Werewolf CYOA

May 22nd, 2015
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  1. >It's been one hell of a year for you.
  2. >After moving out of your parents place, you've run into nothing but a string of bad luck with money.
  3. >Bills, rent increase, engine failures, you name it. You can no longer support all this on your own.
  4. >You end up moving back in with your parents, who have moved to a farm themselves.
  5. >It's pretty boring, but the internet is decent and you have time to relax and figure out what the hell you're going to do.
  6. >"Take your time, son." Your dad tells you with a pat on the back and a big smile. "It's just good to have you back."
  7. >Your parents have always liked having you around, but they are clingy and you end up not really getting much done because of it.
  8. >You get your stuff all set up in the morning, and you spent the rest of the day lounging around the property.
  9. >Ten acres of nothing except you and your parents. The barn has no animals and there are no fields readied.
  10. >You could maybe set up shop here and start growing crops? It may be something you're good at, who knows?
  11. >Soon, the sun begins to set and the fields are covered in a low orange hue.
  12. >Your father asks if you can get something from the barn at the other side of the property and you comply.
  13. >You lose yourself in the silence, no traffic or people nearby means you have a lot of time to think in silence.
  14. >It's dark in the barn but still visible, and after a little bit of searching, you find your old man's screw driver that he left in one of the stables.
  15. >With it in hand, you turn back to leave and go back to the house.
  16. >But you spot something at the barn door and freeze.
  17. >You can't make out any details with the sun at it's back, but it's certainly human.
  19. >"Uh, hi." You greet the figure. You feel like you're a few feet shorter and much more androgynous than you were five minutes ago in the figures presence.
  20. >It doesn't answer you. You notice a moment later that it's eyes are letting off a slight yellow glow.
  21. >You open your mouth to speak again, but before a word can be uttered, the figure lunges forward.
  22. >You duck out of sheer instinct and your attacker flies over head. No human alive has that kind of strength or agility.
  23. >You try to recuperate, but before you can, you feel your legs fly up from under you.
  24. >Before you know it, you're on your back and your attack comes falling down on your stomach.
  25. >You wheeze as the air is knocked out of you, you do your best to recover and look up at your attacker.
  26. >Is that…A woman? She's sitting on your chest with her back to you, a moment later you notice she's not entirely human.
  27. >Two straight, wolf life ears sit atop her head and her arms are covered in a grey fur with claws at the end of each finger.
  28. >She also has a tail protruding from above her behind.
  29. >She turns her head and looks down at you, her lips forming into a mischievous smile.
  31. >Yo, who bitch is this?
  32. >You have no idea who this woman was, or why she looked like that.
  33. >Was she some kind of cosplayer or something?
  34. >"Can you speak?" You ask her.
  35. >The woman's right "ear" bends and she tilts her head to the side. Guess not.
  36. >She ignores the question and turns forwards again and starts fidgeting around.
  37. >You can feel her experimenting with your jeans. Soon you feel the button loosen and the zipper go down.
  38. >You don't know why you didn't try to fight back, she seems strong, but she doesn't feel all that heavy.
  39. >A moment later, she turns her head to look at you again, that grin back on her face.
  40. >She opens her mouth and drags her tongue across her fangs.
  41. >oh
  42. >She couldn't be thinking of.
  43. >Oh no!
  45. >It's already been a bad year.
  46. >And you aren't really ready to have your dick chomped off by a crazy in a cosplay.
  47. >You reach up and yank on her tail, tugging it backwards in hope to pull her off balance.
  48. >The woman yelps and arches her back forwards, giving you just enough of an advantage to roll over and throw her on to her back.
  49. >She gasps when her back hit the ground and you quickly moved in to pin her to the ground.
  50. >You grabbed on to her wrists and slammed them against the concrete flooring.
  51. >Hopefully she couldn't kick you off like a rag doll with her inhuman leg strength.
  52. >"Alright, I'm going to try again." You say with a heavy breath.
  53. >"Who are you?"
  54. >The woman once again tilted her head to the side, looking back at you with a confused expression.
  55. >In your new position, she was easier to make out in the orange sunlight.
  56. >Upon further inspection, those furry ears seemed to be grafted to her head.
  57. >This is either a really committed roleplay, or you just came across something really weird.
  58. >"Look, you're going to have to say something sooner or later." You tell her. "Unless you want me to call the police."
  59. >You didn't even notice until it was too late and you felt the pressure around your waist.
  60. >The strange wolf lady had just locked her legs around you.
  61. >Look at you with the same shit-eating grin as before.
  63. >What should you do now?
  64. >Maybe go for it?
  65. >You don't know, you've never actually been with a girl before.
  66. >Speaking of which, after all this time of staring at her fuzzy, wolf-like arms and the two ears atop her long, similar colored hair.
  67. >You didn't even realize that she was naked.
  68. >Is that where the vagina is?
  69. >You could have sworn that it was on the back of the knee or something.
  70. >Oh man, should you do it?
  71. >I mean, she seems eager, but she doesn't seem to be able to say yes or no.
  72. >Does this still count as consent?
  73. >The girls that lived in your apartment building would probably argue this question, but her clamp around your waist is getting tighter and tighter.
  74. >Fuck it, now or never.
  75. >You go for it and press your lips against hers.
  76. >Seconds later, you can feel her tongue force itself into your mouth.
  77. >It's exploring everyplace it could reach.
  78. >You struggle not to gag at first.
  79. >You'd be a terrible homosexual now that you think about it.
  80. >Nows not the time to think of such things, though. Keep focused!
  81. >Wait, when did your hand get there?
  82. >You noticed your left hand was now resting on her bare breast.
  83. >With her nipple against your middle and index finger, you decide to give it a squeeze.
  84. >She moans happily into your mouth.
  85. >You move your other hand against the ground and her arms wrap around your neck.
  86. >Certainly not how you imagined your first time would go, but you can't really complain.
  87. >You can certainly feel your little fella getting happy in your pants at least.
  88. >Things start to heat up further and further and you feel like your junk is about to burst through your shorts.
  89. >When suddenly.
  90. >"Anon!"
  91. >You hear your father's voice from outside the barn.
  93. >You pull your lips away from her and push yourself up.
  94. >Her ears stand on end at the sound of your father's voice and she reluctantly lets her grip on you go when you scramble to get up.
  95. >"Y-yeah!?" you call back from inside.
