leaving_battle_retreatingReaction_Leaving_Battle_Retreating_01=Moving to safe distance, sir
  3564. Dlg_SC_ac_rocksteady_pro_reaction_leaving_battle_retreatingReaction_Leaving_Battle_Retreating_02=Retreating, sir
  3565. Dlg_SC_ac_rocksteady_pro_reaction_player_gets_a_killReaction_Player_Gets_A_Kill_01=Nice move, sir
  3566. Dlg_SC_ac_rocksteady_pro_reaction_player_gets_a_killReaction_Player_Gets_A_Kill_02=Good shooting, sir
  3567. Dlg_SC_ac_rocksteady_pro_reaction_rejoining_battleReaction_Rejoining_Battle=Back in it, sir.
  3568. Dlg_SC_ac_rocksteady_pro_reaction_taking_damageReaction_Taking_Damage_01=Help! Help!
  3569. Dlg_SC_ac_rocksteady_pro_reaction_taking_damageReaction_Taking_Damage_02=Hostile on my six.
  3570. Dlg_SC_ac_rocksteady_reaction_being_hit_by_friendly_fire_0480=Stop shooting at me
  3571. Dlg_SC_ac_rocksteady_reaction_being_hit_by_friendly_fireReaction_Being_Hit_By_Friendly_Fire=Stop shooting at me
  3572. Dlg_SC_ac_rocksteady_reaction_commiting_friendly_fire_0490=Damn, sorry.
  3573. Dlg_SC_ac_rocksteady_reaction_commiting_friendly_fireReaction_Commiting_Friendly_Fire=Damn, sorry.
  3574. Dlg_SC_ac_rocksteady_reaction_eject_0470=Ejecting!
  3575. Dlg_SC_ac_rocksteady_reaction_ejectReaction_Eject=Ejecting!
  3576. Dlg_SC_ac_rocksteady_reaction_friendly_gets_killed_0450=Dammit! Friendly down!
  3577. Dlg_SC_ac_rocksteady_reaction_friendly_gets_killedReaction_Friendly_Gets_Killed=Dammit! Friendly down!
  3578. Dlg_SC_ac_rocksteady_reaction_Gets_a_kill_0400=Bagged one
  3579. Dlg_SC_ac_rocksteady_reaction_Gets_a_kill_0401=Enemy down
  3580. Dlg_SC_ac_rocksteady_reaction_Gets_a_killReaction_Gets_A_Kill_01=Bagged one
  3581. Dlg_SC_ac_rocksteady_reaction_Gets_a_killReaction_Gets_A_Kill_02=Enemy down
  3582. Dlg_SC_ac_rocksteady_reaction_incoming_enemies_0420=Enemies inbound
  3583. Dlg_SC_ac_rocksteady_reaction_incoming_enemies_0421=Multiple contacts approaching
  3584. Dlg_SC_ac_rocksteady_reaction_incoming_enemiesReaction_Incoming_Enemies_01=Enemies inbound
  3585. Dlg_SC_ac_rocksteady_reaction_incoming_enemiesReaction_Incoming_Enemies_02=Multiple contacts approaching
  3586. Dlg_SC_ac_rocksteady_reaction_leaving_battle_retreating_0440=Retreating
  3587. Dlg_SC_ac_rocksteady_reaction_leaving_battle_retreating_0441=Need to fall back.
  3588. Dlg_SC_ac_rocksteady_reaction_leaving_battle_retreatingReaction_Leaving_Battle_Retreating_01=Retreating
  3589. Dlg_SC_ac_rocksteady_reaction_leaving_battle_retreatingReaction_Leaving_Battle_Retreating_02=Need to fall back.
  3590. Dlg_SC_ac_rocksteady_reaction_player_gets_a_kill_0410=Kill confirmed.
  3591. Dlg_SC_ac_rocksteady_reaction_player_gets_a_kill_0411=Cool. You got one
  3592. Dlg_SC_ac_rocksteady_reaction_player_gets_a_killReaction_Player_Gets_A_Kill_01=Kill confirmed.
  3593. Dlg_SC_ac_rocksteady_reaction_player_gets_a_killReaction_Player_Gets_A_Kill_02=Cool. You got one
  3594. Dlg_SC_ac_rocksteady_reaction_rejoining_battle_0430=Back in it, sir.
  3595. Dlg_SC_ac_rocksteady_reaction_rejoining_battleReaction_Rejoining_Battle=Back in it, sir.
  3596. Dlg_SC_ac_rocksteady_reaction_taking_damage_0460=Under fire!
  3597. Dlg_SC_ac_rocksteady_reaction_taking_damage_0461=On me. Need help.
  3598. Dlg_SC_ac_rocksteady_reaction_taking_damageReaction_Taking_Damage_01=Under fire!
  3599. Dlg_SC_ac_rocksteady_reaction_taking_damageReaction_Taking_Damage_02=On me. Need help.
  3600. Dlg_SC_ac_sarc_conquest_in_contested_zone_call_for_assistance_0550=Could do with some help in this zone
  3601. Dlg_SC_ac_sarc_conquest_in_contested_zone_call_for_assistance_0551=On me! Zone's being contested.
  3602. Dlg_SC_ac_sarc_conquest_in_contested_zone_call_for_assistanceConquest_Contested_Zone_Call_For_Assist_01=Could do with some help in this zone
  3603. Dlg_SC_ac_sarc_conquest_in_contested_zone_call_for_assistanceConquest_Contested_Zone_Call_For_Assist_02=On me! Zone's being contested.
  3604. Dlg_SC_ac_sarc_conquest_lost_control_of_a_zone_0570=Lost the zone.
  3605. Dlg_SC_ac_sarc_conquest_lost_control_of_a_zoneConquest_Lost_Control_Of_A_Zone=Lost the zone.
  3606. Dlg_SC_ac_sarc_conquest_taken_control_of_a_zone_0560=Zone is ours
  3607. Dlg_SC_ac_sarc_conquest_taken_control_of_a_zoneConquest_Taken_Control_Of_A_Zone=Zone is ours
  3608. Dlg_SC_ac_sarc_ctc_allies_score_point_0540=Get in there! Point to us.
  3609. Dlg_SC_ac_sarc_ctc_allies_score_pointCTC_Allies_Score_Point=Get in there! Point to us.
  3610. Dlg_SC_ac_sarc_ctc_enemy_has_core_0510=They have our core
  3611. Dlg_SC_ac_sarc_ctc_enemy_has_coreCTC_Enemy_Has_Core=They have our core
  3612. Dlg_SC_ac_sarc_ctc_enemy_scores_point_0530=Lucky bastards scored
  3613. Dlg_SC_ac_sarc_ctc_enemy_scores_point_0531=They got a point
  3614. Dlg_SC_ac_sarc_ctc_enemy_scores_pointCTC_Enemy_Scores_Point_01=Lucky bastards scored
  3615. Dlg_SC_ac_sarc_ctc_enemy_scores_pointCTC_Enemy_Scores_Point_02=They got a point
  3616. Dlg_SC_ac_sarc_ctc_player_has_core_0500=Get the core home, now
  3617. Dlg_SC_ac_sarc_ctc_player_has_coreCTC_Player_Has_Core=Get the core home, now
  3618. Dlg_SC_ac_sarc_ctc_this_ai_has_core_0520=Got the core. Cover me.
  3619. Dlg_SC_ac_sarc_ctc_this_ai_has_coreCTC_This_Ai_Has_Core=Got the core. Cover me.
  3620. Dlg_SC_ac_sarc_generic_response_no_0310=Piss off
  3621. Dlg_SC_ac_sarc_generic_response_no_0311=I think that's ill-advised, sir.
  3622. Dlg_SC_ac_sarc_generic_response_noGeneric_Response_No_01=Piss off
  3623. Dlg_SC_ac_sarc_generic_response_noGeneric_Response_No_02=I think that's ill-advised, sir.
  3624. Dlg_SC_ac_sarc_generic_response_yes_0300=Aye
  3625. Dlg_SC_ac_sarc_generic_response_yes_0301=Copy that.
  3626. Dlg_SC_ac_sarc_generic_response_yesGeneric_Response_Yes_01=Aye
  3627. Dlg_SC_ac_sarc_generic_response_yesGeneric_Response_Yes_02=Copy that.
  3628. Dlg_SC_ac_sarc_player_order_assistance_required_0120=Need help eh? I'm on my way
  3629. Dlg_SC_ac_sarc_player_order_assistance_required_0121=There in a flash.
  3630. Dlg_SC_ac_sarc_player_order_assistance_requiredPlayer_Order_Assistance_Required_01=Need help eh? I'm on my way
  3631. Dlg_SC_ac_sarc_player_order_assistance_requiredPlayer_Order_Assistance_Required_02=There in a flash.
  3632. Dlg_SC_ac_sarc_player_order_attack_my_target_0100=Target acquired.
  3633. Dlg_SC_ac_sarc_player_order_attack_my_target_0101=He'll be a goner.
  3634. Dlg_SC_ac_sarc_player_order_attack_my_targetPlayer_Order_Attack_My_Target_01=Target acquired.
  3635. Dlg_SC_ac_sarc_player_order_attack_my_targetPlayer_Order_Attack_My_Target_02=He'll be a goner.
  3636. Dlg_SC_ac_sarc_player_order_bomb_my_target_0230=Bombing maneouver
  3637. Dlg_SC_ac_sarc_player_order_bomb_my_targetPlayer_Order_Bomb_My_Target_01=Bombing maneouver
  3638. Dlg_SC_ac_sarc_player_order_break_and_engage_0210=I'm breaking off now
  3639. Dlg_SC_ac_sarc_player_order_break_and_engagePlayer_Order_Break_And_Engage_01=I'm breaking off now
  3640. Dlg_SC_ac_sarc_player_order_defend_my_target_0110=Defending
  3641. Dlg_SC_ac_sarc_player_order_defend_my_targetPlayer_Order_Defend_My_Target_01=Defending
  3642. Dlg_SC_ac_sarc_player_order_escort_my_target_0220=Escorting
  3643. Dlg_SC_ac_sarc_player_order_escort_my_target_0221=Escorting target now
  3644. Dlg_SC_ac_sarc_player_order_escort_my_targetPlayer_Order_Escort_My_Target_01=Escorting
  3645. Dlg_SC_ac_sarc_player_order_escort_my_targetPlayer_Order_Escort_My_Target_02=Escorting target now
  3646. Dlg_SC_ac_sarc_player_order_evasive_manoeuvers_0200=I'll lose this little shit
  3647. Dlg_SC_ac_sarc_player_order_evasive_manoeuvers_0201=Happily.
  3648. Dlg_SC_ac_sarc_player_order_evasive_manoeuversPlayer_Order_Evasive_Manoeuvers_01=I'll lose this little shit
  3649. Dlg_SC_ac_sarc_player_order_evasive_manoeuversPlayer_Order_Evasive_Manoeuvers_02=Happily.
  3650. Dlg_SC_ac_sarc_player_order_form_up_on_me_0130=Getting into formation now
  3651. Dlg_SC_ac_sarc_player_order_form_up_on_me_0131=Moving to formation
  3652. Dlg_SC_ac_sarc_player_order_form_up_on_mePlayer_Order_Form_Up_On_Me_01=Getting into formation now
  3653. Dlg_SC_ac_sarc_player_order_form_up_on_mePlayer_Order_Form_Up_On_Me_02=Moving to formation
  3654. Dlg_SC_ac_sarc_player_order_return_to_base_0240=Copy that. Heading home.
  3655. Dlg_SC_ac_sarc_player_order_return_to_base_0241=Gladly, sir.
  3656. Dlg_SC_ac_sarc_player_order_return_to_basePlayer_Order_Return_To_Base_01=Copy that. Heading home.
  3657. Dlg_SC_ac_sarc_player_order_return_to_basePlayer_Order_Return_To_Base_02=Gladly, sir.
  3658. Dlg_SC_ac_sarc_player_order_witch_to_formation_0251=<Formation 1> confirmed
  3659. Dlg_SC_ac_sarc_player_order_witch_to_formation_0252=<Formation 2> confirmed
  3660. Dlg_SC_ac_sarc_player_order_witch_to_formation_0253=<Formation 3> confirmed
  3661. Dlg_SC_ac_sarc_player_order_witch_to_formation_0254=<Formation 4> confirmed
  3662. Dlg_SC_ac_sarc_player_order_witch_to_formationPlayer_Order_Witch_To_Formation_01=<Formation 1> confirmed
  3663. Dlg_SC_ac_sarc_player_order_witch_to_formationPlayer_Order_Witch_To_Formation_02=<Formation 2> confirmed
  3664. Dlg_SC_ac_sarc_player_order_witch_to_formationPlayer_Order_Witch_To_Formation_03=<Formation 3> confirmed
  3665. Dlg_SC_ac_sarc_player_order_witch_to_formationPlayer_Order_Witch_To_Formation_04=<Formation 4> confirmed
  3666. Dlg_SC_ac_sarc_reaction_being_hit_by_friendly_fire_0480=Adjust fire, you bloody idiot
  3667. Dlg_SC_ac_sarc_reaction_being_hit_by_friendly_fireReaction_Being_Hit_By_Friendly_Fire=Adjust fire, you bloody idiot
  3668. Dlg_SC_ac_sarc_reaction_commiting_friendly_fire_0490=You're in my way!
  3669. Dlg_SC_ac_sarc_reaction_commiting_friendly_fireReaction_Commiting_Friendly_Fire=You're in my way!
  3670. Dlg_SC_ac_sarc_reaction_eject_0470=Ejecting
  3671. Dlg_SC_ac_sarc_reaction_eject_0471=Ship's lost!
  3672. Dlg_SC_ac_sarc_reaction_ejectReaction_Eject_01=Ejecting
  3673. Dlg_SC_ac_sarc_reaction_ejectReaction_Eject_02=Ship's lost!
  3674. Dlg_SC_ac_sarc_reaction_friendly_gets_killed_0450=We lost a friendly
  3675. Dlg_SC_ac_sarc_reaction_friendly_gets_killed_0451=Friendly down
  3676. Dlg_SC_ac_sarc_reaction_friendly_gets_killedReaction_Friendly_Gets_Killed_01=We lost a friendly
  3677. Dlg_SC_ac_sarc_reaction_friendly_gets_killedReaction_Friendly_Gets_Killed_02=Friendly down
  3678. Dlg_SC_ac_sarc_reaction_Gets_a_kill_0400=Crash and burn, ya bastard!
  3679. Dlg_SC_ac_sarc_reaction_Gets_a_kill_0401=Blasted.
  3680. Dlg_SC_ac_sarc_reaction_Gets_a_killReaction_Gets_A_Kill_01=Crash and burn, ya bastard!
  3681. Dlg_SC_ac_sarc_reaction_Gets_a_killReaction_Gets_A_Kill_02=Blasted.
  3682. Dlg_SC_ac_sarc_reaction_incoming_enemies_0420=Incoming!
  3683. Dlg_SC_ac_sarc_reaction_incoming_enemies_0421=More enemies inbound
  3684. Dlg_SC_ac_sarc_reaction_incoming_enemiesReaction_Incoming_Enemies_01=Incoming!
  3685. Dlg_SC_ac_sarc_reaction_incoming_enemiesReaction_Incoming_Enemies_02=More enemies inbound
  3686. Dlg_SC_ac_sarc_reaction_leaving_battle_retreating_0440=Gotta go
  3687. Dlg_SC_ac_sarc_reaction_leaving_battle_retreating_0441=Retreating.
  3688. Dlg_SC_ac_sarc_reaction_leaving_battle_retreatingReaction_Leaving_Battle_Retreating_01=Gotta go
  3689. Dlg_SC_ac_sarc_reaction_leaving_battle_retreatingReaction_Leaving_Battle_Retreating_02=Retreating.
  3690. Dlg_SC_ac_sarc_reaction_player_gets_a_kill_0410=Nice kill, sunshine
  3691. Dlg_SC_ac_sarc_reaction_player_gets_a_kill_0411=Good kill
  3692. Dlg_SC_ac_sarc_reaction_player_gets_a_killReaction_Player_Gets_A_Kill_01=Nice kill, sunshine
  3693. Dlg_SC_ac_sarc_reaction_player_gets_a_killReaction_Player_Gets_A_Kill_02=Good kill
  3694. Dlg_SC_ac_sarc_reaction_rejoining_battle_0430=I'm back in the fray
  3695. Dlg_SC_ac_sarc_reaction_rejoining_battleReaction_Rejoining_Battle=I'm back in the fray
  3696. Dlg_SC_ac_sarc_reaction_taking_damage_0460=Bastards got a line on me!
  3697. Dlg_SC_ac_sarc_reaction_taking_damage_0461=Taking hits
  3698. Dlg_SC_ac_sarc_reaction_taking_damageReaction_Taking_Damage_01=Bastards got a line on me!
  3699. Dlg_SC_ac_sarc_reaction_taking_damageReaction_Taking_Damage_02=Taking hits
  3700. Dlg_SC_ac_showboat_conquest_in_contested_zone_call_for_assistance_0550=Could do with a hand in this zone
  3701. Dlg_SC_ac_showboat_conquest_in_contested_zone_call_for_assistance_0551=Zone's getting overrun.
  3702. Dlg_SC_ac_showboat_conquest_in_contested_zone_call_for_assistanceConquest_Contested_Zone_Call_For_Assist_01=Could do with a hand in this zone
  3703. Dlg_SC_ac_showboat_conquest_in_contested_zone_call_for_assistanceConquest_Contested_Zone_Call_For_Assist_02=Zone's getting overrun.
  3704. Dlg_SC_ac_showboat_conquest_lost_control_of_a_zone_0570=Zone lost
  3705. Dlg_SC_ac_showboat_conquest_lost_control_of_a_zoneConquest_Lost_Control_Of_A_Zone=Zone lost
  3706. Dlg_SC_ac_showboat_conquest_taken_control_of_a_zone_0560=Zone taken
  3707. Dlg_SC_ac_showboat_conquest_taken_control_of_a_zoneConquest_Taken_Control_Of_A_Zone=Zone taken
  3708. Dlg_SC_ac_showboat_ctc_allies_score_point_0540=We scored. That's cos of me you know...
  3709. Dlg_SC_ac_showboat_ctc_allies_score_pointCTC_Allies_Score_Point=We scored. That's cos of me you know...
  3710. Dlg_SC_ac_showboat_ctc_enemy_has_core_0510=They got our core. Get them.
  3711. Dlg_SC_ac_showboat_ctc_enemy_has_coreCTC_Enemy_Has_Core=They got our core. Get them.
  3712. Dlg_SC_ac_showboat_ctc_enemy_scores_point_0530=Hey newbies, you're letting them score!
  3713. Dlg_SC_ac_showboat_ctc_enemy_scores_point_0531=This is bullshit
  3714. Dlg_SC_ac_showboat_ctc_enemy_scores_pointCTC_Enemy_Scores_Point_01=Hey newbies, you're letting them score!
  3715. Dlg_SC_ac_showboat_ctc_enemy_scores_pointCTC_Enemy_Scores_Point_02=This is bullshit
  3716. Dlg_SC_ac_showboat_ctc_player_has_core_0500=You got the core, go! Go!
  3717. Dlg_SC_ac_showboat_ctc_player_has_coreCTC_Player_Has_Core=You got the core, go! Go!
  3718. Dlg_SC_ac_showboat_ctc_this_ai_has_core_0520=I have the core, watch me fly.
  3719. Dlg_SC_ac_showboat_ctc_this_ai_has_coreCTC_This_Ai_Has_Core=I have the core, watch me fly.
  3720. Dlg_SC_ac_showboat_generic_response_no_0310=Negative
  3721. Dlg_SC_ac_showboat_generic_response_no_0311=Waste of my talents.
  3722. Dlg_SC_ac_showboat_generic_response_noGeneric_Response_No_01=Negative
  3723. Dlg_SC_ac_showboat_generic_response_noGeneric_Response_No_02=Waste of my talents.
  3724. Dlg_SC_ac_showboat_generic_response_yes_0300=Copy
  3725. Dlg_SC_ac_showboat_generic_response_yes_0301=Yuuup!
  3726. Dlg_SC_ac_showboat_generic_response_yesGeneric_Response_Yes_01=Copy
  3727. Dlg_SC_ac_showboat_generic_response_yesGeneric_Response_Yes_02=Yuuup!
  3728. Dlg_SC_ac_showboat_player_order_assistance_required_0120=Don't worry, I'll save you!
  3729. Dlg_SC_ac_showboat_player_order_assistance_required_0121=You owe me for this one.
  3730. Dlg_SC_ac_showboat_player_order_assistance_requiredPlayer_Order_Assistance_Required_01=Don't worry, I'll save you!
  3731. Dlg_SC_ac_showboat_player_order_assistance_requiredPlayer_Order_Assistance_Required_02=You owe me for this one.
  3732. Dlg_SC_ac_showboat_player_order_attack_my_target_0100=Leave it to me.
  3733. Dlg_SC_ac_showboat_player_order_attack_my_target_0101=Doesn't stand a chance.
  3734. Dlg_SC_ac_showboat_player_order_attack_my_targetPlayer_Order_Attack_My_Target_01=Leave it to me.
  3735. Dlg_SC_ac_showboat_player_order_attack_my_targetPlayer_Order_Attack_My_Target_02=Doesn't stand a chance.
  3736. Dlg_SC_ac_showboat_player_order_bomb_my_target_0230=Lighting 'em up
  3737. Dlg_SC_ac_showboat_player_order_bomb_my_targetPlayer_Order_Bomb_My_Target_01=Lighting 'em up
  3738. Dlg_SC_ac_showboat_player_order_break_and_engage_0210=Break and Bake!
  3739. Dlg_SC_ac_showboat_player_order_break_and_engagePlayer_Order_Break_And_Engage_01=Break and Bake!
  3740. Dlg_SC_ac_showboat_player_order_defend_my_target_0110=I got 'em. Don't worry.
  3741. Dlg_SC_ac_showboat_player_order_defend_my_targetPlayer_Order_Defend_My_Target_01=I got 'em. Don't worry.
  3742. Dlg_SC_ac_showboat_player_order_escort_my_target_0220=Escorting
  3743. Dlg_SC_ac_showboat_player_order_escort_my_target_0221=Escorting target now
  3744. Dlg_SC_ac_showboat_player_order_escort_my_targetPlayer_Order_Escort_My_Target_01=Escorting
  3745. Dlg_SC_ac_showboat_player_order_escort_my_targetPlayer_Order_Escort_My_Target_02=Escorting target now
  3746. Dlg_SC_ac_showboat_player_order_evasive_manoeuvers_0200=I can dodge this guy in my sleep
  3747. Dlg_SC_ac_showboat_player_order_evasive_manoeuvers_0201=Shaking him off
  3748. Dlg_SC_ac_showboat_player_order_evasive_manoeuversPlayer_Order_Evasive_Manoeuvers_01=I can dodge this guy in my sleep
  3749. Dlg_SC_ac_showboat_player_order_evasive_manoeuversPlayer_Order_Evasive_Manoeuvers_02=Shaking him off
  3750. Dlg_SC_ac_showboat_player_order_form_up_on_me_0130=Engaging formation
  3751. Dlg_SC_ac_showboat_player_order_form_up_on_mePlayer_Order_Form_Up_On_Me_01=Engaging formation
  3752. Dlg_SC_ac_showboat_player_order_return_to_base_0240=Returning to LZ
  3753. Dlg_SC_ac_showboat_player_order_return_to_basePlayer_Order_Return_To_Base_01=Returning to LZ
  3754. Dlg_SC_ac_showboat_player_order_witch_to_formation_0251=<Formation 1> confirmed
  3755. Dlg_SC_ac_showboat_player_order_witch_to_formation_0252=<Formation 2> confirmed
  3756. Dlg_SC_ac_showboat_player_order_witch_to_formation_0253=<Formation 3> confirmed
  3757. Dlg_SC_ac_showboat_player_order_witch_to_formation_0254=<Formation 4> confirmed
  3758. Dlg_SC_ac_showboat_player_order_witch_to_formationPlayer_Order_Witch_To_Formation_01=<Formation 1> confirmed
  3759. Dlg_SC_ac_showboat_player_order_witch_to_formationPlayer_Order_Witch_To_Formation_02=<Formation 2> confirmed
  3760. Dlg_SC_ac_showboat_player_order_witch_to_formationPlayer_Order_Witch_To_Formation_03=<Formation 3> confirmed
  3761. Dlg_SC_ac_showboat_player_order_witch_to_formationPlayer_Order_Witch_To_Formation_04=<Formation 4> confirmed
  3762. Dlg_SC_ac_showboat_reaction_being_hit_by_friendly_fire_0480=You rookies. Stop shooting me!
  3763. Dlg_SC_ac_showboat_reaction_being_hit_by_friendly_fireReaction_Being_Hit_By_Friendly_Fire=You rookies. Stop shooting me!
  3764. Dlg_SC_ac_showboat_reaction_commiting_friendly_fire_0490=Who shot you?
  3765. Dlg_SC_ac_showboat_reaction_commiting_friendly_fireReaction_Commiting_Friendly_Fire=Who shot you?
  3766. Dlg_SC_ac_showboat_reaction_eject_0470=Punching out
  3767. Dlg_SC_ac_showboat_reaction_eject_0471=Cheats! I have to bail
  3768. Dlg_SC_ac_showboat_reaction_ejectReaction_Eject_01=Punching out
  3769. Dlg_SC_ac_showboat_reaction_ejectReaction_Eject_02=Cheats! I have to bail
  3770. Dlg_SC_ac_showboat_reaction_friendly_gets_killed_0450=I knew they'd be next.
  3771. Dlg_SC_ac_showboat_reaction_friendly_gets_killedReaction_Friendly_Gets_Killed=I knew they'd be next.
  3772. Dlg_SC_ac_showboat_reaction_Gets_a_kill_0400=Did you see that!? Woooooh!
  3773. Dlg_SC_ac_showboat_reaction_Gets_a_kill_0401=Suck it, losers.
  3774. Dlg_SC_ac_showboat_reaction_Gets_a_killReaction_Gets_A_Kill_01=Did you see that!? Woooooh!
  3775. Dlg_SC_ac_showboat_reaction_Gets_a_killReaction_Gets_A_Kill_02=Suck it, losers.
  3776. Dlg_SC_ac_showboat_reaction_incoming_enemies_0420=Hostiles approaching
  3777. Dlg_SC_ac_showboat_reaction_incoming_enemies_0421=Bunch of notches for the kill list incoming.
  3778. Dlg_SC_ac_showboat_reaction_incoming_enemiesReaction_Incoming_Enemies_01=Hostiles approaching
  3779. Dlg_SC_ac_showboat_reaction_incoming_enemiesReaction_Incoming_Enemies_02=Bunch of notches for the kill list incoming.
  3780. Dlg_SC_ac_showboat_reaction_leaving_battle_retreating_0440=They got lucky, need repairs
  3781. Dlg_SC_ac_showboat_reaction_leaving_battle_retreating_0441=Back soon, gotta repair
  3782. Dlg_SC_ac_showboat_reaction_leaving_battle_retreatingReaction_Leaving_Battle_Retreating_01=They got lucky, need repairs
  3783. Dlg_SC_ac_showboat_reaction_leaving_battle_retreatingReaction_Leaving_Battle_Retreating_02=Back soon, gotta repair
  3784. Dlg_SC_ac_showboat_reaction_player_gets_a_kill_0410=You're nearly as good as me
  3785. Dlg_SC_ac_showboat_reaction_player_gets_a_kill_0411=Well that took you long enough!
  3786. Dlg_SC_ac_showboat_reaction_player_gets_a_killReaction_Player_Gets_A_Kill_01=You're nearly as good as me
  3787. Dlg_SC_ac_showboat_reaction_player_gets_a_killReaction_Player_Gets_A_Kill_02=Well that took you long enough!
  3788. Dlg_SC_ac_showboat_reaction_rejoining_battle_0430=Rejoining the battle
  3789. Dlg_SC_ac_showboat_reaction_rejoining_battleReaction_Rejoining_Battle=Rejoining the battle
  3790. Dlg_SC_ac_showboat_reaction_taking_damage_0460=They're getting some lucky shots in here
  3791. Dlg_SC_ac_showboat_reaction_taking_damage_0461=Took a bit of damage here
  3792. Dlg_SC_ac_showboat_reaction_taking_damageReaction_Taking_Damage_01=They're getting some lucky shots in here
  3793. Dlg_SC_ac_showboat_reaction_taking_damageReaction_Taking_Damage_02=Took a bit of damage here
  3794. Dlg_SC_ac_sidearm_conquest_in_contested_zone_call_for_assistance_0550=Some help in this zone please?
  3795. Dlg_SC_ac_sidearm_conquest_in_contested_zone_call_for_assistance_0551=Assistance in my zone please.
  3796. Dlg_SC_ac_sidearm_conquest_in_contested_zone_call_for_assistance_0552=Ich bitte um Entschuldigung, etwas Hilfe?
  3797. Dlg_SC_ac_sidearm_conquest_in_contested_zone_call_for_assistanceConquest_Contested_Zone_Call_For_Assist_01=Some help in this zone please?
  3798. Dlg_SC_ac_sidearm_conquest_in_contested_zone_call_for_assistanceConquest_Contested_Zone_Call_For_Assist_02=Assistance in my zone please.
  3799. Dlg_SC_ac_sidearm_conquest_in_contested_zone_call_for_assistanceConquest_Contested_Zone_Call_For_Assist_03=Ich bitte um Entschuldigung, etwas Hilfe?
  3800. Dlg_SC_ac_sidearm_conquest_lost_control_of_a_zone_0570=Zone lost.
  3801. Dlg_SC_ac_sidearm_conquest_lost_control_of_a_zoneConquest_Lost_Control_Of_A_Zone=Zone lost.
  3802. Dlg_SC_ac_sidearm_conquest_taken_control_of_a_zone_0560=Zone taken
  3803. Dlg_SC_ac_sidearm_conquest_taken_control_of_a_zoneConquest_Taken_Control_Of_A_Zone=Zone taken
  3804. Dlg_SC_ac_sidearm_ctc_allies_score_point_0540=Yes! We got a point
  3805. Dlg_SC_ac_sidearm_ctc_allies_score_pointCTC_Allies_Score_Point=Yes! We got a point
  3806. Dlg_SC_ac_sidearm_ctc_enemy_has_core_0510=They have the core
  3807. Dlg_SC_ac_sidearm_ctc_enemy_has_coreCTC_Enemy_Has_Core=They have the core
  3808. Dlg_SC_ac_sidearm_ctc_enemy_scores_point_0530=Enemy have scored.
  3809. Dlg_SC_ac_sidearm_ctc_enemy_scores_point_0531=Not acceptable. They scored
  3810. Dlg_SC_ac_sidearm_ctc_enemy_scores_pointCTC_Enemy_Scores_Point_01=Enemy have scored.
  3811. Dlg_SC_ac_sidearm_ctc_enemy_scores_pointCTC_Enemy_Scores_Point_02=Not acceptable. They scored
  3812. Dlg_SC_ac_sidearm_ctc_player_has_core_0500=You have the core
  3813. Dlg_SC_ac_sidearm_ctc_player_has_coreCTC_Player_Has_Core=You have the core
  3814. Dlg_SC_ac_sidearm_ctc_this_ai_has_core_0520=The core is on me
  3815. Dlg_SC_ac_sidearm_ctc_this_ai_has_coreCTC_This_Ai_Has_Core=The core is on me
  3816. Dlg_SC_ac_sidearm_generic_response_no_0310=Negative, sir
  3817. Dlg_SC_ac_sidearm_generic_response_no_0311=I'm afraid not.
  3818. Dlg_SC_ac_sidearm_generic_response_noGeneric_Response_No_01=Negative, sir
  3819. Dlg_SC_ac_sidearm_generic_response_noGeneric_Response_No_02=I'm afraid not.
  3820. Dlg_SC_ac_sidearm_generic_response_yes_0300=Copy, sir
  3821. Dlg_SC_ac_sidearm_generic_response_yes_0301=Natürlich
  3822. Dlg_SC_ac_sidearm_generic_response_yesGeneric_Response_Yes_01=Copy, sir
  3823. Dlg_SC_ac_sidearm_generic_response_yesGeneric_Response_Yes_02=Natürlich
  3824. Dlg_SC_ac_sidearm_player_order_assistance_required_0120=I'll be right there
  3825. Dlg_SC_ac_sidearm_player_order_assistance_required_0121=Assistance incoming.
  3826. Dlg_SC_ac_sidearm_player_order_assistance_requiredPlayer_Order_Assistance_Required_01=I'll be right there
  3827. Dlg_SC_ac_sidearm_player_order_assistance_requiredPlayer_Order_Assistance_Required_02=Assistance incoming.
  3828. Dlg_SC_ac_sidearm_player_order_attack_my_target_0100=Engaging enemy
  3829. Dlg_SC_ac_sidearm_player_order_attack_my_target_0101=Um… copy. Engaging...
  3830. Dlg_SC_ac_sidearm_player_order_attack_my_targetPlayer_Order_Attack_My_Target_01=Engaging enemy
  3831. Dlg_SC_ac_sidearm_player_order_attack_my_targetPlayer_Order_Attack_My_Target_02=Um… copy. Engaging...
  3832. Dlg_SC_ac_sidearm_player_order_bomb_my_target_0230=Bombing run locked in
  3833. Dlg_SC_ac_sidearm_player_order_bomb_my_targetPlayer_Order_Bomb_My_Target_01=Bombing run locked in
  3834. Dlg_SC_ac_sidearm_player_order_break_and_engage_0210=Understood. Will find a good approach.
  3835. Dlg_SC_ac_sidearm_player_order_break_and_engagePlayer_Order_Break_And_Engage_01=Understood. Will find a good approach.
  3836. Dlg_SC_ac_sidearm_player_order_defend_my_target_0110=Defending
  3837. Dlg_SC_ac_sidearm_player_order_defend_my_target_0111=Moving to defensive position.
  3838. Dlg_SC_ac_sidearm_player_order_defend_my_targetPlayer_Order_Defend_My_Target_01=Defending
  3839. Dlg_SC_ac_sidearm_player_order_defend_my_targetPlayer_Order_Defend_My_Target_02=Moving to defensive position.
  3840. Dlg_SC_ac_sidearm_player_order_escort_my_target_0220=Sticking close to target
  3841. Dlg_SC_ac_sidearm_player_order_escort_my_target_0221=Escorting target now
  3842. Dlg_SC_ac_sidearm_player_order_escort_my_targetPlayer_Order_Escort_My_Target_01=Sticking close to target
  3843. Dlg_SC_ac_sidearm_player_order_escort_my_targetPlayer_Order_Escort_My_Target_02=Escorting target now
  3844. Dlg_SC_ac_sidearm_player_order_evasive_manoeuvers_0200=Evasive maneouvers engaged
  3845. Dlg_SC_ac_sidearm_player_order_evasive_manoeuvers_0201=Ducking them, sir.
  3846. Dlg_SC_ac_sidearm_player_order_evasive_manoeuversPlayer_Order_Evasive_Manoeuvers_01=Evasive maneouvers engaged
  3847. Dlg_SC_ac_sidearm_player_order_evasive_manoeuversPlayer_Order_Evasive_Manoeuvers_02=Ducking them, sir.
  3848. Dlg_SC_ac_sidearm_player_order_form_up_on_me_0130=Forming up on you
  3849. Dlg_SC_ac_sidearm_player_order_form_up_on_me_0131=Lead the way.
  3850. Dlg_SC_ac_sidearm_player_order_form_up_on_mePlayer_Order_Form_Up_On_Me_01=Forming up on you
  3851. Dlg_SC_ac_sidearm_player_order_form_up_on_mePlayer_Order_Form_Up_On_Me_02=Lead the way.
  3852. Dlg_SC_ac_sidearm_player_order_return_to_base_0240=Returning to base
  3853. Dlg_SC_ac_sidearm_player_order_return_to_base_0241=Heading home
  3854. Dlg_SC_ac_sidearm_player_order_return_to_basePlayer_Order_Return_To_Base_01=Returning to base
  3855. Dlg_SC_ac_sidearm_player_order_return_to_basePlayer_Order_Return_To_Base_02=Heading home
  3856. Dlg_SC_ac_sidearm_player_order_witch_to_formation_0251=<Formation 1> confirmed
  3857. Dlg_SC_ac_sidearm_player_order_witch_to_formation_0252=<Formation 2> confirmed
  3858. Dlg_SC_ac_sidearm_player_order_witch_to_formation_0253=<Formation 3> confirmed
  3859. Dlg_SC_ac_sidearm_player_order_witch_to_formation_0254=<Formation 4> confirmed
  3860. Dlg_SC_ac_sidearm_player_order_witch_to_formationPlayer_Order_Witch_To_Formation_01=<Formation 1> confirmed
  3861. Dlg_SC_ac_sidearm_player_order_witch_to_formationPlayer_Order_Witch_To_Formation_02=<Formation 2> confirmed
  3862. Dlg_SC_ac_sidearm_player_order_witch_to_formationPlayer_Order_Witch_To_Formation_03=<Formation 3> confirmed
  3863. Dlg_SC_ac_sidearm_player_order_witch_to_formationPlayer_Order_Witch_To_Formation_04=<Formation 4> confirmed
  3864. Dlg_SC_ac_sidearm_reaction_being_hit_by_friendly_fire_0480=Stop shooting me.
  3865. Dlg_SC_ac_sidearm_reaction_being_hit_by_friendly_fireReaction_Being_Hit_By_Friendly_Fire=Stop shooting me.
  3866. Dlg_SC_ac_sidearm_reaction_commiting_friendly_fire_0490=Verdammt nochmal!
  3867. Dlg_SC_ac_sidearm_reaction_commiting_friendly_fireReaction_Commiting_Friendly_Fire=Verdammt nochmal!
  3868. Dlg_SC_ac_sidearm_reaction_eject_0470=Ejecting
  3869. Dlg_SC_ac_sidearm_reaction_eject_0471=Auswerfen!
  3870. Dlg_SC_ac_sidearm_reaction_ejectReaction_Eject_01=Ejecting
  3871. Dlg_SC_ac_sidearm_reaction_ejectReaction_Eject_02=Auswerfen!
  3872. Dlg_SC_ac_sidearm_reaction_friendly_gets_killed_0450=We lost one.
  3873. Dlg_SC_ac_sidearm_reaction_friendly_gets_killed_0451=Scheiße! Ally destroyed
  3874. Dlg_SC_ac_sidearm_reaction_friendly_gets_killedReaction_Friendly_Gets_Killed_01=We lost one.
  3875. Dlg_SC_ac_sidearm_reaction_friendly_gets_killedReaction_Friendly_Gets_Killed_02=Scheiße! Ally destroyed
  3876. Dlg_SC_ac_sidearm_reaction_Gets_a_kill_0400=Enemy destroyed.
  3877. Dlg_SC_ac_sidearm_reaction_Gets_a_kill_0401=Target eliminated.
  3878. Dlg_SC_ac_sidearm_reaction_Gets_a_killReaction_Gets_A_Kill_01=Enemy destroyed.
  3879. Dlg_SC_ac_sidearm_reaction_Gets_a_killReaction_Gets_A_Kill_02=Target eliminated.
  3880. Dlg_SC_ac_sidearm_reaction_incoming_enemies_0420=Incoming enemies
  3881. Dlg_SC_ac_sidearm_reaction_incoming_enemies_0421=We have contact. Multiple contacts.
  3882. Dlg_SC_ac_sidearm_reaction_incoming_enemiesReaction_Incoming_Enemies_01=Incoming enemies
  3883. Dlg_SC_ac_sidearm_reaction_incoming_enemiesReaction_Incoming_Enemies_02=We have contact. Multiple contacts.
  3884. Dlg_SC_ac_sidearm_reaction_leaving_battle_retreating_0440=Falling back, sir.
  3885. Dlg_SC_ac_sidearm_reaction_leaving_battle_retreating_0441=Retreating.
  3886. Dlg_SC_ac_sidearm_reaction_leaving_battle_retreatingReaction_Leaving_Battle_Retreating_01=Falling back, sir.
  3887. Dlg_SC_ac_sidearm_reaction_leaving_battle_retreatingReaction_Leaving_Battle_Retreating_02=Retreating.
  3888. Dlg_SC_ac_sidearm_reaction_player_gets_a_kill_0410=Great shot sir
  3889. Dlg_SC_ac_sidearm_reaction_player_gets_a_kill_0411=Good kill.
  3890. Dlg_SC_ac_sidearm_reaction_player_gets_a_killReaction_Player_Gets_A_Kill_01=Great shot sir
  3891. Dlg_SC_ac_sidearm_reaction_player_gets_a_killReaction_Player_Gets_A_Kill_02=Good kill.
  3892. Dlg_SC_ac_sidearm_reaction_rejoining_battle_0430=Rearmed, sir
  3893. Dlg_SC_ac_sidearm_reaction_rejoining_battleReaction_Rejoining_Battle=Rearmed, sir
  3894. Dlg_SC_ac_sidearm_reaction_taking_damage_0460=Get this Scheiße-Kopf away from me!
  3895. Dlg_SC_ac_sidearm_reaction_taking_damage_0461=I am hit!
  3896. Dlg_SC_ac_sidearm_reaction_taking_damageReaction_Taking_Damage_01=Get this Scheiße-Kopf away from me!
  3897. Dlg_SC_ac_sidearm_reaction_taking_damageReaction_Taking_Damage_02=I am hit!
  3898. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_afterburners_offline_2170=Afterburners Offline
  3899. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_afterburners_offlineRace_Afterburners_Offline=Afterburners Offline
  3900. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_afterburners_online_2160=Afterburners Online
  3901. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_afterburners_onlineRace_Afterburners_Online=Afterburners Online
  3902. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_ally_team_scores_1380=You have seized the enemy core
  3903. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_assist_kill_1290=Assist
  3904. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_assist_killSim_Game_Player_Assist_Kill=Assist
  3905. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_blue_core_dropped_1400=Blue Core abandoned
  3906. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_blue_core_returned_1360=Blue Core restored
  3907. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_blue_losing_1440=Blue Team has fallen behind
  3908. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_blue_losingConquest_Blue_Losing=Blue Team has fallen behind
  3909. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_checkpoint_1900=Checkpoint
  3910. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_checkpointRace_Checkpoint=Checkpoint
  3911. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_competitor_destroyed_1980=Competitor destroyed
  3912. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_competitor_destroyedRace_Competitor_Destroyed=Competitor destroyed
  3913. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_confirmed_kill_1280=Hostile destroyed
  3914. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_confirmed_killSim_Game_Player_Has_Confirmed_Kill=Hostile destroyed
  3915. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_death_in_space_1510=Session restarting. Please hold
  3916. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_death_in_spaceSim_Player_Death_In_Space=Session restarting. Please hold
  3917. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_drill_captured_1620=…captured.
  3918. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_drill_captured_1640=Drill…
  3919. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_drill_capturedConquest_Item_Captured=…captured.
  3920. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_drill_capturedConquest_Item_Drill=Drill…
  3921. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_drill_contested_1610=…contested.
  3922. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_drill_contested_1640=Drill…
  3923. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_drill_contestedConquest_Item_Contested=…contested.
  3924. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_drill_contestedConquest_Item_Drill=Drill…
  3925. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_drill_lost_1620=…lost.
  3926. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_drill_lost_1640=Drill…
  3927. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_drill_lostConquest_Item_Drill=Drill…
  3928. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_drill_lostConquest_Item_Lost=…lost.
  3929. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_eighth_place_2070=8th Place
  3930. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_eighth_placeRace_Eighth_Place=8th Place
  3931. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_enemy_core_capturedCTC_Enemy_Core_Captured=Core Captured
  3932. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_enemy_core_droppedCTC_Player_Lost_Enemy_Core=The core has been dropped
  3933. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_enemy_core_returnedCTC_Enemy_Core_Returned=The core has been returned
  3934. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_enemy_final_killBattleRoyale_Enemy_Final_Kill=An enemy requires a final kill
  3935. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_enemy_final_killSquadronBattle_Enemy_Team_Final_Kill=Enemy team requires a final kill
  3936. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_enemy_has_coreCTC_Enemy_Has_Core=The enemy has your core
  3937. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_enemy_team_scores_1370=Hostile forces have acquired your core
  3938. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_enemy_team_wonSquadronBattle_Enemy_Team_Won=Your team lost
  3939. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_entering_hotzone_1920=Entering Hot-Zone…
  3940. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_entering_hotzoneRace_Entering_Hotzone=Entering Hot-Zone…
  3941. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_fifth_place_2040=5th Place
  3942. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_fifth_placeRace_Fifth_Place=5th Place
  3943. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_final_lap_1850=Final Lap
  3944. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_final_lapRace_Final_Lap=Final Lap
  3945. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_finish_lap_1830=Lap Complete
  3946. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_finish_lapRace_Finish_Lap=Lap Complete
  3947. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_first_killSim_Game_Player_Makes_First_Kill=First Blood
  3948. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_five_killsSim_Game_Player_Makes_Five_Kills=You have achieved Ace status
  3949. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_fourth_place_2030=4th Place
  3950. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_fourth_placeRace_Fourth_Place=4th Place
  3951. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_friendly_core_capturedCTC_Friendly_Core_Captured=The enemy captured your core
  3952. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_friendly_core_droppedCTC_Friendly_Core_Dropped=The enemy dropped your core
  3953. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_friendly_core_returnedCTC_Friendly_Core_Returned=Your core has been returned
  3954. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_friendly_final_killSquadronBattle_Friendly_Final_Kill=Your team requires a final kill
  3955. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_friendly_team_wonSquadronBattle_Friendly_Team_Won=Your team won
  3956. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_game_over_1270=Simulation deactivated
  3957. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_game_overSim_Game_Over=Simulation deactivated
  3958. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_game_start_1260=Simulation activated
  3959. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_game_startSim_Game_Start=Simulation activated
  3960. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_game_type_initiated_1000=Squadron Battle initiated
  3961. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_game_type_initiated_1010=Battle Royale initiated
  3962. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_game_type_initiated_1020=Capture the Core initiated
  3963. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_game_type_initiated_1030=Conquest initiated
  3964. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_game_type_initiated_1040=Free-Flight Mode initiated
  3965. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_game_type_initiated_1050=Vanduul Swarm Engaged
  3966. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_game_type_initiatedSim_Init_Battle_Royale=Battle Royale initiated
  3967. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_game_type_initiatedSim_Init_Capture_The_Core=Capture the Core initiated
  3968. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_game_type_initiatedSim_Init_Conquest=Conquest initiated
  3969. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_game_type_initiatedSim_Init_Free_Flight=Free-Flight Mode initiated
  3970. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_game_type_initiatedSim_Init_Squadron_Battle=Squadron Battle initiated
  3971. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_game_type_initiatedSim_Init_Vanduul_Swarm=Vanduul Swarm initiated
  3972. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_got_enemy_core_1340=You have obtained the enemy core
  3973. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_got_enemy_coreCTC_Player_Got_Enemy_Core=You have obtained the enemy core
  3974. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_hazard_1890=Hazard
  3975. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_hazardRace_Hazard=Hazard
  3976. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_init_blitz_mode_1790=Initiating Murray Cup Race Simulator: Blitz mode
  3977. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_init_blitz_modeRace_Blitz_Mode=Initiating Murray Cup Race Simulator: Blitz mode
  3978. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_init_rush_mode_1780=Initiating Murray Cup Race Simulator: Rush mode
  3979. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_init_rush_modeRace_Rush_Mode=Initiating Murray Cup Race Simulator: Rush mode
  3980. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_iris_closing_2190=Warning: Checkpoint iris closing
  3981. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_iris_closingRace_Iris_Closing=Warning: Checkpoint iris closing
  3982. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_lap_record_1840=New personal lap record
  3983. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_lap_recordRace_Lap_Record=New personal lap record
  3984. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_laps_remaining_2180=Laps remaining
  3985. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_laps_remaining_2181=Lap remaining
  3986. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_laps_remaining_2200=One
  3987. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_laps_remaining_2210=Two
  3988. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_laps_remaining_2220=Three
  3989. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_laps_remaining_2230=Four
  3990. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_laps_remaining_2240=Five
  3991. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_laps_remaining_2250=Six
  3992. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_laps_remaining_2260=Seven
  3993. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_laps_remaining_2270=Eight
  3994. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_laps_remaining_2280=Nine
  3995. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_laps_remaining_2290=Ten
  3996. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_laps_remainingRace_Lap_Remaining=Laps remaining
  3997. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_laps_remainingRace_Laps_Remain_Count_01=One
  3998. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_laps_remainingRace_Laps_Remain_Count_02=Two
  3999. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_laps_remainingRace_Laps_Remain_Count_03=Three
  4000. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_laps_remainingRace_Laps_Remain_Count_04=Four
  4001. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_laps_remainingRace_Laps_Remain_Count_05=Five
  4002. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_laps_remainingRace_Laps_Remain_Count_06=Six
  4003. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_laps_remainingRace_Laps_Remain_Count_07=Seven
  4004. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_laps_remainingRace_Laps_Remain_Count_08=Eight
  4005. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_laps_remainingRace_Laps_Remain_Count_09=Nine
  4006. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_laps_remainingRace_Laps_Remain_Count_10=Ten
  4007. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_laps_remainingRace_Laps_Remaining=Lap remaining
  4008. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_leading_race_1860=You are leading the race
  4009. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_leading_raceRace_Leading_Race=You are leading the race
  4010. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_leaving_hotzone_1930=Leaving Hot-Zone…
  4011. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_leaving_hotzoneRace_Leaving_Hotzone=Leaving Hot-Zone…
  4012. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_leaving_map_1480=Warning. You are approaching simulation boundary
  4013. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_leaving_mapSim_Player_Leaving_Map=Warning. You are approaching simulation boundary
  4014. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_lose_whitewash_1460=Hostiles have captured all zones. This simulation will fail in...
  4015. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_lose_whitewashConquest_Lose_Whitewash=Hostiles have captured all zones. This simulation will fail in...
  4016. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_lost_ally_core_1330=Your team has lost the core
  4017. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_lost_lead_1870=You have lost the lead
  4018. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_lost_leadRace_Lost_Lead=You have lost the lead
  4019. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_lost_race_2080=You lost the race
  4020. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_lost_raceRace_Lost_Race=You lost the race
  4021. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_multiplayer_introductionRace_Blitz_Mode=Initiating Murray Cup Race Simulation
  4022. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_new_lap_record_2110=New lap record
  4023. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_new_lap_recordRace_New_Lap_Record=New lap record
  4024. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_new_personal_race_recordRace_New_Race_Record_02=New race record
  4025. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_player_ace_killedSim_Game_Player_Is_Ace_Killed=Your Ace status has been revoked
  4026. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_player_final_killBattleRoyale_Player_Final_Kill=You require a final kill
  4027. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_player_kills_aceSim_Game_Player_Kills_Ace=Ace Killed
  4028. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_player_losesBattleRoyale_Player_Loses=You Lost!
  4029. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_player_winsBattleRoyale_Player_Wins=You are Victorious
  4030. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_pylon_captured_1600=Pylon…
  4031. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_pylon_captured_1620=…captured.
  4032. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_pylon_capturedConquest_Item_Captured=…captured.
  4033. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_pylon_capturedConquest_Item_Pylon=Pylon…
  4034. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_pylon_contested_1600=Pylon…
  4035. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_pylon_contested_1610=…contested.
  4036. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_pylon_contestedConquest_Item_Contested=…contested.
  4037. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_pylon_contestedConquest_Item_Pylon=Pylon…
  4038. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_pylon_lost_1600=Pylon…
  4039. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_pylon_lost_1620=…lost.
  4040. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_pylon_lostConquest_Item_Lost=…lost.
  4041. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_pylon_lostConquest_Item_Pylon=Pylon…
  4042. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_race_abandoned_1950=Race Abandoned
  4043. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_race_abandonedRace_Abandoned=Race Abandoned
  4044. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_race_complete_1880=Race Complete
  4045. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_race_completeRace_Complete=Race Complete
  4046. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_race_mode_initialise_1810=Initiating Murray Cup Race Simulator
  4047. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_race_mode_initialiseRace_Mode_Initialise=Initiating Murray Cup Race Simulator
  4048. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_race_start_1820=3,2,1... Start
  4049. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_race_startRace_Start=3,2,1... Start
  4050. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_racer_quit_1960=Competitor has left the race
  4051. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_racer_quitRace_Racer_Quit=Competitor has left the race
  4052. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_rearming_ship_2100=Re-arming Ship
  4053. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_rearming_shipRace_Rearming_Ship=Re-arming Ship
  4054. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_red_core_dropped_1390=Red Core abandoned
  4055. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_red_core_returned_1350=Red Core restored
  4056. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_red_losing_1450=Red Team has fallen behind
  4057. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_red_losingConquest_Red_Losing=Red Team has fallen behind
  4058. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_repairs_initiated_2090=Repairs Initiated
  4059. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_repairs_initiatedRace_Repairs_Initiated=Repairs Initiated
  4060. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_respawn_1500=Stand by for reintegration
  4061. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_respawnSim_Player_Respawn=Standbv for reintegration
  4062. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_second_place_2010=2nd Place
  4063. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_second_placeRace_Second_Place=2nd Place
  4064. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_seventh_place_2060=7th Place
  4065. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_seventh_placeRace_Seventh_Place=7th Place
  4066. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_shields_offline_2150=Shields Offline
  4067. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_shields_offlineRace_Shields_Offline=Shields Offline
  4068. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_shields_online_2140=Shields Online
  4069. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_shields_onlineRace_Shields_Online=Shields Online
  4070. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_single_player_introductionRace_Rush_Mode=Initiating Murray Cup Practice Simulation
  4071. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_sixth_place_2050=6th Place
  4072. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_sixth_placeRace_Sixth_Place=6th Place
  4073. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_survival_all_allies_lost_1100=All allies lost
  4074. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_survival_all_allies_lostSurvival_All_Allies_Lost=All allies lost
  4075. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_survival_ally_lost_1110=Ally eliminated
  4076. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_survival_ally_lostSurvival_Ally_Lost=Ally eliminated
  4077. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_survival_boss_wave_defeated_1140=Elite units eliminated.
  4078. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_survival_boss_wave_defeatedSurvival_Boss_Wave_Defeated=Elite units eliminated.
  4079. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_survival_boss_wave_incoming_1130=Contact: Elite units en-route.
  4080. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_survival_boss_wave_incomingSurvival_Boss_Wave_Incoming=Contact: Elite units en-route.
  4081. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_survival_destroyed_wave_1080=Zero hostile contacts remaining
  4082. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_survival_destroyed_waveSurvival_Destroyed_Wave=Zero hostile contacts remaining
  4083. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_survival_game_over_1120=Simulation Over
  4084. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_survival_game_overSurvival_Game_Over=Simulation Over
  4085. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_survival_player_defeat_1090=Objective not achieved
  4086. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_survival_player_defeatSurvival_Player_Defeat=Objective not achieved
  4087. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_survival_repairs_commence_1150=Hold for automated repairs.
