Test 1: Short Story

zCool May 3rd, 2012 66 Never
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  1. #include <iostream>
  3. int main()
  4. {
  5. std::cout << "Narrator: And then she says to me she says... **notices audience** "
  6.         << "Oh hi, sorry about that, I suppose you came here to hear a story did you?" << "\n\n"
  7.         << "Audience: **blank stares**" << "\n\n"
  8.         << "Narrator:  Well then... you sure are a lively bunch.  **clears throat** "
  9.         << "Ahem, anyhow this story is an interesting one and I suppose to do it justice would take a few hours..."<< "\n\n"
  10.         << "Audience: **beginning to stand up to leave** "<< "\n\n"
  11.         << "Narrator: Wait, wait ok I guess I can give you the abridged version after all."
  12.         << "**continuing** I guess I will begin at the beginning, after all this isn't one of those lame stories "
  13.         << "where we tell you the ending first.  "
  14.         << "Now where was I **taps foot appearing to be in deep thought** "<< "\n\n"
  15.         << "Audience: **mumbling noises followed by some groaning**" << "\n\n"
  16.         << "Narrator:  Oh yes, at the begininng, I was at the beginning now I remember.  "
  17.         << "Man you guys sure are going to love this story once I tell it, and really it has everything.  "
  18.         << "Intrigue, mystery, conspiracy theories, romance, comedy, tragedy, cats, that's right there are cats."
  19.         << "I know what you are thinking to yourself right now, this must be soooome **stretches his body in an exagerated manner** story  "
  20.         << "Well let me tell you it is everything you could possibly imagine, and mo **cut off by a voice offstage** " << "\n\n"
  21.         << "Director: **speaking, but the sound is muffled, imagine the parents from charlie brown**" << "\n\n"
  22.         << "Narrator: **facing offstage**  Oh I see, I see, hmm, well ladies and gentlemen it appears we are out of time for this evening."
  23.         << "I would like to th <<voice trails off as he waves exiting the stage>>" << "\n\n"
  24.         << "Audience: **confused looks abound, this may have well been the best story they had heard afterall**";
  26.         system("PAUSE");
  27. }
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