  96. >You took the time to give the situation some thought.
  97. >On one hand, she's completely naked, can't speak, and has some extra appendages on her head and back side.
  98. >On the other hand, she's really cute and you're parents will probably stop thinking you might be gay.
  99. >Introducing her may not be such a bad idea, even if she does lack any kind of clothing.
  100. >"Hey." You say as you turn around.
  101. >Wait, where did she go? She's no longer sitting on the ground behind you.
  102. >You take a quick peak in the stalls and corners, she's nowhere to be found.
  103. >"You okay in here?" Your dad asks from the front door.
  104. >"Yeah, sorry, just forgot where we left the screwdriver." you lie to him, no way he'd believe you.
  105. >"Well, alrighty, lets head back inside."
  106. >The sun finally set some time later and only the stars and the full moon stood in the sky.
  107. >What was that even about?
  108. >You decided to put it out of your mind for now and go to bed.
  109. >Your room is small, but you managed to fit your desk and bed into it with still enough room to move around.
  110. >You slowly begin to drift away, lying on your back with your head tilted slightly to the side.
  111. >But, as you begin to teeter between consciousness and unconsciousness.
  112. >You hear three taps on your window.
  114. >After getting a hold of yourself, you sit up in bed and look out the window.
  115. >You see two familiar glowing eyes staring at you from the other side. You have a quick thought that maybe it's something else, but the similarity of the eyes pushes those suspicions away.
  116. >You slide the window open and she quickly pokes her familiar face inside, forcing you to lean back as her nose almost touches yours.
  117. >"What are you doing here?" You ask with a whisper, not expecting an answer.
  118. >She ignores your words, as expected, and hopes in through the window.
  119. >She seems calmer now, maybe giving you time to sort things out.
  120. >What is she? Some kind of werewolf or something? You decide to use the only option at your disposal: the internet.
  121. >Looking up "Werewolves" brings you nothing but weird fan fictions and the wiki article while looking up "Werewolf girl" just brings you rather dirty pictures.
  122. >While you do your best to find the information you need, the "Werewolf" rests her chin on the top of your head and begins to play with your hair.
  123. >What, is she a cat now?
  124. >Still, you can feel her shivering against you, so you move away from your computer to wrap her in your blanket.
  125. >"There you go." you tell her while you turn back to your computer.
  126. >You spin back to your computer and continue to snoop around.
  127. >You feel the werewolf's chin rest on your shoulder and her arms wrap around your chest.
  130. >You sigh and turn your computer off for the night, standing up from your chair and returning to the side of your bed.
  131. >The werewolf girl sat on her legs beside you with a wide smile, her tail waving playfully behind her.
  132. >You wonder for awhile why she's so attached to you, is she in heat and just trying to get off? Or maybe it's puppy love at first sight?
  133. >She's avoiding the rest of your family though.
  134. >You wish you could talk to her, ask her where she comes from and what she actually is, or even just what her name is.
  135. >Still, you wonder just how perceptive she is, and you cup her cheek in your hand.
  136. >She closes her eyes and grabs on to your wrist and the back of your hand with hers.
  137. >She has a rather strong grip for being so lithe.
  138. >She coos while she nuzzles against your hand.
  139. >"Jeez." You laugh quietly. "I wonder if you know you could do way better than me."
  140. >With your wrist still in her hand, the werewolf girl scootches back into the bed and pulls you along.
  141. >Soon, you're pulled under the sheets with a naked girl nuzzling happily against your chest.
  142. >With all the questions and events that had transpired, you had completely forgotten the position you are in.
  143. >You've never actually been with a woman, and no woman has ever been so eager to show interest in you before.
  144. >You gulp away the lump that had formed in your throat and tried your best to calm your pounding heart.
  145. >Still, you aren't some punk-ass harem protagonist, if you're going to adventure into manhood, then what better way than to pioneer into uncharted waters?
  146. >Your hands linger and trail away until they're both planted firmly against her hips.
  147. >She freezes for only a second before her tail begins to wag excitedly under the blanket.
  148. >You look down at her face, she's looking up at you with a smug, mischievous grin.
  149. >and before you could even react, you find yourself with your back against the mattress and a naked, gray haired woman sitting on top of you.
  150. >She moves closer until her face is almost touching yours, and then a gray furred finger presses against your lips.
  151. >"Shhh." she orders with a silent giggle before she begins to reach into your boxer shorts.
  152. >Your body is now shaking, not just out of anticipation, but also out of fear that your parents would come barging in.
  153. >Your experience in this field is…limited at best.
  154. >Do you let her continue? Do you take charge? What the hell are you supposed to do!?
  157. >You decide that it would be in your best interest for her to take the lead.
  158. >Honestly, this isn't how you imagined your first time being.
  159. >Being crushed under the flabs of a fat, rainbow haired college girl seemed more likely.
  160. >Not that you were complaining, she had curves and muscles in all the right places.
  161. >She's really cute, even if her hair is kind of getting out of control. Would she object to a hair cut?
  162. >Before you can continue to dwell on things, you feel a strange sensation around your member.
  163. >She pulls your erection out of your shorts with her padded paws, giving you a sly grin when she noticed you were already hard.
  164. >You turn red and scratch the side of your head. Hope she wasn't expecting a smooth ladies man.
  165. >She didn't seem to mind, and gave it a few slow strokes before positioning herself over it.
  166. >you gritted my teeth and expected a slow ascend into man hood, but was greeted instead with a audible "Thunk" instead.
  167. >You covered your mouth like a priest who was told an offensive joke and was quickly overcome by strange new sensations.
  168. >You noticed she wasn't doing so well either while she sat still on top of you.
  169. >She was biting her bottom lip and her tail was standing on end.
  170. >Was she a virgin as well?
  171. >For someone who brought up a big game, she wasn't really prepared for the end results, was she?
  172. >You had to do something or else you'd both be sitting there all night, you're a man, damn it! Take action!
  173. >You moved your hands around her and grabbed on to her ass, causing her to jump slightly.
  174. >Your fingers sank against her flesh and she finally opened her eyes.
  175. >Slowly, she pressed her paws against your chest and began to grind her hips.
  176. >The moment was quiet, but nice. After few strokes, the pained grimace on her face began to turn into a smile again.
  177. >And before you knew it, she was lifting herself and dropping down against you slowly, letting you feel every movement.
