To Act a God

Nov 27th, 2012
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  1. >To act a God.
  4. >Anon Personal Journal-Day 17: More Food
  6. >Well, Food is no longer an issue.
  7. >Not far from camp, I found a small orchird of fruit bearing plants. Apples and oranges and banana's aboud, and supplementing that with the meat I can get from hunting, survival is easy now.
  8. >All my initial food supplies are gone, and I'm down to three arrows for my hunting bow, but I have started building new ones.
  9. >The strange barrier restricting me to this forest is still in place, though I have finaly been able to see some, what appear to be, locals.
  10. >Apparently, they are some strange breed of small horse or pony, that come in three varietys.
  11. >There seem to be standard ones, matching horses from home, winged ones, much akin to pegasii from myth, and Horned ones, closely matching unicorns.
  12. >The first of my navigation totems has been set up, one down by the edge of the forest near town, one to the orchirds, and several leading to water sources.
  13. >I had another encounter with those damn chicken lizards. I'm certainly glad I'm a good shot even with my eyes closed, dont want to get turned to stone.
  14. >Too bad they taste like shit, or they would make a good food source.
  17. >Anon Personal Journal-Day 22: Contact?
  19. >Today I found one of the locals out by my town totem, but they ran away the moment I called out.
  20. >More than likely we speak different languages, and when something yells out at you in a strange language, well...
  21. >Ugh, sometimes I wonder why I'm here, stuck in this strange place.
  22. >The new arrows work fairly well, although they look like flying sticks, since the only fletching available are strange leafs from a plant with vivid blue flowers.
  23. >Camp has evolved further, since I've been working on a proper defensive perimiter.
  24. >Okay, so its a ditch and a row of spikes, but it works.
  25. >Last night, a group of wooden wolves tried to attack camp, but a few test arrows which killed one of them scared them off.
  26. >When I butchered the dead one, it was a plant. Quite literaly a living plant, who's body seems to have evolved for a non-sedintary lifestyle.
  27. >They dont taste too bad, kind of a generic meat taste, but with a squishy vegetable texture.
  28. >Not my first choice, but when survival is key, use everything at your disposal.
  29. >On that note, most of the local creatures avoit those blue flowers. Perhaps I should try and transplant some here to increase protection.
  32. >Anon Personal Journal-Day 23: Observations
  34. >As unusual as it is to have two entrys in a row, there is some rather important information I must record.
  35. >Today, while exploring the area near the town totem, several more of the locals came, including the one that was there the first time.
  36. >After last time, I felt it would be best to simply observe them, that is, until one of them knocked down my totem.
  37. >In a poorly made decision, I angrily shouted out at them, and they immediately ran away, scared.
  38. >I repaired the totem, and went in the direction the locals fled. Reaching the barrier, I could see them near town, and they seemed to be conversing.
  39. >Each of them seems to have a different attitude, but most seem to be nervous or angry, but a purple one, one with a horn, seems rather excited.
  40. >Next time, I plan on moving some of those flowers around the totems, maybe it will keep them from moving it.
  43. >Anon Personal Journal-Day 29: Success
  45. >I have been able to successfully transplant clusters of the blue flowers.
  46. >My home camp, and now my totems are all guarded by a ring of these flowers, and since then they have yet to be touched.
  47. >For the time being, I think I shall refer to them as sapphire bane, given their color and how every species avoids them.
  48. >On day 27 another pack of those wood wolves came, but they stayed back, prefering to eye my camp, until I fired one of my arrows at them with a sapphire bane attached.
  49. >They immediately retreated, further proving the flowers name.
  50. >I didn't transplant any sapphire bane to the orchird, since I don't know how it affects plants.
  51. >There have been no signs of local approaching again, and I make sure to clean the terrain so it will hold prints.
  52. >It appears there is a local who lives out in the woods, as I noticed a smoke column the other day. I plan on investigating tommorow.
  55. >Anon Personal Journal-Day 31: Neighbor
  57. >The smoke column was coming from a house, carved out of a tree stump or something similar.
  58. >Its owner, an equine without either a horn or wings, but stripes similar to those of zebras back home.
  59. >From its house, I can assume it is a herbalist, or healer, and I have already learned some basics from observing them.
  60. >Herbs to reduce swelling, and herbs to speed healing.
  61. >Their written language is similar enough that I believe I may be able to decode it given some time.
  62. >My forest edge totem was visited again, though I was not there to observe.
  63. >The tracks left behind show they obviously noticed the flowers, and avoided them, yet they still showed interest in the totem.
  64. >A long stick nearby was possibly used to poke it.
  65. >I embedded the stick in the ground nearly a foot deep, and set a sapphire bane on the tip. Perhaps the locals will recognize it was done by a sentient species.
  68. >Anon Personal Journal-Day 36: Lost Young
  70. >A most unusual thing happened yesterday. While heading to the orchird, I came across three young locals.
  71. >They seemed to be suffering from minor dehydration, and heat sickness.
  72. >Treating them, I was on my way to return them to the village, when I heard other locals calling, presumably for them.
  73. >The young ones seem to have stirred, and I quickly brought them to the village totem.
  74. >A single whistle to draw their attention, and I retreated into the trees.
  75. >Several mature locals arrived soon after, and they immediately rushed to the young.
  76. >As they prepared to leave, one of them turned to the totem and bowed, seemingly signifying their thanks.
  77. >Hopefully this will shine a positive light on me when I make true contact.
  84. >Rarity and Applejack hold close their sisters, and the others and Scootaloo join in, glad of the safety of all.
  85. >"What were you all doing out there?" Rarity asks, looking at the three.
  86. >"Well..." Applebloom starts.
  87. >"We were trying to find more of those stone statue thingys..." Scootaloo continues.
  88. >"But we got lost." Sweetiebelle finishes.
  89. >"How did you get lost? When we found you, you were at that stone totem. Its at the edge of the forest." Twilight asks.
  90. >The three look between eachother, and they all shrug.
  91. >"When we got lost, and its was soo hot, and we all got thirsty, and we fell asleep I think." Sweetie recals
  92. >"That still doesn't explain how you got to the totem though..." Twilight ponders
  93. >"Oooh I remember something else. There was something that moved us. Ah couldnt realy see it, we weren't realy awake, but it was big and strong, but still very gentle. Kinda lahk Big Mac" Applebloom pipes up.
  94. >"Hmnnnn" Twilight ponders "I didn't see anyp0ny out there, did any of you?"
  95. >A chorus of "no" is her reply, and she feels stumped.
  96. >Everyp0ny decides its best to wait a few days before looking, just to be sure.
  100. >Anon Personal Journal-Day 39: A Gift?
  102. >While checking my totems, I found a gift at the town one.
  103. >Naturally I was sceptical, but after observing it for a moment, I smelt something, something I havn't smelt in a while.
  104. >Apple Pie.
  105. >Inside the box was a fresh Apple pie, still warm.
  106. >Needless to say dinner was wonderful, the pie was incredible and I felt at home for the first time since getting here.
  107. >I washed the pan it came in and returned it to the totem, since it would be rude not to.
  108. >These locals are obviously more advanced than their rather simplistic village led me to believe, the pan was of a high quality of manufacturing.
  109. >Perhaps I can figure out something to leave for them, to show my level of technology.
  112. >Anon Personal Journal-day 43: Wolf Problems No More
  114. >Those damn wood wolves wouldn't leave my camp alone.
  115. >The Sapphire Bane keeps them at bay, but it makes it difficult to leave for food.
  116. >I finally decided to go out there with a club, kill a few, you know, to keep them away.
  117. >After sucessfully killing one, the others seemed to take on a wierd, submissive pose.
  118. >Turns out I killed their alpha, and by doing so, they now treat me as their leader.
  119. >Thankfully they are fairly independant anyways, so I dont have to do much.
  120. >One of the females, probably the old alpha's mate, enjoys spending time with me, kind of like a big dog.
  121. >Maybe she's just glad I didn't kill her like her mate...
  122. >I had to re-adjust the flowers location to allow the wolves to come and go freely.
  123. >Its kind of nice to have company now, but still, its not the same as sentient, speaking company.
  126. >Anon Personal Journal-Day 45: Unusual Visitor
  128. >It seems the locals are in contact with their leaders, as a new type of local, a larger one bearing a horn and wings.
  129. >They bore a coat of pure white, and their mane is a flowing mass of colours.
  130. >The purple one, along with the others from before led her to the edge of the forest, likely with the intent of showing them the totem.
  131. >When the white one reached the edge of the forest, they stopped, seemingly incapable of passing.
  132. >Its horn glowed, and a barrier appeared as a bolt of energy shot from their horn.
  133. >The others pass this barrier without problem, and they all leave the area to confer.
  134. >It was at this point I returned, fearing possible repurcussions if the locals begame angry or otherwise deffensive.
  140. >"Celestia, whats going on?" Twilight asks her teacher as they stop.
  141. >Celestia looks back over her shoulder at the forest "I wish I knew Twilight. There aren't many things that could stop me..."
  142. >"Do you suppose it could be one of those dreadful monsters like Nightmare Moon?" Rarity asks
  143. >"Its possible, but unlikely." Celestia says "If it was, they would make it do more than just stop me. Whoever or whatever it is doesn't want me in there."
  144. >The seven of them look out at the forest, both curious and concerned.
  148. >Anon Personal Journal-Day 47: Preparations for Exploration
  150. >I plan on exploring more of the surrounding forest, namely finding some way out of this barrier.
  151. >Most of my pack will be filled with food, so my journal is going to be left behind.
  152. >It took some work, but I managed to get the pack to understand I am going alone.
  153. >My clothing, or what remains of it is patched with a few Sapphire Banes and I am hoping it will be enough of a deterrent.
  154. >When I grabbed my club to set it in the bag, my wolf partner cringed, affirming my previous suspicions.
  155. >After I set the club in the bag I went to her and calmed her with a bit of petting.
  156. >While she may be rough on the outside, she does have a softer heart.
  157. >This may be my last entry for several days. I hope to bear good news on my return.
  160. >Anon Personal Journal-Day 58: Finally Back
  162. >I got lost.
  163. >God I feel stupid.
  164. >If it wasn't for Sari as I have decided to name her, I would still be lost.
  165. >It seems the whole pack missed me while I was gone, since when I got back, they were all over me, seeking attention.
  166. >Thankfully Suri brought me straight back, so I will be able to mark at least one interesting place I found.
  167. >Its not quite a mine, more a upwelling of earth that brought gems and metals with it.
  168. >What bothers me is the gems all appear to be cut, despite having just come out of the earth, and much of the metal is in more solid chunks.
  169. >Some of the chunks of metal I brought back seem to be easy enough to turn into tools.
  170. >By weeks end I should have a useable hammer, and if I can make a fire hot enough, a knife.
  171. >Some of the smaller gems may make good arrowheads, and the larger ones could make some decent decorations.
  172. >I have yet to check the town totem, I plan on doing that tommorow but for now, I will enjoy sleeping in my makeshift bed.
  175. >Anon Personal Journal-Day 59: More Contact From Town
  177. >When I returned to the town totem, I found something interesting.
  178. >Aparently, one of the locals left a book, albeit a simple one.
  179. >I will make note of what I can, and I will work on translating the language.
  180. >In return I plan on bringing a bundle of fruits from the orchird.
  181. >While I have no knowledge of their diets or what is available to them, I feel the fruits will be a nice gift.
  182. >Even Sari enjoys some of the fruits on occasion, though she has been a little more affectionate lately.
  183. >I have made a crude hammer, but I dont have the ammount of wood necessary to make a hot enough flame to start forming a knife.
  184. >My next entry will hopefully contain information on the response of the locals to my gift.
  187. >Anon Personal Journal-Day 63: Positive Results
  189. >The gift seems to have been accepted well, the local who came to visit, a pink normal, seemed surprised at the gift.
  190. >When they opened the container they seemed shocked at the contents.
  191. >They returned to town and came back with the purple unicorn, who shared the excitement of the pink one.
  192. >Not long after they left, taking the fruits with them, and I returned too camp.
  193. >I may have figure out the cause of Sari's unusual behaviour.
  194. >Several times I have seen some of the lower couples breeding, and it made me realize it must be their time of heat.
  195. >As it happens, Sari has been approached by several other males, but she seems to turn them down each time.
  196. >More than likely still devoted to her last mate.
  199. >Anon Personal Journal-Day 67: Getting Frisky
  201. >In the past few days, Sari has been getting more, well for lack of a better term, frisky.
  202. >She has made several advances to me, and I am starting to get the impression she wants me to mate with her.
  203. >I fear she is worried about losing control of the pack, or partnership with me.
  204. >As it stands I'm going to have to bite the bullet and fuck her, or risk losing the pack.
  205. >On the bright side, I have copied the book sucessfully and when I left the original back at the totem, the purple one was happy to see it returned.
  206. >They left a note, which I have to work on translating.
  207. >I sucessfully hammered out a crude knife, but I will need a good whetstone or something to sharpen it.
  208. >Next on my list, I guess will be bowls or some sort of pot.
  211. >Anon Personal Journal-Day 68: Deed Done
  213. >Truth be told, not the worst thing I've done.
  214. >Heck, she was as enjoyable as most human females, and far more receptive.
  215. >Since then, she has been realy affectionate, I guess humans are a better sexual partner than most wood wolves.
  216. >Of course she has been holding it above the others, I think.
  217. >When I went to check the town totem she followed with me, happily bounding alongside me.
  218. >Another book had been left at the totem, as well as a small basket of baked goods.
  219. >Sari got one, which she thoroughly enjoyed, and I had one as well.
  220. >I could tell they were made with the fruit I gave them, and they were delicious.
  221. >This new book seems to be more of a picture reference book, and it will greatly help with translations.
  224. >Anon Persoal Journal-Day 71: Some Success
  226. >I have managed to successfully translate a bit of the language.
  227. >Well, its more I can create approximate sentences with the help of the book.
  228. >I am planning on leaving a message with the next basket of fruit, and hopefully I will be able to arrange a meeting or just begin proper contact.
  229. >My first attempt at a pot failed miserably, the lack of proper tools and skills being the likely cause.
  230. >Sari has been closer to me than ever, even trying to get me to go huning with her.
  231. >I havn't seen much in the way of wildlife, so I plan on going with her, to see whats out there and edible.
  232. >The weather has sarted getting a little bit colder, so I will have to find some way to improve my hut and get proper winter clothing.
  233. >Hopefully I can skin an animal properly, or maybe I could trade with the locals for cloth or wool.
  236. >Anon Personal Journal-Day 76: Mother Natures Interruption
  238. >Mother nature decided to mess up my plans on leaving a note, since it started raining and the wind picked up a fair bit.
  239. >I made a small shelter at the town totem, more of a small shrine similar in design to the chinese or japanese.
  240. >I left the basket in it, as thats about all I could fit in it and a note would just fly away.
  241. >Sari seemed to enjoy our hunting trip, since she was fine with just keeping me warm during the rain.
  242. >The weather looks like it will clear up tommorow, so I plan on returning to the forest edge as well as gather more fruits, since my stock is running low.
  243. >Meat is also up there on the list, hopefully I can shoot a squirrel or two on my way back to the gem well.
  244. >Each day out here I feel more and more at home, but then, I have been here for two and a half months.
  248. >Anon Personal Journal-Day 79: What?
  250. >When checking on the town totem, I caught a glimpse of town, and something is deffinetaly wrong.
  251. >First, clouds are not pink.
  252. >Second, buildings don't float... At least I think they don't.
  253. >The biggest clue may be the fact everyone was running around in a panic.
  254. >Sari was rather nervous, which is unusual for her.
  255. >While none of these events affect me in the forest, I worry for them.
  256. >Just in case the whatever it is starts to spread, I created a storeroom in my hut.
  257. >Still, without proper storage containers, food will only last so long.
  260. >Anon Personal Journal-Day 81: Back to Normal
  262. >Whatever it was that changed everything is gone, and everything is back to normal.
  263. >Well, at least for the town.
  264. >All around camp, the female wood wolves have started showing signs of pregnancy.
  265. >What worrys me is Sari, who has started avoiding me.
  266. >I don't think I impregnated her, but I am starting to suspect one of the others forced themselves on her.
  267. >Back out by the upwelling I noticed some strange tracks.
  268. >Almost hooves, but several of them had chunks missing, like the things had holes in their feet.
  269. >Numerous metals I had moved out to sort are now gone, likely removed by whatever these things were.
  270. >The gems remain largely untouched, except all the emeralds are gone.
  271. >I plan on figuring out what these things are, and determine if they are a friend or a threat.
  274. >Anon Personal Journal-Day 84: Black Bug Horses
  276. >I think I may have found out what took he metal and gems.
  277. >Back near the upwelling, I saw what looked like black bug/horse hybrids.
  278. >They seemed to share the same language as the locals, but they also seemed lost.
  279. >I will return tomorrow, and see if they remain.
  280. >Sari decided to "Come clean" and came up to me, quite sad looking.
  281. >She rolled on her side and showed me her stomach, obviously distressed.
  282. >When I laid a hand gently on her stomach and reassured her in a comforting tone, she immediately calmed down.
  283. >As I thought she was worried about me abandoning her.
  284. >To say she was back to her old self isn't quite accurate, she is now far more affectionate.
  285. >She led me to another wolf, this one a young male who seems to have started his own "Pack".
  286. >He immediately became aggressive and attacked me.
  287. >Fortunately I had my knife with me and I was able to kill him without to much trouble.
  288. >The others of his "pack" quickly assumed submissive poses, and I readily accepted them back.
  291. >Anon Personal Journal-Day 87: A New Threat
  293. >Whatever those black bug things are, they are NOT friendly.
  294. >When I approached them slowly, they immediately attacked with bolts of energy from their horns, like what the white unicorn/pegasus used on the shield.
  295. >Several bolts hit me to no effect, so they charged, similar to how a bull would.
  296. >As they were getting near, Sari and several others came and quickly killed most of them. >The surviving ones fled, screaming something I have approximately written down.
  297. >Sari demanded some extra attention after saving me, which I happily provided.
  298. >The bug things are even less edible than the chicken lizards, so I kept one whole for reference with the locals.
  299. >I placed a crude sketch with a question mark next to it at the town totem, hoping for a response.
  300. >I still need to find some way to keep warm during the winter, but there is still time for that.
  305. >"Girls, we might have a problem." Twilight says.
  306. >The other five look at the paper shocked.
  307. >"Is that...?" Pinkie says, poking the paper.
  308. >"Whatever is in the forest, I think it wants to know what to do with Changelings"
  309. >Fluttershy looks closely at it "Whatever it is, I hope the changelings don't hurt it."
  310. >"I doubt it has anything to fear Fluttershy" Rainbow Dash says, taking the note "Its strong enough to repel Celestia, remember."
  311. >"Rainbow's right Shy, What we gotta hope is that it can understand the message we send back" AJ says.
  312. >Twilight pulls out a new piece of paper and draws a changeling on it.
  313. >"What kind of symbol for no do you thing it will understand?" Rarity asks.
  314. >"Hmnnn...." Twilight ponders.
  315. >Impulsive as ever, Pinkie takes a red crayon and draws a red circle around it with a line over it.
  316. >"Shouldn't this work?" She says, spitting out the crayon.
  317. >"Ah suppose, but we won't know till we send it." Applejack says.
  318. >The six of then nod and take the paper out to the strange little building the thing made.
  324. >Anon Personal Journal-Day 88: The Right Thing?
  326. >The "message" I got back from the locals approximate that the black bug things are bad, but still, I would rather not kill them.
  327. >If possible, at future times I plan to try and force them away without killing them.
  328. >Next on my list is to transplant some Sapphire Bane around the upwelling.
  329. >Also, I need to plan on how to keep some during Winter.
  330. >Honestly, that is my largest problem at the time, and it is still months away, I think.
  331. >The pack seems to have no desire to move, though they may hunt here all year long.
  332. >Being partly plant probably helps too.
  333. >I wonder if they get energy from sunlight.
  334. >Well, I suppose leaving a note of explanation for the locals about the bug things I... Killed would be best.
  335. >Hopefully they understand the need, or at the very least don't mind.
  338. Anon Personal Journal-Day 89: Second Leader
  340. >Another visit to the town totem today, and this time there was something intersting going on.
  341. >The White leader from before was there, but this time there was also a smaller blue one with them.
  342. >Blue is stopped by the barrier as well, but unlike White, she called out, and I did my best to write down what she said.
  343. >I felt it might be best not to respond until I had translated enough of the lanuage to safely speak.
  344. >In the moments before they decided to leave, I quickly diagramed a note showing two crowns and a basket of fruit and a Moon.
  345. >A sharp whistle drew the attention of them, and a blue pegasus flies to the totem, where the note is.
  346. >They find the note and return it to the others, who are all in all confused by it.
  347. >The purple one seems to understand it after a moment, and she relays the information to the others.
  348. >They nod, and the two leaders head back to town, while the six with them, and four more, two white ponies in gold armor and two black ponies in deep blue armor make their way into the forest.
  349. >While this may be a setback, I may have a plan to get around it.
  354. >The guards maintain their positions around the camp, while the girls stay in the tent, discussing their thoughts.
  355. >"I bet its huge, bigger than a minotaur with sharp claws and all that" Rainbow Dash says, emphasizing her point with a wave of her hooves.
  356. >"No, its probably an ancient and powerfull being, with magic as great as those of the Princesses." Twilight says.
  357. >Fluttershys voice is barely heard, as she says "I just hope it isn't scary."
  358. >"It seems trustworthy enough, since it hasn't done anything against us yet, well 'cept for keepin the princesses out." Aj muses.
  359. >"But Why?" Twilight Whines "Why would it want to keep the Princesses out?"
  360. >"Elements, get out here!" One of the guards calls, and they exit the tent.
  361. >All around the clearing is a pack of Timberwolves, and everyp0ny takes up defensive positions.
  362. >One wolf approaches, carrying a basket in its mouth.
  363. >The others dont make any moves, so neither do the guards.
  364. >The one wolf drops the basket in front of the guards before turning away and leaving, the rest of the pack following.
  365. >"Ah... What just happened?" Applejack asks, confused.
  366. >"I don't know, But I think this is the basket the note refered to." Twilight says, examining it.
  367. >"I've never seen Timber Wolves act like that." Fluttershy says, almost bouncing a bit "It must be nice if it has Timber Wolf friends"
  368. >"I Dunno, I still think it must be big and scary. It probablt intimidated them into doing it." RD says, eyeing the forest.
  369. >"Lets just get these fruit back to the princesses and get out of this dreadful forest." Rarity says with a shudder.
  375. >Anon Personal Journal-Day 91: A Gift From Royalty?
  377. >When I returned to the totem today, I found a pair of the white ponys with gold armor delivering something.
  378. >I observed them for a time, and when they left I carefully approached.
  379. >What was left was a small crystaline orb, surrounded by two pegasus unicorns, one white, one blue.
  380. >There were two small balls on the horns of the pegacorns.
  381. >The two figures seemed to represent the two royals, but as for the rest... I dont know.
  382. >Sari is still able to hunt, but she is slowing down a but, thanks to her pregnancy.
  383. >Within the next few weeks, I will have to start doing all the hunting for her, but with my bow and knife, I should be able to do so easily.
  384. >Time and time again I find myself staring at the statue, but there is nothing to it.
  385. >I have touched every part, but nothing happens, yet it feels important.
  386. >I suppose it can wait till later, as translating is top priority now.
  389. >Anon Personal Journal-Day 95: More Bug Things
  391. >While gathering some gems that look like they could be used for a telescope or binoculars, more of those black bughorse things came.
  392. >They immediately noticed me, and several armored ones came forward.
  393. >Curious, I rose, and let them approach, as they hadn't made any moves to attack.
  394. >On one of their backs, they carried a strange box, which they floated off and offered to me.
  395. >They motioned to the upwelling, and back to the box, perhaps offering a trade.
  396. >As I leaned in to touch the box, out of the corner of my eye I saw several trying to flank me in the woods.
  397. >Touching the box, nothing happened, which led to confusion for the one who offered it.
  398. >Instead, he barked out an order and the ones arond me attacked.
  399. >Sari and much of my pack was nearby enough to hear my whistle, and they rushed to help, but not before I had taken down 2 and taken a few injuries.
  400. >Those who survived the packs initial assault immediately fled, and I took the box back with me to camp.
  401. >Inside was gold.
  402. >Lots of it.
  403. >Gold coins bearing a stamp similar to the statue, and some writing on it.
  404. >After referencing the coins to the book, I found they are a currency used by the locals.
  405. >Perhaps this will allow trade?
  408. >Anon Personal Journal-Day 97: Transplanting complete
  410. >I've finally finished transplanting the Sapphire bane to the upwelling.
  411. >In addition, I found the direction to another orchird I found while lost.
  412. >It will take a little time to triangulate its position so I can make a reference from home, but I have a small one at the upwelling.
  413. >Sari seems to have realised I will do the hunting for her, and now she is staying back at home while I do.
  414. >She isn't taking advantage of me, as she tries to do everything she can at home to make me happy.
  415. >I'm glad I met her, she is a great companion.
  416. >There has been no further sightings of the black bug things, and I sent another note to the town.
  417. >It shows how many were killed and that the others fled away from town.
  418. >I realy hope they are not offeneded by me killing them.
  423. >Rose rushes into the library, a note in her mouth.
  424. >"Twilight?" She calls out, spitting the note onto a table "Are you here?"
  425. >"Just a moment" Twilight calls down the stairs "I have to finish a note to Celestia."
  426. >"You might want to see this first." Rose calls back, and Twilight descends.
  427. >Twilight takes the note and looks it over.
  428. >"Where did you find this?" She asks.
  429. >"Out by that stone thing in the woods" Rose replies. "Whats it about?"
  430. >Sighing, Twilight says "Theres something out there in the woods. Something powerfull enough to keep the Princesses out. It has been keeping the changelings away, and this looks like a new group it had to get rid of."
  431. >"Get rid of?" Rose asks, confused.
  432. >"Kills" Twilight says mutely.
  433. >"Thats horrible!" Roe exclaims "Why does it do it?"
  434. >"Its protecting us and itself, I think. And it doesn't always kill, see here. It shows a bunch of them ran away."
  435. >"I guess..." Rose says, before turning to leave "Bye, I guess."
  436. >"Bye"
  437. >Rose starts wandering through town, lost in thought about the creature thats protecting them.
  438. >"It must be powerful, to be able to fight the off like that..." She mutters
  439. >"What must be powerful?"
  445. >Anon Personal Journal-Day 102: Strange Behaviour
  447. >While checking on the town totem, I saw one of the locals acting strange.
  448. >An orange maned yellowish pony was bowing at the totem, maybe in prayer.
  449. >They only remained there a short time, but I was able to hear a bit of what they said.
  450. >I've managed to get a basic understanding of the book, and a few words of what they said make sense now.
  451. >Something about plants and fall.
  452. >I'm guessing they are praying for a good harvest maybe, or a longer fall to protect their plants from winter.
  453. >The coin seemes to translate as a "bit" but there is no information as to their value.
  454. >Home has upgraded a bit, as I finally managed to get a proper roof built, and I can now stand comfortably in it, though the walls still need work.
  455. >Getting an outhouse set up is next on the list, so I dont have to go to the hole I dug in the middle of winter.
  456. >If I could figure out how to smoke meat, I could start storing that, and maybe dried fruit too.
  457. >My lack of proper pots and such still sucks, and I plan on making another attempt at a pot and a pair of bowls soon.
  460. >Anon Personal Journal-Day 107: A Proper Meal
  462. >After several tries, I managed to creat a usable pot and bowls.
  463. >Add a few squirrels and some fruits and I managed to make a half decent soup.
  464. >Sure not having a spoon kind of sucked, but having a good, meal like that makes it all better.
  465. >While she may have prefered the squirrel alone, Sari seemed to enjoy the soup as well.
  466. >Prey has become more scarce nearby, but the ocassional big game has helped with the packs food.
  467. >I've been picking up larger groups of fruits and sharing them with packmates, which they appreciate.
  468. >The wierd feeling I was getting from the statue is gone, like it just drained away.
  469. >No further signs of the black bug things, not even prints, so hopefully they are gone for now.
  470. >Again I have seen the orange maned pony out at the totem, but this time she seemed overjoyed.
  471. >Perhaps their wish came true, or whatever it was.
  474. >Anon Personal Journal-Day 109: Invasion
  476. >The damn bug horses are back, and this time there is a lot of them.
  477. >I counted almost a hundred of them, way more than my pack and I can handle.
  478. >Maybe I can find some way to make them leave.
  479. >They are already afraid of my pack and I, perhaps I can make them believe I can fight them all off.
  480. >Already I am planning some way to let me spread mass amounts of Sapphire bane across all of them.
  481. >Explosives or a gun would really help.
  482. >Heck even balloons would be great if I had a way of poping them from a distance.
  483. >I plan on asking the locals if they have any such thing.
  484. >Well, mostly for balloons, I doubt they have guns or explosives.
  485. >My small supply of dried Sapphire bane has already been ground up into a powder, and I have a bunch more flowers drying.
  486. >This reference book has drastically increased my translation speed, and I think I have a loose alphabet translator ready.
  489. >Anon Personal Journal-Day 111: First Trade
  491. >Yesterday I left a note with a number of bits at the shrine.
  492. >Today, I found a whole container of empty balloons, and a note in return.
  493. >As far as I could translate, the note combined a sort of reciept, and a bunch of questions.
  494. >I may deal with the questions when I have the chance, but for now, I need to not only test the effectiveness of the dried Sapphire bane, but also the effectiveness of a balloon as a delivery system.
  495. >For the time being, the bug things havn't moved, instead they seem to be establishing a base.
  496. >At least it gives me time, and also the ability to sabotage.
  497. >I still abhor killing these things, but they show no signs of peace.
  498. >Worst case is they get rid of me and attack the town, while best case is I scare them all away.
  499. >My current problem is finding a way to test the dried Sapphire banes effectiveness.
  500. >I know one of the pack would do it if I asked, but I cant risk them, they are friends and allies.
  501. >It seems I will have to ambush one of the bug things when they are on patrol.
  506. >"Pinkie, Why did you give whatever it is out there balloons?" Twilight asks, looking at the note and pile of bits.
  507. >"It can't be bad if it wants party stuff." Pinkie replies happily.
  508. >"I don't think thats the point, Pinkie." Dash says, facehooving.
  509. >"But Dashie. Maybe its setting up a big surprise party."
  510. >"Ah kinda doubt that Pinkie" Aj puts in.
  511. >"But... Ah fine, I'll show you all its not bad." Pinkie pouts before bouncing away.
  515. >Anon Personal Journal-Day 114: Prisoner
  517. >What am I going to do...
  518. >When I was tracking a patrol group and testing the dried Sapphire bane something happened.
  519. >The balloon worked perfectly, the powdered flower flying everywhere and coating two of the bug things.
  520. >They immediately collapsed in panicked heaps.
  521. >A third wasn't hit, and they ran away, right into the tree I was in.
  522. >Before they blacked out they saw me, so I couldn't just leave them there, and I couldn't bring myself to kill them while they were defenceless.
  523. >Therefore, the only logical thing to do was take them prisoner.
  524. >I set up a cage surrounded by flowers next to my hut and suck them in it.
  525. >Thus far they refuse to speak or act, but they will eat when I provide food.
  526. >I may have to get a little persuasive to get anything from them.
  527. >Sari doesn't trust it, but she ignores it on my will, so I dont have to worry so much, and she is the only one who comes into my camp.
  528. >I have to check in at the town totem soon, in case something was sent.
  531. >Anon personal Journal-Day 116: Interrogation
  533. >Tomorrow I plan on trying to interrogate the bug thing, which I now know is called a Changeling.
  534. >Sari has been increasingly sluggish, but she still tries to help in any way she can.
  535. >The weather is definetaly shifting to fall, and a number of trees have had a darkening of leaves.
  536. >Another pony had joined the first in praying when I went to check the town totem, but they left nearly as soon as I got withing viewing range
  537. >A small basket sat in the shelter, filled with carrots and apples.
  538. >In return, I left a small pile of bits, and enjoyed another great pot of soup.
  539. >Sari had another wolf in camp today, a female, and she seemed to be showing her around.
  540. >When they saw me, they tried to avoid me, but I don't see any problem with Sari having friends.
  543. >Anon Personal Journal-Day 120: Fuck buddy?
  545. >The female Sari has been having around camp was waiting in my hut with Sari today.
  546. >At first I was confused, since the female was on my bed and presenting herself.
  547. >Sari came forward and nudged my crotch, before going to the female.
  548. >She repeated a few times, before I understood that she wanted me to, well, fuck the female.
  549. >I think she wants me to still have fun, even if it isn't with her.
  550. >To say it was wierd would be pretty accurate, having Sari nuzzling my side as I railed the other.
  551. >I bet the Changeling is confused at the sounds coming out of my hut.
  552. >Good thing I kinda said "Screw Morals" when I got lost here, so It doesn't bother me.
  553. >As I write this, Sari is curled up to my side and the other female is on the other side of the room.
  554. >I will have to show her she isn't just a plaything for me, even though she kind of is.
  555. >The interrogation, if you could even call it that failed miserably.
  558. >Anon Personal Journal-Day 122: Not What I Thought
  560. >I don't think that Sari wants me to have the young female as a fuckbuddy.
  561. >After the first time, Sari made sure my scent was on her before letting her go.
  562. >As far as I can tell, the younger one may have been rejected from the pack before, and by being with me, has regained entry as a member.
  563. >More patrols have been around, but none have come into the forest.
  564. >With all the time I have spent prepping balloon traps, I have had no time to travel to the village.
  565. >On top of sapphire bombs, I have been working on tipping some arrows with sharper gems.
  566. >My base has beem upgraded again, this time with several pit traps, which all of the wolves know about.
  567. >Time and time again I feel a wierd feeling about the town totem, yet I can never quite put my finger on it.
  568. >Every time I pass the changeling, it glares at me angrily, but it has made no move to do anything.
  569. >I fear I am going to have to start hunting the changelings soon, before they start trying to enter too far.
  572. >Anon Personal Journal-Day 125: The first Hunt
  574. >The patrols have gotten to agressive, and I have had to start wiping out patrols.
  575. >Yesterday I had to eliminate the first, taking them out with my bow.
  576. >The first went down without a sound, but I wasnt quite so accurate with the second.
  577. >Its screech was horrendously loud, before I silenced it with the next shot.
  578. >The third ran, but I was able to kill it before it got to far, but I fear the cries of it and the second allerted the rest.
  579. >I immediately retreated to a trapped area, before I saw a much larger patrol approach.
  580. >Popping several sapphire filled balloons sent many of them into a crazy state, and those who were unnafected fled immediately.
  581. >You never feel how brutal war is, until you have to walk beside the dying, ending their suffering.
  582. >I still have shivers just remembering it.
  583. >Sari, perhaps sensing my mood, is spending as much time as she can by my side, keeping me company.
  584. >Of course I am keeping her company as well, and she appreciates the attention.
  587. >Anon Personal Journal-Day 127: The Death Count Rises
  589. >I can't even stand to look at myself in a reflection right now.
  590. >Just in the past two days I have had to extinguish a dozen and a half more lifes.
  591. >If I can't convinve them to leave, I will see if I can't capture their leader.
  592. >The original arrows I all had with me are broken or lost, leaving me only my gem tipped, leaf arrows.
  593. >A couple of younger males have become attached to me, a sort of hunting group.
  594. >They joined me on my last patrol hunt, and assisted in taking down the changelings.
  595. >These wolfs are amazingly adept at teamwork, not to mention they can recover from substantial injuries easily.
  596. >I'm going to let the changeling captive go, but at the same time I'm going to make an attempt at taking their leader, alive if at all possible.
  597. >If this is my last entry, whoever finds this, stop the changelings if its not to late.
  602. >Twice now, you have seen their leader, a much larger Changeling, similar to the leaders of the equines
  603. >They have a sort of tent set up, near the back of the camp on a hill overlooking the rest.
  604. "Arrogant, aren't they" you mutter to yourself
  605. >The weight of the bow on your back gives you a sense of security, and you take it off.
  606. >Drawing an arrow with a balloon tied to it, you drop a shot down into the camp.
  607. >A second arrow bursts the balloon, releasing a cloud of Sapphire dust and sending the changelings into a panic.
  608. >The guards all rush to the front of the camp, leaving the rear, and by proxy their leader, unguarded.
  609. >Thankfully the camp isn't protected by anything, since they only figured you would attack from the front.
  610. >Bow back in place, you draw your knife and slip into camp.
  611. >The tent flap barely rustles as you slip inside.
  612. >The front segment looks like a meeting room, with the back being private chambers.
  613. >Stepping to the side, you throw a chair at the table, it creating an auful clatter.
  614. >Rushing past you, the leader comes out and you get behind them, pressing your knife to their throat.
  615. >They freeze up, and you pull the knife away and smack them hard on the back of the head, knocking them out.
  616. >You are able to pull their unconcious body out without and problem, given they only weigh about 70 pounds.
  617. >Your hunting party joins you about 50 feet into the woods, and they eye the changeling warily.
  618. >There is no further problems as you make your way back to camp, and you set the leader in the cage, a few extra precautions set up.
  624. >Anon Personal Journal-Day 131: Dreams and Threats
  626. >Two nights ago, I had a rather unusual dream.
  627. >There was nothing visible, but a voice came through.
  628. >It was soft and strong, almost as if it carried the wisdom of generations.
  629. >It spoke only briefly, telling me I was here for a reason.
  630. >While it refused to explain why, I could feel it was not lying.
  631. >Another important fact is that I can now apparently understand the language of the equines and changelings.
  632. >Yesterday, when I woke up I could understand the angry shouts of the queen.
  633. >Yes, its a female, I found that out incidently, and its voice only helped confirm it.
  634. >Thus far all it has done is complain, and demand its release, but I have not replied yet.
  635. >Today, she started threatening me, but several packmates growling at her shut her up.
  636. >She has refused to consume anything, yet she doesn't seem to be growing weak.
  637. >Time will tell if I can get her to take her kind and leave.
  642. >"You, monkey thing, I demand you release me immediately."
  643. >Your eyebrow twitches, since this is the fifteenth time today.
  644. >Storming over to the cage, you reach in and grab her by her bound horn.
  645. "Listen you, right now, you have three options."
  646. "One, you take your kind and leave my forest."
  647. "Two, You give yourself to me, and I make you a part of my pack."
  648. "Three, I kill you, and the rest of your kind here."
  649. >She sits there stunned, her vivid green eyes locked on yours.
  650. >"You can't... I'm..."
  651. "You're what? Right now, all you are is my prisoner."
  652. "You have two days to decide."
  653. >Letting go, you step away and go back to your daily business.
  658. >Anon Personal Journal-Day 132: Silence and an Update
  660. >For once, She has been quiet all day.
  661. >I spent today working on the outhouse, and I have a basic structure set up.
  662. >At this time, I think I will start making a monthly log of everything major, like projects and situations.
  663. >Going back through my previous entries I realised I have forgotten a couple things, and I wish to rectify this.
  664. >While my comprehention of the spoken language is complete, the written still is as vague as it was before.
  665. >Dealing with the Changelings has seriously dropped my supply of arrows, and once I deal with the queen, one way or another, I have to make more
  666. >The gemmed heads have proven to work decent, but they shatter if they hit something much harder than wood.
  667. >Metal heads would be exponentially better, but making them...
  668. >Just getting a chunk of metal into the shape of a usable knife took a good 4 hours of heating and bashing with a rock.
  669. >The pot still needs some work, its more of a deeply curved plate of metal.
  670. >The bowls have broken, the clay only retaining its dried form so well without a proper baking.
  671. >To upgrade the walls to my small, 4'x6'ish hut, I need some kind of packing material or a leaf that will survive the winter.
  672. >I want to make an actual meeting with the locals before late fall, hopefully to trade for some supplies.
  673. >Its been nearly two months since I am guessing Sari was impregnated, but I have no idea how long their gestation period is.
  674. >Dogs typically have a two month gestation, give or take, but I don't know how being part plant affects this.
  675. >None of the other females have given birth yet, but many of them seem close.
  678. >Anon Personal Journal-Day 133: Decision
  680. >Today is the day that the queen will have to make her decision.
  681. >This is only the first part of the entry, more will come after the events to happen.
  682. >Just in case, I have my knife and a Sapphire bane with me.
  687. >Setting your stump stool next to the cage, you sit down
  688. "Time is up. So, miss queen, what is your decision?"
  689. >"I can't go back. After having been captured, unless I returned with your head, I have lost my role as a queen."
  690. >A slight tug is felt in your chest, but it vanishes quickly.
  691. >"Since I can't return, There is nowhere I can go, except here."
  692. >You nod, crossing your arms while still seated on your stool.
  693. "So your decision is?"
  694. >She sighs "As much as I hate to say it, I will join your pack."
  695. "Alright. I will begin the acceptance tasks tomorrow. For tonight, I'll let you sleep with proper bedding.
  696. >This promise alone sends her ears up, and you take your stool and leave.
  700. >Anon Personal Journal-Day 133: Part 2
  702. >She accepted my offer to join my pack.
  703. >Sure, I will have to give up my bedding for a night as a sign of good faith.
  704. >Having one of the changelings on my side, and a queen no less will help, unless she is one of those queens who cant do anything.
  705. >I guess everything will all become clear in the next few days.
  706. >Looks like I will have to spend the night cuddled up with Sari, but I don't think she will mind.
  709. >Anon Personal Journal-Day 134: Initiating the Changeling
  711. >Today will be spent begining the initiation of the Queen, though I should probably ask her name.
  712. >Getting the others used to her presence, as well as maybe having her gather and distribute some fruit may be effective
  713. >Now as to how well she will take being suddenly shoved down in the system...
  717. >Unbinding some of the ropes holding the Queen in place, you coil it around your arm.
  718. "How was your sleep?"
  719. >"Fine, thank you leader"
  720. >You easily notice the faint sneer in her voice as she says leader.
  721. >"So who do I have to do to become a part of your pack."
  722. >You raise an eyebrow, before giving a quick chuckle.
  723. "Thats a quick way of doing it, but no, I have a more gradual plan that wont be anywhere near as awkward."
  724. >As you rise, you pause.
  725. "I guess I should ask though, whats your name?"
  726. >"My name is Queen Chrysalis, but I guess we can drop the queen now."
  727. "Well, lets get you introduced to the pack."
  730. >Anon Personal Journal-Day 134: Part 2
  732. >Sari quickly accepted Chrysalis, but I wouldn't expect any different from my Alpha female.
  733. >Chrysalis was a bit pissed that I left her on a leash in camp, but just getting the others used to the sight of her around and free.
  734. >When I explained this to her, she was a little less annoyed, but I can tell she is quite the arrogant one.
  735. >For the time being, I will have to deal with her sharing space in my small hut, but even so, only Sari gets to share my bed.
  738. >Anon Personal Journal-Day 135: Finding Her Place
  740. >Chrysalis, on my recomendation, went to the orchird and gathered fruits to give to the others of the pack.
  741. >I can't say it went well, but several of the higher ranking ones accepted the gift, so I can only assume they are starting to accept her.
  742. >My own hunting group seems interested in her, and since they all fall into the third rank or so, one of them might be a good partner.
  743. >Of course wether she wants a partner or not is up to her, but if she does, I will recomend one of them.
  744. >I managed to get a moment to check the town totem, and found several notes.
  745. >They seem to vary in content from questions to requests for fruit to a... Party invitation.
  746. >The last was surprising, but not knowing anything about dates or locations, it is essentially useless.
  747. >I filled a few of the requests, but the questions, I didn't answer.
  748. >Partly because I can't understand all the vernacular, and partly because it might not be smart to give away some of the info they are asking for.
  749. >There has yet to be any sign of more changelings in the woods, so it seems I made the right choice.
  750. >Chrysalis seems a bit more open now, maybe just acting to help the transition.
  751. >Only time will tell.
