Icarian Love

Nov 22nd, 2017
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  1. >
  2. “I was tired of my lady. We'd been together too long.”
  3. >Sliding out of the classroom, you turn the heads of your schoolmates.
  4. “Like a worn-out recording, of a favorite song.”
  5. >The audience begins to clap their hands to your beat.
  6. “So while she lay there sleeping, I read the paper in bed.”
  7. >Moonwalking to the center of the intersection, you place down your speaker and crank the instrumental track to max.
  8. “And in the personals column, there was this letter I read.”
  9. >You strike a dramatic pose a-la Freddy Mercury and belt out your verse as loudly as possible.
  10. “If you like Piña Coladas, and getting caught in the rain!”
  11. >The audience begins to sway with smiles on their faces as they clap.
  12. “If you're not into yoga, if you have half-a-brain!”
  13. >Doing a powerslide down the hall on your knees, you fling your loose overshirt to the wind.
  14. “If you like making love at midnight, in the dunes of the cape!”
  15. >The applause is thunderous with everyone cheering at you as you grab your shirt and spin yourself back up.
  16. “I'm the love that you've looked for, write to me and es-"
  17. >As you turn your head, you are stopped in the middle of your end-of-year performance with the presence of two round objects you have become quite familiar with.
  18. >Looking up slightly from them, you see a blushing V.P. Luna.
  19. “Uh, sup?”
  20. >You can see the fire burning in her eyes.
  21. >Oh boy.
  22. >As she's about to give you an earful, you hear another familiar thing.
  23. >”Going after younger men again, Lulu? So scandalous.”
  24. >”Tia!”
  25. >Principal Celestia's laugh is joined by the other students, happy to see the tense situation diffused by your honestly favorite faculty member.
  27. >>31414104
  28. >As Luna walks off muttering under her breath about how often she's had that joke tossed her way, Principal Celestia walks up to you and gives you a bemused smile.
  29. >”Getting into trouble on the last day of school, Mr. Poster?”
  30. “Nah, you got me out of it.”
  31. >She giggles as you give her a sly reply.
  32. >”I still don't understand why you refuse to join the choir if you enjoy singing so much.”
  33. “It's not my style, Principal C. Besides, I only really did this because I lost a bet with Pinkie on how many pigeons were in the mall fountain.”
  34. >”I'll never understand you kids and your pigeons.”
  35. “They are a vital part of the ecology of a typical mall.”
  36. >Giving you one last laugh, Principal Celestia waves you off as she heads back to her office.
  37. >Even in the summer she gives the school her all.
  38. >What a determined woman.
  39. >After everyone had more or less shuffled away, you pick up your speaker and head back to your locker.
  40. >Stuffing it all inside your backpack alongside the few things you didn't clear out the day before, you take one last look at the barren storage unit and wave it goodbye.
  41. >”Are you waving goodbye to your locker?”
  42. >Turning around, you are met with the unpleasant sight of
  43. “Rainbow Dash.”
  44. >”Hey.”
  45. “What are you here for?”
  46. >”Sunset told me that she wanted to talk to you about something in the parking lot. What that something is, I don't know, but I'm telling you anyway.”
  47. “Thanks, I guess. I'll go see her right away.”
  48. >Your message received, you slam shut the door to your locker and walk off to go find Sunset.
  49. >”Hey, Anon.”
  50. “What?”
  51. >”Your shoe's untied. You might wanna fix that.”
  52. >Looking down, you see your shoe is indeed untied.
  53. >Son of a whore.
  54. >”Later.”
  55. >You kneel down and correct your lace back to how you're imagining it was before Rainbow Dash snuck up behind you and untied it.
  56. >Of course you have no proof.
  57. >But you wouldn't put it past her.
  58. >She got weird after you broke up.
  60. >>31414108
  61. >You slowly make your way out of the building, fondly remembering being sandwiched between Luna's milktanks.
  62. >Getting away with that was pretty sweet.
  63. >As you're caught in your daydreaming, you are dragged back screaming into the waking world with a slugging to your shoulder.
  64. “Ow.”
  65. >”I told you that if you kept walking towards traffic I was gonna do it.”
  66. >Looking at the streets, you don't quite see much traffic if any at all.
  67. >But it still feels nice that Sunset cares about you enough to slug you in the arm oh God why did she do it twice.
  68. >”And that one was for ignoring me in the first place.”
  69. “I can't help it. I was thinking about...manly matters.”
  70. >”Manly matters?”
  71. “Yes.”
  72. >”Such as?”
  73. “I can't tell you, you're not a man.”
  74. >Sunset shakes her head at you as she groans audibly.
  75. >”Anon, I don't have time for your shenanigans today. Can we just talk?”
  76. >Pretending to be offended, you huff and puff and cross your arms like a japanese animu girl.
  77. “Fine.”
  78. >”URRRGH.”
  79. “Pfft, the look on your face. Alright, what do you need?”
  80. >”Finally. So, you know Rarity's little sister?”
  81. “Sweetie Belle?”
  82. >”Yeah, that's her. Well, I kinda got roped into playing babysitter for a while.”
  83. “Are you asking me to cover your babysitting for you?”
  84. >”Wh-No! You're a bad influence in every sense of the word. I can't have you corrupting Sweetie Belle, Rarity would kill me. Or kill you.”
  85. >You don't know why, but you feel a cold chill run down your spine.
  86. “So if that's not what you want, what do you want?”
  87. >”Well, you see...sometimes when you have something you really need to do and you can't really say no to doing it because you owe someone but you already had something to do before you just need to ask someone else to cover for you.”
  88. “What?”
  89. >”I fucked up and I need you to cover something else for me.”
  91. >>31444356
  92. “Sounds easy enough.”
  93. >”You say that now.”
  94. >Curious, you cock an eyebrow at Sunset.
  95. “What exactly makes this so bad, Shimmy?”
  96. >”I'm not going to mince words, I'm just gonna come out and tell you that Rainbow Dash asked me if I could keep an eye on Scootaloo.”
  97. >Your other eyebrow shoots up as you stare at the bitch who lost her mind in front of you.
  98. “You want me to play babysitter for Scootaloo?”
  99. >”No, not exactly. It's not an official babysitting thing, it's more like going to this party that she's going to and keeping an eye on her so no one goes and gets her blackout drunk and steals her kidney.”
  100. “Playing chaperone isn't much different.”
  101. >”Look, will you help me or not?”
  102. >You almost want to say no on pure principle.
  103. >Rainbow Dash is a chapter in your life you're not that fond of revisiting.
  104. >And one of those reasons is fucking Scootaloo.
  105. >There's not a chance of denying that Rainbow Dash is pretty awesome.
  106. >She's got quite a few skills that you're sure would impress quite a few people.
  107. >Except for tits.
  108. >But that's waaaaay understated for Scootaloo.
  109. >That girl is flat out obsessed with Rainbow Dash.
  110. >In a 'if I could get away with it I would skin you and wear your skin to feel as physically close to you as possible' kind of way.
  111. >And Rainbow Dash does not help that at all.
  112. >She appreciates having her around and indulges her.
  113. >It feeds her ego having someone quite literally worshiping the ground she walks on.
  114. >You probably wouldn't mind the confidence booster either, but she's still nuts.
  115. >Even about you.
  116. >She won't stop talking to you about Rainbow Dash every chance she gets.
