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  1. Trixie scowled as she entered her wagon (Which she’d had to rebuild at great personal expense) and tossed her hat and cape to one side, another performance ruined, her once adoring fans hated her now, the only reason they came to her shows anymore was to heckle and throw vegetables, and it was all a certain purple unicorns fault, a unicorn whose friends had dared try to upstage The Great and Powerful Trixie. Ever since rumours spread that she couldn’t even defeat an Ursa Minor her career as a showmare had been ruined. It was their fault, it was late, she was groggy, it was dark, how could anyone expect her to perform under such horrendous conditions?
  3. Well she’d had enough. It was time for a return trip to Ponyville.
  5. --
  7. Trixie brought her stage wagon into town, and was already helping herself to smoothie when just one of the ponies she had been hoping to see arrived. Rainbow Dash had easily spotted her from above while organizing the clouds for the day, and was clearly not happy to see her.
  9. “And exactly what do you think you’re doing showing your face around here?” Dash hovered over Trixie, pointing accusingly.
  11. “Rainbow Dash was it?” Trixie replied, maintaining her ever arrogant tone of voice.
  13. “Thats Rainbow Dash the best flier to ever come out of Cloudsdale to you”
  15. “My, and you and your friends think I’m boastful?” Trixies eyes narrowed.
  17. “Why you-“ Dash took up her boxing stance and punched the air a few times before Trixies horn started to glow.
  19. “Perhaps we should continue this inside”
  21. “Huh?” Dashes mind went blank for a moment as her hooves fell limp. “Yeah, maybe we should!”
  23. Inside Trixies wagon resembled something more like a shrine to herself than a mobile home, clearly she’d gone all out on merchandising, photos of her covered the walls and unsold Trixie dolls lined the shelves. Dash entered, still not touching the floor. It was almost dizzying seeing Trixies face from so many angles at once.
  25. “Now, what was it called my performance? Magic shmagic?” Trixie spun around, a sly smirk on her face, her horn glowing invitingly.
  27. “Y...yeah I did! Y-you think...t-that, that...“ What the hell was wrong with her head all of a sudden? Her thoughts where getting all muddled up and it was getting hard to concentrate on a single train of thought. Let alone get them out of her mouth. Why was she bad mouthing Trixie again?
  29. “Oh I think you’ll see things differently after this little private performance” First a memory spell.
  31. “I...I will?” Dash ears drooped, her wings felt increasingly heavy as she drifted down towards the floor, but even her knees felt too weak to support her now too. The once energetic pony now felt like her energy was being sapped away, but there was something about the glow from Trixies horn that was so comforting and relaxing, she couldn’t help but stare.
  33. “NO! Whatever you doing cut it out” Dash never pretended to understand Twilight and her magic, but she was sure whatever Trixie was doing it couldn’t be good. But she could feel it, something probing her mind, her thoughts and memories swam from one to another, one moment she could have sworn when she and The Great and Powerful Trixie had met she’d loved her show the next she remembered trying to outdo her with flying techniques. It was getting harder and harder to tell which the correct one was. But with The Great and Powerful Trixie being such a talented showmare why could she ever try to upstage her.
  35. “Oh Dashie, don’t try to resist, it won’t matter where you look anymore, my exquisite horn, or my beautiful violet eyes. You’re already mine”
  37. “I’m not like that I swear” Dash tried to break eye contact, but found her body unable to move. Her mind was still reeling at her altering memories, which were now telling her that Trixie loved her, and that she’d had a nigh unbearable crush on her ever since seeing her perform.
  39. “Oh please, a mane like that and you’re going to tell me you don’t like this?” Trixie rolled her eyes as she moved closer and closer, purposely and painfully slowly until Dash could feel her breath, and their lips touched. Trixie was kissing her! Dash thought, The Great and Powerful Trixie was kissing her. Dash involuntarily let out a moan and blushed almost immediately.
  41. “Now wasn’t that nice Dashie?” Trixie cooed seductively
  43. “ was” A dreamy smile forming on her face, her wings embarrassingly fluffing up.
  45. “You want more don’t you Dashie? You just love the thought of being my pet, of course you will, with such a wonderful mistress who could say no? I know you’ve been longing for me, but now I’m here, just for you” Trixie whispered as she nuzzled up against Dashs neck. “Now why don’t you lay down and we can play”
  47. Dash just nodded and whimpered slightly as Trixie commanded her to the bed. Now she felt more like a passenger on her own body, it was crying out for her new mistress, but the back of her mind was still telling her this was all wrong, her memories where wrong, all of this was wrong. But The Great and Powerful Trixie was so beautiful, she knew she was powerless to resist, and why would she want to?
