Day 12 by KrishnaKarnak (Candy Mane/Babs)

Feb 3rd, 2014
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  1. Day 12 by KrishnaKarnak (
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  5. (Sorta sequel to 'Bad Apples 1+2')
  6. (picture of the scene:
  8. It was a quiet evening in the household. Babs Seed's eyes were glued to the television as she enjoyed one last round of gaming with her big brother before they headed to bed. Resting on the soft carpet in her lime-green pajamas, patterned with seeds, Babs tapped the buttons of the controller in front of her, scowling at her brother, who was in a blue-patterned pair, adorned with soccer-balls.
  10. Her father, Streamline, was resting in the winged armchair, stretched out as though he were in a hammock. His snores ripped through the air every few seconds. Meanwhile, the honey-coloured Candy Mane was sitting on the couch with her eldest daughter, Creme Egg. Creme Egg had already gotten old enough to move out on her own with her fiancé, but always came by to visit. Candy was listening to her relive a little misadventure she had gotten up to when at a house party the weekend prior. She kept comparing her oldest's antics to what she used to get up to before she got married. Both were rather giggly.
  12. Babs rolled her eyes, biting her lip. Between the snoring and the giggling, she was finding it hard to concentrate on her game. Her character was sprinting across the top half of the screen, engaging the level boss. Her brother's, however, was stuck fighting lesser enemies and having to respawn after another death.
  14. “Gah!” Babs moaned, smacking her hoof against the floor. “Why ain't ya gettin' some healths?!”
  16. Her brother Scorecard huffed. “Hey, I'ma tryin', 'ere! But dis goon's hard to kill!” he said defensively. “How come ya went and rushed ahead?”
  18. “'Cause I'm ain't no baby at the game,” Babs snapped back, blowing her mane out of her eyes. “Maybe if ya wanna stop suckin' today, we could win? I need a meat shield for dis boss!”
  20. Her brother gave an angry titter, but fell silent. Over on the couch, big sister Creme Egg reached the climax of her story as Candy Mane lets out a shriek of laughter.
  22. “So, so, get this, Mom! I tell Timberlogs to stop drinking, because I'm not dragging his butt back to our house again, and he just starts slurring his words, standin' tall and gettin' all tough looking and in my face about it! He holds out a hoof and starts talkin', tryin' to argue his case, and he stumbled and went face first into the banister! The knucklehead actually broke through it and went down the stairs! AND THEN HE APOLOGIZED TO ME, BECAUSE HE THOUGHT I WAS MAD AT HIM!” Creme finished, snickering madly.
  24. “Shaddap!” Babs hollered, smacking her hoof against the floor as her character died on screen to the boss' attack.
  26. Candy Mane stopped laughing very quickly, her voice sharpening in an instant. “Babs, you watch who you're talking to, young lady! One more outburst from you and the game's going off and you're going straight to bed.”
  28. “But I can't play dis with you hyenas screamin' back dere!” Babs moaned defensively, looking back at her mother.
  30. “That's no reason to snap at us like that, Babs.” Candy pressed on, narrowing her eyes. “Behave yourself.”
  32. Babs whipped around front again as something slipped into place in her mind. She had to be careful; if she had another angry outburst, she'd be in trouble. And if she got into trouble, her mother's deal would be off the table. Babs bit her lip again. After all, it was only day twelve.
  34. Babs Seed had just gone through a few week stint of rather unruly behaviour, bad decisions, and sloppy school work. Already being a child who had earned one-too-many fully justifiable trips over her mother's knee, Candy Mane had informed her eleven days ago that her attitude and actions had earned her a fifteen-day prison sentence: Candy was going to try Babs out with some maintenance spankings before bedtime, five in total. This meant that every third day, Candy would take the preceding three-days day's actions, language, and school-work into account and give her youngest child a backside-roasting appropriate to the severity of Babs' behaviour. The first two weren't very fun. The third was easily the best one, as Babs had gone out of her way to control herself and received high praise (and a few extra snacks) from her mother as a result.
  36. It was Candy's promise, however, that wonderful offer she had made after Babs' had gotten her last spanking, that Babs was in danger of losing right now. Her mother had promised her that if she kept up her good behaviour, the last two maintenance spankings would be skipped. Thus, snapping at her mother over a video game was not a wise decision.
