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  1. Sefiroslionheart has joined the chat
  2. LuminousStar has joined the chat
  3. LuminousStar: Hey, Crow.
  4. FiradentheCrow: hey
  5. LuminousStar: You probably don't even remember me lol
  6. LuminousStar: I was gone a while
  7. Sefiroslionheart has left the chat
  8. FiradentheCrow: yeah sure
  9. FiradentheCrow: /me nids lightly
  10. FiradentheCrow: *nods
  11. LuminousStar: I used to come in here almost every day
  12. LuminousStar: we fucked a few times :P
  13. FiradentheCrow: we have never had sex
  14. FiradentheCrow: EVER
  15. LuminousStar: Whoa guy.
  16. LuminousStar: We totally did.
  17. LuminousStar: Um here... if I put on something I was wearing
  18. ChristianaDunBroch has joined the chat
  19. FiradentheCrow: hey babe
  20. LuminousStar: Oh... y'all got back together. That explains your animosity.
  21. LuminousStar: Welp, no use bothering to try to talk to you at this point, then.
  22. ChristianaDunBroch: Smiles wide and waves to both.
  23. FiradentheCrow: do you know this bitch?
  24. ChristianaDunBroch: and who is that?
  25. LuminousStar has left the chat
  26. FiradentheCrow: I use to chat with her in here and she comes in and is like LuminousStar: You probably don't even remember me lol
  27. FiradentheCrow: then starts going on that we fucked and I am like....we have NEVER fucked ever
  28. ChristianaDunBroch: does she have a new name?
  29. FiradentheCrow: everyone just calls her Star
  30. ChristianaDunBroch: Oh.........*scratches her head*
  31. ChristianaDunBroch: she could have read your hp and figured things out instead of waiting for me to enter
  32. FiradentheCrow: she's always been this "depressing" type, every time someone chats with her "ooooh everyone is going wrong in my life. Everything is bad. Ohh my life is so terrible" i stopped talking with her after a while cause its like "how are you?"..."oooh my life is falling apart but whats new"...."uhm okay...."
  33. ChristianaDunBroch: that must have been while i was gone? or recently
  34. FiradentheCrow: no she' been popping in her randomly on and off, I even think she was around when we were fighting and not getting along well...at the time she asked me if we were together and i said no but I anted to be
  35. ChristianaDunBroch: stares out infront of her looking puzzled and put off* Okay. well umm she sure doesn't like me as i seen. She is a friend of yours
  36. FiradentheCrow: ooooh look at that and she unfriended me too hahaha
  37. FiradentheCrow: not anymore
  38. FiradentheCrow: pffffff
  39. ChristianaDunBroch: If you were both fucking it was when we weren't together so whats the big deal
  40. FiradentheCrow: i have never fucked her ever
  41. FiradentheCrow: and I am not even being defensive about it...it's just the general truth
  42. ChristianaDunBroch: how long were you two talking before i came in
  43. FiradentheCrow: not very long, I am not even sure when she came in, since I was AFK for a bit getting some food, i think we were talking about literally half a minute before you came in
  44. ChristianaDunBroch: show me the convo before i cam in
  45. ChristianaDunBroch: seriously
  46. FiradentheCrow: sure
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