Ghost Anon

Aug 30th, 2019
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  1. >Montana, 1858
  2. >Anon, among other United States citizens, moved west in search of opportunity.
  3. >He ended up making a home for himself far and away from other folks.
  4. >He wasn't lonely though; he had plenty of horses that he trained to both keep him company and to sell off for the money to pay for supplies.
  5. >But if he thought, even for a second, that a horse would be mistreated, then he wouldn't sell.
  6. >Anon ended up building a reputation for himself among the native Indian tribes as a kind man.
  7. >He knew that the Indians respected horses and their talents, so he would make trades when he could, even if it didn't fully benefit him.
  8. >Between the extra supplies from the Indians lately, as well as the fact that they give him the foals to be trained proper, his ranch was doing pretty well for itself.
  9. >1869, The transcontinental railroad is being built in Montana.
  10. >Two men from the company end up at his door
  11. >"Pardon me, but are you the owner of this here ranch?"
  12. "Who's askin'?"
  13. >The one to speak, a short, chubby man, takes off his hat in respect and gives a small bow.
  14. >"I am with the boys down yonder who are working on the most ambitious railway of our time. We seemed to have hit a bit of a snag, y'see, and would like to purchase some of these fine horses you have for some menial labor.
  15. >He wasn't buying it. Anon knew those horses were gonna be pushed till they collapse at best.
  16. "It's a temptin' offer, but I ain't lookin' to sell any o' my horses right now. Y'all best be heading north to the Mclintlock ranch if you want a horse."
  17. >The fat man's smile faltered but a moment and he looked out to the pasture by the home.
  18. >"Actually, we tried there. He was recently ransacked, so he didn't have quite the numbers that we need. That's why we came to you, Mr.Mous. We're prepared to make a very... generous offer."
  19. >Holding a wicked grin, the man handed opened up a briefcase with cash inside.
  20. "Like I said, ain't lookin' to sell. Sorry"
  21. >"Aww hell, he ain't gonna budge on this. Let's just do what we came to do!"
  22. >As the man's associate reached towards his belt, so did Anon. The only difference between them was that Anon had put a bullet in his would-be assassin's heart before the man could even get his gun unholstered.
  23. >Blood splattered against Anon as the assassin fell backward off the porch. His last moments were spent spitting up blood with a disgusting, guttural sound.
  24. "Ain't no way in hell I'm selling you a single one o' my horses! Now get that fat, stupid ass the hell off my property!"
  25. >The fat man waddled away, leaving Anon to bury the body of the idiot who tried to pull a gun on him.
  26. >Probably shouldn't have let the man leave, but more people would have come looking if he didn't. But maybe this way he would be left alone.
  27. >Though he knew he might have stirred up a hornet's nest, he didn't think it would come back at him so quickly.
  28. >Only an hour after he had buried the gunslinger, he was attacked by four or five men on horses of their own.
  29. >As fast as he was on the draw, he could hardly hope to stop the hail of bullets that tore through his chest.
  30. >It would be a week before one of the tribes came to his ranch, only to find his corpse left by the gates with all his horses gone.
  31. >The tribe buried him on his land and performed rituals so that his noble spirit could continue to watch over the horses that he so cared for.
  33. >Current year:
  34. >A small, rural town called Clydesdale had since sprung up near the gravesite of Anon.
  35. >Ponies, who had opened a rift to earth three years prior, found themselves enslaved en mass.
  36. >Ponies become an everyday part of life throughout the United States.
  37. >But things are different for the locals.
  38. >Rumors say that any who dare to harm or abuse the ponies in that town all meet a terrible fate.
  39. >What they didn't know, however, was that the ponies would always see the spirit before something happened.
  40. >For them, he was their guardian angel; one who would make sure that some level of justice was enacted against those who were cruel.
  41. >This was especially true for one pony in particular.
  42. >"Amethyst?! Get your fucking ass over here!"
  43. >The pink and purple unicorn scrambled out of the room so she could be at her master's side.
  44. "Y-yes, Master?"
  45. >Her owner, a 26-year-old man, stood in the living room with a deeply frustrated look.