  38. “I'm sawwy, Ma...” Babs mumbled after a short period, feeling chills run down her spine. It didn't help that she sometimes enjoyed the idea of having her tush spanked.
  40. “That's alright, sweetheart,” Candy replied exasperatedly, and Babs could tell from her tone that she wasn't going back on her offer. “We'll be quieter.”
  42. “Thanks!” Babs said gratefully, restarting the level.
  44. Unfortunately, she'd be finding out all-too-soon that she still had a bit of a way to go to curb her recent spell of naughtiness. As she and her brother ventured yet again through the level, his constant lagging behind was beginning to irritate her again. Her father's snoring continued to pound against her eardrums and, despite the fact that they were now speaking quietly, she could still hear her mother and sister's chat.
  46. “Jump, ya idiot!” Babs hissed, stamping her hoof against the controller as she evaded a missile.
  48. “I am jumpin'!” Scorecard retaliated. “Stop bossin' me 'round, brat! I'm older than ya!”
  50. “And I'm better than ya!” Babs snarled.
  52. Her brother seemed to have had enough of her abuse, however. “We'll see how better ya are.”
  54. He reached over and gave her controller cord a tremendous tug. It disconnected from the game console and flew across toward them, hitting Babs in the cheek. She let out a cry of pain as her brother strolled over to the console to turn it off, announcing he was going to bed. However, by the time he turned around, Babs was on her hooves. With a grunt, she hurled the controller at his head, the cord sailing through the air behind it. With a terrible smack, it connected hard with his snout. Before his nose even had a chance to bleed, however, Scorecard galloped toward his sister and leapt upon her. There was a noise of breaking glass over by the television. He managed to land one whack of his hoof to her head before Creme and Candy had them pulled apart.
  56. They angry youngsters both struggled for three, long seconds, before going limp. Babs, restrained by her mother, looked over toward the television unit. The connector at the end of the controller cord and smashed a flower pot at the top of the unit, littering daisies, dirt, and glass all over the floor. Creme was bending low to check her younger brother's nose, a hoof pressed against it to prevent the blood from hitting the carpet. Scoreboard and Babs caught one another's eyes, and Babs knew he was thinking the same thing she was.
  58. They were in big trouble.
  60. “Easy, there, big guy!” Creme Egg said gently, as Scorecard's eyes watered. “It isn't broken, don't cry... just banged up real good. Pinch it and get to the bathroom. You need a hoof?”
  62. He gave a little shake of his head, eyes still screwed up from the pain. Creme allowed him to waddle away from her before shooting a sad look at her little sister. Babs looked into the elder one's eyes, watching her shake her head back and forth in disapproval.
  64. “Scorecard, when it's stopped bleeding and you're cleaned up, I want you in your room and in bed,” Candy warned him in a very dangerous voice, just before he was out of earshot. Everyone present would know that she'd be paying him a visit later on. She turned her eyes to the pudgy filly standing under her. Babs shrank down toward the floor, ears drooping. “And you, Babs... go to your room and wait for me.”
  66. “I'd better go...” Creme mumbled, looking forward the mess of broken flower pot and dirt. “Want a hoof tidying up first, Mom?”
  68. “I'll manage it,” Candy explained, shaking her head and running a hoof distractedly through her pink-streaked mane. She jerked that same hoof toward their sleeping father. “Or rather, lazy over there will attend to it! You've gotta work in the morning, right? Don't worry about it. Come by for dinner tomorrow if you're around this way, 'kay?”
  70. “Yeah, definitely,” Creme said, flashing her mother a quick smile. It turned into a frown as she looked down at Babs, who hadn't moved. “Good luck, squirt...”
  72. Babs' eyes darted to the floor as the chilliness inside of her spread. The dull throb of the whack to the head was starting to wear off, although she still felt a little dazed. There was no anticipation for the punishment she was about to receive, because this time, she knew she was in deep. She listened to her sister's retreating hoof-falls and the opening and closing of the front door, feeling her limbs shaking. She knew, she absolutely knew, that this was not going to be a spanking she would be able to enjoy in any sense of the word. And, given that she had once practically begged her cousin to spank her, this was saying something.
  74. “I thought Mommy told you to go to your room, Babs Seed?” Candy Mane reminded her, making Babs jump. Babs had completely forgotten that she was still standing over her. “You're going to wait on your bed... with your pajama pants down.”
