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  1. GRCC Anime Club Constitution
  2. Revised: December 11th, 2015
  4. Article I: Name
  5. The name of the anime club will be GRCC Anime Club.
  7. Article II: Purpose
  8. The Anime Club with be geared towards the showing of anime (Japanese animation) and the sharing of Japanese anime culture.
  10. Article III: Membership
  11. 1. In order to be a member of the club, you must be a student of GRCC. Additionally, it is highly suggested that one fill out a membership form.
  12. 2. Non-students are always welcome, but they must fill out a Guest Form. Non-students are, by policy of GRCC, not allowed on Anime-Club-sponsored trips; they may go separately but cannot go under the GRCC name or using GRCC funds.
  13. 3. A member may at any time resign his/her membership.
  14. 4. Non-Discrimination Policy:
  15.         It’s the policy of GRCC Anime Club that no person on the basis of race, color, gender, religion, national origin, age, sexual orientation, disability, shall be discriminated against in any way.
  16. For more information about what is expected of members, please see Article X.
  18. Article IV: Officers
  20. These are the officers of the club, henceforth referred to as “the council”, and their contact information.
  22. 1. Title of President:
  23. Name: Elizabeth Riegler
  24. Student Number: W0479786
  25. Email:
  27. 2. Title of Vice President:
  28. Name: Raul Alejandro Gonzalez-Enriquez 
  29. Student Number: W0481309
  30. Email:
  32. 3. Title of Secretary:
  33. Name: Myriah Gochenour
  34. Student Number: W0453438
  35. Email:
  37. 4. Title of Treasurer:
  38. Name: Brian Young
  39. Student Number: W0439153
  40. Email:
  42. 5. Title of Event Coordinator:
  43. Name: Michelle Jackson
  44. Student Number: W0508279
  45. Email:
  47. The officers listed above will compose the Student Council of this club.
  49. Article V: The qualifications and Elections of Officers
  50. 1. Each officer is a member of the club. Every member of the club may be eligible for a position in the Student Council. Officers may resign their positions. No one person may hold more then one position at a time, and two people cannot hold the same title.
  51.         A. To hold an officer position, you must have at least a GPA of 2.0 and have been a member of the club for at least one semester.
  52.         B. Exceptions to the one semester policy are available at the council’s discretion.
  54. 2. Elections
  55. College policy: Officers must be elected by the third Thursday of the first month of a new semester.
  56.         A. First members will nominate each other and then 2nd the nomination for an office. 1-2 weeks prior to election.
  57.         B. Each candidate will have a chance to speak to the membership, one week prior to elections.
  58.         C. On election day, a ballot will be given out with the names of the candidates to be voted on.
  60. 3. Officer Absentee
  61.         A. All officers will be expected to attend of officer and club meetings. And officer is only allowed to miss three meetings in a semester with unexcused absences. The officer in question will be automatically relieved of their duties after the 4th absence.
  62.         B. Officers are expected to attend weekly club meetings and events. An officer is allowed to miss up to a set number of club meetings and events in a given semester (determined by the Student Council). Excused absences are the same as stated previously. The officer in question will be automatically relieved of their duties after the set number of absences.
  63.         C. If an officer has class during club meetings or they have to work then the officer is exempt from being absent. They should notify the other officers in advanced. However they still must be able to complete their assigned duties.
  65. 4. Replacement for Vacancies
  66. Vacancies due to resignation or “Call of Resignation” will be replaced by an appointed made by the Student Council without voice from membership.
  68. 5. Call for resignation
  69. If members of the Student Council feel that one of the council members is not performing his/her duties or is no longer qualified for that position, the remaining council members may call that person to resign. The remaining council members must agree that it is in the best interest of the club to do so.
  70. The process for “Call for Resignation” is listed below”
  71.         A. The decision to call for resignation may happen out of meetings.
  72.         B. The decision must be agreed upon by all council members except the person that is being called upon.
  73.         C. the designee will be given one week’s written notice and legitimate reasons will be given for the call.
  74.         D. At the beginning of the next meeting, a council member other than the designee with address the membership and notify them.
  75.         E. The approval of the membership is required.
  76.         F. Before the vote, the designee will have a chance to address the membership in his/her defense.
  77.         G. The person directing the meeting will hand out ballots with a clear question of if the designee should keep their position or not; then collect the votes.
  78.         H. The count will be conducted and counted by two non-council members.
  79.         I. The vote will be simply majority.
  80. If the Call for Resignation is approved by the membership, the resigned will not be able to be nominated for the upcoming elections. At the end of the meeting, the council will ask for the applications for the open positions.
  82. Article VI: Duties and Powers of Officers
  84. 1. College Policy:
  85. All officers will attend Leadership day and stay awesome.
  86. 2. President:
  87. Shall preside over all meetings. May appoint sub-council as needed with the approval of the Student Council. Responsible for making sure they have appropriate titles to show at each meetings. Must also stay in contact with the Community College. The president will have access to the club’s budget to see where the funds are going to. The president will be responsible for making sure the other officers perform their assigned duties. The president should be an orderly individual and have good leadership skills.
