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Aug 16th, 2019
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  1. i am an infant
  2. asking to be hurt
  3. because i do not know how to say no
  4. i have unlearned my defenses
  5. and so i am here
  6. a bundle of nerve
  7. begging you for hurt
  8. give it to me
  9. so i can eat it whole
  10. the cross is not a punishment for the divine
  11. it is my infancy bound with yours
  12. an eye opened and wet
  13. that does not know yet how to push the world
  14. into forms
  15. i do not know how to push you
  16. i have forgotten what it means to be named
  17. this is my price
  18. i pay it so that i may hurt
  19. this is no punishment for the dead
  20. because love is the unknowing of the self
  21. and i am knowing less and less
  22. until i cannot be anything but
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