Going Shopping

Jul 12th, 2018
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  1. Going shopping.
  3. Warning!
  5. This green contains explicit scenes with a stallion, a mare, and more to be added here as they’re revealed. If you’re uncomfortable with continuous lewd detailed descriptions (some fucking gay shit, bruh) then caution is advised. It’s a smut story. Read on at your own peril.
  7. >”Young mare for ten thousand! I’ve got a young mare here; and for only ten thousand she can be yours! Fantastic breed! Extremely compliant! Language trained! Ready and willing to learn -- or do -- anything: starting ten thousand cash money!”
  8. >From the moment the words leave his wicked lips, a flock of heads turn, and the well-dressed rancher’s stand is instantly mobbed by grease stained perverts and affluent altruists alike.
  9. >Bid after bid coming forth in an obscene and grotesque torrent from the gathering crowd.
  10. >Hungry faces all fawning over an adorable little filly who’s eyes seem almost too big for her own head.
  11. >A joy filled smile on her face at all the attention she’s receiving.
  12. >The spectacle also managed to snag the attention of a certain curious mare.
  13. “I knew you were looking for something ‘spicy’, but I didn’t know you were into that kind of thing, Dash.”
  14. >By your side, the cyan Pegasus’ wandering gaze snaps away from the twisted show.
  15. >”W-Wha-?!” she stammers. “That’s not what I’m after, Anon. It’s sick and you know it!”
  16. >There is some bite in her words, but you deserve a little bit of that.
  17. >Her rainbow tail flicks your rear, letting you know she wants to move on as she bumps her flank against your leg.
  18. “Alright, alright. My bad.” you smirk as you reach down and scratch behind her ear. “Moving on then.”
  19. >As she leans into your ministrations with a satisfied smile, you marvel at how attached she’s become.
  21. >When you first bought her, it was all ‘I’m gonna save my friends!’ this, and ‘I’m gonna kill you in your sleep!’ that.
  22. >And now?
  23. >Let’s just say you’ve gotten closer.
  24. >A lot closer.
  25. >Hell, she was the one that asked if you could both go shopping for a new housemate
  26. >Or two.
  27. >Or three.
  28. >With some extra emphasis on the ‘mate’.
  29. “Then what did you have in mind, Gorgeous?”
  30. >She grins as a crimson hue creeps across the sky-blue coat on her cheeks.
  31. >”Something fun... For both of us.” is all she cheekily offers as she picks out the next stall.
  32. >Leading you on with a skip in her trot and a swing in her hips, the mare takes the lead.
  33. >Neither of you had wanted to sit through a depressing auction, so you had instead opted for a sort of ‘adults only’ fare.
  34. >Here one could purvey specimens of high quality, unique traits -- or sometimes, a rare mixture of both -- which were brought in to be shown off and sold.
  35. >There were also a wide variety of creatures from all over Equestria on offer, so you had decided on starting with ponies before moving onto the more exotic varieties later.
  36. >It also didn’t hurt that you could ‘try out’ the products on offer in a limited capacity.
  37. >For only a small fee, or course.
  38. >And so; you had rented a modest moving-van in anticipation of the haul you’d be bringing home with Dash, and headed on down with her on a sunny Saturday morning.
  39. >Despite much anticipation though, you both ended up walking amongst the stalls and ducking and weaving through scores of perverts on the hot summer day for longer than you would have liked.
  40. >After getting over her initial excitement, the impatient mare by your side had started getting frustrated by the overabundance of underage or otherwise uninteresting merchandise on display.
  42. >There had been a few promising mares that Rainbow had initially shown a keen interest in, but sooner or later they would begin hitting on you; and then her jealous streak would flare up with a vengeance.
  43. >”I’m not gonna back down from a challenge, Anon. But I don’t want any new problems.”
  44. >That was her rosy cheeked explanation when you asked her about it.
  45. >You didn’t mind, as the athletic mare by your side already had all the fantastically healthy curves you could ask for.
  46. >And so you looked.
  47. >And looked.
  48. >And looked some more...
  49. >Until you were both bored silly and tired from sweating under the oppressive summer sun.
  50. >Though as you sat on the cusp of giving up on the pony section and moving on to some of the other creatures on offer, an energetic voice cut through the crowd.
  51. >”Afternoon, Folks! Virile stallion here for the adventurous mare and gentleman!”
  52. >Cyan ears perk up and swivel by your side, and you raise a hesitant eyebrow as you’re led over to a nearby slaver’s station.
  53. >A short and rather obscenely plump woman -- dressed in a tacky, overflowing, green-yellow floral dress -- stands behind a makeshift counter in front of a large beige tent.
  54. >Enthusiastically showing off the stallion chained up next to her with a gesturing hand.
  55. >“No discrimination here, folks! Yessir! It's the year of our lord two-thousand-eighteen after all! Looking for a hole that can take it all? After a rutting that will make you crawl? Then look no further. This fine specimen here has a fifth leg as long as your forearm and thick as your fist! And when he blows? Whoo-ee, you could put out a fire with that hose, I’ll tell you ‘hwhat! Only forty five hundred and he’s all yours! Gelding option included of course, for only a nominal fee!”
  57. >The large, well-groomed silver stallion by her side – who, for the most part, had been staring into the distance like a statue -- lets out a muted whimper at that last detail.
  58. >His deep-blue cobalt eyes nervously flicking back and forth as you and Dash carefully inspect him.
  59. “No. No gelding, thanks.”
  60. >A thankful sigh escapes his muzzle before he resumes his professional pose.
  61. >He certainly is impressive at first glance.
  62. >Strong muzzle.
  63. >Glossy silver coat.
  64. >Long and healthy auburn coloured mane and tail.
  65. >Rock solid posture mixed with a practiced pose that shows off the corded muscle in his equine body.