  46. >He was, by no means, a muscular man, but neither was he very much overweight. With a strong jawline and fair skin, he could be considered somewhat attractive.
  47. >But this was assuming that his personality wasn't taken into account. For as long as Amethyst had known him, he had a volatile personality.
  48. >Some days he would be violently drunk, others he would have simply decided to take a bad day out on the pony.
  49. >On the best of his days, he would give Amethyst the occasional pat like one would give a dog.
  50. >In his hands, he held a phone, though there were only a handful of people he would ever actually speak to.
  51. >"Pack my shit, we have to go up to Clydesdale, Montana. Don't ask why just fucking do it. We'll be there for four days."
  52. >While he sat in his chair and tossed back an iced cold beer, she made her way back into the room.
  53. >By now, she was mostly used to not being able to use magic. Humans, afraid of unicorns using spells to rebel, crafted a specialized ring that cut the flow of magic to their horns.
  54. >With a sigh, she folded the clothes by hoof. Five pairs of each item that would then be placed into his bag for later, plus the bathroom essentials.
  55. >If nothing else, she hoped the trip wouldn't include a long drive.
  56. >With a shiver running down her spine, she shut the bag and zipped it up.
  57. >The next part was always tricky since she wasn't allowed to hold the handle in her muzzle. Instead, she had to guide it onto her back and try not to drop it without any magical assistance.
  58. >Somehow she had managed to get it down and into the living room without incident.
  59. >Her master, not having noticed yet, sat slumped in his recliner with a hand over his face that concealed his eyes.
  60. "Um, M-master? I packed your clothes and toiletries as you requested. Sh-should I prepare snacks for the trip?"
  61. >Lowering his hand, he looked her way for just a second with a neutral expression and waved a hand in dismissal.
  62. >"Get two of those bottles and fill them with filtered water while you're in there making me something."
  63. >She nodded, but couldn't help notice his choice of words. Make HIM something.
  64. >With a sigh, she stepped into the kitchen and began to make snacks for the road.
  65. >She could hear him taking the bag out the door, most likely to be placed in the car so he would be ready.
  66. >Within a couple of minutes, she had a little sandwich made for him that would, with any luck, improve his mood.
  67. >"Come on! We haven't got all day!"
  68. >He stepped into the kitchen to grab her and whatever she made, though his expression softened a little when he saw what it was.
  69. "O-ok Master, I'm sorry for being slow."
  70. >With everything gathered up, they hopped into the car and hit the road.
  71. >As expected, he went straight for his scrambled egg sandwich, seeming to smile a bit at the taste of it.
  72. >But, to her dismay, he paused to glance over at her with a frown.
  73. >"Hey, did you forget the rules, Amethyst? You know what you're supposed to be doing right now. I expect it to be as good as this."
  74. >She had hoped he wouldn't ask; that good food would distract him from the horrid duty he forced on her.
  75. "Y-yes, Master. I'll get right on that."
  76. >Bridging the gap between their seats, Amethyst leaned in and began fiddling with his button and zipper.
  77. >The semi-erect cock sprang out of his pants and smacked against her cheek.
  78. >While not massive, it would end up just big enough that it could be uncomfortable during long trips.
  79. >"We've got two hours, Amethyst. Better pace yourself!"
  80. >Sighing, she began her duty and started to suck him off while he drove.
  81. >Crumbs from the sandwich fell into her mane as he ate, which was only made worse when he finished.
  82. >Now that his hand was free, he felt it best to place it in her mane so he could help control the pace she was working at.
  83. >By the time they had arrived in the town, her jaw was well and truly sore.
  84. >After cleaning him up, she did what she could to wipe her muzzle so she was presentable once more.
  85. >"Not bad. I might give you a treat later."
  86. >Zipping himself back up, he clipped the leash to her collar and grabbed the bag.
  87. >He had parked at a quaint looking hotel and gotten them checked in. After placing his bag inside, he walked her through the small town.
  88. >It was a strange sight, seeing other ponies not bound by collars or leashes.
  89. >Instead, they all seemed to walk side by side with their humans, each wearing a smile and looking well kept.
  90. "Master, if... if you don't mind me asking, why are we here?"