  117. >Whether it's if her kisses actually taste like skittles, which they don't, or what her breasts felt like, there's nothing she won't ask about her.
  118. >And you don't want to spend an entire night doing that.
  120. >>31444362
  121. “Shimmy, I don't think I can handle that.”
  122. >”I knew you'd say that, and I came prepared. I can't flake on Rainbow Dash's expectation, and you're the only person who isn't Pinkie Pie that I can ask to bail me out.”
  123. >She quickly reaches for the hem of her shirt and lifts it slightly.
  124. “Uh, I appreciate the gesture but-”
  125. >”No, you idiot, look at the bag!”
  126. >Bag?
  127. >Oh.
  128. >OH.
  129. >You are not sure what is in that bag exactly.
  130. >But it's money.
  131. >And if your eyes are correct, each individual bill is twenty dollars.
  132. >With the size of that wad of cash, you'd be making over 200 easily.
  133. “That, uh, that sort of changes things.”
  134. >”Figured it might.”
  135. “But where did you get that much cash?”
  136. >”No questions, will you take the job or not?”
  137. >Your heart says no.
  138. >Your mind says no.
  139. >But your wallet says yes.
  140. >You need money to feed your karaoke addiction.
  141. “Yes.”
  142. >”Oh thank Celestia.”
  143. “What?”
  144. >”Nevermind, just take the money and go.”
  145. “Go where?”
  146. >”She's waiting for someone to go get her over at the field. She's gonna be the only person there so it's not going to be hard to spot her.”
  147. “And then?”
  148. >”And then what?”
  149. “Where is this party I'm supposed to be keeping an eye out on her for?”
  150. >”You really don't know?”
  151. “Am I supposed to?”
  152. >”Oh my...look, there's a party going on over near the White Tail Woods. Someone found a cabin there that seems to have been abandoned yet is in great condition and no one seems to live there. Of course, someone decided this would be the perfect place for a party, and thus it was so. Not everyone knows about it, but it's apparently an open invite and people are free to come and go as they please so long as they bring something with them when they do. So just keep that in mind.”
  153. “So how did Scootaloo learn about it?”
  154. >”Why do you think I'm babysitting Sweetie Belle?”
  156. >>31444364
  157. >You simply shrug and accept her answer.
  158. >If Sweetie Belle was your sister, you wouldn't want her sneaking out with Scootaloo to a party to get super wasted and raped either.
  159. >That does leave you in a bit of a spot, though.
  160. "So, I'm gonna be spending my money on getting booze then?"
  161. >"No, I took care of that. Scootaloo's waiting with two coolers. One's red, that means alcohol and soda, while the blue one is sandwich material. Bread, meat, cheese, the works."
  162. "Really?"
  163. >"Yep, all you need to do is just go get Scootaloo and drive away."
  164. "I love how you're trying to make it sound so simple."
  165. >"Look, I gotta go, and you gotta go, so let's just cut it short and say goodbye."
  166. "Alright. I'll try to survive the night. Have a good time with Sweetie Belle, I know Rarity's got a major stick up her ass about how to take care of her."
  167. >"That's an understatement."
  168. >You wave Sunset goodbye as you walk off to go retrieve the freshman you're going to be watching out for.
  169. >All night long.
  170. >At least you'll be able to get yourself a bit of free beer and maybe feel up some slutty chick while you're raining on Scootaloo's parade.
  171. >Or not, you don't even know what kind of people will be at this 'party' tonight.
  172. >It could be a complete sausage fest.
  173. >You've been to enough of those to know it's not worth the time.
  174. >Especially being the only one with a chick.
  175. >The more you think about this all, the more you are regretting it.
  176. >But you already accepted the money.
  177. >Not to mention you are standing a stone's throw away from Scootaloo.
  178. >She's just sitting next to the coolers, staring up at the sky.
  179. >Well, time to get this out of the way.
  180. >Like ripping off a bandage.
  181. >You walk up to her as softly as possible, until you hit the field,
  182. >Once you do, you move over to the spot where Scootaloo has firmly rooted herself and stand behind her.
  183. "Beautiful day outside, right?"
  186. >The little purple-haired athlete flails about as she tumbles to the ground, having been caught off guard.
  187. >Looking up at you, she scrambles off of the grass and attempts to play it off.
  188. >”H-hey, Anon, I uh...didn't hear you.”
  189. “Okay.”
  190. >”So what brings you-”
  191. “Sunset's not coming.”
  192. >Scootaloo stops mid-sentence and her awkward smile slowly slides into a frown.
  193. >”Oh. I should have known I wasn't actually going to go to the party. Thanks for letting me know.”
  194. >Her spirit broken, she slips down to the ground once more.
  195. “Jeez, you're making me feel depressed just looking at you. You're still going.”
  196. >”What?”
  197. “Sunset can't take you so I'm the one who's driving you there instead.”
  198. >You see her previous frown vanish like smoke into thin air.
  199. >”Are you serious?”
  200. “Yeah.”
  201. >In no time at all, the joy is back in her face.
  202. >”No way, I'm gonna get to go to the party with Rainbow Dash's boyfriend!”
  203. “Well-”
  204. >”I can't believe it, this is going to be the best party ever!”
  205. >Scootaloo doesn't seem to know you and Dash aren't a thing anymore.
  206. >Granted, you never told anyone.
  207. >But they probably could all infer.
  208. >Except her.
  209. >That Rainbow Dash dumped you would be pretty shocking to her.
  210. >Probably ruin her night as well.
  211. >You slowly breathe out through your nose as you resolve to let her keep the thought in her head.
  212. >Why break the girl's heart when you could simply just leave things be?
  213. >Oh.
  214. >She kept talking.
  215. >Well shit.
  216. >You're gonna be lost.
  217. “Hey, what exactly is in those coolers?”
  218. >Stopping her chattering for a moment, she looks behind her.
  219. >She simply shrugs.
  220. >”All Sunset told me was to keep an eye on them. I don't know what she put in there.”
  221. >Walking over to the blue one, you can feel the weight is impressive.
  222. >Just how much did she pack in there?
  224. >>14066865
  225. >You hike it over your shoulder with a little effort and try to find the right balance for it.
  226. “Hey, can you grab the other one?”
  227. >”Sure!”
  228. >Scootaloo easily snatches up the second cooler and follows behind you like a duckling.
  229. >An ugly duckling.
  230. >Come on, brain.
  231. >That was funny and you know it.
  232. >Ignoring your impolite thoughts, you make a line straight for your car and set down the cooler beside the trunk.
  233. >Scootaloo does the same as you fumble around your pocket for your keys to pop the trunk.
  234. >Once you do, you heft the pair into your trunk, carefully making sure your other things aren't scrunched up afterward.
  235. >Eh, good enough.
  236. >Slamming down the trunk, you lock it and give it a couple of nudges to be sure.
  237. “Perfect. Now here's hoping I didn't just smash everything in there.”
  238. >You make your way to your car door and fit yourself in.
  239. >Last minute adjustments are made as you switch your phone to being a GPS and slap it onto the dash as Scootaloo makes her way inside.
  240. >Glancing over, you see she's properly buckled in.
  241. >And bouncing a little.
  242. >She must really be excited to go to this party.
  243. >Unlike you.
  244. >You know how these things go.
  245. >A few people show up, get fucked up hard, listen to shitty music and try to make out with each other, things like that.
  246. >Though you'll probably be able to see Fluttershy there.