  178. >Even though you just started, you could feel the heat in your chest rise.
  179. >Shit, as romantic as this is, it's still your first time.
  180. >What the fuck do you do? You don't want to blow prematurely.
  182. >She was beginning to go crazy on top of you, if you didn't take charge then you'd probably stain your fresh sheets preemptively, Not that you weren't enjoying yourself.
  183. >You push yourself off the mattress and wrap your arms around her.
  184. >Her breasts press against your chest, and you hold her tightly with one arm while the other plays with her tail.
  185. >She seems to relax in your grip, allowing you to take charge of the situation.
  186. >Even while sitting on your lap, she's a bit shorter than you, just short enough for you to bite gently on her left ear and nibble.
  187. >She gasps but manages to stifle a moan by lightly biting down on your shoulder.
  188. >You can feel her fangs dig in, but she's being gentle enough that it doesn't cause much pain.
  189. >You take the advantage in her moment of weakness and throw her on to her back, pushing yourself into the dominant role.
  190. >With each thrust, you're rewarded with one of her quiet yelps into your ear.
  191. >You can feel her claws scrape against your back and her legs lock around you.
  192. >Soon you lose yourself in the moment, and you both struggle to keep quiet under your parents roof.
  193. >It all becomes too much, and soon you find yourself cumming deep inside of her.
  194. >She yelps loudly but manages to cover her mouth before it turns into a shout.
  195. >After the moment pass and you finally stop twitching, you both sit in silence and wait for any kind of foot step or other noise.
  196. >Nothing, you're in the clear.
  197. >She giggles again and her grip around you loosens, you dread to think of what your back looks like right now.
  198. >You move to the side and roll against the mattress, your guest's arms still locked under yours.
  199. >She moves so your chin rests on top of her head and she nuzzles against your neck.
  200. >You both lie in silence, the sweat from the two of you together doesn't really seem to bother you that much.
  203. You cuddle up and prepare to sleep with your newly met…Uh…Mate?
  204. >But you realize something.
  205. >You aren't tired. Not yet at least.
  206. >That session took a lot less out of you then you originally thought.
  207. >Wait…Does that mean?
  208. >Her ears perk up when you raise the blanket and look down at yourself.
  209. >Well hello there, lil guy.
  210. >Looks like someone is still fit for duty.
  211. >You realize that this is your chance.
  212. >Time to show who's the alpha dog in this relationship!
  213. >She peeps in surprise as you position yourself above her again.
  214. >Looking up at you in confusion with her paws pressed against your chest, guess she wasn't expecting a round two.
  215. >Still, you press your lips against hers and kiss her deeply, exploring her mouth with your tongue.
  216. >She begins to moan softly into your mouth and doesn't even realize you're positioning yourself for reentry.
  217. >Her eyes widen as her lips are spread again and you insert yourself inside her.
  218. >Her toes curl at the first thrust, then she submits after the second.
  219. >Your lips only part from hers when you need to breath and you don't let up with the motion of your hips.
  220. >You knead her breast lovingly with one hand while keeping yourself up with the other.
  221. >Probably the most exercise you've gotten in a long time.
  222. >Good on you, cross fit.
  223. >She struggles not to moan in pleasure, and each and everyone that escapes is drown out into your mouth.
  224. >Once again, you feel the build up in your head and you soon release inside her once again.
  225. >She plops down against the mattress as soon as you pull out, completely exhausted.
  226. >You just lay above her and kiss the skin of her shoulders and neck.
  227. >Not long, you realize that once again the little soldier is ready for war.
  228. >She seems to notice as well, and begins to shake her head, her chest still heaving from the last go.
  229. >She waves her paws in front of you as if to say. "I submit."
  231. >Oh no, the voices in your head are fighting.
  232. >On one hand, it turns out that you have the stamina of a sex god, and you're doing rather triumphantly for your first time.
  233. >On the other hand, she looks exhausted. You don't think she was expecting such an onslaught.
  234. >You decide to try your luck and go for one more.
  235. >At first she's hesitant, and shields herself from you with her knees.
  236. >But a second later she relinquishes and spreads her legs again.
  237. >You go in slowly and gently, honestly, you aren't as much of a trooper as you thought.
  238. >You're kind of sore, and it almost hurts to maintain an erection.
  239. >The spirit is willing, but the flesh is bruised and spongy.
  240. >You press the fingers of your left hand against her ass and begin to thrust gently.
  241. >You feel her paws against your back and her teeth against your shoulder.
  242. >Each thrust is followed by a gentle nibble of her ears or a kiss.
  243. >You've never actually felt like this for a woman, especially such a strange one.
  244. >You don't even know her name, and it may just be the heat of the moment talking.
  245. >But you might just be in love.
  246. >You feel the pressure on your shoulder disappear, followed by a playful bite on your ear lobe.
  247. >This intimacy continues for what feels like a blissful eternity until you finally give in and come inside her one last time.
  248. >You hold each other for some time until she finally gathers the strength to say "No more."
  249. >She pushes you off of her as gently as she could and lies on her side against the bed.
  250. >You take your place beside her and she pushes herself into your chest, wrapping her arms around you and nuzzling against your chest.
  251. >"Man…" you whisper. "Where have you been all my life..? I wish I could at least know your name."
  252. >She opens her eyes at your words, looking around as if you just triggered a memory."
  253. >"Sss….Ci….." She mumbles, her ears low against her head.
  254. >She seems to give up on it, and rather nuzzles against your chest again.
  255. >She's asleep before you can press the issue, her soft breaths warm against your chest.
  257. >"Rise and shine, sleepy head."
  258. >You are awoken by the sound of your father's voice and the smell of bacon.
  259. >You woke up alone in your bed, your guest must have left during the night.
  260. >After gaining your bearings, you stand up and join your parents in the dining room.
  261. >Your father explains that him and your mother are going into the city for a meeting with friends.
  262. >Leaving you alone on the farm.
  263. >They leave at around nine and leave you sitting in your computer chair.
  264. >As tempting as it seems, sitting around on the internet doesn't really call to you, consider events that transpired.
  265. >So you find yourself moping around the farm, doing your best to repair the little damages around the property.
  266. >A fence here, a gate there, painting here, throwing away there.
  267. >It's easy, slack, relaxing work, you kind of enjoy it.
