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Gen Prime V PRIMUS? (Unedited)

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  1. (2:11:21 PM) CapsLockRAGE: About an hour ago, Cannon put out a group wide message. Something has been going down in the MC sewers. People have reported hearing loud noises like gunfire and explosions, as well as finding >
  2. (2:12:30 PM) CapsLockRAGE: people, savagely beaten, outside of manhole covers. No one knows the identity of these strange men, as they have no ID's and no one has managed to wake one of them up yet.>
  3. (2:13:23 PM) CapsLockRAGE: Cannon gave everyone a manhole location where she believes will be the safest entry point. And cautions them to go in, expecting a fight. >
  4. (2:13:42 PM) CapsLockRAGE: (No > that time, Post intros )
  5. (2:15:09 PM) GeneralFreedom: "Gun fights in the sewers! Mysterious men found beaten! Sounds like something out of a tabloid, doesn't it?" Flexile, the newest member of Gen Prime says. He's been simply staring at the assigned>
  6. (2:15:34 PM) GeneralFreedom: manhole cover for a while now. He doesn't exactly seem eager to get inside.
  7. (2:15:58 PM) gijoespouse2: A large cat, about as big as some medium sized dogs, with black fur arrives on the scene.  Aside from the size of the cat being odd, the cat also has a creepy wide, way too toothy mouth.  He-c
  8. (2:16:17 PM) Palanius: Arac arrives at his designated manhole armed and redy for closequarters combat. Before entering he uses his xray vision tsearching for potential ambushers in the depth bellow
  9. (2:16:39 PM) gijoespouse2: replies dourly, "Of course, it would be gun fights in the sewers of all places.  I'm sure that will wash out of my fur easily."  HIs tail flicks in annoyance.
  10. (2:17:19 PM) Swixer: *Patricia walks up beside Flexile with her hands folded behind her head lazily.* "Last time I was in a sewer was for an underground rave. Something tells me this'll be less fun." *She casts a cursory
  11. (2:17:54 PM) Swixer: glance at the hesitant Flexile and prods his forehead with her finger.* "Hey. You up to this, new guy? It's just a sewer, after all."
  12. (2:18:44 PM) GeneralFreedom: "I don't know what kind of raves you've been going to, but I like my parties with a few less bullets flying around." The skin on his head sinks in a bit at the prodding, leaving a little indent.>
  13. (2:19:00 PM) GeneralFreedom: "Huh? Oh, yeah. Of course. It's going to be great. Just uh... the costume is new, you know?"
  14. (2:19:08 PM) GeneralFreedom: "And it's... the sewers."
  15. (2:19:30 PM) CapsLockRAGE: {Cannon} When you're done complaining. Please enter the sewers. The longer you wait to enter, the higher chance we have of casualties." Cannon states, her normal, cold monotone personality showing>
  16. (2:19:55 PM) Swixer: *She blinks at Flexile's indentation and promptly grabs his cheeks, pushing them and pulling them to see how far they stretch.* "Woah! You're like human silly putty!"
  17. (2:20:39 PM) CapsLockRAGE: through her voice. " This is the safest point of entry." the girl states through the com unit. " I'll be guiding you through to the conflict area."
  18. (2:21:26 PM) GeneralFreedom: "Ahah, it is my thing, yeah," he laughs as his cheeks stretch out wide. "Guess we should do the sewer thing though. The mission... thing. Might want to stand back!" His arms stretch down and his>
  19. (2:22:16 PM) GeneralFreedom: fingers ooze into the holes on the cover. He tenses a bit and they suddenly snap back into place, pulling the cover off with it! It lands with a thud behind him, his arms twisted around.
  20. (2:22:26 PM) CapsLockRAGE: (No enermies by the way, mr. X-ray )
  21. (2:22:31 PM) Palanius: Listen along quietly to the conversation, his mask hides any hints of his state of mind. He's busy acting lookout for the team
  22. (2:23:29 PM) gijoespouse2: "Thank you," the cat says to Flexile, before he jumps on in. Despite the long drop, he manages to land on his feet.  Because, y'know, cat's do that.  He looks about the area, seeing what he can pick-c
  23. (2:23:33 PM) gijoespouse2: up on in the low lighting.
  24. (2:23:53 PM) Swixer: *Patricia gives a mocking smirk as she walks towards the sewer hole.* "Nice trick, Stretch. I bet someone's popular with the ladies."
  25. (2:24:54 PM) Swixer: "I'll scout ahead." *With that, she draws a flashlight from her pocket, flicks it on and floats down the hole ahead of the others.*
  26. (2:25:12 PM) GeneralFreedom: Flexile waggles his eyebrows before stretching out his legs to reach the bottom of the sewer entrance. He grows extremely thin while he's stretching down, probably so he doesn't touch the walls.
  27. (2:25:47 PM) GeneralFreedom: "So be ready for a fight. I'm very ready. Extremely so. I hope you guys are!"