  76. “M-Mama, I'm sawwy! I didn't mean to—”
  78. “Babs?”
  80. “I... um, yes, ma'am...” Babs mumbled, sensing the danger in the rhetorical question of her name.
  82. She turned and slunk off toward the hallway, feeling the wetness gathering at the corners of her eyes. She had really, really screwed up, this time. The fact that her brother was in trouble, too, gave her little pleasure, as all of her concern was for her own rump at the moment. Although she was no stranger to getting a good, solid spanking, the fact that this had all come about now... the guilt tore at her heart. She had been at her absolute best the last six days, after weeks of being a problem child. Candy Mane had been so proud and happy as a result... it wasn't too often that she would give Babs Seed extra sweets, usually very concerned with her daughter's additional weight. They had been rewards stacked upon the prospect of skipping the last two punishments. All was in tatters, now.
  84. Babs heard the distant running water coming from the bathroom as her brother cleaned his face. Pushing open her bedroom door, she closed it behind her, strolled across to her bed, and sat down, feeling lost to the world. Any minute now, her mother would come through that door. And, knowing Candy Mane as well as she did, there was no begging to get out of this and no other options. 'When Mommy has decided your bummy is in for a spanking, then that's what's going to happen, no matter how much you cry and beg', after all.
  86. Sitting there on the bed, Babs Seed tried to bully herself into looking forward to her impending punishment. The only thing she could really crave was the moment when the spanking was over, knowing Candy was going to pull her into her chest, like she always did, and let Babs bawl her eyes out against her fur. The comforting tone of her voice and the assurances that all was forgiven always made Babs feel a thousand times better. Even though Candy Mane was the best, or rather, 'worst', spanker she knew, the plump filly always preferred being disciplined by such a professional. She was never embarrassed, nor did she ever feel the need to act tough, when her mommy was the one punishing her.
  88. Babs Seed let out a low whistle, unable to stop herself from shaking. She had thrown a controller at her brother's face. This spanking was still going to be a doozy. But, hey, she reasoned with herself; it was still a really good throw! She definitely had one over on Scorecard. Whipping around, Babs checked the window to make sure it was closed. This had to be private, after all, although she was quite sure her brother would have his ear pressed against his wall, hoping to catch sounds of her bottom warming. Yeah, that seemed like the type of thing he would do! She grit her teeth, feeling angry again.
  90. It didn't take long for her mother to arrive. As soon as she closed the door, Candy looked over at Babs and motioned for her to get off the bed. Babs obeyed at once, having no desire to upset her mother any further. The first thing Babs had registered was her mother's expression: Candy Mane had never looked that upset before administering spanking. Sure, sometimes she was sad to need to punish this way, but her dejection was never toward the one being corrected. Deciding to plead her case, Babs had rushed over to her mother's position, and the words had risen to her mouth. Before she could mutter them, however, Candy silenced her with a look and moved toward the bed.
  92. She sat down in the centre, immediately gesturing Babs toward her. With trembling hooves, the filly took a few paces back to the bed, but stopped suddenly. While normally very cooperative during these sessions, this was one of the few times she was actually scared. Babs just couldn't wrap her head around what was making Candy look so upset.
  94. It took her a minute or two to finally speak. Babs watched Candy Mane lift her head up and lock eyes with her. She looked as though she had settled her mind on something. The first thing the honey-coloured mare said caused an eruption of panic to let loose inside her daughter.
  96. “Bring over your hairbrush.”
  98. “Mama, please!” Babs gasped, eyes darting in a mad panic between the oak-backed hairbrush lying over on the dresser and her mother. Only once before had she ever gotten a brushing from her very experienced mother. It had followed a lengthy hoof-spanking and had been the single worst bottom-warming of her life. Nothing else had come close, not even the marathon punishment her cousin Apple Bloom had once put her through. “Can't we just—”
  100. “Babs Seed! Do not argue with me, please!” Candy said crisply, folding her hooves over her chest. “Mommy told you to bring over your hairbrush. You and I are going to have a very serious talk.”