  91. >Giving a sideways glance, he huffed in annoyance.
  92. >"We're here for a family gathering that I had hoped to avoid. But Mom had other plans..."
  93. >She was the only one in his family that Amethyst knew he spoke to. She was the only one she had ever heard him talk about before.
  94. >As her gaze shifted from her master, she noticed several ponies gathering at the sidewalk across the street.
  95. >Standing in the middle of all of the group was a spirit, something she had never really seen on earth.
  96. >He wore a smile and pet the ponies that surrounded them. The group appeared to be having a conversation, though she couldn't hear what was being said.
  97. >Amethyst hadn't realized she had slowed her pace, at least not until she felt the sharp tug of the leash.
  98. >"Keep moving! I don't want to have to sit there and be nagged for being late just because you didn't want to keep pace."
  99. >Neither of them realized it, but the spirit Amethyst had seen snapped his head towards the human.
  100. >After about fifteen minutes, the pair found themselves at the doorstep of a brightly colored home.
  101. >"I want you to keep out of everyone's way, Amethyst. You make any trouble, cause a scene, or make me look bad, and I'm pretty sure you know what will happen."
  102. >With a timid nod, she waits at the door with him until an older lady finally swings it open.
  103. >"Well THERE you are, John! We were wondering how much longer it was going to take for you to get here! Ohh, and I see you brought your cute little pony friend!"
  104. >Rather than hug her son, she leaned down to pet Amethyst with both hands.
  105. >Though the mare flinched at first, she found herself leaning into the scratches and rubs of the lady.
  106. >"Ohhh she is just so precious! Come on in and make yourself comfortable."
  107. >He rolled his eyes, but led Amethyst in and unclipped her leash.
  108. >It wasn't hard to tell that her master was avoiding most of the people, save for his mother.
  109. >Looking around, most of the family either seemed confused by his presence or didn't seem to want him there at all.
  110. >The family had a few dogs, both of which were Pekingese and both took an interest in the pony.
  111. >Try as she might, she couldn't help trying to pet them and giggled as they ran about in an attempt to get her to play.
  112. >Unfortunately, it caused someone to trip and fall right next to Amethyst.
  113. >John, who hadn't seen what happened, looked in their direction and saw the pony right there beside the fallen person.
  114. >It only got worse when someone said: "The dogs got excited because of the pony." Leading John to believe it was her fault.
  115. >Wasting no time, John grabbed Amethyst by the collar and forcefully pulled her out to the backyard.
  116. "M-Master, wait, I didn't-"
  117. >"Ten minutes! Not even ten minutes go by and you've already caused something to happen! You are going to stay out here till I come for you!"
  118. >He slammed the door back behind him and left the mare outside.
  119. >She was used to things like this, but she still couldn't help how it made her feel.
  120. >With nothing else to do, she laid there on the back porch and rested her head on her forelegs while trying not to think about things.
  121. >She could hear some sort of argument going on inside the house, most likely between John and the other members of the family.
  122. >Eventually it died down and the house became quiet compared to the cheery attitude it had when Amethyst had arrived.
  123. >John's mother, having remembered that Amethyst was still outside, came out with a little plate of sliced fruit.
  124. >"You must be hungry, dear. I know my little Johnny is a bit... troubled but thank you for looking out for him."
  125. >After a few more scratches, she stepped back outside and left Amethyst to enjoy her treat.
  126. >When the mare became bored, she decided to rear up and look through the window into the house.
  127. >She had noticed that some of the members had their own beers now, which would mean John was drinking too.
  128. >She didn't want to have to deal with a drunk John, but something caught her eye.
  129. >Before she was even able to spot her master, she noticed the spirit from the street.
  130. >Studying its features, she found it was slightly different than before. Darker, with a more annoyed expression.
  131. >It wasn't hard to tell what it was annoyed at either since it stared directly at John and followed him wherever he went in the house.
  132. >When John caught sight of her, he shot her a glare and pointed down so she knew to sit on her haunches.
  133. "Fine then, guess I won't bother telling him about his spooky friend."
  134. >As John watched her fall away from the window, he got comfy in his seat and began sipping at his can of beer.
