Jul 9th, 2021 (edited)
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CC functions >

(20K chars, different editor, regexCache is 20 not 10 calls, line numbers, quicksave etc...)
remove/takeRole(Name/ID) functions have case-branches to deal with time.Duration arguments

dataBase max value 256kB

LightDBEntry has .ValueSize field having valueNum/Raw size in bytes (valueNum for floats is 8 bytes anyway)

.Member struct has .Avatar and .AvatarURL "pixels" thanks Lemme (currently if server avatar is set = nitro is not PAGST)


// carg "channel" supports threads
.MathConst map for E Pi Phi Ln2 Ln10
.ModlogID && .ReportlogID for prominent moderation channel IDs
abs arg
add/give/take/removeRole all simplified and backwards compat functions still there + thanks Pedro!
adjective && noun have been expanded through dataMuse API
bitwiseAnd arg1 arg2 // int64
bitwiseClear arg1 arg2 // int64
bitwiseNot arg // int64
bitwiseOr arg1 arg2 // int64
bitwiseXor arg1 arg2 // int64
bitwiseLeftShift same as shifLeft > Joe's naming, probs better one
bitwiseRightShift same as shifLeft >
cslice .Del method index position, like .Append does not change initialising cslice
cos radian argument
dbDecr like dbIncr just subtracts
decodeStringToHex arg
editCCTriggerType CCID CCType name
exp arg // float64 / ex
exp2 arg // float64 / 2
hexToDecimal arg
humanizeThousands dotSeparatorEnable bool, default false and comma separator
lastMessages channel limiter (optional) // up to 25 last messages on channel, deleted not included... returns []*dstate.MessageState
loadLocation arg // needs properly formatted ZONEINFO syntax
max/min arg1 arg2
ordinalize arg
parseTime timeAsString, timeFormat, (location) by Joe
seq is max 100 000
sendTargetDM userID args by Pedro
shiftLeft arg1 arg2 // int64
shiftRight arg1 arg2 // int64
sin radian argument
sort has 10 calls not 3
tan radian argument
toInt64Base16 arg
toSHA256 arg
trim/trimLeft/trimRight "string" "whatToTrim"
trimSpace "string" removes unicode whitespace around the string \t\n included
urlunescape like urlescape by LemmeCry
userArg removed that 5 call limit
weekNumber time.Time


addspecialserver/removespecialserver for sendTargetDM
catfacts modified has API call to as well
clean modified
customcommands is paginated and single CCs response is capped to 2K chars
exportcustomcommands export to json/csv file
giverep/takerep/rep accept userIDs
help updated, shows permissions to certain commands by Joe
listroles modified
lockdown by Pedro
owl dictionary by Joe
quack // random image from duckAPI
remindme/reminders modified -repeat switch
reminders and creminders are rebuilt, still have legacy raw switch; will not execute if member has left the server
topic has included 50% change for API call
wouldyourather modified

amV2 >

Anti-Fish trigger
Attachments trigger has regex for filenames
VoiceState triggers
Pedro's sendMessage effect


Lockdown section by Pedro
ability to select Channel to send CC error messages


Custom thanks regex in Fun > Reputation
Premium to joining servers, has statistics
Role Commands you can now drag and drop role positions + thanks Pedro
Youtube, Twitter, Reddit modified to have role mentions

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