  268. >You go about stacking up some logs outside the barn until you feel a tap on your shoulder.
  269. >Your turn around to find your wolfgirl friend standing in front of you with her hands locked behind her back and a big smile on her face.
  270. >You notice that she's wearing an old T-shirt and shorts of yours, you didn't even realize that they were missing.
  271. >"There you are." You greet her with your own smile.
  272. >"Gao gao!" She shouts, pointing off into the distance excitedly and grabbing on to your wrist.
  273. >She pulls at you lightly, you're well aware that she could probably rip your arm off if she wanted to, but she's being impressively gentle.
  274. >Does she want you to follow her?
  276. >"Hey, hold up." you say as you dig your feet into the ground.
  277. >She stops and turns to you, tilting her head to the side.
  278. >"What, no good morning kiss?"
  279. >She giggles at your words and moves in close, planting a sweet little kiss on your lips with a big "Mwuah!"
  280. >Obviously she can understand you, what's her game?
  281. >Afterwords, she pulls you along for a short period before beckoning you to follow her.
  282. >You trail behind her for around half an hour, getting some distance from your property.
  283. >Finally, you reach the woods, a large stretch of trees that are visible even from your room.
  284. >With another "bark" she points into the woods and beckons you to enter.
  285. >You've come this far, may as well go all the way.
  286. >You enter the woods at a casual pace until you have to start climbing over fallen trees and dodging branches.
  287. >Soon, she grabs your wrist again and points at…A hovel?
  288. >It looks like a little fort a child would build from the outside, but you can tell even from here that she dug into the ground and made a sort of cave.
  289. >She beams at you and pulls on you to follow her inside.
  290. >But should you enter?
  292. >You were hesitant at first.
  293. >From out here you really couldn't see inside, but you had no reason to believe that she was leading you into a trap.
  294. >You stepped inside in a crouch, minding that you didn't heat your head on the ground level.
  295. >It took your eyes a moment to adjust, but soon enough you could see her humble little home in all it's glory.
  296. >it was rather spacious, she was obviously digging this out for quite some time. Do wolves make dens? You can't really recall.
  297. >It's roughly the size of your bedroom throughout, minus the closet.
  298. >You have to walk around with an arched back so you don't hit your head on the ceiling.
  299. >To your left you spot a…A couch? It's a color of puke green and it looks like it was thrown from the back of a truck, but it's usable. Did she drag that all the way in here with nobody noticing?
  300. >Beside the couch was a…A wooden night stand with two drawers and an unusable lamp that wasn't plugged into anything.
  301. >You sit down on the couch and the wolf girl was quick to join you.
  302. >She practically skipped into her den and hopped up on to the couch.
  303. >She sat on her knees, staring at you with a big grin, her tail wagging happily behind her.
  304. >"So…uh." You start, twiddling your thumbs. "What do you wan-"
  305. >Her ears suddenly perk up and she turns her head to look outside.
  306. >Quickly she stands up and motions at you to stay in your seat. A second later, she's gone.
  307. >You are suddenly left alone, sitting in a hole on a run down couch.
  310. >You look at the night stand and resist the urge to open it up and rummage through it like a sleuth.
  311. >So you just sit down on the couch in the little hovel, twiddling your thumbs and humming to yourself.
  312. >A few minutes later, your host returns with a dead rabbit clenched in between her teeth.
  313. >She spits it out into her hand and points it at you proudly.
  314. >As impressive as it is, you doubt that raw rabbit tastes any good.
  315. >Maybe she should just save it for herself for later.
  316. >"Hey uh." You speak up when you remember what you were going to say. "Do you mind if I look in here?"
  317. >You point at the night stand and her ears perk up. She puts the rabbit down and slowly approaches it, looking at your finger and then at the night stand again.
  318. >She locks two of her fingers behind the night stands nob and pulls it open.
  319. >She pulls it out until it almost falls from it's lock and then steps away.
  320. >You look inside and spot a purse as well as a cracked portrait.
  321. >It's a pink wallet covered in flowers closed by a clip.
  322. >You move it to the side and look at the portrait, it's a picture of an older man with a beard and a girl with brown hair.
  323. >She looks almost identical to our friend.
  325. >You turn the picture around and present it to her.
  326. >"Hey." You speak up to get her full attention. "Who's this?"
  327. >You point at the girl in the picture and she leans in closer.
  328. >She begins to squint her eyes, her ears going low against her head.
  329. >Soon, her tail begins to lower, she seems frustrated, like she's struggling with the thought.
  330. >She sits back and looks at you with a frown, slowly, her finger points to herself.
  331. >The woman in the picture was her. Or rather is her.
  332. >This raises the question on who the older man in the picture is.
  333. >"Do you know who this is?" You ask her, pointing at the bearded man.
  334. >She looks at the picture again and her ears once again sink against her head.
  335. >Her frown grows wider and wider until her lower lip begins to quiver.
  336. >Soon, her eyes fill with tiers and she struggles to stay focused.
  337. >She sits back from the picture and begins to wipe her tears against her wrist.
  338. >"Papa…!" She sniffles in between her sobs.
  341. >You're at a loss to what to do.
  342. >There she was, crying her eyes out in front of you.
  343. >You didn't know what would fix the issue, so you settled on a hug.
  344. >She wrapped her arms around you and sobbed against your chest.
  345. >The older man in the photo was her dad. But you didn't even know if he was still alive.
  346. >"Okay, I need you to think." You tell her after she managed to calm down a little. "Is there anyway we can figure out where you're from?"
  347. >She sits back and wipes away her tears again, staring ahead in contemplation.
  348. >She reaches back into the drawer and takes out the wallet, handing it to you.
  349. >You unclip it and look inside, finding a expired visa card, a gift card to finesse, and a drivers license.
  350. >Bingo.
  351. >You pull it out and look it over.
  352. >It has a picture of a woman that looks exactly like her, minus the gray hair and ears.
  353. >Sydney was her name. Born a year after you, "currently" living in a town roughly two states away.
  354. >What the hell was she doing out here?
  355. >You try to ask her, but she struggles with her words.
  356. >She finally makes a triangle motion with her paws.
  357. >A tent?
  358. >"You were camping?" You ask her.
  359. >She nods in confirmation.
  360. >This raises a few questions.
  361. >"Do you remember what happened?"
  362. >She shrugs sadly, only offering a motion of her biting her own arm.