  4088. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_survival_repairs_commenceSurvival_Repairs_Commence=Hold for automated repairs.
  4089. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_survival_wave_incoming_1060=
  4090. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_survival_wave_incomingSurvival_Wave_Incoming=Warning: There are multiple hostiles inbound
  4091. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_team_join_1300=Red Team
  4092. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_team_join_1310=Blue Team
  4093. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_team_join_1490=Linked to...
  4094. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_team_joinTeam_Join_01=Blue Team
  4095. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_team_joinTeam_Join_02=Linked to...
  4096. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_team_joinTeam_Win_01=Red Team
  4097. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_team_win_1300=Red Team
  4098. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_team_win_1310=Blue Team
  4099. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_team_win_1320=is victorious
  4100. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_team_winTeam_Join_01=Blue Team
  4101. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_team_winTeam_Win_01=Red Team
  4102. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_team_winTeam_Win_03=is victorious
  4103. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_third_place_2020=3rd Place
  4104. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_third_placeRace_Third_Place=3rd Place
  4105. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_time_extension_1990=Time extension
  4106. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_time_extensionRace_Time_Extension=Time extension
  4107. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_weapons_disabled_2130=Weapons Disabled
  4108. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_weapons_disabledRace_Weapons_Disabled=Weapons Disabled
  4109. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_weapons_enabled_2120=Weapons Enabled
  4110. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_weapons_enabledRace_Weapons_Enabled=Weapons Enabled
  4111. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_weapons_locked_1800=Race Mode Initiated: Weapon safeties enabled
  4112. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_weapons_lockedRace_Weapons_Locked=Race Mode Initiated: Weapon safeties enabled
  4113. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_win_race_2000=You have won the race!
  4114. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_win_raceRace_Win_Race=You have won the race!
  4115. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_win_whitewash_1470=Friendlies have captured all zones. This simulation will succeed in…
  4116. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_win_whitewashConquest_Win_Whitewash=Friendlies have captured all zones. This simulation will succeed in…
  4117. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_wrong_direction_1910=Wrong Direction
  4118. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_wrong_directionRace_Wrong_Direction=Wrong Direction
  4119. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_zone_number_contested_1160=Ten
  4120. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_zone_number_contested_1170=Nine
  4121. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_zone_number_contested_1180=Eight
  4122. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_zone_number_contested_1190=Seven
  4123. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_zone_number_contested_1200=Six
  4124. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_zone_number_contested_1210=Five
  4125. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_zone_number_contested_1220=Four
  4126. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_zone_number_contested_1230=Three
  4127. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_zone_number_contested_1240=Two
  4128. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_zone_number_contested_1250=One
  4129. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_zone_number_contested_1251=Zero
  4130. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_zone_number_contested_1410=Hostiles attacking zone
  4131. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_zone_number_contestedCount_00=Zero
  4132. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_zone_number_contestedCount_01=One
  4133. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_zone_number_contestedCount_02=Two
  4134. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_zone_number_contestedCount_03=Three
  4135. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_zone_number_contestedCount_04=Four
  4136. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_zone_number_contestedCount_05=Five
  4137. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_zone_number_contestedCount_06=Six
  4138. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_zone_number_contestedCount_07=Seven
  4139. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_zone_number_contestedCount_08=Eight
  4140. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_zone_number_contestedCount_09=Nine
  4141. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_zone_number_contestedCount_10=Ten
  4142. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_zone_number_contestedZone_Number_Contested=Hostiles attacking zone
  4143. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_zone_number_lost_1160=Ten
  4144. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_zone_number_lost_1170=Nine
  4145. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_zone_number_lost_1180=Eight
  4146. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_zone_number_lost_1190=Seven
  4147. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_zone_number_lost_1200=Six
  4148. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_zone_number_lost_1210=Five
  4149. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_zone_number_lost_1220=Four
  4150. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_zone_number_lost_1230=Three
  4151. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_zone_number_lost_1240=Two
  4152. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_zone_number_lost_1250=One
  4153. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_zone_number_lost_1251=Zero
  4154. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_zone_number_lost_1420=Hostile elements have seized zone
  4155. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_zone_number_lostCount_00=Zero
  4156. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_zone_number_lostCount_01=One
  4157. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_zone_number_lostCount_02=Two
  4158. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_zone_number_lostCount_03=Three
  4159. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_zone_number_lostCount_04=Four
  4160. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_zone_number_lostCount_05=Five
  4161. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_zone_number_lostCount_06=Six
  4162. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_zone_number_lostCount_07=Seven
  4163. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_zone_number_lostCount_08=Eight
  4164. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_zone_number_lostCount_09=Nine
  4165. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_zone_number_lostCount_10=Ten
  4166. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_zone_number_lostZone_Number_Lost=Hostile element have seized zone
  4167. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_zone_number_taken_1160=Ten
  4168. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_zone_number_taken_1170=Nine
  4169. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_zone_number_taken_1180=Eight
  4170. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_zone_number_taken_1190=Seven
  4171. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_zone_number_taken_1200=Six
  4172. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_zone_number_taken_1210=Five
  4173. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_zone_number_taken_1220=Four
  4174. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_zone_number_taken_1230=Three
  4175. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_zone_number_taken_1240=Two
  4176. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_zone_number_taken_1250=One
  4177. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_zone_number_taken_1251=Zero
  4178. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_zone_number_taken_1300=Red Team
  4179. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_zone_number_taken_1310=Blue Team
  4180. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_zone_number_taken_1430=have captured zone
  4181. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_zone_number_takenCount_00=Zero
  4182. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_zone_number_takenCount_01=One
  4183. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_zone_number_takenCount_02=Two
  4184. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_zone_number_takenCount_03=Three
  4185. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_zone_number_takenCount_04=Four
  4186. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_zone_number_takenCount_05=Five
  4187. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_zone_number_takenCount_06=Six
  4188. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_zone_number_takenCount_07=Seven
  4189. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_zone_number_takenCount_08=Eight
  4190. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_zone_number_takenCount_09=Nine
  4191. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_zone_number_takenCount_10=Ten
  4192. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_zone_number_takenTeam_Join_01=Blue Team
  4193. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_zone_number_takenTeam_Win_01=Red Team
  4194. Dlg_SC_ac_simulator_zone_number_takenZone_Number_Taken=have captured zone
  4195. Dlg_SC_ac_slingshot_conquest_in_contested_zone_call_for_assistance_0550=Need some help in this zone please.
  4196. Dlg_SC_ac_slingshot_conquest_in_contested_zone_call_for_assistance_0551=They're trying to take this zone. Some help guys?
  4197. Dlg_SC_ac_slingshot_conquest_in_contested_zone_call_for_assistanceConquest_Contested_Zone_Call_For_Assist_01=Need some help in this zone please.
  4198. Dlg_SC_ac_slingshot_conquest_in_contested_zone_call_for_assistanceConquest_Contested_Zone_Call_For_Assist_02=They're trying to take this zone. Some help guys?
  4199. Dlg_SC_ac_slingshot_conquest_lost_control_of_a_zone_0570=We lost the zone.
  4200. Dlg_SC_ac_slingshot_conquest_lost_control_of_a_zoneConquest_Lost_Control_Of_A_Zone=We lost the zone.
  4201. Dlg_SC_ac_slingshot_conquest_taken_control_of_a_zone_0560=Zone is ours
  4202. Dlg_SC_ac_slingshot_conquest_taken_control_of_a_zoneConquest_Taken_Control_Of_A_Zone=Zone is ours
  4203. Dlg_SC_ac_slingshot_ctc_allies_score_point_0540=Great job, people!
  4204. Dlg_SC_ac_slingshot_ctc_allies_score_point_0541=Kick ass!
  4205. Dlg_SC_ac_slingshot_ctc_allies_score_pointCTC_Allies_Score_Point_01=Great job, people!
  4206. Dlg_SC_ac_slingshot_ctc_allies_score_pointCTC_Allies_Score_Point_02=Kick ass!
  4207. Dlg_SC_ac_slingshot_ctc_enemy_has_core_0510=They have the core
  4208. Dlg_SC_ac_slingshot_ctc_enemy_has_coreCTC_Enemy_Has_Core=They have the core
  4209. Dlg_SC_ac_slingshot_ctc_enemy_scores_point_0530=Opposition scored.
  4210. Dlg_SC_ac_slingshot_ctc_enemy_scores_point_0531=We're letting them score!
  4211. Dlg_SC_ac_slingshot_ctc_enemy_scores_pointCTC_Enemy_Scores_Point_01=Opposition scored.
  4212. Dlg_SC_ac_slingshot_ctc_enemy_scores_pointCTC_Enemy_Scores_Point_02=We're letting them score!
  4213. Dlg_SC_ac_slingshot_ctc_player_has_core_0500=You got the core, sir
  4214. Dlg_SC_ac_slingshot_ctc_player_has_coreCTC_Player_Has_Core=You got the core, sir
  4215. Dlg_SC_ac_slingshot_ctc_this_ai_has_core_0520=I've got the core, sir
  4216. Dlg_SC_ac_slingshot_ctc_this_ai_has_coreCTC_This_Ai_Has_Core=I've got the core, sir
  4217. Dlg_SC_ac_slingshot_generic_response_no_0310=Errr…That's a negative
  4218. Dlg_SC_ac_slingshot_generic_response_no_0311=I can't follow that order, sir.
  4219. Dlg_SC_ac_slingshot_generic_response_noGeneric_Response_No_01=Errr…That's a negative
  4220. Dlg_SC_ac_slingshot_generic_response_noGeneric_Response_No_02=I can't follow that order, sir.
  4221. Dlg_SC_ac_slingshot_generic_response_yes_0300=Roger that
  4222. Dlg_SC_ac_slingshot_generic_response_yes_0301=Yes, sir
  4223. Dlg_SC_ac_slingshot_generic_response_yesGeneric_Response_Yes_01=Roger that
  4224. Dlg_SC_ac_slingshot_generic_response_yesGeneric_Response_Yes_02=Yes, sir
  4225. Dlg_SC_ac_slingshot_player_order_assistance_required_0120=Copy. Inbound.
  4226. Dlg_SC_ac_slingshot_player_order_assistance_required_0121=Hang tight. Assistance incoming.
  4227. Dlg_SC_ac_slingshot_player_order_assistance_requiredPlayer_Order_Assistance_Required_01=Copy. Inbound.
  4228. Dlg_SC_ac_slingshot_player_order_assistance_requiredPlayer_Order_Assistance_Required_02=Hang tight. Assistance incoming.
  4229. Dlg_SC_ac_slingshot_player_order_attack_my_target_0100=Attacking target
  4230. Dlg_SC_ac_slingshot_player_order_attack_my_target_0101=Moving in
  4231. Dlg_SC_ac_slingshot_player_order_attack_my_targetPlayer_Order_Attack_My_Target_01=Attacking target
  4232. Dlg_SC_ac_slingshot_player_order_attack_my_targetPlayer_Order_Attack_My_Target_02=Moving in
  4233. Dlg_SC_ac_slingshot_player_order_bomb_my_target_0230=Bombing run initiated
  4234. Dlg_SC_ac_slingshot_player_order_bomb_my_targetPlayer_Order_Bomb_My_Target_01=Bombing run initiated
  4235. Dlg_SC_ac_slingshot_player_order_break_and_engage_0210=Leaving formation, commencing attack
  4236. Dlg_SC_ac_slingshot_player_order_break_and_engagePlayer_Order_Break_And_Engage_01=Leaving formation, commencing attack
  4237. Dlg_SC_ac_slingshot_player_order_defend_my_target_0110=Defending your target
  4238. Dlg_SC_ac_slingshot_player_order_defend_my_target_0111=You got it. I'll make sure they're safe.
  4239. Dlg_SC_ac_slingshot_player_order_defend_my_targetPlayer_Order_Defend_My_Target_01=Definding your target
  4240. Dlg_SC_ac_slingshot_player_order_defend_my_targetPlayer_Order_Defend_My_Target_02=You got it. I'll make sure they're safe.
  4241. Dlg_SC_ac_slingshot_player_order_escort_my_target_0220=Taking up escort.
  4242. Dlg_SC_ac_slingshot_player_order_escort_my_target_0221=Escorting target now
  4243. Dlg_SC_ac_slingshot_player_order_escort_my_targetPlayer_Order_Escort_My_Target_01=Taking up escort.
  4244. Dlg_SC_ac_slingshot_player_order_escort_my_targetPlayer_Order_Escort_My_Target_02=Escorting target now
  4245. Dlg_SC_ac_slingshot_player_order_evasive_manoeuvers_0200=Copy. Slip and clip.
  4246. Dlg_SC_ac_slingshot_player_order_evasive_manoeuvers_0201=Hope they're ready for this.
  4247. Dlg_SC_ac_slingshot_player_order_evasive_manoeuversPlayer_Order_Evasive_Manoeuvers_01=Copy. Slip and clip.
  4248. Dlg_SC_ac_slingshot_player_order_evasive_manoeuversPlayer_Order_Evasive_Manoeuvers_02=Hope they're ready for this.
  4249. Dlg_SC_ac_slingshot_player_order_form_up_on_me_0130=Forming up
  4250. Dlg_SC_ac_slingshot_player_order_form_up_on_me_0131=Moving into formation
  4251. Dlg_SC_ac_slingshot_player_order_form_up_on_mePlayer_Order_Form_Up_On_Me_01=Forming up
  4252. Dlg_SC_ac_slingshot_player_order_form_up_on_mePlayer_Order_Form_Up_On_Me_02=Moving into formation
  4253. Dlg_SC_ac_slingshot_player_order_return_to_base_0240=Copy that. See you back at the base.
  4254. Dlg_SC_ac_slingshot_player_order_return_to_base_0241=Affirmative. Heading back
  4255. Dlg_SC_ac_slingshot_player_order_return_to_basePlayer_Order_Return_To_Base_01=Copy that. See you back at the base.
  4256. Dlg_SC_ac_slingshot_player_order_return_to_basePlayer_Order_Return_To_Base_02=Affirmative. Heading back
  4257. Dlg_SC_ac_slingshot_player_order_witch_to_formation_0251=<Formation 1> confirmed
  4258. Dlg_SC_ac_slingshot_player_order_witch_to_formation_0252=<Formation 2> confirmed
  4259. Dlg_SC_ac_slingshot_player_order_witch_to_formation_0253=<Formation 3> confirmed
  4260. Dlg_SC_ac_slingshot_player_order_witch_to_formation_0254=<Formation 4> confirmed
  4261. Dlg_SC_ac_slingshot_player_order_witch_to_formationPlayer_Order_Witch_To_Formation_01=<Formation 1> confirmed
  4262. Dlg_SC_ac_slingshot_player_order_witch_to_formationPlayer_Order_Witch_To_Formation_02=<Formation 2> confirmed
  4263. Dlg_SC_ac_slingshot_player_order_witch_to_formationPlayer_Order_Witch_To_Formation_03=<Formation 3> confirmed
  4264. Dlg_SC_ac_slingshot_player_order_witch_to_formationPlayer_Order_Witch_To_Formation_04=<Formation 4> confirmed
  4265. Dlg_SC_ac_slingshot_reaction_being_hit_by_friendly_fire_0480=Argh! Watch it!
  4266. Dlg_SC_ac_slingshot_reaction_being_hit_by_friendly_fireReaction_Being_Hit_By_Friendly_Fire=Argh! Watch it!
  4267. Dlg_SC_ac_slingshot_reaction_commiting_friendly_fire_0490=Sorry, sorry
  4268. Dlg_SC_ac_slingshot_reaction_commiting_friendly_fireReaction_Commiting_Friendly_Fire=Sorry, sorry
  4269. Dlg_SC_ac_slingshot_reaction_eject_0470=Ejecting now
  4270. Dlg_SC_ac_slingshot_reaction_eject_0471=Ship's FUBAR. Gotta bounce.
  4271. Dlg_SC_ac_slingshot_reaction_ejectReaction_Eject_01=Ejecting now
  4272. Dlg_SC_ac_slingshot_reaction_ejectReaction_Eject_02=Ship's FUBAR. Gotta bounce.
  4273. Dlg_SC_ac_slingshot_reaction_friendly_gets_killed_0450=We lost someone
  4274. Dlg_SC_ac_slingshot_reaction_friendly_gets_killed_0451=Shit, pilot down
  4275. Dlg_SC_ac_slingshot_reaction_friendly_gets_killedReaction_Friendly_Gets_Killed_01=We lost someone
  4276. Dlg_SC_ac_slingshot_reaction_friendly_gets_killedReaction_Friendly_Gets_Killed_02=Shit, pilot down
  4277. Dlg_SC_ac_slingshot_reaction_Gets_a_kill_0400=Target's been handled.
  4278. Dlg_SC_ac_slingshot_reaction_Gets_a_kill_0401=One Bogey Pk.
  4279. Dlg_SC_ac_slingshot_reaction_Gets_a_killReaction_Gets_A_Kill_01=Target's been handled.
  4280. Dlg_SC_ac_slingshot_reaction_Gets_a_killReaction_Gets_A_Kill_02=One Bogey Pk.
  4281. Dlg_SC_ac_slingshot_reaction_incoming_enemies_0420=We have incoming
  4282. Dlg_SC_ac_slingshot_reaction_incoming_enemies_0421=Enemies Inbound
  4283. Dlg_SC_ac_slingshot_reaction_incoming_enemiesReaction_Incoming_Enemies_01=We have incoming
  4284. Dlg_SC_ac_slingshot_reaction_incoming_enemiesReaction_Incoming_Enemies_02=Enemies Inbound
  4285. Dlg_SC_ac_slingshot_reaction_leaving_battle_retreating_0440=I'm bugging out
  4286. Dlg_SC_ac_slingshot_reaction_leaving_battle_retreating_0441=Retreating. I'll be back
  4287. Dlg_SC_ac_slingshot_reaction_leaving_battle_retreatingReaction_Leaving_Battle_Retreating_01=I'm bugging out
  4288. Dlg_SC_ac_slingshot_reaction_leaving_battle_retreatingReaction_Leaving_Battle_Retreating_02=Retreating. I'll be back
  4289. Dlg_SC_ac_slingshot_reaction_player_gets_a_kill_0410=(no line)
  4290. Dlg_SC_ac_slingshot_reaction_player_gets_a_killReaction_Player_Gets_A_Kill_01=(no line)
  4291. Dlg_SC_ac_slingshot_reaction_player_gets_a_killReaction_Player_Gets_A_Kill_02=(no line)
  4292. Dlg_SC_ac_slingshot_reaction_rejoining_battle_0430=Back in it, sir.
  4293. Dlg_SC_ac_slingshot_reaction_rejoining_battleReaction_Rejoining_Battle=Back in it, sir.
  4294. Dlg_SC_ac_slingshot_reaction_taking_damage_0460=Getting hit here.
  4295. Dlg_SC_ac_slingshot_reaction_taking_damage_0461=Taking enemy fire!
  4296. Dlg_SC_ac_slingshot_reaction_taking_damageReaction_Taking_Damage_01=Getting hit here.
  4297. Dlg_SC_ac_slingshot_reaction_taking_damageReaction_Taking_Damage_02=Taking enemy fire!
  4298. Dlg_SC_ac_spitfire_conquest_in_contested_zone_call_for_assistance_0550=I need help securing this shit
  4299. Dlg_SC_ac_spitfire_conquest_in_contested_zone_call_for_assistance_0551=Little help?
  4300. Dlg_SC_ac_spitfire_conquest_in_contested_zone_call_for_assistanceConquest_Contested_Zone_Call_For_Assist_01=I need help securing this shit
  4301. Dlg_SC_ac_spitfire_conquest_in_contested_zone_call_for_assistanceConquest_Contested_Zone_Call_For_Assist_02=Little help?
  4302. Dlg_SC_ac_spitfire_conquest_lost_control_of_a_zone_0570=We lost the zone, sir
  4303. Dlg_SC_ac_spitfire_conquest_lost_control_of_a_zoneConquest_Lost_Control_Of_A_Zone=We lost the zone, sir
  4304. Dlg_SC_ac_spitfire_conquest_taken_control_of_a_zone_0560=Zone is ours!
  4305. Dlg_SC_ac_spitfire_conquest_taken_control_of_a_zoneConquest_Taken_Control_Of_A_Zone=Zone is ours!
  4306. Dlg_SC_ac_spitfire_ctc_allies_score_point_0540=Woooh! Way to go
  4307. Dlg_SC_ac_spitfire_ctc_allies_score_point_0541=Point to us.
  4308. Dlg_SC_ac_spitfire_ctc_allies_score_pointCTC_Allies_Score_Point_01=Woooh! Way to go
  4309. Dlg_SC_ac_spitfire_ctc_allies_score_pointCTC_Allies_Score_Point_02=Point to us.
  4310. Dlg_SC_ac_spitfire_ctc_enemy_has_core_0510=Enemy has the core!
  4311. Dlg_SC_ac_spitfire_ctc_enemy_has_coreCTC_Enemy_Has_Core=Enemy has the core!
  4312. Dlg_SC_ac_spitfire_ctc_enemy_scores_point_0530=Mierda!
  4313. Dlg_SC_ac_spitfire_ctc_enemy_scores_pointCTC_Enemy_Scores_Point=Mierda!
  4314. Dlg_SC_ac_spitfire_ctc_player_has_core_0500=You got the core!
  4315. Dlg_SC_ac_spitfire_ctc_player_has_coreCTC_Player_Has_Core=You got the core!
  4316. Dlg_SC_ac_spitfire_ctc_this_ai_has_core_0520=I have the core, sir
  4317. Dlg_SC_ac_spitfire_ctc_this_ai_has_coreCTC_This_Ai_Has_Core=I have the core, sir
  4318. Dlg_SC_ac_spitfire_generic_response_no_0310=Negativo
  4319. Dlg_SC_ac_spitfire_generic_response_no_0311=Não posso
  4320. Dlg_SC_ac_spitfire_generic_response_noGeneric_Response_No_01=Negativo
  4321. Dlg_SC_ac_spitfire_generic_response_noGeneric_Response_No_02=Não posso
  4322. Dlg_SC_ac_spitfire_generic_response_yes_0300=Yes, sir.
  4323. Dlg_SC_ac_spitfire_generic_response_yes_0301=Roger
  4324. Dlg_SC_ac_spitfire_generic_response_yesGeneric_Response_Yes_01=Yes, sir.
  4325. Dlg_SC_ac_spitfire_generic_response_yesGeneric_Response_Yes_02=Roger
  4326. Dlg_SC_ac_spitfire_player_order_assistance_required_0120=Responding.
  4327. Dlg_SC_ac_spitfire_player_order_assistance_required_0121=I got you.
  4328. Dlg_SC_ac_spitfire_player_order_assistance_requiredPlayer_Order_Assistance_Required_01=Responding.
  4329. Dlg_SC_ac_spitfire_player_order_assistance_requiredPlayer_Order_Assistance_Required_02=I got you.
  4330. Dlg_SC_ac_spitfire_player_order_attack_my_target_0100=Attacking.
  4331. Dlg_SC_ac_spitfire_player_order_attack_my_targetPlayer_Order_Attack_My_Target_01=Attacking.
  4332. Dlg_SC_ac_spitfire_player_order_attack_my_targetPlayer_Order_Attack_My_Target_02=Weapons hot, sir.
  4333. Dlg_SC_ac_spitfire_player_order_bomb_my_target_0230=Bringing the thunder.
  4334. Dlg_SC_ac_spitfire_player_order_bomb_my_targetPlayer_Order_Bomb_My_Target_01=Bringing the thunder.
  4335. Dlg_SC_ac_spitfire_player_order_break_and_engage_0210=Hunting now, sir.
  4336. Dlg_SC_ac_spitfire_player_order_break_and_engagePlayer_Order_Break_And_Engage_01=Hunting now, sir.
  4337. Dlg_SC_ac_spitfire_player_order_defend_my_target_0110=Nobody's gonna get near them, sir
  4338. Dlg_SC_ac_spitfire_player_order_defend_my_target_0111=I got their back, sir.
  4339. Dlg_SC_ac_spitfire_player_order_defend_my_targetPlayer_Order_Defend_My_Target_01=Nobody's gonna get near them, sir
  4340. Dlg_SC_ac_spitfire_player_order_defend_my_targetPlayer_Order_Defend_My_Target_02=I got their back, sir.
  4341. Dlg_SC_ac_spitfire_player_order_escort_my_target_0220=Taking them in, sir.
  4342. Dlg_SC_ac_spitfire_player_order_escort_my_target_0221=Escorting target now, sir
  4343. Dlg_SC_ac_spitfire_player_order_escort_my_targetPlayer_Order_Escort_My_Target_01=Taking them in, sir.
  4344. Dlg_SC_ac_spitfire_player_order_escort_my_targetPlayer_Order_Escort_My_Target_02=Escorting target now, sir
  4345. Dlg_SC_ac_spitfire_player_order_evasive_manoeuvers_0200=I'll shake 'em off
  4346. Dlg_SC_ac_spitfire_player_order_evasive_manoeuvers_0201=Confirm evasive action, sir
  4347. Dlg_SC_ac_spitfire_player_order_evasive_manoeuversPlayer_Order_Evasive_Manoeuvers_01=I'll shake 'em off
  4348. Dlg_SC_ac_spitfire_player_order_evasive_manoeuversPlayer_Order_Evasive_Manoeuvers_02=Confirm evasive action, sir
  4349. Dlg_SC_ac_spitfire_player_order_form_up_on_me_0130=Forming up.
  4350. Dlg_SC_ac_spitfire_player_order_form_up_on_me_0131=Formation set, sir.
  4351. Dlg_SC_ac_spitfire_player_order_form_up_on_mePlayer_Order_Form_Up_On_Me_01=Forming up.
  4352. Dlg_SC_ac_spitfire_player_order_form_up_on_mePlayer_Order_Form_Up_On_Me_02=Formation set, sir.
  4353. Dlg_SC_ac_spitfire_player_order_return_to_base_0240=Heading back to base, sir
  4354. Dlg_SC_ac_spitfire_player_order_return_to_base_0241=Heading back, sir
  4355. Dlg_SC_ac_spitfire_player_order_return_to_basePlayer_Order_Return_To_Base_01=Heading back to base, sir
  4356. Dlg_SC_ac_spitfire_player_order_return_to_basePlayer_Order_Return_To_Base_02=Heading back, sir
  4357. Dlg_SC_ac_spitfire_player_order_witch_to_formation_0251=<Formation 1> confirmed
  4358. Dlg_SC_ac_spitfire_player_order_witch_to_formation_0252=<Formation 2> confirmed
  4359. Dlg_SC_ac_spitfire_player_order_witch_to_formation_0253=<Formation 3> confirmed
  4360. Dlg_SC_ac_spitfire_player_order_witch_to_formation_0254=<Formation 4> confirmed
  4361. Dlg_SC_ac_spitfire_player_order_witch_to_formationPlayer_Order_Witch_To_Formation_01=<Formation 1> confirmed
  4362. Dlg_SC_ac_spitfire_player_order_witch_to_formationPlayer_Order_Witch_To_Formation_02=<Formation 2> confirmed
  4363. Dlg_SC_ac_spitfire_player_order_witch_to_formationPlayer_Order_Witch_To_Formation_03=<Formation 3> confirmed
  4364. Dlg_SC_ac_spitfire_player_order_witch_to_formationPlayer_Order_Witch_To_Formation_04=<Formation 4> confirmed
  4365. Dlg_SC_ac_spitfire_reaction_being_hit_by_friendly_fire_0480=Hey, watch it!
  4366. Dlg_SC_ac_spitfire_reaction_being_hit_by_friendly_fireReaction_Being_Hit_By_Friendly_Fire=Hey, watch it!
  4367. Dlg_SC_ac_spitfire_reaction_commiting_friendly_fire_0490=Shit! That was a stupid shot. Sorry.
  4368. Dlg_SC_ac_spitfire_reaction_commiting_friendly_fireReaction_Commiting_Friendly_Fire=Shit! That was a stupid shot. Sorry.
  4369. Dlg_SC_ac_spitfire_reaction_eject_0470=Mierda! I'm out...
  4370. Dlg_SC_ac_spitfire_reaction_eject_0471=Bailing out!
  4371. Dlg_SC_ac_spitfire_reaction_ejectReaction_Eject_01=Mierda! I'm out...
  4372. Dlg_SC_ac_spitfire_reaction_ejectReaction_Eject_02=Bailing out!
  4373. Dlg_SC_ac_spitfire_reaction_friendly_gets_killed_0450=Man down.
  4374. Dlg_SC_ac_spitfire_reaction_friendly_gets_killed_0451=Friendly down, sir!
  4375. Dlg_SC_ac_spitfire_reaction_friendly_gets_killedReaction_Friendly_Gets_Killed_01=Man down.
  4376. Dlg_SC_ac_spitfire_reaction_friendly_gets_killedReaction_Friendly_Gets_Killed_02=Friendly down, sir!
  4377. Dlg_SC_ac_spitfire_reaction_Gets_a_kill_0400=I… I got one.
  4378. Dlg_SC_ac_spitfire_reaction_Gets_a_kill_0401=Inimigo destruído
  4379. Dlg_SC_ac_spitfire_reaction_Gets_a_killReaction_Gets_A_Kill_01=I… I got one.
  4380. Dlg_SC_ac_spitfire_reaction_Gets_a_killReaction_Gets_A_Kill_02=Inimigo destruído
  4381. Dlg_SC_ac_spitfire_reaction_incoming_enemies_0420=We got hostiles.
  4382. Dlg_SC_ac_spitfire_reaction_incoming_enemies_0421=Bogeys incoming!
  4383. Dlg_SC_ac_spitfire_reaction_incoming_enemiesReaction_Incoming_Enemies_01=We got hostiles.
  4384. Dlg_SC_ac_spitfire_reaction_incoming_enemiesReaction_Incoming_Enemies_02=Bogeys incoming!
  4385. Dlg_SC_ac_spitfire_reaction_leaving_battle_retreating_0440=Disengaging combat, sir
  4386. Dlg_SC_ac_spitfire_reaction_leaving_battle_retreating_0441=I'm out of here.
  4387. Dlg_SC_ac_spitfire_reaction_leaving_battle_retreatingReaction_Leaving_Battle_Retreating_01=Disengaging combat, sir
  4388. Dlg_SC_ac_spitfire_reaction_leaving_battle_retreatingReaction_Leaving_Battle_Retreating_02=I'm out of here.
  4389. Dlg_SC_ac_spitfire_reaction_player_gets_a_kill_0410=Nice going, sir
  4390. Dlg_SC_ac_spitfire_reaction_player_gets_a_kill_0411=Get some!
  4391. Dlg_SC_ac_spitfire_reaction_player_gets_a_killReaction_Player_Gets_A_Kill_01=Nice going, sir
  4392. Dlg_SC_ac_spitfire_reaction_player_gets_a_killReaction_Player_Gets_A_Kill_02=Get some!
  4393. Dlg_SC_ac_spitfire_reaction_rejoining_battle_0430=Re-engaging, sir
  4394. Dlg_SC_ac_spitfire_reaction_rejoining_battleReaction_Rejoining_Battle=Re-engaging, sir
  4395. Dlg_SC_ac_spitfire_reaction_taking_damage_0460=Help!
  4396. Dlg_SC_ac_spitfire_reaction_taking_damage_0461=Filho da puta!
  4397. Dlg_SC_ac_spitfire_reaction_taking_damageReaction_Taking_Damage_01=Help!
  4398. Dlg_SC_ac_spitfire_reaction_taking_damageReaction_Taking_Damage_02=Filho da puta!
  4399. Dlg_SC_ac_tanto_conquest_in_contested_zone_call_for_assistance_0550=Need help in this zone!
  4400. Dlg_SC_ac_tanto_conquest_in_contested_zone_call_for_assistance_0551=Help me out in this zone, anyone?
  4401. Dlg_SC_ac_tanto_conquest_in_contested_zone_call_for_assistanceConquest_Contested_Zone_Call_For_Assist_01=Need help in this zone!
  4402. Dlg_SC_ac_tanto_conquest_in_contested_zone_call_for_assistanceConquest_Contested_Zone_Call_For_Assist_02=Help me out in this zone, anyone?
  4403. Dlg_SC_ac_tanto_conquest_lost_control_of_a_zone_0570=We lost the zone
  4404. Dlg_SC_ac_tanto_conquest_lost_control_of_a_zoneConquest_Lost_Control_Of_A_Zone=We lost the zone
  4405. Dlg_SC_ac_tanto_conquest_taken_control_of_a_zone_0560=The zone is ours
  4406. Dlg_SC_ac_tanto_conquest_taken_control_of_a_zoneConquest_Taken_Control_Of_A_Zone=The zone is ours
  4407. Dlg_SC_ac_tanto_ctc_allies_score_point_0540=Great job!
  4408. Dlg_SC_ac_tanto_ctc_allies_score_pointCTC_Allies_Score_Point=Great job!
  4409. Dlg_SC_ac_tanto_ctc_enemy_has_core_0510=They have our core
  4410. Dlg_SC_ac_tanto_ctc_enemy_has_coreCTC_Enemy_Has_Core=They have our core
  4411. Dlg_SC_ac_tanto_ctc_enemy_scores_point_0530=Good effort, all
  4412. Dlg_SC_ac_tanto_ctc_enemy_scores_point_0531=They got a point
  4413. Dlg_SC_ac_tanto_ctc_enemy_scores_pointCTC_Enemy_Scores_Point_01=Good effort, all
  4414. Dlg_SC_ac_tanto_ctc_enemy_scores_pointCTC_Enemy_Scores_Point_02=They got a point
  4415. Dlg_SC_ac_tanto_ctc_player_has_core_0500=You got the core. Go for it.
  4416. Dlg_SC_ac_tanto_ctc_player_has_coreCTC_Player_Has_Core=You got the core. Go for it.
  4417. Dlg_SC_ac_tanto_ctc_this_ai_has_core_0520=I have the core. On me!
  4418. Dlg_SC_ac_tanto_ctc_this_ai_has_coreCTC_This_Ai_Has_Core=I have the core. On me!
  4419. Dlg_SC_ac_tanto_generic_response_no_0310=Are you sure?
  4420. Dlg_SC_ac_tanto_generic_response_noGeneric_Response_No_01=Are you sure?
  4421. Dlg_SC_ac_tanto_generic_response_yes_0300=Aye, sir.
  4422. Dlg_SC_ac_tanto_generic_response_yes_0301=You got it.
  4423. Dlg_SC_ac_tanto_generic_response_yesGeneric_Response_Yes_01=Aye, sir.
  4424. Dlg_SC_ac_tanto_generic_response_yesGeneric_Response_Yes_02=You got it.
  4425. Dlg_SC_ac_tanto_player_order_assistance_required_0120=Be right there!
  4426. Dlg_SC_ac_tanto_player_order_assistance_required_0121=Hold on, sir.
  4427. Dlg_SC_ac_tanto_player_order_assistance_requiredPlayer_Order_Assistance_Required_01=Be right there!
  4428. Dlg_SC_ac_tanto_player_order_assistance_requiredPlayer_Order_Assistance_Required_02=Hold on, sir.
  4429. Dlg_SC_ac_tanto_player_order_attack_my_target_0100=Copy. Target acquired.
  4430. Dlg_SC_ac_tanto_player_order_attack_my_target_0101=Attacking your mark
  4431. Dlg_SC_ac_tanto_player_order_attack_my_targetPlayer_Order_Attack_My_Target_01=Copy. Target acquired.
  4432. Dlg_SC_ac_tanto_player_order_attack_my_targetPlayer_Order_Attack_My_Target_02=Attacking your mark
  4433. Dlg_SC_ac_tanto_player_order_bomb_my_target_0230=Bombing run starting
  4434. Dlg_SC_ac_tanto_player_order_bomb_my_targetPlayer_Order_Bomb_My_Target_01=Bombing run starting
  4435. Dlg_SC_ac_tanto_player_order_break_and_engage_0210=10-4, breaking.
  4436. Dlg_SC_ac_tanto_player_order_break_and_engagePlayer_Order_Break_And_Engage_01=10-4, breaking.
  4437. Dlg_SC_ac_tanto_player_order_defend_my_target_0110=Defending your target
  4438. Dlg_SC_ac_tanto_player_order_defend_my_targetPlayer_Order_Defend_My_Target_01=Defending your target
  4439. Dlg_SC_ac_tanto_player_order_escort_my_target_0220=Copy. Moving to escort.
  4440. Dlg_SC_ac_tanto_player_order_escort_my_target_0221=Escorting target now
  4441. Dlg_SC_ac_tanto_player_order_escort_my_targetPlayer_Order_Escort_My_Target_01=Copy. Moving to escort.
  4442. Dlg_SC_ac_tanto_player_order_escort_my_targetPlayer_Order_Escort_My_Target_02=Escorting target now
  4443. Dlg_SC_ac_tanto_player_order_evasive_manoeuvers_0200=Evasive maneouvers
  4444. Dlg_SC_ac_tanto_player_order_evasive_manoeuvers_0221=Let's go for a ride.
  4445. Dlg_SC_ac_tanto_player_order_evasive_manoeuversPlayer_Order_Evasive_Manoeuvers_01=Evasive maneouvers
  4446. Dlg_SC_ac_tanto_player_order_evasive_manoeuversPlayer_Order_Evasive_Manoeuvers_02=Let's go for a ride.
  4447. Dlg_SC_ac_tanto_player_order_form_up_on_me_0130=Moving into formation, sir
  4448. Dlg_SC_ac_tanto_player_order_form_up_on_mePlayer_Order_Form_Up_On_Me_01=Moving into formation, sir
  4449. Dlg_SC_ac_tanto_player_order_return_to_base_0240=Back to base
  4450. Dlg_SC_ac_tanto_player_order_return_to_base_0241=Heading home
  4451. Dlg_SC_ac_tanto_player_order_return_to_basePlayer_Order_Return_To_Base_01=Back to base
  4452. Dlg_SC_ac_tanto_player_order_return_to_basePlayer_Order_Return_To_Base_02=Heading home
  4453. Dlg_SC_ac_tanto_player_order_witch_to_formation_0251=<Formation 1> confirmed
  4454. Dlg_SC_ac_tanto_player_order_witch_to_formation_0252=<Formation 2> confirmed
  4455. Dlg_SC_ac_tanto_player_order_witch_to_formation_0253=<Formation 3> confirmed
  4456. Dlg_SC_ac_tanto_player_order_witch_to_formation_0254=<Formation 4> confirmed
  4457. Dlg_SC_ac_tanto_player_order_witch_to_formationPlayer_Order_Witch_To_Formation_01=<Formation 1> confirmed
  4458. Dlg_SC_ac_tanto_player_order_witch_to_formationPlayer_Order_Witch_To_Formation_02=<Formation 2> confirmed
  4459. Dlg_SC_ac_tanto_player_order_witch_to_formationPlayer_Order_Witch_To_Formation_03=<Formation 3> confirmed
  4460. Dlg_SC_ac_tanto_player_order_witch_to_formationPlayer_Order_Witch_To_Formation_04=<Formation 4> confirmed
  4461. Dlg_SC_ac_tanto_reaction_being_hit_by_friendly_fire_0480=Careful. You hit me just then
  4462. Dlg_SC_ac_tanto_reaction_being_hit_by_friendly_fireReaction_Being_Hit_By_Friendly_Fire=Careful. You hit me just then
  4463. Dlg_SC_ac_tanto_reaction_commiting_friendly_fire_0490=Apologies, sir. That was me.
  4464. Dlg_SC_ac_tanto_reaction_commiting_friendly_fireReaction_Commiting_Friendly_Fire=Apologies, sir. That was me.
  4465. Dlg_SC_ac_tanto_reaction_eject_0470=Ejecting
  4466. Dlg_SC_ac_tanto_reaction_eject_0471=Going for a space-walk.
  4467. Dlg_SC_ac_tanto_reaction_ejectReaction_Eject_01=Ejecting
  4468. Dlg_SC_ac_tanto_reaction_ejectReaction_Eject_02=Going for a space-walk.
  4469. Dlg_SC_ac_tanto_reaction_friendly_gets_killed_0450=We lost a friendly!
  4470. Dlg_SC_ac_tanto_reaction_friendly_gets_killedReaction_Friendly_Gets_Killed=We lost a friendly!
  4471. Dlg_SC_ac_tanto_reaction_Gets_a_kill_0400=One down, sir
  4472. Dlg_SC_ac_tanto_reaction_Gets_a_kill_0401=Enemy neutralised, sir
  4473. Dlg_SC_ac_tanto_reaction_Gets_a_killReaction_Gets_A_Kill_01=One down, sir
  4474. Dlg_SC_ac_tanto_reaction_Gets_a_killReaction_Gets_A_Kill_02=Enemy neutralised, sir
  4475. Dlg_SC_ac_tanto_reaction_incoming_enemies_0420=We got contacts.
  4476. Dlg_SC_ac_tanto_reaction_incoming_enemies_0421=Incoming!
  4477. Dlg_SC_ac_tanto_reaction_incoming_enemiesReaction_Incoming_Enemies_01=We got contacts.
  4478. Dlg_SC_ac_tanto_reaction_incoming_enemiesReaction_Incoming_Enemies_02=Incoming!
  4479. Dlg_SC_ac_tanto_reaction_leaving_battle_retreating_0440=Gotta bounce, I'm pretty tore up.
  4480. Dlg_SC_ac_tanto_reaction_leaving_battle_retreating_0441=Falling back.
  4481. Dlg_SC_ac_tanto_reaction_leaving_battle_retreatingReaction_Leaving_Battle_Retreating_01=Gotta bounce, I'm pretty tore up.
  4482. Dlg_SC_ac_tanto_reaction_leaving_battle_retreatingReaction_Leaving_Battle_Retreating_02=Falling back.
  4483. Dlg_SC_ac_tanto_reaction_player_gets_a_kill_0410=Threat neutralized.
  4484. Dlg_SC_ac_tanto_reaction_player_gets_a_kill_0411=Clean shot, sir.
  4485. Dlg_SC_ac_tanto_reaction_player_gets_a_killReaction_Player_Gets_A_Kill_01=Threat neutralized.
  4486. Dlg_SC_ac_tanto_reaction_player_gets_a_killReaction_Player_Gets_A_Kill_02=Clean shot, sir.
  4487. Dlg_SC_ac_tanto_reaction_rejoining_battle_0430=Don't worry, I'm back!
  4488. Dlg_SC_ac_tanto_reaction_rejoining_battleReaction_Rejoining_Battle=Don't worry, I'm back!
  4489. Dlg_SC_ac_tanto_reaction_taking_damage_0460=Taking fire, sir
  4490. Dlg_SC_ac_tanto_reaction_taking_damage_0461=I'm hit!
  4491. Dlg_SC_ac_tanto_reaction_taking_damageReaction_Taking_Damage_01=Taking fire, sir
  4492. Dlg_SC_ac_tanto_reaction_taking_damageReaction_Taking_Damage_02=I'm hit!
  4493. Dlg_SC_ac_thunder_conquest_in_contested_zone_call_for_assistance_0550=Zone contested. Help if you can
  4494. Dlg_SC_ac_thunder_conquest_in_contested_zone_call_for_assistance_0551=Need some backup, now!
  4495. Dlg_SC_ac_thunder_conquest_in_contested_zone_call_for_assistanceConquest_Contested_Zone_Call_For_Assist_01=Zone contested. Help if you can
  4496. Dlg_SC_ac_thunder_conquest_in_contested_zone_call_for_assistanceConquest_Contested_Zone_Call_For_Assist_02=Need some backup, now!
  4497. Dlg_SC_ac_thunder_conquest_lost_control_of_a_zone_0570=Zone lost
  4498. Dlg_SC_ac_thunder_conquest_lost_control_of_a_zoneConquest_Lost_Control_Of_A_Zone=Zone lost
  4499. Dlg_SC_ac_thunder_conquest_taken_control_of_a_zone_0560=Zone taken
  4500. Dlg_SC_ac_thunder_conquest_taken_control_of_a_zoneConquest_Taken_Control_Of_A_Zone=Zone taken
  4501. Dlg_SC_ac_thunder_ctc_allies_score_point_0540=Oh, shit! That's one.
  4502. Dlg_SC_ac_thunder_ctc_allies_score_pointCTC_Allies_Score_Point=Oh, shit! That's one.
  4503. Dlg_SC_ac_thunder_ctc_enemy_has_core_0510=Enemy has our core!
  4504. Dlg_SC_ac_thunder_ctc_enemy_has_coreCTC_Enemy_Has_Core=Enemy has our core!
  4505. Dlg_SC_ac_thunder_ctc_enemy_scores_point_0530=They scored a point
  4506. Dlg_SC_ac_thunder_ctc_enemy_scores_pointCTC_Enemy_Scores_Point=They scored a point
  4507. Dlg_SC_ac_thunder_ctc_player_has_core_0500=You got the core
  4508. Dlg_SC_ac_thunder_ctc_player_has_coreCTC_Player_Has_Core=You got the core
  4509. Dlg_SC_ac_thunder_ctc_this_ai_has_core_0520=Core is on me.
  4510. Dlg_SC_ac_thunder_ctc_this_ai_has_coreCTC_This_Ai_Has_Core=Core is on me.
  4511. Dlg_SC_ac_thunder_generic_response_no_0310=No can do
  4512. Dlg_SC_ac_thunder_generic_response_no_0311=Negative
  4513. Dlg_SC_ac_thunder_generic_response_noGeneric_Response_No_01=No can do
  4514. Dlg_SC_ac_thunder_generic_response_noGeneric_Response_No_02=Negative
  4515. Dlg_SC_ac_thunder_generic_response_yes_0300=Roger that
  4516. Dlg_SC_ac_thunder_generic_response_yes_0301=Copy that
  4517. Dlg_SC_ac_thunder_generic_response_yesGeneric_Response_Yes_01=Roger that
  4518. Dlg_SC_ac_thunder_generic_response_yesGeneric_Response_Yes_02=Copy that
  4519. Dlg_SC_ac_thunder_player_order_assistance_required_0120=I'm all over it
  4520. Dlg_SC_ac_thunder_player_order_assistance_required_0121=I got your back.
  4521. Dlg_SC_ac_thunder_player_order_assistance_requiredPlayer_Order_Assistance_Required_01=I'm all over it
  4522. Dlg_SC_ac_thunder_player_order_assistance_requiredPlayer_Order_Assistance_Required_02=I got your back.
  4523. Dlg_SC_ac_thunder_player_order_attack_my_target_0100=Attacking target.
  4524. Dlg_SC_ac_thunder_player_order_attack_my_target_0101=Gonna drop that pain.
  4525. Dlg_SC_ac_thunder_player_order_attack_my_targetPlayer_Order_Attack_My_Target_01=Attacking target.
  4526. Dlg_SC_ac_thunder_player_order_attack_my_targetPlayer_Order_Attack_My_Target_02=Gonna drop that pain.
  4527. Dlg_SC_ac_thunder_player_order_bomb_my_target_0230=Target confirmed.
  4528. Dlg_SC_ac_thunder_player_order_bomb_my_targetPlayer_Order_Bomb_My_Target_01=Target confirmed.
  4529. Dlg_SC_ac_thunder_player_order_break_and_engage_0210=Breaking and engaging
  4530. Dlg_SC_ac_thunder_player_order_break_and_engagePlayer_Order_Break_And_Engage_01=Breaking and engaging
  4531. Dlg_SC_ac_thunder_player_order_defend_my_target_0110=Copy that. On my way.
  4532. Dlg_SC_ac_thunder_player_order_defend_my_targetPlayer_Order_Defend_My_Target_01=Copy that. On my way.
  4533. Dlg_SC_ac_thunder_player_order_escort_my_target_0220=Escorting
  4534. Dlg_SC_ac_thunder_player_order_escort_my_target_0221=Falling in pattern, sir.
  4535. Dlg_SC_ac_thunder_player_order_escort_my_targetPlayer_Order_Escort_My_Target_01=Escorting
  4536. Dlg_SC_ac_thunder_player_order_escort_my_targetPlayer_Order_Escort_My_Target_02=Falling in pattern, sir.
  4537. Dlg_SC_ac_thunder_player_order_evasive_manoeuvers_0200=Evasive maneouvers
  4538. Dlg_SC_ac_thunder_player_order_evasive_manoeuvers_0201=Losing 'em.
  4539. Dlg_SC_ac_thunder_player_order_evasive_manoeuversPlayer_Order_Evasive_Manoeuvers_01=Evasive maneouvers
  4540. Dlg_SC_ac_thunder_player_order_evasive_manoeuversPlayer_Order_Evasive_Manoeuvers_02=Losing 'em.
  4541. Dlg_SC_ac_thunder_player_order_form_up_on_me_0130=Forming up
  4542. Dlg_SC_ac_thunder_player_order_form_up_on_mePlayer_Order_Form_Up_On_Me_01=Forming up
  4543. Dlg_SC_ac_thunder_player_order_return_to_base_0240=Heading back
  4544. Dlg_SC_ac_thunder_player_order_return_to_base_0241=Confirm, returning to base
  4545. Dlg_SC_ac_thunder_player_order_return_to_basePlayer_Order_Return_To_Base_01=Heading back
  4546. Dlg_SC_ac_thunder_player_order_return_to_basePlayer_Order_Return_To_Base_02=Confirm, returning to base
  4547. Dlg_SC_ac_thunder_player_order_witch_to_formation_0251=<Formation 1> confirmed
  4548. Dlg_SC_ac_thunder_player_order_witch_to_formation_0252=<Formation 2> confirmed
  4549. Dlg_SC_ac_thunder_player_order_witch_to_formation_0253=<Formation 3> confirmed
  4550. Dlg_SC_ac_thunder_player_order_witch_to_formation_0254=<Formation 4> confirmed
  4551. Dlg_SC_ac_thunder_player_order_witch_to_formationPlayer_Order_Witch_To_Formation_01=<Formation 1> confirmed
  4552. Dlg_SC_ac_thunder_player_order_witch_to_formationPlayer_Order_Witch_To_Formation_02=<Formation 2> confirmed
  4553. Dlg_SC_ac_thunder_player_order_witch_to_formationPlayer_Order_Witch_To_Formation_03=<Formation 3> confirmed
  4554. Dlg_SC_ac_thunder_player_order_witch_to_formationPlayer_Order_Witch_To_Formation_04=<Formation 4> confirmed
  4555. Dlg_SC_ac_thunder_reaction_being_hit_by_friendly_fire_0480=Check fire! I’m a friendly, dammit
  4556. Dlg_SC_ac_thunder_reaction_being_hit_by_friendly_fireReaction_Being_Hit_By_Friendly_Fire=Check fire! I’m a friendly, dammit
  4557. Dlg_SC_ac_thunder_reaction_commiting_friendly_fire_0490=Ah, get out my way man
  4558. Dlg_SC_ac_thunder_reaction_commiting_friendly_fireReaction_Commiting_Friendly_Fire=Ah, get out my way man
  4559. Dlg_SC_ac_thunder_reaction_eject_0470=Ejecting
  4560. Dlg_SC_ac_thunder_reaction_ejectReaction_Eject=Ejecting
  4561. Dlg_SC_ac_thunder_reaction_friendly_gets_killed_0450=Friendly down.
  4562. Dlg_SC_ac_thunder_reaction_friendly_gets_killedReaction_Friendly_Gets_Killed=Friendly down.
  4563. Dlg_SC_ac_thunder_reaction_Gets_a_kill_0400=Got one!
  4564. Dlg_SC_ac_thunder_reaction_Gets_a_kill_0401=Enemy down
  4565. Dlg_SC_ac_thunder_reaction_Gets_a_killReaction_Gets_A_Kill_01=Got one!
  4566. Dlg_SC_ac_thunder_reaction_Gets_a_killReaction_Gets_A_Kill_02=Enemy down
  4567. Dlg_SC_ac_thunder_reaction_incoming_enemies_0420=Multiple contacts!
  4568. Dlg_SC_ac_thunder_reaction_incoming_enemies_0421=Incoming hostiles
  4569. Dlg_SC_ac_thunder_reaction_incoming_enemiesReaction_Incoming_Enemies_01=Multiple contacts!
  4570. Dlg_SC_ac_thunder_reaction_incoming_enemiesReaction_Incoming_Enemies_02=Incoming hostiles
  4571. Dlg_SC_ac_thunder_reaction_leaving_battle_retreating_0440=Retreating now
  4572. Dlg_SC_ac_thunder_reaction_leaving_battle_retreatingReaction_Leaving_Battle_Retreating=Retreating now
  4573. Dlg_SC_ac_thunder_reaction_player_gets_a_kill_0410=Good kill!
  4574. Dlg_SC_ac_thunder_reaction_player_gets_a_kill_0411=Get some.
  4575. Dlg_SC_ac_thunder_reaction_player_gets_a_killReaction_Player_Gets_A_Kill_01=Good kill!
  4576. Dlg_SC_ac_thunder_reaction_player_gets_a_killReaction_Player_Gets_A_Kill_02=Get some.
  4577. Dlg_SC_ac_thunder_reaction_rejoining_battle_0430=Miss me?
  4578. Dlg_SC_ac_thunder_reaction_rejoining_battleReaction_Rejoining_Battle=Miss me?
  4579. Dlg_SC_ac_thunder_reaction_taking_damage_0460=I can't shake 'em.
  4580. Dlg_SC_ac_thunder_reaction_taking_damage_0461=Enemy is locked on me
  4581. Dlg_SC_ac_thunder_reaction_taking_damageReaction_Taking_Damage_01=I can't shake 'em.
  4582. Dlg_SC_ac_thunder_reaction_taking_damageReaction_Taking_Damage_02=Enemy is locked on me
  4583. Dlg_SC_ac_vixen_conquest_in_contested_zone_call_for_assistance_0550=Help me fight for this zone, will ya?
  4584. Dlg_SC_ac_vixen_conquest_in_contested_zone_call_for_assistance_0551=Zone contested. Help me take it!
  4585. Dlg_SC_ac_vixen_conquest_in_contested_zone_call_for_assistanceConquest_Contested_Zone_Call_For_Assist_01=Help me fight for this zone, will ya?
  4586. Dlg_SC_ac_vixen_conquest_in_contested_zone_call_for_assistanceConquest_Contested_Zone_Call_For_Assist_02=Zone contested. Help me take it!