  66. >All of this is topped off with an almost military physique and expression.
  67. >But his polished hooves are positioned in such a way in front of him that you can’t really glimpse his ‘unique appeal’.
  68. >Without the main attraction on stage, your boredom is echoed by your mare’s disappointed yawn.
  69. >You know that she wasn’t too excited about stallions before you got her, so you’re not all that surprised by the indifferent look on her face.
  70. >Especially in a place like this - where fit and healthy stallions are a dime a dozen.
  71. “No magical enhancements?”
  72. >”No, Sir! I’m 100% all natural!” The stallion happily answers this question – his voice moderately deep with a surprisingly gentle hum and playful overtones.
  73. >His eyes now excitedly dancing between you and your mare.
  74. >Or, more specifically, your crotch and her wings.
  75. >Makes sense.
  76. >After all, not too many Pegasus earn their flight freedoms, let alone the privilege to walk around without a collar.
  77. >You’ve already had to turn down a few desperate mares today who begged for you to buy them once they noticed Dash’s standing.
  79. >The attention on the bulge in your pants is slightly concerning though.
  80. >At the end of the day - you’re looking for something for Rainbow, despite her insistence otherwise.
  81. >”Oh, pshaw! Those things are too expensive for something like him anyway. Plus, as I’m sure you already know, the magic rolls off of these critters like water off a duck’s back.” the saleslady chimes in. “No offense intended.” she adds with an insincere smile at the pony by your side.
  82. >”None taken.” Dash indifferently brushes her apology off.
  83. >The lady does have a point though.
  84. >But you’re still not-
  85. >”Do you think we could see it?” Your mare asks nonchalantly.
  86. >Surprised, you look down at her.
  87. >”What?” She glances back up at you, her hoof pointing at the stallion. “She said he has one as long as a human arm. I wanna see it.”
  88. “So she says. Most places here offer sampling right?” you look back at the plump woman manning the stall.
  89. >”Naturally!” The woman’s face lights up. “And while I’d love to oblige, dear. There’ll be certain conditions, and, uh, *Ehem*, compensations, that are required for that kind of thing. This ain’t a freak show, after all! If she just wants to see it, then that won’t be too expensive. But if she wants a full demonstration-”
  90. >Dash’s rainbow mane bobs up and down in time with her nodding.
  91. >A sheet of paper with a performance fee printed on it is swiftly handed to you.
  92. “... Really? This much?” you ask incredulously at the four hundred dollar price tag.
  93. >Very nearly a tenth of the already high asking price.
  94. >”I’m afraid so, sir. Otherwise the poor thing here would be dead on his hooves before the end of the day. Not to mention the mess!”
  96. >The saleslady pats the muscular stallion on the back while giving a hearty laugh, but the pony finds no joy in the act.
  97. >Rather he immediately flinches away from her touch and splays his ears back.
  98. >That’s interesting.
  99. >Wonder what Rainbow thinks of tha-
  100. >Hnnnggghhh.
  101. >As you look down, you’re rewarded with a lethal dose of pink, puppy dog eyes from your mare.
  102. >It seems like Dash didn’t notice his little slip up.
  103. >Still, it’s a rort, and the woman manning the stall knows it.
  104. >But you can’t beat that look.
  105. “This’ll be coming out of your budget, y’know! If you want to buy him after this, then you won’t have as much left over.”
  106. >Her eyes dart back and forth between you and the stallion as she hums and haws.
  107. >Impressively, the stallion doesn’t panic despite the importance of this moment.
  108. >He just holds his gaze forward; His muscles flexing slightly as he sits as still as a statue. Emphasising the natural bulk and size of his masculine equine body.
  109. >Good move.
  110. >You know that the mare is a sucker for good physique; and judging by the way her mouth is now hanging slightly open, she’s been taken in.
  111. >”I’m super sure! I mean, it’s not like we’ve found anything else yet. Right?” She tries to hide her enthusiasm as she audibly sucks up some drool.
  112. >An excited swish in her tail that clues you in on just how much she’s now looking forward to this.
  113. >Hook, line, and sinker.
  114. “Okay then…”
  115. >She starts lovingly nuzzling your thigh as you reach for your wallet.
  116. >”Thanks, Anon!”
  117. >You spoil this mare too much.
  118. >With a grumble, you pull out your card and start signing the form.
  119. >”Much obliged, Sir! If you’ll both just come with me, we’ll get both of you seated for the, uh, ‘demonstration’.”
  121. >Giving you a cocky smile that stretches from ear to ear, the saleslady leads you into the tent behind her, sitting both you and Dash down on a large couch.
  122. >The constant background noise of the fair becoming a dull static in this makeshift retreat.
  123. >As you take your seats in front of a small, flimsy, wooden ‘stage’ that’s really just a few planks laid next to each other - Dash parks herself close up against your side with her head resting on your leg.
  124. >”Like a firehose.” the slaver repeats with a smile as she offers a pair of towels.
  125. >She beams proudly as you take them, before quickly retrieving the main attraction from the front and parking him in front of you.
  126. >Though as she unhooks the chain from his collar with her pudgy fingers, you notice that he leans away from her hands as much as he can without shifting his hooves.
  127. >”Now, Mister Grumpy Goose here doesn’t like me hanging around for this sort of thing. So if you need anything, or if he starts ‘acting up’-” she finger quotes as if it’s never happened before. ”Just give me a holler, and I’ll come sort him out.” with a sing song tone in her words, she dangles a device for the Stallion’s shock collar in front of you.
  128. >No matter how composed the stallion might try to be, you can’t blame him when his eyes flick fearfully onto the device for a split second.
  129. >”Yea, Yea. We get it, Lady! Let’s get on with the show!” a raspy voice sounds out from your side.
