Aug 8th, 2018
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  1. For basically the entirety of 2018 I've felt very burnt out on Vice City. I wanted to keep playing because I've been worried about disappointing people, I suppose this post will disappoint people like I never could've with just not playing the game.
  2. January 2018 I began experimenting with certain files in the game, I thought that if I gave myself the ability to just give myself free PBs again it would make my mindset better and I could be happy playing and streaming the game again. I have done this with all my Vice City runs from then until now, the affected runs are listed now:
  4. 100% in 4:45:55
  5. All Missions in 2:11:16
  6. All Missions in 2:11:36
  7. All Packages in 29:09
  8. No SSU in 50:54
  9. No SSU in 51:02
  10. No SSU in 51:19
  11. + Some ILs
  13. I am utterly ashamed and full of regret, and even moreso that the only reason I'm typing this is because people caught on and now it just seems like an "I'm sorry I was caught" thing. Though I must admit I did not have any intentions of writing this on my own because I've been afraid of the mass disappointment.
  15. I want everyone to see this post and know what is happening, I think it is best that I disappear for a while, I don't know how long for but it will hopefully be enough time for me to think about what I've done.
  17. To anyone reading this who ever considered cheating, my advice to you is to slap yourself across the face very very hard and to wake up. Thanks for reading.
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