  247. >She's a real riot once she's gotten herself going.
  248. >You feel a little bad thinking about enjoying Fluttershy's antics when she's like that, but she's the one that chooses to show up with Tree Hugger all the time.
  249. >Throwing your car into reverse, you begin to pull out of your parking spot and head for the road.
  250. >Unfortunately, you hear a thud.
  251. >Checking in your rearview, you start to sweat bullets.
  252. >Then you see the person you hit get up.
  253. >It's only Twist.
  254. >With a sigh of relief, you make your way out of the lot while Twist shakes her fist at you in the distance.
  256. >>14066875
  257. >With the school now a faint memory in your rearview mirror, you put your body on autopilot and cruise along the road.
  258. >While listening to your favorite mix tape, of course.
  259. >
  260. >Your fingers tap to the beat on the steering wheel.
  261. >A smile forms on your lips as you prepare to sing along.
  262. >Sadly, you hear the music fade as Scootaloo turns the knob.
  263. “Scootaloo, did you just-”
  264. >”Sorry, I just thought I needed to tell you where to go.”
  265. “You-”
  266. >Wait, no.
  267. >She's right.
  268. >You only know it's in the woods, not where in the woods.
  269. >So it stands to reason you need Scootaloo to be your co-pilot.
  270. >As much as you're going to loathe talking to her.
  271. “Okay, so am I going to make any turns?”
  272. >”Not for a while. Just keep straight and you'll eventually see a sign with a big banana balloon on it.”
  273. “Banana balloon?”
  274. >”I don't know why they chose it.”
  275. “Gets your attention, I guess. You sure I'll be able to see it?”
  276. >”They said it was a big banana. I don't think you'll miss it.”
  277. >You swear, this situation just gets weirder by the second.
  278. >At least you can tell yourself that you're doing this for the money.
  279. >Which will be well spent once you have earned your keep.
  280. >”So, uh, how have you been.”
  281. >...
  282. >Oh man, you're definitely going to be earning that keep tonight.
  283. “Fine. You?”
  284. >”Oh. I've been doing well. I've gotten really into my soccer practice with Rainbow Dash, she's teaching me everything she knows and she says I'm really good at being a goalie, especially because I can take a hit from a ball and Sweetie Belle and Applebloom said they were going to get Trixie to rent a scary movie for us to watch during our next sleepover-”
  285. >You sigh under your breath as you begin to tune out her nonstop chatter.
  286. >It's going to be a long night.
  288. >>14066892
  289. >How long has it been now?
  290. >15 minutes?
  291. >30?
  292. >Whichever it is, Scootaloo hasn't seemingly stopped to take a breath.
  293. >You don't know whether to be impressed or concerned.
  294. >You're pretty sure that if she suffocates, you don't get the money.
  295. >And suffocation isn't a fun way to go.
  296. >But then again she seems fine.
  297. >Maybe you'll just wait until you see that goddamn ban-
  298. >Oh shit.
  299. >You slam hard on your brakes and swing your arm to hold down Scootaloo as a large deer comes straight out of nowhere.
  300. >After a few tense seconds of keeping your eyes glued shut, you do not feel the hit nor the car moving.
  301. >Opening up one eye, you see the deer standing there without so much as a scratch.
  302. >He seems to be quite frozen in fear, however.
  303. >You gently honk the horn to get him out of his stupor.
  304. >It seems to work as he gets out of the road.
  305. >Your heartbeat begins to normalize again as you calm yourself from your near accident.
  306. >Then you remember you've got a passenger.
  307. >With a quick glance to the side, you look to see if Scootaloo's alright.
  308. >As far as you can tell, nothing seems to be wrong.
  309. >Save for a little bit of a redness in her face.
  310. >It takes you a second to realize exactly why.
  311. >It takes you a couple more to remove your hand from her.
  312. >You slowly start to move again, wanting to get your arm as far away from her as possible.
  313. >Placing both hands back on the wheel, you firmly plant your foot on the accelerator and drive off.
  314. >You see there's quite a lot of silence from her now.
  315. >At the very least that's a welcome change.
  316. >But you're still a bit worried about what is going through her head.
  317. >Taking your eyes off the road for a moment, you steal a peak at her expression.
  318. >And that smile of hers is telling you all you need to know.
  319. >You should probably say something.
  320. >But letting her ride the fantasy out in her head is probably for the best.
  321. >It isn't like anything would happen anyway.
  323. >>14179436
  324. >Speaking of probably, you probably should pay attention to that big balloon.
  325. >It is quite banana shaped and colored.
  326. >And is indeed attached to a sign.
  327. >Which explicitly states there's not a party.
  328. >Yeah, they've already started on the drugs.
  329. >Or are very bad at coming up with convincing excuses.
  330. >Probably both, seeing how the drugs would only exacerbate the latter.
  331. >That aside, you feel it best to actually interact with Scootaloo again as you turn.
  332. “So, what next?”
  333. >You follow the road down further, nary a reply from your navigator.
  334. “Uh, Scootaloo? Anyone there?”
  335. >”Huh? Oh, uh, yeah. There's going to be a fork in the road, you take the right. The rest of it should be a straight shot.”
  336. >You're not given the best impression by how long it took her to answer.
  337. >But you don't pay it much mind.
  338. >You are more than content to just spend the rest of the ride there in silence while she fantasizes about something in her head.
  339. >Of course, the silence doesn't make the ride easier.
  340. >Faster, for sure, but you can't help turning your attention to Scootaloo every so often.
  341. >Passing it off as making sure there's no more surprise deer invasions, but if she actually paid attention she'd realize her fidgeting was giving her away.
  342. >Before you know it, you're at the fork and see a...that's a person.
  343. >A person you know all too well.
  344. >Stopping the car, you get out and flag down the pink-haired girl in front of you.
  345. “Fluttershy, are you okay?”
  346. >Her attention turns to you, her stare long and vacant.
  347. >You're about to ask what's going on with her before she slowly waves back to you.
  348. >”Hi...Anon.”
  349. “You don't look so good, Shy.”
  350. >”I got...lost...I can't”
  351. >Well, Fluttershy got her pre-partying on, alright.
  352. >Unwilling to leave her behind as potential roadkill, you walk over to her and drag her back to your car.
  353. >You buckle her in before getting back in the driver's seat and making off.
  355. >>14301510
  356. >Scootlaoo's come out of her stupor now, and is constantly flitting between you and Fluttershy.
  357. >Guess hearing her long, drawn out breathing is wearing on the kid.
  358. >”Uh, Anon?”
  359. “Yeah?”
  360. >”Is she gonna be okay?”
  361. >”I'm...fine.”
  362. “She's fine.”
  363. >”But-”
  364. “Scootaloo, she's okay. She just probably mismanaged her dosage before walking off. Which I still don't understand why you insist on walking in the woods.”
  365. >”Environment.”
  366. “Of course.”
  367. >”Shouldn't we take her to a hospital?”
  368. “Scootaloo, the last thing we want is for Fluttershy to end up in a place with more pills.”
  369. >You can tell she's uncomfortable with the near-catatonic junkie you call a friend in the back.
  370. >To keep her calm, you reach out and plant your hand on top of her head, giving her hair a light tussle.
  371. “It'll be fine.”
  372. >Scootaloo blushes a small bit again before she settles back into her seat and resumes her prior habit.
  373. >One load off your back, you turn your attention to Fluttershy again.
  374. >You're not worried about her dying.
