Coming Out Of Your Shell

Dec 10th, 2017
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  1. >Be Home Sick
  2. >You aren't literally home sick
  3. >That's your name! Home Sick!
  4. >True to your name you never leave home
  5. >Unlike most of the ponies living in Ponyville, you don't go out and socialize, you only stay home and practice magic
  6. >Your hobbies include cuddling with pillows, crying, hissing at ponies who knock on your door, listening to music, and writing fantasies about being with HOT stallions who you absolutely wished would just pound you RAW wi-
  7. >Oh, uhm, seems you've gotten off track
  8. >Currently you were hunched over at your desk as usual, head propped up by a white hoof, your two-toned brown/orange mane spilling over your head as you wrote about being with a bat pony stallion
  9. >You sighed longingly, daydreaming about him, Bleakwing
  10. >Romantic incense burned at one side of your desk, filling your nostrils with a scent that brought your ears hanging limp, sullenly wishing that something interesting could happen to you like Twilight Sparkle and her friends
  11. >There was a knock at the door of your little hovel
  12. >Sometimes one of them would stop by, going on about noticing a "friendship problem" brewing
  13. >You snorted, what friendship problem?
  14. >You had plenty of friends! Like... Bleakwing... In your stories! Yes! Of course he was your friend, if you wrote about him maybe the laden magic in Equestria would guide him to you!
  15. >Another knock at the door, more errant than before
  16. >You drooled on the hoof propping your head up, then suddenly found yourself cast back into reality as it slipped, muzzle smashing rather roughly into the hardwood of the desk
  17. "Ow ow owie!"
  18. >You brought your head back up, both hooves quickly reaching up to cover your poor snout, only for them to roughly collide back into your face, increasing your pain ever more
  19. "Celestia's sunsplotched butt!"
  20. >You fell backwards from your stool, your wings colliding into the carpet below, your forehooves still covering your muzzle
  21. >Another knock at your door, this time accompanied by a rough yet oddly catching voice
  22. >"Home Sick? We heard some noise! Are you okay?!"
  23. >You growled in pain, eyes closed as you laid there on your floor all splayed out how you were, would be rather humiliating if somepony saw you
  24. >Luckily you never socialize, have no real friends, and your family has disowned you because of your unorthodox nature of handling stressful situations
  25. >Mostly by screaming and crying, or hiding
  26. >Thus was the life of the rare introverted pony
  27. >The knock turned into the rattling of your door handle as somepony decided it wouldn't be rude at all to just barge right into your home
  28. >"We're coming in!"
  29. >Yet again you were propelled back into reality, finding the strength to roll over on your belly and to stand up on all four hooves, groaning as your back now ached
  30. "Great..."
  31. >You heard two sets of hooves walking through your little home, and as scared as you were of intruders, you certainly didn't want them to see you, that would be bad news
  32. >What if it was the mailmare and she was worried about the HUGE imprinted pillow you ordered of Bleakwing?!
  33. "By the heavens!"
  34. >You trotted over to your door and quietly shut it before anypony could really notice
  35. >Or so you thought
  36. >You heard a sigh from the other side of the door, and then somepony knocked on it gently
  37. >"Home Sick...? We know you're in there, please don't hide from us, we just want to talk to you."
  38. >She sounded concerned, and you could've sworn you recognized the voice
  39. >You scrunched up, then made a mental decision, cracking the door only slightly to view who was intruding your home
  40. >First you saw the minty colored coat, then looked up to see concerned golden eyes
  41. >Lyra?
  42. >Behind Lyra stood an equally concerned Bon Bon!
  43. >You opened your door just a little more, trying not to cry from the social pressure being exerted on you right now
  44. "C-can I h-help you?"
  45. >Lyra glanced back at Bon Bon, then looked at you
  46. >"We're worried about you."
  47. >If you could see your pupils, you would've noticed they shrunk to pinpricks at those words
  48. "W-worried? Why?"
  49. >Lyra's look of concern morphed into one of provoked sadness
  50. >"Why? Because... Because just look at yourself. Home Sick, you're cooped up in your home and nopony ever sees you outside!"