  4587. Dlg_SC_ac_vixen_conquest_lost_control_of_a_zone_0570=We've lost the zone
  4588. Dlg_SC_ac_vixen_conquest_lost_control_of_a_zoneConquest_Lost_Control_Of_A_Zone=We've lost the zone
  4589. Dlg_SC_ac_vixen_conquest_taken_control_of_a_zone_0560=We've taken the zone
  4590. Dlg_SC_ac_vixen_conquest_taken_control_of_a_zoneConquest_Taken_Control_Of_A_Zone=We've taken the zone
  4591. Dlg_SC_ac_vixen_ctc_allies_score_point_0540=We got a point
  4592. Dlg_SC_ac_vixen_ctc_allies_score_pointCTC_Allies_Score_Point=We got a point
  4593. Dlg_SC_ac_vixen_ctc_enemy_has_core_0510=They have our core. Waste them.
  4594. Dlg_SC_ac_vixen_ctc_enemy_has_coreCTC_Enemy_Has_Core=They have our core. Waste them.
  4595. Dlg_SC_ac_vixen_ctc_enemy_scores_point_0530=Enemy scored
  4596. Dlg_SC_ac_vixen_ctc_enemy_scores_pointCTC_Enemy_Scores_Point=Enemy scored
  4597. Dlg_SC_ac_vixen_ctc_player_has_core_0500=You have the core
  4598. Dlg_SC_ac_vixen_ctc_player_has_coreCTC_Player_Has_Core=You have the core
  4599. Dlg_SC_ac_vixen_ctc_this_ai_has_core_0520=I have the core. Cut me a path.
  4600. Dlg_SC_ac_vixen_ctc_this_ai_has_coreCTC_This_Ai_Has_Core=I have the core. Cut me a path.
  4601. Dlg_SC_ac_vixen_generic_response_no_0310=No can do
  4602. Dlg_SC_ac_vixen_generic_response_no_0311=Negative
  4603. Dlg_SC_ac_vixen_generic_response_noGeneric_Response_No_01=No can do
  4604. Dlg_SC_ac_vixen_generic_response_noGeneric_Response_No_02=Negative
  4605. Dlg_SC_ac_vixen_generic_response_yes_0300=Copy
  4606. Dlg_SC_ac_vixen_generic_response_yesGeneric_Response_Yes_01=Copy
  4607. Dlg_SC_ac_vixen_player_order_assistance_required_0120=I'll get them.
  4608. Dlg_SC_ac_vixen_player_order_assistance_requiredPlayer_Order_Assistance_Required_01=I'll get them.
  4609. Dlg_SC_ac_vixen_player_order_attack_my_target_0100=On it.
  4610. Dlg_SC_ac_vixen_player_order_attack_my_target_0101=They're mine.
  4611. Dlg_SC_ac_vixen_player_order_attack_my_targetPlayer_Order_Attack_My_Target_01=On it.
  4612. Dlg_SC_ac_vixen_player_order_attack_my_targetPlayer_Order_Attack_My_Target_02=They're mine.
  4613. Dlg_SC_ac_vixen_player_order_bomb_my_target_0230=Bombing run confirmed
  4614. Dlg_SC_ac_vixen_player_order_bomb_my_targetPlayer_Order_Bomb_My_Target_01=Bombing run confirmed
  4615. Dlg_SC_ac_vixen_player_order_break_and_engage_0210=About time.
  4616. Dlg_SC_ac_vixen_player_order_break_and_engagePlayer_Order_Break_And_Engage_01=About time.
  4617. Dlg_SC_ac_vixen_player_order_defend_my_target_0110=…… fine.
  4618. Dlg_SC_ac_vixen_player_order_defend_my_target_0111=Easy there, chief.
  4619. Dlg_SC_ac_vixen_player_order_defend_my_targetPlayer_Order_Defend_My_Target_01=…… fine.
  4620. Dlg_SC_ac_vixen_player_order_defend_my_targetPlayer_Order_Defend_My_Target_02=Easy there, chief.
  4621. Dlg_SC_ac_vixen_player_order_escort_my_target_0220=You're kidding, right?
  4622. Dlg_SC_ac_vixen_player_order_escort_my_targetPlayer_Order_Escort_My_Target_01=You're kidding, right?
  4623. Dlg_SC_ac_vixen_player_order_evasive_manoeuvers_0200=Rolling.
  4624. Dlg_SC_ac_vixen_player_order_evasive_manoeuversPlayer_Order_Evasive_Manoeuvers_01=Rolling.
  4625. Dlg_SC_ac_vixen_player_order_form_up_on_me_0130=Moving into formation
  4626. Dlg_SC_ac_vixen_player_order_form_up_on_mePlayer_Order_Form_Up_On_Me_01=Moving into formation
  4627. Dlg_SC_ac_vixen_player_order_return_to_base_0240=Heading back
  4628. Dlg_SC_ac_vixen_player_order_return_to_base_0241=Confirming return to base
  4629. Dlg_SC_ac_vixen_player_order_return_to_basePlayer_Order_Return_To_Base_01=Heading back
  4630. Dlg_SC_ac_vixen_player_order_return_to_basePlayer_Order_Return_To_Base_02=Confirming return to base
  4631. Dlg_SC_ac_vixen_player_order_witch_to_formation_0251=<Formation 1> confirmed
  4632. Dlg_SC_ac_vixen_player_order_witch_to_formation_0252=<Formation 2> confirmed
  4633. Dlg_SC_ac_vixen_player_order_witch_to_formation_0253=<Formation 3> confirmed
  4634. Dlg_SC_ac_vixen_player_order_witch_to_formation_0254=<Formation 4> confirmed
  4635. Dlg_SC_ac_vixen_player_order_witch_to_formationPlayer_Order_Witch_To_Formation_01=<Formation 1> confirmed
  4636. Dlg_SC_ac_vixen_player_order_witch_to_formationPlayer_Order_Witch_To_Formation_02=<Formation 2> confirmed
  4637. Dlg_SC_ac_vixen_player_order_witch_to_formationPlayer_Order_Witch_To_Formation_03=<Formation 3> confirmed
  4638. Dlg_SC_ac_vixen_player_order_witch_to_formationPlayer_Order_Witch_To_Formation_04=<Formation 4> confirmed
  4639. Dlg_SC_ac_vixen_reaction_being_hit_by_friendly_fire_0480=Hey moron, I'm on your team.
  4640. Dlg_SC_ac_vixen_reaction_being_hit_by_friendly_fireReaction_Being_Hit_By_Friendly_Fire=Hey moron, I'm on your team.
  4641. Dlg_SC_ac_vixen_reaction_commiting_friendly_fire_0490=Whoops.
  4642. Dlg_SC_ac_vixen_reaction_commiting_friendly_fireReaction_Commiting_Friendly_Fire=Whoops.
  4643. Dlg_SC_ac_vixen_reaction_death_0600=AAaaarrrghhhhhhhh!!
  4644. Dlg_SC_ac_vixen_reaction_death_0601=Noo! NooooOOOOO!
  4645. Dlg_SC_ac_vixen_reaction_death_0602=Ahh AHHHHHH!
  4646. Dlg_SC_ac_vixen_reaction_death_0603=AAaaaaaAAAaaaarrrghhhhhhhh!!
  4647. Dlg_SC_ac_vixen_reaction_deathReaction_Death_01=AAaaarrrghhhhhhhh!!
  4648. Dlg_SC_ac_vixen_reaction_deathReaction_Death_02=Noo! NooooOOOOO!
  4649. Dlg_SC_ac_vixen_reaction_deathReaction_Death_03=Ahh AHHHHHH!
  4650. Dlg_SC_ac_vixen_reaction_deathReaction_Death_04=AAaaaaaAAAaaaarrrghhhhhhhh!!
  4651. Dlg_SC_ac_vixen_reaction_eject_0470=Bailing
  4652. Dlg_SC_ac_vixen_reaction_eject_0471=Ejecting
  4653. Dlg_SC_ac_vixen_reaction_ejectReaction_Eject_01=Bailing
  4654. Dlg_SC_ac_vixen_reaction_ejectReaction_Eject_02=Ejecting
  4655. Dlg_SC_ac_vixen_reaction_friendly_gets_killed_0450=Uh! We lost a friendly.
  4656. Dlg_SC_ac_vixen_reaction_friendly_gets_killedReaction_Friendly_Gets_Killed=Uh! We lost a friendly.
  4657. Dlg_SC_ac_vixen_reaction_Gets_a_kill_0400=Got one
  4658. Dlg_SC_ac_vixen_reaction_Gets_a_kill_0401=Hostile down
  4659. Dlg_SC_ac_vixen_reaction_Gets_a_killReaction_Gets_A_Kill_01=Got one
  4660. Dlg_SC_ac_vixen_reaction_Gets_a_killReaction_Gets_A_Kill_02=Hostile down
  4661. Dlg_SC_ac_vixen_reaction_incoming_enemies_0420=Incoming Enemy
  4662. Dlg_SC_ac_vixen_reaction_incoming_enemies_0421=Hostiles inbound
  4663. Dlg_SC_ac_vixen_reaction_incoming_enemiesReaction_Incoming_Enemies_01=Incoming Enemy
  4664. Dlg_SC_ac_vixen_reaction_incoming_enemiesReaction_Incoming_Enemies_02=Hostiles inbound
  4665. Dlg_SC_ac_vixen_reaction_leaving_battle_retreating_0440=I need to rearm.
  4666. Dlg_SC_ac_vixen_reaction_leaving_battle_retreatingReaction_Leaving_Battle_Retreating=I need to rearm.
  4667. Dlg_SC_ac_vixen_reaction_player_gets_a_kill_0410=Nice.
  4668. Dlg_SC_ac_vixen_reaction_player_gets_a_kill_0411=Yeah!
  4669. Dlg_SC_ac_vixen_reaction_player_gets_a_killReaction_Player_Gets_A_Kill_01=Nice.
  4670. Dlg_SC_ac_vixen_reaction_player_gets_a_killReaction_Player_Gets_A_Kill_02=Yeah!
  4671. Dlg_SC_ac_vixen_reaction_rejoining_battle_0430=I'm back
  4672. Dlg_SC_ac_vixen_reaction_rejoining_battleReaction_Rejoining_Battle=I'm back
  4673. Dlg_SC_ac_vixen_reaction_taking_damage_0460=Taking fire
  4674. Dlg_SC_ac_vixen_reaction_taking_damage_0461=I've got one on me
  4675. Dlg_SC_ac_vixen_reaction_taking_damageReaction_Taking_Damage_01=Taking fire
  4676. Dlg_SC_ac_vixen_reaction_taking_damageReaction_Taking_Damage_02=I've got one on me
  4677. Dlg_SC_ac_warlord_conquest_in_contested_zone_call_for_assistance_0550=I'm in contested zone. Help appreciated
  4678. Dlg_SC_ac_warlord_conquest_in_contested_zone_call_for_assistance_0551=Zone contested. Assistance required
  4679. Dlg_SC_ac_warlord_conquest_in_contested_zone_call_for_assistanceConquest_Contested_Zone_Call_For_Assist_01=I'm in contested zone. Help appreciated
  4680. Dlg_SC_ac_warlord_conquest_in_contested_zone_call_for_assistanceConquest_Contested_Zone_Call_For_Assist_02=Zone contested. Assistance required
  4681. Dlg_SC_ac_warlord_conquest_lost_control_of_a_zone_0570=Zone lost
  4682. Dlg_SC_ac_warlord_conquest_lost_control_of_a_zoneConquest_Lost_Control_Of_A_Zone=Zone lost
  4683. Dlg_SC_ac_warlord_conquest_taken_control_of_a_zone_0560=Zone taken
  4684. Dlg_SC_ac_warlord_conquest_taken_control_of_a_zoneConquest_Taken_Control_Of_A_Zone=Zone taken
  4685. Dlg_SC_ac_warlord_ctc_allies_score_point_0540=Nice. We scored
  4686. Dlg_SC_ac_warlord_ctc_allies_score_pointCTC_Allies_Score_Point=Nice. We scored
  4687. Dlg_SC_ac_warlord_ctc_enemy_has_core_0510=They got our core!
  4688. Dlg_SC_ac_warlord_ctc_enemy_has_coreCTC_Enemy_Has_Core=They got our core!
  4689. Dlg_SC_ac_warlord_ctc_enemy_scores_point_0530=One point to them
  4690. Dlg_SC_ac_warlord_ctc_enemy_scores_pointCTC_Enemy_Scores_Point=One point to them
  4691. Dlg_SC_ac_warlord_ctc_player_has_core_0500=You have the core
  4692. Dlg_SC_ac_warlord_ctc_player_has_coreCTC_Player_Has_Core=You have the core
  4693. Dlg_SC_ac_warlord_ctc_this_ai_has_core_0520=Core retreived.
  4694. Dlg_SC_ac_warlord_ctc_this_ai_has_coreCTC_This_Ai_Has_Core=Core retreived.
  4695. Dlg_SC_ac_warlord_generic_response_no_0310=Negative
  4696. Dlg_SC_ac_warlord_generic_response_no_0311=Will not comply, sir
  4697. Dlg_SC_ac_warlord_generic_response_noGeneric_Response_No_01=Negative
  4698. Dlg_SC_ac_warlord_generic_response_noGeneric_Response_No_02=Will not comply, sir
  4699. Dlg_SC_ac_warlord_generic_response_yes_0300=Copy that
  4700. Dlg_SC_ac_warlord_generic_response_yes_0301=You got it.
  4701. Dlg_SC_ac_warlord_generic_response_yesGeneric_Response_Yes_01=Copy that
  4702. Dlg_SC_ac_warlord_generic_response_yesGeneric_Response_Yes_02=You got it.
  4703. Dlg_SC_ac_warlord_player_order_assistance_required_0120=Warlord inbound.
  4704. Dlg_SC_ac_warlord_player_order_assistance_required_0121=Assistance request, confirmed
  4705. Dlg_SC_ac_warlord_player_order_assistance_requiredPlayer_Order_Assistance_Required_01=Assistance request, confirmed
  4706. Dlg_SC_ac_warlord_player_order_assistance_requiredPlayer_Order_Assistance_Required_02=Warlord inbound.
  4707. Dlg_SC_ac_warlord_player_order_attack_my_target_0100=Copy, sir. On it.
  4708. Dlg_SC_ac_warlord_player_order_attack_my_target_0101=I have them in sight
  4709. Dlg_SC_ac_warlord_player_order_attack_my_targetPlayer_Order_Attack_My_Target_01=Copy, sir. On it.
  4710. Dlg_SC_ac_warlord_player_order_attack_my_targetPlayer_Order_Attack_My_Target_02=I have them in sight
  4711. Dlg_SC_ac_warlord_player_order_bomb_my_target_0230=Ordinance set.
  4712. Dlg_SC_ac_warlord_player_order_bomb_my_targetPlayer_Order_Bomb_My_Target_01=Ordinance set.
  4713. Dlg_SC_ac_warlord_player_order_break_and_engage_0210=Breaking to intercept
  4714. Dlg_SC_ac_warlord_player_order_break_and_engagePlayer_Order_Break_And_Engage_01=Breaking to intercept
  4715. Dlg_SC_ac_warlord_player_order_defend_my_target_0110=Understood. Defending
  4716. Dlg_SC_ac_warlord_player_order_defend_my_target_0111=……yes, sir.
  4717. Dlg_SC_ac_warlord_player_order_defend_my_targetPlayer_Order_Defend_My_Target_01=Understood. Defending
  4718. Dlg_SC_ac_warlord_player_order_defend_my_targetPlayer_Order_Defend_My_Target_02=……yes, sir.
  4719. Dlg_SC_ac_warlord_player_order_escort_my_target_0220=Escorting
  4720. Dlg_SC_ac_warlord_player_order_escort_my_target_0221=Escorting target now
  4721. Dlg_SC_ac_warlord_player_order_escort_my_targetPlayer_Order_Escort_My_Target_01=Escorting
  4722. Dlg_SC_ac_warlord_player_order_escort_my_targetPlayer_Order_Escort_My_Target_02=Escorting target now
  4723. Dlg_SC_ac_warlord_player_order_evasive_manoeuvers_0200=Evasive maneouvers
  4724. Dlg_SC_ac_warlord_player_order_evasive_manoeuversPlayer_Order_Evasive_Manoeuvers_01=Evasive maneouvers
  4725. Dlg_SC_ac_warlord_player_order_form_up_on_me_0130=Copy, folding in.
  4726. Dlg_SC_ac_warlord_player_order_form_up_on_mePlayer_Order_Form_Up_On_Me_01=Copy, folding in.
  4727. Dlg_SC_ac_warlord_player_order_return_to_base_0240=Confirm, returning to base
  4728. Dlg_SC_ac_warlord_player_order_return_to_basePlayer_Order_Return_To_Base_01=Heading home
  4729. Dlg_SC_ac_warlord_player_order_return_to_basePlayer_Order_Return_To_Base_02=Confirm, returning to base
  4730. Dlg_SC_ac_warlord_player_order_witch_to_formation_0251=<Formation 1> confirmed
  4731. Dlg_SC_ac_warlord_player_order_witch_to_formation_0252=<Formation 2> confirmed
  4732. Dlg_SC_ac_warlord_player_order_witch_to_formation_0253=<Formation 3> confirmed
  4733. Dlg_SC_ac_warlord_player_order_witch_to_formation_0254=<Formation 4> confirmed
  4734. Dlg_SC_ac_warlord_player_order_witch_to_formationPlayer_Order_Witch_To_Formation_01=<Formation 1> confirmed
  4735. Dlg_SC_ac_warlord_player_order_witch_to_formationPlayer_Order_Witch_To_Formation_02=<Formation 2> confirmed
  4736. Dlg_SC_ac_warlord_player_order_witch_to_formationPlayer_Order_Witch_To_Formation_03=<Formation 3> confirmed
  4737. Dlg_SC_ac_warlord_player_order_witch_to_formationPlayer_Order_Witch_To_Formation_04=<Formation 4> confirmed
  4738. Dlg_SC_ac_warlord_reaction_being_hit_by_friendly_fire_0480=Blue on blue!
  4739. Dlg_SC_ac_warlord_reaction_being_hit_by_friendly_fire_0481=Stop shooting me, you idiot.
  4740. Dlg_SC_ac_warlord_reaction_being_hit_by_friendly_fireReaction_Being_Hit_By_Friendly_Fire=Stop shooting me, you idiot.
  4741. Dlg_SC_ac_warlord_reaction_commiting_friendly_fire_0490=My mistake. Sorry
  4742. Dlg_SC_ac_warlord_reaction_commiting_friendly_fireReaction_Commiting_Friendly_Fire=My mistake. Sorry
  4743. Dlg_SC_ac_warlord_reaction_death_0600=AAaaarrrghhhhhhhh!!
  4744. Dlg_SC_ac_warlord_reaction_death_0601=Noo! NooooOOOOO!
  4745. Dlg_SC_ac_warlord_reaction_death_0602=Ahh AHHHHHH!
  4746. Dlg_SC_ac_warlord_reaction_death_0603=AAaaaaaAAAaaaarrrghhhhhhhh!!
  4747. Dlg_SC_ac_warlord_reaction_deathReaction_Death_01=AAaaarrrghhhhhhhh!!
  4748. Dlg_SC_ac_warlord_reaction_deathReaction_Death_02=Noo! NooooOOOOO!
  4749. Dlg_SC_ac_warlord_reaction_deathReaction_Death_03=Ahh AHHHHHH!
  4750. Dlg_SC_ac_warlord_reaction_deathReaction_Death_04=AAaaaaaAAAaaaarrrghhhhhhhh!!
  4751. Dlg_SC_ac_warlord_reaction_eject_0470=Bailing out.
  4752. Dlg_SC_ac_warlord_reaction_ejectReaction_Eject=Bailing out.
  4753. Dlg_SC_ac_warlord_reaction_friendly_gets_killed_0450=Friendly down
  4754. Dlg_SC_ac_warlord_reaction_friendly_gets_killedReaction_Friendly_Gets_Killed=Friendly down
  4755. Dlg_SC_ac_warlord_reaction_Gets_a_kill_0400=Hostile eliminated
  4756. Dlg_SC_ac_warlord_reaction_Gets_a_kill_0401=Hostile down
  4757. Dlg_SC_ac_warlord_reaction_Gets_a_killReaction_Gets_A_Kill_01=Hostile eliminated
  4758. Dlg_SC_ac_warlord_reaction_Gets_a_killReaction_Gets_A_Kill_02=Hostile down
  4759. Dlg_SC_ac_warlord_reaction_incoming_enemies_0420=Hostiles inbound
  4760. Dlg_SC_ac_warlord_reaction_incoming_enemies_0421=Incoming hostiles
  4761. Dlg_SC_ac_warlord_reaction_incoming_enemiesReaction_Incoming_Enemies_01=Hostiles inbound
  4762. Dlg_SC_ac_warlord_reaction_incoming_enemiesReaction_Incoming_Enemies_02=Incoming hostiles
  4763. Dlg_SC_ac_warlord_reaction_leaving_battle_retreating_0440=Bugging out
  4764. Dlg_SC_ac_warlord_reaction_leaving_battle_retreatingReaction_Leaving_Battle_Retreating=Bugging out
  4765. Dlg_SC_ac_warlord_reaction_player_gets_a_kill_0410=Nice kill
  4766. Dlg_SC_ac_warlord_reaction_player_gets_a_kill_0411=Nice shooting
  4767. Dlg_SC_ac_warlord_reaction_player_gets_a_killReaction_Player_Gets_A_Kill_01=Nice kill
  4768. Dlg_SC_ac_warlord_reaction_player_gets_a_killReaction_Player_Gets_A_Kill_02=Nice shooting
  4769. Dlg_SC_ac_warlord_reaction_rejoining_battle_0430=I'm back in the mix
  4770. Dlg_SC_ac_warlord_reaction_rejoining_battleReaction_Rejoining_Battle=I'm back in the mix
  4771. Dlg_SC_ac_warlord_reaction_taking_damage_0460=Need support.
  4772. Dlg_SC_ac_warlord_reaction_taking_damage_0461=Taking fire!
  4773. Dlg_SC_ac_warlord_reaction_taking_damageReaction_Taking_Damage_01=Taking fire!
  4774. Dlg_SC_ac_warlord_reaction_taking_damageReaction_Taking_Damage_02=Need support.
  4775. Dlg_SC_ac_wreckingball_conquest_in_contested_zone_call_for_assistance_0550=Hold the zone, people.
  4776. Dlg_SC_ac_wreckingball_conquest_in_contested_zone_call_for_assistance_0551=Hey! Zone contested on my position.
  4777. Dlg_SC_ac_wreckingball_conquest_in_contested_zone_call_for_assistanceConquest_Contested_Zone_Call_For_Assist_01=Hold the zone, people.
  4778. Dlg_SC_ac_wreckingball_conquest_in_contested_zone_call_for_assistanceConquest_Contested_Zone_Call_For_Assist_02=Hey! Zone contested on my position.
  4779. Dlg_SC_ac_wreckingball_conquest_lost_control_of_a_zone_0570=Zone lost.
  4780. Dlg_SC_ac_wreckingball_conquest_lost_control_of_a_zoneConquest_Lost_Control_Of_A_Zone=Zone lost.
  4781. Dlg_SC_ac_wreckingball_conquest_taken_control_of_a_zone_0560=We got the zone
  4782. Dlg_SC_ac_wreckingball_conquest_taken_control_of_a_zoneConquest_Taken_Control_Of_A_Zone=We got the zone
  4783. Dlg_SC_ac_wreckingball_ctc_allies_score_point_0540=One for the home team!
  4784. Dlg_SC_ac_wreckingball_ctc_allies_score_pointCTC_Allies_Score_Point=One for the home team!
  4785. Dlg_SC_ac_wreckingball_ctc_enemy_has_core_0510=They got the core
  4786. Dlg_SC_ac_wreckingball_ctc_enemy_has_coreCTC_Enemy_Has_Core=They got the core
  4787. Dlg_SC_ac_wreckingball_ctc_enemy_scores_point_0530=Damn it people, they scored
  4788. Dlg_SC_ac_wreckingball_ctc_enemy_scores_point_0531=Awww dammit man.
  4789. Dlg_SC_ac_wreckingball_ctc_enemy_scores_pointCTC_Enemy_Scores_Point_01=Damn it people, they scored
  4790. Dlg_SC_ac_wreckingball_ctc_enemy_scores_pointCTC_Enemy_Scores_Point_02=Awww dammit man.
  4791. Dlg_SC_ac_wreckingball_ctc_player_has_core_0500=You fly. I'll cover.
  4792. Dlg_SC_ac_wreckingball_ctc_player_has_coreCTC_Player_Has_Core=You fly. I'll cover.
  4793. Dlg_SC_ac_wreckingball_ctc_this_ai_has_core_0520=Core is mine. Need a hand here.
  4794. Dlg_SC_ac_wreckingball_ctc_this_ai_has_coreCTC_This_Ai_Has_Core=Core is mine. Need a hand here.
  4795. Dlg_SC_ac_wreckingball_generic_response_no_0310=Nope! That's stupid
  4796. Dlg_SC_ac_wreckingball_generic_response_no_0311=No way
  4797. Dlg_SC_ac_wreckingball_generic_response_noGeneric_Response_No_01=Nope! That's stupid
  4798. Dlg_SC_ac_wreckingball_generic_response_noGeneric_Response_No_02=No way
  4799. Dlg_SC_ac_wreckingball_generic_response_yes_0300=All copy, sir.
  4800. Dlg_SC_ac_wreckingball_generic_response_yes_0301=Sir
  4801. Dlg_SC_ac_wreckingball_generic_response_yesGeneric_Response_Yes_01=All copy, sir.
  4802. Dlg_SC_ac_wreckingball_generic_response_yesGeneric_Response_Yes_02=Sir
  4803. Dlg_SC_ac_wreckingball_player_order_assistance_required_0120=Help's on the way
  4804. Dlg_SC_ac_wreckingball_player_order_assistance_required_0121=I got you.
  4805. Dlg_SC_ac_wreckingball_player_order_assistance_requiredPlayer_Order_Assistance_Required_01=Help's on the way
  4806. Dlg_SC_ac_wreckingball_player_order_assistance_requiredPlayer_Order_Assistance_Required_02=I got you.
  4807. Dlg_SC_ac_wreckingball_player_order_attack_my_target_0100=One corpse, coming up.
  4808. Dlg_SC_ac_wreckingball_player_order_attack_my_target_0101=Weapons hot.
  4809. Dlg_SC_ac_wreckingball_player_order_attack_my_targetPlayer_Order_Attack_My_Target_01=One corpse, coming up.
  4810. Dlg_SC_ac_wreckingball_player_order_attack_my_targetPlayer_Order_Attack_My_Target_02=Weapons hot.
  4811. Dlg_SC_ac_wreckingball_player_order_bomb_my_target_0230=Bomb run initiated
  4812. Dlg_SC_ac_wreckingball_player_order_bomb_my_targetPlayer_Order_Bomb_My_Target_01=Bomb run initiated
  4813. Dlg_SC_ac_wreckingball_player_order_break_and_engage_0210=Breaking formation
  4814. Dlg_SC_ac_wreckingball_player_order_break_and_engagePlayer_Order_Break_And_Engage_01=Breaking formation
  4815. Dlg_SC_ac_wreckingball_player_order_defend_my_target_0110=Yeah, fine, guess I'll babysit
  4816. Dlg_SC_ac_wreckingball_player_order_defend_my_target_0111=I got 'em. Don't sweat it.
  4817. Dlg_SC_ac_wreckingball_player_order_defend_my_targetPlayer_Order_Defend_My_Target_01=Yeah, fine, guess I'll babysit
  4818. Dlg_SC_ac_wreckingball_player_order_defend_my_targetPlayer_Order_Defend_My_Target_02=I got 'em. Don't sweat it.
  4819. Dlg_SC_ac_wreckingball_player_order_escort_my_target_0220=Sticking close to target
  4820. Dlg_SC_ac_wreckingball_player_order_escort_my_target_0221=They are now under my protection.
  4821. Dlg_SC_ac_wreckingball_player_order_escort_my_targetPlayer_Order_Escort_My_Target_01=Sticking close to target
  4822. Dlg_SC_ac_wreckingball_player_order_escort_my_targetPlayer_Order_Escort_My_Target_02=They are now under my protection.
  4823. Dlg_SC_ac_wreckingball_player_order_evasive_manoeuvers_0200=Evading
  4824. Dlg_SC_ac_wreckingball_player_order_evasive_manoeuvers_0201=Class is in session.
  4825. Dlg_SC_ac_wreckingball_player_order_evasive_manoeuversPlayer_Order_Evasive_Manoeuvers_01=Evading
  4826. Dlg_SC_ac_wreckingball_player_order_evasive_manoeuversPlayer_Order_Evasive_Manoeuvers_02=Class is in session.
  4827. Dlg_SC_ac_wreckingball_player_order_form_up_on_me_0130=On you
  4828. Dlg_SC_ac_wreckingball_player_order_form_up_on_me_0131=Forming up.
  4829. Dlg_SC_ac_wreckingball_player_order_form_up_on_mePlayer_Order_Form_Up_On_Me_01=On you
  4830. Dlg_SC_ac_wreckingball_player_order_form_up_on_mePlayer_Order_Form_Up_On_Me_02=Forming up.
  4831. Dlg_SC_ac_wreckingball_player_order_return_to_base_0240=Wrapping up.
  4832. Dlg_SC_ac_wreckingball_player_order_return_to_base_0241=Heading home I guess
  4833. Dlg_SC_ac_wreckingball_player_order_return_to_basePlayer_Order_Return_To_Base_01=Wrapping up.
  4834. Dlg_SC_ac_wreckingball_player_order_return_to_basePlayer_Order_Return_To_Base_02=Heading home I guess
  4835. Dlg_SC_ac_wreckingball_player_order_witch_to_formation_0251=<Formation 1> confirmed
  4836. Dlg_SC_ac_wreckingball_player_order_witch_to_formation_0252=<Formation 2> confirmed
  4837. Dlg_SC_ac_wreckingball_player_order_witch_to_formation_0253=<Formation 3> confirmed
  4838. Dlg_SC_ac_wreckingball_player_order_witch_to_formation_0254=<Formation 4> confirmed
  4839. Dlg_SC_ac_wreckingball_player_order_witch_to_formationPlayer_Order_Witch_To_Formation_01=<Formation 1> confirmed
  4840. Dlg_SC_ac_wreckingball_player_order_witch_to_formationPlayer_Order_Witch_To_Formation_02=<Formation 2> confirmed
  4841. Dlg_SC_ac_wreckingball_player_order_witch_to_formationPlayer_Order_Witch_To_Formation_03=<Formation 3> confirmed
  4842. Dlg_SC_ac_wreckingball_player_order_witch_to_formationPlayer_Order_Witch_To_Formation_04=<Formation 4> confirmed
  4843. Dlg_SC_ac_wreckingball_reaction_being_hit_by_friendly_fire_0480=Check your damn targets.
  4844. Dlg_SC_ac_wreckingball_reaction_being_hit_by_friendly_fireReaction_Being_Hit_By_Friendly_Fire=Check your damn targets.
  4845. Dlg_SC_ac_wreckingball_reaction_commiting_friendly_fire_0490=Stay outta my line of fire!
  4846. Dlg_SC_ac_wreckingball_reaction_commiting_friendly_fireReaction_Commiting_Friendly_Fire=Stay outta my line of fire!
  4847. Dlg_SC_ac_wreckingball_reaction_eject_0470=Punching out
  4848. Dlg_SC_ac_wreckingball_reaction_eject_0471=Shit! I gotta bail.
  4849. Dlg_SC_ac_wreckingball_reaction_ejectReaction_Eject_01=Punching out
  4850. Dlg_SC_ac_wreckingball_reaction_ejectReaction_Eject_02=Shit! I gotta bail.
  4851. Dlg_SC_ac_wreckingball_reaction_friendly_gets_killed_0450=They wasted one of ours
  4852. Dlg_SC_ac_wreckingball_reaction_friendly_gets_killed_0451=Screw you! We lost one of our own
  4853. Dlg_SC_ac_wreckingball_reaction_friendly_gets_killedReaction_Friendly_Gets_Killed_01=They wasted one of ours
  4854. Dlg_SC_ac_wreckingball_reaction_friendly_gets_killedReaction_Friendly_Gets_Killed_02=Screw you! We lost one of our own
  4855. Dlg_SC_ac_wreckingball_reaction_Gets_a_kill_0400=That's what happens!
  4856. Dlg_SC_ac_wreckingball_reaction_Gets_a_kill_0401=I just can't be stopped.
  4857. Dlg_SC_ac_wreckingball_reaction_Gets_a_killReaction_Gets_A_Kill_01=That's what happens!
  4858. Dlg_SC_ac_wreckingball_reaction_Gets_a_killReaction_Gets_A_Kill_02=I just can't be stopped.
  4859. Dlg_SC_ac_wreckingball_reaction_incoming_enemies_0420=Enemies spotted
  4860. Dlg_SC_ac_wreckingball_reaction_incoming_enemies_0421=It's on now.
  4861. Dlg_SC_ac_wreckingball_reaction_incoming_enemiesReaction_Incoming_Enemies_01=Enemies spotted
  4862. Dlg_SC_ac_wreckingball_reaction_incoming_enemiesReaction_Incoming_Enemies_02=It's on now.
  4863. Dlg_SC_ac_wreckingball_reaction_leaving_battle_retreating_0440=I'm off.
  4864. Dlg_SC_ac_wreckingball_reaction_leaving_battle_retreating_0441=Retreating.
  4865. Dlg_SC_ac_wreckingball_reaction_leaving_battle_retreatingReaction_Leaving_Battle_Retreating_01=I'm off.
  4866. Dlg_SC_ac_wreckingball_reaction_leaving_battle_retreatingReaction_Leaving_Battle_Retreating_02=Retreating.
  4867. Dlg_SC_ac_wreckingball_reaction_player_gets_a_kill_0410=Not a bad kill, but no class. Haha!
  4868. Dlg_SC_ac_wreckingball_reaction_player_gets_a_kill_0411=Alright, okay, that wasn't bad.
  4869. Dlg_SC_ac_wreckingball_reaction_player_gets_a_killReaction_Player_Gets_A_Kill_01=Not a bad kill, but no class. Haha!
  4870. Dlg_SC_ac_wreckingball_reaction_player_gets_a_killReaction_Player_Gets_A_Kill_02=Alright, okay, that wasn't bad.
  4871. Dlg_SC_ac_wreckingball_reaction_rejoining_battle_0430=Don't panic, people. I'm back...
  4872. Dlg_SC_ac_wreckingball_reaction_rejoining_battleReaction_Rejoining_Battle=Don't panic, people. I'm back...
  4873. Dlg_SC_ac_wreckingball_reaction_taking_damage_0460=That all you got?!
  4874. Dlg_SC_ac_wreckingball_reaction_taking_damage_0461=Oh, I'm gonna take my time with you!
  4875. Dlg_SC_ac_wreckingball_reaction_taking_damageReaction_Taking_Damage_01=That all you got?!
  4876. Dlg_SC_ac_wreckingball_reaction_taking_damageReaction_Taking_Damage_02=Oh, I'm gonna take my time with you!
  4877. Dlg_SC_bb_bb_factory_ANVL_confirmed_enemy_target_0110=
  4878. Dlg_SC_bb_bb_factory_ANVL_critical_hit_0500=Critical systems damage
  4879. Dlg_SC_bb_bb_factory_ANVL_scanners_being_scanned_0210=Warning, incoming scan
  4880. Dlg_SC_bb_bb_factory_ANVL_scanners_scanning_0200=Scanning
  4881. Dlg_SC_bb_bb_factory_ANVL_sensor_incoming_ramming_0120=Hostile proximity warning
  4882. Dlg_SC_bb_bb_factory_ANVL_sensor_nearby_acquisition_0100=Bogey
  4883. Dlg_SC_bb_bb_factory_ANVL_shields_back_0_0580=Alert: Aft Shields down
  4884. Dlg_SC_bb_bb_factory_ANVL_shields_back_25_0570=Warning, Aft Shields 25%
  4885. Dlg_SC_bb_bb_factory_ANVL_shields_back_50_0560=Aft Shields 50%
  4886. Dlg_SC_bb_bb_factory_ANVL_shields_back_75_0550=Aft Shields 75%
  4887. Dlg_SC_bb_bb_factory_ANVL_shields_bottom_0_0740=Alert: Deck Shields down
  4888. Dlg_SC_bb_bb_factory_ANVL_shields_bottom_25_0730=Warning, Deck Shields 25%
  4889. Dlg_SC_bb_bb_factory_ANVL_shields_bottom_50_0720=Deck Shields 50%
  4890. Dlg_SC_bb_bb_factory_ANVL_shields_bottom_75_0710=Deck Shields 75%
  4891. Dlg_SC_bb_bb_factory_ANVL_shields_charging_0507=Shields Charging
  4892. Dlg_SC_bb_bb_factory_ANVL_shields_collision_alert_0760=Collision
  4893. Dlg_SC_bb_bb_factory_ANVL_shields_front_0_0540=Alert: Forward Shields down
  4894. Dlg_SC_bb_bb_factory_ANVL_shields_front_25_0530=Warning, Forward Shields 25%
  4895. Dlg_SC_bb_bb_factory_ANVL_shields_front_50_0520=Forward Shields 50%
  4896. Dlg_SC_bb_bb_factory_ANVL_shields_front_75_0510=Forward Shields 75%
  4897. Dlg_SC_bb_bb_factory_ANVL_shields_left_0_0620=Alert: Port Shields down
  4898. Dlg_SC_bb_bb_factory_ANVL_shields_left_25_0610=Warning, Port Shields 25%
  4899. Dlg_SC_bb_bb_factory_ANVL_shields_left_50_0600=Port Shields 50%
  4900. Dlg_SC_bb_bb_factory_ANVL_shields_left_75_0590=Port Shields 75%
  4901. Dlg_SC_bb_bb_factory_ANVL_shields_right_0_0660=Alert: Starboard Shields down
  4902. Dlg_SC_bb_bb_factory_ANVL_shields_right_25_0650=Warning, Starboard Shields 25%
  4903. Dlg_SC_bb_bb_factory_ANVL_shields_right_50_0640=Starboard Shields 50%
  4904. Dlg_SC_bb_bb_factory_ANVL_shields_right_75_0630=Starboard Shields 75%
  4905. Dlg_SC_bb_bb_factory_ANVL_shields_system_activated_0750=activated
  4906. Dlg_SC_bb_bb_factory_ANVL_shields_top_0_0700=Alert: Overhead Shields down
  4907. Dlg_SC_bb_bb_factory_ANVL_shields_top_25_0690=Warning, Overhead Shields 25%
  4908. Dlg_SC_bb_bb_factory_ANVL_shields_top_50_0680=Overhead Shields 50%
  4909. Dlg_SC_bb_bb_factory_ANVL_shields_top_75_0670=Overhead Shields 75%
  4910. Dlg_SC_bb_bb_factory_ANVL_systems_autopilot_disengaged_0930=Autopilot Disengaged
  4911. Dlg_SC_bb_bb_factory_ANVL_systems_autopilot_engaged_0920=Autopilot Engaged
  4912. Dlg_SC_bb_bb_factory_ANVL_systems_bitchingbetty_0840=BZZZzzzzzzuuuuppp
  4913. Dlg_SC_bb_bb_factory_ANVL_systems_bootup_0971=Anvil Aerospace
  4914. Dlg_SC_bb_bb_factory_ANVL_systems_comms_jammed_0960=Warning: Communications system is being jammed
  4915. Dlg_SC_bb_bb_factory_ANVL_systems_communications_0800=Comms
  4916. Dlg_SC_bb_bb_factory_ANVL_systems_coolant_0890=Cooling System
  4917. Dlg_SC_bb_bb_factory_ANVL_systems_destruction_imminent_0900=Eject
  4918. Dlg_SC_bb_bb_factory_ANVL_systems_engines_0820=Propulsion
  4919. Dlg_SC_bb_bb_factory_ANVL_systems_flightcontrol_0850=Avionics
  4920. offline.
  4921. Dlg_SC_bb_bb_factory_ANVL_systems_lifesupport_0810=Life Support
  4922. Dlg_SC_bb_bb_factory_ANVL_systems_objective_received_0910=Data
  4923. Dlg_SC_bb_bb_factory_ANVL_systems_offline_0780=...offline
  4924. Dlg_SC_bb_bb_factory_ANVL_systems_radar_0870=Radar
  4925. Dlg_SC_bb_bb_factory_ANVL_systems_sensors_0860=Sensors
  4926. Dlg_SC_bb_bb_factory_ANVL_systems_shieldgen_0830=Shield Generator
  4927. Dlg_SC_bb_bb_factory_ANVL_systems_systems_online_0970=All systems are online
  4928. Dlg_SC_bb_bb_factory_ANVL_systems_systems_overheating_0950=Warning: Systems Overheating
  4929. Dlg_SC_bb_bb_factory_ANVL_systems_weapons_0880=Weapons Systems
  4930. Dlg_SC_bb_bb_factory_ANVL_warning_0770=Warning:
  4931. Dlg_SC_bb_bb_factory_ANVL_weapons_ammunition_depleted_0320=Ballistics Dry
  4932. Dlg_SC_bb_bb_factory_ANVL_weapons_ammunition_low_0310=Ballistics Low
  4933. Dlg_SC_bb_bb_factory_ANVL_weapons_chaff_depleted_0400=Chaff Out
  4934. Dlg_SC_bb_bb_factory_ANVL_weapons_chaff_launched_0350=Chaff
  4935. Dlg_SC_bb_bb_factory_ANVL_weapons_chaff_low_0380=Chaff Low
  4936. Dlg_SC_bb_bb_factory_ANVL_weapons_charging_0330=Charging Energy Weapons
  4937. Dlg_SC_bb_bb_factory_ANVL_weapons_fired_at_friendly_0405=Check Fire.
  4938. Dlg_SC_bb_bb_factory_ANVL_weapons_flare_depleted_0390=Flares Out
  4939. Dlg_SC_bb_bb_factory_ANVL_weapons_flare_launched_0360=Flare
  4940. Dlg_SC_bb_bb_factory_ANVL_weapons_flare_low_0370=Flares Low
  4941. Dlg_SC_bb_bb_factory_ANVL_weapons_missile_lock_succeeds_0300=Lock
  4942. Dlg_SC_bb_bb_factory_ANVL_weapons_missiles_depleted_0420=Missiles Dry.
  4943. Dlg_SC_bb_bb_factory_ANVL_weapons_missiles_low_0410=Missiles Low.
  4944. Dlg_SC_bb_bb_factory_ANVL_weapons_target_destroyed_0340=Target Destroyed
  4945. Dlg_SC_bb_bb_factory_ORIG_confirmed_enemy_target_0110=Hostile Identified
  4946. Dlg_SC_bb_bb_factory_ORIG_scanners_being_scanned_0210=Ship has been scanned.
  4947. Dlg_SC_bb_bb_factory_ORIG_scanners_scanning_0200=Scan Initiated
  4948. Dlg_SC_bb_bb_factory_ORIG_sensor_incoming_ramming_0120=Evasive manuevers, hostile inbound.
  4949. Dlg_SC_bb_bb_factory_ORIG_sensor_nearby_acquisition_0100=Contact
  4950. Dlg_SC_bb_bb_factory_ORIG_shields_back_0_0580=Stern shielding depleted.
  4951. Dlg_SC_bb_bb_factory_ORIG_shields_back_25_0570=Stern shielding at a quarter strength.
  4952. Dlg_SC_bb_bb_factory_ORIG_shields_back_50_0560=Stern shielding at half strength.
  4953. Dlg_SC_bb_bb_factory_ORIG_shields_back_75_0550=Stern shielding at 75%.
  4954. Dlg_SC_bb_bb_factory_ORIG_shields_bottom_0_0740=Nadir shielding depleted.
  4955. Dlg_SC_bb_bb_factory_ORIG_shields_bottom_25_0730=Nadir shielding at a quarter strength.
  4956. Dlg_SC_bb_bb_factory_ORIG_shields_bottom_50_0720=Nadir shielding at half strength.
  4957. Dlg_SC_bb_bb_factory_ORIG_shields_bottom_75_0710=Nadir shielding at 75%.
  4958. Dlg_SC_bb_bb_factory_ORIG_shields_charging_0507=Refreshing Shields
  4959. Dlg_SC_bb_bb_factory_ORIG_shields_collision_alert_0760=PROXIMITY ALERT
  4960. Dlg_SC_bb_bb_factory_ORIG_shields_front_0_0540=Fore-shield depleted.
  4961. Dlg_SC_bb_bb_factory_ORIG_shields_front_25_0530=Fore-shield at a quarter strength.
  4962. Dlg_SC_bb_bb_factory_ORIG_shields_front_50_0520=Fore-shield at half strength
  4963. Dlg_SC_bb_bb_factory_ORIG_shields_front_75_0510=Fore-shield at 75% strength
  4964. Dlg_SC_bb_bb_factory_ORIG_shields_left_0_0620=Port shielding depleted.
  4965. Dlg_SC_bb_bb_factory_ORIG_shields_left_25_0610=Port shielding at a quarter strength.
  4966. Dlg_SC_bb_bb_factory_ORIG_shields_left_50_0600=Port shielding at half strength.
  4967. Dlg_SC_bb_bb_factory_ORIG_shields_left_75_0590=Port shielding at 75%.
  4968. Dlg_SC_bb_bb_factory_ORIG_shields_right_0_0660=Starboard shielding depleted.
  4969. Dlg_SC_bb_bb_factory_ORIG_shields_right_25_0650=Starboard shielding at a quarter strength.
  4970. Dlg_SC_bb_bb_factory_ORIG_shields_right_50_0640=Starboard shielding at half strength.
  4971. Dlg_SC_bb_bb_factory_ORIG_shields_right_75_0630=Starboard shielding at 75%.
  4972. Dlg_SC_bb_bb_factory_ORIG_shields_system_activated_0750=operational.
  4973. Dlg_SC_bb_bb_factory_ORIG_shields_top_0_0700=Zenith shielding depleted.
  4974. Dlg_SC_bb_bb_factory_ORIG_shields_top_25_0690=Zenith shielding at a quarter strength.
  4975. Dlg_SC_bb_bb_factory_ORIG_shields_top_50_0680=Zenith shielding at half strength.
  4976. Dlg_SC_bb_bb_factory_ORIG_shields_top_75_0670=Zenith shielding at 75%.
  4977. Dlg_SC_bb_bb_factory_ORIG_systems_autopilot_disengaged_0930=Resuming pilot control.
  4978. Dlg_SC_bb_bb_factory_ORIG_systems_autopilot_engaged_0920=Pilot Assist on.
  4979. Dlg_SC_bb_bb_factory_ORIG_systems_bitchingbetty_0840=Welcome to ... Origin… I…assist…
  4980. Dlg_SC_bb_bb_factory_ORIG_systems_bootup_0971=Origin Jumpworks at your service.
  4981. Dlg_SC_bb_bb_factory_ORIG_systems_comms_jammed_0960=Cannot establish communication
  4982. Dlg_SC_bb_bb_factory_ORIG_systems_communications_0800=Communications
  4983. Dlg_SC_bb_bb_factory_ORIG_systems_coolant_0890=Cooling System
  4984. Dlg_SC_bb_bb_factory_ORIG_systems_destruction_imminent_0900=Catastrophic failure imminent.
  4985. Dlg_SC_bb_bb_factory_ORIG_systems_engines_0820=Thrusters
  4986. Dlg_SC_bb_bb_factory_ORIG_systems_flightcontrol_0850=Avionics
  4987. Dlg_SC_bb_bb_factory_ORIG_systems_is_offline_0505=...have received catastrophic damage.
  4988. Dlg_SC_bb_bb_factory_ORIG_systems_lifesupport_0810=ECLSS
  4989. Dlg_SC_bb_bb_factory_ORIG_systems_objective_received_0910=MARKER PLACED
  4990. Dlg_SC_bb_bb_factory_ORIG_systems_offline_0780=...disabled.
  4991. Dlg_SC_bb_bb_factory_ORIG_systems_radar_0870=Radar
  4992. Dlg_SC_bb_bb_factory_ORIG_systems_sensors_0860=Sensors
  4993. Dlg_SC_bb_bb_factory_ORIG_systems_shieldgen_0830=Shield System
  4994. Dlg_SC_bb_bb_factory_ORIG_systems_systems_online_0970=Core systems operational
  4995. Dlg_SC_bb_bb_factory_ORIG_systems_systems_overheating_0950=Coolant malfunction. Core system reaching unsafe temperature
  4996. Dlg_SC_bb_bb_factory_ORIG_systems_weapons_0880=Weapons Systems
  4997. Dlg_SC_bb_bb_factory_ORIG_weapons_ammunition_depleted_0320=Ballistics requires reload
  4998. Dlg_SC_bb_bb_factory_ORIG_weapons_ammunition_low_0310=Ballistics depleting rapidly
  4999. Dlg_SC_bb_bb_factory_ORIG_weapons_chaff_depleted_0400=CHAFF DEPLETED
  5000. Dlg_SC_bb_bb_factory_ORIG_weapons_chaff_launched_0350=CHAFF Launched
  5001. Dlg_SC_bb_bb_factory_ORIG_weapons_chaff_low_0380=RELOAD CHAFF
  5002. Dlg_SC_bb_bb_factory_ORIG_weapons_charging_0330=Refreshing Energy Weapons
  5003. Dlg_SC_bb_bb_factory_ORIG_weapons_fired_at_friendly_0405=Check Fire.
  5004. Dlg_SC_bb_bb_factory_ORIG_weapons_flare_depleted_0390=FLARES DEPLETED
  5005. Dlg_SC_bb_bb_factory_ORIG_weapons_flare_launched_0360=FLARE Launched
  5006. Dlg_SC_bb_bb_factory_ORIG_weapons_flare_low_0370=RELOAD FLARE
  5007. Dlg_SC_bb_bb_factory_ORIG_weapons_missile_lock_succeeds_0300=ACHIEVED MISSILE LOCK
  5008. Dlg_SC_bb_bb_factory_ORIG_weapons_missiles_depleted_0420=Missiles Depleted.
  5009. Dlg_SC_bb_bb_factory_ORIG_weapons_missiles_low_0410=Reload Missiles.
  5010. Dlg_SC_bb_bb_factory_ORIG_weapons_target_destroyed_0340=Hostile eliminated
  5011. Dlg_SC_bb_bb_factory_RSI_confirmed_enemy_target_0110=Enemy Target
  5012. Dlg_SC_bb_bb_factory_RSI_critical_hit_0500=Critical strike:
  5013. Dlg_SC_bb_bb_factory_RSI_scanners_being_scanned_0210=We are being scanned
  5014. Dlg_SC_bb_bb_factory_RSI_scanners_scanning_0200=Standby, scanning
  5015. Dlg_SC_bb_bb_factory_RSI_sensor_incoming_ramming_0120=Hostile on collision course
  5016. Dlg_SC_bb_bb_factory_RSI_sensor_nearby_acquisition_0100=Radar contact
  5017. Dlg_SC_bb_bb_factory_RSI_shields_back_0_0580=Rear shield is down
  5018. Dlg_SC_bb_bb_factory_RSI_shields_back_25_0570=Alert: Rear shield at 25%
  5019. Dlg_SC_bb_bb_factory_RSI_shields_back_50_0560=Rear shield at 50%
  5020. Dlg_SC_bb_bb_factory_RSI_shields_back_75_0550=Rear shield at 75%
  5021. Dlg_SC_bb_bb_factory_RSI_shields_bottom_0_0740=Low shield is down
  5022. Dlg_SC_bb_bb_factory_RSI_shields_bottom_25_0730=Alert: Low Shield at 25%
  5023. Dlg_SC_bb_bb_factory_RSI_shields_bottom_50_0720=Low Shield at 50%
  5024. Dlg_SC_bb_bb_factory_RSI_shields_bottom_75_0710=Low Shield at 75%
  5025. Dlg_SC_bb_bb_factory_RSI_shields_charging_0507=Standby shields
  5026. Dlg_SC_bb_bb_factory_RSI_shields_collision_alert_0760=IMPACT
  5027. Dlg_SC_bb_bb_factory_RSI_shields_front_0_0540=Front shield is down
  5028. Dlg_SC_bb_bb_factory_RSI_shields_front_25_0530=Alert: Front Shields at 25%.
  5029. Dlg_SC_bb_bb_factory_RSI_shields_front_50_0520=Front shield at 50%
  5030. Dlg_SC_bb_bb_factory_RSI_shields_front_75_0510=Front shield at 75%
  5031. Dlg_SC_bb_bb_factory_RSI_shields_left_0_0620=Port Shield is down
  5032. Dlg_SC_bb_bb_factory_RSI_shields_left_25_0610=Alert: Port Shield at 25%
  5033. Dlg_SC_bb_bb_factory_RSI_shields_left_50_0600=Port Shield at 50%
  5034. Dlg_SC_bb_bb_factory_RSI_shields_left_75_0590=Port Shield at 75%
  5035. Dlg_SC_bb_bb_factory_RSI_shields_right_0_0660=Starboard Shield is down.
  5036. Dlg_SC_bb_bb_factory_RSI_shields_right_25_0650=Alert: Starboard Shield at 25%
  5037. Dlg_SC_bb_bb_factory_RSI_shields_right_50_0640=Starboard Shield at 50%
  5038. Dlg_SC_bb_bb_factory_RSI_shields_right_75_0630=Starboard Shield at 75%
  5039. Dlg_SC_bb_bb_factory_RSI_shields_system_activated_0750=online.
  5040. Dlg_SC_bb_bb_factory_RSI_shields_top_0_0700=High shield is down
  5041. Dlg_SC_bb_bb_factory_RSI_shields_top_25_0690=Alert: High Shield at 25%
  5042. Dlg_SC_bb_bb_factory_RSI_shields_top_50_0680=Overhead Shield at 50%
  5043. Dlg_SC_bb_bb_factory_RSI_shields_top_75_0670=Overhead Shield at 75%
  5044. Dlg_SC_bb_bb_factory_RSI_systems_autopilot_disengaged_0930=Disengaging Autopilot
  5045. Dlg_SC_bb_bb_factory_RSI_systems_autopilot_engaged_0920=Engaging Autopilot
  5046. Dlg_SC_bb_bb_factory_RSI_systems_bitchingbetty_0840=<<<hum>>>
  5047. Dlg_SC_bb_bb_factory_RSI_systems_bootup_0971=Welcome to Roberts Space Industries. Enjoy the ride.
  5048. Dlg_SC_bb_bb_factory_RSI_systems_comms_jammed_0960=Comm failure
  5049. Dlg_SC_bb_bb_factory_RSI_systems_communications_0800=Communications
  5050. Dlg_SC_bb_bb_factory_RSI_systems_coolant_0890=Cooling System
  5051. Dlg_SC_bb_bb_factory_RSI_systems_destruction_imminent_0900=Please evacuate ship.
  5052. Dlg_SC_bb_bb_factory_RSI_systems_engines_0820=Engines
  5053. Dlg_SC_bb_bb_factory_RSI_systems_flightcontrol_0850=Avionics
  5054. Dlg_SC_bb_bb_factory_RSI_systems_is_offline_0505=...damaged.
  5055. Dlg_SC_bb_bb_factory_RSI_systems_lifesupport_0810=Life Support
  5056. Dlg_SC_bb_bb_factory_RSI_systems_objective_received_0910=OBJECTIVE MARKED
  5057. Dlg_SC_bb_bb_factory_RSI_systems_offline_0780=...deactivated
  5058. Dlg_SC_bb_bb_factory_RSI_systems_radar_0870=Radar
  5059. Dlg_SC_bb_bb_factory_RSI_systems_sensors_0860=Sensors
  5060. Dlg_SC_bb_bb_factory_RSI_systems_shieldgen_0830=Shields
  5061. Dlg_SC_bb_bb_factory_RSI_systems_systems_online_0970=System check.
  5062. Dlg_SC_bb_bb_factory_RSI_systems_systems_overheating_0950=System Critical.
  5063. Dlg_SC_bb_bb_factory_RSI_systems_weapons_0880=Weapons Systems
  5064. Dlg_SC_bb_bb_factory_RSI_weapons_ammunition_depleted_0320=Ballistics out of ammo
  5065. Dlg_SC_bb_bb_factory_RSI_weapons_ammunition_low_0310=Ballistics ammo low
  5066. Dlg_SC_bb_bb_factory_RSI_weapons_chaff_depleted_0400=Chaff empty
  5067. Dlg_SC_bb_bb_factory_RSI_weapons_chaff_launched_0350=Chaff away
  5068. Dlg_SC_bb_bb_factory_RSI_weapons_chaff_low_0380=Low chaff
  5069. Dlg_SC_bb_bb_factory_RSI_weapons_charging_0330=Standby for Energy Weapons
  5070. Dlg_SC_bb_bb_factory_RSI_weapons_fired_at_friendly_0405=Check Fire.
  5071. Dlg_SC_bb_bb_factory_RSI_weapons_flare_depleted_0390=Flares Empty
  5072. Dlg_SC_bb_bb_factory_RSI_weapons_flare_launched_0360=Flare away
  5073. Dlg_SC_bb_bb_factory_RSI_weapons_flare_low_0370=Low flares
  5074. Dlg_SC_bb_bb_factory_RSI_weapons_missile_lock_succeeds_0300=TARGET ACQUIRED
  5075. Dlg_SC_bb_bb_factory_RSI_weapons_missiles_depleted_0420=Missiles Empty.
  5076. Dlg_SC_bb_bb_factory_RSI_weapons_missiles_low_0410=Low Missiles.
  5077. Dlg_SC_bb_bb_factory_RSI_weapons_target_destroyed_0340=Enemy down
  5078. Dlg_SC_mc_collision_1101=These pilots are not holding back.
  5079. Dlg_SC_mc_collision_1102=While crashing into the other pilots may stop them from winning, it often has the adverse affect of causing you to lose as well.