  375. >Her tolerance is too high.
  376. >But you'll be damned if you let her soil herself in any way.
  377. >That shit stains.
  378. >But she doesn't seem to be in the place where that's a problem.
  379. >She's dirtying up your car, but that's mostly due to her hair covered in twigs.
  380. >It takes you a bit by surprise to see that you've begun collecting Rainbow Dash's confidants.
  381. >Next thing you know, you'll have Pinkie Pie cartwheeling her way into your window.
  382. >”Hey, Nonny!”
  383. >The timing of that spooks you, just a bit, but you realize it's just your personalized text alert for her.
  384. >Like any good driver, you're going to just ignore it until you come to a complete stop.
  385. >”Hey, Nonny!”
  386. >Yep.
  387. >Just gonna ignore it.
  389. >>14301527
  390. >By the time you make it to your destination, you're about ready to strangle Pinkie.
  391. >You're also impressed at your coverage.
  392. >It stopped a little ways back, but still.
  393. >And looking at the place, you can certainly tell that it's going to be one of those parties.
  394. >Thankfully, the parking seems to be rather available.
  395. >Given how many people you see, they must have carpooled.
  396. >With your car at a full stop, you finally pull out your phone and check your text messages.
  397. >Of course, she's blown up your phone.
  398. >And it was about Fluttershy walking off.
  399. >Well you already solved that crisis, so you ignore the rest of her messages and proceed to drag Fluttershy out of your car and onto the grass.
  400. >She'll be fine.
  401. >You then pop the trunk and attempt to drag the coolers out, only for Scootaloo to intersect you and grab one of them.
  402. >”I-I got it!”
  403. >It's not like you're going to turn down the help.
  404. >Walking towards the building, you can tell that there's already an area set up for the stuff people brought.
  405. >There seems to be an awful lot of chips and dips.
  406. >But they don't even have the zesty ranch.
  407. >Your expectations for this night being good are already being crushed.
  408. >Of course, the firecracker waiting to go off beside you would likely beg to differ.
  409. >As soon as you set down the coolers and begin to unpack them, you can see her eyes stray to the debauchery underway.
  410. >You remember when you used to be able to excited so easily.
  411. >4th grade was so nice.
  412. >Since she's already chomping at the bit to get out and mingle, you decide to take her hand and lead her a tiny bit away from the party.
  413. >She's caught off-guard by the sudden movement and you swear you hear her cluck.
  414. >That girl ain't right.
  416. >>14301557
  417. “Look, Scootaloo, I have to level with you: you need to watch yourself at this party at all times.”
  418. >”What?”
  419. “There are bad things just waiting to happen to you. If someone offers you a drink, do not take it. If someone offers you some food, do not eat it. If someone offers you a free case for your phone, do not follow them to their car. I learned that one the hard way.”
  420. >”But I'm not gonna do that! I already know not to take things from strangers. I'm not 12.”
  421. “And if Fluttershy gets you something to drink?”
  422. >”Oh, well that's probably safe because Fluttershy is Rainbow Dash's friend and-”
  423. “WRONG.”
  424. >Scootaloo holds her ears, no doubt still ringing after your short outburst.
  425. “Especially do not accept anything from Fluttershy. Do not even touch Fluttershy. You'll probably get high just from that.”
  426. >”You can't do that, Anon.”
  427. “You underestimate Fluttershy. Look, I just want you to be safe and have a fun time. And that means not letting you get into trouble, okay? Try to make some smart choices while you're here. Plus, if you need anything I'll be one quick call away on this.”
  428. >From your pocket, you produce a small walkie-talkie.
  429. >Scootaloo looks at you in confusion.
  430. >”Where did you get that?”
  431. “I always carry this with me. You never know when you're going to get stuck on an empty tank and you need a way to contact someone who went out for gas for your car.”
  432. >”What happens to you that you've got stuff like this?”
  433. “That's a question for a later time, Scoots. Just make sure you have it with you and don't hesitate to call me if someone tries to get you to something weird.”
  434. >”But-”
  435. “You need to promise me, Scootaloo.”
  436. >”But-”
  437. “Promise me.”
  438. >”...Okay. I promise.”
  439. “Good. Now, I'm going to go see if I can't figure out where the bathroom is. I have to go really badly.”
  441. >>14644111
  442. >You are now Scootaloo.
  443. >Scratch that, you are the best Scootaloo.
  444. >Because you are about to have an amazing time at your first ever party!
  445. >Well, as amazing as Anon will let it be.
  446. >After that whole speech about being careful, you don't know what to really expect.
  447. >But you feel you will be fine.
  448. >That whole thing was probably just him messing with your head.
  449. >Like Rainbow Dash.
  450. >She loves doing that.
  451. >And he probably does too.
  452. >Why else would they be together?
  453. >Besides Rainbow Dash being the absolute best girlfriend anyone could ever want, of course.
  454. >That goes without saying.
  455. >Though speaking of that, you no longer see her boyfriend anymore.
  456. >He really broke off into a sprint after letting you go.
  457. >Guess he wasn't kidding about that bathroom.
  458. >And you'll probably ask him where it is after a while as well.
  459. >Soda just goes right through you.
  460. >But enough of that, it's time to mingle.
  461. >People say that, right?
  462. >Mingle?
  463. >Or is that too old-fashioned?
  464. >Great, now you're already focusing on it too much.
  465. >Different thoughts, different thoughts.
  466. >Like how that really dirty looking girl is coming right towards oh god there she is.
  467. >”Hey, man, how's it going?”
  468. >Oh, you know her.
  469. >That's Tree Hugger.
  470. >She's Fluttershy's friend from rehab camp.
  471. >She certainly smells like it.
  472. “Oh, hi. How is it going, Tree Hugger?”
  473. >”Pretty groovy, little patchouli. I've never seen you at one of these get-togethers before. You new here?”
  474. “Uh, I guess sorta. This is my first time at a party. I'm a freshman.”
  475. >”Oh, far out! You'll totally have a great time. And if you want a better time, there's always an adventure just waiting when you talk to someone.”
  476. “I'll, uh, keep that in mind.”
  477. >”Aw, man, I almost forgot. I'm looking for my friend Mellow Yellow. Have you seen her?”
  478. >Mellow Yellow?
  479. >Oh.
  480. >Fluttershy.
  481. >Right.
  482. “Uh, she should be out in the parking lot.”
  483. >”Righteous. I'm gonna go see if she has any candy. Later, patchouli.”
  485. >>14644133
  486. >With that, she heads off to go find the girl you just left on the lawn.
  487. >Not your proudest moment, but Anon assured you it was okay.
  488. >And you trust him.
  489. >Especially after meeting up with Tree Hugger.
  490. >He wasn't kidding about people getting really messed up out at the party.
  491. >But that doesn't mean you can't have fun.
  492. >You just have to find something to do that doesn't involve getting roped into something you shouldn't.
  493. >Like drugs.
  494. >Rainbow Dash wouldn't be too happy about learning you gave her boyfriend a big mess to clean up.
  495. >You need to be on your best behavior.
  496. >And you also need to find something to do, because this is boring just standing around.
  497. >Determined to get an interesting story to tell to Rainbow Dash when you see her next time, you walk over to the coolers you came with and fish out a soda.
  498. >As you pop the tab and begin to chug, you realize your error as it is indeed a warm soda.
  499. >The sensation almost makes you vomit.