  754. >Anon Personal Journal-Day 137: Crucial Encounter
  756. >Today marks a rather important day in Chrysalis's joining of the pack.
  757. >One of the lower males, maybe 5th tier "propositioned" her.
  758. >I don't think she was aware of my presence, but she acted in the way I would have recomended.
  759. >Instead of acting out against the male, she sat down and lowered her ears, much the way a wolf female would have.
  760. >The male realized she was not interested, and let her be.
  761. >It was at this point I cam out into the open and approached her.
  762. >Her first reaction was fear, but when I rested a hand on her head she realized she did the right thing.
  763. >Seeing my acceptance of her actions, a number of the others approached her in a friendly manner.
  764. >She may not like being lower in the pack, but I think the knowledge she can say no lifted a huge weight off her chest.
  765. >Sari and her have developed a sort of bond, but it is none of my concern at this time.
  770. >"Um, Leader?"
  771. >Taking a moment from your fletching, you turn to Chrysalis.
  772. "Whats up Chrysalis? You have a question?"
  773. >"I just realized that I never asked you your name."
  774. "Oh, My name is Anonymous."
  775. >She smiles, or at least you think she does, and walks away.
  776. >Just as you turn back to your work, you catch a faint green glow and a pull in your chest before they both fade.
  777. >Nothing seems to come of it, so you return to your work.
  781. >'The seeds have been set' You think to yourself
  782. >'Soon this Forest Ruler will be under my control, and along with him, all his timberwolves.'
  783. >Looking at your reflection in the river, you snort in disgust at the rope collar on your neck
  784. >'His alpha female is already under my influence, and with her, I will be able to easily stay close to him.'
  785. >Thinking about the event today, you shudder.
  786. >'To think I almost might have had to...'
  787. >'This thing, Anonymous has killed so many of my hive.'
  788. >'Part of me desperatly wants to end his life, but on the other hoof, all that power, his ability to shrug of magic bolts like they were nothing."
  789. >'To have that by my side, I would be able to face down Celestia herself with no problem.'
  790. >You allow yourself a small laugh, before returning to his camp.
  794. >Anon Personal Journal-Day 140: Showing Her Around
  796. >Chrysalis has proven herself trustworthy enough, I have started showing her all the totem locations.
  797. >She already knew of the orchird and upwelling, as well as most of the water, so today I showed her the town.
  798. >Oddly enough, the equine leaders were back, and this time there was a third one as well.
  799. >While still bearing both a horn and wings, this one was the size of the normal locals.
  800. >Its pink coat and three colored hair make it uniquely different to the other two.
  801. >When she spotted them, Chrysalis cowered against my side, and anoher faint tug happened in my chest.
  802. >I wrapped an arm around her, and it seemed to help calm her, which was only further enhanced as the three leaders tried to pass the barrier and failed.
  803. >Chrysalis was confused at this, and I explained there was a barrier keeping them out, but I chose not to mention it keeps me in as well.
  804. >She practically lit up at this news, perhaps she was scared I was going to turn her over.
  805. >Back at camp she seemed much more relaxed, and more friendly overall.
  806. >She still shares my hut, and if its going to stay like this, I should either expand or create a small place for her.
  809. >'To think he has so much power...'
  810. >You are practically bouncing with joy at the though of the ally you were about to gain.
  811. >'Having a tool which can not only stop offensive magic but can deny all three alicorns at once.'
  812. >Unable to contain it in time, you let out a *Squee*
  813. >Anonymous looks over at you, and you blush in embarasment, as well as send another faint pulse of mind control magic.
  814. >He gives a faint smile and turns back to his work of hammering a chink of metal.
  815. >Compared to what you have seen at the hive forges, it was simple, but the end results were of a similar quality.
  816. >'Those fingers are incredibly usefull, they make so many things easy.'
  817. >'And they feel good when he rested them on me.'
  818. >'Just another benefit of getting him under my control'
  821. >Anon Personal Journal-Day 142: Giving Birth
  823. >Sari went into labour, I am just noting the date.
  824. >More will be added after.
  829. "Chrysalis, get over here."
  830. >She comes immediately at your call, and she looks confused.
  831. "I need you to go and get water, lots of it."
  832. >"Okay, but why?"
  833. "Sari is giving birth, so unless you want to guide the babies out, you better get going."
  834. >She stifles a gag, before grabbing the pot and running out.
  835. >Turning back to Sari, you start gently rubbing her belly, one hand positioned to catch any babies as they come out.
  836. >The first pup starts coming out just as Chrysalis returns with the water, and you take and before gently wash the pup in the pot.
  837. >Behind you Chrysalis is gagging a bit, and you dump the dirtied water out of the hut.
  838. "Fill it up again, another is coming."
  839. >She quickly grabs the pot and runs off again, and you set the first, fuzzy wolf next to his mother.
  840. >She is a bit late for the next, but you quickly clean it and set her alongside her brother.
  841. >No more come, and Sari seems to be done with contractions, so you help her roll onto her side to feed the puppys.
  842. >Taking the pot out, you dump it and look to Chrysalis.
  843. "Thanks for helping, it means a lot, not jsut to me, but the pack.
  844. >She looks around and sees several of the higher ranking couples around, some with newborns of their own, and some that are likely to concieve any time now.
  845. >Suddenly self concious, she runs out behind the hut, and you shake your head with a small smile.
  848. >Anon Personal Journal-Day 142: Part 2
  850. >Sari gave birth to two healthy little pups, one male and the other female.
  851. >For the time being, they are all curled up on my bed.
  852. >Chrysalis decided to help out with the birthing, even if it was just getting water to clean the newborns.
  853. >A note I found is that the wood wolves don't seem to have a placenta, so it leads me to wonder what other differences there are.
  854. >Well, its not like I have any proper tools here, so I will just have to wonder.
  855. >Sari's belly has changed from what it was a few weeks ago.
  856. >Now it is soft and unplated, but not quite furry.
  857. >I hope the newborns wont keep me up at night.
  860. >Anon Personal Journal-Day 144: Something Strange
  862. >Today, when I was checking the town totem, I found something.
  863. >A letter of some kind was pinned to the stone totem by a knife, as impossible as that may seem.
  864. >Between what I could tell, and what Chrysalis told me, its something about missing a party, but a lot of it is gibberish.
  865. >Chrysalis has been spending a lot of time with Sari and the pups, but I think its good she has in a sense found her place in the pack.
  866. >I've been looking into the reference book for more info on changelings, but there was nothing.
  867. >As a result, I have set it to be returned, and along with it I left a note requesting more literature about them.
  868. >Not in those words though.
  869. >Something has been changing in my language control.
  870. >It almost feel like I have to focus a bit more to fully understand.
  871. >Its probably just a lack of sleep caused by the little bundles of energy I get to sleep with
  875. "Why isn't it working?"
  876. >You slam you hoof against the ground.
  877. >He should be yours by now.
  878. >Even the most steadfast of stallions would be groveling at your hooves by now.
  879. "It looks like I am going to have to do something a little more personal"
  880. >A faint smile plays on your features.
  881. 'It wont be long now, and I may even get to have a little fun too.'
  884. >Walking into my tent, I come across what must be the weirdest sight yet.
  885. >Crysalis lay sprawled out on my bed, nothing hidden fom me.
  886. >"Leader, after some thinking, I figured the best way for me to join would be to be one of your females."
  887. >For a second, you are stunned, but with the look she gives you, your mind is quickly made up.
  888. "So, how long have you wanted me?" You ask, steping forward.
  889. >She doesn't respond, instead, a blush creeps over her features.
  890. >'He is so easy to play, just like all men' She thinks
  891. >Losing your clothes, you advance on her prostrate form.
  896. >Anon Personal Journal-Day 145: Taming the Queen
  898. >Today I got the distinct pleasure of pounding Chrysalis for an hour or so.
  899. >I don't think she expected how good I am, but I was also unprepared for how good she felt.
  900. >Sari seems content with sharing the bed with her, meaning I have to sleep elsewhere.
  901. >Out at the town totem, I spent some time carving a chunk of wood with my knife.
  902. >Also, the book I asked for arrived as well.
  903. >Tonight, I plan on sleeping up in a tree, just to be safe.
  907. "Why isn't it working!?"
  908. >Fuming, you stomp around the camp, shooting angry thoughts at Anonymous.
  909. >'perhaps he is just out of range'
  910. >Anon comes walking around the corner of the hut, and you sway over.
  911. >Rubbing against his side, you lean into him.
  912. "Hey, Anon, do you think you could take me to that village nearby?"
  913. >"Why?, Something there you want to see?"
  914. >Your eyes flare green, and you apply your will to him
  915. "Nothing much, I just want to..."
  916. >His hand is immediately wrapped around your throat,
  917. >"And why should I listen to you, you mind twisting worm."
  922. >Her eyes show fear, and she cowers at your touch.
  923. >"I didn't... I mean, how did it not..."
  924. "A little gift of mine, nothing you have to worry about now."
  925. >Your grip tightens, and you force her down.
  926. "Now tell me why I shouldn't just kill you now?"
  927. >Her body shakes in your grip, almost making you question you actions.
  928. >"I... I was hungry."
  929. >"I'm not sure if you know that we feed on emotions, namely, love."
  930. >"We, my kind, we have never been accepted, getting food has always been a struggle."
  931. >"When you found us coming, we were looking to... Invade."
  932. >Seeing your knife come out, she quickly ammends.
  933. >"We never planned on hurting anyp0ny, just infiltrating so we could feed."
  934. "Ugh, looks like I'm stuck with only one option."
  935. >As you rise, the fear in her eyes hits a new peak.
  939. >Anon Personal Journal-Day 146: Done.
  941. >Its done.
  942. >She's gone for good.
  943. >Those of the pack she controled are back to normal, Sari included, who was rather miffed about me going behind her back.
  944. >Even though at the time, she approved.
  945. >Guess I'll have to work hard to make amends.
  946. >Its not all that unlike marriage, except well, she's a half-plant, half-wolf and I'm me.
  947. >I left a note back at town which gives a rough description of the changelings coming and me making them leave.
  948. >Something still bothers me about that second party note, but I can't quite put my finger on it.
  952. >Looking down at yourself, you sigh.
  953. "I can't believe he just let me go..."
  954. >With a little effort, you appearance shifts to that of a simple unicorn.
  955. >Coming out of the forest, you see the desert that runs along it, and in the distance, you can make out a small town.
  956. "A second chance huh..."
  959. >Anon Personal Journal-Day 149: Curiosity
  961. >Sari has, mostly gotten over it, and she is now bringing the young ones along with her around camp.
  962. >Everything around camp is relatively back to normal, except for the weather, which is still getting colder.
  963. >Town on the other hand...
  964. >More locals have begun praying or wishing or whatever at the shrine, and I'm starting to get concerned.
  965. >Perhaps there is something else out here with me, something like a god, and they wish to be rid of me.
  966. >Maybe they think the totem was made by a god or something.
  967. >Speculation will get me nowhere, so I guess I might as well find a way to make contact some time soon.
  971. >"Pinkie, where do you think you are going with all that?" Twilight asks, eyeing the large bag.
  972. >Giggling, Pinkie keeps on bouncing towards the Everfree forest.
  973. >"Its a secret Twilight."
  974. >Twilight sighs, and says "Just be careful Pinkie."
  975. >"Okie Dokie Lokie"
  976. >As she bounces into the forest, Twilight gives one last look before turning back to the library.
  977. >"I better let Celestia know."
  980. >Anon Personal Journal-Day 153: Pink Local
  982. >Today I found a pink local, barely concious out in the woods.
  983. >If it wasn't for my hunting group, I never would have found her in time.
  984. >She is barely sensible, babbling about silly nonsense.
  985. >Partys, Gummy, Elements, and other things you cant make sense of.
  986. >She had a bag with her, inside it a bunch of party supplies.
  987. >I left her in Sari's care, along with food and water for them all.
  988. >Currently, I am observing the zebra herbalist, seeing what I can learn.
  991. >Sitting down, you see the pink pony, female, roll over and sit up.
  992. >"Huh? Wha?"
  993. "How are you feeling?"
  994. >"Ugh, Who? Where.. Where am I?"
  995. >You pass over the pot of water, and she drinks deeply from it.
  996. "You're in my camp out here in the forest."
  997. >She tilts her head, before gasping and diving for her bag.
  999. >Out of the bag comes confetti and streamers and party hats and a cake.
  1000. >Donning one of the hats, you accept a slice of cake.
  1001. "To meeting new friends"
  1002. >"YAY! Your my new friend!"
  1003. >Her hair shoots out, poofing to a full bodied mane, rather than flat hair.
  1004. >This will take some time to get used to.
  1008. >Anon Personal Journal-Day 154: Pinkie Pie
  1010. >Apparently the mare, as I have been corected is named Pinkamena Diane Pie, or Pinkie Pie, to her friends.
  1011. >Which is apparently everyone.
  1012. >She is a very outgoing mare, friendly and well, bubbly.
  1013. >In the day she has been here, she has already become fast friends with the puppys, and Sari as well.
  1014. >She seems rather silly, almost like something is off with her, it could be due to proximity to all the Sapphire bane.
  1015. >Many of my questions about the town were easily and happily answered by Pinkie.
  1016. >Aparently the royals are named Celestia, who is the white one, Luna, who is the blue one, and Cadence, the pink one.
  1017. >There was a whole bunch else, but I couldn't keep track of it all.
  1018. >The statue that was gifted to me is of Celestia and Luna moving the sun and moon.
  1019. >This threw me for a loop, but I've seen some wierd things here.
  1020. >I'm not going to rule it out, it just still seems like a load of bunk to me.
  1023. >Anon Personal Journal-Day 155: Worstening Symptoms
  1025. >Pinkie Pie has been slowly getting worse, but she tries not to show it.
  1026. >I plan on taking her to te herbalists tonight, just so she can't find her way back.
  1027. >Sari can sense it as well, and something else...
  1028. >When I talk to her, she sometimes has problems understanding, almost like I am losing the ability to speak there language.
  1029. >She plays it off well though.
  1030. >While upgading my hut, Pinkie was able to do miracles with practically nothing.
  1031. >Something must be up with that mare.
  1032. >I'm going to miss her when she's gone, but its for the best.
  1037. >"Pinkie Pie are you well? I was growing concerned after your spell."
  1038. >"Huh? Zecora, what am I doing here? Last I remembered I was with that Anonymous."
  1039. >Zecora offers Pinkie a drink, and she slurps it down noisily.
  1040. >"This Anonymous, I do not know. Me to him, could you show?"
  1041. >Looking around, Pinkie thinks for a moment.
  1042. >"I would, but... I don't remember how I found him in the first place."
  1043. >She groans and shakes her head.
  1044. >"It feels like my head was stuck in one of Dashies swirly clouds she makes."
  1045. >Zecora nods, and says "To fix the illness that you had, the medicine left you with a headache bad."
  1046. >"Could you take me back to town please? There's something REEEEALY important I gotta tell Twilight."
  1047. >"If its to town you wish to go, a simple thing I have to know."
  1048. >"for now its best if you sleep. We will arrive tomorrow, don't you weep."
  1053. >Anon Personal Journal-Day 157: Another Night Visit
  1055. >I was visited again last night by the voice, but this time, there was a second.
  1056. >Both as distinct as night and day, but both expressed the same feelings.
  1057. >They were glad I protected the ponys from the changelings, though one voice voiced some displeasure in me having to slay so many changelings.
  1058. >The other was silently approving.
  1059. >Another important note they made was of me saving Pinkie Pie.
  1060. >Apparently she has an important role to play in the times to come, and saving her gave me a powerful ally in the future.
  1061. >The young ane developing quickly, and they seem to have enough sense to avoid the Sapphire Bane as well.
  1062. >We, me and my hunting group that is, found a cave rather far from camp. The woodwolves were scared of it, but I dared to venture inside a bit.
  1063. >This cave was HUGE, easily large enough to fit a two story house in.
  1064. >The only thing that could have been larger than the cave, was the beast within.
  1065. >It looked like a bear made up of the very sky itself.
  1066. >Thankfully, the bear was asleep, and I quickly left.
  1067. >My hunting partners were glad to see me come out, and we quickly went back to hunting.
  1070. >Anon Personal Journal-Day 161: Pinkie Pie Prophet?
  1072. >The town totem has become a small hive of activity, many ponys spending hours out there.
  1073. >Further proof my language skills have been vanishing is I only understand about half of what is said.
  1074. >Pinkie Pie seems to be leading them, spouting all sorts of wierd sounding gibberish, some local and even the occasional touch of english.
  1075. >I'm pretty sure she has no idea what the english means, since it is always horribly out of context.
  1076. >The others seem to follow her, almost like a religious group.
  1077. >I don't think revealing myself at this time is a good thing, all things considered.
  1078. >Maybe this little group could work in my favour.
  1079. >So long as this kind of thing isn't forbidden, of course.
  1080. >I'll see if I cant leave a note asking for a book on local customs soon.
  1084. >"Pinkie, what are you doing?" Twilight asks, watching her friend dancing around the stone statue.
  1085. >"Its simple, I am *happy* showing these ponys that Anonymous is helpful." She says, one word spoken in a language foreign to Twilight.
  1086. >"You see Twilight, these ponys realize Anonymous can help us, and they pray for him to do so."
  1087. >"Who is Anonymous, Pinkie? Is he the thing out there?"
  1088. >Pinkie nods enthusiastically "Yuppers. He helped me, and let me stay with him for a bit, before he had to take me to Zecora."
  1089. >"WAIT! YOU STAYED WITH HIM! What does he look like?"
  1090. >Pinkie scratches her chin thoughfully "I'm not sure, he kept changing shapes. Sometimes, he was a timberwolf, other times, a changeling, also an alicorn, a zebra, a pegasus, and this wierd monkey thing."
  1091. >"I bet that's its normal form..." Twilight muses quietly.
  1092. >"What kind of food did he eat? Did he have a partner? Were there others of its kind?"
  1093. >Pinkie giggles "I'll stop by later so I can tell you, but if you want, you can stay for the stories."
  1097. >Anon Personal Journal-Day 166: Seasons Changing
  1099. >With the colder weather setting in, the pack has been making moves to leave, and I think it will be best if they do.
  1100. >But wether or not they will leave without me is a whole other story.
  1101. >Sari will probably stay with me, and with the upgrades I managed to make with Pinkies house, I should be able to stay.
  1102. >The walls are mostly draft free, and there is a door, though it lacks a proper hinge.
  1103. >Yesterday Pinkie was the last one at the town totem, and I risked seeing her.
  1104. >She seems far better, and she was more than happy enough to note my request for the book.
  1105. >Of course she also seemed happy when I consented to hug her, maybe its as much a pony thing as it is a human thing.
  1106. >The orchird is bearing less fruit, and soon it will stop, cutting down my food supply drasticaly.
  1107. >If I don't figure out something soon, I may be in trouble.
  1110. >Anon Personal Journal-Day 169: The World in Chaos
  1112. >For lack of a better term, everything has gone chaotic.
  1113. >The sun and the moon are spinning in the sky like tops, changing day and night on a whim.
  1114. >I have been trying to keep a proper track of time, with moderate success.
  1115. >Sari and the others of the pack are just as disconcerted by the unnatural progress of everything.
  1116. >There has been no sign of Pinkie or any others at the town totem, and the town itself...
  1117. >A number of buildings are floating, clouds are raining chunks of chocolate, and as for the ponies.
  1118. >Many of them are grey and listless, others seem to be acting like animals.
  1119. >Withing the maelstrom of wrongness, I spotted Pinkie, together with five others and the two larger princesses.
  1120. >They seemed to be trying something, but I couldn't make it out from the edge of the barrier.
  1121. >Whatever it was, it didn't seem to work.
  1124. >"Anonymous, the next problem is about to come."
  1125. >"There is nothing we can do to help you."
  1126. >The two voices, despite being almost featureless, sound worried.
  1127. >"Much rests on the actions you take next, including the lives of many you would come to know soon."
  1128. "May I at least know your names? I would feel more at ease knowing those who seek to have me help them."
  1129. >After a brief moment of silence, they speak.
  1130. >"Our names are Queen Galaxia and King Eternity, The father and mother of those you know as Celestia and Luna."
  1131. >"But please, do not inform them or any others that we speak through you, it may cause some... disturbances."
  1132. "I can agree to that. Is there anything else you wish to inform me of?"
  1133. >"Only one. An old saying goes 'Do not judge a book by its cover.' You would do well to remember it."
  1134. "I may have troubles forgetting it, since its an old saying from home."
  1135. >"Fare thee well, we wish you much luck in the future."
  1138. >Shivering against the cold wind, you sit at the edge of the barrier, wishing you could be there to help.
  1139. >Sari and the pups are at your side, a group of solemn sentinels watching the torment of the town.
  1140. >In the distance, you make out the princesses ariving, and another strange being coming into view.
  1141. >This new creature appears to be an amalgamation of a half dozen other ones in a long, serpentine form.
  1142. >The two princesses confront this new creature, and after a brief altercation, begin forcing it towards you, perhaps hoping to pin it against the barrier.
  1143. "Sari, you should go back to camp"
  1144. >She stares at you, before taking and herding the two young ones back into the woods.
  1145. >Taking out your bow, you slide back into the trees, resting in a spot just above the town totem.
  1146. >Through the trees, you catch glimpses of energy bolts and explosions, and the strange beast is slowly forced to the edge of the forest.
  1147. >The princesses seem confused when the beast passes through the shield with no effort, and Luna runs back to town, leaving Celestia to watch.
  1150. >Floating through the trees, Discord comes out into a clearing with a pair of strange things in it.
  1151. >The first is a stone totem, shaped sort of like a minotaur.
  1152. >The second, a small building, barely large enough for a young pony.
  1153. >In his arms, a bundle shifts, reminding him of his purpose here.
  1154. >Before he can make a move, a single powerful word makes him pause.
  1155. "STOP!"
  1156. >A strange feeling compels him to listen, and he slowly drifts to the ground.
  1157. "Why are you here, and why are Celestia and Luna after you?"
  1158. >The voice is male, but in a different pitch than any ponys voice.
  1159. "If you do not answer me, I will have no choice but to kill you where you stand."
  1160. >"Wait, please, I will explain everything, just let me set this down." He says, raising the bundle.
  1161. "Fine, but be quick."
  1162. >Setting the bundle in the small building, he sits.
  1163. >"My name is Discord, God of Chaos, and I need to die."
  1166. >You quirk an eyebrow, unseen to him.
  1167. "Thats an unusual thing to hear. Perhaps you should start from the begining."
  1168. >He looks up, not in any particular direction and sighs.
  1169. >"Like I said, my name is Discord, and I am the God of Chaos."
  1170. >"I love seeing things go wrong, chaos in any form realy, but that has changed."
  1171. >"Not long ago, I was re-imprisoned as a statue, and at thet time, I accidently released a stray burst of energy."
  1172. >"This energy led to a pony becoming impregnated with what became my daughter."
  1173. "And this is a problem, Why?"
  1174. >"The world is only capable of dealing with one chaos god at a time, and with the birth of my daughter, he combined chaos is becoming rampant."
  1175. >Relaxing your bow, you set it away and drop from the tree.
  1176. "For now, I'm going to trust you, but I need to confirm your story."
  1177. >He turns to look at you, and his jaw drops, quite literaly.
  1178. >After picking up his jaw and setting it back in place he asks "How did you get here?"
  1179. "Hmnnn?"
  1180. >"You're a human, aren't you? Theres no way you should be here then, your kind is a magical lighning rod."
  1181. "What are you talking about?"
  1182. >"To get one of your kind from your world to this one, it would take ludicrus amounts of magical energy to counteract your species natural ability to absorb and dissapate magic."
  1183. >You nod, and step towards the shrine.
  1184. "I'm sure, now I would guess the bundle is your daughter, right?"
  1185. >"Yes, and well, once you kill me, could you take care of her?"
  1189. >Picking up the bundle, you gently open it, revealing a face similar to his, but more sleek and with a small crop of snow white hair on it.
  1190. "And why can't you have her mother take care of her?"
  1191. >One of his hands, an eagle talon grabs your chin ant turns you to him.
  1192. >"Look, if I left her in the hooves of the ponies, they wouldn't hesitate to get rid of her."
  1193. >"I know it isn't something easy to ask, but I have to, as a father."
  1194. >"Will you take care of and raise my daughter?"
  1195. >Despite his ammusing apearance, the look on his face is one of stone cold seriousness, and you nod.
  1196. "I promise I will rase her as if she was one of my own."
  1197. >He holds out his claw, and you take it in a firm handshake.
  1198. >"Now, after you kill me, you will have my powers for a short time, for how long, I don't know."
  1199. >"During that time I want you to get everything you could need to raise her. Just focus and it will appear."
  1200. >As you draw your knife, out of the corner of your eye you can see Celestia at the edge and Pinkie and the other 5 entering.
  1201. >Celestia's eyes meet yours, before you turn to Discord.
  1202. >As you plunge your knife into his chest, a tear slips down his face and onto his daughter.
  1203. >"Goodbye, Eris."
  1204. >His body crumples into a lifeless heap before dissapating like dust.
  1205. >You can just make out expressions on the faces of the ponys in the distance, and you turn to home, vanishing from their sight.
  1209. >"Are you alright Princess?" Twilight asks, back out of the barrier.
  1210. >Celestia stares out at the spot where this thing, Anonymous vanished.
  1211. >"I can't believe he's gone. Discord, he just..."
  1212. >Pinkies mane is flat, and she is muttering to herself.
  1213. >"Pinkie, Why? Why would Anonymous do that?" Celestia asks, staring at her.
  1214. >She gets no response, as Pinkie starts running into the woods.
  1215. >Applejack and Rainbow Dash turn to go after her but Twilight stops them.
  1216. >"Just let her go. Anonymous was a friend of hers, he saved her life. She's just trying to find answers."
  1217. >"Ah know, but, it ain't right jus' lettin her go like that, she could get hurt or worse."
  1218. >"All we can do is hope for the best." Twilight says, and they all stare out at where they saw Anonymous kill Discord.
  1221. >Anon Personal Journal-Day 170: New Daughter
  1223. >Eris, as Discord named her is a rather sweet young thing.
  1224. >With Discords powers I upgraded the house to something usable during winter as well as created a number of non-perishable food supplies for the winter.
  1225. >A pair of jackets and some other assorted goods were the final things I could conjure before the power vanished.
  1226. >Sari is suspicious of Eris, but so far she seems willing to trust my judgement.
  1227. >The pups are as playful as ever, and I need to think up names for them, since they will be sharing the house during the winter.
  1228. >Getting Sari to feed Eris has proven, difficult, but a little scraching behind the ears and a lot of belly rubbing and she finaly consented.
  1229. >Judging by her teeth, Eris is an omnivore like me, but in this world, you never know.
  1230. >I hope the ponys can forgive me for killing Discord, I know it will be hard for me to.
  1234. >"ANONYMOUS! WHERE ARE YOU!" Pinkies voice calls out, and you carefully set Eris in her bed.
  1235. >Stepping out into the forest, you follow the sound of Pinkies calling.
  1236. >After a short time, you find her thrashing about in a bush, caught by its thorns.
  1237. >Sighing, you set to work untanglig her.
  1238. "Pinkie, you have to be more careful out here, its not safe."
  1239. >You notice she is glaring at you quite seriously.
  1240. >"Anonymous, you better explain yourself."
  1241. "About Discord, right?"
  1242. >Sne nods without taking her eyes off you.
  1243. "Follow me."
  1244. >Leading the way back home, you lead her to where you have Eris sleeping.
  1245. >"Who is this?" She asks quietly, so as not to disturb her.
  1246. "Her name is Eris, she is Discords daughter."
  1247. "She's the reason I had to kill Discord."
  1248. >"But why?"
  1249. >Resting a hand on her head, you say "Too much chaos is a bad thing."
  1250. "Discord asked for me to kill him so his daugher may live."
  1251. >Pinkie looks at Eris silently for a few moments, before turning and leaving.
  1254. >Anon Personal Journal-Day 172: A Gift From Pinkie
  1256. >Today, I found a gift basket sitting outside the door to my house with a note from Pinkie.
  1257. >The note read *Sorry for seeming so mad before. Heres something to help take care of little Eris. If you ever need somep0ny to foalsit, I would be really happy to do so.*
  1258. >Inside the basket were a number of infant toys, as well as a ticket apparently good for one free foalsitting.
  1259. >I probably should have taken her back to town in a roundabout way, but I have the feeling I can trust her.
  1260. >Getting the outhouse built is still on my list of things to do, since figuring a way to get working plumbing out here is way beyond me.
  1261. >Sari has accepted Eris as an ofspring, and no longer needs encouragement from me to feed her.
  1262. >Not that she doesn't ask for the encouragement anyways.
  1263. >Eris has developed quickly in the past two days, perhaps owing to the power flowing through her.
  1264. >While I can't be certain, she may reach full maturity within a year or two, rather than sixteen or so years.
  1265. >How much will I have to teach her, and how much will be passed instinctively?
  1266. >Will she see me as a father, or just a father figure?
  1267. >These and other questions have been running through my head, but I have time to figure them out.
  1268. >I have yet to check on the town to see if it has returned to normal, I have plans to do that tomorrow.
  1272. >"Twahlite, are ya sure we should be followin Pinkie lahk this?"
  1273. >"I don't think we have much choice. With how much time she is spending in the woods, I'm worried that Anonymous might hurt her."
  1274. >Applejack nods silently, and the two sneak after her.
  1275. >Pinkie stops for a moment at the totem and shrine, checking for anything, but quickly moves on.
  1276. >Traveling deeper into the woods, Applejack and Twilight follow Pinkie as she makes her way through the trees.
  1277. >"HEY ANONYMOUS!" Pinkie calls out, bouncing into a clearing.
  1278. >"Pinkie, how are you doing?"
  1279. >*Giggle*"I'm fine, thanks. Hows Eris?"
  1280. >"As energetic as ever. She's growing up fast, but she still has a ways to go. Thankfully, she isn't a bad kid."
  1281. >Sitting down, Pinkie pulls a small cake from her mane.
  1282. >The two of them enjoy the cake While Twilight and Applejack watch from a bush.
  1283. >"You know, you two can come out. I don't intend to hide anymore." Anonymous calls, and the two almost choke.
  1284. >"He's right you know" Pinkie calls out as well.
  1287. >Out of the bushes come the orange regular pony and the purple unicorn, both looking a little abashed.
  1288. "My names Anonymous, as you may already know, what are yoru names?"
  1289. >"Well, um... Mah name's Applejack, and its nice ta meet ya, I guess." The orange one says.
  1290. >"And I'm Twilight Sparkle, Princess Celestia's student." Says the unicorn.
  1291. "So I take it you're friends of Pinkie, huh."
  1292. >"Yeppers, they are two of my bestest friends in Ponyville. Of course everyp0ny in Ponyville is my friend, and so are you."
  1293. "So you have told me, many times. So Twilight, I can assume you were concerned about Discords fate, Am I right?"
  1294. >"No, Pinkie kind of explained it already, but still, for him to sacrifice himself to save another, there had to have been another way."
  1295. >"Anonymous, Ah want ta ask ya a question, and I want ya tah give me an honest answer, okay?"
  1296. "Of course, ask away."
  1297. >"Do ya mean any harm to anyp0ny?"
  1298. "No, But my purpose here is still a bit of a mystery to me as well, but I have two guides to help me."
  1299. >Applejack lets out a deep sigh. "Thanks thats a load off mah mind."
  1300. >"Applejack, you trust him, just like that?" Twilight asks, still obviously nervous about you.
  1301. >"As the Element o' Honesty, ah pride mahself at bein able to tell lies from the truth, and he is telling nothing but the truth."
  1302. "I'm sorry all, but I have to run, Perhaps we can meet again another time?"
  1303. >Turning to leave, you head off into the woods away from your home.
  1306. >*Dear Princess Celestia
  1307. >Today, I was able to meet Anonymous face to face.
  1308. >He doesn't seem that bad, but a few things still leave me with concerns.
  1309. >First, his species isn't in any book in the library.
  1310. >Honestly, there is nothing even remotely close to him, though he shares some characteristics with minotaurs and monkeys.
  1311. >My second concern is the name Eris.
  1312. >He mentioned it briefly to Pinkie, and from what was said, I can assume it is a child.
  1313. >The thing is, when I asked Pinie before, she said there was only one of his kind there.
  1314. >I'll report any further discoveries and developments as they come into light.
  1315. >Yours truly, Twilight Sparkle"
  1316. >Setting down the scroll, Celestia stares out the window, concern written across her face.
  1317. >"Discord, is Eris your daughter?"
  1321. >Anon Personal Journal-Day 177: Day of Learning
  1323. >Eris has reached the age of a two month old, give or take, and has started showing more interest in her environment.
  1324. >She isn't much for moving around yet, but she actively interacts with anything I leave nearby.
  1325. >Just today she got hold of one of her toys, and needless to say, it was fun watching her play with it.
  1326. >Her mental development seems to be at a rate far faster than a human child, possibly due to the fact she is to become a godess."
  1327. >I have made plans with Pinkie to have her visit tomorrow, and she said she was going to bring Twilight along.
  1328. >Between Eris, Sari and the pups, I don't have a lot of time to myself.
  1329. >Any time I do get is put towards finishing the outhouse and preparing things for further ages of Eris.
  1330. >Blocks and shapes first, more advanced things later.
  1331. >So many simple things I was able to recreate, you don't realise how much you miss them till you have them back.
  1332. >A toothbrush, a razor, more clothes, everything makes this place feel more like home.
  1335. >Sticking close to Pinkie, Twilight eyes the forest around them warily as they head to meet Anonymous.
  1336. >The forest parts, revealing a small, but larger porportioned house.
  1337. >"Anonymous, we're here!" Pinkie calls out.
  1338. >"Just a moment." He calls back, and Twilight looks around.
  1339. >The house is surrounded by a small ditch and spike barrier, along with a lot of poison joke.
  1340. >A number of Timberwolves are around the camp, most eyeing Twilight warily, but they make no move to attack.
  1341. >The door to the house opens, and Anonymous waves them in.
  1342. >"Try and be quiet, I just put Eris down for a nap, okay."
  1343. >Pinkie nods, and makes a zipping motion over her mouth.
  1344. >Twilight on the other hand asks "Who's Eris?"
  1345. >"She's my daughter, along with Rio and Ryan, who are out back with Sari."
  1346. >"And who is Sari, I'm sorry, its a lot of questions, but I'm always curious."
  1349. "It's complicated. To put it simply, Sari is head of the pack, I'm her partner and Alpha of the pack, and Rio and Ryan are her pups."
  1350. >"You mean you are paired with a timberwolf?"
  1351. "Like I said, its complicated. Would you two like some tea or coffee?"
  1352. >"Tea would be fine, thanks.' Twilight says, and pinkie nods, too busy tring to get everything out of the basket she brought.
  1353. >Heading to the kitchen area, you take the kettle and stoke the wood to heat the fire.
  1354. "I'll be right back, just have to get water"
  1355. >"Take your time, we aren't in a rush."
  1356. >"Yeah, don't worry Anonymous" Pinkie says "If Eris wakes up, I am more than certified to take care of her."
  1357. >She even waves a certificate around, and you can see it says *Certified Baby Caregiver*
  1358. >Smiling, you walk out the door, and head off.
  1361. >With Anonymous gone, Twilights attitude changes.
  1362. >"Pinkie, do you think you could show me Eris?"
  1363. >"I don't know, Anonymous just put her to sleep, and I don't think he wants us to bother her."
  1364. >Twilight rests a hoof on Pinkies head "I Pinkie Promise not to wake her up."
  1365. >Pinkie stares at her a moment, scrutinizing her, before suddenly becoming cheerful "Okie Dokie."
  1366. >Leading her to the bedroom, she opens the door and shows Twilight the crib Eris is in.
  1367. >When they look inside, they are both shocked.
  1368. >Eris is gone.
  1369. >Pinkie immediately runs outside to find Anonymous, leaving Twilight to search the house.
  1372. >Filling the kettle with water, a weight latches onto your shoulders.
  1373. >Reaching back, you grab hold and lift her in front of you.
  1374. "Hey there Eris, how did you get here?"
  1375. >Eris giggles in your grip, holding her arms out to you
  1376. >Pulling her close, she nestles into your grip.
  1377. "Come on Eris, we have to go back."
  1378. >Picking up the kettle, you start on your way back, when Pinkie comes bursting out of the bushes.
  1379. >"ANONYMOUS! ERIS IS .... Oh *giggle* Hi there Eris."
  1380. >Eris holds her arms out for Pinkie, and you set her on Pinkies back.
  1381. >Pinkie giggles as Eris squirms into her mane, and the two of you start walking back.
  1384. >"Pinkie! Did you find Anonymous?" Twilight calls out as Pinkie bounces into her view
  1385. >When you come into view behind Pinkie, Twilight says "I searched everywhere, but I couldn't find Eris."
  1386. "Don't worry, we found her."
  1387. >Setting down the kettle and reaching into Pinkies mane, you grab hold of Eris and pull her out, a lock of Pinkies hair in her mouth.
  1388. >Twilight lets out a shocked gasp, and you pull the hair from Eris's mouth.
  1389. "Eris, its not right to chew on others hair like that."
  1390. >"Its alright, She probably likes its taste, since Discord made it into cotton candy before he vanished, and it still tastes like it."
  1391. >You raise an eyebrow at her, and she says "Yeah! Its true! You wanna try it?"
  1392. "No thanks, I'll take your word on it."
  1393. >Twilights gaze has been intently focused on Eris, and she asks "Is she a Dragonesque?"
  1394. "A what?"
  1395. >*Sigh*"A Dragonesque, Its what Discord was."
  1396. "She probably is then, since she a result of his magic."
  1397. >Eris lets out an adorable yawn, and you take her back to her bed.
  1400. >"Pinkie, are you sure we can trust him?" Twilight whispers.
  1401. >"What do you mean Twilight? He's really nice, and he has done so much to help us already, why shouldn't we trust him?"
  1402. >Twilight looks to where you entered, before sitting down.
  1403. >"Look, first, we don't even know what he is, and he has what is essentially the ofspring of Discord."
  1404. >"I know he seems nice, but something in the back of my head is saying there is more here than meets the eye."
  1405. >Pinkie ponders for a moment "Hmmmmm I guess you have a point, but he is still my friend, so I trust him."
  1406. >"Pinkie, everyp0ny is your friend." Twilight says with a sigh.
  1407. >"Yeah, but he's not a pony, is he, and he's still my friend."
  1408. >Anonymous steps back out and sets the kettle to boil.
  1411. "So, what kind of tea do you girls want? I got Earl Grey, a tea called Read my lips and a simple green tea."
  1412. >Twilight tilts her head "I've never heard of any of those teas except the green tea. What are they like?"
  1413. "Earl grey is a black tea with a citrusy flavour, while Read my lips is a chocolate mint based tea with a bit of spicy and sweet."
  1414. >Pinkie bounces happily saying "I wanna try the chocolate one!"
  1415. >Twilight shrugs and you make your way to the kettle and get a tea pod set up.
  1416. >After a few minutes of steeping, you bring the pot over and several cups.
  1417. "Sorry I don't have any proper teacups, but these will work fine."
  1418. >Pouring them a cup, you pass them over and Pinkie quickly starts drinking it down.
  1419. >"Wow, you are right. Its a bit spicy and sweet and minty. Its like the flavours are having a party in my mouth."
  1420. >Twilight somehow makes her cup float with a purpleish aura and takes a sip. "You're right Pinkie, this is quite good.
  1421. >Sipping your own tea, you accept some of the snacks Pinkie brought.
  1422. >After some generic conversation, the two of them head to leave, and you escort them through the woods.
  1426. >Sitting in her library, Twilight stares at the codex she found and the pages of the journal she copied.
  1427. >"I hope I got something important" She says to herself, and begins working on translating it.
  1428. >What she finds shocks her.
  1429. >The entrys she copied seem to reference him fighting with changelings.
  1430. >It mentions him having killed more than a dozen changlings in only a few days.
  1431. >There seems to be an entry missing, because in the third one, it mentions him having sucessfully captured the changeling queen, while the one before it mentions considering it.
  1432. >From there, there seem to be missing information in some, like what choices he offered the queen and what she chose.
  1433. >The last two reveal the queen's name is Chrysalis, and that she was getting let into his pack.
  1434. >Staring at the collected entries, Twilight quickly copies them and groups them for a letter to Celestia.
  1438. >*Dear Princess Celestia
  1439. >With this letter, I am sending a number of journal entries from the being called Anonymous.
  1440. >I found it while searching for Eris, since she vanished.
  1441. >As it turns out, Eris is a Dragonesque, and apparently a result of Discord's magic.
  1442. >Anonymous is raising her, But I don't think he knows what she will become.
  1443. >The journal entrys, in brief, talk about a war between Anonymous and his pack against a hive of Changelings.
  1444. >I will admit, his skills are quite amazing, and yet at the same time, horrifying, given he killed a dozen and a half changelings in the matter of a few days.
  1445. >The thing is, he seems completely stable, and shows no signs of PTSD or psychotic behavior.
  1446. >I will try and obtain more Journal entrys, but at this point, I simply hope he doesn't find out, or I may end up like those changelings.
  1447. >Your Faithful Student, Twilight Sparkle*
  1448. >Celestia rolls up the scroll, and glances over the journal translations.
  1449. >The language is imperfect, an obvious result of being translated from another language.
  1450. >"Luna should know about this, perhaps she can find a way to observe it at night."
  1454. >Anon Personal Journal-Day 180: Troublesome Daughter
  1456. >It seems Eris has the ability to teleport, and she has become fascinated with using it.
  1457. >Whenever I try to get her to stay somewhere, she always teleports somewhere else, usually on my head or somewhere near me.
  1458. >She has also started crawling, so I can't leave anything dangerous around anymore.
  1459. >At least she is content with staying in the house.
  1460. >The pack has moved on, traveling to new hunting grounds, but Sari and our pups stayed here.
  1461. >It's going to be lonely, without all the wolves around.
  1462. >Pinkie wanted me to come visit her in town, but I explained how I don't want to accidentally cause panic or anything.
  1463. >My language understanding has started slipping again, whatever is causing it must be magical, if what Discord said was true.
  1464. >I plan on trying to relearn the words I lose to make the learning more incremental.
  1465. >Before winter sets in, I want to find one of the places I found when lost, since it will be a wonderful boon.
  1466. >When I was lost, I found a hot spring, and a source of water that wont freeze will be extra useful.
  1467. >Plus I havn't had a hot bath since I found it last time.
  1470. >Anon Personal Journal-Day 182: Packing to Leave
  1472. >I've left a note for Pinkie on my door if she stops by while I'm gone.
  1473. >My bag has been packed, and I have foodstuffs and toys for a week.
  1474. >To carry Eris, I made a sort of baby sling that I can wear with the backpack.
  1475. >Sari is going to stay home, and I brought her a nice big deer for food.
  1476. >After some calculations, I approximated the angle I need to leave at to find it, based on the rough position of the upwelling.
  1477. >I will not be bringing my journal with me, as I can tell it will rain some time soon.
  1478. >Which reminds me, an umbrella is something I should have made.
  1479. >Well, hindsight is always 20-20 as they say.
  1480. >Another thing I should make is a water storage tank, but without tools, a wood container is difficult, and so is a metal one.
  1481. >This winter better not be a rough one.
  1485. >Twilight spots Pinkie heading out of town with a basket on her back and calls out to her.
  1486. >"Hey Pinkie, are you going out to see Anonymous?" She asks
  1487. >"Yep. I got a bunch of new recipes I want him to try." Pinkie replies.
  1488. >"Well, have fun, but be careful. Its easy to get lost out there and there are lots of dangerous creatures out there."
  1489. >Pinkie bounces her head, and says "Okie Dokie Loki. See you later Twilight."
  1490. >Returning to her daily business, its not even an hour later before she sees Pinkie returning.
