May 9th, 2021 (edited)
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  1. translations = {
  2.     "BLEEDING": "<color=red>[Death]</color> <color=yellow>{0}</color> bled to death!",
  3.     "GUN": "<color=red>[Death]</color> <color=yellow>{0}</color> was shot to death by {1}",
  4.     "BONES": "<color=red>[Death]</color> <color=yellow>{0}</color> fell to their death!",
  5.     "FREEZING": "<color=red>[Death]</color> <color=yellow>{0}</color> froze to death!",
  6.     "BURNING": "<color=red>[Death]</color> <color=yellow>{0}</color> burned to a crisp!",
  7.     "FOOD": "<color=red>[Death]</color> <color=yellow>{0}</color> starved to death!",
  8.     "WATER": "<color=red>[Death]</color> <color=yellow>{0}</color> died of dehydration!",
  9.     "MELEE": "<color=red>[Death]</color> <color=yellow>{0}</color> was stabbed to death by {1}",
  10.     "ZOMBIE": "<color=red>[Death]</color> <color=yellow>{0}</color> had his brains eaten!",
  11.     "ANIMAL": "<color=red>[Death]</color> <color=yellow>{0}</color> was eaten by an animal!",
  12.     "SUICIDE": "<color=red>[Death]</color> <color=yellow>{0}</color> couldn't handle it anymore!",
  13.     "KILL": "<color=red>[Death]</color> <color=yellow>{0}</color> died mysteriously!",
  14.     "INFECTION" : "<color=red>[Death]</color> <color=yellow>{0}</color> turned into a zombie!",
  15.     "PUNCH": "<color=red>[Death]</color> <color=yellow>{0}</color> was punched to death by {1}",
  16.     "BREATH": "<color=red>[Death]</color> <color=yellow>{0}</color> couldn't hold their breath!",
  17.     "ROADKILL" : "<color=red>[Death]</color> <color=yellow>{0}</color> was ran over!",
  18.     "VEHICLE": "<color=red>[Death]</color> <color=yellow>{0}</color> died in a vehicle accident!",
  19.     "SHRED": "<color=red>[Death]</color> <color=yellow>{0}</color> was shredded to death!",
  20.     "LANDMINE": "<color=red>[Death]</color> <color=yellow>{0}</color> went walking in a minefield!",
  21.     "ARENA": "<color=red>[Death]</color> <color=yellow>{0}</color> died to the arena walls!",
  22.     "MISSLE": "<color=red>[Death]</color> <color=yellow>{0}</color> was victim to a rogue missile!",
  23.     "CHARGE": "<color=red>[Death]</color> <color=yellow>{0}</color> died in a C4 explosion!",
  24.     "SPLASH": "<color=red>[Death]</color> <color=yellow>{0}</color> was splashed to death!",
  25.     "ACID": "<color=red>[Death]</color> <color=yellow>{0}</color> went swimming in acid!",
  26.     "BOULDER": "<color=red>[Death]</color> <color=yellow>{0}</color> was crushed by a boulder!",
  27.     "BURNER": "<color=red>[Death]</color> <color=yellow>{0}</color> burned to death!",
  28.     "SPIT": "<color=red>[Death]</color> <color=yellow>{0}</color> died to an acid attack!",
  29.     "SPARK": "<color=red>[Death]</color> <color=yellow>{0}</color> got shocked!"
  30. };
  32. event onPlayerDeath(victim, killer, cause){
  33.     killerName = toPlayer(killerId) != null ? toPlayer(killerId).name : "";
  34.     broadcast(translations[cause].format(, killerName, player.nearestLocation));
  35. }
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