  500. >Wait, no.
  501. >You rush off to some nearby bushes and actually push it out of your mouth.
  502. >Scraping the foulness off of your tongue, you can already tell this night is off to a rocky start.
  503. >As you feel your senses coming back to you, you feel a light tap on your back.
  504. >”Are you okay?”
  505. >Hold on a second, you know that voice.
  506. >You turn around to see the ginger hair of Twist atop the bespectacled head of Twist.
  507. >Oh, this is gonna be awkward.
  508. “Y-yeah, I'm fine.”
  509. >”Are you thure?”
  510. “Yeah. Totally.”
  511. >”Okay.”
  512. >You stand in an awkward silence, not knowing what to say to your sorta kinda sometimes friend.
  513. >Especially because you hit her with Anon's car.
  514. >Okay, not you specifically, but you're pretty sure you're an accomplice to a hit and run.
  515. >People do go to jail for that, right?
  517. >>14644147
  518. >”Tho, when did you get here?”
  519. >Finally, the ice is broken.
  520. “Uh, not long ago. I'd say probably 20 minutes give or take. How about yourself, Twist?”
  521. >”I just got here. I hitched a ride with Trixie.”
  522. “Trixie?”
  523. >”Yeah. Trixie thaid thomething about making people love her magic trickth.”
  524. “Don't they suck?”
  525. >”I like her one with the pineapple and the thponge. And I don't think her material hath to be very good given the current crowd. I'm pretty thure there are five women who are running around naked right now.”
  526. “Oh. Weird.”
  527. >”I know. I get it, we're at a party, but you think people could refrain from getting tho high. If anything goeth down, they're pretty boned. And not in the good way.”
  528. “You don't think that's gonna happen, right?”
  529. >”Hard to tell. I think we'll be fine if no one did anything dumb like talk about it online. By the way, where did you get that beverage?”
  530. >Beverage?
  531. >Oh yeah, your warm soda.
  532. “Uh, in that cooler there.”
  533. >Twist makes her way past you and to the cooler, digging around for one flavor or another.
  534. >Right up until you see her take out a beer.
  535. “Whoa, whoa, hold on a second. Twist, that's not a soda.”
  536. >”I know.”
  537. “What do you mean you know?”
  538. >”I know that I am currently holding a can of beer. I intend to drink it.”
  539. “But that's illegal!”
  540. >”Thcootaloo, you can't walk five feet without running into thomething illegal happening right now. I'm pretty thure we're altho not allowed to be here and yet we are.”
  541. “Yeah, but-”
  542. >Before you can get halfway through her sentence, the snap of the tab on Twist's beer cuts her off.
  543. >Your jaw drops as Twist downs the whole can in only a few seconds.
  545. >>14708504
  546. >”Wow, this really is the cheap stuff.”
  547. “Twist!”
  548. >”Calm down, I've had way more than one before.”
  549. “That doesn't make this any better! And how have you even gotten to drink beer before?”
  550. >”No one in my in family trieth to lock up their pantry, tho it ithn't really hard to get ahold of some booze when they aren't looking. Exthept with my uncle. He doethn't drink anymore tho he doethn't have really anything other than Lithterine that hath alcohol.”
  551. >You're learning a lot more about Twist in five minutes today than you have in the many years you've known her.
  552. >You don't think that's a good thing.
  553. “So you just steal beer from your family?”
  554. >”Beer, vodka, rum which I really like rum, gin, abthinthe, whithkey, cough thyrup exthept for the cherry flavor, wine, the litht goeth on for a while.”
  555. “That can't be healthy.”
  556. >”Yeah, well neither ith me getting hit by a car.”
  557. “You've got a point there. I'm really sorry about that.”
  558. >”Wait, sorry? Why are you sorry?”
  559. “Because Anon and I didn't stop to help you when you got hit and it made me feel really guilty but now that I'm saying this out loud I don't think I actually should have told you this because you didn't actually know I was in the car with Anon and now you're giving me a really strange look and I'm just gonna stop talking now.”
  560. >”...”
  561. “...”
  562. >”Ugh, don't worry. It happenth to me all the time. I don't hold it againtht you. At leatht you felt bad about it. Motht people don't even bother to look in their mirrorth when they hit me.”
  563. “How often does this happen to you that you're so nonchalant about it?”
  564. >”Uthually about three timeth a week. Maybe more if I go to the grocery thtore.”'
  565. “Jesus.”
  566. >”People are horrible at driving in thith town.”
  568. >>14708535
  569. “Uh, let's get onto something a little less terrible. How are you enjoying the party?”
  570. >”I jutht got here, remember?”
  571. “Oh, yeah. That was a dumb question. Uuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhh, OH I KNOW WHAT TO TALK ABOUT! What did you bring?”
  572. >”Oh, thank you for reminding me.”
  573. >From a fairly large rucksack on her back, Twist reaches in and pulls out an assortment of holy shit that is a lot of peppermint candy.
  574. >Your breath already feels fresher for having looked at it.
  575. >”I thought thith would be a good thing to bring. People like getting a bad tathte out of their mouth with mint after all. And there ith a lot of that here. Chipth, popcorn, cheap beer, and probably a lot of themen.”
  576. >Did you just here what you thought you heard?
  577. “Could you repeat that last word again?”
  578. >”You mean themen?”
  579. >Okay, she did say it.
  580. “Why did that come up?!”
  581. >”Becauthe there are probably people having thex right now while we're talking thomewhere in the general area and that probably will involve them having themen in their mouth at thome point.”
  582. “That's besides the point! And how do you even know semen tastes bad?”
  583. >”I don't. I'm jutht going off of what I heard from other people. It apparently ith very thalty. But I don't know if I would mind that tho much, becauthe I do like thalty and thweet things.”
  584. >Unless you're hearing things wrong, Twist literally just told you she wouldn't mind having semen in her mouth.
  585. >This is probably the explosion part of the trainwreck for the conversation.
  586. “That's kinda gross.”
  587. >”Are you thaying you do mind themen?”
  588. “No, I've never...done that and I don't plan to just to find out how it tastes.”
  589. >”Who knowth? Maybe you'll like it.”
  590. “I'm pretty sure I'm not going to want some dude's goop in my mouth!”
  591. >”Oh, tho you are a lethbo.”
  592. “WHAT!?”
  594. >>14708611
  595. >”Well you jutht thaid you don't want thome dude to put hith goop in your mouth. And you kind do hang around Rainbow a lot.”
  596. “Rainbow Dash is not gay! And I'm not gay just because I don't want salty semen in my mouth!”
  597. >”If you thay tho, Thcootaloo. But if you are not gay, doeth that mean you might want to try and get together with a guy tonight?”
  598. >If your face wasn't red before, it's red now.
  599. “Twist, you can't just ask someone that!”
  600. >”Why not? We're friendth here. Even though you, Apple Bloom and Thweetie Belle didn't come to my birthday party latht week. Hell, even Diamond Tiara came becauthe I had cake.”
  601. >Oh shit, that was last week.
  602. >Wow.
  603. “In my defense, I had something going on last week and couldn't make it.”
  604. >”That ith the thame thing they thaid to me, too.”
  605. “That may be, but it's true in my case.”
  606. >”What wath it?”
  607. “Oh....I....I can't really talk about it.”
  608. >The air goes silent between the two of you, Twist not really sure what to say.
  609. >She quickly goes for a second can and shotguns it like the last one.
