Tower #2 | Disruptor

Jan 23rd, 2022 (edited)
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  1. Tower Concept #2:
  3. Disruptor
  4. Cost: 3500 Coins
  5. Price: 1200 $
  7. General Concept: a support tower that does low damage but will apply various debuffs onto the enemy it attacks or to all enemies in general
  9. Examples being:
  10. -Lower enemy speed
  11. -Lower enemy max health
  12. -Temporarily disable enemy abilities
  13. -Reset cooldowns of boss abilities
  15. However the Distruptor will also do something like this:
  16. It will have an active ability where it will lower the enemy's max health by 10% temporarily, This however will not stack like you think
  18. Example: If person A used the ability, the enemy's health will go from 100 to 90, and if person B uses the abilities, it will lower from 90 to 81, and the more this ability is used at the same time as other abilities, it will get weaker until the previous effects wear off
  20. Damage        | 1
  21. Firerate      | 1
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