Morning Run (Casual Sexx)

Dec 16th, 2018
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  1. >You slide the measuring tape around your waist
  2. >There was no cheating; you didn't suck in your gut or anything
  3. >You just wrapped it around you, butterflies in your stomach like there usually was when you did this
  4. >The moment of truth came, and you brought the tape to your face to check your size
  5. >A smile came to your face when you saw the number
  6. >You were down again
  7. >Awesome
  8. >And just like that, the anxiety disappeared, replaced with a pleasant, happy feeling
  9. >Be Anon
  10. >It had been almost a year since you had found yourself in happy horseland, and a lot of things had changed for the better
  11. >Back home you had been nothing but an overweight loser that didn't leave his room except to grab more chicken nuggets or take a shit
  12. >And by overweight you mean ridiculously so
  13. >Like it had been hard getting pants that fit you at Walmart
  14. >You had never liked being fat
  15. >It made you feel shitty, made you feel a prisoner in your own body
  16. >Time and again you had tried bettering yourself, but couldn't
  17. >There was too much junk food, and you had no willpower
  18. >But that all changed when you landed here
  19. >Yes, there was a bakery right down the street that made the best sweets that you've ever eaten, and you probably would have kept being a sorry sack of shit, if not for Pinkie Pie
  20. >The pink party pony had taken an immediate interest in you, so much so that she was able to overcome your autistically awful shiness
  21. >The two of you talked, you let it slip that you wanted to lose weight
  22. >Like yourself, Pinkie was a lover of all things sugary and sweet
  23. >The difference was the mare worked her butt off every day to keep her figure
  24. >She had offered to help you lose some weight
  25. >That offer quickly turned into a polite demand when you had tried to be flaky
  26. >Months had passed since then
  27. >Everyday Pinkie would be knock on your door for the admittedly crazy routine that she created for you
  28. >She'd turn up rain, shine, snow, or storm
  30. >There was no days off; the only time that you could stay inside is if you were on death's door and even then she might drag you out the door
  31. >It had been difficult
  32. >To your shame, it might have been one of the most difficult things that you had ever done in your life
  33. >But it was working
  34. >With exercise and your mostly leafy diet, your weight had dropped like a stone
  35. >Muscles grew where you didn't even know you had muscles
  36. >Rarity had been forced to make you a whole new wardrobe, then another
  37. >You felt better than you had ever in your life
  38. >You felt more alert, slept better, you even could carry conversations now like a normal person
  39. >Your smile grew as you flexed in the full body mirror in front of you
  40. >You weren't a movie star by any means, but maybe after a few more years of this you could get close?
  41. >There was a knock on your door
  42. >You looked over at your clock
  43. "Huh, right on time as always," you said
  44. >Placing your tape into your bed, you grabbed your workout equipment
  45. >This consisted of a headband and two wristbands; the very same that Pinkie had given you the first time you had worked out together
  46. >Rushing downstairs, you opened your front door to see the party pony herself, all decked out in her gear
  47. >"Hey Nonners," she said, grinning from ear to ear. "You ready to FEEL THE BURN?"
  48. >You stepped outside, closing the door behind you
  49. "Always ready, Pinkie," you replied
  50. >Pinkie giggled, bouncing in place
  51. >"Good! Because we're increasing your load today," she said, clapping her hooves together
  52. >She looked to her left
  53. >You followed her gaze to see that two ponies were also standing on your front porch
  54. >They were none other than Empress Cadence and her husband Shining Armor
  55. >You instantly got down on one knee
  56. "Hello your majesties," you said, bowing your head
  57. >You heard the two of them giggle
  58. >"None of that," Empress Cadence said
  59. >A wing found itself under your chin, forcing you to look up at them
  60. >The royals were smiling, as if what you did was funny
  62. >"There's no need to stand on ceremony for us," Shining Armor said.
  63. >"Especially if we're gonna be your workout buddies," the empress added
  64. >You blinked
  65. >Workout buddies?
  66. >You looked over at Pinkie, who looked proud of herself
  67. >"You've been doing so super duper good with your routine I needed to bring in somepony bigger for our runs, Nonners," she said. "I asked Twilight to send a letter to Cadence, and she said yes!"
  68. >"Pinkie said that normal ponies were too light for you, so she needed somepony heavier," Cadence said, taking a step toward you.
  69. >You looked at her, then at Pinkie
  70. "I really hope she didn't say it like that," you said.
