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  1. ".scripts\0"     // You can name these two whatever you want...
  2.     char header_length
  3.     char num_scripts
  4.     ".script\0"  // Also, maybe use ".data" string identifier for this... it's really up to you.
  5.         char header_length
  6.         char id           // have each script have it's own ID
  7.         char *name        // if you want, you can give it a name
  8.         char trigger_type // 1: character steps on a tile; 2: character shoots a tile, etc.
  9.         /* add more info if you need */
  10.         int script_len    // store the script's length for easier reading
  11.         /* header ends here */
  12.             Here you write your script. End each line with a null character but remember to \0
  13.             include that extra byte into script_len. With each line ending with a null char, \0
  14.             parsing is much easier. \0
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