UTAUs Used

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  1. Listed from left to right as they appear in the videos.
  3. -A Sardine Grows From The Ground-
  5. Green Haired Guy- Sousei Nemu (
  6. Mushroom- Miteinanda (no longer available)
  7. Floating... cactus, apparently?- Cactloid (
  8. Kasane Teto- Kasane Teto (
  9. Gray robot- Koronba 4-Gou (no longer available)
  10. Cat Thing- Neumaf (
  11. Pumpkin Guy- Pumpking the Testloid (
  13. -The Bluefin Tuna Comes Flying-
  14. TV-head: Kuuspoid (no longer available)
  15. Different Green-Haired Guy- Tsurubami (
  16. Dancing Bottle- Yuzune Pon (
  17. Koronba 4-gou
  18. Plant Girl- Nene Nene (
  19. Dolphin guy- Mine Laru (
  21. -Lamprey Hole-
  22. Just 4-gou and Defoko who comes with UTAU.
  24. -.(Jellyfish)-
  25. 4-gou and Defoko again.
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