  1491. >"Pinkie, back so soon?"
  1492. >"Mmmhmmm. Anonymous is out for a while, so I'm gonna visit him when he gets back."
  1493. >An idea forms in Twilights head, so she asks "Did he say when he was getting back?"
  1494. >"Yep. He said in one week, so I have all that time to plan a surprise party for him coming back."
  1495. >"Are you sure that's a good idea? Do you know if he likes parties?"
  1496. >"Of course he does, silly. Who doesn't like Pinkie Pie parties?"
  1497. >Twilight just smiles, before returning home.
  1498. >"If he left his journal behind, this is the perfect time to get more entrys, maybe even information on were he went."
  1499. >Grabbing a saddlebag, Twilight starts filling it with loose papers and writing supplies.
  1502. >"Now lets see..."
  1503. >Floating out Anons Journal, Twilight opens it.
  1504. >"I should probably start at the beginning..."
  1505. >Flipping pages, she comes to the first entry
  1506. >"So he's omnivorous, eating both plants and animals..."
  1507. >Scanning further, she comes across a word that doesn't translate through the codex.
  1508. >"The strange *barrier* restricting me to this forest is still in place."
  1509. >"A strange what?, maybe its some kind of force. There may be more about this later."
  1510. >The part about the navigation totems makes her add a side note to the copy.
  1511. >*With this information about the totems, I will endeavor to seek out more, and possible make a map of them.
  1512. >She finds little more interesting information in the next couple entrys, except for the mention of a blue flower.
  1513. >As she translates the entry numbered 36, she realizes how much trouble the fillys would have been in if he hadn't helped them.
  1514. >The light starts growing dim, so she closes the journal, returns it to its place and starts off back home.
  1516. ~
  1518. >The next morning Twilight leaves bright and early, before any of the market stands are open.
  1519. >Her journey is swift, and she dives right back into translating.
  1520. >The next entry covers a gift applejack left for him, as well as some hints as to his knowledge of technology.
  1521. >"That might explain this house, how he made it in such a short time alone."
  1522. >Staring up the next she is immediately intrigued by the title.
  1523. >'Wolf problems no more? This might explain how he has an entire pack of Timberolves.'
  1524. >As she translates, she feels something behind her, and she turns to find Sari and her puppys there.
  1525. >"Ummmm... Nice Timberwolf..."
  1526. >Sari growls, and Twilight grabs everything and teleports away.
  1527. >Running back home, she doesn't realize she has Anonymouses journal with her.
  1530. >*Dear Princess Celestia
  1531. >I may have encountered a problem.
  1532. >A day or so ago, Anonymous left for the week, and I felt it would be an opportune time to gather more journal entries.
  1533. >The first day was a success, and I manged to copy and translate several journal entrys.
  1534. >Most of it was irrelevant information, but there was a record of him saving a trio of fillys.
  1535. >His notes, when added to ours confirm the danger they would have been in if we didn't find then soon.
  1536. >With this letter, I sent a full copy of his journal, which I inadvertently ended up with.
  1537. >As much as it shames me to say, I was unprepared and his alpha female was still there.
  1538. >She seemed rather angry at me being there, so I beat a hasty retreat.
  1539. >This is where my problem lies.
  1540. >I don't think I will be able to return it safely.
  1541. >Any advice you can give me would be much appreciated.
  1542. >Your Faithful student, Twilight Sparkle.*
  1546. >Finishing the totem out by the hot spring, you move back to where Eris was sleeping.
  1547. >Pulling up her blanket, you remove your clothes and slip into the bubbling the water.
  1548. >Letting out a sigh, the heat soaks into your joints and bubbles the dirt off your skin.
  1549. >A faint buzzing is heard, but it vanishes quickly.
  1550. >Eris's cries draw you from your warm bath and into the cold air.
  1551. >Wrapping a blanket around yourself, you go over to Eris and scoop her up.
  1552. >Her cries silence immediately upon contact with you.
  1553. "Whats wrong Eris?" You ask, running a finger on her head.
  1554. >She coos before grabbing your finger and saying "Daddy."
  1555. "Hey, you spoke your first words. Good job."
  1556. >Petting her head she giggles and cuddles your hand.
  1557. "What do you say to joining me in the bath?"
  1558. >She doesn't let go, so you drop your blanket and lower into the water again.
  1562. >Approaching Pinkie, Twilight greets her.
  1563. >"Good morning Pinkie, How is Anonymous's party coming along?"
  1564. >"Super duper good, thanks for asking Twilight. Was there anything else you wanted to know, cuz I'm super duper busy between working at Sugarcube Corner and getting stuff for his party."
  1565. >Twilight shuffles her forehoof a bit before asking "Could you take this to Anonymous's place? I borrowed it from him, and I am supposed to return it today but..."
  1566. >Pinkie nods and accepts the book Twilight passes her.
  1567. >"He already knows its going to be returned, so you don't have to worry about telling him. Just leave it on the table by his bed."
  1568. >"Okie Dokie Lokie!" Pinkie says before bouncing off.
  1569. >Letting out a sigh, Twilight rushes back to the library to continue translations.
  1573. >Celestia and Luna pour over the translations, predominantly the ones covering the changeling invasion.
  1574. >"It's tactics are unusual. Hit and run combined with traps and poisons. I believe its obvious that this creature is from a war filled place."
  1575. >"This is true Sister. What is important is if it is a threat to us."
  1576. >Celestia looks over the translation of day 145, and gives a small blush."And then there is this day..."
  1577. >"Indeed Sister. It makes us curious as to its origins, and as to if..."
  1578. >A blush overtakes Luna's face, which makes Celestia groan,, then giggle.
  1579. >"I know how you feel, but I would rather make sure its skills were used for good, rather than just for pleasing us."
  1580. >Going back to the translations, they ponder the entry on day 146.
  1581. >"Twilight should be informed to be careful not to anger Anonymous, if she hasn't already seen the queens fate,"
  1582. >"We shall prepare the letter immediately."
  1583. >As Luna leaves to fetch supplies, Celestia speaks privately with a pair of guards.
  1584. >They leave to the barracks as Luna returns, and she and Celestia prepare the letter.
  1588. >Arriving back at home, you open the door to come into a face-full of confetti.
  1589. >"SURPRISE!! WELCOME BACK ANONYMOUS!" Pinkie yells, a party hat on her head.
  1590. >Twilight and several other ponys are there, namely the ones other four you had seen with the princess.
  1591. >Along with them is a small purple and green lizard.
  1592. >Eris looks out of your arms and lets out a laugh and says "Daddy! Party!"
  1593. >A some of ponys smile and laugh, while others stare at her nervously.
  1595. >The pink mare is immediately up in front of you, talking to Eris.
  1596. >Setting Eris down with Pinkie, you walk in to say "Hi" to Twilight.
  1597. >Next to her are four other mares, all of them wearing a nice piece of jewelry.
  1598. >"Anonymous, I'd like to introduce you to some of my friends." Twilight says, gesturing with a hoof to the ponys beside her.
  1599. >"Girls, this is Anonymous, the creature from the woods."
  1600. >You bow to the, and they each show a different reaction.
  1601. >"My name is Rarity, it's a pleasure to meet you." A white unicorn says
  1602. >The blue pegasus strikes a pose and says "I'm Rainbow Dash."
  1603. >Before any of the others can introduce themselves, the lizard burps u a scroll, much to your surprise.
  1604. >Twilight takes it, and when she opens it, she immediately herds her friends outside.
  1607. >"Whats wrong Twilight?" Pinkie asks, concerned.
  1608. >"The Princesses sent a letter, and we are not supposed to go near Anonymous unguarded. She is sending a group to escort us if we wish to come here."
  1609. >"But Twiiiii...." Pinkie whines giving her best puppydog eyes.
  1610. >Applejack shakes her head and starts pulling Pinkie away by her tail.
  1611. >"I'll tell Anonymous we have to go." Twilight says, headed back to the house.
  1612. >The others leave, and after Twilight says something came up, she leaves with them.
  1613. >Getting out of the forest, they find a dozen royal guards waiting, including Shining Armor, Twilights brother.
  1614. >Running over, Twilight hugs her brother.
  1615. >"Twiley, what are you doing out here? We were expecting you to still be in town."
  1616. >Twilight looks at Pinkie "Pinkie here wanted to throw Anonymous a party, and we came along, with the elements, just in case."
  1617. >Shining shakes his head, and looks at them all. "I'm sure you know about the rules now."
  1618. >They all nod, and look out at the forest.
  1622. >Anon Personal Journal-Day 190: Back Home and A Party
  1624. >Pinkie decided to throw me a surprise party when I arrived back from my trip.
  1625. >Twilight and several of their friends were there, but before I could realy meet any of them Twilight got a letter and had to leave with all them.
  1626. >It's a little dissapointing, but I wont hold it against them.
  1627. >Eris's vocabulary has increased slightly, now consisting of Daddy, Party, Sari, and of course, Play.
  1628. >This week is going to probably be the last one I have for collecting fresh fruits from the orchird, since it frosted last night.
  1629. >On the topic of food, the deer I left Sari and the pups has been picked clean, but it still stinks to high hell.
  1630. >I'm so glad I can just go and take a hot bath after I get rid of the leftovers.
  1631. >With what little time I've had to work, the outhouse hasn't gotten much closer to completion.
  1632. >Thankfully, its my only major project at this time, otherwise I wouldn't stand a chance at finishing everything before winter.
  1633. >Firewood is something else I will need to gather lots of before weather turns bad, and even though Sari distrusts the flames, she does like the warmth.
  1636. >Anon Personal Journal-Day 193: Working Hard
  1638. >The skeleton has been dealt with, and the area has been cleaned.
  1639. >So far I have gathered a good 50 pounds of wood, but its nowhere near enough.
  1640. >On top of that, I only take loose branches or parts from dead trees, so as not to change the balance of nature.
  1641. >Fruit gathering comes tomorrow, and after that more work on the outhouse.
  1642. >Again, I heard a strange buzzing noise, like the one I heard back at the hot spring.
  1643. >There has been no sign of Pinkie or any others coming out to visit, and I've been too busy preparing for winter to go check.
  1644. >Any spare time I have is filled with meals and playing with Eris.
  1645. >Something about my head seems to be comfy for her, as she tends to teleport up there whenever she has the chance.
  1648. >"Still nothing?" Shining Armor asks the guards posted by the barrier.
  1649. >One shakes his head "No, nop0ny we have tested has been able to get through it now."
  1650. >Letting out a sigh, Shining raps his hoof against the barrier. "Its like he knows what changed, and acted to prevent it."
  1651. >Turning, he heads back into town, and down to his sisters library.
  1652. >"Any news big brother?" She asks as Shining walks in.
  1653. >"None, how about you?"
  1654. >Setting another book on a growing pile, she shakes her head. "Nothing. Even Star Swirl doesnt have a spell powerful enough to dispel this shield."
  1655. >Twilight floats a book over to him, before grabbing another herself.
  1656. >The two of them search long into the night for something that will help, but its all fruitless.
  1657. >As the final candle is snuffed out, a lone figure stealthily approaches the library.
  1660. >Anon Personal Journal-Day 197: First Snowfall
  1662. >The first snow of the year happened today, and boy was it interesting.
  1663. >Small white flakes, almost like what you'd expect on Christmas, lazily drifting down.
  1664. >Eris, at first was cautious of it, but when I showed her how to catch snowflakes on her tongue, she was immediately enthralled by it.
  1665. >She kept trying to catch them, but they dissolved in her grasp, making her giggle.
  1666. >After a few hours she started shivering, so I took her inside and made her a cup of warm juice.
  1667. >This new development put making a roof for the outhouse top on my list.
  1668. >If possible, I wish to get hold of some books from town to read during the winter.
  1669. >There have been no more appearances of the buzzing sound, leading me to believe it was a migration or something similar.
  1673. >Again, as the final candle in the treehouse snuffs out, a shadowed figure approaches.
  1674. >Pushing open a window, the figure slides inside like a snake.
  1675. >Creeping up on the table in the middle of the room, the figure stops when the lights turn on.
  1676. >Twilight and Shining Armor stare at Pinkie, who is dressed up in a skintight black outfit.
  1677. >"Pinkie, what are you doing?"
  1678. >Pinkie pulls off the suits hood and glares at Twilight. "You two are supposed to be asleep so I can look at your notes on how to get to Anonymous."
  1679. >With a sigh, Twilight grabs Pinkie with her magic and hauls her out into the night. "When we find something, we will be sure to tell you, okay. Now go to bed,"
  1680. >Giving Twilight a scrutinizing glare, Pinkie backs away while pulling the hood back down.
  1681. >"Okie Dokie Lokie" She says, before dissapearing into the blackness.
  1684. >Anon Personal Journal-Day 203: An Old Aquaintance
  1686. >Today, I got visited by an old aquaintance.
  1687. >The changeling I had captured when they invaded came to my house, seeking audience with me
  1688. >They informed me Chrysalis wanted to see me, and it was urgent.
  1689. >Directions were provided after I agreed, and he went on his way.
  1690. >If possible, I would like to get Pinkie to foalsit Eris for the time, but if not, I will have to bring her with me.
  1691. >Tommorow I will be leaving to meet her, so all my projects will have to be put on hold.
  1692. >Again.
  1695. >Following the changelings directions, you come upon a clearing.
  1696. >Despite the fact it screams out trap, you step out into it, and from the other side, you can see Chrysalis approach.
  1697. "Its good to see you well Chrysalis. How have the ponys been treating you?"
  1698. >She smiles, a genuine smile unlike the false ones she showed you before.
  1699. >"Its nice. Different, but nice. But thats not why I asked to meet you."
  1700. >"A few changelings are still loyal to me, so they act as my family in Appleoosa, but they noticed something while scouting."
  1701. >"Minotaurs have been approaching in war bands, and soon the town will be surrounded."
  1702. >"We need a way out, but they have all the ways blocked but here."
  1703. "And you want me to escort them through to town, right?"
  1704. >She nods, and steps closer. "Please! I will do anything you want, I just want my friends to be safe."
  1705. >Thinking for a moment, you rest a hand on her head.
  1706. "How much time do we have?"
  1709. >Anon Personal Journal-Day 204: Planning
  1711. >I don't have long to plan not only a way for the ponys to get through the woods safely, but also how to keep the minotaurs from following.
  1712. >And if the Minotaurs are anything like the ones from human mythology, well...
  1713. >Without my pack, finding a safe path is more dificult, but I shoud be able to use a few of my known locations as waypoints.
  1714. >The weather has started to turn, and we may have less time then expected, or I will have to find some alternate place to keep them.
  1715. >Preparing everything has been easier than I expected, since I only need Eris, my weapons and some food.
  1716. >My current plan of action involves taking them past the upwelling, taking a break at the hot spring, possibly spending the night there.
  1717. >After that, to the orchird to add whatever fruits may still be viable there to their food supplies, and finaly to town.
  1718. >The reason for the round-about path is to keep my house hidden for now.
  1722. >Anon Personal Journal-Day 206: Tomorrow is the Day
  1724. >Tomorrow I will have to guide the ponys and changelings from Appleoosa to the town .
  1725. >Everything is set up, and I have worked at clearing a path between the waypoints.
  1726. >It may still be tough, as it has started snowing lightly, but as long as it doesn't pick up, we should be fine.
  1727. >I just hope Chrysalis got everything arranged on her side, or this will be all for nothing.
  1728. >Everything I could need is packed, including spare food and blankets, my knife and bow, as well as the last of my dried Sapphire Bane.
  1729. >Sari is going to watch Eris, since I may run into fighting and its far to dangerous to bring her along.
  1730. >There isn't even time to contact the ponys, so my biggest concern is if they will be able to house the refugees.
  1733. >Sliding through the trees, you approach the edge of the forest near the plains of Appleoosa.
  1734. >Chrysalis waves at you, before transforming into unicorn female with a forest green coat and a sea blue mane.
  1735. "Neat trick. So I guess they dont know the real you, huh?"
  1736. >She shrugs "I'm not interested in them like that, but they are still my friends."
  1737. >Steppng forward, you find the edge of the barrier.
  1738. "I will wait here for you to bring them. I will give you a guide after, an hold off the minotaurs."
  1739. >She nods and runs off, leaving you to return to your temporary camp where Eris, Sari, Rio and Ryan wait.
  1740. >Sari rushes over, tackling you to the ground.
  1741. >Eris and the pups rush over piling on with sari, leaving you under the pile of love.
  1742. >After some petting and hugs, they get off you and you pack up camp, and just in time.
  1745. >"This way everyp0ny!" Chryssy calls, following Sari.
  1746. >In the corner of her eye, she sees you moving through the trees, before you vanish from sight again.
  1747. >Reaching the edge of the forest, you can see the groups of Minotaurs in the distance.
  1748. >Drawing an arrow, you attach a pre-prepared message to it before firing it towards them.
  1749. >The arrow hums out of sight and you see one group detach and make their way to where it landed.
  1750. >Slipping back into the trees, you skirt around the edges of the group, helping steer them away from danger.
  1751. >Drifting down from the sky, the snow picks up, urging the group forward.
  1752. >The sun drops in the sky as the refugees reach the hot spring.
  1753. >Sari, the pups and Eris come over, along with Chryssy.
  1754. "Everyone make it all right?" You ask as you pick up Eris of Sari's back.
  1755. >"Yeah, thank you. Everyp0ny is relaxing now, and the knowledge you are protecting them, none are concerned about the minotaurs anymore.
  1756. >Resting a hand on her head, you smile.
  1757. "You've changed a fair bit. I'm glad to see you being more truthful and caring."
  1758. >A blush forms on her green face, and she says "Its not the only thing that has changed."
  1759. >She leans towards you, and Sari growls, so she backs off.
  1760. >"Don't worry, I don't plan on edging in on your man Sari, I just want to thank him for being so nice."
  1763. >"Princess! The minotaurs that were going to attack Appleoosa have redirected towards the Everfree forest"
  1764. >"Send a troop to evacuate the town and keep an eye on the minotaurs movements."
  1765. >Dismissing the guard, Celestia summons a scroll to send to Shining Armor.
  1766. >Alerting him to the possibility of an invasion from the woods, she sends the letter and turns back to the journal copy.
  1767. >"If only I could get him to attack the minotaurs, it would solve all my problems."
  1768. >Luna comes rushing into the room, a worriedlook on her face
  1769. >"Sister, my guards informed me Appleoosa is empty. All the ponies are gone!"
  1770. >Celestia's calm demeanor instantly changes to one of concern, and she gets up.
  1771. >"Luna, we must go check. If they are indeed captured, we must rescue them."
  1775. >Anon Personal Journal-Day 208: First Wave
  1777. >The first wave of Minotaurs came into the forest today.
  1778. >They immediately encountered problems, in the form of wooden spikes buried in the snow that seriously injured many of them.
  1779. >Those who made it past fell prey to my arrows, and after that they retreated.
  1780. >Seven dead, fourteen wounded and only four unscathed, it was enough to give them pause.
  1781. >For the rest of the day, they dared not enter, so instead they tended their wounded and recovered their dead.
  1782. >I managed to recover three arrows, leaving me with a total of 22 available now.
  1783. >On top of that, there is my knife and maybe a quarter cup of dried flowers.
  1784. >If they decide to attack in full force, I will be in trouble unless I can get help.
  1785. >Maybe Chrysalis and her changelings will be willing, or some of the townsponies.
  1786. >Time is against the minotaurs though, as the weather has been slowly degrading, meaning if we can hold them off a few more days, the weather will stop them.
  1790. >Anon Personal Journal-Day 209: Storm Incoming
  1792. >The weather has degraded quickly.
  1793. >Instead of seeking to fight the minotaurs, I have started making my way back to camp.
  1794. >By this time, the Appleoosa ponys should be in town, so there is no rush for me.
  1795. >That is, unless the minotaurs find
  1799. >Rustling bushes snaps your attention away from your journal, and you quickly stow it in your jacket.
  1800. >Knife out, you grab a handful of powdered Sapphire Bane and approach the bushes.
  1801. >A startled rabbit scurries from it, causing you to let down your guard.
  1802. >A stomp from behind you gives you barely enough time to duck as a club swings overhead.
  1803. >Spinning around, you release the handful of dust in a sparkling blue cloud.
  1804. >While it claws at the toxic dust in its eyes, you bury your knife in its throat, leaving it to fall with a strangled cry.
  1805. >Almost immediately, it is responded by dozens of others in the surroundung trees and you grab your gear.
  1806. >Scrambling into the trees, the sound of hooved feet running your way.
  1807. >Hurtling over a trapped area, you slide into the trees on the other side.
  1808. >Right behind you are a half-dozen minotaurs, who stop, cautious after your prior traps.
  1809. >Fanning out around the hidden spikes, they slowly edge forward, leaving you enough time to draw an arrow and wound one of them before having to run again.
  1810. >Using your mental map as best you can, you head towards the one place you would be able to stop an army.
  1813. "God I hope its here." You mutter to yourself, slipping into the cave.
  1814. >Behind you, the clamour of the minotaurs is easily heard, and you focus further on hiding in the shadows as you work deeper into the cave.
  1815. >They pause at the entrance, their large forms silouhetted against the sunlight.
  1816. >When they hesitate to enter, you fire an arrow back at them, and despite the fact it missed, it angers them enough to make them enter.
  1817. >Bolting deeper you slide into a crevice in the wall.
  1818. >The minotaurs pass by, not spotting your hiding place, and travel deeper into the cave.
  1819. >Moments later, you hear an earthshaking roar, and screams of terror.
  1820. >After several minutes, only two minotaurs leave past you, and the giant bears angry growls stop, and you dare to slip out.
  1821. >Outside the caves, there are no minotaurs visible, and you climb the nearest tree.
  1822. >From your elevated position, you can see the two survivors fleeing to the main group.
  1823. >Using the same tactic you used against the changelings, you fill and inflate a balloon with Sapphire Bane.
  1824. >Attaching it to an arrow, you send it flying into the camp, and it catches on a minotaurs horn, bursting instantly.
  1825. >The remained of your dust in the balloon spreads everywhere, and panic sets in immediately.
  1828. >Anon Personal Journal-Day 211: Winter Sets In
  1830. >The storm has set in in full strength, and with it has come some problems.
  1831. >First, I havn't gathered enough firewood, nor have I gotten a proper roof on the outhouse.
  1832. >Second, and much more troubling is the Appleoosans weren't able to get to town in time, and the paths are snowed over.
  1833. >Because of that, I have let them set up camp at my house, and a number of them actually share my house.
  1834. >If the storm lasts much longer than a few days, the entire group may be in trouble, because we lack the food stores to feed that many.
  1835. >It seems the storm wasn't enough to stop the Minotaurs, meaning I dont have time to relax either.
  1836. >Thankfully this storm isn't that bad compared to some of the ones back home, so I can stay without proper shelter for days and still be fine.
  1837. >What is unfortunate is there are no pine trees here, since those make for the best cover in storms.
  1838. >Food comes to me in the form of dried meat and some still fresh fruit.
  1839. >Four days, thats how much time I have.
  1842. >Anon Personal Journal-Day 212: Storm Day 1
  1844. >One day down, three to go before I have to get home.
  1845. >Today I found the minotaur encampment, oddly enough very close to where the Changelings camped when they were invading.
  1846. >Unlike the Changelings, they fortified their camp and are settled in for a long siege.
  1847. >Getting them to leave wont be anywhere near as easy.
  1848. >Visibility is about 250 feet, meaning I have to be dangertously close to see anything.
  1849. >The other side of this is they have to realy focus to see me because my winter clothes blend in.
  1850. >Gusting winds keep me from just sniping them out, one by one, leaving me with no ways to directly confront them.
  1851. >Maybe I can bait them into some traps...
  1855. >Anon Personal Journal-Day 213: Storm Day 2 Part 1
  1857. >My Snowman army has been built.
  1858. >All throughout the forest, I have clusters of snowmen, shaped to look enough like me to fool the unwary.
  1859. >Wherever I have them, I also have traps by the dozen, ranging from hidden spikes to pockets of Sapphire Bane dust inside the snowmen, in case they decide to smash them.
  1860. >Finding a way to bait them out safely is next, and with very few tools at my disposal, its proving to be difficult.
  1864. >Anon Personal Journal-Day 213: Storm Day 2 Part 2
  1866. >Of course! The simplest way to bait them out is to give them something to chase.
  1867. >When I was observing their camp, one of them spotted me, and a whole platoon came after me.
  1868. >At the time, I was unprepared for them to chase me, and I only managed to lead them to an area where I could lose them in the trees.
  1869. >It occured to me afterwards that I can have them chase me, or someone who looks like me to the traps.
  1870. >Problem is, I'm the only human here, but if I can capture one of them i may be able to use some of the little Sapphire Bane I retain to cause it to go crazy and draw the others to them.
  1871. >To think I would resort to poisoning to stop them, but then, war is never easy, and at least I am only looking to poison one or two at most, rather than mass chemical warfare.
  1872. >To whatever being watches over this world, be it King Eternity and Queen Galaxia or whomever else, I pray you forgive me for what I must do.
  1875. >Anon Personal Journal-Day 214 Storm Day 3
  1877. >Twelve more minotaurs have been incapacitated, and four killed in a sucessful trap ambush.
  1878. >The minotaurs chased me into a clearing where several fake snow-me's were, and when they started rampaging, several got injured by spikes.
  1879. >Aggravated beyond reason, they started smashing the snowmen, releasing contaminated snow, and spreading it to many of their allies.
  1880. >It was at this point that I started picking them off when I could, and ended up using a total 11 arrows, nine of which hit their targets.
  1881. >Before they could realy start searching for me, I left and retreated to the nearest safe spot, which is where I am now.
  1882. >I'm down to half a days worth of food left, and no drinkable water.
  1883. >Snow is safe to drink, but only in small quantities, and is safest if boiled.
  1884. >Which brings me back to the problem of no firewood.
  1885. >Its times like this I wish I was back home...
  1889. >Thundering behind you, todays group of baited minotaurs are far less foolish than the previous ones.
  1890. >To the side, you can see two other groups trying to box you in, so you pick up speed again.
  1891. >They easily keep pace with you, and you start finding yourself herded towards a known chasm.
  1892. >Skidding to a halt, you manage to avoid falling off, but the Minotaurs close in around you.
  1893. "There's no way for me to convince you all to leave, is there?"
  1894. >When they approach, you shake your head before drawing your knife in your main hand and an arrow in your off hand.
  1895. >Two come rushing in, clubs held high and you step back from the first blow and duck the second.
  1896. >Ramming your shoulder into one, you stab at the other with the arrow, which is broken on impact with the minotaurs armor.
  1897. >A third catches you with a blow to the side, but not before you get one of them with your knife
  1898. >After that, you can barely block their strikes, and soon, you are pressed up to the edge of the chasm.
  1899. >As you are about to be forced off, a weight appears on your head.
  1900. >"Daddy!" Eris giggles, before seeing everything around you. "Daddy?"
  1901. "Go home Eris, its not safe here."
  1902. >She clings on tighter, and you ready yourself to fight to the last breath.
  1903. >As the minotaurs press in a final time, the ground below you crumbles, sending you tumbling into the depths.
  1907. >Wind rushing past, you watch the walls blur as they fly by.
  1908. >Blood pounding in your ears, you grab hold of Eris and cradle her against your chest, perhaps simply wishing to protect her when you hit the ground.
  1909. >Instead of hitting the ground, you feel yourself coming to a slow stop, before dropping the last fifteen feet.
  1910. >A mighty crack resonates in the chasm as your bow breaks, sending splinters of wood skittering into the darkness.
  1911. >Groaning in pain, you roll onto your side and slowly push yourself up.
  1912. >Peeking out of your grip, Eris looks around and up a you.
  1913. >Her tiny arms wrap around one of yours, and you hold her close.
  1914. "Everything is going to be okay. Don't worry" You whisper, kissing her head.
  1915. >"Daddy good?" She asks, curious.
  1916. "Yes, I'm fine." You assure her "Lets see if we can find a way out, okay."
  1917. >Standing, you finaly realize how dark it is.
  1918. >With the faint light filtering from above, you can barely make out your hand in front of your face.
  1919. >Grabbing the fragments of your bow you can find, you dig in your pouch for your flint and steel.
  1922. >Noses buried in books, Twilight and Shining Armor don't immediately notice the guard who enters the library, panting for breath.
  1923. >"Commander... Important news... About the shield" He gasps, steadying his breahing.
  1924. >"Its gone. We were performing our semi daily check, and it wasn't there!."
  1925. >"WHAT!" The two siblings chorus.
  1926. >"This changes everything. We'll need to get the Elements, and prep the guards. We might not have a big window here." Twilight starts, her magic causing books and supplies to start flying around and into bags.
  1927. >Shining pats the guard on the shoulder "You've done well. Take a break, you earned it."
  1928. >The guard salutes, and steps out.
  1929. >"Twily, the weather out there is pretty severe, so make sure you bundle up." Shining says, getting his winter gear on.
  1930. >"Yes big brother" She replies sarcastically, getting her own stuff on.
  1931. >Heading out into the snow, they encounter Pinkie, hopping down the street, a sled and the Cake twins in tow.
  1932. >"Hi Twilight, where are you going? We're going to the snowhill to go sledding."
  1933. >Twilight waves to the twins, and says "We are just going out to try something, We'll let you know later if it works. Have fun."
  1934. >Going on, the siblings come across Rainbow Dash, moving clouds.
  1935. >"Dash, can you help us? We're going to need somep0ny fast if what happened actualy did."
  1936. >She salutes and says "Give me ten seconds to get my work done, and I'm you're mare"
  1937. >Dashing off, she starts moving the clouds at full speed.
  1941. >All geared up, the Mane 6 and the guards start into the snowy woods, Rainbow flying overhead to make a path through the storm.
  1942. >Plowing aside the snow, Twilight and Shining make their way to where Anonymous's house is.
  1943. >From a distance, they notice several columns of smoke drifting up in the area, and they pick up their pace.
  1944. >In no time, th house comes into view, and all around it, a bunch of tents.
  1945. >All the Ponys of Appleoosa come swarming out as Shining calls out.
  1946. >Applejack rushes to her family, and others question about whats going on.
  1947. >"Is the path clear?" A Green mare asks, and several others share her sentiment.
  1948. >"We'll need some help, but we can clear a larger path to Ponyville" Twilight says.
  1949. >The mare and several others volunteer immediately, and orders go out to pack up everything.
  1950. >Stepping aside, Twilight and Shining Armor converse in private.
  1951. >"Twily, I want you to stay here and figure out everything you can about Anonymous. I'll leave a guard with you, and I myself will be back to check tomorrow."
  1952. >She nods, and heads inside, while Shining starts arranging the unicorns for plow duty.
  1956. >Small flames flicker off the walls of the chasm's bottom, only reinforcing your mental picture of its depth.
  1957. >Adding in the final fragment of your bow to the fire, you stand and pick up the sleeping form of Eris.
  1958. >For a time now, you have felt something watching you, only held off by the flames, and as they burn down, the feeling grows stronger.
  1959. >Dashing in a direction, the sound of your footsteps echo throughout the chasm, making it sound as if there was an army in here.
  1960. >Whatever is following you, it lunges, claws scraping against the chasm walls as it misses.
  1961. >Rolling aside, you press yourself against the wall, and search for a crack, something to hide in.
  1962. >After a moment of frantic searching and another lunge from the creature, you find one and squeeze in.
  1963. >Inside, the crack widens slightly, giving you enough room to move a bit, even sit.
  1964. >Putting the bundle that is Eris beside you, you take out your knife and ready yourself for the beast.
  1965. >You can hear it, shuffling and clicking in the chasm in front of you, but it doesn't seen to be able to find you.
  1966. >After several heart pounding moments, you hear it leave, and let out a sigh.
  1967. >Eris squirms in her blankets beside you, and you pick her up, cradling her to your chest, dispelling whatever may have plagued her.
  1971. >Anon Personal Journal-Day 217: Day Three in the Chasm
  1973. >Writing as fast as I can
  1974. >Only fifteen minutes of light here.
  1975. >Midday lets light down, but other than that, its nearly pitch black.
  1976. >Few plants, even less edible things.
  1977. >Creature must have huge claws, based on gashes in the wall.
  1978. >Two inches thick at least.
  1979. >Need to find water soon, not enough snow for drinking
  1980. >Listening for sounds of it, since water is often in chasms.
  1983. >Creeping through the near pitch black darkness, Eris on your back, you dart from crevice to crevice.
  1984. >Whatever that thing was, it hunts throughout this entire ravine.
  1985. >And you'd rather not get on its bad side.
  1986. >Or any side of it for that matter.
  1987. >Your stomach growls, and you press a hand to it to keep it silent.
  1988. >Food being scarce, much of it has gone to Eris.
  1989. >A faint tinkling sound reaches your ears, and you freeze, straining to find the source.
  1990. >Only one thing makes that sound, Water.
  1991. >Moving further through the darkness, you pause every five steps to listen for the sound again.
  1992. >Slowly, you can hear it clearer, and you stop.
  1993. >In addition to the sound of the water, you can hear other sounds.
  1994. >Grunts, growls and other wild beast sounds.
  1995. >Giving a guess at time, you have an hour and a half before the sun comes out, so you find a hiding spot and wait.
  1999. >As the first rays of light enter the crevice, you slip from concealment, only to shoot back in when you hear the pained cry of a wounded beast.
  2000. >Edging around the corner, you see what looks like a mix between a bug and a lizard being consumed by a giant mantis.
  2001. >Unline normal mantises though, this one was pure white, and had no eyes.
  2002. >Its massive claws looked strong enough to cut steel, and were obviously sharp enough to slice through bone.
  2003. >As its mandibles rip chunks of flesh from the carcass, your stomach growls again, and the beasts head raises.
  2004. >Moving back into the crevice as fast as you can, you hold your stomach and quiet your breath as much as you can.
  2005. >Eris must have realised what happened as well, because she tried to emulate you.
  2006. >You watch as the massive beast stalks past the entrance, barely three feet from you.
  2007. >After a moment, it returns to its meal.
  2008. >When it finishes eating, it lets of a eerie, screetching cry that resonates throughout the entire chasm.
  2009. >By this time, the light starts fading and the beast starts moving away.
  2012. >Not one to risk anything, you wait a full half hour before sliding out of cover.
  2013. >Your eyes have already adjusted to the low light level, and you can make out the lump that was the mantis's meal.
  2014. >Moving carefully around it, you kneel next to the stream.
  2015. >The cold water is a boon after so many days.
  2016. >Lowering Eris from your back, you let her drink as well while you examine the remains.
  2017. >As suspected, all of the choice meat is gone, as well as most of the internal organs.
  2018. >Ripping off some of the remaining meat from a back leg, you pick up Eris and start moving.
  2019. >When you feel it is safe to take a break, You take the meat and some of the spare clothes you have with you.
  2020. >Starting a fire, you do the best you can to cook the meat, before sharing it with Eris.
  2021. >Its bland and tastes aweful, but its better than nothing.
  2022. >Eris on the other hand has no problems expressing her distaste for it.
  2023. >She does eat it though, so you can't complain.
  2027. >"Twilight, have you found anything?" Shining asks as he enters Anonymous's house.
  2028. >Stepping out of his bedroom, she says "A few things but nothing of much importance."
  2029. >"Anything can be important Twily, so lets share what we learned, you from here, and me from some of the Appleoosans."
  2030. >Sitting down at his table, Twilight brings over a teapot and glasses.
  2031. >"One of the things I learned before searching here was that he has a wonderful type of tea. It may seem irrelevant, but if we can recreate it, it could be a good source of bits."
  2032. >Pouring some tea in each glass, She takes a sip and gives a sigh.
  2033. >"He's definetaly omnivorous, given the food supplies he has stored." Twilight says before taking another sip.
  2034. >"Dried meats and vegtables, canned foods, all indicative of an advanced omnivorous being."
  2035. >Shining nods his head "Thats similar to what I learned. A couple Appleoosans were extremely helpful when it came to information."
  2036. >"One of them, the green mare who helped clean the paths, was even in his care for a time."
  2037. >Twilight sits up at this, and pulls out her copy of Anonymous's journal.
  2038. >"Did she mention a time or some event that happened while she was in his care? I don't remember seeing anything about a pony in here, so it might have been unrecorded for a reason."
  2039. >Shining thinks for a moment, before saying "No, she never did mention a time. She did say she was with him for just about two weeks though."
  2040. >"Two weeks..." She muses, flipping through the book. "Theres a couple places she might have fit in, but I would like to talk to her myself, if possible."
  2041. >"Sure, but later. First, lets enjoy this tea." He says, and she agrees.
  2045. >Anon Personal Journal-Day 218: Day Four in the Chasm
  2047. >This chasm seems to have its own climate
  2048. >Its not particularly cold or warm.
  2049. >Maybe just above freezing temperature.
  2050. >Mushrooms are common, and figuring out which ones are safe is easy.
  2051. >Snow rarely makes it down here, prefering to melt on the sides and trickle down the walls.
  2052. >No signs of any other creatures yet, only the ocasional sound echoing down the way.
  2053. >Time to spend what little sun I have.
  2057. >The warm sun on your back does wonders for your morale, and you and Eris start exploring the are near the river.
  2058. >"Fishie!" Eris calls out excitedly, pointing at the water.
  2059. >Looking down, there is indeed a pale white fish in the water.
  2060. "Thats right Eris, that is a fish."
  2061. >Kneeling down to the water, you see the fish is eyeless, just like the mantis.
  2062. >Taking out your last intact arrow, you line up with the fish, and plunge it in.
  2063. >It pierces right through its spine, killing it instantly.
  2064. >Eris starts crying, and you pat her head.
  2065. "I know its not nice, but we need food. I don't want to do it, but if we wan't to get home, we need to eat."
  2066. >She nods, and covers her eyes as you pull out the fish and gut it.
  2067. >With no way to make a fire, you pull off bits of the raw meat, and eat it, grimacing at its taste.
  2068. >Eris eats the small pieces you pass her, with much disgust, as well as some mushroom, which she enjoys far more.
  2069. >Finding fish in the river is a good sign though.
  2070. >It means it is attached to a larger body of water, perhaps even an underground lake.
  2071. >The sky darkens, and you brush the rest of the fish into the water and pick up Eris, who has grown larger over the past few days.
  2072. >Making for your pseudo camp, you look down one direction, and spot something catching the light in the distance.
  2076. >Sitting down across from the green mare, Twilight Sparkle offers her a glass of tea.
  2077. >"Thanks for taking the time to meet me, miss...?"
  2078. >"Oh, you can call me Chryssy. Its nice to meet you as well miss Sparkle."
  2079. >Setting her hooves under her chin, Twilight asks "So, could you tell me how you met the being known as Anonymous?"
  2080. >"Ummm, Sure. I've always been a bit of a wanderer, and I love going out into the woods, watching birds and wildlife, you know."
  2081. >"Well, one day, maybe two and a half, maybe three months ago, I was out in the woods near my temporary home, and I got lost."
  2082. >"Soon, it started to get dark, and I started calling for help."
  2083. >Twilight nods "And Anonymous found you, correct?"
  2084. >Chryssy shakes her head "No, actually, what did find me was a small group of rather agressive Timberwolves."
  2085. >Mouth forming a small o, Twilight asks "What happened next?"
  2086. >"Well, I did what any normal pony would do. I ran."
  2087. >"Turns out Anonymous's teritory wasn't far off from where I was, because after a little while running, another, larger group came into view."
  2088. >"This group scared off the smaller one chasing me, and forced me to follow them."
  2089. >"After a time, they ended up taking me to Anonymous, who, after some questions, let me stay with him a while."
  2090. >"So, after a while, he took you to Appleoosa?" Twilight asks.
  2091. >"Thats right. Is there anything else you wanted to know?"
  2092. >"No, thats all for now, thanks for your time."
  2093. >Stepping out of the Library, a number of Ponyville inhabitants come up to her.
  2094. >"Is it true you stayed with Anonymous?" They ask, and Chryssy nods, starting a barrage of questions.
  2098. >Anon Personal Journal-Day 219: Day Five in the Chasm
  2100. >Fish were found in the stream yesterday, meaning that it may be attached to a larger lake somewhere.
  2101. >Eris doesn't like it, but we have to kill to survive.
  2102. >She has continued developing, and since there is little we can do down here, we often spent time learning.
  2103. >Nothing new has
  2107. >A deep throated growl makes you close your journal.
  2108. >Just outside the crevice, you can see another of those large bug lizard things.
  2109. >Stomping towards the stream, its massive, grey plated body moves almost like a caterpillar with its six legs.
  2110. >It leans down to drink before raising its reptillian head and letting out a deep bellow that echos loudly.
  2111. >After a few more drinks, it moves on and you slip out into the open.
  2112. >With only a few moments more of sunlight, you run towards where you saw something reflecting.
  2113. >The last rays of light vanish as you reach the area, and start searching.
  2114. >Running your hands along the wall and ground, you slowly feel around for the object, but find nothing.
  2115. >After a few minutes of searching, you turn and head back to your little crack in the wall.
  2116. >Eris peeks around the corner as you approach before slipping back inside.
  2117. >When you squeeze into your temporary home, you can make out Eris holding something behind her back.
  2118. >"Here Daddy." She says, before handing you a small mushroom, barely a mouthful for you.
  2119. >Still, you take it gratefully and give her a hug.
  2120. "Thank you Eris, thats very kind of you."
  2121. >She giggles happily, before hugging back.
  2125. "If I'm right, the sun should be coming into view soon." You say to yourself, edging along the wall quietly.
  2126. >Up the wall, you can see the light making its way down, gradualy increasing the ambient light on your level.
  2127. >Looking down, your breath catches in your throat.
  2128. >Barely a foot in front of you, the mantis beast's face stares back eyelessly.
  2129. >Its mandibles click hungrily, and its foul breath washes over you.
  2130. >Bitung back a scream, you press tighter to the wall, and the sun settles in the chasm.
  2131. >A growl comes from below you, more specifically your stomach.
  2132. >The creature lets off its screetching cry and it lunges right towards you.
  2133. >Already running, you catch sight of the gleam again, and reach for it as you pass.
  2134. >Your fingers wrap around the cold metal, and you sprint, death only feet behind you.
  2135. >The wind whistles overhead as you duck, the mantis's claws parting the air where your head used to be.
  2136. >A rock causes you to stumble and fall, so you turn to face the beast.
  2137. >Rasising the metal object in your hands, you realize what it is.
  2139. ~
  2141. >With a prayer to Galaxia and Eternity, you pull the trigger on the black powder rifle in your hands.
  2142. >It goes off with a loud crack and a cloud of smoke, before the creature lets out a horrendous screech.
  2143. >Through the smoke, you can see the beast reel back before retreating, a trail of green blood and ichor leaking from its body.
  2144. >Clutching the rifle close to your chest, you rise and start running back to where Eris is.
  2145. >On the way, you stop and rummage through the dust and rubble where you found the gun, and find a black powder horn, a few caps and a pair of metal balls.
  2146. >Any cotton pads or stuffing has long since rotted away, just like the stock of the gun.
  2147. >Taking your treasures to camp, you find Eris out swimming in the river.
  2148. >When she see's you returning, She calls out "Daddy! I'm swimming!"
  2149. "That you are little miss. Now, its going to get dark soon, so we should grab stuff for lunch."
  2150. >Setting the gun and things in the crack, you join Eris in gathering mushrooms and plants for food, before the last of the ambient sunlight vanishes.
  2154. >"Are you sure of this Twily, these are some serious accusations to go waving around."
  2155. >Twilight rolls her eyes "Yes big brother, I know that, but I don't plan on doing anything with it yet, since she doesn't seem to be causing any harm to anyp0ny."
  2156. >"Alright, but I still have to report this to Celestia and Luna you realize."
  2157. >Giving a sigh, she says "Yes, just let them know that I would like for them not to act on this information at this time. She may be a valuable asset in learning more about him."
  2158. >Shining gives her a sceptical look, before nodding and leaving.