  28. (2:27:02 PM) CapsLockRAGE: The group enters the sewer, it's suprisingly well lit, lights adorn the walls, someone has turned them all on in the area. Inspite of this, the area ahead looks pretty dark and dank. The odor>
  29. (2:28:11 PM) CapsLockRAGE: permeating through the area is incredibly foul. This area is obviously made for waste disposal. "Try not to seperate too far. Patricia." Cannon advises. " You'll need to head north. then east at the>
  30. (2:29:30 PM) CapsLockRAGE: third intersection." As Cannon gives the directions, the group hears the fight going on in the distance, sounds like automatic weapons and anti personel explosives, to those familiar with the sounds
  31. (2:29:46 PM) GeneralFreedom: "It smells just like I thought it would. Not worse, not better. Just like I thought it would," Flexile mutters as his nostrils seal closed. "Maybe if I just breathe through my mouth... Nope, now I can
  32. (2:29:55 PM) Palanius: Sighs quietly to himself as he takes his silenced submachinegun of his back and jumps down. His robotic eyes being ble to see in pitchblack darkness means he can stick to the shadows keeping a low -
  33. (2:30:18 PM) GeneralFreedom: taste it..." When the sounds reach the team, his ears expand in size. "Oh. Time to be serious, I guess, huh?"
  34. (2:30:48 PM) Palanius: profile.
  35. (2:30:50 PM) Swixer: "Yeah, yeah. The only power I have is flight, so this kind of thing is all I'm good for. I've got it." *With that, she flies in the direction that Cannon indicated, her ftorch lighting the way.*
  36. (2:30:55 PM) Swixer: ((*torch))
  37. (2:31:18 PM) gijoespouse2: The cat smirks.  "Just be glad you don't have my sense of smell."  His ears swivel forward at the sound of the gunfire.  He recognizes some of the sounds, but not all of them.  He takes up the rear-c-
  38. (2:31:43 PM) gijoespouse2: position in the group, using his feline sight to keep an eye on things back there.
  39. (2:32:18 PM) GeneralFreedom: Flexile picks up his pace a bit, stretching out his legs to cover more ground. As they get closer and closer he starts stretching his neck too so he can peek around corners!
  40. (2:34:08 PM) Palanius: As they get closer he uses his xray vision trying to spot the combatants before they actually make line of sight
  41. (2:34:54 PM) CapsLockRAGE: Patricia, Arriving first, would see what was going on. A group of about ten, half look like primus, the other half look like the local mars team, in a gunfight against...something. There's no clear>
  42. (2:35:37 PM) CapsLockRAGE: indication of what they are actually firing at. Whatever it is, or they are, is either moving around too fast to hit, or is behind some kind of cover, preventing it from being seen. The room itself is
  43. (2:36:45 PM) CapsLockRAGE: a large, open area with a pit in it, the pit is full of nasty looking water, probably halfway through being processed and filtered. It's also probably the source of the smell. Along the outer layer of
  44. (2:37:11 PM) CapsLockRAGE: the building are several crates. They haven't noticed the teens yet.
  45. (2:37:58 PM) GeneralFreedom: "What should we do? Should we call out to them? I'm not up on my firefight etiquette," Flexile whispers, his head swiveling on his stretched out neck.
  46. (2:38:24 PM) CapsLockRAGE: Arac can't see whatever they're looking for with his X-ray vision.
  47. (2:38:32 PM) CapsLockRAGE: For the record\
  48. (2:39:36 PM) Swixer: *Patricia flicks off her torch and lands beside Flexile, pulling him back by his elongated neck.* "Maybe we should stay back for a bit. We've got know idea what we're dealing with, here..."
  49. (2:39:59 PM) Swixer: *She waits for the others to arrive before continuing.* "Whatever it is, it's fast, it's strong and it's working its way through UNTIL and MARS."
  50. (2:40:42 PM) gijoespouse2: Cait stays in place, but he does cast a glance toward the PRIMUS and MARS units.  Are there any injured there?  He's looking to see if his healing magic may be needed.
  51. (2:40:52 PM) GeneralFreedom: "Well, since those are good guys we need to help them, right?"
  52. (2:41:00 PM) Swixer: ((*PRIMUS))
  53. (2:41:33 PM) Swixer: "We're not gonna be any help if we charge into an active firefight without knowing the situation..."
  54. (2:42:11 PM) Swixer: "My old man always used to say that ignorance hinder more than good intentions help."
  55. (2:42:17 PM) Palanius: Activates his stealthsuit, turning invissible and quietly sneaks in for a better look. He's switching his robotic eyesight between multiple spectrums of light trying to get a look on whatever it is -
  56. (2:42:18 PM) Swixer: ((*hinders))
  57. (2:42:26 PM) Palanius: lurking on the other side
  58. (2:43:15 PM) GeneralFreedom: "Hmm... okay, so we just watch for now?" He peeks around the corner again. "Doesn't seem very heroey, you know?"
