TWW JP w/tuner (No swim)

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  1. Outset
  2. Forsaken Fortress 1
  3. Sail, 80r in barrel game
  4. Wind’s Requiem (Zephos cutscene skip)
  5. Superswim to Greatfish (Opt. N. Triangle)
  6. Savewarp
  7. Double storage, superswim to Windfall
  8. Tingle tuner
  9. Password skip, bombs, savewarp
  10. Connect Tingle tuner
  11. Double storage, superswim to Forest Haven (refills)
  12. Wind waker dive/bomb clip to near octorok
  13. Damage from octorok, hover to top
  14. Deku Tree cutscene skip
  15. Deku leaf
  16. Set wind [West]
  17. Tingle balloon + leaf to Forbidden Woods
  18. Double storage, superswim to Outset Island
  19. Nayru’s pearl
  20. Superswim to S. Triangle Island, place pearl
  21. Superswim to E. Triangle Island, place pearl
  22. Delivery bag skip
  23. Dragon Roost Cavern
  24. Superswim to N. Triangle Island
  25. Tower of the Gods
  26. Hyrule 1, escape, savewarp
  27. Ballad of Gales
  30. Warp to Windfall Island
  31. Superswim to Forsaken Fortress 2
  32. Hyrule 2
  35. Warp to Greatfish Isle
  36. Sail to Islet of Steel, get chart, leave/store
  37. Sail to Needle Rock 1, golden ship
  40. Warp to Mother and Child Isles  
  41. Clip out, superswim to Gale for Wind God’s Aria  
  42. Superswim to N. Fairy Island for wallet 2
  45. Warp to Outset
  46.  - Get wallet, savewarp
  47. Superswim clip into Diamond Steppe (No hookshot)
  48. Ghost ship chart (Hookshotless route)
  49. Superswim to Headstone, Earth God’s Lyric early
  50. Swim to Shark Island beedle, enter and exit, get chart
  51. Superswim to Diamond Steppe for Ghost Ship, farm up to ~2.6k (Minimum: 2426)
  52.  - Get chart
  53. Set wind [North]
  54. Sail to Needle Rock 2, get chart
  57. Warp to Dragon Roost Island
  58. Chest storage, get Medli (+200R)
  59. Superswim to E. Fairy, Savewarp
  60. Get chart
  61. Sail to Fire Mountain, power bracelets, leave (no savewarp)
  62. Superswim to Bird’s Peak Rock, get chart, savewarp
  63. Superswim to Ice Ring Isle
  64. Enter, get iron boots, savewarp
  65. Connect Tingle Tuner
  66. Get double storage, superswim to Headstone Island
  67. Earth Temple (-150R if green ting too)
  68.  - Headstone chart afterwards
  69. Superswim to Stonewatcher, get chart, savewarp  
  70. Superswim to Tingle, decipher (IoS, BPR, GS, Headstone, SWI) (-1990R)
  71. Jump in water, savewarp back to Stonewatcher, get shard (Chart #3)
  74. Warp to Forest Haven
  75. Get Makar
  76. Sail to Cliff Plateau, get shard
  79. Warp to Windfall Island
  80. Superswim to Gale Isle, Wind Temple (+152R from pot i n end)
  81. Superswim to Overlook Island, get chart, savewarp
  82. Set wind [West, or South-West if sailing to Two-Eye later]
  83. Sail to Seven Star Isles, get shard
  86. Warp to Outset Island
  87. Sail to mainland, get shard
  88. Savage labyrinth + rupees, get chart, savewarp (+306R)
  89. Superswim to Private Oasis
  90. Cabana deed skip, rupees if necessary, get chart, savewarp (+~200R) (140R, right pots, 100R above chimney)
  93. Warp to Tingle Island
  94. Decipher (Oasis, Savage, Overlook) (-1194R)
  95. Superswim to Gale Island, get shard
  98. Warp to Greatfish Isle, get shard
  99. Superswim to S. Triangle, savewarp, get shard
  100. Superswim to Two-Eye Reef, get shard
  101. (or warp to S. Fairy, then sail to Two-Eye, with SW wind)
  104. Warp to Tower of the Gods
  105. Hyrule 3
  106. Ganon’s Tower
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