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  1. Gentlemen, long time listener, first time caller.
  2. I love the show, it's probably my favorite piece of JB content since the untimely departure of Unfilter.
  3. I was listening to 356 with glee as you were discussing Testing and Jr devops positions.  I've just accepted a position as DevOps Assistant at a small dev shop with the intent to work on my coding / development skills and make my way into a more useful member of the team. I was very excited about the position initially, it's taken some time to get the interview process behind me and I was beginning to become concerned I had accepted a position as the office doormat, bottom of the totem pole as it were.  After listening to the show and hearing Michael talk about the importance of QA to a dev shop, I am thinking it may be a great role for me. The following question you had regarding QAvae a career path really hit my concerns on the nose and made me feel a lot better about my career decision.
  4. I thought I was going to be in a big rush to get out of the basement and up to a developer position, but after listening to the show I really feel like my contribution to this team is going to be important and necessary from the get go.
  6.  I will hence forth be listening to the show with some experience and context.
  8. Thanks for the great show guys.
  10. Cheers
  11.    Lewis
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