  2159. >Looking through the journal entrys for the fifth time today, Twilight compares it to the info she got from Chryssy.
  2160. >"Theres no other thing it could mean, she has to be the changeling queen that Anonymous took captive."
  2161. >"But why is she still alive, and not only that, so peaceful?"
  2162. >Rising, Twilight gathers some things and heads out to see Chryssy, if only to help confirm her suspicions.
  2166. >Anon Personal Journal-Day 220: Day Six in the Chasm
  2168. >I found a fully funcional black powder rifle yesterday.
  2169. >I'd need to sacrifice some cloth to get it to work, and the gunpowder needs to be dried, but it should work fine after that.
  2170. >The major problem with it is there is no stock and only two balls.
  2171. >Eris has been told not to touch it, or any of the other parts of it for safety reasons.
  2172. >Because of it, I wounded the mantis creature, and honestly, I am still alive because of it.
  2173. >Food is still scarce, but water now plentiful thanks to the stream.
  2174. >Fish are rare and without light, nearly impossible to see.
  2175. >There's some other creature or creatures down here, besides the bug-lizard and mantis, but I havn't seen them yet, only heard them.
  2179. >As the last of the sunlight fades, you slide out of cover and start making your along the chasm wall.
  2180. >Feeling for grips, you find an area where you may be able to climb.
  2181. >Piling some rocks at its base, you do your best to mark it.
  2182. >When the sun next comes, you plan on examining the wall
  2183. >Wiping your brow, you hear something faint, almost like crying.
  2184. >At first, you think its Eris, until you realize its coming from the wrong direction.
  2185. >As silently as possible, you walk back to the crack that is your current home.
  2186. >Eris, as usual is waiting for you, smile on her face.
  2187. >"Welcome home Daddy" She says, and you pick her up.
  2188. "Its good to be back." You reply, and hold her close.
  2189. >If you had to guess, she is at the level of a two to three year old.
  2190. >Running your hand through her white hair, you smile.
  2191. "I promise Eris, I'm going to get us out of here."
  2192. >She smiles and replies "I know Daddy."
  2196. >Startled out of sleep, you feel something crawling over your arm.
  2197. >Immediately swatting at it, you hear a screetch, followed by skittering.
  2198. >Trying to rise, you find your lower body encased in a sticky web, and you start clawing away at it.
  2199. >Eris, who was sleeping next to you is giving off muffled crys as she strugles in the web.
  2200. >Clearing the web from your legs, ignoring the burning sensation it leaves on your skin, you start ripping it off Eris is droves.
  2201. >Whatever spider thing it was hisses again and retreats, and you comfort the crying Eris.
  2202. >Taking her out, you both bathe in the river, trying to soothe the burning feeling.
  2203. >After a few minutes of nothing, you decide to try something else, more specifically, you start licking Eris clean.
  2204. >She squirms under your tongue, but no longer seems to be aflicted by whatever irritant the web left.
  2205. >Your tongue on the other hand feels like its on fire, and you gulp some water to try and calm it.
  2206. >Taking Eris back to the crack, you gather your things and start moving.
  2207. >From now on, you plan on sleeping with one eye open.
  2211. >"Hey Chryssy, how's life in Ponyville treating you?" Twilight asks, waving to the teal maned mare.
  2212. >Stopping, Chryssy turns and waves back. "Its different, but not in a bad way. Well, except for..."
  2213. >Tilting her head Twilight trots over. "Whats up? If theres anything I can do to help, I'll give it my best shot."
  2214. >Leaning in, She says "Theres a couple ponys who have been a little invasive after they heard I stayed with Anonymous."
  2215. >"Is he some kind of big deal or something?"
  2216. >"Ah, there's a story behind that. How about we stop for lunch and I can tell you?"
  2217. >Chryssy nods, and the two of them head too the local cafe.
  2218. >"So, why is having met Anonymous such a big thing?"
  2219. >Twilight scratches her chin, and starts "It was about six months ago, a couple fillies got lost in the woods."
  2220. >"As you may have already guessed, Anon ended up saving them, but thats only the start."
  2221. >"Shortly after, some of us left gifts as thanks, and he replied with fruits and such."
  2222. >"This continued a while, until one day he sent a rather disturbing message."
  2223. >"While not detailed, from what we could gather, he had encountered changelings in his woods."
  2224. >Watching for any reaction, Twilight notes the slightly strained look of shock on Chryssy's face.
  2225. >"He was inquiring as to how he should deal with them."
  2226. >"And what did you say?" Chryssy asks, a barely discernable vein twitching on her forehead.
  2227. >"What any normal pony would say, We told him they were dangerous, and he understood."
  2228. >"Of course, this shouldn't be a problem for you, right, Chryssy?"
  2229. >With a rather strained voice, she replies "No, not at all. Excuse me, but I am late for something."
  2233. >Eyeing the wall, you find it climbable for the first fourty feet maybe, but after that, there is no way up.
  2234. >With a sigh, you reach back and pet Eris, before Setting everything on your back again.
  2235. >Traveling down the chasm, you find little else in the sunlight except for the occasional bit of food, and the faint trail of green blood.
  2236. >Setting up camp in a small offshooting chasm, you start feeling over the gun.
  2237. >The angle of the chasm gives you an extra minute of faint light, and you run your fingers over the slightly rusted firing system and trigger.
  2238. "Its a wonder this thing fired in the first place." You say to yourself, before an all too familiar screech silences you.
  2239. >Picking up a rock, you throw it so it clatters along the wall in the main branch of the chasm.
  2240. >Like a deadly wind, the beast rushes after the sound, and a crunching sound is heard as its claws rend the wall.
  2241. >Eris lets out a faint whimper, and you press her close.
  2242. >After a few minutes, it leaves, and you and Eris can relax a bit.
  2243. >Another horrible screech echoes down the chasm, along with the sound of another creatures body being rent in two.
  2244. "Just glad that isn't me out there." You say with a shudder.
  2246. ~
  2248. >Fiddling with your last arrow, you get an idea.
  2249. >Detaching the gem head, you stow it in a pocket and make your way out of the ofshoot.
  2250. >The first of the ambient light starts filtering down, and you search the wall opposite the offshoot for a way to climb up.
  2251. >Finding a spot where you'll be able to make it up at least a good thirty feet, you start climbing.
  2252. >Five feet off the ground, you realize how much work it will take to get to the top.
  2253. >By fifteen feet, your arms are already tired.
  2254. >After a good five minutes, you finally reach about thirty feet up, though you could maybe climb a further ten.
  2255. >Taking the gem from your pocket, you hold it over your eye as a low power magnifying glass, and peer out down the chasm.
  2256. >From the direction you came, you can see the stream, as well as a fresh corpse, this time of an unknown type.
  2257. >In the other direction, you can see a few plants, as well as an area where the gap seemes to open up further.
  2258. >Eris's scream makes you look down, and you see what looks like a spider mixed with a wolf, pressing in on her.
  2259. >Shoving the gem in your mouth, you begin a hasty desent, and drop the last five feet to the ground.
  2260. >The wolf spider hears your landing and turns around to look at you.
  2261. >It lets out a chittery sound, before skittering away.
  2262. >Taking out your knife, you make a throw at it, but miss, and pick up Eris before retrieving your knife.
  2263. >She curls under your shirt, crying into your chest.
  2264. "There there, its okay" You say, rubbing her back.
  2265. "I promise I won't leave you alone again."
  2266. >She sniffles a bit, before climbing up and giving you a kiss on the cheek.
  2270. >Eris on your back, you start off back to the stream to get water, and hopefully some meat if it hasn't gone bad yet.
  2271. >Setting Eris on the ground, she ges to the water while you check the corpse.
  2272. >Again, most of the good meat and organs are gone, and some of the remaining parts are starting to show signs of decay, but you manage to scrounge together a small pile of edible bits.
  2273. >Gathering them, you move to the stream, when you suddenly hear a splash.
  2274. >Reaching into the water, you grab hold of Eris, who comes up triumphantly with a fish in her mishmatched claws.
  2275. >The fish, barely bigger than your thumb squirms in her grasp, and you take it from her.
  2276. >She looks at you surprised as you let it go.
  2277. >"But Daddy, I thought we needed food?"
  2278. "We do, but that fish is a young one, just like you. Its better to let them grow up, and besides, there is other food we can eat, even though it doesn't taste as good."
  2279. >"Okay."
  2280. "Good job catching it though. I'm very proud."
  2281. >She puffs up, and you poke her belly, deflating her and making her giggle.
  2282. >Seting her on your back, you make your way back to the offshoot, before something makes you stop.
  2286. >"How could she be so insensitive!" Chrysalis yells out, slamming a hoof against the wall of her temporary home
  2287. >A tear rolls down her face, and she plops on her bed.
  2288. >"Just because I am a queen, it doesn't mean I don't care about my subjects."
  2289. >"How many died because of her, just because she told him we were bad?"
  2290. >Curling up, blanket over her head, she doesn't see the purple unicorn just outside her window.
  2291. >Twilight sneaks away, ears down.
  2292. >"I didn't know..."
  2293. >Rushing back home, she starts working on a way to appologize.
  2294. >Meanwhile, Celestia had just recieved her report from Shining Armor.
  2295. >Perusing the letter, she shows little of the emotions she feels, and she calls for her sister.
  2296. >"Luna, I have good news and bad news."
  2297. >"What has happend elder sister?" Luna asks.
  2298. >Floating over the letter Celestia says "It seems the Appleoosans are safe, but amung them is a Changeling queen. Specifically, the one who was Anonymous's prisoner for a time."
  2299. >Luna gasps and says "What should we do? We can't let her stay in Ponyville, but we can't confront her either."
  2300. >"There lies another problem. Twilight wishes for us to leave it to her."
  2301. >Celestia sighs "I do trust her, but I just fear for her safety."
  2302. >"Then you should trust her. We understand your desire to protect her, but as the saying goes, you must let fledgelings fly."
  2306. >Before you stands something that you can only describe as some twisted mixture of a plant and an insect.
  2307. >Its low bulbous body supports a long, stalk like neck leading to a head like a venus fly trap, but with teeth like razers, rather than the normal plant like ones.
  2308. >Jaws open, it lunges towards you, its six legs moving in a weird syncronysity.
  2309. >You dodge to the side, and its mouth snaps shut beside you, and you reach for your knife.
  2310. >It lunges again, only to be decapitated with a quick swing of your blade.
  2311. >Being the abomination it is, it turns on you again and lunges at you, despite having lost its apparent head.
  2312. >A second set of jaws open on its body, and they snap at your legs.
  2313. >Driving your knife into the thing, it keeps coming, seemingly immune to the injurys you caused it.
  2314. >Again and again you stab it, avoiding its teeth until it finaly gives up the ghost, collapsing on the ground.
  2315. >From down the chasm, a shrill screetching noise, the sound of the mantis beast, comes echoing into your ears.
  2316. >Quickly cutting a chunk from the creatures body, you hurry to the offshoot as light fades and the sound of the monster gets closer.
  2317. >In the relative safety of your temporary home, you start breaking the meat into eatable chunks.
  2318. >The raw flesh, despite being slightly plantish, is still barely palatable, and you and Eris eat it with disgust.
  2319. >In the background, you can hear the mantis noisily eating your kill.
  2323. >Anon Personal Journal-Day 224: Day Ten in the Chasm
  2325. >Real side effects of hunger have started to show.
  2326. >Lethargy keeps me from acting for much of the day, and sleeping longer.
  2327. >Then again, I ccould be sleeping for less than usual, since time is kind of hard to track down here.
  2328. >Well, except for the days.
  2329. >The gunpowder still needs another day or so to dry, but after that, I should be able to use the gun.
  2330. >After yesterdays encounter, I plan on bringing the gun with me as well, it can serve as a club if it comes down to it.
  2331. >The main problem will be ammunition, which I will probably have to improvise.
  2332. >Rounded stones or pebbles bound up to make bird shot will be my best option, but if I can find plant needles or maybe spikes, I could improvise some dart rounds.
  2333. >All this about the gun, and I have yet to find a way out.
  2337. >Sun peeking down from the heights, you pack up camp and start towards where you saw the chasm widen.
  2338. >Eris perched behind your shoulders, she looks around as you walk.
  2339. >Rounding a bend, you find the chasm does more than just widen.
  2340. >Almost as if a dome was cut out of the stone, the area looks like the inside of a biosphere.
  2341. >Plants grow in the more well lit area, the light enhanced by gems in the walls.
  2342. >There are even several trees which bear what look like edible fruits.
  2343. >But with the good, comes the bad.
  2344. >Several large, and rather agressive looking beasts guard portions of this paradise, each patroling its teritory vigilantly.
  2345. >With the sun fading, you leave and return to your previous camp, to ponder in hunger as to how to get some food, and possibly a light crystal or two.
  2346. >So deep in thought, you don't notice Eris's weight vanish, before re-appearing.
  2347. >"Daddy, do you want one?" She asks, dangling a bright blue fruit in front of you.
  2348. "Eris, where'd you get this from?" You ask, surprised.
  2349. >She giggles, before vanishing, and re-appearing, floating in front of you.
  2350. >"Don't you remember daddy? I can move to places, and fly too."
  2351. >Rubbing her head, you accept the fruit.
  2352. "Thank you Eris, you are such a good girl."
  2353. >With one less problem, you head back to camp with a bit of a spring in your step.
  2357. >Picking up an envelpe adressed for her, Chryssy opens it cautiously.
  2358. >*To Chryssy
  2359. >I'm sorry for what I said before, it was insensitive, since I know what you are.
  2360. >Before you panic, I promise not to tell anyp0ny if you promise not to hurt anyp0ny.
  2361. >I can't image what it must feel like, having to lose so many close to you.
  2362. >If possible, I would like to give you a proper appology, and maybe get to know you better.
  2363. >Sincerely, Twilight Sparkle.*
  2364. >The letter quivers in her grip, testament to her conflicted emotions.
  2365. >"How... How could she know..." Chrysalis mutters to herself.
  2366. >Folding the letter up, a sudden calm washes over her.
  2367. >"Worst case, I have to get out, and I may be able to stay with Anonymous again."
  2368. >"Best case, nothing happens and everything stays as is."
  2369. >After a few moments contemplation, she says "Actually, best case senario might be Anon coming from the jungle to take me away as his mate."
  2370. >A blush rolls across her features, which she quickly shakes away.
  2371. >"I guess I have no choice, I'll have to meet her."
  2373. ~
  2375. >You eye the flickering gems in the walls, trying to find one that may come out easily.
  2376. >A beast growls nearby, warning you away from its teritory, and you silently move away.
  2377. >Eris hops out of the tree she was in and floats over, landing on your shoulders.
  2378. >"Have you found any good ones Daddy?" She whispers.
  2379. "I think so, but You will need my knife to get it."
  2380. >Carefully handing her the knife, she holds it tight in both hands.
  2381. "Now be careful with it, I don't want you hurting yourself."
  2382. "You see that little light up there?" You say, showing her where. "You should be able to get that one out if I'm right."
  2383. >"Okay Daddy."
  2384. >With an almost comical poof, she vanishes in a small puff of smoke.
  2385. >While you wait, you start loading the gun.
  2386. "Lets see now. Black powder first."
  2387. "Then loose cotton."
  2388. "Finaly, the ball surrounded by cloth."
  2389. >Muttering each step to yourself, you get the rifle ready for firing.
  2390. >Holding it up by what little grip there is, you swivel it around, eyeing the small iron nob at the tip.
  2394. >*GRRRRRR!*
  2395. >A loud growl makes you do a 180, and you see a large, rhino like creature pawing the ground.
  2396. >Lowering yourself to one knee, you take aim at it, looking to hit a weak point near its neck or its eye.
  2397. >It begins its charge, a pair of long sharp horns protruding from over its shoulers.
  2398. >Slowly letting out your breath, you steady your aim and fire.
  2399. >The sound of the shot is amplified tenfold by the cavern, leaving it at a deafening volume.
  2400. >The recould nearly knocks the gun from your grip, and you roll to the side to avoid the oncoming beast.
  2401. >Instead of stoping and turning around though, the beast lumbers on, before collapsing and crashing into a tree, shaking it to its roots.
  2402. >Quickly getting to your feet, you ready your gun as a club.
  2403. >Making your way over, you prod the beast, and get no response.
  2404. >Moving in front of it, you find the hole where your bullet entered, blood pouring from the fatal wound.
  2405. >The ball entered just right of its head, and obviously must have pierced its heart.
  2406. >Sitting down, you wait for Eris to return.
  2407. >A small light floats around, like a firefly before vanishing.
  2408. "It looks like you got the gem Eris." You say, reaching behind you to pet her.
  2409. >She drops the knife and wraps her arms around yours.
  2410. >Pulling her over, you wrap yourself around her, and kiss her forehead.
  2411. She holds up the stone, nearly depleted, and you take it from her.
  2412. "Good job Eris, this will help a lot."
  2416. >Hauling your prizes back to camp, Eris floats along side you, her prize in hand.
  2417. >Back in your small ofshoot, you set down the beasts spikes, as well as the meat.
  2418. >Eris starts on some of the fruit she brough, and you start work on one of the horns.
  2419. >Carving its base, you slowly work it to a usable handle before turning for some lunch.
  2420. >Or was that dinner.
  2421. >The raw meat is slightly better than most, but still rather disgusting.
  2422. >Wiping the taste away with the fruit, you and Eris head for some water together.
  2423. >For the first time since being stuck down here, the two of you are full and content.
  2424. >Of course, such things could not last.
  2425. >Back in the dome, everything is silent except for the sound of a single beast prowling the trees.
  2429. >Taking a deep breath, Chryssy knocks at the door to the Library.
  2430. >"Who is it?" Twilight calls out from behind the door.
  2431. >"Its me, Chryssy. You said you wanted to get to know me?"
  2432. >The door opens, and Twilight motions her inside.
  2433. >"Again, I'm sorry about what I said, I didn't realy think about how much it would hurt you."
  2434. >Before sitting down, Twilight offers Chryssy a seat, and closes the windows.
  2435. >"This might be too much to ask right now, but are you really the queen who was captured by Anonymous?"
  2436. >Checking to see that there is nop0ny else, Chrysalis nods, and transforms back to normal.
  2437. >"Its not my greatest moment, but it did teach me some things."
  2438. >"Sometimes, trying to force things can only make things worse, but still."
  2439. >Shaking her head, Chrysalis says "Even with everything I did to him and his pack, he still gave me a second chance."
  2440. >"So thats how you came to stay in Appleoosa." Twilight exclaims.
  2441. >"Yeah, and after a time, a few of those who still follow me ended up joining me there."
  2442. >Twilight opens her mouth, but Chrysalis silences her with a hoof.
  2443. >"Don't worry, they havn't harmed anyp0ny either. We have lived like normal ponys since we joined Appleoosa."
  2444. >Twilight blushes and turns, while saying "There was one other thing I wanted to ask but..."
  2445. >Giggling, Chrysalis says "Thats also something tho others wanted to know, but I didn't tell them."
  2446. >"But since you already seem to know, I guess I can brag a bit."
  2450. >*Dear Princess Celestia
  2451. >Today, an old lesson I learned was reinforced again.
  2452. >You should never judge a pony by their appearance, you should always get to know them.
  2453. >When I first heard about Anonymous dealing with Changelings, I was worried.
  2454. >After meeting Chrysalis, and getting to know her, I found she isn't actually bad.
  2455. >Since she was let go to Appleoosa, she has been trying to live like a normal pony.
  2456. >She says her time with Anonymous changed her, and it may be true.
  2457. >I don't plan on trusting her completely, but she seems okay for now.
  2458. >Your Faithful Student, Twilight Sparkle.*
  2459. >Setting down her students letter, Celestia moves it aside to look at her other reports.
  2460. >"Why must everything be against me now..."
  2461. >The minotaurs that attacked Appleoosa have vanished, a snowstorm has blocked off the pass to Ponyville.
  2462. >On top of that, Twilight may be falling to the wiles of a Changeling queen.
  2463. >Letting out a sigh, Celestia rests her head on the desk.
  2467. >Hefting the spike, you strap it to your back and load the rifle.
  2468. >Outside your crack, the mantis is eating another beast.
  2469. >Far too close for your liking, you decide to end it.
  2470. >Eris is bundled up in a corner, hopefuly safe from any stray aggresion.
  2471. >The sun had vanished, not twenty minutes ago, so the only source of light you have is the glowing gem.
  2472. >With a silent prayer to your benefactors, you throw the gem down the chasm, and the Mantis screetches, before pursuing it.
  2473. >By the faint light, you line up the rifle with its pale form.
  2474. >In this light, it looks like a spectre from the darkest of nightmares.
  2475. >The roar of the Rifle and the cloud of smoke dulls your senses for a moment, until you hear the beasts screeching cutting through the echo.
  2476. >Dropping the rifle, you fumble for the spike on your back.
  2477. >As you bring it to bear, the Mantis's sickle claws come in, biting partway into the spike and sticking.
  2478. >It pulls back, ripping the spike from your grip.
  2479. >Your knife is in your hands, your last line of defence, but the creature is more interested with getting loose from the spike.
  2480. >It flails around dangerously, the spike and its claws smasing against the walls and ground.
  2481. >Several times, the spikes point comes close to the creatures head, and you ready yourself.
  2482. >Charging, you crash into the creatures outstretched arms, and everything blurs together in a rush of adrenaline.
  2486. >It takes a moment for everything to clear, but when it does, you see the razor sharp edge of its claws inches from your face.
  2487. >Pushing back, you roll off the mantis and scramble to your feet.
  2488. >The mantis makes no moves, body impaled on the spike.
  2489. >Stepping forward, you slice its throat, just to be sure.
  2490. >Its heart had apparently not finished beating, since a large spray of sickly green blood comes from its slit throat and covers you.
  2491. "Blech." You spit, before wiping off as much of the blood as possible.
  2492. >"Daddy? Are you okay?" Eris calls out, and you spit again to clear your mouth.
  2493. "I'm fine Eris, Its okay to come out."
  2494. >Moving to the gem, you pick it up, the glow already starting to fade.
  2495. >Eris peers around the corner, before running straight for you and floating up to your chest.
  2496. >Your arms wrap around her, and you spend a few minutes like this.
  2497. >As she moves apart, she scrunches her nose and says "Daddy, you smell."
  2498. "Well little missy, I'll take a bath after I finish up with this mantis monster."
  2499. >She hops down and grins "Okay, but you better not be smelly when its bed time."
  2503. >Anon Personal Journal-Day 231: Day 17 in the Chasm
  2505. >The Mantis was converted to armor and weapons mostly, as there was little meat on it.
  2506. >Its tough shell has been turned into some plates attached to my clothing.
  2507. >Some work is still needed to turn the forelimbs into proper swords, but they are usable with just the bone its attached to.
  2508. >Apparently water is more common down here than I thought, so Eris and I have taken up traveling.
  2509. >We have found what looks like a climbale area, and we plan on scaling it tomorrow.
  2510. >After the decent meals recently, we have plenty of energy to act.
  2511. >So much rests on tomorrow.
  2515. >The sun rises just like any other day, but today something is different.
  2516. >All across Ponyville, there is a general feeling of unease.
  2517. >Almost like a calm before the storm, the air is still, and there is not a cloud in the sky.
  2518. >What nop0ny knows is that today, Everything changes.
  2520. ~
  2522. 10:30 Am
  2523. >The guards posted by the woods immediately notice the motion in it, and move back to town.
  2524. >Despite Shining's standing orders, they all agree it seems off.
  2525. >"Sir, there's something in the woods, but we don't think its Anonymous."
  2526. >"If anything, we fear it may be the Minotaurs pushing further in." Another says.
  2527. >Shining looks at them, before nodding "Well then, we should start prepping the town, just in case."
  2528. >The guards run off, and gather some construction workers.
  2529. >Turning back to the library, Shining steps in to give the bad news.
  2530. >"Twily, we might have a problem. The guards reported seeing something in the woods, and they suspect its minotaurs, not Anonymous."
  2531. >Twilight immediately drops her book "Are they preparing the town?"
  2532. >"They already started. I think we should go help, don't you?"
  2533. >Grabbing paper and ink for a checklist, Twilight dashes out the door so fast she would impress Rainbow Dash.
  2537. 11:00 Am
  2538. >All around town, fortifications are being raised and townsfolk are being trained and prepared.
  2539. >Shining Armor and Twilight direct everything.
  2540. >Pinkie Pie and the Cakes prepare food for all the workers.
  2541. >Fluttershy is keeping the fillys and colts safe and out of the way.
  2542. >Rarity works with several others making impropmtu armour
  2543. >Applejack and her family are leading the fortification preparations.
  2544. >Rainbow is acting as a go between for all the groups.
  2545. >Even with all this, There are too many things to do, and much gets left to the sidelines.
  2546. >Many outlying houses have been emptied and abandoned, including Fluttershy's.
  2547. >The tension in the air is thick, and many ponys with nothing to do pace nervously.
  2551. 11:30 Am
  2552. >Eris wiggles as you strap a few small things to her.
  2553. >With fourty pounds of extra things, you have to attach them on right.
  2554. >"Lunch first Daddy." Eris says, handing you some fruit.
  2555. "Thank you." You reply, and accept the small round fruit.
  2556. >Eating it, along with the last of the meat, you ready yourself for the massive task ahead of you.
  2557. >The first bits of ambient light starts filtering down, and you stand.
  2558. >Making your way to the wall, you reflect on your brief time down here.
  2559. >Constant hunder, the eternal fear of being attacked, and yet, here you are, still the top of the food chain.
  2560. >Eris, my how she's grown.
  2561. >She has matured exceptionally, and learned much.
  2562. >Even though she isn't truly your child, you feel as close to her as a real father would.
  2563. >Reaching the wall, you place your hands on the first of many handholds.
  2567. 12:15 Pm
  2568. >"Have there been any other signs of the minotaurs yet?" Twilight asks Rainbow Dash as she reports in.
  2569. >"None so far, but they are probably coming soon." She replies, before turning to Shining.
  2570. >"Your guards asked to to tell you they have finished training the first batch, and they are being sent to Rarity's for armour."
  2571. >Shining ticks his checklist. "Alright, alert the next group, and then check the fortifications."
  2572. >Dash salutes, and says "Yes Sir" before taking off.
  2573. >Down at Sugarcube Corner, Pinkie suddenly starts shaking like a bit on a washing machine.
  2574. >With a gash, she shoots out of the bakery, giving the cakes "SOMETHINGBIGISGOINGTOHAPPENGOTTAGOTELLTWILIGHTBYE" as an explanation.
  2575. >Twilight was just about to check another thing off her list when Pinkie bowls into her, sending the parchment flying.
  2576. >"Twilight!SomethingbigisgoingtohappenmyPinkieSensejustwentallBRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRAndIwasshakinglikeamilkshake."
  2577. >"Pinkie, Calm down." Twilight says. "Now, explain, slowly."
  2578. >"Well, I was baking some muffins for everyp0ny, when suddenly my Pinkie Sense went wild, making me shake all over."
  2579. >Twilight immediately calls Shining over. "Brother, get to the front and order your men to prepare, the Minotaurs will be arriving soon."
  2580. >Without a second glance, he rushes to his troops and Twilight and Pinkie follow after.
  2584. 12:24 Pm
  2585. >Hand on a ledge, you pull yourself onto a small overhang.
  2586. "Halfway up huh." You say, catching your breath.
  2587. >"Come on Daddy, not much further." Eris calls out encouragingly, all the while floating beside you.
  2588. "Thats easy for you to say, little miss floaty pants." You say,.
  2589. >She giggles and wiggles her butt at you.
  2590. >"But Daddy, I'm not wearing any pants."
  2591. >Grabbing her out of the air, you scruff her hair.
  2592. "Well, when we get home, I'll make you some pants then."
  2593. >She curls into your arms. "You're the best, Daddy."
  2594. >Looking up, the sunlight has started to vanish, even at this elevated height.
  2595. "Well, lets keep going, so we can get you those pants."
  2596. >"Okie Dokie Lokie" She says with a giggle.
  2597. >Getting to your feet, you turn to the wall.
  2601. 12:37 Pm
  2602. >A brash trumpet sounds out from the woods, and the first wave of minotaurs can be seen.
  2603. >Dozens of armored and armed minotaurs, all in formation start coming from the trees.
  2604. >With little regard for anything, they storm and burn the outlying houses while all the ponys within the town can do is watch.
  2605. >As the first minotaurs get within range of the town, a barrage of magical bolts go flying towards them.
  2606. >As the magic colides with the minotaurs, there is little effect, and the minotaurs begin their charge.
  2607. >Readying their spears, the townsfolks and guards brace themselves for the charge.
  2611. 1:21 Pm
  2612. >In the distance, you can see home, your house.
  2613. >Eris lets out a small cheer, and the two of you rush forward.
  2614. >As you run, you start to see things change.
  2615. >Your house, it isn't intact.
  2616. >All around it, the terrain has been trampled and scorched.
  2617. >Letting out a whistle, you call for Sari.
  2618. >Slowing as you approach, you reach the door.
  2619. >Eris floats around behind the house, and you push open the door.
  2620. >Covering your mouth, you edge past the dead minotaurs.
  2621. >Throats ripped out, their blood paints the wall of your house.
  2622. "Three, Four... Five. Geez you sure got a lot of them Sari."
  2623. >Pushing open the door to your room, your heart stops for a moment.
  2624. "No..."
  2625. >Lying next to your bed, is Sari's dead body.
  2626. >Covered in inumerable injuries, a show of how hard she fought.
  2627. >Beside her, both pups, your children, dead... Crushed...
  2628. >A veil of red covers your vision, and you yell.
  2629. "Eris, hide. If I'm not back by tomorrow, fly to the Castle on the Mountain."
  2630. >"Okay, Daddy."
  2633. 1:35 Pm
  2634. >Alrady, the minotaurs have forced their way past the first line, and saveral ponys have been captured.
  2635. >The ones captured are all mares, everyp0ny fears for what will happen to them, but there is nothing they can do to stop them.
  2636. >Three guards and two townsp0nys are dead, and a dozen more are injured.
  2637. >"Dash, any word on the captured ponys?" Twilight asks as Dash flys past.
  2638. >"I got names, and you aren't gonna like them. Three mares were captured, Lotus, Flitter and Pinkie."
  2639. >Twilight drops everything. "They got Pinkie!?"
  2640. >"We can't afford to lose her, she is part of our best weapon." Twilight exclaims, and Dash nods.
  2641. >From the front, a voice yells "NEXT WAVE INCOMING!"
  2642. >Twilight moves up next to her brother, and prepares to defend her town.
  2643. >"Dash, I'm leaving the rescue up to you."
  2647. 1:49 Pm
  2648. >Laughing, the pair of minotaurs click the lock closed on the cage.
  2649. >"Don't waste all your energy now, you're gonna need it later."
  2650. >Pinkie sticks her tongue out, and say "You don't scare us, you meanies."
  2651. >The minotaur reaches out to grab her tongue, but is stopped short when a curved blade protrudes from his chest.
  2652. >It is ripped up and out, severing the body at the shoulder.
  2653. >Turning, the others head is removed by a clean slice of your mantis claw.
  2654. >Its body falls back towards you, the blood gushing from its neck covering you.
  2655. "Stand back Pinkie" You say, and raise the claw.
  2656. >The ponys inside move back, and you cut through the wooden bars of the cage.
  2657. "Pinkie, take them somewhere safe."
  2658. >She nods fearfully, and you can't blame her.
  2659. >Soaked in blood, wielding a giant claw as a weapon, you must appear as a demon from a nightmare.
  2660. >Turning, you leave the three behind.
  2663. 2:03 Pm
  2664. >Rainbow Dash comes flying down, landing near Anonymous's house.
  2665. >After coming across the razed minotaur camp, she thinks "The next logical place is here, right?"
  2666. >"Pinkie! Are you out here?" Dash calls, and she hears a squeak.
  2667. >Searching around, she finds a miniature discord, cowering in a wood box.
  2668. >Grabbing hold of it, she takes off, back to camp, when she hears Pinkie yell out "Hey Dashie!"
  2669. >Immediately swerving down, Dash comes in to land right next to Pinkie and the other missing mares.
  2670. >"Eris, are you okay?" Pinkie asks, scooping her out of Dash's grip.
  2671. >"Auntuie Pinkie!" Eris exclaims happily, wrapping her arms around Pinkie's neck.
  2672. >Dash tilts her head "You know this thing Pinkie?" She asks.
  2673. >"Yuppers!" Pinkie says, bobbing her head "This is Eris, Anonymous's daugther."
  2674. >"Ah, I remember, from the party before. But if she's here, where's Anonymous?"
  2677. 2:11 Pm
  2678. >Screams come from the forest, and the ponys at the walls glance at each-other comfused.
  2679. >Soon, the minotaurs come streaming from it running like their lifes depend on it.
  2680. >From the forest, a blood soaked demon comes into view.
  2681. >What few minotaurs turn to face him are immediately cut down by its huge blades.
  2682. >Those who reach the wall are repelled, forced back to face the demon.
  2683. >Many drop to their knees, pleading for mercy from the ponys.
  2684. >As the Demon nears, they let the Minotaurs in, and tie them up.
  2685. >Turning to face the Demon, they see it stop.
  2686. >It turns to leave, until several Ponys come rushing from the woods.
  2687. >"Pinkie! Everyp0ny! Your safe." Twilight calls out. "Watch out for the demon"
  2688. >Instead of heeding her, Pinkie goes running straight towards it.
  2691. >Jumping into your arms, Pinkie hugs you with vigour.
  2692. "Hey, Pinkie how are you feeling?" You ask, hugging her back.
  2693. >"Super Duper, thanks to you." She replies, before hopping back.
  2694. >"Oh, right, Dash picked up Eris earlier, and we have her with us."
  2695. >Nodding, you rise, and Rainbow brings over Eris.
  2696. >"Hey, thanks for saving my friends, I guess I owe you one." Rainbow says as she passes over Eris.
  2697. >Taking your daughter, you move back into the woods, a massive power flashing behind you, the barrier reforming.
  2698. >A number of Ponys approach the barrier, including Chryssy and Twilight, but as they try to pass, only Chryssy is able to.
  2699. >"Chryssy, be careful, okay."
  2700. >She nods, before moving deeper into the woods.
  2704. 2:57 Pm
  2705. >Staring at the mound where you buried Sari and the pups, you swallow the knot in your chest.
  2706. >Tears flow slowly, and a voice faintly calls from behind you.
  2707. >Looking behind you, you see Chrysalis there, head low in respect.
  2708. >"I hope I'm not intruding..." She starts, and you shake your head, motioning her over.
  2709. >Sitting down, she lowers herself next to you.
  2710. "Sari, she... She fought well, but..."
  2711. >"I know how you feel. I lost one of my changelings as well."
  2712. >Wrapping an arm around her, you sigh.
  2713. "Its really too late for this, but I'm sorry. For all the lives I took from you, and for everything I did to you."
  2714. >Leaning up, she kisses your cheek. "I forgive you."
  2715. >She scootches a little closer, and leans agains your side "Besides, you did teach and show me many important things."
  2716. "Like?"
  2717. >"Oh, you know, friendship, trust, the importance of giving a second chance, *Mumble Mumble*Love"
  2718. "What was that last bit?" you ask, a faint smile on your face.
  2719. >Her face turns red, and she says in a bareky audible tone "Your amazing love."
  2720. >She shrinks down, but you pull her tight next to you, and you stare out at the grave mound.
  2721. "Its hard to explain how I feel right now, but I would be glad if you stayed the night, I could use someone close."
  2722. >Feeling the mixture of emotions coming off you, including faint bits of love, she nods and says "I'm okay with that."
  2726. >Anon Personal Journal-Day 332: Home...
  2728. >So much has changed in such a short time.
  2729. >Sari is gone, killed by Minotaurs, and Rio and Ryan as well.
  2730. >The house is trashed, but a few rooms are still usable.
  2731. >Foods gone, as are most of my things, but at least everything is back to normal now.
  2732. >Or as normal as it gets here.
  2733. >Chrysalis, or Chryssy, as she is also known is spending the night with me, and I'm thankful for it.
  2734. >From what she was, she has certainly changed, and for the better, or so she tells me.
  2735. >Maybe, just maybe what we have may change.
  2736. >Only the universe knows.
  2737. >Eris's crib/bed is still intact, and she still has a few toys, although they are a little outdated for her.
  2738. >She seems a little wary of Chryssy, but she trusts my judgement.
  2739. >Hopefully with the minotaur threat gone, I may become welcomed into town.
  2743. >Reading Shining Armors report, Celestia feels a deep seated sense of unease,
  2744. >While the threat may have been dealt with, albeit with loss of life.
  2745. >Though minimal loss, if what Shining and Twilight report is true.
  2746. >Still, the minotaurs aren't going to let this go, and theres the matter of the demon and Anonymous.
  2747. >If my instincts are correct, they are one and the same, which means only trouble for me."
  2748. >Pulling out a blank scroll, she starts what may be her most important letter to her student.
  2752. >A warm feeling around her, Chrysalis awakens to the sun peeking in the window.
  2753. >Moving to get up, Anonymous's arms pull her back, and she gives a giggle.
  2754. >Shuffling further into his grasp, she feels something press against her backside.
  2755. >After some wiggling, she realizes what it is, and pauses.
  2756. >On one hoof, he is asleep, and its only hidden by a few layers of cloth.
  2757. >On the other hoof, It would be betraying his trust, and when you are so close to him, it wouls be a huge step back.
  2758. >With a sigh, you turn to look at him, and see his eyes open, regarding her with a warm look.
  2759. "I'm impressed, you showed great self restraint Chryssy. If it was the old you, you wouldn't have hesitated to jump all over the opportunity.
  2760. >Blushing again, she stammers out "It's not that I don't like you, or your... Well, what I mean is... You trusted me, so I didn't want to betray that trust, like I did before."
  2761. >You nod, and sit up.
  2762. "And for that, I think you deserve a little reward."
  2763. >She rolls to her hooves, the matress of blankets on the floor not exactly agreeing with the motion.
  2764. >As she gets upright, you lean over and give her a kiss on the nose.
  2765. >Drawing back, she puts a hoof to her nose, and rubs the area where you kissed.
  2766. "What? Did I do something wrong?"
  2767. >"No, Its just... It's different. Its kind of a new feeling for me, but I like it."
  2768. >A comically loud yawn comes from the other room, and you rise.
  2769. "Time to start breakfast, I guess."
  2773. >Anon Personal Journal-Day 233: Dawn
  2775. >Sleeping one something other than the cold stone ground was wonderful.
  2776. >Sure, it was only a few layers of blankets, but its far more comfortable.
  2777. >Breakfast consisted of what little food we had left over for Eris and I, and some love for Chrysalis.
  2778. >I'm still not sure how love could be a food source, but after how she smiled when she fed, I can't complain.
  2779. >The box of bits is still there, as full as I left it, and I plan on having Chryssy do some shopping for me, if she doesn't mind.
  2780. >Thats all for now.
  2784. "Hey, Chryssy, would you mind doing me a favour?"
  2785. >Popping her head around the corner, she says "Sure, what do you need?"
  2786. >Pulling out a bag, you fill it with some bits, and pass it to her.
  2787. "We need some grocerys, and any you would be able to get would be appreciated. It doesn't have to be much, maybe a weeks worth at most, since I can get more myself later."
  2788. >Changing to the form she had before, the green Unicorn, she heads out with a wave.
  2789. "Take care." You call after her, and you turn back to fixing the house.
  2790. >With an extra spring in her step, Chrysalis makes her way back through the forest to town, and soon comes out into the open.
  2791. >Almost immediately, several ponys come up to meet her, and she assures them she is okay.
  2792. >Shopping plan ready, she starts making stops all around town.
  2793. >Most places aren't open, but numerous shopkeepers are willing to sell, even when closed.
  2794. >Halfway through, she encounters a problem.
  2795. >She can't carry all the food, so she makes a quick stop at Sugarcube Corner.
  2796. >The vivacious Pink mare and known Anonymous "Prophet" Pinkie Pie is soon seen, bouncing along beside her, helping to carry.
  2797. >Both loaded to the brim and anxious to go, they set off for Anonymous's house, unimpeded by the barrier.
  2798. >Unknown to either, a pair of purple eyes watch them as they enter the woods.
  2800. ~
  2802. >"Anonymous! I'm back!" Chryssy calls out, and you step outside.
  2803. "you can just call me Anon, its easier. You can too Pinkie."
  2804. >As soon as you say her name, a gasp comes from inside the house, and Eris comes quite literaly flying out.
  2805. >"Auntie Pinkie!" Eris calls out, before crashing into the pink mare.
  2806. >The two of them roll around giggling while you and Chryssy take the groceries inside.
  2807. >"They get along realy well, don't they."
  2808. "Yeah. they do. With Sari and the pups gone, she realy doesn't have anyone to play with, and Pinkie has that kind of personality that makes her great with young ones."
  2809. >Pinkie comes in, Eris on her back, and asks "Eris wants to take me to the hot spring, Is it okay for her to go?"
  2810. "Sure, just be back by dinner time, okay."
  2811. >Both of them give a happy jump, before running out the door.
  2812. "Looks like its just the two of us for now, huh." You say, finishing with putting the food away.
  2813. >Turning around, you see Chryssy looking at the ground with a blush.
  2814. >With a roll of your eyes, you kneel down in front of her.
  2815. "We are not doing anything like that, Its too soon. How about we take a little walk instead."
  2816. >"That will be fine." She says with a smile.
  2820. >Anon Personal Journal-Day 233: Dusk
  2822. >Chrysalis and Pinkie returned with grocerys, so I invited them for dinner.
  2823. >They were able to obtain a small bit of meat, but I plan on saving that, and instead, we had vegitarian stuffed peppers.
  2824. >Beforehand, Pinkie and Eris went swimming at the hot spring, while Chrysalis and I enjoyed a walk through the woods.
  2825. >The winter weather is rather mild here, and except for a cool breeze, it was rather pleasant.
  2826. >Pleasant company helps too, and Chrysalis is a great friend.
  2827. >She has become much more reasonable, and more, well, real.
  2828. >No longer hiding behind fake smiles and emotions, she has started displaying real ones.
  2829. >Of course she still has a crush on me, but now its sincere, rather than just trying to seduce me for power.
  2830. >Speaking of power, I hid the gun and accessorys somewhere safe, so no-one stands to be injured by it.
  2834. >You wake to the smell of pancakes and eggs cooking on the stove.
  2835. >Exiting your room, you hear Eris doing the same.
  2836. >Walking into the kitchen, you find Pinkie Pie bouncing around while preparing breakfast.
  2837. "Good morning Pinkie, what are you doing out here so early?"
  2838. >"Well, after all the help you did for me and Ponyville, this is the least I can do."
  2839. >Before you can say anything, Eris comes shooting in and hugs Pinkie.
  2840. >Pinkie hugs her back, before the two of them turn to breakfast on the stove.
  2841. >With a weird determination, they each take a spatula and get serious.
  2842. >Soon, the kitchen is filled with flying pancakes, flipping eggs and toast storms.
  2843. >There's a knock at the door, and you leave to answer it.
  2844. >Opening the door reveals Twilight and Chryssy, along with the others from before.
  2845. "Good morning. what brings you all here so early?"
  2846. >Twilight and the others enter as you step back, and Twilight says "Pinkie decided since our meeting party from before was interupted, we should have one now, even if its just over breakfast."
  2847. >Pinkie pops her head in and says "Yep, and Breakfast is ready!"
  2848. >Over breakfast, you get re-introduced to Rarity and Rainbow Dash, as well as you get introduced to Applejack, a local farmer and older sister to one of the fillys you saved early on.
  2849. >Also, there was Fluttershy, a quiet but kind pegasus who takes care of the local animals.
  2853. >"So, Anonymous, I heard you dissapeared for a time. Where did you go?" Twilight asks, leaning against the scorched table.
