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  1. <blinK> a lot of people agree with me, but people are just pussy and won't admit it. they'd rather agree with the majority of trolls on the forums and brown nose instead of be real
  2. <Walka> ringing
  3. <Novuna> scim me im process
  4. <blinK> +frags mean so much
  5. <blinK> lol
  6. <r3medy> ya i agree with you, dirty jews ruining tf2
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  8. * djc (~dearjohnc@AyeDoc.user.gamesurge) has joined
  9. * CHEERISS ( has joined
  10. <blinK> well
  11. <r3medy> we should cleanse tf2!
  12. <cond_> fucking jews I tell you
  13. <blinK> the esea jews, yeah
  14. <JohnMiller> main ours process
  15. <mwo> im just gonna be real you literally sound like my narcissistic personality disorder 87 year old racist as fuck gradma in all these comments
  16. <blinK> jews like mustardoverlord, he's alright
  17. <mason> i think holocost v2 would really really
  18. <cond_> shlomo out to steal my shekels
  19. <mason> help comp tf2
  20. <Novuna> scim me im process
  21. <blinK> i like jewish people who arent money hungry and manipulative
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  23. * kev ( has joined
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  25. <r3medy> then you dont like any jews amirite?
  26. <blinK> i like white people who arent money hungry and manipulative
  27. * gr8stalin ( has joined
  28. * Block ( has joined
  29. <blinK> no there's lots of jews that aren't money hungry and manipulative
  30. * ScubaSquid has quit (Quit: Leaving)
  31. <blinK> those are the ones i'm friends with
  32. <cond_> then why not just say you don't like manipulative people
  33. <cond_> why do you need to specify jewish
  34. <JohnMiller> main ours process
  35. <blinK> because the people who run esea are jewish
  36. <blinK> thats why i brought up jewish.
  37. <gr8stalin> ok so
  38. <Novuna> scrim me im process
  39. <r3medy> john shut up we are trying to have a convo
  40. <Block> scrim high open process
  41. <cond_> the entire notion that jews are money hungry is an archaic lefotver of the middle ages you plebian
  42. * Munch (~Munch@ has joined
  43. <mwo> say I have a lot of jewish friends and african
  44. <blinK> i didnt say all jews
  45. <blinK> i mentioned that if you read it correctly
  46. <blinK> i said the ones who run esea
  47. <gr8stalin> but you specified jews
  48. <cond_> then why mention jews at all
  49. <r3medy> only the dirty money hungry nigger jews are bad
  50. <blinK> who are obviously corrupt and money hungry
  51. <alosec> open process will hug & cuddle afterwards
  52. <blinK> yes remedy, yes.
  53. <cond_> and you make the hoity assumption that he's jewish based off his last name (he's probably not)
  54. <Munch> I'd like to note I don't hate all jewish people just the ones who put money above all else with no heart. Which unfortunately a lot of jews adopt that strategy. Bernstein, Bergman, Benstein, Horowitz. Fuck off.
  55. <blinK> fucking dirty cock suckers
  56. <blinK> yes munch
  57. <blinK> a lot do, not all
  58. <blinK> never once said all
  59. <r3medy> if only tf2 had a fuher to lead it to victory..
  60. <Novuna> im process scrim me
  61. * fanofangels ( has joined
  62. <blinK> well tf2 needs some balls
  63. <mwo> did we just invent a time machine
  64. <cond_> dude blinky
  65. <mwo> someone patent this shit
  66. <broKing> im trying to find a scrim can you guys shut le fuck up
  67. <blinK> it's a bunch of emo kids with no balls
  68. <blinK> trying to get +frags
  69. <cond_> you should check out 4chan /pol/
  70. * Tino_ (~IceChat77@ has joined
  71. <cond_> you'd fit right in
  72. <blinK> bc that makes you get
  73. <broKing> use private messaging you dorks
  74. <blinK> except it doesn't.