  610. >”Whew, that ith a lot better. Tho, putting that athide, do you want to fool around with anyone here?”
  611. >Maybe the silence would have been better.
  612. “I'm not looking to just do stuff with some random dude. Rainbow Dash says that's for losers who can't handle a steady relationship. That's why she has a boyfriend.”
  613. >”Oh yeah, I forgot Anon wath going out with her.”
  614. “Yeah, so I'm gonna be like Rainbow Dash and find my own Anon.”
  615. >”But that doethn't mean you can't go talk to thome guy here and try to find your own Anon.”
  616. “'ve actually got a point. I could do that.”
  617. >”Well come on, we have a whole party to go through.”
  618. “Wait, but I don-”
  619. >”Trutht me, Thcootaloo. I'll be your wingman. Jutht gotta get some of thethe for the road and we can find you a man.”
  621. >>14708629
  622. >Wew, that was a hard wait in line but you made it through.
  623. >It feels good to be Anon again.
  624. >Not that it ever felt patricularly bad, but having to wait that long to get in because someone was so high they locked the door while leaving sucked.
  625. >Trixie has her uses.
  626. >Now, gotta find Scootaloo.
  627. >While you don't think it'll be a nightmare, you gotta be sure.
  628. >After all, you were only in there for...oh fuck.
  629. >Well, you spare no time in power-walking through the ambling masses of people, trying to spot your obligation the whole while.
  630. >You make a break through the doors that aren't covered in a mass of people.
  631. >As you do, you knock over something.
  632. >On closer examination, it was Fluttershy.
  633. >And good grief, she's naked.
  634. >”Ow.”
  635. “Crap, sorry about that, Shy. I didn't see you there.”
  636. >”It's fine, Anon.”
  637. >Huh.
  638. >That was a lot less fucked up than you thought.
  639. “Fluttershy, did you come down?”
  640. >”Yes. I did.”
  641. “Wait, but if you're not high, why are you naked?”
  642. >”I don't quite remember what happened to my clothes.”
  643. >Good luck finding them now.
  644. “Uh. Yeah. That's kinda bad.”
  645. >”I'd probably be a lot more terrified right now if it wasn't for the fact that I'm still a little high. I need to find my clothes before that stops.”
  646. >Shit.
  647. >You really don't want to leave her to her own devices, but you also have to find Scootaloo so she doesn't get in her own trouble.
  648. “Uh, here. Take this.”
  649. >Quickly scrambling out of your hoodie, you take it and gently drape it over Fluttershy's frail form.
  650. >”Thank you, Anon. That's very kind of you. It was cold.”
  651. >Without anything else to really do, you slowly slink out of the way and begin walking around trying to not look like a creep while you scan the party.
  652. >Fluttershy was right, it is cold outside.
  653. >Which explained her highbeams.
  654. >You'd totally ask her out if she wasn't a complete weirdo.
  655. >And she shaved.
  656. >What is it with Greek women and not shaving?
  658. >>14764378
  659. >Sure, you only got to see it through photos, but Rainbow Dash's bush was more like a forest.
  660. >And Fluttershy was no slouch, either.
  661. >At least she won't need panties.
  662. >Speaking of panties, you're pretty sure that's a pair that just fell on your shoulder.
  663. >Dear Lord, where the hell did it come from?
  664. >You quickly fling it off of you, not wanting to know what sort of things went on with it.
  665. >Perhaps it would be for the best to get out while the getting's good.
  666. >Of course, you'd need to get Scootaloo out first.
  667. >And stop stepping on weird things like this green lump of, wait that's a person.
  668. >The lump slowly rises, letting out a yawn as what you can now identify as a she raises her arms cracks her back.
  669. >And gives you a very clear view of her fluffy armpits.
  670. >”Hey, man. I was taking a rather righteous nap, but now I'm kinda craving some munchies. You got anything?”
  671. “Uh, no.”
  672. >”Bummer. Guess I'll go find some berries or something.”
  673. “I brought sandwich stuff and I think someone else brought cookies.”
  674. >”Oh, that sounds really good. I could totally chow on some cheese sandwiches.”
  675. >The red-haired hippie you recognized as Fluttershy's friend Tree Hugger walks off to go find some food.
  676. >Thankfully far from you.
  677. >Never thought you'd say this, but the last thing you want to see right now is a girl running around without their clothes.
  678. >Which there are a lot of judging by how much discarded clothing there is everywhere.
  679. >People are going to have a hard time getting their shit sorted out once they come back to their senses.
  680. >Speaking of senses, your sense of hearing is telling you that there's a rustle coming from the treeline far from the party.
  681. >Where a certain someone could certainly be since you had yet to find them elsewhere.
  683. >>14764404
  684. >Figuring you've got nothing to lose, you push forward and through the trees and various bushes blocking your way until you start to hear what sounds like crying.
  685. >Well now you definitely need to see what's going on.
  686. >You can't in good conscience leave someone who's possibly in trouble in the woods alone.
  687. >As you pick up the pace, you start to recognize the voice that the crying is coming from.
  688. >It's Scootaloo's.
  689. >Your heart begins to beat thunderously as you kick it into high gear.
  690. >Breaking through the final barrier of foliage in your way, you see Scootaloo.
  691. >Sitting in the ground and crying.
  692. >Thankfully fully clothed, yet unthankfully she's right next to the girl you almost ran over today.
  693. >”Oh, come on, Scootaloo. It'll be o-HIC-kay.”
  694. >”No, it's not. Not one guy was interested in talking to me. They were all too busy talking to one of those naked girls or doing things with them. It's like I don't even exist.”
  695. >”Hey, it's not so bad. I get ignored by guys all the time, and I'm fine.”
  696. >Scootaloo's bawling intensifies as she buries her face into Twist's waiting shoulder.
  697. >Probably not the smartest thing to say to Scootaloo, Twist.
  698. >”Sssshhhhhhhhh, little Scootie. It's okay. Come on, you gots ta smile.”
  699. >Twist gently raises Scootaloo's head as she dries her tears with what you hope is a handkerchief and not a pair of panties they found.
  700. >As you're about to make your presence known, you see Twist getting something out of her backpack.
  701. >A can and a large knife.
  702. >Wait a minute.
  703. >That's one of the beers you brought.
  704. >Twist is into underage drinking?
  705. >Is she drunk right now?
  706. >Is she more coherent when she's drunk?
  708. >>14764426
  709. >The last part's not too surprising.
  710. >It's already so hard to understand her sometimes it's not like it could get worse.
  711. >Almost in awe, you see her quickly puncture the can and pop the tab, her cheeks filling with the amber liquid trapped within.
  712. >She almost looks like a chipmunk.
  713. >You're bemused by the fact right until you see her lock lips with Scootaloo and see her cheeks begin to deflate.
  714. >Scootaloo squeaks in surprise as the alcohol is forced into her system.
  715. >Everything about this scene is wrong.
  716. >But you can't look away.
  717. >It's like a trainwreck.
  718. >She coughs as Twist withdraws from their forced kiss, and promptly goes back to hugging her knees.
  719. >”It still tastes gross.”
  720. >”But it'll make you happy. Just give it time.”
  721. >Still tastes gross?
  723. >You quickly make a break for the two of them, because you have to put a stop to all of this.
  724. >It's gotten too out of hand, too fast.
  725. >Unfortunately, you don't see the empty can on the ground.
