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  1. DQIX any% Hero-only
  3. This stream is meant to be a fun & entertaining run of this game & category. I'm usually a serious speedrunner with speedrun goals & expectations, but I've wanted to do a long, entertainment stream for awhile (yeah can you believe it? In fact I am a Twitch partner), so here it is. Check out the sub goals below if you're into that sort of thing. No donations/bits here.  
  5. The plan is for this to be a one-stream completion. This category is defined as using only the main character to complete the game. The player can't interact with Patty (yes, including pcull44444) in order to recruit any characters. DQVC or any multiplayer options are banned.
  7. This will take a while. I don't know how long, but we'll find out. Let's have fun
  11. Sub goals:
  12. These are sub goals to add elements of spontaneity to the stream in a fun, lighthearted way. This is a part of the month where I don't expect too many resubscribers (meaning this is mostly for new subs), but anyone, of course, is welcome and all subs count. I don't have any expectations (seriously), but the goals are there if you're crazy enough to make them happen.
  14. Everyone is completely welcome to the stream, whether you want to subscribe or not. Anyone viewing, chatting or engaging in the run is very much welcome & appreciated.
  16. 1 sub - First sub gets the stream mascot Metal Slime named after her/him (or their choice of a name)
  17. 2 subs - Second sub gets a custom Metal_Babble bot command (or chooses someone who wants it).
  18. 3 subs - Third sub gets a perler of any DQ slime they want created by me, sent to them (PM me where to send)
  19. 4 subs - Pushups during credits where I say every sub's name from the stream out loud (10 bonus pushups immediately when this goal is met)
  20. 5 subs - Tea Time w/ Tonic - share a hot beverage & nominate & vote on a discussion topic via Strawpoll for 10 minutes
  21. 6 subs - Dragon Quest III monster betting side-cam
  22. 7 subs - Make Tonic subscribe to a Strawpoll nominated streamer during the run. 7th subscriber gets to write the message (PG-13)
  23. 8 subs - Do as many squats (while holding the DS) in 30 seconds as possible (Final Fantasy VII style)
  24. 9 subs - Dragon Quest IX love story fan fiction read aloud during a Metal Slime grind segment
  25. 10 subs - Video game trivia for 100 questions - 1st place gets $25, 2nd place $15, 3rd place $10 paid via PayPal *
  26. 11 subs - Bob Ross style MS Paint drawing of a Dragon Quest scene (I am no artist)
  27. 12 subs - 12 sub Blue Steel bathroom mirror update selfie via Twitter
  28. 13 subs - Bird tank-top & pink bandana mode (This Tank Top Owns) (1 hour min)
  29. 14 subs - Virtual camera tour of Tonic's room (INCLUDING pillow count)
  30. 15 subs - Ukulele jam after the run
  31. 18 subs - Video game Trivia #2 for 100 questions - 1st place gets $25, 2nd place $15, 3rd place $10 paid via PayPal *
  32. 21 subs - Dragon Quest VIII / Dragon Ball Z crossover fanfic read aloud (this one is very long and completely outrageous)
  33. 25 subs - Blazer & Final Tea Time w/ Tonic - REAL (TA) talk (Tonic's Top Ten) edition
  34. >30 subs - Dragon Quest III any% (English or J, viewers' choice) RTA immediately after the DQIX run (this run) **
  36. * I will issue all of these payments by Monday Aug 15th. Just PM me your contact details. I'll have email receipts for these. Because it's part of a sub goal, anyone can ask for these receipts if they care. I'd blur out my contact details & the recipient's details, but I'll prove that I honored this, especially with the timestamp.
  38. ** Disclaimer: I might pass out but it'll be live
  40. Regarding any other posted times for this category: this is a RTA (real time attack), a live recorded playthrough using a timer without breaks (that is, modern speedrunning). Yes, I am aware there are times out there for In Game Time (segmented runs) results with using only the Hero, specifically on GameFAQs. Also to give context, the fastest known Time Attack ("TA", that is, segmented run) by a reputable DQ-runner in the JAPANESE version (over 30 minutes faster than English from text alone) for a FOUR character any% is 6h22m. Keep that in mind if you're reviewing any Hero-only run times you might find for their authenticity.
  42. Segmented runs using the In Game Time as the time measurement, are not comparable to a real time for a multitude of reasons. To summarize the reasoning, only segmented runs allow you to save & quit for a desired result (example: a first try boss clear at a very low level with incredible luck). If you think about it, segmented runs are inefficient TASes without the superhuman input. Comparing this run to a segmented one would be like comparing a SMRPG Low Level real time speedrun to a segmented version - clearly, the segmented run would be way faster. Clearing the game in one sitting is an entirely different beast and as such, this run will both take longer than a decent segmented run, and is routed very differently.
  44. Thanks for reading/watching!
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