  135. >The moment he tilted the can, foam sprayed out of the top and covered him, the chair, and the rug below.
  136. >"Oh real fucking nice, Johnny! Way to spill beer all over mom's new rug!"
  137. >"Stop it, Ron, I'm sure it was a mistake. Just look, he's covered in it too, must have just been a shaken up can or something!"
  138. >It was only just opened a moment ago, maybe it just took a second to fizz up, he thought to himself.
  139. >Passing it off as some kind of freak accident, he sighed at his drenched clothes.
  140. >On a nice note, it was a perfect excuse to get away from the family for the day.
  141. >Seeing his chance, he grabbed the leash he had placed by the door and went out to grab Amethyst.
  142. >"Cmon, we're heading back to the hotel."
  143. >She didn't complain, though she hesitated once she saw the ghost up close.
  144. >When their eyes locked, she could see he held a lot more affection towards her than towards her master.
  145. >It stood out to her that his clothes looked like they were from an older era. Almost reminiscent of the westerns she had seen John watch on TV before.
  146. >The way he stared at John gave her the impression that he was compelled to haunt him, sort of like it was his mission.
  147. >It followed them all the way into the hotel, where John began rummaging through his bag to get a change of clothes.
  148. >It was lucky for her that she thought to pack an extra set, plus nightclothes.
  149. >John took a set into the bathroom, where he disrobed in preparation for a shower.
  150. >He was smart enough to wait for the water to get warm, though it never really got hot.
  151. >While that had irritated him, a sudden sharp downward shift in temperature made him cry out like a child.
  152. >Amethyst could see the spirit in the bathroom with him and quickly realized he was probably the cause of the yelping.
  153. >Something felt off though. The spirit was pulling little pranks, rather than the haunting she had thought of.
  154. >"Fucking goddamnit! Their hot water must be out! Fuck!"
  155. >He shuddered as his head went under the cold water so he could rinse off the rest of the shampoo.
  156. >Once he was finished, he stepped out and grabbed a towel to dry himself off so he could get dressed.
  157. >"Now... about earlier. You embarrassed me within mere minutes of showing up. I couldn't do something then, but now we're alone."
  158. >John grabbed the belt that he had worn earlier and snapped it so she would flinch at the noise.
  159. >"Lean against the bed, stick your rear out, and move your tail."
  160. >She hesitated out of fear. She didn't want to be belted but there wasn't a whole lot she could do when he decided on something like this.
  161. "Y-yes... master..."
  162. >Trying not to let it affect her before anything began, she reared up against the bad and flipped her tail so it rested partially against her back and right side.
  163. >He pulled his arm back and paused. It was only when she wondered why nothing had happened yet did he swiftly bring down the belt on her rear.
  164. >The smack rang through the room and caused Amethyst to tear up from the pain.
  165. >As he raised his arm again, she turned to look out of the corner of her eye, but she was not prepared for what she saw.
  166. >The ghost was watching the human in anger. His body began to change, growing and stretching till he stood well over twice John's height.
  167. >As John raised his arm to deal another blow, the ghost grabbed his arm and sent a shiver down John's spine.
  168. >John's body wouldn't budge and he began to feel a sense of terror, though he didn't know why. Sweat dripped from his forehead as he turned and saw nothing there.
  169. >Just like that, whatever he felt holding him had released his arm and caused him to drop the belt.
  170. >He turned to check the most obvious answer but saw the green light on Amethyst's magic dampener, indicating it was still working.
  171. >By the time John was past the shock, he was in no mood to continue and simply dropped the belt on the floor.
  172. >"Get off the bed, I think maybe I'm too tired for this shit."
  173. "O-ok, Master, I'll umm, I'll be down here."
  174. >She made herself comfortable on the floor while John hopped up into bed.
  175. >Luckily for Amethyst, John ended up tossing a pillow off the bed since it had too many for his tastes.
  176. >Given it wasn't one of his personal pillows, she quietly snuck over to take it and use it for herself.
  177. >The spirit, seeing a chance, floated gently over to the bedside and stared down upon John's form.
  178. >With the patient of a saint, he waited until the man was well and truly sleeping before reaching down a hand to touch him.