  59. (2:44:02 PM) Swixer: *Her expression stern, Patricia attempts to get a better grasp of what's going on.*
  60. (2:44:23 PM) gijoespouse2: "It may not seem heroic, but it's the smart move.  We stand a chance of being caught up in friendly fire if we'r enot careful."
  61. (2:44:29 PM) CapsLockRAGE: Suddenly, Out of no where, something leaps from the water in a brown, stank coated blur. There's a volly of machinegun fire as this blur grabs one of the MARS units and re enters the water with it, a>
  62. (2:45:37 PM) CapsLockRAGE: couple of the people panic slightly, firing at the water after it splashes in. A few seconds after, the MARS officer is launched from the water, sent back into the very tunnel where the Gen Prime>
  63. (2:46:03 PM) CapsLockRAGE: members lie in wait. He slams into the back wall and slides down, covered in filth, and badly beaten.
  64. (2:47:04 PM) GeneralFreedom: "Oh, uh!" Flexile moves his head in to take a look at the guy. "H... hey, are you okay, guy?"
  65. (2:47:06 PM) gijoespouse2: Cait moves to the injured man, resting his front paws on him as he makes with healing magic.  "Please remain still."  A warm, teal shaded glow emanates from his paws, and it floods to the wounded area
  66. (2:47:09 PM) Swixer: *Patricia moves to the MARS officer's side and attempts to help him into a sitting position.*
  67. (2:47:56 PM) Swixer: "Yo, Stretch! You wanna be a hero? See if you can use the long arm of the law to restrain whatever's in that water."
  68. (2:48:44 PM) Palanius: Continues watching, using his gravboots to climb up the walls to the ceiling to get a better angle of vision
  69. (2:48:48 PM) CapsLockRAGE: The man is clearly in no position to talk. Suddenly, the gen prime team find themselves staring down the barrel of several SMG's, as a couple Primus guys decide to check on thier fallen buddy.
  70. (2:49:33 PM) gijoespouse2: Cait's ears flatten in reaction, but he doesn't stop with the healing magic.
  71. (2:50:15 PM) Swixer: *Patricia turns to the soldiers, raising her hands defensively.* "Hey! Watch where you point those things! Do we -look- like sewer monsters to you?!"
  72. (2:51:12 PM) CapsLockRAGE: "Stand down! Stand down!" A voice calls over the Primus soldiers, A MARS team unit comes up, Looks like a commander. " These kids are clearly superheroes."
  73. (2:52:34 PM) GeneralFreedom: "Umhm! That's us," Flexile nods quickly. "You guys want some  help in there?"
  74. (2:52:40 PM) GeneralFreedom: "We were being cautious."
  75. (2:52:58 PM) gijoespouse2: Cait keeps with the man he's working on as he speaks to the soldiers.  "Do you have any more wounded down here?  I"m nearly done stabilizing this man."
  76. (2:53:11 PM) Swixer: *She folds her arms with an exhale.* "Yeah. No offense, but you guys look like you've been getting your asses handed to you. What's going on here?"
  77. (2:55:06 PM) CapsLockRAGE: One of the soldiers comes up to the commander and whispers something to him, the man quietly whispers back. " Yeah, we could use some assistance. We don't have any more injured, we sent them topside.>
  78. (2:55:57 PM) CapsLockRAGE: but we came here to collect a stolen weapons supply, those crates over there." he points. " We came here to get them back, and the creature that stole them is keeping us from them, we cant even get a>
  79. (2:56:52 PM) CapsLockRAGE: shot off without it taking down someone. If you can help us take it down, or keep it busy long enough for us to get the supplies, we'd be grateful.
  80. (2:57:37 PM) GeneralFreedom: "Awesome. Let's do this then." Flexile claps his hands together and his arms wiggle wildly. He turns and moves into the combat zone!
  81. (2:59:41 PM) CapsLockRAGE: <Cannon over the coms.> I have suspicions. Something seems off here. Why are MARS and PRIMUS working together to pull these crates. I suggest keeping your eyes open." It is well known, Cannon is>
  82. (3:00:25 PM) CapsLockRAGE: distrusting of government and military. "There could be more to this then they are letting on."
  83. (3:01:26 PM) Swixer: *She shrugs at Cannon's suggestion.* "That's not really for us to decide right now. Let's just go and deal with the sewer monster and get some answers from him."