  49. She lay back onto the soft purple covers as Trixie slipped next to her levitating her hat and cape away, purring softly into her ears, weakening her will further and further with every word. But her new mistress didn’t need to say much more as Dash spread her hind legs revealing her already wet nethers. Her mind had been completely overcome by the spell Trixie had cast, a love spell that made its victim mad with lust for its caster, to the point of obsession.
  51. Trixie giggled “Oh Dashie, and you said you weren’t like that”. Dash only replied with a whinny, her forelegs cycling the air, trying and failing to pull Trixie closer, her mind was lost in a lustful haze, her pussy was begging for her mistress’ touch.
  53. “What do you think of The Great and Powerful Trixies magic now pet?”
  55. “Trixies magic is the greatest in all of Equestria” She panted “Please make me cum!” She yelped, thrusting her hips upwards, her lust getting the better of her.
  57. “Why do you need me to make you cum Dashie?” Trixie teased, loving watching her squirm.
  59. “Can’t you just play with yourself?”
  61. “NO!” She panted “Only Trixie can make me cum”
  63. “Hmph, just Trixie?” She frowned; apparently her pet hadn’t learned its lesson just yet.
  64. “Only The Great and Powerful Trixie can make me cum” Dash rolled from side to side, desperate for release. But Trixie knew now that Rainbow Dash was all hers as she mounted her, place her fore hooves either side of her head, gentle caressing Dashs cyan body with her own. Their slits rubbing against each other as they bucked together.
  66. Dash let out a squeal as she came, eye rolling into the back of her head, sweet euphoria swept over her as she submitted to her mistress in mind, body and soul.
  68. “Looks like flying isn’t the only thing you’re the fastest at”
  70. Now just one finishing touch was needed, the spell Trixie had cast wasn’t meant to last long, memory and love spells could easily be dispelled, or even broken if the subject realised they weren’t true. But there was a way to give a more permanent effect. She slipped down Dashes body, much to her disappointment, but it was short lived as Trixies still glowing horn entered her waiting passage. Ecstasy like nothing she’d ever felt before shot through her body as magic surged through her nerves, erasing all and lingering logical thoughts Dash may have had, burning the new memories Trixie had placed into her mind.
  72. “Please...Mistress, more, I want more” She moaned as she flipped over, lifting her colourful tail, exposing her needy rump.
  74. “There there, you get some rest, we’ve got a show to do later” Trixie ignored Dashs come on, relaxing her with another glow of her horn, commanding her her curl up on the bed next to her. Trixie set about combing her unkempt rainbow mane as she drifted into a pleasant sleep.
  76. --
  78. It wasn’t long before word spread throughout Ponyville of Trixies return. A large crowd had gathered, but not really to enjoy the show, since many of the ponies present had vegetables and fruit at the ready. What few that didn’t where already planning how to throw her off with taunts.
  80. Twilight, Applejack, Rarity, Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie had gathered in the town square too, but in the hope that Trixie had changed her boastful ways after her last visit.
  81. “Come one, come all! Come and witness the amazing magic of The Great and Powerful Trixie!” The stage folded out, fireworks shot into the air to a few Ooooos from the crowd.
  82. Twilight sighed, it looked like that was a no then.
  84.  “Watch in awe as The Great and Powerful Trixie performs the most spectacular feats of magic ever witnessed by pony eyes!” Trixie appeared on stage, greeted by a few poorly aimed tomatoes.
  86. “Hmph, it seemed you Ponyvillains never learn, but perhaps The Great and Powerful Trixie will be able to change you minds with a little help from her new assistant” She motioned a hoof to the right side of the stage to signal them on.
  88. “Hiya everyone, I hope you all love watching the show as much as I love being here”
  89. The fives jaws dropped once they saw who it was. Rainbow Dash, her mane now beautifully styled and now sporting a dark cyan cape that matched Trixies. Whats more, she had the largest grin on her face, she was so happy to be on stage with her mistress, all those ponies eyes on her, watching her serve The Great and Powerful Trixie. As Trixie continued to boast about her abilities and prep her first trick, Dash couldn’t keep her eyes off her, she hung on her every word, every movement. She worshiped the ground Trixie walked on.
  91. Rainbow Dash couldn’t be happier being The Great and Powerful Trixies assistant.
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