  102. Babs couldn’t see the point in arguing. Defeated, she approached the dresser cautiously and took the brush in her mouth. Trying not to betray tears this early, Babs started her slow journey to the waiting mare on the bed. By the time she reached her mother, Babs felt the brush pulled from her mouth. It was set aside, however. Candy Mane pulled Babs between her legs and lifted her by the armpits, so that she was standing on her back hooves. Expecting to be picked up and drawn across that lap, Babs closed her eyes, but instead found that Candy Mane was simply raising her arms. As her mother leaned in close, Babs' vision was lost in that curly mane for a moment. She felt hooves at her waist and then remembered that Candy had told her to take her pajama pants down. Her mother didn't bring it up, though. Feeling the soft, fleecy fabric tugged down beyond the edge of her backside, Babs wanted to groan, knowing it would provide her no protection from here onward.
  104. Finally, Candy straightened up again. She lowered Babs' hooves so that the filly could support herself by pushing against her mother's lap, and stared into her face. Babs wanted to look away; she hated the cold disappointment in her mother's gaze.
  106. “Babs... what am I going to do with you?” Candy asked as she exhaled, shaking her head. “I think I've had to spank you more times than Creme or Scorecard combined, and you're only eleven! Did you forget what Mommy told you three nights ago?”
  108. Babs shook her head, feeling sick, and tried to look away from those eyes. However, Candy placed a hoof under her chin and pulled her face back to the front.
  110. “N-No, Mama... I nevers...”
  112. “You've been such a good girl, lately, Babs... such a good girl. Even your teachers have been saying that you've spent the last week with razor-sharp attention in class. I... I thought this was working, Babs. I really did.” Candy gave a shuddering sigh, momentarily holding a hoof to her eyes, as though she were about to cry. “What you did tonight... was disgusting. I'm disgusted.”
  114. “He yanked on my controller and punched me in the trap!” Babs pleaded, staring into her mother's face imploringly. “I'm know I shoulda never tossed it at 'em, but... I'm sawwy...”
  116. “Babs, you were telling him off all night! Scorecard should have just told you that he was done playing and quit there. He is older than you and should know better than to hit his little sister and ruin your game like that, but you pushed him there, Babs! You threw the controller into his face. What if you had broken his nose?”
  118. “B-but, he... the plug hits me in the cheek, and...” Babs trailed off, knowing that this was getting her no where.
  120. “The only 'but' you need to worry about is your own, young lady. Scorecard will be getting a very good talking to when I'm done in here. However, this right now is about your behaviour tonight, sweetheart... and I'm disgusted,” Candy repeated. “I might have to smack your bottom now and then, but that's something Mommy can do safely. You're old enough to know that I'm not going to tolerate you and your brother hitting each other in anger, let alone you treating him like garbage during your game and getting angry with your family. You have completely earned the sore fanny you're going to get, and I'll be taking away your games for three weeks.”
  122. Babs stood there in silence for several seconds, feeling the darkness close in around her. She gave a slow nod, accepting her fate, already craving forgiveness; Candy Mane had been right, she had lost total control over herself and shouldn't have even torn apart her brother like that. She was already quite sorry, but knew she wasn't as sorry as she was about to be.
  124. Why was the guilt so powerful? She couldn’t really understand it. Was it due to the fact that her anger had caused her to think she hated her brother, or was it due to the fact that she so rarely got an earned-spanking immediately following the crime that spawned it? Nevertheless, even despite these guilty feelings she was so keen on stemming, Babs really, really didn’t want a hairbrushing from Candy Mane. Her mother was too good a spanker.
  126. Candy reached out and lifted her carefully. Babs, distracted, had no chance to muster any resistance. She simply bent her legs slightly so that the pajama pants would stay on, even if their protection was non-existent by this point. Moving Babs to her right, Candy guided her swiftly over her lap. Slightly elevated, Babs' pajama shirt hung loosely from her pudgy belly with gravity. Babs felt cold air coming from some open window in the house blow under the door and against her warm fur, making her shiver as Candy wrapped an arm over her back. Before she could even grow accustomed to the position, she felt the soft, flat back of the brush pressing against her rump.
  128. “Mama... I'm sawwy, I'm really, really sawwy!” And she meant it. She was beyond upset at the predicament she had landed herself in.
  130. “I hope that's true, Babs. Mommy really does. But those words can't save you right now. You’re going to get this spanking on your bare bottom until Mommy’s satisfied with your punishment. Just remember that I love you, Babs, no matter what happens or what you’ve done tonight.”