  84. (3:01:32 PM) Palanius: Keeps his eyes open, as suggested
  85. (3:03:54 PM) CapsLockRAGE: "Alright folks, Move out!" the man calls, They start pressing forward again, Only to be met by the creature again, this time, he lets himself be seen. He lands on the platform infront of them, Large>
  86. (3:04:53 PM) CapsLockRAGE: brown, covered in scales, and wearing nothing but some cruddy jewlery and some torn up jeans, He ropes one of the soldiers with a long tongue, and bashes him into a wall, the soldiers open fire, but>
  87. (3:05:29 PM) CapsLockRAGE: he doesn't sit still long enough to be hit, before jumping back up against a wall, grabbing ahold, and getting ready to jump back into the water.
  88. (3:06:14 PM) gijoespouse2: Cait reacts quickly gesturing with his paws toward the water.  The feline attempts to bring up a barrier over the water, preventing the creature from getting back in.
  89. (3:06:34 PM) Palanius: Throws an icegrenade into the water to freeze it up, forcing the frogmonster to stay and fight or find an alternate hiding spot
  90. (3:07:51 PM) GeneralFreedom: "Eugh. Now this is one ugly dude," Flexile breathes. "No wonder he lives down here!" He winds up and stretches towards the frog to try and grab him!
  91. (3:09:41 PM) CapsLockRAGE: ( Pan doing anything? )
  92. (3:09:55 PM) Swixer: "I dunno. His own personal swimming pool... Maybe he's on to something." *She flies up after Flexile, attempting to land a flying kick on the creature and springboard off of it.*
  93. (3:11:20 PM) CapsLockRAGE: The ice and shield block off both of his watery escape routes respectively, When flex tries to grab him> (gotta check something
  94. (3:14:09 PM) CapsLockRAGE: The ice and shield block off both of his watery escape routes respectively, When flex tries to grab him He's yanked, spun, and used as a weapon to smack at Patricia, keeping her back. "LEAVE ME ALONE!
  95. (3:14:50 PM) CapsLockRAGE: the creature shouts, before suddenly taking machinegun fire from the Primus/mars guys, He covers his head, the bullets don't seem to do much more then sting him, but he deffinately seems to not like i
  96. (3:14:54 PM) CapsLockRAGE: it
  97. (3:15:56 PM) Swixer: *Patricia is knocked back by the weaponised Flexile, landing in a heap amidst his elongated form.* "Ugh...You okay, Limp Noodle?"
  98. (3:16:47 PM) Palanius: Leavs the heavy hitting to his teammates, he instead sneaks over to the crates to inspect them. Without dactivating his inissibility he uses his xray vission to peek inside
  99. (3:17:36 PM) GeneralFreedom: Flexile smiles back at her sheepishly and nods. "I'm more worried about you, honestly!" He leaps and his body contacts, almost becoming a ball! His legs suddenly extend and he shoots himself at the>
  100. (3:17:59 PM) GeneralFreedom: foul frog!
  101. (3:18:06 PM) gijoespouse2: Cait shifts forms, growing into something roughly the size of a panther.  He lets out a challenging roar, hoping to distract that frog man so that his teammates' efforts take him by surprise.
  102. (3:18:44 PM) GeneralFreedom: "No more using me as a weapon, alright big guy?"
  103. (3:22:21 PM) CapsLockRAGE: {Arac would find high tech, military grade hardware in the crates, just like stated. He'd also find some kind of unidentified chemical.
  104. (3:23:15 PM) Swixer: *Pulling a nearby lead pipe from a wall, Patricia flies in again.* "My turn, slimeball!" *With that, she swings it at the creature, attempting to wail on him from behind while he's preoccupied with
  105. (3:23:18 PM) Swixer: Flexile.*
  106. (3:23:39 PM) CapsLockRAGE: Meanwhile, the rest of the crew... While Patricia picks herself up, Flexile launcges himself like a large rubber cannonball at Croak, He bounces off, making him just take a step back, he turns to the>
  107. (3:24:48 PM) CapsLockRAGE: panther guy, going to attack, when Patrictia smacks him on the dome with the pipe. It didn't feel pleasent, which could be told by his growl and his uncomfortable shift to face the flying girl now.>
  108. (3:25:20 PM) CapsLockRAGE: suddenly, Patricia and Cait are grabbed, and tossed away by the toad, just in time for a grenade to go off in the Toad mans face.
  109. (3:25:52 PM) Palanius: Thouroghly documents his findings, snapping photos through built in cameras and send them over to Cannon for her to study, determine origin and make sure the soldiers claim of these being wanted -
  110. (3:26:15 PM) CapsLockRAGE: Croak staggers back a little at the grenade, and then falls back, rolling around in pain on the ground.
  111. (3:26:45 PM) Palanius: by PRIMUS and Mars holds water. He also begins looking for the best way of extraction, how far bellow the streetlevel they are and what's abover them
  112. (3:27:34 PM) gijoespouse2: Cait shrinks back to normal size, yowling as he's flung.  He manages to land on his feet, looking as the frog man rolls around in pain.