  130. >Your mare’s tail swishing in anticipation as she shoos off the slaver with a wave of her hoof.
  131. >You grin and place a hand on her athletic flank, making her hum with delight as you both start getting in the mood.
  133. >”Alright, Dear. No need to rush. He’s not going anywhere.” The plump woman turns and looks at the stallion. “Do you need some help getting warmed up, Steel?”
  134. >Your stomach drops, and you feel Dash flinching under your fingers as well.
  135. “I don’t like where this is going…”
  136. >The sweaty, obese woman looks at you for a moment - a curious look plastered on her rotund face.
  137. >Then suddenly, she breaks out into hearty laughter.
  138. >”Ahahaha. Oh my, my, my. Don’t you two worry now. I’m just offering him a little ‘supplement’ is all. Gets him in the mood and helps him perform. Takes a lot of energy - bringing forth that beast of his.”
  139. >She clumsily pulls a pill out of a pocket on her dress and offers it to the stallion.
  140. >He eyes it for a second, takes a brief glance in your direction, and then nods.
  141. >“I feel like putting on a good show.” he declares. “You folks like the sound of that?”
  142. >Dash’s head excitedly bobs up and down as you deliberately start kneading her cutie mark.
  143. >”Then that’s what we’ll go with, Masters. Please, enjoy the performance! If you wish to purchase me, then arrangements can be made with my owner after we’re done. And remember - No touching the merchandise!” He enthusiastically recites with a sing song voice before his owner tosses the pill at him.
  144. >Reaching out with his muzzle and snatching it from the air, the stallion quickly swallows it with an audible gulp and a hum of delight.
  145. >After a few sips from a nearby bottle of water, the visibly excited equine turns back to you and deliberately licks his lips.
  146. >”I’ll leave you folks to it then. I’ll be just outside if you need me.”
  148. >While the saleswoman swiftly vacates the room, you briefly take in the surroundings.
  149. >There's a litany of basic cleaning materials in this otherwise bland back room, as well as a few larger and more permanent stains on the inside walls of the tent.
  150. >The smell is rather pleasant though.
  151. >You were expecting something a little more… Musky, to say the least.
  152. >It would still be safe bet to say that the room has only been cleaned very recently.
  153. >However, all of the little details lead you to a conclusion that makes the towels look that much more appealing.
  154. >”I know you folks must be quite excited.” The stallion reassumes a neutral face as he begins. “Rest assured, we’ll be getting down to business very soon. In the meantime, do you have any preferences for how you want me to, uh, ‘demonstrate’?”
  155. “Demonstrate?”
  156. >”Yes, Sir. I can strike any pose you’d like for the performance.”
  157. >Although the atmosphere in this back room and the shadow of the coming show is starting to get you a bit worked up as well, you decide you’ll leave the choice to the now gently huffing mare by your side.
  158. >”C-Can you… C-Can you do it kind of side on? Like, not fully side on. Diagonally! With a hoof held up! And flexing too!”
  159. >Tilting his head, a frown crosses his face at the confusing instructions.
  160. “I think she sort of wants you striking a pose. Looking to the horizon. All heroic. Kind of like a statue of a commander watching his troops march into battle, y’know?”
  161. >”Yea! What he said!”
  162. >The stallion taps his chin with a forehoof and chews the inside of his cheek for a few seconds before nodding.
  164. >”Like this?”
  165. >He shifts his heading so that his body points off to your left.
  166. >Widening the stance of all four of his hooves, the stallion stretches his left hind leg back.
  167. >Affording you both a comfortable view of his underside while his left forehoof strokes along the length of his toned torso.
  168. >Taut muscles all over his body flexing in a deliberate display of his physique.
  169. >”Yea… Perfect.” Dash mutters before biting her lip and dragging your hand down to her mid-section.
  170. >And with that, you get your first proper glimpse at his ‘unique appeal’.
  171. >Although his member still hides rather shy in its sheath - his swollen orbs hang heavily in the smooth black sack between his legs, giving you ample foreshadowing for what’s to come.
  172. >Some of the doubts you had about his capabilities start diminishing by the second as you estimate each one to be at least as big as a mandarin.
  173. >”And you, Good Sir? Do you have any... ‘Preferences’?” he asks; a subtle blush creeping across his cheeks from the attention.
  174. >Confused, you look back up at his face where his stoic and professional expression has turned playful and adventurous once again.
  175. >There’s also something else hiding in those excited, cobalt blue eyes of his that you’re going to pretend you can’t see for now.
  176. >This is for Dash, after all.
  177. >You might be getting a bit excited. But this is for her.
  178. >Just keep telling yourself that.
  179. “Don’t worry about me. She’s the one you have to impress.”
  180. >”A little shy, huh? That’s perfectly fine.” the stallion muses as he licks his lips.
  181. “Excuse me?” you fire back with a playful hint of anger.
  182. >”S-Sorry, n-no offense intended, Sir.” he suddenly recoils and bows his head slightly.
  183. >Followed by an innocently submissive look at you that makes his eyes shimmer.
  184. >Oh…
  185. >He’s good.
  187. >“Perhaps then, you were looking for… Something else?”
  188. >He coyly blows a stray lock of brown mane out of his eyes and starts slowly swinging his hips from side to side.
  189. >The bulging sack between his legs swaying along like an obscene pendulum.
  190. >Rainbow purrs at the provocative display, while at the same time your fingers gently dance over her belly, tickling and stroking where they go as your hand gradually slides down her soft coat.
  191. >”I’ll admit, I’m a bit of a slow starter.” the stallion hums as his tail starts swishing back and forth.
  192. >At the same time, and ever so gradually - he starts turning his body.
  193. >Unexpectedly prominent hips bouncing the whole way - in time with the rising swell of a sultry humming that thrums deep in his throat.