  71. >The empress smiled
  72. >"Oh, there's nothing to worry about, Anon. I know us alicorns are a bit heavier," she said with a wave of her hoof. "If anything I'm happy she considered me the lightest one out of all of us."
  73. >"That's why Twily really needs to start exercising," Shining said, stepping right next to his wife. "She eats WAY too many hay burgers."
  74. >Pinkie nudged you
  75. >You nudged her back, standing back up
  76. "So Pinkie talked you into helping? Well thanks a lot for helping me."
  77. >Both Cadence and Shining Armor stared at your groin
  78. >"Think nothing of it, buddy. We're happy to help you get the body you want," Shining said
  79. >"Yep, absolutely thrilled," Cadence added
  80. >Back months ago, Pinkie knew that you had shit willpower from what you had told her
  81. >She knew that she needed to make your exercises fun so you'd willingly go back to them
  82. >She also needed to ramp it up whenever you got used to where you were at, building up muscle and stamina in the process
  83. >So she had come up with something that she called "Funny Jogs"
  84. >At first the two of you had run around for ten minutes
  85. >At the end, if you made it the whole way without stopping, she blew you
  86. >This turned into twenty minutes, then thirty
  87. >At the thirty mark, she had added "weight"
  88. >First is was a weighted vest, then it had been ponies
  90. >Rainbow had been the first one, then Fluttershy
  91. >You had gone through about a dozen ponies, going heavier and heavier until Pinkie herself had started "riding" you
  92. >But even she had started getting a little lighter
  93. >And now there was a very beautiful alicorn--a ruler of a whole nation no less-- staring at your junk like a fat kid in a candy store
  94. >You felt yourself twitch, blood flowing into your cock
  95. >Pinkie bounced between the royals
  96. >"Lets get Nonners ready, then we can start stretching," she chirped
  97. >The mare darted forward
  98. >She took one of your balls into your mouth and began bathing it with your tongue
  99. >You moaned, letting your eyes slip shut
  100. >The first time that Pinkie had done that you had unloaded all over her curly mane
  101. >That had made you feel like the biggest loser in the world
  102. >But now you could take it
  103. >...Kind of
  104. >Pinkie hummed at your taste, nuzzling the spot where shaft met balls
  105. >A soft pair of lips pressed against your crown
  106. >A muzzle rubbed itself against your shaft
  107. >You cracked open and eye and looked down to see that both Cadence and Shining were right down there with Pinkie
  108. >You quickly looked away as the stallion took you into his mouth and started sucking
  109. >Not gay...
  110. >It's not gay here...
  111. >Everything's okay and this isn't weird or uncomfortable at all...
  112. >As her husband tended to you, Cadence joined Pinkie, both of them playing with your sack
  113. >You felt their tongue dragging against your sensation flesh, as well as sucking, and even gentle nibbles
  114. >A groan escaped you
  115. >Your body jerked, causing Shining to gag
  116. >He pulled back, instantly replaced with another warm, wet mouth
  117. >In no time at all, you felt yourself growing to full mast, spit dripping down your legs
  118. >You bucked your hips a few times, forcing your tip into your sucker's throat
  119. >She didn't gag, which either meant Cadence knew how to handle a dick or it was Pinkie
  120. >Opening an eye, you saw that it in fact was the party pony
  122. >She had her muzzle pressed against your belly, her baby blue eyes sparkling as her tongue lapped against your sack
  123. >You shuddered, giving the mare a pat on her head
  124. "A-Alright, Pinkie. I think I'm all ready to go."
  125. >Pinkie hummed, slowly pulling back
  126. >Her tongue swirled around your shaft, giving your tip a tongue bath before releasing you with a pop
  127. >Your member bobbed in the air, coated in a thick sheen of saliva
  128. >Both royals stared at it wide-eyed
  129. >The empress seemed particularly impressed
  130. >"That is one fat dick," she said
  131. >A burst of pride filled you
  132. >That was another perk of losing all of this weight
  133. >Before, you had been something of a dicklet
  134. >But as the weight had peeled off, your dick not only grew, but it got thicker
  135. >One of the horse doctors said that it probably had something to do with your increased blood flow
  136. "Thank you," you said. "So are you ready, your highness?"
  137. >"I am, and please, call me Cadence," the empress said, tearing her eyes from your junk to look at you
  138. >"Remember to lift with your back, Nonners," Pinkie said as you knelt down in front of the alicorn. "If something feels wrong just put her down, okay?"