  113. (3:27:42 PM) GeneralFreedom: Flexile bounces back towards the wall and hits it, flattening out in preparation for another bounce! "Now it's time for a real h... oh, he's down." He falls to the ground and bounces a few times>
  114. (3:27:50 PM) Swixer: *Patricia pushes herself up, dusting off her outfit with a groan.* "I'd say I need a shower, but I don't think that'd cut it..."
  115. (3:28:02 PM) CapsLockRAGE: <Cannon> Those weapons are stolen from a primus Armory about a month ago, i'm running an analysis on the chemical, but so far it's turning up no registered combination.
  116. (3:28:23 PM) CapsLockRAGE: ( Worth noting, If Croak hadn't thrown the two, they'd have been caught in the kaboom
  117. (3:28:42 PM) GeneralFreedom: returning to normal.
  118. (3:29:03 PM) GeneralFreedom: "Job well done. I think it was, anyway. I have a small frame of reference."
  119. (3:29:25 PM) gijoespouse2: Cait's ears flatten as he looks to the soldiers.  He hisses out, "You nearly blew us up!"
  120. (3:31:18 PM) CapsLockRAGE: "Sorry about that." Says the MARS commander. "The soldier responsible will face severe reprimands. Now if you don't mind. We'll be taking our crates and going. We'll be sure to tell people what you>
  121. (3:32:38 PM) CapsLockRAGE: did here today. Don't worry about that." A few men move forward to collect the crates, and another walks to the fallen Croak, they slap some kind of collar around the amphibious man, who manages, just
  122. (3:33:02 PM) CapsLockRAGE: barely to choke out. "Dese guys...ain't cops."
  123. (3:33:21 PM) Palanius: Sneaks a tiny tracking device into one of the crates, just incase. Barely the size of a button. Paranoia is a trait he shares with Cannon
  124. (3:33:25 PM) GeneralFreedom: "Almost got blown up? I must have missed that while I was bouncing around," Flexile scratches the back of his head and looks around. "Uuuh..."
  125. (3:33:42 PM) Swixer: *Patricia puts her hands on her hips and moves over to the men, defiantly.* "Hey, just what the hell do you think you're doing, tossing grenades like that?! And where exactly are you taking the
  126. (3:34:06 PM) Swixer: monster, while we're on the subject? How about you guys show us your badges?!"
  127. (3:35:44 PM) CapsLockRAGE: "He's going to be taken topside and thrown in prison, what do you think we're gonna do with him." the commander scoffs, then shows off a badge, if it's a fake, it's a really good one. Croak doesn't >
  128. (3:36:48 PM) CapsLockRAGE: look to hot, he doesn't look like he';s dying, but he's deffinately having a hard time staying awake. "dese guys...put em down here." he says, before getting the butt of a rifle to shut him up.
  129. (3:37:22 PM) Palanius: Snaps a picture of the badhe with his eyecamera, sending the details over to Cannon to doublecheck
  130. (3:37:34 PM) Palanius: badge*
  131. (3:37:36 PM) gijoespouse2: "Stop.  There's no need to abuse him like that."
  132. (3:37:54 PM) CapsLockRAGE: <Cannon> That chemical is a bioweapon. I have reccords stating it's illegal, and used as a counter to metahumans." Cannon calls over the com. A few seconds later Cannon responds. "Badge number>
  133. (3:38:20 PM) Swixer: "Hey, can we cool it on the police brutality? He's down!"
  134. (3:38:21 PM) CapsLockRAGE: Confirmed...as a Mars commander that went missing three days ago."
  135. (3:38:25 PM) CapsLockRAGE left the room.
  136. (3:38:25 PM) CapsLockRAGE entered the room.
  137. (3:38:29 PM) CapsLockRAGE: Confirmed...as a Mars commander that went missing three days ago."
  138. (3:38:34 PM) CapsLockRAGE: (I got booted from chat )
  139. (3:38:59 PM) GeneralFreedom: "Uuuuh, what does that mean exactly?" Flexile whispers into the comm. "He's an imposter? What the heck is going on?"
  140. (3:39:56 PM) GeneralFreedom: "Should you call in PRIMUS and MARS? The real ones? If these guys are fake. I really don't know..."
  141. (3:40:19 PM) CapsLockRAGE: <Cannon> I've informed MCPD. Do not let them leave. These ones are fakes. The toad man is correct.
  142. (3:40:52 PM) Swixer: *Still holding her lead pipe, Patricia whistles out to the MARS commander and swings it at his face.* "Copy that."
  143. (3:40:54 PM) CapsLockRAGE: Meanwhile. The Mars and Primus guys are begining to load up the crates on a convienient hand trolly.
  144. (3:41:01 PM) gijoespouse2: Cait growls...then with a gesture of his paws casts a binding spell.  Tendrils of teal energy rise up beneath the soldiers, attempting to lash out and snare as many as possible.
  145. (3:41:35 PM) GeneralFreedom: "Wo... woah woah! This is... ah, alright! Going with it!" Flexile reaches out to grab the crates, using the spring in his arms to pull them away from the 'authorities'.
