..::Reorder - Phiregod::..

Jun 27th, 2018
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  2. Reorder
  3. (c) 1999 phiregod
  5. i am a hunter, searching this underground of electricity for an indiana
  6. jones-esque treasure. i plunge through the piles of bullshit, and sever
  7. the arteries of the sane. i found god, and i wasnt pleased, i found the
  8. messiah, and i wasnt saved. my very soul did i lay upon the altar, and
  9. when i lost it, i found it never was.
  11. machiavellian superheros shook my hand and turned their backs. my vision
  12. was clouded by the ciggerette smoke, and my voice was hindered by a well
  13. meaning gag. i placed my hands on the planchette and found the answer
  14. that i already knew.
  16. on a bloody sunday, i covered my eyes as to not see the plague. i felt
  17. the refreshing rain of revolution on my burning skin and i cried. i
  18. climbed the highest mountian i could find, surmounted the greatest
  19. challange and i found not even that was enough to distract me from the
  20. pain i felt. there are too many people to save, too many to even count.
  22. i read every bit of weathered parchment that i coud find, i plundered
  23. the the lair of every thief in search of text that would provide
  24. redemption. i gazed into the cherubic eyes, i smiled back at the chesire
  25. grins, i found no path to follow. at this point it was obvious that i
  26. would have to cut the road myself.
  28. The line was busy.
  29. The line was busy.
  30. The line was busy.
  31. The line was busy.
  32. The line was busy.
  34. as a draw another breath through my hookah of modern voodoo an image of
  35. a brave new world floods my mind. this sarcophagus of a free medium is
  36. merely another channel to convey advertisements. the few that dare to
  37. betray what they were born for, are hunted by those that serve the
  38. institution that we call a government. this house of cards that we
  39. reside in will not protect us from the inevitable storm.
  41. i have joined the danse macabre, i close my eyes to avoid the light. in
  42. this year 1984 i feel forced to conform to a norm that doesnt exsist.
  43. fleeting glimpses of a better place catch my eye as i take the hand of
  44. anubis and desend into the world i belong. in these apocalyptic times it
  45. is easier to turn away then to face the fight.
  47. i listen to the anthems of every power crazed country, i've found
  48. occasion to sing along, looking for a cause to fight for. more people
  49. here are looking for fame and fortune, i became a god when i lost the
  50. desire to obtain what i couldnt have. i was baptized in the runoff the
  51. the information super highway, yes, it even rains in hell.
  53. i've shed my armor of warez, i burned the castle of manuals, and i'm
  54. trying to say what others cant put into words. i followed dante's
  55. footsteps, and i drank hamlet's wine. if i'm going to die then i have
  56. nothing left to lose. if i seek not fame or fortune, i have nothing left
  57. to win. i want every scrap of information that was ever given birth to
  58. in this maquis, i seek to become the personifacation of what no one can
  59. have.
  61. this is the manifesto of the product of modern life; money, comic books,
  62. games, knowledge, and sex. i'm not claiming everyone belives this, i
  63. doubt many of the few that will read it will understand in a vauge way
  64. what i am trying to say. thats not a bad thing, the more poeple that are
  65. blind, the easier it will be to slip by unnoticed. this is where i
  66. belong, a faceless name, in all the faceless names that swarm the
  67. internet.
  69. phiregod
  72. cc:
  74. I took the liberty of naming this piece "reorder" the phreaks will
  75. understand this one, hope phiregod doesn't mind, keep writing and
  76. don't give up, some of us do understand ... - Ed
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