  139. "Got it boss lady," you said, placing your hands on Cadence's rump
  140. >She giggled, hooking her hooves around your neck
  141. >You braced yourself, taking a deep breath before standing up
  142. >Cadence was heavier than Pinkie, there was no doubt about it, but to your surprise you were able to lift her with relative ease
  143. >It was a bit difficult to move her around, but you eventually had her pressed against your chest
  144. >"Remember not to wrap your legs around him, Cadence," Shining said. "He needs to do all the work."
  145. >"And hold on. It'll get bumpy," Pinkie advised
  146. >Cadence nodded, staring down at you
  147. >You lowered her a bit, so that your cock was pressed against her folds
  148. >You could feel the heat coming off of her groin
  149. >She bit her lip
  150. >"Can you see alright?" she asked. "You don't want me to move a little bit?"
  152. "You're fine," you replied. "I've gotten used to not seeing. We should be fine if Pinkie keeps an eye out. Are you fine?"
  153. >"Absolutely," The empress said, grinding her hips. "Could you put it in my pussy please? I want to know what that fat dick of yours feels like."
  154. >Your cock jerked
  155. "Yes ma'am."
  156. >Grabbing her rump, you slowly pushed her down onto your cock
  157. >Cadence tensed as your tip spread apart her lips
  158. >She was hot, warm, and tighter than a mare that had just given birth had any right to be
  159. >You both groaned as she took inch after inch of you until you were hilted
  160. >"That... hah~... Whoo,"the empress said. "I didn't... think you could... hilt... Sweet Celestia..."
  161. >Her marehood clenched around your length
  162. >You throbbed, firing a bit of pre into her
  163. >You took a few deep breaths to steady yourself, taking in the alicorn's musky, bubble gum-y scent
  164. >"You ready, Nonners?" Pinkie asked
  165. >You gave her a thumbs up
  166. "Just watch out for me today, alright? I really can't see anything right now."
  167. >You looked to see Shining smiling up at you
  168. >"Don't worry, Anon, we'll be both be your eyes," he said
  169. >You took a step forward
  170. >The movement caused Cadence to bounce slightly, making her tense
  171. >You had done this so many times that you knew where your stairs were
  172. >You walked down all three steps, making the empress groan
  173. >Pinkie and Shining were on either side of you
  174. >"Remember to do your stretches, Anon," Pinkie said, trotting in place
  175. >You jogged in place, cock pistoning in and out of your passenger
  176. >"Hmm~" she said, nuzzling the top of your head
  177. >You tried to ignore her as best as you could
  178. >You rolled your ankles around, did some lighty stretches that you could with the empress on you like she was
  179. >Already you could tell that her size was gonna made running a little more difficult than usual, but hopefully nothing you couldn't handle
  180. "Alright? Ready everyone."
  181. >"Yeppers."
  182. "A-huh."
  183. >"Make me bounce on this bucking cock~"
  185. >With that, you took off at a steady pace toward the market
  186. >You went at a manageable pace, pumping your arms
  187. >Cadence bounced with each movement, much to her very vocal enjoyment
  188. >"Yes~!"
  189. >"Keep your core tight, Nonny," Pinkie said. "Pump those arms! Move that cute little butt!"
  190. >"You can do it, Anon!" Shining said, trotting along beside you
  191. >Out of the corners of your vision you could see stalls and ponies as you jogged past
  192. >This was a step up from Pinkie
  193. >You had to work your core so much more
  194. >Each step had to be thoughtful and strong, and already you could feel an unpleasant burning in your calves
  195. >You ignored it, focusing on the feeling of your cock pumping in and out of Cadence's pussy
  196. >Sweat made its way down your face
  197. >You took in deep breaths through your nose, expelling them through your mouth
  198. >Come on...
  199. >You can do it...
  200. >You nearly stumbled as Cadence clamped down on your cock, letting out a scream that made your ears ring
  201. >Your groin was soaked as she came
  202. >Geeze...
  203. >It looks like she's got Rainbow's stamina...