  363. >She was bit?
  364. >What bit her?
  365. >Are there more out there?
  366. >What do you do now?
  368. >You think back to a night ago when she had her fangs against your shoulder.
  369. >Quickly, you rub your hand under your shirt and over your shoulders.
  370. >She didn't break the skin, but what if she did? Could you catch the same thing? Is it both male and female? You've never actually heard of a female werewolf outside of a few modern movies, they've usually been depicted as men.
  371. >"Do you remember where you were last?" You asked Sydney. "Before all this?"
  372. >She furled her brows in thought, soon she beckoned you outside of the den.
  373. >She points north from where you are after you leave the den, then makes a motion with her paws as if to say "This much."
  374. >"So, a long ways away?" You ask her.
  375. >She nods.
  376. >You don't know exactly how far north she means by "Long ways", but you do have a car. You could probably make the trip tomorrow morning.
  377. >"Well, we should probably get ready to check it out tomorrow."
  378. >Sydney suddenly grabs on to your hand and digs her feet against the ground.
  379. >She looks upset, even frightened at your proposition.
  380. >You start to think.
  381. >Whatever did this to her may still be there.
  382. > You thought about taking her back to your house.
  383. >How would revealing your…Uh…Girlfriend? To your parents even go over.
  384. >No matter, you don't feel right just leaving her out here in this little den.
  385. >"Alright then, let's go to my place first and think things over."
  386. >You grab her by her paw and lead her back towards your house, you have a few more hours before your parents get home, you can think things over.
  387. >Time to lay out a plan.
  389. >You give it some thought before leading Sydney back to your place.
  390. >You still had two hours or so, so you spend the time cleaning her up a bit.
  391. >You spend some time in the bath with her, cleaning behind her ears and all that before drying her off and getting her in some fresh clothing.
  392. >Looks good enough to present to your mother. With a set of Pajama's you had lying around since you were a teenager. Fit her perfectly.
  393. >She cuddled up to you quietly while you just sat there and watched TV.
  394. >You waited for what felt like forever, and finally your parents came home.
  395. >They came inside and immediately brought your A-game.
  396. >You explained everything, minus the whole sex part.
  397. >You told them about the den, about her real identity and about her dad.
  398. >You even drove the story home by giving her ears a gentle tug.
  399. >It was easier that you thought, your parents believed you instantly.
  400. >Their first reaction was to call the police, but your dad suddenly started talking about Area 51 and the CIA and MIB and all that stuff.
  401. >You tell them about the camp site somewhere up north.
  402. >Soon, your father goes on the net and starts looking up camp sites.
  403. >There's a national park around 200km north from here.
  404. >That must have been it.
  405. >There was also a missing girl hunt around 5 years ago, it was called off with no leads.
  406. >It was your dad who put the plan together.
  407. >You, your dad, and Sydney will head to the lake tomorrow morning, your mother staying behind after you explained everything.
  408. >You don't know if it really effects men since you've been mouth to mouth with Sydney already. Not that you'd tell your parents. But you're sure as shit that It'll effect women.
  409. >When night comes, your mom sets up the couch for Sydney with a blanket and a pillow.
  410. >But low and behold, as soon as everything gets dark, your door creaks open slowly and in comes Sydney.
  411. >She sits at the other end of your bed and slowly wags her tail.
  414. ou sit up in your bed and cross your legs.
  415. >"Hey, about tomorrow." You start.
  416. >Sydney's tail stops wagging.
  417. >"I don't know what we'll find, or if we'll even find anything. But I just want you to know that I'll be with you 100% of the way. You don't have to worry about a thing."
  418. >Sydney pauses for moment and stares at you.
  419. >She begins to beam and her tail wags uncontrollably.
  420. >With a giggle she leaps at you and pins you to the bed, nuzzling against your chest.
  421. >She soon stops and looks up you, resting her chin against you.
  422. >Her tail lowers and she begins to crawl up towards your face.
  423. >She looks like she's struggling, opening her mouth and exhaling every few moments.
  424. >"I…" She gasps, now biting her lower lip in struggle.
  425. >"I l-" she continues to battle with herself.
  426. >"I lo-"
  427. >"I love y-you!" She finally manages to say.
  428. >You sit in silence while Sydney is still pounced on top of you. She just sits there with a warm smile.
  429. >You open your mouth to speak but she cups both your cheeks in her paws and moves in.
  430. >You can feel her lips against yours. It's a warm, tender kiss. Not like the one you shared on day one nor is it that quick playful peck she gave you in the morning.
  431. >It was sincere and deep.
  432. >Your lips finally parted from hers and she slinks down again against your chest.
  433. >"M-maybe you should go back to the couch." You recommend. "Not that you freak out my folks."
  434. >She simply shakes her head and begins to drift off, listening to your heart beat.
  436. >You lie in your bed until she finally drifts away.
  437. >When she doesn't respond after giving her a small nudge, you move to pick her up and carry her back to the living room.
  438. >Careful to not bump her into walls or furniture, you make the trip and lower her back down on the cushions.
  439. >She smiles and snuggles up against her pillow after you put the blanket over her.
  440. >You hesitate at first, but you decide to go against better judgement and kiss her on the forehead.
  441. >"Good night, Sydney." You say before turning around and returning to your room.
  442. >The dawn of the final day.
  443. >Your father and you pack up everything you need, including your dad's hunting rifle.
  444. >Hopefully, if you do find anything, they're as reasonable as Sydney is, but you can never be too careful.
  445. >You wave your mom goodbye and pile into the car with Sydney in the back seat.
  446. >Two hours pass before you reach your destination and park.
  447. >This part of the park is pretty remote, with most people doing their activities up the river on the other side.
  448. >You can only hear yourselves and the usual sounds of nature.
  449. >Sydney seems tense, her ears are sunken against her head and she whimpers from time to time.
  450. >"Sydney, can you remember where this happened?" You asked her.
  451. >She looks at you with large eyes and nods her head.
  452. >She beckons you and your father to follow along.
  453. >She leads you into the woods, standing in an opening between three trees.
  454. >"What are the odds of it still being here?" Your dad asks you.
  455. >"How long you willing to wait?" You ask back.
  456. >"Well, I aint never heard of a werewolf that hunts in day light."
  457. >You three set up camp and pass time until the sun sets.