  51. >Bon Bon chips in
  52. >"And you don't stop by our store anymore either."
  53. >You inch the door closed just a little more, currently freaked out by the situation
  54. "Y-you don't have to be worried about me."
  55. >Your soft plea is unheard by curious and confused ears
  56. >"You don't even fly anymore, Home Sick! Do you see your wings? They aren't even preened! You aren't taking care of yourself, or your home, because it's positively... Eugh."
  57. >Your old school friends came here just to judge you then, that's nice, totally what you wanted to happen, and exactly what you wanted to deal with right now, judgement
  58. "You're just judging me because of how I live! I'm perfectly fine!"
  59. >"No, we aren't judging you, we're just trying to help our friend, we know she's in there somewhere."
  60. >That hurt, that really REALLY hurt.
  61. >On the inside, you felt a crushing pain, they didn't think...?
  62. >You felt tears well up in your eyes as you sniffed
  63. "Y-y-you, b-but..."
  64. >Lyra went into shock as she realized what she had said, but it was too late
  65. >"N-no no no! I didn't mean that!"
  66. "Go away! Just go away! I don't need help!"
  67. >"Home sick..."
  68. >You shut the door right on their faces, then fell back against it, balling up and hugging yourself with your hooves
  69. >You weren't different, this is just how you are, you can't help it
  70. >Arguing and sobbing could be heard beyond your door, and after a few minutes, the voices quieted down as they trotted away
  71. >You heard your front door click shut, but you didn't really care if they left, you just continued to lay there in your pity ball, happy to be sad because you couldn't do anything like a normal pony
  72. >You liked being this way
  73. >You liked being a neet
  74. >You fell asleep in that little pity ball of yours and woke up the next day
  75. >It started like any other day really, you got up stretching your back after a night spent on the floor, then rotating your wings and popping their joints
  76. >Your wings really didn't feel too great, but that's what happens when a pegasus doesn't fly
  77. >Opening your door with minimal effort, you wandered outside of your rather messy room and into the hallway beyond, cantering into your dimly lit bathroom with no lack of enthusiasm
  78. >You liked to keep curtains drawn in your home, it minimalizes the chance that anypony would see you
  79. >Anyhow, you looked at yourself in the mirror above the little sink you had, and groaned at your appearance
  80. >The fur around your eyes was stained with tears from crying yesterday, and the feathers on your wings looked absolutely out of whack
  81. >You should really preen more often, but you are usually FAR to lazy to do much about your everyday bedraggled appeareance
  82. >You mentally sighed, then stepped into your walk in shower, this time choosing not to lay down in it while thinking about what you did wrong in life
  83. >You turned the knobs on your shower to reach the perfect temperature, skin melting hot, and sighed as you let the stream of water hit your mane and back
  84. >Course, a shower wouldn't be complete without shampoo, and shampoo yourself you did, scrubbing all the necessary areas in a lazy fashion
  85. >In your defense you liked to make all your showers quick and easy with not much fuss
  86. >You couldn't help but notice a certain area had stains around it
  87. >Were you really going into heat so soon?
  88. >You whimpered at the thought
  89. >You pushed away those awkward moments and continued to wash yourself, before putting your scrubber back on its rightful shelf
  90. "Good thing I don't go out... That would be a little embarassing."
  91. >You giggled
  92. >The hot water washed away all the remaining suds from your mane and body, feeling refreshed, you turned off the shower and felt yourself shivering as the cold seeped its way into your wet fur
  93. >You pulled a towel from the rack beside your walk in shower and roughly patted yourself down with it, not completely drying yourself but not leaving yourself too wet either
  94. >Stepping out of the shower left you feeling not as cold as you did before, but still a little chilly; so you opted to use the magical blowdryer you had just recently ordered from a catalog
  95. >It was a handy little tool, sucking in air from its intake vent, then magically heating it with an enchantment only to blow it back out of its outake vent
  96. >Fancy piece of technology it was
  97. >You turned it on and yelped as the warm air hit your face, then turned it off quickly
  98. "Wow this thing works really well!"
