Breakfast - The town

Feb 20th, 2014
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  1. >You are Shimmer Light.
  2. >... You're also unbelievably angry.
  3. >Like always.
  4. >Good times.
  5. >Currently, you're walking through the village of moth ponies.
  6. >... An entire village of just ponies like you.
  7. >If only you cared about others, you might interact with them.
  8. >But you don't.
  9. >You never talk to anyone.
  10. >... Except yourself, but only when you're completely certain no one else is around.
  11. >Life isn't very interesting.
  12. >Though, it's life's fault for being so boring.
  13. >And all of these moths' faults for being so easy to hate.
  14. >You can see two mares walking by right now; one is... hardly colorful. All of her colors are within the same tone-set. They don't hurt your eyes, but they certainly are boring. The other is yellow and... more yellow. She's the one who always has her tongue out doing sexual things.
  15. >You don't like either of them.
  16. >... You don't like anyone in this village.
  17. >Thankfully, the two don't notice you as you pass going the opposite direction.
  18. >The next mare you see is white and yellow... and not alone. She's surrounded by three little fillies running around her. You believe she takes care of them, but... Well, you don't care enough to care.
  19. >She probably would have noticed you if the fillies weren't screaming in every direction.
  20. >... Though, the orange filly looks at you for a moment.
  21. >You pass by them without hassle.
  22. >A shadow passes over you.
  23. >You glance upward to spot its cause.
  24. >That bat-moth hybrid pony is perched atop a house, surveying the streets for... something.
  25. >Your eyes almost cut themselves on all of his edges.
  26. >Loser.
  27. >You focus back to the street.
  28. >...
  29. >It's completely void of ponies.
  30. >Good, you need to get home anyway.
  31. >...
  32. >After a bit of walking, your house is within view.
  33. >Seems you won't have any-
  34. >...
  35. >Her.
  36. >She walked out of her house with a cross look on her face.
  37. >She's like you, in a way.
  38. >... You don't like her.
  39. >She's quite popular in the village, but she's easy to annoy.
  40. >Just start talking about love and she'll be calling everyone an idiot.
  41. >... Though, that seems like a mask. Deep down, she's probably just as spiteful as you are.
  42. >She locks her door and starts toward the direction you just came from.
  43. >Your eyes meet for a moment.
  44. >Hers bleed the same hate yours do.
  45. >You pass her without a word.
  46. >...
  47. >You approach the door to your house.
  48. >The house right next to hers.
  49. >...
  50. >You shift yourself to look at Hexferry.
  51. >She walks the same road you do, but she walks it... differently.
  52. >Of all of the moths in this village, she's the only one you relate to in the slightest yet you're nothing alike.
  53. >You hate everything about this stupid village.
  54. >... But you wouldn't change it for anything.
  55. >Despite your hate, you like its... quietness.
  56. >No one ever asks anything of you, just like you never ask anything of them.
  57. >You're all alone in this stupid village.
  58. >You wouldn't have it any other way.
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