  204. >"Watch out, she's a squirter, Anon!" Shining yelled
  205. >You tried to reply, but the empress, shaking, pressed your face against her furry chest
  206. >Her legs kicked in the air, and she very nearly let go of you
  207. >"Ohhhhh mmmmmmyyyyy Ceeeeellleeeeessssttttiiiaaaa!" she screamed, throwing her head back into the air
  208. >Still, you jogged on
  209. >Pinkie took you through the market, waving at any ponies you passed
  210. >They waved back, saying greetings here and there
  211. >You called back as best as you could for a bit, but eventually kept silent to conserve your energy
  212. >"Come on, Anon. You got this, buddy. You got this!" Shining said, trotting right behind you. "Don't slow down, speed up! Go, go, go, go, go!"
  213. >"Shiny, it feels like he's in my stomach~!" Cadence screamed, soaking your groin again. "Oh buck! I'm cumming again!"
  214. >Shining gave your ass a slap
  215. >You darted forward, panting hard
  217. >Ponyville's relatively smooth roads were getting bumpier
  218. >Pinkie was taking you out of town, toward Applejack's farm
  219. >You knew that in just a few minutes you'd get to the worst part of this run
  220. >The big ass hill that lead up to the barn
  221. >You could feel yourself twitching inside of Cadence
  222. >Each time she tightened around your shaft shaved seconds off of you
  223. >Already you could feel your balls tightening
  224. >You growled, picking up your pace
  225. >"Whoo-hoo! Go Nonny, Go!" Pinkie cheered, racing beside you
  226. >"Run, Anon, run! You're almost there! Faster! Faster!"
  227. >Your jog turned into a sprint
  228. >Cadence yelped , holding onto you for dear life as her pussy took you from tip to base
  229. >She came again, making you grit your teeth
  230. >The running got harder, different muscles were activated
  231. >You were running up the hill
  232. >You pumped your arms, driving the balls of your feet into the dirt, propelling yourself forward
  233. >Almost there...
  234. >Almost there...
  235. >Just a little more...
  236. >You cursed under your breath as Cadence's wings shot out, making your run eve harder
  237. >"Just a few more feet, Anon!" Pinkie said. "Come on! You can do it you silly billy!"
  238. >Everything was burning, your back, your stomach, your legs
  239. >You wanted to quit, wanted to stop
  240. >You didn't
  241. >Yelling, you surged forward, eyes narrowed down to slits
  242. >"WALL!" Pinkie yelled
  243. >Your eyes snapped open
  244. >Oh shit!
  245. >You immediately tried slowly down, but the momentum was making that difficult
  246. >You dug your heels into the dirt, trying your hardest not to slam you and Cadence into Applejack's barn
  247. >Last time that you did that you had put a hole in the damn thing
  248. >Applejack had given you shit about it for two whole weeks...
  249. >Out the corner of your eye, you saw Shining's horn spark to life
  250. >As you connected with the barn wall, it bent inward
  251. >Cadence's moan turned into a yelp as the two of you were thrown backwards
  252. >You landed on your arm, relatively unharmed
  253. >Cadence fell into your lap, forcing your tip deep, deep inside of her
  255. >She clenched again and again, milking you desperately, leaning to moan into your ear
  256. >That did it
  257. >Wrapping your arms around her and burying your face into her coat, you began to unload into the empress
  258. >Her hips bucked as you filled her, her open, drooling muzzle pointing to the sky as one last orgasm crashed through her
  259. >The two of you held onto each other desperately
  260. >It wasn't until you filled her up completely did you relax your grip on her
  261. >Groaning, you fell onto your back
  262. >Cadence, letting out a far happier groan, fell on top of you
  263. >"Whoo! Pinkie yelled, hopping around you. "I knew you could do it, Nonners! I knew--oof!"
  264. >Shining, with a horsey snort, mounted the party pony
  265. >"Good job, Anon," he said nipping the mare's neck
  266. >He thrusted, rocking the earth pony
  267. >She let out a groan, eyes rolling to the back of her head
  268. >You watched the two for a few seconds before looking up at the sky
  269. >Man were you gonna be sore in the morning...
  270. >Cadence, her face soaked in sweat, appeared in your field of vision, nuzzling your cheek with a smile
  271. >"You did a great job, Anon," she said
  272. >You gave her a thumbs up
  273. "Thank... you..."
  274. >Cadence chuckled, dragging her tongue across your neck
  275. >"Do you think you have it in you to run back?" she asked, grinding herself against your lap. "I wanna feel you in my ass~"
  276. >Your exhaustion ebbed
  277. >You felt yourself twitch inside of the mare
  278. >You know, you could probably make it back if you went a bit slower...
  279. "Give me... five minutes..."
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