  458. >It felt almost like a normal camping trip, with little BBQ pit and all.
  459. >It's hard to see now. You feel like you just walked into a Blair Witch movie.
  460. >Maybe this wasn't such a good idea.
  461. >It's deathly silent, not a peep from the woodland critters or anything.
  462. >Sydney seems as tense as ever, she's not even making a whimper at this point.
  463. >Soon, your dad sighs and gets up.
  464. >"I'm going to take a leak." he says as he steps a little deeper into the forest.
  465. >You almost doze off, staring at the fire with your head in your hands.
  466. >Then, suddenly.
  467. >You hear your father scream!
  469. >"DAD!" You cry out as you scramble from your seat.
  470. >You go in the direction of where he trailed off to with a flash light and quickly find his rifle sitting on the ground.
  471. >His screams stopped as quickly as they started, but you still have hope that he's alive.
  472. >You pick up his hunting rifle, a Winchester. You won't be tearing down any expanses of forest with this thing.
  473. >The old man had all the ammo, and all you have is what's in the magazine.
  474. >You hear Sydney calling to you, pulling on your sleeve and pointing on ahead.
  475. >She's suddenly braver than she was before.
  476. >You follow her without hesitation.
  477. >You continue along until she suddenly stops.
  478. >A few yards ahead of you lies a cave in the side of a cliff.
  479. >Her fear suddenly returns and she lowers herself to the ground.
  480. >Whatever took dad is in there.
  481. >Sydney is scared, she doesn't want to move another inch forward.
  482. >But you don't have any time to lose, you advance.
  483. >She yelps and beckons you to return to her side.
  484. >You try to reassure her with a hand gesture and move forward.
  485. >Soon, the complete darkness of the cave envelopes you.
  486. >"Dad!?" You call out, breaking the darkness with your flash light.
  487. >Your voice echoes through the cave.
  488. >Probably not the best idea.
  489. >The silence is broken again by another voice. This time not yours.
  490. >You hear a low growl coming from beside you.
  491. >Your turn your head before your turn your light. You spot two eyes glowing in the darkness.
  492. >Just like Sydney's.
  493. >You turn your light and rifle towards the "werewolf" and prepare for a fight.
  494. >You kind of regret that decision.
  495. >Your light beams across the creature, you notice a minute later that she's actually crouched over.
  496. >Her hair is pure white, compared to Sydney's grey.
  497. >She begins to slowly rise, her eyes never looking away from yours.
  498. >She stands at least three feet taller than you.
  499. >The muscles on her arms, legs, and stomach are clearly defined and visible.
  500. >Not to mention the claws at the end of her paws and feet look like they could tear through a car.
  501. >You're starting to wonder if going in guns blazing would be such a good idea.
  503. >You look around and try to focus on the area around her.
  504. >Your dad is nowhere to be seen.
  505. >"Sydney!" You called out. "Get back to the car!"
  506. >You raised your rifle and fired once, the bullet cracked and bounced against the ceiling of the cave.
  507. >Your ears were ringing and you shook your head while you tried to pull back the lever.
  508. >As soon as you load another bullet, the giant werewolf leaps forward.
  509. >Like lightning, she's in front of you and latches her claws around your gun.
  510. >Easily, she yanks it from your hand and tosses it further into the cave.
  511. >You back away slowly as the giant haunches over you.
  512. >She's bearing her fangs, maybe firing the gun wasn't such a good idea.
  513. >She raises her claws over her head and you prepare for the worst.
  514. >But before she could make her move, something crashes into her left.
  515. >She falls deeper into the cave and is scrambling on the ground.
  516. >Sydney made her move and attacked the much larger werewolf.
  517. >You don't want to wait and see what happens, and you go for the rifle.
  518. >But before you can reach it, you hear a high pitch yelp.
  519. >You don't even want to turn around, but you couldn't help but look.
  520. >Time seems to slow down around you, you don't want to see what may have happened to Sydney.
  521. >But…Wait.
  522. >???
  523. >The large werewolf is on the ground, curled up and whimpering in pain.
  524. >And Sydney!
  525. >Sydney is crouched down above her… With the taller werewolf's tail clenched between her teeth.
  526. >She's growling until she sees you looking at her and she sits down on the werewolf's legs.
  527. >She wags her tail.
  529. >You cautiously approach Sydney and her victim.
  530. >"Alright Syd." you start. "One nod for yes, two for no."
  531. >Sydney looks at you and nods once.
  532. >"Do you know her?" you ask.
  533. >She nods once and pats the side of her neck.
  534. >She then growls and bites down a little harder against the tail.
  535. >The larger werewolf yelps again and covers his face behind her paws.
  536. >"So she turned you?"
  537. >She nods again.
  538. >"Alright then."
  539. >You scratch Sydney once behind the ear and crouch down in front of the downed werewolf.
  540. >She peaks out from her paws and looks at you with pleading eyes.
  541. >"Where's my dad." You ask her.
  542. >"I know you can understand me, Sydney gets it just fine."
  543. >Slowly, she begins to point deeper into the cave.
  544. >"Is he hurt?"
  545. >She shakes her head.
  546. >"So he's okay?"
  547. >She nods."
  548. >"Good."
  549. >You stand up
  550. >Now what?
  552. >"Sit on her, Sydney." You order as you prepare to dwell deeper into the cave.
  553. >Sydney takes your order literally and sits on her defeated enemy.
  554. >You go into the cave with a flash light in one hand and your rifle in the other, peering down the long tunnel.
  555. >But as you go deeper, you begin to hear something.
  556. >It's your dad's voice!
  557. >It echoes through the cave.
  558. >You begin to run, calling out his name.
  559. >Is he in pain?
  560. >Is he okay?
  561. >Are there more werewolves in that cave?
  562. >You don't want to think about it.
  563. >You just want to get him out of here.
  564. >You prepare yourself for battle.
  565. >The voice becomes louder and louder.
  566. >He's…He's!!!
  567. >Wait
  568. >Is he laughing?
  569. >You see a bright light at the end of a long tunnel and find yourself in an opening with the starry night sky above you.
  570. >There's a little fire in the center of it all.
  571. >You see your dad next, sitting with his legs crossed on the ground.
  572. >You notice he's playing with a group of five werewolf…Children? Pups?
  573. >They all share the same white hair as the large one up front.