  99. >You hummed to yourself as you turned it back on, this time prepared and ready for the warm gusts of air to hit your mane, blowing it back and quickly getting rid of any residual water, leaving it nice and soft, ready to brush
  100. >You did the same with the rest of your body, blow drying it until you didn't feel like any dampness was left
  101. >Normally that would be the end of your cleanliness, but the words that Lyra had left you with yesterday made you feel a little guilty for not doing anything with your life after graduation
  102. >Maybe you could go outside for once?
  103. >You pondered this idly as you brushed your mane back, letting some locks fall around your face, before tying it nicely into a ponytail
  104. "Hehe."
  105. >Ponytail
  106. "Funny word, wonder who came up with that?"
  107. >You brushed the rest of your coat, and then brushed your tail, leaving it nice and wavy in your wake up brushing
  108. >Of course, you weren't done yet
  109. >You set about preening your wings for the first time in...
  110. >You can't remember
  111. "How long have I been a hermit...?"
  112. >Nonetheless, you still remembered how to preen, plucking out some of the errant feathers that were out of alignment, then tucking the primaries and secondaries back into their rightful place
  113. >Your alabaster wings looked nice and in place, not out of whack like they had been in the previous months
  114. >Looking down, you realized you had made a nice pile of broken feathers on the floor
  115. >You sighed, scooping them up and gently placed them in a trash can
  116. "Bye bye old feathers."
  117. >You did a once over in the mirror, and found yourself stunned by your appearance
  118. >When you actually groomed yourself you actually...
  119. "I don't look that bad..."
  120. >Huh, why didn't you groom yourself more?
  121. "Am I really the pony in the mirror...?"
  122. >Naturally you were, but you still didn't understand what made you the way you were today, maybe it would come to you in time, or maybe it would be sooner rather than later
  123. >You tried to look back on what made you stay in your humble abode anyway, sifting through years of memories, going all the way back to your elementary days up to graduation in high school
  124. >Now you remembered...
  125. >It was back in high school, shortly before graduation
  126. >"Wow, look at Sickly Hoof over here, being the slutty little needy filly like always."
  127. >Y-you weren't slutty
  128. "You c-can't say that about me, Jade Glitter!"
  129. >The pony in question, who insulted you in homeroom, had a smug look on her face, backed up by the two most popular ponies in your class
  130. >"Oh? Why not?"
  131. >She advanced forward, leaving you to take a few steps backward
  132. >"You did, after all, stay the night at Night's house, what did you two do hmm?"
  133. >You were on the verge of tears, you weren't a slutty pony, you two were just friends!
  134. "We didn't do anything together! W-we just slept in the same bed-"
  135. >You brought a hoof to your mouth, you did not just say that
  136. >Jade gasped in mock shock
  137. >"Slept in the same bed! Why, that almost sounds like you SLEPT together now didn't it?"
  138. >She giggled at your embarassment, the entire class stopped what they were doing and curiously stared at the two mares arguing
  139. >Jade flicked her sky blue mane to the side, smirking at you
  140. "W-we... I d-didn't..."
  141. >"You're a little floozy, a slutty little filly who just can't get enough of MY handsome stallion."
  142. >Jade and her friends laughed at you as you tried to hide behind your mane, your white cheeks turning red with embarassment, and eyes watering up on the verge of tears
  143. >And cry you did, as ponies called you names while you burst out of homeroom, running down the hall bawling your eyes out
  144. >You resolved that day to never let yourself succumb to embarassing situations by just not interacting with anypony
  145. >Coming back to the present, you stared at yourself in the mirror, finding the most miniscule amount of confidence inside yourself to actually come out of your hovel
  146. >"I'll show her, I'll show them I can be a normal mare."
  147. >You huff and come out of your bathroom, choosing to actually face your fears rather than avoid them like you had been
  148. >It was a noble venture for you, the path less trotted
  149. >You only hoped that ponies wouldn't make such a big deal about it, as they usually tend to make a massive deal about the most minuscule of topics
  150. >Like that time when a little filly from Manehatten bullied the cutie mark crusaders, they had an entire song about it, it was insane
  151. "They would never sing about me..."