  2854. >Leaning back, stomach full, you nod slowly.
  2855. "Its true I dissapeared, and Eris along with me, but its a bit of a story."
  2856. >Rainbow dash lets out a groan, and you raise an eyebrow at her.
  2857. >"Look, we don't want to hear your whole egghead story, just tell us where you went."
  2858. "Just a moment" You say as you stand and step into the other room.
  2859. >Taking the pair of blades off the wall, you rest one on each shoulder and confidently stroll back into the other room.
  2860. "So I'm guessing you don't want to know how I got these." You say, swinging them down so they whistle through the air and stop right before her eyes.
  2861. >A shine appears in here eyes, her iris's tracing the smooth sharp edge of the blade.
  2862. >"I suppose I could be convinced to stay."
  2863. >With a smile, you lay them on the table one over the other in a cross shape.
  2864. "Well it all started 19 days ago..."
  2868. "...And that's where I was for the past little while." You finish, and the collective ponys stomp their hooves.
  2869. >Even Eris is clapping, just as enthralled by the story, even though she was there.
  2870. >"Dude, that was incredible. You may be almost as cool as me." Dash says.
  2871. >Twilight has already gotten down a dozen sketches of the mantis claws and approximations of the creatures.
  2872. >"To think there was so many different species so near to us, and yet so far." She says while gathering the drawings.
  2873. >"Well, this has been a wonderful time, but I simply must get back to work." Rarity says rising to her hooves.
  2874. >The others nod and rise as well, so you do so as well.
  2875. "Allow me to at least walk you back to the edge, it would be ungentlemanly not to."
  2876. >Fluttershy smiles at you before saying "That would be wonderful Mister Anonymous, the woods can get very scary."
  2877. "Those of you who are heading back now, please get ready. I will meet you outside in a moment."
  2878. >Moving into your room, you set one blade back and set the other in its impromptu sling on your back.
  2879. >From its hidden compartment, you take and load the gun, using a small gem as a bullet.
  2880. >This you hide under your clothes, and you take your winter jacket.
  2881. >Outside, everyone but Chryssy and Pinkie are waiting for you.
  2882. >"Me and Chryssy are gonna stay here and watch Eris and clean up for you, okay!" Pinkie calls out as you all take your leave.
  2883. "I'm leaving her in your hoofs then. Good luck."
  2887. >"So, Anonymous, how did you come to live out here?" Rarity asks as you all stroll through the forest.
  2888. "Its a long story, but in brief, it wasn't entirely by my choice."
  2889. "I guess there is another outside force helping push me along, as a pawn, if you will."
  2890. >Twilight tilts her head "A pawn?"
  2891. "Ah, its a piece from a human strategy game. They are basicaly the front line, but at the same time, one of the most valuable pieces."
  2892. "Maybe some time I could whip up a set if one of you wants to learn."
  2893. >Twilight gets a sort of gleam in her eye and she says "I'd be willing to learn."
  2894. >Dash just rolls her eyes and mutters "Egghead."
  2895. >"Ummm... Guys?" Fluttershy says in a quiet whisper.
  2896. >The others miss it, but you turn to her.
  2897. "Whats up Fluttershy?"
  2898. >"I think there's a manticore nearby, so we should be careful."
  2899. >"Pffffftt" Dash snorts "I'm not afraid of a little manticore."
  2901. "Girls, head back a bit, let me handle this."
  2902. >They nod and move away, and you slide your gun from your shirt.
  2904. ~
  2906. >Quietly edging towards the source of the roars, you find the Manticore hunched down in a clearing.
  2907. >Lining up the sights, your finger brushes the trigger and it roars again.
  2908. >Leaning down, it bites at one of its forelimbs, and you see the blood in the snow.
  2909. >Rifling through your memories, you realize this is one of the area's you set up traps.
  2910. >Putting away the gun, you edge into view, and the manticore lets out an agressive roar.
  2911. >With your sword out, you approach it, and its tail raises to strike.
  2912. >Standing outside of range of its tail, you lift the sword to its height.
  2913. >Faced with the tip of your razor sharp claw, it trys to back away, but one of its front paws is caught.
  2914. "Look, I am going to try and help, okay. So don't attack me."
  2915. >You can't tell if it understood or not, but it doesn't move, and you kneel down.
  2916. >Clearing away the snow reveals the spike passed through, just to the left of its wrist.
  2917. >When you bring your blade close, its wings shoot up and it lets out a growl, but you ignore it.
  2918. >Setting the curve of the claw around the spike, you brace the handle with a foot while holding the spike steady.
  2919. >With a kick to the blade, it slices clean through the wooden spike.
  2920. >Pulling the tip of the spike the rest of the way through the paw, you take off your coat and wrap it tightly around the wound.
  2921. >The manticore pulls its paw away and licks it, before growling at you.
  2922. "Look, I just saved your life, so you should be thanking me, not growling."
  2926. >Flapping around a tree, Fluttershy finds the manticore next to you, letting out deep purrs as you scratch it behind the ears.
  2927. >"Anonymous are you okay?" She asks quietly, and you turn.
  2928. "Yeah I'm fine, though this manticore got caught on a trap left by the minotaurs."
  2929. "They're fine now, but they'll need some time to heal."
  2930. >She flaps up and picks up the injured paw. "Oh, this must hurt so much, I'm glad we found you."
  2931. >It licks her, and she giggles.
  2932. "Looks like you two know eachother."
  2933. >"Mhhmmnn. It was a while ago, but I got rid of a magic thorn that was stuck in its paw."
  2934. "I'll leave you two to get reaquainted while I go and get the others, okay."
  2935. >Making your way back, you call out to them.
  2936. "Twilight, Applejack, Rarity, Rainbow Dash? Its safe now."
  2937. >With no response, you continue further, following their tracks in the snow.
  2938. >Their prints suddenly change, and are joined by other prints, ones that you are all to familiar with.
  2942. >Quickly and silently, you sprint through the snow, following the trail left behind by the minotaurs.
  2943. >The trail spreads a bit, before another group joins them.
  2944. >Two maybe three dozen minotaurs total, all armed and dangerous.
  2945. >The trail slows, and you can make out voices in the distance.
  2946. >"We'll get payed well for these three." one says.
  2947. >"Didja hear the boss talking about them, the're part of some superweapon." Another says, and you hear the first scoff.
  2948. >"Bah, I think thats a lie, but two unicorns are always worthwile, and the colors on the pegasus are neat, so she'll fetch a nice pile of coins."
  2949. >As they come into view, you see the three girls, heavily bound in a cage with a pair of guards, both in thick plate armor.
  2950. >Your gun is out, and you steady your aim at the first.
  2951. "They're only worth something if you still have them at the end of the day." You say, before the gun lets out its roar.
  2952. >A direct hit causes one's head to practically explode, spraying grey matter everywhere.
  2953. "Now, let them go or that will happen to you." You say, starting the slow reload sequence.
  2954. >Still hidden by trees, the minotaur can't see you, and he raises his hands and starts unlocking the cage.
  2955. >Deliberately doing it slowly, as if to stall for time, the minotaur leaves you enough time to reload.
  2956. "Tick tock, your time is up."
  2957. >The rifle lets off a second time, and the minotaur clutches the new hole in his chest.
  2958. >Putting away the gun, you rush into view and finish unlocking the cage.
  2959. >In the distance, you can hear the sound of other approaching, and you quickly cut the ropes binding their legs.
  2960. "Lets go. Now."
  2964. >Running down the path, you motion the girls ahead.
  2965. "I'll slow them down, you girls get to Fluttershy."
  2966. >"But..." Twilight starts
  2967. "NOW!"
  2968. >They run ahead, and you quickly scale a tree.
  2969. >In moments, you see several minotaurs with capture tool running along the trail.
  2970. >"We can't let them get away, or the boss will have our heads."
  2971. >Dropping from the tree, you swing your blade from its resting spot.
  2972. "Well, at this point its him, or me."
  2973. >The five of them fan out, and encircle you.
  2974. >"We will stop you, monster, and claim the reward on your head first."
  2975. >Two charge, while the others press in.
  2976. >Your blade swings in a wide arc, threatening to disembowel the two charging at you.
  2977. >Turning around, you slice apart the grabbing pole of the one behind you, before running him through.
  2978. >A grabber closes around your arm, and you slice through the pole, another wrapping around one of your legs.
  2979. >Pulled down to your knees, You swing again at the minotaurs in front of you, but they step back, before closing in with their poles.
  2980. >Your weapon gets knocked away, and a grabber closes around your throat.
  2981. >Inhaling deeply, you let out a long, shrill whistle.
  2985. >Everything is silent for a moment, and then the minotaurs begin laughing.
  2986. >One of them forces you to the ground, before a deep, angry roar is heard.
  2987. >Claws out, the manticore you saved rips through one of the minotaurs, and in the moment of panic, you force yourself off the ground.
  2988. >One of the remaining minotaurs tries to go for your sword, and you use the handle of the tool attached to your leg to knock the sword away.
  2989. >Ripping the claw from your throat, you turn on the minotaur who went for your sword.
  2990. "Give up now, and You might just live."
  2991. >Behind you, the manticore rips through the only other surviving one.
  2992. >Eyeing you, the minotaur turns to run, and you sigh.
  2993. >Before it can make it any more than ten feet, the manticore has pounced him and ripped his throat out.
  2994. >Walking over you reach and scratch behind their ear as thanks.
  2995. "Lets get going, okay." you say, and the two of you start back.
  2996. >The manticore has some trouble with their paw, so you lift them upright and place yourself under their injured arm.
  2997. >Together, you make your way to where Twilight, Fluttershy and the others are.
  2998. "Lets get back to town, shall we?"
  3002. >Leaving the manticore with Fluttershy to get better, you start on your way back when Chrysalis comes out nearby.
  3003. >"Anonymous, there you are. I've been looking for you for nearly an hour."
  3004. >You notice the snow in her mane and the small shivers she makes.
  3005. "All right, how about we get headed back, okay."
  3006. >She nods, and the two of you make your way back to your home.
  3007. >On the way, you find her pressing against you often, so you drape an arm on her shoulder.
  3008. >Pinkie and Eris are waiting for you as you arrive home.
  3009. >"Welcome home Daddy!" Eris says, jumping into your arms.
  3010. >When you set her down, Pinkie jumps into your arms the same way. "Welcome home Anonymous."
  3011. >Chryssy looks at your arms slightly jealously, but makes no move.
  3012. >Pinkie hops down and Eris hops on her back. "You were gone so long, its time for lunch. Don't worry, Eris and I can handle it, You two warm up."
  3013. >She pushes you and Chryssy into the living room and closes the door behind you.
  3014. >Shivering, Chryssy moves close to the small fire, but you stop her.
  3015. "There's a better way to warm up, together."
  3016. >your shirt is off in an instant, gun hidden inside, and your pants follow.
  3020. >Arms around Chrysalis, your warm, bare bodies are closely intertwined in front of the roaring fire.
  3021. >She nuzzles against your neck, hooves around your chest.
  3022. >"Its so warm." She wispers, pulling closer, if that was possible.
  3023. "Yes it is. Its how humans warm eachother when they are close emotionaly."
  3024. >With pink cheeks, Chrysalis looks up at you and leans in.
  3025. >Leanin down to meet her, Pinkie suddenly appears in the small gap between you.
  3026. >"Lunch is ready you two." She says, before skipping away with the blanket that was around you.
  3027. >Fixing your boxers, you pull on your pants and shirt.
  3028. >Chrysalis sighs, until you lean down and catch her with a kiss.
  3029. "Lets get lunch, shall we."
  3030. >She smiles and nods, and the two of you move into the kitchen and dining room.
  3031. >Eris is at her spot, smiling away and so is Pinkie.
  3032. >You and Chryssy take a seat, and you all start eating.
  3034. ~
  3036. >"No... No... Ugh, there's nothing here."
  3037. >Slamming another book shut, Twilight thows it onto a growing stack.
  3038. >"Why do Offensive magic spellbooks be so hard to get hold of."
  3039. >Thinking back, Twilight tries to remember every detail of the magic used to kill the minotaurs.
  3040. >A loud sound, an invisible projectile that can go through an entire body, the projectile can explode if it hits certain things.
  3041. >Nothing in any of her spellbooks has even come close.
  3042. >Digging out a blank scroll, she prepares a letter for her teacher.
  3043. >*Dear Princess Celestia
  3044. >A number of things have happened today, and there is something I would like to request from you.
  3045. >Pinkie Pie decided that we should have another meeting party with Anonymous today, over breakfast specificaly.
  3046. >Nothing happened during this time, and we soon departed for home.
  3047. >On the way back, we got delayed by a manticore, and Rarity, Rainbow Dash and I were captured while Fluttershy and him took care of it.
  3048. >The captors were minotaurs, and at first, I though Anonymous betrayed us, until he came and saved us with a strange magic.
  3049. >It was a combat type, projectile probably, but its power was incredible.
  3050. >Not only that, it was invisible, only predated by a loud sound a split second before.
  3051. >Any information you could provide would be greatly appreciated.
  3052. >Your Student, Twilight Sparkle.*
  3056. >Everything stowed away properly, the four of you sit down in front of the fire.
  3057. "Pinkie, do you think you can keep a secret?"
  3058. >"OOOOOhhh what kind of secret? Is it a secret recipie? There was thisonetimethecakesshowedmeasecretrecipiebutIhaditcopieddownbutthenilostitsoilookedeverywhereeveninmycooterbutitturnsoutIneverlostititwasjustinmymane."
  3059. >Laughing at Pinkie's rant, Eris slips off her seat and tumbles onto the ground.
  3060. "Sorry Pinkie, its nothing so fancy. Chryssy, please."
  3061. >"Anon, I don't know if... I mean, its a pretty big secret."
  3062. >"I Pinkie Promise not to tell anyp0ny your secret Chryssy."
  3063. >She goes through an unusual series of motions, ending with her poking herself in the eye.
  3064. "Well, that was different, but if you promise not to tell, I suppose its safe."
  3065. >Chryssy nod, before being consumed in green flames.
  3066. >Standing where the green mare was, is now Chrysalis.
  3067. >"Wow Chryssy, thats really cool. Can you turn into me?"
  3068. >"Ummmm... Sure."
  3069. >With another surge of flames, a second, less energetic Pinkie stands there.
  3070. >"Oh WoW, how about Eris?"
  3071. >For the next fifteen minutes, Chrysalis entertains Pinkie and Eris by changing forms, while you look on and smile.
  3075. >Exhausted, Chrysalis plops down on your lap, her head resting on your shoulder.
  3076. >"Ugh, too much changing..." She mutters, and closes her eyes.
  3077. "All right you two, its time we let Chrysalis rest."
  3078. >Picking up Chrysalis is no easy feat, but you manage to do so and carry her to your bed.
  3079. >Pinkie and Eris are whispering to eachother when you get back, and immediately you have a bad feeling.
  3080. >"Hey, Anonymous, do you think maybe I could take Eris back to Ponyville with me for a while? I promise to keep her safe."
  3081. "Pinkie I don't think..."
  3082. >Your argument is brought to a stop by VERY effective puppydog eyes from both Pinkie and Eris.
  3083. "Okay, fine, but I expect her back by dinner time."
  3084. >They both jump up and say "YAY!!", before rushing to the door to get winter gear on.
  3085. >Grabbing a handful of bits from your still half full box, you pass them to Pinkie.
  3086. "Just in case either of you wants to get something." You say as a way of explanation.
  3087. >She nods and stores the bits in her mane before the two of them bound away.
  3088. >A sultry voice from behind you says "Looks like its just the two of us for now, huh."
  3089. >Hole filled hooves drape over your shoulders and you slide your fingers through some.
  3090. "Looks like it."
  3091. >She tries to start pulling you back to the bedroom, but you lean forward, lifting her onto your back.
  3092. "You're coming with me."
  3093. >Moving outside, you straighten up and dump her, flank first, into the snow.
  3094. "You need to cool down a bit, okay."
  3098. >Browsing the stalls, Pinkie and Eris run free in Ponyville market.
  3099. >"Ooooohh We gotta let you try some of this, and some of this, OOOOOHH! Definetaly some of that."
  3100. >Finaly setling on some candies from Bon-Bon, they bounce over to a bench to eat.
  3101. >The snacks last barely a minute, before they are all consumed.
  3102. >"Wait here Eris, I'm going to go and get us something to drink, okay." Pinkie says and Eris nods.
  3103. >After only a moment, Eris hears whispered voices behind her.
  3104. >"Sweetie belle, you got any clue as to what it is?"
  3105. >"No, what about you Applebloom?"
  3106. >Peering over the back of the bench, Eris comes face to face with a curious trio of fillys.
  3107. >"Hello." Eris says, waving at them.
  3108. >The trio look at her curiously, and she stares back, before she bursts into a fit of giggles.
  3109. >"Hi, I'm Eris, who are you?" She asks, and the fillys sep back and huddle.
  3110. >After a moment, they turn back and make a pose.
  3111. >"I'm Applebloom"
  3112. >"And I'm Sweetiebelle."
  3113. >"And I am Scootaloo."
  3114. >"And together, We're the Cutie Mark Crusaders!"
  3115. >Eris claps, and the three fillys share a high hoof.
  3116. >"Hey, ya wanna go crusading with us?" Applebloom asks, tilting her head.
  3117. >Eris ponders a moment, before nodding vigorously.
  3118. >Together, the four of them run off to the library to decide what to do.
  3119. >Only moments after they leave, Pinkie comes bouncing back with a pair of drinks on her back.
  3120. >"I hope you like applejuice Eri... GASP!"
  3121. >Franticaly searching around the bench, Pinkie calls out for Eris.
  3122. >"Oh I'm going to be in so much trouble with Anonymous if I don't find her."
  3126. >"What was that for?!" Chrysalis says angrily, shooting up from the snow.
  3127. >Brushing some sow from her mane, you idly run your fingers through it as well.
  3128. "It's too early..." you say with a sigh, looking out at the faint mound.
  3129. >Her eyes follow yours, and her ears flatten.
  3130. >"I'm sorry, I guess I wasn't thinking about how you feel."
  3131. >For a minute, the two of you just stand there in silence, before heading back inside.
  3132. "I guess that was a little impolite of me, I'm sorry."
  3133. >"No, I was the one who was being insensetive, you have no reason to apologize."
  3134. >Looking at her, you crack a small smile.
  3135. "How about we just both apologize and get it over with."
  3136. >She smiles back "Yeah, that could work."
  3137. "So, what do we do till Pinkie and Eris get back..."
  3138. >"We could do eachother." Chrysalis says, and when you glare at her, the silly look on her face makes you start laughing.
  3139. "Okay, I'll admit that was well played, but we are no closer to solving the problem."
  3140. >With a sigh, she nods. "I'm sure we'll thing of something."
  3145. >"Hmmmm...." Sweetiebelle muses, rifling through a book.
  3146. >Applebloom sets hers down, and says "Ah got nothing, how bout you?"
  3147. >Eris and Scootaloo are too busy flying around the room to care.
  3148. >Coming down the stairs, Twilight hides a gasp at the sight of Eris and asks "Girls, can I help you?"
  3149. >"Well, we were planning on going crusading with our new friend here, but we don't have any ideas."
  3150. >"Just curious, but do you know who she is." Twilight asks.
  3151. >"Well, she said her name is Eris, and she was with Pinkie earlier."
  3152. >Scootaloo hops down and adds "And somep0ny this fun can't be bad, right?"
  3153. >Twilight nods "Your right, but she needs to saty here, since she is due for a checkup."
  3154. >The trio of fillys let out a collective "Awwwww."
  3155. >leaving the library, they head off on another adventure and Eris floats over confused.
  3156. >"Whats a checkup?" She asks before sitting on a seat.
  3157. >"A checkup is something to make sure you are not sick or anything." Twilight says, and Eris nods.
  3158. >"Just wait here a moment while I get some stuff, okay."
  3159. >Quickly going to her room where Spike is napping, she prepares and sends a letter for Celestia.
  3161. ~
  3163. >"Not here... No... Eris, where did you go?" Pinkie calls out, running through town.
  3164. >Everywhere she has looked, nop0ny has seen her, and she slowly grows more paniced by the minute.
  3165. >"I know, I'll find Dashie and she can help!" She exclaims, before running to the current location of Rainbow Dash's house.
  3166. >"Dashie? Are you there?" Pinkie calls and Dash pokes her head out from on top of the cloud.
  3167. >Seeing Pinkie, she flys down and says "Hey Pinkie, whats up?"
  3168. >"Well, Eris and I came to town to spend the afternoon together, but when I went togetdrinksshewasgonewhenicamebackandnowAnonymousisgoiingtobeangrywithmeifidontgetherhomebydinnertimeand..."
  3169. >Dash silences her by placing a hoof over her mouth. "Calm down Pinkie, we have plenty of time so don't worry."
  3170. >After a deep inhalation, Pinkie slowly lets it out.
  3171. >"I know, lets go and get the others to help!" She exclaims before bounding off.
  3172. >Dash gives a sigh before following her.
  3173. >They visit Fluttershy first, before splitting off to get the rest.
  3174. >Rainbow Dash leaves for Applejack, Fluttershy heads for Rarity, and Pinkie goes to get Twilight.
  3175. >Arriving at the library, Pinkie spots Celestia's carrige taking off from Canterlot, and knocks rapidly at the door.
  3176. >"Twilight, let me in, its important.
  3180. >"Alright Eris, its time to start your checkup." Twilight says, brining a few measurement tools and some notepads.
  3181. >"Holding up a measuring tape, she says "Lets start by checking how big you are. Now I want you to lay down on the table as straight as you can."
  3182. >As Eris complies, she starts taking down measurements. "Now, holds your arms out."
  3183. >After a few more simple measurements, She has Eris sit back up.
  3184. >"Very good, now, we need to measure your temperature."
  3185. >With a thermometer in her mouth, Eris sits patiently while Twilight records the results.
  3186. >*KnockKnockKnockKnockKnock*
  3187. >"Only one pony knocks that fast." Twilight says with a sigh.
  3188. >"Celestia, please hurry."
  3189. >Moving to the door, Twilight grabs the knob in her telekinetic grip.
  3193. "Do you have any threes?" You ask, looking at your hand of cards.
  3194. >"No, Go fish." Chrysalir replies, and you reach down to draw a card.
  3195. >Everything goes black, and you feel two familiar presences.
  3196. >"Anonymous, we must warn you, a single event is about to happen, and it will change the flow of the future." Galaxia says
  3197. >Eternity speaks next "There is nothing we can do, nor is there anything you can do."
  3198. >"We simply wished for you to be prepared, as things may begin changing rapidly."
  3199. >"Your restrictions are removed, so you may roam at will, but the woods will remain safe from others who may wish you harm."
  3200. >"Take care, Anonymous." The two say at once, before everyting starts returning.
  3201. >Your head rests on a comfortable pillow, and your eyes slowly open.
  3202. >"Anonymous, what happened?" Chrysalis asks, concerned.
  3203. "A warning, but there is nothing that can be done."
  3204. >Sitting up, it turns out your pillow was actually Chrysalis's side, and she moves close to you.
  3205. >"You realy had me worried, you know. Warn somep0ny before you go having visions again, okay."
  3206. >Resting a hand on her head, you give a smile.
  3207. "Sure, but I have the feeling there wont be one for a while."
  3208. >She rubs into your hand, before saying "So, do we just wait now?"
  3209. "Seems like it."
  3213. >"Pinkie, can this wait? I'm kind of busy."
  3214. >The pounding stops as she says "No, its super duper important."
  3215. >*Sigh* "Pinkie, everything is super duper important with you."
  3216. >She pauses for a moment, before replying "Yeah, but this is more super duper important than anything else!"
  3217. >"Eris is missing and if I don't get her back to Anonymous by dinnertime he's not going to be happy, and..."
  3218. >With another sigh, Twilight opens the door. "Eris isn't missing, she's here with me. I'm just giving her a checkup, since she's growing so fast."
  3219. >Eris waves from her seat on the table, and Pinkie runs over.
  3220. >"There you are, I was looking everywhere for you."
  3221. >Twilight starts pushing Pinkie away "Yes, yes, everythings fine, now if you could leave for a bit Pinkie, Celestia is coming to visit."
  3222. >*Gasp* "Twilight, you can't have Eris meet Celestia without Anon being here! That would be betraying his trust."
  3223. >"Pinkie, Anon doesn't leave the forest ever, and Celestia can't enter it, so this is the only way to let them meet."
  3224. >Pinkie's mane starts deflating, and she says "Yeah... But... You could ask him first, I mean, she is his daughter."
  3225. >Glancing back at Eris, who is now interested in the measuring tape on the table, Twilight whispers "Thats not exactly true. She's Discords daughter, and Anon is raising her since he killed him."
  3226. >Tears start appearing along with the deflating mane, and she stutters "I know, but he's her family, he's all she has after..."
  3227. >A loud thump is heard outside, signaling Celestia's carrige landing, and Pinkie says "Please, let me take her away, its better that way."
  3228. >Twilight looks between the door and Pinkie, before making her decision.
  3230. ~
  3232. >With a surge of power, Twilight picks up Pinkie and slides her out the back door.
  3233. >"Where did Pinkie go?" Eris asks looking around.
  3234. >"She just went out somewhere, she will be back soon."
  3235. >There is a knock at the door, and Twilight says "Be a good girl and wait, okay."
  3236. >"Twily, You requested Celestia to come without consulting me?" Shining Armor says, standing in front of Celestia's other guards.
  3237. >"Well, the thing is..."
  3238. >"The circumstances didn't allow her time, Prince Shining." Celestia says as she steps forward.
  3239. >Twilight bows, and says "Celestia, please come in."
  3240. >Entering ahead of her, Twilight moves over to Eris. "Eris, there's someone I would like you to meet."
  3241. >Celestia steps in behind her, and Eris goes "Oooooh!"
  3242. >She immediately teleports over and starts running her claws through Celestia's
  3243. >"Wow! Your mane is all sparkly." Eris say, floating back around in front.
  3244. >"You must be Eris, right?" Celestia asks and Eris nods.
  3245. >"Well, how would you like to come for a ride with me?"
  3246. >Eris thinks for a moment, before nodding.
  3247. >Twilight opens her mouth to say something, but is cut off by a sharp glare from Celestia.
  3248. >All of them step outside where the rest of the mane six wait.
  3252. >"Ah, It is good to see you well, My little ponys." Celestia says.
  3253. >Eris quickly floats over to the carrige, and Celestia steps into it as well.
  3254. >"While I wish I had time to talk right now, I promised Eris a ride in my carrige."
  3255. >The carrige takes off, and the rest of them turn to Twilight.
  3256. >"How could you do that Twilight?" Rarity exclaims.
  3257. >Twilight recoils a bit, before retorting "What do you mean? She's dangerous if let be, so I'm just looking out for everyp0nys safety."
  3258. >Applejack steps forward and smacks Twilight with a hoof. "She was just a child. Would ya send Applebloom or Sweetie to be caged away?"
  3259. >"No I never..."
  3260. >Dash flies forward and pokes her "Then why the buck would you send Eris away? Isn't Anonymous our friend?"
  3261. >"But I..."
  3262. >"Well I'm not going to be friends with somep0ny who betrays their friends like that." Fluttershy says, before flying away.
  3263. >The others follow, only Pinkie remaining, hair flat.
  3264. >"Pinkie... I'm..."
  3265. >Pinkie just shakes her head and walks away.
  3266. >Ears flat, Twilight stares at the shrinking form of Celestia's carrige.
  3267. >"I did the right thing Princess, Right?"
  3271. >Landing at the castle, Celestia looks at the happily laughing Eris.
  3272. >Giving a quiet sight, Her horn lights up, before a magic cage forms around Eris.
  3273. >Eris starts pushing the bars confused, before trying to teleport away.
  3274. >When she starts to cry, Celestia lifts the cage towards her.
  3275. >"I'm sorry, but you're too dangerous for your own good."
  3276. >The cage, along with Eris vanish, teleported somewhere safe in the castle.
  3277. >Heading to her room, Celestia is met along the way by her sister.
  3278. >"Sister, that magic, did you come accross something dangerous?" Luna asks.
  3279. >"You could say that. I will need your help in a few days."
  3280. >Luna nods before heading her own way.
  3281. >Reaching her room, Celestia digs through her bookshelf for the necessary books.
  3282. >With a groan, Celestia starts arranging the books to all the right pages.
  3283. >"This is going to take some time..." She says, before getting to work.
  3287. >A loud voice from outside calls to you, and you recognize it as Rainbow Dash.
  3288. >"Anon! Hurry, Eris is in trouble!"
  3289. >You immediately spring to your feet and run out the door, nearly blowing it off its hinges.
  3290. "Where?" You ask, and Dash points to Canterlot.
  3291. "What happened?"
  3292. >"Our Ex-Friend Twilight happened. When Eris was in town, Twilight took her to her library for a 'Checkup', and ended up handing her over to Celestia."
  3293. >Your nails bite into the palm of your hand as they clench, before relaxing.
  3294. "Give me five minutes. It's time I met Celestia, Face to Face."
  3295. >Stepping inside, you prepare everything you may need.
  3296. >Swords, food, gun, armored clothes and more.
  3297. >Just as you are about to leave, one thing catches your eye, a drawing Eris did.
  3298. >Carefully folding it, you stow it in your shirt, just in front of your heart.
  3299. "Chryssy, I'm going away for a while. Take care."
  3300. >She is silent, knowing what is going to happen.
  3301. "Dash, lead the way."
  3302. >She takes off, and you run after her.
  3306. >"Anonymous wait!" Pinkie calls out, catching up with you. "Let me go with you."
  3307. "I can't Pinkie, its too dangerous."
  3308. >You notice how flat her hair is, and how she doesn't have her usual pep.
  3309. "Pinkie, its okay. I don't blame you, and I don't want to see you hurt."
  3310. >She wraps her hooves around you in a hug, and you do the same.
  3311. >Tears soak your shoulder as shy crys into it, and you lightly kiss her head.
  3312. "Don't worry, I Pinkie Promise I will bring Eris back safe."
  3313. >She sniffles before hopping back. "Thanks Anonymous. I just want you to know, we are all behind you."
  3314. >Behind her, a fair number of other ponys approach.
  3315. >"We pray for your success Anonymous" They chorus, before bowing.
  3316. >A smile on your face, you turn and start down the long road to Canterlot.
  3320. >"Princess, I come bearing bad news." A guard says, rushing into her chambers.
  3321. >She immediately rises and steps out of the mess of books and objects littered around her room.
  3322. >"What is it?"
  3323. >Pulling out a report, he opens it and begins reading.
  3324. >"From all along the path to Ponyville, we have recieved reports of a dangerous looking being headed this way."
  3325. >"It has showed no signs of agression, but nop0ny has approached it for fear of their safety."
  3326. >"A contingent of guards has been dispatched to investigate, but if speculations are correct, this is the same Demon who attacked the minotaurs."
  3327. >"It was last seen two and a half days from here."
  3328. >Celestia nods and waves him away.
  3329. >"So, Anonymous finaly shows his face." Celestia says, musing.
  3330. >"I suppose he seeks to reclaim Eris, but I can't let her Chaos run free in the world."
  3331. >Examining one of the maps adorning her walls, She measures where he would be.
  3332. >Stepping out, she calls a guard to her.
  3333. >"I need you to take a charriot to Ponyville and gather the Elements for me. I need them here within the day to prepare for the approaching demon."
  3334. >The guard salutes and says "Yes your Majesty." before running towards the airfield.
  3335. >"Soon Anonymous, we will see what you realy are."
  3339. >"Miss Pinkamena, you are requested by Princess Celestia to report to the castle immediately."
  3340. >Pinkie slams the door in the guards face and yells "No. I'm not going."
  3341. >"But its your responsibility as one of the Elements of Harmony."
  3342. >She opens the door before throwing the necklace out."Then I'm not going to be an Element anymore."
  3343. >Applejack and Rainbow dash arrive, and the guard turns to them.
  3344. >"Can you help? She refuses to come and is even willing to give up being an Element."
  3345. >Applejack sighs, and goes up to the door. "Pinkie, it's me. Let me in so ah can talk to ya alone."
  3346. >The door opens a crack "Ah Pinkie Promise."
  3347. >Pinkie opens the door and Applejack walks inside.
  3348. >Its closed behind her, and Applejack turns to Pinkie."Look, you wanna help Anon get Eris back, right?"
  3349. >Nodding, Pinkie sniffles away a few tears.
  3350. >"Then wouldn't being there be the best thing we could do? So we can suport him and help explain to princess Celestia."
  3351. >Pondering a moment, the pink mare nods before opening the door again.
  3352. >"I'll go."
  3353. >The guard lets out a relived sigh, and the four of them proceed to the chariot.
  3354. >Inside, there is a distinct split, with Twilight stuck to her own side while the others are opposite her.
  3355. >Noticing this, the guards try to rearrange them, but get nowhere, so they simply take off.
  3357. ~
  3359. >"YOU WHAT!" Celestia's Royal Canterlot voice washes over Pinkie, who stares back at her unflinching.
  3360. >"I'm not going to be an Element of Harmony anymore if you don't give Eris back to Anonymous." Pinkie replies calmly.
  3361. >Celestia turns to the others "Please, can one of you convince her?"
  3362. >Rarity, Rainbow Dash, Applejack and Fluttershy shake their head, and Twilight looks at the ground.
  3363. >"Aren't you her friends though?"
  3364. >Applejack speaks up first "We ain't gonna change her mind cuz we all feel the same."
  3365. >Celestia's eyes roam to each of them, and they all share the same look.
  3366. >"Twilight, Surely you understand the threat she poses."
  3367. >The girls glare at Twilight, but she nods meekly.
  3368. >Sighing, Celestia says "You five will be staying here for the time being. If you change your mind, there will be a guard outside your door to communicate with."
  3369. >As the five of them are "Escorted" to their room, Twilight slowly approaches.
  3370. >"Ummm... Princess, I did do the right thing, giving you Eris, right?"
  3371. >Celestia smiles and wraps a wing around her. "Of course you did. You saw the threat and acted properly to protect everyp0ny. You will make a wonderful princess one day."
  3372. >Looking up at Celestia's smiling face, her outside is calmed, and she smiles, but deep down, the turmoil remains.
  3376. >"Halt Demon. Under the orders of Princess Celestia, you are to leave or be killed."
  3377. >Staring down at the half dozen gold armored ponys, your mouth forms a thin line.
  3378. "I'm afraid I can't do that. Now, go inform Celestia to return my daughter to me or I will come get her myself."
  3379. >A murmur runs through them, and most look unsure, but one of them, a Unicorn, steps forward.
  3380. >"We don't take orders from you, now leave, or we will be forced to kill you."
  3381. >This seems to put some courage back in the others, and they advance slightly.
  3382. "Since you refuse to send my message, I will deliver it myself."
  3383. >Moving to step around them, they move to block your path.
  3384. >"Since you refuse to leave, we are left with one option."
  3385. >Three of them, normal ponys advance with spears raised, while two unicorns charge their horns.
  3386. >The pegasus shoots up in the air, but your attention is focused on the immediate threat, the spears.
  3387. >Sword sliding easily from its resting place, you bring it to bear against the guards.
  3388. >They watch it carefully, and the two unicorns release their magic at you.
  3389. >Both spells score a direct hit to absolutely no effect.
  3390. >One hurridly tries to charge another, while the other grabs hold of your blade with an aura.
  3391. >The spell drains into your hands, and with a quick flick, his grip is shattered.
  3392. >With a collective shout, the three spear weilders charge, only to have the spears sliced to bits by your sword.
  3393. >An impact to your back makes you spin around, and you send the pegasus to the ground with a backhand.
  3394. >Turning back to the guards, they have turned around and are advancing with intent to buck you.
  3395. >Another spell fizzles against you, and you step back as the first kicks.
  3396. 'They fight no different than animals...'
  3400. >Picking up the dazed pegasus, you hold it before your face.
  3401. "Now, once you can fly straight, I want you to go and deliver my message to Celestia."
  3402. >He nods hurriedly and flys away, sparing a glance at his allies, laid out across the road.
  3403. >Leaving the unconcious ponys, you continue down the path to where your daughter is held.
  3404. >The day of nonstop travel leaves you tired by sundown, so you move off the road and enter the nearby trees.
  3405. >Sleeping with one eye open, you wake for a time as a large group of guards pass, headed in the direction you came from.
  3406. >After a restless sleep, you stand and take to the road again.
  3407. >Water being the major concern, you ration yours carefully and fill up whenever possible.
  3408. >The castle looming in the distance, another group of guards stands in front of you, barring your path.
  3409. "Is Celestia going to give me back my daugter, or am I going to have to take her back."
  3410. >One pony, a unicorn steps forward.
  3411. >"By order of the Princess you are banned from the city and are ordered to leave."
  3412. >Others brandish their spears, just like before.
  3413. "You only get one warning. Let me pass and retrieve my daughter, or you may not survive."
  3414. >Like with the other group, indecision shows on many of their faces, and several move away.
  3415. >Others group up, preparing for a charge.
  3416. >Each blade comes easily off your back, their weight now familiar in your hands.
  3417. >The first two run at you, and you let out a slow breath.
  3418. "so be it, just know this, you waste your lives."
  3422. >The path behind you is littered with injured and unconcious guards, and your blades are slick with blood.
  3423. >After the first few guards well, the rest lost morale, leaving only small groups of resistance.
  3424. >Some did fight you to the death, but few of them died.
  3425. >All around you, silence fills the streets, but inside building, numerous ponys peek out, terrified of the creature that moves through their city.
  3426. >The castle looms in the distance, and you can see the remaining guards gathering in front of the gates.
  3427. "Let me pass now, I do not wish to harm any of you."
  3428. >They tighten their ranks, determined not to let you pass, until A yellow pony comes out of the castle doors.
  3429. >Startled, they turn, before freezing up.
  3430. >"Anon, you have to hurry, Eris is in trouble." Fluttershy says, her teal eyes focused intently on the guards.
  3431. >To emphasize her point, a brilliant flash comes from an upper story along with a piercing scream.
  3432. >You run past the stunned guards, and start vauling up flights of stairs, heading to where the light came from.
  3433. >Dash comes from a hallway, shouting "This way!"
  3434. >Windows and paintings pass in a blur, breaths becoming laboured and you come out into a wider hallway.
  3435. >At the other end, you can see a vivid light coming from under the door, and standing in your way is a certain Purple Unicorn.
  3439. >Coming up the stairs behind you, you can hear the clatter of hooves, and you put away your swords.
  3440. "Look Twilight. Let me pass, I need to save her."
  3441. >"I can't do that Anonymous, Celestia tasked me with this."
  3442. >Letting out a long breath, you straighten and stare her down.
  3443. >Dash, on the other hand, shoots forward. "how can you still be so dense Twilight. You know what Celestia did to Discord, because that is all she could do to him. Imagine what she is going to do to Eris."
  3444. >"Well Rainbow, let me remind you what Discord did. He turned the world into his own playground, ruining the lives of countless ponys. Who's to say Eris won't do the same or worse."
  3445. >Dash lands in front of her "And how do you know Eris will even be like that? Can you see the future?"
  3446. >Twilight's face shows a moment of doubt, before she magically pushes Dash away.
  3447. >"It doesn't matter, its better to be safe than risk the future of Equestria."
  3448. >Looking at you for a moment, Dash charges and tackles Twilight, and she yells "Anon, go rescue your daughter."
  3449. >The two wrestle as you run past, and you see Dash get pushed away and crash into a wall.
  3450. >Nearing the door, Twilight suddenly appears in front of you, teleportation no doubt.
  3451. >"Stop Anonymous, or I will stop you."
  3452. >Her horn glows, far brighter than any other, but there is no stopping you.
  3453. >Magic bolts fire off, but get absorbed harmlessly by your inherent ability.
  3454. >Fear fills Twilights eyes as you speed towards her, before they close as you are feet from her.
  3455. >With a final step, you vault her, stumbling as you land before slamming through the door.
  3457. ~
  3459. >Still in a partly crouched position, you are temporarely blinded by another brilliant flash.
  3460. >The sound of a knife clattering to the ground accompanies your vison returning, and you reach for your own knife.
  3461. >"You, how did you get here!" Celestia exclaims as she turns to face you.
  3462. >Another figure behind her shoves her aside. "Sister, you cannot do this, can you not see she is just a child?"
  3463. >Celestia turns on her sister, and releases a pulse of magic, throwing her back.
  3464. >"This is none of your concern, Luna, I must do it to protect Equestria."
  3465. >From between a pile of books, the knife that was dropped floats up, and you see Eris, your daughter struggling on a table.
  3466. >Too far to get there in time...
  3467. >With only one option, you shift, your gun sliding out of its spot in your armor.
  3468. >Celestia sees this and steps away, settling the knife above Eris.
  3469. >"Move, and I kill her." She threatens, knife settling closer to your little girl.
  3470. >Luna stumbles to her hooves, before focusing on the knife.
  3471. >A deep blue aura surrounds it, contesing with the white one and holding it steady.
  3472. >The sudden action draws Celestia's attention for a fraction of a second, and you raise the rifle, cocking back the firing pin.
  3473. "Stop this Celestia, I do not wish to hurt you."
  3474. >She glares at you, and the aura around the knife breaks free of the blue one.
  3475. >It plunges straight down, and you feel your heart stop.
  3476. >Adrenaline kicks in and you pull the trigger, the gun's call resounds down the halls of the castle.
  3480. >As the echo fades, the only sound is that of blood dripping onto the floor.
  3481. >The gun clattering to the floor as you drop it and you push your body to run as fast as it can towards Eris.
  3482. >All you can see is she has gone still and the knife standing straight.
  3483. >Magic strikes your side, to little effect, and you turn to see Celestia rising, the wound on her shoulder oozing blood at a slow but steady pace.
  3484. >"You will not get away with this, Anonymous!" She says through clenched teeth.
  3485. >Reaching the table, you find the knife buried an inch into the wood, millimeters away from Eris's shivering body.
  3486. >When she sees you, she suddenly smiles, and tries to reach up, but is restrained by glowing clamps.
  3487. >An aura forms around the knife, pulling it from the table and you reach out, taking hold of it.
  3488. >The magic vanishes under your grip, and Celestia lets out an angry hiss.
  3489. >"Why did you have to ruin everything? First, you kill Discord, one avatar of chaos I could control, and now you turn not only the Elements away from me, but my sister as well"
  3490. >She lowers her head, her long, sharp horn aimed at your heart.
  3491. >With little room to maneuver, you shift away from Eris as she charges, her wings tight to her sides.
  3492. >Sidestepping at the last moment, you direct her momentum into a bookshelf behind you, which falls with a crash, books scattering everywhere.
  3493. >Moving back to the table you start examining the cuffs for some way to unlock them.
  3494. >Staggering to her feet, a slightly dazed Celestia laughs at you "Nop0ny can open those except me, because they are magically locked."
  3495. "That may be true, but I'm not a pony."
  3496. >Taking hold of the clamps on her arms, you feel the magic slowly draining out of them, and they suddenly give way, clattering against the walls as you let go.
  3497. >Celestia charges you again, stumbling slightly and you sidestep again, but this time, you grab her around the neck and chest and force her to the ground.
  3498. "Where I'm from, it would be fine for me to kill you right here and now. Not only have you attempted to take my life multiple times, you kidnapped and threatened the life of my daughter."
  3499. "Now, what should I do with you?"
  3503. >The knife in your hand edges closer to her throat and her eyes widen.
  3504. "Think about it, dying by the same knife you were going to use to kill my daughter ending your life instead."
  3505. >Underneath you, you can feel faint tremors running through her body, while at the same time, her upper body is as tense as can be.
  3506. >You drop the knife and stand, turning away from her.
  3507. "But I'm not like you. I don't kill unless I have to, and thats one of the first lessons I taught Eris."
  3508. >Taking hold of the shakles around Eris's ankles, you drain and remove these, before picking her up.
  3509. >In the comfort of your arms, she gives a soft sigh.