  194. >”But when I get going-”
  195. >As he slowly spins, you notice his cutie mark.
  196. >It’s a bar of metal that’s been tempered blue.
  197. >Was he a steel worker?
  198. >Is he a former industry worker?
  199. >It would explain the muscle.
  200. >That would be another fantastic benefit to your-
  201. >”I think you’ll find-“ he interrupts your train of thought as he starts keeping a beat with a forehoof.
  202. >His body orienting so that now you get a full view of both of his toned haunches swaying side to side from behind.
  203. >”Unf.” Dash grunts.
  204. >It could be because she’s drooling over his muscular hindquarters, or the prize that lies teasingly underneath his tail.
  205. >Or maybe it’s because of your fingers, which have drifted down her belly and now gently tend to her swollen nipples.
  206. >You’re not one hundred percent sure what it is, but she’s definitely enjoying it.
  207. >“That I have a ‘little’ something-“
  208. >The stallion crosses his hind legs and bends over low. Holding his chest to the floor as his rear juts into the air. Further emphasising the enticing shape of his silver hindquarters.
  210. >But you can’t see everything just yet.
  211. >His sleek brown tail deliberately swishes from side to side, following his hips. Cleverly stopping just before it reveals what lies beneath. Keeping you and the mare by your side breathing heavily in anticipation.
  212. >Though not for long.
  213. >”-For everyone!”
  214. >Like a curtain finally being pulled back, his tail instantly flags completely out of the way, giving you both an ample view of the back of his large, smooth, sack; and above that-
  215. *Gulp*
  216. >Not stopping his humming and the slight swaying of his hips – the stallion, now resting his front half on his chest, reaches back with a forehoof and pulls on a cheek.
  217. >Spreading himself open slightly for you.
  218. >Holy shit.
  219. >He turns his head slightly while holding the pose so that he can stare at you.
  220. >Not at Rainbow Dash.
  221. >At you.
  222. >A hungry snort escaping his nostrils as the desire in his cobalt eyes burns brightly.
  223. >You would never admit it out loud, but the scene in front of you looks kind of-
  224. >”Looks pretty inviting, huh, Anon?” Dash quips at your side.
  225. >”I dunno. You tell me.” you instantly deflect. “You’re the one buying him.”
  226. >She smirks, and rubs a cheek on your leg.
  227. >”You can play as dumb as you like. But I can tell-“ She places a hoof on the snaking bulge in your pants. “That you’re enjoying the sho-ho-how!”
  228. >The eager mare stutters and yelps as you suddenly press a finger onto her wet and winking button.
  229. “And you’re just an innocent bystander, hmmm?” you ask as you move your hand even lower.
  230. >Gently spreading her lips apart with your pointer and ring fingers while the flat of your palm slowly rolls over her eager clit.
  232. >”H-hey, ngh, I-I j-just, h-hoh man, just want s-something that, o-oh, that we can both enjoy, Big Guy. Mmmmm!” she punctuates her sentence with a hungry moan and starts rubbing you through your jeans.
  233. >Grunting with satisfaction at how wet and warm your hand has gotten, you turn back to the show where the stallion is patiently swaying his hips back and forth while he waits.
  234. >”I’m glad you’re both enjoying the show. I’m sorry to say though, that as you two were… talking-” he licks his lips. “The ‘main attraction’ has already made its debut.”
  235. >Before you can respond, he uncrosses his legs so you can understand.
  236. “God damn.”
  237. >The thick, distinct, dark black flesh hangs so low between his legs that it’s almost touching the ground.
  238. >Even though the party has just begun.
  239. >”O-oh, wow…” Dash huskily whispers. “I… I-I don’t think they were lying, Anon…”
  240. >Giving you a coyly apologetic smile, the stallion starts swinging his hips again.
  241. >His growing member swaying from side to side now as he spins back around and assumes Dash’s preferred pose.
  242. >”Sorry to have gotten so excited on my own, but I, uh… I wasn’t expecting to receive a show.”
  243. >He looks apologetically over at Dash, who has slowly started spreading her legs open. Giving him a clear view of what you’re doing to her.
  244. >”It’s okay. I’m liking, ngh, what I see.” she happily grunts back.
  245. >”Then that makes three of us! If I’m not mistaken, Sir?”
  246. >Twitching beneath his belly, the swelling flesh starts rising to the occasion as he looks back at you.
  247. >You give him a hesitant nod.
  248. >But your eyes are immediately drawn back down as another twitch makes him grow again.
  249. >And again.
  250. >And again.
  251. >If you weren’t seeing it with your own eyes you wouldn’t believe it.
  253. >With each passing moment, the obscene appendage grows larger and larger. Quickly hitting a foot long, and then surging past with an audible grunt from the stallion as another inch of thick horse-meat pushes out of him.
  254. >This obscene spectacle continues until his turgid member is excitedly bouncing against the underside his barrel.
  255. >The black appendage swelling so long that the engorged head almost reaches his forelegs.
  256. >”Whoa, man....”
  257. >You hear Dash murmur by your side again as her hoof starts vigorously stroking along the snaking bulge in your pants.
  258. >Responding in kind - you gently probe her slick opening a few times with your middle finger, before gently pushing it inside her until the second knuckle.
  259. >One of her legs twitches in response, and she quickly tightens around your invading digit with an appreciative moan.
  260. >Still, both your eyes are glued to the stallion in front of you, as he slowly reaches a hoof down and hooks it around his swollen flesh.
  261. >From where you sit, you wouldn’t hesitate to say it’s thicker than your wrist. Hell, it's almost already as large as your forearm.