  5080. Dlg_SC_mc_collision_1103=They clipped! Hopefully they can maintain control.
  5081. Dlg_SC_mc_collision_1104=I don't know the exact maths, but I am fairly certain that two objects hitting at these speeds is equal to about a metric ton of uh-oh.
  5082. Dlg_SC_mc_collision_1105=They're bumping each other like they're at a club on Terra Prime.
  5083. Dlg_SC_mc_collision_1106=I don't know how many more hits like that they can take.
  5084. Dlg_SC_mc_collision_1107=Ouch! Someone's going to need some medgel after this race.
  5085. Dlg_SC_mc_collision_1108=And that's why in racing we have the saying, "ships don't win pretty."
  5086. Dlg_SC_mc_collision_1109=Now that's what I call a bang up job.
  5087. Dlg_SC_mc_collision_1110=After a crash like that, these pilots have got to be asking, "Did I remember to give my welder a gift last Citizen Day?"
  5088. Dlg_SC_mc_collisionCollision_01=These pilots are not holding back.
  5089. Dlg_SC_mc_collisionCollision_02=While crashing into the other pilots may stop them from winning, it often has the adverse affect of causing you to lose as well.
  5090. Dlg_SC_mc_collisionCollision_03=They clipped! Hopefully they can maintain control.
  5091. Dlg_SC_mc_collisionCollision_04=I don't know the exact maths, but I am fairly certain that two objects hitting at these speeds is equal to about a metric ton of uh-oh.
  5092. Dlg_SC_mc_collisionCollision_05=They're bumping each other like they're at a club on Terra Prime.
  5093. Dlg_SC_mc_collisionCollision_06=I don't know how many more hits like that they can take.
  5094. Dlg_SC_mc_collisionCollision_07=Ouch! Someone's going to need some medgel after this race.
  5095. Dlg_SC_mc_collisionCollision_08=And that's why in racing we have the saying, "ships don't win pretty."
  5096. Dlg_SC_mc_collisionCollision_09=Now that's what I call a bang up job.
  5097. Dlg_SC_mc_collisionCollision_10=After a crash like that, these pilots have got to be asking, "Did I remember to give my welder a gift last Citizen Day?"
  5098. Dlg_SC_mc_entering_weaponsfree_zone_2501=Get ready. Things are about to get lethal.
  5099. Dlg_SC_mc_entering_weaponsfree_zoneEntering_WeaponsFree_Zone=Get ready. Things are about to get lethal.
  5100. Dlg_SC_mc_final_lap_begins_1501=Final lap. Time for things to get interesting.
  5101. Dlg_SC_mc_final_lap_begins_1502=It all comes down to this last lap.
  5102. Dlg_SC_mc_final_lap_begins_1503=Racers are entering the final lap.
  5103. Dlg_SC_mc_final_lap_begins_1504=Last lap and time to use whatever they got left in the tank.
  5104. Dlg_SC_mc_final_lap_begins_1505=This is the beginning of the end! The Last lap! The final bow! The ultimate circle. The big... okay I ran out of things but you get the idea. The race is almost over.
  5105. Dlg_SC_mc_final_lap_begins_1506=We got one lap remaining, and one last chance for these pilots to prove themselves.
  5106. Dlg_SC_mc_final_lap_begins_1507=Heading into the final stretch and it still could be anybody's race. Well not anybody's. Some of these pilots are not very good.
  5107. Dlg_SC_mc_final_lap_begins_1508=It's the final lap, and here is where you start to see just how good these pilots' engineering crews are, as the ships have been taking a beating.
  5108. Dlg_SC_mc_final_lap_begins_1509=The qualifier is winding down as we start the last lap.
  5109. Dlg_SC_mc_final_lap_begins_1510=And with that lap, the end draws near.
  5110. Dlg_SC_mc_final_lap_beginsFinal_Lap_Begins_01=Final lap. Time for things to get interesting.
  5111. Dlg_SC_mc_final_lap_beginsFinal_Lap_Begins_02=It all comes down to this last lap.
  5112. Dlg_SC_mc_final_lap_beginsFinal_Lap_Begins_03=Racers are entering the final lap.
  5113. Dlg_SC_mc_final_lap_beginsFinal_Lap_Begins_04=Last lap and time to use whatever they got left in the tank.
  5114. Dlg_SC_mc_final_lap_beginsFinal_Lap_Begins_05=This is the beginning of the end! The Last lap! The final bow! The ultimate circle. The big... okay I ran out of things but you get the idea. The race is almost over.
  5115. Dlg_SC_mc_final_lap_beginsFinal_Lap_Begins_06=We got one lap remaining, and one last chance for these pilots to prove themselves.
  5116. Dlg_SC_mc_final_lap_beginsFinal_Lap_Begins_07=Heading into the final stretch and it still could be anybody's race. Well not anybody's. Some of these pilots are not very good.
  5117. Dlg_SC_mc_final_lap_beginsFinal_Lap_Begins_08=It's the final lap, and here is where you start to see just how good these pilot's engineering crews are, as the ships have been taking a beating.
  5118. Dlg_SC_mc_final_lap_beginsFinal_Lap_Begins_09=The qualifier is winding down as we start the last lap.
  5119. Dlg_SC_mc_final_lap_beginsFinal_Lap_Begins_10=And with that lap, the end draws near.
  5120. Dlg_SC_mc_gen_chat_DFM_NewHorizonSpeedway_2301=New Horizon is really proving itself to be a thinking man's racetrack.
  5121. Dlg_SC_mc_gen_chat_DFM_NewHorizonSpeedway_2302=My understanding is that Consolidated Outlands owner, Silas Koerner, is enjoying the race today from his luxury box. Let me just say, Silas, if you are on the market for a new best friend, I am available.
  5122. Dlg_SC_mc_gen_chat_DFM_NewHorizonSpeedway_2303=The MCRs recently implemented enhanced safety protocols are on full display. Sure it makes the race a little less exciting, but I guess some people would argue that's worth the price of saving some lives. Not me per se, but some people.
  5123. Dlg_SC_mc_gen_chat_DFM_NewHorizonSpeedway_2304=With the season rapidly approaching, it'll be interesting to see who, if anyone, really establishes themselves as a racer to watch.
  5124. Dlg_SC_mc_gen_chat_DFM_NewHorizonSpeedway_2305=With Kale Sonora's qualifier win at Issigon last week, everyone's asking if any of today's competition will knock her out of the top slot.
  5125. Dlg_SC_mc_gen_chat_DFM_NewHorizonSpeedway_2306=Couldn't argue for better conditions to race in, I suppose. Call me old-fashioned, but I follow the Waylon Vickers mantra: "I love it when the weather's an opponent."
  5126. Dlg_SC_mc_gen_chat_DFM_NewHorizonSpeedwayGen_Chat_NewHorizonSpeedway_01=New Horizon is really proving itself to be a thinking man's racetrack.
  5127. Dlg_SC_mc_gen_chat_DFM_NewHorizonSpeedwayGen_Chat_NewHorizonSpeedway_02=My understanding is that Consolidate Outlands owner, Silas Koerner, is enjoying the race today from his luxury box. Let me just say, Silas, if you are on the market for a new best friend, I am available.
  5128. Dlg_SC_mc_gen_chat_DFM_NewHorizonSpeedwayGen_Chat_NewHorizonSpeedway_03=The MCRs recently implemented enhanced saftey protocals are on full display. Sure it makes the race a little less exciting, but I guess some people would argue that's worth the price of saving some lives. Not me persay, but some people.
  5129. Dlg_SC_mc_gen_chat_DFM_NewHorizonSpeedwayGen_Chat_NewHorizonSpeedway_04=With the season rapidly approaching, it'll be interesting to see who, if anyone, really establishes themselves as a racer to watch.
  5130. Dlg_SC_mc_gen_chat_DFM_NewHorizonSpeedwayGen_Chat_NewHorizonSpeedway_05=With Kale Sonora's qualifier win at Issigon last week, everyone's asking if any of today's competition will knock her out of the top slot.
  5131. Dlg_SC_mc_gen_chat_DFM_NewHorizonSpeedwayGen_Chat_NewHorizonSpeedway_06=Couldn't argue for better conditions to race in, I suppose. Call me old-fashioned, but I follow the Waylon Vickers mantra: "I love it when the weather's an opponent."
  5132. Dlg_SC_mc_gen_chat_exclamations_negative_2007=No!
  5133. Dlg_SC_mc_gen_chat_exclamations_negative_2008=Oof!
  5134. Dlg_SC_mc_gen_chat_exclamations_negative_2009=Come on!
  5135. Dlg_SC_mc_gen_chat_exclamations_negative_2012=What the hell?!
  5136. Dlg_SC_mc_gen_chat_exclamations_negative_2015=I can't believe I'm watching this!
  5137. Dlg_SC_mc_gen_chat_exclamations_negativeGen_Chat_Exclamations_Negative_01=No!
  5138. Dlg_SC_mc_gen_chat_exclamations_negativeGen_Chat_Exclamations_Negative_02=Oof!
  5139. Dlg_SC_mc_gen_chat_exclamations_negativeGen_Chat_Exclamations_Negative_03=Come on!
  5140. Dlg_SC_mc_gen_chat_exclamations_negativeGen_Chat_Exclamations_Negative_04=What the hell?!
  5141. Dlg_SC_mc_gen_chat_exclamations_negativeGen_Chat_Exclamations_Negative_05=I can't believe I'm watching this!
  5142. Dlg_SC_mc_gen_chat_exclamations_positive_2001=Well I'll be damned.
  5143. Dlg_SC_mc_gen_chat_exclamations_positive_2002=Yes!
  5144. Dlg_SC_mc_gen_chat_exclamations_positive_2003=There we go!
  5145. Dlg_SC_mc_gen_chat_exclamations_positive_2004=Now it's a race!
  5146. Dlg_SC_mc_gen_chat_exclamations_positive_2005=Excellent!
  5147. Dlg_SC_mc_gen_chat_exclamations_positive_2006=That was hot.
  5148. Dlg_SC_mc_gen_chat_exclamations_positive_2010=Absolutely Incredible.
  5149. Dlg_SC_mc_gen_chat_exclamations_positive_2011=Nicely done.
  5150. Dlg_SC_mc_gen_chat_exclamations_positive_2013=Look at it.
  5151. Dlg_SC_mc_gen_chat_exclamations_positive_2014=That's a great sight.
  5152. Dlg_SC_mc_gen_chat_exclamations_positiveGen_Chat_Exclamations_Positive_01=Well I'll be damned.
  5153. Dlg_SC_mc_gen_chat_exclamations_positiveGen_Chat_Exclamations_Positive_02=Yes!
  5154. Dlg_SC_mc_gen_chat_exclamations_positiveGen_Chat_Exclamations_Positive_03=There we go!
  5155. Dlg_SC_mc_gen_chat_exclamations_positiveGen_Chat_Exclamations_Positive_04=Now it's a race!
  5156. Dlg_SC_mc_gen_chat_exclamations_positiveGen_Chat_Exclamations_Positive_05=Excellent!
  5157. Dlg_SC_mc_gen_chat_exclamations_positiveGen_Chat_Exclamations_Positive_06=That was hot.
  5158. Dlg_SC_mc_gen_chat_exclamations_positiveGen_Chat_Exclamations_Positive_07=Absolutely Incredible.
  5159. Dlg_SC_mc_gen_chat_exclamations_positiveGen_Chat_Exclamations_Positive_08=Nicely done.
  5160. Dlg_SC_mc_gen_chat_exclamations_positiveGen_Chat_Exclamations_Positive_09=Look at it.
  5161. Dlg_SC_mc_gen_chat_exclamations_positiveGen_Chat_Exclamations_Positive_10=That's a great sight.
  5162. Dlg_SC_mc_gen_chat_murray_cup_lore_2101=One of the great things about Murray racing is how the debate over speed vs. agility vs. firepower vs defense still rages to this day.
  5163. Dlg_SC_mc_gen_chat_murray_cup_lore_2102=It really is austounding how there seems to be no one way to win this race. Having the fastest ship means nothing if you're going to get your ass blown off.
  5164. Dlg_SC_mc_gen_chat_murray_cup_lore_2103=I'm reminded of a similar race in 2938 where all the ships also went around a track very fast.
  5165. Dlg_SC_mc_gen_chat_murray_cup_lore_2104=Hard to believe that there was a time when the Murray Cup was just a cup owned by a guy named Murray.
  5166. Dlg_SC_mc_gen_chat_murray_cup_lore_2105=New Horizon, a recent edition to the Cup, has been divisive amongst pilots as they strive to master all its nuances.
  5167. Dlg_SC_mc_gen_chat_murray_cup_lore_2106=It's hard to imagine what those original Murray Cup racers, using planets to mark the course, would think of today's track innovations.
  5168. Dlg_SC_mc_gen_chat_murray_cup_lore_2107=For those of you watching who are interested in getting involved with Murray Cup racing, it really comes down to two things: practice, and a ton of credits to buy a ship.
  5169. Dlg_SC_mc_gen_chat_murray_cup_lore_2108=Dealing with the sheer difficulty of this New Horizon course is a common theme in these Murray Cup qualifiers.
  5170. Dlg_SC_mc_gen_chat_murray_cup_lore_2109=Dealing with stress and fatigue may almost be as important in a race like this as is the ship you fly.
  5171. Dlg_SC_mc_gen_chat_murray_cup_lore_2110=This course is not one you want to fight against. The best bet is to close your eyes and just go along for the ride.
  5172. Dlg_SC_mc_gen_chat_murray_cup_lore_2111=Little known fact, this raceway was designed from the ground up to make these pilots gently weep to themselves as they fly.
  5173. Dlg_SC_mc_gen_chat_murray_cup_loreGen_Chat_Murray_Cup_Lore_01=One of the great things about Murray racing is how the debate over speed vs. agility vs. firepower vs defense still rages to this day.
  5174. Dlg_SC_mc_gen_chat_murray_cup_loreGen_Chat_Murray_Cup_Lore_02=It really is austounding how there seems to be no one way to win this race. Having the fastest ship means nothing if you're going to get your ass blown off.
  5175. Dlg_SC_mc_gen_chat_murray_cup_loreGen_Chat_Murray_Cup_Lore_03=I'm reminded of a similar race in 2938 where all the ships also went around a track very fast.
  5176. Dlg_SC_mc_gen_chat_murray_cup_loreGen_Chat_Murray_Cup_Lore_04=Hard to believe that there was a time when the Murray Cup was just a cup owned by a guy named Murray.
  5177. Dlg_SC_mc_gen_chat_murray_cup_loreGen_Chat_Murray_Cup_Lore_05=New Horizon, a recent edition to the Cup, has been devisive amongst pilots as they strive to master all its nuances.
  5178. Dlg_SC_mc_gen_chat_murray_cup_loreGen_Chat_Murray_Cup_Lore_06=It's hard to imagine what those original Murray Cup racers, using planets to mark the course, would think of today's track innovations.
  5179. Dlg_SC_mc_gen_chat_murray_cup_loreGen_Chat_Murray_Cup_Lore_07=For those of you watching who are interested in getting involved with Murray Cup racing, it really comes down to two things, practice, and a ton of credits to buy a ship.
  5180. Dlg_SC_mc_gen_chat_murray_cup_loreGen_Chat_Murray_Cup_Lore_08=Dealing with the sheer difficulty of this New Horizon course is a common theme in these Murray Cup qualifiers.
  5181. Dlg_SC_mc_gen_chat_murray_cup_loreGen_Chat_Murray_Cup_Lore_09=Dealing with stress and fatigue may almost be as important in a race like this as is the ship you fly.
  5182. Dlg_SC_mc_gen_chat_murray_cup_loreGen_Chat_Murray_Cup_Lore_10=This course is not one you want to fight against. The best bet is to close your eyes and just go along for the ride.
  5183. Dlg_SC_mc_gen_chat_murray_cup_loreGen_Chat_Murray_Cup_Lore_11=Little known fact, this raceway was designed from the ground up to make these pilots gently weep to themselves as they fly.
  5184. Dlg_SC_mc_gen_chat_race_banter_1901=Another ring cleared.
  5185. Dlg_SC_mc_gen_chat_race_banter_1902=To the pilots in this race I ask, can you go faster? And if yes, then please, go faster.
  5186. Dlg_SC_mc_gen_chat_race_banter_1903=New Horizon Raceway is known throughout the circuit for its tricky turns and of course its new horizons.
  5187. Dlg_SC_mc_gen_chat_race_banter_1904=As an announcer it is important that I remain impartial, however as a race fan I got to say, I hope someone crashes soon.
  5188. Dlg_SC_mc_gen_chat_race_banter_1905=With a race track this huge, it can sometimes be difficult for pilots to get a full handle on the pacing they need to set for themselves.
  5189. Dlg_SC_mc_gen_chat_race_banter_1906=That's when you know the ships are really handling well, when they can pull a ring like that and manage to hold the line.
  5190. Dlg_SC_mc_gen_chat_race_banter_1907=Today's race is turning out to be a real stick breaker.
  5191. Dlg_SC_mc_gen_chat_race_banter_1908=You'll often hear people grunting over max engine output, but give me precise maneuvering thrusters any day.
  5192. Dlg_SC_mc_gen_chat_race_banter_1909=Many of the pilots have switched from drinking water during the race to a hydrating gel, just to shave off those few precious grams from their ship's weight.
  5193. Dlg_SC_mc_gen_chat_race_banter_1910=Big risk there. We'll have to see if they made their move a little too early.
  5194. Dlg_SC_mc_gen_chat_race_banter_1911=With barely meters to spare, these rings pose a significant risk to ships at these intense speeds.
  5195. Dlg_SC_mc_gen_chat_race_banterGen_Chat_Race_Banter_01=Another ring cleared.
  5196. Dlg_SC_mc_gen_chat_race_banterGen_Chat_Race_Banter_02=To the pilots in this race I ask, can you go faster? And if yes, then please, go faster.
  5197. Dlg_SC_mc_gen_chat_race_banterGen_Chat_Race_Banter_03=New Horizon Raceway known throughout the circuit for its tricky turns and of course its new horizons.
  5198. Dlg_SC_mc_gen_chat_race_banterGen_Chat_Race_Banter_04=As an announcer it is important that I remain impartial, however as a race fan I got to say, I hope someone crashes soon.
  5199. Dlg_SC_mc_gen_chat_race_banterGen_Chat_Race_Banter_05=With a race track this huge, it can sometimes be difficult for pilots to get a full handle on the pacing they need to set for themselves.
  5200. Dlg_SC_mc_gen_chat_race_banterGen_Chat_Race_Banter_06=That's when you know the ships are really handling well, when they can pull a ring like that and manage to hold the line.
  5201. Dlg_SC_mc_gen_chat_race_banterGen_Chat_Race_Banter_07=Today's race is turning out to be a real stick breaker.
  5202. Dlg_SC_mc_gen_chat_race_banterGen_Chat_Race_Banter_08=You'll often hear people grunting over max engine output, but give me precise maneuvering thrusters any day.
  5203. Dlg_SC_mc_gen_chat_race_banterGen_Chat_Race_Banter_09=Many of the pilots have switched from drinking water during the race to a hydrating gel, just to shave off those few precious grams from their ships weight.
  5204. Dlg_SC_mc_gen_chat_race_banterGen_Chat_Race_Banter_10=Big risk there. We'll have to see if they made their move a little too early.
  5205. Dlg_SC_mc_gen_chat_race_banterGen_Chat_Race_Banter_11=With barely meters to spare, these rings pose a significant risk to ships at these intense speeds.
  5206. Dlg_SC_mc_going_wrong_way_0601=And... now there is a pilot flying in the wrong direction.
  5207. Dlg_SC_mc_going_wrong_way_0602=We have one pilot going the wrong way round the track, so it may be worth specifying that the direction in which you cross the finish line does in fact matter.
  5208. Dlg_SC_mc_going_wrong_way_0603=Attention to the pilot going the wrong way, you are going the wrong way.
  5209. Dlg_SC_mc_going_wrong_way_0604=Watching this ship fly the wrong way, you have to ask, are they pre-screening these pilots?
  5210. Dlg_SC_mc_going_wrong_way_0605=You're going the wrong way!
  5211. Dlg_SC_mc_going_wrong_way_0606=As a pilot heads in the wrong direction, we are once again reminded that drug screening has still yet to be perfected.
  5212. Dlg_SC_mc_going_wrong_way_0607=Race fans, we may be moments away from a crash, as a pilot with no regard for their own life or the lives of others flies in the wrong direction.
  5213. Dlg_SC_mc_going_wrong_way_0608=Seems we have a contrarian in the race.
  5214. Dlg_SC_mc_going_wrong_way_0609=This is so incredibly dangerous, but I will not turn away.
  5215. Dlg_SC_mc_going_wrong_way_0610=Someone's helmet must be too tight because they are flying backwards.
  5216. Dlg_SC_mc_going_wrong_way_0611=What are you doing?
  5217. Dlg_SC_mc_going_wrong_wayGoing_Wrong_Way_01=And... now there is a pilot flying in the wrong direction.
  5218. Dlg_SC_mc_going_wrong_wayGoing_Wrong_Way_02=We have one pilot going the wrong way round the track, so it may be worth specifying that the direction in which you cross the finish line does in fact matter.
  5219. Dlg_SC_mc_going_wrong_wayGoing_Wrong_Way_03=Attention to the pilot going the wrong way, you are going the wrong way.
  5220. Dlg_SC_mc_going_wrong_wayGoing_Wrong_Way_04=Watching this ship fly the wrong way, you have to ask, are they pre-screening these pilots?
  5221. Dlg_SC_mc_going_wrong_wayGoing_Wrong_Way_05=You're going the wrong way!
  5222. Dlg_SC_mc_going_wrong_wayGoing_Wrong_Way_06=As a pilot heads in the wrong direction, we are once again reminded that drug screening has still yet to be perfected.
  5223. Dlg_SC_mc_going_wrong_wayGoing_Wrong_Way_07=Race fans, we may be moments away from a crash, as a pilot with no regards for their own life or the lives of others, flies in the wrong direction.
  5224. Dlg_SC_mc_going_wrong_wayGoing_Wrong_Way_08=Seems we have a contrarian in the race.
  5225. Dlg_SC_mc_going_wrong_wayGoing_Wrong_Way_09=This is so incredibly dangerous but I will not turn away.
  5226. Dlg_SC_mc_going_wrong_wayGoing_Wrong_Way_10=Someone's helmet must be too tight because they are flying backwards.
  5227. Dlg_SC_mc_going_wrong_wayGoing_Wrong_Way_11=What are you doing!
  5228. Dlg_SC_mc_introduction_starting_0201=Racers are lined up and ready to go.
  5229. Dlg_SC_mc_introduction_starting_0202=Pilots are in place, and the ships are set.
  5230. Dlg_SC_mc_introduction_starting_0203=Mechanics are making the final adjustments before we get underway.
  5231. Dlg_SC_mc_introduction_starting_0204=Engines hum and thrusters burn as they wait for that final count.
  5232. Dlg_SC_mc_introduction_starting_0205=Ships are at the line, and you can feel the excitement.
  5233. Dlg_SC_mc_introduction_starting_0206=Ships are at their start positions.
  5234. Dlg_SC_mc_introduction_starting_0207=Pilots are ready at the gates.
  5235. Dlg_SC_mc_introduction_starting_0208=Pilots getting ready to launch. Can't say enough how important a good start is to a racer.
  5236. Dlg_SC_mc_introduction_starting_0209=Last chance to make final adjustments as we are near the start.
  5237. Dlg_SC_mc_introduction_starting_0210=The wait is almost over as the ships are primed.
  5238. Dlg_SC_mc_introduction_startingIntroduction_Starting_01=Racers are lined up and ready to go.
  5239. Dlg_SC_mc_introduction_startingIntroduction_Starting_02=Pilots are in place, and the ships are set.
  5240. Dlg_SC_mc_introduction_startingIntroduction_Starting_03=Mechanics are making the final adjustments before we get underway.
  5241. Dlg_SC_mc_introduction_startingIntroduction_Starting_04=Engines hum and thrusters burn as they wait for that final count.
  5242. Dlg_SC_mc_introduction_startingIntroduction_Starting_05=Ships are at the line, and you can feel the excitement.
  5243. Dlg_SC_mc_introduction_startingIntroduction_Starting_06=Ships are at their start positions.
  5244. Dlg_SC_mc_introduction_startingIntroduction_Starting_07=Pilots are ready at the gates.
  5245. Dlg_SC_mc_introduction_startingIntroduction_Starting_08=Pilots getting ready to launch. Can't say enough how important a good start is to a racer.
  5246. Dlg_SC_mc_introduction_startingIntroduction_Starting_09=Last chance to make final adjustments as we are near the start.
  5247. Dlg_SC_mc_introduction_startingIntroduction_Starting_10=The wait is almost over as the ships are primed.
  5248. Dlg_SC_mc_introduction_welcome_0101=Welcome to the Murray Cup Qualifier, my name's Trevor Basque.
  5249. Dlg_SC_mc_introduction_welcome_0102=Hello everyone, this is Trevor Basque, got another surefire heartstopper about to get underway.
  5250. Dlg_SC_mc_introduction_welcome_0103=Hello racers and gearheads, this is Trevor Basque casting live from the New Horizon Raceway.
  5251. Dlg_SC_mc_introduction_welcome_0104=Welcome back to Murray Cup racing. Hello, I'm Trevor Basque and let's go straight away to today's qualifier.
  5252. Dlg_SC_mc_introduction_welcome_0105=If you've got Murray Cup fever, then you've come to the right place. I'll be your doctor, Trevor Basque, but instead of a cure, I'll be dosing out just more racing fever, or something. I am not a real doctor. On to the race!
  5253. Dlg_SC_mc_introduction_welcome_0106=
  5254. Dlg_SC_mc_introduction_welcome_0107=We are back and racing in New Horizon. I'm Shawn Walker for GSN Murray Cup coverage.
  5255. Dlg_SC_mc_introduction_welcome_0108=Faster, harder, and better than ever. Whether you're describing this Murray Cup's season, or me, your host Trevor Basque, you'd be right. Welcome to the New Horizon Qualifiers.
  5256. Dlg_SC_mc_introduction_welcome_0109=You can feel the excitment here at New Horizon as we gear up for another Murray Cup race. I'm Shawn Walker, and welcome to the Qualifiers.
  5257. Dlg_SC_mc_introduction_welcome_0110=Do you feel that? That need to feel g-forces pull blood from your brain? Well, look no further. Racing season is back.
  5258. Dlg_SC_mc_introduction_welcome_0111=Hello ladies and gentlmen, welcome to the New Horizon Speedway in lovely Ellis System for another Murray Cup Qualifier.
  5259. Dlg_SC_mc_introduction_welcomeIntroduction_Welcome_01=Welcome to the Murray Cup Qualifier, my name's Trevor Basque.
  5260. Dlg_SC_mc_introduction_welcomeIntroduction_Welcome_02=Hello everyone, this is Trevor Basque, got another surefire heartstopper about to get underway.
  5261. Dlg_SC_mc_introduction_welcomeIntroduction_Welcome_03=Hello racers and gearheads, this is Trevor Basque casting live from the New Horizon Raceway.
  5262. Dlg_SC_mc_introduction_welcomeIntroduction_Welcome_04=Welcome back to Murray Cup racing. Hello, I'm Trevor Basque and let's go straight away to today's qualifier.
  5263. Dlg_SC_mc_introduction_welcomeIntroduction_Welcome_05=If you've got Murray Cup fever, then you've come to the right place. I'll be your doctor, Trevor Basque, but instead of a cure, I'll be dosing out just more racing fever, or something. I am not a real doctor. On to the race!
  5264. Dlg_SC_mc_introduction_welcomeIntroduction_Welcome_06=This is Trevor Basque for Murray Cup racing. Let's go now to today's qualifier.
  5265. Dlg_SC_mc_introduction_welcomeIntroduction_Welcome_07=We are back and racing in New Horizon. Im Shawn Walker for GSN Murray Cup coverage.
  5266. Dlg_SC_mc_introduction_welcomeIntroduction_Welcome_08=Faster, harder, and better than ever. Whether you're describing this Murray Cup's season, or me, your host Trevor Basque, you'd be right. Welcome to the New Horizon Qualifiers.
  5267. Dlg_SC_mc_introduction_welcomeIntroduction_Welcome_09=You can feel the excitment here at New Horizon as we gear up for another Murray Cup race. I'm Shawn Walker, and welcome to the Qualifiers.
  5268. Dlg_SC_mc_introduction_welcomeIntroduction_Welcome_10=Do you feel that? That need to feel g-forces pull blood from your brain? Well, look no further. Racing season is back.
  5269. Dlg_SC_mc_introduction_welcomeIntroduction_Welcome_11=Hello ladies and gentlmen, welcome to the New Horizon Speedway in lovely Ellis System for another Murray Cup Qualifier.
  5270. Dlg_SC_mc_lap_complete_0801=One down.
  5271. Dlg_SC_mc_lap_complete_0802=Another lap in the log.
  5272. Dlg_SC_mc_lap_complete_0803=Mark that lap done.
  5273. Dlg_SC_mc_lap_complete_0804=With that lap done, this is where strategy is really going to start coming into play.
  5274. Dlg_SC_mc_lap_complete_0805=Clearing a lap, you've got to wonder if this is the point where racers will begin to make their move.
  5275. Dlg_SC_mc_lap_complete_0806=And that circuit's complete.
  5276. Dlg_SC_mc_lap_complete_0807=Lets see if the pilots will be making adjustments as they head into the next lap.
  5277. Dlg_SC_mc_lap_complete_0808=And around we go for another lap.
  5278. Dlg_SC_mc_lap_complete_0809=And the ships clear a lap.
  5279. Dlg_SC_mc_lap_complete_0810=Unlike Synthworld, that lap is done.
  5280. Dlg_SC_mc_lap_completeLap_Complete_01=One down.
  5281. Dlg_SC_mc_lap_completeLap_Complete_02=Another lap in the log.
  5282. Dlg_SC_mc_lap_completeLap_Complete_03=Mark that lap done.
  5283. Dlg_SC_mc_lap_completeLap_Complete_04=With that lap done, this is where strategy is really going to start coming into play.
  5284. Dlg_SC_mc_lap_completeLap_Complete_05=Clearing a lap, you've got to wonder if this is the point where racers will begin to make their move.
  5285. Dlg_SC_mc_lap_completeLap_Complete_06=And that circuit's complete.
  5286. Dlg_SC_mc_lap_completeLap_Complete_07=Lets see if the pilots will be making adjustments as they head into the next lap.
  5287. Dlg_SC_mc_lap_completeLap_Complete_08=And around we go for another lap.
  5288. Dlg_SC_mc_lap_completeLap_Complete_09=And the ships clear a lap.
  5289. Dlg_SC_mc_lap_completeLap_Complete_10=Unlike Synthworld, that lap is done.
  5290. Dlg_SC_mc_launch_0301=They're off!
  5291. Dlg_SC_mc_launch_0302=And another race, underway.
  5292. Dlg_SC_mc_launch_0303=And a clean launch out of the gate.
  5293. Dlg_SC_mc_launch_0304=Gates open, throttles down.
  5294. Dlg_SC_mc_launch_0305=And there's the start.
  5295. Dlg_SC_mc_launch_0306=And away we go.
  5296. Dlg_SC_mc_launch_0307=And here they come.
  5297. Dlg_SC_mc_launch_0308=And the Qualifier is kicked off.
  5298. Dlg_SC_mc_launch_0309=And an aggressive start.
  5299. Dlg_SC_mc_launch_0310=And here we go, now.
  5300. Dlg_SC_mc_launchLaunch_01=They're off!
  5301. Dlg_SC_mc_launchLaunch_02=And another race, underway.
  5302. Dlg_SC_mc_launchLaunch_03=And a clean launch out of the gate.
  5303. Dlg_SC_mc_launchLaunch_04=Gates open, throttles down.
  5304. Dlg_SC_mc_launchLaunch_05=And there's the start.
  5305. Dlg_SC_mc_launchLaunch_06=And away we go.
  5306. Dlg_SC_mc_launchLaunch_07=And here they come.
  5307. Dlg_SC_mc_launchLaunch_08=And the Qualifier is kicked off.
  5308. Dlg_SC_mc_launchLaunch_09=And an aggressive start.
  5309. Dlg_SC_mc_launchLaunch_10=And here we go, now.
  5310. Dlg_SC_mc_leaving_track_0701=Can someone please make sure the pilots know how racing is supposed to work?
  5311. Dlg_SC_mc_leaving_track_0702=Those racing guides are there for a reason, you know.
  5312. Dlg_SC_mc_leaving_track_0703=They're flying like a Jumpers fan after a match. Incapable of going in a straight line.
  5313. Dlg_SC_mc_leaving_track_0704=Anyone want to nudge them back on course?
  5314. Dlg_SC_mc_leaving_track_0705=With the trouble these pilots are having staying on the course, you might suspect that they don't actually want to be in the race.
  5315. Dlg_SC_mc_leaving_track_0706=Controlling these ships at speeds this high is no easy task, as another pilot slips outside the track.
  5316. Dlg_SC_mc_leaving_track_0707=Careful. Careful!
  5317. Dlg_SC_mc_leaving_track_0708=What is going on here? They're off the track!
  5318. Dlg_SC_mc_leaving_track_0709=That racer went wide... real wide... off the track wide.
  5319. Dlg_SC_mc_leaving_track_0710=Looks like we have a rebel, who's not going to be penned in by your racing lines.
  5320. Dlg_SC_mc_leaving_trackLeaving_Track_01=Can someone please make sure the pilots know how racing is supposed to work?
  5321. Dlg_SC_mc_leaving_trackLeaving_Track_02=Those racing guides are there for a reason, you know.
  5322. Dlg_SC_mc_leaving_trackLeaving_Track_03=They're flying like a Jumpers fan after a match. Incapable of going in a straight line.
  5323. Dlg_SC_mc_leaving_trackLeaving_Track_04=Anyone want to nudge them back on course?
  5324. Dlg_SC_mc_leaving_trackLeaving_Track_05=With the trouble these pilots are having staying on the course, you might suspect that they don't actually want to be in the race.
  5325. Dlg_SC_mc_leaving_trackLeaving_Track_06=Controlling these ships at speeds this high is no easy task, as another pilot slips outside the track.
  5326. Dlg_SC_mc_leaving_trackLeaving_Track_07=Careful. Careful!
  5327. Dlg_SC_mc_leaving_trackLeaving_Track_08=What is going on here? They're off the track!
  5328. Dlg_SC_mc_leaving_trackLeaving_Track_09=That racer went wide... real wide... off the track wide.
  5329. Dlg_SC_mc_leaving_trackLeaving_Track_10=Looks like we have a rebel, who's not going to be penned in by your racing lines.
  5330. Dlg_SC_mc_leaving_weaponsfree_zone_2401=Safeties enabled.
  5331. Dlg_SC_mc_leaving_weaponsfree_zone_2402=Out of the danger zone, looks like there's still a handful of competitors.
  5332. Dlg_SC_mc_leaving_weaponsfree_zoneLeaving_Weaponsfree_Zone_01=Safeties enabled.
  5333. Dlg_SC_mc_leaving_weaponsfree_zoneLeaving_Weaponsfree_Zone_02=Out of the danger zone, looks like there's still a handful of competitors.
  5334. Dlg_SC_mc_lose_position_1401=That pilot's got some work to do to make up for lost ground.
  5335. Dlg_SC_mc_lose_position_1402=Use it or lose it, and that pilot clearly chose lose it.
  5336. Dlg_SC_mc_lose_position_1403=There you go, lose focus for even a second, and another pilot is there to pick up the slack.
  5337. Dlg_SC_mc_lose_position_1404=You've got to ask how a pilot could just give up their position like that.
  5338. Dlg_SC_mc_lose_position_1405=That is going to be a costly mistake.
  5339. Dlg_SC_mc_lose_position_1406=Falling behind. Not something you want to do in races or in taxes for that matter.
  5340. Dlg_SC_mc_lose_position_1407=That's either a rough bit of luck, or a great bit of luck, dependant, of course, on who you are cheering for.
  5341. Dlg_SC_mc_lose_position_1408=As pilots are eclipsed by their competitors, you can really tell who's got what it takes, and who's got to get their resume into shape.
  5342. Dlg_SC_mc_lose_position_1409=It's make or break time, and some of these pilots are just plain broken.
  5343. Dlg_SC_mc_lose_position_1410=A qualifier as important as this, it's so important to keep your head in the game.
  5344. Dlg_SC_mc_lose_position_1411=That could be it, that could be the decisive turn of this race.
  5345. Dlg_SC_mc_lose_positionLose_Position_01=That pilot's got some work to do to make up for lost ground.
  5346. Dlg_SC_mc_lose_positionLose_Position_02=Use it or lose it, and that pilot clearly chose lose it.
  5347. Dlg_SC_mc_lose_positionLose_Position_03=There you go, lose focus for even a second, and another pilot is there to pick up the slack.
  5348. Dlg_SC_mc_lose_positionLose_Position_04=You've got to ask how a pilot could just give up their position like that.
  5349. Dlg_SC_mc_lose_positionLose_Position_05=That is going to be a costly mistake.
  5350. Dlg_SC_mc_lose_positionLose_Position_06=Falling behind. Not something you want to do in races or in taxes for that matter.
  5351. Dlg_SC_mc_lose_positionLose_Position_07=That's either a rough bit of luck, or a great bit of luck, dependant, of course, on who you are cheering for.
  5352. Dlg_SC_mc_lose_positionLose_Position_08=As pilots are eclipsed by their competitors, you can really tell who's got what it takes, and who's got to get their resume into shape.
  5353. Dlg_SC_mc_lose_positionLose_Position_09=It's make or break time, and some of these pilots are just plain broken.
  5354. Dlg_SC_mc_lose_positionLose_Position_10=A qualifier as important as this, it's so important to keep your head in the game.
  5355. Dlg_SC_mc_lose_positionLose_Position_11=That could be it, that could be the decisive turn of this race.
  5356. Dlg_SC_mc_moving_up_position_1201=A pilot overtakes the competition, and gamblers everywhere sweat a little bit more.
  5357. Dlg_SC_mc_moving_up_position_1202=We've got a change in position and a reminder that nothing is certain till they cross that final line.
  5358. Dlg_SC_mc_moving_up_position_1203=We've got a pilot making their move.
  5359. Dlg_SC_mc_moving_up_position_1204=Aggressive flying on full display at New Horizon today.
  5360. Dlg_SC_mc_moving_up_position_1205=Some expert handling as a pilot advances.
  5361. Dlg_SC_mc_moving_up_position_1206=We've got movement in the pack as a racer slips ahead.
  5362. Dlg_SC_mc_moving_up_position_1207=That is one pilot who's got to be pleased with themselves.
  5363. Dlg_SC_mc_moving_up_position_1208=Some clear gains being made as racers settle in.
  5364. Dlg_SC_mc_moving_up_position_1209=And that racefans, is why nothing's settled till the finish line is crossed.
  5365. Dlg_SC_mc_moving_up_position_1210=Cutting in line, rude at the souk, perfectly acceptable on the raceway.
  5366. Dlg_SC_mc_moving_up_position_1211=That was a surgical move right there to slip past their competition.
  5367. Dlg_SC_mc_moving_up_positionMoving_Up_Position_01=A pilot overtakes the competition, and gamblers everywhere sweat a little bit more.
  5368. Dlg_SC_mc_moving_up_positionMoving_Up_Position_02=We've got a change in position and a reminder that nothing is certain till they cross that final line.
  5369. Dlg_SC_mc_moving_up_positionMoving_Up_Position_03=We've got a pilot making their move.
  5370. Dlg_SC_mc_moving_up_positionMoving_Up_Position_04=Aggressive flying on full display at New Horizon today.
  5371. Dlg_SC_mc_moving_up_positionMoving_Up_Position_05=Some expert handling as a pilot advances.
  5372. Dlg_SC_mc_moving_up_positionMoving_Up_Position_06=We've got movement in the pack as a racer slips ahead.
  5373. Dlg_SC_mc_moving_up_positionMoving_Up_Position_07=That is one pilot who's got to be pleased with themselves.
  5374. Dlg_SC_mc_moving_up_positionMoving_Up_Position_08=Some clear gains being made as racers settle in.
  5375. Dlg_SC_mc_moving_up_positionMoving_Up_Position_09=And that racefans, is why nothing's settled till the finish line is crossed.
  5376. Dlg_SC_mc_moving_up_positionMoving_Up_Position_10=Cutting in line, rude at the souk, perfectly acceptable on the raceway.
  5377. Dlg_SC_mc_moving_up_positionMoving_Up_Position_11=That was a surgical move right there to slip past their competition.
  5378. Dlg_SC_mc_neck_and_neck_1301=It's a battle for the ages.
  5379. Dlg_SC_mc_neck_and_neck_1302=This is unbelievable. These two competitors are absolutely refusing to give up that edge.
  5380. Dlg_SC_mc_neck_and_neck_1303=They are really jockeying for position.
  5381. Dlg_SC_mc_neck_and_neck_1304=These racers seemed determined to not give each other any breathing room.
  5382. Dlg_SC_mc_neck_and_neck_1305=This is looking like it's going to be too close to call.
  5383. Dlg_SC_mc_neck_and_neck_1306=Neither of these pilots seems ready to let go of the lead.
  5384. Dlg_SC_mc_neck_and_neck_1307=We are nosecone to nosecone as these pilots try desperately to find some more speed.
  5385. Dlg_SC_mc_neck_and_neck_1308=This is one tight race.
  5386. Dlg_SC_mc_neck_and_neck_1309=With a race this close, I bet these pilots are regretting not removing that bobblehead from the dash.
  5387. Dlg_SC_mc_neck_and_neck_1310=Who's it gonna be? Who's it gonna be?!?
  5388. Dlg_SC_mc_neck_and_neckNeck_And_Neck_01=It's a battle for the ages.
  5389. Dlg_SC_mc_neck_and_neckNeck_And_Neck_02=This is unbelievable. These two competitors are absolutely refusing to give up that edge.
  5390. Dlg_SC_mc_neck_and_neckNeck_And_Neck_03=They are really jockeying for position.
  5391. Dlg_SC_mc_neck_and_neckNeck_And_Neck_04=These racers seemed determined to not give each other any breathing room.
  5392. Dlg_SC_mc_neck_and_neckNeck_And_Neck_05=This is looking like it's going to be too close to call.
  5393. Dlg_SC_mc_neck_and_neckNeck_And_Neck_06=Neither of these pilots seems ready to let go of the lead.
  5394. Dlg_SC_mc_neck_and_neckNeck_And_Neck_07=We are nosecone to nosecone as these pilots try desperately to find some more speed.
  5395. Dlg_SC_mc_neck_and_neckNeck_And_Neck_08=This is one tight race.
  5396. Dlg_SC_mc_neck_and_neckNeck_And_Neck_09=With a race this close, I bet these pilots are regretting not removing that bobblehead from the dash.
  5397. Dlg_SC_mc_neck_and_neckNeck_And_Neck_10=Who's it gonna be? Who's it gonna be?!?
  5398. Dlg_SC_mc_new_personal_race_recordRace_New_Race_Record_01=New Personal Race Record
  5399. Dlg_SC_mc_open_fire_ship_destroyed_0901=Have I said recently how grateful I am they added guns to this sport?
  5400. Dlg_SC_mc_open_fire_ship_destroyed_0902=A warning shot fired across the bow, or rather, straight into it.
  5401. Dlg_SC_mc_open_fire_ship_destroyed_0903=The real trick here is maintaing target lock, while not letting up on the throttle.
  5402. Dlg_SC_mc_open_fire_ship_destroyed_0904=Pick your shots. Everyone hates spray and pray. So undignified.
  5403. Dlg_SC_mc_open_fire_ship_destroyed_0905=We're seeing some real offensive flying. No love lost here.
  5404. Dlg_SC_mc_open_fire_ship_destroyed_0906=YES! Yes! That was a marvelous shot. If the race continues like this, not sure how much longer my voice will last.
  5405. Dlg_SC_mc_open_fire_ship_destroyed_0907=In Murray Cup racing, the ships are fast, but the guns are often faster.
  5406. Dlg_SC_mc_open_fire_ship_destroyed_0908=Shots are fired and the competition is thinned.
  5407. Dlg_SC_mc_open_fire_ship_destroyed_0909=Another competitor falls.
  5408. Dlg_SC_mc_open_fire_ship_destroyed_0910=It was a battle for the ages, but someone had to go down in flames.
  5409. Dlg_SC_mc_open_fire_ship_destroyedOpen_Fire_Ship_Destroyed_01=Have I said recently how grateful I am they added guns to this sport?
  5410. Dlg_SC_mc_open_fire_ship_destroyedOpen_Fire_Ship_Destroyed_02=A warning shot fired across the bow, or rather, straight into it.
  5411. Dlg_SC_mc_open_fire_ship_destroyedOpen_Fire_Ship_Destroyed_03=The real trick here is maintaing target lock, while not letting up on the throttle.
  5412. Dlg_SC_mc_open_fire_ship_destroyedOpen_Fire_Ship_Destroyed_04=Pick your shots. Everyone hates spray and pray. So undignified.
  5413. Dlg_SC_mc_open_fire_ship_destroyedOpen_Fire_Ship_Destroyed_05=We're seeing some real offensive flying. No love lost here.
  5414. Dlg_SC_mc_open_fire_ship_destroyedOpen_Fire_Ship_Destroyed_06=YES! Yes! That was a marvelous shot. If the race continues like this, not sure how much longer my voice will last.
  5415. Dlg_SC_mc_open_fire_ship_destroyedOpen_Fire_Ship_Destroyed_07=In Murray Cup racing, the ships are fast, but the guns are often faster.
  5416. Dlg_SC_mc_open_fire_ship_destroyedOpen_Fire_Ship_Destroyed_08=Shots are fired and the competition is thinned.
  5417. Dlg_SC_mc_open_fire_ship_destroyedOpen_Fire_Ship_Destroyed_09=Another competitor falls.
  5418. Dlg_SC_mc_open_fire_ship_destroyedOpen_Fire_Ship_Destroyed_10=It was a battle for the ages, but someone had to go down in flames.
  5419. Dlg_SC_mc_player_doing_badly_0501=This... this is just dreadful flying.
  5420. Dlg_SC_mc_player_doing_badly_0502=Some pilots try to win through pure speed, others with precision, and by the looks of it, we have a few pilots out there trying to win through a new strategy I'm going to dub, "being awful."
  5421. Dlg_SC_mc_player_doing_badly_0503=The pack is really starting to separate.
  5422. Dlg_SC_mc_player_doing_badly_0504=There are so many drivers in the rear of this pack who have just not had the opportunity yet to show what they can do.
  5423. Dlg_SC_mc_player_doing_badly_0505=Looks like some of the pilots have chosen to hang back and avoid the whole 'struggling to win' altogether.
  5424. Dlg_SC_mc_player_doing_badly_0506=We are seeing lots of ships struggling to get a hold of this track today.
  5425. Dlg_SC_mc_player_doing_badly_0507=Some pilots, really having an off race. They may want to rethink any plans to buy a lottery ticket today.
  5426. Dlg_SC_mc_player_doing_badly_0508=As the race goes on, pilots are really beginning to fade.
  5427. Dlg_SC_mc_player_doing_badly_0509=At this level of competition, seeing flying this shoddy is almost a rare treat.
  5428. Dlg_SC_mc_player_doing_badly_0510=To those of you thinking of becoming pilots, this race should be considered a prime example of how not to win races.
  5429. Dlg_SC_mc_player_doing_badlyPlayer_Doing_Badly_01=This... this is just dreadful flying.
  5430. Dlg_SC_mc_player_doing_badlyPlayer_Doing_Badly_02=Some pilots try to win through pure speed, others with percision, and by the looks of it, we have a few pilots out there trying to win through a new strategy I'm going to dub, "being awful."
  5431. Dlg_SC_mc_player_doing_badlyPlayer_Doing_Badly_03=The pack is really starting to seperate.
  5432. Dlg_SC_mc_player_doing_badlyPlayer_Doing_Badly_04=There are so many drivers in the rear of this pack who have just not had opportunity yet to show what they can do.
  5433. Dlg_SC_mc_player_doing_badlyPlayer_Doing_Badly_05=Looks like some of the pilots have chosen to hang back and avoid the whole 'struggling to win' all together.
  5434. Dlg_SC_mc_player_doing_badlyPlayer_Doing_Badly_06=We are seeing lots of ships struggling to get a hold of this track today.
  5435. Dlg_SC_mc_player_doing_badlyPlayer_Doing_Badly_07=Some pilots, really having an off race. They may want to rethink any plans to buy a lottery ticket today.
  5436. Dlg_SC_mc_player_doing_badlyPlayer_Doing_Badly_08=As the race goes on, pilots are really beginning to fade.
  5437. Dlg_SC_mc_player_doing_badlyPlayer_Doing_Badly_09=At this level of competition, seeing flying this shoddy is almost a rare treat.
  5438. Dlg_SC_mc_player_doing_badlyPlayer_Doing_Badly_10=To those of you thinking of becoming pilots, this race should be considered a prime example of how not to win races.
  5439. Dlg_SC_mc_player_doing_well_0401=The competition is being absolutely dominated right now.
  5440. Dlg_SC_mc_player_doing_well_0402=I have never seen anything like this. This is a clinic of precision and skill.
  5441. Dlg_SC_mc_player_doing_well_0403=The leader is simply outmatching everyone. It's like they're on a whole other level.
  5442. Dlg_SC_mc_player_doing_well_0404=If I've said once, I've said it a hundred times. Perfecting the foundations of racing will always dominate tech.
  5443. Dlg_SC_mc_player_doing_well_0405=There are no guarantees in Murray Cup, but this race is starting to look like a sure thing.
  5444. Dlg_SC_mc_player_doing_well_0406=It is astounding that these pilots have been able to maintain this pace.
  5445. Dlg_SC_mc_player_doing_well_0407=The pilots leading this race have to be wondering, is this the time to play it cautious, or is it the time to really go for it?
  5446. Dlg_SC_mc_player_doing_well_0408=There is some exemplary flying happening here today. A real treat.
  5447. Dlg_SC_mc_player_doing_well_0409=Everything is looking neat and tidy as these pilots show off why they are the best in the empire.
  5448. Dlg_SC_mc_player_doing_well_0410=Look at that precision flying.
  5449. Dlg_SC_mc_player_doing_wellPlayer_Doing_Well_01=The competition is being absolutely dominated right now.
  5450. Dlg_SC_mc_player_doing_wellPlayer_Doing_Well_02=I have never seen anything like this. This is a clinic of precision and skill.
  5451. Dlg_SC_mc_player_doing_wellPlayer_Doing_Well_03=The leader is simply outmatching everyone. It's like they're on a whole other level.
  5452. Dlg_SC_mc_player_doing_wellPlayer_Doing_Well_04=If I've said once, I've said it a hundred times. Perfecting the foundations of racing will always dominate tech.
  5453. Dlg_SC_mc_player_doing_wellPlayer_Doing_Well_05=There are no guarantees in Murray Cup, but this race is starting to look like a sure thing.
  5454. Dlg_SC_mc_player_doing_wellPlayer_Doing_Well_06=It is astounding that these pilots have been able maintain this pace.
  5455. Dlg_SC_mc_player_doing_wellPlayer_Doing_Well_07=The pilots leading this race have to be wondering, is this the time to play it cautious, or is it the time to really go for it?
  5456. Dlg_SC_mc_player_doing_wellPlayer_Doing_Well_08=There is some exemplary flying happening here today. A real treat.
  5457. Dlg_SC_mc_player_doing_wellPlayer_Doing_Well_09=Everything is looking neat and tidy as these pilots show off why they are the best in the empire.
  5458. Dlg_SC_mc_player_doing_wellPlayer_Doing_Well_10=Look at that precision flying.
  5459. Dlg_SC_mc_player_got_any_position_1801=With over 500 years of Murray Cup racing history, I can firmly say that this race was most certainly, pretty inconsequential.