  574. >They're all wearing something, either simple bed sheets or some sort of t-shirt or sweater. Stolen clothing?
  575. >Your father is sitting there playing with them as you would an energetic puppy.
  576. >The one sitting on his legs looks at you and wags her tail.
  577. >"C'mon, son!" He calls you over. "Join the family."
  578. >Did she abduct your dad to be a…Dad?
  579. >Wait.
  580. >Who's the father?
  581. >So what happens now?
  584. >Okay, what the hell?
  585. >You ask your dad what happened.
  586. >He explained that he was nabbed right after taking a leak, and he woke up here surrounded by all these little werewolves.
  587. >He said that the older one seemed happy that he was taking so well to them, but heard something and ran off.
  588. >So your dad was to become these little critters' Step Dad.
  589. >You sigh and tell your dad to wait here.
  590. >He doesn't complain.
  591. >You run back to the front of the cave. Sydney was right where you left her.
  592. >You told her to get off and then lifted the white haired werewolf to her feet by her arm.
  593. >You then took her hand in yours and led her back towards her den.
  594. >She followed without resistance.
  595. >You pull her until she is in front of her children and point.
  596. >"What the hell is this?" You ask. "Who's kids are these?"
  597. >Her ears lower and she begins to whimper.
  598. >Slowly, she hovels across the den and towards what looks like a makeshift bed.
  599. >She rummages around on it and brings back a picture.
  600. >You take it from her and look at it.
  601. >It's the same picture that Sydney was carrying around.
  602. >"Wait, Sydney." You speak up. "Is this your mom?"
  603. >Sydney shakes her head.
  604. >You look at the picture, and then at the kids, and then you think about the missing report five years ago.
  605. >Those pups are at least four or five years old.
  606. >…
  607. >"Sydney, these are your step sisters." You come to the conclusion.
  608. >Sydney's ears perked up and she crouched down to inspect them.
  609. >One of them noticed Sydney right away and approached to sniff her.
  610. >Soon, the pup clung on to and hugged her leg.
  611. >"Where is he now?" You asked mama wolf. "Where's their dad?"
  612. >Sadly, she pointed in the direction of Sydney's home state.
  613. >He must have left after giving up on finding his daughter.
  614. >Did he keep Mama wolf here a secret from everyone else in the mean time?
  615. >There's a chance he's still alive then.
  617. >"Alright, everyone up!" You order.
  618. >You pick your father, Sydney, and two of the pups to their feet while the other's follow.
  619. >You lead them along and then cram them into the car.
  620. >Sydney and the mother sit side by side in the back seat with the little girls on their lap or somewhere else between them.
  621. >You arrive at your house in the middle of the night, waking up your poor mother.
  622. >You introduce her to the entire band and make sure no one has the idea of biting into her.
  623. >She seems really infatuated with the little ones.
  624. >She then asks you why you don't have kids yet.
  625. >Good going.
  626. >You spread out the living room with blankets and pillows
  627. >The children are each given a bath, they don't seem to like it that much but they comply.
  628. >Your mother pulls out some old clothing from when you were a little boy, they don't fit perfectly, but they're comfortable.
  629. >The Werewolf Mother seems very compliant, It's obvious that she can understand you, so she probably knows what's going on.
  630. >Everyone is cleaned and bathed and dressed in whatever would fit.
  631. >And best of all, no one got bit.
  632. >It's 2 A.M now and everyone is asleep.
  633. >You sit in your room and look up Sydney on the internet.
  634. >A few missing girl reports as well as a family name.
  635. >You look it up and quickly find her dad.
  636. >A widower, he's still alive.
  637. >You sigh and lean back in your chair and close your eyes.
  638. >Soon, you feel a chin rest on your shoulder.
  639. >You look to the side and see Sydney resting against you.
  642. >You turn around to look at Sydney.
  643. >"Sydney…" you start. "Do you know what's going on?"
  644. >She stops for a moment and then nods her head.
  645. >"You're going to go see your dad again."
  646. >She nods her head even more, her tail now wagging.
  647. >"Sydney. I don't know what's going to happen after that. But we may not see each other for awhile."
  648. >Her tail stops wagging.
  649. >The words begin to circulate in her mind.
  650. >She starts to silently whimper.
  651. >"Hey, hey, c'mon." You try to reassure her. "It's not like we won't see each other again.
  652. >She looks at you with sad eyes and opens her mouth.
  653. >"Promise?" She asks, her voice struggling with the word, but it came out.
  654. >"I promise."
  655. >You cup her cheeks in your hands and give her a deep kiss on the lips.
  656. >Her ears and tail perks up before she begins to wag her tail happily when your lips part.
  657. >You get out of your seat and move to the bed, patting at the spot beside you when you get comfy.
  658. >She eagerly leaps forward and takes her spot at your side, cuddling up against you while you pull the sheets over.
  659. >Soon, the moment of peace is ended by the sun.
  660. -
  661. >Dawn of the final day.
  662. >No one picked up the phone each time you tried to call.
  663. >You all stand out in the yard while your dad pulls up your moms van.
  664. >The pups are playing and the mother seems to be tense and eager.
  665. >Sydney is sitting beside you on the porch.
  666. >She sneaks her paw on top of your hand and squeezes down.
  667. >She could probably crush every bone in your hand, but she's being rather gentle with her squeezing.
  668. >Your father finally comes from the garage after what feels like forever.
  669. >You stand up with Sydney. A final choice must be made.
  670. >A final decision must be made.
  672. >You've made up your mind.
  673. >It would be selfish to just keep Sydney with you. Everything had to be settled.
  674. >You lead her into the van by the hand and quickly get into the front.
  675. >The journey is grueling and you only stop for bathroom and snack breaks.
  676. >Your dad drives throughout the night while the rest of you sleep.
  677. >Dad was always tough as nails.
  678. >You wake up in the morning with one of the pups still sleeping on your lap.
  679. >"You awake?" Your dad ask, sipping on her thermos filled with coffee.
  680. >"Yeah…" You answer.
  681. >"Can I be straight with you, son?" He asks. "Everyone else is still sleeping.
  682. >"Uh.Sure?"
  683. >"You and Sydney. Are you close?"
  684. >"What do you mean."
  685. >"Like…DId you?"
  686. >"Aw, Dad. Come on!"
  687. >"I'm just saying, kiddo. I'm cool with it. She seems like a nice girl, even if she does scratch herself with her leg sometimes."