  726. >It causes you to lose your balance and smack your head hard on a tree.
  727. >You go down fast as your knees go weak and your heavy body slumps to the ground.
  728. >It hurts.
  729. >You hear the sound of two girls frantically trying to get you up off the ground as you begin to drift off.
  730. >Unfortunately, they're too weak to really get you anywhere.
  731. >You're much heavier than a cooler, after all.
  732. >
  733. >You are now Scootaloo.
  734. >And you are so damn scared.
  735. >Anon's bleeding.
  736. >Bad.
  737. >It's all over your hands.
  738. >And his face.
  739. >And the tree.
  740. >Oh crap, oh crap, oh crap what are you going to do?
  742. >>14764448
  743. “Oh no, oh no, oh no, oh no, oh no, oh no, oh no!”
  744. >You continue to pant and repeat your mantra of complete panic.
  745. >How are you supposed to help him?
  746. >As you feel yourself struggling to breathe, a hand places itself on your shoulder.
  747. >”Scootaloo, calm down. Issall gonna be okay.”
  748. “But he's bleeding and we can't move him and even if we could move him how are we going to get him through the-”
  749. >”Shshshshshshshshhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Is okay. We're gonna help him, don't you worry.”
  750. >The still completely plastered girl you've been hanging out with for the majority of the night slowly reaches her hands lower and lower on your body, until she summarily yanks your shirt from your chest.
  751. >It stuns you for a moment before you reach down and cover your tiny, tiny shame.
  752. “Twist, what are you doing?!”
  753. >”We need to stop the bleeding, don'tcha know? And we need cloth. Lots and lots of cloth.”
  754. >True to her word, she takes off her own shirt.
  755. >Wow.
  756. >Underneath is a series of bandages keeping down a hefty set of breasts that you did not know Twist actually had.
  757. >You can't help but stare.
  758. >Thankfully she doesn't seem to notice as she pushes past you and apply both of your shirts to the bleeding wound on Anon.
  759. >You're surprised by how Twist seems to easily do this.
  760. >Like she's got a lot of experience with tending to head wounds.
  761. >”And there we go. He's gonna be fine. Just gotta hold it down.”
  762. “Uh, are you sure?”
  763. >”Uhuh.”
  764. >You must admit, you're surprised.
  765. >Twist is actually saving your bacon.
  766. >Who knows how Rainbow Dash would have reacted to you getting her boyfriend killed.
  767. >She'd probably never talk to you again.
  768. >And you'd probably get quite the punishment from your mom.
  769. >Not to mention how heartbroken Anon's family would be.
  770. >...
  771. >Upon realizing this, you curl up into a ball and cry.
  772. >Not just because you're starting to shiver, but because you made tonight a complete mess.
  774. >>15056920
  775. >Time slips by quickly as you stew in your own misery.
  776. >You barely notice Twist getting up from Anon and sitting next to you.
  777. >As you pipe up to ask how he's doing, Twist puts a finger to your lips and shushes you once more.
  778. >She then quickly puts her arms around you and slumps down to your shoulder.
  779. >You're about to ask her what she's doing when you hear her suddenly begin to snore.
  780. >Really loudly.
  781. >You gently slip her arms off of you and onto the ground.
  782. >You also take her glasses off, because you're pretty sure you don't want to hear her scream about having broken her only pair.
  783. >Not after she saved your butt.
  784. >You'll just put them in her rucksack for her.
  785. >As you get up and make your way over to it, you hear rustling from the woods.
  786. >The adrenaline from earlier comes right back as you scramble for the knife you saw Twist with.
  787. >Blade in hand, you shakily hold the bit of metal and wood to defend yourself from a possible wild animal attack.
  788. >Much to your relief, it just turns out to be Fluttershy.
  789. >Then you realize it's Fluttershy.
  790. >Oh no.
  791. >Upon seeing you with the knife, Fluttershy meekly hides behind a tree.
  792. >You quickly put the knife down and approach Fluttershy with your slowest and least threatening approach.
  793. “S-sorry! I thought you were a bear. Or a cougar. Or a really fat squirrel.”
  794. >”Scootaloo, is that you?”
  795. “...Yes...”
  796. >”Oh my goodness, I'm so relieved. I've been lost in the woods for hours and I ripped Anon's shirt and my feet started bleeding because of all the brambles.”
  797. “That's....a lot of stuff.”
  798. >”Wait, what are you doing out here, Scootaloo?”
  799. “Uuuuuuuuuuuh...relaxing?”
  800. >”Is that why you're not wearing a shirt?”
  801. >Realizing that you are indeed still nude from the waist up, you quickly cover your shame again.
  802. “That's for a different reason.”
  803. >”Why are you not wearing a shirt, then?”
  804. “Uh, soda.”
  806. >>15056933
  807. >”Soda?”
  808. “Yes, soda. I got my shirt all sticky and I didn't want to be sticky, so I took off my shirt and I'm waiting for it to dry off.”
  809. >Fluttershy is about to question your statement again, but thankfully you hear the sounds of a dirty hippie calling for her yellow friend.
  810. >”Oh, that's Tree Hugger. She's probably been worried sick about me. I'm sorry, Scootaloo, but I have to go. I'll see you later.”
  811. >As the bare-assed girl zooms past you, you let out a sigh of relief.
  812. >No one is the wiser to your horrible, horrible night.
  813. >But you really don't think you can call this a success.
  814. >Twist is still passed out, Anon is still hurt, and you're cold.
  815. >Very, very cold.
  816. >And you're still holding onto Twist's glasses.
  817. >Heading back to the pack on the ground you were originally going towards, you can't help but notice something peeking out.
  818. >Curiosity gets the better of you and you begin to tug at it slightly.
  819. >As it comes loose, you realize it's the answer to your prayers.
  820. >A blanket.
  821. >A big one, too.
  822. >You swap the two items for one another and then drag it to the place where you left Anon and Twist.
  823. >Oh.
  824. >Twist is not where you left her.
  825. >She's on top of Anon.
  826. >And her binding came off.
  827. >You feel embarrassed, angry and inadequate at the same time.
  828. >Tonight has been such a great night for you.
  829. >But it's probably for the best.
  830. >At least you can all share the blanket if you're huddled together.
  831. >Resigning yourself to the situation, you lay the blanket over the both of them before you slide in yourself.
  832. >You rest your hand on Anon's chest, and slowly feel the rise and fall of his chest.
  833. >He's still breathing.
  834. >For now.
  835. >You hope that when you wake up in the morning, Anon will be there with you.
  837. >>15056953
  838. >”Mmph, come on. Get out of there.”
  839. >The gentle shuffling of cloth slowly roused you from your slumber.
  840. >Your eyes slowly opening up, you can barely make out the sight of Twist on top of Anon in the pale moonlight.
  841. >Her breasts slowly swaying beneath her.
  842. >And above the crotch of Anon's-
  843. >Your eyes shoot open and you feel your heart begin to race.
  844. >Is this a dream?
  845. >Is this real?
  846. >You can't tell.
  847. >Quickly, you press the sore spot on the back of your head and wince.
  848. >Yes.
  849. >It is real.
  850. >That is Twist, trying to get at Anon's genitals!
  851. >How dare she!
  852. >That's Rainbow Dash's!
  853. “Twist!”
  854. >”Gah!”
  855. >Your other red-haired friend is caught red-handed trying to purloin the loins of your idol's boyfriend, and quickly tumbles down after the outburst.
