Their First Session - Pt. 2 Preview

May 14th, 2015
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  1. <Unfinished To Be Continued>
  3. Kurusu knelt upon the comfortable floor padding, sitting back on his heels with casual ease. His eyes lidded as the mouth of one of the women he loved worked along his shoulder-blade. He did not know what he had done to deserve this fate... or how these beautiful beings, these wonderful women, could love him as much as they did. He was just a normal man, after all. How blind people are to see their own good points, while only their negative shine out in their eyes. He was truly a lucky man, and even with the butterflies fluttering in his stomach... a hunger and desire had awoken inside him he didn't expect. Making love to Rachnera was exquisitely good, as it was making love to the other women who now shared his life.
  5. He had to be careful not to become overtaxed, or overstimulated. As much as he wanted to be with these women every moment of every day... he had a life. And delving into the boundless hedonism they offered him with casual touches and gentle kisses was so tempting. He also knew that if he made that choice... he wouldn't be the man that all the women had fallen in love with, or be the man who deserved the love of all these amazing girls. He truly could not be happier. And now, the thrill of the moment with Rachnera was only increasing... as curiosity and need awakened in him. The need to understand her desires. She clearly loved bondage, and she had every reason to. But he didn't understand, didn't know, and couldn't yet embrace the lifestyle. But he wanted to know. He wanted to understand. He wanted to... feel what it would be like.
  7. Rachnera, for her part, knew her role well. If she just leaped into the deep end with him... he would speak their new safeword and that would be that. She had to build slow. And she had just the plan for that situation tonight. A plan that began... with rope. One long leg plunged down, spearing a coil of rope set to the side, and shifting gingerly, drew it toward her as her hands, her kisses, and the feel of her corset-snuggled breasts pressing against his back now stimulated him. It was all about stimulation, both the denial of it, the restriction of it, and the returning of it. She looked forward to the days when she could go more extreme with him... but for now she merely peeled his robe completely from his shoulders... leaning back to slide it down his back and briefly trap his elbows against his sides with the grip of it still held tight at the waist by the belt and its knot.
  9. "Don't... move...," she spoke in gentle teasing as he tried to fight it, and leaning forward, she tapped her bare nipples against the blade of his back. He could feel how hard she was. Two points standing up like thick eraser nubs slowly shifting on his back. She moved her shoulders, dragging them back and forth... as Kurusu moaned softly. He wanted to touch, yet he knew he could not. "...Ku-ru-su," she purred out his three syllable name once more. It was still shocking to hear her say his name. "You like my nipples, don't you? You like my breasts?"
  11. "Yes...," he answered breathily. They were exquisite.
  13. "My name, Ku-ru-su. My name. For you, that is 'Mistress'," Her hand slide upward as she dragged her nipples down his back... her fingers sliding into his hair only to /fist/ sharply. Sharp enough to lightly scratch his scalp with the dangerous tips as well as tug his hair. "...I'll not let you touch my breasts tonight if you don't call me by my name."
  15. The sharp intake of breath at the mixture of pain and pleasure both, and the clear threat, was loud in the soft stillness of her room. He whimpered, softly, feeling emotions he hadn't expected. Desire to please. Desire to placate. ...And just the raw desire to keep being touched by her breasts and nipples and to not have the joy of them touching him be taken away. So he answered.
  17. "Yes... Rachnera..."
  19. Smiling a secret smile, Rachnera nodded, "Good..." She released his hair, and patted the back of his head gently. Then she pressed her full breasts firmly against his back. Dragging them up and down slowly. The silken softness of her breasts slid up and down without impediment... and the feel of the heavy orbs resting their weight on him fully was deeply, soundly satisfying. However, it was also confusing.
  21. Daring to ask, Darling said softly, "R-rachnera?"
  23. Rachnera responded, kissing his spine as she dragged herself down his back again, "Yes, Kurusu?" Again a shiver danced over his body. He moaned a little as the next words escaped, "...W-what are you doing? T-this doesn't seem like... what was described...," And just before he forgot, he added, "...Rachnera..."
  25. She smiled wickedly, catching his near slip, and giggled behind him as she leaned forward, "There are many forms of dominance and submission, Kurusu. This is just the beginning of a... softer kind."
  27. Kurusu flushed a little. Was she saying he wasn't ready for what she really wanted? He briefly wanted to prove himself, to argue that he was ready, but she shushed him most effectively by loosening the knot of his belt and dragging his hands around to place them on the softness of her ass. Her butt was... unique. It didn't actually function as that part of a normal female's anatomy would. She had another orifice on her abdomen for that particular need. A line of soft, leathery black chitin ran up the middle between those soft, pillowy butt cheeks.
  29. She was so unique looking. Like so many of the girls, her monster and human parts meshed, and it would be easy to think she was just a normal girl sitting on the head of a giant spider if you looked at her from one angle. Her pedipalps, of course, ruined the image... but her hips, her pelvis, her vagina, and the round curve of her full, ripe ass was all human female. Save for that stripe of soft, black leathery chitin running up the center. She had no orifice back there, but it was a wonderful thing to look at, and to hold. It also felt wonderful the one time she had him climb onto her back and put himself between them then proceed to pour thick lubricant over him and have him get himself off while humping her from behind. He still didn't know why she'd done it, but she had been deeply satisfied. Especially as his fingers and hands hadn't been idle while he was doing so.
  31. "Do you like my ass? Do you like my waist?," she asked, sensually sliding his hands up the curves of her ass to her narrow waist. The shifting of position bent him a little forward as she drew his hands up and forced him forward with the weight of her breasts on his back. "Hmmm? Do you, Ku-ru-su?"
  33. The slowly shifting position made Kurusu groan, and he nods, "Yes... Rachnera..." He remembered that time. Breathing out the words. And he meant it. Papi may have had the cutest ass of all the girls, and Miia had an incredible, undulating waistline made fit and tone by her rhythmic movement... but Rachnera's body was incredible. Absolutely incredible. He loved all of them, loved their bodies, loved their forms... and each had a body, in their own way, that was beyond compare.
  35. Rachnera purred, rubbing his hands down into the meat of her rump, pressing them in. His fingers dug in and dragged, and the wonderful moan from Darling's lips delighted her as the beautiful Arachne toyed with him. "Goooood... ...but we know something about you, Kurusu... don't we?" Her hands drew his arms away and then up. Crossing them behind his back as she forced him over. Her chitinous hands rubbing over his bare, scratched back. Fading markings there stood out of both of her claws and of the others, each having left their mark in turn. "Poor abused Kurusu... you might be more maso then we realized. Mmm... we're going to have to make sure these don't scar, won't we?," She kissed one of the markings, one of her own, even as she worked. She pressed his arms tight together, as her leg drew her silk rope to easy reach.
  37. "Mmmmn... I... like it... when you scratch me there, Rachnera...," murmured Kurusu softly. And he did. And when the others did as well... it felt so incredible to have their nails dig in when they clenched in passion with him. The gentle, appreciative laughter that rose from Rachnera showed he said the right thing, and another kiss was received to his back as she purred out her satisfaction once more. "That's my sweet little masochist." The first wrapping of her silk as she tied it around his wrists made him gasp. It was wasn't to tight, but the way she wrapped it... it managed to squeeze his arms together without cutting off circulation to his fingers. "Just bare it, Kurusu. Just let me work..."
  39. The flow of ropes and slip of hands drew him into a taut position. He could feel her guide the ropes down and wrap them around his ankles. Drawing his limbs behind him like this should hurt, but no, it was relaxed... easy... as she slowly bound his legs together at the ankles.
  41. <Unfinished To Be Continued>
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