  146. (3:42:03 PM) Palanius: Pulls his two pistols of his holsters, gunning down two of the soldiers loading rates in the back with his paralyzing ceramic bullets
  147. (3:42:15 PM) Palanius: crates*
  148. (3:43:08 PM) CapsLockRAGE: The mars commander goes to look at Pan. He was going to ask what she wanted, but was suddenly grabbed by tentacles. I've seen enough hentai to know where this is going. About four people are grabbed>
  149. (3:43:59 PM) CapsLockRAGE: two shot, and the rest turn to fire on the team. Croak slumps to the ground as he's dropped, and manages to grab one by his feet, yanking him down...when he's met with a powerful electric shock that>
  150. (3:44:15 PM) CapsLockRAGE: downs the guy.
  151. (3:45:40 PM) CapsLockRAGE: Oh, and the silly stretch dude grabs crates
  152. (3:46:08 PM) CapsLockRAGE: ( I am the best GM )
  153. (3:46:32 PM) Palanius: Runs over to secure the crates, gunning down anyone in his path.
  154. (3:46:35 PM) gijoespouse2: Cait skitters and darts to avoid the gunfire, before making a beeline for Croak.  He comes to a skidding halt beside him, casting a protective dome shaped barrier around the man once he comes to a -c-
  155. (3:46:37 PM) gijoespouse2: stop.
  156. (3:46:56 PM) GeneralFreedom: "Oooh noooo, bullets," Flexile gasps as a few shots sink into his body. "My one weakne-I'm just kidding." He tenses and the bullets are forced from his body, aimed for the shooters' guns!
  157. (3:50:19 PM) Swixer: *Flying loops around the soldiers, Patricia goes to slam her lead pipe into the face of the nearest one.*
  158. (3:50:48 PM) CapsLockRAGE: These men weren't prepared for the super powered team, One meta, sure, but not a small gaggle of them. The rest drop pretty quick. Guns flying from hands, Patrisha brutally beating one with a pipe>
  159. (3:51:10 PM) CapsLockRAGE: they all go down like a house of cards at this point, caught completly off guard.
  160. (3:52:18 PM) GeneralFreedom: "Whoo! Now that definitely went well!" Flexile nods. "Not up to interpretation this time."
  161. (3:52:31 PM) Palanius: Holsters his guns and goes to check on the crates, making sure everything's still in place
  162. (3:53:24 PM) GeneralFreedom: "So..." he glances around. "We uh, just wait until the real cops show up, huh? What do you get for impersonating government agents and super cops?"
  163. (3:53:29 PM) gijoespouse2: Cait keeps the barrier spell up until the last man drops.  One they're all down, he lowers the spell.  He prowls around Croak, assessing just how bad his injuries are.  He also peers at that collar.-c
  164. (3:53:39 PM) gijoespouse2: "...do any of you know what that is?"
  165. (3:54:10 PM) GeneralFreedom: Flexile stretches his head down to look it over closely. "It appears... to be some kind of collar."
  166. (3:54:57 PM) gijoespouse2: Sighs, eye rolls.  "Well yes, that much I could tell.  But what kind of collar is it?  What does it do?"
  167. (3:55:27 PM) Swixer: "My guess is it's some kind of dampener." *She rests the pipe across her back with her arms draped over it.* "That's standard MARS issue, right?"
  168. (3:56:18 PM) CapsLockRAGE: Croak looks alright, beaten and a little bruised, but nothing fatal. the collar looks pretty high tech. Probably some kind of shock collar to keep meta's in check.
  169. (3:57:10 PM) gijoespouse2: "Don't suppose any of you know how to safely remove one?"
  170. (3:57:42 PM) GeneralFreedom: "I wonder if I could get it off..." Flexile's fingers flatten out and extend. "Think I could slip it under and pull it apart? Or would that blow his head off if I tried?"
  171. (3:57:55 PM) GeneralFreedom: "I don't honestly know how these work and don't want to get splattered in head juices."
  172. (3:58:03 PM) Palanius: After checking the crates for missing equipment Arac searches the body of the guy who put on the collar for a key or anything of the like
  173. (4:00:01 PM) CapsLockRAGE: Arac would find something resembling a key, that looks like it would work
  174. (4:00:22 PM) Palanius: Tosses it over to Flexile
  175. (4:01:31 PM) CapsLockRAGE: Croak starts to wake up. He doesn't look pleased, but he's still not quite at full conciousness.
  176. (4:02:02 PM) GeneralFreedom: "Oh, that's probably better." He nods and snags the key, bobbling it in the air a bit with his gross flat fingers before grasping it. "Got it, eheh..." He stretches out to use the key on the collar>
  177. (4:02:12 PM) gijoespouse2: "Rest easy.  We have dealt with the soldiers.  We are trying to help you."