  3510. >Luna steps over and stands in front of the door.
  3511. >"Anonymous, please wait. We know we can't stop you, but you can't just walk out."
  3512. "Why not, I just walked in, so it should be no problem to do the opposite."
  3513. >"There are things we, that is you and I need to discuss."
  3514. >Celestia rises to her feet, and glares at her sister. "Why, are you going to conspire against me?"
  3515. >She stumbles, and Luna moves over to support her.
  3516. >"Of course not sister, you are just in no condition to do anything. Besides, you and I have to discuss your punishment."
  3517. >Celestia steps back, her injured leg giving out and she drops to her belly.
  3518. >"Why should I be punished? I have done nothing wrong."
  3519. >Luna tries to help her up, but Celestia pushes her away.
  3520. >With a sigh, Luna shifts away a bit. "Sister, calm yourself a bit and think. not only did you second-hoofedly kidnap a child, you tried to kill her."
  3521. >Celestia staggers to her hooves again, and stumbles out of the room.
  3522. >Standing, Luna moves to follow her, and you rest a hand on her shoulder.
  3523. "I think you should let her have some time to patch up and clear her head."
  3524. >After a moment of staring at you, she nods "As you wish."
  3528. >"I understand your desire to leave, but there are several important things that must be asked." Luna says, taking a seat.
  3529. >Sitting down across from her, you cradle the dozy Eris, worn out by the fear of the day.
  3530. "Please, ask away." you say.
  3531. >Luna pulls out a number of sheets of paper.
  3532. >"According to these, you encountered a number of changelings seeking to pass through the Everfree forest."
  3533. "Thats correct, though I am not sure they sought to pass through. After an encounter at an upwelling of gems, they attacked me and I retaliated. After that, they set camp and started hunting me, so I fought back."
  3534. >"So, by capturing the changeling queen, you sought a quick and minimalistic way to end the conflict, correct?"
  3535. >The moment this question leaves her lips, you are on your feet and in her face.
  3536. "How did you know that? I never informed anyone about it."
  3537. >Luna looks at you, confusion written on her face. "But our sister recieved these from Twilight."
  3538. >She passes the papers to you, and you start sifting through them.
  3539. "These are my personal journal entrys. How would Twilight get them?"
  3540. >Luna accepts them back, and shrugs her withers "We do not know, Celestia is the one who recieved them, I only have them second hoof."
  3541. >Sitting back down, you lay Eris on a nearby pillow.
  3542. "She must have copied them at some time. I shouldn't have trusted them so easily."
  3543. >"Please do not blame her too much. She is naturaly inquisitive, and with you being a rather unique individual, she likely felt compeled to learn anything she could."
  3544. >She stacks the papers, and says "If you wish, we can destroy these so nop0ny else reads them."
  3545. "No, its fine. What's done is done, though I will have to hide my journal better, to prevent further incidents."
  3546. >"As you wish. It is nearing time for me to raise the moon, so We will have to end here. We shall have some of out personal guards escort you home."
  3547. >You stand, picking up Eris and turn to Luna.
  3548. "Thank you for helping, and for being reasonable. If there is anything you may want, just visit and if it is within my power, I will grant it to you."
  3549. >She gives you a warm smile before saying "We will keep that in mind. We wish you well, and take care Anonymous."
  3550. >Rather than leaving by the door, she takes off gracefully from one of the balconys and you make your way to the main hall.
  3552. ~
  3554. >Anon Personal Journal-Day 249: Back Home With Eris
  3556. >With that incident in the past, Hopefully life will settle down a bit.
  3557. >My supplies are still as they were left, thankfully, so we have food to eat.
  3558. >Instead of traveling through town, I chose to bypass it.
  3559. >I want to wait to see if any storys crop up that may show the negative side of my quest.
  3560. >The others, except for Twilight were sent home ahead of me, Twilight apparently elected to stay in Canterlot.
  3561. >Every death I caused weighs heavily on my heart, and I plan to hold a ceremony to honour their lives.
  3562. >It's the least I can do.
  3563. >Eris has been a bit clingy, but after what she went through, I can't blame her.
  3564. >What happened to Celestia was kept secret from me, but I can understand why.
  3565. >Time to wait and see what the fallout of this is.
  3569. >"There is no way I am getting banished to the moon, not even for a month." Celestia exclaims.
  3570. >Bandages shoulder and all, Celestia rises to leave, but Luna lays a restraining wing on her.
  3571. >"Sister, Do not think of it as a banishment. Consider it a time to reflect and calm down."
  3572. >"Calm Down! You are suggesting I just up and roll over because I may have made a poor choice. You are simply trying to appease Anonymous."
  3573. >Luna's jaw drops, before she strikes Celestia across the cheek with a hoof.
  3574. >"Do you think we want to send you to the moon? We only suggest it because we need you away for a moment while the fallout is taken care of.
  3575. >"Besides, what would our subjects think if they saw you injured like that?"
  3576. >Celestia stares at Luna for a moment, before sighing "I concede to your logic, but won't ponys be curious as to why I am missing."
  3577. >"We have plans for that too. Our subjects will be informed that you are taking a vacation after the stress of recent events, and that you will still be performing your duty, but from your vacation house."
  3578. >*Sigh* "You realy thought of everything, didn't you?" Celestia says, sitting back down.
  3579. >"Another thing We wish to mention, is that before Anonymous left, he told us that he owed us a favour. Anything within his power."
  3580. >"Is that us as in you and I, or the royal Us?" Celestia asks.
  3581. >"Me, but I am not sure what we could use it for."
  3582. >"Then don't. While I am on leave, I will consider possible uses for it."
  3583. >Luna lets out a sigh "Yes sister. I'm glad you are not angry at me for trying to stop you."
  3584. >Celestia leans against her "You're my sister, I could never be angry at you for long."
  3585. >"Us neither" Luna says, leaning too.
  3586. >"I suppose we should send me off soon." Celestia says, standing, and Luna does so as well.
  3591. >Rising from your seat, you move to the door and open it.
  3592. >As soon as you do, Pinkie bounces straight up and wraps around you in a hug.
  3593. >"HI ANON!"
  3594. "Good afternoon Pinkie, what brings you to this neck of the woods?"
  3595. >She drops to the ground, only to be tackle hugged by Eris, who comes shooting out of the house.
  3596. >"ERIS!" Pinkie exclaims, hugging her
  3597. >"Auntie Pinkie!" Eris exclaims back.
  3598. "Its good to see you Pinkie, Eris has been a little down since... Well..."
  3599. >Pinkie nods solemnly, before suddenly cheering up.
  3600. >"I know, lets all go into town together, that way we can go and get cupcakes."
  3601. >Eris looks up at you pleadingly, and Pinkie does the same.
  3602. "Sure, Lemme just grab some money and we can go have fun."
  3603. >They both give a cheer and scramble aside as you move to your room.
  3604. >Taking some coins, you grab your journal, never leaving it alone.
  3605. >Both Eris and Pinkie excitedly orbit you as you walk out the door, before you all head into town.
  3609. >The woods are calm, and the three of you make a quick stop at Fluttershy's on the way.
  3610. >Out behind the house, you see the big manticore from before, who comes bounding towards you.
  3611. "Hey, how are you doing?" You ask, and they stop right in front of you before shoring their paw.
  3612. >The wound is still there, but it looks much better and you pat them on the head.
  3613. "Thats good to see."
  3614. >It rubs against your hand a moment before heading off, and so do you.
  3615. >Reaching the edge of town, Pinkie and Eris run off, and call after them.
  3616. "Remember what happened last time, stay together."
  3617. >Both of them leave sight and you start a slow walk through town.
  3618. >Many ponys step out of your way, and even more keep glancing at you.
  3619. >Within the small town, you soon find the marketplace, ponys moving around and talking at a hurried pace.
  3620. >Your height compared to the ponys allows you to see everything, and you soon spot a familiar orange pony.
  3621. >"Well howdy there Anon, What brings you to town?" Applejack asks as you make your way to her stand.
  3622. "Not much, Pinkie decided to stop by and we all decided to come to town for a day of relaxing."
  3623. >Applejack puts a hoof to her chin, pondering a moment. "If yer lookin to relax, its Fluttershy and Rarity's spa day today, they may take you with em."
  3624. >Scanning the sign on her stand, despite the lack of practice, you can make out most of its info.
  3625. "You think I could get half a dozen apples?" You ask, pulling out the correct number of bits.
  3626. >Setting a small bag on the stand, she takes the bits and passes you the bag.
  3627. >"Rarity's place is over there" Aj points to a large, carousel looking building. "If ya hurry, you should be able to catch em."
  3628. >Taking your apples, you head off to Rarity's place.
  3630. ~
  3632. >Knocking on the door, Rarity's voice calls out. "My appologies, but I am closed for the day."
  3633. "I see, perchance would I be able to come in?"
  3634. >You hear her gasp, before scrambling to the door.
  3635. >It opens, revealing Rarity and Fluttershy.
  3636. >"Anonymous, what brings you to my humble boutique?" She asks, stepping back to allow you inside.
  3637. >Ducking under the doorway, you step into the building.
  3638. "Eris, Pinkie and I are having a relaxation day in town, and Applejack told me you two were heading to the spa, so I was curious as to if I could join you."
  3639. >"Of course, the more the merrier, right Fluttershy?" Rarity says with a smile.
  3640. >Fluttershy nods, and grabs a bag on the ground.
  3641. >"I shall be only a moment." Rarity says, running off, and you seat yourself on the ground.
  3642. >Scuffing her hoof along the ground, Fluttershy looks down, with the occasional look at you.
  3643. >"So... Ummm...." Fluttershy says quietly "Do you... ummmm..."
  3644. >As you turn to look at her, she lets out an adorable "Eeep!" and looks back at the ground.
  3645. "Did you want to ask something Fluttershy?" You ask, and she shakes her head quickly.
  3646. >Rarity enters, a saddlebag across her back, and Fluttershy fouses on her.
  3647. >"Well then, its time to go." Rarity says, and you hold open the door for her.
  3648. >As she passes, she says "My, what a gentlecolt." and you give her a smile.
  3652. >*Jingle Jingle*
  3653. >A bell rings overhead as you open the door to the Spa for Rarity and Fluttershy.
  3654. >"Rarity, Fluttershy, Here for your weekly treatment?" A voice calls as a pony exits from a door to the back.
  3655. >Upon turning, their ears flatten and they add "And Anonymous, what are you doing here."
  3656. >"He decided that on his day of relaxation he would join us at one of the best spa's in Equestria."
  3657. >The smile on the ponys face is obviously strained, until a second comes from the back room.
  3658. >This new pony spots you and gives a big smile, before moving around the counter. "You are Anonymous right, you saved me from the Minotaurs, remember."
  3659. "Ah, yes. How have you done since then?"
  3660. >"Great, though I'm guessing you aren't here for idle conversation?"
  3661. >Rarity passes over a small jingling bag, and says "He's here for a treatment too."
  3662. "Yep, and how much would it cost?" You ask, digging a stack of coins from your pockets.
  3663. >The blue mare waves a hoof. "I couldn't ask for you to pay, after you saved me."
  3664. >They open the door, and motion you through. "Please, I will take care of you personally."
  3665. >Following her, Rarity and Fluttershy are taken into a different room.
  3666. >"I guess I never told you, my name's Lotus, its nice to meet you."
  3670. >Laying on a series of tables, arranged for your large form, you feel Lotus walking carefully on your back.
  3671. >Each time she finds a knot, she stops and focuses her work there, and you often let out a sigh.
  3672. >"You know, we don't often get bipeds here."
  3673. "Hmmm, can't imagine why not." you sigh as Lotus knocks out another knot of muscles.
  3674. >"And done." She says, stepping off.
  3675. >Standing while making sure the towel doesn't fall off your waist, you give a quick stretch.
  3676. "Great job, nothing feels wrong or out of place."
  3677. >She rubs her head with a hint of a blush "Thanks, next up is a quick soak in the hot tub, before..."
  3678. "Before what?" You ask, tilting your head slightly.
  3679. >"I guess I should ask, Do you want the hooficure? I mean, I don't know how it would work with those paw-things you have."
  3680. "They're called hands." You say, holding them out to her and wiggling your fingers. "Typically, guys dont get their nails treated or anything, but I can make an exception."
  3681. >She calms a bit and shows you to the next room, where you are sat down on a slightly too small chair.
  3682. >"We might as well get this done first, so you don't have to share the hottub with Fluttershy and Rarity."
  3683. "Thats very considerate of you, thanks."
  3684. >Several familiar tools are on a table nearby, and she brings over a file.
  3685. >"So... How does this work?" She asks with the file in her mouth.
  3686. "Round and trim down the nails on each finger. You should be able to tell when its at the right length."
  3687. >Leaning back and closing your eyes, you relax as she gets to work, the only sound the soft scraping of the file against your nails.
  3691. >As you make your way to the front room of the spa, you dig out a stack of coins from your pocket.
  3692. >Lotus stayed back, cleaning up after the treatment, and as you pass the front desk, you set the coins on them.
  3693. >Rarity and Fluttershy are waiting for you, their coats looking rather shiny.
  3694. >"So, Anonymous, how was your treatment?" Rarity asks as you open the door for them.
  3695. "Wonderful, I realy needed that."
  3696. >Fluttershy mumbles something before running off.
  3697. "Whats up with her?" You ask, and Rarity sighs.
  3698. >"She's always like that around ponys she just met. Her name is very apt, since she's quite shy."
  3699. "so, does that mean that you are a rarity?" You joke, and a small blush forms on her white cheeks.
  3700. >"Nopony's ever commented on that, though I suppose it may be true."
  3701. >With a stretch, you kneel down and take one of her hooves in your hand.
  3702. "This was quite enjoyable, we shall have to do it again." You give a short bow before rising.
  3703. >She nods, the blush still on her face and you turn to leave.
  3704. >"Wait, would you like to come over for tea? Its still my day off and I would enjoy some company."
  3705. "Thank you, but I have to check on Pinkie and Eris, make sure they are staying out of trouble."
  3706. >The moment you say this, a pair of small, missmatched claws cover your eyes.
  3707. >"Guess who?" the voice says, and you reach around.
  3708. "Hmmmm. Is it Pinkie?" You ask, knowing full well who it is.
  3709. >"Nope."
  3710. "Umm, Fluttershy?"
  3711. >"Nope."
  3712. "I don't know then, I give up."
  3713. >"Its me Daddy!" Eris says, floating around in front of you.
  3714. >Grabbing her in a hug, you look around, finding Pinkie is nowhere to be seen.
  3715. >"So Anonymous, about my offer?"
  3719. >As you, Rarity and Eris sit at her house, enjoying a delicious tea and some home baked cookies, Pinkie has started panicing about Eris going missing again.
  3720. >"Ummmm where did Anonymous say he was going?"
  3721. >Running around the market, she hears Applejack call her over.
  3722. >"Hey Pinkie, hows yer day with Eris goin?"
  3723. >"Ummm, well she went and vanished again so... Hey, do you know where Anonymous went?"
  3724. >"As a matter o' fact Ah do. He went with Rarity and Fluttershy to the spa, but by this time, they should be back."
  3725. >Pinkie nods energetically, and hops off.
  3726. "Rarity, this has been a pleasure, I hope we can come and visit again."
  3727. >"Think nothing of it Anonymous, it was enjoyable for me as well."
  3728. >Eris stands beside you, holding a small bag of cookies, courtesy of Rarity and you open the door to leave.
  3729. >The moment the door opens you are bowled over by a pink cannonball.
  3730. >"ANONYMOUS! ERIS IS MISSING AGAIN!" Pinkie cries out, latched to your chest.
  3731. >Patting her on the head, you gently turn her so she can see Eris.
  3732. >"Oh..." Pinkie says, before sitting up.
  3733. >Moving her off you, you stand and dust yourself off.
  3734. "We were just about to head home Pinkie. Thank you for watching Eris for the day."
  3735. >Giggling, Pinkie says "No problemo Anonymous, Its always fun to play with her."
  3736. >Pinkie, Eris and you walk out to the edge of town, before you encounter a group of ponys blocking the way.
  3738. ~
  3740. >"Are you the one called Anonymous?" One asks, stepping forward.
  3741. "Yes, that is me." You say, crossing your arms.
  3742. >A murmur runs through the collected ponys, and before you can react, they kneel, bowing in front of you.
  3743. >"We wish to thank you for everything you have done."
  3744. >"Without you, we would have been overrun twice already. First with changelings, and after that, by minotaurs."
  3745. >"For this, we are eternaly grateful, and we wish to express our gratitude."
  3746. >One pony rises, and brings forward a basket.
  3747. >"We worked together to create this gift for you."
  3748. >Accepting the basket, you pat the pony who brought it on the shoulder.
  3749. "Thank you, this is very kind of you."
  3750. >The pony who brought the basket quickly moves back, bowing again.
  3751. >Several others approach them, and they share a whispered conversation.
  3752. "If you will excuse me, it is time for me to head home."
  3753. >They hurriedly part, and you and Eris walk to the forest, Pinkie heading back from there.
  3754. >Nothing further happens on the walk home, except for you keeping Eris from eating all the cookies.
  3758. >In her personal chambers, Luna paces, taking the occasional glance out at Ponyville in the distance, a small speck of light in the night.
  3759. >Destressing from her drastically increased work load, she contemplates the one thing that may ease everything for her.
  3760. >"We know Celestia said not to worry about it, but just thinking of what he could give, it is exhilarating, to say the least."
  3761. >"Perhaps he could supply us with some of those strange metal tube weapons he used."
  3762. >"Or maybe..."
  3763. >A stray thought crosses her mind, causing her to blush.
  3764. >Pulling out the stack of journal entrys, she starts sifting through them, stopping at two points.
  3765. >A certain sentence stands out for her, and she seriously considers its validity.
  3766. >"An hour... There is no way this could be true, can there?"
  3767. >Stowing the papers away, Luna heads out into the hallways, headed to where Twilight is staying.
  3768. >Gently rapping on Twilights door, it opens to reveal a slightly frazzle-maned Twilight.
  3769. >"Luna, what brings you here?" She asks, stepping back and motioning Luna inside.
  3770. >"We appologize for visiting so late, but we have been considering some things, and we wish to confirm some data with you."
  3771. >Twilight sits on a cusion, and Luna takes the one across from her.
  3772. >"You may not have heard, but Anonymous granted us one favour, anything within his power, and I have been considering several options."
  3773. >"What we wished to confirm with you was the accuracy of a particular number from his journal."
  3774. >"Of course Princess, anything I can do to help." Twilight says enteusiasticaly.
  3775. >A blush creeps across Luna's features again, and she leans in to whisper to Twilight.
  3776. >The blush spreads, before Twilight nods. "That number is accurate, I asked her personally."
  3777. >"Thank thee Twilight." Luna says, before returning to her room, an idea already forming in her mind.
  3781. >Celestia Lunar Journal, Day 3
  3783. >I have decidied to keep a record of my time here, partly to organize my thoughts and partly to pass the time.
  3784. >It is actually quite beautiful up here, if not a little quiet.
  3785. >I've found a stone structure, made by Luna during her time here, and it makes for an excellent place to sleep.
  3786. >While I am supposed to reflect on my choices here, I don't feel I did anything wrong.
  3787. >Its true, Twilight shouldn't have betrayed her friends trust like that, but she made the right decision giving Eris to me.
  3788. >She may not seem like it now, but when she grows up, she will be a threat to all ponykind.
  3789. >Wether or not she is a child is irrelevant.
  3790. >And this new rift between the Elements will cause problems.
  3791. >The favour though...
  3792. >His thunderstick might be a good choice, its a powerful weapon and being able to create more of them would make Equestria's army unstoppable.
  3793. >On the other hoof, his allegiance would be a good option too.
  3794. >The possibilities are numerous, but trusting him at this point would be unwise.
  3798. >Anon Personal Journal-Day 253: First Visit to Town
  3800. >Today I had my first true visit to town, or Ponyville, as it is named.
  3801. >I did not get much looking around done, but I now have an idea of the basic layout.
  3802. >Applejack was at the market selling apples, and I picked up some, and she also directed me to Rarity's house.
  3803. >Rarity, Fluttershy and I went to the Ponyville spa, and I had a wonderfully relaxing time.
  3804. >Pinkie and Eris seem to have had fun, and Rarity even gave Eris a bag of cookies to take home from after tea.
  3805. >There seems to be a group of ponys who know more than the others, as they knew about me dealing with the changelings.
  3806. >They offered me their thanks, as well as a gift basket, which contains an odd assortment of things.
  3807. >A few red roses, which I have set in a makeshift vase right now, some candys, a toothbrush with an odd handle, assorted fruits and vegtables and a unique looking watch
  3808. >The watch is gold with a silver inlay on the front that looks a lot like the small shrine cover I built.
  3809. >Its inner workings are similar to a human one, and it does not seem to need winding.
  3810. >These gifts are very appreciated, though I feel slightly undeserving, since all I did was what any normal person would do.
  3811. >I need to go hunting soon, my groceries from before are running low.
  3813. ~
  3815. >Anon Personal Journal-Day 255: Good Hunt and Good Fun
  3817. >Yesterdays hunt turned some rather spectacular results.
  3818. >Not only did I manage to ambush a fair sized deer, but it was a buck as well, and one with a magnificent rack.
  3819. >The horns will make excellent eating utensils and tools with a few days work, and the meat will last a while if it stays as cold as it is.
  3820. >Pinkie foalsat Eris while I was hunting, and they both seem to have had a ball, since when I got back there was a pair of forts set up in the main area and pillows were flying left and right.
  3821. >The moment I stepped into view, they both turned on me, and I had to defend myself.
  3822. >By dinner time, we were all exhausted and our sides were sore from laughter.
  3823. >Pinkie stayed for dinner, a homecooked meal of carrots, a simple salad, and some deer for Eris and I, or so I planned.
  3824. >What surprised me was Pinkie asked for a small piece of meat to be cooked for her as well.
  3825. >It turns out Ponys do occasionally eat meat, but it is incredibly expensive and it requires years of training to prepare, or so she says.
  3826. >Apparently I'm quite a good meat cook, since none of it goes uneaten, and we finish off the cookies from Rarity for dessert.
  3827. >After escorting Pinkie home, Eris and I prepared for bed and I have started getting her in the habit of brushing her teeth.
  3828. >Tonight, the moon is different, a small shape has started appearing on its surface.
  3832. >Celestia Lunar Journal, Day 6
  3834. >Life up here isn't as bad as I thought, though it would get monotonous after a while.
  3835. >Sure, there's nop0ny to talk to, but its also relaxing, not having to deal with ponys and requests, day in and day out.
  3836. >Luna, she made a good choice "Vacationing" me here.
  3837. >After some serious thinking, I've realised I may have done something drastic that We all would regret if I wasn't given time to relax.
  3838. >Every night, I'm stuck with the image of me stabbing and killing Eris haunting my dreams.
  3839. >Even though I didn't, My concious seems to be against my decision.
  3840. >Sometimes you have to make difficult decisions, no matter how much they hurt.
  3841. >Luna is sending a care package tomorrow, and I'm curious as to what she'll send.
  3842. >Realy, while there isn't much I can write here, I still find it soothing.
  3846. >A knocking comes at your door, and you rise to answer it.
  3847. >As it silently swings inwards, you look down to see the princess of the night standing there.
  3848. "Luna, it is a pleasure to see you well."
  3849. >"Yes, and you as well. May we come in?"
  3850. "Of course, please." You say, stepping inside.
  3851. >Luna looks around at the damage everywhere, and says "We would have expected something more for your domicile Anonymous."
  3852. "Minotaurs didn't much care for the house when they took it over while I was gone."
  3853. >"Would you like for us to repair it magically?" She asks, and you shake your head.
  3854. "No, I feel it is best to do things by hand, they feel more satisfying and last longer if made with love."
  3855. >"Yes... Love..." Luna says, a faint pink appearing on her deep blue face.
  3856. "So, what brings you out here?"
  3857. >She takes a seat in one of your remaining chairs, and looks around.
  3858. >"We had questions about the favour, and we possible wish to redeem it.
  3859. "Sure, what kind of questions?"
  3860. >Eris pops into the room, before scurrying behind you.
  3861. >Carefully picking her up, you bring her in front of you.
  3862. "There's nothing to worry about Eris. She's a good pony who helped save you."
  3863. >Still visible scared, Eris move over and says "Thank you."
  3864. >Luna moves off the chair and lowers herself to the ground.
  3865. >"Your very welcome Eris. We are sorry we couldn't stop our sister earlier."
  3866. "Luna, how about you spend dinner here. We can discuss things later, once Eris is in bed."
  3867. >She smiles and nods. "Sure, we would appreciate that."
  3871. >Dinner resting in your stomachs, you and Luna sit in front of your small fireplace.
  3872. >"That was an excelent dinner Anonymous. Its rare for us to be able to consume meat as many ponys consider it barbaric."
  3873. "You are quite welcome Princess, now what questions do you have?"
  3874. >"First, we wish to know if you would be willing to part with your thunderstick or information on them?"
  3875. "No. There are reasons for this, but to put it simply, my old word was eternaly on the brink of being wiped out by the weapons that follow it."
  3876. >Luna nods, not sure how to take this information.
  3877. >"Next, We wish to know if you have any reservations to working for us? You will be allowed to stay and work from here, with us coming to you."
  3878. >'Hmnnn... Thats a good question.'
  3879. >Scratching your chin, you think for a moment.
  3880. "I do not think there would be any problems, so long as there is no risk to Eris or myself."
  3881. >Luna lets out a gasp. "We thought you trusted us. We would never let any harm to come to you or your daughter."
  3882. >Your smile calms her a bit, and a sudden blush forms on her cheeks.
  3883. >"Well, our request for your favour is for you to become ..." *Mumble Mumble*
  3884. "I appologize, but I couldnt make that out."
  3885. >"We wish for you to become the *Whispering* Royal Consort."
  3886. "Interesting. Before I accept, what would my job duties be?"
  3887. >"Well, there are a few key things. Primarely, you are an outside source of advice and wisdom for royalty.
  3888. >"The second main job is to help us with personal problems, and of course, you are forbidden from spreading such things."
  3889. "Of course, standard confidentiality. That is no problem. Are there any other key jobs?"
  3890. >"Umm... Well there is a final one, which is... *Whispering* to help with sexual urges."
  3891. >Judging by the look on her face, you can tell she is very embarased about this, possibly a virgin.
  3892. >Thinking back, Sari's death comes up, acting as a sort of shield on your mind, but you struggle past.
  3893. "I can do that, though I would also need some advanced warning, so I may have Eris out of the house."
  3894. >"We can help with that too. We would like to add a room to your house, a private room where we..."
  3895. >Your hand wanders over onto her shoulder, and you slowly rub.
  3896. "If you wish, I can give you a test run."
  3897. >She blushes, and her horn glows vividly.
  3898. >A new door appears on the back wall, and she rises and heads towards it, you following close behind.
  3899. >Very close behind.
  3901. ~
  3903. >Anon Personal Journal-Day 258: Lunar Laying
  3905. >The new room Luna made is a bedroom, completely soundproof and with what has to be the most fluid immune bed ever.
  3906. >My ears are still ringing a bit, but it is worth it for that Perfect Princess Butt.
  3907. >Her rear was perfect. The right size, shape, texture, firmness, everything.
  3908. >Of course, I got to ride it all night long, much to her pleasure.
  3909. >This new job pays quite well.
  3910. >Apparently working directly and secretly for the rulers is quite lucrative.
  3911. >Not that I need the money, it is simply a statement of fact.
  3912. >Right now, I need to get proper materials for repairing my house, as when spring comes, I do not want water leaking in or any other damage.
  3913. >The shape on the moon has grown, only slightly, and its still indistinguishable.
  3914. >It still hurts, thinking of Sari, but I have gotten past it mostly.
  3915. >Chrysalis may just get the love she was wanting before.
  3916. >If she's polite about it, of course.
  3920. >Celesita Lunar Journal, Day 8
  3922. >Luna's care package was simple, but thoughtfull.
  3923. >A few of my favourite books, a warm blanket and, my favourite, a slice of strawberry cake.
  3924. >These dreams are starting to get to me...
  3925. >Every night, I find it harder to get to sleep, and I keep waking up in a cold sweat.
  3926. >Maybe Luna was right, I should have... No, I made the right decision.
  3927. >For the safety of all my little ponys.
  3928. >The injury Anonymous caused me has healed quite well, and there won't be any scarring or anything.
  3929. >I know that that weapon isn't of Equestrian origin, begging the question.
  3930. >Where is he from?
  3931. >Why is he here?
  3932. >And is he a threat to my ponys?
  3933. >At this point, it looks like only time will tell.
  3937. >With a bounce in her step, Luna wanders the halls of Canterlot Castle.
  3938. >Her night with Anonymous was... Perfect.
  3939. >It couldn't have gone any better, and she can't wait to share the news with Celestia.
  3940. >"We wonder if Cadence or Twilight will wish to know, but then, Cadence is married."
  3941. >"Perhaps we shall simply inform her, let her know the option is there, but she doesn't have to take it."
  3942. >Making her way to the royal appartments, she encounters Twilihg ton her way back as well.
  3943. >"Princess, are you coming to visit?" She asks, putting a book away in her saddlebag.
  3944. >"Yes, we wished to inform you, Cadence and Shining of a new development."
  3945. >Twilight opens the door leading to her shared rooms with her brother and his wife, and holds them open for Luna.
  3946. >"Welcome back Twily." Shining calls from the other room before coming into the main one.
  3947. >"Princess Luna, what brings you here?"
  3948. >Luna takes a seat and Cadence quickly joins them.
  3949. >"We have important news, specifically for all royalty. This does include thou, Twilight."
  3950. >"The long empty role of Royal Consort has now been filled."
  3951. >"Anonymous is in private service to Celestia, ourself, and you three."
  3952. >Twilight and Shining immediately turn to eachother, before turning back to Luna.
  3953. >"Are you sure this is safe Princess?" Shining asks, concerned.
  3954. >Luna nods, a smile on her face. "Quite, he is perfect for the role, because he can exceed the expectations for all aspects of the job."
  3955. >"Princess, you didn't..." Twilight says, a blush starting to form.
  3956. >Nodding again, Luna blushes, remembering her lust filled night.
  3957. >"Ah, he is the perfect stallion, skilled beyond imagining." Dreaminly, Luna gazes at the roof, red flowing across her cheeks and a warmth spreading in her nethers.
  3958. >Cadence and Twilight share a look, before they shoo Shining from the appartment.
  3959. >"Tell us all about it!" Cadence says, leaning over, Twilight much the same.
  3960. >"None of this leaves the room." Luna says, before leaning in again.
  3964. >Far off in the lands beyond Appleoosa, in the land of the minotaurs, the first messenger back from the raiding party arrives at the capital.
  3965. >The messenger kneels before the king.
  3966. >"My King, I come bearing bad news."
  3967. >"The raid was sucessful, despite the ponys learning of our plans beforehand and evacuating."
  3968. >"They were tracked to a forest, the Everfree, the ponys call it."
  3969. >"When our bulls went after them, they encountered something, a creature similar to us, but more like a monkey."
  3970. >"Alone, it delayed and harried us, going so far as to attack our camp."
  3971. >"It fought with traps and poisons, killing several of our number, and when we finaly cornered it, it fell into a deep chasm."
  3972. >"We raided its home, and from there, the soldiers continued to the town on the other side of the forest."
  3973. >"Our siege was sucessful for as long as it lasted, but it did not last long."
  3974. >"The monkey thing, some kind of demon came back, bathed in blood and wielding two massive blades, slaughtered most of the troops."
  3975. >"Those few who survived offered themselves up to the ponys to be saved, and were promptly jailed."
  3976. >Bowing, the messenger waits while the king digests the news.
  3977. >The king rises, and steps down.
  3978. >"You have done well, bringing me this news, but I have one further job for you."
  3979. >"Inform the captains. We go to War."
  3980. >The messenger salutes, and runs out to the barracks.
  3982. ~
  3984. >Chrysalis stands hesitantly outside your door, raising a hoof to knock before setting it down again.
  3985. >"Why am I so nervous, I've visited so many times, why should this be any different."
  3986. >Taking a deep breath, she raises a hoof again, and the door suddenly swings open.
  3987. >Quickly scrambling back, she sits down and looks up at you.
  3988. "Good morning Chrysalis, I was just going to visit you actually."
  3989. >A warm flush runs through her, and she asks "Why?"
  3990. "I need a reason to visit one of my friends?"
  3991. >"I guess not, so, what did you want to do?"
  3992. >Stepping back you motion her inside.
  3993. "How about we hang out here for a time, before we take Eris and visit town again?"
  3994. >She follows you inside, and immediately notices the new door.
  3995. >"Hey, whats that room?"
  3996. "Hmnnn... Ah, thats a new addition, you can check it out if you want."
  3997. >Chrysalis walks to the room, and you move to Eris's bedroom, where she is currently playing.
  3998. "Eris, we have a guest and later we are going to visit Pinkie."
  3999. >She looks over at you happily before teleporting in front of you and wrapping you in a hug.
  4000. >"Yay, I love Auntie Pinkie and I love you Daddy!"
  4001. >Eris clings onto you as you move back into the living room.
  4002. >You can see Chrysalis rolling around on the bed in the other room, marveling at its luxuriousness.
  4003. "No, thats not a guest room Chryssy, so you can't stay over just to sleep in it."
  4004. >She looks at you over her stomach, tail staying up for decency in front of minors, despite how much you know she wants to show them off.
  4005. >Rolling off, she comes back out into the main room, and moves beside you.
  4006. >"Hello Eris, how are you today?"
  4010. >Trudging through the snow, you and Chryssy head to town, Eris sitting on Chryssy's back, giggling.
  4011. >Together like this, you must look like a family to others.
  4012. >Town comes into view, and you pick up your pace, a light sprinkling of snow starting.
  4013. >Eris shivers a bit, so you pick her up and stick her inside your jacket, her head poking out the top with yours and her tail poking out the bottom.
  4014. >Chrysalis lets out a soft laugh at the sight, and you continue to the bakery where Pinkie works.
  4015. >As you open the door and the bell rings overhead, a pink blur shoots up to you.
  4017. "Pinkie, slow down a bit." You say, putting a hand on her head.
  4018. "We are here because we wanted to visit you and some other friends in town, Yes, Eris is in my jacket, no she can't stay right now, but after I get something done with herm she can help you."
  4019. >Pinkie nods, before shooting back behind the counter.
  4020. >"So, can I get you anything?"
  4021. >Stepping up to the counter, you look at all the baked goods behind the glass.
  4022. "I'll have a slice of apple pie, and Eris will have..."
  4023. >You see Eris's eyes intently focused on a slice of very chocolatey cake.
  4024. "She'll have that slice of cake. Do you want anything Chryssy?"
  4025. >Chryssy shakes her head, and Pinkie pulls out the ordered foods.
  4026. >Passing her the required bits, you take the food to a table and let Eris out.
  4027. >She ravenously dives on the cake, until you grab her by onr of her horns.
  4028. "Eris, remember your manners."
  4029. >She grins sheepishly at you, face covered in chocolate icing.
  4030. >The two of you finish and thank Pinkie for the meal, before heading out again along with Chryssy.
  4031. "Next stop, Rarity's."
  4035. >As you enter Rarity's shop, she comes around the corner before welcoming you.
  4036. >"What brings you to my shop Anonymous?" She asks, moving a pair of red glasses up on her head.
  4037. "This little girl here" You say, holding up Eris "Is in need of some clothes."
  4038. >Rarity looks her over, and noticing her chocolatey face, she says, well you'll have to clean her up first, but I'll see what I can do."
  4039. >Eris immediately trys to squirm out of your grip, but you hold her tight.
  4040. "Now, if you act like an animal, I'm going to have to clean you like one. Again."
  4041. >She immediately stops struggling, and you carry her to the bathroom and get a warm washcloth to wipe her face.
  4042. >Once she is chocoate free, you head back to the main room where Rarity and Chryssy wait, the former with measuring tapes everywhere.
  4043. >"Now, what kind of clothing were you thinking about?" Rarity asks as Eris gets attacked by tape measures.
  4044. "Mostly stuff that will fit as she grows, since she is doing so quite quickly. Also, something to help keep her warm in the cold."
  4045. >Rarity hums faintly as she works, fabric suddenly flying everywhere and needles doing intricate dances while piercing the fabric.
  4046. >"Come back later, I'll be finished in a few hours."
  4047. >Nodding, you pick up Eris, stick her in your coat again and the three of you head to the bakery again.
  4048. >After dropping off Eris, you and Chryssy go out walking.
  4049. >Fourty minutes pass in silence, and you turn to her.
  4050. "Whats up? You've been rather quiet, something on your mind?"
  4051. >"Well, its that room. It smelled like..."
  4052. >"It couldn't be, you said it yourself, its too early."
  4053. "Actually, you're guess is correct."
  4054. >She immediately turns on you, an angry gleam in her eyes.
  4055. >"YOU DID WHAT!"
  4056. >Her yell attracts attention from other ponys and she starts moving towards you, making you back into a fence.
  4058. >Whispers start spreading through the crowd and Chryssy continues her verbal assault.
  4061. >You cut her off the only way you can think, which is with a deep kiss.
  4065. >Everyone goes quiet as you slowly draw back from a stunned Chryssy, a thin trail of saliva attaching your mouths.
  4066. "I'm sorry I upset you, but I always keep my promises. I owed someone a deep debt, and they used it to, well..."
  4067. >Chryssy looks over at you as you kneel in front of her.
  4068. "If it is any consolation, it was true I didn't wish to have sex with them, but when I make a promise, I keep it."
  4069. "And I promise you this. You are the pony closest to my heart, besides my daughter."
  4070. >A bunch of "Dawwwwwwws" go through the cround, and Chryssy's cheeks turn a vivid scarlet compared to her green coat.
  4071. >"You..."
  4072. >She can barely form a coherent thought, so you reach out and pick her up.
  4073. >With her cradled in your arms, you set of to the bakery.
  4074. >Once inside, you set her down in one of the booths and shoo away the ponys who followed you.
  4075. >Pinkie hops out, and seeing you bounces over.
  4076. >"Hey Anonymous, whats up?" She asks, before seeing Chryssy's still crimson face. "Oooh, and whats up with you Chryssy?"
  4077. "Just a little incident in town. Could you get her a glass of water?"
  4078. >Pinkie nods, and vanishes into the back and Eris comes out in an adorable maid outfit.
  4079. >She brings over the glass and sets it on the table before looking at you.
  4080. >She gives a small spin, before saying "How do I look Daddy?"
  4081. "You look cute Eris." You say with a smile, and runs into the back, where you catch the faintest sight of a purple mane.
  4082. >Chryssy, after drinking the water has calmed a bit, and she scootches beside you.
  4083. >"I'm sorry I freaked out on you like that Anonymous, it was rude of me. I just..."
  4084. "Don't worry about it, I will explain everything later."
  4085. >She nods, and the two of you relax there a while, getting past the hubub of Chryssy's outburt.
  4086. >Over the next hour, pinkie brings out assorted snacks and Eris shows off more outfits, Rarity always sneaking peeks at your reactions.
  4087. >Soon, it is time to go home and Eris climbs up into your jacket, and Rarity passes you a package.
  4088. >You try to pay her, but she refuses and sends you, Eris and Chryssy on your way home.
  4090. ~
  4092. >"Anonymous, you promised to explain right? can you tell me now?" Chryssy asks, Eris off to her room to put away her new clothes.
  4093. "You remember when Eris was foalnapped, I think you call it?"
  4094. >"Yes, even now many ponys spread rumors of how you fought past the entire royal guard to get to her."
  4095. "Those are not rumors. The thing is, when I got to the castle, and from there to where Celestia was going to *Shudder* Execute Eris, I wouldn't have made it in time."
  4096. "If not for Luna, Eris would be dread right now, and so would Celestia, likely."
  4097. >Chrysalis looks at you, as if trying to tell if you are lying.
  4098. >"So, you are telling me you had sex with Princess Luna?"
  4099. >You nod, and Eris comes out of her room wearing a pink dress.
  4100. "Its part of my job, the other parts being a source of advice and someone to help deal with personal matters for her."
  4101. >Eris floats over and cuddles into your lap, so you wrap your arms around her to help warm her.
  4102. >"Whats your job?" Eris asks, looking up at you with her red and yellow eyes.
  4103. "I work for Princess Luna as a Royal Consort."
  4104. >Chrysalis lets out a faint choking sound, and she glares at you.
  4105. >"You're an idiot, you know that." She says, standing up and moving for the door.
  4106. >When she opens it, a huge gust of wind blows in, along with a small flurry of snow.
  4107. "Chryssy, I'm not letting you go home in this weather."
  4108. >She quickly closes the door and walks over, shivering.
  4109. >Eris hops off your lap, offering the warm spot to her.
  4110. >With a smile to your daughter, you pick up Chrysalis and press her tight to your chest.
  4111. >"Anonymous, you are the perfect stallion."
  4112. "You can call me simply Anon."
  4116. >Eris in bed, you and Chrysalis sit in front of the fire, the wind whistling faintly around the house.
  4117. >"Anon, whats it like, being from a different world?"
  4118. >You stare deep into the flickering flames, thoughts coursing through your head.
  4119. "It's different. It's nice, everybody is trusting and kind, for the most part."
  4120. >She tilts her head, looking at you. "It wasn't like that where you were from?"
  4121. >you slowly shake your head, resting a hand on hers and start rubbing her silky mane.
  4122. "Where I was from, we were alway at war or on the brink of war."
  4123. "Our weapons were so dangerous, they could destroy the planet if used incorrectly."
  4124. "Sure, for the average folk, everything seemed peaceful, but still, security was tenuous at best."
  4125. >"That reminds me a bit like the hives. There was never enough food to go around, and fights often broke out, killing innocents."
  4126. >She shifts her chair closer to you, but you pick her up and rest her on your lap.
  4127. >Immediately, she snuggles against you, her crotch rubbing against yours a bit.
  4128. >You start to stiffen, but she doesn't try to get more out of you, respecting your wishes.
  4129. >While her shell is hard, it is still pliable, depressing where your arms pull in on her.
  4130. "Nothing has been easy on us, has it?"
  4131. >"Maybe not, but good has come of it."
  4132. >You nod, resting your head on her shoulder.
  4133. >Yawning, you rise and lift Chrysalis with you, and you head into the special room.
  4134. >"Anon, what are you doing?"
  4135. "We are going to keep eachother warm tonight. Is that a problem?"
  4136. >She shakes her head slowly, eyes focused on you as you strip down.
  4137. >She climbs under the blankets first, and you follow.
  4138. >As you settle, she moves close to you, but stays a foot or so away.
  4139. >Reaching out, you grab her and pull her right next to you, her chitinous body pressed against your warm, flesh body.
  4140. >"Luna, please don't let this night end." She whispers.
  4141. >You smile and start drifting off, warm and content.
  4145. >Celestia Lunar Journal, Day 9
  4147. >Something feels wrong.
  4148. >I can't quite put my hoof on it, but I feel something bad is going to happen.
  4149. >But at the same time, I can't leave here.
  4150. >I will make sure to alert Luna to keep an eye out for anything strange on the next care package day.
  4151. >Has she listened to my advice and ignored her favour...
  4152. >I hope she hasn't used it on something pointless.
  4153. >Something like information on the weapon he used, or even better, his alegiance.
  4154. >Only time will tell at this point.
  4158. >Standing at the edge of the forest, Twilight contemplates the ramifications of visiting Anonymous.
  4159. >"Is he still going to be angry at me?"
  4160. >The memory of Anonymous when he was killing the minotaurs runs through her head and she shudders.
  4161. >Taking the first step into the woods, she feels the barrier flow over her, and she quivers under its power.
  4162. >The magic feels almost familiar though, but she can't quite figure out why.
  4163. >Starting the walk to Anonymous's house, Twilights mind runs a mile a minute.
