Talent List for Shei-Sher

Feb 17th, 2019
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  1. This sheet is reserved for What If talent ideas and also is a reserve for pre-approval if necessary.
  3. >What If: Automatic; Once per Day; You may switch out your talent for a different one. This effect lasts 24 hours, and can be manually disabled prior to the time limit.
  5. >Spider Webs: The Black Threads skill now has cleave functionality. Compounds with Spell Bleed skill.
  7. >Confidence: Phantasmagoria of Conquest can now expend hitpoints beyond wound limits
  9. >Body Without Organs: The spirit and body are now one. Astral projection is instant/automatic and does not leave behind an unconscious body. The Spirit is unfettered and can travel any distance now. The spirit is visible and susceptible to regular combat. Traveling speed is similar to flying.
  11. >Smooze's Favor: Physical attacks against Shei now have DC + 2 Jhana of Malleable Flesh's recharge is reduced by one.
  13. >Love and Antipathy: Curse of Iron can now effect any material and it's effects are enhanced. Spell can be done with only Shei's stare.
  15. >Sapphen's Favor: As an extra effect to Phantasmagoria of Conquest without expending hitpoints Shei can create vegetation that is both tasty and nutritious to eat. All fruits and vegetables that are known to Shei may be produced including esoteric ones.
  17. >WellSpring: Phantasmagoria of Conquest now has a recharge of 2 instead of being limited to per session.
  19. >The Whole of the Law: Chorazin's Miracle skill's effects are doubled
  21. >Uchif's condolences: Critical damage dealt by Lady Athena's Approach is doubled
  23. >Vircan's gift: The scar Vircan gave Shei emanates power. 1 extra wound and +1 to physical attacks for as long as this talent is active.
  25. >Bastards: Gain two minion points for use.
  27. >King Guthrid's Undoing: Gain +2 to persuasion/social rolls.
  29. >Badrel's and Cerog's good graces: Dream of Alchemy is enhanced. Always gives +1 to weapons and +2 on critical success. elements of less tangible nature are more freely usuable such as fire and lightning, documents, coins, gems generated are genuine articles and all things conjured except weapon buffs are permanent until broken.
  31. >A Thousand Plateaus: The examination and manipulation of qi can now be done with finesse at lower rolls.
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