You Can Get Away With Anything If you Try Hard Enough 2

Dec 31st, 2017
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  1. >Be Twilight
  2. >A few weeks had passed since you had taken Anon to the world on the other side of the mirror
  3. >It seemed like your green friend had liked the world enough that he would want to start a life there
  4. >While you were sad to see him leave, you were happy for him
  5. >And it wasn't like he was in Yakyakistan or anything
  6. >Just a quick hop through the portal and you could visit him anytime you wanted
  7. >So, after having a bit of a talk with him, you had taken the liberty of getting things ready
  8. >Anon's meager belongings were packed, you gave him some bits, Pinkie had a small farewell party for him
  9. >Not many ponies were too sorry to see him go
  10. >Not that you expected them to, nor did Anon for that matter
  11. >You might have sniffled a bit when you dropped him off at Sunset's though
  12. >Anon, being the big softie he was, had hugged you until you felt better
  13. >He had also done what you asked and wrote to you every day in the notebook that you gave him
  14. >The human seemed to be settling in well from what he had wrote to you
  15. >He was looking for a job
  16. >The girls were treating him well, and he and Sunset's lizard had gotten along
  17. >But, despite all of those assurances, you were still worried about him
  18. >So, since you had a pretty clear schedule, you had decided to take a trip to the hyoo-man land
  19. >Your friends on the other side of the mirror had been thrilled that you were coming back
  20. >Gathering all of them up, you all went to Sunset's apartment, intent on surprising her and Anon and taking a trip to get something to eat
  21. >It's be nice, fun, and you'd be able to check up on Anon without seeming pushy
  22. >So, with that in mind, you all found yourselves standing in front of Sunset's apartment, just about to knock on her door
  23. >"So do we really have to go to that pizza place?" Rainbow asked with look of distaste
  25. >"Yeah, we gotta go ta the pizza place," Applejack replied, giving her slightly dirty shirt a brush down. "I'm sick o' goin' ta that burger place, and the diner's closed fer the next couple days. Now quit yer bellyachin'."
  26. >Dash grumbled, crossing her arms
  27. >You all ignored her, each of you doing what you needed to to look presentable
  28. "Alright, let's see how they're doing, girls," you said
  29. >Puffing out your chest a bit, you gave Sunset's door knock
  30. >There was a pause
  31. >Seconds ticked by until you heard the door being unlocked
  32. >A moment later, the knob was turned and the door was opened revealing Sunset
  33. >A haggered, messy-haired, droopy-eyed Sunset
  34. >...
  35. >What?
  36. >Your greeting died in your throat as you stared at your friend, who looked at you all with blood shot eyes
  37. >"Hey girls," she said, throwing the door fully open before spinning around and making her way back into her apartment
  38. >You and the other girls looked at each other before quickly following her
  39. >"Sunset, are you alright, darling? You're looking a little... burnt out," Rarity said as Sunset let you all to her couch
  40. >"Am I fine? No," Sunset said, sitting down and putting her head in her hands. "I'm not fucking fine at all."
  41. >You quickly sat next to her, concerned for your sis
  42. "What's wrong, Sunset?" you asked, placing your hand on her leg. "Did something happen? Is Anon alright?"
  43. >Sunset flinched at Anon's name
  44. >"Anon's fine, he's great, he's..."
  45. >She let out a groan, looking up at all of you with desperate eyes
  46. >"He's driving me out of my fucking mind! I know that he's not like guys around here but I swear to Celestia he's fucking asking for it! The way he just talks and walks around and, and..."
  47. >She gritted her teeth, reaching out to strangle some unseeable thing
  48. You watched as your friend deflated, sinking into her couch
  49. >"I'm about to lose it girls. I'm doing my best but I swear to the princesses I'm going to rape that fucking man if he keeps up with his bullshit."
  50. >All of you twitched
  51. >Rape?!
  53. >"Whatcha mean, Sunset?" Pinkie asked, looking as horrified as the rest of you. "Why would you--"
  54. >You waited for Pinkie to finish her thought
  55. >And waited...
  56. >And waited...
  57. >After what must have been a minute, you looked over to see what was wrong with her
  58. >Pinkie was ramrod stiff, her eyes the size of dinner plates with a blush that was creeping down her neck
  59. >Frowning, you followed her gaze
  60. >There, making his way toward Sunset's small kitchen, completely butt naked and dripping, was Anon
  61. >...
  62. "ANON!" you shouted, a blush exploding across your face
  63. >All of the other girls except Pinkie and Sunset jumped, jerking their heads toward you then toward Anon
  64. >Anon himself perked up
  65. >"Twi! Oh, hey girls!" he said, turning around and giving you all an eyeful. "How's it going?"
  66. "How's it going? You're NAKED!" you blurted out
  67. >Anon nodded
  68. >"Yeah. I just got outta the shower and I wanted to get some juice," he said, placing his hands on his hips
  69. >Rarity sucked air through her teeth
  70. >You could see Rainbow trying her best to pull out her phone, and Applejack trying her best to stop her
  71. >The other Twilight and poor Fluttershy were out like lights, leaning against each other with
  72. >"So whatcha all doing here?" Anon continued, seemingly oblivious to your reactions. "Are we going somewhere or something?"
  73. >"P-P-P-Pizza," you heard Pinkie mumble, not tearing her gaze away from his groin
  74. >Anon smiled
  75. >"I could go for some pizza," he said, opening up the fridge door and grabbing a carton of orange juice. "Hey, why don't we just call that place down the street, Sunset? Then we all can just stay in and watch a movie or something."
  76. >Of course, no one replied to him, though he didn't seem to mind as he kicked the fridge closed and made his way toward the bedroom Sunset had given him
  77. >"Let me get dressed and we can get it all figured out," he said
  78. >He took two steps and stopped
  79. >A frown came to his face as he let out a hum
  81. >"Hey, do you girls think I can get us the pizza for free if I flash the pizza girl?"
  82. >He looked down at himself, giving his hips a wiggle
  83. >With a triumphant shout, Rainbow pulled out her phone and pointed it at Anon, only for a red-faced Applejack to smack it out of her hand
  84. >"Yeah... I probably could get away with that," he said with a slow nod
  85. >He looked back at all of you
  86. >"I'll stay in the buff then. You girls go ahead and call whoever. I think I'll play with Ray for a bit."
  87. >With that, Anon disappeared out of sight
  88. >As one, all of you let out the breaths that you didn't know you were holding
  89. >"What the sam hell...?" Applejack muttered
  90. >"He's like that all the time," Sunset said with a whimper. "He just walks around naked, and he'll hit on me, and..."
  91. >She ran her fingers frantically through her hair, looking at the ground
  92. >"I thought that this was gonna be awesome to have a guy like this around, you know? But he's... he's too fucking lewd!"
  93. >She gritted her teeth
  94. >"Every day I'm ready to bust an ovary!"
  95. >Pinkie mumbled something incoherently, though you swore you could hear, "please sit on my face," somewhere in all of the mess
  96. >"Did... did you ask him to put some clothes on, dear?" Rarity said, tugging on her collar
  97. >"How can I ask him to do anything when his cock is always in my fucking face?!" Sunset snapped, shaking. "All bouncy and nice and..."
  98. >Grabbing a pillow, she pressed her face into it and screamed
  99. >...
  100. >Maybe you needed Anon to stay at someone else's house for a little bit...
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