  4164. >Would he try to hurt her?
  4165. >Would he forgive her?
  4166. >Could she forgive herself?
  4167. >With a sigh, she sees the house looming in the distance and she slows her approach.
  4168. >There is no sign of anypony outside, so she continues, entering the deffensive barrier.
  4169. >Gingerly approaching the door, she takes a deep breath before raising a hoof to knock on the door.
  4170. >*Knock Knock*
  4171. >As the door opens, Twilight finds herself shuffling nervously.
  4172. >Looking up, she freezes.
  4174. ~
  4176. >All dressed up to go hunting, you hear a knock at the door and you go to answer.
  4177. >Standing there, looking incredibly nervous it Twilight, and when she looks up at you, her body freezes in place.
  4178. "Hello Twilight." You say shortly, crossing your arms.
  4179. >She shuffles anxiously, before saying "Can we talk?"
  4180. "If you want to talk, follow me."
  4181. >Closing the door behind you, you walk out into the woods, the quiet steps of Twilight following.
  4182. >Several times, you hear her take a deep breath to start speaking, but she never says anything.
  4183. "If you want to say something, say it now, or I may just pass judgement on you right now."
  4184. >Twilight immediately stops, before running in front of you and kneeling.
  4185. >"I'm sorry. I know you can't trust me, and honestly, I don't deserve it at this point, but I am sorry."
  4186. >You barely quirk an eyebrow before continuing on your way.
  4187. >She scurries after you, unsure of how to take your reaction.
  4188. >You make swift and silent progress through the trees, Twilight stumbling behind you.
  4189. >"Hey, are you going to answer me?" She exclaims angrily, and you freeze before using a foot to hold Twilight's head on the ground.
  4190. >Looking around, you slide your gun from your coat and pull back the firing pin.
  4191. >With a steady grip, you take aim and fire.
  4195. >The loud sound of the shot rolls through the trees, and you see your target's head rupture.
  4196. >"What was that?!" Twilight exclaims, still being held down.
  4197. >Putting your rifle away, you let her up and go over to inspect the body.
  4198. >Twilight scrambles to her hooves behind you before coming up behind you.
  4199. >The minotaur's armor marks it as a soldier, and after some searching, you find several notes as well as a bag of bits and a sword.
  4200. >"Why did you do that Anonymous? He could have been innocent for all you knew."
  4201. >Scanning the letters, despite you rather shaky knowledge of written pony, several key words pop out at you.
  4202. >The letters go in your jacket, along with the bits.
  4203. >The sword you hang on to and you keep moving in search of prey.
  4204. >"Anonymous, answer me. Why did you kill him?"
  4205. "You want to know why?" You say, turning on Twilight.
  4206. "Simple, he was in my woods. That means he was part of the raiding party that attacked your town, as well as Appleoosa."
  4207. >"But he could have arrived after, being lost."
  4208. "No, my shield would have prevented that."
  4209. >Her horn lights up, and an aura forms around you before fizzling instantly.
  4210. >Reaching down, you grab her and hold her up against a tree.
  4211. "Look, the only reason I even considered listening to you is because you got past the barrier. Don't make me regret my decision."
  4212. >Dropping her, she falls to the ground in a heap, and stays there.
  4216. >Letting out a sigh, you splash some water on your face from the hotsprings, before quickly wiping it dry.
  4217. >"Anonymous, I know I don't deserve to say this, but you can't just go around killing based on a few facts."
  4218. >Digging into your pocket, you pull out one of the letters, and hand it to Twilight.
  4219. >"Whats this?" She asks, taking it and starting to read.
  4220. "I took it off his body."
  4221. >As she reads further, she lets out a shocked gasp.
  4222. >"We must inform Princess Luna before it is too late."
  4223. >Taking the letter back, you put it away and turn to the slightly panicked Twilight.
  4224. "Look, you read the note right. These troops were expected to stay here for a long time. If a message hasn't gotten back, there will be no immediate war."
  4225. >"Still..."
  4226. "Look, I'm not going to stop you, I'm just giving my opinion."
  4227. >She goes quiet, and you rise and continue on your hunt.
  4228. >This time, Twilight doesn't follow you, and instead goes wherever she decided to go.
  4229. >After an hour more of searching, you find no game, and start towards home, before something catches your eye.
  4230. "Whats a castle doing out here?"
  4231. >As you enter, everything goes black and you crash into the ground.
  4235. >"Anonymous, we need to speak with you."
  4236. >The darkness shifts, two shapes coming out of it.
  4237. "Eternity, Galaxia, it's good to see you."
  4238. >The forms solidify a bit, a pair of alicorns standing there.
  4239. >"We are surprised you took so long to find this place, and yet, it is the perfect time."
  4240. >"You see, that note you found, a minotaur did make it back, and as we speak, the minotaurs are preparing for war."
  4241. >Sitting, you nod slowly.
  4242. "What can I do? I am your pawn."
  4243. >"Many millenia ago, we left an object here that will allow us to channel our powers through you for a short time."
  4244. >"We need you to reclaim it, it will be necessary in the upcoming battles."
  4245. >Standing, you bow to them, and the world returns to normal.
  4246. >The castle is in a state of overall disrepair, walls and roofs crumbling.
  4247. >Those parts of the walls that remain standing are covered in murals showing two alicorns, Luna and Celestia by their coloring.
  4248. "The sisters must have used this castle for a time."
  4249. >Searching the halls, all the walls and floors are covered with solar and lunar motifs, obviously not what you are searching for.
  4250. >Time slips by and you feel the first calls of hunger when you come across something that looks out of place.
  4251. >A strange symbol, almost reminiscient of...
  4252. "You have to be kidding me."
  4253. >Upon closer examination, the symbol is a near exact match to an old earth glyph.
  4254. >Touching it triggers something, and the walls begin to shake.
  4258. >Under your feet, a panel begins to shift and you jump back, dust flying everywhere and a faint hiss of pressured air escaping.
  4259. >Slowly, the panel retracts into a wall, revealing a staircase lit by torches.
  4260. >Taking the first unsteady steps down the stairs, you feel something run over your foot and up to your ankle.
  4261. >Each step down, you feel the sensation crawl higher, always staying at the height of the entrance.
  4262. "Must be some kind of sensor." You mutter as it reaches your stomach.
  4263. >Finaly, it passes your head, and you are fully inside the hidden staircase.
  4264. >The torches light the stairwell with a red glow, the thin cracks on the wall stand out, black against the pure white walls.
  4265. >Winding down several stories, you finally reach the bottom of the stairs.
  4266. >Down a hallway, which opens into a large room, a glowing sphere sitting on a pedastle.
  4267. >Slowly approaching, you look the room over, watching for any traps.
  4268. >The walls down here are bare, as are the columns supporting the roof.
  4269. >Aside from the occasional torch, there is nothing to break the monotony of the white walls.
  4270. >You quickly reach the shining orb, and you slowly reach out to it.
  4271. >The glow vanishes where your hand approaches, likely affected by your magic nullification.
  4272. >A calming wave washes over you as your hand contacts the orb, and the glow vanishes inside it, now pulsating slowly.
  4273. >The entire orb itself is only the size of a childs toy, easily held in one hand.
  4274. >Picking it up triggers nothing, and you decide to test it out.
  4275. >Holding it up, you focus, directing your thoughts to Galaxia and Eternity.
  4276. >A bolt of magic fires out, smashing against a wall and leaving a large crater in it.
  4277. >With this confirmation, you put the orb in one of your pockets and head up and out.
  4278. >Being too late to hunt, you head in the direction of home, and the warm bed awaiting you.
  4280. ~
  4282. >Anon Personal Journal-Day 261: The Orb
  4284. >Today, I came into possesion of an orb, left by Galaxia and Eternity.
  4285. >So far as I can tell, it acts as a waypoint for their powers, allowing them to channel through my position.
  4286. >How this will change things, I do not know, but it will provide great assistance in the war that is to come.
  4287. >I should warn Luna as well, if Twilight hasn't done so as well.
  4291. >Opening the door to your house while closing your journal, you come face to face with a concerned Luna.
  4292. >"Anonymous, we wish for your advice."
  4293. >When you nod, she moves back into the house, where Twilight, Cadence and a white stallion sit.
  4294. >Almost immediately, you reach for your weapon, and the all hold up their hooves.
  4295. >Eris shoots out of the kitchen, wrapping around you like a parasite, and you hug her.
  4296. "I'm guessing you are the royal family, right?"
  4297. >Cadence and the white stallion nod, and Twilight's ears flatten against her head.
  4298. >"We are here to request any information on the minotaurs and this potential war."
  4299. "Let me prepare some tea, and we can discuss this."
  4300. >They nod, and you move to the kitchen, Eris hopping off and moving to get tea leaves for you.
  4301. >Pot on the stove, you sit down and Eris climbs up.
  4302. >"Daddy, I don't like Twilight."
  4303. "I know, but if you stay close to me, she can't hurt you, okay."
  4304. >She nods, and climbs around onto your back.
  4305. >Over the past week, she has certainly grown, now at the mental and physical stage of a ten year old.
  4306. >Adding leaves to the boiling water, you set the tea to steep and take out glasses.
  4307. >Eris carefully grabs the pot while on your back and together, you bring the drink to the living room, where a conversation that will change much will occur.
  4311. >Setting the tea down, you begin pouring glasses when the white stallion speaks.
  4312. >"First, I would like to introduce myself, and appologize for my sisters actions."
  4313. >"My name is Shining Armor, and I am the Captain of the royal guards and Twilights older brother."
  4314. >Eris glares at him from over your shoulder, before sticking her tongue out at him.
  4315. >Passing him a glass, you prepare ones for everyone else.
  4316. "Now, for the matter at hand." You say, sitting so Eris isn't squished.
  4317. >"Yes, Twilight informed us that it is likely the minotaurs will go to war with us." Luna says, taking a sip.
  4318. >Setting down your glass, you shake your head.
  4319. "I bear bad news. They have already started preparations. I do not know of any exact dates, but they will likely start their march soon."
  4320. >The ohers look shocked, and you sigh, taking a sip of tea.
  4321. "Now, we may not be on the best of terms, but we face a common enemy, so we must work together."
  4322. >Shining nods, and Cadence shifts closer to him.
  4323. >"Anonymous, with this recent development, we wish to know your opinion on ending our sisters punishment early."
  4324. "While it is not my choice to make, so long as she respects my wishes, I see no problem in her punishment being ended early."
  4325. >You feel Eris's claws dig into you a bit, so you pull her around and hold her close.
  4326. "Eris, why don't you go visit Pinkie for a while?"
  4327. >She thinks for a moment, before nodding and dissapearing in a comical poof.
  4328. >"She truly is Discords daughter, isn't she." Luna comments.
  4332. >After spending the evening discussing the coming war, you hear Eris pop back behind you with a yawn.
  4333. >Drifting to her room, she stops for only a moment to stick her tongue out at Twilight.
  4334. >There is a knock at the door and you go to answer, but Shining stands and steps beside you.
  4335. >Grabbing and pulling open the door, you find Chrysalis there, and Shining immediately tries to shove you aside.
  4336. >Instead, you grab him by his mane and hold him down.
  4337. "This is my house. I won't have you trying to attack my friends."
  4338. >Pushing him back, you rise again and gesture for Chrysalis to come in.
  4339. >Nervously, Chrysalis sticks to your side as you let her in, and Shining goes back to his seat.
  4340. "Chrysalis, I would like to introduce you to Princess Luna, Princess Cadence, Prince Shining and you already know Twilight.
  4341. >Just like Eris, she glares at Twilight, taking a seat on your lap when you sit down.
  4342. >Seeing her closeness to you, Luna's ears lower a bit.
  4343. >"Chrysalis, we would like to know some things about you." Luna says, and Chrysalis turns her green eyes on her.
  4344. >"Like?"
  4345. >"What kind of sway do you hold over other changelings? As you know, a war is coming, and having more allies is always a boon."
  4346. >"None... After Anonymous stole me away frfom the group, I lost my position, and besides a few loyal soldiers and workers, no changelings listen to me as a ruler."
  4347. >Shining lets out a snort, before saying "Well that means you aren't much help. Then again, I doubt the guards would be happy fighting along side you bugs."
  4348. >Chrysalis rises angrily, horn glowing, and Shining does the same.
  4349. >Taking hold of Chrysalis before she can do anything she would regret, you set her on your lap again and start petting her.
  4350. >She immediately calms a bit, and you stare at Shining.
  4351. "Lets try and keep things civil here. Remember, you are in my house."
  4352. >He nods and sits in his chair, sulking.
  4356. >"So as it stands, we have our army, as well as you, Anonymous, and Chrysalis and her changelings."
  4357. "And against us, we have a horde of minotaur warriors."
  4358. >The lot of you look out at the map layed on the table, and nothing looks good.
  4359. >Appleoosa is the first line of defefnce, though it is still abandoned at the current time.
  4360. >After that, it's pretty much a straight shot to Canterlot.
  4361. >"We fear this may not end well." Luna whispers.
  4362. >"Our guards are outnumbered five to one or more, we will need something big to tip the scales." Shining says, looking at the nearby area.
  4363. "I'm still not going to let more of my weapon be created, but with some time, we may be able to prepare."
  4364. "Shining, how trained are your soldiers on guerrila warfare?"
  4365. >"Gorilla warfare?"
  4366. >With a sigh, you rest a hand on your head.
  4367. "How about traps, poisons, stuff like that. Do you have any?"
  4368. >"We can prepare some nets, but we don't use poisons."
  4369. >Ideas start forming, and you grab a blank sheet of paper.
  4370. "Alright, I'm going to need your blacksmiths working hard to produce weapons as well as some of these."
  4371. >Drawing out three dimensional diagrams on the paper, the others lean in, interested in your plans.
  4375. >Anon Personal Journal-Day 261: Part Two
  4377. >Today was rather hectic, but very productive.
  4378. >The royals visited, and we discussed the upcoming war.
  4379. >These ponys are unused to any style of warface besides the head on charge, but with my prior knowledge, we may just be able to win.
  4380. >We are outnumbered by an estimated 5 to 1 so we will be using indirect tactics.
  4381. >Caltrops, firebombs, even poisons if I can get hold of the right ones.
  4382. >This may be a rather brutal event compared to anything these ponys have faced, but I refuse to let my friends and family come to any harm.
  4383. >I will not let anyone be lost like Sari was to me...
  4385. >A stray tear drips onto the page, and you put the book down.
  4386. "Sari, I miss you."
  4387. >Chrysalis comes over beside you and curls against your side, and you idly stroke her mane.
  4388. "I should have been there for you, but I won't fail again."
  4390. ~
  4392. >"Sister, how does it feel to be back home?" Luna asks Celestia as she relaxes in her bed.
  4393. >"It's marvelous, not that my time on the moon was bad." She replies.
  4394. >"We understand, our time there was much the same."
  4395. >Luna sits down next to Celestia, and says "We bear bad news."
  4396. >"There was a problem arising from the minotaur raid. They are going to war with us."
  4397. >Celestia shoots upright "Are you serious Luna? Is there nothing we can do?"
  4398. >Luna shakes her head. "According to our information, they have already begun preparing. The good news is we do have allies."
  4399. >"Anonymous is on your side in this fight, as well as the ex-changeling queen Chrysalis and her few changelings."
  4400. >With a pensive look, Celestia says "Thats not the most reassuring, but it is better than nothing."
  4401. >"We know you dislike Anonymous, but he is also helping with weapons and traps, though nothing to the standard of his thunderstick."
  4402. >Celestia rubs her shoulder, remembering how much that graze hurt.
  4403. >"Do you think I could meet him? I wish to discuss a few things with him."
  4404. >Luna smiles and says "That, we can do. With our favour, we had him fill the role of royal consort, so it is his job to help us and provide advice, along with the other roles of the job."
  4405. >"I'm not going to question you about it, but do you think he will actually see me?"
  4406. >Looking out the window at the forest in the distance, Luna shrugs "We cannot say, but if you can pass his shield, he may just be willing to meet you."
  4407. >Celestia nods, and prepares for the night, and the important meeting for tomorrow.
  4411. >The night flys by in silence, not only at the castle, but at your house as well, where Chrysalis is enjoying more skinship cuddling.
  4412. >Not with you of course, Eris decided to take over the comfy bed with Chrysalis.
  4413. >It's good to see them getting along, though sleeping in your own bed is a bit of a letdown after last night in there.
  4414. >Still, morning comes without a hitch, and you, Eris and Chrysalis have a breakfast of pancakes and apples.
  4415. >As you take the dishes to the sink, darkness rolls over your vision announcing a message from Galaxia and Eternity.
  4416. >"Anonymous, our daughter seeks audience with you."
  4417. "I do not see why you need to inform me of this, Luna is free to come and go as she pleases."
  4418. >"Luna is not the one who is coming. Celestia wishes to talk to you."
  4419. >Your hand clenches down, and the two voices take a calming tone.
  4420. >"You don't have to worry, she is unwilling to pass the barrier, fearing any lingering thoughts against you may cause her pain."
  4421. >"We want you to meet her, help quell her fears and get both of you past your distrust of eachother."
  4422. "If you wish it, I shall see of she has reformed, and if not..."
  4423. >You can feel the two dietys cringe, and nod.
  4424. >"It may be for the best, but please, try not to slay her, she is our daugther, and even seeing her in pain makes us uncomfortable."
  4425. "I cannot make any promises, but I will try."
  4426. >Light starts returning, and you find yourself lying against Chrysalis's soft flank.
  4427. >"Anon, did something happen?"
  4428. "Not yet, but I have an important meeting today. Would it be too much to ask to have you take care of Eris?"
  4429. >"Of course not, I'd do anything for you."
  4430. >Giving her a small kiss on the head, you head to your room to prepare.
  4434. >Gun under your jacket, one sword in hand and the orb in your pocket, you leave your house, ready to go see Celestia.
  4435. >Traveling through the snowy trees like a ghost, you quickly arrive at the town totem.
  4436. >The ground, despite the snow falling, is covered with hoof tracks, but there is no damage or any signs of tampering with the totem.
  4437. >Reaching the edge of the forest, you look around for anyp0ny, and you can make out a flowing pastel mane through the pure white snow.
  4438. >Moving over, she obviously sees you and makes her way towards you as well.
  4439. "Celestia." You say shortly, blade carving a thin path through the snow.
  4440. >You can see her ears go flat, and her head lower a bit, before she replies "Anonymous, I wish to speak with you."
  4441. "I know, why do you think I am here?"
  4442. >She is taken aback, but nods slowly.
  4443. "And I know you wish to discuss our alliance, as well as my job as the royal Consort."
  4444. >"How do you know all that? How do you know I didn't come to get rid of you?"
  4445. "Because if you did, you wouldn't have a head right now." You raise your sword a bit, sunlight reflecting off its blade and into her face.
  4446. >"Fine, fine, how about we walk through town while we talk?"
  4447. "Are you sure you wish to worry your subjects like that? If they overhear, it might cause you problems."
  4448. >Again, celestia is taken aback, and she gives a small frown.
  4449. >"Fine, we'll play this your way. Where should we go?"
  4450. "I would suggest somewhere where we can have some privacy, but it is also neutral ground, like, the library perhaps."
  4451. >Celestia contemplates this a moment before nodding. "That is agreeable. After you."
  4452. >Sword set in its slot, you head to town, Celestia following behind you.
  4456. >The snow moves around you and Celestia like a cloak, almost orbiting you as you walk through the empty streets.
  4457. >As it passes through her mane, they seem to pick up the color for a moment, before returning to white.
  4458. >The library appears through the veil of snow, a single candle lighting it.
  4459. >Opening the door, you hold it open for Celestia, and a stray breeze slips in, extinguishing the candle.
  4460. >In the dark, emptyness of the library, her mane has a faint glow, and in turn it causes her coat to give an almost spectral feeling.
  4461. >With the door closed behind you, you dig in one of your pockets and pull out the gem you and Eris got from the chasm.
  4462. >It gives of a faint light, but enough to find the light activator, causing the room to flare into light.
  4463. >"It feels so empty here without Twilight..." Celestia says, looking around.
  4464. "I can't comment, but know this. I do not feel any emnity towards Twilight, and she stays at Canterlot only because she wishes to."
  4465. >Celestia nods "I'm not sure it is entirely a fear of you. She feels she betrayed her friends, and truthfully, she did."
  4466. >"While they may forgive her, she wishes some time alone to think, like I had while on the moon."
  4467. >"Now, for the matter at hoof." She turns back to you, only to see you right next to her.
  4468. >She jumps back, hoof pressed to her chest. "Don't do that."
  4469. "I appologize. Now, Luna has likely informed you of the war that is coming, and how I am going to help, correct?"
  4470. >She nods, and you continue.
  4471. "Time is of the essence, and between the three of us, we need to prepare the field of battle."
  4472. >"Prepare the field? What are you talking about?"
  4473. "Ugh, you are as bat at war as Luna is. Come."
  4474. >Leading her up the stairs, you enter the area Twilight used as a study and her bedroom.
  4476. ~
  4478. >Celestia sits on Twilight's bed and you look around for a map.
  4479. "Now, what's your idea of war? Meeting the foe head first in a charge, right?"
  4480. >Celestia looks a little sheepish before nodding.
  4481. "That only works when the numbers are even, or your troops are far more skilled."
  4482. >"Are you accusing our guards of being unskilled?" She exclaims indignantly.
  4483. "no, I'm saying that they aren't skilled enough to take on five or more minotaurs at the same time."
  4484. >She shrinks back, and you continue.
  4485. "It may seem underhanded to you, but my old world, it was a place of war, so I know many tactics that can let an army of a hundred take on a thousand or more opponents."
  4486. >"No wonder you are so naturaly violent." She says, and you step over to her.
  4487. "I'm not normaly violent. You have just been lucky enough to see me pissed off because you took my daughter and threatend to kill her."
  4488. >Your point is punctuated by a sharp poke, and she takes a defensive stance.
  4489. >"And did you for a moment consider ASKING me?" She snaps.
  4490. "I did, several times."
  4491. >"Bah, you just demanded her back after assaulting my guards."
  4492. >All this proves to be just enough to override your self control.
  4493. >Grabbing her by the horn, you drag her face up to your level.
  4495. >She cringes a bit, but you do not stop.
  4498. >Her ears are flat against her head, and tears are in her eyes, and she looks to the ground.
  4499. "I thought not."
  4500. >Dropping her, you turn around and go down the stairs.
  4501. >Stepping out into the whirling snow, you slam the door behind you and head to the bakery before heading home.
  4505. >The bell jingles and Pinkie bounces down the stairs, saying "Sorry, we're closed today... Anonymous, what brings you here?"
  4506. "I need something to calm down, I just had a stressful encounter."
  4507. >She puts a hoof to her chin, before nodding. "I'll be right back."
  4508. >Vanishing in a poof on fink, she shoots into the kitchen, and you hear another pony coming down the stairs.
  4509. >This new pony, a blue mare with a pair of foals on her back gives a smile as she sees you and steps over.
  4510. >"How are you doing Anonymous? Its been a while."
  4511. "My appologies, but I can't seem to remember your name."
  4512. >"I'm Mrs. Cake. I guess we havn't met properly, but I have often helped when Pinkie foalsat Eris."
  4513. >You stand, before kneeling in front of her, and making a small bow.
  4514. "Thank you, It means a lot to me to know ponys like you helped take care of her."
  4515. >She giggles, and moves the foals to the bench, where they let out giggles as well.
  4516. >"Its good to know she has such a well manered father."
  4517. >Pinkie bouces back in with a tray on her back, which she sets on a table.
  4518. >"Hey Mrs. Cake, Anonymous here just needs some time to relax, he had a stressful thingy happen."
  4519. >She passes you a cupcake, and as you bite into it, you feel so much tension leave your body, you let out an audible sigh.
  4520. "Thanks Pinkie, you are an amazing baker."
  4521. >She smiles and says "I didn't bake these, they were actualy made by Mrs. Cake."
  4522. "Well then, I guess I owe you both my thanks."
  4523. >They smile, and the two foals let out content sounds, before crawling over to you.
  4524. >With an mouthing of ok from Mrs. Cake, you pick the two of them up, and they let out happy laughs.
  4525. >sitting down, you cradle the two of them, and Pinkie starts making silly faces.
  4526. >Just being like this helps let out the stress of the day, until one of them lets out a sound that reminds you of the pups.
  4527. >You can't help it, but tears start slowly forming and dripping down your face.
  4528. >Pinkie quickly passes the foals to Mrs. Cake, and wraps her hooves around you in a hug.
  4529. >"It's okay Anonymous, everything is okay."
  4530. >You smile and hug her back.
  4531. "Thanks."
  4535. >For a moment after the door slammed shut, Celestia just sits on the bed, before phasing into a cloud of ethreal energy.
  4536. >Drifting out of the library, she floats back home.
  4537. >Arriving at the castle, she is met by Luna and Cadence, who join her as she retreats to her room.
  4538. >"Sister, what happened?"
  4539. >"I screwed up. I screwed up badly." Celestia says as she flops onto her bed.
  4540. >Cadence and Luna sit next to her, and Cadence gently rubs her back with a hoof. "I couldn't have been that bad."
  4541. >"He grabbed me by the horn and shouted at my face, before leaving without a further word."
  4542. >The two other princesses cringe, before Luna asks "What happened?"
  4543. >"We were starting to discuss tactics, and after a few, ummm... Innapropriate comments, I told him he attacked my guards and demanded his daughter back."
  4544. >Luna rises, and looks over at her. "YOU TOLD HIM WHAT!"
  4545. >Cringing at the Royal Canterlot Voice, Celestia flattens her ears and says "I know. Like I said, I screwed up."
  4546. >Cadence calmly says "You need to appologize. Sooner, rather than later."
  4547. >"I know, but I don't think he would accempt it."
  4548. >Luna's magic wraps around her, and drags her off the bed.
  4549. >"We are going to appologize right now." She says, carrying Celestia along in her magic.
  4550. >Celestia struggles in her grip, before letting out a sigh. "Fine."
  4551. >Cadence trotting alongside, the three of them take off and fly to the Everfree forest, and from there, to Anonymous's house.
  4555. >With extra cupcakes in a bag, you make your way back home, before hearing a trio of pairs of wings approaching.
  4556. >Your sword leaves it's resting spot, and your free hand reaches for the orb, when you hear a group of thumps behind you.
  4557. >"Anonymous, Our sister has something to say to you." Luna says and you turn around to face them.
  4558. >Celestia stands between Luna and Cadence, looking extremely nervous, before a burst of magic shoves her forwards.
  4559. >"Anonymous, I'm sorry. It was insensetive of me to talk to you like that, and I won't do it again."
  4560. >Every sign indicates she is telling the truth, and your hand wraps around the orb, focusing on some form of lie detection.
  4561. >Galaxia's voice enters your head and says "She isn't lying.", so you release the orb and put the blade away.
  4562. "I accept your appology Celestia. While what you said was rude, I shouldn't have snapped at you so quickly."
  4563. >Cadence rests a wing on Celestia and says "Now, was that so hard?"
  4564. >She shakes her head, and backs off a bit.
  4565. *Sigh* "I've got some cupcakes from Sugarcube corner, if you aren't busy you can stop at my house for a quick snack.
  4566. >"No, I think it would be best if I kept my distance from your daughter right now." Celestia says respectfully, and you nod.
  4567. "As you wish. What about the two of you?"
  4568. >"We must respectfully decline. My time in the night court fast approaches, and Cadence wishes to spend time with her husband before the war keeps them appart."
  4569. >The four of you part ways, and you make your way through the swirling snow to where your nice warm bed, your happy daughter and you close friend are.
  4573. >"Daddy! Your home!" Eris exclaims, shooting towards you the moment the door opens.
  4574. >Shrugging the sword off your back, you hold your arms out to catch her.
  4575. >She collides with you, and you spin her around, snuggling against her face.
  4576. >"Ahh, your cold." She says, teleporting away, before her nose detects the delectible scents of the cupcakes.
  4577. >She immediately assaults you with big puppydog eyes and a faintly quivering lip, and you smile.
  4578. "You can have one" She gives a cheer "After dinner."
  4579. >Chrysalis pokes her head out of the kitchen and says "Speaking of, its almost ready, so get yourselves cleaned up."
  4580. "Yes dear." You call out jokingly, and she blushes a bit.
  4581. >Putting your jacket and assorted weapons away, you and Eris clean your hands and faces in the bathroom sink, before heading to the table.
  4582. >Chrysalis has already set it, and comes out of the kitchen wearing a frilly pink apron and levitating a pot of soup.
  4583. >"I'm not an amazing cook, but I think it turned out okay."
  4584. "Thank you very much Chrysalis, this was very kind of you."
  4585. >She blushes again, and when she sets down the pot, she gives a little twirl. "So, what do you think Anon? Do I look good in it?"
  4586. "Very."
  4587. >She can taste the truth through your emotions, and sits down as well.
  4588. >Opening the pot, a delicious smell comes from it, and you serve up everyones bowls.
  4589. >The soup is a bit simple, but warm, tasty and filling, and you have several bowls.
  4590. >Finishing the meal, you share the cupcakes with Eris and Chrysalis while you take care of the dirty dishes.
  4591. >While washing the dishes, you hear Chrysalis come up behind you and rear up, wrapping her hooves around your neck.
  4592. >"Need a hoof?" She asks, nuzzling against your neck.
  4593. "If you get Eris ready for bed, I'm sure we can spend an hour or two alone." You say, and she lets out a quiet *Squee*, before hopping off.
  4594. >As you finish, she happily saunters back in, and you pick her up.
  4595. >The two of you sit in front of the fire, snuggling and petting her mane, until its time for bed.
  4599. "Alright, group A, work on digging over there, group B, you are over here. Group C, you are gathering spikes for the trenches."
  4600. >All around you, the guards and volunteer ponys clamour to work, digging a long trench or gathering sturdy branches.
  4601. >"Anonymous, I'm not sure about this plan, how will we keep our soldiers from falling in?"
  4602. "They shoudn't, since our army is going to be set up about two hunderd feet behind it."
  4603. >"This still feels underhooved."
  4604. "Trust me, when we win, you aren't going to be caring nearly as much."
  4605. >Moving over to the pegasus platoons who are training in high altitude flying and presision accuracy with dropped projectiles, you shake your head.
  4606. >Stepping onto the target, you yell up at them.
  4607. "Come on, one of you hit the circle. You don't have to hit the target directly for it to work, you are going to be using firebombs."
  4608. >The next cluster of pegasii pas over, and rocks fall all around you, none closer than fifteen feet.
  4609. "You little birds couldn't hit the broad side of a barn. Focus, imagine I'm attacking your home, going to take your family away to be slaves. Now HIT ME!"
  4610. >A larger swarm passes overhead, and you can see these rocks are far more accurate.
  4611. >Grabbing the orb, you focus on some kind of shield, and a bubble forms around you, just as the rocks start striking the ground right around you, some bouncing off the shield.
  4612. "Now thats what I'm talking about. Keep up accuracy like that, and we will win this war easy."
  4613. >You can see some of them celebrating, and you shake your head a bit, before moving to where your secret weapon is being prepared.
  4615. ~
  4617. "Hows it coming?" You ask, entering the cordoned off area.
  4618. >"Its a little slow, we need to tweak some of the mechanisms you've shown us, but it will definetally be ready on time."
  4619. >You nod, and continue on to the other parts of the weapon.
  4620. >First, the wagon body, which is still in the process of being reinforced.
  4621. "The wheels are going to have to be wider. Remember, this is going to be running in snow and mud, not on dirt paths or cobblestone."
  4622. >Removing the thin wagon wheels, the ponys working on it move them aside and start making much thicker wheels.
  4623. >Moving to the next staging area, you find the plates of armor being pounded out.
  4624. >At first you questioned the viability of the golden armor, but apparently its a heck of a lot tougher here than it was back home.
  4625. >The key front plate and side plates have been hammered out, and they are working on the firing guard.
  4626. "How much longer do you think it will take?" You ask the head blacksmith.
  4627. >"Hrmmmm, I'd say two days for the basic forming, and another two for adjustments on the finished form."
  4628. "Good, we don't have much time, but we have enough it seems."
  4629. >The blacksmith nods, and you move on to the final area.
  4630. >Arrows longer than most ponys are being built and fletched, all acording to your specifications.
  4631. >"I'm not sure what you want these for. Even at your size, a bow to use these would have to weigh about as much as Celestia."
  4632. "That's the point." You say with a smile.
  4633. >The fletcher just shakes his head, and you head back to the main tent.
  4637. >"Anonymous, if you would be so kind as to remove thine daughter from our back, it would be much appreciated."
  4638. >The moment Eris sees you, she hops off Luna's back and shoots straight towards you, wrapping around your chest in a hug.
  4639. "Eris, what are you doing here? I thought you were staying with Pinkie and Chrysalis?"
  4640. >"I'm staying with you Dad. You keep going off doing scary things, leaving me to worry."
  4641. >"Not anymore. I'm staying with you now, no matter where you go."
  4642. >"That goes for me as well." Chrysalis says, coming out of a partitioned off area.
  4643. >Pinkie, Applejack and the rest of them come out as well.
  4644. >Even Twilight was there, standing alongside her friends.
  4645. >"We are all in this together. We aren't just going to rely on you to protect us again." Rainbow Dash says, and the others nod.
  4646. >Celesia comes out of another seperate room, and despite Eris's reluctance, you step over to her.
  4647. "We may not be the best of friends, but lets at least be allies for this." You say, holding out your hand.
  4648. >She smiles and places a hoof in your hand, and you give it a small shake.
  4649. >Everyone else smiles and Pinkie gives a cheer.
  4650. >"We should have a party!" She exclaims, and everyone lets out a sigh.
  4651. "We can party after we finish this war, okay?"
  4652. >Pinkies hair flattens a bit, and her friends look concerned, but she bounces back, saying "Okie Dokie, but its gonna be EXTRA SUPER DUPER PARTYRIFIC."
  4653. >Twilight smiles and says "We wouldn't have it any other way Pinkie."
  4657. >Anonymous Personal Journal-Day 272: Preparations for War
  4659. >Things are progressing well, considering these ponys are unacustom to this type of warfare.
  4660. >It will be another day or two before the pit trench is done, and a few more before its spiked and covered.
  4661. >My Ballista Tank is coming along, though finding crewponys to help move it and handle ammunition and close defence may take a day or so.
  4662. >As much as it pains me, Eris is going to be joining me in operating it, since she decided she is going to stay with me, no matter what.
  4663. >Pinkie and her friends are one of our superweapons, apparently, though I have yet to see proof of this.
  4664. >With Celestia's, Luna's, Galaxia's and Eternity's magic, we should have an extra level up on our opponents.
  4665. >Untested as it is, my Tank should have a semi-accurate range of 1000 meters, but most effective at 200-600.
  4666. >Up close, there will be spikes on the side as well as spots for spears to poke out.
  4667. >The thing is going to be pretty heavy, so I'm expecting it to take at least four good strong ponys to move.
  4668. >Along with one to help with ammo and aiming, a total crew of five plus me is going to be needed.
  4669. >It will be a weapon more advanced than either side has likely seen, so I hope it will provide not only a morale boost to our side, but a drop to the other sides morale.
  4670. >The entire field is filled with tents, our army staying on the outskirts of Appleoosa, as well as in some of the houses.
  4671. >Many of the Appleoosans have returned home from Ponyville, and are actively supporting the war effort.
  4672. >My tent is a ways away from the others, relatively private, except for the royal tents nearby.
  4673. >Eris has gotten over her fear of Celestia, sort of.
  4674. >She trusts her enough to stay in the same room as her, but not alone.
  4675. >One step at a time, as they say.
  4679. >"Anonymous? Are you awake?" a voice outside your tent calls softly.
  4680. "Yeah." You call back.
  4681. >Soft hoofsteps approach and the tent flaps open.
  4682. >Mane a fair bit discheveled, Cadence steps into your tent.
  4683. >"I NEED you to perform your duties as Royal Consort."
  4684. >She steps forward and you sigh.
  4685. "What do you need?"
  4686. >Sitting down in your lap, she presses in against your neck.
  4687. >"I need advice, and some comfort."
  4688. >Starting by gently tidying her mane, you move on to long slow pets down her side.
  4689. "So, what kind of advice do you need?"
  4690. >Shifting her weight, she forces you onto your back and she moves up onto your chest.
  4691. >"How can I get Shining to focus on me more? I've seen how much Chysalis tries to be with you, how can I get Shining to be like that?"
  4692. >She starts nuzzling against you, occasionally giving a sigh or moan as your hands run over her cutie marks.
  4693. "I'm not going to deny that it is partly because of my sex skills, but the other parts, I'm always caring and attentive to her wants. I didn't always go through with them, But I always tried to know what she wanted."
  4694. >"Well I'm like that normaly, well except the sex, though I think I'm pretty good."
  4695. "No, I'm not going to 'test' your skills right now. Maybe it could just be he is too distracted."
  4696. >She stops her actions, and sits back, her flank inches from your privates.
  4697. "I would reccomend the next time you and him get together, you just take him, drag him to the bed and hold him there."
  4698. "Don't force yourself on him, just massage him, work out his stress. Show him how much you care. It may not seem that effective, but over time, whenever he seems stressed or had a bad day, pay extra attention to him."
  4699. >Deep in thought, she lays down on your chest, and you rest your arms on her back, just behind her wings.
  4700. >"Maybe... I guess I can give it a try. Thanks."
  4701. >With a smile, she hops up and trots out, leaving you a bit confused.
  4703. ~
  4705. >"Group B reporting in. Our part has been finished and we are proceding to assist group A."
  4706. >You nod, and the emissary from group B heads back to the group, before the lot moves to help with the other part of the trench.
  4707. >Luna and Celestia come up to you. "How is the progress coming?" Celestia asks.
  4708. "They're moving along. We should be finished by weeks end, and from what we can tell, the minotaurs are still about two weeks travel away."
  4709. >A changeling scout comes flying up, bowing before you and the princesses.
  4710. "What news do you bring?"
  4711. >"The minotaurs altered course, they are going straight through the plains, rather than following the path as you expected."
  4712. "Thank you." You say, reaching down and petting the changeling, before it takes off back to Chrysalis for further orders.
  4713. >The two princesses and you travel to the war council tent, and pull out the map.
  4714. >While slightly aged, the tan parchment is strong and the inks look as vivid as they would have on the day it was made.
  4715. "This is going to cut our time significantly." You mutter, rulers moving along the map and numbers being written on pages.
  4716. >Celestia on one side, Luna on the other, they focus on the terrain the minotaurs are passing over.
  4717. >"Perhaps..." Luna says quietly, and you and Celestia turn to her.
  4718. "Do you see something Luna?"
  4719. >"This land here, didn't it used to be swampy? It has been a time since we were here, so we may be off..."
  4720. >"Celestia's eyes light up. "That's right! It hasn't been bad for decades, since a drainway was added, but if we were to block it and accelerate the melting..."
  4721. "We could slow them down several days. You two are getting good at this."
  4722. >They glow a bit at your compliment, and the three of you begin comparing ideas as to how to go about it.
  4726. >Eris on your back, the two of you move quickly through the shallow snow, heading towards the drainway.
  4727. >While normaly a good day and a halfs travel from camp, you were supplied with a fruit that gives you near unending stamina for a day.
  4728. >Pushed to your limits, you make the trip there in 19 hours, give or take, and Eris is fast asleep in your arms.
  4729. >Removing the small glowstone from your pocket, you look around, its faint light giving you some vision of the area.
  4730. "This fruit is supposed to drain you when it wears off, so I gotta work fast."
  4731. >Gently shaking Eris, she stirs and wakes, rubbing her eyes before looking around.
  4732. "Can you magic up a light?" You ask, and she nods, a glowing pink cloud appearing, which she relaxes on.
  4733. >With the increased light, you can see the drainage ditch, and you step down into it.
  4734. "Galaxia, Eternity, If you could help?"
  4735. >Holding out the orb, it lights up before a stream of liquid stone comes out, filling a segment of the ditch and hardening into something that reminds you of concrete.
  4736. >Putting away the orb, you offer a silent thanks to them, before turning to Eris.
  4737. "Firework time."
  4738. >In the pinkish light, her smile looks silly, and she starts spinning her magic, a vividly colored ball forming between her claws.
  4739. >She throws it up, and it lets out a whistle as it spirals into the air, before erupting into a brilliant display of colors.
  4740. >Each colored stream from the initial burst zooms off a little ways before erupting again, bathing the area in light.
  4741. >You can see the colors sparkling off her eyes as she stares into the lightshow.
  4742. >Sneaking up behind her, you reach through the cloud and pull her into your chest, before laying on the ground.
  4743. "It's really pretty. You did a great job Eris."
  4744. >"Thanks Dad." She replys, her small arms grabbing yours.
  4745. >You feel something wet drip onto your neck, and you hear her snifle a bit.
  4746. >"I miss Mommy and my Brother and Sister..."
  4747. "So do I." You reply, gently squeezing her.
  4748. >The two of lie there and stare up at the stars until you both drift to sleep.
  4752. >"That's Anonymous's signal." Celestia says to Luna, and the two of them hurry to reach their destination.
  4753. >While indistinguishable from the rest of the snow covered ground, thanks to their map, the two Princesses land in the right area.
  4754. >"Sister, how would you recommend we go about this?"
  4755. >After several minutes of discusion and bounced ideas, the finaly decide on a simple option.
  4756. >Both their horns light up, a ball of magic forming on each tip.
  4757. >Slowly the spell grows and grows, until both are released, fired at the ground.
  4758. >Where they hit, a small flame flickeres for a moment, and both princesses use the delay to take off.
  4759. >With the princesses safely in the air, the magic activates, small flames shooting in every direction but up.
  4760. >Soon, the entire field looks like a sea of flames that give off no light.
  4761. >At first, nothing happens, but the snow soon starts to melt at a decent pace, the slush mixing with the dirt.
  4762. >After ony twenty minutes, what was once a field of snow is now a swampy, muddy mess.
  4763. >The effect stretches a massive distance to either side, barring the minotaurs from going around.
  4764. >satisfied with their work, Celestia and Luna turn and start flying back to camp.
  4768. >The sunrise washes over you and Eris, both of you waking with its first rays.
  4769. >"Good morning sleepy heads." A voice says, and you turn your head to see Chrysalis lying next to you, a pair of saddlebags across her back.
  4770. >"We figured you would spend the night out here, since the fruit wouldn't cover your way back."
  4771. "Thanks." You manage to say, just a bit more than a whisper.
  4772. >She pulls out a bottle of water and opens it before holding it out for you.
  4773. >When you fail to move your arms effectively, you sigh.
  4774. "It looks like you are going to have to help a lot, I can barely move."
  4775. >At first, she looks a little concerned, but as Eris hops off and starts digging into one of the bags, a smile spreads across her face.
  4776. >Taking a drink herself, she move over and leans in, her lips meeting yours and forcing water into your mouth.
  4777. >You swallow, and she repeats the motion several times, until you've had your fill.
  4778. >For food, she simply pulls off chunks and hoof feeds them to you, almost like a mother with a sick child.
  4779. >As you regain your strength, you try and feed yourself but she insists on doing it.
  4780. >The whole time, Eris is next to the two of you giggling while snacking on a cupcake.
  4781. >When you glare at her, she covers her mouth, trying to stifle the laughter but it's too much.
  4782. >Within moments she is outright laughing, and you and Chrysalis can't help but join in.
  4783. >You must have been quite a sight, the three of you laughing there, but like all good things, they had to end some time.
  4784. >After recovering fully, the three of start your way back, before being met by a carriage pulled by a half dozen royal guards.
  4785. "Celestia sent you, didn't she?"
  4786. >Then nod and you sigh, before entering the carriage along with Chrysalis and Eris.
  4790. >"I see your part went well Anonymous, we too were successful in out part." Luna says with a hint of pride.
  4791. "That should buy us a day or two, but right now, we need every moment we can get."
