Nov 20th, 2021
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  2. — If you post spoilers, wrap those in \|\|two vertical bars\|\|, like this: ||This text reveals the answer||.
  3. — *Italic text*: Surround your text with \_underscore\_ characters or with \*asterisks\*. Use this for emphasis or inline citations.
  4. — __Underlining__: Surround your text with \_\_two underscores\_\_. Use sparingly.
  5. — ~~Strikethrough~~: Surround your text with \~\~two tildes\~\~. Use this when you withdraw something you said, but want to preserve it, so that the discussion history remains readable. This is preferable over deleting your comment, if someone has responded to it.
  6. — **Bold text**: Surround your text with \*\*two asterisks\*\*. Use _very_ sparingly. Bolding the entire comment is almost never OK.
  7. — `Preformatted text` is produced by surrounding your text with \`backticks\`. Use this for program code snippets *within your text*, such as when you talk about `printf()`, or when you need to be very precise about the exact sequence of symbols such as with mathematics.
  9. Use these emphasis effects with moderation. Excess use is considered spam and may lead into you getting banned.
  11. To post longer pieces of program code or other preformatted content, use \`\`\`triple backticks\`\`\`.```c
  12. int main()
  13. {
  14. printf("You can also get syntax coloring: put the language on the first line.\n");
  15. }``` Do *not* use performatted content (triple backticks) for quotes and citations.
  17. To post quotes, use \> (greater-than) in the beginning of each line (or \>\>\> and the rest of the message will be a quote).
  18. > Most good programmers do programming not because they expect to get paid or get adulation by the public, but because it is fun to program. —Linus Torvalds
  20. If you use some of these symbols verbatim (\_ \* \~ \` \| \> \\), prefix it with a reverse solidus (backslash) \\ to prevent it being interpreted as a formatting code. This is important to remember when you post a mathematical equation involving multiplications, for example.
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