  88. 3. Vice-President:
  89. Has the responsibility of filling in the role of the president if they is relieved of their duties or unable to perform them. They also have the role of attending all GRCC student Alliance meetings. If they can’t make a Student Alliance meeting, they must inform one of the student alliance board members (President, Student Alliance Advisor). Must report back to the anime club President everything that was talked about in the student Alliance meeting.
  90. 4. Secretary:
  91. Shall be responsible for keeping a roll call (club roster) for all members and guests to keep and maintain all records. The secretary will make sure that there are sign-in sheets and pens available at every club meeting and will be responsible for using the sign-in sheets. They will also maintain the email list and rosters to keep track of attendance. Will also produce flyers, ballots, and other physical documents. Shall be responsible for gathering authorization to show titles from their respective copyright holders (ex. Pioneer, ADV, Bandai, Funimation, etc.). The secretary should be organized and an orderly, organized person with some computer skills.
  92. 5. Treasurer:
  93. Shall keep a record of the clubs budget. Shall give a budget report every month for the Student Council to see where the budget is at. The treasurer will make sure that their records of the club’s funds are accurate at all times and updates the other officers on the monetary standings of the club. The treasurer will have access to the club’s funds for club purchases and must present what they are going to buy for the club to the Student Council. If the club needs more money, the treasurer will type up a report explaining why and then must present the report to the Student Alliance Budgets Committee. The treasurer must be a well-tempered individual, a good negotiator, be organized and have at least a little bit of a head for numbers.
  94. 6. Event Coordinator:
  95. Shall brain storm, organize, and create events for members of the GRCC Anime Club. The Event Coordinator will have access to the club’s funds for club events, but may not purchase anything for said events without written permission from the club President and Treasurer. They shall be responsible for all club trips and maintain an orderly flow for all club events. They should be an organized energetic person with good negotiation skills. They should also be able and willing to plan for events many months in advance.
  96. 7. Student Council as a whole:
  97. The council as a group will be responsible for deciding what titles will be shown and if the title is appropriate or not content wise. They will also decide plans (events, special promotions) and what direction the club should take.
  99. Article VII: Donations
  100. 1. The club shall be a free club. The club will accept monetary donations, but these must be freely given and not forced. All money must be reported and deposited into the club’s earned income account. Donations will not give any member higher standing within the club. If the members want to donate used anime series (anime series that they no longer wish to own), the club will accept the donations and can decide to give the anime to the GRCC library, show it in the club, or hand it out as a prize for contests.
  102. Article VIII: Sub-council
  103. 1. Sub-councils that are established within the club shall have their function’s purpose determined by the council. Members shall be appointed by the president and the vice-president and approved by other members of the Student Council.
  104. 2. All sub-council actions will be submitted to the student council for approval.
  106. Article IX: Content and Titles
  107. 1. The council will not, under any circumstances, allow the showing of pornographic animation (hentai). Any title that has more than they occasional slip of nudity (ecchi) or graphic sex scenes will not be allowed to be shown. Anyone bringing in their own anime from home to show must also adhere to these rules.
  108. 2. The council will not allow shows rated above PG13, 15+, etc. to be shown unless all members are above the age of 18. Members below the age of 18 should have a note stating they are allowed to see these shows.
  110. Article X: Member Conduct
  111. 1.      Members must be respectful of each other. No rude, insensitive, or hateful comments on basis of race, color, gender, religion, national origin, age, sexual orientation, disability, weight, or gender expression will be tolerated. Unwanted touching, photographs, and anything else that infringes on another member’s personal boundaries is also not allowed.
  112. 2.      Additionally, it is heavily suggested that members avoid spoilers when discussing media, out of courtesy to other members. It is also suggested that members be quiet and respectful to other members while anime is being shown; occasional comments and jokes are allowed, but constant chatter is frowned upon.
  113. 3.      Anyone found to be in violation of these aforementioned rules will be given two warnings. In general, offending or offensive members will be asked to stop twice before facing consequences on the third repeat of this action.
  114. 4.      The consequences mentioned in 3 may be suspension from meetings and events, mediation with GRCC, or termination.
  115. 5.      The two-stop rule may be suspended in particularly severe cases (including but not limited to threats, physical attacks, and harassment) and at the council’s discretion.
  116. 6.      All members shall obey the law while in club. Theft, however petty, is not tolerated, and prosecution will be pursued.
  117. 7.      Anyone who breaks the law on a club-sponsored trip, such as by giving alcohol to minors, shall have their ticket immediately revoked (and therefore have to find their own way home) and be removed from any future trips. Punishment shall be pursued upon return.
  118. 8.      In the case of interpersonal conflict, it is heavily suggested that the parties report to the council for mediation. If this conflict begins to affect others in club, the council shall step in regardless. Any formal complaints regarding a member should be referred to someone on the council as well.
  119. 9.      In the case of a member facing termination, the council will come to a consensus on the action taken. Sometimes mediation with an outside source from GRCC will be utilized, sometimes the offending member will be immediately terminated; this depends on the severity and problem faced, and what consensus the council reaches.
  120. 10.     If a member is terminated, their slot on any Anime Club-sponsored trip will be revoked, they will be asked to leave club meetings, and they will banned from any Anime Club-sponsored parties.
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