  132. Babs would’ve responded with love in kind, but the panic was rising like a crescendo in her chest. “P-please don’t sp-spank me with the brush!” she begged, but her mother shushed her and gave her a very light pat with the oaken weapon, which was enough to silence her in an instant.
  134. Candy Mane took a deep breath, rubbing that frightful implement in light circles against the hinny she was about to redden. Babs gave a little squirm, already uncomfortable with the knees against her abdomen. She waited, waited for the usual warnings her mother always gave. And, without fail, there they were. No blocking with her tail and no reaching back, unless she was prepared for a worse spanking. No begging, because it would get her no where. The moment a very reluctant Babs agreed to these terms, Candy started.
  136. Babs Seed learned very quickly that she had every reason to feel apprehensive about this hairbrush paddling. With that first painful, stinging whack, her whole body tensed up and she let out a whimper. Candy had started hard, a lot harder than she had ever started off before. The second fell quickly, a loud crack echoing throughout the room. By the third whack, Babs’ breath caught painfully in her chest, her eyes widening. Every single one landed on the same spot. The middle of Babs' right cheek was aflame. The next spank was the first to connect on the left.
  138. “Aaah!” Babs cried out, wiggling her bum slightly as she immediately tried to dodge the next spank. “Mama, that reall-Aaah! Mama, p-ple-OW!”
  140. Candy Mane didn’t answer the half-asked question, causing the panic to increase in her daughter. When her mother fell silent, that meant she was fully concentrated on the spanking. And what a spanking it was already. She was bringing the brush straight down upon those chubby cheeks without pause or hesitation, seemingly using the bounce of the wood against the fat bottom to help bring the brush high enough to come down with another crack. Seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve. Babs lost count. Candy was spanking her repeatedly in the same spot before moving onto another, ensuring that a searing pain was spreading all over, slowly and deliberately. The middles of both cheeks were already aching. Several glancing blows came to the very edges of her rump, causing her to kick out her back hooves before she started pounding them against her mattress.
  142. Babs gave her ears a tug, yanking them hard to try and distract from the fires in her rump. Candy Mane was spanking without mercy, the brush flattening the plump bum with every solid whack. The filly crossed her leg, bracing her cheeks against it, but couldn’t resist the urge to kick against the bed again. As she gripped the sheets in her hooves, there was nothing going through her mind but the tremendous, paralyzing pain in her bum. Unable to speak, she simply grit her teeth and cried.
  144. This was a nightmare. As Candy continued to smack and whack without hesitation, Babs was starting to find it difficult to breathe. Her stomach squirmed as the pain reached such a severity that she grew nauseous.
  146. “Ma-aaa-aaa-maaa!” Babs spluttered, eyes already blinded by trickles of tears as she continued to kick and squirm against the newest onslaught of firm whacks of the brush. “It huuurts! IT HUR-OOOW!” She nearly bounced off of the bed when the next whack landed at a steep angle against her right sitspot, setting off an explosion of anguish in the nerve endings. Babs threw her head back and bawled. “WAAA-AAA-AAAH!”
  148. She bawled and howled until she had no breath left to fuel her cries to misery. She gave a tremendous cough and retched, her joints sore and bottom stinging more than it had ever done in her life. She only got a few seconds reprieve, unfortunately. The moment Babs got a few shaky breathes, the assault continued. She writhed and kicked and pounded her hooves against the bed, but Candy’s arm kept her in place while the other hoof continued to roast her butt. Every smack to the sitspot made her jump and roar in pain, the sweat and tears and snot pouring down her muzzle. Every time a solid crack deflated her pudgy rump, her whole body tensed up and she arched her back.
  150. She couldn’t take it anymore. She threw her right hoof back, desperate to shield her rump from any more smacks, but Candy’s restraining hoof darted forward and seized it, pinning her tail to her back before it even had a chance to join the defense. A quick series of back-and-forth cracks, smacking the top and bottom of her butt-crease met this resistance, and Babs shrieked and bawled. Her left hoof had found her mother’s tail and she tugged on it with what little might she had, yearning for this punishment to end. Every whack was a new torture, and every kick of her little hoofies threatened to send her jammies across the room.
