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  3. kilmt got tired of nobles getting more leeway in terms of illegal things so he decided to take matters into his own hands by becoming the professor
  4. vortex found out klimt was killing people as the professor and blackmailed him by threatening to tell his family. through this, he was able to decide the next victims. btw he asked for the third victim (the former chief justice) to be killed because he wanted that position...
  6. genshin held suspicions and went to vortex, but the latter refused to do anything due to lack of evidence. genshin went straight to klimt and offered him a duel that culminated in klimt being killed. but before this klimt wrote a confession, which told of his deeds and identified his blackmailer
  8. vortex couldn't just let the public know that a noble was behind the killings so decided to pin everything on genshin. this included everything about the fake autopsy. however the "exchange" to break genshin out of prison for making him accept the verdict ddidn't exactly go as planned (btw vortex made him agree by promising to let him go back to japan to see kazuma ;_;). vortex and jigoku were waiting in the cemetery when suddenly drebber saw genshin climb out of the coffin. vortex convinced jigoku to shoot his friend by threatening him with what would happen if he didn't and jigoku reluctantly pulled the trigger. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
  10. and yes the person behind the death bringer curse was vortex
  12. in the present, these facts are coming to light and everyone rightly freaks the fuck out. vortex is smug as usual and goes "ok but do you really think you guys can get me lul" however before genshin was sentenced he wrote a "will". it's two pages and pretty will-like in which he writes he leaves everything to his son.
  13. until vortex lets it slip that there are actually three pages.
  14. barricade just happened to bring it with him (the real mvp) and it says that the sword [karuma] will clear the darkness surrounding the truth and to turn your "head" with the sword in hand...
  15. the "head" actually refers to a certain part of the sword (No. 6 here
  16. ryuu twists it to find klimt's confession in there which pretty much seals the deal for vortex
  18. but wait... THERE'S MORE
  20. vortex gets all haughty again: yeah you guys found the truth but can you really just tell the public this? this insane batshit conspiracy would make everyone lose their confidence in the law and the police.
  21. ryuu then remembers the holmes doll that acted as a radio/walkie talkie to the iris doll earlier. he pulls on the ears t activate it and then... a hologram of sherlock holmes appears. he explains that since voice can transmit, why not images? (idk how he pulled this off but he's holmes)
  22. well then where's holmes??
  25. remember this is a two way transmission
  26. holmes is in the buckingham palace
  27. and has been showing the entire trial to the queen of england
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