  152. >You shook your head and giggled
  153. >You'd probably die of a heart attack if that happened, though you were pretty sure it would never occur
  154. >Your first objective was to stretch your much underused wings anyways, you lived a fair ways outside town so nopony would really notice you, other than maybe Rainbow Dash, but she didn't like you that much anyway
  155. >You carefully trotted over to your front door and cracked it open as you usually did with doors, peeking to see if anypony was out there
  156. >Sure enough, the coast was clear outside of your little cozy cottage
  157. "Thank Celestia."
  158. >You breathed a sigh of relief as you came outside and shut the door, feeling the wind blow through your wavy mane and tail
  159. >It actually felt good to be outside, you couldn't remember the last time you had actually gone outside willingly
  160. >You tended to get regular grocery deliveries through the mail, not wanting to go to the market to buy your goods for fear of an unpleasant social situation
  161. >Nevertheless, here you were, feeling the warm breeze against your coat, closing your eyes and sniffing the air to take in those wonderful scent of lilacs and daisies swishing through the currents
  162. "Mmm, it's so nice out."
  163. >You smiled to yourself as you walked further away from your home, observing the bustling town of Ponyville in the distance, it wasn't too far away, but far enough so that nopony would really bother you if they couldn't help it
  164. >You unfurled your wings, looking behind you to observe your wingspan
  165. >It was actually kind of impressive for a pegasus of your stature, not quite the size of Rainbow Dash's, but still quite large
  166. >You smiled giddily at the thought of flying for the first time in such a long while
  167. >Then your smile dropped as you realized that you were so out of practice
  168. >Though your cutie mark was a winged cloud, apparently signifying that you could stay in the sky as lazily as the clouds hung up there with minimal effort
  169. >Even though that was your special talent, you were unsure of yourself, choosing to ponder this for a few brief moments
  170. >You were so deep in thought that you hardly noticed a certain butter yellow pegasus softly land nearby
  171. >"Oh, hello Home Sick!"
  172. >Fluttershy's voice was so soft that it hardly startled you, ironically she was one of the few ponies that you didn't mind being around simply because you rivaled eachother in terms of shyness
  173. >You probably beat her out though, because well... you never quite came outside
  174. >Nervously, you turned towards the smiling pegasus, tucking your wings back into your sides
  175. "H-hello Fluttershy."
  176. >She stayed a few hooves away from you, respecting your personal space, you could appreciate that
  177. >"I'm so glad you've come outside, it's nice to see you enjoying the day!"
  178. >You giggled anxiously
  179. "Yeah... I uh... I just wanted to fly, alone, really it's no big deal."
  180. >Fluttershy advanced closer towards with a few short trots
  181. >"Oh, but it is! Um, Lyra told me about what happened yesterday and I-"
  182. >Your eye twitched
  183. >Lyra told ponies about what happened?
  184. "Please leave."
  185. >Fluttershy stopped her talking and stared at you with the same concerned look Lyra had given you the previous day
  186. >"W-what? But I um, just wanted to-"
  187. "Go. J-just please leave me alone."
  188. >Her concerned look morphed into one of sadness as she nodded and turned around
  189. >She glanced back at you for one final worried gesture
  190. >"I-I hope your day gets better, goodbye Home Sick."
  191. >Whatever
  192. >You didn't need her concern
  193. >You don't NEED anypony's concern!
  194. >You scuffed the dirt with an alabaster hoof, then unfurled your wings in a much more aggressive manner
  195. "Nopony has any right to be worried about me, I can manage on my own!"
  196. >Taking flight patterns and aerodynamics from memory, you launched off the ground and flapped your wings, gaining a little air as muscle memory started to take over
  197. >You managed to get a few hooves off the ground before giving out and falling to the ground on your rear end, eliciting a yelp from you
  198. "Owwww! Celestia whyyyy!"
  199. >You huffed at your wings, who only flapped back at you in annoyance
  200. "Obey me! You are part of my body! Work darn you!"
  201. >They flapped once in response
  202. "Fine! We'll do this the hard way!"
  203. >You launched off again, this time more carefully and coordinated, managing to get farther off the ground
  204. >You let your wings pick up a breeze sailing through the air, blowing you forwards and allowing you to soar upwards
  205. >Involuntarily you did a loop, squeaking as you suddenly leveled again, this time above your cottage
  206. "H-ha! I'm flying! I can still fly!"
