Fivearchers's Pastebin

1,249 2,891 7 years ago
Name / Title Added Expires Hits Syntax  
Screenshot Script for Unity Feb 4th, 2014 Never 169 C# -
Snipped of using mouse arrow to target Nov 5th, 2013 Never 75 C# -
Lighting FX Using Curves and Gradients for Unity3D Oct 22nd, 2013 Never 177 C# -
Move using A Curve for Unity3D Oct 22nd, 2013 Never 831 C# -
Scale by Curve script for Unity3D Oct 22nd, 2013 Never 539 C# -
Curve Rotate Script for Unity Oct 22nd, 2013 Never 1,036 C# -
Simple Curve Scale script Oct 22nd, 2013 Never 64 None -

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