  688. >"…"
  689. >You look away and out the window. Guess your silence says enough, but whatever.
  690. >Everyone wakes up an hour later.
  691. >The kids sit quiet for the most part, but sometimes start fussing around and playing with each other.
  692. >The ride takes what seems like forever, but soon you enter the town that's written on Sydney's drivers license.
  693. >Looks shmoozy as hell, a lot of fancy new-age buildings and streets.
  694. >It's like Beverly hills but in the mid west.
  695. >Even what look like the cheapest houses in the town look like luxury pent houses compared to yours.
  696. >Your dad struggles with the GPS, but soon you find the street your supposed to be on.
  697. >Holy shit, these houses are huge! You could fit two of yours and a garage into any of these.
  698. >"Well, this is it." Your dad announces, pulling up into the drive way.
  699. >You throw hats over everyone with fuzzy ears and then steps outside.
  700. >There's no one else outside except for someone mowing a lawn a few houses down.
  701. >You all march up the pathway to the front door.
  702. >And finally…
  703. >Finally ring the door bell.
  704. >…Nothing?
  705. >Is he out?
  706. >You ring it again.
  707. >No answer.
  708. >Last resort, you knock on the door.
  709. >It opens, the door wasn't even closed properly.
  710. >"Hello!?" You call inside.
  711. >Nothing.
  714. >You decide to enter the house.
  715. >You beckon Sydney along, but she whimpers and stays back.
  716. >It's all up to you now.
  717. >You enter the house.
  718. >It's dusty, but not rundown or anything.
  719. >You begin to look around for any signs of life.
  720. >The fridge is mostly empty, save for a sandwich, some root beer, and a few bottles of Budweiser.
  721. >The sandwich looks new, so it wasn't that long ago.
  722. >You continue down the halls, past a living room.
  723. >The TV is on, its stuck on the Blu-Ray Menu for Speed 2.
  724. >"Hello?" You call out.
  725. >No answer.
  726. >This house is fucking huge.
  727. >You turn a corner down another hall.
  728. >one of the rooms has a light on.
  729. >"Hello!?" You call out again.
  730. >No answer.
  731. >You arrive beside the ajar door with lights inside.
  732. >You dread to think what might be on the other side.
  733. >A hanging body?
  734. >A panicked man waiting for you with a shotgun?
  735. >You slowly open the door.
  736. >And…
  737. >You find a man sitting in a chair.
  738. >A empty bottle of Jack Daniels is on the ground beside him.
  739. >His sweater is a little messy, but not too bad.
  740. >He seems to be sleeping with three of his fingers pressed against his face.
  741. >Slowly and calmly you shake him.
  742. >Finally, he opens his eyes and takes a sharp breath before realizing there's someone in the room with him.
  743. >"W-Who are you?" he asks groggily.
  744. >"Uh, hello sir." You greet him.
  745. >You introduce yourself and help him out of his chair, telling him there's someone he would like to meet.
  746. >He follows you to the front door and steps outside.
  747. >He shields his eyes from the sudden light and lets his eyes adjust.
  748. >He's suddenly greeted by the sight of a very timid girl.
  749. >Her tail is between her legs and she stares at him with misty eyes.
  750. >He takes a moment to stare at her in confusion before he realizes who he's looking at.
  751. >"Sydney?" He asks. "Sydney? Is that you?"
  752. >Sydney doesn't say a word and runs to embrace her father.
  753. >He stood frozen for almost a minute before his eyes began to tear up, and soon return the embrace.
  754. >They hold the embrace for quite awhile before they finally pry themselves away from each other.
  757. >Moments later, you introduce him to his daughters and their mother.
  758. >He doesn't know what to say, their existence was entirely unknown to him.
  759. >But as soon as they conquer their shyness and approach him, he lifts them and embraces each and every one of them.
  760. >But the mother is hiding behind your dad.
  761. >"You." He says. "I remember you."
  762. >He moves past you and grabs on to her wrist.
  763. >She follows him as he gently pulls her closer to the house.
  764. >He looks up at her and produces a warm smile.
  765. >"It's good to see you again…"
  766. >Soon, the mother tears up and falls to her knees.
  767. >Sydney's father invites you and your father inside, spending over an hour just thanking you and showing his new family around the house.
  768. >They seem to be taking kindly to it, chasing each other around yet not destroying anything, even on accident.
  769. >You spend the rest of the day as "Guests of honor" and spend the night in his home.
  770. >But all good things must end.
  771. >The day comes and you finally have to say goodbye.
  772. >You don't know what will happen to Sydney, but her father promised that he'll do his best to help them.
  773. >You have a few moments alone with Sydney.
  774. >She hugs you sadly and sneaks in a kiss when no ones looking.
  775. >With your final goodbye, you get into the van and drive home…
  776. >Five months later.
  777. >You stand in front of the sink and finish cleaning your dishes.
  778. >You haven't been able to see Sydney as much as you'd like, but the distance is just too great.
  779. >Life is going a bit better for you. You got back into school and are taking new courses.
  780. >You sigh and put your last dish away.
  781. >What now?
  782. >There's nothing to do outside, guess it's time to go to your room and waste time.
  783. >Suddenly, there's a knock on your door.
  784. >You see a car in your front yard. You didn't even notice it drive up.
  785. >"Can I help you?" You ask as you open the door.
  786. >You look down on a girl wearing a nice coat. She's holding a case in both her hands and wearing a black grey cloche.
  787. >"Hi ___." She says to you.
  788. >She tilts her head and gives you a warm smile. "It's good to see you again!"
  789. >It takes you a moment to realize who it is.
  790. >Mostly because her coat was flapping behind her.
  791. >"Sydney?" You ask in disbelief. "Is that you?"
  792. >She giggles and takes her hat off, her ears twitching on top of her head.
  793. >"Can I come in?" She asks.
  794. >"Y-yeah, of course!"
  795. >You take her case and place it down on the table.
  796. >"Are your parents home?" She asks you.
  797. >"No, they're out on vacation." You tell her while you turn back around to look at her.
  798. >Her coat is already lying on the floor. She's looking at you with a mischievous smile.
  799. >Before you can even say another word, you're on the ground on your back with Sydney pinning you down.
  800. >"Good." She whispers into your ear.
  801. >"Then no one can interrupt our little reunion.~"
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