  178. (4:02:14 PM) GeneralFreedom: instead of getting in close. Just in case. "Heeeey, guy."
  179. (4:02:17 PM) GeneralFreedom: "No hard feelings."
  180. (4:03:19 PM) Palanius: His hand creep downward, resting on his guns. You never know with giant toadmonsters
  181. (4:04:05 PM) CapsLockRAGE: "No hard feelins? You called me Ugly. Said no wonder I live down 'ere." he swings an arm wide, not in a way to hurt anyone, but in a way to get people away from him
  182. (4:04:36 PM) GeneralFreedom: "We all said things we didn't mean," Flexile says defensively. "Which is kind of untrue, but he has no real defense.
  183. (4:04:58 PM) gijoespouse2: "Do not move.  He's trying to remove the collar."
  184. (4:05:15 PM) Swixer: "He said you're ugly. I think you're actually kinda cute in a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle kind of way."
  185. (4:06:32 PM) CapsLockRAGE: <Croak Scoffs> "Whateva. You mugs ain't gotta live in a sewa." he says, reluctantly holding still till the collar gets pulled off.
  186. (4:07:12 PM) Palanius: Walks arround gathering up guns and putting ziplocks on all downed soldiers, just in case
  187. (4:07:23 PM) GeneralFreedom: "Tadaa! No need to thank us. Or hold a grudge, see?" He pulls the collar in and loks it over. "Weird thing, huh?"
  188. (4:07:29 PM) Swixer: *She folds her arms with a smile.* "So, what exactly is going on here?"
  189. (4:07:31 PM) GeneralFreedom: *looks
  190. (4:07:35 PM) gijoespouse2: The cat seems to brush off the gruff Croak's words.  "If you'll permit, I will heal our injuries."  He doesn't move in to do so, waiting for permission first.
  191. (4:08:34 PM) Palanius: Gives Caith a look that says "no way"
  192. (4:09:21 PM) gijoespouse2: ((*your, words are hard
  193. (4:10:04 PM) Swixer: "Go ahead and heal him. It's not like we can't just kick his ass again if he looks at us funny." *She gives him a playful wink.*
  194. (4:12:15 PM) CapsLockRAGE: Croak reluctantly gives a nod to Cait sith to heal him. Then looks at Flexo. "Ya still called me ugly, it's people like yous why I gotta live in a sewa!
  195. (4:13:05 PM) gijoespouse2: Despite Arac's disapproval, he proceeds to heal Croak.  A warm teal shaded glow emanates from the cat's paws, then shifts to his wounds.
  196. (4:13:31 PM) GeneralFreedom: "Well... uh... You know how it is. Heat of the moment, you're fighting a guy, you say some words..." He scratches the back of his neck. "Sorry?"
  197. (4:13:58 PM) Swixer: "Sheesh, would you calm down? There's much uglier than you walking around up there. I mean, with a shower and a nice set of clothes, I'm sure you wouldn't look SO bad."
  198. (4:15:09 PM) GeneralFreedom: Can't help but give Patricia a look. Some people have strange tastes...
  199. (4:15:46 PM) CapsLockRAGE: "...Whatevs. Look. "Croak says, starting to stand up, The healing helping out. " Dey got some kinda crap in the boxes, Needs ta be gotten ridda. I seen them use dat crap when I was in strongold.>
  200. (4:16:01 PM) Swixer: *Patricia offers Flexile a shrug in return. She's just trying to give the guy some confidence.*
  201. (4:16:08 PM) CapsLockRAGE: crap. Needs ta be proppa destroyed."
  202. (4:16:25 PM) CapsLockRAGE: "I'll get ridda da guns."
  203. (4:16:43 PM) GeneralFreedom: "Uh, shouldn't the real PRIMUS and such handle that?"
  204. (4:17:02 PM) CapsLockRAGE: <Cannon> It would be advisable to let PRIMUS or MARS handle that.
  205. (4:17:14 PM) Palanius: Stands between Croak and the crates, giving him a stern look. He's not giving him the guns, that's for sure
  206. (4:17:31 PM) CapsLockRAGE: <Croak> I dont trust 'em.
  207. (4:17:40 PM) CapsLockRAGE: Croak starts to head towards the crates.
  208. (4:17:55 PM) gijoespouse2: Cait backs off once the healing is done.  "We will stay until the real authorities arrive."
  209. (4:18:22 PM) Palanius: Hands reaches for his guns, he's not backing of
  210. (4:19:01 PM) GeneralFreedom: "Let's all just stay calm here... What if this stuff is evidence?"
  211. (4:19:18 PM) GeneralFreedom: "Huh? It can be used to take down the guys that were shooting at you."
  212. (4:19:35 PM) gijoespouse2: "THat is not an if.  Those crates -are- evidence."