  179. >John found himself in a field of green grass and beautiful flowers surrounded by lush forests. Hills and mountains dotted the horizon and the sound of a horse's whinny broke the silence and serenity.
  180. >All of the colors drained out of the world around him as horrifying, zombie-like horses formed a circle around him.
  181. >Each stared directly at him, their bodies marked with decay and rotting flesh. Several of them were closer to skeletons than zombies.
  182. >As he studied them, a figure crawled out from the ground. A man that, like the horses, showed signs of decay that had to have taken a hundred years or more.
  183. "John... I can see the core of your being, John. There is still time for you; time to cease your ways and find a new path.
  184. >"H-how the fuck do you know my name?! Wh-who are you?!"
  185. "I can either be your worst nightmare... or your salvation, John. Either way, you will cease your ways. You will not harm them any longer."
  186. >His voice rang with authority and held a thinly veiled threat. He watched the man carefully, waiting to see what he would say or do.
  187. >"F-fuck you! You don't get to judge me! I'll live however I damn well pl-"
  188. >In that instance, the ghost dashed forward and grabbed John by the throat. Slowly, he lifted the pathetic man into the air and began to squeeze.
  189. "You WILL obey. One way... or another. I care not which."
  190. >With that, John snapped up out of the bed gasping for air. As he scanned the room, he found he was back in the hotel room and out of what he assumed was a normal nightmare.
  191. >Amethyst, who heard his heavy breathing and felt something was wrong, reared up onto the bed to check things out.
  192. "Master? Are you ok?"
  193. >He jumped like a frightened child and fell off of the bed at what he thought he saw. At first glance, she had looked just like one of the horses from his nightmare.
  194. >When he had finally chanced a second look and saw she was normal, he let out a breath of relief.
  195. >"Just a freaky dream..."
  196. >Picking up his phone from the nightstand, John found he was out longer than he had wanted. Somehow he had slept clear into the next day.
  197. >He also saw he had plenty of messages from his mother, a handful of which talked about a local holiday she called "Equine appreciation day."
  198. >"Ugh, looks like we'll be meeting the family again for some sort of event."
  199. >It surprised Amethyst when she stole a glance at the phone and saw mention of the holiday.
  200. >Then again, the other ponies were treated in a way she wasn't accustomed to either, so she chalked it up to being a culture thing.
  201. >After some preparation, John clipped the collar to Amethyst's leash only to watch the fabric at the end rip.
  202. >"Oh come ON! Is everything going to go wrong?! Can't one thing just- ugh, fuck it!"
  203. >He tied the baric to her leash as an impromptu way of keeping her close to his side.
  204. >The town was practically alive with energy as people were walking the streets with their ponies.
  205. >There were game booths, food stalls, and little produce stands set up for everyone to enjoy.
  206. >As the pair made their way through the crowd, John checked his phone to try and pinpoint where he would meet the family.
  207. >"Alllllllright ladies, gentleman, mares, and stallions, it's time to kick off one of our favorite events, the Clydesdale annual pony races!"
  208. >John took Amethyst towards the direction of the voice, though it became clear it was for family.
  209. >Somehow, they had ended up on the opposite side of the race from his mother, who waved frantically to get his attention.
  210. "Master, she's across-"
  211. >"I see her, Amethyst, but we can't easily get over there right now and she already text me to wait here, so shut it until they come."
  212. >Several stallions and mares lined up at the end of the street and began to stretch.
  213. >From what Amethyst could gather, Pegasi were to have their wings bound to keep them from cheating, though in all other ways it was a straightforward race.
  214. >"Alright folks, I'll explain the prizes one more time so nobody and nopony is confused! Our runners will be taking running one long lap through the town. Our first place will be getting a gift card for a hefty 200 dollars to spend as they please! Second place wins a hundred dollars to spend at Cayenne's family restaurant! And last but not least, third place will be getting a one day pass to our local spa! Now runners, take your place!"
  215. >She couldn't believe what she was hearing! Ponies got their own money to "spend as they please?!" Amethyst was lucky if she got an apple slice as a treat some days!