  262. >”I’ve already shown what I have on offer to the good master by your side.” he gives you another hungry smile and shimmies his hips playfully. “But for you ma’am, I’d like you to imagine, if you will-”
  264. >He moves his free left leg to the head of his engorged horsecock and rests the heavy appendage in the crook of his hoof.
  265. >A thin bead of pre already dripping down to the ground from its head as the stallion works himself up.
  266. >”That if you and I were to... Go for a roll in the hay? Then I’d start by sliding-”
  267. >He takes a few steps forward while holding his hoof suspended in the exact same spot.
  268. >“-Myself inside you.”
  269. >It almost looks like he’s penetrating his own hoof, as it glides down his bulbous length and bounces over the prominent medial ring.
  270. >Already in the mood, you help out the stallion’s efforts by adding another finger and pushing deeper into your mare’s eager folds.
  271. >She lets out another low moan.
  272. >Your mare’s muzzle hanging open now as her chest heaves.
  273. >”From there...” he continues as he slowly pulls his hips back as far as they can go, drawing the length of his cock almost all the way back through his hoof to the engorged head.
  274. >Rainbow Dash gulps.
  275. >”I’d blow your mind.”
  276. >He suddenly slams hips forward as far as they can go, his hoof staying perfect still as nearly an entire foot of horsecock passes over it in one swift and stimulating display of sexual prowess.
  277. >Hips jerk against your fingers in response, and you reply by hooking them against her inner walls.
  278. >Without skipping a beat, the stallion pulls back and slams forward again.
  279. >And again.
  280. >His pre flicking and smearing against the underside of his barrel as he slips into a steady rhythm of aggressive thrusting.
  281. >Each powerful jerk accompanied by an audible grunt that encourages both of you.
  283. >It’s a fast and steady process, and with each thrust - his cock twitches, and an entire foot of his slick, dark meat slides through the crook of his hoof.
  284. >His other hooves not budging an inch the whole time.
  285. >More of the clear liquid leaking out of his bulging tip and flicking across the floor - as he shows off just how thoroughly he’d ravage her with just the swinging of his hips.
  286. >”And Sir-” His lust addled eyes swing back to you. “Would you like to experience something like this? Or are just keen on watching your mare getting-” he deliberately slows his thrusting as his hoof again reaches the bulbous head of his cock.
  287. >“-Streeetched-”
  288. >Drawing out the word, the stallion slowly forces his hips forward this time - making his hoof unfurl noticeably around the overwhelming thickness of his stallionhood.
  289. >””-beyond her limits?”
  290. >The stallion confidently asks before immediately resuming the urgent pumping of his hips.
  291. >A desire burning in his eyes that isn’t there when he looks at Dash.
  292. >”I appreciate the offer, and I’m sure that she does as well.”
  293. >The mare by your side loudly moans her agreement as you add a third finger. Shivers running through her body as her soaked tunnel squeezes down on you even tighter.
  294. >The act eliciting a pleasantly excited whinny from the stallion.
  295. >His pace suddenly quickens as his hoof smears his excitement up and down his now slick, black member.
  296. >Meanwhile, those cobalt eyes of his bore into you with a deep longing.
  297. “I think you’re misunderstanding something, though.”
  298. >A dopey grin plastered on his adorably excited muzzle, the stallion tilts his head to the side.
  300. ”She’s already got more than she can handle with me.”
  301. >You confidently inform him as -- by her own volition -- a lust addled Dash eagerly leans over and undoes your belt and zipper with her dextrous mouth.
  302. >Raising your hips and helping her pull your pants down, you watch with sinful delight as the stallion’s expression turn from confidant, to shocked, to desperately lustful - as your own monstrous member is revealed.
  303. >Your length not quite rivalling the gifted stallion’s, but still not something to scoff at.
  304. >You weren’t always so… Endowed.
  305. >In fact, you were naturally only slightly above average for a human.
  306. >After a wayward comment from Dash about how you would sometimes hit a really good spot deep inside her, you had looked into magical modifications.
  307. >A hefty sum of cash and a few weeks of experimentation later - you were a new man.
  308. >Not that you’re complaining.
  309. >Especially now that the mare responsible for the change is swimming in a lust-fuelled hunger as she eagerly pulls your fifth leg free of its restraint with her hooves.
  310. >An arrogant smirk on her muzzle as she rubs her soft cheek up and down its unnatural length, showing you off to the stallion who now just stands frozen and dumbstruck like a deer in headlights.
  311. >”Well, Dude? Would you-oh!” She yelps as your fingers hook against a particularly sensitive bump inside her. “Anon, mph, ease up for a moment, w-would ya-ah!?”
  312. >You comply and pull your fingers from her greedy depths with an audible schlick, making the mare coo as you settle for gently rolling her wet button underneath your palm again.
  313. >”Phew. Oh man, you trying to make me pop, Anon?” she playfully chides you.
  315. “And if I am?” you growl while pressing your palm harder against her.
  316. >”As much, ngh, as I, mph, appreciate the effort. We didn’t come here for that.”
  317. >You concede that Rainbow Dash has a point, so you ease up.
  318. >”Thanks, Champ.”
  319. >Taking a moment to catch her breath, she looks towards the stallion again.
  320. >”So, what do you think, Stud? Would you like to experience something like this?”
  321. >She throws his words back at him with some mirth, while at the same time stroking your own towering member with a hoof.
  322. >But he doesn’t hear her.
  323. >His hips aren’t even thrusting anymore as his eyes trace up and down your towering flesh.
  324. >A flagging brown tail swishing excitedly behind him.
  325. >”Hnnngggghhh” he suddenly moans low and loud as his monstrous member flexes, swelling impossibly larger while his muzzle hangs open longingly.
  326. >”No way!”
  327. “Jesus Christ!”
  328. >Before either of you can say anything else, his hips start pumping with a frantic need, except this time his hoof moves as well - jerking and twisting up and down his enormous length of virile flesh.
