Stalker Anon and Spitfire

Jan 13th, 2016
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  1. >Be Anon
  2. >And you're walkin' on sunshine WHOOAAA OHHH
  3. >Well, on a cloud actually
  4. >But as close to sunshine as you'll get
  5. >Today you're going to hang out with Spitfire
  6. >Well, she doesn't know that
  7. >But she will
  8. >Scratch that too, the plan is not to get noticed
  9. >How are you walking on a cloud, pray tell?
  10. >Well, Twilight did the ol' "razzle dazzle" to them with her magic
  11. >And now they can walk on clouds
  12. >You physically can't, just the shoes
  13. >So you made extra precaution to not to fall or anything
  14. >That'd be embarrasing
  15. >So you're here, in Cloudsdale, getting wierd looks from the other citizens
  16. >As if they didn't put up with enough of your stuff on the ground, you invade the sky too
  17. >Can't stop Anon
  18. >You see Spit's house in the distance
  19. >it'sgotime.png
  20. >You circle to the back, she has one of those wood vine things on the back
  21. >Not sure how they get that stuff up here
  22. >You climb up to the second story window
  23. >Which coincidently leads to her bathroom
  24. >Because it's not like you studied her house blueprints.
  25. >That you got from a... friend of sorts
  26. >Not sure who he was
  27. >He made hella cool tacos, though
  28. >Around this time is when Spitfire usually showers
  29. >Because it's not like you studied her living habits or anything
  30. >You just happen to be there
  31. >Sure, they're always naked
  32. >But the showering part makes it super lewd
  33. >You hear her shower running as per usual
  34. >Right on time
  35. >Not sure how plumbing works in clouds
  36. >Maybe it takes the moisture from the cloud itself
  37. >So what happens to the cloud?
  38. >Another problem for another day
  39. >You have a show to watch
  40. >You already ate dinner
  41. >Aw yiss
  42. >Her water cuts off and she comes out
  43. >Aw heck yiss
  44. >And begins to dry herself off
  45. >You can barely contain your excitement
  46. >You try to lift your head a bit more, for a better view
  47. >You've done this a few times, but you never accounted for one thing
  48. >She usually doesn't look out the window
  49. >Except now, which is why you're mentioning it now
  51. >You both sorta hang in limbo for a few seconds
  52. >Her eyes then shrink and she tries covering herself
  53. >Even though, as stated, they're always naked
  54. >You guess adding water made it taboo or something
  55. >Weird ponies
  57. >Ay, hol up, again?
  58. >So she knew?
  59. >You couldn't ponder it for long, she starting to throw things
  60. >A shampoo bottle, the ceramic thing that hold toothbrushes and a tissue box simutaniously make impact with your face
  61. >Fast AND a good shot, wowza
  62. >After the initial pain, you feel the vertigo of falling
  63. >Welp, you had a pretty nice thing goin
  64. >You pass through the cloud and you are yanked to a halt
  65. >Freakin shoes
  66. >Also you think you broke your ankles
  67. >Also, being upside down inside a cloud is both uncomfortable and very much not good for you
  68. >It's hard to breath since you have to swallow all the water after each breath
  69. >Sweet bees in a basket these clouds are thick
  70. >You can still feel your feet at least
  71. >Which tells you that your slipping out of the shoes
  72. "I knew I should've double-knotted" is all you get out before plummeting down
  73. >Down you go falling to the ground
  74. >You're flipping, spinning, doing sick 1080's and other high score points
  75. >Rockin' it
  76. >Also you're screaming
  77. >Like a lil' bitch
  78. >Dad would be so proud
  79. >After pulling the 40,000,000 pt 'SICK!' score, you can sorta make out some green filling your view
  80. >It seems to be getting bigger
  81. >Oh, it's the ground
  82. >Well, you had a good run
  83. >You feel your body grind to a halt
  84. >You're not moving, but you're still flailing your arms about
  85. >Silly Anon
  86. >You find your saviour
  87. "Spitfire?"
  88. >If you had visible eyes, they'd be all sparkly
  89. >She looks mad
  90. >She lets go
  91. >Annnd you're screaming again
  92. >You thud on the ground
  93. >'Hello darkness my old friend'
  94. >You're obviously dead
  95. >You open up your hypothetical eyes
  96. >Oh, you're still here
  97. >You wondered where you'd end up if you died again
  98. >That'd be weird
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