  216. >The race started off with a bang as the ponies went straight into a gallop, though it reminded Amethyst of races back home.
  217. >She'd always attended the running of the leaves ceremony if only to see the trees at their most beautiful state for one last time.
  218. >As they ran around their first corner, the townsfolk looked up at a screen at the end of the street that was set up so they could continue watching the race.
  219. "Ooooh! Go go! You can pass-"
  220. >A hand upside the back of the head ceased her cheering of the ponies and she looked up at the human with tears in her eyes.
  221. >Whether or not anybody noticed, Amethyst didn't know. Instead, she bit her lip and turned back to watch the screen in frustration.
  222. >The tears that fell from her cheeks soon dried as she got back into the excitement of the race, albeit more quietly this time.
  223. >Within about fifteen minutes of hard racing, they made their way towards the finish line just past where John and Amethyst sat.
  224. >Right before they could pass by, however, someone shoved John, pushing him out onto the track where the ponies were galloping.
  225. >It was too quick for them to process what was going on, not that they could have properly stopped anyway.
  226. >All too soon, their hooves trampled over John, causing the crowd to gasp in horror.
  227. >The ponies had already passed the finish by the time they understood what had happened and went to check on the man.
  228. >People and pony alike gathered around to make sure he was fine, but strangely the ponies were quick to leave.
  229. >"Eugh, we were worried about this guy? Screw him, let's get out of here."
  230. >Amethyst was confused by the ponies response. They should have known nothing about him, yet they acted horridly.
  231. >When she pushed her way to his side, she realized why they had said that. His neck bore the mark of a curse, one signifying his cruelty to ponies.
  232. >Most people would see it and think it was a bruise, but ponies could see the finer shape within the colors that made up the image of a skull.
  233. >John's mother, overcome with fear, ran into the street to lift up her baby boy.
  234. >"Oh my god, are you ok?"
  235. >Other than some deep bruises, John came out of the ordeal well enough. Within a few moments, he was on his feet and shoving away a medic that had been called over.
  236. >"I'm fine, Mom, I'm fine- STOP FUSSING OVER ME!"
  237. >She pulled her hand back in shock. While she could understand that he was annoyed, angry even, she didn't expect him to take it out on her.
  238. >"All I want to know is who the fuck knocked me over?!"
  239. >Nobody in the crowd seemed to take credit, which made it impossible for John to ever find out. Only his family really knew him anyway.
  240. "Master, I think that maybe it was a complete acci-"
  241. >"SHUT UP!"
  242. >John fumed with anger as he slapped her across the face with the back of his hand. He had enough of ponies, especially after being trampled by a group of them.
  243. >His mother, taken aback by his sudden outburst, stepped in between with them and glared at him.
  244. >"I did NOT raise you to be like this, Johnathan! How DARE you hit this sweet, innocent pony for no reason! You know what, you can come to get her when you've calmed down and apologize properly!"
  245. >Snatching the leash from him, she stormed off with Amethyst in tow.
  246. >In truth, John was too stunned to stop her. He'd not been yelled at like that for some years, though he didn't care anyway.
  247. >All this did was give him another excuse to avoid family, and he figured he would make the most of it this time.
  248. >It wasn't long after he left the crowd that he started to notice strange looks from ponies in the town.
  249. >Every single one gave him a dirty look as if they wanted to bury him alive.
  250. >Ducking into a bar, John escaped the oddly disturbing gazes he was getting outside.
  251. >"What can I get for ya, Stranger?"
  252. >As john took in his surroundings, he noticed it was designed to look more like an old-timey saloon. Even the bartender looked like something straight out of a western.
  253. >"Uhh, just a beer. Whatever you have on tap is fine."
  254. >His curiosity taking hold, John did a double-take and noticed a bunch of news clippings adorning the wall as he sipped at the beer he was served.
  255. >In fact, they had clippings going as far back as the creation of Clydesdale itself.
  256. >One of the clippings, in particular, stood out to him since it featured a man that resembled what he thought he saw in his dream.
  257. >"Can you tell me about the man in that picture there? The man that was found murdered a long time ago, I mean."