  329. >The stallion’s tongue hangs lazily from his muzzle as he ogles your member with half-lidded, cobalt eyes.
  330. >You and your mare are momentarily stunned by the animalistic display, as the pony in front of you loses himself to his urges.
  331. >A hoof taps your leg, and Dash excitedly whispers something.
  332. >”Anon. I think we found our first roommate.”
  333. “Maybe, but we still haven’t seen him cu-”
  334. >”Nggghhh! Ohhh, Gods!” The stallion winces and cries out as the head of his horsecock flares obscenely, the veins along its length bulging from exertion.
  335. >At the same time, Dash grinds her hips into your palm with a renewed urgency.
  337. >A realisation dawns on you, and you quickly reach for the towels.
  338. >Giving a few desperate jerks of his hips, the stallion clenches his eyes shut.
  339. >Focuses the efforts of his hoof around the flared head that leaks pre like a faucet.
  340. >Swings his hips back as far as they can go.
  341. >And with one final, powerful thrust-
  342. >”Nnnggguuuhhh!!!”
  343. >Giving a primal grunt, he rears his head back and cries out as his heavy balls squeeze together and pull in towards his body.
  344. >With a powerful twitch, the engorged head of his turgid member swells and erupts with a thick spurt of steamy stallion spunk.
  345. >A solid stream of murky white seed that blasts forth from him for a solid second, splattering audibly against the tent wall to your left and partly painting the underside of his barrel, before abating for a brief moment.
  346. >That pause lasts for a split second before his sack throbs again, and another sticky rope is launched clear across the room from his spasming meat.
  347. >”Ngh!”
  348. >The stallion grunts, opens his dazed eyes, and looks over at you -- his tongue hanging out the side of his grinning mouth as he pants with satisfaction -- before his shaft twitches again.
  349. >”Ah?!”
  350. >He lets out a surprised yelp and clenches his eyes shut again.
  351. >You’ve never been so happy to have a towel, as you quickly shield your left half with it against the incoming volley of stallion semen.
  352. >The warm liquid thankfully splatters uselessly against it, though some of him lands on your pants in the process.
  353. >Whelp.
  354. >His slick horsecock still isn’t quite done though.
  355. >It twitches a few more times, squeezing out another few powerful spurts that don’t quite reach the couch this time.
  356. >But finally -- as the last of his seed dribbles out the soaked tip of his dark, exhausted meat -- it becomes obvious that the stallion is done for now.
  358. >Donning a very satisfied smile, he takes a deep breath as his now spent member flops down to the floor a with a flaccid, wet thunk.
  359. >”Anon. I think you know what I want.” Dash hungrily whispers as she rubs her soft cheek up and down your now painfully hard member.
  360. >The room is an absolute mess.
  361. >Your mare is grinding her hips against your palm despite the show being over.
  362. >And something about this stallion has you in agreement with her verdict.
  363. >You’re about to speak up and share the good news with him - when suddenly, the strong stallion’s cobalt eyes shoot open, and he looks at you with a horrifying realization.
  364. >”Oh no! Oh no, no, no! I’m so sorry, Sir! I didn’t mean to get carried away! I just-”
  365. >Sitting down on the ground, he urgently moves his hooves back down to his shrinking appendage and starts fruitlessly stroking its sides.
  366. >”I swear I didn’t mean to! I just didn’t expect... I-I don’t know what came over me!
  367. >“Hey, hey, it’s okay, Pal. You did good! Real good!”
  368. >Dash concernedly pulls her head away from your twitching member as she tries reassuring the now panicky stallion.
  369. >But it’s no use though, as he winces in his efforts to overstimulate his own spent meat.
  370. >It seems that no matter how hard he tries though, the show is over for now.
  371. >”Why? Why did you do that?” He scolds himself. “You stupid idiot, why? Why?! Why!?”
  373. >Uncomfortably tucking your own excitement away and pulling your pants back up, you stand up from the couch.
  374. “We best go calm him down before she comes back in.”
  375. >”Right behind you, Big Guy.”
  376. >Dash follows your lead for a moment, but reconsiders and reaches for a towel instead.
  377. >”Actually… You go first. I got something I need to handle.”
  378. >She quickly grabs it in her mouth and hops behind the couch.
  379. >Though as she does so, she playfully flicks her tail at you, flinging some of her excitement onto your shirt.
  380. >You’ll get her back for that later.
  381. >She’s probably counting on you doing so as well.
  382. >Alone, you turn back and smile at the suddenly desperate stallion.
  383. >His composure completely shattered as he frantically stimulates himself.
  384. >Your actions don’t reassure him though, as his bottom lip quivers.
  385. >”P-Please, sit back down, S-Sir! I-I can still, *sniff*, I can still perform!”
  386. >His member has now diminished to half of its full size and is still shrinking, probably due in part to how much he’s now panicking.
  387. >He picks his flaccid appendage up in the crook of his hoof again; but this time, the ludicrously long limb just hangs pathetically in his grip.
  388. >”I can still-!” he chokes.
  389. “Hey!” You bark sternly.
  390. >Immediately, the stallion quietens up and looks away in defeat.
  391. >You approach him -- taking care to step over the strands of quickly drying spunk scattered across the floor -- and squat down to his eye level.
  392. >He’s no longer the pristinely groomed stallion from before.
  393. >The front of underside of his barrel is matted with his own discharge, and a thin film of sweat shines through his metallic silver coat.
  395. “Alrighty then. The show might be over now, but we still have a few questions.”
  396. >His bottom lip quivers again, but he thankfully doesn’t cry.
  397. >Instead, he just nods despondently and takes his hooves off his junk.