  152. Again and again, the sounds of such a solid spanking pounded against her eardrums as Babs started to fall to pieces. Every time she coughed and choked on her sobs so hard that she felt like she would soon vomit, Candy would stop and allow her a chance to steady herself. It was perfectly controlled; Candy knew exactly what she was doing. Babs, meanwhile, was finally experiencing something she had never before.
  154. It was nothing for her to cry from a painful spanking, but never before had she been punished to her limit. As Candy brought down the brush with the hardest spanks so far, Babs felt like the pain would never end. She couldn’t move or fight, all she could do was accept it. Her vocal chords were strained from screaming and bawling, the struggling and difficulty breathing had sapped her of all of her strength, and her face was completely soaked with tears and runoff. She couldn’t take it anymore! She endured ten long, horrible seconds of this torture, very slow and deliberate whacks to her sitspot every second, the brush connecting with both upper thighs as it struck the middle again and again.
  156. That was all she could take. She felt as though the next smack to her fanny would kill her, every nerve in her body was roaring in protest, she could no longer see through her tears, she couldn’t breathe, she was going to explode! But Candy Mane had already stopped, knowing her daughter could take no more. It was over, at last. The nightmare was over. Babs could do nothing but lay there, broken, her scratchy voice wailing. There was nothing but a numbing, endless burning engulfing her backside and thighs. She could not think straight, she couldn’t focus on anything. All Babs Seed could do was cry and cry. Candy lifted her gently and fell back against the bed, allowing Babs to collapse into her chest.
  158. The pudgy orange filly had no idea how long she had laid there, between her mother’s embracing hooves, having them stroke her mane and rub her back. The fiery agony in her rump was a constant the whole time, making no efforts to die off and become a quiet simmer just yet. As she whimpered softly into that honey fur, she was staining it with the endless snot flowing freely from her sore nose. It was very cold to the touch, but Candy made no attempt to wipe herself off, her efforts focused so completely on comforting her child.
  160. Babs was telling Candy that she was so sorry, repeating it again and again. It was all she had the strength to do and she wanted her mother’s comforting love so much that it was breaking her heart, something that the mare was only too willing to give her. Cuddling Babs even tighter, she whispered ‘I love you, I forgive you’ over and over.
  162. Once Babs was able to think straight, she slowly began to realize that she hadn’t been the only one crying softly. This spanking had caused her mother intense suffering, although not quite equal to the pain in that gloriously cherry bottom.
  164. “Babs…” Candy spoke after another minute, taking a breath and wiping her eyes off against her shoulder. “Please… promise Mommy you’re going to keep trying. We can’t keep doing this… I don’t want to ever have to spank you like this again, I love you too much to put you through it again… Please, promise me, sweetheart. Promise me you’re going to try and be good from now on…”
  166. “I promise, I promise!” Babs sniffled, squeezing tightly against her mother’s fur.
  168. They continued to clutch one another for another few minutes, until Babs’ control had finally returned to her. She touched a hoof against her rump and the backside felt like it was bruised, blazing, blistering all at once. It was as though Candy had fit an hour long spanking into a much shorter time-frame. At least, it felt that way. However, as the seconds trickled by, Babs was feeling better and better. As painful as it was, her mother’s comfort almost made it worth it. Almost.
  170. “I’m going to have to go see your big brother, sweetheart…” Candy sighed, placing a wet kiss on her daughter’s cheek. “Get some sleep, my angel.” She adjusted the pajamas slightly, pulling Babs’ right leg back through them; at some point, she had freed it from the jumbled clothing.
  172. Babs nodded, still wiping her eyes. Not even bothering to try and clean off her face, she rolled over onto her belly and curled her body up like a ball, her sore, well-tanned rump still exposed to the cool air. She knew that Candy was going to stop by again while she slept and take a warm facecloth to her snout, anyway. She always did. Babs shut her eyes, looking forward to a good sleep.
  174. “Love you, Mama…” she mumbled as the mattress bounced a little when her mother slipped off of it.
  176. “I love you, too, sweetheart. Goodnight.” Engulfed by a wonderful, fuzzy warmth, Babs found herself drifting off, but not before the sounds of flat wood against flesh from her brother’s bedroom greeted her ears through the wall. Candy Mane’s work was never done. Though she had forgiven Scorecard, Babs couldn’t resist smiling a little.
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