  213. (4:20:48 PM) Swixer: "Man, talk about a lack of social skills..." *She stands between Arac and Croak, turning to the former first.* "You! Quit with the silent but deadly crap. You're creeping everyone out." *She then
  214. (4:22:08 PM) Swixer: turns to Croak.* "And you! Mr. Tough Frog! We have protocols to follow here, so you're either going to have to learn to trust us or go through me." *She prods his chest, bossily.*
  215. (4:22:30 PM) CapsLockRAGE: He looks to Pan, He gives her a bulldog stare for a moment before saying. "Ya know what, I like ya kid. Fine. Ya win. But I ain't stickin' 'round for the cops."
  216. (4:23:00 PM) Palanius: "I speak when I have to"  A cold, robotic voice would says over the coms, Arac remains silent.
  217. (4:23:14 PM) Palanius: say*
  218. (4:23:51 PM) GeneralFreedom: "I guuuuess that's fair?" He looks around and gestures to the others.
  219. (4:24:05 PM) GeneralFreedom: "I mean he did get grenaded."
  220. (4:24:14 PM) Swixer: "Considering the circumstances..." *She places her hands on her hips, thoughtfully.* "I figure I'd be okay with letting you slide. That is, so long as you try to keep on the straight and narrow."
  221. (4:24:41 PM) Swixer: "What about you guys?" *She looks over to Cait and Flexile.*
  222. (4:25:40 PM) GeneralFreedom: Flexile gives an exaggerated shrug.
  223. (4:25:43 PM) gijoespouse2: "I think that in the scuffle with the soldiers, the metahuman simply escaped."
  224. (4:25:53 PM) Palanius: Shakes his head in dissaproval to the idea
  225. (4:26:46 PM) CapsLockRAGE: "I ain't hurtin no one down here. I jus' wanna be left alone. Sewer workers fine, but thugs and other crap I don't like needa stay out." He grunts and crosses his arms. "Like dis kid wit da guns."
  226. (4:27:47 PM) Swixer: *Patricia wags her finger at Arac.* "Nobody asked you, Loudmouth!"
  227. (4:30:05 PM) gijoespouse2: "I will return to the surface and help guide the proper authorities down."  ((sorry, but I have to jet. ))
  228. (4:30:19 PM) Swixer: *Patricia turns back to Croak with a firm expression and a respectful nod.* "Then we'll let you get back to it."
  229. (4:30:23 PM) gijoespouse2: Off the cat goes, presumeably going back up to the street.
  230. (4:30:38 PM) gijoespouse2: ((thanks for hosting this and letting the cat tag along.  take care guys!
  231. (4:30:44 PM) gijoespouse2 left the room.
  232. (4:30:46 PM) CapsLockRAGE: ( No prob, thanks for coming )
  233. (4:30:53 PM) CapsLockRAGE: (* AAAAND she's gone
  234. (4:31:35 PM) CapsLockRAGE: Croak gives a nod then starts to make his way back into the water, He disapears as quickly as he came in. WIthout a trace.
  235. (4:31:40 PM) Palanius: Ignores Patricia, he keeps up his evil glare attack against Croak "You can run..." he finally speaks, not finnishing the sentense
  236. (4:32:35 PM) GeneralFreedom: "...still a good first mission, right?" Flexile nods to the others with a big grin now that Croak is gone.
  237. (4:33:23 PM) Swixer: *Patricia grabs Flexile into a headlock, grinning as she ruffles his hair.* "Passed with flying colours, Stretch!"
  238. (4:33:57 PM) CapsLockRAGE: {Cannon} The MCPD has arrived on the scene. they will be with you shortly." about a minute after she finishes speaking, The MCPD shows up to collect the badguys.
  239. (4:34:36 PM) Swixer: "I think what we all need right now is some pizza and a good movie."
  240. (4:34:59 PM) Palanius: Dissapears down the sewers, finding an alternate exist. He doesn't seem too keen meeting up with the police either
  241. (4:35:08 PM) Palanius: exit*
  242. (4:35:34 PM) GeneralFreedom: "I'm down for it," he nods and runs his fingers through his hair. It barely seems to put it in better order, but still.
  243. (4:35:46 PM) GeneralFreedom: "And maybe I should buy a new costume..."
  244. (4:35:56 PM) CapsLockRAGE: <Cannon> What you need is showers.
  245. (4:36:45 PM) GeneralFreedom: "Yeah, that too!"
  246. (4:36:56 PM) Swixer: "Aww, come on, Can-Can. Why be such a wet blanket?"
  247. (4:37:39 PM) CapsLockRAGE: "Because I have no joy in my life. So I must make all of your lives miserable."
  248. (4:39:26 PM) GeneralFreedom: (thanks for running. I will now put this up on the site
  249. (4:39:35 PM) CapsLockRAGE: (K!)
  250. (4:39:35 PM) Swixer: "That's too dark! We can't end a mission on that note!"
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