  5460. Dlg_SC_mc_player_got_any_position_1802=Congratulations to the winners. Condolences to the losers. And to those in the middle... I got nothing.
  5461. Dlg_SC_mc_player_got_any_position_1803=There you have it, another mediocre race comes to a bland conclusion, and I die a little inside.
  5462. Dlg_SC_mc_player_got_any_position_1804="What an exciting finish!" is something I wish I could say. Instead I am forced to go with, "That race was certainly something that happened."
  5463. Dlg_SC_mc_player_got_any_position_1805=(Yawns). Hmm? Oh, it's finished? Someone's supposed to wake me before the end of the boring ones.
  5464. Dlg_SC_mc_player_got_any_position_1806=With results like these... there's always next year, I suppose.
  5465. Dlg_SC_mc_player_got_any_position_1807=I encourage these pilots to use today's results as an opportunity for some serious soul searching. Is racing really what I am meant to do?
  5466. Dlg_SC_mc_player_got_any_position_1808=Well, the one thing you can say about that race is at least it's finally over.
  5467. Dlg_SC_mc_player_got_any_position_1809=The sound and the fury has come to an end, and all we are left with is a lot of depressed pilots.
  5468. Dlg_SC_mc_player_got_any_position_1810=That race may be best described by my old Equivalency instructor when she said, "there's room for improvement."
  5469. Dlg_SC_mc_player_got_any_positionPlayer_Got_Any_Position_01=With over 500 years of Murray Cup racing history, I can firmly say that this race was most certainly, pretty inconsequential.
  5470. Dlg_SC_mc_player_got_any_positionPlayer_Got_Any_Position_02=Congratulations to the winners. Condolences to the losers. And to those in the middle... I got nothing.
  5471. Dlg_SC_mc_player_got_any_positionPlayer_Got_Any_Position_03=There you have it, another mediocre race comes to a bland conclusion, and I die a little inside.
  5472. Dlg_SC_mc_player_got_any_positionPlayer_Got_Any_Position_04="What an exciting finish!" is something I wish I could say. Instead I am forced to go with, "That race was certainly something that happened."
  5473. Dlg_SC_mc_player_got_any_positionPlayer_Got_Any_Position_05=(Yawns). Hmm? Oh, it's finished? Someone's supposed to wake me before the end of the boring ones.
  5474. Dlg_SC_mc_player_got_any_positionPlayer_Got_Any_Position_06=With results like these... there's always next year, I suppose.
  5475. Dlg_SC_mc_player_got_any_positionPlayer_Got_Any_Position_07=I encourage these pilots to use today's results as an opportunity for some serious soul searching. Is racing really what I am meant to do?
  5476. Dlg_SC_mc_player_got_any_positionPlayer_Got_Any_Position_08=Well, the one thing you get say about that race is at least it's finally over.
  5477. Dlg_SC_mc_player_got_any_positionPlayer_Got_Any_Position_09=The sound and the fury has come to an end, and all we are left with is a lot of depressed pilots.
  5478. Dlg_SC_mc_player_got_any_positionPlayer_Got_Any_Position_10=That race may be best described by my old Equivalency instructor when she said, "there's room for improvement."
  5479. Dlg_SC_mc_player_got_first_place_1601=That race, ladies and gentleman, will be the new thing I picture while making love to my wife.
  5480. Dlg_SC_mc_player_got_first_place_1602=What a finish! I think we may have just witnessed the making of a legend.
  5481. Dlg_SC_mc_player_got_first_place_1603=Remember where you were this day, race fans. Your grandkids are going to be asking about it.
  5482. Dlg_SC_mc_player_got_first_place_1604=People ask how we're ever going to make peace with the Vanduul and I say make them watch a race like that. I'll be damned if seeing flying that good doesn't make everyone just want to hug it out.
  5483. Dlg_SC_mc_player_got_first_place_1605=Done! I'm calling it! It's over! Not just this race! But all racing ever! That's how good that finish was. They didn't just win a race, they won racing itself.
  5484. Dlg_SC_mc_player_got_first_place_1606=Did everyone just see that?!? And people wonder why I constantly scream, "I love racing!"
  5485. Dlg_SC_mc_player_got_first_place_1607=If ever there was a time for the death threats against me to come to fruition, let it be now, 'cause racing does not get much better than that my friends.
  5486. Dlg_SC_mc_player_got_first_place_1608=Start to finish, that was a well executed race.
  5487. Dlg_SC_mc_player_got_first_place_1609=And across the line! That has got to be one pilot who is pleased with themselves.
  5488. Dlg_SC_mc_player_got_first_place_1610=After watching that performance, it may be safe to say that we could be looking at our next Murray Cup champion.
  5489. Dlg_SC_mc_player_got_first_placePlayer_Got_First_Place_01=That race, ladies and gentleman, will be the new thing I picture while making love to my wife.
  5490. Dlg_SC_mc_player_got_first_placePlayer_Got_First_Place_02=What a finish! I think we may have just witnessed the making of a legend.
  5491. Dlg_SC_mc_player_got_first_placePlayer_Got_First_Place_03=Remember where you were this day race fans. You're grandkids are going to be asking about it.
  5492. Dlg_SC_mc_player_got_first_placePlayer_Got_First_Place_04=People ask how we're ever going to make peace with the Vanduul and I say make them watch a race like that. I'll be damned if seeing flying that good doesn't make everyone just want to hug it out.
  5493. Dlg_SC_mc_player_got_first_placePlayer_Got_First_Place_05=Done! I'm calling it! It's over! Not just this race! But all racing ever! That's how good that finish was. They didn't just win a race, they won racing itself.
  5494. Dlg_SC_mc_player_got_first_placePlayer_Got_First_Place_06=Did everyone just see that?!? And people wonder why I constantly scream, "I love racing!"
  5495. Dlg_SC_mc_player_got_first_placePlayer_Got_First_Place_07=If ever there was a time for the death threats against me to come to fruition, let it be now, 'cause racing does not get much better than that my friends.
  5496. Dlg_SC_mc_player_got_first_placePlayer_Got_First_Place_08=Start to finish, that was a well executed race.
  5497. Dlg_SC_mc_player_got_first_placePlayer_Got_First_Place_09=And across the line! That has got to be one pilot who is pleased with themselves.
  5498. Dlg_SC_mc_player_got_first_placePlayer_Got_First_Place_10=After watching that performance, it may be safe to say that we could be looking at our next Murray Cup champion.
  5499. Dlg_SC_mc_player_got_last_place_1701=We can't all be racers I guess.
  5500. Dlg_SC_mc_player_got_last_place_1702=I haven't witnessed a finish that disappointing since my first date with Rashida Collins.
  5501. Dlg_SC_mc_player_got_last_place_1703=Maybe do a hard reset before it saves.
  5502. Dlg_SC_mc_player_got_last_place_1704=And an abysmal race comes to an abysmal end, absolutely ruining all of our lives.
  5503. Dlg_SC_mc_player_got_last_place_1705=They call it a qualifier, but after watching that disappointing performance it is looking like almost none of these pilots are in fact qualified.
  5504. Dlg_SC_mc_player_got_last_place_1706=You know you love a sport when you see a race that bad and you're still willing to watch it ever again.
  5505. Dlg_SC_mc_player_got_last_place_1707=Is it over?
  5506. Dlg_SC_mc_player_got_last_place_1708=And it's over. If you need to cry, please, go ahead. It's not a reasonable reaction, but I'm afraid it's a natural one after a race like that.
  5507. Dlg_SC_mc_player_got_last_place_1709=A heartfelt congratulations to the winner, and a scornful shake of the head for the loser.
  5508. Dlg_SC_mc_player_got_last_place_1710=That race is finally over, and the healing process can finally begin.
  5509. Dlg_SC_mc_player_got_last_place_1711=It is rare to see a beating this bad outside of an Advocacy crime scene.
  5510. Dlg_SC_mc_player_got_last_placePlayer_Got_Last_Place_01=We can't all be racers I guess.
  5511. Dlg_SC_mc_player_got_last_placePlayer_Got_Last_Place_02=I haven't witnessed a finish that dissapointing since my first date with Rashida Collins.
  5512. Dlg_SC_mc_player_got_last_placePlayer_Got_Last_Place_03=Maybe do a hard reset before it saves.
  5513. Dlg_SC_mc_player_got_last_placePlayer_Got_Last_Place_04=And an abyssmal race comes to an abyssmal end, absolutely ruining all of our lives.
  5514. Dlg_SC_mc_player_got_last_placePlayer_Got_Last_Place_05=The call it a qualifier, but after watching that dissapointing performance it is looking like almost none of these pilots are in fact qualified.
  5515. Dlg_SC_mc_player_got_last_placePlayer_Got_Last_Place_06=You know you love a sport when you see a race that bad and you're still willing to watch it ever again.
  5516. Dlg_SC_mc_player_got_last_placePlayer_Got_Last_Place_07=Is it over?
  5517. Dlg_SC_mc_player_got_last_placePlayer_Got_Last_Place_08=And it's over. If you need to cry, please, go ahead. It's not a reasonable reaction, but I'm afraid it's a natural one after a race like that.
  5518. Dlg_SC_mc_player_got_last_placePlayer_Got_Last_Place_09=A heartfelt congratulations to the winner, and a scornful shake of the head for the loser.
  5519. Dlg_SC_mc_player_got_last_placePlayer_Got_Last_Place_10=That race is finally over, and the healing process can finally begin.
  5520. Dlg_SC_mc_player_got_last_placePlayer_Got_Last_Place_11=It is rare to see a beating this bad outside of an Advocacy crime scene.
  5521. Dlg_SC_mc_sendoff_lines_conclusion_2201=That will do it for me, Trevor Basque. See you next time.
  5522. Dlg_SC_mc_sendoff_lines_conclusion_2202=And so we conclude another step in the immortal journey of man and machine. Another display of technical prowess and raw instinct. Another chance to watch stuff blow up. Good night.
  5523. Dlg_SC_mc_sendoff_lines_conclusion_2203=Thanks for joining me at New Horizon. I'm Trevor Basque. Keep flying.
  5524. Dlg_SC_mc_sendoff_lines_conclusion_2204=And with that, today's qualifier comes to a close. I've been Trevor Basque. See you next time.
  5525. Dlg_SC_mc_sendoff_lines_conclusion_2205=Another race over, and another paycheck for me, your announcer Trevor Basque. Keep flying and good night.
  5526. Dlg_SC_mc_sendoff_lines_conclusion_2206=A pleasure as always race fans. Goodbye and keep flying.
  5527. Dlg_SC_mc_sendoff_lines_conclusion_2207=As another race day winds down, I hope you all had as much fun as I did. See you soon, racefans.
  5528. Dlg_SC_mc_sendoff_lines_conclusion_2208=And that's all we have for today. Trevor Basque from New Horizon raceway signing off.
  5529. Dlg_SC_mc_sendoff_lines_conclusion_2209=All kidding aside, thanks for watching. This is Trevor Basque. Take care racers.
  5530. Dlg_SC_mc_sendoff_lines_conclusion_2210=With that, ladies, gentlemen, but mostly the ladies, this is Trevor Basque. Bidding you a fond adieu.
  5531. Dlg_SC_mc_sendoff_lines_conclusionSendoff_Lines_Conclusion_01=That will do it for me, Trevor Basque. See you next time.
  5532. Dlg_SC_mc_sendoff_lines_conclusionSendoff_Lines_Conclusion_02=And so we conclude another step in the immortal journey of man and machine. Another display of technical prowess and raw instinct. Another chance to watch stuff blow up. Good night.
  5533. Dlg_SC_mc_sendoff_lines_conclusionSendoff_Lines_Conclusion_03=Thanks for joining me at New Horizon. I'm Trevor Basque. Keep flying.
  5534. Dlg_SC_mc_sendoff_lines_conclusionSendoff_Lines_Conclusion_04=And with that, today's qualifier comes to a close. I've been Trevor Basque. See you next time.
  5535. Dlg_SC_mc_sendoff_lines_conclusionSendoff_Lines_Conclusion_05=Another race over, and another paycheck for me, your announcer Trevor Basque. Keep flying and good night.
  5536. Dlg_SC_mc_sendoff_lines_conclusionSendoff_Lines_Conclusion_06=A pleasure as always race fans. Goodbye and keep flying.
  5537. Dlg_SC_mc_sendoff_lines_conclusionSendoff_Lines_Conclusion_07=As another race day winds down, I hope you all had as much fun as I did. See you soon, racefans.
  5538. Dlg_SC_mc_sendoff_lines_conclusionSendoff_Lines_Conclusion_08=And that's all we have for today. Trevor Basque from New Horizon raceway signing off.
  5539. Dlg_SC_mc_sendoff_lines_conclusionSendoff_Lines_Conclusion_09=All kidding aside, thanks for watching. This is Trevor Basque. Take care racers.
  5540. Dlg_SC_mc_sendoff_lines_conclusionSendoff_Lines_Conclusion_10=With that, ladies, gentlemen, but mostly the ladies, this is Trevor Basque. Bidding you a fond adieu.
  5541. Dlg_SC_mc_taking_fire_1001=Careful.
  5542. Dlg_SC_mc_taking_fire_1002=Advice to the pilots getting shot at, stop getting shot at.
  5543. Dlg_SC_mc_taking_fire_1003=They are really getting torn up out there.
  5544. Dlg_SC_mc_taking_fire_1004=Maybe start avoiding the incoming fire? Just an idea.
  5545. Dlg_SC_mc_taking_fire_1005=Many people focus on hull integrity while getting shot, but they shouldn't forget each impact is like applying a little tiny brake.
  5546. Dlg_SC_mc_taking_fire_1006=Nothing motivates a pilot to go a little faster better than getting shot at.
  5547. Dlg_SC_mc_taking_fire_1007=Shields are lighting up as some serious damage is dealt.
  5548. Dlg_SC_mc_taking_fire_1008=And a pilot getting completely edged out of this fight. They may not have the muscle for it.
  5549. Dlg_SC_mc_taking_fire_1009=Taking damage like this is not something any pilot can afford.
  5550. Dlg_SC_mc_taking_fire_1010=I can say from experience, when you're getting shot like that, the main thing running through your head is, "Please don't hit my thrusters."
  5551. Dlg_SC_mc_taking_fireTaking_Fire_01=Careful.
  5552. Dlg_SC_mc_taking_fireTaking_Fire_02=Advice to the pilots getting shot at, stop getting shot at.
  5553. Dlg_SC_mc_taking_fireTaking_Fire_03=They are really getting torn up out there.
  5554. Dlg_SC_mc_taking_fireTaking_Fire_04=Maybe start avoiding the incoming fire? Just an idea.
  5555. Dlg_SC_mc_taking_fireTaking_Fire_05=Many people focus on hull integrity while getting shot, but they shouldn't forget each impact is like applying a little tiny brake.
  5556. Dlg_SC_mc_taking_fireTaking_Fire_06=Nothing motivates a pilot to go a little faster better than getting shot at.
  5557. Dlg_SC_mc_taking_fireTaking_Fire_07=Shields are lighting up as some serious damage is dealt.
  5558. Dlg_SC_mc_taking_fireTaking_Fire_08=And a pilot getting completely edged out of this fight. They may not have the muscle for it.
  5559. Dlg_SC_mc_taking_fireTaking_Fire_09=Taking damage like this is not something any pilot can afford.
  5560. Dlg_SC_mc_taking_fireTaking_Fire_10=I can say from experience, when you're getting shot like that, the main thing running through your head is, "Please don't hit my thrusters."
  5561. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_2nd_half_introTraining_1050_2nd_Half_Intro=Topped off. Let's get back out there.
  5562. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_2nd_half_launchTraining_1060_2nd_Half_Launch=Take off when you're ready.
  5563. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_adjust_backTraining_0250_Take_Off_Player_Adjust_Back=Back a bit.
  5564. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_adjust_forwardTraining_0240_Take_Off_Player_Adjust_Forward=A little forward.
  5565. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_adjust_leftTraining_0260_Take_Off_Player_Adjust_Left=Left a bit.
  5566. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_adjust_rightTraining_0270_Take_Off_Player_Adjust_Right=Right a touch.
  5567. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_approach_landing_padTraining_0850_Landing_Gentle_Encouragement=Set her down gently.
  5568. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_auto_or_manualTraining_0960_Landing_Auto_Or_Manual_Landing=You can use the automatic EDL landing procedure or do the whole thing manually.
  5569. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_average_landingTraining_1000_Landing_Average_Landing=Not bad. You'll get the hang of it.
  5570. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_back_to_baseTraining_1460_Training_Complete_Return_To_Base=Let's get you back to base. First round's on me.
  5571. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_bad_landingTraining_1010_Landing_Bad_Landing=<sigh> That needs a lot of work.
  5572. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_barrel_roll_executedTraining_0440_Flight_Barrel_Roll_Gilly_Executed=Ah... so much fun.
  5573. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_barrel_roll_explanationTraining_0450_Flight_Barrel_Roll_Explanation=Rolling is a great way to orient your ship to fit through tight gaps or evade incoming fire. Now you give it a go.
  5574. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_barrel_roll_introTraining_0430_Flight_Barrel_Roll_Intro=Moving on. Now this is my favorite part of training: the barrel roll.
  5575. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_beckoning_playerTraining_0010_Player_Report_To_Leader=Hey there. Hustle on over.
  5576. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_boost_alt_useTraining_1090_Flight_Boost_Alt_Use=You can also use it to overpower you manoeuvring thrusters in order to take tighter corners.
  5577. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_boost_introTraining_1080_Flight_Boost_Explanation=If you need to get up to top speed in a hurry, try boosting.
  5578. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_boost_rechargeTraining_1100_Flight_Boost_Recharge=You do have a limited amount that takes time to replenish, so don't go nuts with it.
  5579. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_chaff_difficultyTraining_0800_Combat_CM_Chaff_Difficulty=Deploying chaff takes more skill than flares. To be successful, you need to put it between you and the missile.
  5580. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_chaff_explanationTraining_0790_Combat_CM_Chaff_Explanation=Good. Now, a chaff creates a cloud of electromagnetic interference to mask your signature from the missile.
  5581. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_chase_player_dawdles_1Training_0580_Combat_Chase_Player_Dawdles_01=What are you waiting for? Go finish it off.
  5582. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_chase_player_dawdles_2Training_0580_Combat_Chase_Player_Dawdles_02=Let's go. You're on the clock, rookie.
  5583. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_chase_player_dawdles_3Training_0580_Combat_Chase_Player_Dawdles_03=Get a move on.
  5584. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_complete_barrel_rollTraining_0460_Flight_Player_Compliment_01=Nice one.
  5585. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_comstab_explanationTraining_1170_Flight_Comstab_Explanation=You also have COMSTAB which adjusts your forward velocity so you can make controlled turns. Disabling COMSTAB will allow you maintain your velocity in turns, but you will drift wider..
  5586. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_cycleTraining_0780_Combat_CM_Cycle_Countermeasure=He's switched to EM tracking missiles. Cycle to chaff.
  5587. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_decoupled_autoTraining_0150_Landing_Mode_Auto_Engage_Decoupled=Activating landing mode restricts you to decoupled mode, meaning only your manoeuvring thrusters fire, which is handy for precise movement in tight areas.
  5588. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_decoupled_manualTraining_0150_Landing_Mode_Manual_Engage_Decoupled=I've gone ahead and restricted you to decoupled mode, which makes it much easier to position yourself for a launch. In Decoupled Mode, your main engine is disengaged, allowing you to move more precisely using your manoeuvring thrusters.
  5589. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_decoupled_modeTraining_0820_Combat_Decoupled_Mode_Intro_01=Remember Decoupled Mode from taking off? If the Drone gets behind you, enter Decoupled mode to disengage your main engines and allow you to spin your ship around while retaining your original vector.
  5590. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_decoupled_player_tryTraining_0820_Combat_Decoupled_Mode_Intro_03=Give it a try, just remember to disengage it when you're done.
  5591. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_decoupled_reminder_autoTraining_0880_Landing_Mode_Auto_Engage_Decoupled=Remember, entering Landing Mode will automatically Decouple your ship, so don't activate it too far away from the landing pad as it cuts down your speed.
  5592. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_decoupled_reminder_manualTraining_0890_Landing_Mode_Manual_Engage_Decoupled=The flight system automatically cuts down on your speed when you deploy the landing gear, so don't activate it too far away from the landing pad.
  5593. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_decoupled_warningTraining_0820_Combat_Decoupled_Mode_Intro_02=It's a great way to dissuade a pursuer, but make sure you've checked your path ahead first.
  5594. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_deviate_from_landingTraining_0950_Landing_Deviate_From_Landing=If you raise you landing gear or stray too far from the pad, you'll have to request it again.
  5595. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_disabled_controlsTraining_0070_Cockpit_Intro_02=You'll notice the majority of your systems are disabled. I'll be controlling when they are on and offline to simulate potential scenarios in combat situations.
  5596. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_doors_openTraining_0110_Take_Off_Doors_Open=Once you're aligned, the tower will open the doors.
  5597. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_drone_1_introTraining_0470_Combat_Intro_03=Don't worry - it's just a training drone. It handles just like the real thing, but it's weapons are less lethal. Saying that - they still pack a punch so try not to take any hits you don't have to.
  5598. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_drone_2_killedTraining_0840_Combat_Decoupled_Mode_Player_Kill_Drone=Good kill. We're heading back to the landing pad to restock and refuel for the final part of your training.
  5599. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_drone_deadTraining_0700_Combat_Drone_Dead=Good kill.
  5600. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_drone_fleesTraining_0570_Combat_Fire_Drone_Flees=Yeah, it didn't like that.
  5601. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_drone_missileTraining_0720_Combat_Missiles_Incoming=He's got lock. Missiles incoming.
  5602. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_drone_shields_downTraining_0650_Combat_Drone_Shields_Down=Its shields are down. Finish it off with a missile.
  5603. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_eject_player_dawdles_1Training_1450_Self-Destruct_Eject_Player_Dawdles_01=Come on, bail out.
  5604. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_eject_player_dawdles_2Training_1450_Self-Destruct_Eject_Player_Dawdles_02=Get out of there!
  5605. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_ejects_before_warning_1Training_1410_Self-Destruct_Player_Hit_Eject_Before_Warning=I can't let you eject without initiating self-destruct.
  5606. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_ejects_before_warning_2Training_1420_Self-Destruct_Player_Eject_Prompt_01=It's the only thing I can't do it remotely, kid. You have to initiate. Hurry.
  5607. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_ejects_before_warning_3Training_1420_Self-Destruct_Player_Eject_Prompt_02=Your plant's leaking radiation. You need to self-destruct now.
  5608. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_ejects_before_warning_4Training_1420_Self-Destruct_Player_Eject_Prompt_03=Hit self-destruct, now!
  5609. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_engines_checkTraining_0070_Cockpit_Intro_05=Engines, check.
  5610. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_enter_landing_modeTraining_0870_Landing_Entering_Landing_Mode=To enter landing mode you need to lower your landing gear.
  5611. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_fails_to_mark_targetTraining_1270_Combat_Player_Did_Not_Mark_Target=You gotta mark a target, kid.
  5612. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_fire_player_dawdles_1Training_0550_Combat_Fire_Player_Dawdles_01=This kind of hesitation can get you killed. Fire.
  5613. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_fire_player_dawdles_2Training_0550_Combat_Fire_Player_Dawdles_02=Shoot the drone.
  5614. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_fire_player_dawdles_3Training_0550_Combat_Fire_Player_Dawdles_03=Let's go. Fire
  5615. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_fire_player_doesnt_fireTraining_0540_Combat_Target_Fire_When_Ready_02=Go ahead, shoot. The drone isn't going to mind.
  5616. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_flare_durationTraining_0760_Combat_CM_Flare_Duration=Flares have a short lifetime, don't be too quick to fire them.
  5617. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_flare_explanationTraining_0740_Combat_CM_Flare_Explanation=Last missile was heat-seeking so equip your flares. Helpful tip, don't boost after dropping a flare. Boosted thrusters are much hotter than a flare.
  5618. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_flare_launch_successTraining_0770_Combat_CM_Flare_Launch_Good=Good.
  5619. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_free_lookTraining_0070_Cockpit_Intro_01=Alright. First thing's first, take a look around your cockpit and familiarise yourself with the layout. It's imperative to quickly find and access specific controls. Last thing you want to be doing in a scrap is bringing up the instructions.
  5620. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_glaive_defeatedTraining_1360_Combat_Vanduul_Glaive_Defeated=Good kill. Glaive's down.
  5621. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_glaive_id_short_0001=We got more hostiles inbound. Looks like there's a a recognised Ace in the mix.
  5622. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_glaive_idTraining_1330_Combat_Vanduul_Id_Glaive=That Glaive's a recognised Ace, enemy designation is Tank. We're gonna have to work together to take it down.
  5623. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_good_alignment_1Training_0230_Take_Off_Player_Good_Alignment_01=Alignment's looking solid.
  5624. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_good_alignment_2Training_0230_Take_Off_Player_Good_Alignment_02=That's a good line, pilot.
  5625. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_good_distanceTraining_0900_Landing_Good_Deploy_Distance=This should be close enough. Deploy your landing gear.
  5626. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_good_landingTraining_0990_Landing_Good_Landing=Touchdown. Great work.
  5627. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_gsafe_explanation_2Training_1130_Flight_G-Safe_Explanation_02=That last sharp turn you probably felt your ship clamp down on the turn. That's your G-Safe system kicking in, making sure that you aren't taking too many G-forces and blacking out.
  5628. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_gsafe_explanation_3Training_1130_Flight_G-Safe_Explanation_03=If you need to get that extra edge in turning, you can disable G-Safe, but be warned. An unconscious pilot turns into a dead one pretty quick.
  5629. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_gsafe_explanationTraining_1130_Flight_G-Safe_Explanation_01=Still with me, kid? Good job. Now one thing you need to understand, every ship's outfitted with systems to look out for you.
  5630. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_guns_backTraining_0810_Combat_Guns_Up_Missles_Later=You got your guns back, but I'll need more time to get your missiles up.
  5631. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_heavy_damageTraining_0300_Take_Off_Heavy_Damage=Ah, don't sweat it, everybody tags their ship the first time. Your ship is still spaceworthy so I we'll just press on.
  5632. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_hudTraining_0140_Take_Off_Hud_Mode_Active=Take note that you're in take-off and landing mode..
  5633. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_initiate_self_destructTraining_1430_Self-Destruct_Player_Finally_Initiates=Cutting it close there, kid.
  5634. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_introductionTraining_0030_Introduction_01=I'm Lucas Baramsco, but everyone knows me as Gilly. I've served in six squadrons and qualified on almost a dozen ships, so if you put in the time, I'll get you on the path to dogfighting with the best of them.
  5635. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_introductionTraining_0030_Introduction_03=Let's get started.
  5636. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_introductionTraining_0040_Player_Report_To_Pod=We're gonna set you up in the F7C on the landing pad over there. Hustle over and let's get going.
  5637. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_keep_shootingTraining_0630_Combat_Chase_Keep_Shooting=There you go. Keep on the pressure.
  5638. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_landing_mode_infoTraining_0910_Landing_Hud_Landing_Specific_Info=Once Landing Mode's active, your HUD's going to swap out your combat systems for landing specific functionality..
  5639. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_landing_pad_idTraining_0860_Landing_Id_Landing_Pad=Free landing pads will appear on your HUD.
  5640. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_landing_radar_helpTraining_0980_Landing_Landing_Radar_Help=Make sure your ship stays within the bounds of the pad and keep your eye on your pitch and roll.
  5641. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_landing_radarTraining_0970_Landing_Landing_Radar=Now that you're on approach, your radar is replaced by the landing system. It'll guide you to your landing pad and help you perform a safe landing.
  5642. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_lead_targetTraining_0600_Combat_Hud_Pip_Lead_Target=Okay, try targetting the ship with the PIPs.
  5643. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_leader_exitsTraining_0120_Take_Off_Gilly_Exits=That's it. Once I clear out, it'll be your turn.
  5644. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_leader_player_dawdles_1Training_0050_Player_Dawdles_01=What are you, on break? Let's move it, rook.
  5645. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_leader_player_dawdles_2Training_0050_Player_Dawdles_02=Let's go.
  5646. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_leader_player_dawdles_3Training_0050_Player_Dawdles_03=Move it, move it, move it.
  5647. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_leader_targetedTraining_0320_Targeting_Intro_02=Good
  5648. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_mark_targetTraining_1260_Combat_Player_Mark_Target=Mark your target.
  5649. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_marks_targetTraining_1280_Combat_Player_Did_Mark_Target=Copy that. I got the other. Good luck.
  5650. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_match_speed_explainTraining_0320_Targeting_Intro_03=When pursuing a target, you'll want to keep your speed as close to their as possible. Give it a shot. Make sure I’m targeted and hit Match Speed.
  5651. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_match_speed_fast_brakeTraining_0420_Flight_Match_Speed_Fast_Brake=Or stop fast.
  5652. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_match_speed_target_speedTraining_0410_Flight_Match_Speed_Target_Speed_Change=Remember, this isn't autopilot, so you still have to steer, but you'll notice that once you're locked, your computer will continue to monitor my speed and adjust. It doesn't matter if I speed up slowly…
  5653. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_missile_launchTraining_0680_Combat_Missile_Fire=Launch. Launch.
  5654. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_missile_lock_explanationTraining_0660_Combat_Missile_Lock_Explanation=Missile locking sensors are on the nose so keep your target in front of you long enough to lock on.
  5655. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_missile_lock_holdTraining_0670_Combat_Missile_Hold_For_Lock=Hold… hold…
  5656. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_missile_player_dawdles_1Training_0690_Combat_Missile_Player_Dawdles_01=You have lock. Fire.
  5657. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_missiles_backTraining_0830_Combat_Decoupled_Mode_Player_Rotates=Great. You got your missiles back. Take it out.
  5658. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_move_it_rookieTraining_0020_Player_Dawdles_06=Let's move it, rookie. You aren't getting paid by the hour.
  5659. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_multiple_missilesTraining_1310_Combat_Multiple_Missile=You can lock multiple missiles at once, just don't get too trigger happy.
  5660. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_multiple_pipTraining_0590_Combat_Hud_Pip_Multiple_Reticles=Notice you have multiple PIPs with varying lag? Each of those indicates a weapon on your ship. The computer's trying to compensate for the varying speeds between your ballistic and energy projectiles.
  5661. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_new_drone_targetTraining_0710_Combat_New_Drone_Target=Let's move on - uh-oh! Looks like he had a friend. Take a look in your rear-view camera.
  5662. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_on_the_clockTraining_0020_Player_Dawdles_05=We're on a clock here, let's go.
  5663. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_outroTraining_0470_Combat_Intro_01=Well, you seem to be able handle your ship, so let's see if you can handle a bit of combat.
  5664. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_performance_averageTraining_1030_1st_Half_Performance_Average=You could use some extra hours in the sim, but you weren't too bad back there.
  5665. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_performance_goodTraining_1020_1st_Half_Performance_Good=You did good back there, kid. Let me guess - you're an Arena Commander fan?
  5666. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_performance_poorTraining_1040_1st_Half_Performance_Poor=I know it's your first time out there, but you're going to have to try harder if you want your wings.
  5667. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_permission_for_launchTraining_0070_Cockpit_Intro_06=Tower, permission for launch
  5668. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_permissionTraining_0940_Landing_Call_For_Permission=Once you've targeted a landing pad, request permission to land.
  5669. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_pip_explanationTraining_0530_Combat_Target_Pip_Intro=Now you have a target, you will have extra aim reticules. Those are Predicted-Impact-Points or PIPs. They'll show you where to shoot to hit a moving target.
  5670. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_pitch_rollTraining_0160_Take_Off_Pitch_Roll_Warning=Make sure you don't pitch or roll. It'll be tough to get back into proper alignment.
  5671. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_player_alignedTraining_0210_Take_Off_Player_Aligned_Doors_Open=The tower will open the doors once you're lined up.
  5672. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_player_boards_gilly_ship_1Training_0060_Player_Wrong_Pod_01=Easy there, rookie. That's my ride.
  5673. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_player_boards_gilly_ship_2Training_0060_Player_Wrong_Pod_02=What are you doing? You're over there.
  5674. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_player_causes_damage_1Training_0390_Flight_Player_Causes_Damage_01=Watch it, rookie.
  5675. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_player_causes_damage_2Training_0390_Flight_Player_Causes_Damage_02=Careful! These ships aren't cheap.
  5676. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_player_causes_damage_3Training_0390_Flight_Player_Causes_Damage_03=What the hell's wrong with you?
  5677. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_player_completes_1Training_1160_Race_Player_Completes_01=Nice job.
  5678. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_player_completes_2Training_1210_Race_Player_Completes_02=Still with me? Alright, I'm a little impressed.
  5679. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_player_damageTraining_0290_Take_Off_No_Damage=Great job. I haven't seen many pull one off on the first try.
  5680. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_player_dawdles_1Training_0020_Player_Dawdles_01=I'm waiting, rook.
  5681. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_player_dawdles_2Training_0020_Player_Dawdles_02=On me. Let's go.
  5682. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_player_dawdles_3Training_0020_Player_Dawdles_03=Still waiting…
  5683. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_player_dawdlesTraining_1350_Combat_Vanduul_Player_Dawdles_Target_Glaive=Stop screwing around and target the Glaive.
  5684. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_player_fail_line_1Training_0360_Flight_Player_Fail_Line_01=Playtime's over, kid.
  5685. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_player_fail_line_2Training_0360_Flight_Player_Fail_Line_02=Shut it down. You're done.
  5686. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_player_fail_line_3Training_0360_Flight_Player_Fail_Line_03=I don't have time for this.
  5687. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_player_failsTraining_1200_Race_Player_Fails=Okay, that's enough. I don't think you're ready yet.
  5688. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_player_falls_behind_1Training_1150_Race_Player_Falls_Behind_01=Come on. You can do better than that.
  5689. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_player_falls_behind_2Training_1180_Race_Player_Falls_Behind_02=Let's go, let's go. I'm falling asleep up here.
  5690. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_player_falls_behind_warning_1Training_1190_Race_Player_Falls_Behind_Warning_01=Keep up, kid, you're blowing it.
  5691. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_player_falls_behind_warning_2Training_1190_Race_Player_Falls_Behind_Warning_02=You gonna give up now? Come on, push yourself.
  5692. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_player_falls_off_trailTraining_0620_Combat_Chase_Player_Falls_Off_Trail=Don't lose it. Stay on its tail.
  5693. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_player_final_warningTraining_0380_Flight_Player_Final_Warning_01=Last chance.
  5694. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_player_flies_away_1Training_0340_Flight_Player_Flies_Away_01=Where are you going?
  5695. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_player_flies_away_2Training_0340_Flight_Player_Flies_Away_02=On me, rookie.
  5696. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_player_flies_away_3Training_0340_Flight_Player_Flies_Away_03=Get back here.
  5697. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_player_flies_away_last_warning_Training_0350_Flight_Player_Flies_Away_Last_Warning=Turn around. I won't say it again.
  5698. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_player_general_warning_1Training_0370_Flight_Player_General_Warning_01=Stay focused. Let's get through this.
  5699. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_player_general_warning_2Training_0370_Flight_Player_General_Warning_02=Let's get back on track. We got a lot to cover.
  5700. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_player_general_warning_3Training_0370_Flight_Player_General_Warning_03=Just so we're clear, kid: you will follow orders or you will fail this training exercise.
  5701. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_player_general_warning_4Training_0370_Flight_Player_General_Warning_04=Stay on track, kid.
  5702. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_player_general_warning_5Training_0370_Flight_Player_General_Warning_05=Sharpen up, rookie. This isn't going to cut it.
  5703. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_player_gets_hitTraining_0640_Combat_Drone_Player_Gets_Hit=You're taking hits. Check your HUD for shield and damage status.
  5704. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_player_hits_droneTraining_0560_Combat_Fire_Player_Hits_Shields=Good shot. See its shields weakening on your HUD?
  5705. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_player_lags_1Training_0330_Flight_Player_Lags_01=Come on. Keep up
  5706. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_player_lags_2Training_0330_Flight_Player_Lags_02=You're lagging, kid. Hurry up.
  5707. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_player_lags_3Training_0330_Flight_Player_Lags_03=You reading me? What the hell's wrong with you?
  5708. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_player_lags_4Training_0330_Flight_Player_Lags_04=Waiting on you, kid.
  5709. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_player_lags_5Training_0330_Flight_Player_Lags_05=Any time.
  5710. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_player_lags_6Training_0330_Flight_Player_Lags_06=Stop wasting my time, rook.
  5711. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_player_lined_upTraining_0220_Take_Off_Player_In_Correct_Position=You're lined up.
  5712. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_player_match_speedTraining_0400_Flight_Player_Has_Matched_Speed=Great, you're locked on.
  5713. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_player_no_weaponsTraining_0730_Combat_No_Weapons=That hit took out your weapons. You'll have to hold out until they come back online. Countermeasures are still online. Use them.
  5714. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_player_off_centreTraining_0200_Take_Off_Player_Off-Centre=Don't align yourself with the middle of the doors. You'd be surprised how many 'cruits forget that the cockpit is not the centre of the ship.
  5715. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_player_strafe_forwardTraining_0180_Take_Off_Player_Move_Forward=Okay. Now strafe forward onto the taxiway. If you need it, the tower should have lit up your path.
  5716. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_player_take_offTraining_0170_Take_Off_Player_Dust_Off=Nice, you're clear of the pad.
  5717. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_player_testTraining_1120_Race_Challenge_01=Think you can put all this together? Let's see.
  5718. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_player_turningTraining_0190_Take_Off_Player_Turning=Don't turn too much. You don't want to fall out of alignment.
  5719. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_players_turnTraining_0130_Take_Off_Players_Turn=Ready? I'm enabling your systems and will monitor your progress from up here.
  5720. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_power_plant_warningTraining_1390_Power_Plant_Warning=I'm getting erratic power spikes from your ship. They must have hit your power plant!
  5721. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_race_intro_2Training_1070_Race_Intro=Think you can stay on my tail?
  5722. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_race_introTraining_1220_Race_Challenge_02=Race you to the Spire.
  5723. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_radar_checkTraining_0470_Combat_Intro_02=Check your radar. You should have a contact.
  5724. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_select_landing_padTraining_0930_Landing_Select_Landing_Pad=Go ahead and pick a landing pad.
  5725. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_selecting_landing_padTraining_0920_Landing_Hud_Selecting_Landing_Pad=You can cycle through available landing pads the same as cycling through targets.
  5726. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_self_destruct_introTraining_1400_Self-Destruct_Intro=Your ship's loaded with military intel, so we can't let it fall into enemy hands. You'll have to initiate self-destruct before you eject.
  5727. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_ship_checkTraining_0070_Cockpit_Intro_03=Let's get ready for takeoff. I'll do this step by step to show you how it's done. Systems, check. Engines, check. Tower, permission for launch.
  5728. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_ship_menu_groupsTraining_1490_Ship_Config_Menu_Intro_02=In there you'll see your weapon groups, shield configuration and power distribution.
  5729. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_ship_menu_introTraining_1480_Ship_Config_Menu_Intro_01=While we're waiting, feel free to take a look at your ship's setup.
  5730. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_ship_menu_warningsTraining_1500_Ship_Config_Menu_Intro_03=I wouldn't mess around with them during training.
  5731. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_ship_positionTraining_0750_Combat_CM_Ship_Position=Another pro tip: countermeasures are fired backward so never fly at a missile head-on, launch a countermeasure and expect it to work.
  5732. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_shortcutTraining_1140_Race_Shortcut=Think fast.
  5733. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_somedamageTraining_0280_Take_Off_Some_Damage=A little shaky, but vertical take-offs take some practice.
  5734. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_space_brake_introTraining_1110_Flight_Space_Brake_Explanation=If you need to cut speed in a hurry, use your space brake - it's much quicker than dialing back your engines and the moment you let go of it you'll automatically accelerate back up to your previous speed.
  5735. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_spire_fillerTraining_1470_Filler_And_Foreshadow_The_Spire=That, my friend, is the Spire. Isn't she a beauty?
  5736. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_strafe_forwardTraining_0090_Take_Off_Move_Forward=Now that I'm clear I can strafe forward onto the taxiway.
  5737. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_strafe_sidewaysTraining_0100_Take_Off_Center_Under_Doors=Now I square my ship up with the ceiling doors ready for a vertical take-off.
  5738. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_successful_targetTraining_0520_Combat_Target_Weapons_Online=Good. Now your weapons are online.
  5739. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_system_checkTraining_0070_Cockpit_Intro_04=Systems, check.
  5740. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_takes_damageTraining_1290_Combat_Player_Hull_Damage=You're taking a lot of hull damage. Try and keep a shield between you and the enemy.
  5741. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_target_closestTraining_0480_Combat_Target_Enemy_01=Use your targeting system to quickly target the closest enemy.
  5742. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_target_glaiveTraining_1340_Combat_Vanduul_Target_Glaive=Target the Glaive.
  5743. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_target_hitTraining_0610_Combat_Hud_Pip_Fire_On_Target=Good hit. Keep firing.
  5744. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_target_hud_explanation_2Training_0490_Combat_Target_Enemy_Hud_Explanation_02=Shields are drawn as panels floating around the ship. They'll shrink as they weaken until they disappear completely. At that point, your shots will hit the hull and cause lasting damage.
  5745. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_target_hud_explanationTraining_0490_Combat_Target_Enemy_Hud_Explanation_01=Okay, now look at the top right of your HUD. You should see you target displayed. This will show realtime damage, shield status and a few other things.
  5746. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_target_hudTraining_0480_Combat_Target_Enemy_02=Use your targeting system to target the closest enemy.
  5747. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_target_leaderTraining_0320_Targeting_Intro_01=I've just enabled your targeting system. Use it to target me.
  5748. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_target_lines_upTraining_0540_Combat_Target_Fire_When_Ready_01=Line up your target and fire when you're ready.
  5749. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_target_player_dawdles_1Training_0500_Combat_Target_Player_Dawdles_01=Come on, select nearest target.
  5750. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_target_player_dawdles_2Training_0500_Combat_Target_Player_Dawdles_02=Target the drone.
  5751. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_target_player_failTraining_0510_Combat_Target_Player_Fail_01=Let's head back. Guess you need more time in the sims.
  5752. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_told_to_eject_0001=Eject!
  5753. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_too_much_damageTraining_0310_Take_Off_Too_Much_Damage=Yeah, I don't think your ship can take any more. I think we'll need to get it patched up and try again.
  5754. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_tower_permissionTraining_0070_Cockpit_Intro_07=Copy that, tower.
  5755. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_vanduul_all_deadTraining_1380_Combat_Vanduul_All_Dead=We're clear. Hell of a training session, huh.
  5756. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_vanduul_freefireTraining_1370_Combat_Vanduul_Freefire=You're cleared to engage the rest. Good luck.
  5757. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_vanduul_intro_1Training_1230_Combat_Intro=Hold on, I've got contacts inbound…
  5758. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_vanduul_intro_2Training_1240_Combat_Vanduul_Contact=Contact! Vanduul fighter, dead ahead.
  5759. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_vanduul_intro_3Training_1250_Combat_All_Weapon_Systems_Active=This is not a drill. I repeat, this is not a drill. All your systems are active. This is a live-fire encounter.
  5760. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_vanduul_wave_2Training_1320_Combat_Vanduul_Wave_Two=Stay sharp. We got more hostiles inbound. Looks like there's a Glaive in the mix.
  5761. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_vertical_lift_offTraining_0080_Take_Off_Dust_Off=Alright, first I want to lift vertically until I'm just clear of the landing pad.
  5762. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_waitingTraining_0020_Player_Dawdles_04=What are you waiting for?
  5763. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_warningTraining_0030_Introduction_02=Don't think you can slink your way through this. You need to focus and execute my commands because there is zero room for error in the black. We clear?
  5764. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_weapons_hotTraining_1300_Combat_Player_Weapons_Overheating_01=Ease up. Your weapons are getting hot.
  5765. Dlg_SC_Tutorial_weapons_overheat_adviceTraining_1300_Combat_Player_Weapons_Overheating_02=Fire in controlled bursts and give your weapons time to cool or they'll overheat.
  5766. DMC_GLOVES=DO NOT USE ------ (DMC) GLOVES (Add new lines for gloves below here)
  5767. DMC_HATS=DO NOT USE ------ (DMC) HATS (Add new lines for hats below here)
  5770. DMC_JACKETS=DO NOT USE ------ (DMC) JACKETS (Add new lines for jackets below here)
  5771. DMC_PANTS=DO NOT USE ------ DMC PANTS (Add new lines for pants below here)
  5772. DMC_SHIRTS=DO NOT USE ------ (DMC) SHIRTS (Add new lines for shirts below here)
  5773. DMC_SHOES=DO NOT USE ------ (DMC) SHOES (Add new lines for shoes below here)
  5774. dusters_basesweep_desc_001=Some lucky slaggers discovered one hell of a valuable deposit over at ~mission(Location|Address) and now they’re trying their damnedest to get it all extracted double quick. \n\nOur thinking is that we should be the ones harvesting that lode.\n\nWe got all the equipment ready to go, just need someone to clear out all the pesky miners and their security. \n\nDo that for us, and we’ll give you a cut of the haul.
  5775. dusters_basesweep_desc_002=One of ours stopped at an R&R and ran into a miner deep in their cups celebrating. Drunk fool let slip that his outfit had discovered the “find of a lifetime” over at ~mission(Location|Address). \n\nWell, they may have found it, but no way in hell we’re gonna let them keep it. \n\nWe want you to clear all those miners and whatever security they’ve hired out of the way. With the haul we’re looking at, figure it’s worth spending some extra credits to hire someone good.\n\nOnce you’ve sent them packing, we can come in and collect.
  5776. dusters_basesweep_desc_003=We hit paydirt! Found ourselves one of the richest little veins of ore I’ve seen in years.\n\nThere’s one hitch, though. Some other idiots got there first.\n\nWon’t be a problem for long, the way I see it. \n\nAs soon as you haul over to ~mission(Location|Address) and knock whatever miners and security guards you find there out for good, we can go in and mine that site for all it’s worth. \n\nDon’t worry, we’ll pay you your cut off the top.
  5777. dusters_basesweep_title_001=Claiming a Stake
  5778. dusters_basesweep_title_002=Clearing the Competition
  5779. dusters_basesweep_title_003=Mine Worth Taking
  5780. dusters_claimsweep_desc_001=Some lucky slaggers discovered one hell of a valuable deposit over at ~mission(Location) near ~mission(LagrangeLocation) and now they’re trying their damnedest to get it all extracted double quick. \n\nOur thinking is that we should be the ones harvesting that lode.\n\nWe got all the equipment ready to go, just need someone to clear out all the pesky miners and the orbital sentries the bastards have protecting them. \n\nDo that for us, and we’ll give you a cut of the haul.
  5781. dusters_claimsweep_desc_002=One of ours was picking up some supplies when they overheard a miner placing a big order for the new dig they had set up over at ~mission(Location) near ~mission(LagrangeLocation). Was braggin' a bit too loudly about how much they were gonna make off the strike.\n\nWell, they may have found it, but no way in hell we’re gonna let them keep it. \n\nWe want you to clear all those miners and the sentries they have in place out of the way. With the haul we’re looking at, figure it’s worth spending some extra credits to hire someone good like you to take care of it.\n\nOnce you’ve sent them packing, we can come in and collect.
  5782. dusters_claimsweep_desc_003=We hit paydirt! Found ourselves one of the richest little veins of ore I’ve seen in years.\n\nThere’s one hitch, though. Some other idiots got there first.\n\nWon’t be a problem for long, the way I see it. \n\nAs soon as you haul over to ~mission(Location) located at ~mission(LagrangeLocation) and knock out the sentries guarding the place, we can go in and mine that site for all it’s worth. \n\nDon’t worry, we’ll pay you your cut off the top.
  5783. dusters_claimsweep_title_001=Razing the Stake
  5784. dusters_claimsweep_title_002=Ore or Nothing
  5785. dusters_claimsweep_title_003=Finders Weepers
  5786. dusters_from=Dusters
  5787. ea_ui_Capturing=Capturing
  5788. ea_ui_Contested=Contested
  5789. ea_ui_CTRL_objectiveCapturingDisplay=> <
  5790. ea_ui_CTRL_objectiveDistance=%d m
  5791. ea_ui_CTRL_objectiveReturning=>>
  5792. ea_ui_CTRL_Phase_Notification=%s
  5793. ea_ui_deathinfo_BleedOut=Killed by Blood Loss
  5794. ea_ui_deathinfo_BoundaryViolation=Boundary Violation
  5795. ea_ui_deathinfo_Crash=Crashed
  5796. ea_ui_deathinfo_EnvironmentalHazard=Killed by Environmental Hazard
  5797. ea_ui_deathinfo_Hazard=Hazard
  5798. ea_ui_deathinfo_Melee=Melee Kill
  5799. ea_ui_deathinfo_SelfDestruct=Self-Destruct
  5800. ea_ui_deathinfo_Suicide=Suicide
  5801. ea_ui_deathinfo_Takedown=Takedown
  5802. ea_ui_deathinfo_UnknownVehicle=Unknown Vehicle
  5803. ea_ui_Destroyed_Objective=Destroyed Objective
  5804. ea_ui_faction_Outlaws=Outlaws
  5805. ea_ui_faction_Supreme=The Supreme
  5806. ea_ui_faction_UEE_Advocacy=UEE Advocacy
  5807. ea_ui_faction_UEE_Marines=UEE Marines
  5808. ea_ui_gamefeed_ctrl_Captured=%s Captured %s
  5809. ea_ui_gamefeed_ctrl_Neutralized=%s Neutralized %s
  5810. ea_ui_gamefeed_ParamCommittedSuicide= committed suicide!
  5811. ea_ui_gamefeed_ParamDied= died
  5812. ea_ui_gamefeed_ParamIsReady= is ready
  5813. ea_ui_gamefeed_ParamJoined= joined
  5814. ea_ui_gamefeed_ParamKilledParam= killed 
  5815. ea_ui_gamefeed_ParamLeft= left
  5816. ea_ui_gamefeed_ParamTookTheEasyWay= took the easy way out!
  5817. ea_ui_GameStartsIn=Game Starts In %d
  5818. ea_ui_map_description=Map Description
  5819. ea_ui_map_name=Map Name
  5820. ea_ui_mapname_DemienComms=Demien Comms Center
  5821. ea_ui_MissionTypeDescFPS_Theatres=Fight for dominance in an epic, asymmetrical battle across land, air and space.
  5822. ea_ui_multipleObjectivesContested=Objectives %s Contested
  5823. ea_ui_objective_changing_hands=Objective %s Changing Hands
  5824. ea_ui_Objective_Damaged=Objective Damaged
  5825. ea_ui_objectiveContested=Objective %s Contested
  5826. ea_ui_objectivesCommaSeparator=, 
  5827. ea_ui_objectivestatus_Captured=Captured
  5828. ea_ui_objectivestatus_Contested=Contested
  5829. ea_ui_objectivestatus_Defend=Defend
  5830. ea_ui_objectivestatus_DestroyObjective=Destroy Objective
  5831. ea_ui_objectivestatus_Hacking=Hacking
  5832. ea_ui_objectivestatus_HackingPlus=Hacking+
  5833. ea_ui_objectivestatus_HackTerminal=Hack Terminal
  5834. ea_ui_objectivestatus_Offline=Cooling Down
  5835. ea_ui_objectivestatus_Resetting=Resetting
  5836. ea_ui_objectivestatus_TerminalPropHacking=Overload in Progress
  5837. ea_ui_objectivestatus_TerminalPropHackingPlus=Overload in Progress+
  5838. ea_ui_objectivestatus_TerminalPropPaused=Overload Paused
  5839. ea_ui_objectivestatus_TerminalPropReady=Hack To Overload
  5840. ea_ui_OOB_AttackingTeam_OnPhaseChange=Out of Position - Attack New Objective %d Seconds Remaining
  5841. ea_ui_OOB_DefendingTeam_OnPhaseChange=Out of Position - Defend New Objective %d Seconds Remaining
  5842. ea_ui_OOB_General=Out of Position - Return to Simulation. %d Seconds Remaining
  5843. ea_ui_pirateswarm_FinalWaveObjective=Defeat Hostile Merlins for Heavy Reinforcements
  5844. ea_ui_PressKEYWhenReady=Press [~action(default|ready)] when ready
  5845. ea_ui_prop_damage_sent=Damage Sent to Objective
  5846. ea_ui_race_CurrentPosition=Current Position: %S
  5847. ea_ui_reward_PirateSwarmMsg=Congratulations! You've just unlocked the 2949 Pirate Aggressor! The Pirate Gladius & Caterpillar variants are now unlocked for purchase in the Pledge Store.