  207. >You were a pegasus dummy, all pegasi can fly!
  208. >You smiled at your small victory, feeling some modicum of happiness for the first time in a long time, flying in circles around your house
  209. >Making a mental decision, you landed on the roof of your abode, observing the world around you
  210. >You spotted a few ponies who were taking the scenic route around Ponyville had stopped to watch you fly, one of them slackjawed
  211. >Obviously some ponies didn't expect you to EVER come out of your house
  212. >Neither did you really.
  213. >Alas, here you were, out and abound in the air flapping wildly
  214. >You felt as free as a bird, carelessly soaring through the skies without much of a care in the world
  215. >In fact, you were so free and detached from reality, you hadn't noticed the tree that somehow appeared in front of you
  216. >Boom
  217. "Waah!"
  218. >You yelped, suddenly finding yourself out of control, much less free, and careening towards the knolls below
  219. >Your wings uselessly flapped, only serving to bash you against the very same tree once more
  220. "No no no! Not like this!"
  221. >It was all in vain, mayhaps fate made it so, but it seemed you were destined to hit the ground
  222. >And hit the ground you did, hard, fast, and with unrelenting force did your body slam into the dirty devil below you
  223. "Oooohh..."
  224. >Birds, bees, and other forest creatures whirled around your head as you lifted yourself up from off the ground
  225. >You swatted them away, hiccuping as your aching limbs trembled for the sweet release of rest
  226. >A nap sounded pretty good about then
  227. >But luckily, pegasus bones are rather hollow, and you weren't exempt from this rule of nature that pegasi were not easily deterred from collision
  228. "T-thank goodness nothing is broken!"
  229. >You brushed twigs and leaves out of your messy mane, which was far too messy even for your sake
  230. >While you were busy fixing yourself up, the sound of galloping caught your attention
  231. >Your ears swiveled towards the sound, then the rest of your head as your eyes came to rest upon Fluttershy's startled form rushing towards you
  232. >"Oh! Home Sick! I saw you fall, are you alright?"
  233. >She came to a slow halt close to you, observing you warily
  234. "I-I'm fine, don't worry, pegasus and all..."
  235. >You nervously glanced over at the previous onlookers, who were now staring at you with concern
  236. >You don't like being the center of attention
  237. >Look what you've gotten yourself into!
  238. >"Are you sure? Because that was a nasty-"
  239. "Fine! Fine! Fine! Fine!"
  240. >You squeaked out
  241. >You hopped up on all four legs and quickly dashed away, hoping to not be attended to by curious onlookers again
  242. >Fluttershy seemed to reach a hoof out to you, before sighing and letting the hoof fall
  243. >You couldn't hear her from the sound of your hooves, but she was concerned
  244. >"Oh Home Sick, why do you do this to yourself?"
  245. >You galloped along the stony path that led up to your humble cottage, bursting through the door and quickly slamming it behind you
  246. >Gasping for breath, you dizzily looked around at your messy living room
  247. >Any spot to pass out would be great, really
  248. >You chose a pile of your... Artistic work... To lay down on, sifting and searching through all the various crude sketches of you and your dream stallion
  249. >How could a mare like yourself ever hope to get with such a handsome buck like Bleakwing?
  250. >And so there you lay, sobbing yourself to sleep for the second time in a row, thinking about what happened over the course of the day, thinking about being the center of negative attention once more, thinking about all the ponies who might care about you, only for you to brush-
  251. >No
  252. >None of it is your fault
  253. >You weren't selfish
  254. >You were a good pony!
  255. >So why does nothing good ever happen to you?
  256. >You fell asleep, thinking about other things that could've been.
  257. >But yet again you are awoken, presumably hours later to a knock at the door, more like pounding
  258. >"Home Sick! Come out! We all need to talk to you!"
  259. >You wiped away crusty tears out of your eyes
  260. "Mmno! I don't need anypony!"
  261. >You hear an annoyed sigh
  262. >"That's a lie and you know it, cmon, open up!"
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