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  1. Skeet Sub
  2. For Wish <3
  3. From Grizzy :3
  4.     I think I deserve a subscription from the only Wish because I enjoy HvH, especially with, HvH distracts me from the negative things in life and lets me have good times even on the worst of days., and lastly, I am appreciated around the HvH community.
  5.     First off, as I said, HvH is one of my most favorite hobbies. I enjoy being able to create something from scratch and see how it performs. If the outcome is positive and I tap big NN’s then I get excited and see how I can improve that configuration to tap everybody with the best config alongside the best cheat.
  6.     Secondly, HvH always can brighten my day when I’m feeling down. I make amazing memories on the daily with my friends while HvHing and I won’t be able to do that without any cheats. HvH is also even more enjoyable than usual with the best hack so I am able to make more quality memories of tapping NN’s with it.
  7.     Last but not least,  Among the HvH community, I’m generally liked and appreciated. I’m staff on multiple CSGO community servers for HvH and on many discord servers full of HvH’ers and very few people have problems with me. You could ask around the NA community, and most people will say that they enjoy my presence but if I don’t have a subscription for a cheat than I will likely lose many of my friendships, therefore, I will be forgotten. I also won’t be able to help out my friends on the CSGO community servers I volunteer in, or the discord servers I volunteer in.
  8.     In conclusion, it would make my year if my subscription was paid for by Wish so I can continue my friendships, have something to do when I feel down, and continue to make amazing memories with my friends. Thank you and goodnight.
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