  5848. ea_ui_reward_PirateSwarmTitle=Pirate Swarm Defeated
  5849. ea_ui_scoring_Attacker=Attacker
  5850. ea_ui_scoring_CaptureCloseCall=Close Call
  5851. ea_ui_scoring_CaptureComplete=Capture Complete
  5852. ea_ui_scoring_CaptureInitiated=Capture Initiated
  5853. ea_ui_scoring_CaptureNeutralized=Neutralized
  5854. ea_ui_scoring_CaptureReversing=Reversing Capture
  5855. ea_ui_scoring_Capturing=Capturing
  5856. ea_ui_scoring_Contesting=Contesting
  5857. ea_ui_scoring_Defender=Defender
  5858. ea_ui_scoring_MeleeKill=Melee Kill
  5859. ea_ui_scoring_VehiclePartDetached=Part Detached
  5860. ea_ui_spawning_Armor=Armor
  5861. ea_ui_spawning_Driver=Driver
  5862. ea_ui_spawning_Extra=Extra
  5863. ea_ui_spawning_NoVehicles=No Vehicles Remaining
  5864. ea_ui_spawning_OnFoot=On Foot
  5865. ea_ui_spawning_Passenger=Passenger
  5866. ea_ui_spawning_Primary=Primary
  5867. ea_ui_spawning_Secondary=Secondary
  5868. ea_ui_spawning_SelectSpawn=Select Spawn
  5869. ea_ui_spawning_SelectSpawnPoint=Select Spawn Point
  5870. ea_ui_spawning_SelectYourLoadout=Select Your Loadout
  5871. ea_ui_spawning_Turret=Turret
  5872. ea_ui_spawning_Unavailable=Unavailable
  5873. ea_ui_spectator_CycleCamera=[~action(spectator|spectate_prev_target|?)]-[~action(spectator|spectate_next_target|?)] Cycle camera
  5874. ea_ui_spectator_CycleMode=[~action(spectator|spectate_gen_nextmode|?)] Cycle mode
  5875. ea_ui_spectator_CycleTarget=[~action(spectator|spectate_prev_target|?)]-[~action(spectator|spectate_next_target|?)] Cycle target
  5876. ea_ui_spectator_LockCamera=[~action(spectator|spectate_toggle_lock_target|?)] Lock Target
  5877. ea_ui_spectator_Respawn= [~action(default|respawn|?)] Respawn
  5878. ea_ui_spectator_Title=Spectating
  5879. ea_ui_spectator_ToggleHUD=[~action(spectator|spectate_toggle_hud|?)] Toggle HUD
  5880. ea_ui_spectator_UnlockCamera=[~action(spectator|spectate_toggle_lock_target|?)] Unlock Target
  5881. ea_ui_StateWaitingForPlayers=Waiting for %d players
  5882. ea_ui_Status_AreaContested=CONTESTED
  5883. ea_ui_SymbolPercentage=%
  5884. ea_ui_The_Good_Doctor=The Good Doctor
  5885. ea_ui_The_Good_Doctor_Description=The Good Doctor Description
  5886. ea_ui_Wave1=Wave 1
  5887. ea_ui_Wave10=Wave 10
  5888. ea_ui_Wave11=Wave 11
  5889. ea_ui_Wave12=Wave 12
  5890. ea_ui_Wave13=Wave 13
  5891. ea_ui_Wave14=Wave 14
  5892. ea_ui_Wave15=Wave 15
  5893. ea_ui_Wave2=Wave 2
  5894. ea_ui_Wave3=Wave 3
  5895. ea_ui_Wave4=Wave 4
  5896. ea_ui_Wave5=Wave 5
  5897. ea_ui_Wave6=Wave 6
  5898. ea_ui_Wave7=Wave 7
  5899. ea_ui_Wave8=Wave 8
  5900. ea_ui_Wave9=Wave 9
  5901. Eckhart_AskForMoreWork_Neg=You got any other jobs?
  5902. Eckhart_AskForMoreWork_Pos=Got anything else for me?
  5903. Eckhart_DoIKnowYou=[PH] Do I Know You?
  5904. Eckhart_GotMoreWork_Timid=[PH] Ok, show me what you got.
  5905. Eckhart_HasNewMission_Bad=I'm listening...
  5906. Eckhart_HasNewMission_Good=I'm interested...
  5907. Eckhart_HasNewMission_GoodForBad=Work is work, right?
  5908. Eckhart_IDontLikeYou=[PH] I know you but don't like you.
  5909. Eckhart_ILikeYou=[PH] I know you and like you.
  5910. Eckhart_InitialVisit=[PH] Is Initial Visit
  5911. Eckhart_MissionCompleted=Job's done.
  5912. Eckhart_MissionFailed=I had an issue with the job.
  5913. Eckhart_NotInterested=[PH] I'm not interested right now.
  5914. Eckhart_ReturnVisit_Greeting=Hey, I'm back. Got anything that needs handling?
  5915. Eckhart_Revisit=[PH] Follow Up Visit
  5916. Eckhart_Test_AfterInitialComms=Hey, you told me to swing by?
  5917. Eckhart_Test_FailedLastMission=[PH] Sorry I failed that last mission but I'm still looking for work if you got any...
  5918. Eckhart_Test_LookingForMoreWork=Got any more jobs?
  5919. Eckhart_Test_MidMissionResponse=[PH] I know I'm already doing some work for you but...  Got anything else?
  5920. Eckhart_Test_MissionAccepted=Sounds good.
  5921. Eckhart_Test_MissionDeclined=I think I'll pass.
  5922. Eckhart_Test_NeverMind=I can't right now.
  5923. ecn_from=Emergency Communication Network
  5924. ecn_hackprevent_desc_001=ATTENTION: There has been an unauthorized attempt at ~mission(Location) to access the system controls for the Emergency Communication Network. Any available ships in the area capable of rendering assistance to prevent this unlawful sabotage of vital public security infrastructure are requested to do so immediately.
  5925. ecn_hackprevent_title_001=ECN ALERT: Network Intrusion
  5926. ELD_GLOVES=DO NOT USE ------ (ELD) MALE GLOVES (Add new lines for gloves below here)<b>\n</b>
  5927. ELD_HATS=DO NOT USE ------ (ELD) MALE HATS (Add new lines for hats below here)
  5929. ELD_JACKETS= DO NOT USE ------ (ELD) MALE JACKETS (Add new lines for jackets below here)
  5930. ELD_PANTS=DO NOT USE ------ (ELD) MALE PANTS (Add new lines for pants below here)
  5931. ELD_SHIRTS=DO NOT USE ------ (ELD) MALE SHIRTS (Add new lines for shirts below here)
  5932. ELD_SHOES=DO NOT USE ------ (ELD) MALE SHOES (Add new lines for shoes below here)
  5934. elevator_computing=COMPUTING ROUTE
  5935. elevator_connecting=CONNECTING
  5936. elevator_contacts=Contacts
  5937. elevator_creating_instance=Preparing
  5938. elevator_currentfloor=Current Floor
  5939. elevator_fail_no_destination=No destination available from location.
  5940. elevator_fail_server_full=All instances are currently full.\nPlease try again later.
  5941. elevator_interrogating=INTERROGATING TRANSPORT SYSTEM
  5942. elevator_launch=LAUNCH
  5943. elevator_party_members=Party members
  5944. elevator_quick_join=Quick join
  5945. elevator_requesting=REQUESTING TRANSIT
  5946. elevator_validating=VALIDATING AUTHORIZATION CODE
  5947. elevator_welcome1=ELEVATOR TRANSPORT CONSOLE v1.1
  5948. elevator_welcome2=PLEASE TOUCH SCREEN TO PROCEED
  5949. elevator_welcome3=SEARCHING LOCATIONS
  5950. ElliotWip_bigbennys_001=Normal
  5951. ElliotWip_bigbennys_002=Spicy
  5952. ElliotWip_bigbennys_003=BBQ
  5953. ElliotWip_bigbennys_004=Sweet Chilli
  5954. ElliotWIP_doorhack_001=Rate
  5955. ElliotWIP_doorhack_002=Frequency
  5956. ElliotWIP_Email_Contents=Hey the sever is down again, this keeps occuring any chance on getting a ETA on reboot time?
  5957. ElliotWIP_Email_From=Frank Spencer
  5958. ElliotWIP_Email_Title=Sever Down
  5959. ElliotWIP_Email_To=John
  5960. ElliotWIP_EmailMainMenu=Email
  5961. ElliotWIP_EmailSettings=Settings
  5962. ElliotWIP_SecondMenu=
  5963. Ellis=Ellis System
  5964. Ellis_AsteroidBelt1=Ellis Belt Alpha
  5965. Ellis_AsteroidBelt1_Desc=Perhaps the best known asteroid belt in the UEE, the Ellis Belt became famous for being a Murray Cup racetrack. Over the years, the Murray Cup has sought to acquire all rights to the belt, making mining strictly prohibited. \n
  5966. Ellis_Desc=This thirteen-planet system contains a wide habitable zone thanks to its F-type main sequence star. Ellis is mostly known as the home of the UEE's most famous race, the Murray Cup. What began as way to kill time during the terraforming process has become big business; fueling the economy for the three terraformed planets -- Green (Ellis III), Kampos (Ellis IV), and Noble (Ellis V). Ellis' eleventh planet recently collided with its moon, leaving an asteroid belt in the former orbital path.
  5967. Ellis_JumpPoint_Kilian=Ellis - Kilian Jump Point
  5968. Ellis_JumpPoint_Kilian_Desc=This jump point connects Ellis to the Kilian system.
  5969. Ellis_JumpPoint_Magnus=Ellis - Magnus Jump Point
  5970. Ellis_JumpPoint_Magnus_Desc=This jump point connects Ellis to the Magnus system.
  5971. Ellis_JumpPoint_Min=Ellis - Min Jump Point
  5972. Ellis_JumpPoint_Min_Desc=This jump point connects Ellis to the unclaimed Min system.
  5973. Ellis_JumpPoint_Nexus=Ellis - Nexus Jump Point
  5974. Ellis_JumpPoint_Nexus_Desc=This jump point connects Ellis to the Nexus system.
  5975. Ellis_JumpPoint_Taranis=Ellis - Taranis Jump Point
  5976. Ellis_JumpPoint_Taranis_Desc=This jump point connects Ellis to the unclaimed Taranis system.
  5977. Ellis_Star=Ellis
  5978. Ellis_Star_Desc=Ellis
  5979. Ellis1=Ellis I
  5980. Ellis1_Desc=This protoplanet is a scorched, barren ball of rock and bubbling magma due to its extreme proximity to the star. While the possibility exists that there are major deposits of minerals on the planet, mining them would be far too risky.
  5981. Ellis10=Bombora
  5982. Ellis10_Desc=The second gas giant in Ellis system, Ellis X features a consistently turbulent atmosphere. It was this chaotic nature that led to its local nickname of Bombora.
  5983. Ellis11=Ellis XI recently suffered a cataclysmic collision with one of its moons. Astrophysicists speculate that the planet will continue to splinter and ultimately form a new asteroid belt.
  5984. Ellis11_Desc=
  5985. Ellis12=Judecca
  5986. Ellis12_Desc=A ball of ice, Ellis XII (also known as Judecca) is occasionally used for ice-mining expeditions.
  5987. Ellis13=Pinecone\n
  5988. Ellis13_Desc=Though technically not a planet, Ellis XIII is considered a local mascot. This protoplanet's unique shape has given it the nickname Pinecone.
  5989. Ellis2=Ellis II
  5990. Ellis2_Desc=Ellis II's large size, proximity to its sun, and surprisingly thick atmosphere has left its entire surface a massive desert, marked with strange swirls and ridges created by frequent massive storms on the planet's surface.
  5991. Ellis3=Green
  5992. Ellis3_Desc=The vast oceanic world is mostly known as the primary resort destination for racegoers who enjoy Green's high-end mega-resorts. In an effort to protect the elaborate underwater reefs, ships landing on the planet are directed towards specific landing zones.
  5993. Ellis4=Kampos
  5994. Ellis4_Desc=Named after the large sea creatures that once stalked its deep oceans, Kampos was the first world settled and continues to boast the highest population center in the system.
  5995. Ellis5=Noble
  5996. Ellis5_Desc=The emerald jewel of the system, Noble is known for the vast stretches of woodland, evoking many comparisons to an undeveloped Earth. The local Governors Council has made sustaining the planet's natural beauty a priority.
  5997. Ellis5a=Ellis 5a
  5998. Ellis5a_Desc=The regolith of this moon is slightly pink, making it a popular subject for lunar photography.
  5999. Ellis5b=Ellis 5b
  6000. Ellis5b_Desc=A tidally locked moon, the planet-facing side is pristine while the star-facing side is pocked with craters.
  6001. Ellis6_Desc=A terrestrial planet located just outside the system's green band. Although the planet is technically uninhabited, Ellis VI has been used to conduct studies about human habitation.
  6002. Ellis7_Desc=A corrosive and poisonous atmosphere covers this planet making it impossible to terraform or even land on.
  6003. Ellis8_Desc=The smallest planet in the system, Ellis VIII boasts a micro atmosphere and little else.\n
  6004. Ellis9=Walleye
  6005. Ellis9_Desc=Nicknamed Walleye by long-distance haulers, Ellis IX is a swirling gas giant that intermittently suffers from massive storms visible from space.
  6006. Enroll_Screen_001=wip ENROLL
  6010. Enroll_Screen_Info_002=wip Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Ut enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exercitation ullamco laboris nisi ut aliquip ex ea commodo consequat. Duis aute irure dolor in reprehenderit in voluptate velit esse cillum dolore eu fugiat nulla pariatur. Excepteur sint occaecat cupidatat non proident, sunt in culpa qui officia deserunt mollit anim id est laborum\n\nLorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Ut enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exercitation ullamco laboris nisi ut aliquip ex ea commodo consequat. Duis aute irure dolor in reprehenderit in voluptate velit esse cillum dolore eu fugiat nulla pariatur. Excepteur sint occaecat cupidatat non proident, sunt in culpa qui officia deserunt mollit anim id est laborum\n\nLorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Ut enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exercitation ullamco laboris nisi ut aliquip ex ea commodo consequat. Duis aute irure dolor in reprehenderit in voluptate velit esse cillum dolore eu fugiat nulla pariatur. Excepteur sint occaecat cupidatat non proident, sunt in culpa qui officia deserunt mollit anim id est laborum
  6011. Enroll_Screen_Info_003=wip BEGIN YOUR PARTICIPATION TODAY!
  6012. escort_safety_client_0001=delivery
  6013. escort_safety_client_0002=research
  6014. escort_safety_client_0003=trade
  6015. escort_safety_client_0004=courier
  6016. escort_safety_client_0005=refueling
  6017. escort_safety_danger_0001=They have detected what could be a hostile threat in the area and would rather not engage without assistance. 
  6018. escort_safety_danger_0002=Something appears to have spooked them. Seems they'd rather be safe than sorry and want some extra protection. 
  6019. escort_safety_danger_0003=Unfortunately, the area they are in is a known outlaw hunting ground. Caution is advised. 
  6020. escort_safety_danger_0004=We've had a couple reports of other ships being hit in that area. Go in expecting trouble. 
  6021. escort_safety_danger_0005=One of their convoy has already been destroyed. The hostiles in the area should be considered extremely dangerous. 
  6022. escort_safety_danger_0006=A ship like that is a prime target and if they get out of there alive, it'll be a miracle. To be frank, they should never have gone in by themselves in the first place. 
  6023. escort_safety_desc=~mission(Description)
  6024. escort_safety_desc_0001=A ~mission(Client) ship is stuck out in ~mission(Location) and needs an extraction to ~mission(Destination). ~mission(Danger)If escorts do engage with hostiles, combat pay will be issued. Be ready to roll out as soon as possible. Don't want to keep them waiting out there any longer than necessary. 
  6025. escort_safety_desc_0002=We have been contacted by a ~mission(Client) vessel that is in urgent need of escort from ~mission(Location) to ~mission(Destination). If hired, you would be expected to report to the rendezvous point and begin immediately. ~mission(Danger)Combat pay will be issued if enemy contact is made. 
  6026. escort_safety_desc_0003=To any available vessels with combat capabilities who are willing and ready to fly to ~mission(Location), a ~mission(Client) ship is in need of escort to ~mission(Destination). ~mission(Danger)Engaging with any enemy ships will result in hazard pay. 
  6027. escort_safety_from=~mission(Contractor)
  6028. escort_safety_location_0001=a safe point
  6029. escort_safety_location_0002=a point of safe egress
  6030. escort_safety_location_0003=their destination
  6031. escort_safety_location_0004=somewhere they can quantum from
  6032. escort_safety_obj_long_01=Rendezvous at the ~mission(Client) ship's distress beacon.
  6033. escort_safety_obj_long_02=Move into protective formation while the ship prepares to travel.
  6034. escort_safety_obj_long_03=Escort the ~mission(Client) ship to ~mission(Destination).
  6035. escort_safety_obj_marker_01=Distress Beacon
  6036. escort_safety_obj_marker_02=Protect
  6037. escort_safety_obj_opt_01=Combat Pay Bonus
  6038. escort_safety_obj_short_01=Rendezvous at Beacon
  6039. escort_safety_obj_short_02=Hold In Formation
  6040. escort_safety_obj_short_03=Escort to Safety
  6041. escort_safety_obj_short_03a=Destination
  6042. escort_safety_title=~mission(Title)
  6043. escort_safety_title_0001=Escort Contract
  6044. escort_safety_title_0002=Armed Escort Needed
  6045. escort_safety_title_0003=Extraction Needed
  6046. escort_safety_title_0004=Escort to Safety
  6047. escort_scan_ally_001=researcher
  6048. escort_scan_ally_002=miner
  6049. escort_scan_ally_003=surveyor
  6050. escort_scan_ally_004=scout
  6051. escort_scan_complexity_001=a single nav point
  6052. escort_scan_complexity_002=a single location
  6053. escort_scan_complexity_003=a scan point
  6054. escort_scan_complexity_004=a couple stops
  6055. escort_scan_complexity_005=a few locations
  6056. escort_scan_complexity_006=several navpoints
  6057. escort_scan_complexity_007=a series of stops
  6058. escort_scan_complexity_008=a series of locations
  6059. escort_scan_complexity_009=a list of navpoints
  6060. escort_scan_danger_001=Although all signs indicate a light possibility of hostile contact, please be prepared, just in case. However, in the event of enemy contact, compensation will be granted based on performance. 
  6061. escort_scan_danger_002=This route will mostly likely encounter hostiles. If engaged, combat bonuses will be paid. 
  6062. escort_scan_danger_003=Warning, this is a dangerous route with a high probability of outlaw contact. Prepare accordingly. ~mission(Contractor) is willing to offer a competitive payment for combat effectiveness. 
  6063. escort_scan_desc=~mission(Description)
  6064. escort_scan_desc_0001=~mission(Contractor) is looking for available contractors to meet up with a ~mission(Client) as soon as possible and escort them to ~mission(EscortNum). ~mission(Danger)Payment will be transferred upon the ~mission(Client)'s safe return.
  6065. escort_scan_desc_0002=NOW HIRING FOR IMMEDIATE START\n\nLooking for ~mission(EscortType) to guard a ~mission(Client) while they travel to ~mission(EscortNum). ~mission(Danger)Payment will be certified through ~mission(Contractor) and transferred upon completion.
  6066. escort_scan_desc_0003=ARMED ESCORT NEEDED. ~mission(Contractor) seeking pilots to rendezvous with a ~mission(Client) at ~mission(location) and protect them on their journey to ~mission(EscortNum). ~mission(Danger)Payment will be transferred upon contract completion. The ~mission(Client) is already en route to the rendezvous currently so punctuality is appreciated.
  6067. escort_scan_desc_0004=~mission(Contractor) wants to hire an escort to guard a ~mission(Client) while they travel to ~mission(EscortNum). Professional and punctual applicants only. Show up on time and be ready to work. Payment will be issued at the end of the job. ~mission(Danger)
  6068. escort_scan_desc_0005=~mission(Contractor) has been running scanning ops in the system and need pilots to act as a protective detail to a ~mission(Client). Escorts will rendezvous with the client at ~mission(Location) and accompany them while they survey ~mission(EscortNum). If hired, you must be ready to report for duty immediately. ~mission(Danger)Payment will be transferred when the job is complete and the ~mission(Client) is safe.
  6069. escort_scan_from=~mission(Contractor)
  6070. escort_scan_obj_display_02=Escort the Ship
  6071. escort_scan_obj_display_03=Hold until scan is complete %ls
  6072. escort_scan_obj_display_04=Protect the Ship
  6073. escort_scan_obj_long_01=Meet with the ~mission(Client)'s ship at the rendezvous beacon.
  6074. escort_scan_obj_long_02=Escort ~mission(Client) to the nav point.
  6075. escort_scan_obj_long_03=Hold until scan is complete.
  6076. escort_scan_obj_long_04=Protect ~mission(Client) against hostile forces.
  6077. escort_scan_obj_long_05=Escort ~mission(Client) to their final destination.
  6078. escort_scan_obj_marker_03=Protect
  6079. escort_scan_obj_marker_05=Destination
  6080. escort_scan_obj_opt_01=Combat Pay Bonus
  6081. escort_scan_obj_short_01=Rendezvous with Ship
  6082. escort_scan_obj_short_02=Escort the Ship
  6083. escort_scan_obj_short_03=Hold Position
  6084. escort_scan_obj_short_04=Protect the Ship
  6085. escort_scan_obj_short_05=Escort To Destination
  6086. escort_scan_title=~mission(Title)
  6087. escort_scan_title_0001=Escort Contract
  6088. escort_scan_title_0002=Armed Escort Needed
  6089. escort_scan_title_0003=Scanning Run
  6090. escort_scan_title_0004=Protection Run
  6091. escort_scan_title_0005=Need an Escort
  6092. escort_scan_type_001=security
  6093. escort_scan_type_002=a protective detail 
  6094. escort_scan_type_003=armed escorts
  6095. escort_scan_type_004=escorts
  6096. escort_scan_type_005=combat escorts
  6097. escortscan_MissionStart_Timer=Rendezvous with ~mission(Client) %ls
  6098. escortscan_obj_marker_01=Rendezvous
  6099. escortscan_obj_marker_02=Escort
  6100. escortscan_obj_marker_02a=Nav Point
  6102. EVL_GLOVES=DO NOT USE ------ (EVL) MALE GLOVES (Add new lines for gloves below here)
  6103. EVL_HATS=DO NOT USE ------ (EVL) MALE HATS (Add new lines for hats below here)
  6104. EVL_JACKETS=DO NOT USE ------ (EVL) MALE JACKETS (Add new lines for jackets below here)
  6105. EVL_PANTS=DO NOT USE ------ (EVL) MALE PANTS (Add new lines for pants below here)
  6106. EVL_SHIRTS=DO NOT USE ------ (EVL) MALE SHIRTS (Add new lines for shirts below here)
  6107. EVL_SHOES=DO NOT USE ------ (EVL) MALE SHOES (Add new lines for shoes below here)
  6108. Exit_Screen_AttractTitle_001=Inmate release terminal
  6109. Exit_Screen_Click_001=Touch to start
  6110. Exit_Screen_CriteriaMet_001=Release criteria not met
  6111. Exit_Screen_CriteriaNotMet_001=Congratulations, you are eligible for release
  6112. Exit_Screen_merit_001=Merits:
  6113. Exit_Screen_Report_001=Report for release
  6114. Exit_Screen_Report_002=Release
  6115. Exit_Screen_Report_004=wip Merit Goal
  6116. Fabric_Material_References=DO NOT USE ------ Adding Fabric Material Refs here.
  6117. Factions_Advocacy_DisplayName=Advocacy
  6118. Factions_BlacJac_DisplayName=BlacJac Security
  6119. Factions_CrusaderSecurity_DisplayName=Crusader Security
  6120. Factions_HurstonSecurity_DisplayName=Hurston Security
  6121. Factions_MTProt_DisplayName=MT Protection Services
  6122. Factions_Navy_DisplayName=UEE Navy
  6123. Factions_NineTail_DisplayName=Nine Tails
  6124. Factions_NorthRock_DisplayName=Northrock
  6125. Fashion_Styles=DO NOT USE ------ What type of CUT the item is.  (Hoodie, Vest, Slacks, Jeans, Cargo Pants, Baseball Hat, Cowboy Hat etc..)
  6126. Fashion_Types=DO NOT USE ------ What category of clothing does this fit into?
  6127. fine_terminal_cost_heading=Fine
  6128. fine_terminal_escalated=Escalated
  6129. fine_terminal_esclated=Late Fee
  6130. fine_terminal_Header=Fines
  6131. fine_terminal_icon=FAQ
  6132. fine_terminal_icon_002=X
  6133. fine_terminal_informationScreen_Info=\nHow are fines attributed to me?\nMost fines are issued directly by members of law enforcement, but some result from violations detected by ships and mobiGlas and automatically broadcast to the Emergency Communication Network (ECN) system.\n\n\nWhat sort of things can I get a fined for?\nFor a complete list of finable offenses and misdemeanors applicable in your current jurisdiction, please consult your mobiGlas.\n\n\nWhy did I receive a fine for something legal elsewhere?\nCertain jurisdictions have different laws. You should always check the legality of your cargo when entering a new jurisdiction.\n\n\nMy ship was stolen, why am I still receiving fines?\nUnless you report your vehicle stolen to law enforcement (this can be easily done at an ASOP terminal), you are still considered the legal owner of the ship and are responsible for certain crimes perpetrated by it.\n\n\nWhat are Escalated Fines?\nTo encourage prompt payment, the Office of Imperial Justice (OIJ) provides offenders a short period where newly acquired fines may be settled at a discounted rate. If payment is not made before this period expires, the fine escalates in both price and severity.\n\n\nWhat happens if I don’t pay my Escalated Fines?\nIf you accumulate enough unpaid escalated fines you will be issued a crimestat. The heavier your escalated fines, the faster this will happen. The OIJ strongly urges everyone to pay their fines regularly and on time.\n\n\nWhat if I receive a fine in error?\nIf you think you have received a fine in error, please contact the Issue Council. While mistakes are rare, we are trying to improve the system all the time and your feedback is welcome.\n
  6134. fine_terminal_informationScreen_Title=Frequently Asked Questions
  6135. fine_terminal_infraction_date=Infraction Date
  6136. fine_terminal_Infraction_Heading=Infraction
  6137. fine_terminal_infraction_location=Jurisdiction
  6138. fine_terminal_insufficientfunds_001=Insufficient Funds
  6139. fine_terminal_latewarning_001=!
  6140. fine_terminal_LoggingIn=Accessing System
  6141. fine_terminal_login_001=Login As User
  6142. fine_terminal_login_002=Login As Admin
  6143. fine_terminal_Logout=Logging Out
  6144. fine_terminal_neglect=Payment Due
  6145. fine_terminal_nofines_001=You Have No Outstanding Fines.
  6146. fine_terminal_paid_001=Paid
  6147. fine_terminal_pay_001=Pay All Fines
  6148. fine_terminal_pay_002=Pay Fine
  6149. fine_terminal_playerbalance_001=Your Balance
  6150. fine_terminal_processing=Processing Request...
  6151. fine_terminal_returning=Returning To Login
  6152. fine_terminal_time_001=HH:MM:SS
  6153. fine_terminal_time_heading=Escalation
  6154. fine_terminal_title_001=Fines & Citations Payment System
  6155. fine_terminal_total=Total
  6156. fine_terminal_totalfines_001=Total Fines
  6157. fine_terminal_unauthorised=Unauthorized Access Detected
  6158. Fines_Early=Early
  6159. Fines_Escalated=Escalated
  6160. Fines_Neglected=Neglected
  6161. FireMode_Burst=[BURST]
  6162. FireMode_Charge=[CHARGE]
  6163. FireMode_Rapid=[AUTO]
  6164. FireMode_Shotgun=[SHOTGUN]
  6165. FireMode_Single=[SEMI]
  6166. flightHUD_Label_AFB=AFB
  6167. flightHUD_Label_AUTO=AUTO
  6168. flightHUD_Label_CPLD=CPLD
  6169. flightHUD_Label_ESP=ESP
  6170. flightHUD_Label_FUEL=FUEL
  6171. flightHUD_Label_GEAR=GEAR
  6172. flightHUD_Label_GSAF=GSAF
  6173. flightHUD_Label_HOV=HOV
  6174. flightHUD_Label_HYD=HYD
  6175. flightHUD_Label_LOCK=LOCK
  6176. flightHUD_Label_QDampener_Activated=ACTIVATED
  6177. flightHUD_Label_QDampener_Deactivated=DEACTIVATED
  6178. flightHUD_Label_QDampener_Green_Zone=Q DAMPENER DEACTIVATED (GREEN ZONE)
  6179. flightHUD_Label_QDampener_Title=QUANTUM DAMPENER
  6180. flightHUD_Label_QSnare_Charging=QUANTUM SNARE CHARGING
  6181. flightHUD_Label_QSnare_Cooldown=PLEASE WAIT — COOLING
  6182. flightHUD_Label_QSnare_Discharging=QUANTUM SNARE DISCHARGING
  6183. flightHUD_Label_QSnare_Green_Zone=Q SNARE DEACTIVATED (GREEN ZONE)
  6184. flightHUD_Label_QSnare_Initiated=QUANTUM SNARE INITIATED
  6185. flightHUD_Label_QSnare_Offline=QUANTUM SNARE OFFLINE
  6186. flightHUD_Label_QSnare_Ready=QUANTUM SNARE READY
  6187. flightHUD_Label_QSnare_Tethering=QUANTUM SNARE ACTIVATED
  6188. flightHUD_Label_QUA=QUA
  6189. flightHUD_Label_TARG=TARG
  6190. flightHUD_Label_TERM=TERM
  6191. flightHUD_Label_THRUST=THRUST
  6192. flightHUD_Label_VelMetersPerSec=VEL M/S
  6193. FLOOR_Flair_Items=--------------- Floor Flair Items - Dev Use Only ------------------------
  6194. FPS_AI_Description=*WIP* Pirates have been reported to have taken an outpost, we need somebody to secure it again
  6195. FPS_AI_From=*WIP* Edward Fuller
  6196. FPS_AI_Obj_Long_01=*WIP* Go to the outpost
  6197. FPS_AI_Obj_Long_02=*WIP* Eliminate the Pirates
  6198. FPS_AI_Obj_Marker_01=*WIP* Outpost
  6199. FPS_AI_Obj_Marker_02=*WIP* Eliminate the Pirates
  6200. FPS_AI_Obj_Short_01=*WIP* Go to the outpost
  6201. FPS_AI_Obj_Short_02=*WIP* Eliminate the Pirates
  6202. FPS_AI_Title=*WIP* Outpost Lost to Pirates
  6203. fps_ammo_Notification=+ %i %s ammo
  6204. fps_assassin_desc=~mission(Description)
  6205. fps_assassin_from=~mission(Contractor)
  6206. fps_assassin_title=~mission(Title)
  6207. fps_NoReward=No Reward
  6208. FPSPVEVS_EasyScenario_Objective01=Kill pirates.
  6209. FPSPVEVS_EasyScenario_Objective01_Desc=Kill all the pirates on the asteroid base.
  6210. FPSPVEVS_Mission_Desc=[PH] UEE forces really want to capture this sweet asteroid base. 
  6211. FPSPVEVS_Mission_Title=Assault The Asteroid Base
  6212. frontend_Accept=Accept
  6213. frontend_Cancel=Cancel
  6214. frontend_CharacterCustomization=Character Customization
  6215. frontend_CharacterCustomizationDescription=Select a category to view adjustable properties.
  6216. Frontend_CheckboxEquip=Equip Rental Item
  6217. Frontend_CheckboxRenew=Auto-Renew
  6218. Frontend_CompareItem=Compare Item
  6219. Frontend_CompareShip=Compare Ship
  6220. Frontend_ConfirmRental=Confirm Rental
  6221. Frontend_Continue=Continue Last Save
  6222. Frontend_Equip=Equip Item
  6223. Frontend_Equipped=Equipped
  6224. Frontend_ExtendRental=Extend Rental
  6225. frontend_GoBack=Go Back
  6226. Frontend_ItemRented=Item Rented
  6227. Frontend_ItemSelectionText=Select an item from the left to view its details.
  6228. Frontend_LabelCost=Cost /week:
  6229. Frontend_LabelCurrentBalance=Current Balance:
  6230. Frontend_LabelCurrentQuantity=Quantity
  6231. Frontend_LabelFinalBalance=Final Balance:
  6232. Frontend_LabelQuantity=Quantity:
  6233. Frontend_LabelRentalPeriod=Rental Period:
  6234. Frontend_LevelSelect=Level Select
  6235. Frontend_LoadSave=Load Save
  6236. Frontend_login_queue_position=You are currently in a queue to enter the game server, your position in the queue is %i
  6237. Frontend_NewGame=New Game
  6238. Frontend_OEM=OEM
  6239. Frontend_Options=
  6240. Frontend_PartyInviteMessage=%S has invited you to join a party. Press ~action(ui_notification|ui_notification_accept) to join or ~action(ui_notification|ui_notification_decline) to decline.
  6241. frontend_ProfileSelect=Profile Select
  6242. frontend_ProfileSelectDescription=Please select a character profile.
  6243. Frontend_Rent=Rent
  6244. Frontend_Rental=Rental
  6245. Frontend_RentalHeader=Rental Items
  6246. Frontend_RentalPricePeriod=/week
  6247. Frontend_Rented=Rented
  6248. Frontend_RentItem=Rent Item
  6249. Frontend_RentShip=Rent Ship
  6250. frontend_ResetCharacter=Reset Character
  6251. frontend_Revert=Revert
  6252. frontend_Select=Select
  6253. Frontend_Selected=Selected
  6254. Frontend_SelectItem=Select Item
  6255. Frontend_SelectRentShip=Select/Rent Ship
  6256. Frontend_SelectShip=Select Ship
  6257. Frontend_ShipCustomization=Ship Customization
  6258. Frontend_ShipRentalHeader=Rental Ships
  6259. Frontend_ShipRented=Ship Rented
  6260. Frontend_ShipSelect=Ship Rental/Select
  6261. Frontend_ShipSelectionText=Select a ship from the left to view its details.
  6262. Frontend_Unequip=Unequip Item
  6263. FTL_Courier=[COURIER] FTL Assignment
  6264. FTL_Danger_001=Due to this being a potentially riskier route, please ensure that you do not allow hostiles to delay the contract's completion. 
  6265. FTL_Danger_002=Since this route may take you through hostile areas, plan accordingly. 
  6266. FTL_Danger_003=With this route in particular, several other FTL contractors have encountered hostiles in the past. We trust that you'll be appropriately prepared. 
  6267. FTL_Danger_004=It is recommended that you select something with ready defensive capabilities owing to this route's higher than average risk assessment. 
  6268. FTL_Danger_005=Be aware that this run takes you through a route with a higher risk rating. We trust that you will see to it that you are delayed for any reason, including hostiles. 
  6269. FTL_Data=[DATA] FTL Assignment
  6270. FTL_delivery_desc_0001=ATTENTION ALL FTL COURIERS\nNEW RUN AVAILABLE FOR IMMEDIATE ASSIGNMENT\n\n**CONTRACT DETAILS** \n\nPICKUP LOCATION - The shipment is waiting for collection at ~mission(Location|Address). \n\nDROPOFF LOCATION - It will need to be delivered to ~mission(Destination|Address). \n\nDELIVERY WINDOW - ~mission(Contractor|Timed)\n\nTRAVEL - All transportation needs should be arranged by courier. ~mission(Contractor|Danger)\n\n~mission(Contractor|SignOff)
  6271. FTL_delivery_desc_intro=FTL COURIER SERVICES IS HIRING!\n\nAre you a committed, industrious and punctual individual who enjoys travel and is looking to work independently? \nIf your answer is yes, then FTL Courier Services may have the ideal opportunity for you!\n\nHandling over a billion collections and deliveries every year, FTL has been consistently rated the Empire's most trusted courier service by providing businesses and consumers a safe and reliable way to send and receive their shipments wherever, whenever.\n\nTo make all this happen, FTL contracts with thousands of self-employed couriers across every system in the UEE and we are currently looking for new people to join our ranks. \n\nFTL offers:\n* Great earning potential based on how many deliveries you complete.\n* Convenience of selecting only the routes that appeal to you. Stay local or explore father, the choice is yours.\n* Flexibility to accept multiple contracts, even from other companies. With our non-exclusive employment agreements, we leave it up to you to maximize your schedule.\n \nIn order to apply you’ll need:\n* Your own means of insured travel.\n* The right to work in the UEE and no current CrimeStat rating.\n* Excellent time management skills and the ability to plan your own travel routes.\n* Successful completion of the below Employment Evaluation.\n\nEMPLOYMENT EVALUATION\nTo make sure that you're a good fit for our company, we would like to see you in action! This trial contract will have you collect a package from ~mission(Location|Address) and deliver it to ~mission(Destination|Address). ~mission(Contractor|Timed)This is a paid evaluation. Participation is not a guarantee of any future work with FTL or FTL associates.\n\nDon’t wait! Complete your Employment Evaluation today and start your journey with FTL Courier Services.
  6272. FTL_delivery_title_001=FTL Courier Assignment
  6273. FTL_delivery_title_intro=FTL Courier Employment Evaluation
  6274. FTL_Haulage=[HAULAGE] FTL Assignment
  6275. FTL_LightGoods=[LIGHT GOODS] FTL Assignment
  6276. FTL_SignOff_001=Good luck and good speed, courier! 
  6277. FTL_SignOff_002=And remember, at FTL Courier Services we always try our best to deliver the best! 
  6278. FTL_SignOff_003=Thanks for helping FTL remain the #1 courier service in the Empire! 
  6279. FTL_SignOff_004=And don't forget, you are representing FTL! A smile and a kind word are some of the best tools a courier can have. 
  6280. FTL_SignOff_005=We hope you have a speedy and safe journey! 
  6281. FTL_Timed_001=The delivery must be made before the deadline expires. 
  6282. FTL_Timed_002=Be sure to make note of the deadline. Prompt contract fulfillment is very important to FTL. 
  6283. FTL_Timed_003=This is an urgent contract and must be completed before the deadline. No exceptions. 
  6284. FTL_Timed_004=Punctuality is an important part of FTL's renowned customer service. Be sure to adhere to the stated deadline. 
  6285. FTL_Timed_005=This is an FTL 'Sprint' order with a tight deadline. Keep an eye on the clock to make sure you finish on time. 
  6286. garage_01=Garage 01
  6287. garage_02=Garage 02
  6288. garage_03=Garage 03
  6289. garage_04=Garage 04
  6290. garage_05=Garage 05
  6291. garage_06=Garage 06
  6292. garage_07=Garage 07
  6293. garage_08=Garage 08
  6294. garage_09=Garage 09
  6295. garage_10=Garage 10
  6296. garage_11=Garage 11
  6297. garage_12=Garage 12
  6298. garage_13=Garage 13
  6299. garage_14=Garage 14
  6300. garage_15=Garage 15
  6301. garage_16=Garage 16
  6302. GarethWIP_CaveMission=CAVE MISSION
  6303. GarethWIP_CaveMissionAssa_Stanton1=CAVE MISSION ASSA STANTON1
  6304. GarethWIP_CaveMissionAssa_Stanton1b=CAVE MISSION ASSA STANTON1B
  6305. GarethWIP_CaveMissionAssa_Stanton2b=CAVE MISSION ASSA STANTON2B
  6306. GarethWIP_CaveMissionBounty_Stanton1=CAVE MISSION BOUNTY STANTON1
  6307. GarethWIP_CaveMissionBounty_Stanton1b=CAVE MISSION BOUNTY STANTON1b
  6308. GarethWIP_CaveMissionBounty_Stanton2b=CAVE MISSION BOUNTY STANTON2b
  6309. GarethWIP_CaveMissionClearAll_Stanton1=CAVE MISSION CLEAR ALL STANTON1
  6310. GarethWIP_CaveMissionClearAll_Stanton1b=CAVE MISSION CLEAR ALL STANTON1B
  6311. GarethWIP_CaveMissionClearAll_Stanton2b=CAVE MISSION CLEAR ALL STANTON2B
  6312. GarethWIP_CaveName=Cave
  6313. Gathering_Desc=Gather some things. Might be crates, might be data. Who knows?! [WIP]
  6314. Gathering_MissionGiver=The Gathering Gang [WIP]
  6315. Gathering_Objective_01_Long=First Objective Long [WIP]
  6316. Gathering_Objective_01_Short=First Objective Short [WIP]
  6317. Gathering_Objective_02_Long=Second Objective Long [WIP]
  6318. Gathering_Objective_02_Short=Second Objective Short [WIP]
  6319. Gathering_Objective_02_Timer=Download Remaining: %ls [WIP]
  6320. Gathering_Title=A Gathering Mission [WIP]
  6321. generic_go_down=Go Down
  6322. generic_go_up=Go Up
  6323. generic_locations_blank=
  6324. generic_lower_floor=Lower Floor
  6325. generic_upper_floor=Upper Floor
  6326. GenResponse_cant_right_now=I can't right now.
  6327. GenResponse_LookingForMoreWork=Got any more work?
  6328. GenResponse_LookingForWork=I'm looking for work.
  6329. global_terminal_date_001=Date
  6330. global_terminal_login_001=Login
  6331. global_terminal_logout_001=Logout
  6332. global_title_001=Please use this folder for all globally available strings, they will be included in the live build
  6333. Goss=Goss System
  6334. Goss_Desc=Generally regarded as one of the most visually stunning parts of the Empire, Goss is a binary star system situated near the massive stellar phenomenon known as the Olympus Pool. Consequently, the bulk of the system's economy comes from tourism, but Gossians pride themselves on being self sufficient as the system produces its raw materials internally, mining and harvesting resources on their own.\n
  6335. Goss_JumpPoint_Helios=Goss - Helios Jump Point
  6336. Goss_JumpPoint_Helios_Desc=This jump point connects Goss to the Helios system.
  6337. Goss_JumpPoint_Osiris=Goss - Osiris Jump Point
  6338. Goss_JumpPoint_Osiris_Desc=This jump point connects Goss to the Osiris system which is protected by the Fair Chance Act.
  6339. Goss_JumpPoint_Tayac=Goss - Tayac Jump Point
  6340. Goss_JumpPoint_Tayac_Desc=This jump point connects Goss to the Tayac system.
  6341. Goss_JumpPoint_Terra=Goss - Terra Jump Point
  6342. Goss_JumpPoint_Terra_Desc=This jump point connects Goss to the Terra system.
  6343. Goss_JumpPoint_Tyrol=Goss - Tyrol Jump Point
  6344. Goss_JumpPoint_Tyrol_Desc=This jump point connects Goss to the unclaimed Tyrol system.
  6345. Goss_Star1=Goss A
  6346. Goss_Star1_Desc=A class-K main sequence star that is part of a binary pairing with Goss B.
  6347. Goss_Star2=Goss B
  6348. Goss_Star2_Desc=A class-K main sequence star that is part of a binary pairing with Goss A.
  6349. Goss1=Goss I
  6350. Goss1_Desc=The abundant farmlands that cover most of this planet's massive mono-continent are used to exclusively feed the large population on neighboring planet, Cassel. \n
  6351. Goss2=Cassel
  6352. Goss2_Desc=Hundreds of millions of tourists from all over the universe come to visit the beautiful coastlines of this biodiverse world. \n
  6353. Goss3=Goss III
  6354. Goss3_Desc=Access to this large sub-tropical world is restricted to those who receive clearance from the military base on its surface. \n
  6355. goupbounty_obj_long_02=Once located, all the members of the wanted organization must be neutralized.
  6356. goupbounty_obj_short_01=Locate Bounties
  6357. goupbounty_obj_short_02=Neutralize Bounties: %ls 
  6358. GraceWarnings_NoFly_001=Restricted Area, Alter Flight Path
  6359. GraceWarnings_NoFly_002=No Public Access, Change Course Now
  6360. GraceWarnings_Trespassing_001=Private Property, Please Leave
  6361. GraceWarnings_Trespassing_002=Trespassers Will Be Prosecuted, Vacate Now
  6362. GraceWarnings_Trespassing1stDegree_001=Government Property, No Trespassing
  6363. GraceWarnings_Trespassing1stDegree_002=WARNING: Felony Trespassing, Leave Now
  6364. GraceWarnings_Velocity_001=Halt Current Velocity: %im/s
  6365. Greeter_EndConversation=That's All
  6366. Greeter_RequestInfo_City=Ask About the City
  6367. Greeter_RequestInfo_Greeter=Ask About the Greeter
  6368. Greeter_RequestInfo_Location=Ask About the Location
  6369. Greeter_RequestInfo_Planet=Ask About the Planet
  6370. Greeter_RequestJoke=Ask for Joke
  6371. group_add_to_contacts=Add to Contacts
  6372. group_add_to_party=Invite to Party
  6373. group_block=Block
  6374. group_disband_group=Disband Group
  6375. group_invite_accept=Invite
  6376. group_invite_group_to_party=Invite Group to Party
  6377. group_invite_select_channel=Select A Channel
  6378. group_invite_to_selected_group=Invite to Channel
  6379. group_kick_from_group=Kick from Group
  6380. group_kick_from_party=Kick from Party
  6381. group_leave_group=Leave Group
  6382. group_leave_party=Leave Party
  6383. group_make_group_leader=Make Group Leader
  6384. group_make_party_leader=Make Party Leader
  6385. group_mute_player=Mute Player
  6386. group_out_of_range=Out of Range
  6387. group_remove_from_contacts=Remove from Contacts
  6388. group_unmute_player=Unmute Player
  6389. GroupBounty_007=
  6390. groupbounty_desc=~mission(Contractor|GroupBountyDescription)
  6391. groupbounty_from=~mission(Contractor|GroupBountyFrom)
  6392. groupbounty_marker_01a=~mission(Target1)
  6393. groupbounty_marker_01b=~mission(Target2)
  6394. groupbounty_marker_01c=~mission(Target3)
  6395. groupbounty_marker_01d=Neutralize
  6396. groupbounty_obj_long_01=Search for the wanted organization's members' current locations. Bounties hiding in unmonitored areas will need to be tracked down via scanning or reactivating comm arrays.
  6397. groupbounty_subobj_short_01a=Locate ~mission(Target1)
  6398. groupbounty_subobj_short_01b=Locate ~mission(Target2)
  6399. groupbounty_subobj_short_01c=Locate ~mission(Target3)
  6400. groupbounty_subobj_short_02a=Neutralize ~mission(Target1)
  6401. groupbounty_subobj_short_02b=Neutralize ~mission(Target2)
  6402. groupbounty_subobj_short_02c=Neutralize ~mission(Target3)
  6403. groupbounty_title=~mission(Contractor|GroupBountyTitle)
  6404. hack_prevent_desc=~mission(Contractor|HackPreventDescription)
  6405. hack_prevent_from=~mission(Contractor|HackPreventFrom)
  6406. hack_prevent_logout_display_01=Terminate Unauthorized Access at ~mission(Location) 
  6407. hack_prevent_logout_marker_01=Terminate Access
  6408. hack_prevent_logout_obj_long_01=Manually terminate the unauthorized maintenance control panel access at ~mission(Location). 
  6409. hack_prevent_logout_obj_short_01=Terminate Unauthorized Access
  6410. hack_prevent_obj_display_01=Prevent Hack at ~mission(Location)
  6411. hack_prevent_obj_long_01=Prevent hackers from accessing the system at ~mission(Location).
  6412. hack_prevent_obj_marker_01=Prevent Hack
  6413. hack_prevent_obj_short_01=Prevent Hack
  6414. hack_prevent_repair_display_01=%ls to Restore Uplink
  6415. hack_prevent_title=~mission(Contractor|HackPreventTitle)
  6416. hack_program_Abort=Abort
  6417. hack_program_Aborting=Aborting...
  6418. hack_program_AuthN=Cancel
  6419. hack_program_AuthY=Continue
  6420. hack_program_BlockedDesc=Security Protocol Override
  6421. hack_program_BlockedDesc_002=User Verification Required In
  6422. hack_program_BlockedTitle=Progress Halted
  6423. hack_program_BlockTime=10
  6424. hack_program_BootScreen=Cryptokey Initiated
  6425. hack_program_CloseWindow=Exit Cryptokey
  6426. hack_program_CloseWindow2=Exit
  6427. hack_program_confirm_abort=Do you wish to proceed?
  6428. hack_program_ExternalConnection=WIP Hacking External Connection
  6429. hack_program_Failed=Unable to Access System
  6430. hack_program_Failed2=DATA TRANSFER TERMINATED
  6431. hack_program_HackInProgress=Attempting to Access System
  6432. hack_program_HackInProgress2=ENCRYPTED STORAGE ACCESSED
  6433. hack_program_hackresult_001=Cryptokey Failure
  6434. hack_program_hackresult_002=Cryptokey Success
  6435. hack_program_hackresult_003=UPLOAD MANAGER
  6436. hack_program_HackSucess=System Access Granted
  6437. hack_program_HackSucess2=DATA TRANSFER COMPLETE
  6438. hack_program_SelfDistruct=Destroying Cryptokey...
  6439. hack_program_Stage1=Establishing Admin Connection
  6440. hack_program_Stage2=Assessing Security Protocols
  6441. hack_program_Stage3=Configuring Data Parameters
  6442. hack_program_stage4=Generating Temporary Passkey
  6443. hack_program_Stage5=DATA TRANSFER IN PROGRESS
  6444. hack_program_warning=Warning: Cryptokey Will Be Lost
  6445. hack_program_warning2=Warning: Data transfer will be cancelled
  6446. Hadrian=Hadrian System
  6447. Hadrian_AsteroidBelt1=Hadrian Belt Alpha
  6448. Hadrian_AsteroidBelt1_Desc=Located near a jump point, there are still some undetonated anti-ship mines lurking about in here lingering from the cold war. As such, the asteroids were never mined, so daring miners will risk it. A path between the Terra jump point and the remaining jumps was cleared through the belt (buoys were placed to make sure people stayed on the path).\n
  6449. Hadrian_Desc=Known as "No Man's Land", Hadrian's location near Xi'an space made it a militarily strategic system during the cold war. Now it is famous for being a main shipping checkpoint between the UEE and Xi'an Empire. Travelers are advised to stay in the system's safe space lanes, which are demarcated by buoys. Those who ignore the space lanes are liable to encounter unexploded anti-ship mines left over from the cold war.\n
  6450. Hadrian_Flotilla=Kedsu Reef
  6451. Hadrian_Flotilla_Desc=On the lagrange point of Hadrian II, there's a mini-mall cluster of former military stations that have been converted into a massive bazaar. Some newer trade stations have opened in recent years as the site has become a mecca of trade to the Xi'an.
  6452. Hadrian_JumpPoint_Castra=Hadrian - Castra Jump Point
  6453. Hadrian_JumpPoint_Castra_Desc=This jump point connects Hadrian to the Castra system.
  6454. Hadrian_JumpPoint_Gurzil=Hadrian - Gurzil Jump Point
  6455. Hadrian_JumpPoint_Gurzil_Desc=This jump point connects Hadrian to the Gurzil system.
  6456. Hadrian_JumpPoint_Kiel=Hadrian - Kiel Jump Point
  6457. Hadrian_JumpPoint_Kiel_Desc=This jump point connects Hadrian to the Kiel system.
  6458. Hadrian_JumpPoint_Oya=Hadrian - Oya Jump Point
  6459. Hadrian_JumpPoint_Oya_Desc=This jump point connects Hadrian to the Oya system.
  6460. Hadrian_JumpPoint_Pyro=Hadrian - Pyro Jump Point
  6461. Hadrian_JumpPoint_Pyro_Desc=This jump point connects Hadrian to the unclaimed Pyro system.
  6462. Hadrian_JumpPoint_Terra=Hadrian - Terra Jump Point
  6463. Hadrian_JumpPoint_Terra_Desc=This jump point connects Hadrian to the Terra system.
  6464. Hadrian_Star=Hadrian
  6465. Hadrian_Star_Desc=A class-M red giant star.
  6466. Hadrian1=Hadrian I
  6467. Hadrian1_Desc=A gas planet with a rocky core, Hadrian I's atmosphere is too volatile to terraform.\n
  6468. Hadrian2=Hadrian II
  6469. Hadrian2_Desc=A Class III gas giant, Hadrian II is a featureless blue globe.
  6470. Hadrian3=The Watcher
  6471. Hadrian3_Desc=Nicknamed "the Watcher" thanks to the large dark spot in the planet's otherwise pale color, Hadrian III is a massive ice giant on the fringe of the system.\n
  6472. hangar_01=Hangar 01
  6473. hangar_02=Hangar 02
  6474. hangar_03=Hangar 03
  6475. hangar_04=Hangar 04
  6476. hangar_05=Hangar 05
  6477. hangar_06=Hangar 06
  6478. hangar_07=Hangar 07
  6479. hangar_08=Hangar 08
  6480. hangar_09=Hangar 09
  6481. hangar_10=Hangar 10
  6482. hangar_11=Hangar 11
  6483. hangar_12=Hangar 12
  6484. hangar_13=Hangar 13
  6485. hangar_14=Hangar 14
  6486. hangar_15=Hangar 15
  6487. hangar_16=Hangar 16
  6488. hangar_17=Hangar 17
  6489. hangar_18=Hangar 18
  6490. hangar_19=Hangar 19
  6491. hangar_20=Hangar 20
  6492. hdactivist_assassination_danger_001=Don't take this target lightly. There's a reason Hurston's relied on them to do so much dirty work. 
  6493. hdactivist_assassination_danger_002=You're going after one vicious bastard, so best come prepared. 
  6494. hdactivist_assassination_danger_003=I'd recommend hitting them hard and fast before they have a chance to comm for backup. 
  6495. hdactivist_assassination_danger_004=Watch out for this one. 'Mercy' isn't part of their vocabulary. 
  6496. hdactivist_assassination_desc_001=To anyone who knows Hurston's recent history, they know that ~mission(TargetName) is responsible for some truly vicious crimes against the honest men and women who are trying to improve worker conditions on Hurston. Time and time again, they have acted well outside the bounds of UEE law but, of course, Hurston denies that ~mission(TargetName|Last) has anything to do with these crimes and refuses to even investigate them. This miscarriage of justice means that we must take matters into our own hands. \n\nRecently, an insider sympathetic to our cause says ~mission(TargetName|Last) can be found around ~mission(Location). I will happily pass along this information, and a substantial payday, to anyone willing to bring vengeance upon them. ~mission(Danger)~mission(Contractor|Timed) \n\n** Ex Malo Bonum **
  6497. hdactivist_assassination_desc_002=Any chance you've heard of ~mission(TargetName)? Hurston recently promoted this bloodthirsty thug to a special task force that makes dissidents disappear. ~mission(TargetName|Last) has proven to be quite effective and even taken a perverse pleasure in the new position. It's obvious that the universe would be better off if ~mission(TargetName|Last) was taken down.\n\n~mission(Danger)I managed to get a hold of their latest deployment orders. Could be useful when tracking down the target. \n\n~mission(Contractor|Timed) \n\n** Ex Malo Bonum **
  6498. hdactivist_assassination_desc_003=Let's just say the less you know about this one the better. We want you to find and eliminate a Hurston lackey named ~mission(TargetName). ~mission(Danger) \n\nDetails containing their last known sighting around ~mission(Location) will be provided. ~mission(Contractor|Timed) \n\n** Ex Malo Bonum **
  6499. hdactivist_assassination_timed_001=Word spreads fast around here. Don't wait too long on this, or you might lose the element of surprise. 
  6500. hdactivist_assassination_timed_002=For the sake of the movement, it's vital this gets done soon. 
  6501. hdactivist_assassination_timed_003=There's chatter that ~mission(TargetName|Last) is planning something big. You've got to stop them before it's too late. 
  6502. hdactivist_assassination_timed_004=We need you to move fast on this. Who knows what the target is working on. 
  6503. hdactivist_assassination_title_001=Real Criminal Justice
  6504. hdactivist_assassination_title_002=Level the Playing Field
  6505. hdactivist_assassination_title_003=Retribution
  6506. hdactivist_basesweep_danger_001=They aren't expecting you, but don't think for a second this is going to be easy. Those bastards love to fight. 
  6507. hdactivist_basesweep_danger_002=Make sure you have more than enough ammo. There's no way to know how many of 'em will be down there. 
  6508. hdactivist_basesweep_danger_003=Make sure you're armed up and prepared for war. 
  6509. hdactivist_basesweep_danger_004=I'm not gonna lie, this will get bloody, but that's what we have to do to secure our future. 