  75. <blinK> good*
  76. <cond_> fuck you this is a public forum
  77. <Block> anybody want to scrim process high open/IM
  78. <blinK> :D
  79. <cond_> fuck the jews
  80. <blinK> exactly i should be able to speak my mind
  81. <mason> scrim main+
  82. <gr8stalin> oy vey
  83. <blinK> thats it cond you're racist
  84. <broKing> soldier/scout ringer here!
  85. * Turbolicious ( has joined
  86. <blinK> i'm telling enigma
  87. <r3medy> im making a aryian party tf2 league will you join blinky?
  88. <HiveMind> there are egos at stake here broking, please be quiet and let them bend each other over while they insist "no homo"
  89. <blinK> i bet every nerd that responded to me has said the word nigger 20x in their life
  90. <broKing> how to mute people on irc?!?
  91. <Turbolicious> take it to #tftv you nerds
  92. <blinK> but theyre all pussies brown nosing for +frags
  93. <cond_> hey remedy I'm making a new clan and we don't use demomen ~white power~ r u in
  94. <mason> Added *!* to ignore list
  95. <r3medy> ya
  96. <blinK> mason is so bad
  97. <broKing> blinK i am jewish and i whooped your ass kiddo, eat my dung spatula
  98. <r3medy> medic will be our leader
  99. <blinK> he brown noses everyone to carry him
  100. <killemdeader> your mother must be proud blinky
  101. <killemdeader> standing up for what you think is right
  102. <blinK> my mom is proud
  103. <mwo> where the fuck did that come from? wtf
  104. <cond_> lmao
  105. <hooky_> broKing: in Hexchat, right click the name and click ignore
  106. <blinK> <3 momma
  107. <Novuna> im process scrim me
  108. * Saint ( has joined
  109. <r3medy> blinky what if your mom turned out to be a dirty money hungry jew???
  110. <Munch> I can't tell you how many times in NYC I see jews getting out of there Mercedes or BMW's going into a supermarket.. And then paying with an EBT card at the register because they're claiming to be poor. It makes me sick. Not just jewish people do this though but where I live a majority are. The Russians in particular. Mink coats and are on medicaid while real hard working Americans are living
  111. <Munch> the proper way and suffering because of it. Integrity goes a long way.
  112. * pandapandapanda ( has joined
  113. <blinK> i'd still love her and try to save her
  114. <pandapandapanda> 6s y/ours process low-mid open
  115. <gr8stalin> oy vey son
  116. <gr8stalin> give me your sheckels
  117. <blinK> Munch, it's true.
  118. <cond_> I'm shlepping to my bubby about this right now, oy vey
  119. <mason> blinky hit me up when you can kill somebdoy outsideo f ammomod you 80 iq jersey shore wannabe
  120. <blinK> if you lived in nyc you'd see it
  121. <mwo> Bernstein, Bergman, Benstein, Horowitz. Fuck off. All of the owners of ESEA are all jewish. Levine, Thunberg, etc. They're all scam artists and a bunch of money hungry jews. That's a fact. I'm no Hitler by any means. I have a lot of jewish friends and african. There's a difference in my head. I'm not stereotyping ALL jewish people, just the money hungry no hearted ones that I mentioned. Le Heim.
  122. <mason> keep healing one person at a time in open
  123. <blinK> mason youre bad
  124. <blinK> play us right now
  125. <cond_> rofl
  126. <mason> it looks hard losing to nonamers
  127. <mason> like that
  128. <Novuna> im process scrim me
  129. <mason> jesus
  130. <blinK> i'll bet we win
  131. <blinK> :D
  132. * mwo has quit (Quit: Leaving)
  133. <Novuna> im process scrim me
  134. <killemdeader> blinky u cut cameltoe how could u
  135. <cond_> wake up sheeple
  136. <r3medy> cameltoe was a jew
  137. <broKing> yo yo its blinky here at da jersey shore puttin it down for the muscleboys, HUU AH, let me hear ya scream is ya dont like bahbra stisaaand!
  138. <r3medy> no room for him
  139. <gr8stalin> gas the jews race war now
  140. * MonkeySuit (~MonkeySu1@ has joined
  141. <r3medy> monkey watch out hitler is in the chat
  142. <cond_> monkey its ok
  143. <cond_> you can hide in my basement
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