  398. “I’d like to know, uh, hmmm…” you awkwardly scratch the back of your head. “Sorry, what was your name? Show started before we could get it.”
  399. >”Steel Anneal, Sir…”
  400. >”Steel then. Are you a one-pump chump, Steel?
  401. >Ears splay back.
  402. >”N-No, sir! It’s just…”
  403. “Just what?”
  404. >His miserable eyes flick over to the tent flap that leads back out to the fare.
  405. >And to where his owner currently waits patiently for the ‘performance’ to be finished.
  406. “... How many times have you done something like this today, Bud?”
  407. >”T-This makes the f-fifth time, Sir…”
  408. >Unreal.
  409. >You look around at the disaster area the room has become.
  410. >And he says it’s the fifth round for him.
  411. >Despite that fact, there’s a more pressing detail that concerns you.
  412. “Of those five occasions, how many times was it done as part of a paid performance?”
  413. >The colour slowly drains from the silver coated stallion’s face; and again, his eyes flick towards the tent flap.
  414. “I won’t tell her. I promise.”
  415. >The silver stallion’s deep blue eyes search your face for a few moments before he nods.
  416. >”Y-Yours is the second paid performance I’ve done today, Sir...”
  417. >You knew it.
  418. >Not many people would shell out several hundred dollars for a possible scam in a place like this.
  419. >A strong urge to pick him up and haul him away from the tent almost overwhelms you, but you hold it in.
  421. >There’s only one question you have left, but you can’t ask this one.
  422. >Instead, you seize the initiative and reach out towards him.
  423. >”S-Sir!” he blushes as your hand gets closer. “Y-you’re not allowed to touch the merchand-”
  424. >The stallion’s words die out in his mouth as you run your fingers through his thick, bushy, brown mane; making him close his eyes as he lets out a shuddering breath.
  425. >You take your time - brushing it this way and that, scratching his head here and there, rubbing his ears from time to time.
  426. >Each little one of your actions eliciting a pleased hum or a coo of appreciation, as he closes his eyes and leans into your efforts.
  427. >Having this muscular stallion melting underneath your fingers stirs something warm deep down inside you.
  428. >But you can’t go all in just yet.
  429. >”Man, ease up on him, Anon!”
  430. >Right on cue, a scratchy mare’s voice sounds out from behind you.
  431. “Alright, alright. Your turn then.”
  432. >”About time!”
  433. >You pull your hand back to the stallion’s intense dismay.
  434. >Before you can say anything though, Dash trots up to him and leans in close to his face.
  435. >He flinches slightly at her sudden proximity, but doesn’t lean away.
  436. >Good.
  437. >That answers your most pressing concern.
  438. >The two ponies stare each other down for a few moments, but as you watch them, you realize that their ears are keenly swivelling back and forth as the smaller mare whispers to the much larger Stallion.
  439. >Fucking pony hearing.
  441. >Although you can only tell what’s happening from his reactions, the signs are good.
  442. >His hooves shift slightly.
  443. >Eyes glance occasionally at you.
  444. >Dash asks him one particular question that makes him balk, before his face is swamped with a heavy red tinge.
  445. >He still nods back though; and with that, it seems the matter is settled as both of their tails start swishing happily behind them.
  446. >By the time they’ve finished the last bits of their hushed conversation, the stallion looks to be almost in tears again as his face is overcome with a barely suppressed joy.
  447. >Turning around with a satisfied grin, Rainbow Dash trots over to your side and waves you down with a hoof.
  448. “So, what’s the verdict?”
  449. >”Pfft, don’t play dumb, Anon. You know exactly what I’m gonna say. I just want to know if you’re going to enjoy him as well.”
  450. “Enjoy him?”
  451. >Again, you hesitate.
  452. “Dash, I’m not sure I-”
  453. >”Yeah right, Anon.” she rolls her eyes. “You have no idea that he couldn’t take his eyes off of you the entire show. You have no idea that you looked like you were about to leap across the room when he spread himself.”
  454. “... It might have gotten my attention.”
  455. >”Look, Anon. There’s no point in us doing this if you’re going to be sitting out every time he gets involved! I don’t want to leave without him - but if you’re not in? Then that’s what we’ll end up doing.”
  456. >You look up at the silver coated stallion who is currently sitting patiently on the stage.
  457. >A desperate hope in his deep blue eyes as he holds his head low and gives you one of the most innocently endearing smiles you’ve ever received from a pony.
  458. >Why are you so weak against their eyes?
  460. “Alright, Dash… I’ll give him a ‘try’. But I won’t have you just getting rid of him if I end up not liking it.”
  461. >”Deal.” she smirks victoriously. “Now, do you want to tell him? Or do I get to have that fun?”
  462. >From the look on her face, you already know that she would kill to be the one to tell him.
  463. >So you just stand up and gesture for her to go ahead.
  464. >Letting out an excited squee, she quickly trots over to Steel and whispers in his ears.
  465. >Leaving her to have fun with her new toy, you push through the tent flap back out to the front where the saleslady is still waiting.
  466. >You find her sitting nearby in a rather small lawn chair - the poor thing struggling to hold her cumbersome weight.
  467. >One hand greedily digging into a bag of chips while the other digs into her nostril.
  468. *Ahem*
  469. >You clear your throat, making the lady jolt as she nearly falls out of the buckling seat.
  470. >”Oh my, my, my, don’t sneak up on me like that, Darlin’! You’ll give me a heart attack.”
  471. >A likely story.
  472. >”Now, I hope you enjoyed the show.” the saleslady laughs as she extracts herself form the chair with concerted effort. “If you want to be buying him, then I have the paperwork right here, ready to go!”
  473. >She waddles over to the makeshift wooden counter and taps it with a grimy hand while giving you a questioning look.
  474. “That would be good, thank you.” you answer as you pull a cheque book from one of your pockets.