  4792. >"Agreed, now, about that 'secret weapon' of yours, how is it supposed to work?" Celestia asks.
  4793. "In essense, its a giant crossbow on an armored wagon. But functionally, it should be able to fire huge distances and shred through multiple targets."
  4794. "Actually, if you want to see, it should be ready for it's initial assembly."
  4795. >The two of them nod and follow you to the assorted workers places, where you arrange for everything to be brought out.
  4796. >First the wagon base, easily twelve feet long and seven wide, with wheels six inches thick.
  4797. >Spokes covered in gold plates and the bodys form made from the sturdiest wood available, it won't be failing easily.
  4798. >The blacksmiths bring out the armor plates, and with your's and the Princess's help, get them into position.
  4799. >As it stands, this is probably the closest thing to an armored vehicle ponys have ever seen, but its not done yet.
  4800. >The top is fairly open, with a crossbeam revealed, where, with the help of the mechanics, you mount the one hundred and fifty pound crossbow with rangefinder.
  4801. >Onto that, you mound several smaller plates to help protect the user from arrows, and you crank back the mechanism, where it locks with a loud *Click*.
  4802. >Putting into place one of the newly made bolts, you swing it around a bit, getting used to the feel.
  4803. "So, what do you all think?" You ask the gathered ponys.
  4804. >"Its impressive, but how well does it work?" Celestia asks, and you let out a chuckle.
  4805. "Someone set me up a minotaur sized target about five hundred feet down that way." You say, indicating a direction.
  4806. >Soon, a large burlap bag filled with hay is set up, and you set about finding your aim.
  4807. >With a mighty *Twang* the crossbow fires, and the bolt goes sailing into the distance and the "dummy" erupts into a cloud of hay as it is pierced clean through.
  4808. "And figure, with an assistant and some movers, we can make this a mobile artillery weapon that could fire three, maybe four times a minute."
  4809. >Many of the gathered ponys look up at your golden tank in a sort of awe, though Celestia seems unimpressed.
  4810. >"It seems like so much work into not much result." she says indifferently.
  4811. "Thats because you only see it for it's face value. Think of it like this."
  4812. "Imagine you are a soldier, one of thousands, and you are advancing on your foe, but are still out of sight."
  4813. "How would you react if a giant arrow came out of nowhere and killed the soldier next to you, and there was nothing you could do?"
  4814. >Her ears tilt back, and she looks slightly queasy.
  4815. "Terror weapons like this can make a huge difference when outnumbered, never forget that."
  4816. >She nods, before moving away as the blacksmiths and carpenters come in to do some final adjustments.
  4818. ~
  4820. >Anon Personal Journal-Day 281: Time Running Out
  4822. >The battle will be soon.
  4823. >According to our scouts, we have two days, maybe three if they take a break to rest.
  4824. >Tensions are high, and several times we have found guards writing up wills.
  4825. >I wish there was something I could say to make everything better, but at this point, it looks like this battle is going to happen, one way or another.
  4826. >My tank crew consists of four hearty Earth Ponys, all skilled with the spear for helping with close defence, A unicorn to feed ammo and help with logistics and a Changeling to help identify key targets.
  4827. >We don't have time to practice much, but already they have proven capable of their jobs.
  4828. >I guess I should Include Eris in the crew, since she is going to be with me in the gunners seat.
  4829. >I'd rather she was somewhere safer, but she refuses to leave my side.
  4830. >Even as I write this, she is fast asleep in my lap.
  4831. >Chrysalis has been busy managing what few changelings she has, and she spends what little time she has free with me.
  4832. >She's such a sweet mare, I feel kind of bad for holding her away because I'm still missing Sari.
  4833. >After this is all over, I'm
  4834. >Never mind, I'll worry about that later.
  4835. >For now, I have to protect these ponys and help lead them to victory.
  4839. >"It's late Anon, come to bed." Chrysalis's voice calls from your room.
  4840. >Smiling, you put away your journal and pick up Eris carefully.
  4841. >She dangles in your arms like she's made of rubber, but you know it's just her.
  4842. >Entering your room, you see Chrysalis lying seductively on your bed, but when she sees Eris, she lets out a sigh.
  4843. >"I was hoping we could..."
  4844. "Tomorrow night, I promise." You say, and she smiles widely, before scrambling under the blankets, trying to get to sleep faster.
  4845. >Setting Eris down in bed, you tuck her in and pull Chrysalis out of the blankets.
  4846. >"Chryssy, I just want to say thanks. Since you have gotten back, you've always been there to help and support me, even though I havn't been the best for..."
  4847. >You are cut off as she presses her lips to yours.
  4848. >Your arms wrap around her back, and she pushes you down.
  4849. >"You've been more than the best. Nop0ny would have given me a chance, after what I did, and yet, you didn't hesitate to accept me back."
  4850. >She smiles, sitting up on your chest. "You're more than I deserve. Heck, your more than anyp0ny deserves, and yet, you still want to be with me."
  4851. >She lies on your chest, doing her best to hug you. "I know it seems silly, but thank you, you've done so much for me, I just want to repay that debt."
  4852. >Quieting her with a kiss, you say
  4853. "Like I have said, I only did what any normal person would do for a good friend, but now, you're more than that."
  4854. >Her ears perk up, but you roll onto your side, adjusting her to the small spoon position.
  4855. "Tomorrow night." You whisper.
  4856. >"Tomorrow night."
  4857. >The two of you fall asleep like this, Eris managing to sneak in between you somehow.
  4861. >Sunlight cuts throught the fabric of the tent, adding light to the room, in addition to the light coming from the small stove you were using to cook breakfast.
  4862. >Chrysalis crawls out of bed with a yawn, drifting towards the smells coming off your cooking.
  4863. >"Whats for breakfast?"
  4864. "It's not like you need anything other than me to eat."
  4865. >Her eyes go half lidded, and she bites her lip before nudging against your side.
  4866. "You know what I mean."
  4867. >"Yeah, that will come later."
  4868. >From behind the two of you, you can hear Eris go "Bleagh, Icky"
  4869. "Get over here you." You say to her, and with a silly grin, she teleports into your arms.
  4870. >Squeezing her playfully, you spin around a bit, before she squeals and you let her down.
  4871. >"Whats for breakfast Daddy?" She asks, sitting at the small table that came with the tent.
  4872. "We're having pancakes and eggs."
  4873. >She gives a cheer, and you start dishing up a plate for her.
  4874. >Chrysalis takes a seat as well, and you prepare a plate for her as well as yourself.
  4875. >Breakfast is quiet, but pleasant, a huge difference compared to the hectic nature of war.
  4876. >All too soon though, it's time for the first of the meetings today, and you quickly pack the breakfast dishes.
  4877. "Time to get to work."
  4881. >The tent flap is opened for you as you aproach, and you duck inside.
  4882. >"Ah, Anonymous, you have arrived. Come, we are just about ready to begin." Celestia says, rising from a cushion.
  4883. >The map table is still in the same place, and you see Luna, Several leutenants and Shining and Cadence all seated at it.
  4884. "My appologies if I made you wait." You say with a quick bow, before sitting down.
  4885. >"Not at all, we just arrived, actually." Shining says, shifting closer to Cadence, who rests a wing on his back.
  4886. >She gives you a suble wink, before leaning in against Shining.
  4887. >"Since we are all here, We see no reason not to start."
  4888. >Celestia moves over to the table, and the lot of you start pouring over strategies and plans.
  4889. >Nearing the two hour mark, a commotion is heard outside, and one of the guards comes rushing in.
  4890. >"The Minotaurs are near! We must begin preparations now!"
  4891. >Everyone is on their feet/hooves immediately, and rushing out the flap.
  4892. "Whats their estimated distance?" You ask the guard, and the changeling scout with him.
  4893. >"Just over five kilometers." The scout replys "They havn't moved, probably stoping for a rest."
  4894. "Well done, head back to Chrysalis and report to her. Inform her I have granted you half a days rest."
  4895. >The scout nods before taking off with buzzing wings and shooting straight for Chrysalis's tent.
  4896. >"Anonymous, what would you recommend?" Celestia asks.
  4897. "At this point, we should get ready and wait. Beyond that, I'm not sure."
  4898. >Celestia nods before taking off.
  4900. >Her voice carries out across the camp, and everywhere, guards start getting armored and grab their weapons.
  4901. >Your tank crew come up to you, and you join them in heading to its storage area.
  4902. "Lets see how well this baby does in a real fight."
  4906. >"Commander Anonymous, what's it like, knowing how to make weapons like this?"
  4907. >Leaning against the massive bow, you observe the battlefield.
  4908. "To tell you the truth, it sucks."
  4909. >Your crew looks up at you confused.
  4910. "This was one of the strongest weapons I could give you, without pushing you too far down the path of war."
  4911. "My old world, it was in a constant state of war, weapons strong enough to destroy the planet."
  4912. "I don't want to see that happen here, I want this to be a safe place, somewhere I can raise my daughter."
  4913. >The six members of your crew look at you with a mixture of agreement and awe.
  4914. >"Speaking of, wasn't she supposed to join us in here?"
  4915. >Letting out a loud whistle, you see a pink cloud floating above angle down, shooting right for you.
  4916. >Just as it is about to collide with you, it busrts apart, and Eris comes crashing into your arms.
  4917. "Eris, you have to be good if you want to stay with me, okay?"
  4918. >She nods before worming onto your back, clinging on with arms around your neck.
  4919. >Reaching around behind you, you tickle her sides, and she drops off and onto the top of the tank.
  4920. "Eris, these are the ponys and changeling who are going to be helping make this thing work. I want you to get along with them and not bother them when they are busy."
  4921. >She waves energetically at them, and all smile, and a couple wave back.
  4922. >Your attention is drawn by Celestia flying overhead, and she starts calling "EVERYP0NY, THE MINOTAURS ARE COMING!"
  4923. >Crew immediately at the ready, your scout goes up, and you start scanning for the enemy.
  4924. >The first bolt is loaded, and with your rangefinder maxed, you search for a target.
  4925. >A green flash fires off towards them, the signal of where to aim.
  4926. >Lining up before it fades, you pull the trigger, and the first shot releases.
  4928. ~
  4930. >Immediately, you begin recranking the mechanism, and you co-pilot passes Eris the next bolt.
  4931. >As the string clicks into place, you accept the bolt and set it in place.
  4932. >A red flare goes up from your co-pilot, signaling the next shot is ready, and you watch for the green response.
  4933. >All around the tank, Ponys are forming defensive lines, and the Pegasii and their "Handlers" prepare for firebombing.
  4934. >"There Daddy" Eris says, pointing up, and you spot the next flare, and its accompanying second, orange flare, marking a range reduction.
  4935. >Quickly readjusting, you drop the range down about 40 meters.
  4936. >With a mighty twang, the next shot releases into the distance, and the cycle repeats.
  4937. >As the range drops to maybe 750 meters, the first of the pegasii take off, pots of oil with flaming rags held it special slings.
  4938. >The minotaurs are visible as you lower to 700, a wall of black against the snow.
  4939. >Around you, many ponys paw at the ground nervously, and several keep shifting their grips on their weapons.
  4940. >You can see the first barrage of pots, and several bursts of flame rise up.
  4941. >They quickly fade, but several remain lit, black smoke rising from burning minotaurs.
  4942. >The second wave takes off, and you line up get back to firing.
  4943. >Closing at a rapid rate, the minotaurs seem unnafected by their losses.
  4944. >Unicorns prepare stones to be launched via magic, and another series of flamebursts explode in the minotaur ranks.
  4945. >Even Celestia and Luna are supporting massive stones the size of a small pony.
  4946. >Range now at 570, all the guards are at full attention, weapons ready, but diciplined, staying in formation and at the defensive line.
  4947. >Bolt after bolt, you fire, your collective efficiency bringing your groups rate of fire to four bolts a minute, the sky now always bearing a green flare spell.
  4948. >400 meters, your ammo supply is nearing the end, and the short spears are being readied in the ports.
  4949. >350, the first of the stones are launched, whizzing through the air and falling in the minotaur ranks, minotaurs falling wherever they land.
  4950. >Celestia and Luna launch their stones, and even with the minotaurs scattering, many are still bowled over and wiped out as they crash into the ground.
  4951. >The minotaurs reach a range of 300, and you can feel the air still as they approach the hidden spike trench.
  4955. >For a brief moment, it looks like the fallaway cover failed, until one side goes out, minotaurs falling in.
  4956. >Like a chain reaction, the rest falls, minotaurs tumbing into the spikes by the dozens.
  4957. >Their war crys change to cries of fear and confusion.
  4958. >A cheer goes through the ponies, which only serves to aggravate the minotaurs.
  4959. >Several of them charge right through the pit, and the others swarm through the narrow gap that was left.
  4960. >A series of firebombs heavily punish the minotaurs, being so bunched up and you personally drop bolts directly into the swarming horde.
  4961. >You see many of their numbers fall, but there seem to be infinitely more.
  4962. >The guards brace for the coming charge, and your tank starts moving into its second position.
  4963. >Out of bolts, the crossbow serves as a brace for a smaller bow you took from the pony armory to use.
  4964. >Rather than jsut firing into the group, you start focusing on more dangerous targets.
  4965. >The first arrow you fire hits its mark before exploding into small fireworks that ignite other nearby minotaurs.
  4966. >You feel Eris's claws hanging onto your shoulder, and she is shaking a bit.
  4967. "Eris, you don't have to do anything."
  4968. >"No. I'm going to help."
  4969. >She may not be your biological daughter, but you'd be damned if she wasn't like you.
  4970. "Alright. How about we show these bad guys some real fireworks?"
  4971. >Floating around beside you, She gives a small smile, starting to form a ball of magic.
  4972. >Grabbing hold of the orb, you feel Galaxia's and Eternity's magic flowing through it and into a ball in front of you as well.
  4973. >Celestia and Luna have a moments pause, a familiar feeling in the air.
  4974. >Both yours and Eris's magic fire off at the same time, spiraling into the minotaurs, less than a hundred feet away.
  4975. >The spells release small flaming chunks flying everywhere away from you, colors and sounds filling the air.
  4976. >While it hardly slows the minotaurs, it certainly takes out a number of them.
  4977. >The first of the minotaurs meet the ponys head on, steel coliding with steel.
  4981. >With their thinned numbers, the minotaurs are on a more even footing with the ponys, but they still overpower them in terms of pure muscle.
  4982. "Eris, get me my swords." You say, and she vanishes.
  4983. >"Commander, what about us?"
  4984. >Hopping down into the cabin, you look at all of them.
  4985. "I'm leaving this in your care. I want you to do your best, and no matter what, I forbid you from dying."
  4986. >The five of them salute and say "YES SIR"
  4987. >Behind you, the changeling comes down, and joins the rest, and you climb up and out.
  4988. >Eris appears beside you, struggling to hold up the two mantis blades, and you take them from her.
  4989. "Stay here with the tank, okay? I want you to stay safe, but you will still be able to be near."
  4990. >She gives you a bit of a pout, before nodding and floating down the tanks hatch.
  4991. >Taking a deep breath, you steady yourself before running forward, towards the defensive line.
  4992. >The first minotaur you encounter blanches when they see you, and you cleave through their armor, ending their life in a single stroke.
  4993. >Almost immediately, a cry of "DEMON!" spreads through them, and a distinct shift happens, more of the minotaurs gathering towards you.
  4994. >In response, the guards shift as well, protecting your sides and limiting the number of enemys that can reach you.
  4995. >Magic shoots out from your side, and arrows from the enemy side, and all around you allie and foe alike fall, wether by blade or other.
  4996. >Even though their forrmations are loose at best, the minotaurs are definitely skilled fighters, compared to the guards, whos formations are tight and efficient, but they are less experienced.
  4997. >Slicing through another foe, you get caught by a backswing, cracking one of your shellplates and knocking you off balance.
  4998. >Another minotaur capitalizes on this, their swing only dodgeable by falling, which you do.
  4999. >Standing above you, a minotaur readies his axe and brings it down, aimed right at your head.
  5003. >The blow never comes though, as he is blasted away by green magic.
  5004. >"You won't hurt him." Chrysalis yells, standing over you.
  5005. >Green flames shoot from her horn, incinerating numerous minotaurs.
  5006. >Sliding back, you stand behind her and rest a hand on her flank.
  5007. >She immediately spins at you, death in her eyes, until she sees it's you.
  5008. "Thanks. Looks like I owe you a bit more now."
  5009. >There is a spark in here eye, and she turns back again, and starts firing rapidfire magic bolts.
  5010. >Not to be outdone, you start attacking again.
  5011. >Despite yours and Chrysalis's success, the defensive line is slowly being forced back and thinned.
  5012. >In one spot, you catch sight of the line being broken, but before the minotaurs can get through, the tank suddenly appears, charging at full speed into the gap.
  5013. >Four minotaurs are immediately killed by it's spiked front, and several more fall to the spears.
  5014. >Fireworks and magic bolts fire out from the turret, and the tide starts shifting in this area a bit.
  5015. >Loud horns wash over the fields, and the minotaurs start falling back, and a cheer runs through the crowd.
  5016. >Medics start their job, gathering and tending to the wounded and easing the suffering of the dying.
  5017. >You have no time to rest though, as Celestia lands next to you, feathers quite ruffled and a few small cuts marring her coat.
  5018. >"Anonymous, this retreat is temporary, and we do not have the numbers to hold them off here, we should fall back to Appleoosa, and fight them there."
  5019. "A good plan. Get the wagons and the unicorns who are still strong enough to help the wounded to start moving them ahead of the rest."
  5020. >Chrysalis runs up to you, rearing back and wrapping her hooves around your neck.
  5021. >"So, how much more do you owe me?" She asks, giving you a seductive look.
  5022. "You'll just have to wait and see." You reply, one arm around her back, the other gently massaging her flank.
  5023. >Giving her a quick kiss, you set her down and give her a light pat on the shoulder.
  5024. "I need you to help with the wounded. They need ponies who can help move them, and I know you are strong enough."
  5025. >She nods, and goes to join the other unicorns, while you head to gather those soldiers who are still in fighting shape.
  5029. >The first of the injured start heading to town, medics accompanying them, when one of the scouts comes flying in.
  5030. >"Commander Anonymous, the minotaurs are regrouping for another attack. What are your orders?"
  5031. "Form up tight, we have to hold them back here. Remember, we are the only thing standing between our wounded comrades, and a vicious death."
  5032. >A firm resolve passes through the guards, and every0ne forms up, ready to stop the minotaurs.
  5033. >Behind the minotaurs, a huge cloud of dust and snow is rising, obscuring much of the view.
  5034. >Taking hold of the orb, you pray for help from Galaxia and Eternity.
  5035. >Eternity's voice speaks into your mind "I will provide you temporary use of my soldiers. They will not last long though, so call them at the last moment."
  5036. >In your head, you see a gate make of skeletal bones and figures, and you hear the words "OPEN, GATES OF TARTARUS!"
  5037. >'A little flashy, isn't it Eternity?' You think, and a faint chuckle bounces around.
  5038. >The minotaurs are nearing now, and you hold up the orb, focusing on the image of the gate.
  5039. "OPEN, GATES OF TARTARUS!" You yell out, your voice carrying across the field.
  5040. >From the ground, the gate rises, the snow around it turning a corrupted back.
  5041. >Creaking open, the door reveals a swirling plane of red and black, from which Skeletal ponys and minotaurs and other beasts march from.
  5042. >The skeletal warriors meet the minotaurs head on, biting, clawing and clubbing the minotaurs , who in return crush and scatter the bony beasts.
  5043. >Within fifteen minutes, the skeletal warriors are all beaten, and the gate has long since closed, but the minotaurs have also suffered numerous losses.
  5044. >Undetered, they continue their charge, and your group braces to recieve them.
  5048. >The initial clash of steel on steel is a near deafening ring, and all around you you hear the clinks, thuds and screams of battle.
  5049. >Your first opponent fall quickly, but the second is more skilled.
  5050. >Back and forth, you fight, scoring multiple wounds on him, and taking a few yourself.
  5051. >He slips up, and you cleave through his armor, ripping his life away.
  5052. >Almost immediately, another takes his spot, while at the same time, the guard next to you falls.
  5053. >Shifting back a step, you run the minotaur through, and call out to your troops.
  5054. "We are falling back."
  5055. >The defensive line slowly moves back, the minotaurs not easing up, and you grab the orb.
  5056. >Focusing on some form of smoke screen or some way to distract the minotaurs, the magic flares to life.
  5057. >Thick smoke billows out from your coat, quickly engulfing you and everyone nearby.
  5058. "Everyone, run."
  5059. >In the smoke, you can see masses moving, and you strike out at anything as tall as you.
  5060. >Six times, you cut minotaurs down, and you start retreating yourself, when you see something huge swing through the smoke.
  5061. >It swings again, and you duck in time for it to pass overhead, smoke swirling above you.
  5062. >Rolling away you feel the ground quake slightly as whatever it was strikes the ground where you just were.
  5063. >Slowly, the smoke thins, and you find yourself in a bit of a predicament.
  5067. >In a ring around you, hundreds of minotuars start chanting, and one area parts.
  5068. >"So, Demon, we meet at last."
  5069. >An imposing figure of a minotaur steps forward, covered head to hoof in plate armor and wielding a giant axe.
  5070. >"I heard what you did, and I wanted to fight you myself."
  5071. >"Of course, the way I see it, you don't have a choice."
  5072. >He hefts his axe onto his shoulder. "Oh, and thanks for letting me start this war. Those cowardly ponies would have never fought back."
  5073. >Stepping into the circle, it closes behind him, leaving you with no escape.
  5074. "So be it."
  5075. >Drawing your second blade, you shed your armor, since it would be nothing but a hinderance against a weapon like his.
  5076. >"This's going to be fun."
  5077. >Slowly moving forward, he starts circling, like a shark around it's prey.
  5078. >Turning only to keep him in sight, you save your energy and focus on creating a plan.
  5079. >Skillwise, you likely fall well short, same with strength.
  5080. >Speed and underhanded tactics may be the only advantages you do have.
  5081. >"What, are you not going to attack me Demon? Fine then, I'll start."
  5082. >Approaching you at a rapid rate, he fakes a swing from the right and you raise your blades to block.
  5083. >With your guard shifted, he hits you with a hard left punch, knocking you off balance slightly.
  5084. >"Come on, is that the best you can do?" He taunts as you steady yourself.
  5085. >Gritting your teeth, you let out a slow breath and raise your swords.
  5086. >They feel heavy, heavier than ususal.
  5087. "I'm not going to let you win."
  5091. >Wiping sweat from her brow, Celestia finishes up healing another soldier.
  5092. >Behind her, the tent opens and a guard walks in.
  5093. >"Princess, the rear guard has returned."
  5094. >"Have Luna and Chrysalis been informed?"
  5095. >He nods "They are being informed as we speak."
  5096. >In a futile attempt to make herself presentable, Celestia shakes out her mane and wings before following after the guard as he exits the medical tent.
  5097. >The sunlight, while usualy amiable to her eyes is instead sharp and painful after hours in the dimly lit tent.
  5098. >Taking place next to Luna and Chrysalis, the three of you look out at the group of white and gold as they march towards the defensive line.
  5099. >"Where is he?" Chrysalis asks, looking around.
  5100. >Celestia and Luna look around as well, but see no sign of Anonymous.
  5101. >"Perhaps he is coming back with a second group?" Luna suggests, and Chrysalis feels a sinking feeling in the pit of her stomach.
  5102. >"We have to go find him!"
  5103. >This idea is cut short when the group sees a wall of minotaurs not far behind the returning guards.
  5104. >"Everyp0ny to your positions, we are going to hold our ground here."
  5105. >"We can't let them go any further."
  5106. >Everyone starts rushing around, leaving Chrysalis standing there for a moment, looking out at the oncoming soldiers and enemys before she returns to her quarters to prepare.
  5110. >All around the outer limits of town, the quickly built fortifications are manned by guards in day guard golden and night guard black armor.
  5111. >The minotaurs have stopped a short distance from town, preparing for an assault.
  5112. >Everyone's minds are on the coming battle, which will likely decide the outcome of this whole little war.
  5113. >Well, Everyone's but two.
  5114. >Sitting at her position, Chrysalis's mind is everywhere but here.
  5115. >Every thought is for her missing love, where and how he may be.
  5116. >Alone in her tent, Eris waits for her dad to return.
  5117. >Each and every time the flap so much as shakes, she expects him to come through and hug her, tell her everything is okay.
  5118. >Luna and Celestia spare thoughts for him as well, but theirs are prayers for safety, almost as if they know the danger he is in.
  5119. >Amid the clamour of preperations, there is a simgle moment of silence, and just as it is seemingly about to end, it is cut short by the savage call of a minotaur horn.
  5120. >Everyone scrambles to finish preparations as the minotaur line slowly advances.
  5121. >Now restocked with a dozen new bolts, the ballista tank rolls into position, a glaring beacon against the browns of town.
  5122. >Its crew, while still green, are skilled in its operation, even without their commander.
  5123. >Using magic to work the series of cranks, the first shot is prepared, and the crew readies for firing.
  5124. >When the enemy is barely a hundred meters away, the first shot is released, the ensuing deaths hastening the minotaurs into a charge.
  5125. >They meet the defenders head on in a flurry of steel, clangs and cries ringing out through the abandoned streets.
  5129. >The fighting is fierce, but short lived.
  5130. >Despite the numerous injured ponys, the defensive lines give them enough of an advantage to take control of the battle.
  5131. >Slowly the minotaurs are forced out, and the ponys capture every one they can.
  5132. >Soon, the fight is a rout, and Celestia learns why.
  5133. >Apparently, a number of them stayed behind to help deal with a "Demon".
  5134. >Sending one of her guards to get Chrysalis, Celestia continues her interrogations.
  5135. >The changeling queen arrives, just as Celestia finishes, and the minotaur is carted away.
  5136. >"You may not like the news I have to share." Celestia says, cleaning herself off.
  5137. >"I can, with some degree of certainty, say Anonymous is likely still alive."
  5138. >Chrysalis looks at her confused "Isn't that a good thing though?"
  5139. >"Normaly, yes, but..."
  5140. >Celestia looks down slightly, before saying "He is trapped, and facing the minotaur known as the Beast of the Plains."
  5141. >Eyes widening, Chrysalis turns to run out of the tent, when a magical grip holds her shoulder.
  5142. >"It's not safe. All you can do is wait and hope."
  5143. >Chrysalis's horn glows green and Celestia's grip is ripped off.
  5144. >"Not anymore. I'm going after him."
  5145. >Taking off, Chrysalis flys as fast as her tired wings will carry her in the direction Anonymous was.
  5146. >In a short moment that feels like hours, she reaches the battlefield and she can see Anonymous, barely standing in the middle of a ring of minotaurs.
  5147. >One large one is in the ring as well, attacking him.
  5151. "Damn... Damn it."
  5152. >Your breath comes in ragged gasps, and you can barely hold up your swords anymore.
  5153. >All over you are dozens of cuts from where his axe has landed glancing blows.
  5154. >"Is this the best the so called Demon can do?"
  5155. >Muscles burning from the continual exertion, you drop one sword, switching your grip over to your main hand's one.
  5156. >"Bah, I thought you might be a challenge. It looks like I overestimated you."
  5157. >His axe comes down, and you block it, putting forth all your remaining strength.
  5158. >Slowly, you push back, and he lets out a faint grunt of surprise.
  5159. >"Looks like you still have some fight in you."
  5160. >Stepping back, he pulls his axe up, examining the new nock in his blade.
  5161. "I... I can't lose... I have to..."
  5162. >Dropping to one knee, You fight to keep your body going, but blood loss and exhaustion are taking their toll.
  5163. >Swung in low, the axe knocks you back several feet as you guard against it.
  5164. >Barely making it to your feet in time to block the next blow, it sends you staggering again.
  5165. >Stepping forwards, the minotaur raises is axe high and brings it straight down, your blade barely slowing it before being knocked away.
  5166. >The axe comes down across your chest, ripping it wide open and spraying blood out.
  5167. >'Is... Is this it?'
  5171. >As your body colapses, a bright white light seeps from the slice.
  5172. >You feel it wrap around you, and you sense two familiar presences.
  5173. >"Anonymous, we are proud. You have fought honorably and for others, not your own needs."
  5174. >On your left, Galaxia slides herself under an arm, helping you up.
  5175. >Eternity is on your right, and together, they bring you to your feet.
  5176. >"It seems luck is on your side. The orb we had you obtain blocked enough of that strike to prevent it being instantly fatal."
  5177. >Looking down at your chest, you see the wound open, but not bleeding.
  5178. "But how?"
  5179. >"Right now, you are in a state between living and dead. We planned on bringing you here later, so we may repay you for everything you have done, but it seems we need to come early."
  5180. >"You see, while you may absorb and dissapate magic, tiny fragments of it remain in you."
  5181. "Okay, but what does it mean for me?"
  5182. >They both step away, and move around in front of you.
  5183. >"For now, it simply means we can fix your injurys and give you the strength needed to succeed."
  5184. >Galaxia's horn runs the length of your injury, muscle and skin mending painlessly behind it.
  5185. >Eternity in turn runs his horn right through your chest, but instead of pain, you feel energy being pumped into you.
  5186. >"Remember, we need you to win, to ensure the continued happiness of our kind."
  5187. >Taking a step back, you let out a faint snort.
  5188. "I'm doing this for myself, not you. I'm protecting my family and friends, with or without your help."
  5189. >The light fades, and you feel the dirt on your chest.
  5193. >Rising to your feet, you stare right into the eyes of the Minotaur, and he slowly backs away.
  5194. "Whats wrong? Are you afraid?"
  5195. >"But you died... I killed you."
  5196. >Grabbing your sword, you crack your kuckles.
  5197. "I guess it just isn't my time to die."
  5198. >His axe swings wildly at you, but with magically heightened performance and reflexes, your blade rises and stops it.
  5199. >A flick of the wrist sends his blade flying, and he stumbles back.
  5200. >As the axe comes down, you reach out a hand to catch it.
  5201. >Despite its massive size, it weighs next to nothing in your grip, and you slam it, blade first into the dirt.
  5202. >Barely moving, you shoot forward, taking the minotaur down by the throat.
  5203. "Now, I'd suggest you and your little army turn around and run home, or I will have to take care of. Each. And. Every. One. Of. You."
  5204. >You emphasise each word, and you watch him nod quickly.
  5205. >With a swing, you send him flying into his troops, and the lot of them start running.
  5206. >Grabbing your other sword, you lay the pair down, before lying down yourself.
  5207. >Underneath the blue skys, you watch clouds lazily roll past, before you hear faint buzzing wingbeats.
  5208. >They stop, before you hear hoofsteps approaching slowly.
  5209. >"Is that... Are you realy still alive Anon?" Chrysalis asks, cautiously approaching.
  5210. >Reaching up and back, you pull her over and lay her head on your chest.
  5211. "You tell me."
  5212. >Her eyes close, and she listens to your steady, strong heartbeat.
  5213. >"I... I thought I lost you..." She says shakily, tears running down her face and across your chest.
  5214. >Holding her close, you slowly run your hand through her mane.
  5215. "I thought I lost too."
  5217. ~
  5219. >Together, you and Chrysalis slowly walk back, her leaning against you for support.
  5220. >As the first scouts spot you, a flurry of activity starts around the town.
  5221. >Groups of ponys swarm out, gathering around you and Chrysalis, cheering.
  5222. >All around you, they form into a path, an honour guard.
  5223. >At the end, you see Celestia, Luna, Eris and two other, familiar figures.
  5224. >These two others are larger than Celestia and Luna, their heads nearly reaching what would be your shoulder.
  5225. >When you reach the edge of town, Eris can no longer contain herself, and she shoots right for you.
  5226. >Arms open, you catch her hug, holding her tight to you.
  5227. >"Daddy, I was so worried!" She exclaims, burying herself in your grip.
  5228. "I promised I wouldn't leave you. I will always keep my promises."
  5229. >"As do we." Galaxia's voice say, and you look up.
  5230. >"You see, we did bring you here for a reason, and its time we revealed that reason." Eternity says.
  5231. "This is the first time I have seen you in the flesh. Its nice to finaly see my benefactors."
  5232. >Setting Eris on your back, you continue your walk forward, and Celestia and Luna bow to you as well.
  5233. >"Anonymous" Galaxia says "We brought you here to join us, as a god."
  5234. >"I control Tartarus, and my wife controls Elysium, but we need a third. One to help keep the balance on Equestria."
  5235. >Eternity steps forward "We want you to be that being. Ever since we brought you here, we have given you many tests, both large and small, and you have passed all with flying colors."
  5236. >"Albeit with a few unusual methods." He adds, sparing a look for Chrysalis.
  5237. >"So, will you join us?" Galaxia asks, and you already know your answer.
  5241. "No."
  5242. >Turning around, you start walking away, despite the numerous gasps and quiet exclamations of all the guards.
  5243. >Neither Chrysalis nor Eris seems surprised at your choice, but two strands of magic take hold of your shoulder before dissapating away.
  5244. >"Anonymous, what are you saying?" Celestia asks "You would be willing to give up all that without a moments consideration?"
  5245. "You still don't understand what it means to have a family, do you? I'm not giving up what I never had, I'm keeping what I already do."
  5246. >Celestia goes quiet, and she sits down.
  5247. >"We understand, Anonymous. Let us at least leave you with one gift. A lifespan to match your wife's."
  5248. >Chrysalis looks up at you with an evil look in her eye, so you kneel.
  5249. "I wanted to wait till we were somewhere more private, but I suppose I have no choice."
  5250. "Chrysalis, will you be my wife?"
  5251. >There is a collective gasp across the guards, before everything goes silent.
  5252. >Looking at you with her big green eyes, Chrysalis opens her mouth, trying to form a word.
  5253. >Not rushing her, she finaly settles on pushing forward and overtaking your mouth with a kiss.
  5254. >Eris hops off your back and floats up before throwing blue rose petals everywhere.
  5255. >Cheering runs rampant, and a pair of silver rings form in your hand.
  5256. >Lowering it down over her horn, you set it at her base before putting on your own.
  5257. >An aura of magic surrounds you, before joining with your heart.
  5258. >"Seven hundred and fifty three years. That is what you are granted in addition to your normal span." Eternity says, before turning to Celestia.
  5259. >"Now, you have much to learn from him. Even in his short life, he is more knowledgable in the ways of life. I expect you to send in reports on what you have learned."
  5260. >She lowers her head and turns her ears back before replying meekly "Yes Father."
  5261. >Galaxia turns to Luna "We are both quite impressed with you, little Luna. Despite your time away, you knew what was right and followed your heart."
  5262. >"Now, we feel you could have chosen a better use for his favour, but your primary reason for it was excellent."
  5263. >"For now, the two of us must leave, but Anonymous, we expect invitations to your wedding proper."
  5264. >A chariot appears out of thin air, and they both enter before taking off into the sky.
  5268. >"So... What now?" Celestia asks while looking around.
  5269. "Now... The hard part."
  5270. >She looks at you weird "What hard part? We already won."
  5271. "How many lives have been lost? How many familys wont have a husband come home?" You say, gesturing out at the field.
  5272. "As a ruler, you have likely not encountered it, but every dead soldier is someone important to someone else."
  5273. "You don't realize how much it hurts, telling a family that their husband, their son, their brother, their lover isn't coming home ever."
  5274. "To see them crushed, their tears..."
  5275. >Your hands are reflexively clenching, and you feel tears edging into your eyes.
  5276. >"I had no idea." Celestia says, visibly mollified.
  5277. >Slowly shaking your head, you give a small smile.
  5278. "It's not all bad though. They willingly gave their lives to protect their friends and family. They knew the risks, and still they fought."
  5279. "They were brave, braver than most, and they never gave up. The same can be said for everyone here."
  5280. >The guards look at eachother, some bearing small smiles at the compliment, most looking slightly grim.
  5281. >Luna moves next to Celestia "We will prepare to break the news, you have earned time with your love."
  5282. >In a moment of joy, Chrysalis teleports over to Luna and gives her a quick kiss, before teleporting into your arms.
  5283. "Looks like we are going home for now."
  5284. >Eris hops onto your head, and you feel a surge of energy wrap around the three of you.
  5285. >In a blink, you find yourself standing outside your house, and Eris rushes inside, you slowly following with Chrysalis comfortable in your arms.
  5289. >Anonymous Personal Journal-Day 300: Live and Love
  5291. >The war is over, we won.
  5292. >Thankfully the ponys understand enough not to celebrate.
  5293. >Chrysalis accepted my proposal, and we spent a long night together.
  5294. >To think, eight hundred years, my new lifespan.
  5295. >Well, Eris will likely outlive us both, being a godess.
  5296. >Still, humans were never meant to live that long and I don't know how it will change me.
  5297. >So long as I have friends, I think I will be fine though.
  5298. >Planning a wedding is new for me, but I think the two of us will be fine with a small ceremony.
  5299. >Her changelings, the princesses and our friends.
  5300. >Galaxia and Eternity as well.
  5301. >I suppose the nest thing is
  5304. >"Anonymous, come. The bed is cold without you."
  5305. >Glancing over at the black bughorse queen that is now your wife, you can't help but smile.
  5306. "Of course dear, just give me a moment."
  5307. >Setting away your journal, you quickly and quietly head into Eris's room, and make sure she is asleep.
  5308. >Even after the war, she seems so peaceful, so happy in sleep.
  5309. >She's grown as well, perhaps part of the excessive magic use or in response to being near Galaxia and Eternity.
  5310. "Goodnight Eris" You whisper, and you feel hole filled hooves wrap around your neck.
  5311. >"Come on you. You know she's fine, and besides, we both need a good nights sleep after yesterday."
  5312. >You can't help but smile, and you allow yourself to be pulled back into your bedroom.
  5313. >The door closes and you spin around, pushing her back on the bed.
  5314. >"Anonymous, what are you doing?"
  5315. >Instead of answering, you strip down to your boxers, before jumping on next to her and pulling her over.
  5316. >Wrapped in eachothers grip, you curl under the blanket and drift to sleep, lulled by eachothers hearbeat.
  5318. ~
  5320. >Shoveling away some of the remnants of snow, you pause to wipe your brow when you hear wingbeats from beside you.
  5321. >Setting your shovel aside, you turn to see Celestia standing there, looking slightly embarassed.
  5322. >"Anonymous, I have a... A personal problem I need your help with."
  5323. "Is this a job?" You ask, heading to put the shovel away.
  5324. >A gift from Ponyville, it was custom made to your size.
  5325. >Setting it in the small shed you added on in the past week, you turn to the house.
  5326. "Lets go inside where we can talk."
  5327. >She nods, glancing around, as if to make sure she isn't followed.
  5328. >Inside, She heads to a seat and sits down quickly, eyes always looking around.
  5329. "Look, nop0ny is following you. I know. Nop0ny can enter my forest without my knowledge."
  5330. >"So you knew I was coming?"
  5331. >Not saying anything, you head to the kitchen to prepare some tea.
  5332. "What is this problem you are having?"
  5333. >She opens and closes her mouth like a fish out of water, as she trys to formulate her thought.
  5334. >"I want you to impregnate me!" She blurts out, and you hear the front door slam at the same time.
  5338. >"I'm not letting him near you, you... Sun flanked hussy!" You hear Chryssy yell out.
  5339. >"Please, wait, you don't undersa..."
  5340. >"Oh I understand perfectly."Chrysalis snaps, cutting her off. "You think you can just abuse your position to make him do what you want and give you a child before I get one myself."
  5341. >Grabbing the pot of tea, you set it on a tray, along with cups and some cookies.
  5342. >Picking up the tray, you walk into the living room, where your fuming wife stands, glaring at a faintly cowering Celestia.
  5343. >After setting the tray on the table, you grab Chrysalis by the cheeks and give her a deep kiss.
  5344. "Lets hear her out. perhaps we can find an alternative or even better, we can learn a way that we can have a child."
  5345. >She puffs her cheeks out, before plopping down on a chair. "Fine, but I don't like it."
  5346. "Now, Celestia, why do you wish to become pregnant?"
  5347. >With a sigh, she takes a glass of tea. "You remeber what my father said? I need to learn more about the ways of life."
  5348. >"Looking back, I can see why my decision to take Eris was right, but I can barely tell why it's wrong."
  5349. >Her ears are down, and she is hunched and looking at the ground.
  5350. "So you want to know what it's like to be a parent?"
  5351. >She nods, her cheeks red with embarrasment.
  5352. >"But why him? I mean, sure, he's amazing in bed, and a great father and husband and... Okay, I see why."
  5353. >"He's the perfect stallion. Any other stallion would let the power go to his head, being the father of a future prince." Celestia says, her soft violet eyes focusing on you.
  5354. >"But Anon, he doesn't need any of that, in fact, he gave up all that and more, just to be with you."
  5355. "So, how could I impregnate you? With magic being innefective on me, and our natural chromosonal numbers being different, It seems impossible."
  5359. >"You can do that!" Chrysalis exclaims as Celestia explains her method.
  5360. "Hmnnn, in theory, it could work, but if you make an error, it could cause problems."
  5361. >Celestia turns pink in the cheeks, and says "Thats why somep0ny else has to cast the spell. If you are willing, both Cadence and Luna have been educated on it, and they are ready to come on a moments notice."
  5362. >Chrysalis looks at you, and says "I... I think we should try it. Even if it meant she gets it as well."
  5363. "If you want to. I have no objections." You say, resting a hand behind her head.
  5364. "So, how long will it take for them to get here?"
  5365. >Celestia stops for a moment, eyes closed in concentration and her horn glowing "It will be less than half an hour. What shall we do in the mean time?"
  5366. >"Well, Eris is out all day with Pinkie and her friends, so we have the whole house to ourselves. We can do whatever we want."
  5367. >The two of them share a look, and you feel your stomach sink.
  5368. "Girls, lets not do anything hasty. Remember, I am going to be the one in control later."
  5369. >Chrysalis curves around behind you, saying "Exactly, we have to prove ourselves to you, show you our affection."
  5370. >"And with you doing all the work, we feel obligated to help warm you up." Celestia adds, closing in in front of you while licking her lips.
  5371. >With surprising precision, Chrysalis bites down on your arm, strong ehough to move you without breaking the skin.
  5372. >Trying to back away, you stumble and fall back onto the slightly tattered couch.
  5373. >Celestia takes this opportunity to jump onto you, pinning you down as Chrysalis starts to work off your pants.
  5377. >The sunlight pokes into your room, almost as if it is slightly unsteady.
  5378. >Rolling over, you look at the sleeping mare next to you, and with a gentle nudge, you wake her.
  5379. >"Mornin Love" She murmurs, before she raises a hoof to her mouth and rolls out of bed.
  5380. >You see her rush out of the room, and with a smile on your face, you climb out as well, grabbing clothes for the day.
  5381. >Eris floats in as you finish getting dressed, and she asks "Dad, is mom sick?"
  5382. >Grabbing her, you pull her over and pat her on the back.
  5383. "Yes, but it's a good sickness. It means you are going to have a little brother or sister."
  5384. >Her smile lights up the room, and she hugs you tightly.
  5385. >"YAY! When can I meet them?" She asks, floating around you.
  5386. "It's going to be a while. you see, your little sibling is growing inside your mom, and when they are ready, they will come out."
  5387. >Eris's eyes open wide, before shooting to the bathroom.
  5388. >Following behind her, you see her with an ear pressed to Chrysalis's side, and she is talking softly to her.
  5389. >Chrysalis looks happily at you, before heaving again and leaning over the toilet.
  5390. "Looks like it worked dear." You say, rubbing her back. "How about I go out to town to get breakfast for us."
  5391. >"That would *Urp* That would be nice."
  5392. >Giving Eris a pat on the head, you step out and grab your coat before stepping out into the early spring air.
  5393. >Looking over at Sari's grave, you see a small, blue bud growing out, and you can't help but smile.
  5394. "The start of a new life, for all of us."
  5396. ~Fin
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