Afterparty party

Apr 28th, 2019
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  1. >It was the end of another successful party
  2. >red solo cups littered every available surface
  3. >Polka music was playing in the background
  4. >Something in the house had been on fire recently and quickly put out
  5. >No windows were broken as far as you could see, but you honestly hadn't checked as well as you could have
  6. >Everyone that wasn't unconscious had left ten minutes ago, and the ones that were out cold were the usual suspects
  7. >Applejack laid on the floor, snoring loudly and covered in marker sketches
  8. >Rainbow had her head in a fish tank filled with beer
  9. >You didn't know where Twilight was, and Sunset was sleeping on the kitchen table, a ping pong in her mouth and half of her head shaved
  10. >You looked around the destroyed room
  11. >Welp...
  12. >The Cake's probably wouldn't be happy if they saw the state their place was in right now
  13. >Honestly though, it'd be cleaner than ever once everyone got sobered up
  14. >Especially Pinkie
  15. >That party animal could clean a whole house faster than you could spit
  16. >You actually watched her turn a destroyed living room into something in a magazine before some kid's parents opened the door
  17. >Speaking of Pinkie...
  18. >Turning around, you saw Pinkie out cold on the couch, a bottle of vodka in hand
  19. >Her head was tilted upward, and her mouth hung open
  20. >She was snoring even louder than Applejack
  21. >You sighed
  22. >You were tired, and ready for some sleep
  23. >You weren't much of a partier, just sort of coming here because Ponk begged you to
  24. >In fact, you should probably be getting home, but before that you could make sure these girls are alive
  25. >Especially Rainbow...
  26. >So you went through the house, collecting each girl
  27. >You found Twilight underneath the kitchen sink, clenching a bottle of rum close to her chest
  28. >You picked up the little nerd, carrying her into the living room and sitting her down onto the floor
  29. >You grabbed Rainbow next, making sure that she was, in fact, breathing
  31. >Each of the girls were checked, then picked up and placed in the living room as they were
  32. >It took a few minutes, but you were able to find enough pillows and blankets for each girl
  33. >They were all tucked in, and the lights and music were shut off
  34. "There we go," you said, dusting yourself off. "Now we just got you..."
  35. >You turned back toward Pinkie, who was still fast asleep on the couch
  36. >Since this was sorta her house, you figured why not take her to her room
  37. >Walking over, you grabbed the bottle of vodka
  38. >Pinkie snorted as the bottle left her grasp, her eyes opening
  39. >Her big blues were hazy and unfocused, and her cheeks were red
  40. "Nonnish!" she slurred. "Whatsh you doing?"
  41. >She giggled, trying to reach for the bottle
  42. >The movement send her top half leaning forward, almost causing her to spill off the couch
  43. "I'm getting everyone to bed," you said, placing the bottle on the coffee table
  44. >"Bed? Pffffff! I donish need no bedsh! We partying allsh night long!"
  45. "No, you're not, now come on. Let's get you up."
  46. >Pinkie giggled again as you grabbed her under her armpits and lifted her up
  47. >As soon as you pulled her to her feet she began to sway
  48. >"Yoush a good cock, Nonnersh," she said, wrapping an arm around you. "I meansh, guy. Yoush a good guy. I bet yoursh weiner is good too."
  49. "Ah-huh. Come on. One step at a time."
  50. >Slowly but surely, you led the girl toward the steps
  51. >She couldn't get up them whatsoever, so you gave her a piggyback ride, which she seemed to thoroughly enjoy
  52. >You could smell the alcohol on her as she giggled and slobbered on your shoulder, along with her usual sugary, banker-y scent
  53. >"Look ma! I'm ridinsh a guy!" she said
  54. >The upstairs had a few rooms
  55. >You just picked the messiest one, figuring it was Pinkie's
  56. >The little toothless alligator clued you in that you had chosen correctly
  57. >"Hey gummy!" Pinkie said, waving at the little creature. "Mommash got herself a man."
  58. >You carried Pinkie into a small bathroom connecting to the bedroom
  60. >Putting Ponk onto her feet, you handed her a toothbrush and toothpaste
  61. "I'm gonna look for something for you to sleep in. Can you brush your teeth?"
  62. >Pinkie replied by squeezing far too much toothpaste into her mouth and swishing it around like mouthwash
  63. "...Alrighty then..."
  64. >Her room was a mess
  65. >Like you actually couldn't see the floor
  66. >After a few minutes of searching, you did manage to find a pair of pajamas and an undershirt
  67. >They were a bit dirty, but they'd do
  68. "Pinkie? Are you done in there? Because--"
  69. >Pinkie wobbled out of the bathroom, completely topless and in her underwear
  70. >You stared at her tits for a good five seconds, then sighed as she began giggling hysterically
  71. >"I lovsh life, Nonners! I lovsh beer too! Beer ish the best!" she said as you made your way over toward her
  72. "Alright, there we go. Now get some sleep," you said, helping her into bed. "You comfortable?"
  73. >Pinkie nodded, then gave you a thumbs up
  74. >"Yepper pepper!"
  75. >You turned off the bedroom light
  76. "Alrighty then, good night."
  77. >"Nonnersh! Wait!" Ponk said, waving both arms at you
  78. "What?"
  79. >"C'mere."
  80. "For what?"
  81. >"C'mere, silly."
  82. >Shaking your head, you made your way back over toward the bed
  83. >You then leaned down to drunk girl
  84. "What?"
  85. >Arms wrapped around your neck, and you were pulled into the bed
  86. >Before you realized what had happened, a blanket was thrown over you and Pinkie was pressed up against you, your face pressed deep into her cleavage
  87. >"Thanksh for comin' tonight," she said, nuzzling the top of your head. "It woulda been such a clamsh fest without you."
  88. >You murmured around tit flesh
  89. >Pinkie giggled one last time, before the snoring stared
  90. >...Okay
  91. >Guess you were sleeping here then
  92. >Also, why didn't that alligator have any teeth?
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