  475. >”E-Excuse me?” she stutters as she stares at you in disbelief.
  476. >Clearly, she didn’t get the answer she was expecting.
  477. “It was forty-five hundred for him, correct?”
  478. >You continue unabated as you grab a pen from her counter and start filling in the details.
  479. >”I-I changed my mind!”
  480. “I’m sorry?”
  482. >”I won’t sell him for less than si-seven thousand.” she mumbles and looks away.
  483. “Now, Ma’am. That won’t do.” you chuckle as you sign the cheque
  484. >”It will do just fine, thank you very much! Now, pay up or get goin’!” she snaps back.
  485. “Ma’am. If I understand things correctly. You have a selling price that you provide the fair with before you’re allowed to operate here.”
  486. >The colour starts draining from her bloated cheeks.
  487. “I believe you have to run it by them when you provide your pony’s medical evaluations. Isn’t that right?”
  488. >”It may be... What’s it to you?” she angrily deflects.
  489. “Say, for instance -- and I’m just saying here -- that you came to this fare without the intention of actually selling this stallion.”
  490. >Her eyes dart away.
  491. “Say that you didn’t want to actually part with him. Say that you just wanted to have him performing shows that netted you four hundred a pop a few times each day. Say that you were jacking up the price every time someone showed interest just to ensure this little gig keeps going. If something like that were happening, then the proprietors of this fare wouldn’t be too happy, don’t you think? This ain’t a freak show, after all.”
  492. >You punctuate your point by handing her the cheque for forty-five hundred dollars.
  493. >”N-No. Of c-course not.” she stammers as she hesitantly grabs the cheque in her grimy fingers.
  494. “Then I’ll be taking that stallion, Ma’am. I believe that there’s something I need to sign for that?”
  495. >You don’t release the cheque as she tugs on it, holding out your free hand first.
  496. >She balks, then quickly nods and releases your payment.
  498. >It takes a few more moments of her digging through the makeshift counter before she receives an ancient piece of crumpled paper for you to fill out.
  499. >As you do so, your eyes occasionally go to the tent flap where Rainbow is breaking the good news.
  500. >You can’t hear anything over the sound of the crowd bustling by behind you though, so you’ll have to wait.
  501. >When all the details seem to be in order, you take out your phone, snap a picture of the signed agreement and cheque, and hand both back to the now extremely dissatisfied woman.
  502. “Now, Ma’am-”
  503. >”Oh, what do you want now?” she snaps at you as she snatches the materials and starts digging through her counter for the stallion’s papers.
  504. “I understand that, once purchased, products will be cleaned and delivered to a holding bay near the entrance by the seller?”
  505. >”Hmph.” she grunts and rummages through the counter again, before handing you a ticket stub that bares her signature and the name of the stallion.
  506. >”Go on. Take it and get going!” she angrily dismisses you.
  507. “Thank you. Oh, and Ma’am?”
  508. >”What?!”
  509. “If I hear from him that you tried to… ‘Extract’ some extra value from him when I go and pick him up, or if he’s been damaged in any way from the state I purchased him in? Well... Let’s just say the proprietors would be the least of your concerns after damaging my property.”
  510. >Her dinner plate ears couldn’t be any more red from anger as she huffs and storms off into the tent.
  511. >You quickly follow behind her and peek in past the flap, only to find a heart-warming scene.
  513. >Dash and Steel are locked in a hug and rocking back and forth.
  514. >The larger stallion holding onto her for dear life as he sobs openly into her neck.
  515. >Not one for public sappy moments, the athletic mare notices the saleslady approaching and sees you looking in from the tent flap; and so she nudges the larger pony in her embrace.
  516. >He looks up before slipping into a slight panic, seeing his old master stomping towards him with a fury on her face.
  517. >”Get offa him, would ya!” the obese lady barks at Dash. “Can’t believe I gotta clean him again as well…” she miserably grumbles as plods over to the corner of the room and retrieves the cleaning materials.
  518. >Confused, Steel looks at you for an answer as your mare quickly pulls away from him, trots over to you, and nuzzles your leg.
  519. ”We’ll be back to pick you up later, Champ.” you inform him as you reach down and scratch Rainbow’s ear. “Let us know if she does something she shouldn’t, okay?”
  520. >It takes him a moment, but soon the realization hits him.
  521. >Silently cheering to himself as more tears pool in the corner of his overwhelmed eyes, the stallion pumps the air happily with a hoof several times, before wiping away his cheeks and looking back at you with a happy smile.
  522. >”Yes, Master! Thank you, Master!” he enthusiastically answers before flinching again as his former owner comes at him with a sponge.
  523. “Enjoy!”
  524. >You give him a devious wink as you and Dash step out from the flap.
  525. >As you take a moment to collect yourselves, your mare does a quick stretch and lets out a happy sigh that you echo.
  527. >Content that the matter is settled, you both start strolling through the fare again as you bathe in the afterglow of a satisfying purchase.
  528. >But rather than head for a food stand or the exit, Dash pulls you in a different direction.
  529. >Leading you straight towards a prominent banner that reads ‘Exotic Equestrians’.
  530. >”Well, Anon. I’ve got some more left over that I haven’t spent yet, don’t I?” she reminds you with an excited grin and shimmering pink eyes. “What do you say we go grab another roommate?”
  531. >You’re about to protest, when a voice cuts through the crowd from one of the stands.
  532. >”I’ve got dragons by the barrel here - long tongues that wrap and writhe around whatever part you please.
  533. >Dash gives you a knowing grin and quickly trots out ahead of you.
  534. >Swinging her hips with each step and swaying her tail as she baits you into the next area.
  535. >Maybe...
  536. >Just maybe, you can find room in the van for one more purchase after all.
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