  258. >Looking up from the glass he was cleaning, the bartender smirked and shot a quick glance at John.
  259. >"Man was a rancher here nearly a hundred-fifty years ago. Went by the name of Anon. From what I gather, he loved his horses more than anything in the world... up till he was killed that is."
  260. >The more he stared at the picture, the more he was sure that it was the man that had threatened him in a dream.
  261. >"You look like you've seen him before. Word on the street is that his spirit still lives on in this town and he haunts anyone who treats ponies less than kindly. Bunch of nonsense if you ask me."
  262. >John scoffed at the notion. Someone probably just used his name to do some vigilante justice in the town and ended up leaving a superstition in his wake.
  263. >Still... it didn't quite answer why he had seen that exact image in a dream. He didn't believe he was truly being haunted, but the thought wouldn't leave his mind.
  264. >It was a frustrating thing since he could draw no real answer out of it. Between that and what had happened earlier, John decided he needed a few more beers if he wanted to get through the day.
  265. >A few hours later, and more than a few beers later, the bartender cut John off and made him pay his tab.
  266. >As John stumbled out the door, he saw a pony that looked like an awful lot like Amethyst. He was sure it was her, it couldn't have been anyone else.
  267. >When their eyes met, he gave a glare and stepped closer which caused her to run the other direction.
  268. >"Hey! Get back here you little bitch!"
  269. >He chased after her, never getting close but always managing to stay within eyesight of her.
  270. >His chase took them out of the town and towards an old, rickety house that had large fields nearby.
  271. >When she rushed inside, he chased after her, not caring if he was caught trespassing.
  272. >It was eerily dark inside the house, despite that there was still a few hours of sunlight left in the day.
  273. "Cmon on in, Master! I've been waiting for you!"
  274. >Amethyst never sounded excited to see him before, though John was a bit too drunk and annoyed to stop and think about it.
  275. >Taking her bait, he stepped further into the house until he stood in the middle of the living room.
  276. >With a slam, the door shut behind him.
  277. >It had caused him to jump but he figured it was just the wind that made it slam so hard.
  278. >The problem was, the last of the light left when the door shut, leaving him blind in a strange house.
  279. >With his arms stretched out, he fumbled about as he tried to get his bearings and find the closest wall.
  280. "Awww, you having trouble seeing things, Master? How about I light the room for you?"
  281. >A dim light shone at the end of the room, revealing the pony he was after.
  282. >John felt that something was wrong though. She had been running before, yet now she was sitting on her haunches and looking at him confidently.
  283. "What's wrong? Didn't you want to teach me a lesson, Master? Or maybe you've come for a lesson of your own?"
  284. >He could feel in his gut that he shouldn't, yet his body carried him forward towards the mare.
  285. >"Y-you listen to me, Amethyst, and you listen good. I'm going to take you outta here, we're gonna go back to the hotel, and I am going to give you a belting like you've never had for trying to run away from me!"
  286. >She sighed and shook her head, it seemed that the man wasn't going to change.
  287. "I am so, so disappointed in you. Your mother had hope for you but I don't, though she can't see your soul like I can. I can see the dark pit that is your soul, John. I hope that you are prepared for what's next."
  288. >As John made his last step towards the pony, something changed.
  289. >He watched as the fur fell from her body and her features began to grow and morph. Her skin boiled and bubbled, her jaw opened wider as sharp teeth began to form, her torso and limbs began to bloat until she was like a gigantic blobby creature in front of him.
  290. >When her transformation finished, John found himself looking up at a vile monstrosity only seen in nightmares.
  291. "Welcome to hell, John."
  292. >With those words, the creature latched onto him and began to devour him, leaving nothing behind.
  295. >As the days passed, John's mother became increasingly worried about her son.
  296. >A search party was sent out and they managed to track down where he had gone, yet no further clue came from checking out the old house.
  297. >Amethyst, seen as the property of John, was released into the care of his mother, along with several other assets.
  298. >While the people would never know the exact truth, the ponies of the town knew. They knew very well the wrath that their guardian would inflict on the wicked.
  299. >The ponies of Clydesdale, Monata would forever find themselves under the protection of their ghostly guardian, Anon.
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