New World - 75

Jul 30th, 2020 (edited)
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A Wonderful New World


Notable Characters:

Name / Hangul Description
/ MC
/ Neighbor
/ Glasses
/ Bitch
/ VP
/ Blonde

고손작: Author (Kosonjak)

윤곤지: Artist (Yoon Gonji)

Script Information:

Lee Ho-Seung MC
**** FMC
**** N
**** G
**** B
**** VP
Jin Seo-Rin SR
Random / Friend R

Dialogue / linked bubbles
{Inner talk / Thought}

Note and other stuffs

Chapter - 75

FMC: That's why I summoned you here,

FMC: To talk about the plan 'Operation Kill the Vice President'.

SR: Kill...

SR: The Vice President?

FMC: Yes,

FMC: People gathered here

FMC: Are part of the 'Task Force' needed for this mission.

MC: {Wait a minute...}

MC: {Even if both of them are team leaders}

MC: {Their position in the company is far from enough to threaten the vice president...}

B: Hold your horses.

B: I don't understand the reason behind my presence here.

B: Whether you want to kill or save the Vice President, it's none of my business. I'd like you to let me out of your schemes.

B: See ya ~

FMC: Miss So-Ri.

FMC: Didn't I already warn you?

FMC: Don't say no when you can't afford it.

B: ...

FMC: The reason why I gathered you here is not because you're a group of talented or skilled people.

FMC: It's only because you'll never betray me... No,

FMC: There are some circumstances rendering you unable to betray me.

FMC: You could interpret it as a gathering of people sharing a 'common destiny'.

MC: {Thinking about it... It makes sense to me.}

MC: {The team leader and me are holding Na So-Ri's weakness.}

MC: {Because of the Vice President, I was almost fired and ended having to cooperate with the team leader.}

MC: {Not to mention Miss Seo-Rin who joined our company for the sole purpose of facing the Vice president...}

MC: {But Jung-Sook? Why is she here..?}

MC: {Just because... She is close to Jin Seo-Rin?}

MC: {If that's not the case...}

MC: {Is there something I'm not aware of?}

FMC: Because I wanted to avoid any unnecessary suspicion,
I thought it'll be better if we were all part of the same department.

SR: It's good to be in such high spirits after gathering people like this but tell me,
What does the HR Team Leader plan to do to the Vice President?

FMC: We're not really going to kill her ourself but...

FMC: What will happen to the Vice President is up to you, Team Leader Seo-Rin.

SR: ?

FMC: You'll be able to dispose of her the way you want after becoming the President of Uju Group's Headquarters.


T/N: On the board: 'Board Members' - 'Appointment of the Board Members' / Shin Tae - Kim Neul.. I'm not sure of the others, but it's a list of names.

FMC: That'll be enough for today, I'll convene you again as soon as the situation shows any sign of progress.

FMC: For the time being it'll be best if you don't make any appointment during the evening.

MC: {Team Leader Kim Mi-Jung... Taking down the Vice-president...}
{She wasn't bragging about it..}

MC: {As long as things are going according to the team leader's expectations, the Vice President... There is no way for her to escape from this trap...}

MC: {As expected, Kim Mi-Jung, you didn't reach your current position with your body alone...}

FMC: You may dismiss.

SR: Wait a minute!

SR: I've a suggestion...

SR: If it's fate which brought us here,
How about having a get-together?
You said we were sharing a 'common destiny' so...
(It's also Friday and...)

FMC: {I can't believe she is asking us to have a get-together...}
{It's not like we were having an ordinary meeting here in the first place.}

FMC: Why not, that's not a bad idea.

SR: Everyone must attend without fail...

SR: Even you, Team Leader Kim Mi-Jung.

FMC: Sure.

FMC: ...

SR: Everyone ~ Let's have a drink ~

SR: Hey Team Leader ~ Please, have a drink!

FMC: {The get-together...}

FMC: {She wanted us to have fun in a night club...?}

SR: In the name of our project! Cheers ~

SR: Vice President!

ALL: Kill her!


FMC: You made a huge mistake by targeting me...
You ain't ready for what's gonna happen...

VP: Looks like someone is talking about me...

Knock Knock Knock

VP: Huh?

VP: Come in.


VP: Did you curse me on your way here?

S: ...
What're you talking about...?

VP: A joke, it was a joke.
Why are you acting so serious ~ You're such a boring man...

VP: So, what's going on?

S: The intelligence I gathered about the CEO is that he might step down at the end of this month...
It's much earlier than what we previously expected.

S: Apparently it's a health issue but-

VP: I Know.

VP: I'm sure the chairman did it on purpose.

VP: The CEO was just a scarecrow, his sole purpose was to scare away the people who were eyeing his position.

VP: My father...

VP: He left is seat empty only because he wanted to enjoy the spectacle...

VP: Who's going to crawl up there first. (I added this sentence)

VP: A competition between his daughters, me and this fille de joie.

To be continued...
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