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UESP Discord Staff Rules 15Jan

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Jan 15th, 2018
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  1. [2:02 AM] AKB: So in the past, there's been an uneven hand about how to moderate, what is appropriate, etc.
  2. [2:03 AM] AKB: To avoid this being an issue again, here is a public channel that will eventually be used to set up general guidelines for how we should all behave.
  3. [2:03 AM] AKB: While we'll all hopefully fill up a solid ruleset soon, for now, since it seems to have need the most clarification...
  4. [2:04 AM] AKB: 1. Any conversation that is not normally available to users should be treated as confidential. Before releasing any information, make sure you let the rest of us know what was requested, by whom, and why.
  5. [2:07 AM] AKB: 2. When in doubt about anything, ask what to do, and we'll come to an agreement on how to proceed.
  6. [2:09 AM] AKB: 3. Any disagreements with other staff, or UESP policy should be resolved in staff channels or through direct conversation with the user.
  7. [2:12 AM] AKB: 4. Be polite and foster friendship, conversation, and understanding between users, new and old.
  8. 5. Do not add or remove emojis without discussing it with others.(edited)
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  10. [12:23 PM] baratron: Regarding 1, to make this clear, don't just tell the rest of us what was requested and then go ahead and do it. Wait for general consensus from the rest of us that it's okay.
  11. [12:24 PM] baratron: Remember that due to differing time zones, it can take up to 24 hours to have everyone review the staff channel/s.
  12. December 13, 2017
  13. [2:00 AM] AKB: Ping for new rules.
  14. December 30, 2017
  15. [8:10 PM] baratron: If you want or need to take a break from actively moderating Discord for a while, you can type ?offduty. To get your moderator powers back, type ?onduty.
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