  6510. hdactivist_basesweep_desc_001=Recently, Hurston security forces have been increasingly more violent to anyone voicing opposition to their authority. We've tried all legal channels, but it seems that an equally aggressive response will be the only way they'll hear us. I'm looking to pay someone to deliver that message.\n\nWe've learned that security forces have been operating out of ~mission(Location). I'll send you the coordinates. You go in and clear it out. ~mission(Contractor|BaseSweepDanger)\n\nHopefully there will be a day where we can resolve this through rational discourse, but they've made it clear that it is not today.\n\n** Ex Malo Bonum **
  6511. hdactivist_basesweep_desc_002=Looking for a heavy hitter interested in some serious action. ~mission(Location) is crawling with corrupt, armed assholes working for Hurston. I need them gone, pronto. Don't care how you handle it, only that it gets done. ~mission(Contractor|Danger) \n\nDo this right and you'll be compensated accordingly.\n\n** Ex Malo Bonum **
  6512. hdactivist_basesweep_desc_003=If you found this, it's probably safe to say that you have an axe to grind with Hurston. I don't know about you, but I'm sick and tired of waiting for things to magically get better. What we need are bold actions to show Hurston that the status quo must go. \n\nThat's why I dug up some info about ~mission(Location). It's where corporate thugs hang out and plan their attacks on the people of Hurston. Clearing that location would send a bold message to Corporate that we're willing to fight fire with fire. You interested? \n\nIt'll be dangerous, but you'll be paid well. ~mission(Contractor|BaseSweepDanger) \n\n** Ex Malo Bonum **
  6513. hdactivist_basesweep_desc_004=We got intel on ~mission(Location) that says it's staffed with corporate thugs. We aren't just going to sit around and wait for them to crack down on our brothers and sisters who are just trying to make Hurston a better place to live. I don't have the skills to handle this type of op, but I've got the creds to fund it. Interested? \n\nShould go without saying, but this job will be highly dangerous. ~mission(Contractor|BaseSweep)A lot of good people will get hurt if someone doesn't stop them.\n\n** Ex Malo Bonum **
  6514. hdactivist_basesweep_desc_005=Looking for someone who's willing to fight for what's right. For far too long Hurston has used violence to keep its people in line. Now it's time to show them that their intimidation tactics won't go unanswered.\n\nI've recently obtained intel that's identified ~mission(Location) as being key to their security operations. Anyone willing to clear out the location will be doing the people of Hurston a great service. It'll be risky, but I'll also make sure you're paid well for your trouble. ~mission(Contractor|BaseSweep) \n\n** Ex Malo Bonum **
  6515. hdactivist_basesweep_remaining=Hostiles Remaining: %ls
  6516. hdactivist_basesweep_title_001=Force For Good
  6517. hdactivist_basesweep_title_002=Righteous Raid
  6518. hdactivist_basesweep_title_003=Call To Arms
  6519. hdactivist_basesweep_title_004=Time For Action
  6520. hdactivist_from=X
  6521. hdactivist_stealfromship_outlaw_desc_001=One of the smugglers we work with on occasion, ~mission(TargetName), refuses to complete our arranged delivery unless we triple our agreed-upon payment. As you can imagine, we can't allow their greed to endanger the movement, nor can we afford to pay their unreasonable demands. \n\nInstead, we're hopeful that you'll be able to track them down for us and forcefully retrieve our rightful property. Once you successfully bring the shipment to ~mission(Destination), we will gladly give you the credits we had originally promised ~mission(TargetName|Last). \n\n\n** Ex Malo Bonum **
  6522. hdactivist_stealfromship_outlaw_desc_002=Recently, one of our much needed supply runs got hit by an outlaw. Before our hauler died, they managed to confirm the identity of their attacker - ~mission(TargetName).\n\nWe need you to hunt this bastard down and take back what's ours. And of course we'll pay you for delivering the supplies to ~mission(Destination).\n\n\n** Ex Malo Bonum **
  6523. hdactivist_stealfromship_outlaw_desc_003=~mission(TargetName) betrayed us. \n\nAn important shipment we had smuggled in to ~mission(Destination) went missing a few days ago and we were finally able to track it down. One of our operatives, ~mission(TargetName|Last), had stolen it.\n\nWe need that traitor tacked down and the shipment brought back. Do whatever you need to. \n\n\n** Ex Malo Bonum **
  6524. hdactivist_stealfromship_outlaw_desc_004=Hurston Security is taking active action to cut off our supply routes. They're even turning a blind eye to outlaws in the area as long as it's our ships being attacked. We need to respond before our resources are completely cut off. \n\nWe've been able to track down the location of one of these outlaws, ~mission(TargetName). Bring the stolen goods aboard their ship back to ~mission(Destination). I don't expect ~mission(TargetName|Last) will give it up without a fight.\n\nHopefully this'll show Hurston that we will not back down.\n\n\n** Ex Malo Bonum **
  6525. hdactivist_stealfromship_outlaw_title_001=Restocking Supplies
  6526. hdactivist_stealitem_danger_001=Things could get dangerous. Gear up just in case. 
  6527. hdactivist_stealitem_danger_002=Watch yourself out there. Pretty sure Hurston will do whatever it takes to keep us from getting this thing. 
  6528. hdactivist_stealitem_danger_003=Fair warning, but security might be at the site. If they come after you, do what's necessary to get that crate. 
  6529. hdactivist_stealitem_danger_004=As always, a gig like this can be dangerous. So plan for the worst, hope for the best, right? 
  6530. hdactivist_stealitem_danger_005=Be careful. Security could be all over that location. 
  6531. hdactivist_stealitem_desc_001=Got information on the location of a certain package that would greatly help our cause. We're looking for someone willing to hit up ~mission(Location), retrieve the item, and deliver it to ~mission(Destination). Interested? \n\n~mission(Contractor|Timed)~mission(Contractor|Danger)\n\n** Ex Malo Bonum **
  6532. hdactivist_stealitem_desc_002=Want to support a good cause and earn some solid creds? \n\nIf so, then help us get our hands on specific crate that's supposed to be in ~mission(Location). If you find the crate and bring it to ~mission(Destination), I'll make it worth your while. ~mission(Contractor|Danger) \n\n~mission(Contractor|Timed) \n\n** Ex Malo Bonum **
  6533. hdactivist_stealitem_desc_003=There's a growing movement focused on making Hurston a better place and we need some help. We've been tracking a certain item for some time that could help our cause in multiple ways. With Hurston's recent escalation of oppression, we believe now is the time to acquire it for ourselves, but with security forces watching our every move, we need someone else to collect it from ~mission(Location). \n\nIf you bring the crate to ~mission(Destination), we'll pay you a price commensurate with your troubles. ~mission(Contractor|Danger)~mission(Contractor|Timed)  \n\n** Ex Malo Bonum **
  6534. hdactivist_stealitem_desc_004=Recently, Hurston fabricated charges against a hauler working for us in order to confiscate a very important delivery. Their actions aren't legal, even by Hurston standards, but they don't care and we can't wait attain it through legal channels. That's why I'm looking to pay someone to do it for us.\n\nAn insider who's sympathetic to our cause claims it ended up in ~mission(Location). I'll send you the exact coordinates. ~mission(Contractor|Timed) \n\nOnce you have the crate, bring it to ~mission(Destination) and I'll transfer the creds. ~mission(Contractor|Danger) \n\n** Ex Malo Bonum **
  6535. hdactivist_stealitem_desc_005=The Lorville customs office claims to have lost a crate that was being sent to us by a prominent supporter outside the system. I've got it on good authority that's a lie. Those Hurston bastards simply seized it to mess with us. I can't let this injustice stand and hope you're willing to help right this wrong.\n\nI just got word that they moved the crate to ~mission(Location). I need someone to find this thing and bring it to ~mission(Destination). ~mission(Contractor|Timed)~mission(Contractor|Danger)I'll make sure you're paid well for all your trouble.\n\n** Ex Malo Bonum **
  6536. hdactivist_stealitem_desc_006=I need your help. An old friend was desperate for work, so I threw him a gig hauling a valuable item for us. Turns out he had an active crime stat, and Hurston Security arrested him before he could make the delivery. Now I'm in hot water. That crate needs to get to ~mission(Destination) or I'm screwed.\n\nI pulled a few strings and discovered that the cargo actually ended up in ~mission(Location). I'll pay you if you can retrieve it for me and make the delivery. ~mission(Contractor|Danger)~mission(Contractor|Timed) \n\n** Ex Malo Bonum**
  6537. hdactivist_stealitem_destination_001=a hideout on Hurston
  6538. hdactivist_stealitem_destination_002=a safe spot on Arial
  6539. hdactivist_stealitem_destination_003=a discreet spot on Aberdeen
  6540. hdactivist_stealitem_destination_004=a secure facility on Magda
  6541. hdactivist_stealitem_destination_005=a secret site on Ita
  6542. hdactivist_stealitem_location_001=a debris field
  6543. hdactivist_stealitem_location_002=a wrecked ship
  6544. hdactivist_stealitem_location_003=a Hurston facility
  6545. hdactivist_stealitem_location_004=an underground facility
  6546. hdactivist_stealitem_timed_001=Don't drag your heels. Who knows how long that crate will be there. 
  6547. hdactivist_stealitem_timed_002=I can't stress how important it is that you get this shipment to us. 
  6548. hdactivist_stealitem_timed_003=The clock's ticking on this contract. We need this thing as soon as possible. 
  6549. hdactivist_stealitem_timed_004=Need it sooner rather than later. 
  6550. hdactivist_stealitem_timed_005=Hopefully, this thing isn't already gone. Better hurry up and find out. 
  6551. hdactivist_stealitem_title_001=Civil Forfeiture
  6552. hdactivist_stealitem_title_002=Appropriate Crate
  6553. hdactivist_stealitem_title_003=Procure Package
  6554. hdactivist_stealitem_title_004=Retrieve Item
  6555. Heads_Male_01=Face 01
  6556. Heads_Male_02=Face 02
  6557. Heads_Male_03=Face 03
  6558. Heads_Male_04=Face 04
  6559. Heads_Male_05=Face 05
  6560. Heads_Male_06=Face 06
  6561. Heads_Male_07=Face 07
  6562. Heads_Male_08=Face 08
  6563. Heads_Male_09=Face 09
  6564. Hints_ADS1=Combat\nUse ~action(player|zoom) to aim down the weapon sights.
  6565. Hints_ADSContext01=~action(player|stabilize) Hold Breath         ~action(player|zoom_in) / ~action(player|zoom_out) Zoom In / Out
  6566. Hints_ADSContext01_Gamepad=~action(player|stabilize) Hold Breath                             ~action(player|zoom_in_out) Zoom
  6567. Hints_ASOP1=Vehicle Retrieval\nVehicle Selector Kiosks allow you to retrieve any of your owned ships using the Fleet Manager.\nFind them in the center of Deck 1.
  6568. Hints_ASOP2=Vehicle Retrieval\nPass through an Airlock to reach the landing pads.\nFollow the AR waypoint on your visor to locate your ship.
  6569. Hints_ASOP3=Vehicle Retrieval\nActivate the Vehicle Selector Kiosk with Interaction Mode (~action(player_choice|pc_interaction_mode)).\nNavigate the Fleet Manager and select 'Retrieve' on the ship you wish to use.
  6570. Hints_ATC1=Air Traffic Control (ATC)\nYou should be careful and request landing permission when arriving at a station.\nNavigate your MFD screen to COMMS via the Menu tab.
  6571. Hints_ATC2=Air Traffic Control (ATC)\nSelect the Comms icon next to the landing service to make the request.
  6572. Hints_ATC3=Air Traffic Control (ATC)\nSelect the Comms icon next to the landing service to request take-off.
  6573. Hints_Camera1=Camera\nPress ~action(spaceship_view|v_view_cycle_fwd) to cycle through camera views.
  6574. Hints_Chat1=Chat\nOpen and close Chat with ~action(default|toggle_chat).\nPress ~action(default|focus_on_chat_textinput) to start typing.
  6575. Hints_Combat1=Combat\nPress and hold ~action(player|holster) to holster weapons.
  6576. Hints_Combat2=Combat\nIf you have ammo reserves, pressing ~action(player|reload) will reload your equipped weapon. 
  6577. Hints_Combat3=Combat\nUse ~action(player|selectpistol) to select your sidearm.\n~action(player|selectprimary) and ~action(player|selectsecondary) will select primary weapons should you have any equipped.
  6578. Hints_Combat3_Gamepad=Combat\nUse ~action(player|nextweapon) to equip a weapon.\nPressing ~action(player|nextweapon) will cycle weapons should you have more equipped.
  6579. Hints_Combat4=Combat\nPress ~action(player|weapon_melee) to perform a melee strike with an equipped weapon.
  6580. Hints_Combat4_Gamepad=Combat\nClick in ~action(player|weapon_melee) to perform a melee strike with an equipped weapon.
  6581. Hints_Contacts1=Contacts\nOpen and Close the CommLink App with ~action(default|toggle_contact).
  6582. Hints_Criminality1=CrimeStat\nYou have gained a CrimeStat level by committing an infraction in monitored space.\nYour current CrimeStat level is displayed in the upper right of your visor.
  6583. Hints_Criminality2=CrimeStat\nThe higher your CrimeStat level, the more hostility you'll encounter from local Security.
  6584. Hints_Criminality3=CrimeStat\nYour CrimeStat level is one of the factors that determines which missions are available to you.\nAvoiding trouble will allow your level to dissipate over time, but there are also ways to clear it entirely...
  6585. Hints_CryAstro1=Cry Astro\nFor a price, your Spaceship's damage, fuel (Regular and Quantum) and ammo supplies can be fixed and topped up at CryAstro.
  6586. Hints_CryAstro2=Cry Astro\nFind an available landing platform to land on to start your transaction.
  6587. Hints_EnterBedNoPlayersNear=Logging Out\nWhen no other people are in the area, your ship will despawn from the server
  6588. Hints_EnterBedNotPlayersShip=Logging Out\nYou'll respawn on another player's ship if it is available on the server\nOtherwise, you'll respawn at the last station you stored a ship at
  6589. Hints_EnterBedPlayersNear=Logging Out\nWhen people are nearby, your ship remains on the server for a short time\nDuring this time there is a risk of it being destroyed or stolen
  6590. Hints_EnterBedPlayersOnShip=Logging Out\nIf there are people aboard, your ship will not despawn until it is empty\nDuring this time there is a risk of it being destroyed or stolen
  6591. Hints_EVA1=Zero-G (EVA)\nIn Zero-G, use ~action(zero_gravity_eva|eva_strafe_forward), ~action(zero_gravity_eva|eva_strafe_back), ~action(zero_gravity_eva|eva_strafe_left) and ~action(zero_gravity_eva|eva_strafe_right) to strafe forward, back, left and right.
  6592. Hints_EVA1_Axis=Zero-G (EVA)\nIn Zero-G, use ~action(zero_gravity_eva|eva_strafe_longitudinal) to strafe forward and back and ~action(zero_gravity_eva|eva_strafe_lateral) to strafe left and right.
  6593. Hints_EVA2=Zero-G (EVA)\n~action(zero_gravity_eva|eva_strafe_up) and ~action(zero_gravity_eva|eva_strafe_down) strafe up and down.\n~action(zero_gravity_eva|eva_roll_left) and ~action(zero_gravity_eva|eva_roll_right) roll left and right.
  6594. Hints_EVA2_Axis=Zero-G (EVA)\n~action(zero_gravity_eva|eva_strafe_vertical) strafe up and down.\n~action(zero_gravity_eva|eva_roll) roll left and right.
  6595. Hints_FPSHarvesting_OnFPSHarvestableItemInHandBackpackNotFull=FPS Harvesting - Collection\n\nYou have successfully harvested an item! To stow it, interact with it and stow it into your personal inventory.
  6596. Hints_FPSHarvesting_OnHarvestableItemLootedIntoBackpack=FPS Harvesting - Collection\n\nItems that you collect and store in your inventory can be sold at various locations. To maximize your potential profits, consider continuing collecting until your inventory is completely full.
  6597. Hints_FPSHarvesting_OnHarvestableStowed=FPS Harvesting - Collection\n\nYou have successfully harvested and stowed an item! Consider collecting more or return to a trading console to sell it for profit.
  6598. Hints_FPSHarvesting_OnPlayerLooksAtFPSHarvestableItemBackpackNotFull=FPS Harvesting - Collection\n\nYou have found a harvestable item. To collect it, simply interact with it.
  6599. Hints_FPSHarvesting_OnPlayerLooksAtFPSHarvestableItemNoBackpack=FPS Harvesting - Collection\n\nYou have found a harvestable item but you don't have an armor with an inventory equipped. You cannot store this item without one.
  6600. Hints_FPSMining_OnPlayerBackpackFull=FPS Mining - Collection\n\nYour inventory is full. You cannot store any more shards until you empty it or sell its contents.
  6601. Hints_FPSMining_OnPlayerFinishedScanningRock=FPS Mining - Fracturing\n\nOnce scanned, prepare the deposit for collection by fracturing it with your mining tool. Press ~action(player|attack1) to begin charging the rock with energy.
  6602. Hints_FPSMining_OnPlayerLooksAtFPSRock=FPS Mining - Deposits\n\nYou have found a deposit suitable for harvesting. To collect the valuable shards, the rock will first need to be fractured with energy from a mining tool.
  6603. Hints_FPSMining_OnPlayerOwningMiningTool=FPS Mining Tool\n\nThis mining tool allows for the collection of valuable materials from smaller ore deposits too delicate to be harvested by larger mining vehicles.
  6604. Hints_FPSMining_OnPlayerSelectingMiningTool=FPS Mining\n\nTo find deposits suitable for use with the mining tool, search caves, moons, planets, and asteroids for rocks embedded with crystals.
  6605. Hints_FPSMining_OnPlayerShootMiningToolAtEnvironment=FPS Mining Tool\n\nTrying to use the tool for anything other than mining will have little effect. Find a suitable ore deposit to use the tool properly. 
  6606. Hints_FPSMining_OnPlayerStartMining=FPS Mining - Fracturing\n\nUse MMBWheel to throttle the power output of the mining tool and keep the rock's energy level in the green optimal zone. Higher instability deposits will have a more chaotic power transfer. Higher resistance rocks will require more energy.  
  6607. Hints_FPSMining_OnPlayerTargetsFPSRock=FPS Mining - Scanning\n\nTo scan an ore deposit, switch your mining tool to ADS mode. The compositional details provided are critical to successful mining .
  6608. Hints_FPSMining_OnRockEnterDangerZone=FPS Mining - Fracturing\n\nCareful. Overcharging a rock can result in a dangerous and even lethal explosion.
  6609. Hints_FPSMining_OnRockEnterOptimalZone=FPS Mining - Fracturing\n\nOnce a deposit has been charged with the optimal amount of energy for enough time, they will soon fracture.
  6610. Hints_FPSMining_OnRockSuccessfulyFractured=FPS Mining - Collection\n\nNow that the rock has been fractured, interact with the shards to store them in your personal inventory.
  6611. Hints_FPSMining_OnShardLootedIntoBackpack=FPS Mining - Collection\n\nShards that you collect and store in your inventory can be sold at various locations. To maximize your potential profits, consider continuing collecting until your inventory is completely full.
  6612. Hints_Fuel1=Fuel\nYour fuel is low.\nIf your spaceship has fuel intakes, limit your maneuvering to refill over time.\nAlternatively, park at a pad or hangar and use your vehicle maintenance mobi-app from the pilot’s seat.
  6613. Hints_Fuel2=Fuel\nQuantum Travel Fuel is low.\nTo refill, park at a pad or hangar and use your vehicle maintenance mobi-app from the pilot’s seat.
  6614. Hints_Fuel3=Fuel\nYour Hydrogen Fuel is low\nIf your spaceship has fuel intakes, limit your maneuvering to refill over time.\nAlternatively, collect a fuel pickup.
  6615. Hints_Green_Zone1=Armistice Zone\nYou have exited the Armistice Zone - weapons are now 'Live.'
  6616. Hints_Heal1=Heal\nPress ~action(player|combatheal) to use any medpens you have.
  6617. Hints_Heal2=Heal\nYour health is low.\nIf you've a medpen, press ~action(player|combatheal) to use it.
  6618. Hints_Hint_System1=Hints\nYou can disable the Hints at any time via the Game Settings.
  6619. Hints_Interaction_Condition_Generic=Some interaction options can be unavailable based on context, and the interaction will fail. \nIf present, use the inner thought text or hint to help resolve the blocking condition.
  6620. Hints_Interaction_Condition_Helmet=You cannot use this interaction whilst wearing a helmet. Remove your helmet through mobiglas and try again.
  6621. Hints_Interaction_Condition_Helmet_Consume=Remove helmet to eat or drink
  6622. Hints_Interaction_Condition_Standing=You must be standing in order to use this interaction.
  6623. Hints_Interaction_Mode1=Interaction Mode\nTap (~action(player_choice|pc_interaction_mode)) to open doors, enter seats and activate terminals using Quick Interact.
  6624. Hints_Interaction_Mode2=Interaction Mode\nHold ~action(player_choice|pc_interaction_mode) to switch to Interaction Mode.\nInteraction points will be highlighted.
  6625. Hints_Interaction_Mode2_Gamepad=Interaction Mode\nPress ~action(player_choice|pc_interaction_mode) to toggle in and out of Interaction Mode.
  6626. Hints_Interaction_Mode3=Interaction Mode\nConfirm an Inner Thought selection with ~action(player_choice|pc_select).
  6627. Hints_Interaction_Mode4=Interaction Mode\nZoom in and out with ~action(player_choice|pc_zoom_in) and ~action(player_choice|pc_zoom_out).
  6628. Hints_Interaction_Mode4_Gamepad=Interaction Mode\nZoom in and out with ~action(default|ui_3d_display_zoom_toggle).
  6629. Hints_Interaction_Mode5=Interaction Mode\nHold ~action(player_choice|pc_interaction_mode) to use Interaction Mode\nConfirm an Inner Thought selection with ~action(player_choice|pc_select).
  6630. Hints_Interaction_Mode5_Gamepad=Interaction Mode\nPress ~action(player_choice|pc_interaction_mode) to use Interaction Mode.\nConfirm an Inner Thought selection with ~action(player_choice|pc_select).\nPress ~action(player_choice|pc_interaction_mode) again to exit Interaction Mode.
  6631. Hints_Items1=Items\nPress ~action(player|grenade) to throw any grenades you have equipped.
  6632. Hints_Items2=Items\nWatch out for the grenade icon that indicates when a grenade has been thrown near to you.
  6633. Hints_Journal1=Journal\nThe Journal app is for reviewing your correspondence and collected data.
  6634. Hints_Keybinding1=Keybindings\nIf a Hint action is UNBOUND you should remap it in the Keybinding menu\nFind the Keybinding menu in the Options.
  6635. Hints_KeyBindingCancelPopuUp=To cancel the key rebind press (~action(default|ui_toggle_pause))
  6636. Hints_LoggingOut=Logging Out\nWhile in your ship's bed, press ~action(player_choice|pc_interaction_mode) to see the option to log out.
  6637. Hints_LogInBedSpawnFailGeneric=Bed Unavailable\nThe bed you last logged out from is currently unavailable on this server.\nInstead, you have respawned at your previous location.
  6638. Hints_LogoutAIShip=Logging Out\nOnly ships owned by a player can be used as an initial spawn location.
  6639. Hints_LogoutEnteredNonOwned=Logging Out\nYou can initially spawn on another player's ship if it is available on the server.\nOtherwise, your initial spawn will be at the last location you stored a ship at.
  6640. Hints_LogoutEnteredNoPlayersAround=Logging Out\nWhen no other people are in the area, your ship will despawn from the server.
  6641. Hints_LogoutEnteredPlayersAround=Logging Out\nWhen people are nearby, your ship remains on the server for a short time.\nDuring this time there is a risk of it being destroyed or stolen.
  6642. Hints_LogoutEnteredPlayersInShip=Logging Out\nIf there are people aboard, your ship will not despawn until it is empty.\nDuring this time there is a risk of it being destroyed or stolen.
  6643. Hints_LogoutShipWithinShip=Logging Out\nVehicles stored on another ship's landing area are not available for player spawning. 
  6644. Hints_Map01=Maps\nOpen the Ark StarMap with ~action(vehicle_general|v_starmap).\nSet a destination here for Quantum Travel.
  6645. Hints_Map01_Gamepad=Maps\nOpen your mobiGlas with ~action(vehicle_general|mobiglas) to find the Ark StarMap app\nSet a destination there for Quantum Travel.
  6646. Hints_Melee_Blocking=To successfully block, hold ~action(player|melee_block) <block>and turn to face the incoming attack.</block>
  6647. Hints_Melee_ComboAttacks=To perform combinations, alternate left and right attacks.
  6648. Hints_Melee_Dodging=To dodge attacks, double tap ~action(player|melee_dodgeLeft), ~action(player|melee_dodgeRight)<dodge1>&nbsp;<dodge2>or ~action(player|melee_dodgeBack)<dodge3> to quickly step left, right or backwards.</dodge3></dodge2></dodge1>
  6649. Hints_Melee_EquipFists=Press ~action(player|selectUnarmedCombat) to raise your fists and enter a fighting-ready stance.<fists></fists>
  6650. Hints_Melee_HeavyHaymaker=To throw a Haymaker, hold the alternate ~action(player|melee_AttackHeavyLeft) or ~action(player|melee_AttackHeavyRight) after performing a Jab.
  6651. Hints_Melee_HeavyHook=To throw a heavy Hook, hold ~action(player|melee_AttackHeavyLeft) or ~action(player|melee_AttackHeavyRight).<left><right></right></left>
  6652. Hints_Melee_KnifeEquip=Press ~action(player|selectMeleeWeapon) to equip your combat knife.
  6653. Hints_Melee_KnifeHeavy=To perform a heavy stab, hold ~action(player|melee_AttackHeavyLeft) or ~action(player|melee_AttackHeavyRight).
  6654. Hints_Melee_KnifeLight=To perform a quick slash, tap ~action(player|melee_AttackLightLeft) or ~action(player|melee_AttackLightRight).
  6655. Hints_Melee_LightAttacks=To throw a quick Jab, tap ~action(player|melee_AttackLightLeft) or ~action(player|melee_AttackLightRight).<left><right></right></left>
  6656. Hints_Melee_Stun=When hit by fists you will suffer stun damage. This is not lethal, but get hit too much and you will be knocked down.
  6657. Hints_Melee_TakedownFists=Press ~action(player|weapon_melee) for a non-lethal takedown.
  6658. Hints_Melee_TakedownGun=Press ~action(player|weapon_melee) <takedown gun="">for a non-lethal takedown.</takedown>
  6659. Hints_Melee_TakedownWeapon=Press ~action(player|weapon_melee)<takedown melee="">&nbsp;for a lethal takedown.</takedown>
  6660. Hints_Melee_Uppercut=To throw an Uppercut, hold the alternate ~action(player|melee_AttackHeavyLeft) or ~action(player|melee_AttackHeavyRight) after performing a Hook.
  6661. Hints_MFD1=Multi-Function Displays (MFDs)\nManage your ship's power, heat, weapons and shields via the interactive screens in your cockpit.\nPress ~action(default|ui_3d_display_zoom_toggle) to focus in for a closer look.
  6662. Hints_MFD2=Multi-Function Displays (MFDs)\nUse Interaction Mode to switch between and manipulate the information displayed on screen.
  6663. Hints_MFD3=Multi-Function Displays (MFDs)\nTake the time to get accustomed to the options available here.\nBeing able to quickly navigate these screens will be vital later.
  6664. Hints_mobiGlas1=mobiGlas\nOpen and Close your mobiGlas with ~action(player|mobiglas).
  6665. Hints_mobiGlas2=mobiGlas\nTo switch between mobiGlas applications, select an icon on the bottom left.
  6666. Hints_Monitored1=Monitored Space\nThe local security forces uphold monitored space zones throughout the system.\nAny area where the satellite icon is displayed on your visor is monitored.
  6667. Hints_Monitored2=Monitored Space\nWorking Comm Arrays are required to maintain monitored space.
  6668. Hints_Monitored3=Monitored Space\nYou have passed outside of the local security's monitored zone.
  6669. Hints_OnProspectorCargoFull=Mining - Cargo\nYour cargo hold is completely full. Any additional minerals extracted will be lost. Travel to a refinery kiosk to sell your cargo.
  6670. Hints_OnProspectorCargoHalfFull=Mining - Cargo\nYour cargo hold is half full.
  6671. Hints_OnProspectorEngineStart=Mining - Intro\nTo start mining, fly over the surface of a planet or moon, use the radar ping to find identify rocks that are worth mining and then harvest the minerals.
  6672. Hints_OnProspectorExtractableRockTargetted=Mining - Extraction\nOnce the rock is small enough to harvest, it will have a purple outline. Target the rock and switch to Extraction Mode ~action(spaceship_mining|v_toggle_mining_laser_type) to extract the minerals inside the rock.
  6673. Hints_OnProspectorFracturableRockTargetted=Mining - Fracture\nTarget a rock for your ship to automatically scan it. Maintain this scan to project more data on the selected rock on the HUD. Switch to Fracture Mode ~action(spaceship_mining|v_toggle_mining_laser_type) and use your Mining Laser ~action(spaceship_mining|v_toggle_mining_laser_fire) to fracture the rock. Use ~action(spaceship_mining|v_increase_mining_throttle) or ~action(spaceship_mining|v_decrease_mining_throttle) to adjust the laser throttle to keep the rock's energy level inside the optimal values.
  6674. Hints_OnProspectorInLowOrbitOverMoon=Mining - Scanning\nTo find valuable materials, switch to your scanning mode ~action(spaceship_targeting|v_toggle_scan_mode) and use the radar ping ~action(spaceship_targeting|v_invoke_ping) to locate potential mineral deposits.
  6675. Hints_OnProspectorMiningModeSwitch=Welcome to the Mining Mode\n This mode is split into two sub-modes: Fracture Mode and Extraction Mode. Fracture Mode is used to shatter rocks into smaller pieces while Extraction mode is used to extract minerals from the smallest rocks. You can switch between these two modes using ~action(spaceship_mining|v_toggle_mining_laser_type).
  6676. Hints_OnProspectorMiningNoProgress=Mining - Difficulty\nThe deposit you are attempting to mine is either too resistant or too big for you to break with your current mining equipment. Consider upgrading your mining laser to a stronger one, finding a different deposit to mine or teaming up with other players to break it together.
  6677. Hints_OnProspectorRadarBlobFound=Mining - Scanning\nMineral deposit detected. Fly closer to narrow down its position and identify what it is.
  6678. Hints_OnProspectorRockExtracted=Mining - Cargo\nYou have extracted your first valuable materials. You can continue to mine resources until your cargo hold is full.
  6679. Hints_OnProspectorRockFractured=Mining - Extraction\nNow that the rock has fractured, keep shattering the fragments (yellow) until they become small enough to be extracted(purple).
  6680. Hints_OnProspectorRockInPassiveRadar=Mining - Scanning\nYou have found a rock rich in ore. Get close and switch your ship to Mining Mode using ~action(spaceship_targeting|v_toggle_mining_mode).
  6681. Hints_OnProspectorRockPowerDangerLevel=Mining - Extraction\nCareful. If the rock reaches dangerous levels (red) it will potentially explode, damaging everything nearby.
  6682. Hints_OnProspectorRockPowerOptimalLevel=Mining - Extraction\nKeeping the energy level inside the rock's optimal window (green) will cause a controlled fracture to occur.
  6683. Hints_Oxygen1=Oxygen\nCheck your Oxygen Meter regularly.\nUse any OxyPens you have with ~action(player|refillgastank).
  6684. Hints_Oxygen2=Oxygen\nYour Oxygen Tank is running low.\nYou can top up your tank at any time by pressing ~action(player|refillgastank).
  6685. Hints_Oxygen3=Oxygen\nYour Oxygen Tank is very low.\nPress ~action(player|refillgastank) to use an OxyPen.
  6686. Hints_Oxygen4=Oxygen\nYour Oxygen Tank is running low.\nYou need to find a life support habitat or OxyPen to replenish it.
  6687. Hints_Oxygen5=Oxygen\nYour Oxygen Tank is very low\nHurry towards the center of the map to find OxyPens.
  6688. Hints_Oxygen6=Oxygen\nYour Oxygen Tank is very low\nQuickly return to a life support habitat or find an OxyPen.
  6689. Hints_Personal_Inner_Thought1=Personal Inner Thought (PIT)\nUse Interaction Mode (~action(player_choice|pc_interaction_mode)) and press ~action(player_choice|pc_personal_thought) to open your Personal Inner Thought menu.
  6690. Hints_Personal_Inventory01=Personal Inner Thought (PIT) Press (~action(player_choice|pc_pit_inventory)) to open Personal Commodity Inventory
  6691. Hints_Pickups1=Pickups\nWhen enemies are defeated, they drop pickups that replenish your spaceship.\nThere are four different kinds: Fuel, Ammo, Missiles and Repair.
  6692. Hints_Pickups2=Pickups\nThe pickups offer larger rewards to the players that dealt the most damage.
  6693. Hints_Player_Movement1=Movement\nUse ~action(player|fixed_speed_increment) to increase your movement speed.
  6694. Hints_Player_Movement2=Movement\nUse ~action(player|sprint) to sprint.
  6695. Hints_Player_Movement2_Gamepad=Movement\nClick in ~action(player|sprint) to sprint.
  6696. Hints_Player_Movement3=Movement\nPress ~action(player|crouch) to crouch.\n~action(player|prone) will make you go prone.
  6697. Hints_Player_Movement3_Gamepad=Movement\nPress ~action(player|gp_crouch) to crouch.\nHolding ~action(player|prone) will make you go prone.
  6698. Hints_Player_Movement3_Joystick=Movement\nPress ~action(player|gp_crouch) to crouch\n~action(player|prone) will make you go prone.
  6699. Hints_Player_Movement4=Movement\nPress ~action(player|jump) to jump.\nThis will also stand you up from prone or crouch.
  6700. Hints_Player_Movement4_Gamepad=Movement\nPress ~action(player|gp_jump) to jump.\nThis will also stand you up from prone or crouch.
  6701. Hints_Port_Olisar2=mobiGlas\nYour mobiGlas Equipment Manager app allows you to view and change your current outfit.
  6702. Hints_Port_Olisar3=Airlocks\nBefore attempting to pass through any External Airlock, check you've an undersuit and helmet equipped.
  6703. Hints_Port_Olisar4=mobiGlas\nUse your mobiGlas Equipment Manager app to change clothes, weapons and armor.
  6704. Hints_Private_Match1=Private Matches\nPrivate matches are unranked meaning your scores aren't recorded.
  6705. Hints_Quantum_Drive_Cooldown1=Quantum Drive - Cool-Down\nAfter you QT, your drive will need to cooldown.\nHow long of a cooldown depends on the distance Quantum Travelled.
  6706. Hints_Quantum_Drive_Spooling1=Quantum Drive - Spooling\nTap ~action(spaceship_movement|v_toggle_qdrive_spooling) to toggle Spooling.\nShips must now spool up their Quantum Drives in order to Quantum Travel.
  6707. Hints_Quantum_Drive_Spooling2=Quantum Drive - Spooling\nTap ~action(spaceship_movement|v_toggle_qdrive_spooling) to toggle Spooling.\nSpooling will expose nearby navigation markers if nothing is selected in the Starmap.
  6708. Hints_Quantum_Drive_Spooling3=Quantum Drive - Spooling\nTap ~action(spaceship_movement|v_toggle_qdrive_spooling) to toggle Spooling.\n Your Quantum Drive's spooling status shows on your Flight HUD and the Calibration UI.
  6709. Hints_Quantum_Drive_Spooling4=Quantum Drive - Spooling\nTap ~action(spaceship_movement|v_toggle_qdrive_spooling) to toggle Spooling.\nSpooling your Quantum Drive will draw power from other elements in your Ship.\n(Most notably, your ship's Weapons and Shields.)
  6710. Hints_Quantum_Linking1=Quantum Linking\nHold ~action(spaceship_movement|v_toggle_qdrive_engagement) to initiate QT for the group.\nNearby group members that are aligned and spooled will travel with you.
  6711. Hints_Quantum_Travel_Calibration1=Quantum Travel - Calibration\nAlign to a Nav Marker to start Calibrating your QT Target.
  6712. Hints_Quantum_Travel_Calibration2=Quantum Travel - Calibration\nThe more closely you align to the QT Target, the faster your drive will calibrate.
  6713. Hints_Quantum_Travel_Calibration3=Quantum Travel - Calibration\nTap ~action(spaceship_movement|v_toggle_qdrive_spooling) to toggle Spooling.\nThis will allow you to Quantum to any Calibrated destination.
  6714. Hints_Quantum_Travel_Calibration4=Quantum Travel - Calibration\nHold ~action(spaceship_movement|v_toggle_qdrive_engagement) to initiate Quantum Travel.
  6715. Hints_Quantum_Travel_Cancel1=Quantum Travel - Cancel\nHold ~action(spaceship_movement|v_toggle_qdrive_engagement) to cancel QT.\n QT must be cancelled PRIOR to starting the deceleration phase.
  6716. Hints_Quantum_Travel1=Quantum Travel\nOnce you've set a destination in the StarMap, a waypoint will appear on your visor.\nAlign your ship to the waypoint to calibrate for QT.
  6717. Hints_Quantum_Travel2=Quantum Travel\nYour destination is obstructed and Quantum Travel cannot be initiated.\nYou may need to travel somewhere else first to find a clear path to your destination.
  6718. Hints_Respawn_MedBed_ClearAllRespawn=Emergency Treatment\n\nPlayers can choose to clear all preferences set at an ICU location aboard a ship they own.\n\nThis will cause anyone who had selected the ICU as their preference to respawn at a default location instead.\n 
  6719. Hints_Respawn_MedBed_ClearRespawn=Emergency Treatment\n\nClear an ICU preference from a device to reset your respawn location to your selected login bed.\n\nSetting a new preferred ICU will also clear your previous preferences.
  6720. Hints_Respawn_MedBed_FirstUnavailable=Emergency Treatment\n\nIf your Intensive Care Unit (ICU) preference is unavailable at time of respawn, you will instead use your selected login bed.\n\nThis will also clear that ICU as your preference. Set that device as your preferred ICU again to continue using it.
  6721. Hints_Respawn_MedBed_OutOfRange=Emergency Treatment\n\nICU locations have a maximum range at which they can function.\n\nDying outside of this range will result in your being respawned elsewhere.\n
  6722. Hints_Respawn_MedBed_SetRespawn=Emergency Treatment\n\nSet a preferred Intensive Care Unit (ICU) to respawn there after you are severely injured.\n\n This persists until the preference is cleared from the device or a new preferred ICU is set.
  6723. Hints_Scan_Mode1=Scan Mode\nPress ~action(player|scan_toggle_mode) to switch to Scan Mode.
  6724. Hints_Scan_Mode1_Flight=Scan Mode\nPress ~action(spaceship_targeting|scan_toggle_mode) to switch to Scan Mode.
  6725. Hints_Scheduler1=Missions\nObjectives are tracked via the Contract Manager app.
  6726. Hints_Scheduler2=Missions\nCompleted contracts are also shown here.
  6727. Hints_Security1=Comm Arrays\nUnless prior authorization has been given, entering a Comm Array is considered trespassing.
  6728. Hints_Ship_Ammo1=Ship Ammo\nBallistic weapons are running low on ammo.
  6729. Hints_Ship_Ammo2=Ship Ammo\nYou are almost out of missiles.
  6730. Hints_Ship_Combat1=Ship Combat\nPress ~action(spaceship_weapons|v_attack1_group1) to fire your spaceship's weapons.
  6731. Hints_Ship_Combat2=Ship Combat\nYour shields are down.\nYou will be more vulnerable to weapons until they recharge.
  6732. Hints_Ship_Combat3=Ship Combat\nPress ~action(spaceship_weapons|v_attack1_group2) to fire your secondary weapon group.\nNot all ships have secondary weapons.
  6733. Hints_Ship_Combat4=Ship Combat\nYour spaceship's energy weapons will run out of power when used too frequently.\nAllow them time to recharge.
  6734. Hints_Ship_Combat5=Ship Combat\nYour spaceship's weapons are overheating from too much use.\nAllow them time to cool down.
  6735. Hints_Ship_Combat6=Ship Combat\nTo select a target, use ~action(spaceship_targeting|v_target_nearest_hostile) to lock onto the nearest hostile.\nOr ~action(spaceship_targeting|v_target_reticle_focus) to lock onto a target in your crosshairs.
  6736. Hints_Ship_Combat7=Ship Combat\nOnce you have a target, press ~action(spaceship_missiles|v_weapon_arm_missile) to lock a missile.\nThen press and hold ~action(spaceship_missiles|v_weapon_launch_missile) to launch it.
  6737. Hints_Ship_Customization1=The changes made here will only affect your spaceship's setup in Arena Commander.
  6738. Hints_Ship_Defense1=Ship Combat\nCountermeasures allow you to avoid missiles.\nPress ~action(spaceship_defensive|v_weapon_launch_countermeasure) to launch them.\nSelect the correct countermeasure for the situation with ~action(spaceship_defensive|v_weapon_cycle_countermeasure_fwd).
  6739. Hints_Ship_Defense2=Ship Combat\nMatch your countermeasure selection to the missile lock icon.\nTiming is important and varies for each type of countermeasure.
  6740. Hints_Ship_Health1=Ship Combat\nYour spaceship's hull integrity is dangerously low.
  6741. Hints_Ship_Hover_Movement1_Axis=Ship Movement\nUse ~action(spaceship_movement|v_yaw) to turn left and right.
  6742. Hints_Ship_Hover_Movement1_Mouse=Ship Movement\nUse ~action(spaceship_movement|v_yaw_mouse) to yaw left and right.
  6743. Hints_Ship_Movement1=Ship Movement\n~action(spaceship_movement|v_strafe_forward) ~action(spaceship_movement|v_strafe_left) ~action(spaceship_movement|v_strafe_back) ~action(spaceship_movement|v_strafe_right) controls your cardinal movement.
  6744. Hints_Ship_Movement1_Abs=Ship Movement\n~action(spaceship_movement|v_strafe_longitudinal) and ~action(spaceship_movement|v_strafe_lateral) controls your cardinal movement.
  6745. Hints_Ship_Movement2=Ship Movement\nUse ~action(spaceship_movement|v_pitch_up) and ~action(spaceship_movement|v_pitch_down) to pitch and ~action(spaceship_movement|v_yaw_left) and ~action(spaceship_movement|v_yaw_right) to yaw.
  6746. Hints_Ship_Movement2_Axis=Ship Movement\nUse ~action(spaceship_movement|v_pitch) and ~action(spaceship_movement|v_yaw) to pitch and yaw.
  6747. Hints_Ship_Movement2_Mouse=Ship Movement\nUse ~action(spaceship_movement|v_pitch_mouse) and ~action(spaceship_movement|v_yaw_mouse) to pitch and yaw.
  6748. Hints_Ship_Movement3=Ship Movement\nThere are two flight speed modes\nRemember to raise the landing gear with ~action(spaceship_movement|v_toggle_landing_system) to fly at full speed.
  6749. Hints_Ship_Movement4=Ship Movement\nRemember to manage your speed with ~action(spaceship_movement||v_strafe_forward) ~action(spaceship_movement|v_strafe_left) ~action(spaceship_movement|v_strafe_back) ~action(spaceship_movement|v_strafe_right) to help avoid collisions.
  6750. Hints_Ship_Movement4_Abs=Ship Movement\nRemember to manage your speed with ~action(spaceship_movement|v_strafe_longitudinal) and ~action(spaceship_movement|v_strafe_lateral) to help avoid collisions.
  6751. Hints_Ship_Movement5=Ship Movement\nPressing ~action(spaceship_movement|v_ifcs_toggle_vector_decoupling) switches your ship into Decoupled Mode.\nGoing decoupled means your spaceship is no longer automatically correcting your trajectory and will fly under Newtonian laws.\nNot recommended for beginner pilots.
  6752. Hints_Ship_Movement6=Ship Movement\nUse ~action(spaceship_movement|v_afterburner) to activate Afterburner and overclock your engines for higher maneuverability.\nMaintaining this for too long can burnout and damage your ship.
  6753. Hints_Ship_Startup1=Vehicle Startup\nUse Interaction Mode (~action(player_choice|pc_interaction_mode)) to startup your vehicle.\nLook for the Engage Systems dashboard button.\nShortcut ~action(spaceship_general|v_flightready)
  6754. Hints_Ship_Startup2=Ship Startup\nUse Interaction Mode (~action(player_choice|pc_interaction_mode)) to startup your ship.\nLook for the Flight Ready cockpit button.\nShortcut: ~action(spaceship_general|v_flightready)
  6755. Hints_Shopping1=Shopping\nShops are available throughout most stations.\nUse them to buy items and equipment before a journey.
  6756. Hints_Shopping2=Shopping\nMake a purchase by selecting the 'Equip Now' or 'Buy' options via Interaction Mode (~action(player_choice|pc_interaction_mode)).
  6757. Hints_Shopping3=Shopping\nYou can also 'Try on' or 'Inspect' items in a shop before purchasing.
  6758. Hints_Sim_Cab1=Sim Cab\nPractice your combat encounters in the safety of a Sim Cab.\nSelect Arena Commander for Spaceship dogfights and Star Marine for FPS.
  6759. Hints_Spawn01=Exit Bed\nPress ~action(spaceship_general|v_exit) to stand up.
  6760. Hints_Stamina1=Stamina\nMonitor your Heart Rate to avoid becoming fatigued.\n Running and jumping will increase your Heart Rate.
  6761. Hints_Stamina2=Stamina\nYour Heart Rate is very high.\n Rest to allow it time to return to normal rates.
  6762. Hints_StowContractItem=To stow a contract item in your personal inventory press ~action(player|selectUtilityItem) or use Interaction Mode on the item and select 'Stow'. Only one contract item can be stowed.
  6763. Hints_Take-off_Demo1=Take-Off\nGravLev bikes automatically hover when powered on\nIn a spaceship, strafe up with ~action(spaceship_movement|v_strafe_up) to take-off.\nThen press ~action(spaceship_movement|v_toggle_landing_system) to raise the landing gear.
  6764. Hints_Take-off_Demo1_Axis=Take-Off\nGravLev bikes automatically hover when powered on.\nIn a spaceship, strafe up with ~action(spaceship_movement|v_strafe_vertical) UP to take-off.\nThen press ~action(spaceship_movement|v_toggle_landing_system) to raise the landing gear.
  6765. Hints_Take-off1=Take-Off\nStrafe up with ~action(spaceship_movement|v_strafe_up).
  6766. Hints_Take-off1_Axis=Take-Off\nStrafe up with ~action(spaceship_movement|v_strafe_vertical).
  6767. Hints_Take-off2=Take-Off\nLanding pads are shared.\nRemember to consider your fellow travelers by clearing the platform in good time.
  6768. Hints_TeamElimination1=Team Elimination\nScavenge for OxyPens to survive.\nCentral locations have the most oxygen resources.
  6769. Hints_Trade_Kiosks1=Trading and Shipping Console\nTrade kiosks are used to buy and sell commodities throughout the Stanton System.\nFind them at the deliveries desk on Deck 1.
  6770. Hints_Trade_Kiosks2=Trading and Shipping Console\nUse Interaction Mode (~action(player_choice|pc_interaction_mode)) to activate the kiosks.\nFrom here you can buy commodities to deliver to another location.
  6771. Hints_UnstowContractItem=To retrieve a stowed contract item from your personal inventory press ~action(player|selectUtilityItem).
  6772. Hints_Vehicle_Movement1=Vehicle Movement\nPress and hold ~action(vehicle_driver|v_brake) to brake.
  6773. Hints_Vehicle_Movement2=Vehicle Movement\nHold ~action(vehicle_driver|v_move_forward) to drive forwards.\nHold ~action(vehicle_driver|v_move_back) to reverse.
  6774. Hints_Vehicle_Movement2_Axis=Vehicle Movement\nUse ~action(vehicle_driver|v_move) to drive forward and reverse.
  6775. Hints_Vehicle_Startup1=Vehicle Startup\nUse Interaction Mode (~action(player_choice|pc_interaction_mode)) to startup your vehicle.\nLook for the Engage Systems dashboard button.
  6776. holotable_rec=Rental Equipment
  6777. hud_airlock_warning=ENTERING AIRLOCK. SPACE SUIT REQUIRED.
  6778. hud_AltitudeTitle=Current Altitude:
  6779. hud_Amb=AMB:
  6780. hud_autoland_active=Autoland Active
  6781. hud_autoland_prompt=Hold [~action(spaceship_movement|v_autoland)] to Autoland
  6782. hud_autopilot_active=Autopilot Active
  6783. hud_CollisionWarning=COLLISION WARNING
  6784. hud_comms_label=COMMS
  6785. hud_comms_label_prox=PROX
  6786. hud_comms_no_connection=NO COMMS CONNECTION
  6787. hud_Comstab=COMSTAB
  6788. hud_Coupled=COUPLED
  6792. hud_CryAstroLargeLZ=LZ-L
  6793. hud_CryAstroSmallLZ=LZ-S
  6794. hud_Cs=CS:
  6795. hud_docking_aborted=Docking Aborted
  6796. hud_Drone2_Destroy=Destroy
  6797. hud_Drone2_EvadeMissiles=Evade Missiles
  6798. hud_DroneApproach=Approach
  6799. hud_DroneDestroy=Destroy
  6800. hud_DroneTarget=Target
  6801. hud_Em=EM:
  6802. hud_enter_green_zone=Entering Armistice Zone - Weapons offline
  6803. hud_EnterShip=Enter Ship
  6804. hud_ESP=ESP
  6805. hud_FollowLeader=Follow
  6806. hud_FollowLeader2=Follow
  6807. hud_FollowLeader3=Follow
  6808. hud_FollowLeader4=Follow
  6809. hud_FollowLeader5=Follow
  6810. hud_FollowLeader6=Race Gilly To Spire
  6811. hud_FollowLeader7=Follow
  6812. hud_FuelQty=FUEL QTY.
  6813. hud_GForceWarning=G-FORCE WARNING
  6814. hud_Group1=Group 1
  6815. hud_Group2=Group 2
  6816. hud_GSafe=GSAFE
  6817. hud_Guns=Guns
  6818. hud_GunsContext_HelpText=Change the weapon grouping of your guns and monitor your ammo and gun temperature.
  6819. hud_Heat=Heat
  6820. hud_InboundMissile=INBOUND MISSILE
  6821. hud_IncomingCall_Notification=Incoming call
  6822. hud_IncomingQTLink_Notification=[TODO] Receiving incoming QT link request
  6823. hud_IndAvi=AVI
  6824. hud_IndComm=COMM
  6825. hud_IndLife=LIFE
  6826. hud_IndRadr=RADR
  6827. hud_IndSens=SENS
  6828. hud_IndShld=SHLD
  6829. hud_IndVrs=VRS
  6830. hud_IndWeap=WEAP
  6831. hud_Ir=IR:
  6832. hud_Items=Items
  6833. hud_Label_Ammo=AMMO
  6834. hud_Label_AmmoCharge=AMMO/CHARGE
  6835. hud_Label_ArmMissiles=ARM MISSILES
  6836. hud_Label_Ballistic=BALLISTIC
  6837. hud_Label_BloodLossWarn=BLOOD LOSS
  6838. hud_Label_BoostFuel=BOOST FUEL
  6839. hud_Label_Components=COMPONENTS
  6840. hud_Label_EM=EM
  6841. hud_Label_EMEmissions=EM EMISSIONS
  6842. hud_Label_EMP=EMP
  6843. hud_Label_Energy=ENERGY
  6844. hud_Label_EVAFuel=EVA FUEL
  6845. hud_Label_Ext=Ext
  6846. hud_Label_Global=GLOBAL
  6847. hud_Label_Group=GROUP
  6848. hud_Label_GunsNotAvailable=GUNS NOT AVAILABLE
  6849. hud_Label_Health=HEALTH
  6850. hud_Label_HeartRate=Heart Rate
  6851. hud_Label_Heat=HEAT
  6852. hud_Label_HeatLevel=HEAT LEVEL
  6853. hud_Label_IR=IR
  6854. hud_Label_IREmissions=IR EMISSIONS
  6855. hud_Label_Items=Items
  6856. hud_Label_LifeExpectancy=LIFE EXPECTANCY
  6857. hud_Label_LockOn=LOCK-ON
  6858. hud_Label_Max=MAX
  6859. hud_Label_MissilesNotAvailable=MISSILES NOT AVAILABLE
  6860. hud_Label_Name=NAME
  6861. hud_Label_NoContactsAvailable=NO CONTACTS AVAILABLE
  6862. hud_Label_O2-2=2
  6863. hud_Label_O2-O=O
  6864. hud_Label_O2Tank=O2 TANK
  6865. hud_Label_Off=Off
  6866. hud_Label_Offline=OFFLINE
  6867. hud_Label_On=On
  6868. hud_Label_Online=ONLINE
  6869. hud_Label_OxgLowWarn=OXG LOW
  6870. hud_Label_PayloadType=PAYLOAD TYPE
  6871. hud_Label_Power=POWER
  6872. hud_Label_PowerPriority=POWER PRIORITY
  6873. hud_Label_PowerThrottle=Power Throttle
  6874. hud_Label_Priority=PRIORITY
  6875. hud_Label_PriorityReset=PRIORITY RESET
  6876. hud_Label_PwrOutput=PWR OUTPUT
  6877. hud_Label_QuantumFuel=QUANTUM FUEL
  6878. hud_Label_Range=RANGE
  6879. hud_Label_RechargeRate=RECHARGE RATE
  6880. hud_Label_RefNo=REF NO.
