QLARPER Brenden Dilly

Feb 26th, 2018
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  1. Brenden Dilly is a Fraud
  3. Oh shit, Agent 80085 alerted me to an Extreme LARP'r attempting to use Qanon for his senate run. He was posting on 8ch trying to fake his growth in connection to that cuck Brian @0hour and his Russian girlfriend LALA @shadowop1. It seems @hublife was trying to get notoriety for his Congress run in district 8 in Arizona. He's not going to win because there are better candidates and we all know it's going to be bob stump. People like that dude, he's also not a LARPER and actually has done something. This Life Coach doesn't know the first thing about politics and is currently running his campaign out of his closet.
  5. The "Dilley Drops" Were nonsensical information posted that were suppose to be related to the Q Drops. Looking back at his drops they are massive nothing burger's. There are people that claim he's putting out new stuff but if you just look at Q's information he's just building on off that. Currently he's talking about arrests and all types of other shit that just didn't happen. What is this dude just trying to sell t-shirts?
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