  856. >It takes her a moment to get up, which you quickly use to get out of the blanket and pounce on her.
  857. >Okay, pounce isn't the right word.
  858. >More like awkwardly fumble with the blanket until you use it to pin her down.
  859. >Thanks to your training with Rainbow Dash, your body is more than strong enough to overpower her.
  860. >”Thcootaloo, get off of me!”
  861. “No! You just tried to play succubus with Anon!”
  862. >”I wath not!”
  863. “Then why were you trying to mess with his pants?”
  864. >”Becauthe they're not comfortable to thleep on, ethpethially with what Anon ith packing down there.”
  865. “What?”
  866. >”Have you ever tried to thleep on denim? Ith itchy.”
  867. “Oh.”
  868. >”Now can you let me up?”
  869. “I guess I ca-WAIT A MINUTE! If Anon was so uncomfortable, why didn't you just sleep on the grass with me?”
  870. >”Did you jutht athk me to thleep wth you?”
  871. “N-not that way!”
  872. >”I dunno, you are on top of me without anything on. I can thee your nippleth right now. They are quite perky.”
  873. >Your face goes red as you realize she's right.
  874. >This does look kinda gay.
  875. “I told you I'm not a lesbian!”
  876. >”That ith what Rainbow Dath kept yelling after the thtarted dating Anon. I'm thtill not thure I believe that.”
  878. >>15195746
  879. “Twist, just...just shut up.”
  880. >”Can I get up now?”
  881. “Fine.”
  882. >You slowly get off of Twist, not sure of her motives.
  883. >As you do, her breasts come back into view.
  884. >You're still shocked at how large they actually are as your eyes fall back down to them.
  885. >”You know, for thomeone who thaid they aren't a lethbo, you thure do like looking at my tittieth.”
  886. “That's just because you're not covering them up!”
  887. >”Thure.”
  888. “It is!”
  889. >”Well all you need to do ith not look.”
  890. “Or you could put on a shirt!”
  891. >”They're covered in blood, remember?”
  892. “Oh. Yeah.”
  893. >”I altho don't thee you exactly trying to cover yourthelf up.”
  894. >A jolt goes up your spine as you feel your flat chest being groped.
  895. >”Jutht look, they're out in the air like you don't care who can thee them. If I didn't know better, I'd thay you were trying to theduthe me.”
  896. “N-no!”
  897. >”Your body would beg to differ.”
  898. “I am not a lesbian!”
  899. >”Hey, I'm jutht calling it like I thee it. It ith fine if you're too chicken to admit it.”
  900. >Chicken?
  901. “Chicken?”
  902. >”Yeah. A big old chicken.”
  903. “I...You...I'LL SHOW YOU WHO IS A CHICKEN!”
  904. >Something courses through you.
  905. >It's not a good feeling.
  906. >It takes over your rational thought.
  907. >Which is why you are currently undoing Anon's pants and taking off your shorts as well.
  908. >”Thcootaloo, what are you doing?”
  909. “I'm a lesbian, huh!? I'm a chicken, huh!? Well I'm gonna show you who is what!”
  910. >Looking down at him, you can see that he is indeed gifted in the pants.
  911. >But you're not afraid.
  912. >If Rainbow Dash is his girlfriend, then you can do it too!
  913. >You're her best pupil!
  914. >You're also her only pupil but that's beside the point!
  915. >”Thcootaloo, thtop! I wath only mething with you for mithing my birthday party and running me over!”
  916. “No, everyone keeps talking about me like I'm some sort of gay coward and I'm sick of it! I'm gonna show you I'm not either!”
  917. >After aligning yourself the best you can in your low light, you plant yourself firmly on Anon.
  918. >You immediately regret your decision.
  920. >>15266131
  921. >Everything is pain and everything is IN pain.
  922. >Your eyes go dark for a second as you lose your vision, only for it to return blurry and full of stars.
  923. >Part of you wants to scream.
  924. >Part of you wants to cry from the pain.
  925. >But the part of you that prevails is the part that is too stubborn to admit your mistake as you slowly try to come off of Anon.
  926. >Only to find that you can't move.
  927. >Partially because your legs refuse to move, but you also realize you're clamping down on him like a vise.
  928. >Oh wow.
  929. >Not a good thing.
  930. >Not at all.
  931. >This wasn't really how you ever envisioned your first time.
  932. >Though truth be told you never actually envisioned a first time.
  933. >Or any time really after that.
  934. >Sex seemed like it was completely out of your reach, so why worry about it?
  935. >Now here you are stuck on an unconscious, probably brain damaged Anon, who is your mentor's boyfriend all while Twist is watching.
  936. >Huh.
  937. >Mulling it over, you realize now that this is probably rape.
  938. >Wow, never thought you'd ever sink this low.
  939. >”Thcootaloo?”
  940. >Right.
  941. >Twist.
  942. >Instead of the horrified expression you expected, she's genuinely looking concerned as she puts her hand on your shoulder.
  943. >”Uh, that wath...thurprithing to thay the leatht.”
  944. “i'm stuck.”
  945. >”What?”
  946. “i said i'm stuck.”
  947. >”...Oh shit.”
  948. “please help me.”
  949. >”Um, okay. If I remember, you jutht have to relax yourthelf and you'll come loothe.”
  950. “relax?”
  951. >”Like, you know, down there?”
  952. “i'm so boned.”
  953. >”Yes, but we're going to get you unboned. And I'm going to avoid the low hanging fruit there.”
  954. >Twist then slowly looks over your body, trying to figure out how she's going to help you.
  955. >Your state of dress and hers makes it an awkward experience.
  956. >Even moreso when you feel her touch you.
  957. >If it weren't for the fact you can't really move anything, you'd probably have punched Twist by now.
  959. >>15393252
  960. “what are you doing?!”
  961. >”I'm trying to 'relax' you.”
  962. “stop!”
  963. >”Look, I don't want to do thith either but I'm not about to have your thituation get worthe. You need to get unthtuck and unleth you want to try yourthelf I'm going to help you.”
  964. >You don't really want this sort of help from her, but you're kind of out of options unless you want to be stuck here.
  965. >Twist doesn't look too comfortable with the situation either.
  966. >Possibly because of all that talk about lesbians and her heading into that territory.
  967. >...
  968. >Every part of your body begins to burn with shame as well as pain as you begin to enjoy it.
  969. >But you don't enjoy this because of Twist.
  970. >It's just your body's natural reaction to being handled like this.
  971. >You aren't into girls.
  972. >You're not.
  973. >Even that moan just now was only because of the relief you're feeling.
  974. >Especially as you feel yourself finally letting go of Anon.
  975. >Twist takes notice of this as her fingers start to slip around you, and moves away from the scene.
  976. >A pair of hands find themselves under your thighs as they slowly lift you up and off of Anon.
  977. >The process seems to take an eternity, until you're actually free from him with a pop and fall back into Twist.
  978. >You feel so much better now having gotten off of Anon.
  979. >Regaining the feeling in your body is a wonderful thing.
  980. >Until you feel the two big objects pressing into your back that belong to Twist.
  981. >You scoot a little bit away from her, because you're really not in the mood for any more of that.
  982. >In doing so, you put yourself closer to Anon's still ongoing erection.
  983. >Which looks a lot whiter than you expected.
  984. >Huh.
  985. >Was your heartbeat always this audible?
  986. >It wasn't right?
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