  6881. hud_Label_Required=REQUIRED
  6882. hud_Label_Shields=SHIELDS
  6883. hud_Label_Size=SIZE
  6884. hud_Label_SpO2=SpO2
  6885. hud_Label_Standby=STANDBY
  6886. hud_Label_Status=STATUS
  6887. hud_Label_Stealth=Stealth
  6888. hud_Label_SuitOxg=SUIT OXG
  6889. hud_Label_System=System
  6890. hud_Label_TargetName=TARGET NAME
  6891. hud_Label_Thrust=THRUST
  6892. hud_Label_Thrusters=Thrusters
  6893. hud_Label_TurboMode_Afterburner=AFB
  6894. hud_Label_TurboMode_Boost=BOOST
  6895. hud_Label_Type=TYPE
  6896. hud_Label_Usage=Usage
  6897. hud_Label_Using=USING
  6898. hud_Label_Velocity=VELOCITY
  6899. hud_Label_Weapons=WEAPONS
  6900. hud_Label_Wear=WEAR
  6901. hud_Landing_Assisted=ASSISTED
  6902. hud_Landing_Automatic=AUTOMATED
  6903. hud_Landing_Manual=MANUAL
  6904. hud_landing_prompt_abort=Press [~action(spaceship_movement|v_autoland)] to Abort
  6905. hud_landing_prompt_departure=Hold [~action(spaceship_movement|v_autoland)] to Depart
  6906. hud_landing_prompt_takeoff=Hold [~action(spaceship_movement|v_autoland)] to Takeoff
  6907. hud_landing_prompt_touchdown=Hold [~action(spaceship_movement|v_autoland)] to Touchdown
  6908. hud_landing_unavailable=No Landing Zone in Range
  6909. hud_LandingArea_Debug00=[DEBUG] Upper Landing Area
  6910. hud_LandingArea_Debug01=[DEBUG] Main Landing Area
  6911. hud_LandingComplete=Landing Complete
  6912. hud_LandingGear_Deployed=LANDING GEAR DEPLOYED
  6913. hud_LandingGear_Deploying=LANDING GEAR DEPLOYING
  6914. hud_LandingGear_Retracting=LANDING GEAR RETRACTING
  6915. hud_Lat=LAT
  6916. hud_law_CrimeCommitted=Crime Committed: %ls
  6917. hud_law_EnteredJurisdiction=Entered Jurisdiction: %ls
  6918. hud_law_FinePaid=Fined %i UEC
  6919. hud_law_InfractionWarning=%ls
  6920. hud_leave_green_zone=Leaving Armistice Zone - Weapons online
  6921. hud_Lon=LON
  6922. hud_LZ01=LZ-01
  6923. hud_LZ02=LZ-02
  6924. hud_LZ03=LZ-03
  6925. hud_LZ04=LZ-04
  6926. hud_LZ05=LZ-05
  6927. hud_LZ06=LZ-06
  6928. hud_LZ07=LZ-07
  6929. hud_LZ08=LZ-08
  6930. hud_LZ09=LZ-09
  6931. hud_LZ10=LZ-10
  6932. hud_MatchSpeed=MATCH SPEED
  6933. hud_mining_asteroid_name_1=Asteroid (E-Type)
  6934. hud_mining_asteroid_name_2=Asteroid (M-Type)
  6935. hud_mining_asteroid_name_3=Asteroid (P-Type)
  6936. hud_mining_asteroid_name_4=Asteroid (Q-Type)
  6937. hud_mining_calculating_instability=Calculating Instability
  6938. hud_mining_calculating_resistance=Calculating Resistance
  6939. hud_mining_cargo_content=Cargo content
  6940. hud_mining_container_status=Cargo Capacity
  6941. hud_mining_danger_sensor=Overcharge Sensor
  6942. hud_mining_deposit_power=Rock Energy Level
  6943. hud_mining_empty_elements=Inert Materials
  6944. hud_mining_extraction_graph=Extraction Graph
  6945. hud_mining_extraction_mode=Extraction Mode
  6946. hud_mining_extraction_throughput=Extraction Throughput
  6947. hud_mining_fps_rock_name_1=Aphorite
  6948. hud_mining_fps_rock_name_2=Dolivine
  6949. hud_mining_fps_rock_name_3=Hadanite
  6950. hud_mining_instability=Instability
  6951. hud_mining_laser_mode=Fracture Mode
  6952. hud_mining_laser_throttle=Laser Throttle
  6953. hud_mining_mass_prefix=Mass:
  6954. hud_mining_no_value=--/--
  6955. hud_mining_others=Others
  6956. hud_mining_power_transfer_graph=Energy Transfer Graph
  6957. hud_mining_resistance=Resistance
  6958. hud_mining_rock_name_1=Shale Deposit
  6959. hud_mining_rock_name_2=Granite Deposit
  6960. hud_mining_rock_name_3=Igneous Deposit
  6961. hud_mining_rock_name_4=Obsidian Deposit
  6962. hud_mining_rock_name_5=Gneiss Deposit
  6963. hud_mining_rock_name_6=Quartzite Deposit
  6964. hud_mining_rock_name_7=Felsic Deposit
  6965. hud_mining_rock_name_8=Atacamite Deposit
  6966. hud_mining_rock_name_9=Quantanium Deposit
  6967. hud_mining_scu_per_second=SCU/s
  6968. hud_mining_shattering_sensor=Fracturing Sensor
  6969. hud_mining_warning_cargo_full=Warning: Cargo Full
  6970. hud_Misl=MISL
  6971. hud_Missiles=Missiles
  6972. hud_MissilesContext_HelpText=Arm and disarm missiles from this screen.
  6973. hud_MissileWarning=MISSILE INBOUND
  6974. hud_monitored_space_disable=CommLink Down
  6975. hud_monitored_space_enable=CommLink Restored
  6976. hud_monitored_space_enter=Entered CommLink Range
  6977. hud_monitored_space_leave=Outside CommLink Range
  6978. hud_MPerS=M/S
  6979. hud_NavigationHelpText=Manage your ships systems from these menus
  6980. hud_NoTarget=NO TARGET
  6981. hud_OFF=OFF
  6982. hud_Ovr=OVR
  6983. hud_PayloadType_Cluster=CLUSTER
  6984. hud_PayloadType_Proximity=PROXIMITY
  6985. hud_PayloadType_Strike=STRIKE
  6986. hud_PowerContext_Allocation_HelpText=Adjust the POWER ALLOCATION to change the ratio of power assigned to the three power groups. NOTE: This is only active when there is insufficient power to cover all systems.
  6987. hud_PowerContext_ComponentList_HelpText=Turn individual components on/off and monitor their heat levels and power consumption.
  6988. hud_PowerContext_Tabs_Global_HelpText=Click COMPONENTS to monitor individual power usage
  6989. hud_PowerContext_Throttle_HelpText=Adjust the POWER THROTTLE to change the percentage of the total available power that your ship uses. Using less power makes you harder to find in space.
  6990. hud_Pwr=PWR
  6991. hud_qt_drive_spooled=Spooled
  6992. hud_qt_interdiction=QT SYSTEM JAMMED
  6993. hud_qt_status_exit_atmosphere=EXIT ATMOSPHERE
  6994. hud_qt_status_obstructed=OBSTRUCTED
  6995. hud_qt_status_out_of_range=OUT OF RANGE
  6996. hud_qt_status_too_close=TOO CLOSE
  6997. hud_QuaFuel=QF:
  6998. hud_race_suffix_nd=nd
  6999. hud_race_suffix_rd=rd
  7000. hud_race_suffix_st=st
  7001. hud_race_suffix_th=th
  7002. hud_RadarUnavailable=RADAR UNAVAILABLE
  7003. hud_ReduceVelocity=Reduce Velocity to Stabilise
  7004. hud_Repair=Starting Repair
  7005. hud_RepairFinished=Repair Completed
  7006. hud_Rn=RN
  7007. hud_Rv=RV
  7008. hud_SafeSpeedTitle=Max. Safe Speed
  7009. hud_scanInfo_PassengerTotal=Lifesigns
  7010. hud_Scanning=SCANNING
  7011. hud_Scanning_Mode=Scanning Mode
  7012. hud_SegmentStatus=SEGMENT STATUS
  7013. hud_SelectAnItem=SELECT AN ITEM
  7014. hud_ShieldsContext_HelpText=Adjust the SHIELD ALLOCATION to change the power assigned to recharge rates of the various shield faces on the ship.
  7015. hud_ShieldsDown=SHIELDS DOWN
  7016. hud_Shld=SHLD
  7017. hud_SpeakToLeader=Approach
  7018. hud_Spooling=Spooling
  7019. hud_Suppress=Suppress
  7020. hud_SuppressOverallIR=Suppress Overall IR
  7021. hud_Supress=Supress
  7022. hud_Symbol_Gees=G
  7023. hud_System=System
  7024. hud_takedown_button_prompt=Melee [ ~action(player|weapon_melee) ]
  7025. hud_TargetLeader=Target
  7026. hud_Thr=THR:
  7027. hud_Throttle=THROTTLE
  7028. hud_ThrustOutput=THRUST OUTPUT
  7029. hud_Trgt=TRGT
  7030. hud_TutorialLand1=Land
  7031. hud_TutorialLand2=Land
  7032. hud_unknown=Unknown
  7033. hud_Vehicle_Status_Critical=Critical
  7034. hud_Vehicle_Status_Damaged=Damaged
  7035. hud_Vehicle_Status_Offline=Offline
  7036. hud_Vehicle_Status_Operational=Operational
  7037. hud_Vrt=VRT
  7038. hud_Weap=WEAP
  7039. Human_Crew_Titles_001=Captain
  7040. Human_Crew_Titles_002=Pilot
  7041. Human_Crew_Titles_003=Copilot
  7042. Human_Crew_Titles_004=First Officer
  7043. Human_Crew_Titles_005=Second Officer
  7044. Human_Crew_Titles_006=Navigator
  7045. Human_Crew_Titles_007=Gunner
  7046. Human_Crew_Titles_008=Engineer
  7047. Human_Crew_Titles_009=Assistant Engineer
  7048. Human_Crew_Titles_010=Chief Engineer
  7049. Human_Crew_Titles_011=Mechanic
  7050. Human_Crew_Titles_012=Comms Officer
  7051. Human_Crew_Titles_013=Shield Tech
  7052. Human_Crew_Titles_014=Systems Tech
  7053. Human_Crew_Titles_015=Security Officer
  7054. Human_Crew_Titles_016=Security Guard
  7055. Human_Crew_Titles_017=Bosun
  7056. Human_Crew_Titles_018=Electrician
  7057. Human_Crew_Titles_019=Deckhand
  7058. Human_Crew_Titles_020=Medic
  7059. Human_Crew_Titles_021=Ensign
  7060. Human_Crew_Titles_022=Scan Tech
  7061. Human_Crew_Titles_023=Technician
  7062. Human_Crew_Titles_024=Operator
  7063. Human_Crew_Titles_025=Lead Operator
  7064. Human_Crew_Titles_026=Refinery Operator
  7065. Human_Crew_Titles_027=Field Tech
  7066. Human_Crew_Titles_028=Cook
  7067. Human_Crew_Titles_029=Cargo Officer
  7068. Human_Crew_Titles_030=Cargo Handler
  7069. Human_First_Names_F_0001=Cherie
  7070. Human_First_Names_F_0002=Leah
  7071. Human_First_Names_F_0003=Roisin
  7072. Human_First_Names_F_0004=Aadya
  7073. Human_First_Names_F_0005=Aarin
  7074. Human_First_Names_F_0006=Aarthi
  7075. Human_First_Names_F_0007=Abbie
  7076. Human_First_Names_F_0008=Abby
  7077. Human_First_Names_F_0009=Abelina
  7078. Human_First_Names_F_0010=Abida
  7079. Human_First_Names_F_0011=Abigail
  7080. Human_First_Names_F_0012=Abrar
  7081. Human_First_Names_F_0013=Abril
  7082. Human_First_Names_F_0014=Abryann
  7083. Human_First_Names_F_0015=Ada
  7084. Human_First_Names_F_0016=Adair
  7085. Human_First_Names_F_0017=Adama
  7086. Human_First_Names_F_0018=Addie
  7087. Human_First_Names_F_0019=Addison
  7088. Human_First_Names_F_0020=Adel
  7089. Human_First_Names_F_0021=Adela
  7090. Human_First_Names_F_0022=Adelae
  7091. Human_First_Names_F_0023=Adeline
  7092. Human_First_Names_F_0024=Adi
  7093. Human_First_Names_F_0025=Adia
  7094. Human_First_Names_F_0026=Adianka
  7095. Human_First_Names_F_0027=Adina
  7096. Human_First_Names_F_0028=Adisa
  7097. Human_First_Names_F_0029=Adrean
  7098. Human_First_Names_F_0030=Adrian
  7099. Human_First_Names_F_0031=Adriana
  7100. Human_First_Names_F_0032=Adrianne
  7101. Human_First_Names_F_0033=Aeon
  7102. Human_First_Names_F_0034=Afra
  7103. Human_First_Names_F_0035=Agam
  7104. Human_First_Names_F_0036=Agnes
  7105. Human_First_Names_F_0037=Agra
  7106. Human_First_Names_F_0038=Ahanti
  7107. Human_First_Names_F_0039=Ai
  7108. Human_First_Names_F_0040=Aida
  7109. Human_First_Names_F_0041=Aidynn
  7110. Human_First_Names_F_0042=Aika
  7111. Human_First_Names_F_0043=Aikira
  7112. Human_First_Names_F_0044=Aiko
  7113. Human_First_Names_F_0045=Aila
  7114. Human_First_Names_F_0046=Aileen
  7115. Human_First_Names_F_0047=Ailsa
  7116. Human_First_Names_F_0048=Aimee
  7117. Human_First_Names_F_0049=Aimi
  7118. Human_First_Names_F_0050=Aina
  7119. Human_First_Names_F_0051=Airele
  7120. Human_First_Names_F_0052=Airen
  7121. Human_First_Names_F_0053=Airi
  7122. Human_First_Names_F_0054=Aisha
  7123. Human_First_Names_F_0055=Aiva
  7124. Human_First_Names_F_0056=Aiyana
  7125. Human_First_Names_F_0057=Ajai
  7126. Human_First_Names_F_0058=Akari
  7127. Human_First_Names_F_0059=Akeely
  7128. Human_First_Names_F_0060=Akemi
  7129. Human_First_Names_F_0061=Akeno
  7130. Human_First_Names_F_0062=Akhila
  7131. Human_First_Names_F_0063=Aki
  7132. Human_First_Names_F_0064=Akie
  7133. Human_First_Names_F_0065=Akiko
  7134. Human_First_Names_F_0066=Akili
  7135. Human_First_Names_F_0067=Akina
  7136. Human_First_Names_F_0068=Aksa
  7137. Human_First_Names_F_0069=Alaia
  7138. Human_First_Names_F_0070=Alaina
  7139. Human_First_Names_F_0071=Alana
  7140. Human_First_Names_F_0072=Alani
  7141. Human_First_Names_F_0073=Alba
  7142. Human_First_Names_F_0074=Albana
  7143. Human_First_Names_F_0075=Alberta
  7144. Human_First_Names_F_0076=Albina
  7145. Human_First_Names_F_0077=Aldean
  7146. Human_First_Names_F_0078=Aleena
  7147. Human_First_Names_F_0079=Alejandra
  7148. Human_First_Names_F_0080=Aleksandra
  7149. Human_First_Names_F_0081=Alena
  7150. Human_First_Names_F_0082=Alenka
  7151. Human_First_Names_F_0083=Alesia
  7152. Human_First_Names_F_0084=Alex
  7153. Human_First_Names_F_0085=Alexa
  7154. Human_First_Names_F_0086=Alexandra
  7155. Human_First_Names_F_0087=Alexandria
  7156. Human_First_Names_F_0088=Alexis
  7157. Human_First_Names_F_0089=Alexy
  7158. Human_First_Names_F_0090=Alfreda
  7159. Human_First_Names_F_0091=Ali
  7160. Human_First_Names_F_0092=Alice
  7161. Human_First_Names_F_0093=Alicia
  7162. Human_First_Names_F_0094=Alija
  7163. Human_First_Names_F_0095=Alika
  7164. Human_First_Names_F_0096=Alima
  7165. Human_First_Names_F_0097=Aline
  7166. Human_First_Names_F_0098=Alisa
  7167. Human_First_Names_F_0099=Alisha
  7168. Human_First_Names_F_0100=Alison
  7169. Human_First_Names_F_0101=Alissa
  7170. Human_First_Names_F_0102=Aliza
  7171. Human_First_Names_F_0103=Allacia
  7172. Human_First_Names_F_0104=Allie
  7173. Human_First_Names_F_0105=Allison
  7174. Human_First_Names_F_0106=Allyson
  7175. Human_First_Names_F_0107=Alma
  7176. Human_First_Names_F_0108=Almer
  7177. Human_First_Names_F_0109=Aloma
  7178. Human_First_Names_F_0110=Alondra
  7179. Human_First_Names_F_0111=Alta
  7180. Human_First_Names_F_0112=Althea
  7181. Human_First_Names_F_0113=Alva
  7182. Human_First_Names_F_0114=Alvia
  7183. Human_First_Names_F_0115=Aly
  7184. Human_First_Names_F_0116=Alya
  7185. Human_First_Names_F_0117=Alycia
  7186. Human_First_Names_F_0118=Alysha
  7187. Human_First_Names_F_0119=Alyson
  7188. Human_First_Names_F_0120=Alyssa
  7189. Human_First_Names_F_0121=Amadi
  7190. Human_First_Names_F_0122=Amaira
  7191. Human_First_Names_F_0123=Amalia
  7192. Human_First_Names_F_0124=Amalie
  7193. Human_First_Names_F_0125=Amanda
  7194. Human_First_Names_F_0126=Amandeep
  7195. Human_First_Names_F_0127=Amane
  7196. Human_First_Names_F_0128=Amara
  7197. Human_First_Names_F_0129=Amari
  7198. Human_First_Names_F_0130=Amber
  7199. Human_First_Names_F_0131=Ambika
  7200. Human_First_Names_F_0132=Amel
  7201. Human_First_Names_F_0133=Amelia
  7202. Human_First_Names_F_0134=Amelija
  7203. Human_First_Names_F_0135=Ami
  7204. Human_First_Names_F_0136=Amie
  7205. Human_First_Names_F_0137=Amil
  7206. Human_First_Names_F_0138=Amina
  7207. Human_First_Names_F_0139=Amita
  7208. Human_First_Names_F_0140=Amori
  7209. Human_First_Names_F_0141=Amory
  7210. Human_First_Names_F_0142=Amparo
  7211. Human_First_Names_F_0143=Amrit
  7212. Human_First_Names_F_0144=Amrita
  7213. Human_First_Names_F_0145=Amy
  7214. Human_First_Names_F_0146=An
  7215. Human_First_Names_F_0147=Ana
  7216. Human_First_Names_F_0148=Ananya
  7217. Human_First_Names_F_0149=Anastasia
  7218. Human_First_Names_F_0150=Anasuya
  7219. Human_First_Names_F_0151=Anay
  7220. Human_First_Names_F_0152=Anaya
  7221. Human_First_Names_F_0153=Anber
  7222. Human_First_Names_F_0154=Anda
  7223. Human_First_Names_F_0155=Andrea
  7224. Human_First_Names_F_0156=Andreaka
  7225. Human_First_Names_F_0157=Andrijana
  7226. Human_First_Names_F_0158=Andy
  7227. Human_First_Names_F_0159=Aneta
  7228. Human_First_Names_F_0160=Anett
  7229. Human_First_Names_F_0161=Angela
  7230. Human_First_Names_F_0162=Angelica
  7231. Human_First_Names_F_0163=Angelina
  7232. Human_First_Names_F_0164=Angelique
  7233. Human_First_Names_F_0165=Angelita
  7234. Human_First_Names_F_0166=Angie
  7235. Human_First_Names_F_0167=Ani
  7236. Human_First_Names_F_0168=Anijah
  7237. Human_First_Names_F_0169=Anika
  7238. Human_First_Names_F_0170=Anita
  7239. Human_First_Names_F_0171=Anitra
  7240. Human_First_Names_F_0172=Anjali
  7241. Human_First_Names_F_0173=Ankita
  7242. Human_First_Names_F_0174=Ann
  7243. Human_First_Names_F_0175=Anna
  7244. Human_First_Names_F_0176=Annabella
  7245. Human_First_Names_F_0177=Annabelle
  7246. Human_First_Names_F_0178=Annalisa
  7247. Human_First_Names_F_0179=Anne
  7248. Human_First_Names_F_0180=Annette
  7249. Human_First_Names_F_0181=Annie
  7250. Human_First_Names_F_0182=Annika
  7251. Human_First_Names_F_0183=Annmarie
  7252. Human_First_Names_F_0184=Anthea
  7253. Human_First_Names_F_0185=Antoinette
  7254. Human_First_Names_F_0186=Antonella
  7255. Human_First_Names_F_0187=Antonia
  7256. Human_First_Names_F_0188=Antra
  7257. Human_First_Names_F_0189=Anya
  7258. Human_First_Names_F_0190=Anzu
  7259. Human_First_Names_F_0191=Aolani
  7260. Human_First_Names_F_0192=Apolena
  7261. Human_First_Names_F_0193=April
  7262. Human_First_Names_F_0194=Ara
  7263. Human_First_Names_F_0195=Arabella
  7264. Human_First_Names_F_0196=Arbana
  7265. Human_First_Names_F_0197=Ardell
  7266. Human_First_Names_F_0198=Arden
  7267. Human_First_Names_F_0199=Ardie
  7268. Human_First_Names_F_0200=Areon
  7269. Human_First_Names_F_0201=Aretha
  7270. Human_First_Names_F_0202=Aria
  7271. Human_First_Names_F_0203=Ariana
  7272. Human_First_Names_F_0204=Ariane
  7273. Human_First_Names_F_0205=Arie
  7274. Human_First_Names_F_0206=Ariel
  7275. Human_First_Names_F_0207=Arielle
  7276. Human_First_Names_F_0208=Arien
  7277. Human_First_Names_F_0209=Aries
  7278. Human_First_Names_F_0210=Arin
  7279. Human_First_Names_F_0211=Aris
  7280. Human_First_Names_F_0212=Arleen
  7281. Human_First_Names_F_0213=Arleigh
  7282. Human_First_Names_F_0214=Armani
  7283. Human_First_Names_F_0215=Armari
  7284. Human_First_Names_F_0216=Arnedra
  7285. Human_First_Names_F_0217=Arpita
  7286. Human_First_Names_F_0218=Arti
  7287. Human_First_Names_F_0219=Artie
  7288. Human_First_Names_F_0220=Ary
  7289. Human_First_Names_F_0221=Asako
  7290. Human_First_Names_F_0222=Asami
  7291. Human_First_Names_F_0223=Ashanique
  7292. Human_First_Names_F_0224=Ashby
  7293. Human_First_Names_F_0225=Ashkira
  7294. Human_First_Names_F_0226=Ashlee
  7295. Human_First_Names_F_0227=Ashley
  7296. Human_First_Names_F_0228=Astrid
  7297. Human_First_Names_F_0229=Asuka
  7298. Human_First_Names_F_0230=Asumi
  7299. Human_First_Names_F_0231=Athena
  7300. Human_First_Names_F_0232=Atley
  7301. Human_First_Names_F_0233=Atsuko
  7302. Human_First_Names_F_0234=Atsumi
  7303. Human_First_Names_F_0235=Aubrey
  7304. Human_First_Names_F_0236=Audra
  7305. Human_First_Names_F_0237=Audrey
  7306. Human_First_Names_F_0238=Augusta
  7307. Human_First_Names_F_0239=Augustina
  7308. Human_First_Names_F_0240=Augustine
  7309. Human_First_Names_F_0241=Aundra
  7310. Human_First_Names_F_0242=Aurea
  7311. Human_First_Names_F_0243=Aurelia
  7312. Human_First_Names_F_0244=Aurora
  7313. Human_First_Names_F_0245=Austin
  7314. Human_First_Names_F_0246=Autumn
  7315. Human_First_Names_F_0247=Ava
  7316. Human_First_Names_F_0248=Avarie
  7317. Human_First_Names_F_0249=Avery
  7318. Human_First_Names_F_0250=Avice
  7319. Human_First_Names_F_0251=Avigail
  7320. Human_First_Names_F_0252=Avis
  7321. Human_First_Names_F_0253=Avishan
  7322. Human_First_Names_F_0254=Aviva
  7323. Human_First_Names_F_0255=Avrey
  7324. Human_First_Names_F_0256=Avry
  7325. Human_First_Names_F_0257=Aya
  7326. Human_First_Names_F_0258=Ayako
  7327. Human_First_Names_F_0259=Ayame
  7328. Human_First_Names_F_0260=Ayana
  7329. Human_First_Names_F_0261=Ayleanna
  7330. Human_First_Names_F_0262=Ayo
  7331. Human_First_Names_F_0263=Ayumi
  7332. Human_First_Names_F_0264=Azahara
  7333. Human_First_Names_F_0265=Azariah
  7334. Human_First_Names_F_0266=Aziah
  7335. Human_First_Names_F_0267=Azumi
  7336. Human_First_Names_F_0268=Bailey
  7337. Human_First_Names_F_0269=Bao
  7338. Human_First_Names_F_0270=Barbara
  7339. Human_First_Names_F_0271=Barbra
  7340. Human_First_Names_F_0272=Barrie
  7341. Human_First_Names_F_0273=Bay
  7342. Human_First_Names_F_0274=Baylin
  7343. Human_First_Names_F_0275=Bea
  7344. Human_First_Names_F_0276=Beatrice
  7345. Human_First_Names_F_0277=Beatrix
  7346. Human_First_Names_F_0278=Becki
  7347. Human_First_Names_F_0279=Becky
  7348. Human_First_Names_F_0280=Bela
  7349. Human_First_Names_F_0281=Belinda
  7350. Human_First_Names_F_0282=Belle
  7351. Human_First_Names_F_0283=Benita
  7352. Human_First_Names_F_0284=Bennett
  7353. Human_First_Names_F_0285=Bera
  7354. Human_First_Names_F_0286=Bergen
  7355. Human_First_Names_F_0287=Berkley
  7356. Human_First_Names_F_0288=Berlin
  7357. Human_First_Names_F_0289=Bernadeta
  7358. Human_First_Names_F_0290=Bernadette
  7359. Human_First_Names_F_0291=Bernadine
  7360. Human_First_Names_F_0292=Bernice
  7361. Human_First_Names_F_0293=Berta
  7362. Human_First_Names_F_0294=Bertha
  7363. Human_First_Names_F_0295=Bertie
  7364. Human_First_Names_F_0296=Beryl
  7365. Human_First_Names_F_0297=Bess
  7366. Human_First_Names_F_0298=Bessie
  7367. Human_First_Names_F_0299=Beth
  7368. Human_First_Names_F_0300=Bethany
  7369. Human_First_Names_F_0301=Betsy
  7370. Human_First_Names_F_0302=Bette
  7371. Human_First_Names_F_0303=Bettie
  7372. Human_First_Names_F_0304=Betty
  7373. Human_First_Names_F_0305=Beverly
  7374. Human_First_Names_F_0306=Bianca
  7375. Human_First_Names_F_0307=Billie
  7376. Human_First_Names_F_0308=Bipasha
  7377. Human_First_Names_F_0309=Birdie
  7378. Human_First_Names_F_0310=Blair
  7379. Human_First_Names_F_0311=Blanca
  7380. Human_First_Names_F_0312=Blanche
  7381. Human_First_Names_F_0313=Blayke
  7382. Human_First_Names_F_0314=Bless
  7383. Human_First_Names_F_0315=Blythe
  7384. Human_First_Names_F_0316=Bobbi
  7385. Human_First_Names_F_0317=Bobbie
  7386. Human_First_Names_F_0318=Bonita
  7387. Human_First_Names_F_0319=Bonnie
  7388. Human_First_Names_F_0320=Bora
  7389. Human_First_Names_F_0321=Braden
  7390. Human_First_Names_F_0322=Brady
  7391. Human_First_Names_F_0323=Brae
  7392. Human_First_Names_F_0324=Braelin
  7393. Human_First_Names_F_0325=Brandi
  7394. Human_First_Names_F_0326=Brandy
  7395. Human_First_Names_F_0327=Braylin
  7396. Human_First_Names_F_0328=Bree
  7397. Human_First_Names_F_0329=Brenda
  7398. Human_First_Names_F_0330=Brenn
  7399. Human_First_Names_F_0331=Breslin
  7400. Human_First_Names_F_0332=Breyann
  7401. Human_First_Names_F_0333=Bria
  7402. Human_First_Names_F_0334=Briana
  7403. Human_First_Names_F_0335=Bridget
  7404. Human_First_Names_F_0336=Bridgette
  7405. Human_First_Names_F_0337=Brighten
  7406. Human_First_Names_F_0338=Brigita
  7407. Human_First_Names_F_0339=Britain
  7408. Human_First_Names_F_0340=Britney
  7409. Human_First_Names_F_0341=Britt
  7410. Human_First_Names_F_0342=Brooke
  7411. Human_First_Names_F_0343=Brooklyn
  7412. Human_First_Names_F_0344=Bryden
  7413. Human_First_Names_F_0345=Burnice
  7414. Human_First_Names_F_0346=Cabrina
  7415. Human_First_Names_F_0347=Cache
  7416. Human_First_Names_F_0348=Caden
  7417. Human_First_Names_F_0349=Cadence
  7418. Human_First_Names_F_0350=Caelin
  7419. Human_First_Names_F_0351=Cagney
  7420. Human_First_Names_F_0352=Caidyn
  7421. Human_First_Names_F_0353=Cailyn
  7422. Human_First_Names_F_0354=Caitlin
  7423. Human_First_Names_F_0355=Callan
  7424. Human_First_Names_F_0356=Callaway
  7425. Human_First_Names_F_0357=Callie
  7426. Human_First_Names_F_0358=Cally
  7427. Human_First_Names_F_0359=Camari
  7428. Human_First_Names_F_0360=Camdyn
  7429. Human_First_Names_F_0361=Camella
  7430. Human_First_Names_F_0362=Cameron
  7431. Human_First_Names_F_0363=Camila
  7432. Human_First_Names_F_0364=Camille
  7433. Human_First_Names_F_0365=Candice
  7434. Human_First_Names_F_0366=Capria
  7435. Human_First_Names_F_0367=Cara
  7436. Human_First_Names_F_0368=Carey
  7437. Human_First_Names_F_0369=Carissa
  7438. Human_First_Names_F_0370=Carla
  7439. Human_First_Names_F_0371=Carlin
  7440. Human_First_Names_F_0372=Carlota
  7441. Human_First_Names_F_0373=Carly
  7442. Human_First_Names_F_0374=Carmella
  7443. Human_First_Names_F_0375=Carmen
  7444. Human_First_Names_F_0376=Carol
  7445. Human_First_Names_F_0377=Carolina
  7446. Human_First_Names_F_0378=Caroline
  7447. Human_First_Names_F_0379=Carolyn
  7448. Human_First_Names_F_0380=Carrie
  7449. Human_First_Names_F_0381=Carson
  7450. Human_First_Names_F_0382=Casandra
  7451. Human_First_Names_F_0383=Casey
  7452. Human_First_Names_F_0384=Cassidy
  7453. Human_First_Names_F_0385=Cassie
  7454. Human_First_Names_F_0386=Catalina
  7455. Human_First_Names_F_0387=Catharine
  7456. Human_First_Names_F_0388=Catherine
  7457. Human_First_Names_F_0389=Cathie
  7458. Human_First_Names_F_0390=Cathleen
  7459. Human_First_Names_F_0391=Cathryn
  7460. Human_First_Names_F_0392=Cathy
  7461. Human_First_Names_F_0393=Catlynne
  7462. Human_First_Names_F_0394=Cayden
  7463. Human_First_Names_F_0395=Cecile
  7464. Human_First_Names_F_0396=Cecilia
  7465. Human_First_Names_F_0397=Celeste
  7466. Human_First_Names_F_0398=Celia
  7467. Human_First_Names_F_0399=Celina
  7468. Human_First_Names_F_0400=Celinda
  7469. Human_First_Names_F_0401=Celine
  7470. Human_First_Names_F_0402=Chae
  7471. Human_First_Names_F_0403=Chanara
  7472. Human_First_Names_F_0404=Chandra
  7473. Human_First_Names_F_0405=Chanita
  7474. Human_First_Names_F_0406=Channing
  7475. Human_First_Names_F_0407=Charity
  7476. Human_First_Names_F_0408=Charlene
  7477. Human_First_Names_F_0409=Charley
  7478. Human_First_Names_F_0410=Charlie
  7479. Human_First_Names_F_0411=Charlize
  7480. Human_First_Names_F_0412=Charlotte
  7481. Human_First_Names_F_0413=Chelsea
  7482. Human_First_Names_F_0414=Cheri
  7483. Human_First_Names_F_0415=Cheryl
  7484. Human_First_Names_F_0416=Chesiree
  7485. Human_First_Names_F_0417=Chiharu
  7486. Human_First_Names_F_0418=Chiho
  7487. Human_First_Names_F_0419=Chisato
  7488. Human_First_Names_F_0420=Chiyo
  7489. Human_First_Names_F_0421=Chloe
  7490. Human_First_Names_F_0422=Christa
  7491. Human_First_Names_F_0423=Christi
  7492. Human_First_Names_F_0424=Christie
  7493. Human_First_Names_F_0425=Christina
  7494. Human_First_Names_F_0426=Christine
  7495. Human_First_Names_F_0427=Christy
  7496. Human_First_Names_F_0428=Cindy
  7497. Human_First_Names_F_0429=Clair
  7498. Human_First_Names_F_0430=Claire
  7499. Human_First_Names_F_0431=Clara
  7500. Human_First_Names_F_0432=Clarice
  7501. Human_First_Names_F_0433=Clarissa
  7502. Human_First_Names_F_0434=Claudette
  7503. Human_First_Names_F_0435=Claudia
  7504. Human_First_Names_F_0436=Claudine
  7505. Human_First_Names_F_0437=Clementine
  7506. Human_First_Names_F_0438=Cleo
  7507. Human_First_Names_F_0439=Clover
  7508. Human_First_Names_F_0440=Codi
  7509. Human_First_Names_F_0441=Colette
  7510. Human_First_Names_F_0442=Colleen
  7511. Human_First_Names_F_0443=Connie
  7512. Human_First_Names_F_0444=Constance
  7513. Human_First_Names_F_0445=Consuelo
  7514. Human_First_Names_F_0446=Cora
  7515. Human_First_Names_F_0447=Coralee
  7516. Human_First_Names_F_0448=Corin
  7517. Human_First_Names_F_0449=Corina
  7518. Human_First_Names_F_0450=Corley
  7519. Human_First_Names_F_0451=Cosette
  7520. Human_First_Names_F_0452=Courtney
  7521. Human_First_Names_F_0453=Crista
  7522. Human_First_Names_F_0454=Cristina
  7523. Human_First_Names_F_0455=Cristy
  7524. Human_First_Names_F_0456=Cynthia
  7525. Human_First_Names_F_0457=Cypress
  7526. Human_First_Names_F_0458=Dai
  7527. Human_First_Names_F_0459=Daisy
  7528. Human_First_Names_F_0460=Dakala
  7529. Human_First_Names_F_0461=Dakota
  7530. Human_First_Names_F_0462=Dalal
  7531. Human_First_Names_F_0463=Daliana
  7532. Human_First_Names_F_0464=Dallas
  7533. Human_First_Names_F_0465=Dalyn
  7534. Human_First_Names_F_0466=Dana
  7535. Human_First_Names_F_0467=Danah
  7536. Human_First_Names_F_0468=Daniella
  7537. Human_First_Names_F_0469=Danielle
  7538. Human_First_Names_F_0470=Daniz
  7539. Human_First_Names_F_0471=Danny
  7540. Human_First_Names_F_0472=Daphne
  7541. Human_First_Names_F_0473=Darcy
  7542. Human_First_Names_F_0474=Daria
  7543. Human_First_Names_F_0475=Darla
  7544. Human_First_Names_F_0476=Darlene
  7545. Human_First_Names_F_0477=Darrisha
  7546. Human_First_Names_F_0478=Davea
  7547. Human_First_Names_F_0479=Davi
  7548. Human_First_Names_F_0480=Dawn
  7549. Human_First_Names_F_0481=Day
  7550. Human_First_Names_F_0482=Deb
  7551. Human_First_Names_F_0483=Debbie
  7552. Human_First_Names_F_0484=Debora
  7553. Human_First_Names_F_0485=Deborah
  7554. Human_First_Names_F_0486=Debra
  7555. Human_First_Names_F_0487=Dee
  7556. Human_First_Names_F_0488=Deepa
  7557. Human_First_Names_F_0489=Deirdre
  7558. Human_First_Names_F_0490=Delanna
  7559. Human_First_Names_F_0491=Delia
  7560. Human_First_Names_F_0492=Deliana
  7561. Human_First_Names_F_0493=Della
  7562. Human_First_Names_F_0494=Delores
  7563. Human_First_Names_F_0495=Demi
  7564. Human_First_Names_F_0496=Deniz
  7565. Human_First_Names_F_0497=Denosha
  7566. Human_First_Names_F_0498=Denyse
  7567. Human_First_Names_F_0499=Deone
  7568. Human_First_Names_F_0500=Derivia
  7569. Human_First_Names_F_0501=Deshay
  7570. Human_First_Names_F_0502=Deshondra
  7571. Human_First_Names_F_0503=Desiree
  7572. Human_First_Names_F_0504=Destiny
  7573. Human_First_Names_F_0505=Devanshi
  7574. Human_First_Names_F_0506=Devanta
  7575. Human_First_Names_F_0507=Devine
  7576. Human_First_Names_F_0508=Dezi
  7577. Human_First_Names_F_0509=Dharia
  7578. Human_First_Names_F_0510=Diamond
  7579. Human_First_Names_F_0511=Diana
  7580. Human_First_Names_F_0512=Diane
  7581. Human_First_Names_F_0513=Dita
  7582. Human_First_Names_F_0514=Dixie
  7583. Human_First_Names_F_0515=Dollie
  7584. Human_First_Names_F_0516=Dolly
  7585. Human_First_Names_F_0517=Dolores
  7586. Human_First_Names_F_0518=Dominica
  7587. Human_First_Names_F_0519=Dominique
  7588. Human_First_Names_F_0520=Dona
  7589. Human_First_Names_F_0521=Donna
  7590. Human_First_Names_F_0522=Donnelle
  7591. Human_First_Names_F_0523=Dontae
  7592. Human_First_Names_F_0524=Dora
  7593. Human_First_Names_F_0525=Doreen
  7594. Human_First_Names_F_0526=Doris
  7595. Human_First_Names_F_0527=Dorothy
  7596. Human_First_Names_F_0528=Dorthy
  7597. Human_First_Names_F_0529=Dot
  7598. Human_First_Names_F_0530=Dottie
  7599. Human_First_Names_F_0531=Drew
  7600. Human_First_Names_F_0532=Dylan
  7601. Human_First_Names_F_0533=Eaden
  7602. Human_First_Names_F_0534=Earlie
  7603. Human_First_Names_F_0535=Eastyn
  7604. Human_First_Names_F_0536=Ebba
  7605. Human_First_Names_F_0537=Eda
  7606. Human_First_Names_F_0538=Edie
  7607. Human_First_Names_F_0539=Edith
  7608. Human_First_Names_F_0540=Edna
  7609. Human_First_Names_F_0541=Edris
  7610. Human_First_Names_F_0542=Edwina
  7611. Human_First_Names_F_0543=Effie
  7612. Human_First_Names_F_0544=Eiko
  7613. Human_First_Names_F_0545=Eileen
  7614. Human_First_Names_F_0546=Eimi
  7615. Human_First_Names_F_0547=Eisha
  7616. Human_First_Names_F_0548=Elaine
  7617. Human_First_Names_F_0549=Eleanor
  7618. Human_First_Names_F_0550=Elena
  7619. Human_First_Names_F_0551=Elenor
  7620. Human_First_Names_F_0552=Elfi
  7621. Human_First_Names_F_0553=Eli
  7622. Human_First_Names_F_0554=Elidee
  7623. Human_First_Names_F_0555=Elinor
  7624. Human_First_Names_F_0556=Elisa
  7625. Human_First_Names_F_0557=Elisabeth
  7626. Human_First_Names_F_0558=Elise
  7627. Human_First_Names_F_0559=Elisha
  7628. Human_First_Names_F_0560=Elissa
  7629. Human_First_Names_F_0561=Eliza
  7630. Human_First_Names_F_0562=Elizabeth
  7631. Human_First_Names_F_0563=Ella
  7632. Human_First_Names_F_0564=Ellen
  7633. Human_First_Names_F_0565=Ellie
  7634. Human_First_Names_F_0566=Ellington
  7635. Human_First_Names_F_0567=Eloise
  7636. Human_First_Names_F_0568=Elsa
  7637. Human_First_Names_F_0569=Elsie
  7638. Human_First_Names_F_0570=Ema
  7639. Human_First_Names_F_0571=Emanuelle
  7640. Human_First_Names_F_0572=Emari
  7641. Human_First_Names_F_0573=Emelie
  7642. Human_First_Names_F_0574=Emerson
  7643. Human_First_Names_F_0575=Emery
  7644. Human_First_Names_F_0576=Emi
  7645. Human_First_Names_F_0577=Emiko
  7646. Human_First_Names_F_0578=Emilia
  7647. Human_First_Names_F_0579=Emily
  7648. Human_First_Names_F_0580=Emma
  7649. Human_First_Names_F_0581=Enid
  7650. Human_First_Names_F_0582=Erica
  7651. Human_First_Names_F_0583=Ericka
  7652. Human_First_Names_F_0584=Erika
  7653. Human_First_Names_F_0585=Eriko
  7654. Human_First_Names_F_0586=Erin
  7655. Human_First_Names_F_0587=Erma
  7656. Human_First_Names_F_0588=Ernestine
  7657. Human_First_Names_F_0589=Esma
  7658. Human_First_Names_F_0590=Esmeralda
  7659. Human_First_Names_F_0591=Esperanza
  7660. Human_First_Names_F_0592=Essie
  7661. Human_First_Names_F_0593=Estella
  7662. Human_First_Names_F_0594=Estelle
  7663. Human_First_Names_F_0595=Ester
  7664. Human_First_Names_F_0596=Esther
  7665. Human_First_Names_F_0597=Ethel
  7666. Human_First_Names_F_0598=Etti
  7667. Human_First_Names_F_0599=Eula
  7668. Human_First_Names_F_0600=Eunice
  7669. Human_First_Names_F_0601=Eva
  7670. Human_First_Names_F_0602=Evangelia
  7671. Human_First_Names_F_0603=Evangelina
  7672. Human_First_Names_F_0604=Evangeline
  7673. Human_First_Names_F_0605=Eve
  7674. Human_First_Names_F_0606=Evelyn
  7675. Human_First_Names_F_0607=Evette
  7676. Human_First_Names_F_0608=Evie
  7677. Human_First_Names_F_0609=Fabia
  7678. Human_First_Names_F_0610=Fatima
  7679. Human_First_Names_F_0611=Fay
  7680. Human_First_Names_F_0612=Faye
  7681. Human_First_Names_F_0613=Felicia
  7682. Human_First_Names_F_0614=Feliz
  7683. Human_First_Names_F_0615=Fen
  7684. Human_First_Names_F_0616=Ferlisha
  7685. Human_First_Names_F_0617=Fern
  7686. Human_First_Names_F_0618=Fey
  7687. Human_First_Names_F_0619=Finley
  7688. Human_First_Names_F_0620=Fiona
  7689. Human_First_Names_F_0621=Fionna
  7690. Human_First_Names_F_0622=Flannery
  7691. Human_First_Names_F_0623=Flora
  7692. Human_First_Names_F_0624=Florence
  7693. Human_First_Names_F_0625=Flynn
  7694. Human_First_Names_F_0626=Fran
  7695. Human_First_Names_F_0627=Francesca
  7696. Human_First_Names_F_0628=Francine
  7697. Human_First_Names_F_0629=Frankie
  7698. Human_First_Names_F_0630=Freddi
  7699. Human_First_Names_F_0631=Frederique
  7700. Human_First_Names_F_0632=Freja
  7701. Human_First_Names_F_0633=Frida
  7702. Human_First_Names_F_0634=Fujiko
  7703. Human_First_Names_F_0635=Fukumi
  7704. Human_First_Names_F_0636=Fumiko
  7705. Human_First_Names_F_0637=Gabija
  7706. Human_First_Names_F_0638=Gabriela
  7707. Human_First_Names_F_0639=Gabrielle
  7708. Human_First_Names_F_0640=Gail
  7709. Human_First_Names_F_0641=Galenka
  7710. Human_First_Names_F_0642=Garnett
  7711. Human_First_Names_F_0643=Gayle
  7712. Human_First_Names_F_0644=Gena
  7713. Human_First_Names_F_0645=Genesis
  7714. Human_First_Names_F_0646=Genevieve
  7715. Human_First_Names_F_0647=George
  7716. Human_First_Names_F_0648=Georgette
  7717. Human_First_Names_F_0649=Georgia
  7718. Human_First_Names_F_0650=Geraldine
  7719. Human_First_Names_F_0651=Gerri
  7720. Human_First_Names_F_0652=Gertrude
  7721. Human_First_Names_F_0653=Gilda
  7722. Human_First_Names_F_0654=Gillian
  7723. Human_First_Names_F_0655=Gina
  7724. Human_First_Names_F_0656=Ginger
  7725. Human_First_Names_F_0657=Ginny
  7726. Human_First_Names_F_0658=Gisele
  7727. Human_First_Names_F_0659=Glenda
  7728. Human_First_Names_F_0660=Gloria
  7729. Human_First_Names_F_0661=Goldie
  7730. Human_First_Names_F_0662=Grace
  7731. Human_First_Names_F_0663=Gracie
  7732. Human_First_Names_F_0664=Gratia
  7733. Human_First_Names_F_0665=Greta
  7734. Human_First_Names_F_0666=Gretchen
  7735. Human_First_Names_F_0667=Gretta
  7736. Human_First_Names_F_0668=Guadalupe
  7737. Human_First_Names_F_0669=Gurpreet
  7738. Human_First_Names_F_0670=Gwen
  7739. Human_First_Names_F_0671=Gwendolyn
  7740. Human_First_Names_F_0672=Gwyneth
  7741. Human_First_Names_F_0673=Hadley
  7742. Human_First_Names_F_0674=Hadyn
  7743. Human_First_Names_F_0675=Hailey
  7744. Human_First_Names_F_0676=Hala
  7745. Human_First_Names_F_0677=Halen
  7746. Human_First_Names_F_0678=Haley
  7747. Human_First_Names_F_0679=Hana
  7748. Human_First_Names_F_0680=Hanita
  7749. Human_First_Names_F_0681=Hannah
  7750. Human_First_Names_F_0682=Harley
  7751. Human_First_Names_F_0683=Harlyn
  7752. Human_First_Names_F_0684=Harper
  7753. Human_First_Names_F_0685=Harriet
  7754. Human_First_Names_F_0686=Hartley
  7755. Human_First_Names_F_0687=Haruko
  7756. Human_First_Names_F_0688=Haruyo
  7757. Human_First_Names_F_0689=Hattie
  7758. Human_First_Names_F_0690=Hayden
  7759. Human_First_Names_F_0691=Hazel
  7760. Human_First_Names_F_0692=Heather
  7761. Human_First_Names_F_0693=Heidi
  7762. Human_First_Names_F_0694=Helen
  7763. Human_First_Names_F_0695=Helena
  7764. Human_First_Names_F_0696=Helga
  7765. Human_First_Names_F_0697=Helma
  7766. Human_First_Names_F_0698=Henrietta
  7767. Human_First_Names_F_0699=Hentie
  7768. Human_First_Names_F_0700=Hermione
  7769. Human_First_Names_F_0701=Hero
  7770. Human_First_Names_F_0702=Hester
  7771. Human_First_Names_F_0703=Hetty
  7772. Human_First_Names_F_0704=Hideko
  7773. Human_First_Names_F_0705=Hilary
  7774. Human_First_Names_F_0706=Hildegard
  7775. Human_First_Names_F_0707=Hildur
  7776. Human_First_Names_F_0708=Hiroko
  7777. Human_First_Names_F_0709=Hisaya
  7778. Human_First_Names_F_0710=Hitomi
  7779. Human_First_Names_F_0711=Hollie
  7780. Human_First_Names_F_0712=Holly
  7781. Human_First_Names_F_0713=Hope
  7782. Human_First_Names_F_0714=Hortense
  7783. Human_First_Names_F_0715=Hudson
  7784. Human_First_Names_F_0716=Hunter
  7785. Human_First_Names_F_0717=Hyun
  7786. Human_First_Names_F_0718=Ichiko
  7787. Human_First_Names_F_0719=Ida
  7788. Human_First_Names_F_0720=Idina
  7789. Human_First_Names_F_0721=Ikumi
  7790. Human_First_Names_F_0722=Ilana
  7791. Human_First_Names_F_0723=Ilene
  7792. Human_First_Names_F_0724=Imogene
  7793. Human_First_Names_F_0725=Ina
  7794. Human_First_Names_F_0726=Indigo
  7795. Human_First_Names_F_0727=Indira
  7796. Human_First_Names_F_0728=Indrani
  7797. Human_First_Names_F_0729=Ines
  7798. Human_First_Names_F_0730=Inez
  7799. Human_First_Names_F_0731=Ingrid
  7800. Human_First_Names_F_0732=Ioanna
  7801. Human_First_Names_F_0733=Irena
  7802. Human_First_Names_F_0734=Irene
  7803. Human_First_Names_F_0735=Iris
  7804. Human_First_Names_F_0736=Irma
  7805. Human_First_Names_F_0737=Isa
  7806. Human_First_Names_F_0738=Isabel
  7807. Human_First_Names_F_0739=Isabella
  7808. Human_First_Names_F_0740=Isabelle
  7809. Human_First_Names_F_0741=Ishawna
  7810. Human_First_Names_F_0742=Isidora
  7811. Human_First_Names_F_0743=Isobel
  7812. Human_First_Names_F_0744=Itsumi
  7813. Human_First_Names_F_0745=Ivana
  7814. Human_First_Names_F_0746=Ivita
  7815. Human_First_Names_F_0747=Ivonne
  7816. Human_First_Names_F_0748=Ivy
  7817. Human_First_Names_F_0749=Jackie
  7818. Human_First_Names_F_0750=Jacklyn
  7819. Human_First_Names_F_0751=Jaclyn
  7820. Human_First_Names_F_0752=Jacqueline
  7821. Human_First_Names_F_0753=Jacquie
  7822. Human_First_Names_F_0754=Jada
  7823. Human_First_Names_F_0755=Jaden
  7824. Human_First_Names_F_0756=Jae
  7825. Human_First_Names_F_0757=Jaime
  7826. Human_First_Names_F_0758=Jakeline
  7827. Human_First_Names_F_0759=Jaki
  7828. Human_First_Names_F_0760=Jalani
  7829. Human_First_Names_F_0761=Jaleen
  7830. Human_First_Names_F_0762=Jalen
  7831. Human_First_Names_F_0763=Jamani
  7832. Human_First_Names_F_0764=Jami
  7833. Human_First_Names_F_0765=Jamie
  7834. Human_First_Names_F_0766=Jan
  7835. Human_First_Names_F_0767=Jana
  7836. Human_First_Names_F_0768=Jane
  7837. Human_First_Names_F_0769=Janelle
  7838. Human_First_Names_F_0770=Janet
  7839. Human_First_Names_F_0771=Janette
  7840. Human_First_Names_F_0772=Janice
  7841. Human_First_Names_F_0773=Janine
  7842. Human_First_Names_F_0774=Janis
  7843. Human_First_Names_F_0775=Janna
  7844. Human_First_Names_F_0776=Jara
  7845. Human_First_Names_F_0777=Jari
  7846. Human_First_Names_F_0778=Jarmila
  7847. Human_First_Names_F_0779=Jashanna
  7848. Human_First_Names_F_0780=Jasmine
  7849. Human_First_Names_F_0781=Jax
  7850. Human_First_Names_F_0782=Jayne
  7851. Human_First_Names_F_0783=Jaynie
  7852. Human_First_Names_F_0784=Jaz
  7853. Human_First_Names_F_0785=Jazmin
  7854. Human_First_Names_F_0786=Jean
  7855. Human_First_Names_F_0787=Jeanette
  7856. Human_First_Names_F_0788=Jeanie
  7857. Human_First_Names_F_0789=Jelinda
  7858. Human_First_Names_F_0790=Jemisha
  7859. Human_First_Names_F_0791=Jemma
  7860. Human_First_Names_F_0792=Jen
  7861. Human_First_Names_F_0793=Jenifer
  7862. Human_First_Names_F_0794=Jenna
  7863. Human_First_Names_F_0795=Jenni
  7864. Human_First_Names_F_0796=Jennica
  7865. Human_First_Names_F_0797=Jennifer
  7866. Human_First_Names_F_0798=Jenny
  7867. Human_First_Names_F_0799=Jeri
  7868. Human_First_Names_F_0800=Jerri
  7869. Human_First_Names_F_0801=Jerzy
  7870. Human_First_Names_F_0802=Jess
  7871. Human_First_Names_F_0803=Jessica
  7872. Human_First_Names_F_0804=Jessie
  7873. Human_First_Names_F_0805=Jewel
  7874. Human_First_Names_F_0806=Jianni
  7875. Human_First_Names_F_0807=Jill
  7876. Human_First_Names_F_0808=Jillian
  7877. Human_First_Names_F_0809=Jing
  7878. Human_First_Names_F_0810=Jinny
  7879. Human_First_Names_F_0811=Jo
  7880. Human_First_Names_F_0812=Joan
  7881. Human_First_Names_F_0813=Joana
  7882. Human_First_Names_F_0814=Joanie
  7883. Human_First_Names_F_0815=Joann
  7884. Human_First_Names_F_0816=Joanne
  7885. Human_First_Names_F_0817=Jocelyn
  7886. Human_First_Names_F_0818=Jodi
  7887. Human_First_Names_F_0819=Jodie
  7888. Human_First_Names_F_0820=Jody
  7889. Human_First_Names_F_0821=Joey
  7890. Human_First_Names_F_0822=Johana
  7891. Human_First_Names_F_0823=Johari
  7892. Human_First_Names_F_0824=Jolena
  7893. Human_First_Names_F_0825=Jolene
  7894. Human_First_Names_F_0826=Joni
  7895. Human_First_Names_F_0827=Jordan
  7896. Human_First_Names_F_0828=Josefina
  7897. Human_First_Names_F_0829=Josefine
  7898. Human_First_Names_F_0830=Josephine
  7899. Human_First_Names_F_0831=Josie
  7900. Human_First_Names_F_0832=Joslin
  7901. Human_First_Names_F_0833=Joy
  7902. Human_First_Names_F_0834=Joyce
  7903. Human_First_Names_F_0835=Juanita
  7904. Human_First_Names_F_0836=Judi
  7905. Human_First_Names_F_0837=Judie
  7906. Human_First_Names_F_0838=Judith
  7907. Human_First_Names_F_0839=Judy
  7908. Human_First_Names_F_0840=Jules
  7909. Human_First_Names_F_0841=Julia
  7910. Human_First_Names_F_0842=Julian
  7911. Human_First_Names_F_0843=Juliana
  7912. Human_First_Names_F_0844=Julianne
  7913. Human_First_Names_F_0845=Julie
  7914. Human_First_Names_F_0846=Juliet
  7915. Human_First_Names_F_0847=June
  7916. Human_First_Names_F_0848=Justina
  7917. Human_First_Names_F_0849=Justine
  7918. Human_First_Names_F_0850=Kadasha
  7919. Human_First_Names_F_0851=Kadian
  7920. Human_Fir