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Sep 18th, 2021
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  1. =======Cruis'n League 2021=======
  3. Host: L-Roy (message me about any questions/concerns/payments)
  5. What: This year's Cruis'n League will be an IL time trial Cruis'n Blast (switch) tournament. For fun it is called a league but really it's just a plain and simple double-elimination tournament.
  7. When: Matches will take place throughout the months of October-November (early brackets) and December (semi-finals and finals). Match times will be decided between the host (me) and the two competitors. Most competitors should not expect more than a 3-hour commitment throughout the entire league.
  9. How: Sign up by filling in the doc sheet below the post. Requirements to Compete: (1) You must be able to stream* (2) Entry cost is free for the first 8 people to sign up for one game, then the entry cost is 15 dollars (please message me to send in an entry fee) (3) You MUST have every Cruis'n Blast stage unlocked before your match starts.
  11. *If you would like help setting up a stream or to buy cheap equipment please ask. Streaming switch games is surprisingly easy. If you're broke, you can also just doc your computer so that it faces your tv screen (no capture card even needed).
  13. Logistics:
  15. (1) Sign-ups close permanently on October 1st.
  17. (2) Format is a double-elimination tournament.
  19. (3) On your match date, I will randomly draw 3 stages from the IL list.** Then, you will race against your opponent 5 times on each of these 3 stages (a total of 15 races). The winner will be determined as follows:
  21. A. The player who wins the most races (compared against their opponent).
  23. B. If there is a tie, the player whose cumulative times were better than their opponent.
  25. C. If there is still a tie, both players agree to a showdown on one of the three selected stages.
  27. ** Any match for a top 4 placement, however, will not be random and will be decided by community, viewer, and speedrunner popular demand in a point system which you will find explained below (see (7)).
  29. ===
  31. (4) Timing methods will be IGT. A reset mid-race or technical difficulties to the point where you do not finish the race counts as a 5 minute time for that race.
  33. (5) All matches will be streamed on my stream then posted on Youtube (unless there is a timely objection by any competitor).
  35. (6) Prize pools will be distributed as follows: 1st place: 65% of the prize pool 2nd Place: 25% of the prize pool 3rd Place: 10% of the prize pool. To make a donation please message me personally.
  37. (7) Semi/GF stage selection:
  39. Viewer poll: (1st place stage: 80 points, 2nd place stage: 30 points, 3rd place stage: 20 points) /
  40. Community poll: (1st place stage: 60 points, 2nd place stage: 50 points, 3rd place stage: 45 points) /
  41. Most popular speedrunning stage(s): (1st place stage: 25 points, 2nd place stage: 20 points, 3rd place stage: 15 points)
  42. Ties: L-Roy's choice.
  44. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out.
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