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Add a gift shop to your ASP.NET application

priore May 29th, 2012 266 Never
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  1. // With MYZazzleStore Library for ASP.NET it's really simple to add a gift shop to your ASP.NET application for your users.
  2. // With a few lines of code you can give your users the opportunity to purchase T-shirts personalized
  3. // mugs, iphone / ipad covers and other types of gifts. It also allows you to increase financial gains
  4. // and increase the popularity of your products.
  5. //
  6. // look for source code : https://github.com/priore/MYZazzleStore-for-ASP.NET
  8. //ASP.NET page
  10. <%@ Register Assembly="Priore.Web.MYZazzleStore"
  11.     Namespace="Priore.Web.MYZazzleStore" TagPrefix="priore" %>
  13. <priore:MYZazzleStoreTable ID="zazzle"
  14.     OnProductClick="zazzle_ProductClick" runat="server">
  15. </priore:MYZazzleStoreTable>
  17. //C# ASP.NET Source
  18. protected void zazzle_ProductClick(object sender, string productId)
  19. {
  20.     zazzle.ImageLink = "http://my-domain.com/my-image.jpg"
  21. }
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